This Is Noise

I would love to thank all of you who left very nice comments on my previous blog. As you may have noticed, I am being a tad slow with comments. I’m taking my time, so if you haven’t received a reply yet, don’t scream at me. :)

Lately I have also been getting some very bad headaches. My head starts throbbing in a certain place and doesn’t stop for a while. And often the headache is one of the types that come and go. That really bugs me.

It might be the cold, or it might be the stress (most likely). My mum thinks that it’s the fact that I’m not getting enough sleep. However, I have a day off tomorrow. I won’t get to sleep in because my mum wants to buy me some boots (I swear, I don’t need that many!). I absolutely despise shoe shopping. I am not one of those girls who loves shoes.

I used to wear Converse sneakers all the time and have a rather rocking look, I guess you could say. Then I wanted a few more shoes and started getting a more “feminine” style I suppose. I missed wearing my old blue Converse sneakers so much that one day I went to church in baggy jeans, a band shirt (hmm, none other than Nirvana) and these lovely, old, tattered blue sneakers.

It felt so comfortable that I just jumped up and down in such joy. /hehe It’s just that I have been wearing big fluffy coats, stockings, dresses, and heeled boots this past month. Keeping me warm while not wearing completely mismatching clothes.

I just received a review from Priya, and I realised how badly I have to clean out my avatars because they honestly suck. That’s on my to-do list of course, when I catch up with everything. University work first. :)

I got to see James today, which was so awesome. ♥️

Yesterday I had an… interesting… train ride to work.

As I was drinking, I heard music coming from behind me. What the hell is with people and listening to music on speaker phones or using speakers? Not only that, but this person was singing along too. /hmph

In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t look “cool” when you are sitting by yourself next to a window on a mode of public transport, holding a device that is emitting a multitude of sounds in a melody, as you are singing along like a vain moron.

So at this point, I was listening to Anberlin on my laptop, as I was typing some notes and browsing what websites I had left open before I left university for work.

I heard this person’s music over mine. I heard each song they played and revoltingly sang along to. Some random RnB singer. Another pop singer. And then a song by The Script. Even if I liked some of the music, it was annoying and plain rude.

Infuriated, I turned the volume up on my laptop until my pounding headache got worse. I could hear Stephen Christian singing loudly into both my ears, yet still, I heard the blasting, echoing beat of the music the person behind me was playing.

Finally, a shadow appeared at my side.

Oh shit. I thought. It’s that person. The person behind me. They’re getting up. I was almost freaked out. I didn’t even recall whether this person was old or young, big or small, what colour their hair was, what they were doing when I entered the train; heck, I didn’t even know whether they were male or female. It might as well have been a big buff guy with a leather jacket and tattoos, ready to hit me in the face.

I felt the shadow getting closer, and a blonde-haired girl walked past me with her shoulder bag and glanced at me before she disappeared up the steps.

But as she was glancing – wait, that was not a glance. She stared at me funny. She stared at me as if I was a demonic moron.

So I glared back at her. Blankly, but with all the rage in my eyes.

Freak. You’re looking at me like I’m a freak? Oh yeah? Who was the one listening to music so that everyone on the carriage could hear? Who was the one who was singing loudly to their music?

How do you like THAT?

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/angry What an idiot. I really hate it when people do that /bash When they sing, it’s just /poo

You already have boots /bounce

Ahh, I should sleep :(


Hahaha. You told me about how people listening to music on a speaker and dancing about to it is complete… douchery? :P

I got more boots today! Did you actually see them? They’re greyish. /bounce And they’re flat, so they’re not evilly high-heeled. :)

No way you’re sleeping now. (Y) ✌️


I hope you feel better D:

Ooooh, I have blue converse too! They were my mom’s back in the eighties, thank goodness she never wore them X_X

I really hate when people blast their headphone speakers, even if I do it myself from time to time. But ONLY when there’s a huge crowd of people and all they do is scream at eachother. Junior High is a weird place where I live. I don’t do that so much since my hearing hasn’t been very good.

