It Rains In Heaven

Yesterday I was woken by my mum to do some stuff before she left for the shops, then work. That kind of annoyed me because I stayed up late. Partially my fault but sometimes I don’t see the point in filling up her water bottle for her, putting her sandwich in a bag and pretty much packing her bag.

I know every little bit helps, but because she’s been doing it a lot, it kind of annoys me. She complains about me not getting ready in time and being disorganised, when she’s at home ten minutes to the hour, not ready, and should be at work in ten minutes. And before she steps out the door, she says something like, “I left my makeup around the basin in the bathroom, can you clean it up, okay?”

I know it sucks to do favours for someone when you don’t feel like it, but when you’re their friend or family, sometimes you just love to lend a helping hand. Vivien is one of my best friends online, and she always helps me; she even feels bad if she doesn’t. :O

I usually feel bad because I’m always asking her for little favours here and there. /um But I feel so grateful that she gives me some of her time.

Next time someone asks you for a favour, know that it will mean a lot to them, and more often than not, if they are your friend, they will be there for you too.

Well, as my mum walked out the door she popped back in holding a cardboard box.

“Georgie, what’s this?”

I looked at the little package in her hand. It was addressed to me.

“Hmm… Warner Brothers…” she read the label on the box. “What is it?”
“Oh… it’s something I won online,” I half-mumbled.

She was in a hurry so she told me to show her what was inside when she came back. I was so excited, because I knew this package must be the Armor For Sleep band merchandise that I purchased online. I was not expecting it because it was so early, and they told me to expect a 21 day wait. :D

I hadn’t even eaten breakfast at that point and I grabbed a pair of scissors and sliced the tape off the box. I was feeling a bit suspicious because the package seemed so small.

I ripped open the top of the box and I was confronted with the world’s greatest invention.

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap! Alright, so I didn’t take a photo when I opened it because I was so excited, but that’s a photo of the bubble wrap, nevertheless.

So, all neatly packed and folded were the things I had bought: a shirt, a pillowcase, and a belt. When I showed my mum she thought the pillowcase was cute and that it was all very nice. Bah. So I lied about “winning” the stuff, but really, I did gain the money for the purchase, online.

cute pillowcase!

Armor For Sleep shirt


I was going to write a little more today, but since there are pictures in this blog, I’ll save it for another time.

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D: I get my own tag. I don’t deserve that ;’ /wah

And no you cannot confiscate the ;’ emote from me. I will /hit you if you do.

Bubble wrap! The best thing since sliced bread! :O /hehe

The pillowcase! It’s so cute! I want one! And I don’t even listen to Armor for Sleep! Yes I know I overuse the ! point!

I hate when parents make you do something that they should be able to do on their own. Your children are not your slaves. I mean, chores are one thing, but honestly…

YOU DO TOO. I hope you don’t mind me returning your comment here because soon Monchuu will be gone. /wah 😢

Haha well you showed me that evil, evil video! :O

I’ll buy you one for your birthday. :D

GONK. Like putting the washing on the line and having the line break from the terrible, terrible wind. And washing epic dishes. And sweeping the whole house.

I think those are okay and tolerable… but some things. /snort

BUBBLEEE WRAPP ! omgg i ♥ bubble wrap! amazinggg :D

yes yes. it makes me sousnd like a man XD
I like my nickname Mandy better XD
my dad merges Mandy and Amanda, creating, Manda !
see ! so many Amanda’s in the world (:

hahah. I like sleeping in the car though! But when I’m in my friends car, I find it kind of awkward to just sleep in it, but I dont really get carsick with my friends. I guess they keep my brain away from the sickness

REALLLY? I think I’ve heard of that somewhere. I always think its very intersting how they come up with these weird nicknames XD

hahah danny! I know a few danny’s, not really friends with but I know them ! XD

Claudette. Its interestingg, just like Georgina ! Never heard those names before ! XD thats how awesome they are :D

Aww these stuff you bought online is SO cutee *__*
Love the t-shirt :P

You’re right, sometimes we don’t want to do favours but we have to, specially if it’s for the people who do everything for us ¬¬
At least, I get annoyed when my mother tells me to do something and before I fisnish it, she orders me another thing /angry

Your mom was right, that is a cute pillow case. (Y)

Somtimes you have to be careful with people when you do them favors, cause sometimes they ask you for a favor, no matter what it is, and you do it. But when you ask them for one, they don’t do it. That’s what pisses me off and tunrs me off about doing anything for people. Especially family. I’ve been burned many times and I DON’T like the feeling..It sucks..

Ahaha, it seems as if you’re like a maid and she’s a rich lady who could afford a maid. :D

Awhh, the pillow, the shirt, and the belt’s so cute!(:
Warner Brothers? o_O
They have those kinds of stuff? Ahah.
I remember I always went to Warner Brothers in my local mall but it’s gone now); Well anyway, that was like 7-6 years ago, ahha!

