Rocks In My Eyelids

Today I wrote a new tutorial, a review (reviews are open again), made two new fanlistings at EyeThief, and added affiliates to the sidebar. I had a day off university but tomorrow and through the weekend I will be doing a lot of homework. Today I was just mucking around. :O

Yesterday, my awesome hostee Diamond told me about Anberlin coming to Australia. I had absolutely no idea, and I was freaking devastated when I found out that the tickets were sold out here in Sydney. And they’re playing near UNSW too, which is somewhere I’m actually familiar with.

I love Diamond for telling me about it but oh, I’m upset about not being able to get a ticket. /sad I had a good opportunity too, and I have never been to a concert. Ouch. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another time. I’m mostly annoyed because all the other bands I like don’t really come to Australia. At least I can be happy that Anberlin are in my city! And Diamond said I could listen from outside too. We’ll see. :P

Well, I ordered some Armor For Sleep merchandise online today. I hope all goes well; I spent nearly $50 USD (including shipping) on my long-wanted Armor For Sleep pillow, a shirt, and a belt. I could do with a nice belt; the ones I have are getting old. Now I’m thinking that was possibly a waste, but I earned that money, and as Lilian mentioned, I still have a lot of money left anyway, and since I don’t buy online often and it’s a “one-off” thing, I should. :) ✌️

Yesterday James and I had two hours to bum around after class. We met in my lovely favourite spot on the couches next to the glass doors and power socket. :D He hadn’t brought lunch, so we shared my sandwich and decided to head off somewhere.

We spent about five minutes getting up because the couch was just that comfy.

Our little adventure to the restaurant James had in mind turned out to be a pretty horrid nightmare. We had a nice walk there and everything, and we were obviously looking forward to having some food.

We ordered an omelette and spaghetti, and it seemed delicious.

We got the omelette first, and it came with hot chips and lots of yummy cheese, a bit of cucumber and lettuce and, of course, some ham. We were quite hungry so we shared the whole lot. /drool

Halfway during our meal, the spaghetti came. I didn’t understand what the waitress said (oh, gosh, I just hate it when people assume that I speak their language… I know I’m part Chinese but I can’t speak Chinese) but I touched the plate and it was fucking HOT and I shrieked.

Sheesh. I have a little brown burn mark on my finger now. :( I was supposed to touch the plate underneath, but I didn’t know the plate on top was that hot.

Well, as soon as we saw all the cheese on that spaghetti, we knew that was too much.

After struggling to get through the plate, which had so much cheese on it, we left a bit and then paid and went out. There was so much fatty oily cheese on that spaghetti, it wasn’t funny! :O

We felt really sick, actually. Not good.

We collapsed onto the couches in the ABC building; we were so exhausted and big-bellied and just plain full. I don’t think we can look at cheese in the same way, to be quite honest.

I had to go to work but we caught a train together. And fell asleep for most of the way. ♥️

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You have never been to a concert? Come with me to Marilyn manson in bris lol!

At the airport yesterday morning there was a guy who was wearing nirvana shirt, nirvana hat, nirvana shoes, bag and he lookd a bit like Kirt kobane (sorry if i spellt it wrong) any way it reminded me of you haha; becuase your such a nirvana fan 🙄

Any way STOP replying to my comments, you have so many and i dont want to be a Georgina hog lol…

I ♥ reading your blogs so i have to comment on them.

Oooooh! Fanlistings! Hehe, I shall look! And join xD

OMG! ANBERLIN! *gasp*! That’s so cool! I can’t believe we didn’t know! Although I probably would not have been allowed to go to the concert anyways! LOL, it’s probably going to be REALLY loud, so if you stand outside, you probably WILL be able to hear it xD Don’t worry! Hopefully they will come back…^^

Yay! I’m already jealous of your Armor For Sleep pillow case! It’s so cute xD Hehe! Don’t worry! It was only a once-off purchase…=) You’re entitled to it after all your paid blogging xD Hehehehe…

Omg! The ONE TIME I was actually online during a lecture! And you and James have to go away from the wi-fi zone! Hahahahahahahaha xD

That big plate of spaghetti sounds…terrible. All that cheese. But then again, I don’t really like cheese, so it’d probably be twice as gross to me xD

OMG, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ASSUME YOU CAN SPEAK CHINESE! I AM chinese! And I do not speak! At least she didn’t tell you OFF for not speaking chinese xD LOL. I hate it even MORE when people tell me off for not knowing it! Jesus Christ, it’s not my fault I was born in Australia! I’m trying to learn, and failing! HMPH!

Awwww, I hope your finger is better…=)

haha I had never been to a concert too =P

ouch! Hot plate xD I hate it when that happens~

Too much cheese just makes it cheesy and not to mention fatty and sick :X

anyway on a Wednesday night when I was sleeping soundly at 11.30pm and 2 veterans from the dance team came over to my house and woke me up at 12 (they were like playing “kidnapping” which they do every year to the rookies) after picking up another person we went to a pancake shop!! And I didn’t get to sleep until 6.30 in the morning because my friends were talking and I’m a light sleeper. Slept on the floor for 2 hours then woke up and can’t wait to go home and sleep on my comfy bed 👏

The tryout’s today = I don’t know if I’ll make it /pow none the less I’ll do my best (H)

Yes, a very big loser.

My slippers are cute :D Holes are not cool /argh When did you get your slippers then?

I don’t get that much pocket money. When my brother was my age he got pocket money so I moaned it was unfair that I got none although I was really young and got about two pound a week. I then went of for like three to four years and then I started to spend loads of money recently. My mum said if you do lots of chores around the house I can get a fiver a week.

Three piercings in each ear XD That sounds awesome. I want a second done, but I am going to wait until I am about fifteen or I may look crazy at my young age :L

Yeah, I agree. Taking photo booth pictures are very fun ^_^ I wan’t a review from you but I can’t be bothered to send an email, Haha.

Never been to a concert? O: Wow. They are good fun if they are small I think but they are over-rated. Either way, the small ones are the best. ^__^ Fo’sure with the die hard fans.

Fallin asleep on public transport is cool. Shows you are relaxed which is a good things. Or that you ate too much. huhaa.

Ballet has always had a scary sort of connotation to me… probably from reading stories years ago of girls that were forced to become anorexic so they could have the right body size, or something like that.