–Amelia ✌️

Awww…maybe you ARE getting the headaches cos you’re not getting enough sleep. I get massive head-rushes when I don’t get enough sleep. Or maybe you need glasses. Haha, gotten your eyes checked lately? =P Well I hope the headaches stop coming =) [Get some sleep!]

Haha! I have four pairs of boots [3 of which my parents bought me THIS winter] and none of them are heeled xD My dad wants me to get a heeled pair so I can get used to heels. Now is totally the best time to buy boots though, because EVERYWHERE is having a sale, trying to get rid of the boots to make room for Spring shoes =)

Shoe shopping is hard! Especially when you wear boots to the shopping centre. It’s so tiring!…

Haha, yeah, I used to be more of a sneakers-and-jeans person, but now I’m a LITTLE more feminine…A LITTLE xD Hahaha…progress takes time! No, it’s because my parents think I should dress more femininely. My dad was like “Why don’t you wear stockings and skirts like other girls?”, which was like…”Are you freaking SERIOUS? Do you WANT me to freeze to death?!” =PP

*Sigh* I guess we SHOULD start dressing more femininely, because we’re probably going to have to look smart when we work. xD I’m going to go buy a pair of stilleto pumps so I can totally look all intimidating and all =D Hahaha. I’m going to fall over SO much!

Your avatars don’t suck! I LOVE your avatars! But then again, I’m not a web designer, so maybe I’m just a crappy judge of avatar-profficiency =P

Uh! What a very rude person! Hmph! She probably thinks she’s the next Australian Idol or whatever. LOSER. How hypocritical of her to give you a weird look. She needs a life. [And a new hobby. I mean she’s probably going to wind up breaking windows with her horrible voice, and that could get expensive…]… No idiot sings loud on public transport when they’re by themselves. Doesn’t she know how to act in public? Laaaame!

Haha I got a headache today too. Ouch. It didn’t last that long though. :)

I got my eyes checked a few months ago! My mum took me and the guy said I had perfect vision. I felt super proud. :D My mum thinks I have bad vision haha.

I have three pairs of boots (not counting the pair I bought today). Two are high heels and black, one is higher than the other. Another pair is the brown uggs I wore when we went to the city. ✌️

That’s true! Go out shopping now! There are billions of sales! /bounce

Haha I usually wear flat shoes or sneakers so I can quickly try the shoes on.

I actually have been wearing stockings a lot more lately, because I bought those cool stockings with skull prints and other prints. They are too funky. No problem with a long skirt and boots though. ;)

Haha very intimidating! I must plog my photo of my new shoes. (H)

Possibly! But they are horrible avatars compared to other people’s. I’m just awful in that department.

Next Australian Idol?! Freak! Oh, good point. For a second I thought I should cut her some slack, but you’re right. Singing is a huge, huge, no-no. :O


Shoes! ♥ I wore Converse when we met. /faw <–AW~

I'm a ragged tomboy. LOL… I'd jump too.

Your avatars rock, but more can't hurt!
I'm making pixels, and I suck. Hehe.

You met Mr Hrrng! /hehe
Or Mr Gloof?

OK, that girl is STUPID. You should have smashed her face.
Am I the only (partly) violent one here!?
I hate pop. I used to like it. 🤮

Pirouette on her face!!

Yes… but it looks horrid! See their nice 'colour* combination' with all those bright reds and blues… eek.

Firefox is such a dumbass* sometimes!

O RLY*? /ho
Okay… but my dad has to come back and fix it up since I don't have a credit card or whatever it's powered by. :P

It's in 5 days. 🙄 Not 5 minutes!
Oooh* you just don't want to go! /um

LOL*. Hurrah*! SO YUMMEH*!

Maybe he's born with it, MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE*~


o.o All primary schools are shit. UGH!!! I'm old enough for high school. :
LOL* @ your old old old old school!

Yep! I'm going to a SELECTIVE HIGH SCHOOL! Not telling. ;)
But it'll be better. OOH!

Once when I was in kindergarten, they ran over my food and danced on it… LMAO*.
I just beat them up. /bounce

-__- I'm past 'kiddie'. LUCKY YOU!!

BTW what's a 'hrrrrrrng'*?
After your boyfriend INSULTED US (D:<) he said 'hrrrrrng'*.

