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I went to university yesterday for the second day this semester. Tuesdays are a good change from last semester, because I used to have afternoon classes and get home at about 7:30pm. I changed my timetable so that I have classes from 9:00am to 10:00am, a two hour break, then another class from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Before class yesterday, I bought some food to keep me going throughout the two-hour lesson (yes, they don’t really mind if you eat in class). I bought yoghurt and a slice of banana bread.

Honestly, that one slice made me so full. I ate the yoghurt first, and happily munched on some banana bread, only to realise that after I’d eaten half, I was feeling a bit sick.

I felt better eventually. :) And James and I went to get some proper lunch after that.

I might make some premade layouts and WordPress themes out of my layouts when I have the time. I’m usually not bothered to code things for other people, but I think I can use some of my old layouts and shake them up a bit to create some nice (but really quite simple) designs. I had a lot planned for Heartdrops over the break, but as you can see, I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted.

I still have time now, but less. I will have to be a bit more organised. :)

Speaking of organisation, I have to clean out my affiliates. This time I am being very strict with them. I noticed that one of my affiliates deleted me. I was offended because I felt close to her, and I don’t see what I did wrong. She even stopped following me on Twitter, and that made me quite upset.

I considered not having an affiliate program at all because a lot of people I affiliate with don’t even keep in touch. Don’t get me wrong; I love to have affiliates but I cannot afford to have so many. I know that I still will keep in contact with some, like my regular visitors, but I apologise – I must delete some.

I will be deleting some people in the next few days. It’s nothing personal, but I would only like to link people that I feel close to and who comment often.

I finished reading one of my readings for university. :D I have others to do but I might do one today, and leave the rest for the weekend. I want to do a piece of university work each day so I don’t feel bad. I didn’t get any homework yesterday but I should read up on the notes.

I paid for university today, over the phone. My dad gave me his credit card to pay. I think it’s really quite interesting how we have these automated services where a voice instructs you of what to press and everything. These sorts of services are quite user-friendly and easy to use.

However, I don’t like how people abuse these kinds of systems. One day during the holidays, my home phone rang, and I picked it up. I said “Hello?” about five times before someone actually replied. I heard static, and then I heard the actual reply.

It was obviously a recorded message. And the person whose voice was being recorded could not speak English very well. It reminded me of the telemarketing calls we receive. I continually said “Hello” after the recording was played, just to make sure it was. I was right.

This was such a scam. The message told me that there was something wrong with my bank account and to call a certain number and give my details. I heard the dial tone again, as if someone had hung up.

I knew it was fake. Our bank doesn’t use automated messages like that to tell us when something is wrong. If it is urgent, a real person would call and talk to the customer. After doing some research on the internet and on news websites, I realised that this sort of thing is common, and is a trick. 😰

Apologies for the long blog. I should blog every day to avoid writing long blogs.

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I’m back from my hiatus! Sorry it was pretty long, and I moved to Thank you so much for the wonderful name! I don’t know how to link on the sidebar yet, for now I’ll include your link in each of my blog posts until I find out how.

Yum, I wish I was allowed to eat in class. Our school is quite strict about the snack bar; we’re only allowed to buy snacks in morning break and can only eat where there is grass. :)

How peculiar; my mum had a call just like that but in Thai….it called her a number of times but she pressed the hang up button every time the number came up. The recorded voice was so loud that I could hear it from the other side of the sofa!

Haha, and sorry about the long comment. :D

Man, uni food is expensive 😰 but it’s not all bad, :)

Man, what a stupid scam /bash how could they expect it to work? /angry But then again, it only needs 2-3 people falling for it to pay off /ehh


It’s pretty expensive… I mean, three dollar sandwiches? :O And even with that discount thing, it’s still expensive. I paid just under $5 for that banana bread and yoghurt. It cost cheaper for a return train ticket!

And here I am sitting at uni at 8:18am and thinking of getting a latte or something. My mum said it cost her four whole dollars for one.

True, true. I don’t know who would fall for that. It worried me a bit but then I had a good long think about it. ;)

No Georgina we like your long blogs ♥ hehe.
Yeah, just tell me the site when it’s opened up again (: That’s very mean about that affiliate of yours, I would atleast notify you if I was going to delete you (which I would never do XD)

Haha, Your don’t have to skip a few :) I really don’t mind waiting. You must be eager to do my site or something @_@ haha x

Your so lucky to eat food in uni. I’d probably bring in a whole trolley full of food xD
Yeah, people think twilight is the best book but seriously, I have read way better books than that. It annoys me that people get way obsessed with it.
Yeah, I guess information on wiki can be edited, maybe, I should set up a page about myself and say that i’m the best person in the world xD

Aw, lucky! I wish we were allowed to eat food in class. I mean obviously I’m not in uni, lol, but still… it would be awesome. You know what else is awesome? Nap time. xD I think it would be amazing if we had nap time in class. When I was younger I hated nap time – I was always so full of energy, practically bouncing off the walls. I couldn’t sleep. But now I fall asleep in class without noticing! It’s terrible. xP

I’m thinking about cleaning out my affies, too. I evidently don’t have as many as you, but my site’s smaller so it makes sense. I can’t say I’ve been a fantastic affie myself, though… I get so caught up with school and everything that I forget to keep in touch with my affies regularly. Woops.

