A Face Without A Name

I changed my Gravatar today. It used to be the same brown butterfly, and I had it for about four or five years. I even had it as my Twitter display picture. Sure, it’s a globally recognised avatar and people are supposed to recognise you from it, but I was sick of the butterfly and figured it would be nicer to have a picture of my face. I had to clear my cache to see the new gravatar but soon you’ll probably recognise me by it. πŸ™‚

On the radio a few days ago, I happened to overhear what they were talking about. I barely listen to the radio but they were on a rather interesting topic of baby names, and about people “stealing” baby names. For example, you think of a great name for your child and suddenly your sister or friend or someone you know steals that name and calls their baby by the same name.

When I was younger I used to think of names that I wanted to be called. I used to hate my name “Georgina” and being called “Georgie”. I always wanted to be named something else, like “Crystal” or “Demetra” or something pretty.

As I grew older I got over that, and grew to like my name. At least my name isn’t something embarrassing, I guess. There was a set of twins with the last name “Flet”, and their first names were Pam and Lee.

Not to mention this poor woman who’s first name was Tess, and she unfortunately married a man by the name of Mr Tickle.

And no, he wasn’t the one from the Mr Men series with the long arms. πŸ˜›

Well, when I got over all the names I desired to be called, my friends and I, planning ahead as little girls do, decided that we would use those names to name our daughters (along with our ambitions of becoming nurses and vets and teachers).

So, with Crystal and Demetra on my list, I also added Jewel, Esmeralda, Cindy, Emily, Jane, and many others.

Currently, I don’t think of calling my future children anything like that. πŸ˜†

As Lilian and I always discuss our futures as we’re best friends, we tend to discuss our future children’s names but always have trouble thinking of boys’ names.

Still do, unfortunately. Not like we’re planning on having children at this age anyway; it’s just a funny thing to think about.

I thought up a few names again about a year ago, and came out with a few I liked. One of my middle names Priscilla is a nice name, so I thought of that one. I also thought of Seraphina.

I have my “dream name” in mind I guess, but I have only told Lilian and James. πŸ˜›

I can imagine how hard it must be for mothers to pick out a name for their child. My mum had a baby name book, which I found interesting to read at times. There were name stereotypes and meanings and origins of names. I didn’t find many interesting names in there, as the book was quite old, but I remember my mum telling me about when she was naming my brother (Brandon) and I, that she kept thinking of other people of the same names as she was thinking, and if she didn’t like them, then she didn’t want to name her children that.

She was going to call my brother Luke, but that’s now one of his middle names. And she was going to call me Scarlett or Winona. πŸ˜›

I like being called Georgina though. I used to hate my name, but now I love it. πŸ™‚ β™₯️

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