Dreaming Less and Sleeping More

I actually plan on sleeping early tonight (woah Georgina, that’s a first). It’s 10:44pm as of starting this blog, and since I blogged early yesterday, I figured it’s time for a new one.

I opened DreamingLess.com with a snazzy new layout and more written pieces. The layout is a lot less dull and I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out.

I also added premade layouts to the site. They’re just based on the web material on my website. I am most proud of the navigation on the layouts because I think they’re quite unique. The colouring is a bit crazy, but if you’re going to use them you can edit, but credit! (Hey that rhymes… I’m so amused. Easily amused. ✌️ ) So please tell me what you think and let me know if you use one.

I wish people didn’t have to sleep. I could spend all the time in the world doing so many things I want to do. I was a bit tired before and I was planning to sleep but… as usual, the internet got the better of me. :O

I love the idea of catching up on sleep, but I also like the sense of feeling tired. Sometimes I don’t feel tired, even at one in the morning, so I don’t sleep.

I have gotten to points where I have been so tired that I have just fallen asleep.

The other day, it was 2am and I really wanted to sleep, but when I turned my laptop off, it wanted to update before it switched itself off. It was updating with a Service Pack (ugh). It said it would take an estimated hour. But being the idiot I was, I snobbishly thought, “My processor is fast! It can do it in minutes”.

How wrong I was.

I crawled into bed and sat – half lying down and half sitting up – with the laptop on my lap. I watched the damn thing update… ten percent. Asdfgh.

I didn’t realise that I had fallen asleep (who does?). I woke up an hour later and my laptop was asking me to sign in. Oh, smart. It had finished. I was surprised I didn’t drop my laptop on the floor or something.

When I was younger, my family and I visited friends a lot, especially when they had parties. I was only about ten, and we visited them often. I usually brought a book. As I mentioned in a previous post, hanging out with family friends can be boring. I bring a book, and sometimes homework, or a pen and a book, so I can scribble or write.

One time I was reading a book, and I got so tired, and my parents and brother were still wide awake having fun, that I just fell asleep. My brother usually played with the other children, who were around his age. It’s usually like that with any sort of party or gathering I go to. I’m the girl in the corner with the earphones and book.

Back in those days, we arrived home pretty late, and I somehow liked the atmosphere in the car, sitting, and falling asleep in mid-darkness.

I am not one who likes to sleep in the dark; it’s too scary. The lights and just the atmosphere of the car is relaxing to me. Late nights… it makes me want to go on a road trip or something.

Normally at home, I sleep with a nightlight. I just can’t do without one. In the dark, all I can see is my radio clock, and even then, sometimes it’s hidden by that heart-shaped photo frame of James and I.

For nearly my whole life I’ve slept with a nightlight. It used to be a cute bunny lampshade, and the base as well, but now it’s a plain black one.

I’m scared of the dark. That might explain it. I’m scared of being alone at night in the dark. Sure I have my cuddly dog (that James bought me /eee ) to hold on to, but after those freakish urban myths I remember from school camps as a little girl, I need my nightlight. /faw

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Wuggs is scared of the dark *cuddle*

Hoohoo, plush dog /bounce It’s very /love

Everyone needs more sleep 😳 What happened to the ol’ 8 hours a day thing /poo

Yeah, moving cars are really comfortable to sleep in :3
The lights and sounds make you feel safe :)


I am. D:

You need less sleep as you get older, I guess. I used to fall asleep easily and feel tired a lot. I slept at ten in year six or so. I remember thinking that ten o’clock was “late”. XD

There are all those studies that show you need eight hours of sleep and all that. Sometimes I think that’s not enough for me… screw my dodgy sleeping patterns. :O

Ngaweee. ♥

Thank you for the bracelet. /rose /faw

You used my emoddikunzz
in wun

Epic fail imitation of…
…epic fail of remembering who.
Some cat. Happy cat. The cheeseburger one.

Woo! can i steal your layout skills please please please!? lol! mine suck :( Ugh.. I can’t stand complete silence at night.. i don’t mind the dark. but not hearing cars or noise just spooks me. i love being in the car at night or in the day when im coming back from somewhere as i can fall asleep or just watch the traffic go by. COWWIEEESS 😳 ✌️ lol yep im in a weird mood /heart

Agreed: “Whoa Georgina, that’s a first!” LOL…only kidding xD You totally used to sleep before me all the time! But now only half the time depending on how much work I have to get done/how many law readings I have to do…T_T

Ooooh! I like the DreamingLess layout =) It is very, very cool…*nods*. Hopefully you won’t have to revamp DreamingLess for a while now =D Hehe

I like your pink pre-made layout! =D Even though the others are just the same, only with different colours xD [You know me, I love pink]. But no, the layouts are also very awesome. Simple, but awesome…=)

Oh my god. I tried to catch up on my sleep yesterday, and I ended up REALLY falling asleep at like 1am, even though I was utterly EXHAUSTED! I just couldn’t sleep! I need like a whole day, where all I do is sleep.

I wish I never got tired though. You’re right…There are so many other things you could do if you didn’t have to sleep so much. But then again, I love my sleep xD I love laying in bed and doing nothing as well xD

Hahaha! That’s so funny! You fell asleep with the laptop on your lap! You must have been super-stiff when you woke up again if you were in a weird position. Sometimes when I sleep leaning on my arm or something, I wake up and my neck is sore…==

I used to bring books and homework to relative gatherinigs, but that was just in highschool. I’m too easily distracted to do it now xD I have super-kawaii little second cousins to entertain me! =D

Aww! I know what you mean! I LOVE falling asleep in the car! I love the atmosphere when you’re driving at night xD One day, when I live by myself/with my um…boyfriend/husband/roommate/whatever, I’m going to wind down all the windows in my car and go for a night-drive…=) It’ll be COOL. Preferably in summer though, I’d freeze to death in winter…^^…

Hopefully I don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

Yeah! I needed a nightlight to sleep when I was younger too! Otherwise you’d have to leave the light on for me, cos I was THAT scared of the dark. Hehe, your bunny night-light sounds so cute! [Like YOU xP! Muahahahaha!].

I’m totally different now, I’m still fractionally scared of the dark as in PITCH BLACK darkness…or what’s IN the dark, more like, but I don’t really like brightness. I swear I’m light sensitive sometimes. But I have difficulty sleeping when it’s not like…pitch-black. Although it IS scary if it’s pitch black and I’m not in my bed.

Maybe cos if I’m in bed, I know where I am. xD


LOL I know, how queer is that?! And now I’m staying up late. I think I have lost my morning-ness. I mean, I can get up early and like it, but that’s usually on uni days. XD

I am not as productive as you; usually I’m staying up for site work. :O

Yeah, I hope not. I think it’s been like… five months I had that grey/blue bland layout. This one will probably be up for a while too. Haha.

Nothing wrong with having a layout up for a while though. Look at Google. :P

I think the pink one turned out the best; the orange one in particular looks lame. XD

I like lying down doing nothing! It’s like I have my thought time, and just have thoughts lying around. I read somewhere it’s bad to think about stuff before you sleep and I’m like… WTF no, I need my thinking time!