Our parents usually give her a stern talking-to before they leave, but I guess she doesn’t listen… bleh. The only new rule I have for her is that she is not allowed to shut the hallway door if the dogs are out there. I’ve already told her to not mess with the dogs if they’re on their bed (something she’s told almost every day), don’t corner them, etc. Basically, just leave ’em the hell alone, but noooo, she doesn’t get it. XP

That strikes me as odd. Even when I was a kid I got a $5 weekly allowance… now that I think about it, I’m twice that age, and I get twice that much a month, haha (the total amount, I mean).

It was the nicest night with Gordon ever! All snuggly and stuff. It was quite comfy; usually I wake up with a painful neck and such because I’m forced to sleep in weird positions (like just on my side, rather than taking up the whole bed, which is only a twin). It was nice. <3

lol, have you ever had your code up? I've figured you must have because you're in a decent place on the list, lol. Wow, I'm excessively using "lol"s today. XP

I've never been to a concert either. :/

…An omelet and spaghetti seem like a bizarre combination. XD And… that omelet sounds gross to me, personally. I don't like all those bells and whistles with my eggs; the one time I've ever had an omelet, it had a little bit of cheese and a little bit of ham in it… I don't like those veggies mixed in. XP

Aww, that's cute! (the last paragraph) Did you sleep on his shoulder or anything? <3

…You sure you weren't just sick from eating so much? Ha.

Aweh that sucks so much that the tickets were sold out. :O
Hopefully there will be other opportunities where you’ll get the chance to go to a concert.

That’s so cute that you guys shared a sandwich. xD Dayum, 5 mins to get up eh? That must have been a really comfy couch. Lmao.

The meal sounds delicious, but I hate getting burned on my fingers. D: Hope the brown marks disappear. Psh, stupid waitress. She should have kept it on the table.

Bleh, I hate an overload of cheese as well, makes me feel very sick. At least you had a peaceful ride home. :)

Btw, I don’t know if you got my comment on a blog where you replied to my comment using your “reply” function and I replied back, but you never replied. xD
I think it was on Shades of Grey and it was a macho one at the very end. :O

ROFL. You’ve gotta love cheese though. XD that story made me reaalllyyyyyyyy hungry!

hehe, im glad you enjoyed reviewing my site ^_^ im really happy with the review and ive made a lot of changes already :D

The teacher is a perv, we call her feely foley :D I asked her why did she take a picture and she goes ‘guess?’ and I goes ‘uhhhh. /ho goes Ive paint on my face?’ I’m such a dipshit ROFL!

Freak. Whoever took that is a freak. Well at least you might have a ‘secret admirer’ in a twisted sick way.

Aww :( It’s sad that the tickets were sold out :( At least you can hear if you go to the place and stand outside :P LOL.

Teehee, 5 minutes just to get up? Royce and I are the same. When we get comfy and cuddly and we decide to go get something to eat or to actually go where we’d planned to go ( XD ) it takes us forever to get up.

I haven’t been to a show in four or five years. They’ve never really been my thing, and big crowds like that tend to make me sick. I’d love to see my favorite band National Product again, though. Their drummer just had major surgery to remove a tumor on the base of his brain : and the guys are all really good friends with one of my friends, so they’re like acquaintances, and I really hope Robby (the drummer) is okay.

I hate when they assume I can speak Chinese too. So when they say it to me, I reply in English (I can understand Mandarin and I can speak it alright, but I don’t like to).

Hello :)

I should’ve thought about that xD But I am just not that smart ;)

200 hours?? That’s a freaking lot! You would be listening to music for almost 10 days or so.. wow xD

At night? Wow.. my brain doesn’t work at night xD That’s why I do them in the morning xD

I am thinking about talking to him more and more and get to know him better (because I actually don’t really know him) and stuff.. It would’ve been his prom too; if he didn’t have to re-do last year.

I am actually not studying yet xD I just got them out to remind me that I have to start studying soon. And if they are lying around I will probably start studying earlier xD

Hehe, lol! You’re really small xD Though I think it’s good to wear heels sometimes.. and if you have comfartable heels – even better!

It really sucks that you aren’t able to see that band while they are in Sydney! I haven’t been to any concert either.. I really want to do that one day!

Urgh.. that cheese on the spaghetti sounds kinda disgusting.. I wouldn’t wanna eat something like that. At least the omelett was super yummy :) You and James seemed to have a great time :)

Ohhh, sooo bad that you dont have a ticket!! And theres no chance to get it from eBay or something like this?
Sometimes there are also people selling some tickets at the fan forums on their website because they cannot go or whatever. Try it there!
And yes, definitely go to the concert hall. Sometimes there are people standing outside selling tickets. They are probably REALLY expensive but as a last resort…
You never been to any concert so far??? OMG, I love concerts! Especially the ones from my favorite band Revolverheld (you wont know them, they are german) – I’ve been there for seven times :P


Maybe you could try and win tickets off the radio to one of their shows?
But it sucks you can’t go.

I’ve never actually been to a concert either…

wow, an Anberlin belt? Sounds cool!

sounds like you and James had a great time together, even though the spaghetti sounds gross.
I hope you finger feels better soon.

Sure, just mail me a mcflurry hehe!
Honestly, Maccas in NZ are so evil! I hope they bring them back.

LMAO I knew you’d write about it! xD Oh gosh… I’m guessing you’re really going mad even in your sleep since you’re probably dreaming about rocking out at the concert lmfao. :) I’m sure there will be another time. We’re still in our greatest youth! ♥

Though you better consider on rocking out from outside! Their music will probably be played really loud! :P

Hope your orders arrive soon! :D I’m buying some Naruto merchandise lmfao… There are these really cute plush chibis I wanna get! :O

LOL, that seemed like quite the romantic getaway! Haha, you should study your Chinese, missy! :P Usually they know how to speak good English though lmfao. They talk in English here yet sometimes they tend to spit some Chinese in which obviously we don’t know; I know just a few words thanks to My Chinese Coach on the DS lol.

James didn’t know about the concert either? That’s really something to think about… No one knew about it? D: Weiiird.

