Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Yesterday I went to university with absolutely no intentions of going. The subject (information discovery and analysis) is rather boring and I admit I know some of the subject already. Most of it is searching databases with logical operators and using aggregators.

I didn’t have a very good day yesterday. I missed my train. Partially my fault, because I sat for longer than I should have, and left later.

It annoyed me that when I was about to move into a seat, the woman in front of me stepped backwards because she had obviously changed her mind about which direction she was going. I don’t mean to be offensive but she was rather large, and this annoyed me.

One of the things I actually like about being skinny and short is that people are a bit more lenient on you in public. You mumble “excuse me” to sift through a crowd of people, and extremely tall people, slow walkers and the like, will move slightly just to let you through.

The rest of it is pretty much an adventure. You run through a crowd walking down a busy street in the city and you spot all the little gaps in the crowd that you can slip through.

It doesn’t really help if you’re very short; you have shorter legs and going a far distance is more tiring than for a person who is very tall.

An experiment was done on a television show in which they had one short person and one tall person walk from one destination to another. The obstacles basically consisted of busy streets. Being short had its advantages; as I mentioned, it’s easier to weave your way around people.

The tall guy won; he often got stopped to be complimented on his height, but he went at a rather regular pace and the task didn’t appear to be tiring at all.

I really hate going through crowds. I struggle to keep up with the pace of everyone else because I walk rather slowly. Often I’m walking to somewhere in the city, and I spot someone who was on the same train as me. I see them walk ahead of me and I feel disappointed. They’re much taller and don’t seem to be as tired as I am.

Well, it’s not like I want to change and suddenly grow in one day.

I didn’t mean to be rude to the woman, but I just squeezed past her into the seat that I wanted to sit. Hm. Great things about being short, I suppose. (Not like she could beat me to grab that seat.)

I don’t usually like walking in such a busy environment.

The other day I dropped my wallet in the city and I didn’t notice. I was rushing to get through a crowd of people and trying to stuff my newspaper into my bag unsuccessfully.

Thankfully, a man approached me and handed me my wallet, asking “Is this yours?”

I was so relieved. Some people are so honest. :)

I quite like my wallet. One of the patterns in my stocks is actually a picture of part of my wallet. I remember depositing money in the bank, and the teller mentioned that I had a cute wallet. I love it. /bounce

I actually got it from Indonesia on my last holiday in 2007. :D

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Rawr. I hate having to go to classes when you just DON’T WANT TO. Total poo. /poo

I’m sorry you didn’t have a good day yesterday D: I was there when you missed your train. Were you just too lazy to get up or what? XD

I agree; being skinny does have it’s total advantages. I am, I’ll admit, pretty skinny, and although I don’t always enjoy the ‘compliments’ (“Oh my, you’re so skinny!”, when you know they’re implying “Are you anorexic?”) I do love being able to squeeze into tight places.

When I’m playing hide and seek, I always hide under the bed or in the cupboard where no one would think to look because it’s not really a comfortable hiding place, but oh well ;D

I never have to walk down crowded streets, because everyone here drives anyway, and it’s not really a busy place to live.

How nice of the guy to return your wallet. IT’S SO CUTE! ♥

Hehehe yay for Georgina being small ! I’m small too, I don’t mind it but yeah sometimes it would be better to be taller with longer legs ;P

I definitely agree that people are far more lenient with letting skinnier people through, but not only that.. if you’re pretty / hot then they will too, people seriously melt at the sight of attractive people :P I mean people let ugly/fat people through too but whilst doing so you can tell how hesitant they are, it’s funny.

Rofl! I remember watching that experiment on TV, well something like it. .was it on “brainiac” or something ages ago? I can’t remember fully but yeah, it was funny. I remember cheering for the dwarfy guy. But tbh I don’t think that experiment proves anything ; honestly I think Santa’s elf would be Santa walking, so your physique and fitness comes into it too!

NAWWW :3 That’s so nice that the guy was so honest and returned your wallet! I love people like that, it’s so comforting to know that people like that do exist aye. I hope you gave him a big smoooooch o3o LOL. Naw but still, where I live people wouldn’t bother returning your wallet if you lost it DD: bloody bogans! did you know the city i live in is in the “Top 10 Australian Bogan Cities” ROFL! Out of a population of 21M and countless amounts of cities, I live in one of the top 10 bogan’est. XD

Oh btw, sorry for not responding to your comment you left AGESSSS ago, i missed commenting you ;P i ALWAYS read your blogs eh but i’m just to lazy to comment the majority of the time haha. oh and don’t worry about responding to this one coz my comments are turned off.

Haha orright. Here’s an excuse to use my WordPress plugin, seeing as you have comments turned off. :P

Yeah, you’re right. I just haven’t seen many large people trying to hurry through a crowd haha.

I think that was the name of the show; Brainiac! I was hoping the dwarf guy would win, because I’m a short person. Ah well, it does also depend on how fit you are. :)

Haha eww, no way. He wasn’t terribly attractive (dayum…! Sorry James XD ) so ew. He was very kind to give me back my wallet, though. I felt so relieved because if you lose something in the city, you’re fucked. I dropped a scarf somewhere and then I lost it. And someone nicked James’s jumper. Bleh.

LOL you live in a bogan city? I must visit you sometime! /bounce

Haha that’s alright. I am sometimes lazy to comment people’s blogs too. XD

Haha, glad I could educate you. :P

Hm yeah I guess being whipped could be compared to being possessive. I have this feeling like one of my past boyfriends was possessive… I’m pretty sure Allen was. Ah, silly Allen.

DUDE he had the FUNNIEST shirt on today. Funny in a REALLY dorky way. It was like short sleeve plaid button-down shirt that was way too small on him. I just kind of laughed inside at it all day long.

Anyways, Allen was pretty clingy and didn’t much like it when I talked to other guys either. I think I might have mostly thought he was clingy because I had stopped liking him in the end anyways though, so I didn’t want him around as much. =/ Does that make sense?

Hahaha no I wouldn’t worry about being a “whipping girlfriend” if he says that something is up to you. The way Jimmy was was much worse… it would be like Lucy and Jimmy wanted to do one thing, and then I’d join in and say I wanted to do something else, so then Jimmy would “change his mind” and agree to my thing. xP

Haha poor Jimmy being talked about again.

