Poison All Our Skies

I have a new scratch on my laptop which upsets me, because it’s right in the middle of the lid. I don’t know how it got there, but James said that maybe I can fill it up or get it repaired. I just don’t want it to cost too much. The scratch is pretty deep.

I think I shall carry a towel around to wrap it in. In honour of Towel Day, every day. A tribute to Douglas Adams’s birthday. The wonderful author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Series.

I love Douglas Adams’s books, and not just that series. I love the way he writes and the zany things he puts into his books. He has the craziest and most wonderful ideas. I’m surprised no one has written anything like his books.

But then again, who would write something like that, except him?

If there’s one thing that makes the world pretty awful, it’s people who steal. What did they teach you in school? Not to plagiarise. What are all works on the internet under? Copyright. Because they’re published.

So why do people steal? It puts this off-putting smell in the air. You can just sniff it.

What I find unbelievable is when it’s obvious people are stealing. At university they use this program to check whether you have plagiarised anything. It’s so accurate, if you copy even a phrase, they’re out to get you.

On the internet, I also find it unbelievable when people steal from popular websites such as Audiorush, Tiny Scars and xDinna.

There is a particular person (oh, link, yay, take that, nothing to be afraid of) who has stolen a number of graphics and tutorials. The tutorials are obviously copied, with the words copied almost verbatim, and the codes copied as well – not to mention completely copying someone’s free layout templates. This person has stolen a number of my tutorials, and even copied my navigation code exactly.

How desperate are people nowadays? Not only is it unoriginal, it’s stealing. Stealing other people’s work and claiming it as your own. By all means be inspired by other people but don’t copy their work. It’s breaching copyright and, you could be sued.

If you wanted to write a book you don’t copy something John Grisham wrote.

Have you got the nerve to steal from JK Rowling and take all her words, maybe replacing a few characters with your own? When everything is so blatantly obvious that you stole? I’d think not. Then don’t steal other people’s tutorials from their website. I’m sure you wouldn’t like other people stealing from you.

You wouldn’t copy Pablo Picasso’s Weeping Woman artwork and say you made it, maybe even before him.

Like this ridiculous person, who copied Jorja’s poems, which she wrote all on her own, word for word.

You can go into a shop and steal a bar of chocolate. But if you’re going to steal someone’s work, that they worked hard on, maybe think about if you would like people to copy what you made and pretend that they made it.

I don’t think you want to copy Darwin’s Origin of Species with his theories about how we as humans evolved. Why? Because you aren’t interested?

Well, if you don’t want to copy something as revolutionary as that, then you shouldn’t copy other people’s written work or visual work, especially on the web. If you’re founded out, you not only gain a bad reputation, but you can be in trouble simply for plagiarising.

When someone publishes something on the web, it’s under copyright. You shouldn’t steal other people’s work. Now if you see someone copying your work, don’t think twice. Tell that person to stop, because you have the right to take action.

When you write something, date it, and send it to yourself. The timestamp of when you sent it is proof of when you write it. Sometimes on the web, it’s hard to protect your work, but even if you can’t do much, speak up. It’s your work, and your right.

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Yay :) I’m so glad you linked them. It’s pathetic really but at least it shows people how they really are. /angry

Also, that send it to yourself thing is genius! ♥

I think that’s the shortest comment(s) I’ve ever left :D Also, I stole the first comment, sorry James :P

These reply boxes are way too amusing. Do they just keep getting smaller? /ehe

Oh man, I have to tell you about this book I’m writing

It’s about this kid, right. He’s young and scrawny and pasty, so kids everywhere can identify with him. And he’s destined to be this, and the only one capable of doing that, and he’s got some sort of scar on his face from tripping over and grazing his head on a funny-shaped paver (or…some sort of dark crazy guy you can tell he defeats gave it to him). You know. Pretty cool, eh?

And wait till you hear about my new theory: Survival of the Fattest! Coming Soon..


LMAO. That made me laugh. :)

Urgh. Stealers really have no life, they’re just proving that they have no talent except in plagiarising. Why they can’t come up with something of their own? I don’t understand. Everyone starts from square one, and they have to insist on jumping up to a higher square. It’s ridiculous. /bash

Ouch, poor laptop! D: Hope it gets fixed soon for a low price! And XD to Towel Day! :D

They’re so unoriginal! I know people struggle to learn things and make content but stealing from others is just silly. I guess they’re embarrassing themselves enough.

Yeah, I shall have to go searching around for somewhere to fix those poor scratches.

I hope your site is up soon, Kat! :) ♥

Thanks Georgie! :) I hope so too.

Have a good day! hehe! /mwah

I friggin love your icon. ♥

My poor poems. /wah /wah /wah
Do you suppose she even freaking well knows what ‘Ephemeral’ means? I’m probably more fucked off she stole my old site name and used that. Ephemeral Days. Ugh. I guess my lovely heavy metal wasn’t making me feel better.

I mean, I remember writing all those poems. I wrote Transience in a Maths lesson. I wrote Tragic Seraph on the bus and the original copy was ruined when one of the boys chucked an open water bottle at me, so I rewrote it. I wrote ‘Peaceful Surrender’ one night by torchlight.
I’m seriously annoyed with this freaking bitch.

And oh my oh my. Julia at Uniique. She had problems with stealing before, as we all know — you warned me about it when she was in my review queue. So I reviewed her site and didn’t find anything stolen.
But on Twitter this morning? It’s ridiculous. Just steal when we’re apparently not looking… especially stealing from you and other people! It’s fucking stupid. For a start, did you make that? NO. So what if you freaking credited, you’re a stupid bitch from taking from a site that once helped you.

And yeah – it’s a popular site. So everyone is going to freaking notice.
Some people just don’t ever change. They say they’ve changed, put on a bit of a face, and then decide it’s okay to start again, everyone thinks they don’t steal anymore. Well I’m telling you, stealing is a waste of fucking time.

I find it hilarious when people steal and it’s obvious. Like the lovely Julia is using words and a writing style which is perfect and beyond the norm for her. I know English isn’t her first language, but it is funny to see all these differences. If you want to steal from someone… well, fuck you, for a start, but it gives you such a lame and bad reputation. /hmph I wouldn’t say it’s worth it to be honest.

I could go on forever.
I think I’ll end here.

I hate scratches on my laptop! I do have a lot of scratches on my laptop, but I don’t really care and I don’t want to repair it. I think I’ll get the new one soon for my birthday. 🙄

I’ve never heard of Douglas Adams. *goes to Wikipedia* He sounds good on your description. I’ll try to look for his books. I hope the nearest bookstore from my house has some. Bookstores here have ugly books. :(

So why do people steal? Because they’re just unoriginal, stupid, have no brain to think. They’re brainless. :P

I wish my school has a program right that. It would be nice haha. Many students copied their works from the internet.

I feel sorry to those sites! That must be annoying when they find out someone has copied them. I’ve never been copied actually–I have, once, but besides that, as far as I know, I’ve never been copied.

I would be angry and I will spam their site and I’ll tell people to not to visit their site anymore. I feel sad that most people who got copied left the WWW. The ones that should leave the WWW are those arseholes. Copiers. STEALERS. /angry

YES FOR LINK! Our guest star tonight! Woo-hoo please welcome Julia from Uniique who previously owned 85Reddig, also known as the greatest stealer this century!