BUBBLEWRAP = Amazinnngg. They go like pop & POP. Eheh.
Ohh, that Bubble part reminded me of your bubbletea. :D
Sorry, a random comment. xD

Ew, I know Best of Both Worlds is useless and it doesn’t even seem like a song, ahha.
Usually, there’s a meaning to a song, -__-
She’s basically saying she has two lives which isn’t a real meaning, hmphh.

Yeah, what a bad influence on kids!
I mean, a lot of people look up to her.
&+ She did this “charity” thing on EBAY & wow, people spent literally $10,000 just to meet her. Wow.
& Her clothes. Ew, who wants something she probably sweated in? );

I love the pillowcase. The sheep are adorable. I find the sleep and sheep quite ironic in this case. I almost typed sleep instead. LOL! :)

Your new stuff are nice!

I saw a white shirt, black jeans and black belt, and i’d like to buy them somewhere.

Ooh, those are cute! I really like that. And Bubblewrap! I’m addicted to popping every bubble XD

Armour for Sleep…I’m going to check them out. What genre of music are they? My horizon on music is broadening lately, so I’ll give anything a shot. Except rap, still don’t like that. Blah.

I got something from online that was a cd as well (it was a gift) but I had to lie to my dad and say that I won it because he’s so suspicious of everything. Lol. Silly, I know.

And yes, don’t you hate it when someone just expects you to do something without saying thank you? I was just telling my sister that I felt like that here@ home. I don’t have a job yet (looking…endlessly looking) so I help out…a lot lol. I can relate to your issue. Hopefully, she’ll do something nice for you ;)

I don’t know if I told you, but your emots are so cute. I love them! ♥

Har har harrr. You do chores? I never really do any here! =/ I only like do them a few times and I don’t really like ’em! Like going to buy milk or something… Meh I tend to get really lazy when I know I do this stuff! =/

Lmao, bubble wrap! Everyone loves them for some reason! XD Can you gimme the website your purcahsed them on? :) That pillow case is hilarous! “Armour for ZZZZZ” LOL.

OMGG the shirt and belt are ♥ ♥ ♥ ! They have good fashion! D:

You’re sick of hearing the name Sakura? How come? Wait, there are a lot of people named that there? D: My mother was pregnant with me when she was 34 I think… 11 years after she had my sister lmao. Yeah, a surprise you could say! D: Well yeah I guess work is in the fashio these days before pregnancy and building a family and stuff I guess. 💥

I’ll be going away till Monday today. I’m really gonna miss chu and everyone else! :( But I’ll see you soon! ;) Take care of my site while I’m gone just when you give the occasional comment, alright? :P TC buh-byeee! <3

Hey Georgina, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for all the bullshit I put you through. I honestly did not receive any email stating that you left a comment and was unecessary for me to make a joke that wasn’t even funny. I admit to my bad behavior and am willing to let bygones be bygones if you are? I’m sorry for hurting your feelings and made you mad. You shouldn’t have to comment at my every whim when I say. So comment at will if you must, but remember I did apologize to you as of this moment.


OH you won’t believe this but my brother said that his friend is going to make him a new template for his site after I’ve effin spent an entire day working on it & coding it to perfection.

i have nothing against dayze, honestly, i was just really bothered because she asked me if the picture on my blog was of my family & me. ?!?!?! duh. then she thought the textsfromlastnight text was mine. why would i post up my own text unless it was with someone else??! doesn’t make any sense. i dont know, it was definitely obvious that she skimmed for a comment. she’s 23 so i’m assuming her ability to read english is at least that of an 8th grader. i know she wasn’t born in an english speaking country, but her english doesn’t seem that bad. my blog was literally 7 sentences. is it really hard to read 7 sentences?


SOOO CUTE. I love the shirts you bought. You really love that band! I haven’t seen them play before. one day though, one day. i really want to see them.

haha it’s ironic that your mom asks you to do stuff for her & yells at you for not being tidy. well perhaps she doesn’t yell at you but still. oh boy. i definitely do people favors though..sometimes i feel like they’re using me. :X that’s when you kind of dont want to do anyone a favor.

Haha, that would probably be the best thing to do!

Hehe yeah that’s pretty cool, but I think some people go too far when it comes to make their own names.. especially those celebrities.. their poor kids! They have to live with some really weird names..

Yep, true. But she said that her website is her diary and I think that’s why she is soo open about everything. And I kinda look up to her for that; not many people I met online so far do something like that.

My parents don’t talk about things like that either. What I know I learned at school and from friends and stuff. I know how it technically works xD

Yep! I agree 100%! You should be ready and with the one you love completely.

Oh lol at your mom. I really don’t like it if people tell me to hurry up and get ready by time and then they aren’t ready.. urgh!

But yeah, it’s always nice to help a friend out and stuff. Because if you’re really friends – they’ll help you when you need them too.

Vivien must be such a nice person if she even feels bad if she can’t help her.. wow!

