Falling Out Of Sleep

Erin is having a domain contest so make sure you head on over there. First prize is a .info domain, and other domains are available as prizes, not to mention advertising and layouts.

Also, my dear friend Vivien has made a fanlisting for me. :O So if you’re a fan of me, please join Heartdorks today. :D ♥️

Today, James and I bumped into each other at uni when he was supposed to be in class. I was talking to my friend at the time, and James was looking for a photocopier. After my friend left, James decided that he wouldn’t go back to his lecture (haha).

Yesterday when I was walking out of the station, there was someone handing out coupons for bubble tea. Yum! /drool Buy one get one free. I took one, slightly excited. On my way back home I got another one.

James and I used one of the coupons today. I got honey milk tea, because I think it’s delicious. I got the pearl toppings too. I really like the pearls in bubble tea. They’re dark brown and are made of tapioca flour. It’s hard to describe the taste but they’re like chewy jelly. :P

When we got back to university, I wanted to talk to Vivien online so I turned my laptop on. James and I took a few pictures on my webcam. I told him about how I was flicking through the photos one day, and if I scrolled through them really fast, it looked like it was playing a movie.

A lot of the photos from my webcam were taken in the same place and same positions, so we were ridiculously flipping through photos back and forth very fast, incredibly amused by the change. It was like watching an animation. We nearly pissed ourselves laughing.

We had two photos of us in the same position. One was of our mouths open, and one was of our mouths closed. We were listening to music, and we were going back and forth between the photos to the tune of the song, so it looked like we were singing the song. LOL.

We also recorded a video of us mouthing to a song, which also looked pretty funny. We were so amused we did that for over an hour. XD

I actually got a seat on the train today. It was a small single seat in the back of one carriage, and there’s a wall on the side of the seat so it’s like a little hiding spot. I was pretty happy about it; it’s so hard to get a seat on public transport. I wrote a poem and added it to DreamingLess.com.

I was quite annoyed today, because I found that someone (gosh, yet again!) had taken ideas from me. I won’t mention any names, but on Twitter, my friend was asking for domain name suggestions, so I told her some, and other people gave her their ideas too.

She mentioned that she liked my suggestion, but in the end she decided that she wasn’t going to register a new domain.

My other friend, who had seen my suggestions, then decides she can snatch it up for herself and take all the credit, and open her new site with not a word to me. And perhaps that isn’t such a big deal but I was horrified when she published a list of “domain name ideas” on the internet and took full credit for them, when half of them were my ideas.

I don’t mind other people being inspired by me or taking my ideas, but taking without due credit, I wholly do not appreciate.

As an end note, I will be quite busy this week. :)

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💥 /bounce /love
/bounce !

That black tea wasn’t too bad :)
Yours tasted like grape gummies XD

That song was way too long 🤬 We should do something like..the sound of silence or something /um ✌️
But gangsta wuggs has to be the cutest thing ever. it’s


It was honey! /hehe

I’m not a gangster… /snort XD

Ngaweeeee. The Sound of Silence! (I need a music smiley.) But I love that song, especially the bridge! :O

RAWR. @_@

Bubble tea!
I haven’t had bubble tea in so long. I think the last time I had it was in November last year, when my family and I travelled to Sydney to see Andre Rieu in concert. x)

Hahaha. That’s awesome with the photos. I used to love reading those books where they have the little pictures in the corner, and you flip the pages and they become animated. It’s so amusing. xD

I have joined Vivien’s fanlisting for you =) Because you are awesome! ♥ ♥ Hehe!

Awww! Cool! You bumped into James =) How very unexpected. Hehe…Naughty James! Not going back to his lecture! *shakes head*. Oh well, I’m probably just as bad. I stop paying attention half way. Haha!

LOL, hey going through pictures at super speed probably DOES look like an old movie. =D I would try it, but I don’t think my laptop is powerful enough. That, and I have to study!

Hahahahaha! You guys made a video of yourselves mouthing lyrics? HEHEHE! That is HILARIOUS! Awwww, lucky you! You get to see James at uni xP!

BUBBLE TEA! OMG BUBBLE TEA! I LOVE BUBBLE TEA! Pearls are AWESOME. Oh crap, I have to register my Easyway card so I can redeem my points and get a free drink! xD Haha. I’m addicted to that stuff! I haven’t tried honey milk tea though. Just normal milk tea, taro, almond and sesame. I think xD Taro is awesome! It’s purple!

Free bubble tea!!! Damn, I wish I was there! *grumbles*

Hehe, hey! That’s like me! Getting a seat on the train. Usually today, my bus back home is crowded, but I actually got a seat today…=D Except I missed a phone call cos one of my friends called me just as I was about to get on to the bus and tell the bus driver where I wanted to go *sigh*. It’s okay! I called him back =D

Uh! How mean of her to steal your domain name and not give credit! She can’t just take your ideas for herself! That’s arrogant and presumptuous! Hmph! I hope she gets what she deserves! =@

Awww thank you! *hugs* ♥

I know, he had a three hour lecture. Three hours! I suppose that is acceptable… he was photocopying something. XD

Sometimes I’m shocked when I actually pay attention. I usually tune out halfway too. :P

Haha just get a load of pictures and try it, I suppose. I just open it in a slideshow and fast forward by holding the arrow key.

Hahahaha. They always ask me if I have a card and I say “no”. But they don’t even tell me how to get one. I don’t really need one anyway.

I tried the almond one, and it was so strange. :P I don’t really like taro. The chocolate one is really nice, though. 🤤

LOL. I hate it when my phone rings at an inconvenient moment.

I don’t know if she’ll get what she deserves… but grr. Something will hit her back in the face. 👏

ZOMG GEORGIE I FUCKING MISSED CHUUUUUUU! *HUGS* How were you?!?!? xD I’ve been good btw thanks! :3

OMG DreamingLess is FABULOUS! D: I’ve missed a lot and I only have been away a couple of days!

Domain contest? Gargh, I don’t think she gives credit to namecheap users so I guess I won’t join. I need to have everything on namecheap now.

OMG WHO WAS THAT BITCH? Gimme the link!!!! *Either DM it or something!* GRR. What a freakazoid butt!

Have a lovely week. :)

Aww you got a fanlisting. That’s sweet!

I love tea. And pretty much any kind. I’m pretty much addicted to it. And it’s good for you too! With antioxidants and all. Much better than coffee, although I enjoy that too. I’ve never heard of pearl toppings, but they sound amazing. I usually just add tons of sugar and honey to mine. Added with the caffeine, it gives me quite the kick. haha.