No. Stupidest stealer, because it is very obvious that she steals. At least she has to clean some evidences… and fake things up if you get what I mean. Be a smart and clever stealer. Not the idiot one.

At her review I’ve pointed out that her articles aren’t hers because the writing style is different. The words are too hard to understand for someone who doesn’t have English as her/his first language. I won’t even understand them.

People are really desperate these days. I can’t believe it that people are that desperate.

If someone copies John Grisham, I’d like to slap him/her.

Someone copies a poem? Online? Oh wow, how amazing. That shows how desperate people are. The world is going to reach its end isn’t it?

Is there a word called “Online Kleptomania”? People who like to steal online?


HAHA! I love the subtle link. XD
Ooh, you mentioned my site. /eee thanks!
Eurgh, I swear so many people at the minute are stealing. And it’s people with domains! I don’t get why people would pay for a site just to steal things from others. It’s beyond me. /bash
Perhaps we should steal all of their clothes and stab them repeatedly with forks. That could be fun. And maybe it’d make them think twice about stealing again… then again, maybe not. /pow

😢 I hate getting scratches on my laptop (and on anything else really). It genuinely upsets me. lol. I dropped my phone on an uneven drive before and the side of it cracked slightly. That upset me. And I have a scratch on my ipod, one on my laptop and several on my car. :( I hate scratches! /wah

(By the way, one day I’ll stop using so many smilies in my comments to you. But not just yet, they still amuse me too much.)

Just in case you’re wondering, this is Lily from heartland-sky.uni.cc, I’ve moved to Melodyflows. xD

Gah, I know it’s really terrible to find a scratch on a laptop. I have one too. And guess who did it? My little annoying brother. I think I might save a lot of money this year so I could buy a new laptop next time. :D 🤤

ARGGH, I can’t believe the person who stole your stuffs is listed in my affiliates list. I shall remove her at once. I know that she used to stole other people’s stuffs and I thought she has changed which she had mentioned that when her visitors asked her somewhere. But I guess she hasn’t. I really hate people like that. No, I don’t hate them, I fucking hate them. Excuse my language.

But I know how you’re feeling right now. Now, if you still remembered, I used to blog about the person who stole my stuff on Myspace. I felt like throwing a bomb at her face. 💥

I feel bad for Jorja that someone stole her wonderful writings.

It is absolutely very, very illegal to steal someone’s courtesy. They’ve worked really hard on it and someone just simply took it away from them. I still can’t believe some people think it’s okay to steal someone’s work on the web. D:

I’m like you. I hate it when my “toys” get scratched! So annoying. >_<;;

And yeah, I don't understand why people steal and copy stuff that's not theirs. It's wrong. The people they steal from might not be rich and famous where they can sue, but that still doesn't mean they should steal from them!

My laptop has no scratches but that’s because we kept that plastic cover thingy on.
I don’t know Douglas Adam. And I’ve never hears of Towel Day T_T Sounds cool though. Come to school in those hair-drying-towel-turbans?

People steal because they’re lowlives. People steal because they just aren’t good at anything and they think that being praised for something they didn’t make is a great achievement.

I agree – it’s especially stupid to steal off a popular site that everyone knows. Extreme stupidity.

It’s funny because that person still linked you an thought it was okay. WTF. I don’t see any ‘you can redistribute my tutorials’ sign on your tutorials page. And it’s strange because I had absolutely no idea that she was a thief /bash when I first saw her site.

And that person who stole off Jorja! Jorja’s site is quite popular too. And the ‘ashley’ girl who owns edays.webs.com barely speaks with punctuation and stuff yet she takes credit for Jorja’s flawless writing /pow Well that’s smart?

That person can get him/herself into a lot of sh!t for all of this. I need to ask you a question. Anything you publish on the web is automatically copyright is it?

Yep. Anyone would be better than the James I just blogged about – ugh that stupid idiot.
I don’t think I fall for chocolate and teddies easily (but I’ll eat chocolate any day hehe) – people can’t buy my affection with this MUHAHAHAHA.

Anyways, I don’t have much love-dub-dub experience so I’m not exactly sure how someone could win my heart if they wanted it ♥

I guess he was trying to be sweet – I didn’t know what to do T_T. It was one of the weirdest situations I’ve been in because it was my first situation like this.

I think I’ll have high cholesterol (even if I’m thin) because cheese is my favourite 😳

I’m terribly sorry if I’ve overused emoticons in this comment lol :P Have a nice day!

sorry I’ll do a real comment now, I was just excited and wanted to steal first comment :P I laughed at James’ comment so much XD

I reported her to the website where she stole her XHTML tutorials so she should remove those, at least. It’s a start I suppose. I can’t believe that Ashley girl though. I think her cBox will be enough for her to shut down her site though, she’s not fooling anyone, as she can (now) see. :D

You should be proud of it. I can’t write for shit. Really, I can’t. I mean, my English teacher put me down a lot when she pretty much told me that I’m no where near my target grade. I mean, pls. My “target grade” was decided from a test I did at the begining of Year SEVEN (the first year of high school). So now, because I flooked a test four years ago she’s disappointed in me because I’m not getting A’s. Although I was really disappointed in one thing I wrote which I was actually quite proud of and she gave it a B and wrote “change this please – not enough metaphors”. I mean, surely if it’s a B then she could’ve told me what’s good so I know what NOT to change. I just added in about two extra sentences with metaphors and handed it in. She can’t moan. I added more metaphors. That’s all she told me to do. /hmph

Urgh, I hate it when my mum tells me to go to bed. Especially at the moment when it’s school holidays. I mean, no offence mum but I’m fifteen. I’m old enough to know when I’m tired or not.

Ehe, we’re not anti social. We’re just not sad enough to hang around with little children. ;)

My room faces the street but I live down a short dead-end road so there’s nothing outside. hang on..
here’s a view from my window (L)

yeah I might make a layout using those colours but a different image or something. Like, instead of the bird maybe.. um, idk. But something cool ;D Yeah I really love this layout. You should do more horizontal layouts. <3

Ooh, yep. the sticker says mine has that. Underneath the other bit it says:
(2.0 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache) lol if that means anything to you. It's all jibberish to me. :)
and it's got 4GB DDR3 (I think that's RAM) and a 500GB Harddrive <3 At least that's enough memory to last me a long long while ;)

:0 Your uni has apple and windows combined computers? Woah. _jealous. Steal one for me :) along with an adobe cube XD (do you still have those?)

Aw, that sucks about your laptop :| If theres no internal damage, you could always get on of those skin stickers or whatever they’re called. I’m thinking of getting one, you just stick it on and it has a funky pattern on it :3

Seriously, thank you for writing this blog. I was supposed to review that Uniique person, I was going to give her a mega bitchy review and give her 0/10, but she spammed my blog, like 67 times, and I just thought, she’s not even worth a whole page of bitchiness.

I also saw that site that stole from Jorja. It’s so stupid that people would steal |: I don’t see why they do it, because it doesn’t make them popular, it makes them hated.

I’m going to give it a few days to decide whether to convert the pages. I have a lot of pages, not half as many as you though D: I won’t convert my portfolio though, because I can’t have a seperate layout on there.

I couldn’t decide which one I liked. People were split as which layout too choose, so I just coded a new simple one. Man, I change my layouts too much D:

Awhh, hope your laptop gets repaired soon. > < & Now I know. :( She even made different colors for the bullet Audiorush created, HMPHH.

Woohoo, congrats to us for having easily dry skin & sensitive skin! Ahah.

