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I had a horrible afternoon.

Before I write about that, let me just say that my tutorial class at university today was interesting, to say the least. We were discussing privacy and information on the internet and how you can trust all this information. Obviously that was related to Facebook and Googling your name.

My tutor – who I’ve never had before; she’s a new tutor to me – asked who didn’t have Facebook, […]

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I went to university yesterday for the second day this semester. Tuesdays are a good change from last semester, because I used to have afternoon classes and get home at about 7:30pm. I changed my timetable so that I have classes from 9:00am to 10:00am, a two hour break, then another class from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Before class yesterday, I bought some food to keep me going throughout the two-hour lesson (yes, they don’t really […]

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I went back to university today for second semester. So finally, I am busy again. It’s not a terribly good thing, but it means I will have a few more interesting things to blog about.

Today I had classes for the subject Information Discovery and Analysis. It’s all about using search engines and finding information from sources other than – you guessed it – Google. Or WikiPedia.

It’s not a bad subject, but […]

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Do you remember collecting Pokemon cards at all, or do you actually remember the craze? It was quite hilarious. I was about ten years old at the time, and people went crazy over them. If I recall, I had about 70 different cards of the Pokemon themselves.

They are definitely one of the types of collectible cards, and definitely ones that were popular, more popular than other sports cards and such.

I used to collect […]

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I wholly do not appreciate many things that a lot of other people do. And I felt like talking about them.

Firstly, I do not like people “comment whoring”. I am assuming that few people use the actual term. Basically, someone comments on multiple websites in an attempt to gain more visitors or hits. They leave a comment and the owner returns the comment to their website.

Fair enough. I attempt to return every comment […]

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Updates: I’m working on getting the tutorials section up in WordPress, so look out for that. There will be a few new tutorials up by the end of the week.

So, while trying to up my plays of numerous artists in my collection of music, I figured I should write a blog. Well, what of? Maybe I’ll blog about the artists I like and how I discovered them. Or maybe about the instruments I can […]

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I had a (much-needed? No, kidding) talk with my ex-boyfriend today. Kiah, if you’re reading this, hi. 🙂

James is… possibly going to hate me for this. Well he won’t, I know he understands. But it was a nice chat, just about general stuff. Possibly a time to catch up.

Just to make it clear, Ki isn’t a loser or a retard or the general idea of what ex-boyfriends are. He might have been a […]

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I neglected to mention this last blog, but Ben Jorgensen replied to me on Twitter again. I think I went absolutely insane. I am a big fan of Ben Jorgensen – he’s the lead singer of Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands.

He wasn’t asleep even though it was 2:30am his time, so I told him to sleep. Surprisingly (and I nearly fell off my chair), he replied. I felt so… […]

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Have you ever felt really annoyed when someone doesn’t realise you’re annoyed? That really ticks me off.

Sometimes, I just have to tell people, “Yes, I’m pissed off. At you”. Because they just can’t take a hint.

I have friends who understand when I’m angry. I have these sort of telltale signs that show that I’m mad. Other people don’t notice. I was discussing this with my hostee Diamond yesterday. Sometimes you can tell when […]

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Ooh, whee, yay, huzzah – I passed. I passed my first semester of university! 😏 ✌️

Okay, so for my three subjects, I got a Pass and two Credits. Which isn’t bad, but I could have done better. It just happened that I got better marks for assessments with a lower weighting. Not cool. 😛

I’m going to try harder next semester. Now that it’s getting closer I’m a bit worried though. Worried that […]

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