*Firefox spellcheck* crappo*. /hehe

Could that have been the only person walking up on the side of you? I’m glad you stared back! Grrrr…

I loved my chuck taylors. I just didn’t like that they were high tops, just for the fact that low tops are easier to get on and take off. I’m a lazy child lol. Oh and T-Shirt and Jeans? That’s heaven. My mom wanted me to start dressing more girly though so I just I have and she’s happy but with styles changing so much it’s girly to wear chuck taylors with some pretty clothes.

And I must have totally overlooked that part in the ‘about’ section since I wanted to read the whole thing. @_@

And I like a bulk of your avatars so I hope you don’t go too crazy!

And go to bed soon like you’re mother said :P

No we won’t scream at you..we wouldn’t be able to do that from a screen /hmph :P

Ugh i hate getting headache’s like that! Your mom is right you’re probably not getting enough sleep then again it could be all the stressful problems /faw . I love Converse sneakers I stopped wearing them because every girl in school wear those and atempt to have the “rocking” look when they really look funny in the school uniform /hehe I love boots! But I hate heels oyu should go with your mom and buy those boots :P

I don’t like to look girly all the time I like to look..hmm… I can’t explain. i just look girly when it’s special

Wow that guy is rude! I hate that! LOL she’s such a freak..don’t blame her she’s blonde XD jk!

She’s the freak and atleast you didn’t sing along. I would’ve walked right beside her and said YOU’RE THE FREAK!

Hey Sophia! I wish you all the best in your little break. We all need one – I probably do too – but I’m too attached to the computer and I do need it for university work too. I admire you for taking this break. :)

I think it’s probably a big combination of everything! I didn’t get enough sleep today and I went shopping and got a little bit of a headache. But I had a nap when I went home. :)

We had school uniform here too! Our Converse sneakers stood out. We were allowed to wear them on sport days but not on other days. We had to wear black closed shoes (so no ballet-style shoes allowed). Otherwise you would get in trouble. :O

I love looking girly when it’s special. Sometimes I just want to wear what I want. :D

Hahahaha she’s blonde. That’s so funny but so mean. HAHAHA. XD

Oh, and about my blog yea I hate waiting for people too, yea playing with a phone is a good idea WHY DIDN’T I DO THAT ..I’m a fool yea that’s it :P

no, I thought maybe you made them on the computer, or drew them wasnt sure.

awww i hate headaches, once when i was little i got a migraine, or at least i think it was and i felt like i was riding in a car going in circles and it wouldn’t stop and my stomach hurt and then i through up lol. hmm maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Ohh yeah It might be stress too, OMG c..o..n..v..e..r..s..e. I LOVE converse!!! i have 6 pairs of them i’m an addict to converse, I’ve spent over 100 dollars on just converse lol xD. I don’t wear baggy cloths with them, i wear tight jeans and a tee shirt. I don’t wear that to church however, i wear baby doll shirts and leggings, but with converse lol xD

Wow that was one weird train ride, i hate when people have blasting music it really gets on my nerves… urgh i hate when people glare at me it makes me so nervous lol.

I hope your headaches get better. :D
Converse sneakers are too cool. As you know, I love them. :) It’s nice to go comfy once in a while, especially with a Nirv tee. ;)
I hate shoe shopping too. Ironically, I have to go later. I need some new school shoes. :@

Yay! You got to see James. :D

WTF is with that freak on the train? Okay.

#1: Anberlin have rights to be heard.
#2: Georgina has rights to listen to Anberlin in peace.
#3: Georgina has rights not to have to turn Anberlin up to hear them, making her headache worse.
#4: RnB is shit.
#5: Everyone else on the carrige doesn’t need to hear her singing along.
#6: Bet she couldn’t even sing.
#7: And singing loudly? She should’ve gone to a karoke.
#8: Do you want the full list later?

Gee. GEE. What is with her? It’s disturbing. It’s bloody rude. And stupid. And unfair.
And annoying and boring and crappy and distracting and erroneous and fucked-up and ghastly and horrendous and irritating and j???? and killing (lol) and lame and moron-ish and notorious (maybe), and outrageous and plucky and quite rubbish and shitty and tragic and unfair and very weird and yes, ZOMG.