LOL. It was pretty uncomfortable when I woke up. I usually wake up on my side. Lately I have to stretch my arms when I wake up because they’re so stiff. Then I hear a big *crack*. XD

Hahahaha OMG, take me for a night ride. We can actually get our husbands to sit in the front and talk and drive us around. XD It would be very nice in summer. :P

I hate pitch black; it’s probably because you don’t know what could be in the dark, I suppose. That’s probably why most people are scared of it. More scared of what they can’t see, instead of what they can see (dark).

I’m at uni in a boring lecture; help. XD

OMG! Freaky shit. I almost named one of my blogs with the same title!! :O

Aww, you stay up pretty late. :O You need an early night once or twice. :)
I commented at DreamingLess…. I think. :S Or maybe that was the comment I accidently deleted and didn’t rewrite. /wah
Anyway I love the layout over there and the cute little favicon, I’ll have to check out the new additions soon. :)

I saw the snazzy premade layouts! I like them. The navigation is unique. :D
Aww that’s so sweet. :) You fell asleep. I can’t fall asleep in cars.

I like the dark when you’re sleeping. I didn’t used to but now I find it… nicer for sleeping. Aha. I guess because I have a CD player on the shelves opposite my bed, and the little display which shows the time and track number, etc. changes colour. :) So when I sleep, my wall changes colour from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to pink to red… /eee

I’m not really scared of the dark. I used to be but it was only because I was paranoid about axemen and things leaping out of the shadows. I guess I tell myself now that I am more mature and I don’t let my imagination run away with me anymore. :)

My sister used to have a nightlight; it was yellow and it was also shaped like a bunny. :) She’s grown out of now though.
Heart-shaped photo of James and you. ♥ That’s absolutely adorable. /eee /bounce


Aha. I only had 8 lame ones. :P
Yeshms, my shoes are they converse I ordered online. Wahey. :3
Ho hum, thanks. :) I don’t think I look much older then my actual age to be honest.

I’m glad too. :) Even if he does do… nothing.
OMFG. Darren Kent is gonna haunt me for life, I swear. I once saw this guy in town with another having a fag and I swear they looked really similar. :S
Hardly gets up my hopes.

So that’s something else you guys get up to. LOL. I was talking to someone before and they were boasting about how they’d prank called 999. I thought it was pretty fucking stupid to be honest.

Haha. I love ranting. XD I guess I do it too much… but it’s enjoyable. ;)
Yehee, I like to see what’s up in Australia. Plus you make everyday things sound so interesting. I need that ability… badly. XD

I’m glad I’m not either. :( I know someone who faints when they see blood… they’re pretty hopeless in Biology. D:
Pfffft, could see where he was going better. XD Meh. Short person should have won though! D:

Yeah, same. I would PANIC. But yes. Honest people are awesome. :)

Yes, I think so too. *tsk tsk* You’re up at like, 1am. :O Whoa.
My mum and dad’s room is along a seperate corridor and they both sleep pretty deeply so I’m okay. :) Sound travels in my house though. :@
Yeah… I mean I just can’t do it. Cry and then sleep. :( D:

Tell me about it. She goes to a different school and she blocked me. Hah.
OMG my brother does that. It’s like, “I’m busy”.
*bam, bam*

Errr… sure you are.

I don’t think I’ve ever feel asleep without realizing it –but don’t hold me to that statement! lol. I used to love falling alseep in the backseat of the car too, it was nice when it was dark, I liked the lights as well when we drove by –they’re also pretty.

I like your premade layouts too! I still haven’t completely figured out making my own WordPress themes, so I think I would use premade themes for a while which is ok with me. So I would definitely consider using your premades in the future :)

Aww, well at least it’s not a sister that’s older than you. I guess that could be a bit worse, since boys are ‘supposed’ to grow tall. Lol.

I find it hard to fall asleep if I’m in the middle of anything. It would just keep me awake. I used to be able to sleep whether it was dark or light in my room, but now it has to be almost pitch black. I can’t sleep with a nightlight anymore =/

Yay, someone else the same age that me that doesn’t sleep in the pitch black! It’s not that I’m scared to sleep in the dar, but I’m not used to it so it just doesn’t feel right, lol. I’ve always had a light on in the hall and my bedroom door open so that’s what I’m used to now.
I love going to sleep in the car as well. I don’t know why though. I like to bring a blanket and pillow on long journeys, take my shoes off and curl up on the seat. XD

I sometimes fall asleep without realising as well. I tend to be tired during the day but then wide awake at night. I usually stay up pretty late and the next thing I know I’m waking up at 11am without even remembering going to sleep. /hehe
I like your premade layouts by the way. They look really good. :)

I love sleeping, I sleep too much actually. I’m on my 5th week of the 7 week holiday at moment, and I’ve gotten up between the hours of 11am-2pm every day, it’s fun! I go to bed at about 3am, so maybe it is a bit too much D:

I hate it when my laptop updates /angry It takes so long, I think it needs sorting out :|

I never used to like sleeping in the car, I don’t like it much now either. I can never get comfortable, seriously, car seats should have pull out beds! xD

Having the lights on at night irritates me, even if it’s just a thin strip of light from between the curtains, I just can’t sleep with it. It’s annoying when I stay at friends’ houses, because they like to have the door open, so I cover my head with a pillow, but then I can’t breathe x_x

Yeah, I installed Spamfree ^_^ I’ve had no spam since, so it’s all good :)

Hehe, yeah. I got more and more curious after Kat started talking about it too. I watched the first episode a few weeks ago and then this lovely computer decided to hate me again..

I’ve read some stories (not books, I only have 2 books with “heavy” sex scenes in it) with some “heavy” sex scenes..and I think it’s really something different between just reading them or actually see them. For watching people really should be at least 16 years old.. depending on the heaviness factor xD

Lol xD Gina.. here in Germany that would probably be some kind of porn star name or something.. You could go with Georgie, that sounds nice :)

I will buy a new – very soon! Mine is kinda embarrassing too..

You wanna sleep early?? That is like a miracle or something xD Georgie never goes to bed early..

Yay on opening Dreaming Less! I am gonna check it right after I leave you this comment!

Haha lol xD You fell asleep with your laptop on your lap?! That poor lil thing.. imagine what would’ve happened if it would’ve found his way to the floor.. But why has it to update when you want to actually go to bed?! I hate those moments.. you are like super tired and your bed is calling you and then the computer decides to update.. hell no! I am really happy that mine usually just need like 2-5 minutes.. I have to wait tough because I always turn the power off when I go to bed..

You sleep with a nightlight? That is like sooo cute! When I was younger I was afraid of the dark too.. glad I’m not anymore.. I also never really had a nightlight.. I just left my door open because my parents were still awake and had the TV on.. that was enough light for me.. even if it was just a lil bit that came from the other side of the house..

It’s soo cute that James got you something you can cuddle with! I really don’t like things like that.. I wanna have my bed just for myself.. my poor feature boyfriend xD He will have to sleep on the floor – between mine and my sisters bed xD

She better have been trying to tell you the plate was hot, if not she’s to blame for you burning yourself on it. Haha. Hope it’s okay now.

Haha, there’s always people like that at iceskating rinks. They all skate backwards and jump and stuff, just to show off. I just hold onto the barriers to stay away from them.

I want to get some high heeled boots, but I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in them very well. Or run for the bus. There’s loads of high heeled boots in shops, but hardly any flat ones that I like, typical.

You haven’t ever played on a Nintendo DS. Whuut?? That’s almost equal to me never watching the Lion King, haha.

