A Face Without A Name

I changed my Gravatar today. It used to be the same brown butterfly, and I had it for about four or five years. I even had it as my Twitter display picture. Sure, it’s a globally recognised avatar and people are supposed to recognise you from it, but I was sick of the butterfly and figured it would be nicer to have a picture of my face. I had to clear my cache to see the new gravatar but soon you’ll probably recognise me by it. :)

On the radio a few days ago, I happened to overhear what they were talking about. I barely listen to the radio but they were on a rather interesting topic of baby names, and about people “stealing” baby names. For example, you think of a great name for your child and suddenly your sister or friend or someone you know steals that name and calls their baby by the same name.

When I was younger I used to think of names that I wanted to be called. I used to hate my name “Georgina” and being called “Georgie”. I always wanted to be named something else, like “Crystal” or “Demetra” or something pretty.

As I grew older I got over that, and grew to like my name. At least my name isn’t something embarrassing, I guess. There was a set of twins with the last name “Flet”, and their first names were Pam and Lee.

Not to mention this poor woman who’s first name was Tess, and she unfortunately married a man by the name of Mr Tickle.

And no, he wasn’t the one from the Mr Men series with the long arms. :P

Well, when I got over all the names I desired to be called, my friends and I, planning ahead as little girls do, decided that we would use those names to name our daughters (along with our ambitions of becoming nurses and vets and teachers).

So, with Crystal and Demetra on my list, I also added Jewel, Esmeralda, Cindy, Emily, Jane, and many others.

Currently, I don’t think of calling my future children anything like that. XD

As Lilian and I always discuss our futures as we’re best friends, we tend to discuss our future children’s names but always have trouble thinking of boys’ names.

Still do, unfortunately. Not like we’re planning on having children at this age anyway; it’s just a funny thing to think about.

I thought up a few names again about a year ago, and came out with a few I liked. One of my middle names Priscilla is a nice name, so I thought of that one. I also thought of Seraphina.

I have my “dream name” in mind I guess, but I have only told Lilian and James. :P

I can imagine how hard it must be for mothers to pick out a name for their child. My mum had a baby name book, which I found interesting to read at times. There were name stereotypes and meanings and origins of names. I didn’t find many interesting names in there, as the book was quite old, but I remember my mum telling me about when she was naming my brother (Brandon) and I, that she kept thinking of other people of the same names as she was thinking, and if she didn’t like them, then she didn’t want to name her children that.

She was going to call my brother Luke, but that’s now one of his middle names. And she was going to call me Scarlett or Winona. :P

I like being called Georgina though. I used to hate my name, but now I love it. :) ♥️

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I saw! You new gravatar looks great, you’re so pretty :) I know, its kinda hard for me to adjust to new pictures and stuff like that when I’ve had one for a while.

Stealing baby names? Thats kind of an unusual topic! I used to do that too! I would always want to be called something pretty :)

I do that same thing with my friend, we just talk about the future, and sometimes it scares the living daylights out of me! Its just so close. I always get stuck on boy names too lol.

I agree! When I’m writing a story or something, I have to go through the names and if it reminds me of someone who I can’t stand, I have to change it.

Georgina is such a pretty name ♥

Aw, Georgina is a beautiful name. I love the letter ‘I’ in names, for some peculiar reason. x)

I’ve never really talked to any of my friends about baby names. Although, I laughed so hard when I read about the unfortunate stories of Mr. Tickle and the Flet family. xD

For girl’s names, I adore the name Emily. I also love Ellie and Esther. (Alright, anything beginning with E. :P)
For guy’s names, I absolutely love the name Riley. Again, it has an I in it. I also like Joshua and Henry, the latter being the name of the guy I have a crush on… *ahem* Uh, moving on…

I can’t wait to see your new gravatar! You’re so pretty. I’d die if a picture of me came up when I left a ramble on someone’s site! =/

That’s really cute. When I was really little I used to make up new names for myself, I think the best one was Julianne Kangaroo Cash… LOL. I don’t have a middle name, so when I got older I liked the name Elizabeth for a middle name, but my name without a middle name is long enough –if I added Elizabeth to my name it would have 27 letters /ehh

There’s about one baby girl name that I really like but I don’t think I’ll be telling anyone else anytime soon 🙄 But for boy names I like Charlie, Skylar, and Jacob.

And I also ended up liking my name the way it is, no more Kangaroo Cash :D Dewey makes fun of me though saying that his name is unique but mine isn’t, but mine is unique enough for me, there are some famous Juliannes, but I’ve never met another Julianne!

ROFL. tess tickle ;)

That blog made me LOL so much Bop.

PamFlet. Dear God, I would pmsl if someone I knew was called that. No, Tess Tickle is the best :P

LOL, i’m only 14 and i’m talking about baby names with my friends (H)

I love love LOVE the name Carly. XD

Eww, I don’t like my name, because of like, Erika, AKA Erik, I don’t know I just don’t like it for some reason. :|

Ahh, I love your name, so simple – Bop. ♥ Ahaha,, /faw

hahahahhhahahahaa. Tess-tickle, lee-flet and pam-flet? sounds like the kinda names you use on a prank call. Like Ben Dover or Paul McKock. :)

Apparently, in the seventies, there was a kid who’s mother called him Depressed Cupboard Cheesecake [surname]. It actually went down in the record book as the worst name! Poor kid.

yay for new Gravatars. :) I’m planning to change mine actually. I am beyond-sick of that Goddamn heart. The only reason I set it in the first place was as a tester-Gravatar then I never got around to changing it! D:

I remember when I was a kid I hated my name. “Rebecca Louise Smith”. Can it get any more common? I still don’t like it but I like “Becca” when it’s shortened. I can marry out of Smith eventually :) Becca Louise [different surname] isn’t so bad. xD

I remember when I was little I loved Britney Spears (ohdea) and I wanted to be called “Britney” or “Rachel” (I also loved S Club 7 (Y) )

ah good times. Eeek. I’ve never even thought about baby names. I have time ahead of me though, I don’t need to panic :)

Wah, I still can’t view your site! :O

I love Pez! Gosh, I told James about them and he said he’s never had them. He’s never had a lot of things. /hehe

Yeah, it might not work because of my ISP not noticing the DNS change yet. At least that’s what I learned from reading and experience.

It’s Julia. I think you know about her new domain now. I sent her a reply to her comment and instead of replying to my comment here, she replied to the notification email. How dumb can you get, haha. She called me a bitch and something like she assures I will pay for this… or something. Fail. I hope it’s because me blocking a load of IP addresses worked.

I don’t like Aquapheric as a lists site. I want to move all the lists to Dreaming Less, and then probably put photography there or something. :)

I hope she forgot about you not opening in time too. :P

Ben Dover; that’s a classic. XD

Wow, poor child. That is a really bad name. I remember the guy trying to be the last guy in the phone book and his name was Zzzaza Zzkakzz or something like that.

Woah, well, you have had that Gravatar for a while too!