Wow it was a friend who turned around and did that? That sucks! Backstabbers…I guess you are just that fabulous. /eee

Haha, thank you, Georgie!
Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have been sneaky..but atleast, I did it after school hours! Haha! :D

Wow, a fanlisting for the great legend, Georgina! That’s so cool! XD
Haha, that’s naughty of James to not go back to the lecture. LOL, I wouldn’t go back too, because I’m not a fan of lectures! ;)

That honey milk tea sounds so delicious! And I suppose it really must be delicious! :)

Oh, that’s so rude of that person to snatch your domain ideas…hmph, atleast she could have credited you! Give me the link? I want to bash her up…LOL!

Have a good day, Georgina! :D

I think that’s just how parents are.. but at least I still had some fun afterwards :)

Yeah that how I felt.. I told my dad that I would need some strong coffee to keep me up all day long.. but I somehow managed to stay up witout any coffee.

Hehe, and most of the time we were just like “Ch… you have to sing with Ca… now” and all of us looked at each other, started to laugh and said: “You gotta drink something now!” I was doing pretty good though. I only had to drink 1-2 shots.. the rest was because I wanted to drink xD

If she does it again we just have to let her host know.. there will always be a way to stop that girl from stealing other peoples content!

Yeah, at least it’s as tasty as it looks on the picture :)

Thanks for answering the questions :)

Oh yay, the fanlisting is opened :) Gonna check it in a bit and also apply :) Just because you are that awesome!

Coupons are always great <3 You just gotta love them :) Glad you got one and enjoyed it that much :)

Yeah public transport and seats.. I really think that's soooo annoying – which is the reason why I get up at 6am in the morning to get an earlier bus to school… it's only for our lil village and only carries around 20-30 students.. though there are seats for more than that. And after school the same thing.. I think I am pretty lucky XD

I hate it how I always forget to check your writings portfolio.. I have to get a lil post-it and put it right next to my monitor so I look at it all the time to make sure I check that site of yours :)

How ever that person is that stole your ideas.. that is soooo fucking rude! I seriously don't get why people behave like that.. if she wants to have a list like that she should think about names herself! URGH!

I’m going to leave a long comment for you XD or… at least try to :D .

Oh a domain contest! I’ve never actually entered one before, cause… idk what I’d use another domain for, and i’ve always been bad updating two sites, i like having just 1. :). But wow you have like 6 sites :O isn’t it hard to update them all?

Hmms what exactly is a fan listing, I’ve heard of them before… but never really taken any thought into it :/. But once i find out what it is I will DEFIANTLY join yours *hugs*

Hahas yay you saw James today :D. Oh i love coupons, i dont know why anyone wouldn’t lol. Yum bubble tea ♥ . Ohs that topping sounds yummy!! *thinks of chewy jelly* 🤤 .

Ohs ha ha I saw that picture of you with yours and James’ mouths opening and closing, i wondered what it was about lol xD. Oh yayayay!! a seat on the train finally, who were you sitting next too o.0. I think i’ll read the poem after i finish this comment :D.

Oh wow that’s a really bad stealer… did she know you knew? :O, you should tell her on her new site, what is that site anyways? you probably don’t want to say in your blog… and i can understand that 😳.

Yeah I even asked you if i could use your scavenger hunt idea, and here’s your credit: http://snap-beat.com/hunt.php.

Well this was a pretty long comment dont’chya think? :D :D <3

-goes and reads poem…. after Mandi hits the submit button… now-

Ooh, a domain contest. I entered for the heck of it, I know chances of me winning are slim because I don’t get a lot of visitors. Boo :( still it’s fun to be in a contest! :D

It’s so lovely that you bumped into James like so. I remember in my senior year in high school, I was dating another guy (a total fucktard, mind you) and one time I walked out of the restroom and he was walking out of the restroom at the same time. Hahaha :P

What the HECK is bubble tea?! It’s all the rage with the Asian kids here, but I’m a sad Asian and know nothing about it. Explain nao! :3

Wow, people just keep stealing from you : and it was a friend to boot! I feel a bit bad now…

I want some bubble tea, now!

And booooo on that person for not crediting you. BOOOO. *hugs*

tbh Georgie, that girl should of asked. That would of been the proper atittude to the situation. Just to say “Hey, Is it okay if I use ********* as a domain name, I really like the idea.” It’a plain rude not to. I would of named and shamed her but I s’pose you are too nice for that.

Ooo Indonesia. Pretty cool. So you’ve got an Asian background, right? Are they relatives from your dad’s side or mom’s side? Silly question, I know. :P But it actually makes a difference because it’s a fact that people are always closer to relatives from the mom’s side. /hehe ANNNNNYWAYSS…
OH man the TAXIS. They were just PARADISE. =O Like seriously. The taxis here in Egypt are so ewish. There’s the clean, yellow, new cabs, there’s the old black and white, disgusting, boxed FIAT taxis, and then there’s the new white taxis with checkered black and white strips that are supposed to replace the old black and white taxis…but the government isn’t doing a good job in the replacing part, so there’s like 3 different kinds of taxis roaming the city. /hehe But in Syria. WOW MAN. They seriously care about their country! =O The taxis all look brand new. And unlike Egypt, when you stop a taxi in Syria, it actually stops. Here in Egypt, they ask you first, before you go in the taxi, where you’d like to go, and if it’s somewhere they’re too lazy to go to, they simply shake their heads or sometimes don’t even answer and just drive away. /hehe
Anyhoo. Yummm…honey milk tea sounds delish. I used to drink honey milk when I was younger. My parents used to put honey in the milk secretly so that me and my siblings would drink it. But honey milk tea…never tried it before, but like I said, it sounds delicious, I’ll try it once. I’ll tell you how it goes. /ho
Lol at the whole webcam thing. Sounds like an experiment I’d like to try. XD I can just imagine how everything would go, I know I’d be wetting myself laughing. XD
And about the person who didn’t give credit after stealing your idea for a site name…sounds familiar much?
Wait. What was that country we used for that person *cough cough* that was *cough cough* always suspicious. Russia? Hmmm…*Thinks for a bit…* Oh wait, Romania….. /ho Lol. XD

HAHAHAAAA. I recall you ranting to me about your lovely bitch on MSN. And I did the same back. /bounce
I’m sorry I disappeared, my Internet provider had a problem with something or other and the Internet went down until it was 4am your time. :@ Damn it.
Ugh. Stupid bitch… I enjoyed talking about her. Lol. My Dad, sister and I were once talking about why boys didn’t bitch about others. He admitted he was enjoying talking behind my brother behind his back (just about him being a lazy sod) but he still denies enjoying bitching. XD

