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Today I went to the shops and as I mentioned last blog, went shopping for shoes. I haven’t returned all comments but I just had to write this blog. :) My mum wanted me to buy some boots that didn’t have heels. So we went to the shops on the way to where she was working today.

On the way there, I was chatting to my mum on the train and we were sitting near the train doors. I was just looking straight ahead of me while we were chatting, and she was eating a sandwich.

We stopped at a station and a flood of people walked on; looked like they knew each other or something, because they were all in a big group.

I was looking in the direction of the stairs in the train carriage, and there was someone, a young man, part of this big group that just walked on. He was sitting at the top level of the carriage but I could see him. He was in the first seat up the stairs.

He was holding a camera, and appeared to be flicking through photographs. I could see him quite clearly.

Then all of a sudden, there was a flash from the camera, as if he was taking a picture. I was still talking to my mum then all of a sudden I said sternly to my mum, “Did that fucking loser just take a picture of me?”

She muttered back in the same low tone, “Where. Who.”

I told her, quietly, my voice under the hum and rumble of the train, that there was some guy further into the carriage with a camera. She looked in the reflection of the door and said she couldn’t tell.

“What do you want me to do?” my mum asked. “It’s a public place”.

Ugh. At that point I was pissed off. I was pretty darn sure that the guy had taken a picture of me, and I was damn mad about it. How dare he. That is invasion of privacy.

On a side note, if you do see a picture circulating on the internet (people with Facebook please, since I don’t have one) of a girl sitting on a blue seat on a train, with short dark brown hair and blonde highlights, wearing red/blue/black Converse hi-tops, black stockings with painted white skulls, a white dress under a big black coat and a shoulder bag with coloured badges on the strap, that is me. And tell me about the fuckhead who posted that photo.

It’s not about my photo being on the internet (I was just sitting there, not picking my nose or anything). It’s about the fact that some douchebag has a picture of me. It’s disturbing as shit.

Moving on… after a while I found a lovely pair of grey boots, without heels. I didn’t snap a picture of it though. However, I fell in love with these heels.

the greatest high heels
the greatest high heels

I know I said I hate heels. But I had to get these. They were amazing and I fell in love with them. I usually hate heels, and if they’re uncomfortable and suck, I won’t buy them. But I could walk in these, and they reminded me of my ballet pointe shoes because they’re so high.

I can actually walk in them too. Maybe not for too long but I love them. All I need is somewhere nice to wear them. :)

I had a nice time shopping with my mum and on my own, even if it was just window shopping. I got a nice set of three pairs of earrings in the shape of hearts too.

I had a nice walk in the fresh air carrying my bags of shoes, I met up with James afterwards. We spent an hour eating and taking sticker photos. Here are some. (Click for bigger view.)

Sticker photos with James
Sticker photos with James

We took a really dodgy photo but we chose not to print that one. James looked like a girl and I was… well, probably okay. I looked like I was dancing. :P

It’s very near 12am so I shall be stopping. ♥️

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Omg! What a total Jerk! He can’t just take a photo of you like that! You have to ask someone’s permission before you take their photo, unless you know them quite well! That’s totally an invasion of your privacy!

You should have told him off! Just because it’s a public place does NOT mean that you can simply take pictures of people. It’s rude! And it’s disgusting! Ew!

Poor you! I can’t believe that jerk! I swear! *punches jerk*

I shall keep an eye out of facebook for you. And I shall abuse the retard if I see your photo! =)

Ooh, skull stockings =D Cool xD

Hehehe! You have flat boots…^^…Yay! Now your feet aren’t going to die xD LOL. I’m the opposite! I need heeled boots. Hope that I do not break my neck trying to walk xD….

Those high-heeled shoes are awesome…^^ =D. I want a pair now! Except I probably wouldn’t be able to walk at ALL in them. I didn’t do ballet like YOU =P

Awww! Those sticker photos are SO CUTE! Argh! Now I want to go take sticker photos…T_T…Hehe did you DRAW that tie?

Did you take the at Market City like usual? Or Capitol? Even though capitol sticker photo machines make me go like this: @_@!

Hehehe you guys look so cute!!! And James looks hilarious in the second photo xD

Okay, I have to finish my chapter of economics…==…BYEEE! =D

Haha more train and more shopping, sounds like your other blog, you sure do blog a lot, i blog like every 5/4 days or so, i would blog like every other day but 1, I don’t get many comments, and 2, my life is boring at the moment :( It’ll be much more exciting when school starts i hope ;)

ugh that stupid guy, you’ve been having alot of weird encounters with people lol. Oh that sounds like a really pretty outfit you were wearing!! I have only one pair of converse hi-top but im getting more cause my pair is getting too small and warn out but they’re a tie dye rainbow ones and I’m in love with them i dont want them to fall apart lol xD do i dare describe all the converse I own? I’ll let you decide, return this comment with your answer xD lol, sounds like i was just a recoding.

ohh those heels are pretty, but i can never where heels that high, i have really bad balance and that will only make it worse lol. aww you looked pretty in that photo with james lol.

yeh i usually do that but because i’ve started using widgets i have to actually do a sidebar.php now :@:@
oh yeh! i forgot about that :( ahha to cheer you up in the winter months. yeah on short haul flights they dont bother it’s only an hour and a half to france so theres a mad rush for the plane, like when you’re a kid and you want the best seat on the bus xD
cool i had opera but i deleted it coz i never used it lol
yeah i know what you mean i dont go for the immediate front because everyone congregates there but not at the very back where all the kids are yelling and playing music
oh that sucks :(

lolololol i had lessons but i hated all the crappy songs he made me learn so i gave up
OMG someone took a picture of you on the train!??!?!?!!?!
that’s fucking weird!!
maybe they recognised you from here and thought omgzzz its georgina in real life!!!!!
thats really weird though i cant say i’ve ever been photographed, that i know of anywho
awww cute heels :)

a lot of people i know dont pass their drivers test the first time either…it just kinda sucks how i failed it cuz of something so stupid like not making a complete stop :( but oh well, hopefully tomorrow it will be better lol

haha a lot happens on that train carriage i see? ive never even been on a train, or any kind of public transportation other than a school bus (lol), and well…i guess in mexico i use public transportation, I HATE IT! lol, idk, i live in a small-ish town and everyone has their own car lol

i have to agree with you that thats really really freaky that some guy just randomly took a picture of you. you should’ve gone up to him and tell him to delete it or something lol jk. but yeah ill keep my eye out if i see a picture (you gave such a detailed description, lol :D )

those shoes are cute! i would never wear them though, i know id fall at the first step i take! haha

the pictures of you and your bf are soo cute :)

Those are cool shoes :D They have pretty high heels though. I’d never wear heels because they’re so uncomfortable. I’m not even that comfortable with wearing flats atm xD Because it’s easy for your ankles to hurt when you wear them and they’re just not as comfortable as normal shoes – even though sneakers are pretty uncomfortable for me too.