The new Dreaming Less layout’s lovely. The colours are great! And I love this posts title by the way, very clever. And the premades are cool. I agree, the navigation is unique; you should be proud! Yay Georgina! Crazy colouring is cool anyway.

It really annoys me when that happens. You’re about to turn your computer/laptop off and it decides to download something. Or when you’re downloading something and it takes longer than expected. I’d probably end up cancelling the download and restarting it the next day. Or my dad would end up switching off my computer half way through the download, haha.

I never took anything to do to family parties or weddings when I was younger. That’s a good idea actually . Me and my sister just used to get bought crisps over and over, just to see if we could win a free packet or money in them. It was some promotion anyway. That was probably the only interesting thing they sold at the pub/bar when we were younger.

I fall asleep in the car sometimes. I guess it’s because you watch everything moving past you and get tired. Particularly when you’ve been out all day.

Happy sleeping!

hi there :) i just wanted to say that your site helped me a lot when i was starting out with my domain so this a little note of thanks :)

You’re very welcome. I’m glad to know that I was able to help you somehow! Congratulations on the domain. :)

Oh my god, I know. Pizza is so full of grease. I hardly use napkins cause I’m a neat eater. But with pizza I have to have a napkin to wip my fingers every time I put the pizza down. But I love it so much!

I moved my links to the footer cause I thought it looked neater. I hope that’s ok with you, cause if you don’t think it’s fair, I can move everyone back to the sidebar, so just let me know.

I would definitely confront her, I mean thats who I am. I don’t let no girl come between me and my man. I can be a very jealous person, it just depends on the girl in question. This has happened before with my now best friend (Carmen). I told her I was going to beat her face in if she didn’t stay away from Jordan. She did, and after Jordan and I dealt with it, I talked to her and apologized for acting how I did, and she apologized cause she started it and she shouldn’t have. I was definietely more mad at him than her, but I had to go all out in order for me to get through to her. I guess it all depends on if you trust him or not, whether you’d get super mad.

I feel the exact same sometimes, just falling alseep at times, and sometimes I can’t sleep at all. It’s horrible. I slept 18 hours one night, then the next night I sleep for 2 hours. I hate it so much!

And I can’t sleep with any light.

I read some of your essays and poems. I liked the essay on Imaginative Journey. I can’t say that I fully agree with it, but maybe I didn’t get the whole concept of the play or your essay thesis. My brain isn’t functioning fully at the moment. Lol.

I like the colours you used on your premade layouts. They don’t stand out much and they are soft, easy on the eyes.

Insomnia is never a good thing. I’m glad you don’t have it. But even if you’re not tired, you should get some sleep. It’s not good staying up late. You don’t want eye bugs do you? :X

I don’t like the dark either. I sleep with a nightlight, as well. :) I have always had one. When it burns out and I don’t have a bulb to put in I freak!

Normally I don’t like going to sleep except for today. I am so tired because of my fever I have. I hate, hate, hate being sick because I have to make up a ton of work in school. I am hardly sick though ^^

That’s so good! Imagine what would’ve happened if she had a lot of cash in it.

It’s not bad to be short at all :P LOL. I l-o-v-e green beans!! :D

Yeah like if you are 90 and you marry someone 20 XDDD I don’t think that would happen though haha.

Well guys can be stupid. They don’t really think things through at times.

Whoaaa, love the layout on that other page ! :D
Ahah (: I was scared of the dark before and I was always thought someone was hiding in the closet, in the restroom, or something. xD
But thankfully, those days are officially over! Ahah(:

Yeah, I saw your Tweet message about your desktop wallpaper. (: But I like it since it’s simple, !

Hmm, yeah, you do TONS&TONS&TONS of reviews. XD
You can’t seem to compare your list to mine, ahah !

Ooh, I like your new website! It looks great so far! I will have to check it out some more when I have another spare moment. Your premade layouts are also really cute! Nice work!

I don’t like the dark either. I’ve always had a night light too. What stinks is that my husband like the absolute darkness. That didn’t make for a nice combination but we have seemed to work things out now. :P

Georgie D: I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply to your comment, because my site’s down (at least for my computer) because of server problems, I hope they will be fixed soon.

Argh, scared of the dark…I am, too, and I’m also scared about teensy little TV things that aren’t even supposed to be freaky at all. 😳

Because of school that’s starting tomorrow, I can’t update much D: Maybe once or twice a week, I suppose, but not much. D: Please don’t delete me! <3

Hey Vi! Don’t worry, Kat mentioned the server problems and I was aware of them. I can’t view your site either! :(

Yeah, on television they sure have a lot of freaky shows and stuff to just freak you out. I hate them too. :O

That’s alright. I’m back at university myself, so we’re both busy. I won’t delete you. :) ♥

I don’t have Opera, i heard it look kind of firefox. Right now i’m using Google chrome and it is soo amazing lol. It’s soo fast.
They think it’s fun to treat people like kids. And then they start this back when i was a child story lol
back when they were kids the computer wasn’t invented soo…hah! lol i am crazy lol

I just Googled Tweetable, can you add it to sidebar? It says you can but i can’t figure out how.

you have a lot of websites 👏
you should add some of your writing to http://lovechem.net/ magazine thing lol

I love the new layouts :D i’m trying to do a wordpress theme and it’s going okay so far lol.

I only sleep when i’m tired and thats hardly never. The earliest time i’ve slept is at 11pm. Wow school starts soon, kinda scared because i have to wake up early and i cant fall asleep sometimes lol

My nightlight is my television, i leave it on at night and the to sleep. i cannot sleep without some light reelecting in the room. it will look incredibly scary.
I’m scared of the dark too, when i have to go somewhere dark i always have this feeling like someone is falling me and watching me and is about to kill me /faw

For like the millionth time I’ve replied to one of your comments, I’ve forgotten what we were talking about… for the majority of it. It’s been a week I think, or perhaps not. I feel like I haven’t talked to you in ages. What will happen when school starts for me, unlike you, I can hardly cope. Perhaps one day, I’ll have to hire someone. Too bad I’m as broke as can be. Hahaha, my plan: get rich, perhaps win the lotto, and THEN hire someone. ^^ It all would work out, if I was only old enough to even buy a ticket, and if I COULD win, the chances are about a million to one.

But in reply to the last part of your comment, it is much nice to be able to relate to someone. Although we were talking about age, I have to say for me… I really have no one I can relate to… at least in my life at the moment. I have kuya, but well he’s a guy and guys are great and all, but sometimes it’s just nice to be talking to your own gender. And also, most of my friends… aren’t Asian. Not saying they have to be or anything, but I do enjoy Asians. Hahahaha, how dumb that sounded. My old school [grade school] was like 99.9 percent Asian while the rest were… whatever. And now its like 99.9 Caucasian and 0.999999999 percent Asian. And the Asians there…. are either in your face, or out of it. It’s like, I just want to find someone to listen to me. God, finding friends in this world is difficult, when you’re me. I have such high standards. Which is a good thing? Because high standards are hard to…. something, I read that in a book. Ack, I’m rambling.