I joined the fanlisting for you. LOL. ♥
Naughty James, heh. I guess he’d prefer to stay with you. :P
Haha you guys amuse me so much with all the stuff you get up too; I wish I had a freaking webcam. :@

YAY! You got a seat. :D You were talking to me about it on MSN too. XD I like MSN now. :P Whenever I sign in no one is ever online so I gave up. Lmfao. I should’ve added you sooner! D:

I’ll return your comment later; ‘cuz I’m a lazy sod and my Internet access was cut off (above, bleh) I haven’t returned pretty much all of them. XD And I’m doing it in order. :P

BUT I WILL BE BACK. *heroic music, maybe?*

Well, that all sounded very nice and exciting until the end! Pooh pooh on that loser. Go enjoy your pictures more instead of thinking about them. XD

That’s about how many pages I read an hour, too, lol. The internet is so cool; I didn’t know I had so many of my qualities in common with people. In ‘real life,’ I only know like one or two people that have things like that in common with me… lol.

I know! Stomachs are so soft and squishy… and warm. The perfect pillows. ♥ I took a nap with my head on my dog’s stomach once… haha. This was a few years ago, but still, it was nice… we were laying on my blanket outside in the sun and I just fell asleep. XD

I’m not too too disappointed. In fact, I’d forgotten to be disappointed about it until I read that part of your comment. XD

Yeah, I do… like, I first applied for her affiliation because that was when I was into getting more hits, right? And I was all flattered that she accepted me despite the fact that my daily hits were (and still are, although that’s just extra information) below her quota. But then I would tag her and comment on her blogs, asking her questions and generally trying to have small talk… and she would NEVER reply! I hate it when I comment to an affiliate, and they post a blog — or even two or more — without replying to my comments. With Gaby, and her doing that daily, I get so ticked off. When I needed her to fix something — like my button (which she’d direct-linked and was showing as my ugly image replacement) or my affiliate/topsite URLs, it took her like two weeks, even though I reminded her daily. When I asked her if there was a more reliable way to reach her, she was like, “I always try to respond to all my comments!” I think I’m going to go and delete her today. I’ve had her up because of potential hits, but now I’m too annoyed to continue it. XP

She does a good job of advertising… although she really shouldn’t have kept requesting affiliation with you if it was closed. XP

lol, I love your comment about how wrong that sounded. XD I have a pair of Chinese (?) stress balls that you’re supposed to have roll around each other in the palm of your hand… but I get stressed trying to do it, because I just can’t. XD They feel really cool, though, and make neat sounds. :D

I’M BACK. /bounce

I might as well have waited. XD Ah well.
Ho hum. I’m going to blog in a minute, I hope, anyway. Just got to find something to blog about, hehe.

Do you have an attic bedroom then? :P I guess, in a fire, I am more scared about losing everything. Like the Beudelaire orphans (I think I spelt it wrong. Bleh).
My grandma was really close to me. ♥ She lived right next to my school. I could have walked there at lunch to have tea and biscuits. :) :P

Make another one! Minus the iFrames, of course. XD Hehe. Steal the MSN one! But isn’t that copyrighted or something?
Yay. :D My memory is sort of up to par then. XD
I have water or a smoothie. Not much milk. I used to have it all the time. /eee

But it was fat. And it was an apple! :O
If it’s not allowed to be smexy, it can be awesome. :D Audrey the Awesome Apple. :D
Hm. I’ll try and do something magic… maybe. :S

OMG, really? ;O Do you have a preview or printscreen of the layout? I absolutely MUST see it. xD

I love bubble tea, especially Passion Fruit and Strawberry, yum. At the restuarant that I go to calls the pearls bobas. =))

I’ve never really tried different types of tea, just some basic ones such as lemon, peach, mint, green and I think mango? I actually really like tea, but I only drink it when I’m sick and just drink regular ice cold sweet tea on a regular basis.

Web cam pics are almost never “normal” lol. I enjoy taking webcam pics and looking through them like animations too. It amazes me how something so simple can make one so amused lol, but I enjoy it!

As for you ‘friend’ who took credit for your ideas, that just really sucks. People would get so much further in life if they would just do the right thing. I hate when people steal, it’s just wrong in so many ways and you’d think it would ride on their conscious…I guess the bright side to this is that she liked your ideas. ;)

WHAT A BITCH, HUNT HER DOWN & EAT HER SOUL. The hell at people stealing from you so much? You have too many stalkers. My site’s back up & working, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. :D

Oh yeah I was looking through your networks & I like the aquapheric layout the best. Even though I tell all the people I review not to use scriptina, I love the simplicity of your layout. :)

I am going to be starting up a photo journal or plog really soon. I bought the domain & everything but I haven’t done anything to it yet. Hopefully I’ll get it done this week before school starts..but anyway, perhaps you’d like to start a little blogroll & list other fellow friends that have photojournals. I know wendy has one! Actually, I just checked it & she like deleted it. Haha damn. -_-

Anyway, lulz i saw your little gif of you & your boyfriend. so cute.

Haha. I love the name of the fanlisting, heartdorks. Super cute. Do you think it fits? ♥

Lol, I love taking pictures like that. I would’ve had a blast having my pictures sing to my music. :)

Thanks for the layout comment :) I think the layout is too dull not to bright, but i agree with you on the font. Its not going to stay long tho, i have plans for a better one.

seems like Erin’s site would be fun to enter, i don’t need a domain but a layout prize would be cool.

I’m 100% a fan of you /kiss. If it weren’t for you my site would still be a mess. Me not realizing that it sucked in other browsers. I’ll join it later after my gym session.

You have bubble tea? OMG! lol, in Perth when i used to live there i would always go to the bubble tea shop. It was a little Malaysian store hidden in an alley in the scarey parts of the city. I almost always bought there strawberry smoothies. The best smoothies iv ever had. The bubble tea was great as well. But i would always avoid the little balls at the bottom, i just added them for flavor. Then they started to bring bubble tea out in the malls. Not nearly as good. I wonder if they have them here in Melbourne. On my last trip to Perth my best friend and i drove around the city shooting bubble tea balls at people. Made me feel like a teenager again (H)

That sucks about not crediting your domain name idea. I hope it wasn’t any of my online friends or affiliates.