Yay, your now automatically cool :P

I know, my mom brought home a chocolate bar, and she’s like, “for you, for helping with the hool-a-hoop” and I promised not to eat the whole thing, just half….I ate the whole thing /argh

That seems really rude. Like, seriously, who does that?! It is an invasion of privacy, honestly. I would’ve tried to get my mom to smack him…because I’m a little wimpy. :P

Haha, I love the lightbulb too. Yet I never know when to put it in my blog, since it doesn’t ever fit in with what I’m talking about.

/sweat Stalkers, ew… Who knows, maybe he runs a news paper article or something and he thought you wee pretty^^… One could only hope, right? xD
I hate facebook. I don’t understand it, and I have no idea why it’s suddenly considered better than MySpace. Either way, Twitter trumps them all >:D

I’m not a fan of high heels, but those actually look really good :)

>.< You and James are so cute together.

Oh yeah, I'm so proud of my Converse that are older than me xD I wish my feet woulds stop growing… I want to wear them for a few more years. I wish I could get another pair; I really need to stop buying accessories that I never wear.

About my story, I've never really done anything considered "self-harm" or whatever. The story was a random thing I came up with in the middle of the night when I was super bored, and it's probably something a person like me would never come up with.
But who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be a good story when I finish it, if I ever finish it. I'm a lazy person :D

Buddy has to be THE cutest cat on the earth, I'm proud that my mom found him. /eee


It’s good to back :)
haha your welcome :D
I saw your affie list, you should remove the peeps under “pending deletion”

Oh i didn’t read the about page, i just went straight to the scribbles. Which were amazing 👏

You are welcome and so glad you feel better :D Yah i noticed it looked like Vicky’s. But I did get the idea from skylish though. This is the second portfolio i’ve made the first one i got really tired of it lol
You did really good on the riddle thing. I’ll post the result up today.

Okay talk about no privacy! I think he did take the picture. I mean really? completely rude. Who goes around taking pictures of strangers????? Some poeople are complete morons and have no fucking life at all.

I love heels!!! They are soo much fun to wear lol
haha nice photos :D James looks crazy in the second one :P

OMG Really? Was he older than you? Maybe he was a porn or just thought you could be a model one day ;) Your bag sounds cool though =)

Nice shoes;D I am getting some GORGEOUS shoes on the weekend because I have worked hard on my course :) and what shop did you get your earrings from? I love extra earrings and I havelike fifteen pairs already :L x

Cool sticker photos (: How did you make them? They are soo awesome and James doesn’t look like a girl. You both look really cute ;D

I love the shoes. :)

It sucks you can’t really do anything about him taking your photo, hopefully it won’t be posted somewhere along the interwebs!! :(

omg PSCS2 = love

Yep! :)

I was going to buy the entire CS4 suite but it was pretty expensive and I didn’t need it. Stuck with CS2.

Aww. I’m sorry that you were uncomfortable with someone taking a photo of you. Maybe take it as a compliment – maybe they thought you were pretty or the scene was cool!

And I hate to be “that guy” but just so you’re aware, photographers do have the right to take a photo of you if you are on public property.

“People can be photographed if they are in public (without their consent) unless they have secluded themselves and can expect a reasonable degree of privacy. Kids swimming in a fountain? Okay. Somebody entering their PIN at the ATM? Not okay.”

Austrailia’s Photography Street Laws can be found here, if you’re interested further:

It is creepy when people take pictures of strangers, it is almost like they stole a part of you. Hopefully it came out blurry or something and he’ll delete it!

Those are crazy cool shoes girl, I hope you find a function to wear them too :D And I’m sure the grey boots are nice too. –I’m actually getting a new pair of sandals this week, my sister and I are getting Birkenstocks.

Cute sticker pictures as well! I love taking sticker pictures! I haven’t taken them in a long long time and I found some old ones but they were of my last boyfriend and myself /hmph

I also had a question for you, when you get reviews (because I know you copy the code and put it on your site as well), do they have grammatical mistakes that you find yourself fixing as you put it up on your site? I found myself doing that earlier lol. It pissed me off to see all these mistakes. /type

I’m gonna wedge this all in one comment. XD Sorry, this lazy bitch’s hand is swelling up rapidly and clicking the ‘Submit Comment’ button more times than nessecary is… unessecary. :P
I would explain about typing one-handed this long comment because of wanting to leave a good comment but… too long. XD

Blog comment:
WTF?!!! Stupid motherfucking moron, taking a picture of you. As you know I don’t have a Facebook but if I see it I will screw that moron so much he snaps in half. Stupid doucehbag. What the hell is he, a stalker? Beardy Bill? Male prostitute?

I mean, it would be polite to at least ask. I would have jammed my knee between his legs, no question about it.
Hehee, nice stockings you were wearing. I have gloves like that. :) And nice heels! I couldn’t see myself in them (lol, my sister is always trying to make me try on heels).

And whoo, sticker photos. ;)

Comment #1 (on my blog):
It’s like with layouts. You get bored of them quicker ’cause you see them all the time.

I don’t put the site under a ‘revamp’ often. I just update all the stuff there as much as I can. :)
Thank you. :D I like the red too. ;) It is meant to be a bit nolstagic and wistful, as the name dictates. :D ‘Cause the song is about a couple who don’t think they are working out so they split up for a few months and meet on their anniversary, and the girl has a new boyfriend, and her first one still loves her. Could hardly do a happy one. XD I do have an idea for a next layout though. I wanna use brown so badly…

LOL my first layout… ah, memories. I have all the headers in my PB account. ♥ Old and early days. I didn’t like the drawing myself. XD I always like about 4 colours in a layout; maybe I should try something like that.

I used to read a magazine called Mizz. It was my sisters. I only read the real life stories, even if they probably made some of them up.
Those heels are nice and they are, as far as I am concerned, much nicer then some designer heels I’ve seen. SO THERE, TAKE THAT DESIGNER SHOES.

I don’t really watch the shows, I just see them sometimes or watch a few bits during adverts on other channels. I can’t believe it is so much money anyway! I mean, gee. I also prefer bargains or at least reasonably priced things.

