It Rains In Heaven

Yesterday I was woken by my mum to do some stuff before she left for the shops, then work. That kind of annoyed me because I stayed up late. Partially my fault but sometimes I don’t see the point in filling up her water bottle for her, putting her sandwich in a bag and pretty much packing her bag.

I know every little bit helps, but because she’s been doing it a lot, it kind of annoys me. She complains about me not getting ready in time and being disorganised, when she’s at home ten minutes to the hour, not ready, and should be at work in ten minutes. And before she steps out the door, she says something like, “I left my makeup around the basin in the bathroom, can you clean it up, okay?”

I know it sucks to do favours for someone when you don’t feel like it, but when you’re their friend or family, sometimes you just love to lend a helping hand. Vivien is one of my best friends online, and she always helps me; she even feels bad if she doesn’t. 😧

I usually feel bad because I’m always asking her for little favours here and there. /um But I feel so grateful that she gives me some of her time.

Next time someone asks you for a favour, know that it will mean a lot to them, and more often than not, if they are your friend, they will be there for you too.

Well, as my mum walked out the door she popped back in holding a cardboard box.

“Georgie, what’s this?”

I looked at the little package in her hand. It was addressed to me.

“Hmm… Warner Brothers…” she read the label on the box. “What is it?”
“Oh… it’s something I won online,” I half-mumbled.

She was in a hurry so she told me to show her what was inside when she came back. I was so excited, because I knew this package must be the Armor For Sleep band merchandise that I purchased online. I was not expecting it because it was so early, and they told me to expect a 21 day wait. 😄

I hadn’t even eaten breakfast at that point and I grabbed a pair of scissors and sliced the tape off the box. I was feeling a bit suspicious because the package seemed so small.

I ripped open the top of the box and I was confronted with the world’s greatest invention.

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap! Alright, so I didn’t take a photo when I opened it because I was so excited, but that’s a photo of the bubble wrap, nevertheless.

So, all neatly packed and folded were the things I had bought: a shirt, a pillowcase, and a belt. When I showed my mum she thought the pillowcase was cute and that it was all very nice. Bah. So I lied about “winning” the stuff, but really, I did gain the money for the purchase, online.

cute pillowcase!

Armor For Sleep shirt


I was going to write a little more today, but since there are pictures in this blog, I’ll save it for another time.

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