Haha, you “won” it online! Nice little lie ;) But parents don’t have to know everything! And it was your money so you can do what you want with it ;)

Awww, that must be the most frustrating thing EVER! Constantly being forced to do things you totally do not want to. And like, sometimes it becomes a habit for them just to ask for these things. Little things are okay, but then they start getting bigger, and it’s like: SCREW YOU! Stop interrupting my life!

But yeah, it also depends who’s asking for the favour =) If you know that they’ll totally return it one day, it’s alright. But if it’s someone who’s just asking you to do something because they know they can make you, it’s annoying…

Yaaaaaay! Your Armor For Sleep stuff came =D

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your pillow case =) I WANT ONE NOW! Hahahahahahahahahaha xD

It’s super cute…^^

Oooooh, the belt looks cool too =)

Actually so does the shirt!

LOL, I should’ve just said it ALL looks cool xD

Well you totally earned the money before you spend it =D =D


Bubble wrap is SO much fun!

I LOVE twisting it, cos then it pops in quick succession =D @_@

I’m so amused by little things, it’s sad xD

It totally is! Like… your driving instructor. 💥

It’s like when people only ask you when they want something. It’s really rude… and we come across a lot of those people online and on MSN. @_@

Haha I’ll buy you one for your birthday! Or Christmas! :D


OMG I haven’t tried twisting it like that. I remember having a big sheet and jumping all over it. XD I actually haven’t popped the sheet I got in the box. But there was also an inflated bag for cushioning. :P

LOL, I think I am easily amused too… 🙄

Oh I hate it when my Mom does it. She rarely does it though, but if she wakes me up and squeals “HEY NNIE CAN YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH FOR ME” I’d definitely get mad haha. I’ll do it eventually but I’ll do it halfheartedly. ;p

HOLY CRAP. BUBBLE WRAPPP! (omg they rhyme).

I don’t know why but I love pressing bubble wrap and I’d get amused when they pop. I remember my sister got a bubble wrap from our new TV and I fought with her just because I wanted the bubble wrap. /bash

And those stuff are cute! ♥ The pillowcase looks cute! Reminds me of counting sheep when I can’t sleep. ;O The shirt looks arty too. And the belt looks cute ;p I wish I could buy Paramore merchandises online. 😢

Hi Georgina – I’m so sorry I haven’t commented in so long! I haven’t been updating my site at all, I just haven’t had the motivation. Anyway, I’m back now, hopefully we can still be affiliates?

I love bubble wrap, it’s so fun to scrunch up and jump on!

I love your pillow case – I don’t listen to Armor for Sleep, but it’s so cute :)

Well, she is your mother and she does deserve people helping her. I do complain about my sister asking me for favors or a family member but then I feel like such a hypocrite because they do favors a lot to me so I’m trying to balance these days. 😏

I do have a friend like Vivien but offline. I annoy her a lot XD and i ask for many things she does sometimes have some face expression but she does them any way but I do return her favors, at least that’s what I think. /faw

Aw you lair something you won online huh? XD Well, I’m glad they arrived early, I myself I can’t wait for 21 days! 😰

You should’ve blogged more, I’ve ran out of things to comment about :P .

I keep on forgetting to change the link when commenting. :P Lucky I noticed it now.

BUBBLE WRAP! Hahaha. I love to pluck them and make them do that POP sound. XDDD I totally drooled at your Armor For Sleep merchandise. They look bad-ass and pretty at the same time. I love the colors very much. I’m glad it didn’t get lost in the shipping! ♥

My grandmother always had me do errands for her, and even if I hadn’t finished doing what she first told me to do, she’d give me another thing to do which is irritating. I’m not a robot you know.

LOL at you lying. tsk tsk. Is that the money you won from the So-Pink competition?

Hahaha. Part of the reason why I joined Facebook is to see the pictures they’ve uploaded on it. My classmates re crazy, but it feels nostalgic when you see those pictures years later. ♥

Aww, that’s sweet. Who wouldn’t get shocked by a confession? Unless you are some assuming girl who thinks almost every guy has a crush on her. One of my classmates in Highschool is like that. -.-

Bubble wrap! The best thing since sliced bubble wrap! /ho

Yeah, I hate it when people ask me for things day in day out. Well, not that, but I hate the way some people ask. My neighbour always asks me for computer help say, at least twice a week, but he’s nice about it and always lends me tools and things. On the other hand some people are just arrogant idiots.

Awweee, wear the pillowcase like a ragdoll dress /bounce
That’ll be zoocute /love


Sliced bubble wrap! :O

It’s like when someone asks you for help only when they need it. That really annoys me. /argh At least my neighbours don’t ask me for help. XD

LOL ewww no way. /snort :P

Oh, LOL! No, don’t make fun of me, Georgie! I’m embarrassed. 😳

Yes, it really annoys me when my parents tell me to do something which I wouldn’t like to do…but mostly, I’d probably do it for them.

True friends are always there to help us! 🙄

Haha, bubble wrap! I remember how I used to pop those bubbles when I was young! I used to love doing that so much! And soon, all the bubbles will be popped out! :D

Wow, the merchandise that you bought is really cool! I wish I could buy something online myself. Grr, only if my dad allowed. But I really don’t have the guts to ask him if I could buy online, because he’s strict over online matters, you see.