Ooh, Lilian has a Facebook! I forgot. Well I’m sure she can get to some investigations! :P

OMG I forgot to mention that LOL. Grr you took it away from me! XD I forgot the song name so I just left the point out lmfao. It was a good song wasn’t it? :O Glad to know you’re still into boybands haha. Or are you? :P Yeah I know. They used to drive every girl crazy… and some boys too I guess! :P

Oh that’s good! :D Though I hate using the laptop on some train or something… unless it’s like private. I don’t want people to know what sites I’m on and stuff.. I’d die because I would want that privacy so much! D:

Sorry for the long comment; I fitted in one for this new blog of yours and the other from your last comment! :)

Don’t worry, save up the money~ I never knew, DAMN!!

Pillowz. :O

Eeee yum! /eee Omelette!
Aw, I have a burn on my hand too. My brother has a permanent one on his left hand, it’s huge. He had it since he was around a few months, and his fingers were stuck together for month since it healed a bit. It was up to his arm.

Heehee (James laugh) ngaaaaaawwwweeeeeeeeeeeee! (James cute expression.)
(Y) (James signature.) /hehe

He called… US… a poo.
It’s like if he wanted to join the bitchfight. :P
I was about to say “BRING IT ON, HOE!” But I backspaced it after remembering his blog post about him being sensitive about insults. :O
Too lazy to find it. :)
AH, I’m not allowed to buy things online… unless my dad really wants me to have it. EEH!

i love mexican food too! ha and not just cuz im mexican, lol. although i really hate overly spicy food…my family always makes fun of me and tells me im more white than mexican, haha. my parents love spicy food, they had peppers and hot sauce to EVERYTHING its quite scary LOL, ohh plus they eat tortillas with everything too! haha

well, i “can” drive anywhere, but my family is sooo strict that the only places i can drive are to school and like, to my sisters house. and i think they said i can go to other places if i ask permission. but they say they are gonna check my miles on my car just to be sure i dont go anywhere ha, thats LAME. =/

awww that SUCKS that tickets are sold out!! i hate when bands i dont even like come on tour here in florida…and like, the people that i like come, and i cant even go to their concerts cuz they get sold out or no one wants to take me lol

i swear you and your bf are sooo cute. and haha i dont like cheese to begin with. ill pretty much only eat it on like, pizza and enchiladas. but i hate really greasy food too! its so yucky!

Instead of going on your laptop on the train or something you should just read a book. Only once in a while, just so you don’t miss it that much and get that time to yourself. :)

Don’t worry, we all get angry. I suppose I understand you doing it for attention. I have thought about doing it in the past, but never actually gone through with it. Well, there was that one time I gave myself a ‘chicken scratch’ when I was about 12 if that counts, lol. But that wasn’t over depression.

I shall go and have a gander at your fanlistings when I have a moment, maybe I’ll even join some. :P

Aww, I know exactly how you feel. I was also devastated to find out that MCR was sold out, so we went anyway and bought some tickets from some guy selling them outside. Normally I wouldn’t do such a thing but it was actually my dads idea, we ended up having a really good time. :) There could be hope for you yet. 8)

It’s nice that you finally bought something online for yourself that wasn’t a domain. :P You’ll have to take some pictures of them and show us. :)

Aww, you got to show James your perfect spot in college. It’s kind of romantic. ^.^

It’s wierd to think that people would just assume you spoke Chinese because you are, I’ve never really thought about that. That’s deffinately a ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ moment.

Ew, I don’t mind cheese normally but when there’s too much of it and it’s all oily and greasy, that’s just.. well, YUCKY. It’s not surprising that it made you both feel sick. :|


Hey Georgina! My site is finally open! :) Just thought I’d let you know. ;)
That’s so cute how you two shared a sandwich. Can’t get over how cute, actually. :)
And sharing spaghetti. Ha. And sleeping on the train. Aww! I want a boyfriend now, lol. :)

Anyways, I’ll talk to you later. :)

I’ve never been to a concert either. D: Dont have the time, the ride, money, etc. x.x It sucks :[ But then again, idk who I’d want to see live on stage right before my eyes.

I’m Viet and I can speak it for crap. I cant start conversations and I can’t last in them. I refuse to speak or learn because I dont want to make a fool out of my self. Stubborn, but meh. that’s just me when it comes to that subject.

Okay first thing who is Anberlin? lol i have no idea who that is.
aww you guys shared a sandwich ♥ that is soo cute!!! lol i am weird lol

Sounds like you guys had an amazing day lol

Aww I all sounded so sweet except the hot plate (I hope you little burn heals fast!) and the massive amounts of cheese! I love cheese but I know what you mean when it is just too much and disgustingly oily and gross :X

But it sounds soo nice that you and James have a special spot where you get to spend time together –I’m jealous :)

I’m not Spanish, but sometimes people think I am and then they start speaking to me in Spanish and I’m looking at them with this dumbfounded look like ‘I don’t speak it’! And they get disappointed which I find a bit funny. I only know English!

Ok, im downloading firefox now. I might try one of your templets. I dont think i will go with wordpress for awhile tho.

Coding websites is worst then maths! :O

Your smileys ROCK. what program do you use to make them ?

Haha. I’ll remember to my e-mail often nowadays. Been missing stuffs because of laziness. /bash

$50 USD? Woah, that’s a lot! I’ve never tried shopping online before and my mom is being a scaredy cat; she’s afraid the shipping won’t go smooth and would be a waste of money.

I’ve never eaten Chinese spaghetti before and reading what you said makes me don’t wanna eat it. Though I’m fond of eating Chinese food. I like cheese in spaghetti but too much of it would make me sick. O_o

Are you guys been together for more than a year? I wish you luck. I don’t want to see you beraking up or something; that would make me sad. It’s good to know that you’re happy in each other’s arms. ♥

Well, there’s no harm in trying. If it won’t go well you can just say ‘At least I tried and knew that it wasn’t for the best’ than keep yourself hanging and wondering what would have been if you did try. :)

It was my first time to make a WordPress theme and surprisingly it turned out well. 😝

Wow, i just downloaded firefox. Its so fancy.

My site? my site is crap? wtf? LOL (Y) thanks for the tip im going to have to work on it now.

Why cant you go to bris? Its not that far from were ever you live lol. I know you dont live in perth becuase they dont have two story trains. So you must live in either adaliad or syd. ? /hehe Never been to either except airports on the way to somewere. By the way im half dutch as well :) Yay clogs!

Oh, that sounds cute! I wish we had such booths here too!
Yes, a horrible brother! :D
Thanks for the book suggestion, Georgie, I was looking through your favourite books and found dome interesting books which I plan to read! xD

Wow, that’s a lot of work you’ve done in one day! :D
Aww, too bad you couldn’t get tickets! :(
Anyways, hopefully you’ll get tickets when they come again to your place! You shouldn’t miss that!

