A Great Day For Freedom

Since I discovered that I missed out on getting tickets to see Anberlin, James noticed that I have been looking up gigs and concerts to other bands. Oh. Well I was clearly devastated (thankfully not to the point where I am crying, but yes, it sucks that I missed out!), but I did manage to find other bands/singers touring – Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper, to name a few.

Then I come to the almighty Pearl Jam. Now, I used to listen to them a lot. Someone I used to know introduced me to them – in fact, that “friend” was Bearman. If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll know who he is. Well, I don’t talk to him anymore, and haven’t for about two very long years.

I liked Pearl Jam a lot, but after I lost touch with Bearman I guess my liking for their music disappeared too. I found out that they’re coming to Sydney in December, so I thought that maybe I could go and see them. We’ll have to wait and see; I haven’t even decided yet. :P

On the subject of people I used to know – I really feel great annoyance towards people I “used to” know. It makes all the difference between someone I do know and someone I don’t know. The fact that I used to know that person, but no longer do because 1) we lost touch, 2) they never bothered to contact me anymore or 3) I just decided that they were a complete douche (or vice versa), just irks me.

Our family happens to have a lot of “used to know” friends. Most of them are “used to know” friends mostly because of reason two above.

We knew a lot of people through church and such, and very soon we realised that they never contacted us anymore. Not to invite us, not to ask if we were available so they could visit, not even for a chat.

Mostly, these people are what I refer to, and many of you may refer to, as family friends. I hate family friends. Reason being, you can’t categorise them as family, and you can’t categorise them as friends. Any right person would be close to both their direct family and friends, but when it comes to family friends it’s pretty much a “WTF” matter.

You don’t know whether you should invite these people to your big-ass birthday party. You don’t know whether to invite them to your parents’ surprise wedding anniversary party. You don’t know whether to invite them to your picnic on Easter Sunday.

Family friends can be a real hassle. Sometimes they are actually related to you by blood; something like your mother’s sister’s son’s sister-in-law’s father’s brother’s granddaughter. Others are just some extremely close friend to you or your parents, and your families hang out every now and then.

Nevertheless, I find them annoying. One time, one of my “family friends” (they were quite distantly blood related) asked if I was in the same grade as her daughter.

What, the immature, snobby, fat thirteen-year-old who thinks she knows everything?

“I graduated from high school two months ago,” I mumbled.

Hmm, that put her in quite a state of shock.

I also find family friends annoying, mainly because they like to ask me interrogating questions. The most common one being “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I most certainly do. But it’s awkward. If it were my cousin, aunt or friend asking, I would most likely say yes. But if it’s my family friend? Definitely twice as awkward.

Dude, am I going to trust them with that shit? No. It’s embarrassing, in my opinion. Because they’re not even slightly close to me like a close friend or a family member, it’s like, why the fuck would I tell you?

Last time I did, it got pretty retarded. She (well, I don’t even remember who she was) playfully rubbed my shoulder and raised her eyes (in this: /brow sort of fashion) and said, “Oh, really? What’s his name? What is he like? Where is he from?”

None of your business. Asdfgh.

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Asdfgh. People can be so nosy sometimes. Did their mothers ever tell them not to play with matches? Tsk tsk. xD

That’s great you’re looking for more concerts coming up. Since you said you’re a fan fo Green Day, I’m sure you’d want to go, yes?

Yeah I get what you mean. My parents know a lot of people and a lot of them we haven’t seen in ages. About the church people you mentioned; it’s like neighbours, right? Yeah, yeah. Like you have a little conversation once in a while. :3

I’m sure sometimes we’d want to impress our other family members saying we have a boyfriend, even if we sometimes don’t lol.

Awww! *hugs*! Don’t worry! Anberlin will come back to Australia, and THEN you can go see them =) We’ll go together…^^…Hehehehe…

I only like…ONE Pearl Jam song xD Maybe it’s cos I only HAVE on Pearl Jam song. I’m pretty sure Bearman sent me some. But I forgot where I stuck them…=S OOPS xD

Have fun if you decide to go =)

Yeah, I ALSO really hate it when people lose touch with you. It’s really sad. Let’s NEVER LOSE TOUCH!

I don’t have the same problem as you because we don’t have that many family friends. Oh WAIT! We do. LOL! But I’ve been calling them “Auntie” and “Uncle” etc since I could speak, so I always forget. But yeah, they don’t really bother me, because we’re pretty close to them. I mean when I finished my HSC some of them called me up to congratulate me and see how I went, and we always see them at gatherings and crap.

But you sound like you have WAY more family friends than me! And those “family friends” totally sound more like acquaintances…

What a pain. It’s annoying when you don’t invite them to something, and then it gets awkward the next time you see them cos they’re sort of offended. Well, what do you expect? YOU’RE JUST A FAMILY FRIEND FOR GOD’S SAKE! *ROLLS EYES*

Omg! I’d hate it if I had an acquaintance family friend that interrogated me like that! I’d be like “NO, EFF OFF!”. Because those are questions that you only talk about with those close to you. As if you’d tell someone who’s a complete stranger your life story + personal details. That’s just unheard of.

OMG, SHE MISTOOK YOU FOR A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! That is the most offensive thing EVER! /angry How terribly mean of her! Hmph! *grr* to her!

When we grow up and have children, let’s hang out ALL THE TIME so we become practically family! =P Haha…None of this family-friend crap xD…

I’ll make my children call you “Auntie Georgie”…MUAHAHAHAHA xD

Hah, WHOOT! It’ll be a while, though, I’m guessing. *hugs*

I think it might have been “Last Kiss” or “Alive”; I remember you giving me one of the two. Well, Bearman gave me a lot of their music. They’re pretty good. :D

I find it funny that I refer to him by his real name when I am trying to be extremely polite. You probably noticed. XD

Thought I’d point out the emoticons Lee made so I could add them: XD and D:

It’s way in December; loads of time to decide I guess. Unless the tickets get sold out again. Poo.

We have some nice family friends. I call the majority of them my aunt and uncle, even if we aren’t really related. They usually speak Indonesian, so by default (gosh, how lame is that?!) they’re like an instant friend. Pshft.

Yeah, my mum talks to them a lot. Until she realised one of them was only calling when they wanted something – opinion on what a good selective school for her children was! Pathetic. /argh

Thank goodness we don’t have many parties. I had a huge party for my seventh birthday, and there were so many people I didn’t even know… yes, look at how many “family friends” we have. :O

Haha I suppose we are kind of close to our family friends, but still NOT as close as friends or family. I still find it annoying. And that family friend I mentioned with the fat daughter; she’s the same one I blogged about a while ago. The one who had a son that threw my brother’s Crazy Bones in the garden and they were lost. /angry

Hahaha yes! ♥ /mwah

And you’ll be Auntie Lilian! XD

Yeah, I hate it when people my mum knows asks me if i have a boyfriend. /sweat

I hate that. They’re not me. One of them has a son who’s gay, but you wouldn’t see me making snide remarks to him (but my dad gave his parents a pretty hard time). Ahh (H) he seriously thinks homosexuality is a genetic disorder. Maybe he’s right; who knows?