Ughh, my comment got cut off big time. :[

“My old Apple got scratches, etc a lot cause the ‘other side of the screen’ (the white part) was really… I’m not sure how to explain it. xD But with this Window’s one, it doesn’t get any. Only the screen gets dirty, which I could just wipe. :)

Ermm, I just ranted about how I reviewed uniique’s site and found a bullet Audiorush created and even had different colors for it, hmphh. I should have never review her site.

I like promotions too. It just made crisps somewhat more exciting. Even though I didn’t really want to eat them anyway.

I’ve seen show like that. Where they dress an older person in younger clothes and it just looks completely wrong. Someone should tell them that clothes for young people don’t make older people look younger, they just make them look like they’re off to a fancy dress party. Sometimes it actually works really well though. Those are the good makeovers!

It’s a pretty mean show. Until the ending where they get nice comments though. Even though they have to go through seven days of being maked-over (is that a word??) for them comments.

Yeah, I agree, some slogans are really outdated. I like advertisements for products when they sing a song on the advert or something. Makes the product more memorable. Plus everyone sings the song which is pretty fun. I love jingles!

I tried some of my friend’s REd Bull she’d bought, then went to get myself some. It’s okay for the first few sips an then it just tastes… I don’t know… weird?? Anyway, I wasted my money on that, the actual branded Red Bull’s expensive for a can that small.

Ooh, hope you get that scratch sorted out. I don’t like it when that happens. I don’t mind when I’m not trying to keep it scratch free, but when I am… it’s so annoying. I took my camera out for probably the first time, and it was all new and shiny and pink. Then I aksed my friend to take a picture of three of us and he dropped my camera on the concrete floor. I was mega pissed off. My phone’s incredibly scratched though, and I don’t really mind that, haha.

As if that person copied your tutorials. Haven’t they ever heard of putting in the work and writing their own?? Uh.

As for the ‘Would you copy J.K. Rowling’s ideas’ thing, I actually did that when Harry Potter cam out (the first movie). I started to write my own version, but with a female lead, whose name rhymed with Harry’s I think. It had the same-ish storyline as well. Haha, I was silly back then, but at least it was just a couple of pages of an old excercise book as oppose to a published story/internet story.


Thank you for the happy birthday greeting. =) And don’t worry about the comment. It happens to me too, you know.

Wow, I didn’t know the owner of Uniique.info stole something. Hm, forget who owns that site… but I was getting a review from them…not anymore. And then someone stole Jorja’s poems? Ugh, dumb people. I’ve never thought of timestamping my works… I sometimes write things over long periods of time so well, timestamping it would just add more work haha.

And about the chocolate bar stealing. As much as that doesn’t sound as bad as stealing someone’s work… it technically is stealing someone’s work because someone MADE that chocolate. And now, they aren’t going to profit from it. Just had to point that out. ^^

I still have to remove my blends from my site as well as the few icons that pertain to celebs. I’m done with that kind of stuff although I do have to admit, I liked those. O.o I just haven’t gotten to deleting them.

All the Asians… are in Asia. =( But sometimes, I see clusters of them just walking around so I’m like where have you guys been? Go to my school. /argh

I do ask a lot of my mom. I know I do but really, she’s right there. The remote was right there and she’s like no, get it. Then she gets mad for a remark that I meant to pertain for at the moment. Not to her whole life. /argh

Hahahahaha, I wish that the site work wouldn’t bug me but I feel I have an obligation. That is until it expires then maybe I won’t try getting another site. Maybe, but I do love to blog and I’m going to miss all my online friends. O.o Still thinking about it.

Sweet rant.
I’d be super upset if someone stole my writing. Im very proud of it…
i like how the girl who stole all your tutorials named her site unique. ha ha

I hate it when people copy people’s work :( . I’m writing a book right now, and if anyone copied my idea, I would freak! That’s why I’m keeping it a secret, since people are so cruel these days. Which reminds me, I should work on my book….
I can’t believe that girl stole Jorja’s writing! Jorja is such a great writer and it’s a pity that some low life would try to come off like she wrote them! That little b!tch >.<

If you could, please change my link from Lauren to Joy ASAP (personal reasons). Thank you :)
I hope the scratch fades or it gets fixed :D

Actually, a website is not copyright or pattened in any way shape or form. You have to go through a legal office to make your site or “domain” or “weblog” copyrighted in order for you to sue some one else. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. That’s what I’ve been told. Just get over the fact that someone took something of your’s. Be thankful, that they are actually making themselves look bad enough as is. But do you really need to blog about how they stole your tutorial. There are a numerous amounts of websites out there that have almost the same tutorials. So before you go into a bitching which in this case you already have. I suggest you go to a law office, and get your site copyrighted and pattened before bitching. I’m not trying to be mean here, I’m just stating the obvious. Our websites are not even copyrighted. Sure we bought them but we did not go to any lawyer and signed paper work to have our domains copyrighted. So it is in fact legal to have “stolen” someone else’s work. Now if it was persay a layout than that’s a different story. But tutorials? Come on.

With all do respect as to what you’ve said, would you like it if you saw someone copy your entire website?

Yes a lot of sites these days do offer the same tutorials but at least they’re all worded & explained differently.

Honestly, who cares if any of the said sites aren’t copyrighted? The fact of the matter is that the owners constantly put so much time and effort into their content, all to help their visitors. Is it not right to think that people who have benefited from said content should at least have the decency not to steal?

Seeing as you probably don’t check your email and say that I “never replied to your comment”, you probably won’t even get this. For your information, this person has stolen a large number of graphics and pre-made layouts from people I know online (did I not say so in the blog?). Perhaps you should read properly before you try and have a go at me.

And “it’s just a tutorial”? What about a poem? You expect it to be basically fine and to get over the fact that someone has taken your personal writings and claimed them as their own, do you?

Our websites are not copyrighted? Maybe you should read this extract from Whatiscopyright.org:

Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form. This means that if you can see it, hear it and/or touch it – it may be protected. If it is an essay, if it is a play, if it is a song, if it is a funky original dance move, if it is a photograph, HTML coding or a computer graphic that can be set on paper, recorded on tape or saved to a hard drive, it may be protected. Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it.

Copyright protection begins when any of the above described work is actually created and fixed in a tangible form.

Maybe you should get your facts right instead of “stating the obvious”.

And you would really know about this, wouldn’t you, seeing as you don’t even have any tutorials of your own for other people to copy. I wrote this blog because it’s my opinion and where I like to share my thoughts, my “web log”. That’s perfectly fine if you disagree, because I shall disagree with you.

/type I wonder what got the scratch on there.
I think people steal because…..well there is no reason actually lol i cannot think of anything lol.

i noticed her before. I’ve seen her tutorials in all different sites.
Wow she even stole jorja’s old site name too.
i stole candy before…at least i think. Anyways it was on the display thingy, so many candy in a jar…and it was open. so i took one and started eating it.

it’s pathetic when people steal other people work. Especially stuff like poems and books. i mean really?? that’s kinda not yours.

I hate people.



I wish there was a show like that here! I’d like to watch it and I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing at people’s stupidity.

No, it’s not lame! :) I think internet on phones isn’t really necessary. The most important thing is you can use it to call and text people. :P

I’ve had this laptop since ages ago. Haha I hope I would get a good one, I’ll take care of it unless it decides to hate me, I’ll smash the keyboard and I’ll lose more buttons. /bash

I love science fiction!