Huh… I’ve never had ramen in a restaurant before. It’s probably even better than the cheap stuff from the grocery store. :)

OMG your Indonesian story reminds me of something. It’s like… if you say I don’t speak blank language in that language, do you really not speak it? xD It’s kind of hard to tell. :P Mostly when I went to Israel I’d just kind of cock my head and be like “…English?” “Ani lo medeberet ivrit” is just a mouthful. -_- (“I don’t speak Hebrew” in Hebrew”).

Yes of course I remember! Haha. Window shopping online is always fun.

Oh wow, you have so few weeks of total breaks! We get 8-12 weeks of summer, depending on where you go to school, plus a bit over a week for Christmas/New Year’s, a week in February (though some schools have gotten rid of that now), and a week in Spring around Easter. Plus there are of course long weekends like for Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc. :) I think last year we had a five-day weekend for Thanksgiving. :O

Noooo never get a Facebook! I wish I had never gotten it. D:

Hahaha, was the salad nice, as predicted?

Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t have the greatest day yesterday. =/ Mine wasn’t so great today either if it helps. :P

Haha dude I love weaving through a crowd! I’m not short (5’8″-ish), but I’m skinny (mostly xD) so I don’t really have a problem with that. It is definitely a necessary skill to walk through the halls of my school. Everyone walks so slowly and stops randomly in the middle! Our halls are TINY too. Rawr. Dumb. D:

I like to walk rather quickly; if I was walking next to you I’d probably be like dude… hurry up! D: But if I was walking next to you that’d mean either I was in Sydney or you were here, which would be cool. :) So I could live with the slow walking. xD

Mm, anyways, I tend to walk quickly especially when there’s a purpose. :P Like during school… I walk quickly during school. I have a place I’m going to when I’m there!

WOO I WAS THERE when you told me the story about the guy who picked up your wallet. :D How nice of him. ♥

Aww your wallet is adorable! Mine is just a plain brown one that my mom used to use ages ago that she gave to me when I was in middle school. It’s torn a bit on the inside from my use, but I don’t really care that much. Mostly right now I just want a new purse. The one I liked tore, so now I’m using a rather ugly one from 8th grade. :P Ah well, one day.

OKAY IT’S 10PM AND I JUST FINISHED YOUR COMMENT. PHONE TIME. And nine more comments to return sometime. :P

soooo looooong DD: *high5*

Hahaha, thank you. XD

Oh! I love people who are kind and honest. Lying people are just pointless. It makes them look bad and rude. D: LOL. I am pretty tall for my age. I am 13 and 5’5″ or 5’6″ so I think that is tall for my age but I am not sure… :/ I am very thin though. I have a very high metabolism. It sucks because I get a lot of comments on how skinny I am. I am like “Get over it!!” D:

Awhhhh. Like all of my first cousins are boys and they are all older than me…let’s see one is 14 almost 15, one is like 16 or 17 and one is 19. :) I love them though :)

LMAO! I know! She did that to my mom too when she was younger. xD I do love her though. She is my closest grandmother :) Yeah in 8th grade people don’t really have what you would call real boyfriends. :/

Those teachers are so annoying! I agree!

LOL. Maybe… xDD It was a challenge? It would be a challenge for me too. I could probably get them all but I would have to think and write down that I would have already said xD I would lose my place!

I don’t really get that…how can someone just not respond or apply and then just leave their site? I just don’t get it. It’s a waist of your time if you apply for no reason! LMAO. I have deleted one hostee for that too :)

Wow. That’s pretty cool. I’m pretty tall. I’m 5 foot 9 inches, which is pretty tall for a woman. Everyone in my family is quite tall, besides my mum. My dad is 6 foot 1 inch. My brother Darin is 6 foot and my brother Derek is 6 foot 4 inches.
But being tall comes with large feet. :(
In American sizes, my dad is size men’s 12, Darin is men’s 11, Derek is men’s 15 1/2 and I’m women’s 11. :(
Paris Hilton is a size 11, too. But it’s *so* hard to find shoes. Like, I went to a store with my step-mom. The store is called Reitman’s and my step-mom spent like 2 hours looking for clothes so I texted, tried on jewlery and tried on shoes. The highest size they go up to there is 10. :@ GRRR!
anyways, I’ll stop now. Haha.
Wow, I went really off topic.
That makes sense though. My friends are all really short and we’ll walk for a long time and they’re like “Oh, I’m so tired. Can we take a break?” And I’m like, “WTF? We hardly walked…” LOL.
Anywhoosers, thanks a lot for answering my questions. Your answers are going to help me a lot, I’m sure. :D

That is soo nice that he tried to give you back your wallet! By me it would have been a 50/50 chance that that would have happened :X

I’m short and I actually do feel it’s easier to weave in and out of the flow of people, although I try to avoid crowds as much as possible! It’s so crowded in NYC it’s hard to avoid sometimes.

I also hope you have a better day today :)

I don’t think the new layout is that rockin’, but I definitely think it is better than before!

Ugh, I can relate. This whole year has been like Groundhog day for me in maths class- I’m in intermediate instead of advanced, which really pisses me off, because last year I was studying a year ahead of my grade.
I’ve gotten straight A’s my entire life, and I’ve always prided myself in my schoolwork. Mainly because I used to go to one of those schools where everyone adores sport. I mean, I don’t hate sport, but honestly, I suck at it. The only sports I’m even moderately good at are ice-skating and baseball, which aren’t provided for at the school I go to now.
Anyway, I moved schools this year and I got stuck in Intermediate class. I assumed it was so the teachers could see my level of understanding, or whatever. I got the highest marks in my class for every test, every assignment, all my homework.
And I’m still stuck in the same class.
Only just now did my teacher tell me that you have to request to move up.
I got so angry I almost cried. I mean seriously, I’ve been saying all year, I NEED TO MOVE UP BECAUSE I LEARNED THIS CRAP LAST YEAR. And my teacher took no notice until now.
Stupid crud muffin on a stick.

I got teased all the time at my last school about being short! It annoyed me heaps because I’m actually not short- it’s just that everyone in my class happened to be giants.
I am quite skinny though, which I have to admit, is my best physical attribute. I love running around and being active and all that, but you can’t write stories or play piano or make a layout while you’re sprinting. It’s a miracle I’m not like a hundred kilos… haha.

