A Great Day For Freedom

Since I discovered that I missed out on getting tickets to see Anberlin, James noticed that I have been looking up gigs and concerts to other bands. Oh. Well I was clearly devastated (thankfully not to the point where I am crying, but yes, it sucks that I missed out!), but I did manage to find other bands/singers touring – Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper, to name a few.

Then I come to the almighty Pearl Jam. Now, I used to listen to them a lot. Someone I used to know introduced me to them – in fact, that “friend” was Bearman. If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know who he is. Well, I don’t talk to him anymore, and haven’t for about two very long years.

I liked Pearl Jam a lot, but after I lost touch with Bearman I guess my liking for their music disappeared too. I found out that they’re coming to Sydney in December, so I thought that maybe I could go and see them. We’ll have to wait and see; I haven’t even decided yet. πŸ˜›

On the subject of people I used to know – I really feel great annoyance towards people I “used to” know. It makes all the difference between someone I do know and someone I don’t know. The fact that I used to know that person, but no longer do because 1) we lost touch, 2) they never bothered to contact me anymore or 3) I just decided that they were a complete douche (or vice versa), just irks me.

Our family happens to have a lot of “used to know” friends. Most of them are “used to know” friends mostly because of reason two above.

We knew a lot of people through church and such, and very soon we realised that they never contacted us anymore. Not to invite us, not to ask if we were available so they could visit, not even for a chat.

Mostly, these people are what I refer to, and many of you may refer to, as family friends. I hate family friends. Reason being, you can’t categorise them as family, and you can’t categorise them as friends. Any right person would be close to both their direct family and friends, but when it comes to family friends it’s pretty much a “WTF” matter.

You don’t know whether you should invite these people to your big-ass birthday party. You don’t know whether to invite them to your parents’ surprise wedding anniversary party. You don’t know whether to invite them to your picnic on Easter Sunday.

Family friends can be a real hassle. Sometimes they are actually related to you by blood; something like your mother’s sister’s son’s sister-in-law’s father’s brother’s granddaughter. Others are just some extremely close friend to you or your parents, and your families hang out every now and then.

Nevertheless, I find them annoying. One time, one of my “family friends” (they were quite distantly blood related) asked if I was in the same grade as her daughter.

What, the immature, snobby, fat thirteen-year-old who thinks she knows everything?

“I graduated from high school two months ago,” I mumbled.

Hmm, that put her in quite a state of shock.

I also find family friends annoying, mainly because they like to ask me interrogating questions. The most common one being “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I most certainly do. But it’s awkward. If it were my cousin, aunt or friend asking, I would most likely say yes. But if it’s my family friend? Definitely twice as awkward.

Dude, am I going to trust them with that shit? No. It’s embarrassing, in my opinion. Because they’re not even slightly close to me like a close friend or a family member, it’s like, why the fuck would I tell you?

Last time I did, it got pretty retarded. She (well, I don’t even remember who she was) playfully rubbed my shoulder and raised her eyes (in this: 😏 sort of fashion) and said, “Oh, really? What’s his name? What is he like? Where is he from?”

None of your business. Asdfgh.

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