If she did that, she would be the dumbest person that i have ever met. Yah I’m going to keep that one pic on my website.
It would be pretty stupid to sit near water with a laptop. just one wrong move and a lot could go completely wrong.
they didn’t send any apology to me. i can’t believe i’m stuck in gym. i guess the exercise will be good.
The part is the teachers trying to pronounce my name. ugh on my teachers actually called be easy instead of isi. i mean wtf? my friends started calling me that; but only them.

haha i joined your fanlisting :D

I do that sometimes, i draw something on a piece of paper and then i start flipping it fast and it looks like the object is moving lol

Oooohhhh I love bubble tea lol :)
And yeah I hate math, too lol. I just do advanced math for the credits.
Yeah, I feel really lucky that we’re together so much. We get to be partners, too, like today. Haha we had the funniest conversations (like the kind that make you smile when you even think about it and you don’t even notice) :) .
And yeah we had all these teachers that were so mean but all of a sudden they became like saints! But most of them were vice-versa lol :) .

And check out my next blog for answers to your questions :)

Honey milk tea sounds delicious. It’s my sister’s favourite. I prefer almond milk tea though. :)

On a side note, copiers are basically everywhere. If you are really bothered, perhaps you can send her an email to ask her to remove it since you have the tweets as evidence. Most of the time, I can’t tolerate copiers. I think their “letting them go” makes them worse and think that there will be no consequences to their action. They will obviously continue to do that. Sigh.

Yay for bubble tea. ^^ I ♥ bubble tea. Specially with the tapioca pearls. My mom doesn’t like those, and I didn’t before but somehow I’ve grown to love them. Even though at first I refused to eat them. Hahaahaha.

Uhmmm, I’m not sure why you called this blog why you did. Perhaps I missed a part. xP I do sometimes, but it seems kind of random. To me ish.

Sorry to hear about the person who stole ideas. If I ever do that, which hopefully I don’t, feel free to yell at me… kidding. But I mean, just tell me and I’ll credit you because sometimes I get ideas from other people and then collaborate with my own and then the credit gets lost somewhere in there. O.o Sorry to all those I haven’t credited. I’m still working on that.

I decided to put the rules back up… because this person who I decided to comment her blog because she’s a new affie… well she keeps ignoring the blog, it’s like this HUGE THING ABOVE. I mean really, a short part of the comment… blog-related in the least bit? I mean, seriously, she completely ignored the rules…. Some people just don’t ever know. /ehh

Lol, you and James seem to have such crazy fun together. The video you made sounds cute, why didn’t you post it?! Lol.

Those pearl things in the bubble tea sound really weird though. I don’t really like bubble tea to begin with, but the idea of jelly textured balls of tapioca flour doesn’t really appeal to me! :P

Argh, that’s annoying that your friend stole your domain name ideas. It’s sad really that people have to resort to stealing other people’s ideas because they can’t think of their own. :( But what she did was still way uncool. Grrr.

Thank you. :) Your comment means a lot to me. It’s taken me a long time to get my life back on track again, and although I still love blogging and web-designing, I’ve gotta be realistic. It’s really not healthy for me to sit in my room for hours on end on the internet. There are so many more things in life I want to achieve, but I can’t do them if sitting in front of a computer screen is my entire life!

After I wrote my current blog, I felt kind of guilty because it kind of sounded like I was saying that web-designing and going on the internet makes you anti-social. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read your comment- you didn’t take what I said and twisted it. I mean, I adore the internet and making websites; it’s something I’ve been fairly good at for a while now. But I think the most important thing is balance, getting my priorities in order, and taking everything in moderation. I procrastinate quite a lot when I go on the computer, even if it’s only to check my emails and tweets. xD

Yeah, getting sponsors is kind of tedious. It really bugs me when people leave me waiting at their door for like ten minutes, only to return with a measly 50 cents. It’s so damn irritating. I mean, if I can make the effort to walk around for hours, asking for money for a good cause, they should at least have the decency to tell me they’re either 1) too stingy to donate anything or 2) they haven’t got much money on them. Far out.

Yay for being happy! ;)
Haha last night I looked at the fanlisting about you. I love the name and I’m definitely joining! xDD

Yes I’m actually writing a post right now. I just delay it because I like to have all of my updates done before I blog. So it takes me hours to blog just because I have to make a bunch of new content..haha man. But if I finished things beforehand, it would take me like 20 minutes. Sheesh.

I have narrowed down my errors to about 6. Wee. I think 2 of them are like..errors from my counter or something. The rest are from something I don’t know how to fix. Maybe you could take a look at it & see for yourself. :/ But at least my CSS is validated. That’s something I’m pretty proud of. But then again, how hard is it to have a validated CSS sheet?

NOO I really like that layout. It’s really simple but I am obsessed with bokeh. Also known as those little orbs. Bokeh is the popular name for it, if you didn’t know. haha yeah & I just figured out how to make bokeh with my camera every single time. Jeez, I am such an idiot. But I’m glad I learned something new!

I’m pretty sure because you live in Australia, there are tons of remote places you could go to to see a meteor shower! You could take James! It’d be so romantic! I think you’d have to look up when the next meteor shower is in your hemisphere though.

I was going to clean out more of my affiliates but I just left two up there that I want to remove because they send me hits. haha I’m guilty of wanting more hits. :|

ANYWAY, yeah I’m really excited to get started on my plog! Although I have to work on my brother’s site first.

Sup Georgie.

I just got an email saying I was approved for that fanlisting! I am a heartdork. YAAY. Everyone better join.

LOL. Uni sounds so cool. You don’t have to stay for the whole lecture (but you still have to catch up later). Dude, I wish I could just leave school whenever I want :D I’d leave for everything except lunch and recess XD

Anyways, I hope James didn’t miss out on any important information XD But I think that spending time with you would have been much more fun than sitting in university and doing technical stuff and crap XD

I haven’t had bubble tea in a while. I usually get this lychee flavoured one with colourful jelly :D Sometimes I get this mango one too. I used to like Taro Milk Tea with the pearls but I always bought it before getting onto a train and it made me feel a bit sick :S

I wish people would give me some coupons XD
I shall try honey milk tea next time :D
Yeah. The taste of pearls are so indescribable. To me they barely taste like anything but they’re so yum. Y’know?

LUL. I love looking through pictures really fast. For my friend’s birthday, I made an animation which had pictures of me making retarded faces XD It went really fast and she loved it XD

Taking heaps of pictures (while the objects are moving subtly for each shot) is a great way to kill time and boredom XD

I reblogged the animation of you and James LOL.
It’s hilarious. Like I said, you could just sit on your computer chair and watch for ages. I think I can see your bubble tea cup in the background LOLL

LOL. I like to sit on those seats. Away from everyone else :D
I usually sit on the carriages near the blue light just in case something dangerous happens. XD I have to be close to the security guards.