The T-shirt looks really cool though, with all those cool colors! :)

Aw I know what you mean about doing favours for people. I always feel compelled to help out my friends and family and I don’t mind doing it at all – as I love helping people – but when it’s all the time it can get annoying. /hmph

I’d love to help you anytime. :P
This is reminding me of my epic pile of stuff on my desk. My brother came in and saw it all and was like “what’s all that shit?”
“Yes. Poems: P-O-E-M-S.”
“You’ve written… all of those… poems…?!”

Lol. XD
Harhar, AFS! I want that freaking pillowcase, as I just told you over MSN. I really, really want it. D:
Bubble wrap is freaking awesome, if you ask me. YEAH. /eee /hehe (Y) /bounce 😏

I mean, look at the sheep on the pillowcase! :O
And wheee, I love that shirt. ♥ And the belt. ♥
And freaking AFS. ♥
And the pillowcase. ♥
AND the bubble wrap. ♥

Weird. I’m listening to AFS right now. :O

Tinypic definitely isn’t as organised but it gets by, yanoe? I really hope my PB account pulls itself together.
Harhar, that’s cruel. :P And seeing as you were Year 11.
Whee, “Georgia”. :D
Wasn’t there Little Miss Chatty, Little Miss Tidy, Little Miss Happy? I can’t remember them. We should Google them. XD

Harhar my house gets us by. ;)

Well in the Snow White I saw, it’s red and green, so there. :P


You told me to. :P

I hate to do this but WTF.

I’m kind of testing the plugin here.

PKM means “please kill me”. @_@

I don’t know why the plugin has gone weird. It didn’t work for AFS either.

if i were to be woken up to pack lunches for my parents, i would definitely get really cranky but as annoying it may be, i think it’s like an automatic thing if any of your family members (except younger siblings, i believe) asked you to do something for them, you would do it.
that’s really nice of your friend, the world needs more people like her (Y)
haven’t heard about armor for sleep, though i tried to check out the site and it gave me error. i think my browser is acting up /hmph
i like the pillow case a lot. the sheep on it is probably a good thing for insomnia nights; you can count them over and over again lol.

Hey, your right, some people are very grateful and do lots of favours for you where as some people are very selfish and never to anything

I noticed, lol. I think I was doing a new layout and it went funny, but it’s fine now and the layouts up :)

Heard about Julia yet? She’s got another site now –
I can’t believe her, she should just give up :(

Cool Armor For Sleep stuff btw, very cool ;)

ARMOR FOR SLEEP! that’s such a creative name and it looks comfie. hehe at you being sneaky around your mom :P i’m an expert at hiding things from my mother, haha.

yes, i agree one hundred and 3948923 percent about the affiliates thing especially considering that i know some people are blatantly using me for hits even though my site isn’t big at all so it bothers me alot.

i always feel bad when people do my favors for me. my sister’s alike like your mom, hehe. she always makes a big mess and comes up and goes, ‘can you clean it up for me? please?’

I used one of your awesome layouts, but gave you credit, ;) of course! Check it out if you would like to!

the things you bought are so cute .
i always wondered about the little things that people
ask you to do , well parents really .

i think they do it on purpose only because they can .
but sometimes they really can use the help .
its always a good essential .
i hope i used that word right .

hahah yes yes. thats true! And they also make awesome sounds :D
haha oh yea, I forgot to mention this in my previous comment. Awesome AFS items! The belt reminds me of a Fox or Roxy one that my sister has!

Hahah another friend? Or your friend Amanda? XD

I love sleeping in the car, when I can put my feettt up or lie down. Like in long car rides XD

hahah. I love very interesting names :D Claudette, Claudette I could just keep saying that forever XD

Aww, that pillow case is sooo cute! I love the little lambies :D I have a friend whose favorite amimal is a lamb, so she’d love that too heehee. And I really like the shirt, the colors blend well together.

BUBBLE WRAP! YAY 👏 Like, a couple days ago I went out to dinner in a large group, and one friend had this thing called “electronic bubble wrap”. It was a keychain with “bubble” like things that you pressed to “pop” (but not really) and pass around the table. Then everytime it reached 100 pops, it made a random noise. So fun!

Ahah yeah. I don’t do any chores, and I’m happy about that, ahah. ;D But I usually just help my mom if I FEEL LIKE IT. Otherwise, she doesn’t force me to do anything or I don’t have the urge to help if I don’t want to, (x
Yeahh ! Before, I did the dishes with my sister but I no longer do it, but when my sister goes to college (next year) I probably would have to do the dishes. -__-

MHMM, Warner Brothers died ! :D

I know, ahah , pretty stupid. -__-

I probably would have done the same thing, as in sort lie about where the stuff came from. I mean they don’t really need to know that sort of stuff, do they?