LOL that’s so mean. It’s just a sexual preference! :O

Tell them I said hrrng. :P It was like the time my mum kept mentioning all these Indonesian people at UNSW and I’m like… 😒 I know she probably wanted me to get it on with some manboobed freakass poop head! /wah /poo

I love you. ♥ /rose

Oh iFrames <3 I loved them and felt soooo cool when I had them on my Piczo site xD

I couldn't even convince them with something like that.. I guess I will try to show them that I deserve something good by having awesome grades and stuff.. though that could be a difficult mission xD

Yeah :) That plugin is just awesome <3 I love to pieces xD It's fun to watch who is on your site and where :) And it seems like you're having fun with it too xD

Yeah.. and also you can "hide" your reaction from them. They won't really know how you react to certain things, they can only guess from what you say and stuff..

Family friends can be really weird sometimes.. I am really hapy that the ones my parents have are quite normal and most of the time really cool. But this one woman who lives next to us; she can be sooooo annoying and she is gonna ask the most awkward questions ever! I'll give you an example.

My sister is dating her boyfriend for 5 months now and they both gained some weight during those 5 months. Our neighbor – we were having a bbq and were sitting at the backyard and stuff – asks them: "Don't you guys have enough sex?!" (I think she believes that people are gonna lose weight if they have)

Me and my sister were like WTF?! Seriously, do you ask questions like that? No, you don't! I think that is one of the reasons why the biggest part of our family doesn't really like her xD Her husband is really cool though.

Who ever invented those "family friends" should be shooted.. they are the last thing someone actually needs…

Well the thing is, I only really hear it spoken when I;m in Malaysia. Here, in England my mum will just speak English mostly.

Yeah Malay is near enough the same as Indo. I’m actually trying to learn from an Indo book really, but it says that only a few words differ. And you’re supposed to be able to understand both if you learn one or the other.

Aww, that’s sweet of James :) I would really feel bummed if one of my favorite singers came to Hong Kong and I totally missed it. But they rarely do anyway. Only Kylie Minogue and Avril came. I hate them both D=.< hahaah. My parents have so many sort of distance relatives, some of them I'm just like, "yeah, hey" and then I ignore them for another few years. I'm even better with family friends than distant relatives.

Well, I hope your family friends won't ask stupid questions anymore and you guys will get a long ;)


Movin’ on things!
I have moved schools three times and moved houses more than 5 times in one year.

Heh, they’re jealous…
…sounds weird!
Flirtatious family friends?
My grandma is just like that. :P

I’m your buddy~~ *hug*

Yes. I don’t think anybody uses my content, even though a few Webs sites did… but they didn’t credit. :P
They’re probably gone, though. Like those sites who go on hiatus and never come back.

But… but… I drew the eyelids and the mouth!
Still working on the XD one!

Weirdos unite!


Never mind.
I mean…
UPLOAD IT! D: <–lonely, left out, noess face! SUPPORT HIM WITH CLOTHES! HE'S NAKED!

Oh yeah, I remembered Bearman. Met on MSN, if I’m not mistaken? xD

Yikes. I hate busy bodies. People just want to know other people’s buisness because they enjoy knowing them. Gah, I dislike busy bodies. They should really keep their noses to themselves.

I once had this family reunion thing last year and all of my family, relatives including family friends were there too. My second aunt, has a 9-year old daughter. She told her daughter to go and “play” dolls with me. And my second aunt asked me, “Do you like to play dolls? I’m sure all 9-year old girls like you love dolls.” And then I showed my annoyed look (but she doesn’t geddit anyway) and told, “Sorry, I was a 9-year old kid years ago”. That sure made my day. /cool

No, not that one! Wrong person. He was the guy that I knew at school, who liked me, and I didn’t like him back. 🙄

I hate busy-bodies. They just have to be so nosy.

Hahaha good on you! I hate it when family friends think you’re such a kid or assume you like something… just because their kid does. I know for sure, my family friends are like “WTF you don’t have a Facebook?”

And my parents or brother dive in and mention kind of proudly, “She designs websites!” :D

And they’re looking at me like I’m a freak. Pshft.

I don’t like when family friends try to make small talk with me either. It is quite frivolous. They obviously don’t know things about you for a reason and they shouldn’t bother to know because it really doesn’t do much for either party. Anyone who does matter, close family, etc. –my dad usually tells them for me which works for me, and my family is usually supportive.

I also tried commenting you earlier {last night for me} but I don’t remember if it worked, my internet connection timed out so I just went to bed. But I thought it was funny, Vicky {audiorush} said Gillian got to the plugin first as well! But thanks very much, It was exactly what I was looking for!

And that’s pretty cool that your mother liked my color scheme :) I am thinking of changing it though sooner than I normally would, I figured I’d use less flowers when Dewey starts his Dewey Tuesdays lol.

Alice Cooper? Wow, my mum would love to see him.. But isnt it very expensive??
I bought my mother two tickets for the Tina Turner concert last year as a birthday gift and they cost more than 200€…

So, ok, I wrote him. But now he doesnt reply!!! ahahaa
Yeah, I’ll let him know that I have trouble sleeping when its night :P Right now its high noon here in germany :P

I’ve heard of Pearl Jam and have heard a few songs. Have a great time if you do go and see them! And if Anberlin come back then you can go and see them then. :D

I have a lot of ‘used to be’ friends. I mean I prefer having a few really close friends and a few just friends. Anyway one of my ‘used to be’ friends was all ‘oh you’re my best friend’ and we had to hold hands, always play with each other, and such shit (we were seven. Eight maybe?). It was stupid. Then when I started talking to other people she’d go up to them and scream at them ‘stop stealing my friend’ and frog-march me off. Good God, I told her to stop being so selfish when I was nine.
And guess what? She has morphed into the same immature, snobby, fat thirteen-year-old who thinks she knows everything.

Ironic. Maybe they’re evil twins or something.
And God. I mean people seem to think I’m fourteen years old. Trust me, I do lot look like fourteen, in my eyes. GRRRR. It’s like, “ready to start your GCSEs next year?” and I say, “I’m 12”.
*rolls eyes*
God. You don’t look 13 from the photos I’ve seen of you; you definately look 18.

I (obviously) don’t have a boyfriend, but at school it’s like “are you going out with anyone?” and it is just like “no, I am twelve. Do I want to be involved in all this boyfriend shit? You aren’t even properly boyfriend-girlfriend’. UGGGGH. It is also increasingly annoying when people assume Jared and I are going out. WE ARE NOT.

We don’t have many family friends to be honest. Jared’s family and a few of my mum’s friends.
That is it.