Yeah, I suppose your name is common and I have to agree. I have friends with that last name. Marry it out, as you say!

Britney and Rachel are nice names. I really like the name Rachel. :) I wasn’t a great fan of Britney Spears but I did like a bunch of her songs.

Haha of course there isn’t a need to panic; the right time will surely come.

Awww, I liked that butterfly! Hehehe! It was pretty! And like I said, I have an obsession with brown now xD LOL. But I’m sure your new gravatar is just as awesome =) And pretty ^^

Hehehehe! I’m totally stealing Seraphina off you xD Or Seraphine…^^..LOL this is weird, we’re having this epic conversation about baby names on msn right now. And we’re only 18. Hahahahahaha!

I like your name…^^…It’s a pretty name =) I like “Georgiana” better though. Sorry, it’s Jane Austen’s fault xD But yeah, your name is pretty! So are your middle names..=) ♥

OMG! That poor person who married Mr Tickle! [Truth be told I had to say the name out loud before I realised what it sounded like phonetically xD LOL!]

Esmerelda is a really complicated, but pretty name too…^^…,Omg, I think so many names are pretty, it’s not even funny anymore xD

Hahaaha! YES! WHY CAN WE ONLY THINK OF GIRL’S NAMES? Well we’re making improvement now on msn xD FINNIKIN! =D

Hehehe, I can sort of picture you as a Scarlett. But not a Winona. That would be weird xD Hehehe. Everytime I think of the name “Luke”, I think ‘Use the force, Luke’. OOPS! xDD

My parents were going to call me “Elaine”. Yuck! But they decided to call me Lilian so my English name would match my Chinese name =) YAY =D

Look who’s returning your comment! :D

Haha it’s just my face! Can you see it on this comment? (If you look at it on the site.)

That’s my name. You know my name… sorry, trailed off! :P

I know, how epic and (LOL) was that conversation. XD

I know a Georgiana online. It annoys me when my friend at uni purposely calls me Georgiana. The funny thing about him is because he looks like the kind of guy that would be a “Ben” or a “James”. He said people just assume his name is one of those generic ones because he looks like it. His name is actually Ryan. :P

Haha Tess Tickle! Poor woman. Bahaha.

I think Esmeralda reminds me of medieval times. Oh, it’s a pretty name and also reminds me of Emeralds. I would call my daughter Emerald but it doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Yes, Finnikin… LMAO.

Yeah, I told Dylan my mum was going to call me Winona and he said “Like Winona Ryder the person who stole from shops?” 😏


Ewwww yeah, I remember that! And that certain Elaine at school. Dude, she stopped talking to me after I snapped at her. OMG I am such a bitch. 😳

I know an Elaine at work; she’s nice though. :)

I’ve been meaning to get a gravatar, but when i try to do it, it never works :( it was getting on my nerves so i just gave up :/. I cant wait to see yours! i will when you return this comment :).

I don’t really think a person could steal a name, it’s probably already in use somewhere in the world ya know? But i did have an experience with someone calling me a name stealer, I was like 6 years old and I went to ballet, there was this other girl named amanda, (thats my normal name, Mandi is my online name :X ) So She said “My names amanda too, you stole my name, i was born before you.” And that scared me from ballet for life 😢 . I was little, things said when you’re little can hurt you. moving on…lol

aww your name is really pretty :) my friend’s name has the same name, but she likes to be called gina. I never really hated my name, i didnt like it at times but now im… ok with it lol.

I love names ending in “i” like Mandi Elli Alli lol.

I asked my mom once what she and my dad were thinking about naming me, they were thinking about naming me allison, i think thats pretty :), and OMG they almost named my Devon 🤮 . its like a boys name and it doesn’t suit me lol.

Scarlett! /bounce

Hahah, yeah. I used to hate James, too. It’s funny; you ask anyone and almost all of them’ll say ‘Yeah I hate my name it’s so gross /angry ‘ and when you ask them what they’d prefer, it’s ‘I dunno… /um …’

Georgie is cute /love It’s nice to say :)

Sure beats Seymour Asses (H)


Hehehe, I like James, it’s cute. ♥ There are so many people named James though. And they’re all different. /hehe

Bahha. I remember some people who were like that about their names. :P

LOL, Ben Dover. :O

hahaha, sorry i just had to contribute;

wayne kurr.


I don’t think my parents bothered to look up my sister’s name when they named her (Delaney) because when I looked it up it means “Enemy’s Child”. The name suits her perfectly, though. /hehe I think they may have changed the meaning, though, because I just checked and now it means “of the arbor tree” or something like that.

I have a dream name, but it’s kind of an old fashioned name and not very common. I think it’s pretty (it’s a flower name, of course rofl) and it’s an English name with a French spelling.

My friend had a child a couple of years ago and named her Persephone. Her and her husband went to college together and shared one class, Greek Mythology so they’re naming all their kids Greek Myth names. It’s cute, and it’s better than the boys names they thought of *cough*Achilles*cough*. lol. But I guess this is a time where eccentric names are becoming more popular and maybe that’s a good thing? So there won’t be so many Mikes or Emilys or Ashleys wandering around. lol.

same here! i used to HATEHATEHATE my name so darn much because, i don’t know, it just didn’t seem like a name that would fit me. i grew into it and now i love the name katherine since it’s not really a common name for asian girls, hehe.

i also make lists of baby names for my future kids :p right now, i’m stuck between elysette, kamilla & emmaline for a girl and caelum, mathieu & aaden for a boy. i like weird names, haha.

stealing baby names is hilarious to me and it kind of happened to me once – my aunt was asking me what i’d name a baby boy if i should ever have them and i told her mathieu and my cousin’s wife, who was pregnant at the time, decided to name her baby mathieu lol. i don’t really care – i’m kinda flattered that she did but then again, what am i gonna name by kid now?!

Glad you like your name! :D
It’s really pretty. GEORGINA! Ahah, my sister’s name is Gina. :)

Anyway, yeah, I think it’s hard for me too to think of boy names. I have a bunch of girl names listed at the top of my head, eheh!

Yeah, on some camera sites or whatever you call them, you could make your face look… kinda weird, haha. Well, I’m not sure if you were talking about that but yeah. It changes how you look(: Depending on where you sit/stand to take the picture, your nose might got long or eyes get really big, :D
But I don’t like those pictures, ahha. (:

I know, HM is so fake. :P LOL.

Oh my gosh what a lovely blog! Definitely one of my favourites! :)

I was thinking of the name Demetra quite a while now. But I prefer the name Demetria. It’s such a nice name! I really like it! :)

Oh my freaking gosh haha. Tess Tickle. Ahem. Testicle! /sweat

Crystal haha. I’ve always liked that name. Too bad my name’s Diamond… I thought at first it was a weird name. I think it still is though I think it’s pretty original don’t you think? 😳

Oh my! I love those names you added, too! Esmeralda haha. That’s a nice name. So is Jewel! I love those types of names! /rose Haha it’s really sweet you and Lilian discuss things like that. /eee Seriously though, time flies. It’s not far away. Marriage is just around the corner! Just a few more years. (H)

Care to tell me your dream name? 🙄

Babies’ names books are really popular these days. Even online. Websites get tons of hits on those. I guess a name is really sweet. Seriously though, I love names. XD

Scarlett? Winona? Freaky, considering you’re Georgina! /hehe It’s hard, isn’t it to picture someone else with different names? /heart

The name Demetra is really nice.