I like how you’ve described your little seat in that poem. How do you write so well XD

OMG. You were talking about that yesterday.
Why do people always steal off you? I feel sorry for you :( You have so many great ideas yet people are ruthless and take them to be praised. FFFACK. I wish you could report them to web police or something :S

LOL. I’m glad you and your brother dropped the bouncy balls.
I mean. I would be so shocked that I would probably stand there frozen for a few minutes with my jaw dropped XD

:D Dudeeeh :) Have a nice night.

Yeahh, sometimes I feel when we’re constantly updating and blogging, it becomes more of a forced chore than what it originally was, a hobbie. Oh yeh, when I had a review site a year ago, I had to finish reviews as soon as I got them, because I didn’t want to be like those terribly busy review sites that have more than 30-40 sites in the waiting list. I failed in the end though. :P
Hahaa yeah, honey is goooood. Real good. 🙄 I’m not much of a fan of milk though, it’s not that good in Egypt anyways.
Lol yes, the drivers just drive away if they can’t be assed to take anyone wherever they want. Lame. /hmph
Yay, I clicked on the link and I saw your animation!! It’s hilarious. XD I can just imagine what it’s like to open a song and look at the animation as if you’re singing. WAIT. I’ll try that in a bit. XD
Hahaha yeah, miss Romania alright. Well, good thing it’s not her. /hehe

Yesh I am! *hugs*

Really? Aww that’s so sweet of yah! Haha thanks. :)

NC is good! D: I wish they give credit in contests so it would be much easier! D:

Okay thanks. I replied. :)

Yeah I know. Even Jane from Begrudged told me that too. As if girls aren’t entitled to play games. Psshft. Thanks. :) You should play some games yourself! :p

Yeah lol. OHH. I love scarves. OMG jewelry! Yeah. That reminds me. I haven’t bought jewelry in a long time. Thanks for reminding me! I should definitely buy some! :D

Yeah, yeah! Lmao. You do!!! Haha, but that’s essential, right? ;) Even from the canteen and such. You need to let out money. It comes and goes. D: But that’s one of the best things on spending money on! :3

Yeah, and the domains! Haha. :) I can just only imagine. No wonder you felt like a free domain, o1s. Lmao. I don’t blame you! :P

Trashy? Haha. They keep me company and up to date, usually. Yeah they can. Even more if they tend to be hardback and here they’re very expensive. Online they’re cheaper. Like I bought a book signed from the author and it was still cheaper. :/

Diamond pointed out that I used 17 emoticons in my comment. sorry.

What? A three hour lecture? That’s pretty awful, LOL, I would lose my concentration halfway itself….

No, I won’t say anything to the site owner…I just wanted to look at the site. Yeah, I don’t think it’s that good too.

Haha, i do not think she sees the resemblance between herself and Adam Sandler but all her other friends and boyfriend agree /cool

Thanks for the tip XD
I changed it to grey! Thanks it looks way better now :) it actually does. /love

Yeah, its good that they’re preventing it. :) But what I’m worried about is if the like ‘travelling community’ couldn’t be arsed like, using the gel, they’ll spread it.. /bash /argh


Ooh, thanks I’ll add thumbnails so :)

ROFL at that picture, thats so amusing!

Ooh, what song did you mouth? My friend did a video of ‘I like your hair.’ It’s so funny :) It’s amazing how amused you can be by your own mouth! XD

That picture looks like your saying BOP BOP BOP BOP :P

Awh, that’s mean that she took your name without crediting, you should say it to her, :P

That’s a really cool contest, I think I might adopt or buy a new domain actually, but not anytime too soon!

You and James sounds like such a great, cute couple :) Dewey and myself, though we were in different schools, skipped classes sometimes to see each other ♥ And I love bubble tea as well! Although I don’t like tapioca, so I usually get it with the jellies! There is this great place in the city, expensive though, called TenRen that has awesome bubble tea :) –I totally would have snagged a coupon too!

Dewey and I also have cameras in our laptops so we’ve taken a lot of pictures of each other, but they are usually not as cute lol, Dewey likes to snap pictures while I’m eating and then scroll back and forth between them to make me look like a little piggy lol. But we get a good laugh too out of our pictures :) You should make a simple .gif with some of yours!

I’m also sorry to hear that this time it was a friend of yours who stole your ideas :( It’s immature and sad, it sounds almost high school.

I’m also thinking of switching Dewey’s band’s website to WordPress now that I’m so in love with it, I was thinking of maybe starting off with one of your WordPress themes, but I was wondering, instead of having just text in the header, would it be possible to use an image?

Haha, scientific research! LOL, but that’s true in my case, I’ll never be able to concentrate on one particular thing during classes…but that’s also false because I can find myself concentrating on one subject for 2-3 hours during exam revision! Haha… :D Scientific researches…

Yeah I’ll go over the intercom every day (H)

Haha, i’ve to go find my water gun. 🙄

My hand sanitizer hurts my hands though, it makes them feel really hot and dry :(

Bop ;) I’m gunna call you Bop. You are no longer Georgina, you are Bop 😏

Aww, you should upload it to your site as a Vlog :D

Tehe, you should still say it to her, shes just not cool jocking yo’ shit dude. (H)

I felt like, so cool there. XD

Hmm, I wonder how bubble tea tastes like, ahah. I barely drink tea, mainly water, lemonade, coffee, etc:D
You must have had a fun day with James and taking pictures! I love taking pictures outside with a webcam and when the lighting is sooo pretty.

Ahah, yeah. So it actually was a boy’s shirt! …. Unless he bought a girl’s t-shirt, which would be more weird than a girl buying a guy’s shirt. :P

Yeah, I had glittery/sparkly clothes;; They disgust me, ahah. Ew, there’s something called a Hannah Montana helmet !? ); Do people/kids like Hannah Montana there?

Aww, the GIF looks cute and funny. Haha. It looks like you were playing with the camera. XDD Yay! A fanlisting! I’ll definitely join it when I have my fanlisting collective up! Wee! I love the name BTW. Seriously. Heartdorks; so adorable. /mwah

Whoever started the trend of ‘taking without credit’ must stab himself lead. It’s so unpopular and people will never appreciat that. BLAH! I guess they feel good having all the credit while they didn’t actually make it. Even with domain names. WTH?