I use to need a nighlight. Back when I was .. ten, I couldn’t sleep in my own room. Yeah, that’s kind of lame of me but I was afraid Chuckie was going to get me. What a stupid phobia, but still. I’d see the light underneath my door, from my parents being awake and I’d think he’d come in. Or the few dolls I had were going to attack me. I watched some scary doll flick and was freaked out for a longggg time. The nightlight helped me stay in the room, but I can’t sleep with it on. I like the dark, I’m a night person. The dark just facinates me and the light does too, but I can’t sleep with light in the room.

I didn’t know Dreaming Less was a writing portfolio! I’ll go read some things later. ^^ I want to start writing again, but the inspiration has kind of died within me. xP

Yah Google Chrome is awesome, It does the spell check thing too so it is similar in some way. It doesn’t have any toolbar or anything. I don’t know if you can install some but I’m not even going to try lol

If you make a tutorial on it, please tell because it would really help a lot :)
Which one you add will be amazing. You are really good at writing.

I’m trying to fix it, i’m going to bed at mid night, i cannot miss “The Nanny” re runs lol. I love that show. Only our tv is on at night. But it’s on mute though. I don’t have night light lol

Ooh, I’m going to check out that Dreaming less wesbite, seems awesome. Imma read EVERYTHING! Dun dun dun…

I never go to bed when I should, so you’re not alone. At times I have mid terms the next day and I’m too glued to something stupid on the computer screen xD. Heh.

I’m somewhat scared of the dark, but I just keep the door open to my room, and the hallway light keeps my room non-scary. Plus, I keep the radio on the whole night, which makes me feel more comfortable…

I used to always be the youngest one when it came to friends’ and family gatherings… But now, usually I’m the eldest, because I’m the only loser who actually goes with my parents places xD, damn…

I sometimes wish that. If people didn’t sleep, more things would get done, yeah? It reminds me of this movie trailer I saw in theaters yesterday, about a world where everyone tells the truth and no one lies. Can’t remember what it’s called, though.

Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, so I get to sleep at a later time. It sucks when I have to be up early the next day, though x_x Royce also has a problem going to sleep, and he doesn’t sleep very well either. Poor thing :(

O.M.G. I’m scared of the dark too! It was really bad when I was a kid, but now I can sleep without a nightlight (granted, my iPod speakers are always lit up so I guess that counts as a light?). But sometimes, if I get really scared, my [actual] nightlight comes on (and it’s cute, it’s a ceramic white squirrel holding the lightbulb). This is why I can’t watch anything scary; it’ll scare me so badly, so shitless, that I end up getting physically ill and end up throwing up all night. Yeah, it’s not pretty at all -_- now that I mention this, I’m starting to dread Halloween. Royce loves scary things, so who knows what things and shenanigans he’ll drag me into? If I disappear after October, I entrust you with the task of telling everyone I’ve been permanently checked into a sanatorium. Or an asylum.


wow! You stay up really late Georgie! I could never stay up till after 2am.

I love those new premade layouts, especially the blue one. I might use it sometime if it’s ok. Of course, I’ll credit.

yeah, that’s what happened when I made my latest video too lol! At least I’m not the only one that’s happened to! :P

Yeah, you sort of sound you have an accent. I love accents haha!
Yeah, I know my videos are so long. But eventually I’ll get them shorter. I just need more practise.

Yeah I don’t eat much meat as it is actually. We can’t afford it, it’s so expensive nowadays.

lol! People jumping out of windows for FUN? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of that.

Try and get some more sleep Georgie, if you can. :)

First off, the updates look great! I agree the navigation on your layouts are unique. I’ve never seen navigation like that :P

I love sleeping ^_^ You should sleep more, too, Georgina. It’s bad for your physical and mental health to sleep for only a few hours. hahah. I get tired really fast. My eyelids start drooping at around 9:30… but if I’m staring at the computer, then it keep me up.

I always want to accomplish a lot of things during the day, but then it turns out I’ll have to stay up late if I want to get things done. The computer is so slow when you want it to go faster. The service packs gets me so pissed at times. But luckily, Microsoft doesn’t update as fast as WordPress does. Phew!

I’m the exact opposite of you! I can’t sleep if there’s even a tiny bit of light. I need absolute darkness to sleep ^_^ that’s just me. Oh and I need my dog. I smell his paws and I drift to sleep. He’s just so soothing :) People think nightlights are for kids, but really, some people need them. Certain people need certain atmospheres to sleep in. ;) Don’t worry, Georgina. Nightlights are cool ^^

Really, your going to try and sleep early? :P The latest I’ve stayed up is probably 2 or 4 am at a sleepover. I was so dead for the rest of the day. I don’t know how you can sleep late all the time and wake up in time for uni.

Congrats on re-opening dreaming less with a neat new layout! Yes, the navigation on your pre made layouts are pretty unique and I’m sure many people will use them. :)

I like sleeping in and staying up really late. :P I try and sleep early on week days as I wake up at 6:30am and catch a bus at 7:40am. It takes me forever to get ready!

I’ve actually played on my Nintendo DS Lite quite late at night and I’ve just fallen asleep in the middle of it. The next morning I jumped out of bed and the DS fell. I needed to recharge it haha. :P

I hate updating things on my computer because it’s quite slow and I hate restarting computers and programs. Why can’t it do it automatically? :(

I’m like you, I usually bring a book to read or some homework and my iPod so I can be so anit-social. :P No I just don’t really like talking to some people sometimes.

Aww, I love night lights. I don’t sleep with one, I don’t think I ever have but I can understand why your scared of the dark. Maybe you could sleep early-ish so that the lights in the house are still on and then fall asleep in your room. :)

It’s okay that you’re afraid of the dark. I’m perfectly fine sleeping in a pitch black room, to be honest, but I’m sure I have fears that most people would not share the same sentiments with. I have this strange fear of fire . . . or volatile things, so when my friends and I went to light some sparklers, I freaked out. ~___~;;

Speaking of sleeping, I’ll admit that I still sleep with a teddy bear! Only because snuggling it in my arm is a comfortable position for me. :D

Haha. I didn’t know about Ctrl + Shift + T technique. I guess I might try that one. :P

Yeah, he’s stupid. We only get along because of DotA. Other than that, I don’t think so. He always teases me and sometimes would ask money. Moron; but he’s very dear to me. I hate it too when my favorite things get scratches and get dirty. There is a cleaning material or substance here that gets the scratch off, only when it’s new probably.

Lucky you! You don’t have to taste it. My vitamins are in capsule form.

I love the new layout and your premade layouts. Really unique, I agree, and the background is a plus. :P You have heaps of domains; doesn’t it get expensive when you renew all of them?

I used to lack sleep when I was younger and now that I’m busy and have lots of work to do, all I want is sleep, rest, sleep. LOL.

Haha. I’ve tried that too, unintentionally; things like falling asleep while I was writing a reaction paper or while texting and not finishing the message. It’s a wonder your laptop didn’t fall off; my cellphone did. I guess I move too much when I’m asleep. XD And I get irritated when I sense just a bit of light when sleeping, so I sleep with the dark and cold wind. Makes me relax and doze off in a minute. Aren’t you scared of what’s in the dark?

Well, parties. I don’t know why but I always get bored in events such as those, not to mention family parties. >_< Parties with friends are better, but then again my friends and I don't do that often, only when it's necessary so it's negligible. 😝 😝

Hehe, you’re welcome! :)
Yay for the new layout at Dreaming Less & the new premade layouts! I love the navigation! :D

Haha, sometimes I just keep thinking and thinking about something, and suddenly, without realising, I fall asleep! That happens most of the time! And teh next day, i wonder how I fell asleep while thinking about that something! LOL. And sometimes, if I’m too tired, I just lay on the bed & I’m asleep the next minute!