When i was a kid i wanted to called Nateese. Pronounced Nat – ese.

I don’t have a middle name. My last name is already stupid. Heijkoop. Pronounced Hey – koop. Its dutch.

GEORGINA is a realy pretty name. I have a cousin named GEORGINA. We also call her Georgy. ✌️

:D I like my name. I was looking up the meaning of my name and this site came up with my name in it. People ask me all the time where I got my name. My father was in the air force and picked the name up some where. I was interested in the fact the you even spelled it right. Can I ask where you heard it from?

Sorry, i sent the comment without finishing. Thanks for your real nice comment in my blog. It always gives me a cheer up when i get a nice comment from someone.

The name i chose for my main character in my book is Olivia. But now i like Demetra lol. Don’t worry i have no plans on stealing from you. /rose

I like old fashion names but more rare in these days not something common like Sue, Marry etc…

I always remember hating my name as well, I’m still not in love with it. ‘Jessica’ is such a common name, it isn’t at all unique like Georgina. I also like to always think about the future and find my self thinking of what I will name my children. I created a list as well /eee a few of the names I like are Amanalyn, Grace, Caleb, Noah.. The list goes on and on :X . I want unique names for my kids, since I have such a common name and lack a middle name. I know ‘Grace’ is a common name but when paired with lets say ‘Elianna’ it makes such a nice name ‘Elianna Grace’.

I won’t bore you anymore with my crazy list of names. I feel so bad with people with funny names like Pam Flet and Tess Tickle, They never asked for crazy names, their parents made a bad a bad decision, except for the lady that married Mr.Tickle, she should have kept her maiden name XD .

Glad you like your name. I think your name is neat. You can create a lot of nicknames for it. I don’t think you can do much with my name, LOL.

. . . Although I like my name, but I hate it for one reason: a lot of people cannot pronounce it! I prefer the pronunciation of “TERRA”, but many say it TAH-RA, and it drives me crazy since when people see “SARA” they don’t say SAH-RA. X_X;; So I have to do a lot of correction with my name. Aigoos. Maybe I should change the spelling of it.

And Pam Flet/Lee Flet? That’s . . . pretty bad.

I can’t wait to see your Gravatar, haven’t seen it yet. Yeah, people steal baby names all the time XD which is kind of immature and funny at the same time. Your name is okay and you’re right it’s nothing embarrassing glad you got over it. I though didn’t have any issues with my name it’s not very common in here but it is English speaking countries. I also, remember being in class and the teacher asked us all of our names and when we were done she said “wow all your names are modern except for Sophia”. But that didn’t bother me, I still like my name :P.

Yeah it’s pretty hard for mothers, my sister too had troubles until she found the “name” /wave . Wee imagine if you were Scarlett ‘hi Scarlett!” /ehh No, Georgina suits you more /eee ♥

I saw your new gravatar just before you blogged over at Ashley’s site. :D You like that photo, don’t you? It’s your MSN picture and it’s on your About Me page. :D No worries though ’cause it’s a nice photo. /bounce

Harhar I was talking to you on MSN about ‘Jorja’. You know my full name is awful? I hate my surname ’cause it’s double-barelled but other than that my name is okay… apart from my second middle name. Lol. :P
Anyway. I hate being called Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie. I mean sure call me Georgie but NOT Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie and then don’t tell me I kiss the girls. Ugh.

My family call me George. :P My dad is a moron, he calls my sister Bert. Says it’s like having three sons – Bert, George and Colton. XD
When I was little I wanted to be called things like Jamelia and Seraphina (ironic, it’s in your blog! :O ), and Georgaina. :P ‘Cause it’s cooler, I thought. Anyway my sister calls me Georgiana, after she watched The Duchess. XD

I like your name. :D I have a friend called Georgina. Except she’s actually more of a friend than another Georgina I know. Because the better-friend-called-Georgina lives in Sydney and owns H.D.org. :D
Aw! I feel sorry for those people. :( I wouldn’t like to have a name like that.


I love Mr. Men and the Little Miss things. :D They were awesome. Heheee. There was a DVD free with the paper and I watched it… hilarious.
Esmeralda reminds me of the forest in Eragon where the elves live. :P You know one name I love is Shola Marie. It sounds nice to me but everyone says it’s horrible. :P
So I was saying to you on MSN I liked Serafina. :)

I thought Anberlin had helped you with some of your names? ;) Audrey, Fin and the other one you mentioned. XD
I don’t like to call people names that are used a lot. I mean in a story I don’t like calling someone Sam, because it’s quite popular. I think I’ll be the same with anyone I name, or anything. :P

I’m not very good with boys’ names either. It’s easier to think of girl’s names, if you ask me, because most of the names are quite feminine. (Harhar, as if they wouldn’t be).
It must be very hard to pick a name for a child. Maybe you have a perfect name for your child and when they are born, maybe it doesn’t suit them as you imagined. People are given names and when they say “Hi, my name is [name]”, it really suits them. Because it’s like the name given to them just suits them as it is. :)

I mean I can only really see you as a Georgina and my sister as a Liberty and Gerard Way as a Gerard. You know what I mean?
My dad was going to call me Hero. O_O If I was a boy I would have been called Thomas. ¬.¬ Or Felix. EEEEW. XD
And I was gonna be called Serena or Clover. :P

Georgina is a nice name. /bounce /eee

Harhar, a snobby school eh? :P
I didn’t used to be so bad at maths either but now I just… fail. XD
I haven’t done a review today. :X To be honest I really don’t feel like doing one, even though it’s half six in the evening.
Not that cool. :P It does remind you of those terrace things. :)

Don’t rush yourself! :) I’m not changing them straight away. :P Yeah – probably only red, pink and green. :) You can get yellow apples here. XD

Whoa, I can’t believe you used the butterfly Gravatar for almost 4 or 5 years! Such a memory. I like keeping an unchanged Gravatar for awhile but I find mine to be a bore sometimes. That’s mainly because I see it every now and then. Heh.

I like the name Demetra. Sounds like a princess. A kind princess. LOL, I always have troubles figuring out names for boys’ names too! It’s really hard. But meanwhile, my brother said it’s totally easy peasy to him (but he finds it’s harder to figure out a name for girls, though).

Sometimes I hate my own name too and would like it if I could change it right this minute. But I’ve learned to appreciate my name from time to time. And I realized I like it now.

I’m glad you like your name now. I don’t want you to change it in the future as I personally like the name ‘Georgina’ before.

I feel sorry for Tess whom is married with Mr Tickles. Tess Tickles. I wonder how she’s feeling right now?