Over here the magazines are around £4. You could buy 80 cookies for that price from the school tuckshop. Or two packets of biscuits.

Hehee, cartons. I want to name the little dude (yeah, I’m so sad).

Comment #2:
Meladori is too cool. :D

Plus doesn’t it strengthen your relationship when you make up? Maybe if you ever have any major arguements (doubt you will but still) then you can remember the minor ones, and realise that maybe it’s not such a big deal. :)

I lost interest in the cornet. I can still play a little, but I don’t feel that I enjoy it so much now.
I have mixed feelings about going back. I want to go back to see my friends every day and have something to do. I’m determined to actually try harder this year. And at the same time I’m dreading Games lessons and bus journeys and homework and…. ugggggggh. I’m gonna have to sort out my time so I can still work on the site.

Yes, but you’re taking things slowly so don’t be sorry! :)
Bobble the Eagle. Whoo. When we went to Vindolanda (some Roman fort) there was Eggius the Eagle in the junior guide. I don’t even know why I took it. I think I felt rude saying no.
Hmm, does sound interesting…? I think it would be better as, say, a .net. :P
LOL. And aww, better to have a domain addiction and be able to deal with it then something like cannabis or cocaine. Or even just smoking or booze. There is a freaky ad on the TV at the moment about cannabis. D:

LOOK AT THEM. Evil sheep. /faw

I was a fast typer… until I managed to smash my hand into the wall. Very hard. You know, I am completely confused as to how I managed to do that. And why it hurts so shitting much. /wah
Ah well, I have practice typing one handed. :)

Whoo! :D Fanlistings are cool. :P
I know. I thought it was pretty pathetic that she was scared of teenagers…

NEVER!!! XD I remember you told me that we hadn’t ever got to a point where we ran out of anything to say. Shall we keep it that way? :P

Comment #3:
Glad the headache went away. :) That’s as cool as Chucks. :D
Haha someone at my school loves her school shoes ’cause she’s taller than her older sister. :P
Floccinaucinihilipilification? WHOA. I wanna see that video! Especially as I love your accent. :3

Jerkass. That sounds pretty cool. :)
Stupid stupid music turds. Especially when this is ANBERLIN. Not some stupid band. 💥 /angry

Holy fuck. That took me 37 minutes. O_O

Shit. ‘Nessecary’ should be ‘necessary’. :X

Sticker photos? Not sure what those are (although I have an idea from the picture, haha), but the pictures are cute. XD

Ugh… I think that some heels are so pretty, but every single pair I try on — no matter how the heel or shoe itself varies — is UNCOMFORTABLE. It just bothers my ankles so much… I hate the feeling. But they’re so pretty. XP

I’m torn between thinking, “That’s kind of creepy,” and “Is he just very into photography?” It seems creepy from this side, but I think I’d have to know what he’s doing with it before he judges. I mean, he could be making a portfolio for school or something, or for a job. You never know. :P

Aww, that massage is very sweet. :) Gordon did that to me once at like 6am… I seriously hate being the last person to fall asleep (reason unknown), so when he stays over, I try to make him stay up until I’ve fallen asleep. It hasn’t really worked so far, though… so maybe I don’t need to feel guilty. :P lol.

I call him multiple times a day, so yeah, for the most part he does know what’s going on. XD I just think it would be nice if he visited, though. It would be a pleasant surprise.

I will try to be more firm with her. XP I have to watch her for… six (?) more days over the next two weeks, but Dad randomly decided to pay me $10 for each day, so that’s cool. Now I just have to make sure the dogs are with me and all the doors are closed so she’s more likely to leave me alone. XP

Finally returning comments. :O I keep doing it so late after I get them. D:

LOL. “Bleeding hornet.” I pictured a spout of blood coming out of the tip of the hornet’s stinger. :P I know what you mean though. xD It’s just that no one says “bloody” or “bleeding” here.

BY THE WAY. Warning you now… for some reason I feel like this is going to be a really crappy comment. I’M TRYING THOUGH. T_T

Yeah, my window has a bug screen on it too, so I have no idea how that hornet got in! I checked for holes and there were none. Maybe there is a smallish opening somewhere on the outside that bugs can squeeze through. Not sure.

Oh dude, Lucy took the screen out of her window so Felix could sneak out of it (*gasp* xD) when her parents came home… and I think he sneaks in too, but whatever. My point is that when I heard she took it out at first I was kind of shocked about the sneaking, but after that I was like but… what about the BUGS?!?! :O

Yeah my hair likes to get all staticy in the winter too. My mom taught me a trick where if you use hand lotion and then run your fingers through your hair, a lot of the static gets tamed. It actually works really well. :)

Yeah, pride can often get in the way of things. Don’t let it. ^.^

Yeah, I love the little popups in Chrome. :D

GRR, I started the last three sentences/paragraphs with the word “yeah”, plus one before that. -_- OKAY I challenge myself to avoid starting a sentence with that word for the rest of this comment.

Wow, three whole dollars for that McMuffin? Geez. Well actually I’m not sure how much the egg and bacon ones cost here, but my egg and cheese McGriddle is only a dollar. =/

I don’t think you should feel nervous going back. If you want to, just do it! :D It reminds me of how in tenth grade I worked to get my splits back, just because I wanted to be able to say I could do them again. I stopped stretching after getting them mostly back, though. :P There’s really no use for being able to do the splits if you don’t do figure skating, ballet, or gymnastics or something. -_-

Five days left now, man. D: You’re right, it’ll definitely be sucky with the timezone crap! I’ve thought about that too. :P At least I often stay up late during the school year doing homework I should have done earlier, so we should be able to talk a bit while you’re in class or something. And before school starts for me for a few minutes of course. :)

Well you see, after the mall Judy and I drove together to Kavya’s party, so I left my stuff in her car to get later. However, since we didn’t leave at the same time, she left in a hurry when it was pouring and called me later after she remembered about the bags. -_- I had completely forgotten!

Oh no! You should fix it up so it fits, because that sounds like a fun skirt. :)

Reema says that the comments people leave on blogs annoy her because they’re all choppy with no transitions. BUT GUESS WHAT. I can put a transition here! xD Just for her… :P

Speaking of that skirt being fun, the outfit you wore on the train sounds cool. :D I remember seeing a picture of those stockings one time, and I would love to have a pair like them. :O

Ugh, I can’t believe that guy took a picture of you. D: …that came out kind of badly. You know I don’t mean that you’re not worthy of having pictures taken of you, right? xD It’s just that it’s really REALLY creepy of him to do that. Disturbing, like you said. Maybe he thought your outfit was cool or something, but even then he should have ASKED if he could take your picture. I probably still would have said no though. And geez, way to be conspicuous with the flash, man!