Haha, yes. Like some blind people who accused me of… okay I don’t want to talk about it anymore. People are annoying me sometimes. 😒

Yeah, that’s sad. Some people just can’t take it anymore, when other people keep stealing their work and such.

I feel like Oprah when I said that. :D I wish I am Oprah. I would invite her to come to my show and interrogate her. I’ll invite a psychiatrist too to check if her brain is okay or not. And then, the world will know what she ha been doing lately. Yes, stealing. I’ll invite you and other people who have been copied by her. And then she’ll apologize and we’re all having a crying-together kind of session.

We should send her some spambots. There’s a person I know who offers “Text Bomber”. So if we’re pissed off at someone, we could ask for this person’s help. This person would send the “target” with 100-1000 texts. Lmao, that would be annoying. I wish I knew her mobile number lol.

She’s trying to make a sensation. Maybe trying to be a modern Robin Hood? Gosh, she’s 20 years old and she still thinks like kids.

I feel sorry to Jorja. I would hate it if something that I’ve worked on being stolen by sick people. :(

We should make one… haha similar to Kleptomania. But for stealing online things.

The point is stealers are /poo

Enough said.

It might be rather mean to kill them that way. But I cannot STAND them :P

Nicey nice. You got the guts to post those links, GO GEORGINA! Man, those girlie’s got another thing coming for them. XD I’ll give them the one two for this plagiarism.

Man, I wish people would stop this copying. It makes zero sense for this to happen. Like seriously, it’s not that hard just to make up your own poems, and tutorials. It seems like a disgrace to web design, the way it happens.

And the worse part, particular person Julia, is getting visitors for this.

The main reason people copy things are probably because they are jealous or they simply have no life.
I don’t think anyone has copied anything from me, so I can’t exactly relate to the situation but it does fustrate me seeing other people copy another person.
I know people offline that copy me when I have this awesome idea. I get mad, even if it is one small thing. So, I can’t imagine myself if someone copied my articles,content and tutorials online. I’d probably spam their site or go really mad.
There are things that I wished I thought of, but I try and be creative and come up with different things. It’s actually easier said than done, but I believe everyone has their own style and they should use it, so people will go “Oh! I know that artwork/whatever it is , it’s by [insertnamehere] ! “

Aw, I’m sorry your laptop has a scratch! I hope you can get it fixed.

I hate when people steal. People seem to think that doing it on the internet makes it okay. I just don’t get it at all.

It bothers me too when people steal and what sucks is the people who steal don’t think about the people they’re stealing from. I saw that site who stole from you earlier, grrr! That’s just so mean, and the navigation was exactly yours, no doubt about that.

I’m sorry about your scratch! My laptop is a bit beat up and it bothers me everyday! Part of it is scratched on the inside, and the power button is pushed in too far slanted. :( I hope you can fill in your scratch or something!

Wow, how ironic. Obviously the idiotic owners of that website have no idea what “unique” means, although it isn’t surprising, seeing that they spelled it wrong.

Stealing is so irritating. I wish people would be more original and just make stuff themselves, instead of taking what others do and claiming it as their own. Far out.

(Oh. My. Shiznit. This is like the shortest comment I’ve ever written. Wowowowowow. -throws a party-)

LOL . I just read comment 25. and it’s true. Julia owns unnique.info yet her site isn’t unique.

LOLOL. I thought that not stealing was just a…you know, common gesture. But these people are letting other people know they stole things by putting it on the internet which is stupid. I remember something was on the news once. It was about these boys stealing money then taking pictures of them holding all the cash and posting it up on the internet.

Stupid thieves.

I know! They share the same name. /hehe Yet I bet your James is so different.

I hope it wasn’t a joke.
It’s funny that he didn’t actually give the bear to me personally – he had to get someone else to do it.

OMG. You were eleven only? Maybe I should get checked for high cholesterol :S

My mum told me that I may get this genetic iron deficiency thing. :S

You should get your laptop a hardcase to avoid scratches? And where did it come from? I hope you don’t have pets inside your room or they can be the cause of the scratches. Hmm. Mean copy cats. We have a lot here in the www. They tend to be so proud that they REALLY did that and tell to their friends “Oh yeah I made those cool tutorials! Don’t forget to credit me, kk?” when in fact they just stole it. I actually hate how her domain was spelled. Seriously, unique? Gosh where is that uniqueness came from? Nowhere. Unique in copying one’s work, well maybe.

Same for me in history. I really am not a number 1 fan of history subject and will probably never will. XD . I only get 80% average too. (Sometimes 79% marks! :O )

And considering that I’m going to a national museum, I hope I’ll discover something more and better than I just did in a local one.

I’ve finally removed -you-know-who- from my affiliates list. I also sent her an email to notify her. I hope she gets it and realize that stealing a major no-no. :P

You write such amazing blogs Georgina ♥ How do you do it, even if you rant your blogs are fantastic ;)
Ugh, I hate stealers! I once had a Piczo website and I had a main website too, so I had help with it. Once person applied to go up. She got the job, because no one had yet visited her site. So she never did anything, I decided to check out her site one day and she had all stolen content from our site!

It’s so annoying when people do that :(


Omg! Your poor laptop! Don’t worry, I would be terribly upset too! *hmph* Aww, I’m sure your laptop came with a warranty. Why don’t you take it back and ask if they can fix it? Alternatively, you can stick stickers over the scratch =D That’ll make your laptop look cute too…^^ Win! =D

Oh! Towel Day xD Hahaha, I never know when that is =P. I haven’t read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy yet either! I’m sorry! I’ve been meaning to read it for ages, but I always forget to go look it up when I’m in the library. I’m also totally not a fan of sci-fi…*sigh*. But I shall trust your judgement and read it…someday xD

I love it when authors have this really unique way of writing =) Like Jane Austen! There will never, EVER be another Jane Austen. The way she wrote was just SO HILARIOUS =D But subtly hilarious =P And Meg Cabot =D

OMG, what a totally, selfish, up-herself retard for stealing your tutorials. How dare she! It’s probably really obvious that she stole them anyways, cos if she has to resort to stealing, it’s quite obvious she’s not smart enough to come up with them herself.

People are probably like ‘Wtf? Why is this awesome tutorial on this site? This person’s way too stupid to write something so intelligent!”.

I hope she gets spammed for stealing. If this is not the first time she’s stolen she’s obviously also way too stupid to learn from her mistakes. She should at LEAST credit! Or link.

It’s completely rude and snobbish to take someone’s work and claim it as your own. Hello, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!.

I hope her site gets closed down by her host. How DARE she steal!

Go you for linking to those…retard-stealers! Name and shame! HA! =D

Haha I have an excuse to use this thing… woot. XD

It did come with a warranty, for two years. I didn’t think you could do that with scratches you made yourself though. :O

My parents would probably be like, “Oooh you got scratches on it already”. /angry

Oh dear. :P

Oh yeah, I should stick a sticker over it. If I can find where I put all my stickers…

Aww, that’s okay! Look how many books I’m supposed to read and haven’t yet. You’ve probably read a lot more than me. LOL.

Towel day is the 25th of May. I missed it this year. Guess how I found out? Trending topics on Twitter. LMAO.