I totally get what you mean about people always asking you to do stuff for them. My parents did it all the time. I was constantly doing things around the house. The only difference is I didn’t get any appreciation for it =[ But oh well, I’m always grateful when people do things for me and am always willing to lend a hand to a friend in need.

Ps. I love that pillowcase, it’s so cute! I want it!

Sometimes I get annoyed when my mom ask me to do things for her but then I remember I’m lucky cause she doesn’t really ask for much. The one thing that really annoys me though is when she wakes me up early in the morning or bother me when I’m sleeping. I always end up going to bed at 3 a.m. so I need to sleep xD
That bubble wrap looks like so much fun to play with *cries* I can’t remember when I last played with it o_O
The pillow is really adorable but I especially love the shirt. The colours look so cool and I really like the text placement. I want the shirt lol
I’m kinda jealous lol I can’t order merchandise from my favourite band /wah and the currency exchange rate is just going to break my bank account!

I get so excited when I get packages in the mail. :D
Yay for getting your stuff! Nice shirt! :D

Wow! My Mom asks me for favors but never that much.

That Armor For Sleep stuff looks awesome! What’s the site you ordered it from?

Pie is great. :D I have chicken a lot too, in fact, I just had Swiss Chalet rotessirie (or however you spell it) chicken today. Delish!

You mean that Julia who stole a lot of stuff? What a… not good person. xP

LOL, I was thinking of naming one of my future kids Marco Polo, but I think that’d be kinda mean. xD But, it’d be funny! I don’t want my kids to hate me, though…

Sometimes, I get really annoyed when people ask me to do favours, so I get mad and stuff. I hate it when people don’t appreciate what you’re doing for them, although, I don’t really appreciate everything my parents do for me. But sometimes, I just wanna do my stuff, and not do favours for other people!

Ah, I love bubble wrap. :D I love that app on the Iphone or Ipod touch where all you do is pop bubble wrap. I could do it for ages and not get bored! I actually don’t know what Armor for Sleep is, but it sounds cool! (;

Armor for Sleep seems cool! :D I love when I get stuff in the mail :) Even a letter I get so excited about. It’s just really exciting for me XD

Thank you! :)

Yeah that’s probably how it is. Maybe because girls hang out with girls more and we remember the names in the back of our heads XD I don’t know…

Yeah same here. I don’t really save up my money for that stuff anymore. It just gets ruined. :| Awh but ew XD

Yayy!! :D Good for you!

Your mom is a good parent. :)
Expect to do the same thing you do today when you have kids! Shit-e-o’s I don’t want kids. /bash

Aww, I’ll be there for you when you need a favour. /hug
No hug emote… /wah
It may not seem like it at the moment because, keep this a secret, I’m depressed. That’s the actual reason why I’m rejecting my website.
Now everyone gets to see my secret because it’s pubic.
Public. :P
Hairy Pubic School! /bounce

OMG. Cool. I don’t have to guts to lie to my mom. She’s just too… innocent. Like, “Taylor, what are you saying to Georgina?”
When I said “NOTHING…” she checked and saw those sausage comments. /shudder
*makes a list of emotes to make*

Bubble wrap. Did you pop it? /bounce
That shit is amazing.

That pillowcase…
I love those little sheep!
Sweet dreams guaranteed~

Money, my dad is always telling me to stop being useless and make money. Shittio’s.

And finally I reply to your comment, sorry:
I read the blogs that I missed and saw that you mentioned me. :) And I read a few lovely comments about my work, too! *hug-hug huggle*

Ugg ugg, I commented about a chest? D:
Well that is freaking perverted. :(

Oh… Poopatron (which is now v.10) is my Puppatron 9.1.

Aww I love being credited. *wuggles* /eee

Finally that “dude” is gone and replaced by another dude!
I was planning a good layout. ._.
But I like my new one better!

Sorry again! D:

Nice “winnings” there!!! XD

I’m not huge on having to do ‘favours’, but it really depends on my mood, I guess. The sucky part is that my parents are more likely to *demand* or *tell* me to do something for them rather than to ask me to do something… I’m not their servant or the help, but I suppose it’d kill them to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Doing favours for others can be really tiring sometimes especially if my brother told me to do a favour for him. Like one time he asked me, “Could you do a favour and hand me the laptop, pretty please?????” . Urgh. Annoying. But I guess I have to anyway since I did ask him to do favours like getting me a glass of water. So it’s fair enough. :P

*Opens mouth really wide* Wow, it’s unbelievable that you got those Armor For Sleep merchandise so early! They are really awesome. I’m sure the belt and the shirt will look nice on you.

The pillowcase is adorable! The sheep are really cute! It really suits with the pillowcase when you’re going to sleep. Now that you have the pillowcase, you don’t really have to count how many sheep are jumping over the fence before falling asleep. /hehe . You can already fell asleep by just looking at them. Haha.