Definitely, people who don’t comment anything blog related are idiots. If they don’t bother reading my blog then I supposed I won’t bother reading their comment. I might as well pretend it didn’t exist and should not reply to it. :)

Thanks, Georgina, for that lovely opinion of yours about the watermarks. Ever since I knew Julia of uniique.info was stealing from you, I got overprotective of my site now. Who knows.. Maybe there’s someone else out there who are worst than Julia?

I’m actually going to offer the images as resources instead of putting them on a portfolio page. I’m going to just offer them as photography so they can be used for layouts, icons or such.
I don’t think I’d be offering them as stock images as I’ve already edited them. xD. I’ll give myself a last thought and then I’ll put them on my site. :)

Oh and I’ve always wanted to tell someone about this : You know… my new tutorial here > http://melodyflows.info/index.php/protecting-a-directory is actually dedicated to sneaky stealers. I have a friend on MSN who had complained to me about some people going through her files in cPanel by a unique URL and stole a couple of images before they were even published! O_O

haha. I still dislike my name. “Delilah” *sings* OHHHH DELILAHHH! I think it’s by Tom Jones. The AWESOME MAN who sings the song SEX BOMB :D. Ha, love that song.

Off topic o_o. I fail at boy names too. I’m like. Andy. Andrew. Eric. Tom. Etc…etc.. Then I go on to asswhipe. Asshole. Fail ):

I don’t know what to name a girl either O-O. Hello, Lillie JR. *snort* Whatever, we’ll all decide when the baby comes :P.

lol it’s okay that you can’t view my site! it’s the stupid servers :S anways just to let you know i have 50% off advertising promotion going on :)

lmao i don’t have a gravatar… well it’s default for whos ever site i comment on! mine on my site is spongebob…i should probably make a gravatar! LOL

ooh yay “Crystal” xD i’ve always wanted to be called my middle name Elaine ;s still do but that didn’t work with me xD lol if you do have children when you see him/her you’ll probably come up with a random name right on the spot!

scarlett is a cute namee! (: there are so many names out there! no one could ever name all the names, i’m pretty sure! it’s great that you love your own name! ♥

Hi, Georgina. I’ve been reading your blogs for a long while, but been kind of shy about commenting. /um I finally decided to, though!

I know what you mean about names. My name was so common when I grew up I knew two other Jessicas and we always called each other by our last names. That was kind of cool. I used to hate, hate my name like you did. I even went as far as to calling myself by my middle name when I finally joined the online world. I did that for years until I was like hmmm…Jess isn’t such a bad name after all!

Now I simply just call myself “Jess”. When I was little, it was Jessi and my family called me that lol. They still do, at least on my mom’s side. She told me that was supposed to be on my birth certificate but they made her change it. Which is kind of cool, I like Jessi too.

Sorry for the long comment! Hope you have a great weekend :)

It’s kind of funny, because I’m in the process of writing a paper on my first name right now. =))
Demetra sounds mysterious and beautiful. I think one of the Greek goddesses have that name…
Scarlett is also a pretty name. :)

Nah, she’s not that strict. She’s also really fun; she and I bond a lot when it comes to live chickens. xD

It’s good that you’ve learned to love your name. It’s a very pretty name! I still hate my name sometimes.

I love your name! ^^ Georgina… I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone named Georgina well besides you. My name.. it’s okay I guess. It’s semi unique. It’s kind of annoying to say after awhile. And people always spell it differently.. Like forget the e, put a dash or even call me AnnaMaria. Which is technically my sPANISH name. Hahahaaha.

I always thought your blog titles had meaning. Lately they have, ish. Hahahaha, this one was just really random.

I know, I hate when people comment things like that. It’s like really? That’s so NOT thoughful.

Well, I was fine. I just didn’t make the team. I didn’t do so well, I was just so out of it. xP

How, Wiki-How is funny. I don’t usually use it to actually learn stuff. But like at school, like when one of my friends brought his laptop and we were all utterly bored. We’d press the random article thing and then all these funny things would pop up. ^^

Yeah, I heard eating food gives one nightmares. But I heard milk helps.. I don’t know.

Classical music. ^^ Maybe, I didn’t try that. Hahahaaha. Next time that happens, I’ll try. ^^

Hrmm I’ve always loved my name. :) But I hate my middle name because it’s a vietnamese middle name & I’ve always desperately wanted a new one..I STILL DO. ahaa I really don’t like it. Sure its translation is pretty but I don’t like the way it sounds.

I love J names for boys so I know that if I have kids & I end up with a boy, I don’t care about my husband’s thought, I’m pumping this kid out of me, I get to name it. I really love the names: Jake, Josh, Jason.. :) DUN STEAL MY BABY NAMES. ahaha & I really liked the name Katherine for a long time but now I’m sticking with Katelyn..the spelling however, may change. Like Kaitlin or something. I DON’T KNOW I don’t even have a boyfriend yet, no reason to be thinking of kids..ahah. But .. the funny thing is that my cousin named her kids Katelyn & Jacob!!! & I was like……….YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME…….. -___- & her other son’s name is Mason!! IT’S JASON WITHOUT THE J & REPLACED WITH AN M. ridiculous, i tell you. it’s like she read my mind or something. her kids are cute though & they’re probably never going to hang out with my kids…so MY NAMES LIVE ON! :D

I noticed that you changed your gravatar! I like this one more!

OH yeah, my new domain name is supposed to be personal. But I’m not going to blog my sob stories, please…that’s what my personal journal is for. I love stumbling across people’s rants about their hate for xyz & how she is a backstabbing whore who stole her boyfriend etc. It’s so funnnyy…especially because xyz is probably going to read it & start some drama. OHH THE E-DRAMAZ.

I am working on my site today. :) But, Lookkkk I finished my brother’s.


But I am glad that you like both my domain names. It’s always hard to drop old domain names..A long time ago I had a design called “andrea tiffany designs” because my friend andrea & i would design xanga layouts but she never made anything & it was mostly my friend camille & me doing stuff. -_- so i had to drop it although it sounded pretty.

OMFG GEORGINA..i love you.<3 VALID XHTML&CSS!! It was honestly a simple "you forgot to close a /div" .. wow I just added another one to close at the end of my footer & it worked. AHHH you rock ahahaha. wow something so simple..sheesh.

Yeah, I bet they do. They’ll just listen to half a song so it scrobbles, and then they’ll do it over and over again. Or they’ll leave the song on repeat all day while they’re not on their computer.

A few of my relatives live overseas too, and we don’t talk to some of them that often.

I like your new Gravavtar! I had to check it out ’cause I’ve seen your other one a lot. I like the new one!

Haha, baby name stealers. It’s first come first serve I guess. If you tell someone the name and they steal it they probably have rights seeing as it’s on the birth certificate. Would be pretty annoying though! If it’s a really special name people should just keep it to themselves.