Oh, and I get what you’re saying about people being inconsiderate. I’m a really quiet person, and I’m pretty small, so people tend to forget I exist. (By accident… I hope :( ) Today these two guys were messing around and they slammed me into a wall. And then this guy in the year above me full on ran into me. And THEN these girls who think they’re amazing (COUGH) stepped on me.

So. Damn. Rude.
The guys who slammed me into the wall underestimated my strength, though. They realised I was there, but didn’t get off the wall, so I kicked them in the legs and shoved them over.
That’ll teach them for being so ignorant and stupid!

Aww, class is good for you! I love classes. /bounce

Trains are snuggly, too bad you missed it!
All those snuggly fat warm people with fragrant air. XD

For. The. Last. Time.
You’re fun-sized!
And fun-sized people are adorable! 👏

I live in a quiet town, I don’t see any busy streets. I really love the city!
It makes me feel like I’m not alone. Literally not alone. :P

Heh, that’s weird. People stopping and complimenting your height. I’d be offended and annoyed!
You can always be piggybacked, that would be so fun!

Australia is full of large people. Especially women, for some reason.
It’s not rude of you to push through when someone just steps back, when someone’s obviously behind you.

How nice of him! I remember you tweeting about it then saying ‘GMH’.
Because I’m scared of the hiney. Or however you spell it
H1N1 = buttcheeks.


Yes you did!
Not a big journey to upload smilies. Stupid spellcheck.

He never answers! I told you that already! D:

I’m using Custom Smilies 2.7, but I’ll manage!

Firefox is love! ♥

Lmao, I don’t like to stay in classes that I already know stuff of. it would be a total nightmare! D: I mean, why did you even go in the first place lmfao. You have a train-free day lol.

Usually on the Discovery Channel and such, they do such programmes related to that stuff. I just don’t watch them because they don’t interest me lmao.

OMG that man really did give you that wallet? How sweet! (Y) You’re right, some people really are just honest. You don’t find a lot of them these days. /wah

Lmao. Really though, it has a cute little cover and the cherries are so kawaii! 😝

Lol it’s not like you that you don’t listen to some new rocking songs lmfao.

Oh I see! Wow cool! Well, our house that’s also going to be refurbished is just one-storey too… a penthouse. A really big one. With such a lovely seaview and such. /hehe

Oh, Chinese. :) Cool! Wait so you’re not Chinese, but Indonesian right? :D

LMAO. Wow that’s kinda unbelievable to say that you might also not like them! xP But oh well. Ups and downs…. Yup. I can know why Drops here would not like them very much! *sigh* /type

Lol cute wallet. It’s nice that the guy gave you his wallet. That kind of honesty is hard to come by these days. It kinda reminds me of the time that my mom found a laptop under her chair in an airplane. Lol we returned it to the lady, though.

And yeah it’s really scary to think about that. I mean, I don’t understand why the crowd thought he was being selfish. If anyone was selfish, it was the crowd! Seriously, he STOPPED A CONCERT for their safety so they don’t end up like that poor girl who ended up getting rushed to the hospital. Really, was it that hard to just stop listening to the music for ten seconds and help somebody up??

And actually the Chris guy that I talked about in my blog said that the concert would be okay if I had a parent or guardian or someone with me. So I HOPE my parents take that as an “Okay, just let the poor girl go to the concert!” lol :)

You are superwoman. I just suck, you left that comment on Friday and it’s now Tuesday, slap me?

Yeah I love the Arial and Georgia combination. :) I use Georgia on my last layout, heh. I love it.

Haha I noticed that. EyeThief is so cool though. xD

I hate it when conversations do that, it’s so annoying and makes it awkward. o_O

Aww thanks. I’m glad they’re easy to understand. Yours are really easy to understand as well. I always direct people to them in my tutorials because I’m too lazy to write them and yours are awesome, heh.

Empty trains are good. I just hate having to stand up, I’m so lazy haha.

Haha I always take random pictures of people too. The man sounds so cute though. (L) Yeah, I don’t put them on the internet either, unless I blur their faces. Maybe this guy just fancied you. :O

You should continue ballet at some point, sounds like you really loved it. Haha, how are the shoes now? Fallen over yet? :P

Wow, that is expensive but I’d do it. Those photos were so cool. We have gay photobooths here. :(

I always used to go to school with the intention of not going, haha. That subject does sound rather boring, though. :|

Thats why I love being short and skinny too!! Well, not the skinny part. People hardly notice you either, it’s cool. And they only have to move slightly to let you through, heh.

My friend Jeff is really tall, he’s like 6ft 4ins and I’m only 5ft 2ins, so when I walk with him, it’s so hard to keep up with him haha. I have to literally jog when he walks at his normal pace. :( It takes us shorter people longer, boo.

I usually can’t keep up with the pace either and it’s quite frustrating when I’m going shopping or something, I usually get pushed and shoved and people don’t even notice me. :(

Wow! That guy was really generous and nice to give you your wallet back. If that happened here, the wallet would have been long gone, seriously. What a nice man. (L)

Awwww, your wallet is so cute! I want one! Mines just black, boring haha.

You’ve forced me to use the plugin to reply. :P I should start closing comments on posts too; sometimes I get so many it stresses me out.

I really liked Georgia on your last layout. I love Georgia in 9pt, but that’s a bit too small for my liking, and any bigger for default text, I start seeing the font as fat and horrible. XD

Hehe, thank you! I think EyeThief is my next favourite domain after Heartdrops. I am so proud of it. /cool

Haha you have some good tutorials too. I wrote my container tutorial after yours, and when I wrote reviews I directed them to your tutorial instead of mine. :P

Surprisingly, your cPanel tutorials were handy when someone asked me for some. I now feel bad for saying they were useless… even though people can really just look at the video tutorials too. 😳

Ew no way; this man was ugly. :P

I haven’t worn the shoes out, but I have been randomly putting them on and strutting around the house. LMAO.

It’s terribly boring because I learned a lot of the stuff in high school, and it’s just… basic. A lot of the people in my class are slow learners too. Sigh.

Haha it’s definitely a good thing being skinny. :P

I think that might have been why I was bad at sport too; I just lost energy so easily. I hated running as well, and I still do. I get so out of breath.