By the way, I love how you can swear in front of your mom like that. I… definitely can’t. D: I would probably be murdered if I did.

Woo, I love those heels! They’re so cool with all the straps. And so high! I would be able to walk in them just fine, but I would be way too tall in heels that size. D:

Yay for finding a nice pair of boots. ^.^ I tried to find a nice pair last year, since like I said I only have some chunky fake Uggs and a pair of black clearly wintery boots from Meijer that I’ve had since eighth grade. I couldn’t find any though. D: Maybe this year! I’d better start saving a bit more of my money… I’m spending a lot. :P

Haha, adorable sticker photos! I love the faces James made in them. My favorite is the middle face. :P And you look cute too, of course. :)

One question… with sticker photos, are they called sticker photos because of the littler cartoon things you put all over them or because they are photos that are stickers? >.>

Woo, maybe that comment didn’t fail so hard.

Fail so hard… reminds me of “you suck balls” for some reason, which I think is a really disgusting phrase. Instead of just saying you/that/it/whatever suck(s), people have to say you/that/it/whatever suck(s) BALLS. I’m like… wtf? :P

OH one more thing. I don’t really get “fail hard” either, but that one I don’t mind and kind of like to say. xP

wooah! that would be just horrid if he took a picture of you! if you think about it though loads of people might take pictures of you and you don’t know! i find it really disturbing when people take pictures of little kids! it’s just wrong!

omg i love your heels there really cute! i don’t like wearing heels! i can’t walk in them but i do love trying them on /hehe some people walk around with these like stick thin heels that wooble when they walk! i would be scared that i would brake my ankle /hehe

Hi. I’m unable to comment on your website because your theme doesn’t seem to load the comments. :(

Haha well I’m not a little kid, but it’s annoying when someone takes a photo of you and you don’t want your photo taken. Also a bit rude if you don’t ask.

Thank you! I hate trying on shoes and I don’t really like heels but I just loved this pair. :)

Yeah; stilettos! I prefer ones with a more stable heel of course.

I read your blog; it’s awful about those little children swearing. They are so badly influenced nowadays. Swearing can be alright when you’re making a joke or are angry, but being rude to someone is a different thing. Children should have manners, and nowadays children barely have any.

In the old days, children always played out on the street in their neighbourhood; now it’s just a worry. I would have worried for your friend staying out so late – her parents were really neglecting her. But how times have changed.

I don’t really have an opinion on Katie but her implants are just overdone. Ugh. Peter seems like such a genuine nice guy. I also think it’s ridiculous how many celebrities think that they love someone when they have barely talked!

I used to have a Bebo; it was stupid and ridiculous. I’m staying out of it.

1) Have you ever been stalked?
Well, one time this guy from my school followed me home. He lived close to me but he was annoying.
2) What do you think about little kids these days?
So much different. It’s hard to find a polite, well mannered kid.
3) Your thoughts about Katie and Peter?
As above.
4) What do you think about bebo?
Really quite a pointless networking website. /hehe
5) New Look or Primark? (random)
I’m not familiar with those, N/A.

I would of just told him straight up. “Am I in that picture?” It’s rude and inconsiderate for people to do that without any sort of indication of that person taking the picture.

People seem to be rude around the globe.

Those shoes look well nice. Like proper stush. (Y) Nice one Georgie. I must admit those pictures look well cute too. Like super duper cute. I love shoes, no matter how bad you feel or look, shoes always fit. (: Shoes are loyal like that.

Wow that is messed up. I’d be like sir did you just take a picture of me? How dare he is correct. I would feel the same way.

Yeah it is. I didn’t have the guts to talk to him though. He looked like a real noob too.

your lucky you get lots of comments in one day i get about ..7 or so :/ i only get 68 unique visits a day, which is pretty good for me considering i dont have any content on my site yet :P lol

ok here i go talking about my converse btw im obsesssed with them, oh and i found there website lol
ok so my high-tops are rainbow tye-dye they’re size 7 and im an 8 well im still seven but next year 8 :(. my lo-top plain black but the rim is light pink size 7. lo-top lavender with shinny silver random lines size 8 :), oh and i love these low tops, they’re double toungued, bottom tounge is whit polka dot red bg, and the inside is polka dot outside red i love them! size 8 so they should fit me for awile, and my new pair, im not aloud to where them yet because i need to see if i like some other ones more, well the bg is black and it looks like someone doodled all over it and even the little thing in the back looks like someone hand wrote it :). now the next converse aren’t chuck taylor they’re the normal sneaker kind and they are white and have a little pink in them :) that concludes my converse tour lol xD

I love your shoes. Oh man they’re gorgeous. Very good choice! /love That sounds totally creepy. I hate when pervs do extremely creepy things. If I stumble upon the picture, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Whoa, that’s sort of freaky. I would be pissed and scared a little. Total freak. Cute shoes though! I can’t wear heals though because I would break my heel XD I love them though!

Awh! Cute pictures XD

Well, it’s pretty easy because I really only get 10 comments or less per day. I used to get about 80 per blog but now it’s dropped to 30 or 40 a blog. :(

Grrr I hate those evil ants D:

your welcome (:
hahah trueee. but for some reason i can concentrate more with my friends XD i need them (:
aww thanks. lets hope the therapy works *crosses fingers*
aw thanks, yea it does remind me of my old one too :D
Operas ! Cool! I dont know if you consider this a opera but ever hear of The Phantom of the Opera ? XD
In high school you went? OMGG thats so cool xP

… 😳

What a loser! Worse than paparazzi because it’s unexpected.
Think about Britney Spears. :O
Take it as a compliment that he actually bothers taking a picture of you!
I’ll catch AND kill him! /pow
I’ll know if it’s you!
Your hair is not short. /faw

I’m not allowed to have expensive shoes because my feet are still growing, and they grow… a lot. /wah

I love your shoes! ♥

OMG… for a moment I thought you got sucked into a K-Pop stage, and that photo was a K-Pop album cover! :O
It’s so cute!
Is that some
…funny faces!?

YAY~ Where did you buy them?

She’s a hermaphrodite. I am serious.
Her music videos are worse than mine… she makes out with everybody.
Or shall I say, HE!!
They should call him, “Lady GaGa the Man”.

Poke her face and just *do the nhappy* dance!