It’s not a big deal if you lied a little bit to your mum about “winning” them. At least, I don’t think so. Well, you earned the money fair and square so I believe you deserve a little something. :)

Bubblewrap :D
Haha, you “won” stuff. My mum would have been suspicious if I said that. Yeah, crunchy nut is awesome :D Hehe.
Yeah, I ask my mum to do a LOT of stuff. If you ad up all the years my mum has looked after me, done my washing, bought me stuff, that’s since I was born and that is a very long time. I have to learn not to tak it for granted, but I’m too lazy and never can be bothered doing chores. I am too lazy :P
The things you purchased online are cool :D I like the pillow :D

Man. I want some bubble wrap! Those are so therapeutic and FUN. LOL. I sound like a kid, but I don’t care. It’s funny how sometimes the simplest things will amuse us, eh? XD

I hate it when my mom keeps on yelling things and reprimanding me. I love how she yells at my stupid cousin and my brothers though. Bwahaha. I enjoy watching their expressions of annoyance and guilt. :D

LOL. My friends are sadistic. They love to torture me. They would randomly IM me and say “Go on Facebook. You would love what you’ll see there.” O_o And I’d freak out when I see the pictures they posted and those crazy captions they made. *runs in circles*

OMG, I know what you’re saying. It’s like one person would piss you off and some random friend would come, talk to you or maybe tell a joke and you get moodier instead. A series of “unlucky” things would make me insane.

Haha. A shirt would be cool. It’d be cooler if they’d change colors according to our moods. Haha. That would be funny. Color of happiness, angry, sadistic… or maybe when you’re horny? *shuts mouth* :D

Yeah, it’s true. It’s when it’s silent that you can find answers to your lingering questions. It’s peaceful too; somehow it reminds me of the beach.

hahah thats cool! I dont use belts really XD For 2 reasons:
1. My pants usually fit mee :D
2. I am horrible with belts. Can’t put them on or take them off XDD

Oohhhh hahah. Thats cool! I wish my first name was Mandy…but then I’d probably hate it XD. I get bored with things fasttt xP

lmaoo. the police are supposed to catch people here too, but they dont end up catching people usually XD

Haha. I think I did that on yours last time, I was on your last layout and then opened it up again in a different thing and it had changed around, lol. I know, I have never ever seen a blue flower actually, suckish :(

Okay, you can still get on her site right? At least she has credited Vicky for the layout.

Mm, Potato and Cheese is too yummy ;)

She really is entertaining and she also gives advices and stuff. Have you seen that part already?

True love is.. when you can wait. And what you and James have must be true love :)

I can be slowly sometimes too.. I bet my friend would’ve loved to kill me a few times when she used to pick me up and we walked to the busstop together xD

Haha, a good lie here and there won’t do anything bad. Sometimes we just need them!

Gah, mums always make you do everything. My mum makes me do the teeniest thing she can think of (rawr, she is so lazy :P ), like closing the door that is about only five feet away from her. /argh Bahaha, my aunt complains that I am not organized.

Ooh, I love that kind of bubble wrap! I like those big bubbles. Here, we only have the type with tiny bubbles that are about the size of pencil ends.

Yay, A whole set! Arg, earning money on the internet. I’m not allowed to have a PayPal account. /snort They look very cool! I like the one with the ZZZs. :D

I know! I guess being annoying is part of my character XD I know she sometimes get annoyed but she does them, she is a good friend!

Ugh, I know I lie too! :D sometimes you just have too. It wasn’t you that called my sister inappropriate words, it was some girl from she called her an ass and just answered my questions, great comment huh? I shouldn’t complain I left you an awful comment XD

Omg! (oh yes! I really used that annoying phrase) :P.. that shirt is so cool. Absolutely the type of shirt that I love, love, love.

And a random confession: I love bubblewrap. It keeps me entertained for hours.

Wow your tshirts are nice :D ^^ lol When Your mum tells you to do things that would be totally annoying 🙄

I don’t have a middle name. Most people I know who do have one don’t actually have something unique for it. They’re all ‘Louise’ or ‘Leanne’, or something else beginning with an ‘L’. Unoriginal really, even though it’s just a middle name.

Yeah, there’s or something to help people. I think it tells you the meanings as well, and there are some pretty unique names on there.

Everyone was jumping at our prom, because of the space issues (jumping doesn’t take up too much space, haha), but I found it hard to jump ’cause of all the people with giant dresses trailing on the floor. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s 400 pound dress; I guess they were that expensive.

Serj Tankian?? In System of a Down I mean. I think he’s the only one with a beard. I think he’s great though!!

Haha, that review must’ve been funny. I don’t like websites with music on, it’s so irritating.

Getting asked favours is pretty annoying sometimes. People always tend to ask for stuff when you’re busy, or just in a ‘can’t be bothered’ mood. It’s good to help people though, I’m sure your mum appreciates it. She should do seeing as you were doing it after not having much sleep, haha.

I have this friend who everyone asks to do stuff. It’s always like, ‘Can you go put that in the bin for me’, ‘can you go get this off the teacher’ and he usually does it without complaining. Bless him. I’d probably get annoyed after a couple of times of people asking, haha.