Oh yeah, too much cheese doesn’t look good!

Gah, I’m always having trouble trying to position the sidebar correctly. I’m using ‘float: right;’ but I’m not too comfortable with it. It looks well in my browser(Mozilla), maybe I should try in to see how it looks. 😒

Hahaha. I suck more at making them. I don’t even know how to make smileys and pixel art, but you’re quite good at making them. :P

Speaking of my cat…. He died yesterday. I was really saddened by it, not because we spent some money for his medication and it went down the drain, but because of the fact I can’t play with him anymore. Just remembering him breaks my heart. I love him dearly and he is my favorite cat. :(

There was a tsunami in Japan days ago that disturbed the underground cables. Internet connection in some parts of Asia was affected as well. But it’s getting better now compared last time when our download speed was like 1.9 kbps. 💥

Aww, that’s sweet. I have a guy friend here who always have the same schedule as I do but I don’t like him. He acts all high and mighty I wanna punch him in the face.

James has chinky eyes too. Is he Asian as well?

Last time i annoy you (H)

Can you look at my site now. is it normal? it looks great in my eyes now but the content is still a bit messy and needs working on.

Thanks again ♥ ♥ ♥

I didn’t say you said my website was crap.
I was saying it was crap after i downloaded Firefox. I did not realize how bad it was.

I have clogs in my wardrobe, reminds me of my late father but I’m to embarrassed to wear them lol.

Okay talk another day. Have fun at uni. Good thing it’s the weekend /hehe

I guess so XD My chores are alright because I could be doing a lot worse stuff, haha.

Yeah, I want to wait or otherwise people will think I am random. :L When did you get your first ear pierced?

Agreed. I don’t want a review right yet because I would like to add more to the site ^_^ I do need a favour though, you don’t have to say yes. Would you still be able to buy me a .info domain name? I would like a portfolio ;) It’s ok if you can’t get it anymore, I’ll just subdomain myself.

Yep, hurrah :D I am going to wear them today ;)

Hahaa I don’t think a lawnmowers a good idea..somehow I don’t think it would work. Lol. But a good suggestion anyways! Hehe.

Ugh homework, good luck with getting it all done (:

That must be really annoying that people assume you can speak Chinese since you’re part Chinese. I hate it when my mum speaks Chinese to people and I have no idea what they’re saying but I’m sure it’s about me. Lol.

Aww sorry you burnt your finger.

That sounds really weird all that cheese. Yuk!

Good luck with working on your homework! I don’t get so many homework because I’ll have a week off next week but I believe when I get back from my break my teachers would give me tons of homework. Teachers just can’t see their students living without homework haha.

Sucks that you didn’t get the ticket to watch Anberlin. Hope a miracle will make you be able to watch it. Maybe someone will give you their ticket or something? Who knows? :P I’ve never been to a concert, too because bands that I like don’t come here.

Aha, hope the buying-stuff-online thing will go well. I’d like to buy some merchandises of my favorite bands but yeah… my parents won’t let me. They’re really strict.

Omelette and spaghetti are my favorite food! They’re yummy. Haha sucks that the waitress thought you can speak Chinese. When my Mom went to UEA some people thought that my Mom came from Turkey and they talked to my Mom with Arabic language lmao.

You and James are so sweet by the way, haha. <3

OMG!!!! That’s such a shame about Anberlin! I wish I had the money to zoom over to Australia ’cause you probably will be able to hear it from outside. :3
Awwwwh. I wish I could go. D: Or just see them live. Apparently Stephen sounds horrible live though. Anyway I would so give it a chance.

Whoo. :3 AFS are too cool, let alone the belt.
As you are aware, we are currently tweeting ‘Smile for the Camera’ lyrics. I’ve just played it 3 times. XD

Aww! *hugs* Poor Georgie. :( You mentioned the plate to me a while back. I know that Chinese is confusing with one symbol meaning like, seven words. My sister’s friend, who is a bit strange, knows and learns Chinese.

Er… nice pasta. :S

I know. Screw the stupid bitch. She can’t even back up any of her points, that’s what I find hilarious.
We should so kick her over to ;) I mean the last email she sent and which promptly went into ‘Deleted’ had to subject line ‘armor for sleep r gay’. NO THEY ARE NOT YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. I mean seriously…. uugggggggggh. DOUCHEBAG.

And I don’t understand what an ‘inproper’ image is anyway. I mean… hello?
Ahh, I’m sort of surprised too. I mean I’m pretty sensitive but the thought of this loser who has no life, who can’t ‘fukkin’ spell or even use grammar properly, who puts me down ’cause they are bored and tells me to use celebrity images… I find it pretty funny to be honest.

That’s stupid, putting a photo on AIM saying you’re a bitch. I mean have you looked in the mirror and seen the real bitch and author of all this shit?

Asuming things about people is also rude. How do they know?
I WANT THAT PILLOWCASE. Didn’t you blog about it a while back?
I can’t remember if it has Ben Jorg on it or something. If so your room will always be warm, yeehee. /hehe

The Heartdrop earrings. :3 Hehe, I think ‘Crystal Drops’ isn’t as cool. You should post a photo sometime. :D /bounce

Yeah, same. I just fix errors and shit and always forget to mention them in my blog if they’re big. XD
Yup, very common story but it fits I guess. :)
I saw one of the past layouts you posted on Tumblr that you had @ OTW, it wasn’t as bad as some of my old ones. XD

I JOINED YOUR BEN JORG FANLISTING. I KNOOOOW I’m ashamed with myself! I was meant to join way back when it opened but I got sidetracked. D:
But I’ve got the link up now and all o’ that jazz, so yay. /eee

As a general, all trashy teen magazines are trashy (harhar) or cheesy. Or corny.
Ooh. Cheesy reminds me of the spaghetti. :/

YES. So yay for your non-designer, in-a-sale and awesome high heels. :3
With £4, you can buy… *works out sum*… 132 sugar mice from the sweet shop. :P
Yep! You can also get a McDonald’s for that price. :3

I’ve tried daily goals and always forget about them. :X I haven’t tried weekly goals but I guess it’s less stressful maybe because you have more time?
I always forget about breaks. Never about food! I have a belly clock. ;)

Three day weekend… I haven’t had one in ages (when I was at school).
BUT THEY ARE EVIL. XD Evil glint in their eyes: ‘I’M GOING TO EAT YOU BITCH SO RUN’. Lmfao. XD /faw

Haha look at this smiley: 😏
Heheeee. /eee

Very clumsy me. It’s better now though. Bit saw but not swollen or blue anymore… hehe.
Hmm. Yes. We do need to cut down a bit on comments… or the length anyway… XD
I WATCHED THE VIDEO! You’re too cool. :P How can you say that word? Efff. Total awesomeness Georgie. :D Maybe you will forget the proper alphabet if you sing it backwards all the time. XD


Hey :)

Hehe xD You are pretty good at guessing girl! Those are the same points I mentioned xD And it will be the next blog post; so you don’t have to wait too long to read it!

Yeah I take my time in the morning too; I do the homework when I am at school I have to wait 50 minutes until schools starts because I am always one of the first students at school xD So I have more than enough time for some homework xD

Nah, he has friends and stuff – he just sucks at the classes xD He managed to fail Math completely xD And also that project we had to do in March/April – we failed and it ruined some of his marks.. so he kinda had to repeat last year..

Haha xD That’s probably one of the biggest disadvantages about being tall: it’s hard to find someone who is taller! I have that problem too!

For sure! I will put it on my not existing list xD

Cheese is awesome <3 I could eat all the time! And it's even better if you eat it together with grapes, yummy ♥

I don’t actually know what the layout looks like in some browser? I’m not using the latest version of Firefox so it may be different in Firefox 3. I’m sorry to bother you but can you upload a screenshot of it please? And yes, I wrapped everything in a container, but I also wrapped my left content and sidebar in another container. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’m suspecting I miscalculated the width of the containers. :S

I would have posted a thread about my cat but Pop is down right now. The heart ache. I’m lamenting right now. My poor kitty. /wah

Hahaha. When we had a dial-up, I had to wait for about 2 hours just to download a 100kb file. O_o

LOL! Your comment made me laugh. That’s a good thing for you though. Your speed is like ZOMG AWESOME!

Chinese is a really hard to learn language. They talk so fast, I find it noisy when I watch Chinese dramas. LOL. I have a bit of Chinese blood but my eyes aren’t that chinky.

Yes, bastards should be dragged to hell. They piss me off so bad it makes me wanna jump into the bridge when I see them. /angry

You guys really look good together and both have Chinese blood. I might start a James/Georgina Fanlisting. /bounce

Gosh, Georgina, I love how you actually manage to make such interesting blogs of your everyday experiences :D I should really practice doing that ;) it’s a shame I barely have the time; I can only blog during weekends which is booo. Shame that I’m currently in high school, and subject to a rigid schedule :O

Ooh, I’m totally sorry about your hand getting burned! Perhaps you’d have better luck the next time you guys visit a Chinese restaurant? I hate it too when people assume things of people, I remember one time I was visiting a drugstore, the person behind the counter would not entertain me because she thought I was German D: obviously she could not speak German. Neither could I. Well, she could’ve at least spoken to me in ENGLISH, plain English right? :O Folks are lame sometimes, but I could understand them if I tried :D

I’m in the middle of being bullied Georgina /wah I just forgave a girl called Becca for what she did to me on Piczo and then she is saying I have said mean stuff about Alice. It’s being going on Twitter and she has told Alice. Alice has now blocked my IP address from my site and blocked me from twitter :( I don’t see what I have done wrong, now they are all against me and I was the first online person Alice ever knew and trusted, now she hates me for no single reason.

I will probably subdomain myself, thanks :)

Ok, so I made a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar and stuff, here.

I’m in the middle of being bullied Georgina /wah I just forgave a girl called Becca for what she did to me on Piczo and then she is saying I have said mean stuff about Alice. It’s been going on Twitter and she has told Alice. Alice has now blocked my IP address from her site so I can’t get on it; and blocked me from twitter :( I don’t see what I have done wrong, now they are all against me and I was the first online person Alice ever knew and trusted, now she hates me for no single reason.

I will probably subdomain myself, thanks though :)

Been going * instead of Being going

Awh! Sorry about your burned finger. :( I hate hot plates. People don’t so much assume that I know their language, but I hate it when I don’t understand people’s accents I always feel so bad :(

Well, yeah. It is sort of creepy to have your picture with some freaking stranger. :( And wierd.

Yeah XD I am picky with all shoes. I only get ones that I really love :P

OMG. Well you are so good about returning comments!! :D You return them so fast even though are busy :) Well at least mine you return fast but I assume you do everyone else. :P

LOLOLOL it can be a pain having to stick in sidebar.php but i figured it’d be easier seeing as i can just move things around dead easy
LOLOL i’ll look out for the picture lol yer he should have asked it’s quite creepy you ever know he could be a pedo or something ewwww *shudders*
yer it is illegal i think

ohhh your sidebar is pretty big, so’s mine but the 2 sidebar thing didnt work out so well. you have sooo many affiliates lololol i do not know how you do it but i am humbled? idk if thats the word i’m looking for but i actually cant think of it, i wanna say proud but i dont mean proud,
i’ve got it I am in awe of your skills of keeping up with people I fail! lol

lol it is so awkward it’s like you leave that part of your life behind when you finish for the day you dont want to see them outside especially dancing in a club and drinking it was funny but incredibly creepy too

ewwwww they were disgusting they were just like a metal pot with no seat it was so disgusting it was unreal I just wanted to vom
what you mean like a chain that you pull? we used to have some of them till they refurbished the toilets

oh no!! that sucks that you didn’t know :( :( you’ve never been to a concert :O :O you have to at least once it’s awesome, you get battered and bruised but its definitely an experience lol ive been to a fair few my first one was my chemical romance when i was 14 lol
since then i’ve seen alexisonfire rise against the used the blackout saosin aiden AFI brand new and taking back sunday
I’ve heard that bands dont tour australia much, it’s a shame because there’s a lot of you over there, we’re lucky over here bands nearly always come here

ouchhhhhhh poor finger i hope it’s feeling a little better i hate burning myself :( mmmm spaghetti sounds yummy a lot of cheese tho :|
the omelette sounds good too though i’m not that keen and i cant eat them either :(
oooh i saw you’d bought some stuff when you tweeted about it they sound cooool

Lmao yeah that comment was really long. Pretty evil on my part. :)

Glad you liked my smilies. :D

I’m glad to hear that you weren’t as devastated as the girl who I spoke about in the video. It was ridiculous, and I still don’t get why she was pissed.

Freak, indeed. Compliments are compliments. I thought the compliment she got was better than mine but whatever she can suit herself.

LOL you are the second person to notice the Tweetdeck sound. Congratulations. :)

Yeah I just fail at German. End of story. D: Danky.. HEHE.

You guys sound so cutely romantic when you talk about running for a train and sleeping on his shoulder… especially how the last sentence has that heart beating at the end. ♥

I think Gordon figured out how to get my computer to stop freezing. Somehow he found a list of all the programs that launch on startup, and disabled all the stupid ones. It worked fine the last two days (immediately after he’d done so), but then it froze five times this morning — a new record! I’m hoping it’s because of Windows Live; Gordon had me install it last night and I forgot to change the setting of launching on startup. I dearly hope it was the fault of that and not the computer itself. o_O

I’m glad you like that link… haha. I thought you said you just use the “END” key, though?

I know how it feels when you touch something hot, I touched the iron once. Hoep the burn gets better! :)

Wow. The omelet (though I’m not big on eggs) sounds good but that the spaghetti sounds overdone. Blehhh, I can’t stand food like that.

Oh! I’m so sorry you couldn’t get tickets to your concert. =/

While I remember about hotplates I want to tell you a story… sounds interesting, maybe? XD
Anyway, our family went to an Indian restaurant for my sister’s birthday. The waiter accidently spilt my sister’s Coke all over the hot plate.
At the end, before we left, we got a rectangular package as an apology present. We got home, eager to open it, guessing at chocolates.
It was a clock.

Yes, that’s right. One of those things that tells the time. I mean WTF?! XD “Oh I spilt some Coke on the hotplate”. “Don’t worry, give ’em a clock”.
Awwww. D:

Anyway… ahahaaaaa GEORGINA. You are so definately total awesomeness. I love what you are doing with Darren Kent. ;) You know he actually says half that shit on his Twitter profile?
It’s disgusting. But funny ’cause you’re posing as him. ;3

Don’t a lot of bands perform in Sydney?

Put on a show for the viewers back home
Hide the truth so they’ll never know
You hate what you got
Can’t you love what you got?
So smile for the cameras that keep rolling.

Yeah matey, Armor For Sleep are too cool. :3
So are you any good at Indonesian? ;)
It is pretty hilarious. I found her site when browsing and was just like ‘whoa, does she know what she’s talking about’?
Your comments made me laugh. ‘I see you only have two friends. One is your head and one your rear’. That’s from memory…
I don’t want to spam THAT much but I feel like being evil ’cause she was being evil to me. Funny how quickly that Tagboard filled up…

And ooooh, I can’t believe she told poor Darren to fuck off! :O So rude…
I WANT THAT PILLOWCASE. Maybe sheep will haunt me for life though? :P
WHEEEEEE they look so pretty. Yay for a plog. I wanted to start one… XD

Awww I’m like that with you. I love seeing what layout comes next. ♥
I still feel evil on Ben. :P And Georgie. D: I’ll check out the Krist one. :3 Except it’s 22:11 and my Mum told me to get off half an hour ago so maybe tomorrow. XD

Imagine eating that many? 132. Eeew. I like making sugar mice though, it’s cute. :3
Are you making a new layout for DreamingLess then?
I’m dreaming less and sleeping more…
Whoo. AFS are too cool.

Sorry, random interjection. I just noticed your networking links to yout domains above. Maybe they would be better centered because the icons for YouTube,, etc. are all centered?

YEEEEHEEEEE. My belly clock. :D Do you have a belly clock? /eee /bounce 😏

It’s a weird smiley, but it’s smexy. ;)
Yes… not a very nice accessory. Better then a stupid cast though. :3
If she had removed the tagboard, how would Darren Kent be able to attack? :O

Thank God it’s still there. Stupid bitch. I think she’s Australian, she seems to be in your timezone.

oh ok. Well hopefully you get to see them some other time.

True. I should try and make my own…. hmmmm… great idea!
haha! Shifty eyes! :P

That’s good. :) At least you get SOME quiet time. :) I enjoy a sudoku every now and then too. :) But the only time I read the newspaper is to look at the jobs. :/

We should do a petition or something for more eBooks. :P

Glad it’s all behind you now anyway. :) Yes, there’s still dark days but hopefully when you do feel down you don’t think about harming yourself.

MCR used to be like my favourite band ever, but this was when they did they’re second album, their third album was okay, but not the best. =/ So it kind of put me of them. They were good live though. :)

Well, I will allow you to buy/win ONE more domain, to be used as your collective. :P But then, no more! >:)

You don’t speak Indonesian or you don’t like to? If you spoke it that would be cool. /cool

I think that would be enough to put anyone off cheese. @_@

By the way, is this you taking your time when returning comments? Because honestly, I don’t see a difference, lol.


I always hate when you find out your favorite band is coming to your city or one near you and you find out too late and are unable to get tickets. I’ve had that happen quite a lot.

That sounds like a pretty odd combination; omelette and spaghetti. I eat weird things or weird combinations like that though too.

She was probably saying to you that the plate was hot. Haha. Most of the time if it is, they warn you for those reason and so that if you do burn yourself, they can’t be sued for it because they warned you.

Really? YAY! I forgot to put the width in my content div and it hard to figure out the problem since it looks fine in my browser.

Yeah, I know what you mean. During those days, I wasn’t able to download a single full song. Once I got disconnected, I’d start from the beginning again and it frustrated me a lot. The only song I got was The Cuppycake Song by Strawberry Shortcake. LOL. She sounds so cute singing it.

Hahaha. I heard one who’s reprimanding her child and I was like ‘When will she stop ranting and breathe?’ It was almost non-stop ranting, but I think that’s probably because their words have so much syllables. I only know ‘Ni hao ma’, ‘Wo ai ni’. You know, those simple words that I keep hearing from the Drama series that I’ve watched. :D

Really? Where? I wanna join. :P Haha. I’ve never owned one so I don’t know the requirements at TFL for your fanlisting to be approved. I keep saying I’d get one but I still have to put content in my site so I keep putting it off though I’m really tempted to own one.

I hate cheese, maybe cause I’m lactose intolerant, but still. If theres too much cheese on my pizza, I can’t eat it, I have to take the toppings off and eat a plain pizza. Weird as hell, but better than suffering through cheesey crap.

Anyway, I noticed I’m on your pending affiliate list? Not sure why.

That girl is .. ugh. I could beat her for just being stupid! And yes, I do agree. Something must be happening a little there for her to completely freak out about it. And I’m serious, if I thought something was going on, or was worried about it, I would have been all ‘Get the hell away from my boyfriend and do not talk to him ever again, or I’ll hunt you down =)’. Cause I’m just that extreme haha!

Lmao well there are advantages, like now it doesn’t take as long to return your comment cause it’s not massively long? xD

LOL glad my smilies inspired you. I love my PMSing ones. Bahahaha. You should deff make some speech bubbles I bet they’d be oober cute.

Exactly. She should have thanked them but instead she thinks that they’re insulting her. Psh, people these days.

HAHA yeah my Tweetdeck made things pretty awkward, although a lot of people didn’t notice it. You’re very observant. :O

Ooh thanks for telling me the i love you translation. My new life goal, though, is to learn how to say fuck off in every language. I’m well on my way there. A lot of people helped me out on Twitter. :D

Hahaha. I don’t have Limewire. I only found out about it when we have broadband. LOL. We can’t use the telephone if I’m on the net. My mom didn’t want to have broadband connection but buying a prepaid card every now and then is a bother for me so I consumed one card in just 2 days or less and she got tired of buying and decided to set up a broadband connection. Bwahaha.

Yeah, P2P clients have viruses. O_o Have you tried Frostwire? They said it’s like Limewire Pro, only that it’s free. But nowadays people use Bittorrent clients.

You should tell James ‘Wo ai ni’. Hahaha. How would he react?

I’ll look forward to the link. >D

How do you do the nifty ‘Jump to comment form’? It helps lots. :D

I’ve never been to a concert either. Though, I do want to go to one. Yeah, the bands I like never come to Australia and the tickets are really expensive.
I can speak and understand chinese but I suck at reading and writing. My mum always enters a shop and if there is an asian looking person, she starts speaking in chinese to them ==”
Yes, It would be nice to have a photobooth machines, especially at home, then when my friends come over, we don’t have to pay, as the money we put in is already ours.
I made the D: emote! /bounce

Don’t frown! D:

Mmm, with bacon! I don’t like bacon much, but it’s okay…

Even though it’s permanent, you don’t notice it. But… *sigh*.

I’m super sensitive.
Someone said that I was stupid and I nearly felt depressed.
Maybe I did.

A Ferrari?

maybe your burnt hand is supposed to be your spiritual inspiration to learn how to speak Chinese? I mean, do you want that to happen again? lol

Heh~ Thanks! /faw
Credit won’t be necessary! Because it would be weird to credit someone for one smiley…
Even though credit for one smiley would be nice. /hehe

I don’t like the saltiness of bacon… and the greasiness. 🤮
Only like, small portions.

OMG, are you SERIOUS!?
You cut yourself!? *EEP*
Sorry to hear that! (Don’t worry, not affecting my opinion on you since you’ve changed and you’re a great person either way!)
I used to bash my face into the wall! LOL…

Ferraris are cool!
I think my dad used to have one in Italy…
…not sure.
I doubt it and I’m too lazy to ask. 👏

OMG. She talked to you in Chinese. THAT REMINDS ME OF A STORY, WOOT.

Okay so one day at school last year we had a half day, so Jimmy and I decided that we would go back to his house to eat lunch before my mom came to the school to pick me up. I wanted ramen but he didn’t have any, so we went to buy some. First we went into this one big grocery store, but either they didn’t have any or more likely we failed at life and couldn’t find any. Anyways, so after that we left and drove a bit farther until we got to a little Korean shop that we figured would be a likely place to have some yummy ramen. We found some in the back… and the labels were all in Korean so we kind of just guessed at what it was. After picking something that looked yummy, we went up to pay. The guy working at the register was Korean of course, and he spoke Korean to the customer in front of us. Then it was Jimmy’s turn… I hung back awkwardly because I think I was literally the only non-Asian person for miles. D: I felt weird about it! Anyways, so we got the ramen. Afterwards he told me that he was terrified that the guy would try to talk to him in Korean. Jimmy speaks Chinese. :P

WOOOO I haven’t been to a concert either! Never. *high five*. That’s not exactly a happy thing though. :P I really want Evanescence to start touring again. Other than them there aren’t any bands I want to see in concert, because I don’t tend to know a lot of songs by one band, except for Evanescence. -_-

It’s too bad about the Anberlin tickets being sold out. :( Listening from the outside is an amusing idea to me. xD You should try it and tell us if it worked. ;P

WOOHOO I love shopping online! Welcome to the club. :D Didn’t you say you had never actually bought anything online before?


Mm yeah, I’ve only heard a few other Tatu songs, and I don’t really like them. Mostly I just like “Fly on the Wall”.

HAHAHA I mentioned sex to you, eh? ;) (Yes yes the song, I know, I know :P )

Thank you! Haha yeah I took a bunch of pictures with my new hair but they all looked like crap, so I tried to get it to be the same angle/position because I knew it looked okay in the first picture. :P

Mm, apparently Lucy’s parents still hadn’t noticed that she took the screen out when she told me a few months ago. It would be really obvious if I took mine out though… and I imagine hers as well. Maybe she draws her curtains or something. :P

Hm, according to Google $3 AU is about $2.49 US. (If you say $2.49 USD, is that still correct? Because then it’s like 2.49 US dollars dollars. :P)


Just kind of looked up and had the urge to click that emote. KAY MOVING ON.

YEAH I tried so hard to be able to do the splits and be flexible too. But now, like you said, unflexy. :(

Long summer? Noooo. It was only eight weeks! Pretty much the same as your holiday. Everyone else around here gets more like eleven or twelve weeks.

How do you have “rather” fake Uggs? Aren’t they either fake or not?

OMG GUESS WHAT. Okay when I was reading your blog and I got to the start of the part (haha that rhymes) about going to a restaurant I was like huh… she said they weren’t going to eat out for a while… AND THEN WHEN I WAS READING YOUR COMMENT THAT I’M RETURNING I saw that you said this: “Ugh, James and I spent about $20 on food today. Stupid. We were so sick because the pasta had so much cheese. We’re never eating out… for a while. XD”

Wooooo. SAME RESTAURANT. So I’m not crazy, and you’re not a hypocrite. :D *high five!*

LOOOL I love that “give me head? I already have a head!” thing.


Can I sleep now? D:


Thanks Georgina :) You helped a lot. It is Becca from She wrote a FAKE comment to someone and told Alice it was from me and it said horrible things in it which I would never say. I can’t get through to Becca though, I’m just gonna leave her. But Alice asked me not to talk about us to other people so if that’s what she wants then I will do it, I never say mean stuff about her anyway. She’s like a best friend to me.

Oh, damn it! I wanted to put it up as an example.. that site was horrible! My stomach started feeling really weird after looking at the background for a minute.. I can’t believe people make their visitor watch something like that!

Yep, totally true :) What? No you’re not evil xD I think the same way! It makes returning a bunch of comments sooo much easier! We can be evil together xD

I bet I have done that before too! I also loved to highlight tons of words in blog posts xD I thought it was cool and funky and stuff xD Glad I don’t do it anymore!

Hehe, glad you liked the post :) Yeah I enjoy reading about people’s pet peeves too!

I bet if I had a laptop with me – I wouldn’t spend one second to even think about homework xD So I am kinda glad I don’t have a laptop xD

Yeah I will try :) I am shy to hell and it’s really not easy for me to go to someone and talk to him/her – and it’s even harder if it’s a boy xD I will maybe just talk to him through a messenger or something like that xD

I think it’s funny too! It should be the other way around.. a tall and strong boyfriend who can hold you and stuff..

Wait! You had a smaller boyfriend?? How is that even possible?! You are soooo small already..

You should try it! It’s super yummy :) It’s always the first thing that people like to eat after the actual dinner on parties in our family xD

Unlucky on going to unversity its still summer holidays in london, college starts in September.

HE wrote me a textmessage tonight!! AHHHHH

No, I didnt reply yet… Ahhahaha… xD
He just wrote that Jana gave him my number and that he hopes, he didnt wake me up (which he did actually :P ).
Yeah, I know, I am tooo excited and tooooo crazy, you are right!!

Sounds like you and James had a good time. Haha people always try to ‘speak chinese’ to me but they get it all wrong so I frown at them :P

I love lots of cheese on spaghetti ;) although the oilyness of it would turn me off too haha.

*Hurrying up to get the comment in before Georgie posts new blog post*

That was exactly how I felt xD

Hehe.. yeah me too! I thought it was cool back then.. I am really glad I am out of that phase xD

Oh wow.. I wanna have one too. I was thinking about asking my parents if I get one for my 20th birthday and christmas (both together, because otherwise they will say NO for sure xD) I have to find a way to convince them that I deserve one..

Yep.. and I am one of those people xD The way I talk online is a lil bit different from the way I talk offline – or at least around people I don’t know. If I think about some of the things I wrote to a boy on MSN once.. oh boy xD I wouldn’t have ever said that to him in personal.. or at least that early xD

Totally agree :) As long as you like someone something like height doesn’t matter!

I haven’t tried that yet… I might do it soon :) Because I love strawberries – and chocolate for course xD

Alice emailed me saying she can’t believe me. I really can’t believe Becca, heres the message she did:
I mean, I don’t even speak like that, which Alice knows, and she still believes Becca. Becca hacked me on Piczo, I have never trusted her. She’s really evil /angry She wrote that, posted it onto her or someones site, then she was the one who told Alice about it, it is even dated 14th august, which was when I was at my course in the morning and out all afternoon in hospital and M&S :O

Lol, yeah sure is. I hate the way in Malay I might be able to pick up a word or two and so I’m there wondering what exactly they’re saying about me. But I’ve been trying to learn Malay so hopefully sometime I’ll be able to understand what she’s saying. And my parents also want me to learn Chinese for GCSE, but I dunno. We’ll see, lol.

Man that pasta was horrible /bash
I woke up with manboobs /wah

Next time, we’ll listen to the couch. :( *hug*

Noo, Anberlin wuz ere /poo


Heheee, then you should creditttt! D:
I’ll get hits! WOOT~
An awesome site like yours, crediting a piece of crap like mine! /hehe

I do that too!

I was an actual emo once. Like… weird hairstyle and all.
I drew on myself with red textas!

Aww, good thing you recovered!
It’s great to be happy again! :)

They’re not dresses, Georgie! They can show all they want! /hehe
D: Why would he do that!?
Upload the emote already! D:
D: I’ll make an XD one!

Yeah, because I comment on her site so she knows my IP Address, and she can copy and paste part of the image so she gets the right font, etc.

I am ignoring them now anyway because they both said they hate me and i’m two faced and I think i’m ‘it’ when I saw their messages in Proxy. Thanks for telling me that website btw, it’s really good XD but a bit slow still :P

She’s not returning my email either, so why should I bother if their not. ;) Your much nicer (Y) (H) 👏

Aw, that sucks that tickets are sold out! That’s so unfortunate. But I hopefully the wait for the next time one of your favorite bands comes around will be worth it. While I’ve been to three concerts, none of them was for a band I actually liked. I was just invited to them, didn’t have to pay for my own ticket… so I went.

Well, $50 on three things including shipping isn’t that bad – I’d say it’s pretty good, actually. I hope your purchases were worth it! :)

Lmao, how much cheese could have possibly been on that spaghetti?! I love cheese, but… it sounds like there was an outrageous amount on there. :O

Apparently i have been bullying liberty. I was just talking to alice when i was dragged into this so can you not talk about me like that? its horrible. Well, i dont wanna be nasty or anything but i really dont know whats going on here and i would like someone to explain everything i have ment to have done. The comment liberty posted was an image that alice sent to me on msn. She said someone had wrote a nasty comment about her ect. I was just like, oh ok then. And then liberty accused me of doing it. I was like, what? So then i get comments from everyone calling me a bitch and stuff. Yeah thats fine. I dont care about that, but what i do care about is being wrongly accused of something that i dont even understand myself. I dont know who sent the email but im sure Alice will tell you if you ask her.

I am really sorry if this has caused any problems or whatever, i just wanted you all to know that i havnt done anything…. all i can go by is what Alice has told me on msn, please dont judge me by what other people have said x