Expect The Unexpected

Both people I mentioned in my last blog post, who had stolen large amounts of work from other people, have had their sites deleted. Goes to show, you can’t get away with stealing. This website has a message on it about violation of terms; let us hope that nothing like this happens again.

I was working on a new layout and spent quite some time on it. It still isn’t the way I like it. It seems that when I rush a layout and make a “rubbish” one, it ends up being quite good. The current layout image only took me about twenty minutes to do. I was working on one that is quite a different style (a mix of a scrapbook and scribble style, I guess), using my own photos too, but it does need some work.

I would like to thank Lee for designing two smilies to fit with the smilies I have: XD D:

Lately, as it’s been winter in Australia, I have been eating soup almost every morning for breakfast. Usually our family buys the same soup brand – Continental.

However, the other day, I came across a new variety that Continental made. It was something like “XTRA FULL”. The package looked a bit intimidating and it even showed that it was a larger serve.

Well, I can take you on, I thought. Bahaha. XD

I got the biggest mug I could find (which wasn’t that big) and filled it to the brim with hot water, and mixed the soup until it was smooth. I started reading the package, which was a larger box than the other varieties. I always find it amusing that the soup isn’t what it looks like in the picture on the package.

The soup was beef flavour, and while I expected it to be extremely beefy, it wasn’t. :P

I ate a different kind of soup today, and on the packet it read “FILLED with croutons”. I got excited and made a cup of this soup, because I love soup with croutons.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. There weren’t many croutons at all. :( Still some delicious soup, though. I guess you shouldn’t believe too much of what you see on packets of food.

Similarly, with packets of anything.

My brother and I were shopping with our dad several years ago, and we were browsing inside a discount/bargain store while my dad was sitting outside waiting for our mum. My brother and I weren’t very tall then, so looking at things high up on shelves wasn’t very fun.

No one said it was a crime to stand on tiptoe, though!

We were actually looking for wool to make pom poms and other crafty things. They were easy to find but we decided to look for more things around the shop. I love looking in bargain stores.

We were looking in the toy section, and we could both see a box fairly high on the shelf. It read Bouncy Balls. My brother was really into bouncy balls and collected all kinds of bouncy balls. All shapes, colours, designs, sizes.

(Yes, shapes. We had bouncy balls shaped like atoms/molecules, and they bounced at funny angles. :D )

We couldn’t see inside the box but we went on tiptoe to get one and have a look.

To our surprise, the balls weren’t of some colourful swirly design, nor did they even look like bouncy balls. They were too squishy to be anything of the sort. To our extreme horror, we realised that the balls were all pink and flesh-coloured, with small lumps of brown on them.

They were balls resembling breasts. :O

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Yay! They got removed. I can’t believe I left a sarcastic comment on their site telling them to remove Jorja’s poems and they ASKED ME TO JOIN their sites. And the other one – such a waste of their “unique” site name. 🤮

Ah, take your time on the layout. The current one still fits with the site. Maybe you could make a “rubbish” style theme. :P

Yum, soup. I don’t really like croutons but they taste yum.

Ahahahahaha, breasts. The name “bouncy balls” sounded cute until they turned out to be….umm. XD

Take care!

YAYA. hahahaha. Suck eggs.
Uniique has been removed. Did you report her to her host or something? Or maybe one of your commentators did. (H)

LOL. I can’t wait to see the final layout.
I wish I could use my own images in my layout. I might be able to soon but I don’t really have anything interesting to take a picture of. D: And I’m no photographer anyway :(

XD D: How pah-retty :)
I needed some emotes like these /love
I use X D too much in comments so my comments will probably need approval before being published

High five for Continental soup! (Y)
I usually have soup or Milo for breakfast in Winter.

Soup isn’t soup without croutons.
They always lie – that’s how you make money. LIE LIE LIE. D: You can never trust food packets. 99% fat free. Pfft as if.

Bouncy balls are interesting toys and I understand why you would be interested. Now at my age I still like to bounce them in the toilet and kitchen. All the other places in my house are carpeted /oh

YUCKYUCK and at the same time LOL.
1. Why would they even sell that at the store?
2. How much did they cost?
3. Why were they labeled as ‘Bouncy Balls’? Were they bouncy?

What was your reaction?? LMAOLMAO. Sorry. I just have to laugh at that /hehe

I never liked Mars bars XP
Snickers and Picnic FTW.
I don’t like spinach. I usually don’t like green food (although green is one of my favourite colours)

SIX YEARS TO DECIDE? That’s not long. Well I hope it is long because I have no idea.

Yep. That’s the bad thing with Psychology.
I’ll have to study hard and stuff.

I’ll have to google who invented Velcro. Who invented Post It Notes?

LOL. Same. I play Mah Jong on my computer – where it’s free!

Okay. So we should get back to reading that tutorial on hollowing books ✌️ Peace.

Haha! They deserved that. I don’t even understand why people steal. You won’t even receive the same triumphant feeling as making it yourself. Using your own time and hard work on something really makes you feel happy if someone appreciates your effort. In your face! :P That was kind of mean… /argh

Thanks Lee! I always knew you missed some emotions in your smiley collection but I didn’t know which ones. I think someone should make you a emote who’s looking innocent and poking fingers. I wanted one like that just now xP

Yumm, I love soup! I know what you mean. Companies are always cheating consumers out of their false guarantees and promises. I prefer Campbell, though :P I’m more of a cream soup person ahahha.