LOL. Yes, I turned off comments because I was importing the database and couldn’t continue returning the comments and I was finalizing the site. So I was pretty busy that time. :P

Yup, the iPhone clone is cheaper. Much cheaper than the original. That is if you don’t mind having a clone. XD

Moving hosts is not just annoying. It’s exhausting too. -.- I used to use Lightbox with my old website, but I don’t know if it works with WordPress, as I was only using Cutenews that time. :P I think I’ll give it a go then. :)

Thank you for the comment about my site, BTW. /heart

Tja ich hab nu ne neue domain.Da kannse nix gegen machen.^^

Werd Erwachsen, sie werden es sowiso ueber dich rausfinden. Du bist scheisse haeslich.

Ha nekem ilyen fejem lenne, nem hordanám. Menj a fenébe.

ZOMG i got it down to only 4 errors but I really don’t know how to get rid of all the other ones. They’re weird body html closing tags that say they’re wrong..I don’t know. I like how my cbox has errors..so ridiculous. Stupid cbox. But i removed the allowtransparency thing.

hrm i don’t get why people have problems with their css because of lightbox. i mean you just upload the folder to your server & then add the little code for it in your header. has nothing to do with the css. people these days.

Gah you know from the day I bought my domain, I wanted tiffanybee.com too but I was waiting until later to buy it but I planned from last year to buy that domain & make it a personal site with pictures. The transfer of the pictures is gonnna suckkk so muchh. I kind of have pictures on my desktop & my laptop to transfer. poo.

Then there’s the whole setting up my site & layout & ughhh. okay anyway.

I think you’d have to fly a little far to go on a cruise though! But you should. They’re worth your money & they’re really fun. :)

Ahahaha, mmm shit in a cup. But yeah, Milo’s still the yummiest.

You got a seat on public transit? I didn’t think it was possible. Even though, I find it amusing how on the bus that I take to uni, the people who are sitting are my age, and the majority of those standing are elderly or pregnant. I guess courtesy is on the brink of extinction.

Ahaha, that animation webcam thing on your Tumblr is hilarious, I couldn’t stop staring at it.

I love bubble tea. I always get the chocolate one, with tapioca. Somehow, I feel like the other flavours can’t live up to chocolate, so I neve try them xD.

LOL Those images are really amusing to watch.

Oh, I love bubble tea! I haven’t had one in so long. My favourite flavour is red bean or taro mixed with coconut. I always get it with tapioca. When I was younger I didn’t really like it, but now I appreciate the taste more.

Sorry to hear that your friend used your ideas without giving you credit. It’s really terrible when something like that happens.

Shame on James (OMGDR.SUESSMOMENT!RHYME-TIME!) for not going back to his lecture. You skip your classes too, don’t you? :P

/faw YOU MENTIONED ME. TWICE. ♥ Haha you have like 27 members in your fanlisting from NINE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. /pow

Aren’t the pearls that are made out of flour like boba? o_O

RAWR AT THE GIRL (Who’s name I shouldn’t scream) for stealing your ideas! D: /angry People are so stupid these days.

I hope you’ll be able to get on today. I need to ask you something reaaaaaaally (not) important.

XD You need more emotes lol. One of these days I will try to write you a comment using all of the emotes (in appropriate places).

Sorry this was such a fail comment, Georgie. ;’


Mmmhm. I don’t usually like tea/coffee but that honey one sounds rather sexy 🤤

LMFAO me and my friends were making things like those movie-photos today because we were on my laptop taking photos on the cam and one of my friend didn’t want to be in them so she decided to click the button to take photos. But because they appear underneath, she didn’t realise she was taking them so she took loads while we kept moving and laughing. It was so funny. So then we did some other ones where we pulled loads of faces then I merged them into a gif on Animation Shop. It was hillarious. /bounce

Urgh, what a bitch. She has no inspiration, clearly. Can you tell me the website pls (or DM me)? I really want to see this site now! I won’t say anything, I swear.

AHAHA. Me and my friends ate all of the Jelly Willies today. They were actually incredibly tasty! Hang on, there’s about three left, lemme take a picture of one.. http://i27.tinypic.com/2cworaq.jpg hehehe I’ve eaten them all now, they’re so tasty! They really are. they’re really fruity! :D

Atleast her site’s gone now, hopefully forever. I really wish she’d apply for hosting at my site now, just so I could close her site straight away if she copied. At least then she’d hopefully get the message, if she hasn’t already!

I can’t D: The only reason I could move to RigRag is because they told me they could move me quickly/easily. It wasn’t that easy though, because Parade refused to let me move. At least I’ve now learnt that sending rude/arguementative emails back tends to work. They agreed to change the nameservers (Y)

Aw thanks. I’ll consider opening a plog again, but only consider it. I’m working on a fanlisting at the moment so until that’s up and running I wont be thinking about another site. But, I’m becoming a domain junkie so I’ll probably buy myself a .info for it when I make it. Or just enter tonnes of competitions :)

Pools are a lot of work, but they must be worth it. No point for me though because a) my garden is too small and b) there is no Sun in England ;)

Hey! :) Your site isn’t working so I’m gonna have to reply this way. I take it you’re in the middle of moving servers and all? Otherwise, my internet might be a bit fuzzy. But just leave me a comment when everything’s fine and dandy. :)

Hahaha I’m glad you liked that funny GIF. :P

Oh I can imagine! My friends love making silly animated GIF images of them making funny faces.

Alright, I’ll DM you on Twitter. :)

Hahahahah JELLY WILLIES! You have no idea how funny that is! XD It’s like any normal jelly baby or jelly fruit lolly but a willy… XD

Well, unfortunately she has opened again with a new domain; Vicky tweeted it. We’ll make her close.

Yeah, I saw your Tumblogs! That’s good though. :D

I’m a big domain junkie. D: Every now and then I just want to keep registering more. I’m trying not to, until I fix up Aquapheric.net; that needs work.

I’m telling you, as sexual as it may sound, those willies are mega tasty. They’ve all gone now though D: They’re addictive, let me say. At least I have some Pez left 🤤

I hope it’s the server move that’s making it not work D: Because I’m sure Jack said it’ll appear for me but not for other people because of [insert complicated reasons here] :)

I did! I just clicked on it again and now I can’t stop laughing, again /hehe

She’s opened a new domain? What, you mean Julia or the one who stole the site name? D: I’m kinda hoping you’ll say Julia just so we can report her again XD She sure is wasting her money on domains :)

What’s wrong with Aquapheric? I like it as a lists site! and yeah i know, I want to register more and more but I have no money, none whatsoever. D: I’ve applied to adopt one at so-pink (since you mentioned it I really want to plog again now!) but I’m not sure I’ll get accepted because last time I didn’t open it in time so she deleted it D: Hopefully she forgot about that though!