Georgina’s a lovely name! I think it is anyway. I always wanted to have a really long unique name, but I guess mine’s quicker and easier for me to write. I bet I learnt to spell it earlier as well, haha. I use to like the name Victoria a lot as well, I think that was probably my favourite.

I’ve seen those books, you can buy them in lots of places. It would take ages to read through all the names though, and loads more time to decide. That’s probably why expectant mothers plan ahead.

Glad you love your name now!

Hmm, i didn’t I just came across a rock that felt like a turtle. A FLESH EATING TURTLE! Haha, XD

Yeah, when I was little I always wanted something more interesting. Like something, like… Caroline, or Macy, just something with flair, you know. Kaela is rather boring.

But you are right, I could be called something like Betty, or something like Kaela tinkle, lmao

So now, I suppose I’m thankful for my rather usual and unflairish name, rather than something embarrassing.

I was always told that my parents picked my name because it was in the top 10 girls names in North America the year before I was born.

At least your parents put some thought into your name?

The teachers need to learn how to not ruin people name because it’s annoying and i just hate it. one of my teachers actually called me easy instead of isi.
ohh lol i need to put the button my site still lol
ohh cannot wait to see your new gravatar. i’m gonna change mine soon, just dont know when lol.

Wow people steal everything! baby names?? wow
“flet” what the hell where the parents thinking?
haha Tess Tickle lol i just have to laugh, i can’t help it lol :D

If i ever had a boy i’m going to name him Dylan or Anthony. i love those names.
I used to hate my name too because people had difficulty with it but i love it now.
if people cant say it right, that their problem not mine anymore.

Lol I know I love Maximum Ride!! The new one is amazing…I don’t know if he’s gonna make a new one (I hope so!!!!) but I bet it’ll be awesome :D . And yeah, they are. I read one of his books called “Mary, Mary” and it was a mystery book, and I don’t usually like mystery but it was amazing!! And then I read a literature book of his called Sunday At Tiffany’s and it was the sweetest book I have ever read!!

And yeah, me neither. If it’s like a steak, it’s okay if the outside is burned a bit it’s okay but sometimes the outside is totally burned and the inside is completely gushing blood and it’s gross :(

And yeah when we were buying my new laptop I was looking for a small one but with a lot of memory and the guy just kept showing me Dells and Toshibas (which I really don’t like) and I was just like “LEAVE ME ALONE! I’LL CHOOSE MY OWN DAMN LAPTOP!” lol. He was really pushy but I found the one I liked :)

And yeah I find it so hard to listen to people who speak in monotone. Their voice just drifts you to sleep after 30 seconds!

And lol yeah, the weird things they invent in the USA lol.

And lol I hate my name sometimes, too. The good thing about my name is that it sounds nice with whatever last name you put it with lol :) . But I detest my last name to hell lol. It’s so long and hard to pronounce I’m one step away from changing it when I’m eighteen!

I made the switchover with the Gravatar too! I think I did it a day or two ago, not sure. But yeah, it’s my face now, hopefully it won’t scare people when they read my comment x_x LOL, I used my Twitter picture though and it’s got my I heart McFly Twibbon on :’)

I like your name. I like Georgia too, and George for a boy, because of George Sampson. :3

I don’t actually know what I’d name my children. I don’t actually want children. Well, I don’t know if I do or not. Not right now, anyway. I liked the names Demi and Nick as a child, but I changed my mind when I was about 12 and realised they were Disney stars x_x

I’ve had no reply or anything off him, I think he’s given up. I hope he has anyway. He was actually a spotty teenager, as Sarah (http://scripted-destiny.net) pointed out, so clearly he’s jealous because he probably works in Burger King.

I always get weird looks at school for doing stuff like that, I suppose it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s just a bit of fun! I might get a webcam when I come back from my holiday.

heyy! long time no talk. Sorry for being such a horrible affie. Haven’t been on lately, just glimpses. I haven’t forgot about you though ! I’ve been checking your site, so dont forget about me ! XD

haha oh yea. clicked the submit button too fasttt.
hahah you use to hate your name ? WHY? I would kill for a name like yours! At least you dont have like 6 people with the same name as you at your uni ! But now you love it, so thats good :D
lmao tess tickle xP
haha I don’t know why but I like guy names with K and J XD
I guess cause they are unusual letters ? o.O who knows why I like those letters for guys XD

exactly what i mean! all katherines aren’t asian save for me. i stick out, hehe. i also love the way katherine can be spelt like you said and it’s not generic. same for georgina!

i love names that are a bit complex but you can make nicknames out of it. emmaline = emma/emmie. elysette = ely (ellie.) my personal favorite is celestina = cellie, but i think my daughter would hate me for naming her that, haha.

thanks for the questions! :P

i’m starting college tomorrow as a freshman. i’m mucho excited since i’ve craved for college since i was a freshman in high school. i guess i grew up a bit too fast D:

Georgina is such a pretty name. It’s better than my name Anna. Anna is a boring name but I like it :) I wish my name was like Laura, Lauren or Isabelle. :) I love those names.

I can never think of boys names either! Girl’s names come to me so easily! Maybe because I am a girl?

Awh! D:

Ew that’s sort of weird. :/

LOL. Yeah they also have those balls that are on a string(made of squishy stuff) And I couldn’t get one! I kept getting other crap. I cried because my other friend got one XD

Yeah I love both my lives but I would choose my offline life over it. I would be so sad if I had to give up online stuff though. I would miss everyone! Well yeah, there aren’t many awkward silences. It’s just easier. :)

Well you have so much to do on it! You must be so busy all the time with uni, offline life, and all of your amazing sites :D

I actually really enjoyed reading that blog. :) It’s weird, but I think we all think about things like that. I know I definitely have.

You’re gravatar is the same as your Twitter picture. I’m so glad, it’s really pretty. :) I was worried that when I first changed mine from my cat, people would get confused. But they know it’s me now. :)

I used to hate my name too, but then again, I havemn’t met anybody that likes theirs, or always have. I just didn’t because it was so strange and rare, haha. I have never met another Pamela in my whole life. (Except for my auntie who I was named after.) I’ve grown to like it now though, and I’m actually glad I don’t have a super common name that you hear everywhere like “Rachel” or “Katie” or something.

I actually think Georgina is a really pretty name. :) My older sister is also called that but she prefers “Gina” so I always forget. xD

I was actually called “Angela” until I was two weeks old, then my mum decided she didn’t like it, and changed it before it was too late, haha. She should have let me choose. :P

I used to love the name Demetra too! I was so upset that my mum didn’t call me it. Every teddy I had was named Demetra, whenever we played a game I used it. Just one of those embarrassing phases, I guess. :P

Scarlett is a really pretty name, I don’t think it would have suited you though. But, that’s probably because I know you as Georgina. :P

“Pam Flet” and “Lee Flet”, haha that’s just sad. Why would you name your children that? Some people have no reguard for their childrens feelings. And Tess Tickle is just unfortunate. LOL

I also have my baby names chosen out. :) I must admit though, usually choosing for a boy is alot harder. But for me it’s the opposite way around. I have my boys name chosen, but can’t decided on a girls. I chose Connor for a boy, and for a girl I like Chloe but my cousin is named that so I’m not allowed. :( I can’t seem to come up with any others. I would get a baby name book though if I really needed to. :/ Bearing in mind, there’s no rush. :P

Naaames. Haha, name stealing. That’s funny, but it happens. I’d be pissed if someone took my child’s name.