TOTALLY. But OMG, did you hear? Eoin Colfer (the author of Artemis Fowl) is going to write a sixth Hitchhiker book. They said he would be the best person to carry on, because Douglas Adams always wanted a sixth book in the series. (Considering the fifth book was pretty poorly done.) I swear, Colfer better do a good job. 😏

She isn’t smart and well… her English isn’t too great either so it’s pretty darn obvious.

I bet she’s not smart to figure out what a proxy is either… at least I hope not. I blocked what I believe is her IP address from my website.

Spamming too is bad, but I was reviewing my friend’s site yesterday, and she had an article about stealing. If someone steals, persevere because they had no right to take your stuff in the first place. The thing is, this girl doesn’t seem to stop. @_@

LOL she’s so stupid. You know what she did? Copied a tutorial of mine and wrote “Originally written by Georgina” [link]. What the hell is the point of that?!

LOL, it’s a fucking shame. Her host stole as well. Pathetic poo-faces.

Whenever I get a new laptop, iPod, cell phone… I feel so scared for the first few weeks that it’s going to get dirty and have scratches all over it etc. I love the shiny, perfect surface of tech gadgets :P

Argh fucksake. I just lost my comment. Again. I think I’m going to start typing comments on notepad then copy and pasting them over :@ Firefox just died and it disappeared. Ackslkdsnpfdnfd. /angry

Thankyouuu :) I definately prefer this one to the one I was considering putting up (the one I asked you about). It’s much more colourful XD
Right, I’m installing that plugin. That’s enough to amuse me whenever I get bored. Just making the boxes get smaller and smaller :P

Yeahh. I hope they contact her about it. I won’t actually know if they’re going to do anything or not though because there wasn’t anywhere to leave an email/website on the contact form and stupid ol’ Becca didn’t realise ’til after she’d sent it so they have no way of telling me what they’re going to do anyway. Damnit. At least they’ve been told. :)

URGH. MY DAD WILL NOT STOP ATTENTION SEEKING BY REVVING UP HIS GODDAMN MOTORBIKE. He thinks the neighbours want to see it but fact is that it gives me a headache. Fail. aha, want a view out of the front of this house aswell? :P 1 sec..
http://i26.tinypic.com/a4ocoj.jpg – out the front (Dads bedroom window & kitchen window & bathroom window)
http://i32.tinypic.com/seyryo.jpg – back window. (my bedroom window and the lounge window and Brothers window)
XD that’s a view from dads house :P that was quite fun actually LOL

Urgh I actually hate my English teacher though. I mean, seriously. I’m going into my final year of High School. That means that last year (and the year I’m about to start) are my GCSE years. So when we were doing our coursework in English we needed to know all the right things, oui? So when we were writing one of our essays (How did the views and beliefs in society influence Mary Shelley when writing ‘Frankenstein’?) why did she say to us “I know you don’t like reading so I typed up a few paragraphs from each chapter for us to read through to understand the book”. Please. This is coursework. The book isn’t exactly LONG. I would like to get a GCSE in English. Besides, who said we don’t like reading? Tell that to my crate of books under my bed, bitch. /rant.

Ack. I’m getting this until I’m at least eighteen? That’s a bit of a bummer. I thought she’d give up by the time I was sixteen :|

You’re old layout was the one of you and James in the little heart right? I loved that one :D I don’t get how it’d be horizontal though.. wasn’t it diagonal accross the bottom? /huh I loved that layout. It was so cute ♥

Ah good. All I know is that it’s A) working B) fast enough for me and C) Better than my old laptop. My old laptop took EIGHT minutes to load up, six minutes to open paint shop pro and ages to load anyhting really. This one takes LESS that one minute to load up and about twenty seconds to load Paint shop pro (Y) I love my laptop /love

I’m sure you could do it! Just pick me out the nicest computer there, then take one cable everyday until you’ve got them all then on your last day, GRAB THE COMPUTER AND RUN :D. And that’s why I’m a genius XD

Eurck. Just the thought of being related to him is just.. ew. He stinks out the whole house of skanky deodrant when he’s there because he uses like half a can a day. and he uses MY shampoo /hmph Not good. Seriously if you knew him you’d be cringing right now.

lmao Turkeys and Farmers is a noobs game. I mean, the kids playing it were big Glen, smelly Owen, Nathan, GingJoe..etc. Not the most popular kiddles in the playground ;) XD I’m just so talented on Paint, clearly. I think they beat the poloholder one ;)

I keep copying this comment after every few sentences :P (just copied it then) ;) Believe me I’ll sit there for ages making boxes. I’m just THAT COOL (H)

I know I should’ve left contact information but I really didn’t think about it until after when it was a bit late. /bash

Nope. No opposite neighbours but mental ones next door :| I mean, one side the girl is actually mentally ill and she walks around talking to herself and never wears shoes. I’ve never spoken to her in fifteen years of being here. :S the other side is a man (who only lives there weekends-he works in Belgium) his wife, Sue who’s lovely person but she’s a bit strange and Hayley, their daughter. I love Hayley :) She’s nearly 17 but she’s so nice :) I remember when we were kids we used to always go and climb the trees on the common (the field in front is the begining of the woods)

Urgh that’s so rude. I hate big loud cars, I think it’s just plain rude to the residents near them. :| lol you think that’s small. At mymums the garden’s half the size! and no, I’m not exaggerating at all. It’s TINY. We could only JUST fit in a three man tent :|

Ooh I geddit :) If I do horizontals I always do loads in a row so it doesn’t take much effort to change the layouts. I hate changing CSS, I’m terrible at it, I really am :|

I did once on the old laptop because it was so slow and my mum insisted I was exaggerating so I timed it to prove my point :P I only times this one to compare it ;)

hahaha oooh rebel! You stole a mouse :P I stole some keyboard keys from a box of old and broken keyboards at school and spelt out my name (Y)

Boxes Boxes Boxes Boxes

I really love these boxes.

If you sang that it’d sound like a little song..

boxes boxes I love these boxes. (8) :P

aww they carry on underneath now D:

I think it’s because you’re replying to yourself. LOL.

I’ll return your comment later. I just logged in to see that you were still quite amused… XD

Oh I think I know. There’s like a limit you can set for the boxes, that’s why it stops at a certain point.

It was at 3, and I changed it to 5 (for your further amusement). :P

Spot on, Georgie. Stealing is not only wrong, it’s unoriginal, and it proves that you have such low self esteem that you have steal.

I hate scratches on my laptop! I usually have it in its case, though, so I don’t get as many.

Really! Who’s layouts did she steal? Oh and is it Alice or Becca you’re talking about? x
Yeah they can be pretty annoying /bash You work with little kids don’t you? I would die if I did, they annoy me so much XD Some are ok though.

Um… I havn’t stolen anything? I don’t think alice has either? I’m confused. And i would just like to say i’m sorry.

I never said you did, but I just found out that Alice stole wordpress themes.

Ew. Stealing from other people is just awful. I don’t understand what the point is. People find out like the day after you do it and then they are on your backs forever. Most hosting plans also do not tolerate stealing. Oh and then you have a history of stealing so others won’t accept you. D:

Haha I know, right?! I freak! Last night the power went out for like a minute and I was like freaking out XDDD

Eeekk I am so afraid of my house being robbed…it’s like my worst fear oh and having my house catch on fire :/ Scary stuff.

Mmhhmmm spinach! I will really eat anything GREEN :D I always have loved green stuff!

