Expect The Unexpected

Both people I mentioned in my last blog post, who had stolen large amounts of work from other people, have had their sites deleted. Goes to show, you can’t get away with stealing. This website has a message on it about violation of terms; let us hope that nothing like this happens again.

I was working on a new layout and spent quite some time on it. It still isn’t the way I like it. It seems that when I rush a layout and make a “rubbish” one, it ends up being quite good. The current layout image only took me about twenty minutes to do. I was working on one that is quite a different style (a mix of a scrapbook and scribble style, I guess), using my own photos too, but it does need some work.

I would like to thank Lee for designing two smilies to fit with the smilies I have: πŸ˜† 😦

Lately, as it’s been winter in Australia, I have been eating soup almost every morning for breakfast. Usually our family buys the same soup brand – Continental.

However, the other day, I came across a new variety that Continental made. It was something like “XTRA FULL”. The package looked a bit intimidating and it even showed that it was a larger serve.

Well, I can take you on, I thought. Bahaha. πŸ˜†

I got the biggest mug I could find (which wasn’t that big) and filled it to the brim with hot water, and mixed the soup until it was smooth. I started reading the package, which was a larger box than the other varieties. I always find it amusing that the soup isn’t what it looks like in the picture on the package.

The soup was beef flavour, and while I expected it to be extremely beefy, it wasn’t. πŸ˜›

I ate a different kind of soup today, and on the packet it read “FILLED with croutons”. I got excited and made a cup of this soup, because I love soup with croutons.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. There weren’t many croutons at all. 😞 Still some delicious soup, though. I guess you shouldn’t believe too much of what you see on packets of food.

Similarly, with packets of anything.

My brother and I were shopping with our dad several years ago, and we were browsing inside a discount/bargain store while my dad was sitting outside waiting for our mum. My brother and I weren’t very tall then, so looking at things high up on shelves wasn’t very fun.

No one said it was a crime to stand on tiptoe, though!

We were actually looking for wool to make pom poms and other crafty things. They were easy to find but we decided to look for more things around the shop. I love looking in bargain stores.

We were looking in the toy section, and we could both see a box fairly high on the shelf. It read Bouncy Balls. My brother was really into bouncy balls and collected all kinds of bouncy balls. All shapes, colours, designs, sizes.

(Yes, shapes. We had bouncy balls shaped like atoms/molecules, and they bounced at funny angles. πŸ˜„ )

We couldn’t see inside the box but we went on tiptoe to get one and have a look.

To our surprise, the balls weren’t of some colourful swirly design, nor did they even look like bouncy balls. They were too squishy to be anything of the sort. To our extreme horror, we realised that the balls were all pink and flesh-coloured, with small lumps of brown on them.

They were balls resembling breasts. 😧

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