Yeah, I love sleeping in the car at late night…it’s just so awesome, with all the lights and night sounds! How I’d love to sleep like that in a car… 😴

Well, I don’t actually need a nightlamp, because I keep my windows beside my bed open & the street lights can be directly seen from there. So, I get light from there! I love it when it rains at night and how the street light keeps glowing on & on! I do love that so much! I spend a few minute watching that beautiful scene!

Heart-shaped frame of you & James! That sounds so lovely! :)
And, I’d like to admit that I’m scared of the dark too. It send creeps around me. Yeah, so we both are scared of the dark & I’m sure a lot of other people are! :D

Sorry, I typed “teh” instead of “the” ! /bash

Wow, wasn’t that quite a long comment? :D

The Black Parade was the one I didn’t really like, haha. My favourite was Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. There’s some really good songs on there.

I love the layout on Dreaming Less! It’s so simple but really pretty. :) Your premade layouts are great too. I like the fact that you have done them the same, but in different colours. Now hopefully people won’t have to edit them so much.

Haha, I’m so like you. I don’t get tired until stupid-o-clock in the morning, therefore don’t get to sleep until late. But even if I’m tired early, I don’t go to sleep. It just doesn’t make sense?

Aww, you fell asleep with your laptop on your knee, lol. Those stupid Windows updates! They take forever, especially the Service Pack ones because they’re huge!

Laptops should just turn on in the middle of the night, do the update then turn itself off again. That would be so cool!

You have a nightlight, thats so cute! ^.^ I just have a lamp, but don’t sleep with it on because it’s brighter than my actual light, haha.

I don’t mind sleeping in the dark, but I sleep better with some kind of light. For example, I leave my T.V. on alot of nights when I go to sleep, or just something like that. I suppose it could be considered a nightlight?

I wish I never got tired too, it sucks that we have to ‘waste’ hours in the day by just sleeping. There’s so many more important things to do, it just holds us back. Maybe one day scientists will create a drug so you don’t have to sleep for years? LOL.


Tehe, sleep is the best thing to do, especially those mornings when you wake up and realise you have the day off, so you can have a huge lie in!

yer i hate outings like that you’re just there on your own like ….hmmm……..
i saw your premades the other day they’re awesome, i’m too lazy to make them haha
oh how i wish i didn’t have to sleep either, i mean like every day, i’d still like to sleep, just like every other day, I’m always so busy, or maybe if there were more hours in a day ya know so you could get things done

omg that’s so annoying mine always says it wants to update and i’m like but i wanna sleeeeep and i’ve so done that before i’m like yeah my super fast laptop can do this in like 2 seconds when in fact it is an average laptop
MLIA my laptop is average xD xD i’m so so incredibly sad lmao
in cases like the above though ill just leave it on all night or will it to go faster

awww i used to sleep with a nightlight when i was young but i hate any sort of light now when i go to sleep i like being in the pitch black it’s soothing somehow xD

awww the only thing i get freaked out about when i sleep in the dark is that a burglar might come and steal my stuff which is both weird and incredibly materialistic of me xD LMFAO

i’m going looking at dreamingless now :)

[copy+pasted] I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gone on hiatus for a while. Sorry for this sudden notice, I have a good explanation XD You can check out my homepage for more details and information. Feel free to delete this message after reading it, as I’ve copy+pasted to save time. Thanks!

Georgie! Would you stop being such a naughty lil girl XD “Imagination running wild” made me luagh XD

Yeah.. I think that’s actually true.. I think I will keep my name too :) I will just uncheck the box that says “Let search engines find me” and then everything should be alright..

Oh wow, I am soooo proud of you Georgina! I keep going to bed ealier lately too.. usually I would go to bed around 12-1am but now I am down to 10-11pm..

It really is a relief! I just recently checked that one website where I published most of my stories and some readers asked me why I don’t write further.. I kinda messed up my last story and yeah.. I just can’t keep with the writing too long.. I usually either lose interest or run out of ideas.. both suck XD

Oh yeah right.. I am glad that the updates that my computer makes automatically turn the computer off.. but I still wait and turn off the power..

Oh yeah.. me too! Though most of the time I will leave it open anyways.. fresh air and stuff like that. When I was younger I always slept with my door open XD

I love sleeping in the dark. It’s the environment conducive to sleeping for me. I used to sleep with a night light on back when I was little. I used to freak out whenever my mom turned the lights out even when she hugged me tight.

I love sleeping. I wouldn’t ever not wanna sleep :)

Yay for the premades! Love the layout. Simple :)

Sometimes sleeping early is a very good thing. Oftentimes when I claim I’m going to do that, I don’t. “The Internet gets the better of me,” as you said. It’s addicting. One time during the school year I did go to bed very early – around 9:30. My friends came looking for me, but I was already in bed!

I should really check out Dreaming Less more thoroughly. I’ve never really taken the time to browse through all of your websites, but this one I definitely should. I love to read others’ writings, and clearly that domain of yours is right up my alley. (And *nudgenudge* you should submit something to my ezine. ;) )

Interesting that lights help you sleep. I used to always need some subtle background noise or a bit of light to fall asleep. I guess it’s just comforting to have that small amount of light or that bit of noise so that you feel you’re not in some isolated darkness. I don’t have a nightlight anymore (mine was a yellow/orange flower shape), but my alarm clock is fairly bright in the darkness. And plus I have my teddy bear that Dan gave me, who’s super cuddly and comforting. ♥

Hehe, I sleep late too. Since I’m a kid, it’s a really bad thing. No idea why I’m taller than an 18 year old *cough you’re not a freak, I am… cough*

My mom is so fun sized. She has never been taller. :P
Not sleeping enough can kill you, but your pattern isn’t that extreme. You’re an adult (kind of, but not FULLY grown which is 21) so it won’t affect you as much as it affects me. D: <– IS MINE. *cough* XD

Aye, I remembered you said you would mention me in your blog. D:
I'm so in love with that terrified emoticon.
They blink too much. :)

I love your writing, especially the one about the woman on a journey to visit her dog's gravestone. Stephenie Meyer should kiss your ass… not literally, though, that wouldn't be necessary.
I can't believe I actually liked Twilight.
The movie, that is. /ehh

I really adore your premade layouts, I love them so much! I should use them, but I'm hesitant because everyone else would have the same… and I couldn't have a snazzy image as a header. That's why I tried to customise the premade I used even though it's the tackiest crap I've ever invented. Other than the premades that I offer. Mine are utterly terrible, unless someone uses it as a base and doesn't give credit as usual. /um

I also love how you made WP ones and PHP ones, because my WordPress is pretty screwed up as the contents somehow aren't in a folder because I'm an idiot. :P
My favourite one is the orange… maybe the pink. Dunno.
I really think you should make a gothic-ish purple and black one. That would really 'sell'!
Even if it doesn't really sell, your hits will rise! :D

I've told that to my dad once, not having to sleep. It's useless and it wastes hours of life. Life is only around 100 years.
And life should look like photography. Everything in photography is so perfect. /love

I'm not like that yet. I still have my standards, but sometimes I just don't care. :D
I wish I could stay up without being so scared about my health deteriorating. D:

That's so cute! My mom can sleep with her eyes open. D:
I don't ever realise it when I sleep. I always try to keep an eye out for… sleep. XD
So freaking hypnotic. You don't remember shit about switching worlds.
That's how I see it… switching worlds. Like when you die, and you come back. Like what Lilian said on Twitter. :D

Sleep more often. :)

I'm a loner, I'm always left out. I do it on purpose because people my age are just weird.
It's not easy socialising with 11/12 year olds.
They're just so… weird.
I'd rather be a uni student's friend. :)
So, I don't really blame you for just being by yourself. That's just how the smart people are.