LOL boob balls! LOL I can’t stop giggling. Teehee.

Some little kids are quite cute, my brothers friend has a sister who is threee years old now or something? And she is sooo cute! Sometimes she gets really annoying though because she is always talking :P

Ohh. Yeah, she took them off I think. She had them and then she changed them. Can you please check out simplybroken.org (Alices Site) and look, shes closed because she said that I have said she stole stuff! OMG, she can search all the sites around but I haven’t said she has stole stuff!!!

Hey :)

Eight hours is awesome! I had max. 5 hours of sleep from Friday to Saturday xD

Hehe, aww! Your parents are soo nice to you :)

Haha XD We are just going to annoy her to hell and hope that she gets it xD

I am waaaaay to curious xD I always want to know what is going on.

Oh wow.. so is this just bad karma? But I think she kinda deserves it.. we all told her that it’s not okay and if she continues to do it.. Karma is a bitch..

Haha soup packets.. it’s ridiculous! They show the most awesome soups on the pictures and when you cook it – it looks nothing like the picture :( Even my favorite food right now looks soooo damn yummy on the picture but when i’s done it looks just 75-80% as good as on the picture :( But it’s still super yummy XD

You eat soup every morning?? Wow! I can’t stand eating soup that often.. I am glad that mum doesn’t cook soup to often!

Shops are pretty cool in general! I love to just walk around and look at all the stuff XD

Hahaha, bouncy breast balls! /bounce /bounce /sweat

And when i read pom poms, my screen made it look like ‘porn porns’ /um

Was it cupasoup? On average, I get around 5-6 croutons with a normal packet /bash
But excited about croutons! Thazoocute /love


Keex is being pretty D: every night now. I wonder what’s up with her; she’s perfectly normal in the daylight hours /sweat

Oh screw you! You said that last time I mentioned pom poms in my blog. *peers at text*

This says PORN: porn.
This says POM: pom.


Yes it was Cup-A-Soup! :D

I should probably count the croutons. :O

Ahh I hate it when people plagerize and ‘steal’ from websites!

Yes!! Summer is creeping in in Australia and I’m getting really excited for it. XD

Continental soup is ok, I think I prefer canned soup rather than powered soup.

I love browsing through bargain shops as well ^^ You’ll never know what you’ll find!

Haha, as a child I’ve had many encounters with porn/sex toys unintentionally of course. ;)

Yes! Win for the original people! Stealers are stupid. And evil. And totally oh-so-LAME! I’m glad the site was closed down. Hopefully the owner/host are not stupid enough to get another site devoted to material they did not create themselves xD Cos that would be the stupidest thing to do EVER!

They’d create a new low for stupid people…*nods*

Ngaaaw! I love ALL your layouts =D Hehehehehe. They’re all awesome to me…^^ I bet I’d feel different if I actually knew how these website things worked. But your layouts are soooooooo cool…^^…I’m still totally in love with this colour scheme =) Hehe.

Sorry, I have a thing for brown and beige. And tan. LOL xD

SOUP! I love soup! Although I don’t really like packet soup. I like the pre-made soup that comes in cans. We have heaps of cans of pre-made soup at home…^^…It’s very, very yummy…=)

I’m addicted to pumpkin soup. And minestrone soup. *drools*.

LOL, you are SO right. Soup NEVER turns out how it’s supposed to look! Not even the canned soup does. Bloody advertising. HMPH!.

Soup is AWESOME though. Except chicken and corn soup. I don’t really like chicken and corn soup…=/

Those smilies are SO CUTE! =D =D

OMG! Ew! Bouncy balls that look like BREASTS! They’re for the perverted! Poor you guys. Especially if you guys were that young.

Bouncy balls are awesome though =) I used to have a few, but I lost them all. *sigh*. I guess they’re not so amusing to me now anyways. I have HEAPS of stress balls. I mean, stress figurines xD


Returning your comment kinda late… XD

Yeah, I hope not! Her old domain still exists so I am a tad worried. But I hope that was enough for her to learn that what she did was completely wrong.

Hahha well I showed you what the layout looked like! It’s a bit “different” compared to my other layouts though. ;)

You do too! But since I made the dogs layout, I think brown is pretty awesome too. LOL, that’s kind of funny, because there was yet another layout I was working on that had dark brown in it!

We don’t often buy canned soup. The packet ones tend to be cheaper I guess. 🤤

NO WAY! I love chicken and corn soup. D:

Well, my mum makes it, and it’s a lot nicer than the one my dad bought some time ago. It was too fucking creamy. Ewww.

Yes, stress balls! I loved your Tumblr picture. LMAO.

Ohh… I hate when somebody stole something…

There was a person, who stolen my photos… Grr . Iwas very angry.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do that before. Youtube does have everything.

My plastic cover got loads of dust inside it, which kind of defeated the object of keeping my phone clean. I kept having to take it off and clean all the dust out, just to see the screen. Some sort of protective plastic would look right on your laptop though, as you don’t have to put it in your pocket all the time (the cases make stuff harder to fit in!).