Lol. I just about got through the whole alphabet. XD

Thank God it wasn’t infectuous, huh?
You’re a really good writer. ‘Blankly, but with all the rage in my eyes’.

Sort of spooky, but seriously cool. :D

I do put my money in a bank account, but it doesn’t help me save because it’s too easy for me to get to. I have a cash machine (or ATM, whatever you call it.) right across the road from my house so if I know it’s there I just have to spend it on pointless things that I’ll never need, haha.

Hehe, glad I could help. (Without even realising, of course. (H)) That’s just how cool I am. And I would actually enter that one, so I shall give it a bash.

Glad you’re feeling alot better. You still have a way to go though, but I’m sure you’ll get there. ♥

If your mum thinks you need more sleep then why isn’t she letting you sleep in on your day off instead of taking you shoe shopping when you don’t want to anwyay? I love my sense of logic. I don’t mind shopping, but I don’t LOVE it either.

I’m exactly like you, I used to wear jeans and t-shirts all the time, but lately, I’ve been trying to wear more femine things, even if I don’t feel comfortable in them. Sometimes, it’s just nice to wear what you want, when you want.

How rude of her just to get up and stare at you like that! Glad you stared back, way to show her. Muhaha. It’s totally annoying when people have loud music on public transport. They seem to think everyone likes and wants to listen to their music, when they don’t. Just plain selfish.

Let’s just be thankful that it wasn’t a big tattooed guy with a leather jacket who was going to punch you, lol. That made me giggle when you said that. :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

Hey! What’s new?
I agree, that’s… interesting. XD I’m not sure if you call it this, but people say that your “head is bleeding” or “Your headphones are bleeding”, when you can hear another person’s music.
It’s pretty annoying too – not to mention bad for your hearing… You know I read somewhere that our generation will have lost over 40% of our hearing by the time we’re like 35 or something because we listen to so much music (via headphones) and whatnot, when the older generations really didn’t use headphones or whatnot…
OK, random tangent, but oh well. 😒

Anyway, just stopping by. Sorry I’ve been pretty busy. I can totally understand the work stuff. I’m dying right now… *sigh*

Awww I’m sorry you’re having headaches. I hope you feel better soon! Don’t worry about belating comments. It happens. When you’re busy that is. So no worries :).

Hey Georgina,
I hope you get well soon. I ♥ converses too. But nowadays those emo and scene kids are making them too poser-like. I’m sure you still have some grunge left in you. lol. I find that people who purposely put their music on speakers in public places just want other people to notice them and the image they are portraying.
Anyways, have fun :P

Yeah, I couldn’t find any mistakes/errors in your website at all (except those listed) ! /bounce
I hope you’re happy with the review! :)

I get headaches like just pains so much at one point and decreases quickly after that… /argh

Oh, I’m not a big fan of shoes too…I just pick up what I like from the store. :)

That was really annoying of her…singing along does seem funny! LOL /bounce

First of all, I apologize for not commenting lately, I’ve been kind of out of it lately, its horrible. Have I commented on this stunning new layout? If I have, I’m commenting on it again anyways, its AHMAZING!!! I love the colours and the overall design :)

Aww, headaches suck *hugs* I hope you get better soon :) ♥ Take a day to relax sweetheart, you deserve it 👏

WOOT! I’m sure seeing James today brought up your mood a bit :D

Oh goodness, I hate it when people sing along to songs in public >:( I would have gotten freaked out too! She sounds just plain rude >:(

Maybe you should try taking Excedrin or Exedrin Headache. I have horrible headaches, one time it made me so sick that I started throwing up and couldn’t be around lights and had to go to the hospital, and they wrote me a prescription for migraine medicine but also said I might want to try Ecedrin or Excedrin Headache/Migraine.

Wow a Mac? Haha a fat computer lmfao. That was funny. 🙄 I think you find it a bit weird huh? :P

Yeah I can imagine that. I’m glad you didn’t sweat to death though btfw. xD

Lmfao. Boys sometimes are just so full of themselves right? :P Try telling that to James haha. /heart

Cool! We usually listen to this radio station called “Malta’s Magic” lmfao. “More music, less talk” Hahaha. XD XD! YEAH right! xD It depends on the bus driver, true haha lmfao.