Aha yeah, I’m 5 foot 2 too. /bounce

I don’t usually get pushed and shoved but it’s still rude when people do that, regardless.

Yeah, I lost a scarf in the city once. Dropped it somewhere, and when I realised it was gone, I looked back and walked around but it was gone. That was really lucky.

I used to have a few black wallets and liked them, but they wore out and ripped on the inside and all. :P

I’m replying here because I’m slightly cool. :)

Yeah, you should close comments on posts. It stresses me out big time, because I hate having more than 20 comments to return at time (I don’t like it going onto 2 pages :P) and I don’t like blogging until I’ve returned comments, baha.

I know!! It’s so hard to get Georgia right for body text. Grrr. I just used 80% whatever that is in px haha. I don’t even know anymore. o_O

Awww, you should be proud of it. :) You should be proud of yourself, you keep up with so much!!!

Haha yeah I noticed that. But I guess you only wrote yours because I used to be on MM like 24/7 baha. I’m trying to stay clear of MM…. I might delete it. :O

HAH! I knew that were helpful in some respect because people requested them. I deleted the adding an email account one though, that one was kind of lame. But it’s surprising how many people don’t know how to make a MySQL Database…

LMAO, you’re so cool. :P I used to do that with new shoes or trainers that I bought haha. Makes me feel cool. :)

Oh gosh I would hate that. I mean I’m not the brightest person in the world but my Science class were dumb as shit (no offence to them LOL) but they used to take forever to pick up things. I was so behind but because I was naughty (heh) I had to stay in that class. :(

I still hate being skinny. I’m going doctors next week to see a dietician, heh.

Wow really? I thought you’d be good at running and stuff. I’m good at sport and even though I smoke, I can still run for ages and never get out of breath, it’s weird.

*hi 5* for being 5ft 2ins. xD

Yeah it is bloody rude.

Oh wow. Some people aren’t slow when it comes to people dropping stuff. I hate my area. My mum really wants to move to Australia lmao.

Lol oh dear. :P I hardly use mine, mainly because I never have any money, ooo.

:( I hate it when I have boring subjects. Are you allowed to switch from information discovery and analysis to something else?

That’s a good thing about being short & skinny, you can go through all the gaps. At school, people don’t usually make way, most of the time these are yr 7 & 8 kids so we just push them forward or to the side. :P

I have a tall friend and when we walk through crowds of people we usually split up & find each other at the end. I know which one is her because I can see her head stick out. :P
Also it sucks to be small because some peoples’ speed walks are my jogging. :(

I remember that experiment. It was interesting but I guess the tall guy won because he had a better idea of which direction to go in.

I’d much rather be skinny than fat. It’s so easy to squeeze through things. :)

That was so nice of the man to give you your wallet back! There aren’t many honest people around now days and you were in the city too! The city is full of work people who don’t give a crap about wallets. :P

Things like people coming up to give back the stuff you dropped makes my day, especially when you dropped something extremely important.
I remember once, this lady dropped a whole bag of wool, and I asked my mum whether to give it back to her, obviously my mum was like “Yes!” So I ran to the lady and gave her, her bag of wool. LOL.
Yeah, I don’t have a dream of what I want to become either. When I was young, I used to want to be an author but time passes and then suddenly, I don’t feel like wanting to become an author. I would like to publish a book in my life but I don’t want to become a full-time author. People always ask me what I want to become, and my answer is always “I don’t know”.
I love anything & anyone that makes me smile or laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, and I think it is, most of the time. I’m apparently funny but its not like I got up to people and say I’m funny. Haha, then they would think I’m too “full” of myself.

Aw, I’m sure you must be! Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep tonight.

Sorry to hear you missed your train!

Wow, that’s pretty cool that experiment they did. I get what you mean about being able to squeeze through gaps in the crowd, cuz I’m still a teen so not quite finished growing yet…well at least I hope not. I’d like to be a lil bit taller. Hehe.

That’s really nice of that man to give you your wallet back. And it’s such a cute wallet! Lol, yeah it’s good when people are honest. Saves others a lot of hassle.

Oh, LOL! Asdfgh! No, I don’t mean that at you! /hehe

Yes, it’s like your missing out the concert….but I suppose I definitely won’t miss the next book fair! :)
Yeah, I saw the Amelia Jane series at the book fair too, and it had a very nice cover! :D Did you read when you were much younger? And, thanks for voting as well, Georgie! :)

Sorry to hear about your bad day…I suppose I have such days too, when bad things quite happen unknown. But, those days always get past us!
Yeah, I agree with the advantages of being thin, I’m quite tall for my age, and I’m pretty thin too. So, yeah it isn’t too difficult to get through crowds! /bounce

Yeah, it’s hard to believe some people can be so honest in this modern-day world!

Whoa, they actually returned it :)
That is most /bounce :3

Hahaha, of course the tall guy would win. His legs are longer, and he could see further ahead so he could plan his route a bit better, maybe. But you’re short and zoocute /love
I guess they just wanted to state the obvious, I mean; it’s pretty clear the tall one would win… /bash


Yes! I was surprised – not meaning to judge a book by its cover – he didn’t seem like the kind to be so nice. :P

Well, I was going for the small guy. I didn’t know it was such a disadvantage but I suppose it also depends on how fit you are.

I hate seeing through people to find my way. O_O

(Y) back atcha. ♥

Haha, being short has its advantages, I guess. xD It also means you hit your head on less things =P Which saves braincells. And consequently makes you smarter. Sort of. Hmmm…I wonder if short people are smarter than tall people? =P No, okay, I’m only kidding xD

LOL, being skinny definitely has its advantages! =D I always try to avoid squeezing into spaces unless they are like SUPER huge, because I am NOT skinny! *so jealous*

Haha, I find it really annoying when indecisive people suddenly stop, and you almost crash into them. But then again, that makes me hypocritical because I probably stop suddenly lots cos I’m highly indecisive!

Lucky you were able to squeeze past =P

Urgh, I hate going to uni when the subject is boring and I don’t learn anything…Unfortunately all my subjects this semester [except Econ111] have all this stuff I need to learn…Econ111 will in 2 weeks time, but now it’s the same as Econ110 which is a unit I already passed last semester. Consequently I can’t even pay attention in my lecturer.