Everyone used to go on about how great Paradehosting was, which is probably why loads of people signed up to it. Now everyone says the opposite. At least the website was deleted anyway, without having to have everyone else lose their stuff on Parade, haha.

I’m confused about the Top Listeners thing on Last.fm, ’cause I’ve listened to an artist more times than some of the top listeners have. I don’t understand how they decide who makes it onto there. I want to be one.

Yeah, tell me about it. I spent so much trying to get that Bob Marley toy and it just wouldn’t come out. Those machines are too addictive!

I pressed submit by accident, when I was only half way through typing, haha.

Good luck putting that new layout together. Sometimes I get loads of ideas at once, then other times just nothing. And some layouts do tend to look better with less time spent on them, which is strange.

Those smilies are nice!

Packaging is so stupid. The food always looks so much nicer on the picture, almost like plastic with a perfect texture and everything. Then when you make/buy it, it just looks so different. They should take an actual picture that looks like the product. It is funny when you make it though, and see it’s nothing like the picture, haha.

I think I’ve seen bouncy balls like that, but they were actually advertised as ‘bouncing boobs’ as oppose to balls. You and your brother must have got a shock when you saw what was inside. Haha.

I still have to stand on my tiptoes in some stores now because they have their shelves so high. It’s annoying. My parents or sister sometimes have to get things down for me ’cause they’re a little taller.

Yeah I looked at her site earlier and saw it had the violation of terms message. She deserved what she got, or she got what she deserved. I feel like inserting a cheesy line in here, “crime doesn’t pay,” lol!

My sister has a bouncy ball collection with different colors and swirls! Not too many different shapes though, the molecule one sounds pretty cool! Also, I think for those ‘bouncy balls’ that you found, I’d rather be too short to reach that!!! lol.

Oh and I also replied to your comment you left me on my site which is more extensive than this comment.

AHH i love soup! i love any kinds of soup, eastern or western soup. i guess the kind you’re talking about would be considered western soup, the starchy kind. (btw i love Continental too! me and my bf were trying to save money when we toured australia back in june, so sometimes we just settle for soup for breakfast + lunch + dinner. after two days of continuous soup-y meals, we felt super barfy.)

anyway, eastern soup (i dont know if you know) is usually clear and watery. and usually contains oil (unlike western soup i’m guessing), and we usually eat it with rice and other side dishes. well whatever kind of soup i just love, and my mom always calls me the Soup Barrel of the family.

i dont like croutons in my soup though, because it gets soggy after awhile and becomes yucky. like how i cant really eat my cereal after awhile because it gets soggy in my milk.


Haha you almost boob balls?
I love soup, but only homemade…usually the stuff that comes in packages isnt very healthy or tastes odd…

Yeha… That’s what they call it, the LID ! :D
Yeah sorry about the brackets,(:
I thought it only happened it FanUpdate, ahha.

Can’t wait to see the new layout, I bet it’s great!
Ughh, I hate it when I get disappointed that something didn’t turn out the way its should have looked. :P

LMAO, @ the balls. Whoaa, :O They sell those things in a TOY STORE ?! o_O

Yeah I saw! Have you also seen the message from Becca on there? She was lieing saying I sent her a bad email, because she didn’t even send me any email!
I can’t use Proxy anymore, so please could you just regulary (sorry I can’t spell that word) check her site and just make sure she hasn’t stolen anything and tell me the messages from Becca, etc? Thankyou xxx

I’m sorry Liberty and Georgina. I’m just gonna leave it now. Sorry for any inconvinence this may have caused. If you still wont accept my apology email me, but my sites down so i cant use my email account so im sorry about not emailing you this instead. x

I know, I was freaked out by it,it made me want to sleep with one eye open that night :P

Yup, from now on, I may, but I did have fun, like aside from the whole something touching my foot, I was fine. A little uneasy, but I think I may go back. MAY! XD

Oh yeah that’s right, the southern hemisphere. Man, I always forget about that, but haha. I may now try to eat soup for breakfast :P
Eww, maybe not croutons in my soup. I barely like them in my salad,

Yeah, it really sucks when all the good stuff is on the top shelf. Grrr… it makes you feel so short :P

I love soup! I know, it’s irritating how food companies rip people off. Still, you can unexpectedly find great new dishes through that. It happened many times with me, lol.
Hmm…I’m not much of a crouton person. They’re great with salads and stuff, but I don’t think I’ll ever want to try soup with croutons. But I definitely eat soup for breakfast! Ever tried Maruchan beef ramen for breakfast? Yummy.
Good luck working on the new scribble/scrapbook layout. These days, putting together layouts is like a chore for me. It’s fun and all, of course, but almost every time, I feel something is missing and go back and fix it, but then I realize I just totally screwed up.
Ew, boob balls? Don’t wanna know. xD

“They were balls resembling breasts.”

I seriously fell over laughing when I read that.

Soup actually sounds amazingly good right now but it’s the dead of summer, so I think I’ll pass on ANYTHING hot. Gaahhh, I want it to be winter…

I found that out when i was on jorja’s site. I’m glad she’s been closed down. She did that same thing when she was on 85reddig.de, her so-called content was like a replica of vejc-designs. 85reddig.de is still open.

Sweet new smiles :D I love this one D: lol
Never heard of XTRA FUL haha lol. i dont drink soup that much. i dont even remember the last time i ate breakfast. Normally i just eat it at school because breakfast is free there.