Yep. We got a clock. And hahahaa yeah – “bad timing”. I mean I would have expected something more… gift-like. It’s got the phone number and address of the restaurant on it though. /eee
You should go to an Indian. :D We used to go loads but then we stopped going… no idea why. :(

Oh no, don’t make it worse. It’s perfect. XD I can’t believe he actually says all that shit on his profile, it’s disgusting. And now I know he wonders my dear country…. eeeeeeeeeek! D:

OH AND I FOUND HIM IN THAT BOOK I MENTIONED. To you. Well, okay, so it was a long time ago… but it had his name in it… XD

I actually don’t understand how you could have a background like that. It’s awful. D:
All Kate told me was that she’d left with a quick fuck you, I never got the details. What happened?


My belly clock isn’t accurate either but I still have a belly clock. XD
This weekend we’re going back to see a Midsummer Night’s Dream. I like it ’cause I actually KNOW the plot and it’s easier to understand and it’s cooler… XD

Articles. I just have to be in the mood to write them. To be honest I normally write them with Rise Against, Three Days Grace or Senses Fail blaring in my ears… namely, when I’m pissed off. Or angry. Or want to lose myself, yanoe? I find it easier to right them then… maybe that’s why I sound so sarky in them sometimes. XD

Oh and thank you so much for your DMs. :) I was just thinking how awkward it would be. D: Not that there will be much talking ’cause they’re in a coma but I feel very often like a little kid. *hugs*

*sigh* I wish Jared was here. He’s gone away on holiday. :(

Whoops, ‘right’ should be ‘write’. /um

I’d be upset too if a band that I like came here and missed out the concert, but it seems unlikely that they’re going to have a concert in our Region since where I’m living now is not the Capital of our country. Why must they always have to do it in Manila? /pow

I hope you’d be able to watch a concert soon. And yeah, I remember Bearman. He’s the guy who’s kept on persisting and pursuing you even if you don’t like him. That’s kind of annoying on your part. LOL.

Well, about “family friends”, I don’t usually mingle with them. And being asked upon is really annoying. It’s not like we’re close on anything that they have to keep up with my effing life.

They would ask me if I’m still on Highschool and I’d reply “No, College”, and they’d be like “OMG? You look so short. My highschool daughter is taller than you!” Like OMFG, what the hell does that have to with me? /angry

I totally know how you feel when asked with personal questions. Really awkward. And if they give you information, they’d go gossipping about it later on without you knowing it. DUH!

Thank you for the code. I’ll try it later on. :D

Yeah, my brother is really an idiot. Grrr. Now he’s playing with my other pet and he’d pick on it later on. It’s a coincednce his name is James too. I hope Naruto’s at peace right now. :( It makes me wonder where he died. I would’ve wanted to bury him but I couldn’t find his body.

I don’t know why Chinese and Japanese has so many versions, like Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Cantonese. It makes the language even more confusing than it already is. LOL.

Awww that sucks about the Anberlin concert! I read your tweets about it, and that’s too bad. Too bad there wasn’t a better announcement beforehand. I wonder if you could like climb a roof somewhere to watch them rofl.

OMFG I know EXACTLY how you feel about family friends, and they always ask me the same silly questions. Of course, when I got the “Do you have a boyfriend?” question, I didn’t have one. Greg is my first boyfriend, well official boyfriend, and we met in college. So all through high school and part of college, it was always awkward getting that question. Especially over and over by the same people, so they’re probably like “WTF is wrong with this girl? She’s clearly not as awesome as our daughter.” -_-‘ Who seemed to always be dating. When I went off to college I didn’t care as much anymore and felt good about being single because being single in college is a blast and most people I knew were. haha.

I always hate nowadays the questions that come after “Do you have a boyfriend?” because it’s always “Is he in college, where did he graduate from, etc?” And well Greg never went to college but he worked his butt off to get where he is. But it’s hard to really explain that to people and have them understand since college is just so crucial these days. But whatever. I don’t care because these people can judge all they want. =)

I graduated college, and often people who knew I graduated ask if it was from HS because they weren’t clear. Others mistake me for a high schooler. Haha.

A family friend of mine has a daughter 4 years younger than me. I went to a part of theirs and a family member of theirs asked if I was the same age as their daughter, a freshman in HS. I was a freshman in college. Ouch.

But yeah about 90% of our “family friends” we don’t talk to anymore. In a couple of cases, my dad still talks to their dads but not the rest of the family .

In one instance we had a falling out with a family and only my dad talks to their dad now because the mom would always talk shit about my sister and me, in front of my mother. Now her daughter does drugs and drinks heavily. She has to go back another semester to finish HS cuz she failed classes. AND she posts pictures of her bf and her having sex on myspace. I don’t think her parents know this bahahaha. She’s 18 now and has been doing all this for at least 2 years.

Anyways, I’m done spamming your blog LOL. Your rant made me want to rant.

Yeah, I’m not gonna get them back, what’s the point? What’s the URL of the best Proxy? Some of them just go onto different links, and some don’t work.

Yeah I love how she put all of her trust into a family she barely knows. We could have just left her somewhere. We still feel bad that she still managed to hurt herself even though we were taking care of her, but at least she wasn’t by herself. =/ And at least we didn’t let that shady guy at the bar take her home. Ha! Her husband didn’t even say thanks and Paula forgot everything that happened!

Yeah Greg is making more money than I am and I have the college education. -.-‘ But I can’t complain, can I? At one point he worked 2 full time jobs at the same time (80 hours a week). I guess that’s just his way of moving up and getting experience, instead of education. He’s just not the school type.

Haha yeah and the worst part is there wasn’t anything juicy about us to talk shit about. We were normal good girls, a little shy, but pretty normal. Well at least I was, I don’t know about my sister :P J/K

Family friends are just stupid. My parents used to have a lot more back when I was in high school and before we moved, but we lost contact. There’s a couple we still talk to, and then I just like to brag that I have a degree and a job and a great boyfriend bahaaha. I never used to have anything to brag about before. Especially the family with the crazy girl and the shit talking mom, because we only talk to the dad now but I’m sure he told them all about my accomplishments. Take that, bitch! Wow, I’m mature. =/

I will be posting more photos, I’m also going to add some to stock because I took some pretty ones of the sea and beach so that will all come one of these days. =D

my family friends are not even close to blood related! haha. some of them, we met at the most random places. yeah, they can really be annoying sometimes. but its good that theyre there though. just a call away. but the awkward thing is what’s happening to us right now. two of our family friends “dislike” each other for some reasons. so now, if we have a party, were basically torn to who we should invite. great.

No, I can’t really. =/ Hahaa yeah, I guess they mostly just change the name cuz of the country and they don’t wanna speak Bahasa Indonesia in Malaysia. Lol.

Oops I totally forgot to comment on your blog before.

I get what you mean about family friends being awkward. Like, we have some really good family friends whom we’ve been on holiday with a number of times. But me and the son, like I hardly really know him properly. It’s weird.

Ugh and people who ask too many questions – that’s plain annoying. They need to mind their own business sometimes!