Oh! What a nice, honest guy =) Haha…that’s cool. It’s lucky he gave it back to you too! Otherwise it’d be a pain in the arse to replace all your cards and cancel all the crap you need to cancel and all. =( Your wallet IS cute xD Hahaha! And it’s PINK! =D

I need a new wallet =/

Omg, I hate MISSING BUSES! Cos then I have to wait another half an hour for the next bus…*sigh*. The last time I missed my bus was TOTALLY my fault though xD

Oh, yes, I forgot about that one! :P Oh no, not the braincell thing again… that’s so old. 💥

Pshh well at least you’re not fat! :) I usually stop a lot too, actually… hypocritical moment there. Usually it’s when I am with friends though; can’t make up our minds.

I can pay attention, but it’s so bland and boring and basically, they just read from the slides. That really annoys me, because I feel like I’m going there just to kill time.

Haha it’s not that pink! XD But yeah, I felt soooo grateful to this guy. (He looked a bit like Bearman, by the way.) I mean, remember when James and I lost the scarf and jacket? Wah. I got lucky.

Aww! Silly you. This missing-train-business was because I was too lazy. My fault too. 🙄

wow I love your wallet _steals (H)

Aha, I think I’ve seen that programme.. is it like, tallVSsmall and they do all these challenges and there’s a fatVSskinny aswell? it’s like a science programme thing – we always watch it in science lessons at school with cover teachers (Y) I do know though, small is better if you’re playing hide and seek XD I don’t mind things being too busy if you’re moving but I cannot be in a crowd that is standing still. It makes me feel dizzy @_@

Yeah, this layout was really just put up as a holiday one while I was away so you didn’t begin to hate the other one (if you didn’t already :P). It was just a quick one but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. It’s going now though, ehe, I just need to make a new one. So far, I have a background, and nothing else. Fail.

Yeah, it was mega old. I think we had it on like, Windows ’98 or something so, y’know.. Ohwow, I need some more plugins, clearly. :)

Argh, I just went back off the page by accident and thought I’d lost it all! D: but then I came back and it was still up to where I left off. Phew. Anyway,

Yeah ikr. My mum’s like, “I’d only let you go if Steve and I came with you on the train and then went off on our own in London for a few hours” (Steve’s her boyf) “but then that would cost another twenty pounds plus whatever we spend in London and we just can’t afford it” o_O Typical. But yeah, I suppose the trains are pretty dodgy over here, there’s so much security now because of the bombings though! I suppose an older brother is a good idea but MY brother’s only a year older so she probably wouldn’t let him go either (and he’s into shitty music like Kanye West..etc) and my friend’s older brother lives in Sweeden so.. idk. The tickets’ll probably be sold out anyway now, it was months ago we saw it advertised :| Urgh that sucks that it’s sold out :| Maybe you could find tickets online though, sometimes people buy them then, for whatever reason, they can’t go so they sell them..

argh I knoww, except with me, all the kids are much younger and all the adults are like, “why is that kid standing there trying to make conversation with me?” /hmph Problem is, if I take my DS or something (I have to be comfy to get into a book properly, otherwise I get impatient and read the same lines over and over again) my mum (who is usually also standing there talking to NO ONE herself) tells me I’m unsociable. I’m like, eh? I don’t see you making conversation. D:

Just like yourself, I do adore being “small” in size. Being able to squeeze through the crowd. Very convenient if you ask me.

Sometimes I still get a pleasant surprise knowing that there are still some people who are honest and sincere. I’m glad that you didn’t lose your wallet. It looks adorable.

You missed your train :( My mum always does and she takes it out on us T_T

There are so many advantages of being short and skinny! Amen (Y) I’ve always wanted to try crawling underneath someone’s legs during basketball. I would be perfectly able to XD

Of course you can slip through small gaps and stuff but eversince I went to high school, I wasn’t able to use any of my advantages. Our freaking uniform is so bulky XD It’s a pain in the ass when you’re going through one of these hallways. One side had two sets of lockers and the other side is where some people line up for classes. And I have to barge in to get through T_T

I don’t understand why the tall guy won.
LMAO. People complimenting him would slow him down wouldn’t it? But with legs long enough you could probably step over people ><

The main disadvantage for being short and skinny for me is being called anorexic. Today someone saw me eat and 10 minutes later she called me anorexic. I had to remind her that she saw me eat and she was telling me off for eating junk food in the morning XD

Anyways, honest people are definitely the best!
That is a really cute wallet :D

I know it sounds absurd, short and usually skinny people often get away with things more often than ‘average’ or taller people. I find my tiny friend often gets away with little things at school where as usually I don’t (unless to put it into the context of me being a good student)

Is the TV show you’re talking about myth busters on ABC? Either that or it was on something else I watched.

What a kind gentlemen to pick up your wallet for you. ;) I like people with manners these days. XD

*sigh* That doesn’t sound like such a good day. I had a pretty boring one :P But it’s school, nothing much to expect haha.

Oh well, at least you have that advantage. I have long everything and sometimes, my limps don’t listen to everything I want them to do. It’s so weird, though. People in Hong Kong are so short and I’m like staring down some woman in her mid-twenties. Luckily, I’m not riding the train anymore hahah. Well, either tall or short people have trouble getting through crowds in the hallway I’m on. We used to get this HUGE clutter of people on the end my locker was at and it was horrible. :D

That guy’s kind :) I had a nice lady tell me my bag was unzipped once. Teehee.

PS: That IS a cute wallet ;)

Oh that wallet story was nice! Little things like that makes me realise that not everyone in this world is a jerk. :D You’re lucky your wallet was picked up by a honest man. ^_^

sometimes i really hate being short. i need to ask my brother to reach something for me. since i cant reach it even though im standing on my toes /argh but as you said, there are some advantages. i get to squeeze around, which my brother hates. haha. and plus, its easier to find guys! HAHA. if you get what i mean.

ugh. i hate it when people dont make up their mind especially when theyre in a public place! it just disturbs the whole balance thing for me. :P

yep there are really honest people out there. but you need to catch the right one. because some people dont care and just leave the wallet for someone else to find.

when we went to an amusement park, there’s this lost girl. she was so small! there were three groups surrounding her, including us, asking her where her mom is. she keeps saying “i dont know” so we just brought her to a worker in the park. poor girl. hopefully she found her parents :)

i have a camera that you can change the settings. but no matter how much i change the settings, its still dark :( i guess the camera has its mood swings. it takes good pictures when it wants too /huh

hehe the one with selena gomez is kinda the same with hillary duff’s. basically the same plot. well, thats what i think.