….That’s a little strange but I guess if they are happy then whatever :)

I hope your scratch can be fixed. :) I have loads of scratches on my phone because I just drop it all the time. Ha. It’s really sturdy though which is good. :D

Lol, Towel Day? Never heard of it. :X

I will spare you my rant *points above* but I really wonder why the hell people pay for sites and they don’t even do the work themselves! It’s blooody crazy. Did she pick Uniique as a joke? There is nothing unique on that website. Plus she spelt it wrong. It looks silly with the double ‘i’.

I love how you subtly put in some links. Heh. Well it’s about time, says I, ’cause everyone has put up with it.
The chocolate bar is, in a way, has still been made by somebody so they can get profit so it was still by them. But I guess that doesn’t really count because it is made to be sold. XD

Date stamping is a clever idea. :) Lol my school needs though track-thing to see if you’ve copied anything. One of my sister’s friends gets all her English essays of the Internet. Pure laziness and shit.
I really hope her site gets shut down. Little Ashley who stole my poems has shut her site. Haha. I think I frightened her with some comments I left… or everyone else left…

My bus route is total suckage. There are less people on it this year apparently… please say Gekko has gone and fucked himself. Heh.
Vicky wanted to drive me there and back lol. XD

We still need to attack each other with comments! :D
Haha they weren’t all wearing macs, they just had them poking out of bags and stuff. Crazy. I never take a coat when I go somewhere tropical, I simply assume the weather will be nice.

Ho hum. I put up the new layout. :3 I just need to tweak a few things and I think I’ll love it forever. LOL. XD
Haha I’ll try something like that next time. I might just bring back flying tofu… HEHE.

Lmfao. Fuck your shit. I just got a one-liner… guh.
Hehe, I can do the English – help with Physics and Maths would be very much appreciated. ;) XD

Question: WTF? ——-) /ho
I have this smiley on MSN and it’s smoking a fag. XD

That douche deleted their site, FUCKING HELL I AM HAPPY. I find it sort of rude that they used my old site name. :( Pffft.
Heh. I’m taking my time. ;) I’m just that lazy. *yawn*

That was also the first Shakespeare play I read. I found it more interesting then all the tragic crap.
I used to use my CD player a lot when I listened to the radio but the radio never had anything I liked on it so I just gave up. Heh. I use my iPod speakers now and headphones for the computer because my family would scream at me ’cause I have it quite loud. Heh.

Ugly shit. Bleh. D: I really hope it wasn’t him. Or that he lives 925892385238523 miles away. Heh.

999 and 000 are much smexier. Plus simpler to type in. ‘Cause on most/ all phones there’s a bump on the digit ‘5’ so you can tell where the other numbers are. In the UK, you move your finger diagonally to the bottom right. In Australia, you go straight down. In the USA, you go down then back up again. WTF. Wastes time… especially as this is the freaking emergency services!!! XD

I wear my hair up quite a lot. I find it gets in the way. XD But thanks for dealing with the random question… /eee

If someone stole stuff off Dreamingless, I’d kill them, bury them, kill them again, bury them again, kill them, bury them again (whilst varying the murder methods, but making sure they were slow and painful), kill them again and hand them over to you. :D
Hehe. Just if the police get involved we’d better freaking cry and say we were blackmailed. You say you’re small – you think you could act out being 12? 13? 14? Cry your eyes out, make the police dudes awkward? ;) /bounce
Or maybe it would be easier to hypnotise the police. Yanoe? Like this: @_@

I feel sort of sorry for that dude. 💥

Well then, seeing as her site is deleted… we’re all good. (Y)

Ugh. I hope she got to freaking read that comment. /hmph
More or less, I mean they’re my personal poems. :( Stupid stupid stupid ignorant bitch.

To be honest I don’t think she should have another chance. We gave her one before and she didn’t use it well. But I know you tried to help Georgie, you’d help anybody if they asked and if they actually did some of the work themselves. ♥

But you should bother BECAUSE you wrote them. Even if everyone else knows, because your site is just that popular. :)

Sorry about the 1,000,001 typos. D:

I was half way done writing your comment when my computer restarted itself. O.o I hate when that happens.

:O I had no idea she did that. I’m removing her from my advertising and reviews after all she’s not even working on it it seems.

Mom’s can be so lazy. Must be where I got my lazy side from. 🙄

It’s not that anyone is forcing me to update, but I was the one who decided on making the site, and well now I just feel this obligation to make it the best it can be. ^^ And I just like tweeting.. Hahahaha, it’s become like a force of habit. :D

Eating healthy… is hard, I think it should go with excercising but that’s where my laziness kicks in. If I DID excercise, I would be so ready for tryouts. O.o

Sleeping has always been an issue for me because I love sleep. O.o Usually, first day of school, waking up is easy but as the year progresses well, I kind of give up. Last year it wasn’t like that though, when I started high school, I wasn’t as excited for school. /ehh

Roleplaying won’t stop but I’ll have to cut down. I won’t be able to reply when I’m in class hahahaaha. It’s through e-mail so I reply once they do. And thank you, I’m actually rather proud of that intro. I had the idea several days before we actually started. And well the person I’m roleplaying with had a good intro also.

It actually has a plot, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, i was going to in the next blog but I might as well say it now. See the stable boy and the princess have been best friends for years [ever since the stable boy became an orphan and had to work for the king, that was her side story. ^^ her idea, brillance I declare when I read that. Hahaha] Anyways, the stable boy had developed a crush on the princess throughout their relationship. However, the girl is betrothed to the King of York and a year from when the roleplay begins, she is to marry him. The stable boy is crushed and feels there is no chance for him until he finds that the king has beat her. [sad and tragic]. And then… well we plot from there furthur. Right now, we’re at the part where she’s been beaten. It’s hard writing those sad scenes but it’s like reading a really good book. xD I hope the plot wasn’t too confusing, I actually wasn’t the one to make it up though. Another person I roleplayed suggested it to me but never replied after I sent my intro. O.o Dumb cruel people.

You have a reseller? ^^ I’d really appreciate it if you could host me. I’m mad at my host, she doesn’t even take time to talk to me. O.o Except when I have to go to her, like when the site is just dead. Gah, it’s aggravating. /bash

Gosh it’s so silly that people have stolen things from you and Jorja and other people.
But they’ve both deleted their websites now.

Also, that send to yourself thing is really clever!

That’s good yo’re getting more sleep Georgie! :)

Gosh, some people are wierd jumping out of windows and buildings for fun and stuff!

Hehe, yeah I know that it’s true XD

Haha, sleep is very good and needed.. I just found out about that today.. after max. 5 hours of sleep and almost 24 hours of being up..

Nah.. I don’t think that there will be the time to keep on writing like I used too.. I hope I will find the motivation and the ideas soon again..

Your parents wanted to have an eye on your while you were sleeping?? Why?!

Oh wow… that stupid little stealer girl.. I really think she will never learn anything! No matter how often she might say that she will stop and better herself.. oh boy..

I think she didn’t learn from her first couple of lessons.. it would also be a waste of time to tell it her over and over again..

I think I read some tweets about all this on Twitter a couple of days ago and was like “WTH is going on?”.. now I know! It could be only her that pisses mostly everyone off..

I can just imagine it: ‘Aaaaaaaargh, put away the chocolate!! I’ve seen what I’m going to look like in 10 years!! Even though it might not be accurate. AAAAAAAARGH.’ People can’t really predict those things from what your lifestyle’s like, it just wouldn’t always work like that. It’s sounds like an amazing show though, just for comedy value. Haha.