When I was a kid, I hated my name, too, but only because when I was 6 the show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” came out. I still get shit about it. /bash I don’t necessarily “love” my name, but it suits me. I love my middle name more (Anastasia).

I only have one “dream” name, for a son, but I’m not going to post it for fear of TEH NAME THIEVES. I have seen the name only once, but it was spelled differently. If I have a girl, I’ll choose a name from Greek mythology, but maybe one of the more recognizable ones so she isn’t teased. But Alcyone (al-see-uh-nee) is a hot name. NGL. I don’t really want children, but I have their full names picked out. I think it’s just something we girls do. Like a compulsion ingrained in our DNA.

Haha yes however celebrity’s go that bit to extreme when naming a baby. For example Micheal Jackson R.I.P named his kid Blanket. Even if its just a nick name; thats what his known as now.

I really loved the name Isabella, and was going to call my future girl (if i had one), i didn’t even mind thats it’s Italian. Now that twilight is out, every one is going to call there next daughter Isabella. /bash

So can you speak any dutch? I know a few words, like cat (cut) dog (haunt) one (ain) two (twain). and some more. Not good at the spelling tho. Im learning German now. I know more in German then i do in Dutch.

Have fun at uni today /eee

Eww…Tess Tickle would be a really sucky sucky sucky name. BUT I’d like the name Scarlett. :D

Ahah, (: But I like Georgina better than Gina, teehee(: [Sorry, sister!!] LOLOL.

Yeah, like Apple laptop has PhotoBooth and on PhotoBooth, they have those features. It’s cool, but yeah, like I said, I don’t like it. &+ My mom said not to take those kind of pictures because it’s kind of like making fun of people who actually look like that );

Yeaah, Miley Cyrus has fans but I don’t even know why, ahah.
Even her TCA performance was like rated PG 13. -__- She was pole dancing, hmphh. What a bad influence and her shorts were extremely short.

i used to hate my name so much too when i was in high school becos the ignorant teachers always, always mispronounce my name. they never got it correctly.
im beginning to appreciate my name now though. i think it’s cos im getting older and couldn’t care less lol /ho

Yup, I noticed your gravatar changed as your picture appeared instead of the brown butterfly. XD I love butterflies, but brown sickly insects with wings are my most hated creature: cockroaches. I hate the thought of when I died and they will crawl on my skeleton or something. Eww. *runs to the bathroom and pukes* But I don’t know if I want my body cremated or not.

I used to hate being called ‘Senyth’, but I eventually got used to it and I love the name right now. My friends call me by my second name and it seemed insane if people would call me that name online as I get teased a lot because of my first name. >_< Though I like my nickname 'Bie'. My name is a combination of my parents' name, and I don't think I'd name my children like that. LOL. :P

Naming babies and domain names are almost the same, and I suck at both. I even have difficulty naming my pets. My friends and I do that sometimes and we end up thinking of horrible names an laughing about it. XD

Haha. Winona reminds me of Willy Wonka, probably because of the 'W'. I like the name, though. :P

LOL. The reason why I don't buy lots of domains because I wouldn't know what to use them for. /ho And if I'd make it a photoblog it'll be full of my friends' and my pictures which are pretty insignificant. LOL. People call me vain and most of the time their cellphones would have lots of my pictures if I get a hold of their camera. /oh

Mr. Tickle! XD

I’ve always loved my name, and it is true about how some women find it hard to come up with boy names.. I think if I were to have a baby and it was a boy, I think I would name him Jackson.. That’s pretty much the only boy name that I like.. My girl name would be Francesca and I would call her Frankie for short. I think it’s cute ♥

If I had a chance to change my name, I don’t think I would do it.. One being that I can’t think of myself with anyother name but Vanessa..

Ah, that woman was very unfortunate to marry that man. Mr TICKLE? That sounds like pickle :P
My brother loves watching Mr Men show. There’s Mr Happy :D Haha.
Georgina is an awesome name. I like the name Crystal too.
Well, My mum buys like 6 boxes of Crunchy Nut cereal when they are one special. Seriously, come over to my house, and there’s boxes of crunchy nut cereal all lined up.
My sister named me. I didn’t like Rebecca before as it is a common name and there are different ways to spell it. So when the teacher was like “REBECCA?” and I was like “YEAH?” and then the teacher would be like “NOT YOU, THE OTHER REBECCA”. So annoying. I had to put up with that the whole year until I just waited for the teacher to tap me on the shoulder or something.

Oh haha. That’s funny! 😝 Well, you also get comments because your site’s pretty popular too, don’t you think? 🤫

Lmao. Same here! /bash

Really? You like my name? Thanks! ♥ Yeah I know. I never heard anyone named Emerald either, and probably will not lol. Yeah, true. I think it’s just something natural though.

Oh haha the singer! Me too! :O Still, it’s a pretty name though, really too!

A KID IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS?! 28?! You must be out of your mind, woman! /wah I’d get kids.. or get pregnant when I’m 24 or something! O_o

Okie dokie artichokie! :3 You’re away now, though! =S I guess i’ll dm u if u stay away.

Yeah, I know! :) Like I found “Sakura” lol. The person named Sakura I know is from Naruto lol. I like the name! ;0 My friend was gonna name her baby girl that! D:

Yeah usually they do! =o Or maybe it’s just because they just get used to them or something. /huh

It is isn’t it? :O I like that name. :D FIN THE LAPTOP. ^^ /eee

It is eerie, and very long, but it’s worth listening to. /bounce
Haha yeah but it takes a while (for me, Miss Slow-Lazy-Persona) to get everything ready: cropping the thumbnails, uploading all the files, bleh.
You know, Photobucket is such a bitch to me. First it tells me my account is full (or I can’t upload any photos). So I delete pretty much anything I can spare in all my albums, and it still won’t upload anything. :@ So I go to my old PB account, which does have an upload button. BUT IT STILL DOESN’T UPLOAD ANYTHING.
Fine, so I make a new one. And I can’t. :O WTF. /pow

Grrr. I love you Tinypic. ♥ (Y) :P

Harhar it’s actually quite a tricky contest if you think about it. :P It’s all down to luck. *nods*

Georgina the Hyena? How are you related to a hyena? :S Anyway – yes. I got that shit too. -.-; Oh my oh my, some people never grow up… I hated it. XD Still do.

Haha there was a George at my school who was also a bit of a turd, but only my pretty close friends called me George. :D
Really? I guess Georgina is less common than Georgia/ Jorja. And harhar that you be. :P

I liked Mr Jelly too! :O And I like Little Miss Giggles. XD
I know someone called Shola online too. :)
It does sound Medieval, doesn’t it? 8) Hehee.