LOL. That was enjoyable to read ^_^

Your titles always seem to be pretty random :)

Ugh, family friends. Well, outs seem to be our neighbours, but it’s still awkward if say; my parents leave the room, and it’s just me, and them. *cricket.*

;) ♥ Aww, haha, I’d never tell my parents if I had a boyfriend, so the family friends could fuck off if they ever wanted to know, ha.

Whoa! To see Led Zeppelin or Pearl Jam in concert would probably be incredible. While I’m not the /biggest/ Pearl Jam fan in the world, I like a lot of their songs, and I imagine they’d be awesome live. If I had the opportunity and the cash for tix, I’d go!

Family friends and distant relatives are very awkward to be around. I totally get what you mean. How insulting that one put you among the ranks of a bratty 13-year-old! Is it really that hard to judge age accurately? I once had a distant relative ask me if I was “still in college” when I was 12. I had to inform him that I was still in middle school. Heh, things like that really confuse me as to how old I must look; the 6th graders at the middle school I was at for one of my classes said I could pass for one of them… while other people seem to think I’m older than I am!

And then having these people pry into your personal life is just plain out of order. It’s totally not their business!

Hehe, you must have blogged while I was asleep because I opened tabs of all the blogs I was going to comment in the morning and left them that way… so that explains my comment on your previous blog from only a few minutes ago, lol.

But they were kinda cool back then. I think everyone developed a lot since our days at Piczo and iFrames became not cool and stuff like that. Back then they were the hottest sh*t xD

Yeah, that’s sooo amazing! I could play with it all the time xD The time I’m bored I’m gonna just click on that link to see who is on my site xD

I seriously wished that she would move away soooooo often.. but nothing’s gonna happen.. But she doesn’t come over that much anymore.. that’s like a huge relief xD

Haha xD You say you have to do homework so you don’t have to go with him? That’s awesome xD One thing uni/school is good for -> you can pretent you have homework xD

I could need your help with something.. I just won a .info domain at Kat’s (rainbowcrush.com) lucky dip contest and now I need a domain name.. and I kinda can’t thing of anything.. I thought because you know me quite good, maybe you have some ideas?

Yeah I know! LOL. Though these days nothing can be taken too lightly….! :P

Oh yeah. I forgot already. :S I remembered yesterday or the day before on MSN you told me that you aren’t as big as a fan as you were before. Well I like “21 Days”; their second single from their new album. It’s quite good. I don’t like “Know Your Enemy” much though. Haha everyone has their tastes… Like I said. Before I couldn’t believe you like rock hard music haha.

Oh haha. Well, were we’re living now, the church people we usually talk to are nicer than a few of the neighbours here. I miss my old home! I can’t wait to go back! <3

Yeah I know. Like you start thinking; "Fuck, I need a boyfriend. Fast. Hmm, who to pick? Someone my cousins will have a liking on". LOL. xD Fucking weird right? Haha. Life's full of humour! ♥

Ahah, I don’t have any ‘familyfriends’ but I’m glad I don’t. xD
But on the other hand, I don’t have a boyfriend so it won’t be that bad…. I think. :P

Mm, yeah.
I caught up on my sleep that day, but not with my site.
I’m like procrastinating with my comments, hence this 5-day-ago comment being returned. xD

Yeah, just like that! “You’re my best friend so like everything I do”. Heh.
I know…. I mean the thing about having just one friend means that if you fall out you don’t have anyone else.

I can be selfish, but most of the time I’m not selfish. In fact I’m pretty selfless to be honest. :)
Selfish people normally don’t admit they are selfish. They just call everyone else a bitch and shit.

Well at least that’s a compliment. :P My sister looks about 16 so maybe they think I look older because of that?
It’s idiotic to make that assumption on the first place because of someone’s height. *fumes*

That’s just what Jared and I are – good friends, ta-da! SHEESH. People should get to know this stuff before they spread rumours and the like. It’s so immature.
Of course it was nice of them for giving us the cool clock! :D Except… very random lol.
What is Vietnamese food like? I am such a sucker, I don’t really like many takeaways to be honest.

He deserves to be in there though. I need to buy it first… you got £6? XD
Pffft. Bet you ‘her’ content will be stolen shit.
HAHAHAA. Hermia! Whooo. I once played Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol; ironic ’cause I can’t act. It was great fun though! I was a right bastard. Got to scream at everyone, yo. :D /eee /bounce 😏

Yeah… I always find myself ranting. Like “why the fuck do you this huh?” and “is it at all helpful? NO” or “who invented this crazy shit?” XD

And were you with me in spirit? You’d better have been Georgina Luhur. 😰 you were fast asleep (I hope). 😴 Anyways… yeah, kind of awkward seeing as he isn’t AWAKE yet (and I have no idea when he will be) butttttt I am pretty proud of myself, if I can say so, aye. I absolutely hate hospitals, let alone the ICU. /wah

Yep, there’s too many distractions on the internet. Which is why I’m not on any other social networking sites whilst replying to comments this time, haha.

I can’t irish dance very well, haha. I just learnt the basic steps then quit.

I know what you mean. Sometimes when I start crossing the road and a car’s quite far away, it decides to speed up, which is annoying.

“echidnas” – I didn’t know that. Pretty cool.

Just been catching up on your blog entries. It seems like you’ve been having lots of problems on trains. The music thing happens occasionally on buses I go on. Last time I thought the music played out loud was pretty good so I didn’t mind it being played too much, haha.

Aww, It’s annoying when you burn your finger on something in a restaurant. Espcially when they don’t even tell you it’s hot (in Chinese doesn’t count if you can’t speak it). Did the woman really expect you to be able to speak Chinese?? People shouldn’t make assumptions like that.

I want to go see Pink, but I think people buy loads of tickets to sell them at higher prices which is annoying. Hopefully Anberlin come back to Sydney sometime. Have fun at the other concerts if you go!! I don’t really know any songs by Pearl Jam, haha.

Your ‘family friends’ sound pretty annoying. I don’t think I’d want to mention things like that to people I hardly know either, and I think it’s pretty rude for them to ask you. And as for the 13 thing that’s silly. You look older than 13 to me.

I do feel weird about some of my old friends – whether or not to invited them to my bday party, for example. So I usually opt to invite only the closest friends, just a small gathering.

Yeah, it’s really far. I’d have to ride a boat/airplane going there. -.- I don’t know much about Australia, but I think Sydney is the capital of it? And I’ve heard there are 8 capital cities? I’m not sure. /huh One place that I’d really visit is the Opera House and see penguins(they look so cute I wanna huggle them). Just looking at the pictures makes me drool. There’s so much in the world that I have to see yet. /love

Hahaha. People at school tell me ‘You look so cute I wanna pinch your face’. Probably it’s because of my height. I’m 4’10” or 4’11”, I’m not sure; I haven’t checked my height and weight since last year. I maybe shorter than you. Haha.

Are your parents short? Maybe you inherited it from your ancestors. Genes. It makes me wanna study Science again for I haven’t done so since I’ve started College.