Weird balls lol soo do not buy that. I think they are balls lol

I didn’t want to show my picture because i have thing where i don’t feel comfortable in my own skin sometimes. Only sometimes though at time i’m in love my self and time was yesterday lol. I’m glad you like the picture though :) thanks for the compliment :D

I had no idea where Gemma is from lol. I was not going to image mapping but i decided the image was going to look empty so i put the image mapping.

Oh my gosh she died in her bath tub
what the hell possessed her to use the laptop in the bathroom???

That’s kind of funny because now visitors of that site will now see that the person did something they shouldn’t have.

I’m kind of the same way with my layouts. It’s rare that I can have an idea in my head and make it work, but usually when I can’t I just keep starting over with it and I’m able to come up with something I like.

I think everything looks better on the container than it actually looks when you make it. Sometimes you get lucky and it looks as good or better than it does on the container.

I’ve never heard of soup with croutons in it. I would think that they would have gotten saugy and dissolved either, in the container or when you made it.

I think bouncy balls are ammusing and can be good entertainment when your bored. I’ve never seen them in different shapes though, just different sizes.

Now that is definitely strange to come around something like that. I guess they will try and make anything resemble some sexual part of the human body.

LMFAO! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH! /ehe That sounds like the kinda thing my dad would buy as a joke. In Clacton he bought his girlfriend and my nan a marshmallow penis and my grandad a marshmallow pair of boobs. Nice ;)
Although I bought my friends jelly willies as a joke aswell so I’m no better :P They taste like Haribo ;D
Yeah, that’s why it’s on the high shelf XD

Why do you recon she was forced to make it? Do you think the people at that professional sight contacted her host? I hope so :) It’d make me so happy if they did!

I know, and they’re asking me all these wuestions about moving to RigRag – they better let me go through with it! I’ve paid RR! ahaha I’m not popular, believe me but I don’t play farmers and turkeys ;D

ahaha. I can’t go overboard now. Thet stop D: I’m gutted :(

yeah, My dads lived there since before I was born :) I live with my mum more but I still live with my dad sometimes so it still counts as my house XD yeah, I’ve never had a big garden so I don’t know what I’m missing really ;)

LOL I remember my plog. It didn’t exactly last long. That’s why I admire you for actually keeping up with all of your domains. It’s something I could never do D:

Well I can’t say she didn’t deserve to have her site closed. I’m surprised it wasn’t closed sooner to be honest.

You’re bored of this layout already? D: I like this one. But I understand what you mean. The layouts I spend ages on I come to get bored of quicker than the ones I rush, excluding the current one. Those freaking roses took me an hour to perfect. Heh.

Your smilies are too smexy. I love ’em. :3
I like soup. I made it once in F.T – French onion soup. It didn’t taste so bad. Better then I thought, anyway. XD
I love minestrone… when I was little I thought it was pronounced as ‘Mine-strone’. Heh. Not ‘min-es-troh-nee’. /hehe

Beef flavour soup? That sounds… interesting. :O
I love crutons too! ♥ It’s a shame they didn’t have many in there. =.= I always make some.
My Dad always is saying the same thing – don’t believe everything on packets of food – like sell-by or eat-by dates. Bleh.

Aw, bargain stores! I love bargain stores. Strange about the bouncy balls though. Why the fuck would you make balls like that? :S 💥
I have a bouncy ball that is like a spiky star that flashes when you drop it. Heh. AND OMG! Those atom ball-things we call ‘reaction balls’ or ‘reflex balls’ because we used them in P.E to test our reflexes… ’cause they bounced all over the place. /wah

I love making pompoms. I used to make them all the time. Then I just… stopped.

Interesting. Towel Day.
Lol, I need a sturdy mobile. I have a Samsung. It’s pretty… sturdy. Though you get those blocky Nokias that are impossible to break though.

Well, she certainly didn’t deserve it.
Yeah… Lilian is right. Name and shame!
I know. I think it’s fucking pathetic ’cause her GCSEs are coming up. Plus, if she gets caught, she will be in serious trouble.
I will. :3

Really? How can you be a friend if you leave one-lined comments? Wouldn’t you put in more effort than that for a friend? /hmph
Haha yeah. Freaky shit. I hope he isn’t on the bus anymore. *fingers crossed*
Yeah we say raincoat too. I just felt like saying macintosh. Heh. Pretty awesome word if you ask me. :D

Ha. We call it brolly sometimes. Many umbrella. ^^
Thank you. :) I’ve been bumming about with the margin and started the content, like, 20px higher up. If that. So I guess it was pretty pointless. XD /eee

;) Yays.

I say she closed but actually I reported her. Bleh. I mean I can put up if people steal maybe my coding, well fine I’ll just tell them to code their own shit. But my POEMS? And my old site name? Ugh. I just couldn’t be fucked telling her to get my shit of her site. Just reported her for copyright.

Old dial phones. Eeeeek. At least you don’t have it anymore (?) so you won’t die in a fire. :)
It’s like in an episode of Torchwood, this guy can’t die and this evil bloke was saying something like this: “I’ll bury you, then you’ll struggle for air, then you’ll die! Then you’ll come back to life, and then you’ll struggle for air, and then you’ll DIE! Mwahahahaa”.