Lmfao. I think I Don’t Care is quite old now. Eww, chat speak. D: I hate words like that for a title of a song! x.x

Welcome! ♥

THANKS LOL. If it weren’t for you though I’d seriously be shit. x.x

GEORGINNAAA! i miss youur sitee and you! ♥ haven’t been on muchh lately :( eeck. but i love the layout! esepcially the broken heart with an arrow through it !

i’ve been slow in replying comments too, i think i got too much sun! andd headaches suck! i had one last night and medicine doesn’t help me much /bash

lool converse, jeans and a band t-shirt to church?? how original ;) i’m not much a shoe person, i don’t really care what shoes i havee! well i do actually but i dont care much :P

lmfaoo! i’m guessing this person wasn’t a good singer?? i would’ve done the same, you should’ve sung along with your music, ahah that would be hilariouus!

Hey Krystal! :) Sorry I can’t view your site right now. :O

Thank you! I only put it up last week. And I got those brushes somewhere; I didn’t make it.

Aww! Sorry about the sun. I wish it was sunnier here though; it’s been cold because it’s winter in Australia.

I always take medicine for my headaches and pains but they don’t usually work. :(

Yes; that’s right. I usually try to wear nice clothes to church though. I care sometimes!

Yeah, they were annoying and off key. Ick. If I sung along I would look like a bigger idiot, because my music wasn’t from a speaker hahha. /hehe

Oh I see. That’s a different story. I don’t blame you! :) I would too haha. :)

YEAH! LMFAO. There’s this song that reminds of a rollercoaster I forgot by who it is.

Lmfao. You don’t? D: If you would I’m sure you’d take a picture and put it up on o1s lmfao.

Haha. So you’re saying you don’t like to read nowadays? :P LMFAO. Cool. Yeah, I’ve always had drama in my life though. :)

YAH! YAH!!! LOL. It feels AWESOMEEE! Lmfao! I never knew you can just save it! D: That’s good, I can keep it for now until I master some more lmfao.

Oh really? Wow cool. THANKS SO MUCH GG! ♥ ♥

Nope not yet. Not as much as inspiration, I’d prefer to call it making-sure-I-get-the-stuff-better kinda thing. :P And still, I don’t know what to open a domain for lmfao.

Awww. That person is a real meanie. D: I think you had a similar incident lmfao. I think you shouldn’t have pushed yourself though! D: Whoever it was, at least he/she could have the decency of at least realising it was a little too much and lowering the volume a bit down! /poo 🤬

Haha. Yeah, you didn’t tell me but I saw quite a time a go, if that makes sence :)

Mm, I am lucky there is one other person who’s a girl. or I would be doomed.

Nice wordS? /ehh /hehe


I absolutely adore converse. They’re like the only pair of shoes I buy nowadays [for sneakers at least].

I don’t even have music on my phone so I can’t even do what that girl was doing. Hahahahaa, give her the evil glare! xD

Hahaha I’d say I’m emotionally unstable also. xP If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me. Usually, it’s the other way around hahahahaa. I just always need someone to talk to.

I wish I had all my grandparents. My grandma [my grandpa’s wife, the one who’s alive] use to always give me money…. I loved her, I hated how sometimes I felt I was taking advantage of her. Sometimes she would be like, “How much do you want?” Then she’d give me twenty dollars.. then ten minutes later, “How much do you want?” I’m like, you just gave me some, Ma. >.<

Yay for 82 comments! ^^

Hahaha, I actually leave your site open a lot too. I do that usually when I return comments lol. But 6 minutes.. is good hahaha.

I enjoy Twitter much more than Facebook. Perhaps because on Twitter, more than half the people who are my "friends" aren't really. Hahhahahaha, like I only see them in the halls and such. Eh, whatevs.