Your Armor For Sleep merchandise is gorgeous!! I’m not a fan of theirs but I want that pillow case. I think it’s because of the gorgeous little sheep on it. I’m coming to Australia and steal it from you Georgie!! Which would be completely pointless ’cause the air fare would cost a lot more than the actual pillow case. Lol.

I love bubble wrap!! Popping it’s so addictive.


Yeah, they’re idiots. Stupid idiots. Mostly it’s the boys who do that and some of the girls. They have always considered me as a baby, patting my head and bringing my stuffs. Haha. They’re playing that Facebook app “Friends for Sale” and they’re arguing on who would own who. It’s an app where you buy your friends to make them your pets and do things for you. It’s quite fun, but I’m not addicted to it.

There’s one incident where one of my friends who owned me made me flirt with my crush. O_o One friend of mine posted pictures of the two of us and they’re sending comments like “<33", "Ooh, I love this picture." 😢 They're very stupid, I tell you, but they're dear to me, nevertheless.

What would you do if they put stolen shots of you in Facebook?

LOL! Red hot horny! Hahaha. That made me laugh. I nver knew that it does exist. I wonder how they made it, since they're basing from our temperatures which are most of the time the same. I can vaguely remember an Anime that is similar to this one but I can't point out the title.

That would be expensive if they're going to sell it, perhaps.

Hahaha. If you'd always get pissed when someone tries to talk to you, no one would try to talk to you in the end. :D

Haha, hard for you because you get so many visitors ^_^ Haha.

I saw a blue flower today, woo! :P It was just a small Bluebell though so, :( I would LOVE a big huge blue flower though :D

Did you comment on her site and tell her to credit or did she make sure she credited?

You replied quick ;) Haha.
I’m tired too 😴 Yeah, the bluebells were not actually that nice :(

What did she actually do to you? I never knew.

Awh, thank you! Yeah maybe I should darken them just a bit. Thanks for the suggestion :) Yeah they were frustrating at first but I have it down now :D

Oh! I think I had a penpal once. She was a girl who used to live in my neighborhood and she moved to Florida so I used to write here. She comes back though every summer now. :)

Yeah xD LOL. We have been like talking about this name thing like trying to figure it out xD

Yeah seriously. My brother and he friend are actually in to this little penny-sized animals that you can get for like 25 cents in a machine :P

Hey thanks for the comment on my site, I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thanks for the comments on the layout, I will try and take it into consideration

Freaking hell. D: I was going to go onto MSN this morning, as per usual, when my Internet decides to die on me.
Again, yar.
So I missed you. D: Because it’s 1am-ish over there now and you normally go a few hours before hand. I’m so pissed off because I got on at 12 or something so it would have been 9pm there. Ugh.

Anyway. Your comment, yar.
That reminds me. I need to put up the freaking link for the Car Underwater fanlisting.
*few minutes later*
Done. :D

Harhar, stupid Facebook. My friends are obsessed with it. Even the Matron goes on it. :P We saw her on it from the cloakroom; there’s a window that looks onto the dustbins, then another window that looks into her office and onto her computer screen. Pretty freaky that she has one. O_O

I hope I can see her again soon too. It did suck I wasn’t able to see her in the last week. :(
I hope I’ll be allowed over there. ;) Harhar. Either way it would be good if she came here.
Haha yeah she might bumb into Teza or Lily. :)

Lauren is an epic fail. :P
True, true.
Poems. :D

Overusing smilies is fun though. :P Even if it is ♥ . XD
Haha, yeshms. Get me one for my birthday. XD
I love bouncing on bubble wrap. It’s squishy. And it pops. /bounce /hehe /eee (Y) 😏 /oh

Tinypic is quicker. *nods* But Photobucket is more organised and… swish. :)
There will be a very very very very long list if you Google them. :D
I swear I saw the Disney version of Snow White. Maybe it’s different over there? :S

i honestly can’t get over how gorgeous the design in the armor for sleep t-shirt is!!

i used to give out little white lies to my parents and my mom believed me most of the time. my dad, however, was the one who NEVER believed a single thing i said regardless of whether it was the truth or not and he still doesn’t, haha. he’s cruel!

i’m just exchanging comments with active responders, hehe :3 not popular at all! look up popular in the dictionary and there lies heartdrops!

my sister’s like a carbon copy of me physically. she’s four years younger but looks alot like me which is weird since we feel like we look nothing alike but during family events, everyone mistakes me for her and her for me. but personality-wise, she’s really lazy and has no backbone and always wants me to do things for her, like order her coffee at starbucks for her as if she’s incapable to do it herself.