I like sleeping in the car, too! I love how I just hear my parents talking and laughing and other cars driving past. And the soft streetlights shining on my face. Ah.
I also love how it slightly jiggles, like what they do with a baby's cot. It's so comfortable.

Sleeping in the dark is not my thing, either. I usually keep the hall's light on and leave my door ajar just in case I need to go to the toilet. But I'm not scared of the dark. :P
I used to be terrified of the dark when I was a toddler, after watching this thing on TV.
Playschool. XD

So cute! /faw You need your nightlight.
My brother is the same. XD
Since we don't even have one, he shivers under the blankets instead. Even in summer.

I bet this message would be spam. XD

Sometimes I do, and it doesn't work. Bleh.
What a waste of time! My comments are usually huge!
Like this one. :P

What's a PLOK, and a GJS?
I hate spellcheck as much as I hate Bill Gates.
They both need to be raped by a rapist. (WHO ELSE?)

Balley? What's balley?
I've been in a shell for many years.
Maybe half.

Everyone needs a little gayness in their life.
They are the best people to be around with. Screw those homophobic idiots. They're just scared at the fact they might be gay.
I heard that on a documentary.

Spellcheck can suck Bill Gates's balls, then.

I hate rap. D:
I chatspeak with my dad for fun. :)

Peter Griffin. D:
You have to watch more.
It's so… addictive.
Nah, I'm joking. It's just a must.
Hiney. :D


You mentioned that it has been around 6 years ago.
I love it dearly, but if I use it, people will think I'm you!

A very bad buy.
Don't buy it! XD
It's a waste of fake money. D:

And I'm getting a donate button soon, my dad will use his own PayPal since I'm not 18 yet!

Longest fucking comment. Ever.
My comments are longer than my blogs!!

WordPress is a whore so I tried to fix it, it done it’s whore things again and I had to start all over.
Dumb whore WordPress.
Always fucking around with me. /hmph

Hey affiliate :)
It’s Lauren from littlecabs.net, but I’d just like to let you know that I’m changing my name to Joy for personal reasons. Please change my link ASAP.

Thank you,

PS- I’ll comment on your blog after :) I just have to get this message around to all my affiliates, lol.

Dang, I forgot to change my name. Whatever, please change it to Joy :)

Alright; I’ll change it as soon as I can. :)

I knew my comment would be marked as spam. D:

My WordPress screwed up again so I have decided I’d install it in a folder named “wordpress” since that’s what everyone else does, but how to I put the blog on the index?
Everyone has their blogs on the index, but they’ve installed wordpress in a folder named wordpress too.
My site is still accessible. :)

I’m trying to sleep early lately. I’m trying to sleep at 8pm, haha. It was too early for me at first but I’ve used to it.

I love the new layout of DreamingLess.com! It’s simple but cute. I’ve read the series and they are awesome too. Your writings amazed me. :P

And yay for premade layouts! I love them. Yes the navigation is unique. :P I’m sure many people would use them.

Actually I hate sleeping. It wastes my time. I wish people didn’t have to sleep, too. I can do so many things on 7 hours…. But I love when I feel tired and I fall asleep; it feels good! :P

I’ve fallen asleep in front of my laptop for countless times. When I woke up I found people nudging me on MSN. Haha.

I love sleeping in the car! I love the atmosphere and everything.

I turn on my lamp when I’m sleeping. I won’t turn it off because my room looks scary in the dark. My cousin who can see ghosts tell me that there are some ghosts inside my room -_- I’m afraid to turn off my lamp ever since.

Ahha, but I still like to do the questions cause it sometimes bring more things to talk about with an affie if we don’t have much to say except, “What’s up?” :D

My skin gets burned, easily. :[ I hate that about my skin, urghh. It was like cherry red when I got home, but thankfully the red faded but was still pretty red the next day. (:

Yeah, I agree, reviews DO take time. I hope this doesn’t ruin my reputation or anything. :D

For some reason I find sleeping such a waste of time sometimes. I don’t know why but sometimes i’d rather stay up and do whatever pending schoolwork there is or blog or something if you know what i mean. I hate sleeping in the dark too. I need a bit of light for some odd reason.. the darkness creeps me out most of the time. Ack.

Yeah good thing you didn’t drop your laptop or anything! I hate reaaally slow updates -_- They never fail to make me feel impatient. Haha.

What suspense? /huh

Yep. It does. D:
The more sleep, the more height! ;)

My mom’s shoes are too small for me.
Looks like your mom is really tall. :P

Don’t worry! You can mention me in the next post instead. XD

It blinks every half second.
*shifty eyes* :)

Of course. I’d choose your writings instead of…
“…his perfectly toned chest. And then they saw his perfectly toned chest because a perfectly toned chest is a perfectly toned chest and then they mentioned his perfectly toned chest because I am retarded. I don’t have a perfectly toned chest because I don’t see a perfectly toned chest that looks like a perfectly toned chest.”
That’s all I read when I read that stupid book just then.

He looks like my grandpa.
Or a thinner version of my face.
Well… not really. XD But everyone says I look like that douche. How insulting. I’m not that feminine.

You are welcome. :D

No, no fails at all!
It’s good for dial up noobs. :)

I assume you are talking about the picture of the poopatron 8.5000?
That’s my favourite layout!
And thanks. /faw

Oh yes it did. :3

I can help!
I’m making the background right now, if you don’t mind. XD
*Bucket fills*
I love purple, that should be my next layout. :3

Why is that? D:

I play with my brother and his friends. Apparently, they are not whores.
The girls have boyfriends already. They keep telling me to tell their boyfriends that if they don’t buy them jewelry for them, they’ll dump them instantly.
I don’t mingle with that sort of junk. :)

They don’t even know what coding is. LOL. XD

*Jiggledance* Snuggly trains!

Same with me, I go to the toilet every night. :P

YO. Yo. Yo is an actual word!!
Spellcheck is soft on numerals. Blah.

It is? :O

Me too. It even happens when I’m WRITING. Like, my teacher tells of a dumb kid a million times and I write their name on my sheet. Then they get high marks instead. FML.

That’s because he can’t spell for crap!
Fosho. <–Is that even a word?

Same with mine! He just says "Lol k we go home @ 8 kk?"

Is that 1 dollar? :O!

WordPress is meant to be pushed around.
You tell it to say things for you, AKA blogging. 8D

Haha. Do you play games? DotA(yeah ‘A’ is a capital letter :S ) is the only game I play aside from Super Mario. 😝

Can’t you use it for your laptop? Or you can buy some in a store. I don’t know much about laptops because I don’t have one and I’m not a fan of them. :S

Bwahaha. My phone is slim and smexy. She’s sexier than me, can you believe that? /hmph I’m not a super body-conscious type of person so it doesn’t matter. 8D

I’m more scared of cockroaches. That might be the death of me. I sprained my ankle just because of that damned insect! >_< I hate those annoying brown creatures with little rough feet and brown wings. If they all transform to butterflies, I'd be happier and less worried. /pow

The layout at Dreaming Less is beautiful! Actually the word “dreamy” comes to mind when watching the layout, and not in a bad way but in a good “fantasy, daydreaming” type of way, you know.