Alexithymia, whoo!
(8) With downcast eyes, there’s more to living than being alive. ♥

Seriously. You need a music emote. :O /oh 😏 //look
I’m using too many smilies. This will end up in spam. XD

I know what you mean! And then you sort of assume all Rachels will be nice.
Awh I can understand why Nathalie changed her name a little. Isn’t it more unique the way it is now? Although Nathaniel is still a unique name. :D

Haha I know. No offence taken; I think he was joking. I think.

YAY YOUR AFS STUFF ARRIVED!!!! /eee /hehe ✌️

Nah I don’t suit Clover at all. Or Serena, in my opinion. Apparently I look a bit like a Monica.
Aww you have so many comments to return it’s almost… unbelievable. Lmfao/
Ours is pretty big and non-expensive, lol. It has four floors but one is the basement which we don’t use… you know, it can fit in a family of five and two dogs. :P

Yeah… sexy, yellow apples! XD Besides yellow apples look… odd. Yanoe? I love really red apples. But it reminds me of Snow White, with the really red side and the green side. :P

Seriously, Demetra was actually a princess name from a book?? It must have been a lucky guess. LMAO. :D

Blocking IP’s can be useful most of the time. But it’s a sad thing to know that their IP address will change sometimes. I really hate it when that happens. /argh

I can’t believe your friend, Krystal stole a lot! Did she steal encyclopedia information or anything? Since you linked her network on an encyclopedia site, I figured maybe she stole information that others’ had collected or something.
It’s totally hard to believe when the person you trusted was really kind to you but turns out she’s the opposite of kind. :(

Glad you liked “Lily”. Yes, that reminds me, my name does sounds like your best friend, Lilian! :P

I actually ended up with the tutorial by accident. I was first very frustrated that I couldn’t find a way to protect my directories. When I was getting to the point when my head was about to explode, I just clicked on any buttons I found. /type . I didn’t really care if it’ll destroy my site at the time. 😰 . I guess some mistakes can make things better. /eee

For some reason I still see your butterfly gravatar around. But your gravatar on the fifth comment shows up as your picture. I’m not sure why it’s not updating for me O_O.

Speaking of baby names, I’ve already picked out names for my future kids. I like to “plan” for the future. I talk about it with my boyfriend and my friends. They laugh because my life seems like an agenda.

I like names that either starts with a vowel or ends with a vowel. I think it just sounds better that way.

I’ve never really hated my name. I kind of like it. Short and simple. i think it defines me–somewhat. But I do hate that fact that my relatives couldn’t decide on one or two names so they gave me five. Awkward.

Aww Georgie is a really cute nickname /eee

I talk to my best friend about that stuff too, and we both have a selection of girls’ names that we love but we struggle with boys’ names too! I guess boys just have boring names XD

Name stealing is a strange thing. My best friend and my sister both know what I want to call my daughter, I don’t know what I’d do if they stole it. It’s really mean to do that. I’m sure they wouldn’t!

I think celebrities can be a little OTT in naming their kids… I mean calling your kid Princess or Apple or something – cute when you’re young but when you get to 60 I’m not sure it works quite so well O_O

You look cool in your new gravatar, Georgina! :)
Haha, stealing baby names!
I love to think up baby names..though most of them are silly! I like those names you listed!

Oh, LOL! I think Georgina suits you more, though! But I think that’s because I got used to calling you “Georgina”! :D

My family usually names people after those before us. My grandfather’s name was John and they took the literal translation of John to the Irish form which is Sean. My brother’s were named after a cat and mouse television show, Tom and Jerry though.

celestine is such a pretty name. i actually have an entire list written out with all my potential baby names + middle names as well. i like to be prepared, haha.

i’m starting my first class in an hour so i’m very excited for it.

Yer i thin bye is daag but pronounced dach

Thats cool you know German

Haha yeah idk why my gravatar wont work… i like your new gravatar :D

yeah, most first names are common but the middle name is unique, mine is Drake :P But my bff’s middle name is Marie and i know like 5 people with that middle name xD

Yeah but she was young :P i doubt she knew any better lol.

Haha yeah I agree amanda is better then Devon lol, I think Devon was my dad’s choice, allison was my moms lol.

Hahas ya i love exotic converse xP. Haha the my mom wont let me where my new ones yet cause she wants to wait and see if i like other ones better, and i need new high tops cause my others are outgrowing my :(

Haha the black ones arent completely black, i just couldnt find a picture of them, they have a pink rim and tongue lol.

Yeah i saw some extra high tops i LOVED they had all this random stuff on it <3 thats so me lol.

Haha i always forget to answer the questions xD.
Oh the red blue and black ones sound awesome! :D

hahah very interesting nicknames… XD
People call me, Its ah man……. duhh xD i hate when people do that lol

hahah see! I’ve always been around amanda’s..my whole life XD thats why i hate my name!

hahah yes. def. not tess tickle. oh yea! My sisters friend was telling me about how on the radio, there was this girl and her name was Amanda, and her last name was Panda XD

hahah yea. you get so fat from there XD sooo much chocolate ! :D Yesss. and I’m not very good with long car rides, unless I’m either sleeping or listening to my mp3 player XD car sickness

lolll! Bill. I never knew that Bill was short for William XD
we’re supposed to get hit by anotherrr hurricane tomorrow. Danny :D XD suppose to have a lot of rain and some winds D: lol No one heard of the hurricane Claudette since it was really really small

Yeah, so usually, I don’t take those kinds of pictures and when I do I feel guilty. xD

I actually like her song “Party in the USA” & “The Climb” was okay too, but I dislike all her songs that HANNAH MONTANA sang. :) Not sure why, though;; It just seems a bit different. :D

Yeah, 13+ year old girls are old enough to realize that she’s not worth loving for. xD

Hello :)

I kinda hate it; but once while I was studying all night long I got really tired and needed something to wake me up again and so I drank a cup of coffee.. it did help xD And now I only drink it when I am super tired and have to go to school, because I don’t want to fall asleep during class xD

That stupid girl has a new site now.. it’s unbelieve how fast she got a new host.. why do people still host her? Don’t they know about her “history”? Someone should tell them about it..

Yeah, some people (like you) are just too nice for this world and other stupid people take advantage of it.. NOT that the girl you tried to help is like that.. but that stupid other person..

Oh, that was a pretty good post :) I don’t like sharing my baby name ideas either.. I don’t want someone else to take it away from me xD Though I always say that I like those “English” names.. like Jason, Jayden and stuff like that; I think they are ♥ Though it’s really hard to think of a boy’s name.. girl’s name are a lil bit easier.. you also have soooooooooooooooo many names to choose from and some of them are soooo cute and lovely ♥

I do like my name too :) The only thing I really don’t like is, when people call me Swetik – it is a nickname of my name, but I just don’t like it. Sweta is completely fine and I like that nickname… I even have it as my username on some social network sites here in Germany.