I remember reading that article of Kerry’s; very true. :)
Vicky showed me a screenshot of my affiliate links. Is one of the classes not working? Could I have a screenshot? Because everything looks fine for me. :/

haha yeah i will chnage my layout but this one i have now will be my base, like i’ll change the colors and stuff, idk Im just in love with this theme <3 lol.

Well the hurricane wasnt really in north carolina it was out to sea lol, 100 miles away.

I’ve visited your site a lot but I just noticed that I never commented on your blog, lulz.
I sort of knew the person who owned that domain on a forum, but I never talked to her. =)) She deserved it, though.
If you want some more inspiration on your new layout, think about chickens. It always helps me. ;)
Lmao @ the balls.

I hate it when things don’t look the same as on the packaging. I usually blame my bad cooking, but now I know it’s not only me!

I’m not really a soup lover, but I like a nice mug of soup in the winter. I like soups with croutons too :)

I used to collect bouncy balls when I was a child. I bought a really expensive one once and it was like a purple/blue colour fading into pink. I lost it the same day because it rolled down a hill and I couldn’t run fast enough to catch it :(

I always get carried away with browsing. It makes the review take longer, or I get caught up doing something else :|

Yeah, stealing doesn’t get you far in life – no matter where you are! I’m glad to see justice run its course!

I’m eager to see your new layout! :D

I also love croutons but they are so bad for me! Carbs are my downfall! I always wanted there to be a “CROUTON SOUP!” All there would be were croutons and little bits of veggies floating in the broth. Wouldn’t that be epic? I think so.

Oo’ so that site has been deleted. (I kinda got bored with stealer /snort )

When I saw the word “croutons” with soup I looked it up and see what was that and guess what XD I like to eat those but not knowing what it is called before I looked it up /hehe This reminds me of when I was small and eating all kinds of different foods and not remembering their name. Then when telling to my parents I will start along these lines “emm.. you know those ….(describing the food/dessert/drink).. and I really like them blablabla…”

When I read the last sentence it cracked me up for I was clueless and wondering what does it look like when you said “they were all pink and flesh-coloured, with small lumps of brown on them.” LOL I’m slow /um

I always miss the dramz! I can never keep up with your blog posts. :( Or your Twitter updates… Lord, woman! But I am glad to see victory is served.

I could go for some soup, even if it’s summer and horrendously hot here in the desert. I want some lobster bisque… I enjoy the fancier soups. XD Totally lame about the croutons, though. Stupid lies…

I want a breast ball… that’s hilarious. WHERE CAN I FIND ONE?! Or many… what a great thing to throw at people. :P

I’m glad that her website has been shut down. I honestly don’t mind if she apologize and takes down the stuff that she stole. But when she didn’t, I guess the best way is to shut down her website all together.

I can’t wait for your new layout to be up. I’m sure it’s going to be great. It seems like we’re similar. I seem to make better layouts when I’m rushing to get it done. When I brainstorm for it, it never turns out the way I want it.

Lol @ Bouncy Balls. I would have never expected it to be like that. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat something that looks like that. It would feel too awkward.

Hahahaa, I read this blog yesterday and LOLed. I wasn’t sure where you were going with it at first. /ehe

These jitters… I don’t like them. Last year I didn’t really know anyone and yet I felt no fears. Now, it seems different.

I’ll e-mail you about it after I finish with comments. ^^

Hahaha, funny. Now I can’t trust nice guys. Well, actually I can’t trust ANY guys. At my age, they’re still highly immature.

By the way, the role play is up. ^^ I’ve only posted the intros though. I’ll add more soon. :D

I hate the unexpected. When food is not what you expected it is most dissapointing of all :( “AS SEEN ON TV!” junk is like that. Once I ordered this ink thingy when I was like five. It looked so cool! You just pressed down with a little tool and it made rainbow designs. When I got it, it was really hard to get a complete shape. It was hard on my little body to press down all the way. It finally gave out and popped out all of this ink one day. :O

Blahh stupid unaware host xD

LOL I know xD It was carbonated though!! Oh I am better now :D Thanks!

Oh no not at all. I made two of my friends sick and my brother xD

I have seen a bat once in my life. I was at camp and in the morning in the way to the mess hall I saw a bat asleep and upside down on the building :P It was all fuzzy, small and cute! This bat I heard was huge, scary and black. It seems weird to find it in your house. It came through the chimney :O

Yeah I didn’t know they could fly until it pretty much flew right at me almost landing on me :|

Haha I wasn’t really all that meh about it being my last first week, actually. I’m almost done with high schoooool. :D

Oh wow, no classes with Lilian for three whole years? That sounds pretty sucky, but at least you guys managed to remain best friends. It’s actually really hard to have no classes with someone for that long at my school, since our grade is so small. :P There aren’t too many more than 100 kids in my grade.

