Falling Out Of Sleep

Erin is having a domain contest so make sure you head on over there. First prize is a .info domain, and other domains are available as prizes, not to mention advertising and layouts.

Also, my dear friend Vivien has made a fanlisting for me. 😧 So if you’re a fan of me, please join Heartdorks today. πŸ˜„ β™₯️

Today, James and I bumped into each other at uni when he was supposed to be in class. I was talking to my friend at the time, and James was looking for a photocopier. After my friend left, James decided that he wouldn’t go back to his lecture (haha).

Yesterday when I was walking out of the station, there was someone handing out coupons for bubble tea. Yum! πŸ˜‹ Buy one get one free. I took one, slightly excited. On my way back home I got another one.

James and I used one of the coupons today. I got honey milk tea, because I think it’s delicious. I got the pearl toppings too. I really like the pearls in bubble tea. They’re dark brown and are made of tapioca flour. It’s hard to describe the taste but they’re like chewy jelly. πŸ˜›

When we got back to university, I wanted to talk to Vivien online so I turned my laptop on. James and I took a few pictures on my webcam. I told him about how I was flicking through the photos one day, and if I scrolled through them really fast, it looked like it was playing a movie.

A lot of the photos from my webcam were taken in the same place and same positions, so we were ridiculously flipping through photos back and forth very fast, incredibly amused by the change. It was like watching an animation. We nearly pissed ourselves laughing.

We had two photos of us in the same position. One was of our mouths open, and one was of our mouths closed. We were listening to music, and we were going back and forth between the photos to the tune of the song, so it looked like we were singing the song. LOL.

We also recorded a video of us mouthing to a song, which also looked pretty funny. We were so amused we did that for over an hour. πŸ˜†

I actually got a seat on the train today. It was a small single seat in the back of one carriage, and there’s a wall on the side of the seat so it’s like a little hiding spot. I was pretty happy about it; it’s so hard to get a seat on public transport. I wrote a poem and added it to DreamingLess.com.

I was quite annoyed today, because I found that someone (gosh, yet again!) had taken ideas from me. I won’t mention any names, but on Twitter, my friend was asking for domain name suggestions, so I told her some, and other people gave her their ideas too.

She mentioned that she liked my suggestion, but in the end she decided that she wasn’t going to register a new domain.

My other friend, who had seen my suggestions, then decides she can snatch it up for herself and take all the credit, and open her new site with not a word to me. And perhaps that isn’t such a big deal but I was horrified when she published a list of “domain name ideas” on the internet and took full credit for them, when half of them were my ideas.

I don’t mind other people being inspired by me or taking my ideas, but taking without due credit, I wholly do not appreciate.

As an end note, I will be quite busy this week. πŸ™‚

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