Yes, you’re right. I keep hoping he’d come back one day, but I wouldn’t expect it. Whenever he’s strolling in the neighborhood, he’d always come back after a few hours and he wasn’t separated from us even just for a day. It would give me a shock if he came back, but I’d be delighted of course.

There’s a somewhat validation exam for Japanese and my classmate said it was really hard. I’m trying to learn Korean but I can’t write Hangul except for my name. /bounce

lol yup im mexican…well i guess im mexican-american since i was born here in the USA but my parents are 100% mexican…ha. i go to mexico every year to visit. its so different from where i live here!

and yeah, i dont like REALLY hot spicy food. i think it takes away the flavor from the original dish…idk my parents think im really white since i dont like spicy food LOL

my parents are overly-worried…like, idk. its a bit annoying actually. but i dont want to get into that, cuz then ill feel bad later on for trash talking on my parents (and my older siblings, lol) :P

haha i love it when my friends bring me back souvenirs too! :D i like going to mexico and bringing them back stuff too. haha

ooh thats cool that some other bands you like are touring near you :)

i dont really know if i have any of those “used to know” people. i think the closest i get to that category are just the “people i used to talk to a lot but we rarely talk anymore”…lol.

I REALLY HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE IN MY FAMILY ASK ME “DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?” omggg…even if its just my aunt i get sooo aggravated by it, and especially when its like people i rarely know like some of my mom’s friends…i just look at them and im like “what?” and they go “do you have a boyfriend?” and im like “yes” and then they ask me the stupidest question: “does your mom know?” and im like “yes she knows” and aghhhhhhh i dont even know why it annoys me so much haha.

i think once i had a boyfriend when i was in 8th grade, my aunt found out and i heard that she was saying that iiiii was a bad influence. the only thing that passed through my mind was “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? YOUR DAUGHTER IS A HOE WHO GETS A NEW BOYFRIEND EVERY OTHER WEEK, AND IVE HAD THIS BOYFRIEND FOR LIKE OVER A YEAR AND U ARE CALLING MEEEEE A BAD INFLUENCE???” i wish i had told her that to her face though…but i didnt, lol

Georgina :)

Led Zeppelin? I’ve heard of him from my dad. I didn’t know he was still around. :P I’m glad you’re finding other concerts available to you /eee

Most of the people I ‘used to know’ got that name thanks to number two. I know that I’ve tried to hold on to friends as long as I could, but when never respond to that, it’s useless. I remember I had a friend all the way from Gr.2, her birthday was on January 1st. She would tell me that her parents would often forget it or not give it much importance. Of course, she was my friend (a very close one too) so I would make sure to call her every January 1st morning, I loved being the first to call her (probably the only one since her other friends didn’t bother). In gr.5 and gr.6 I went to a different school. However, I still called her. I moved back to the same school, she had already made new friends. I still talked to her when I had the chance. Then gr. 8 came, we both went to differrnt highschools. Nevertheless, I still called her. I quit calling her this year when I noticed she had no intentions of keeping the friendship. For starters, never in all those years did she call me to wish me a Happy Birthday. If we’d be on msn, she would never start the conversation. There were a lot more signs to proove my theory, so I made the decision to stop calling her. She didn’t call me this year, as I already expected. It’s sad because she was a very nice person.

Family friends, my parents have had some of those. The 1st family used to be close to us (this was when I was a baby). They slowly drifted apart. Now we have these two families, we’re all pretty tight. I think my parents and them see each other like more than 3 times a month. I see them around once a month. They have younger kids, and they’re all boys. Ages 6, 8, 9, 12. My brother, who is 13, plays with them a lot. As for me, I don’t really fit in. Not into the little kids group or the adult group. I end up sitting on a couch and reading. That’s why I rather not go to their parties.

Oh, they shouldn’t be acting so nosy. After all, they are family FRIENDS, not actual family. I had an akward experience once. I was at the beach with all of the families and some of them were talking about me and saying how I’m such a good girl. Then someone said I was a carrot. Basically, I was innocent and a good girl (it works out gramatically if you know spanish). And then, one of them said, ‘so, where’s the bunny?!’ I was like D: You did not just say that.

I have some family friends. I like visiting though. I don’t really find them annoying all that much but we don’t see them very often so it is a fun occasion when we visit :)

I don’t like it well I actually HATE it when even family(except for my household family–my mom, dad and brother) ask if I have a boyfriend. My grandmother is very pushy for me to get a boyfriend. It puts me down sometimes. :(

I feel bad because I am like “What? Huh?” xD

Maybe. She is also my homeroom so I hope I get through this :P She also has a freaking thick southern accent. xD I also hate teachers that treat you like robots or something. They should treat us like people not things.

Yeah in 5th grade we had to learn about all 50 states and their capitals. I don’t really remember though xD You are lucky! Only 7?!?! Lucky…xD

Ugh, I think I have a hostee right now except I am hesitating to delete it because she might still be using it. Maybe I should email or comment her.

Actually, yeah it is! I think in dodgeball though you try to hit people but in this game you just try to keep it up. :D

Hey you never returned my comment. Boo. :P. Anyway, I get what you’re saying here. It makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

Well excuse me my wordpress doesn’t send me my comments they automatically appear in the blogs. I’m sorry if I can’t live up to your standards. Sheesh take a chill pill.

Oh and one more thing, it doesn’t show that you did leave a comment. Only Gillian and Sean did.

OMG! YOU ADDED MY EMOTES! ♥ <–You should change that to <3 XD D:
I'm soo proud!
D: /poo <–He's scared of the poo!! XD
Oh my god, the usefulness!
I should make more!

Who's Bearman? D:
Does gelato count? /bounce

My hABerz (that's how I spelled it when I was in Kindergarten) steal from my garden!! They took our nice little flower blossoms!! D: <–SO CUTE


Hugs rhymes with Wuggs.
Sounds like bear hugs! And BTW I saw James's Moshi Monster and his name was Wugg. XD
OMG I love his carpet!! :O

I know. :(
You know about the thief that stole Allie's coding, right? Dorklike.net?
He got spammed badly. XD

D: Yes they are! Woot! XD
I have a great idea for another emote! It would be so cute you'll LOVE IT!!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! /eee

I had a similar issue a few years ago. In my “Let’s get real phrase”. More commonly known as my “When Shola was going through puberty” stage. My mum’s friends would always try and pry into my life as if they had an important role in it.

I would kindly tell them that my Ma doesn’t like me to discuss her business with anyone, especially stangers. Then they would reply “Well, we are like family. Me and you Mum.”
And I just basically told them “You’re her friend, not mine. So ask her about her business because I don’t know you.”
– Something like that, I can’t remember what exactly because it was so long ago, but I knew they weren’t impressed. LOL

You should just be civil like you are doing. I tend to do that with the family friends who I haven’t scared off. Muhaha.

Yeah, 21 Guns is quite good. Well, as singles only Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns have been released so far… I think. If they released a new one then I’m not aware of it just yet lol. Really? You mean the American Idiot type of stuff?