How do they send money through email? :O

No way! Tehn i woud spaek liek thiss withous notcing!
Maybe not. :P

/UNbounce /bounce



Yes I have! /sweat
It’s actually really easy, hrrrrng. ♥
That’s how he talks! /bounce

Yeah, I get that’s a lot different then. I always picture trains like here in New York where there are like a thousand people on them – I’m sorry. I guess it must have been rather awkward in your situation. I probably would have been very upset too. I’m sorry. :(

Wow! I had someone–back a few years ago–take pictures of me at some park! She claimed she worked for Google Earth. There should be a law against that.

Awww, why would someone take a picture of someone else on a train?? Freakin creeper! You should have told him off. It may be a public place but you have your rights of privacy.

And yeah, I’ve had a bad history with laptops. I’ve only had two but the last one I had had been sent to Geek Squad a minimum of ten times lol :) . I try to be really careful now with the things I download and how to carry it so it won’t scratch, but I’m a klutz so it ends up getting damaged anyways XP lol.

And I would tell friends, if I HAD any lol. I don’t really have any girlfriends and my only one that I ever almost got close to is getting distant. I’ve got some guy friends but I don’t think that it would be the same if I told them lol :) . It would be more awkward that a relief XD .

And thanks :) . It does get hard sometimes and nobody really knows about my school problems outside of school (except for internet buddies :] ) so I can’t really vent to anybody, but I just tell myself that I’m gonna be thousands of miles away from them in four years hopefully :) .

True, True. Maybe… he was pointing it at someone else x3

Twitter totally owns Facebook and Myspace. I tweet way too much xDD I’m an annoying person :P

The funny thing about heels is that I never wear them, but I can balance in them like no other. Muahahaa, lol.

You’re welcome! :D

Weeeell.. since I’m a growing thirteen year old my feet obviously haven’t stoped growing >..< I'm not too keen on writing very long blogs. Hell, Jorja's comment is probably longer than all my blogs put together xD

It’s normal to want a break from something after working so hard on it, even if you do enjoy it most of the time.

Yeah I never though of that! Reading blogs counts as reading, duh!! I read ALOT then, and you must read even more, lol. Still not the same as a good book though. :(

Haha, I did that when I was younger too. I dreamt I was on the toilet too (Why I would dream about that is beyond me) and woke up afer I wet the bed, it made it worse because I was sharing with my sister at the time. D:

I use to have a friend that did that, she went through a really tough time. I’m glad you understand now that it was a stupid thing to do and won’t do it again. :) Otherwise, I’m sorry but I will have to shout at you. >:) At least you can say, been there, done that, won’t go there again.

Nothing is worth harming yourself over. ♥

And we all know mums make it worse when they don’t actually shout, they keep quiet so you know how disappointed/worried they are. 😒

Thanks for the advice, I’ll deffinately think about it. :)

That guy was such a douche. How can he think it’s okay to take pictures of random people?! Hopefully, he would have deleted it. Worst case scenario, he liked the way you looked and well, did rude things… Let’s hope he didn’t do that one OR post it on the internet.

Honestly though, I don’t see why he would want to post it on the internet? You said yourself it’s not like you were doing anything interesting.

Love the shoes. I would just fall everywhere if I wore them, so good luck with that, lol. If you’re not fallin over your feet will be aching. ;)

You guys are so cute. <3 I like your spaghetti hair in the third one, haha. :X:X:X:X:X

WTF’s up with that guy?! I wonder what he’s gonna do with that picture… Let’s just hope he’s not some stalker or anything. He might end up being there again for another picture or something since maybe you go nearly daily. Keep a lookout, now! D:

I saw the photo on your plog. They’re amazing. Our Drops is getting a bit more feminine now! /hehe Woo! XD Seriously though they are pretty! :)

Those sticker photos are so pretty. I never took one; because well I never really wanted to lmfao. :)

YEAH OMG by Ronan Keating! XD XD!!! WOW you read my friggin mind LMFAO. :)! WOO! ♥

WTF? I guess people in that train do whatever the fuck they want! D: I mean speakers?! That’s just seriously stupid as fuck man.

gosh, that’s freaky that guy took photos of you! Urgh….

Awesome heels! They look so pretty :)

Haha, the sticky photos with James and pretty neat!:)

oh you have gay mates, that’s awesome. I have none that are. It sort of gets lonely sometimes. I should so quote you on that if people are judging of me. You’e very wise, Georgie!

It’s so hard for me to keep my vids short cos I love talking so much lol! But I do try. I know, youtube is so annoying nowadays.

Eww, I hate when I can’t tell if some creep just takes a picture of me or my friends or not. It’s like thinking someone is waving to you when they aren’t, but it’s way worse and creepier.

OMG 👏 I ♥ those shoes. So cute. I saw a pair like that in a magazine.Are they easy to keep the sides of your feet in? Since it’s only the straps? But they are still so cute :D

By the way, since I haven’t checked here in a bit, I want to say something about your new layout: Very professional, but not in a boring way. Very nice ^^ great job.

Man, what a loser. /bash
Maybe he’s a suppressed homosexual trying to convince himself he’s not gay because he goes to a boy’s school 🙄

I like your stockings /bounce They’re quite /rose

Aargh, that one. We should’ve kept it somewhere. It was D: /bash /argh 🤬 ♥


Ngaweeee. /love

Suppressed? Don’t you mean repressed? /um I totally remember writing that in my American Beauty essay and failing (7/20). Sort of evened out my 18/20 for TS Eliot. I was so proud of that Eliot one. /wah

Let us go then, you and I…

But the guy was fat and probably in his twenties or something. Jerk.

:O You have never used that emoticon. /rose I bet you looked at every single one to find one that would suit. LOL.

Maybe we should have picked it for the bonus one! HAHAHHA. ♥

I know I can tell you this later but I have to tell you now! I am absolutely devastated that the Anberlin tickets are sold out. You didn’t tell me they were here! In Australia. This month. 😢

They’re playing near UNSW. Turds. SOLD OUT?! /wah

I even looked at the tickets for Brisbane (you know, hoping my mum would let me catch a train there for a subtle three hours just to see one of the greatest bands of this era) but they were SOLD OUT too. If it weren’t for my hostee Diamond telling me about it, I wouldn’t have known. :O

Oh, it’s a sad, sad day. :(

Well, I’ll talk to you later. 😏

It’s annoying how people just take random snaps right in front of my face. I don’t mind if I’m in a big crowd but there are rare occasions when I’m casually walking home from school with my friend and this head pops out of a car with a phone/camera. Argh. Well, I actually take photos of people but its usually when I’m trying to capture scenery but there’s like 10 000 people there which makes it quite impossible.
Yes, we get visitors and when my mum gets off the phone, she tells me to go and clean the room and then she goes cleaning the house like crazy. It’s annoying, and when they arrive she’s like “Our house is REALLY dirty, sorry” ==”
Yeah, but I don’t want to get an expensive guitar, just a cheap one to practise with and if I fail at playing the guitar, at least I didn’t spend massive amounts on a brand new awesome guitar.