I’ve been having sleeping issues too for the past few weeks. I’m so used to going to bed at 2am or later, and getting up at 10am or so. But school starts soon and I should really go to bed at midnight and wake up around 8, so. I have to slowly change my sleeping pattern…

Haha yeah. I always think song titles are more… different. Interesting. Random. /eee
I like randomisity… he. /hehe

Awh then it was the one I didn’t rewrite. Bummer. :( Anyway basically I was praising your new theme and that I was aware my portfolio is in a bit of a state… a bit.

I guess you do need a heart for Heartdrops. :3 But the diamond is still cute. :D
I might have fallen asleep in the car yesterday on the way back from the theatre (we went to see Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was much better than the Tempest, and I actually prefer that one) but my Dad was playing a dance CD at Volume 23. Which is shitting loud… so I had no hope. XD

Haha yeah it’s not a bad CD player, I got it for my birthday a few years back. It was only £30. XD Lmfao.
Hehe pretty awesome webcam you have there. :D

Yeshms. Which I guess it pretty pathetic, lol.
Hehe, sneakers. ♥ I like any type of sneakers. Whee. /eee /bounce /hehe

And Darren Kent is an ugly fag. ¬.¬ So that’s all fun. :D
Oh I’ve always been meaning to ask you what the emergency number is in Australia! :D I think 000 and 999 are cool. 911 is… isn’t triple digits, heh. ;)
And yeah – it’s the emergency number. XD
Another thing I’ve been meaning to ask: do you wear your hair up often? Yeah, okay, so it’s random, but in the pictures I’ve seen of you, your hair is always loose. Don’t you have it up sometimes? XD

I’m not looking forward to Biology next year. :/

Yaaaaaays. :D I slept late… yesterday. But I have an excuse. :P 😴

My brother stares at it enough but doesn’t just… stare. Heh. XD

Well, seeing as you aren’t in a uni lecture anymore, I can’t help lmfao. Don’t feel bad, I always read your blogs like a day before returning your comment. I’m lazy you see.

A fucking fat ball? LMAO. That made me laugh. I hate it when people do that though, especially if they’re your affiliate or something, pah.

I remember your article on hit counters now haha. I just re-read it and it amuses me, lmao.

Yeah I agree. Some people need to realise that they need to have decent sized line-height, it just makes their blog hard to read. :( I love my big fat fonts with big fat line-height haha. I’m using huge tahoma on my next layout, muwhaha.

They should credit you, I don’t know why they feel the need to rip me off all the time. Maybe because I’m to nice? :( My clues are pretty simple actually. But yeah, my premades are the same as my style so it’s easy to spot. XD

What the fudge? You remember that girl? Who ripped off everyone? I think she’s at it again. Her tag cloud tutorial is similar to yours, but crappier. Like, she just re-worded what you put. Some of her articles are very similar to Kerry’s too.

No, me either. It makes me feel depressed. I usually close comments when it gets close to 20 and I don’t feel like returning them. I remember I used to have like 50 to return at a time haha. That was hard.

Lmao, but you use huge fonts so it’s OK. You should convert some time, though. :P

Yeah, I’ll keep MM lmao. I love it too much. At least I don’t go on it every 5 minutes to return comments, though.

It is needed. Some people are silly. I’ve had so many people emailing me asking me how to make a MySQL, it’s funny. :)

LOL. I love it when people think they know everything, then when it comes down to it they have no clue. Amuses me.

Thank you. That’s if they even refer me. They might make me have a colonoscopy though, I refused to have it last time. I’ve already had a endoscopy and that was bad enough. LMFAO, ‘full of fat’ I can’t believe you have high cholesterol when you’re not even big. It’s funny haha. Mines fine, oddly enough. I eat so much fatty stuff though. I only have a vitamin b12 deficiency. xD

Oh, that’s odd. I thought you’d be good at running. I found a school letter the other day… and it had my name on it. ‘Vicky S******* (10v)- 400m Champion’ I won the 400m at borough sports (where all the schools in the area compete). I felt well proud LOL.

I WANT TO COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! I’m scared of spiders though. :(

Woah, Georgina and sleeping early?! Are you OK? *feels head* lmao.

The layout on Dreaming Less is amazing, I love it! I’ve already told you that though. :D

You already know I love the premade layouts. They are amazing and I’m sure everyone will be using yours instead of mine now. Haha. I’m easily amused too, and that amused me. xD

I love sleeping, but I’d love to stay awake… I’d get so much done! I keep trying to do all nighters but I usually get tired at about 1am haha. I suck.

Oh gosh, you should never have let it update. :P I usually do that, then I sit there trying to keep myself amused so I don’t fall asleep. I’m surprised you didn’t drop your laptop on the floor too. o_O

I’m usually like that at parties, I just sit in the corner listening to my iPod or find a quiet room and just lay down on the floor (where I usually get attacked by little kids).

I like driving home at night, in the dark. It’s really peaceful… until we actually get to my town then it just sucks.

I used to be scared of the dark too. We have a night light in our hallway, its a tiger. My step dad uses it in the mornings so it doesn’t fall over lmao.

That’s sweet you still have a night light, I guess it gives you that sense of security. I sleep with the TV on… I like the light that comes from it, it makes me feel safe. /faw

Haha that might be true! But, I don’t believe in that…thinking before sleeping actually makes me sleep! LOL! I guess I just get bored and tired of letting my brain think of everything that happened that day, so I eventually fall asleep!

Yeah, I love nightlight photos too! They’re awesome and convey a sense of feeling that’s different for different people. If you get what I mean. 😏
We live in a not-so-quiet road, but still silence is maintained during afternoons and nights! Evenings are full of children playing!

Yeah, I’m scared of so many things, LOL. But I think it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, since we all have hidden fears and secrets! 🙄

Wow. Dreamingless looks amazing! I started to read “The Aftermath of Something Beautiful” and commented at the second page :) I need to finish it when I get time! Remind me! :) It’s brilliant. I love it, I really do ♥
Wow those premades= ♥ especially the green one XD

Eugh. I hate those updates. The ones where it updates AFTER you click shut down? Eck. I had one once that was fourty eight updates and took three hours to complete. So I left my laptop on while I went to sleep and then my mum had a go at me the next day for leaving it on overnight. I was like, hello? You’re the one who was telling me to go to bed! /angry

Yep, that’s me as well. Corner+headphones+DS=wierd girl in the corner. For me. I like it that way :P

I hate the dark : /faw and I always have to sleep with my door open. Always. My mums boyfriend has this HUGE fuss over people leaving lights on or things plugged in so I’m not allowed a nightlight so I just leave my blinds open to get the street lamp outside to shine in :) But after watching The Strangers I’ve been paranoid about being home alone – in day or night. That’s why I’m distracting myself online now so I don’t think about it 😰 It’s not actually a scary film now I’m thinking back at it but when I was watching it I had a pillow infront of me for over half the film D:

On my old laptop it never turned off the normal way so I just help down the power button and it worked ;) Genius.