Hahaha yes, “elefant”. xP

Lol dude, it’s okay. I never exercise either! On occasion I go walking with my mom (who walks every day), but most of the time I just sit around. :) ‘Tis a perfectly acceptable lifestyle. ;P

Haha maybe living off ramen isn’t good in a healthy sort of way, but it’s good in a yummy sort of way! :D

Yessss in my kayak. ^.^

Yay that those sites got closed! Wooooo. *dances!*

OH I KNEW THOSE TWO WERE NEW. A few comments ago they showed up and I was like WHOA, didn’t notice those before! Lee did an awesome job with them. :D

Psh, what loser soups. They shouldn’t lie about what’s in them like that! D: On the topic of ramen again… it’s like how on the package of shrimp-flavored ramen there are actual shrimps in the picture of the soup/noodles. That still tastes amazing though without the actual shrimp. :)

At one point my brother and I used to collect bouncy balls too! We would buy so many from the little machines outside places like Walmart, and then we’d play with them against the wall. :P

OH that reminds me of the bouncy ball that’s sitting on my dresser right now. Lucy made it in chemistry and gave it to me. :P It’s a funny shape so it bounces all over the place.

Ugh ewwwwww. Those boob-shaped balls sound disgusting. I know I’m a girl, but still… the idea of that is just gross. Argh.

lmao @ them resembling breast. that made me really grin. Huhahah. (Y)

because it’s summer over hear I find myself having cereal. I have cereal everyday nearly, but thing is in winter I just warm the milk. I’m all for variation but not with breakfast. It has to be weetobix every morning for me.

Sites copying people’s content is a huge problem throughout the internet, you don’t know who is stealing what or when. It’s horrible not knowing if there is another Georgina Luhur or Shola Gordon out there.

WEET BIX? xD huahaha. Classic.

And about pervy Drivers, I like ’em because when I raise hell about their perrvvy-ness they get scared and gimme a free ride or a shit hot discount. I’m a opportunist, what can I say? It teaches them a lesson about spying on girls and helps me out with my cash. huhaha.

It’s good to hear that those sites got deleted. No one likes stealer XP
And I hate it when things never turn out to be as expected. I would’ve been pretty disappointed too about those soups. In America we have this nasty soup that supposed to taste like hamburgers. O.O Ew. ‘Nuff said lol.
And I would’ve been really grossed out by those bouncy balls. I would hide those somewhere that kids won’t be able to see them. But at the same time I would laugh like hell if someone got pummeled by those lol ;)

I haven’t bought any soup for a while. My mum is against packed… Well anything. But it makes life so much easier xD.

Things, seriously, NEVER look the they do on packaging. Like Milo, it never dissolves fully in the cup, but on the tin it looks so perfect. Pssht. Or cookie mix. Bunch of liars….

Ahaha, breast shaped bouncy balls? Or whatever the hell they were, that’s odd. Not something you’d usually find in a shop. I’d probably have nightmares for months afterward, and never look into another box in a store ever again.

Aw, you make me feel so loved from your concern. ♥ I’ve actually just been enjoying real life… I didn’t go online one day (I think I just didn’t feel like it), and then for the next week I never had an urge beyond guilt at not returning comments. I was so relieved when I was laying on my bed reading old Garfield comics and finally decided to get my rear in gear and take care of business. XD

Hrm… soup for breakfast sounds so odd. In winter here, if it’s terribly cold (which it usually is because our house — the basement of a larger house — has tiled floors and cement walls, and the heating system sucks, and besides, I was up at 5:20, which was hours before the sun came up), I’ll eat oatmeal. Yum. /love Oh, and croutons? Ugh! I’ve never liked them… I don’t know why, because I love bread. XD

Nice new smilies… I shall be using the XD a lot, I’m sure. XD (Wow, I just did. Haha.)

You tell stories very well. Your bouncy ball story was intriguing, and when I got to the unexpected ending, I think I literally LOL’d. ^_^

I don’t have soup very often, just once in a while. I used to have cereal for breakfast every day, but I haven’t for quite a while (I don’t have breakfast every day anymore, for one thing :P ). I always eat my cereal dry; I recently told Royce that when he was running around his house yelling about not having milk for his cereal and he was appalled. He didn’t see how anyone could eat cereal without milk! :P

Hahahahahahaha, I was curious about those bouncy balls and then I read your last sentence and it was like, “… LMFAO!” but what kind of store was that anyways?!

Ha, those sites got what was coming to them. I remember once I got an email from a graphics design site asking to affiliate with my graphics design site. I decided to look at their stuff before deciding and was looking through their premade layouts when I clicked to view a tables layout. It looked oddly familiar… so I viewed the source and lo and behold, it was mine! Taken right from a tables layout I’d put up on my site early on, right down to the width and the navigation. They were too stupid to take out the comments I’d left for myself in the coding too 🙄 idiots.

ahahah that story of you & your brother is so cute. sigh, you can’t reply to this comment bc my site is down..but I think you already knew that.. :(

ANYWAY..I really want to see this new layout of yours. I see that you got your loved section back up. damn that’s a long list! I need to get your name up there too because i lava you.

zomg wth seriously the girl that owned the site you’re talking about….SHE HAS CONTACTED ME BEFORE but i don’t remember what it was about. it was either about being affiliates or a review. Probably a review or something. haha i forget…anyway…………………….

Aw I love winter. Did winter come late for you this year or early? I thought our summer was supposed to be your winter..? but then again, fall is approaching soon! :D

connor’s site went back to nothing. awesome. right? hahaa i will looook into your other blog from before!