… by the way, are the photos of you & James from capitols? :D

Taking a picture of you, ehh 🙄 Why, isn’t that flattering? LMAO. Nahh – maybe your famous or something Georgie :3 Because, why would some random take a picture of you – a complete random stranger?

If I were you, I would have went upstairs and said something really nasty even if they were in a group /angry
“BETCH are you gunna post that on your Facebook huh punk?!?” you should’ve said that XD

Anyways, I do like pictures of heels but I never wear any and I don’t see the point of them XD But those are so cute ♥

I wish I had nice times shopping with my mum.
I always end up telling mum not to waste her money on some things we don’t need and she gets angry and we start fighting

Nice photos – James don’t look like a girl to me XD

LOL. I hate full bags when you’re on a bus. You always end up bumping someone /argh Georgie, Georgie, Georgie – I am so sleepy. I shall sleep soon :)

I have many boots with no heals. There great becuase they look good and they dont kill your feet after an hour.

Thats illegal, taking photos of people in public. Even tho i have celeb pics on my site its still so rude what that guy did to you /angry

Thoes heals look realy good. Heals look good on me, they make my legs look more slender and nice but i cant stand in them longer then 20 minutes.

Those shoes are really nice, I love them. They look really high, I have a hard time walking in shoes that high because I look awkward. I’m already 5’8 (about 1.72 meters) and when I stand near my friends who are shorter then me I feel way to tall, plus the fact that I have two left feet and can’t walk in heels.

What that guy did to you on the train is really rude. I hope that maybe it was a mistake or that the picture was not of you. I would be extremely angry if I found pictures floating the internet from some idiot.

By the way, the pictures of you and James are extremely cute ♥

haha yeah I’ll probably blog about them after my vacation because everyone knows you just have to blog about your vacation :P

Yeah i have to take pictures i dont know how to put them on the computer xD i took pictures of other stuff too i have to put them in my portfolio.

LOL!! Yeah that’s true! *Hugs* Like I said, go outside your house and start rocking! ✌️ CONCERT BUDDIES! (H)

You did? I never knew. I know though, they just don’t let people do what they please. I mean I feel like they’re letting down their sense of morality, though you ought to not listen to the shit they say. They’re just plain old fucks you’d see out there everday of your fucking damn life. xD

I know. But I just might ignore them or tell them something and that’s it.

I don’t use facebook or anything so I may not be able to help there!

Welcome! Haha. Revive it! :3

Yeah I know. They’re the “kawaii” side of things! (Y)

HAHA. WOO! :3! I did hear of that song too though I’m not much of a fan. Though he, true, has some good songs! :3!

YAHH. It takes too many minutes to get to a place! =/

I’ll try to think of more positives about a guy taking a picture of you >.<

For some reason, when I'm on the computer it seems like time passes reeeeally slowly. Like when I tweet, two minutes later it feels like I haven't tweeted for a while so I tweet again. It's really weird. No wonder I've tweeted over a thousand times in a month xD

I don't think I'll ever write an 800-word comment. I'm too lazy to do that xD.

Ohh, older than you still, he might of thought you were like sixteen or something still :L

:D No problem. I got some slippers today, and getting the shoes next week instead of pocket money ;)

Yeah, I got my ears pierced last year and have quite a lot. I collect them too XD

Oh cool, they are awesome pictures :) I could do something on PSP :D

I really hope it’s not true though, I think the girl is just looking for attention but who know it might be true. Anything is possible these days. Some articles say it’s a hoax though. Guess we will never know the actual truth lol
ugh my dad watches the news like everyday. He is completely obsessed with it lol.

I would love to trade timetables but they haven’t sent mine yet. They only sent the school news letter. I really want to see what classes I have. I really hope I don’t get a teacher that I completely do not like. Yah we have lots of breaks. I wounder if I’ll get a free period lol

haha I want to see the picture lol.

Hey :)

I just finished returning your comment and while I was scrolling up I hit the f*cking little red x by accident.. so now I have to return your comment again xD

I would love to listen to all my music non-stop; but it’s too much and I just don’t have the time xD But when I am reading I can listen to music the whole time :)

It’s always cool to have some old stuff :) It’s totally cool! I bet they will be worth a lot in the future :)

I always procrastinate, but I usually do my homework in the morning anyways, because I have 50 minutes – my bus is going sooo early :(

Hehe, yeah :) It’s actually only 6,5 months. I forgot to take away my fall and christmas break.. My last exams will be on the 29th April 2010 xD I told my mum to put a bottle of alcohol on the table when I get back at that day xD It’s gonna be her 41st birthday and my last exams day.. then I only have my oral exams and I am done :)

Lucky you for having James! I hope I will have a prom date too! But I don’t have a boyfriend right now and I don’t want to go to prom with just someone.. though I have someone in mind :) We were in the same class for 2 years and now he’s re-doing year 12 because he sucked big times xD

I actually already put out all my files from last year! They are lying in my room and waiting for me to open and study them :) I am slowly preparing myself to start studying from day to day!

Oh wow.. that dude is like really rude. You don’t just take pictures of people you don’t know. And especially not if you haven’t asked them. I hope he won’t publish it somewhere on the internet!

You don’t like heels?? Hehe.. me neither xD But I don’t like them because I am already really tall (1,80m).. I do like shoes with small heels though; and I even own a pair of such shoes xD

The pictures of you and James look lovely :) You guys are awesome!

I really hate people who take pictures of the public. xP But candids often look cool. But still, he should have asked for your permission. xP

I love the heels, they look stunning! What brand are they?

And the pictures of you and Jame are cute. ^^

I’ll remind you about the video.. who knows when. I don’t think I’ll be on when you are on these days. xP

How do I host myself as an addon domain? I’ve looked at your tutorial or article thing and I don’t think it mentions how to host. But I might be wrong. I just have no idea how to do the add-on domain thing. xP But that’w what I’m planning.

Luckily I have my laptop and wifi is free xD

Thank you, you’re a good listener too. Even though I think you have more experience since you are older than me by a few years and are already in uni. Hahaha, but still. Thank you for listening to all my problems and such.

Hahahha, I wish my aunts and uncles were like my grandma but they only give me money on special occassions.