Yeah, people get pregnant for money here, too. XP

Thank you!! :D You’ve shown the most excitement out of anybody else I’ve told so far… lol. My dad was basically just like, “Cool,” (although he didn’t say that), and it was about the same with Gordon… actually, when I told him and was all in shock, he wanted to get off the phone. XP

lol, this is the first set of gifts I’ve ever given out… so no worries. XD

I shall show the lion picture this weekend when I have access to it. ♥

Hehe, I did delete her. It felt good. ^_^

But I sent a message (an e-mail) to an ex-affiliate about how we hadn’t talked in so long and I didn’t feel like we were friends or anything, and she CLOSED DOWN HER SITE because of it! Here (I don’t know if hyperlinks are allowed, so I’ll just give you the whole URL): http://kawaii-wishes.so-pink.org

Oh, goodness, I didn’t mean to post yet. XP Anyway, I think she overreacted to my comment. I didn’t say she was a terrible friend in general; I said that we haven’t talked enough to be friends, and the difference between that is huge. Grr… since she mentioned that “Carissa’s comment cut it,” I feel like people are gonna think I’m a bad guy! I don’t know how to react to this… whether she’s mad at me or just sad because of all these sudden realizations that have come to her.

I haven’t even got my WP dashboard open but I feel like commenting your blog and considering I’m going be closed for a while there’s no point in returning your comment because it would be like years before you could return it again. So don’t bother returning this. :P I’m rambling now.

OMG your GIF image of you and James is so cute! I made one once of my sister and her boyfriend. He was going to slap her and I took loads of photos and made an animation… it looked so cool lol.

Oh wow, you have your own fanlisting?! How cool are you? :P

I’ve never heard of bubble tea lmao. I thought you said bubble gum at first. :P I love getting free stuff though, so it’s all good.

I used to record myself mouthing to songs, it’s highly amusing and keeps me occupied for a few hours… or days. I wanna see it. :P

Yay for getting a seat on the train. :D On my way to work, I used to a get a seat because I live before the town, which is where most people get on. I usually had to get up though, because some old person used to get on so I’d give them my seat. I had to travel far as well… sucked.

I seriously hate it when someone steals your ideas when it wasn’t even directed at them. It’s like when you @reply someone your MSN and other people add you.. it’s like was I talking to you? Did I say you could add me? Pfft.

I wouldn’t call that person your friend though, personally. I mean, who does that? :| It’s just so rude.

I keep checking 85reddig.de in case Julia decides to open that site lmao.

Half of that comment made no sense. Ugh. ♥

What the heck I might as well reply while I’m up to your comment! :)

Haha I love doing those animation things now; didn’t know it would amuse me so much.

I’m not that cool! :O

I love free stuff as well. Bubble tea is like really tasty tea. Like some kind of fancy beverage. :P

Oh bummer. I live in quite a busy town, so heaps of people get on and off the train at my stop. I guess I travel pretty far to university each day. :(

I hate that as well! Someone asked for my MSN and I replied to them, then some pathetic pervert idiot added me, and I was very pissed off. I just DM my email now.

LOL, I was checking too, until you made the discovery. :D

Aw that GIF is really cute :3

Is it bad that I don’t even know what bubble tea is? :( I don’t think I’ve heard of it before.

I love mouthing a long to songs, me and my friends do it all the time. We usually get weird looks but at least it’s better than us actually singing them! :P I don’t have a webcam though, so we can’t video them.

Your lucky for getting a seat on the train! I got the bus into town today with two friends and there were no seats on the bottom deck. We looked on the top deck, and still there were none. We had to stand in the stairway for the whole journey, I thought I was going to flail into the aisle or something :(

I think you should confront this person about it. They only need to leave a link on their credits or site page, it wouldn’t kill them x_x

It was hilarious some things that guy came out with. Seriously, he’s a grown man and he’s arguing with 14 year old girls. How pathetic! His comments to me were quite funny, I was trying to argue back but I couldn’t stop myself from laughter. It’s actually funny how pathetic some people are.

I’ve never had bubble tea, sounds yummy though (Y) That sucks that people steal credit from you – but a lot of the times so many people credit you. Everytime I go to a site you’re always linked somewhere. That probably means you’re doing something right XD And now you’ve gotten a fansite dedicated to you, how sweet /eee It must feel good to be so adored :) ;)

Ahah, and LMAO at that GIF in your Tumblr :D

Oh, that’s cool! Just by the name, bubble tea tastes sweeet(: But not much bubbly… I think , ahah. Just guessing! :D

Yeah , I really like cameroid.com to take pictures. I like the style on Cameroid where the lighting looks beautiful and makes your face look white and stuff, ahah. XD

Ohh, ew, I know. They have like HM backpacks for kids, purses, t-shirts (those glittery kinds), etc. I mean, who wants another person’s face smackk on their t-shirts?! Well, I wouldn’t want one. [Unless it were a cartoon or something, hehe or just a natural drawing/sketch.]

Hmm…I’ve never tried bubble tea. Everyone says its so good, but there is really no place to get it in New York except for in Flushing. I think the next time I go I’ll try some.

I checked out the GIF image and I sat there looking at it for five minutes, laughing my arse off. That is really hilarious /hehe .

That’s so mean that someone stole your domain name ideas! I hope she takes them down or gives you credit. Arghhh stupid stealers. They never learn their lesson.

Sorry for a short-ish comment, I actually have to get off the computer now. I promise next blog I will leave a longer comment :)

Ugh :( When people take ideas without credit it’s pretty much just plain rude. :| It’s like no respect for the person who can actually think of the idea.

Humph. I had a pretty busy week too. I have had to get up pretty early for all of my make-up exams that I missed when I was out sick :( A TON of work sucks D:

Is it like Silly Putty? :) I love that stuff! Awh that sucks that it got stuck on the ceiling XD Once, I took this little sticky hand(have you seen those? You can get them in a little machine for like 50 cents?) and stuck it on the wall. It got stuck and then when I got it off it made a big make. D: My dad was pretty mad with me lmao!


LOL yeah xD I don’t think I had Swine Flu because my sickness only lasted like 2 1/2 days but I really had the symptoms. It’s going around my school. So is just the plan Flu.