I would love to have a free-entry theme park like that. Because of my stupid motion sickness, I spend most of the time looking around at the animals and such anyway. :)

Haha, I was not referring to your site when I was talking about the SOTM. I think I’ve only seen you in, like, one… lol. I was actually speaking of DailyCute… although I may just be acting unfairly because I have some issues with Gaby. XP

lol, I didn’t PLAY it for that long; it was just… there. But I’m playing it again. Yeah. XD

Thanks! (You congratulated me on college registration, if you don’t recall… lol. I certainly wouldn’t!)

Good lord, I always overuse “LOL”s and “XD”s when I talk to you. XP

Oh, I didn’t realize you were kids when you saw the balls. I guess I didn’t read thoroughly. That’s a bit scarring. :/

I love bouncy balls, though. I have like five. ^_^ In middle school, back when I felt awkward talking on the phone no matter who it was, I’d pace and bounce a bouncy ball to keep myself occupied, especially if it was a deep conversation with my best friend, because that was when I perfomed my best bounces. o_O

I love looking at bargaining shops!
They are always filled with stuff and they are pretty cheap compared to other shops.
Hehe, I always see that continental ad. I still eat crunchy nut cereal in the morning with cold milk. Im just used to it.
You can never trust the pictures on the packet.
Say, for example, I bought some of those packets which has the steps and the ingredients to make a cupcake and then my cupcakes always turn out not as nice as the one on the packaging ==”
Thankyou, although the revamp at my site isn’t going too well.. I haven’t added a single thing! I just don’t have time.

I’m wondering if she would come back with a new domain, new identity (and new image that she steals from images.google.com or some random dating site). Hope she won’t and I hope there won’t be the next Julia on the WWW.

I can’t wait to see the new layout! I agree with you. Layouts that I quickly made are better than layouts that I made for 2 hours. I don’t know why. Also, spontaneous layouts are better than layouts that Ive planned… for me. It’s weird 😒

Soups! I love soups, but I don’t eat soup in packs. My grandma usually makes it from scratch. My parents are strict like that. :(

I really hate it when a package of something is really different than what’s inside. Oh, marketing tricks. I don’t easily get tricked so yeah :P

My friend collects bouncy balls. I’ve never seen his collection of bouncy balls but he said that he collects them.

And lmao… this paragraph made me curious: They were too squishy to be anything of the sort. To our extreme horror, we realised that the balls were all pink and flesh-coloured, with small lumps of brown on them.

I LOLd when I read your last line. Lmao XD

I was going to break my laptop on purpose so I can get a new one. I am serious, haha. I did it once, and some random blue-error-system thingy appeared but when I restarted my laptop, everything came back to normal. WTF. /bash

One of my friends did it too. She cut her wrists at school but no one told her to stop because everyone knew she’ll go wild if someone told her to stop. I don’t want to cut my wrists because it’ll hurt me lol I’m too scared. Angry music helps me for some reason.

Yeah and it’s a good thing. People also can share about their experience facing idiots like that and such. It’s fun.

Believe it or not iv made some tutorials all on my own from studying and experimentation, and people have stolen my tutorials :( Maybe its karma for taking celeb images? I don’t know.

I’m going to remove my celeb based graphics. I wont miss them any way. I emailed the girl from sweet and talented .com and told her i was using her images for my pngs, long time ago. She reply’d back saying “oh its fine but you have to credit the real sources and leave the tags on”, made me feel better about using them. i think every one should ask permission. Although i wonder if the real sources mind her giving permission? I don’t even know if she pays for her images.

I tried continental soup and hated it. it tasted really powdery. Maybe i just didn’t mix it right. I’m the worse cook on the planet, i burn toast all the time. The only thing i can cook right is spaghetti (H)

Don’t break your laptop. What if you can’t get a new one?

I used to cut my legs becuase i liked the look of blood O_O I even wore a shirt with the band name disturbed. I love rock and heavy metal, i prefer old rock tho. Don’t cut your wrists, it will scar!

I accidentally pressed back when I was typing this, so I’m going to do my best to type it again :)

Urrgh, I read about it in Jorja’s blog, I even reviewed her site, what a waste of my time.

Aww, I’m sure your new layout will look great, they always do :) Woah, this one only took 20 minutes!? It looks like it took forever, you make these things look effortless :)

I’m not a big kind of soup person, but I eat it anyways. I love soup with beef in it actually :P I’ve never had croutons in my soup, then again, I don’t eat soup very often lol :P

Blech, lying packages tick me off!! Why can’t they just tell the truth, maybe I’ll buy it again!!

Ewww, thats gross. I hate it when things aren’t what they seem and then they end up being gross D:

Ooh, can’t wait for your new layout! That will look good, I’m sure! I usually like “scrapbook” style layouts! :D

Oh, soup! YUM! Oh, it reminds me of an incident that happened during the time I was in hospital for a operation…the staff used to bring all sorts of soups for the patients, and since I was a patient too, I used to get soups too! I got to taste a tomato soup once, and I hated it! It wasn’t the usual tomato soup, it was completely different! LOL, I never touched that soup again! Oh, I guess hospital foods aren’t altogether TASTY….LOL. /hehe

It must be nice to know your blog has made a difference :) 👏

I know what you mean about how packets can be decieving. I bought some bisuits once that were supposed to be yummy chocolate cookies, and they were more like lumps of brown rock. Oh well :P

I love bargin stores too :) But you have to be really careful what your buying. Some things are complete rip offs.

