Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Yesterday I went to university with absolutely no intentions of going. The subject (information discovery and analysis) is rather boring and I admit I know some of the subject already. Most of it is searching databases with logical operators and using aggregators.

I didn’t have a very good day yesterday. I missed my train. Partially my fault, because I sat for longer than I should have, and left later.

It annoyed me that when I was about to move into a seat, the woman in front of me stepped backwards because she had obviously changed her mind about which direction she was going. I don’t mean to be offensive but she was rather large, and this annoyed me.

One of the things I actually like about being skinny and short is that people are a bit more lenient on you in public. You mumble “excuse me” to sift through a crowd of people, and extremely tall people, slow walkers and the like, will move slightly just to let you through.

The rest of it is pretty much an adventure. You run through a crowd walking down a busy street in the city and you spot all the little gaps in the crowd that you can slip through.

It doesn’t really help if you’re very short; you have shorter legs and going a far distance is more tiring than for a person who is very tall.

An experiment was done on a television show in which they had one short person and one tall person walk from one destination to another. The obstacles basically consisted of busy streets. Being short had its advantages; as I mentioned, it’s easier to weave your way around people.

The tall guy won; he often got stopped to be complimented on his height, but he went at a rather regular pace and the task didn’t appear to be tiring at all.

I really hate going through crowds. I struggle to keep up with the pace of everyone else because I walk rather slowly. Often I’m walking to somewhere in the city, and I spot someone who was on the same train as me. I see them walk ahead of me and I feel disappointed. They’re much taller and don’t seem to be as tired as I am.

Well, it’s not like I want to change and suddenly grow in one day.

I didn’t mean to be rude to the woman, but I just squeezed past her into the seat that I wanted to sit. Hm. Great things about being short, I suppose. (Not like she could beat me to grab that seat.)

I don’t usually like walking in such a busy environment.

The other day I dropped my wallet in the city and I didn’t notice. I was rushing to get through a crowd of people and trying to stuff my newspaper into my bag unsuccessfully.

Thankfully, a man approached me and handed me my wallet, asking “Is this yours?”

I was so relieved. Some people are so honest. ๐Ÿ™‚

I quite like my wallet. One of the patterns in my stocks is actually a picture of part of my wallet. I remember depositing money in the bank, and the teller mentioned that I had a cute wallet. I love it. ๐Ÿ˜

I actually got it from Indonesia on my last holiday in 2007. ๐Ÿ˜„

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