Yeah they are really cute. The one sleeping was soooo cute!! It’s little eyes were closed and it was fuzzy :P Awwwwhhhh!! xDD

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! :)

Haha yesssss I loveeeee James Patterson!!!! And yeah Maximum Ride is my favorite, too :) . I own the whole series. I love Sunday at Tiffany’s, too (not just because my name is in it lol). It’s so sweet :) . Lol but James Patterson is such a gifted author. And lol I’ve read Duma Key, Lisey’s Story, and Christine by Stephen King. I couldn’t sleep for nights after reading those lol :)

Lol I know I got so freaked out!!! The funny thing is that nothing got damaged besides the fries. They were so burned that when a fork touched them they’d just crumble lol :) . I just kinda threw them away and put the pan back as if nothing happened lol.

And yeah when I was getting my laptop I was doing an exchange and they had to match it up by computer similarities and they showed me this crappy one that I could get but I paid 200 dollars extra for the one I have now lol :)

Lol yeah I’ve got this boring teacher, too that talks in a monotone voice and it’s SOOO annoying! Lol she’s not mean or anything….she’s just annoying!

And yeah lol. Like the SHAMWOW!! Lol we have that thing…..it doesn’t work….it’s an ordinary towel lol.

I saw the animated picture and it was hilarious :D
when you said the pics had the same poses i didn’t know you mean with the lips, its looks really funny :D
Today, all my teachers screwed up my name! its was soo annoying.
So i signed for your fan listing thing but i have no idea where to sign in. i am confused.

Aww sorry she took all your idea. Some people are just like that. Cold hearted /hehe
I didn’t finish reading your blog yesterday, had to cut it short because i had to go to sleep lol. i sleep early now.

That picture of you and James moving back and forth made my day! I giggled and almost fell off my chair. /wave .

YAY! I just joined the Heartdorks fanslisting and thankfully, I got accepted. ♥ I was really looking forward for a Heartdrops.org fanslisting and luckily Vivien made it, go Vivien! (Y)

I’m glad you found a seat on the train.. It must have been a very rare seat and was awaiting for you. Lucky you! /hehe

That is so cool that you got a coupon! My friend would jump up and down if she got one too since she loves bubble tea. This reminds me of bubble.nu. LOL. XD

Eurgh.. Again, another stealer is on the way. I don’t know why someone would want to even steal these days. What’s the point anyway? Anyhow, I think you should be credited for your suggestion on the site name.. Even the smallest things should be credited. It’s unfair. /argh

Oh, they do? Okay. No because what I mean is like, you win a domain, okay? I mean is it REGISTERED from the beginning or is it like they give you the money like NC did when I won a domain, and you can like register it whenever you want?

It IS sexist! Haha MSN games. Yeah, I play them usually with my friends too. It’s been a while since I did so, though. Tic Tac Toe, Uno and Rock Paper Scissors are my favourite I think though! /type

Yeah! What I hate though is that there is some really fab jewelry online and it’s cheaper but I don’t buy it because well… I hate buying those things online. :(

Yeah, I know! Like coincidental much? Yesterday evening (you were probably getting ready for uni or something :P) I ordered Chinese take away. I felt like it lol. The restaurant’s like a MINUTE away. I paid like 13 euros. (My money). So yeah, you sometimes do pay for your own food! :P

Oh, really? Wow. I thought you just got it that time when you applied for it. COOL.

What book was it? Bah, yeah. Fashion magazines tend to be really expensive. Might be because of the photos the papi take or something. /bash

Hi Georgina :) Is it my computer or is my site.. deleted? Please could you check and if it doesn’t work email me? Thankyou :D

Yeah, sometimes when you feel like there’s more pressure to get things done like commenting people and updating, then it starts to feel like a chore. =/
Lol, I’ll sooo try that flicking image animation thing, fun fun. /hehe
Yeah, sucks now that there’s two of those evil people. Romanian person and that other person. Rawr. 💥

Haha yeah. I often read a lot of research reports in the newspapers that usually seem “silly”! ;)

Yeah, particularly I couldn’t concentrate on my Science revision…the fight between me & my friend just kept coming back to my mind, LOL.
I usually finish the papers in the first hour, so I gradually get bored sitting there for another hour. I just wish they’d allow us to get out just after we finish the papers, but they won’t. (“they” refers to my teachers) But sometimes, I do use the whole two hours, like when it’s Social or Maths exam. These two subjects have lengthy papers!

Yeah, you’re right. I guess you just need the “love” for what you’re doing! Not love for cleaning rooms and writing exams, haha.. XD

I’ve never been a fan of teas. I’ve always thought they taste bitter and bland. Haha. So I’ve never actually heard of bubble and honey milk tea, though they sound delicious.

Some people are selfish and desperate to own works they didn’t even make. There’s no cure for it if they don’t know how to be ashamed. 🤮 It disgusts me.

Haha. Yes. It works like the original. You should probably try getting one too if it’s available there. :D <– Oh so shiny white teeth. That beat my own LMAO.

Really? I've heard of that plugin but never bothered to look for it. I never thought it's the same old Lightbox script that I used years ago. :P That might be an alternative for Coppermine Gallyer because uploading there doesn't work for me now. Thanks Georgina! ;)

Erin gave me a domain and I don't know what to do with it. I just adore the names that much so I decided to keep it. LOL. Any ideas, aside from a fanlisting collective?

Primary school feels like years away for me. :P I understand what you mean though.
Bahah my primary school was just a village school with not much money to run it to be honest, there wasn’t a gifted and talented option, if you know what I mean. Nice school though, it got by.

I’m sure you will do something great. :D I used to complain about tutoring – just because I hated the tutors so much. I mean I did Maths all the time, pretty much, in these lessons. Barely any English. XD I was annoyed with them. :P But I couldn’t’ve got into the school without my tutoring. Jared went too. :D

I never was a dancer. The closest I’ve come to is dancing around in my bedroom. :P /cool /um
Exactly. :D High school is with you when you go through the stages in which you mature the most. :)

Harhar it wasn’t for long but I had plans online for that day. :@ I really wanted to finish a review. D: And return comments and stuff. And MSN you. D:
Hm. It is confusing but at my school it’s like a law. ¬.¬ There is always someone you have to bitch about. I find it rather… negative.

Webcam is cooler. :D I saw a laptop in a catalogue for £300, with a webcam and stuff, and it was bright green. 8) ♥ Green is awesome.

But you are blogging later. :D
I like one-story houses. :D My house is all tall and thin. XD
Lol I’m not offended by that observation. :P I was pretty close to my family because it’s quite small.

Oh my freaking God. I want to see them, heheeee. /eee
Keep on working, heh. /type

Yeah water guns are just so sexay Bop! :)

I got the hand sanitizer in the €2 shop so it’s probably not proper stuff LOL. Mmmm, i love the smell of oranges but I hate the taste :S

Fo’shiizzlle them bitches aint shit ;) HAHA. :)