Here goes attempt two; I’ll try not to hit my laptop and make it restart itself again /argh

Okay, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Brainiac. Yeah, the program is called Brainiac, what I mean is that on each episode, there’s a different Tall VS Small challenge ;) then on another series (I think it’s a different one) there’s Fat VS thin challenges, because they ran out of tall VS small ideas ;) Proves how often our science teacher’s ill really, to say that we got through over a series of the damn program. The only bit anyone actually watched was when they blew up the caravans XD

Uh Oh, my new layout’s going to be quite grey D: I don’t actually know HOW to include colours into it and make them fit in though, when I re-make up to (roughly) where I was, I’ll DM you a link to the test page and show you what I mean. ^-^

Ah man, ’98 was a classic. I remember when we upgraded from ’95 to ’98 I got so excited about being able to play Solitaire because my friend had it and it was the coolest game ever on computers at the time. And my dads friend bought me a Furbies game for the PC that was on a FLOPPY DISK! Talk about old. I accidentally snapped the floppy once though because I couldn’t reach it and I tried pulling it down and.. well, I was kicking myself for months about it. /bash

Yep.That’s another reason why IE fails. You lose your typings ;) I believe that makes it 1,000,000,000..etc points to Firefox : IE: nil ;) I don’t see why people actually use it. It’s just one of those confusing things that I’ll never understand I guess.

ikr. I’m just like; mum pls, can’t you see I’m busy trying to overtake Luigi on Mario Kart? I’m sure those girls over there are happy enough talking to their Barbies or whatever they play with without me invading ;)

It’s not bad that you and all the other visitors still know who I am. Because I want you guys to know that – but I wanna be just “someone” to everyone else. It will make everything easier.. I can blog about what I want to without having to think if someone is gonna find out about it and stuff.. just what faketragedy was meant to be..

LOL, what? I didn’t make any mark XD

You already have tons of domains.. I am seriously asking myself how you keep up with them all.. you must have some super power or something xD

It really is soooooooooo good to be small! You can use all the lil gaps in a crowd and get forward a lot faster than us tall people xD

That man is awesome! I bet someone else wouldn’t have given it back.. so lucky Georgina! We really need more people like that one man – for sure!

That is such a cute wallet – at least from what we can see :) I need a new one.. really bad.. mine is even older than my lil brother I think.. and he’s 7 xD

Haha. Your post reminds me of myself. As much as I want to grow taller, there are instances that I’m grateful for being short and skinny. At school we have to ride a shuttle, which is like a small PUJ in order to go to our building because our school campus has different buildings for each Colleges/Department. Some of my classmates have to walk to get there because they hate riding there, while I have no stress about getting sweaty and tired. LOL. I’m lucky enough to have some friends with almost the same height as I do.

I’ve read somewhere that there’s this man who was almost 7 feet tall and later he found out that he has a sickness. I forgot which kind, but it has something to do with why he is abnormally tall. He died because of it and that’s kinda scary. I have a classmate who’s really tall; he’s almost of the same height with our door and he had to bend a little in order to get in.

I don’t like being with crowds too. Aside from it’s hot, it would stress me out in trying to squeeze in just to get to my destination and large people bumping into me, as if I’m a cheese in a burger. And I don’t like walking with tall people too. I always get behind and if I speed up my pace, I’d get tired.

Wow. I love how some people are honest. Most wouldn’t return it if they found a wallet especially if it has some money on it. Speaking of which, I lost some money too because of carelessness. I probably dropped it when I tried to hurriedly pay for my fare going home.

yes, I agree. It’s cute indeed. It reminds me of strawberries and cherries. XD YUM! A funny thing about cherries is that the faster you can get the seeds off it with your tongue wihle eating it, the better kisser that you are, like my friend told me. Haha. I don’t know if it’s true though. XD

What is BS vitamins?

Sorry to hear about your bad first day at university, hope it gets better in the future!!


Oh yeah, I remember that layout! :D I loved that one :) I thought that was the first layout though.. Oh no, the first one was the one of you two under a tree thing wasn’t it? with the pink brushes? Aw I love your layouts. /jealous.

I think solitaire IS the only difference between them :P Apparently 98 was faster but I doubt it. :) lol, I don’t think floppy disks even exist anymore. My laptop doesn’t have a slot for them, anyways ;) I think my old one did but that thing’s dead anyway :P.
I always remember in, year eight I think, at school we did a project thing at school for science on powerpoint. If we didn’t finish it we had to take it home to finish. One of my friends did hers but she didn’t have a way of bringing it to school because the teacher (he was a dickhead, plus he didn’t have a clue what he was going on about 99% of the time) refused to let people use memory sticks. My friend’s dad had a company laptop (which was their family computer for internet/school as well) and it didn’t have a CD drive so the teacher turned round to her and said “well, detention if you don’t bring it in on a floppy disk then” this was TWO years ago when they didn’t even sell them anyway. My friend was like “I don’t have a Floppy disk reader thing on the laptop though” so he turned round, and started shouting “IF YOU CAN AFFORD A LAPTOP YOU CAN AFFORD THE FLOPPY READER! THEY’RE ONLY £100” I mean, pls, who’s going to spend £100 for a peice of homework. (plus, she really wouldn’t’ve been able to afford £100 anyways!)


well, no, I wouldn’t buy apple – it’s too expensive. I mean, £1000 is the cheapest mac laptop available, Stupid really. I like my vista, I just don’t like IE :P yeah, FF should come on computers automatically! Agreed.

HOLY TALITO! 97 pounds? EAT WOMAN! :)
Haha, just kidding. But seriously, that’s small. Haha. I’m taller and not really skinny. But I’m not like, very big either. I don’t know how much I weigh but if I have to guess I’d say 130. :O! I used to be teeny tiny in grade 7 but then in grade 8 I hit a growth spurt and not anymore.
Most of my pictures where I look really small are from grade 7. Haha, and now I’m going into grade 10!!!