Good Vibrations is a good song, so I’d probably love the jingle. I’m really into cheesy songs and adverts though.

I doubt I could even drink a full one. They have a really strange taste to them.

Protective plastic would be good for your laptop. My dad used to make me put this plastic casing on my phone so it wouldn’t get scratched, and my phone just looked so silly in it. I should’ve used it really though ’cause it’s all scratched now. Haha.

Haha, did she think that made it alright?? I should re-publish Harry Potter, make millions, and say ‘Originally written by J.K. Rowling’. She’d be seriously pissed off with me stealing her idea and money. Haha.

OMG she’s 20 and she does that. She really needs to learn.

Danny, eh? OMG that reminds me of this kid named Danny Harris in my fifth grade class (for some reason I call a lot of people by both their first and last names… especially people from elementary school :P). This one time we were doing a class spelling bee to see who would get to go on to the school level, and Danny’s word was elephant. He went too fast and was like e-l-e-f– OH CRAP. :P

Haha, well I guess guys look hot in tight shirts sometimes, but other times it’s just ridiculous. -_- There’s actually this one shirt that I used to think Allen looked pretty good in, though now when I see him in it I’m like eh, whatever. :P

Lol, does James work out or anything?

Oh don’t get me wrong, I LOVE instant ramen! It’s so cheap, too! The stuff we get is only $0.17 each. No wonder people live off it in college. :P

LOL the way you wrote how to to say “I don’t speak Indonesian” made me laugh. Is it actually close to what it sounds like or just a funny imitation?

Aw, three weeks is a pretty long time. D: Hopefully it’ll come earlier than that and surprise you!

Okay, good. Dude I was so proud in French yesterday… we had to survey at least ten people in our class with four questions (in French of course) about their use of the internet. When people asked me how often per day I check Facebook, and I was proud to be able to say “zero”. xD It was also amusing to tell people that I spend like 8-10 hours per day on the internet. :P I supposed that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but only a BIT. I’m online allll the time!

I wish I could come there too! D:

YEAH that’s where my wallet is ripping too… on the outside of the coin pocket. Luckily only the outside of that part is torn though, so it can still hold my coins.

OH THAT REMINDS ME of something. Yesterday in the tech center Kanel paid Kyra back over four dollars for the Starbucks Kyra had bought her. You know how she paid it back? In a bag FULL OF COINS. Four something dollars IN COINS. Kyra was like um… wtf? Kanel was like “I’m only cheap with bills…” Dude, I would have been so pissed. Having that much in coins makes it almost worthless! I mean, of course it’s still worth four dollars or whatever, but… do you get what I mean? And like… ugh, Kanel probably wouldn’t have paid for her own Starbucks with those coins, and… yeah, it’s just not fair of her. If it was me I would have been like “um, no. Please give it to me in bills.” Even quarters ($0.25) would have been okay. You should have SEEN how many coins were in that bag though. Half of them must have been pennies ($0.01). -_-

Like I said on MSN, I seriously can’t believe that one person who stole Jorja’s poems. Not that the rest of it isn’t incredibly stupid and upsetting too.

And like… if you’re going to steal, at least be discreet/smart about it! Those people could have just as easily filled their site up with content from less popular sites that no one would recognize. But no, they have to choose big, popular sites from which it would be obvious that they stole.

Not that I condone what they did at all; it’s just, you know, also really stupid. :P

Haha yes we have discussed our brother’s ages. Both will be 14 in November! Woo. Remind me when exactly your brother’s birthday is?

My mom lets it slide a bit more now if I say “damn” or something, but she still doesn’t like it. It’s just a word though like you said. xD

Ugh a few errors that bug me:

*Facebook, I was pround


Mmk, that’s all folks! xP



i still don’t get why people would steal poems. it’s like stealing book and claiming it as yours. it’s kinda illegal in my world.
i put the pic of my hair up :D
The new layout is up :D i’m going to have less and less time on the computer because school is about to start.
i changed my twitter it’s now loveboxx :)

i take showers too. i’m not too keen on sitting in the bath tub doing doing lol

Yeah, true. It really does suck it got scratched, how did it happen?

I might try it with the next review I do, just as a test, then if it works, I’ll convert all the pages. I’d probably go on a little revamp so my site doesn’t have a million errors.

N’aw, thank you :)

I have 600 free texts, so I shouldn’t mind really. I do need to get rid of them before the 5th of September so I they don’t go to waste D:

Aw, that sucks that you haven’t seen your best friend in such a long time. I haven’t seen my bestest friend for almost a month, but I see my close friends a lot. I text my bestest friend everyday though.

My friend was just so shocked it happened. They looked well over 18, so they could of gotten arrested, because she’s only 14.

I got another layer done on my papier mache, I’m proud of myself. I’m seeing my best friend on Monday so she’s helping me do the last 2 layers, then I’ll help her do hers. Baring in mind we’ll only have 24 hours to do two, we’ll have to get the hairdryer on it!

I finally got that review done, hehe! :P The site had like a million pages :|

I hate seeing people suffering because of other people’s stupidity. :(

iTouch is expensive here. My parents won’t let me to have it lol. But twittering from the phone is cool. If you’re bored you can open Twitter and talk to your friends like texting messages to other people in many countries. :D

I really should get rid of that habit. I should stop breaking things .__.

I like complaining about people but I’m afraid it’ll annoy other people because I complain about people in every single blog. I just noticed that. Annoying guy, stupid teacher, uncooperative teammate… to be honest I was going to blog about an annoying nanny who speaks loud on the phone and threw my bag away but it’ll be another complain blog…

Yep. I like Oprah, she’s so kind to all people. And inspirational. :)

I don’t know who Dr. Phil is haha. Does he have a show like Oprah or something? I’m so behind. :(

It’s not really expensive! It only costs like, 5 USD? I’m not really sure.

Maybe she stole a picture from Google Images… for some reason my instinct said so. :)

I’ve never heard of Douglas Adam :(.

errrg I hate stealers/copiers i dont understand why they do it :(

I have such a crap memory and I can’t even remember what we were talking about. *Goes back to previous blog*

Oh yes, I remember. I hate it when people say homie, I don’t know why. It just annoys me, pah. Yeah she seems to have been a bit inactive lately. I’d be so pissed off if she does though, then I’ll definitely know shes copying me. I really hope she doesn’t though, cause she’s OK… sometimes.

I’m stuck to my laptop too. I only really watch it when I go to sleep and when the soccer is on. I prefer my laptop… theres more drama haha.

Oh, I love winter. I like spring too but spring here is still like freezing cold, sucks. I want it to snow again this winter heh. I was actually awake when you commented, I was chilling in bed haha.

LOL! I love it when that happens. I also annoys me when people assume they love a band just because they like one song. UGH.

Lmfao, that effort was better. :P Yeah, you have to have your elbow at a certain angle haha.

LOL, I do that as well. I don’t know why but sometimes returning a comment and reading a new blog tires me out haha. I don’t mind, but I usually leave them till last, if they left me a huge comment as well.

Tahoma is sexy though. I love Arial and Georgia too. I can never get Georgia to look good big, it’s annoying. It always looks slightly weird.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to cause any drama, but she seriously needs to learn her lesson and I hate being stolen from and would prefer people to tell me so I assumed you’d be the same.