Really? Wow. It could get boring if you live in the same place lol. I don’t know for how long I’ve been switching houses rofl. I don’t know… It needs a little more retouching and stuff… You see we demolished it lol. Seriously. xD And we rebuilt it…. The building’s up, just you know the workers are doing their thing and now we just need some paint, tiles etc.. Getting there! =o

Wow your cousins live in Indonesia? HAH. Big difference there lmfao. I bet in Indo it would be hot 24/7 and just a bit of torrential winds and tsunamis! =o Lmfao… Poo them? Haha. I bet they don’t mind on James. :) I find him to be too quite for them to hate lmao. Even though I never talked to him! ^_^

Oops I meant “quiet” not “quite”.

Grrr, they STINK. Nosy questions are one of my top hates. Once I was muttering “Hey, person. You’re not even related to me and you dare ask me such nosy questions???” once when a customer to my tea corner asked me a very embarrassing question. Okay, she’s my dad’s pretty close friend, but how dare she try to socialize with me when she barely saw me saying hi to her and talked over my welcome, pretending I was invisible.

Aww, sorry to see that you missed the concert. But it is an honour that they are in your city! Bangkok only ever gets the occasional Korean band that screams their heads off like drunken people. D:

I’m so sorry I didn’t comment on your past two blogs! My school is starting on Wednesday, so I won’t be as active as I used to but I’ll try my best! :P

Take care.

Hahaha. LOL. My bad. *sweatdrops* That explains why you have many capitals.

A kayak? Perhaps you mean a modern one? Where in America does your friend live? I never thought people would still use it there. 8D I’ve never ridden one, though I rode on a bangka, which is safer than kayak, IMO. :P Fishing kayaks are fun.

Hahaha. No worries about being short. Someone’s shorter than me in the Campus so I’m not THAT unlucky. >D I’ve seen on some TV programs where you have to use a gadget that would make you taller but it’s pricey and I don’t know if it works, though I wouldn’t buy it because I’m scared that would ruin my not-so-perfect bones. @_@

Learning Science is fun, isn’t it? My favorite is Biology and I don’t like Physics. >_< Yes, College life itself is different, and I kinda miss those insignificant little subjects that we had when I was on Highschool.

What will you be doing in Communications? Sounds stupid but it got me interested. :D

Chinese an international language? Ugh I hope not. The characters look soo hard to learn! Lol. It would be easier if they were in the letters I’m used to lol.

Oh, lucky brother then. Yeah it’s annoying when my brother gets on really well with the friends cuz they’re the right age for him, but I’m just sat there bored stiff.

Anyways, what’s up?

Alot of bands and singers are touring are this time. I think it’s “touring season” or something because I know that Green Day, The Black Eyed Peas & Short Stack are on tour soon. I’ve just heard Pearl Jam’s new song and I like it. I haven’t heard of the band before.

It’s hard to know what the expectations of family friends are & what you should and should’ve do around them. I mean you can be more yourself around them, but you have to limit it sometimes.
Family friends can also think that your personal stuff you decide to share with your family, is theirs to know too. Some people haven’t even heard of family friends, they just take it you are friends or family.

Really Alice Cooper? Hmm thinking thinking thinking… lol, i love Alice Cooper. I don’t think i could be bothered tho, i don’t have any friends in Melbourne and my boyfriend would be boring to take.

My celisiter (lawyer) of my trust fun thinks of me as a family friend. But his f*ckd me over to much for me to consider his a friend back.

You’re only fresh out of high school? How cute :) the best years, no more trying to be cool lol. Uni is different.
I thought this was your second semester of uni tho?

I guess when i went to uni it was different. We had no semesters because it only went for three months straight with no Holiday. @_@ I love using your smileys /hehe

Everyone seems to fall out with me, I have no idea why. I mean I just talk to them normally and then they’re all ‘what the fuck?’ at something I said. It’s stupid. God just accept me for I am, I’m not changing.

I think I’m the same, I guess. When I am selfish, it is about time.
Some people say I look like my brother but to be honest I don’t look that similar.

Exactly. It’s pretty pathetic to guess and hope you’re right, then it messes things up for everyone.
LOL. Do we have any Vietnamese restaurants here? I don’t think I’ve seen any…
I’ll get it at the weekend. BAHAHAHAA. /bounce

I know. It was AWESOME. I felt a bit of a bastard hating Christmas and being a moody ass. XD I even got put in the bloody paper. O_O I have a friend who also played Scrooge and was so pissed off with me, it’s like God when did I ever want to be in the stupid newspaper for God’s sake?
She doesn’t like me anymore. Heh. How immature. She was spreading rumours about me too… saying I was a shit writer, I was so full of myself, UGGGH.

Me too. :)

Since when did you “own” them? D:

Okay! Life’s better without knowing about the douches.
What’s a douche?


I remember a show… I think it was Rove(?) and they had a funny scene about karma.
He walks around explaining what it was, then bad things happen to him; then he does something bad to someone else.
Then he finds out that he was the bad person from the future. XD

I will when I finish!
That emoticon (8D) is a little hint!
deviantART is another. ;)

How do arrange my smilies like yours? Mine are all over the place!

Haha, i forgot i mentioned you in my blog. yeah thats why i said i wasn’t ready for a reveiw from you yet. You have high standards compared to my site lol. Im slowly getting rid of my celeb images by taking my own photos. Soon they will all be gone except the pngs which i was planning to make a page of credits just for the pngs.

I might even get rid of the pngs tho, one day!

I think 20 kilos will be easy to lose. I’m glad you are an Aussie, most people are like “what are kilos?” I guess they call them pounds or stones.
The only problem with losing weight so fast is im more likely to binge eat when i get home from the concert.

That’s good that you’re looking for other concerts too! After all, concerts of our favourite band only happens once in a while, so it’s nice to go and watch out for those concerts! You wouldn’t want to miss those upcoming concerts, I’m sure! :D

Oh, it doesn’t show up my full comment! So this is what I was telling…

That’s good that you’re looking for other concerts too! After all, concerts of our favourite band only happens once in a while, so it’s nice to go and watch out for those concerts! You wouldn’t want to miss those upcoming concerts, I’m sure! :D

Yeah, you’re right about those “family friends”. We haven’t got a lot of those family friends, which I suppose is good, reading from your blog! =) And it’s really not nice of them to ask personal questions like “What’s your boyfriend’s name?” and such. And I know how it feels to be awkward! These people won’t stay in touch for long, so better not be too close with them! >o<

And, well, can I ask something? LOL, what's "Asdfgh" ? I'm sorry, I'm such a noob! I've seen people using that, but I never knew what it meant!

