This Is Noise

I would love to thank all of you who left very nice comments on my previous blog. As you may have noticed, I am being a tad slow with comments. I’m taking my time, so if you haven’t received a reply yet, don’t scream at me. πŸ™‚

Lately I have also been getting some very bad headaches. My head starts throbbing in a certain place and doesn’t stop for a while. And often the headache is one of the types that come and go. That really bugs me.

It might be the cold, or it might be the stress (most likely). My mum thinks that it’s the fact that I’m not getting enough sleep. However, I have a day off tomorrow. I won’t get to sleep in because my mum wants to buy me some boots (I swear, I don’t need that many!). I absolutely despise shoe shopping. I am not one of those girls who loves shoes.

I used to wear Converse sneakers all the time and have a rather rocking look, I guess you could say. Then I wanted a few more shoes and started getting a more “feminine” style I suppose. I missed wearing my old blue Converse sneakers so much that one day I went to church in baggy jeans, a band shirt (hmm, none other than Nirvana) and these lovely, old, tattered blue sneakers.

It felt so comfortable that I just jumped up and down in such joy. πŸ˜… It’s just that I have been wearing big fluffy coats, stockings, dresses, and heeled boots this past month. Keeping me warm while not wearing completely mismatching clothes.

I just received a review from Priya, and I realised how badly I have to clean out my avatars because they honestly suck. That’s on my to-do list of course, when I catch up with everything. University work first. πŸ™‚

I got to see James today, which was so awesome. β™₯️

Yesterday I had an… interesting… train ride to work.

As I was drinking, I heard music coming from behind me. What the hell is with people and listening to music on speaker phones or using speakers? Not only that, but this person was singing along too. 😐

In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t look “cool” when you are sitting by yourself next to a window on a mode of public transport, holding a device that is emitting a multitude of sounds in a melody, as you are singing along like a vain moron.

So at this point, I was listening to Anberlin on my laptop, as I was typing some notes and browsing what websites I had left open before I left university for work.

I heard this person’s music over mine. I heard each song they played and revoltingly sang along to. Some random RnB singer. Another pop singer. And then a song by The Script. Even if I liked some of the music, it was annoying and plain rude.

Infuriated, I turned the volume up on my laptop until my pounding headache got worse. I could hear Stephen Christian singing loudly into both my ears, yet still, I heard the blasting, echoing beat of the music the person behind me was playing.

Finally, a shadow appeared at my side.

Oh shit. I thought. It’s that person. The person behind me. They’re getting up. I was almost freaked out. I didn’t even recall whether this person was old or young, big or small, what colour their hair was, what they were doing when I entered the train; heck, I didn’t even know whether they were male or female. It might as well have been a big buff guy with a leather jacket and tattoos, ready to hit me in the face.

I felt the shadow getting closer, and a blonde-haired girl walked past me with her shoulder bag and glanced at me before she disappeared up the steps.

But as she was glancing – wait, that was not a glance. She stared at me funny. She stared at me as if I was a demonic moron.

So I glared back at her. Blankly, but with all the rage in my eyes.

Freak. You’re looking at me like I’m a freak? Oh yeah? Who was the one listening to music so that everyone on the carriage could hear? Who was the one who was singing loudly to their music?

How do you like THAT?

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