:O I liked the pink and green one! It was the begining of Heartdrops, so you should be proud of it. It was 1000000 times better than my first one. Remember it? The one with a car on the road which had been edited with WAY too much contrast and way too much noise added? :| I did love the second layout though (the one you reviewed) I think that’s my alltime favorite layout <3 I miss it. Do you think people'd notice if I used it again? :P and the anchor one.. I liked that one as well :( I think my horizontal top background layouts were the better layouts for me actually D:

I don't know if my processor is fast or not to be honest.. is (looks at the sticker) "Intel Pentium dual-core processor T4200" good? :P

Yeah he was an arsehole. Mr Quadric or something. He left thank God a few years ago. No one misses him. I'd actually forgotten about him until we started talking about floppy disks :P It just took me five minutes to remember his name. I was like "Que- Qui- Quadly?" /ehe oops.
A custom laptop with apple AND Vista? Well, good luck with that one :) A few thousand maybe? I bet Mr.Apple doesn't even have one of those! :P (or do they actually exist?)

Aw thankyou :) I think I'm helping. He gained about fourty extra votes the day I asked people to vote XD

Yeah I was always taught ‘the magic word’ as well. Even when I was a kid, if anyone gave me anything, my Mum would say “What do you say?” and I just knew.
I guess it was programmed into me at a young age, lol.

I don’t get why some parents don’t teach their children manners. When I was younger every time I went out Mum would say to me “remember your Ps and Qs”. /hehe

I’m cool.

XD Georgie rocks ✌️ hehe im so glad you liked the signature. im totally crap usually 🤬 it’s hard to believe i’ve only been doing it for 2 months, but i get bored easily and decided to learn to do it. i can also do proper flowing writing with little hearts and stars attached but that takes me 2 hours to do /huh so does this make me cool now /um /type

I know right! Whenever I hate someone, I always say “I hate people.”

I know what you mean. I always feel the same thing, too.

If I were them, I would listen to the speech or at least talk to my friends quietly. I didn’t even talk. I talked a bit, but I shut my mouth up when I found out my teachers were watching me.

I hate people who ignore stuff by listening to their iPod. They don’t care what’s going on around them and enjoying their own world with listening to their iPod.

That’s why I hate it when my teacher arranges the group. It’s annoying being with the person that I don’t like and won’t cooperate. I’d like to be with my close friends because they’ve committed to work on school stuff.

Thanks! Glad you liked my new layout. Finally new background too lmao, I’m so glad.

I went upstairs early but I always end up with tweeting from my mobile… :P

Yeah my cousin can see ghosts, she’s always freaked out when she goes somewhere she have never been to. When she stayed at my house, she didn’t go to shower alone, she went showering with her mom because there were tons of ghosts there (the bathroom that I usually use). She’s 18 lmao.

LOL, why am I bitch though? :P How can bitch be said in a nice way? LOL.

Yay, glad you like it. I love purple, mmm. I just wanted something different. I want to see if my ‘follower’ copies really LOL.

No, you’re not annoying. She’s just such a loser and obsessed with the TV which makes her a moron and annoying.

Yeah, but it’s Autumn/Winter there right? :P It’s actually raining right now, and it’s going to rain tomorrow so that would have sucked. Haha Rob wouldn’t take me out, the lazy douche. I might go to his though. Or just go out with some friends.

I know!!! Heal The World is such a beautiful song. (L) Yes we do. :P You should listen to Breaking Benjamin though. I need to get more people to like them, muwhaha.

LMFAO @ your attempt to type your name with your elbow HAHAHA. I have skinny elbows, so it might work for me. Lets try. vicky :| I’M SO COOL. I might video myself doing it so people believe me haha.

I am lazy with comments… sometimes I’m really good. I leave the long ones till last all the time though. =/ I’m returning yours straight away today!!!

Oh what the fudge? She asked to your affiliate, ugh. I hate people who use affiliates for hits, it’s not nice.

I know, I usually hate Tahoma but I really like it that size for some reason. It’s yummy.

Haha yeah I love it when people point it out in reviews. I do it as well. I’m like ‘yep that’s my coding’ wankers.

We’ve kind of discussed the Julia thing. Just thought I’d tell you because I hate it when people steal/copy my stuff.

LOL. I can help you. I prefer %’s, it’s easier to convert to them heh. 12px is 75% and for the arial size you’re using it’s 85% :)

They are stuck up and dumb, it’s quite funny actually. LMFAO, seriously? Aww bless. My step dad told me to go into web-design. I designed our family history website because it made a mess out of it and he was quite impressed and didn’t realise I knew so much haha. I wanted to go to college and do it but I’d have to pay £900 for the course. :|

Oh that’s good. I’m surprised I don’t have an iron deficiency because I don’t eat red meat… Ew spinach? Yeah, it was horrible. I wasn’t even put out for it, I was awake. :| It is worse LOL, I don’t want it I’d rather stay skinny and keep losing weight, pah.

LOL, awww! Bless! I only done it so I could miss English, Double ICT and Double German for that day. That was the worst day of lessons, ever. My German teacher was scary… and Irish. :(

LOL I know. It is like you never sleep, you always manage to fit so much into one day. :|

I’ve seen someone using one of your layouts… they changed it all but credited you so it’s all good. :)

Oh gosh, I’m terrible in the mornings too. Especially when I HAVE to get up. I’m always tired because of my B12 deficiency haha. I’m due my injection in 2 weeks so the last injection is wearing off so I’m like dead.

LOL! Tut tut. I’m proper looking after this laptop. I have this cloth to wipe the dust off. I dust it everyday. XD

That’s always how it is. I want to keep away from everything and then you always get the most attention, fails.

My town does suck. Come to my town to make it better? (Y)

Haha aww, that’s cute. We can’t keep our bathroom light on. We have an automatic light in there, so when you walk in, it comes on. It goes off after a minute or so if theres no movement. It’s quite annoying when you’re trying to go to loo and the light goes off lol.

Wow really? Our TV is on all the time. I hardly watch it mind. I just like the light coming off of it heh.

I’ve heard a few songs from Smashing Pumpkins, they’re OK. That reminded me, I need to download some songs by Bowling For Soup… don’t ask how that reminded me. I need new music. o_O

Epic comments FTW.

Georginaaaa!! Well ‘eyyy!! Gahhh, I missed you so much. XD Hows everything?
Neat layout you’ve got up there, the colors are really good, remind me of calmness. :P
I have a friend who always stays up late and says she never feels tired. This one time she called at like 2 AM or something, and it was a school night. My dad answered the phone and started yelling at her thinking she was some kind of prank caller. /hehe It was hilarious the next day when she told me everything. XD I actually love sleeping. I dunno why, but sometimes in movies when someone is cuddled in bed or sleeping, I feel sleepy. And sometimes when someone is just talking about sleeping, I feel sleepy too. /ho Hmmm…
HHahaha!! You get scared of the dark? I dunno. I’ve actually always been paranoid of any lights on when I’m sleeping. I have to close any light source right away. XD This one time my friend invited me and another friend to a sleepover, the whole night me and the other friend didn’t sleep well or felt tired because the one who invited us keeps the lights on when she sleeps. I automatically don’t get any sleep with bright lights on. /hehe Anyways, ttyl. =)