Those bouncy balls sound …. weird. I would like to see your collection though, I bet its cool :D


Yeah, I think they have left it now.
Ok, I will keep an eye out too, just had an awesome idea. You can make a giant eye emotion:D Haha.

No problem!

Yeah, Iknow, McDonalds advertise their food as like… fantastic, great, etc but actually, it’s not that fantastic or great, haha.
But if I eat McDonalds in a long time, it’ll taste sooo good(:

Ahah, yeah, I would’ve exited the store right away, too. xD

Well what’s up?

It’s so annoying when people copy, you have to wonder why and especially whey they say that they made the design/artwork or whatever else. *sigh*

Those big soups can certainly look a bit different to what is inside. And now I really wish that I had some. Maybe we do, there is usually some form of continental soup in the cupboard during winter. :D

The new smilies are great and they really do match, woo. (Y)

I forget Australia is winter, LOL. It’s so weird to think it, because it’s smoldering hot here!!

Yeah, extra laptop protection’s always good. Isn’t your laptop heavy on your back?? My old laptop was really heavy, so I probably wouldn’t have ever carried it anyway. I was a bit of a brick though.

I considered them for a while too, but you recommended Kya who’s great!! I think you might have mentioned the Parade hatelisting before, ’cause I’ve been on there. I must have heard of it from somewhere, haha. Sucks for people on Parade.

Yeah, I’m on ‘VERY HIGH’ compatability with people who hardly like the same stuff as me, which is silly. Very high means you listen to more or less all the same artists to me, not just about 5. And as for the Top listeners thing, I was trying to get my plays up by P!nk today, when I realised I’ve spelt the artist a few different names so it doesn’t always count. How do these people get onto the top listener page??

Fast food is such false advertising, haha. If I opened a food company I wouldn’t Photoshop the images (even though I’d end up getting hardly any sales).

especially, the header!

mmm, maybe it is possible . . . duh, duh, duh!! *dramatic*

I should try the croutons in the soup thing. It may be good :P

I know, they should name hurricanes something scientifical or something. Bill, not very science related. XD

Haha, that would be interesting. Usually to celebrate the ending of my pencil, I will throw it out. Wearing black of course. Mourn the loss :P

I would like some sun! :) Haven’t had any since Saturday!

Well, I wasn’t really following the whole story going on with you and unique.info but she sounded mean to you so CONGRATULATIONS to you! :p haha, oh and do you know how to make smileys? I wish someone would post a tutorial how to! haha the bouncy ball part was funny! Totally unexpected too! I was cracking up /hehe

Hey, Georgina, sorry to comment again but there’s a bit of a dilemma… I wanted to try out your tutorial on centering layouts using div containers, since it’s a hassle having to code in tables just to get a nice, centered layout. Well, the end result came out looking a bit similar to what you currently have now -cringe- minus the nifty top navigation you have. I will admit, I did take a peek at your CSS to try and figure out why what I had earlier was giving me spaces round the top and sides, and to fix it, so the CSS is slightly similar in that I went crazy neurotic and added 0 margins and 0 padding to every single thing.

I can email you the files so you can check them out before I use it; it’s one of those future versions I made for Gekkostate so it’ll be a while before it gets used. I just wanted to let you know and give you the right and opportunity to okay it before it’s used.

Cheers! :)

Great blog. There! ♥

Breast balls. There’s an interesting visual image for you :) Soup for breakfast? I usually eat toast or cereal.

Haha. I was worried people would be like, “whoa that’s such a freaky thing to blog about” XD

I used to be scared of fire when I was about the same age because we didn’t have smoke alarms (psh) and I have an attic bedroom and have mild vertigo, so if there was a fire I’d be pretty much screwed. Well we’ve got smoke alarms now, even one right outside my room, but I’m still kind of paranoid. :O

Yep. It’s like a deal: you live, then you die.
And I thought I was alone on that point. *huggle* Everyone else at my school has all 4 grandparents, I can’t help but envy them a little sometimes.

Yeah, I don’t ask WHY we’re here I just accept that we ARE here. :)

If she does, we’re all screwed. Bleh. I really hope she just gets the point, is SENSIBLE, and makes her own content.

Thank you. :D Roses remind me of the song by POTF…

“Grow me a garden of roses; paint me the colours of sky and rain” (8)

:O YOU NEED A MUSIC EMOTE! /bounce /eee
I’m not sure if those lyrics are right. I haven’t listened to that song in quite a while. :/
Minestrone is freaking awesome. I made that in F.T too. XD

Crutons – total awesums. ;)
We don’t need to worry about sell-by or eat-by dates on milk, my sister has it all the time. :D HEH.
They are cute. ;)
Yeah; I struggle to find the time and patience nowadays. /wah

My brother has a Nokia. Which is really good ‘cuz he ALWAYS drops things.
OMFG! I wonder if I ever will get a one-liner from you. We ramble on so much… hehee.

BAAHHAA a big apple in a raincoat? Sexy. ;) XD /bounce


I generally hate phones. Always have and will, lol. XD
I hate Torchwood. UGGGGGGGGGGH. But I caught that part when I was channel-hopping. Heheh.
Bleh. I wonder why it does that? That’s really weird. D: