Rocks In My Eyelids

Today I wrote a new tutorial, a review (reviews are open again), made two new fanlistings at EyeThief, and added affiliates to the sidebar. I had a day off university but tomorrow and through the weekend I will be doing a lot of homework. Today I was just mucking around. 😧

Yesterday, my awesome hostee Diamond told me about Anberlin coming to Australia. I had absolutely no idea, and I was freaking devastated when I found out that the tickets were sold out here in Sydney. And they’re playing near UNSW too, which is somewhere I’m actually familiar with.

I love Diamond for telling me about it but oh, I’m upset about not being able to get a ticket. /sad I had a good opportunity too, and I have never been to a concert. Ouch. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another time. I’m mostly annoyed because all the other bands I like don’t really come to Australia. At least I can be happy that Anberlin are in my city! And Diamond said I could listen from outside too. We’ll see. πŸ˜›

Well, I ordered some Armor For Sleep merchandise online today. I hope all goes well; I spent nearly $50 USD (including shipping) on my long-wanted Armor For Sleep pillow, a shirt, and a belt. I could do with a nice belt; the ones I have are getting old. Now I’m thinking that was possibly a waste, but I earned that money, and as Lilian mentioned, I still have a lot of money left anyway, and since I don’t buy online often and it’s a “one-off” thing, I should. πŸ™‚ ✌️

Yesterday James and I had two hours to bum around after class. We met in my lovely favourite spot on the couches next to the glass doors and power socket. πŸ˜„ He hadn’t brought lunch, so we shared my sandwich and decided to head off somewhere.

We spent about five minutes getting up because the couch was just that comfy.

Our little adventure to the restaurant James had in mind turned out to be a pretty horrid nightmare. We had a nice walk there and everything, and we were obviously looking forward to having some food.

We ordered an omelette and spaghetti, and it seemed delicious.

We got the omelette first, and it came with hot chips and lots of yummy cheese, a bit of cucumber and lettuce and, of course, some ham. We were quite hungry so we shared the whole lot. πŸ˜‹

Halfway during our meal, the spaghetti came. I didn’t understand what the waitress said (oh, gosh, I just hate it when people assume that I speak their language… I know I’m part Chinese but I can’t speak Chinese) but I touched the plate and it was fucking HOT and I shrieked.

Sheesh. I have a little brown burn mark on my finger now. 😞 I was supposed to touch the plate underneath, but I didn’t know the plate on top was that hot.

Well, as soon as we saw all the cheese on that spaghetti, we knew that was too much.

After struggling to get through the plate, which had so much cheese on it, we left a bit and then paid and went out. There was so much fatty oily cheese on that spaghetti, it wasn’t funny! 😧

We felt really sick, actually. Not good.

We collapsed onto the couches in the ABC building; we were so exhausted and big-bellied and just plain full. I don’t think we can look at cheese in the same way, to be quite honest.

I had to go to work but we caught a train together. And fell asleep for most of the way. β™₯️

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