Oh my gosh, I have a headache at the moment.
Probably cause I slept too long or because of the sun when I woke up. If it’s too sunny and the sun gets through my window, my head starts to hurt. > <

Ughh, I hate people who turn on music loudly in a public place. ]x

You SHOULD start ballet again ! (:

Tehe, i wonder if the load music person knew about the invention of ipods, or even singing lessons prehaps /hehe

I think a day of shopping is the cure for everything, im sure the headache will disapear when you find the perfect pair of boots :D

Lol, well that must be kinda annoying.

Sounds good, can’t wait to see the rest (:

Ugh I get what you mean about shoe shopping – I can’t stand it! I can go for maybe twenty minutes max but after that, gawd it’s soo boring!

I hate it when people play music really loudly in public/ And singing along to it?!! That’s just plain weird! I can’t believe she stared at you as she got off! What’s her problem? Lol.

Heyy Georgina

I don’t know if you remember me, I’m the one that sent you the question on celebrity images about a week ago.

Sleep…we all have to deal with it, either too much or too little. I haven’t been sleeping much either. Staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning is pretty much everyday now. I don’t even know why though, I used to go to bed at 10 or earlier. I can’t say I’ve had any head aches or anything related to that, but it’s probably because you’re not sleeping enough and you’re stressing your mind too much with University and the rest of life.

Converse. Hmm, to be honest, I have never had a pair of them. I know, someone will probably go like ‘what’s wrong with you?’ But that’s the plain truth. I’ve have had similar shoes, like the same style, just not the converse brand. Mine are red with white polka dots and the other ones are just black. I have to admit, they are pretty comfy I’m more of a girly girl, so I tend to wear less baggy things. But at home, they’re quite awesome, except when it’s hot. Then I go for the shorts & t-shirt combo.

I have the same problem as you when I go on the bus to school. It’s like people can’t turn the volume down and have some respect for the rest of the passengers in the bus. I think it totally the point of using earphones.

Hi! I remember. :)

I used to sleep at 10 or 10:30 – now it’s nearly 12am and I’m still awake. I had a fair amount of sleep today, but I shall be catching up on sleep on the weekend, I’ll promise myself.

Nah, there is nothing wrong with you. It became quite a trend and it’s good to be different. Those shoes you have sound really nice though!

I think it’s pretty pointless too; it’s also rude and inconsiderate!

That’s alright about the smilies; I’m sure they use JavaScript or something – other people have had problems. I am sure you can still see the code when you hover or something.

I read your blog but the commenting place was too small for my liking, so I’m commenting as a reply. :)

That’s amazing you found things on sale for so, so cheap! $5 is a great bargain. And then later, to $2.50!

Great job on the site updates too. By the way, I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. I have watched the first movie and tried to read the books but I guess it’s not really my kind of thing.

Good luck with the affiliate cleanup. I might apply for a review when I feel like I need another opinion. :D

1) Do you like shopping? Have you gone lately?
Yep – went off to buy some shoes today.
2) What’s your favourite Frapuccino at Starbucks?
I don’t really have one. I haven’t had Starbucks.
3) What do you think about the updates on the Owner page?
Good stuff – I like the favourites; they’re always necessary. :P
4) Have you ever played Neopets?
Yes; that is how I started web design, designing my petpages and going on further.
5) Do you watch Gossip Girl?
6) Have you checked out the competitions yet?
No. :P I’m not really one to join competitions.

* I think it totally kills the point of using ear phones.
I apologize for that, but the smilies won’t show up when I click them.

Any one of the reasons you (and your mom) suggested sound like valid explanations for your headaches. Whatever the cause, I hope you stop getting them soon! They certainly don’t sound pleasant at all.

You and I are opposites when it comes to shoes, it seems! I will take any excuse to get new shoes (or no excuse at all). One of my best friends had a pair of blue Chuck Taylors that she would wear ALL the time. I remember when she had to get new ones because they were too beat up to keep wearing! I, too, own a pair of Chucks (green) – but I prefer to wear “girly” shoes. Wearing dresses and heeled boots like you have sounds like how I wish I could dress every day (except it’s not very practical for me to wear heels all the time), hehe. If I had an extensive enough dress wardrobe, I would do the dress almost every day, too, though.