Even silly pictures make memories. I love looking at old photos, and those pictures that got you annoyed would later bring a smile to your face. *sniff sniff*

That picture of you and James in a plastic wrap sounds rather cute. :P LOL, they’re wasting plastic. I keep hearing things about global warming here. I don’t want the ozone layer to disappear. :/

Yes, technology doesn’t even exist during our grandparents’ time. But now people have invented invisibility cloaks(I’ve read it in a blog and they provided pictures. O_o It was from Japan, if I remember correctly) and last Friday we went to a seminar where the speaker showed us some videos of kids making robots. :O There was a robot fish, it looks so cute swimming in the aquarium. :D

Haha yeah I have an amazing friend online <3 its pam from <3

ohhh bubble wrap is awesome lol XD

omg omg omg i love that pillow case <3 :D /faw ♥ /heart /love ok i think those are all the emoticons that relate to it… (H) lol

hehe nice job on lieing to your mum lol, its a funny story how i got this domain…

Haha XD Maybe I should’ve told her that too.. that poor girl sometimes had to wait for like 2-3 minutes before I was ready and we could leave.. and we always reached the bus stop just in time XD

You know what I just recognized? That we are kinda running out of things to say.. the comments are getting shorter and shorter too..

Oh, and about your lil hiatus thingy you talked about on Twitter… Are you still thinking about it?

Oh okays :) It is 19:56 here in England, but I got up at about 7 :P

Oh, that is seriously rude. Urgh, horrirble person. I never liked her since the day she got Uniique, I knew she was bad but my friend didn’t believe me so still gave her the site. Oh well, she doesn’t have it anymore. ^_^

Ahah, yeah, I guess that could be considered pay back….! Except that my sister did it all for me. xD She likes doing those stuff with iTunes & yeah so I let her, ahah.

Well actually, I’ll have my friends coming to this new school.
So like… there’s two junior high schools in my district;; School A & School B. :D So School A’s I’ve been attending since 2nd grade (when it was first built) – 6th grade. But I’m going to another school, School B, which is in the same district or branch, although school School A has 7th & 8th grade as well. But people say that School B has better education stuff and yeahh… So like half the 6th graders stay at School A & half go away to another school, School B. But other ONLY elementary schools in the same district / branch attend School B.
So School B has about 400 – 500 7th graders & School A has about 100 7th graders. XD

OOPS ! I thought my comment was “over” but it actually isn’t, haha.

Awhh, you should get an iPhone! :D It’s awesomeeee(: Well I actually never saw one except at the Apple store but the iPod Touch is awesome & iPhone would probably be be better than the Touch. XD

Same, it takes me ages to get to sleep – the only exception being when I’m really really tired, as in when you’re like asleep just after your head touches the pillow. Lol. I just lie there for ages getting really annoyed! Hehe.

I had a really good time on holiday. I’ll blog today or tomorrow hopefully and will definately put some pictures on too!

I agree with you on that about your mum, having to do favour after favour gets really annoying after a while. Once in a while is okay, but not all the time.

Ooh I love the things that you bought. That’s great that they came early! The t-shirt is really cool (:

I agree with you about the red, it is a little bright way down at the bottom, but it was the only way I could get it to look right with the gradient. =/

Yeah, haha. Pamela is an old person name like “Barbara” or “Harry”, lol. I couldn’t imagine it on me when I was a baby, it would just be wierd.

I suppose you’re allowed to be picky when choosing your childs name, it is a big decision after all. :) But changing it 3 times is maybe a little over the top. :P

I keep my to-do list private too. :P That way no one knows if I get a little behind or something. 👏

Yup, there was definitely lots of him on Facebook. Most of them were me dancing around with my camera, lol.

“Cha Cha Slide” isn’t really an old song, it’s just a party song if you get me? It says what to do in the song, like “jump” and things like that. Lame if your anywhere but at a party, haha.

I know how you feel, sometimes doing favours for people can be a little overwhelming. Like my mum for example, she’ll be like “go to the shop for me, clear the front room, empty the bins…” etc. Sometimes it feels like she doesn’t want me to sit down. =/ I know she appreciates it though, because her and I are the only ones that do the housework. She wouldn’t be able to handle it all by her self.

BUBBLE WRAP!! 🤤 The best invention ever, haha. It can keep me quiet for hours! Unless you include the “popping”.

Wow, I really love the pillow case, it’s so cute! I love the belt too! I want one. :( I would get one but I’ve never really listened to Armour For Sleep so it would be strange.

Sometimes I think that online friends are better than offline ones. They can be so nice and thoughtful without even realising. It’s nice that you have someone like Vivien. :)


I didn’t know they had a Morning Glory in Australia. Heck, I didn’t know they had a Morning Glory anywhere but Flushing. You learn new things everyday, haha.

I love doing people favors (as long as it doesn’t take all day to do)! It makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. Well, that sounded awkward.

Cute new stuff! I never heard of that band, I’m gonna go look them up on Youtube.

x Joy

Yah I know how you feel, sometims I just want to yell
“Do it yourself!!!!!!!!!” I get soo frustrated sometimes when
people try to tell me to help them do something. At times
it’s something so easy and they could just do it themselves
but no they have to ask me to do it. Soo damn annoying!
And when you don’t help them, they bring up all the time they’ve helped
you with something.

Aww it’s sooo geougours!!!!!!! I love it :D
The belt is my favorite, I love belts like that :D
How much did you pay for it?