Yeah, maybe I’ll put them at the top. :)

Going somewhere when you don’t want to go is just total suckage. D:

When people move to go somewhere else I always end up thinking that they should let other people through before they should move. It’s pretty inconsiderate just to step backwards.

I like being pretty skinny for the same reason. :) I generally don’t like big crowds because you get lost in them and people just move and then I feel cramped. I’m not claustrophic or anything but… yeah. :)
Strange show, but interesting experiment. The short person should have won! :O Just because of shorter legs… they should have knocked off like, 10 seconds or something lol.

That’s really nice of that man. :D I hate stupid douchebags who steal things, it’s so pointless! I mean my Dad once got off a train with the wrong laptop. LOL. :S So he met the guy at the next station and they swapped. :)
Your wallet is so cute and adorable! I love the little cherries. /eee

Yeah same: I’m often addicted. :( I mean blah. Then I get on and get distracted and ….UGH.
I don’t stay up late BECAUSE my mum will yell at me. :P Well only if I am on the computer, see. :)
Sleeping like a log. It’s easier for me though that my sister wakes up really late and sleeps deeply ’cause then I don’t have to worry too much about making a loud noise and waking her up. :P

Have you ever made a noise, even just creaking the floorboard, when someone’s asleep? And it seems really, really loud? That creeps me out. O_O
Aww, I hope you’re okay now? I once did something like that, I was seriously pissed off with a friend over MSN who had:

a) Got me at a bad time (i.e 11pm)
b) called me a bitch
c) told me I deserved to die (hmm, fun /hmph )
d) insulted my entire family, pretty much.

Ugh. I just got so fucked off with her (this was actually the other day, after I had to go to the hospital) I told her to get the fuck off MSN if she was going to be so fucking rude and immature. Then I signed out and started crying like hell (stress, I guess, or just frustration) and fell asleep for a minute or two. I normally can’t sleep when I cry but that time was different.

My brother WOULD do absolutely nothing but we postively force the lazy ass to do some things.
Hehe most decorated? You mean decorated yourself or most decorated things like notebooks? :P

😏 / /type ✌️ /cool /bash 🙄


When my brother was younger his hair was all spiky and poofy. Whee.
We need so many cliques lol. :D

Yeah we were just about to get off of the plane and then my mom’s foot hits something and she pulls out a laptop and I’m just like @_@ lol.

Yeah, I know! He just stopped the song and everyone just starts booing and I’m just thinking “He’s doing it FOR YOU!”

And yeah I hope so, too :)

Well that sounds like a rather boring topic. *yawn* I might have skipped that one. You’re a good girl for going.

That’s interesting about that study. I was the same way when I was skinnier. Not that I’m “fat” now, but I’m a bit heavier than I was when I was more active playing softball in college.

I don’t like crowds and I hate trying to weave through them. It’s probably the time I feel the most uncomfortable in life. I get places early to get seats (for example – the movies) for the sole reason to not have to step over and through people. I just can’t stand it!

That was so nice of the man to give back your wallet! It is nice to have a reminder every so often that there still are good and decent people out there.

It is a rather cute pattern, too!

It’s not like I want to change my complete name.. I think I will just go with “Lana”.. it’s still my name – just shorter.. but I am not sure yet. Maybe I will just stick to my name..

Hehe, okay.. but then you have a massive addiction xD But at least you do work on them :)

Haha lol yeah xD In class everyone starts to moan if a taller person is sitting infront of them xD No matter if it’s me or some other tall person.. #1 reason why I always sit in the back of the class xD

YEah.. you’re a pretty lucky girl!

Aww.. that’s sooooo damn cute <3 PowerPuff girl <3

I have a sand colored one.. plain boring and way tooo old xD I need a cool new one :)

Well I bet it won’t be considering you might be on the computer and all… Which would be fun returning comments whilst a lesson! *drools*

You bet you would have been screwed! D: Really though, maybe he just found you cute and innocent or something. James must be proud of his little wuggs! :3 Lmfao.

Yeah. You tend to listen to a lot of the same songs…. :P I don’t mind though. I do that a lot too.

Lmao. I guess I am a lucky bitch! 😳 LOL. Well I would invite you over… Just come here and I’ll get you in the house no problemo. Seriously LOL. It would be an honour to have you in the house! 🤬

Oh I see. Cuz I knew you were mostly Indo lol. Cool! =3 Woo, part Chinese. Ni hao!!! ✌️

I’m quite short for my age, but all my friends are only a few centimetres taller. I’m not very skinny, I’m just an average size, but I still find it easy to get through crowds.

Another advantage of being short is that if you’re short enough, bus/train fares are cheaper, and going to the cinema. I don’t know if that works the same in Australia but I’ve never paid more than £1 on the bus :)

That wallet is cute. Mine is just a normal black one with a few diamante studs on. I did have an expensive Hello Kitty one, but it went missing somewhere ¬.¬ It annoyed me because it cost me £8 and it had £12 inside it, so £20 down the drain |:

Ooh that’s good then (:

Yeah, you probably won’t grow anymore now. Ah well, being short has it’s plus points like you said! Hehe.

That’s definately lucky, better losing a scarf than a wallet!

dont worry, my brother is the same.
sometimes, people think that im younger than him because he’s really big! even bigger than my dad.
if he uses a child bus ticket, the bus driver just looks at him for a long time! some even ask for his age! haha. while i can just pass for a kid! :)

hehe. but what i hate the most is when people just continue sitting even though there’s an old person. they can at least offer their seats.

hehe i get lost sometimes, even now. and i still get scared since i dont know my way around the place, i dont know how to get home, and the crowds are big too! but i just continue walking around hoping to find my parents. haha. its really hard for me to be just sitting there and waiting.

i know! were so lucky that technology is growing but we complain a lot sometimes! well its part of being humans :)

Hmmm, the advantages (and disadvantages…) of being small! As a fellow short person, I completely know what you’re talking about. It’s so much easier to weave through crowds when you’re small, you’re right – people are generally nicer about it to small people trying to get through than to big people. Maybe they assume they just didn’t notice that small person, and that they got in their way. LOL. Or not. But I used my small size to my advantage in my high school when getting to class on time – since there were about 3000 students in my school, the hallways were always crowded between classes. I often had to squeeze through the smallest of spaces between people!