That’s good that you’re looking for other concerts too! After all, concerts of our favourite band only happens once in a while, so it’s nice to go and watch out for those concerts! You wouldn’t want to miss those upcoming concerts, I’m sure! :D

Yeah, you’re right about those “family friends”. We haven’t got a lot of those family friends, which I suppose is good, reading from your blog! =) And it’s really not nice of them to ask personal questions like “What’s your boyfriend’s name?” and such. And I know how it feels to be awkward! These people won’t stay in touch for long, so better not be too close with them! >o<

And, well, can I ask something? LOL, what's "Asdfgh" ? I'm sorry, I'm such a noob! I've seen people using that, but I never knew what it meant!

I didn’t steal them! Meanie! D:
Tell me or I will go to your house…
and steal your WINDOWS VISTA laptop!

I like turtles.
Off topic FTW!

No way. I don’t steal, ever! 8D

Yarr piratey matey?
They be mine too, arr. 💀

Two comments in a row. O_O

It belongs to Pishie!

I hate getting out of bed too. But once my dad comes in, I just… have to. You wouldn’t want to be there. *slips away*
Your dad doesn’t like J/K-pop, does he?
Lucky ass.
Ass! Ayyyy-nooss!

I have that puking thing too!
*slips away*

HA!! You probably have tard. Tard is the weakest!
*glomps Warhead*
*POOF* 💥

Me neither, but I’d love to give this a try!
Something I found on my shampoo bottle.
It’s probably cyanide! :O

Get one on eBay for a cheap price!
A friend got one for around $40 only!

Well when it was 7am there it would have been… 10pm here. Last night your comment was the last one I returned before I went to read. :)

I have way too much shit to do on the computer but if I ever stayed on this thing ’til 3am my mum would murder me. XD
I can be a morning person. I’ve just got to have enough energy to get me through the day. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a light sleeper. My sister sleeps like a log. I’m jealous. D:

Maybe I should sleep on the floor? LOL. I did that once years ago. It was sort of fun. I got my sheet off the bed and I put it up like a tent and then I got my duvet and pillows and put them all in and then I got all my cuddly toys and put them in too, and then I fell asleep. :D I was 7 and 11pm seemed SOOOOO late back then. /eee

My brother does nothing too. And complains and moans all the time when he’s asked to wash the dishes. WTF, just do it and don’t complain, it’s what the rest of us do. /hmph

Haha I can’t sleep on a bus or in a car, I feel self-conscious that people will notice. XD LMFAO. Plus if you fall asleep on my bus then people pen your face. In a bad way.
Maybe it’s better that I am a light sleeper then. /oh

Lol that smiley! /oh It’s like at out school we were giving out ‘spoof’ awards, you know, for a laugh in assembly. A girl called Maria got the award for ‘least observant’ or something, and Maria goes, “What?”

🤬 What is that guy doing? :S

Music helps me sleep. ‘Cause thinking helps me sleep. :)
LOL your brother used to look like a girl? Whoa. My brother had such awesome hair when he was little. He should have kept it. D:

Viet…. I will Google it. :D
LOL I find it so ironic, I can’t even fucking act. I hate acting. They actually pretty much blackmailed me to do the part, evil bastards. /hmph

Hehee. Thank you. :3
I like being a computer geek, yo. :D /type

wahey! you took the virginity of my first comment on my first blog (H) /bash 🤬 ahaha i love these emotes! /wave i could use them all day long! Anyway back onto topic. Yargh i know. i just wanted to blog and the stupid fanupdate was being an arse i wrote a lovely long blog thanking you for the domain, and others who helped me and like it decided it didn’t want to save the damn thing.

Can we make fan update have babies with wp it would be so much better. Woo long comment! LOL!

Yay! i wana go a concert i’ve never been :( shame i don’t live in Australia we could of gone together to one /wah /wave

So what you had them first?
I had the idea of nagging you to put up decent emotes first! HA!!
What’s a Wanopanog?

That means… they made them!!

Same with mine. Everything but rock.

Tard is short for retard, right?
LOL maybe that’s why…
Made for retards! I’m joking. :P

I can spell floccinaucinihilipilification easily! I just can’t say it. :(

Thank you! I swear it’s JUST a typo. ;)

Tell me how to herd my smilies. /angry

Floccinaucinihilipilification! Spellcheck disapproves. :(

Haha. Yes, it’s inevitable. My mom even gave me lots of vitamins but it didn’t work on my cute height. Haha.

LOL. I find Biology fun to learn. I learned about Reproductive System in that subject. Hahaha. I’d rather do Maths than do problem solving in Physics. Bwahaha. My mom wanted me to be a Nurse but I’d die from all the memorization and all the books I have to read. 💀

Databases, search engines, media.. they all sound familiar. XDDD Actually one of my major subjects right now is Database Management System. Yeah, it sounds geeky and all that jazz. I’m studying Information Technology and it has lots of Programming, I can go crazy almost everyday. LOL. Sadly, there’s no subject here that includes Web Designing.

LOL. Basic HTML? You’d get more than a perfect score in that one, if there’s such a thing. O_o Ha! I don’t like essays. Well, you’re good at it; I’ve read some of your articles here. Sweet.

Oh yes :)! Colored scrollbars xD Damn I loved them a lot too xD

Oh wow! Mine was 10 users and I missed that moment xD I have been the only one on my site quite a few times xD That was kinda weird xD

Oh yeah, true! I wish I could say “I have homework” all the time.. it just sucks that mum doesn’t accept that when I have to clean or something like that xD

Thanks :) And once again, thanks for the name ideas! I think I am gonna stick to the one I told you on Twitter, but please don’t mention the name, I want to keep it secret. Only you and maybe 2 more people know the name! :)

*nodnod* I agree. I don’t like it when strangers (basically people I don’t consider my friend, even if they are like my parents’ friends) ask me personal questions like the whole “Do you have a boyfriend” thing. Unfortunately, I live in Korea. ~_~;; Koreans seem to have this notion that we are automatically friends if we know each other, especially the older generations. And they like to ask probing questions, and I am grinding my teeth as I try to think of the most polite way to tell them to piss off and leave me alone. ~__~;;

Lol, yeah and if you don’t draw the lines in the right order then it can also be bad luck or somthing. I think on the number four or something you have to draw the lines inside the box before closing it. Lol..complicated. I can right my middle name in Chinese – that’s it. Lol.

Aw, I’m sure it must really annoy you!

Ugh poor you! Yeah, I hate all these things that my brother downloads and then very rarely uses. It makes the computer soo slow!

lol it’s awesome it’s more gory than scary, if youre squeamish ya know, I’m not that squeamish but i was screaming out loud in parts lol, I’m not really selling this very well lmao
yer I dont like having a massive sidebar either it just goes on and on and on and on…. yeh lol you get the point lmao
LOLOL i hated those sorts of toilets especially if the chain broke argh :@
you do!!! go and see Pearl Jam lol do it do it!!!!!, LOL
yeah i prefer making my own I dont like it heaped with cheese but i like it cheesy enough if you get me lol

ughhh i hate family friends I always feel so awkward and embarrassed around them and then they start asking questions you’re like yeah leave me alone plz dont even wanna be here
ewww thats weird them asking about your boyfriend lol I’d feel well weird if they did that to me
poor you, :( hopefully they wont be round a lot. I think family friends are so cringey i try and stay out of the way hahha

Hahaa yeah that’s pretty late seeing as you have uni in the morning. Nighty Night! Lol.