Georgie is a cute nickname kinda thing – or at least I think so :) And Georgina is awsome too :)

Damn, Georgina, your name is pretty! Makes me really jealous. My mom and dad used a baby book to name my siblings and I too; my mom always says that she wanted to give us names that not a lot of people had, but she ended up naming my brother and sister names that are pretty common. I’m the only one with a unique name, and I’ve never really liked my name. I mean, I’m older now and I do appreciate that it’s different, but sometimes I just don’t like it. People mispronounce it all the time, they misspell it, and sometimes they make fun of me and, you know, not a good thing to do with me.

Anyways, I asked my mom abut her naming fail and she said, “Well, where I worked no one was named James or Dana.” I was like, “WHAT?! That’s what you based it on? Your JOB?!”


I wanted to name my son Aidan but my cousin went and named his second son that. He didn’t steal it, though, I never told anyone. It was just weird, though: a Chinese baby named Aidan. At least my baby would have been part-Asian, part something else 🙄

Tess Tickle. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Really?

My name doesn’t. =)) My real name sounds like a sentence, haha.

LOLOL, Tess Tickle! XD That’s hilarious!

I’ve always thought it was easier coming up with guy names, I already know what I’m gonna call my kids when I’m older. But I can’t choose names for girls, there are just so many of them!

I used to think my name is boring. I hated it ’cause I knew a lot of people with the same name as me, and I wanted a cool, original name. I have a friend who’s naming her kids the weirdest things ever. :P She comes up with names that her kids will hate her for. XD Poor kids…

Georgina is a really pretty name, and there’s not many people called that.
Some people do call their kids silly names and I feel sorry for those Flet kids.

My friends and I often talk about baby names too. Even though some of my mates are 13 or 14 and that’s too oyung to be having kids, I think. Although, there’s a girl in my class who’s pregnant…

I like my name too. :)

I’ll post a pic of my hair on my new blog, when I get around to writing it haha! It’s shorter than before so that’s good.

Thanks for voting for Jordan!

Yeah my parents are very slow with coming to terms with stuff, but they’ll get over it eventually.

Sorry for taking so long to reply Georgie!
So, how are you?

haha i know! a lot of people tend to write stuff like, “so i have this friend…let’s call her jojojojojo. she is a whore. her boyfriend..well let’s call him king of the dumb. he’s a redneck.” i don’t get it. i know my posts aren’t particularly interesting or anything but my goodness, what is with these names? couldn’t they just make up a name, put a star next to it & then at the bottom of their blog, write, “names have been changed” or something? make it look a little more professional? sigh. guess not. kids these days.

i’m glad you like my brother’s site! you’re the first person to say something nice about it. i’ve just showed people the site but they never said anything. they just asked me for the lulz & i slaved over that. -____-

thank you! :D ahah yeah, what size does the gravatar have to be??

awwh thanks ;D lol

when i hear someones name i think of theyre face so its really annoying when i meet two people with the same names, i think of it as theyre like personality! :P

oh thanks! i’ll check that out asap /eee i still can’t get over how adorable these smilies are !!

yeahh, it’ll probably take me a while with school starting soon and basketball, :S ahah lol! i might not complete it either but i’ll try :) usually though i make what i feel like making because if i dont feel like making it then it turns out really crappy :S

thanks! i’m about to leave after i’m done with these comments :P 1 more to go!

Sorry, I can’t view your site again! :(

Well, when you upload an image it lets you crop the image and size the square so it doesn’t really matter! :D

Yeah, that’s funny. People with the same name don’t necessarily have the same personality. XD

I’m at university now, so I’m busier than ever. I know how it feels to have a hectic schedule. :)

It’s a picture of YOU!! I love it!! XD

I have been thinking of names too. I only know what I would want to name a girl right now, but I’m telling nobody either!

Hahaha. Yes, caterpillars are gross! They’re itchy as hell when they land on your skin. ;_; This reminds me when e’re still young. I used to be so gross, not to mention the boys. They’re dirtier than girls and have mucus and dirt all over their faces. I used to not combing my hair and lost both of my front teeth so I couldn’t properly pronounce the letter ‘F’. :P From gross, I guess we can also transform into somthing beautiful like those of butterfies. /love

Hahaha. You have a point there. I definitely wouldn’t call my child ‘Rawrbie’ or worse ‘Rainbow-Sky’. :D That made me laugh. But naming babies and sites are just as difficult.

LOL. It would have been fine if she didn’t go along with her name. I guess she loves her name she decided to stick with it and be stupid. We have a History teacher here who names his children in a very old-fashioned way, though the meaning of the names make sense and are nice. One of his children was named ‘Pag-Asa’, which means Hope, but here, it is a very very old-fashioned way in naming your child. It’s like you’re writing on trees when you should be writing on paper.

If you’re rich, you can have a domain collective or domains for a certain fanlisting. I’ve always wondered if Kya, Hannah and the others don’t see renewing their domains a financial problem because they have so many. Speaking of fanlistings, you’re right. Running and managing fanlistings isn’t really my thing now that I’ve thought a lot about it. T_T I’m so lazy and updating the lists and managing them would probably take lots of my time. Well, I think I only want to experience the script that’s why I got really interested. But I don’t know. I just applied for a fanlisting yesterday. If it will be rejected, then fanlistings isn’t for me. LOL.

I love taking pictures too, but if I were to post them online, the site will just be flooded with their faces and mine. Hahaha. One of my classmates like taking stolen shots and made video out of them. She made a public disturbance because some reacted violently. LMAO!

Hahaha. The one you posted is funnier. I’m imagining myself or someone following the recipe. XD XD So funny.

Yeah, I guess when you love someone you wouldn’t want to hurt him/her. You would even want to protect the person, and sometimes it involves hurting. :X

Waaaa. I’m not looking for someone right now. The thought kind of startles me. I guess I’m fine with not having someone to crush on. :P But who knows? Things like these come to you when you least expect it. *shrugs*

When I was younger, I also didn’t like my name and wished I was called something else. I love thinking of names for my future kids and always seem to find a new one I like and my favorite seems to change after awhile.

I have a hard time with boy names though because there are very few that I like and stand out to me. Girl names I have no problem with and probably because I think of names I would have loved to be called.

There are a lot of common names that I do like, but I prefer names that you don’t hear very much right now.

I think everyone goes through a stage where they hate their name, but I think most of us outgrow it after a while. I always wanted to change my name when I was a kid and even tried to on many occasions, but even those who’d humour me couldn’t usually remember it. :P

Those baby name books can be interesting though. I bought one many years ago when I was in high school just for the heck of it (I certainly didn’t need to be choosing baby names back then, haha!). And now that you mention it, it does seem harder (at least for women) to think of male baby names they like. Weird, huh?

Oh God though, those names you mentioned! Pam Flet? Lee Flet? Tess Tickle? They crack me up but I certainly wouldn’t want to actually be named any of those things!