That’s interesting that they put a short person against a tall person to see who would arrive at a destination faster. Sometimes I think people believe that the difference between a short and tall person’s leg lengths are negligible when it comes to speed… but it’s certainly a factor. (However, it can’t always be an excuse. My mom walks significantly slower than I do, and I’m shorter! My dad and I call her a slowpoke, hehe.)

Wow, that’s great that somebody returned your wallet to you. It’s good to know that honesty is still important to some people.

That experiment you talked about that was on TV seems quite interesting.

That was very honest of the man to return your wallet to you.

Good idea, searching for other bands to go and see.
I hope you find something else you like.

Yeah like not only do you not have it but someone can steal your credit card number which is a terrible thing to do :|

Whoa 5’2″? My friend’s mom is only 5 feet XD

Yeah you can be the most unhealthiest person and be super thin :| I don’t really worry about cholesterol quite yet because I am young but I should make good habits now :)

Haha 21 and 18 is not too big of a difference. :) It’s weird you can be 22 and marry a 30 year old without it being weird but now if I dated at like 21 year old it would weird XD Sorry. That was I guess sort of off topic XD

Yeah only the sluts in my grade make-out with any boy who is cute…

Well, it’s good to have a life but mantain your site, you know? It can be considered unhealthy to not have interactions with people you actually talk face-to-face to not just online people from all over. It is rude to abandon your site though…it’s wasteful to the host.

Crowds are annoying. I hate people touching me on them. It’s like “You’re touching me…” and they just knida shrug. Being tall people don’t tend to get in my way.

Smaller people here piss me off though. They just weave in and out of crowds and right in front of me so I can’t walk or have o stop awkwardly! GAH. Absolutely annoying. I hope it’s different in Aus. though. (:

I’d feel incredibly bad if I kept a wallet instead of handing it in. I’d just be execting something to happen to me like BAM!. Y’know? LOL.

Take care of yourself.

I just re-read my comment and apart from the typing errors I see I put take care of yourself. I thought I would just explain. In my Job we are giving new hellos and goodbye when greeting customers and such, my new assigned greeting is : take care of yourself. SO after saying it for eight hours it’s kinda stuck. Apologies.

Crowds are something I’m not very good with. I say excuse me, someone flips me off. I’m a magnet for negative reactions these days :o.
And I’m not that tall…yet. :P

Anyways, it was nice of him to give you your wallet. It seems there’s an uneven balance of good and not so good, though. :/

Eh. I don’t think my comment went through. :P
This is roughly what it said:

Trains are pretty fun, but maybe it’s just me. :P

There’s a difference!
Short people usually have stubby legs. Fun sized people don’t. :)
You don’t have stubby legs. :)

O YA. <– Spellcheck approves that shit?
They seem normal to me. I've only seen a few goths but that's it.
Gays don't count.
Gays rock. I just love their attitude.

That's what I meant, but I have poo(r) sentence structure. D: /poo <– Me and my sentence structure!!

I wish I could say that, but I've lost some faith in humanity. /oh
It's my classmates' fault. They're the dumbest people I've ever had to stay with.
They still say 'more better' and 'more worser', and can't spell to save a life! Kamp spil 2 saiv a lyf.
It made me feel like a genius when I said ESEY TORGET.
Maus in da haus.
That's their type of grammar, in my epic fail school.
Epic + fail = epic fail.
I should stop now. :P

You've never seen Family Guy, right?
They say HINEY all the time.
"My Hiney hurts, Low-ess."
"Shuddup Pee-dah!"

I saw your wallet.
I saw you buy nuggets with the money you took from your wallet.
I'm like that… :D

I used Audio Rush's tutorial, I should just try and fiddle around with the tables until it fits, then.
Har har! /bounce

Where did you get your gravatar?
Did you make it all by yourself?

And BTW you said "I’m talking about the tall *b*uy being complimented."
It made me giggle~ /hehe

OH GAWD!!! AWHFGSDFR! /wah /argh /angry

I had to type this thrice. I was closing some tabs in Firefox while I was about to finish this comment when I my finger clicked the little ‘X’ button in this tab. It did it without the consent of my brain. Where’s my brain? In an empty glass which I had thrown out of the window moments ago. /pow

On the second attempt, Firefox stopped working and my silly brother pressed the Restart button. Grr. I’m going to get him later when I’m done with this.

So back to the topic..

Yup, it’s really annoying. Their administration would set up a schedule so he can come back here and later on they’d cancel it on THAT date. It happened a few times already which pissed my father off. My siblings and cousins are all afraid when he’s angry. LOL. i wish he can return home two weeks later.

Yup yup. I’m going to just move everything to my new domain. I have just made a new layout and installed some plugins recently so I need a little break. And no, it’s not an excuse for procrastinating. Actually, it is. Oops! ✌️

My mom scolded me too when she found out about my money. I guess we’ll our money back doubled! Bwahaha. Or in another form, who knows? $10 USD almost has equivalent value as 500 PHP, so we lost the same amount of money, more or less. /pow

I lost my handkerchiefs the same way you lost your money. I’d put it on my bag which is sitting in my lap and when I got up, gone it went without me knowing until after I’ve walked somewhere and got sweaty. @_@

Hahaha. I thought BS vitamins is some kind of a brand or something like that. I bet you didn’t enjoy the nasty taste. LOL.

I’ve gotten a liking in your emoticons. They’re cute and fun to use. Haha. How different is an emoticon from a smiley aside from spelling, number of syllables and pronounciation?

Whew. I finally finished this comment and I’m gonna press the damn button so I don’t have to type all over again. I’m going to sing if I don’t get this done, again. Not in the tunes just so you know. :D

I am not a great fan of trying to get through crowds. But you are right being shorter can be a great advantage to getting through. And it’s easier if you only have a little way to go, then you might be able to beat that tall guy! /wave

Wow, thankfully they did give the wallet back to you. That would have been a nightmare. It’s just too cute to loose! ♥

I wanted to let you know I added you back as an affiliate, woo! 😝

Haha, you’re right, Georgie! You always are! :D
Yeah, sure, I’ll keep an eye out! ;)

Yeah, it was called Famous Five….we have a lot of FF books at library, and I used to have a lot at home too! But, I got obsessed with Harry Potter, you see. /ehe

Yes, you should be grateful of that! Hehe. :)