How rude of your fellow train rider! Anyone with common sense would know to wear headphones when listening to music in public, or at least listen to music on low volume. And singing along to the music isn’t attractive or polite either, even if you are a great singer. Sounds like that person needs to get some manners!

haha your first argument was over a video game? lol thats kinda funny. :P and omg i know what you mean, i hate going to bed when me and him are still upset, it sucks going to bed mad/sad.

hahaha omg yes she loves little kids, unlike me cuz i HATE them…lol, ok i dont “hate” them but they are sooo annoying. i would love to be a teacher and stuff, but honestly, its those kids that hold me back lol

aha, this is so embarrasing but i actually failed my driving test lol. apparently i didnt make a “complete stop” so the stupid lady made me go back and she told me i didnt pass it. i was pretty upset but i mean, i went shopping afterwards lol, and i made another appointment for thursday so hopefully ill “stop completely” and pass hahaa. oh well at least im not like, upset about it.

i hate those headaches that come and go. its like, it you have this horrible headache, it goes away for a few moments, and then comes back its like “AGHH!!” lol. ive never worn converse sneakers. i want to, but i dont know i think i look funny in them ha. i usually just wear flip-flops or sandals a lot…and usually just wear some Pumas sneakers when it gets cold…although this year i bought some nice black boots they’re super cute and OMG WHAT THE HECK u dont like shopping for shoes? wow! you’re crazy! lol jk, but i used to hate it but now i love it. :D

okay, the whole part of the train thing where you saw someone pass u and not know who it was, was hilarious and literally made me laugh out loud and my mom is behind me and she was like “what are you laughing at jessica?” haha but i totally agree with you, it is soooo annoying when people have music on speakers in a public place or on their cell. ill be at the store and then i hear music and im just like “wtf”, idk i guess they think they’re cool, but they’re sooo not


Wow I would die of embarrasment if I was singing out loud on a train lol. And haha I would have given her a dirty look too :)

And yeah, so many weird things have happened to my computers in the past (5 times I had my hard drive replaced, 3 times I had my motherboard replaced, 2 times I had to get it cleaned out because of viruses, fun fun fun!).

And I hope we can catch up, too. And it’s not really that I’m scared that I’ll ruin our friendship. It’s more of the fact that he’s like the Greek god of our school and I get pens thrown at me in class and he’s got this huge reputation and I don’t want people to pick on him, too. People already give him a hard time sometimes after they see us talking so I don’t want to ruin it for him or anything.

And yeah I’m not a big fan of soda, either. I drink Diet Pepsi about once a month XP

Hmm.. thats ODD. Ive never even heard of that, people playing their music on public transport through speakers. Ive seen people have ipods and dance to it alone on the bus lol, which isnt a good look either, but, i dont have to hear it.

Eww, what a nasty person! I hate when people are so inconsiderate like that!! I would have been fuming! Unfortunately a lot of people are like that here in New York.

I am glad to hear I’m not the only girl who isn’t into shoes. :)

oh awesome. I didn’t get your comment but no worries :)

thanks so much!

Yeah, it’s good they’re not but I sometimes think they wish I was just ‘normal’. Yeah I think your right.
Haha! Biffle is such a cool word!

Yeah I love Victoria Beckham’s style! It’s so pretty… hmmm…

Hehe, will do.

I hope your headaches clear up soon.

Your mum wants to buy you boots?
I wear volleys all the time, I don’t care what type of shoes I wear, as long as I’m comfortable in them.
It’s so annoying when people have their music up really loud, and its worse when they sing along. How embarrassing is it standing there singing out loud with no tune. I hate how people listen to those types of music about hearts broken and love and i the lyrics they have ” oh baby…” Argh, although I do have some of those songs, I make sure that they at least they have a good voice.
My house is boring too O.O” My mum cleans it and then it gets messy all over again, what’s the point?
Yeah, an undo button would be cool in life.
I really want to learn how to play the guitar but I’ll see. Are you self-taught? or did you have lessons?
Yeah, I don’t like the piano grades.