Oh, I see. Yes, now that I think about it, they were more into punk before. Now they’re just rocking out as ever! /hehe

Lmfao, now did you say that I think I find it to be cool too! xD Like, this was here and that was here! But now where did it go?! And like since you’re in the actual building, and you see the same view but a different surrounding… it’s just cool! (H)

Lmao. I’m sure you prefer the coldness in Australia then the hotness in Indonesia? D: Haha I knew you’d hate it there. Gosh. 🙄

Yeah, you have a right to get um… an Aussie bf (is James Australian? Lol) and you know, live your life to the fullest there. It’s like your baby! /wah I’m sure they won’t though. If they did, they would be mentally disturbed. /ho

Heyy I’m back :) Sorry I took so long to reply, Parade hates me, clearly /angry

ILOVETHISLAYOUT ♥ You really do love that quote don’t you? :) It is a pretty amazing phrase, I must admit (Y) I love the brown and blue though, I’m jealous because I’ve never been able to pull off brown in a layout and yours looks amazing :)
Oh I geddit now, so the ‘new’ fanupdate people just like, redesigned it a tad I guess? Modernised it ;) I still prefer the green though XD
Oh the iTunes logo was actually YEARS ago being green. I mean like, before the millenium. Like, the 90’s. I only remember it because I used to listen to my old Steps and S Club 7 CD’s on my dads computer on iTunes when I was younger and I thought he’d deleted it when it changed to blue because I couldn’t find the logo anywhere /ehe

I will use WP Spam free, I’m in a plugin mood right now so I think I’m going to download a few good-looking ones now ;)

Aw it’s a shame about Anberlin :( I’d love to get you tickets but with me being in England and all it could cause slight problems -_- You should go to that other one if you can though, the Pearl Jam one.. It sounds pretty cool ;)

I’m so angry at my mum though. Me and my friend were all up for going to a Rise Against concert in November but because the arena it’s at is one that she hasn’t been to she doesn’t trust us going on the train so she says I can’t go. /angry

URGH. Family friends are SO ANNOYING! I mean, not only that but with “family friends” usually, if they throw a get together or something you don’t know ANYONE there so you stand there like a loser in the corner with your family. and because THEY’RE the host, they only come over and say thanks for coming before talking to their closer friends.
urgh, how nosey, that’s none of their business :@ The ” 😏 ” thing made me laugh though /hehe

awws sorry you missed out on the tickets :(

urgh I hate when i like loose contact with people you always wonder about them, like I made this friend in england when I went to summer camp and she wont email me back :P

I dont really mind when people ask me if i have a boyfriend cause i dont have one :P im only twelve so some people dont ask me lol.

Lol it really is amusing! XD

Okay thanks :) They do know I won a domain, but I don’t want them to know the name before everything is done.. I am also thinking about “leaving the online world”.. and then just start with over with a new name (for me).. but with my current content + more.. So that really no one can find me online anymore.. And Twitter doesn’t even have my URL on anymore.. so yeah xD

I am gonna use it as my personal site. Just move the stuff from faketragedy to the new domain and add some new things and stuff :) But I guess I will make it a little bit more personal.. though not sure yet.

Thanks for the encouragement. :D
Except I virtually promised I’d get a lot done in summer and the things I basically did were reviews. :P

Ahah, we’re like the opposite. :P
But probably once I start school, I’d rather want to return comments and run away from my homework. tehee, !

I am hopefully going to spend some time with him tomorrow.. First,we wanted to go to a theme park, but now my friend jana doesnt want to go anymore, because the guy she like has no money to go… and she doesnt want to go just with me and him.. but I can understand that, I wouldnt go either…
Wish me luck!!!

Awwww sorry you missed Anberlin :( . If it makes you feel any better I can’t go to see All Time Low :(

And I have the same problem with family friends. Whenever we go to California (we go there about twice a year because we have a shitload of family and family friends there) we ALWAYS see people who apparently have been friends with us for a long time or are distant cousins. And they’re all so pushy! And since we don’t know each other very well it always ends up with them interrogating us XP It’s very annoying.

Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who pondered about the awkwardness of family friends. Some of them I love like family but there are always those few that bring out that overwhelming awkwardness that is sometimes unbearable and crazy.

I hope that you are able to find tickets to something. It’s always such a bummer when you are looking forward to something and then are unable to go. I’m going to a concert in about a month and I’m very excited.

I really hope that you get to see the concert, seeing that you missed out on the other one.

Don’t you think it’s even worse when those “family friends” who might maybe call once a year expect to get invited to events or holiday dinners. I find that extremely rude because in my opinion you will only get invited if you keep in touch or return calls.

It’s so embarrassing when family friends ask questions like that. Recently when I went to Italy a family friend of my aunt’s asked me if I was married and her cousin asked me about 100 different questions about my dating status, one being why I wasn’t dating anyone, I never even meet him and he was about 30 years old, it was awkward.

I might just check out that band XD
Did you change your smiles? it looks different lol

People can be nosy a lot and they need to learn how to just not ask questions, no matter how much you want because sometimes it personal. At times i’m just like “I don’t want to take about it”
And they are adults totally not my level.
I also hate it when they pinch my cheeks saying ” oh that is soo cute she has a boyfriend”

what do like a four year old?

lol sometimes, my mom wants to go straight home after church since shes trying to avoid some people. they can be really annoying sometimes. ugh. calling my house for nothing!

yeah, as long as the image is somewhat clear and you can hear it, its ok. but it still makes me wonder why its in bad quality since i shot it with a video camera! oh well.

you should watch the second one! its much better, i think! more action. and i actually got it this time. when i watched the first movie, i was kinda blanking out. i didnt really know what was going on. hehe. but the second one was really good!

oo another cinderella story stars selena gomez. its kinda the same with the one with hillary duff. dont worry, im missing out movies too. thats why im taking time watching them before school starts and then i really dont have time.

It sucks when you lose a friend and you disconnect yourself from something that you became to like that they introduced you to. Then you end up having something that reminds you of it and you wonder why you ever just let it go.

I hate when you have those “used to know” friends that you maybe have stopped talking to for a reason and then they come back and act like you’re really good friends. Especially if they are the ones who didn’t bother to try and be your friend anymore so you just feel finished with them.

I think the reason I don’t really bother to have a lot of friends is because of those reasons, that no one bothers to keep intouch after awhile. It’s seems like you can only really count on family and just a close friend or two to always be there.

It does seem sometimes that you don’t know who you can count on or who would care. Sometimes you think that if you invite them, they aren’t going to care and just ignore it or pretend they care and just not show up.

I think it’s funny though when people think they still know so much about you after so much time and then when you tell them you’re older than they think or something, they sometimes gett pissy with you.