Yeah it is really shitty. I mean, why should I have to pay for a course just because I’m over 19? It’s pathetic. I need to re-sit my GCSE English as well, and that would cost me a further £500. :| That sounds like a good idea actually. I know, it’s kind of pointless having to sit through all of that when you already know it just to pass the course or get a certificate, it’s stupid.

I know, I hate that. For most jobs here you need a C in Maths and English… I have a C in Maths but a D in English hence why I need to re-sit it. =/ Apparently my sister wasn’t qualified enough to stack selves! :|

My mum probably does that to me. She tried to tell me parsnips were potatoes but I still refuse to eat them lmao. Spinach is gross, it reminds me of Pop Eye The Sailor Man!

Yeah I should be. They caught my B12 deficiency earlier enough, if its left un-treated, it can lead to irreversible nerve damage and Dementia. :|

LOL it was pretty weird. None of the language teachers were from the countries they taught the language for. My old German teacher was Swedish and taught German and French. Was weird. Lol, naughty naughty. :p I used to as well… or I’d just bunk, I was so naughty at school.

Yeah my laptop gets dusty really quickly because of the ‘material’ of it? That doesn’t make sense but who cares, it’s 1:10am lol.

No, you really would make my town better lmao. It sucks so much here. :(

LOL! THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME. It’s so fucking annoying. They installed the automatic light because when we went in there at night and pulled the light cord, it made a lot of noise lol.

Nah, I put ‘sleep’ on the TV so it turns off after like an hour or so. It’s pretty cool. Yeah, our electricity bill used to be use when me and my sister both had a PC. I couldn’t use my laptop if it wasn’t plugged in, I get scared when it nearly runs out of battery lmao.

LMAO. That amused me, I don’t know why.

Sorry you scratched your laptop. :( I’d cry if I did that to mine. Hopefully it wouldn’t cost too much to get it repaired. Wrapping it in a towel or something would be a pretty smart idea, actually.

I remember at school, they had a machine like that, it scared the shit out of me.

My new blog is going to be about this LOL. I had nothing else to blog about, fail.

I seriously can’t understand what is wrong with that girl. She removed most of the stolen content at one point and she’s back at it again? It’s weird how I randomly thought I’d check her site, though.

If she wanted to use your navigation, she should have least asked (like I did with the navigation for my version 2). Or followed your tutorial on horizontal navigation. Why fucking steal it? :| Her tutorials are a joke, I can’t believe she copied that sites tutorial word for word. I know this is wrong but if you’re going to steal something at least make sure it’s not obvious lmfao.

You’re right, nobody would dream of stealing from JK Rowling or anyone like that. So why do they think it’s OK to steal from people like us? UGH.

I still can’t believe that twat who stole Jorja’s poems. That is so freaking disrespectful.

That person made me laugh with their comment. I know you, you wouldn’t go around saying something is copyrighted if you didn’t have evidence to back it up. Some people need to get their facts right.

I still find it ironic that her site name is uniique. I think she should have used a dictionary when choosing her site name…

Krystole used to do that all the time. A couple people are talking about this new person, but I can’t access their page, maybe it is taken down? I at first thought it was Krystole again, but since it isn’t on her Encyclopedia Dramatica page, I doubt it is her.

OMFG. That person who commented saying that it is “legal to have “stolen” someone else’s work” must be fucked up. It’s just the same as saying stealing someone’s valuables and belongings is legal. Shitface. That got to my nerves alright. I wouldn’t certainly miss those persons if they were to be dumped on Mars along with the cockroaches. Less pet peeves on Earth! Hooray!

Those two websites can’t be accessed right now. I bet they’re ashamed. And one of those is my affiliate who doesn’t even care in reading my posts. !@#$^ WTF. I wonder what on earth happened to her. I just find it unsettling that she keeps on saying ‘I only have 99 visitors. I am not satisfied. What did I do wrong?’ She keeps on saying she’s busy and don’t have enough content, so she went down 25 feet below and copied a whole bunch of things just to have content. She was telling my friend that if she had been making her own layout she’d get more visitors, but she herself had been stealing. /bash

Damn, I’m pissed off and disappointed at the same time. I even considered her as a friend, though I admit I didn’t feel that she considered me as one. /snort No one would want to visit a non-original plus a stolen content website. I woulnd’t even mind if I don’t have visitors and whatnot as long as I’m having fun. /bash

I hope your laptop would look better. Its smexy figure is almost ruined. T_T Don’t worry if you don’t have a smexy phone, you have a laptop to beat with; that brings you back to have it repaired. /love I would have loved an iphone too but it’s too expensive for me. One of my classmates has an iphone clone that looks really like one, except that the original/genuine one looks slimmer.

I feel bad for talking about her like this but GAH! Asdfdsd. I get angry when people do things like those you mentioned above. 🤮

Don’t you just love it when people are found of stealing something from someone else’s site and put it on their own, they delete the entire site instead of just deleting what they stole! XD

The two links to the theif’s sites sre now dead. I guess the felt guilty.

I for one would credit the person if I were to use something of theirs. I’ve copied source codes before, but I atleast change the attributes.. I understand people have to learn HTML from somewhere, but at least change things so it doesn’t look exactly the same..

Some people are just too damn lazy now a days..

It was updating itself actually, and it didn’t have the ‘postpone’ option. O.o

Hahahaha, I’m extremely moody right now. Like it’s not even funny. I just love summer too much, I did enjoy school LAST year. This year, I’m terrified.

I love the idea, that’s why I decided to roleplay with other people. ^^ The sad scenes only add to how much I adore the roleplay. Gah, story telling is fun. Haha.

I can change the nameservers I have access to the settings for the domain. So that’s just fine. Will I have my own cPanel and such? What did Parade do though?

Yeah, he’s a nice guy. Gah, I don’t know, you’re right I should just try to not go there. But he seems different than noodles. I mean I don’t see him moping around, but he does seem to have clung to the things that are remnants of their relationship. But I don’t know. O.o And like now, I’m not sure if he’s TRYING to flirt or what because he’s offering to say some lyrics or something, he’s a lyricist, rapper same thing ish. Wow, that sounds weird but still. It’s just strange. I’m just gonna stay friends, that’s for sure. ^^

That girl’s site was just deleted. LOL.

Gosh, I’d feel honored if someone thought I was talented and special enough to copy, but alas, they don’t. bahaha. But yeah that must be frustrating because you can’t just take off your work from their site. And I am sure other people don’t know they copied and then they are getting credit you deserve. =/ Why don’t people ever learn that you ALWAYS GET CAUGHT and that it is ILLEGAL. Duh people.

I just got a work laptop and the day of I noticed a few small scratches on the bottom of the screen. I think those may have already been there but they’re DRIVING ME NUTS. It’s supposed to be refurbished too. )=[

If I may recommend something, you should put up a list of all your plugins you use for wordpress (there’s a plugin for that). That could be useful to visitors, like me, haha, who want your reply to comment one. I suppose I could just google it…

I think I’m a little late in commenting…I apologize. =(

Georgina! Guess what, guess what???! (Sorry, I’m just so excited!). Just now I went to Julia’s site (uniique.info) and what’s next?? Her site is gone!

It says, “This website has been deleted due to violation of terms”. You should go see it!

It serves her right for stealing your workings! :p

Your welcome. I was just so excited to tell you about the news! I think maybe somebody reported on her.. Do you know her host?

Yes, I do hope she’ll never come back again.. But sadly, her site 85reddig.de isn’t deleted.. So that’s what worries me. /sweat