Yeah, I get extremely lazy when it comes to blogging well at least lately. Lately, I just don’t have time. O.o

Eck, that’s horrible if that guy really did take a picture of you. I get what you’re saying… I think its a matter of principle.

Cute shoes too! ♥

Holy crap, I only read your e-mail just now. Silly me, I don’t usually check my Gmail one and always forget to log in. *FAIL*

Haha. I couldn’t remember when was the last time that I shopped. I only shop when I feel lke it’s a necessity and don’t like to go out most of the time, except when I’m with my friends. ♥

Speaking of which, I hate it when they take sloten shots of yourself, at least they inform me and delete the picture afterwards. It’s already enough if my friends did it, how much more it it’s someone I don’t know? I would have told that guy off and reprimand him even if it’s a public place. Or you could also have taken a picture of that jerk to laugh at so you guys are even. LOL!

Aww, the sandal looks cool and good on you. I’m more into boots with heels. /love Luckily I know how to walk with high-heeled shoes and sandals because I need them to make myself look taller. I’m always by my classmates and friends. I’m the ‘baby’ in our batch. /poo

You guys look good together and the picture and design look really cute. *Ahem*.

Why didn’t you continue ballet?

That’s okay! :P Good luck with your website maintenance hehe. :D

That’s alright. That was the first time I shopped in a while!

Hahaha I wish I had brought my camera that day! That would have been a great thing to do to get him back. It was so freaky because he was a stranger. Eh!

Thank you! I have some boots with heels. I really like them haha. I’m not usually a fan of high heels but I just had to get these!

I’m pretty short as well, so wearing heels is a good thing; makes me look taller. /hehe I’m not the baby; Lilian is because she’s one day younger I guess. But I think I am the shortest.

Thank you!

Well, school got in the way of ballet. :( I really want to go back but I’m also a bit scared; people told me I won’t know if I don’t try so I guess I should. :)

Haha, naughty Georgina! XD

I suppose so, I would’ve gotten my mom to do something anyway. Or even me, if I was mad enough, and if he really didn’t take the picture. I’d run away very embarrassed. /um

I know, like you feel like saying yelling at them. “IT’S SO SIMPLE!!!!!” but if I did that, it’s ‘bye bye allowance,’ XD

Good thing he didn’t take anything incriminating! I’m kind of paranoid with pictures though, like I’m afraid someone is gonna try and edit my photo or attach a penis to it or something and it will end up online. Gah. o.O

Maybe he just thought u were extremely gorgeous! ;)

The heels are super cute! I love heels…although I really only wear them with professional attire cuz I always feel silly wearing heels just out somewhere, although many people do it. I’ve trained myself to feel comfortable in basically any heel.

P.S. Your first picture reminds me of Sailor Moon. Lol sorry but I used to love that show. -_-‘

Yeah I hate that. It’s so so annoying cuz they don’t have a care in the world about how loud the music’s playing.

Omg that must have been soo weird that guy randomly taking a picture of you. And with flash? Is he stupid?!!

Cool shoes, did you buy them?

Hahaa I love the sticker photos you took. They’re so cool!

Whoa. Creepy much?! I wouldn’t have been comfortable with some random stranger taking a picture of me either! God knows if he’s a creeper. O_O

That reminds me, I haven’t gone shoe shopping in a while now. D: But I guess I have plenty of shoes, though you can never have too many pairs. /eee Maybe I’ll go shopping for new converses. I think my white pair has been feeling a bit small. 🙄

Aw, the photos of you and James are cute and funny. Hah, I love all the little decoration-thingys. xD :D

I don’t wear heels, only those small 1 inch ones, and those are only for special occasions. :P I’ve tried a few of my aunt’s heels, but they’re quite uncomfortable, if you ask me. What’s the point of high heels?! It only makes you seem maybe an inch or two higher. /huh

haa yeah i think its better to go slower than faster in a school zone! oh well, sometimes people fail it for such dumb things…but i went again this morning and passed :)

well who knows maybe he just took a picture of you cuz he thought you were pretty…but even then that would still be weird! lol

the sticker photos do look like fun but idk how to do those on my phone :(

Well i havn’t read my sisters keeper so it would not have made sence to me in the movie if the younger sister died, she seemes happy and bubly and healthy. They made it a bit better becuase the one with lakimia wanted to die because she was sick of the pain. She always had a smile and was ready to except death. I wont give any more info tho lol.

If you see the movie you would cry so much, even the happy bits make you cry /wah

I work at Disneyland and I’ve had a few Guests take my picture without permission. Unfortunately, I can’t stop them from doing so, which SUCKS. It’s so creepy -_-

I would never wear heels. I just don’t have that kind of confidence to put them on and attempt to strut my stuff. Ain’t gonna happen :P

I like shopping with my mom for clothes, but not very much. She always tries to get me to buy really girly clothes, like over-the-top girly, which is not my style at all! I’ll buy girl clothes, yeah, but it depends how they look. It’s hard to explain, haha, but I do have a penchant for buying button-down shirts. I love button-downs!

Don’t worry! I doubt he’ll make anything silly out of it.

:O Lucky!

Young people love that stuff…
But not me!

D: <–Make an emote for that! D:

I'll need my dad's permission!


That's like "fuck you, hrrrng"

Georgie :)

First of all, I have good news. (Y) I got a new commenting system :D I was getting really irritated with the old one.

What a creeper O_O I really hate them. They’re just people who don’t understand what privacy is. I can understand how you’re feeling. About two years ago, my grandma and I were crossing the street towards the mall and there was a road divider with grass and trees separating the opposite direction lanes. There was a man standing there, not really doing anything. All of a sudden, as soon as we started crossing the road he took out a video camera. He started filming us. @_@ I couldn’t believe it. I tried to pretend he was just filming the city. But he kept filming and moving the video camera in our direcytion. He filmed us for like half a block. I was about to go back and questioon him for his act but I decided to drop it. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. I have this other creeper who i sometimes see on the bus I take home from school. I gave him the name of ‘the creeper’. You wouldn’t believe how much he creeps me out. Public transport seems to be a creep zone O_O

Oh! I forgot to say that your heels look awesome. I’m glad you found a good pair for you :D I personally love heels ♥ I have like 20+ pairs. It’s not a height thing, to be honest, I could wear flats everyday and still look tall. I’m 175 cm. :P The funny thing is that I usually get heels that are higlh because I just don’t like the ssmall heels for some reason. So I end up looking really tall at parties, and I’m always taller than my friends. Most of them are pretty short or average compared to me. They always tippy-toe in photos. But I still love them, both friends and heels.

hehe i did? Awesome! I made someone laugh!

eh I don’t mind if things get around though. ‘cos if I know the truth that should be all that matters, not what others think. maybe.

lol! Yup he sure is an idiot. He wasn’t on the bus yesturday… hmmmm

That man is a jerk :P
My house is just full of stuff, mostly useless junk my mum bought because it was cheap or whatever ==”
Oh yeah, Galaxy World :D I remember I posted a blog once how I got into trouble, as my friends and I went to Galaxy World during a fieldstudyday and we were really late and we were banging on machines and pressing random buttons as we don’t understand japenese.
They really need to have english on those machines.
Yeah, Galaxy world is way cheaper.
Capitols prices are okay if you go in a big group but you get these tiny pictures which you need a magnifying glass to look at.