Haha, I think I knew you liked tea from a tag or something….or maybe I really am a stalker. O_o

Oh fudge, how rude that idiot is. If you’re still listing on Aquapheric, put up a list of all the idiotic people you met at the train or train stations. :P There was one idiot in the toilets at a shopping center who was holding her hairbrush like a microphone and prancing around the sink singing some pop song so loud that the receptionists outside had to come in and ask who was making the noise. O_o

Ooh, new shoes. I want to see! I’ll look at your Plog soon. :D Oh, and thanks for sending the 5,000 bubbles!

Hope you recover from your headache soon!

Hah, I wear Converse with everything! I have pairs in heaps of colours and I luuurve them. x)
I guess though, like you, I’m trying to mix up my look and become a little more feminine. I figure that it’s alright to add a girly twist to my tomboy-rocker sense of style. ;D

Ugh, I hate it when people do that! The most irritating thing in the world is people who blast their music, sing, or talk obnoxiously loud on their phones in public. I feel like telling them to shut the hell up!
And far out, that’s another thing I can’t stand- people who glare at you when they themselves are in the wrong. Today I was waiting for my bus after school and this guy just started glaring at me for no reason whatsoever. I don’t even know him, but he just glared at me the whole time he walked past. I did what you did- I stared right back at him. x)

Haha, you’re so silly! I think its quite funny what happened in the train. This reminds me of the day before yesterday, I went on the train and just blasted my music, not having a care of what anyone would think. Oh, well :P I was bored.


I call it…

Actually, I was jealous of your shoes. D:

My avatars are horrible! They’re not even organised… because I follow the “newest at bottom” cliche.

Is that some
POTATO? /bounce

I used to be a Lady GaGa fangirl. /FAIL
My brother asks me to play Pokerface… and he’ll ‘tell mommy’ if I don’t. So I suppose I got used to it. A bit.

Blood? 💥
Is that some
…never mind.

I have no idea how to use the bank… because I’m FAIL. 😳
*Waits for dad*

There should be an add-on where people can unmark (is that a word? @_@) certain words as wrong…

Is that some
OF WORK? /UNbounce

Maybe it’s Maybelline! Get it off your head!
They got his chubs, now your head!
He should be all fat-flopping on TV advertising all that snazz.
Slow-motion fat-flop! *Maybe it’s Maybelline~*

Mine is EPIC POOR.
And it’s supposed to be a good school. –___–

Is that some

They even played football with my sandwich.

I’ve been STUDYING!! :D

You’re very welcome. It’d be horrible for me if I didn’t say something nice to a stressed person I know :) I’m glad it made you feel better. But now you’ve got a pounding headache and stress. I really hope you get better. I get this very mild, tiny headaches whenever I stand up or wake up… my mom says it’s because I’m tall and my blood can’t get to my brain. Something like that.

Lucky :) I wish I got to shop for shoes more often. My mom is such a bargainer. I’m the kind of person who buys clothes on a whim (and reasonably). My mom doesn’t understand why girls have to wear boots. She thinks they’re ridiculous. Moms at their extremities LOL I wouldn’t exactly dance, but whenever I get out of a pair of painful heels/wedges, I walk around the lounge in circles, carrying Toffee in my arms /eee

Yeahh, sometimes you just have to take the hard truth that not everything was nice. I was arrogant enough to ignore reviews when I just started out :P I didn’t want to listen to all this negativity hahaha.

Gosh. I hate it when I can hear the person’s music coming from his earphones already, but on speakers?! Not everybody likes your choice of music! Some people are just so inconsiderate. The city should reestablish the schools medieval girls once had to go to, learn embroidery, curtsies, etiquette. That blond girl needs some of that. xD

My brother use to get headaches like that. We thought something really bad was wrong. Turns out it was allergies. You might want to go and find out. After he started the allergy medicine they stopped/

That’s funny that you don’t like shoe shopping because I don’t like shopping. I don’t mind shopping in the sense of going to book stores and stuff, but I don’t like clothes shopping or any of that. I’m not one of those girls either.

Yay for seeing James and it being awesome.

I’ve been around people who play their music so loud that everyone else can here it. In fact there was someone like that on my school bus a couple of years in a row.

I think it is funny though when people do things like that, then when someone does somewhat the same thing just to block them out, they give you a dirty look like it was you who was doing it.