O_O That guy is a freak! How dare he take a picture of you?! /ehh Was he some kind of tourist taking pictures randomly?! because one time a British guy snapped a photo of me when I was on the beach but my mom then snapped and he stopped taking pictures. So I don’t have facebook either but I’ll certainly warn you if i found your picture on deviantart or something like that and I hope you warn me if you found my picture too :P I’ have dark hair and a brown skin and I was totally surprised with an expression “is he mad?(at the photographer)” Oh, It was also taken in a country called Tanzania when i went there for vacation. And he probably took a picture of you because you looked nice and funky. Woah/ Those heels look nice! I don’t like heel either but that one is nice ;) Take a picture of the earrings please! xD

Oh, and don’t reply to this comment I know you have loads to reply so don’t worry about mine my site is already closed :)

He’s a freak all right. :O He might have been a tourist actually… I was too annoyed to think of that, but now that you mention it, maybe. So in that case it isn’t so bad.

Oh! How evil! He caught you with a LOOK! That is worse than me; I was just sitting down and staring blankly. As someone told me though; at least I wasn’t wearing revealing clothing or anything. I shall be on the lookout too! :)

Thank you! Oh, yes I will! I totally forgot to take a picture. I think I may put it on my photoblog tomorrow. :D

Haha I want to reply; I have the WordPress plugin to reply like this. ;)

Oh, those are lovely heels! I had a pair like that a long time ago, except those were brown in color! But still, they were adorable, just like yours! :D LOL, I dislike too tall heels!

Oh, how dare that idiot snap a picture of you? That’s rude, completely rude! /angry Oh LOL…wish I could slap him! /hehe
I hope he doesn’t post that picture anywhere on the internet! If he does, we both will kill him together. Yeah. (H) BTW, that was a cute description of your dress and all! /eee

Heart shaped earrings! Sounds so cute! I have seen such earrings, but they were all too expensive for a school-goer! LOL!

Those sticker photos are so cute! I don’t know what exactly is a sticker photo…although I had a slight idea after seeing your photos!

YAH! :D You bet you will. You just gotta find a ticket somewhere; ask your friends! Call ’em! Get some info! D:

Yeah I guess you’re right. Thanks! :) You make me feel better haha. Considering you’re an expert in everything web design! :P

Yeah I guess. Facebook’s really popular so there ought to be someone.

Yeah I know! I remember Boyzone! There are some boybands that I like a lot! Like Five, A1, Backstreet Boys… But they’re all kinda old now. They never released a new song.

Yeah I guess but usually the timetable doesn’t get followed a lot which sucks like shit. Haha but true; if you have a book or an iPod or something… Time really passes quickly! :)

That guy sounded like a super creep. You can’t just take pictures of random people, its rude and I agree an invasion of privacy.

Those shoes look amazing, I’ve seen similar ones over here in the UK too. They seem to be in fashion at the moment! :D

Those pictures of you and James are really cute, your expressions made me giggle! xD


What a jerk. I know it’s public place and all and it’s not as if you’re a celebrity or anything and he has the right to act as if he’s a paparazzi or whatever. That’s scary alright. I hope it doesn’t happen again :s

Nice shoes, not something I would wear though but they’re quite fashionable! Your picture with your boyfriend looks adorable, too!

Ill answer those questions in my next blog :D

Its ok that you’ve taken ‘long’ you’ve been busy :)

oh god, i went shopping with my Mum the last day for school shoes. Ugh it was torture because we were very restricted on what shoes we’re allowed wear. >.<

OMG! What a douche. Seriously. But you think thats bad, I was in school before, and my friend flicked paint on my face in art, /hehe and then the teacher called me up to the top of the room, and pulled me into her 'back room' where no student has ever gone exept me, and took a picture of me on her phone.

This teacher has been known to be a pervert!! So then my parents went back to the school and the principal got involved and then apparently the teacher 'dosnt know how to use the camera on her phone' so she probably still has that picture. Creepy much?

Aww ♥ ♥ those shows are smexy. :O Aww you and James are so cute together lol :D (H) (Y)

haha yeh i cant wait to blog about my converse now!

Hmm I’m not sure. Well, no vacuum cuz even the connecting cable won’t reach down the garden. Maybe I should find a broom though.

He sure was. I mean, what’s the point of just taking a picture? Strange.

Anyways, what’s up?

Aww thanks. I might change the navigation though because someone said it reminded them of yours but I didn’t even notice until they said lol. But this layout is amazing, so it’s all good. :)

Me love Arial too. :) I used to use it all the time but got bored of it lmao. I missed it. :(

Haha I know, I found the font on DaFont and found it amusing haha. I loved the layout I had on Oh Panic to. :D

I’m sorry lmao. Doesn’t matter anyway, I was just chatting shit haha. It was getting too long so we can start again, yay.

Oh wow, I need to see if mine has that. I haven’t played around with it loads yet, mainly because I look like shit half the time but you know.

LMFAO. I know not to moan at you for using PT. :P Clean CSS is amazing though. I like my tutorial too lmao, only because I done it differently. xD

No one has suggestions, I’ll just go with the flow.

I hate trains… for the main reason that they are so… open? I can’t believe that twat took a picture of you though. :| I mean who the fuck does that?! Although, I can hardly say anything because I took a picture of 2 randomers, because I liked his outfit and put it on dailybooth LOL. But still, I didn’t take a picture of their faces.

Your mums right in saying its a public place, though. =/ Unfortunately.

OMG, those heels are fucking huge LOL. I could NEVER walk in those, I can’t even walk in like wedges lmfao. They are beautiful though and I can see the attraction. :P

That’s sweet you guys met up afterwards, hehe. I love the photos, they are so cool! And you guys look so happy, awwww. ♥