Don’t apologise for the long blog; I like reading long blogs and comments. I also like writing long blogs and comments. Heh. xD

Hey. I’m sooo sorry I haven’t commented in ages :( I have been soo busy and I can’t reply to any comments as my server is down and has been for over a week. All my files have been deleted, but thankfully my host has a back-up. I still want to be affies though so don’t delete me :)

Anyways, good luck with uni :D

Thank you!

Ah, that’s alright. I can’t access your website at the moment so I’m replying to your comment with one of my WordPress plugins. :)

I won’t delete you! And thank goodness your host has a backup. /eee

Do you reckon they’ll chuck me out if I sneak in there? My dad said that nobody would notice and they wouldn’t give a crap. And at uni, there are tons of weird people so I’d blend in… even as a kiddie. /ehh
DEFINITELY GOING TO SEE U|T|S! Uni of Tech and Sci? Anytime we drive past it, I scream out “YOU TEE ESS” and my parents question why I do that. /hehe
Okay. Don’t bother replying to my last comment, I’ll just restart the layout and design a new one… with my drawing.
The bank wouldn’t need your details. If they needed to do something, they can do it without your help; I guess. :)
Psst… You’re my favourite affiliate. /faw

Aww, it’s not a really big old blog! I enjoyed reading it actually! Eating cookies right now and it made me feel home! /um

Good luck on those affies and premade layouts! I’m sure you’ll be fantastically surprised by what you’ll achieve in them! :P
Haha I better be doing some Chemistry hw today since I’m starting my French course tonight! xd

Those scams really freak me out! o-o” I know lol. Our provider of the internet is also like that. With their mobile, TV, telephony services etc. etc.

I think with all the blogs you read I’m pretty sure that’s good reading! D:

LOL. I meant I wish it started here haha. Ooh I remember someone telling me that Australia is the opposite for us lol. And a few countries. Like where it’s cold here it’s hot there and when it’s hot here it’s cold there. About time I remembered! =o


Okay, cool ;)
I will look forward to it. If its later XD
I do have a couple of errors and stuff though :P x

I must be special, I get 3 comments on one blog from you (without reply) heh.

Oh that’s different. Here you get a provisional which means you can take driving lessons and drive a car with someone next to you who has been driving for at least 3 years. Whilst taking lessons you have to take a theory test, then you take your driving test. Afterwards you have the choice to do Pass Plus, I don’t know what it is though heh.

I deleted those comments because he wanted to be on my top commenters, and he would have been which he would have got what he wanted lmao. Someone left 3 comments in a row yesterday and said ‘;o I wanna be a top commenter’ So I just combined her 3 comments together lmfao. Mean but I hate people who ‘beg’ basically. xD

Yeah I kind of feel bad. Although, she hasn’t even said anything to me about it. At least she’s taking it seriously. I mean, I reviewed someone and they haven’t bothered taking any of my advice into consideration, yet they’re applying for reviews at other sites, pffft.

Haha neither did I when I was younger. I remember my neighbour she was annoying and like 60, she didn’t know what wanker meant, haha. Was funny.

Aaww aha. My step dads 55 and my mums 48 o_O People think thats old but my step dad has a 30 year old daughter and my mums oldest is 25 haha.

YAY! You better come to London, and meet me. ;) I’d love to meet an online friend one day. I mean, I’ve been mates with Carly who I met on Piczo in 2006 or 2007, and we’re meeting this year. :D I can’t wait haha. I wanna meet you one day and Sarah. That would be cool. :3

Lmao yeah. I remember the fake ones. I had rare ones too. I had a Japanese Blastoise shiny. o_O Everyone wanted it haha. I still have it I think.

Hahahahaa that’s not very nice though haha. I used to do that to my friend, she would freak haha.

Haha gotta love it. :3

Lmfao I hope someone breaks his speakers. I surprised the dogs haven’t ruined them yet. They’ve eaten everything else. The girl dog eats forks, spoons and knifes. :| She even got into the fridge, ate everything inside and tried eating the actual fridge lmao.

Haha you have more reviews than me now. I have 5 to do. I haven’t done one in 2 days. :O

You should take a break from it though. You do so much in a day it’s unbelievable. I swear you don’t sleep haha.

That’s good you changed your timetable. Getting home at 7:30pm must be a killer.

I hate eating then you feel sick. It’s not good. :(

Can’t wait to see the WP themes and coded layouts. People prefer the simple designs because they’re easy to manipulate. I think that’s why people like mine. o_O

I agree with the affiliates thing. I’m deleting a bunch. I just want to link close online friends and not have affiliates. I can’t keep up with them and I feel bad. I feel bad not having everyone on my homepage as well. =/ Please keep me. :P

I HATE recorded messages. Whenever I’m upstairs and the phones rings I have to run downstairs and hurry to answer it. And it’s ALWAYS a recorded message. :| I feel well pissed off.

Sorry if this is a long comment. :P

You’ve forced me to reply here. :P Please open soon… I don’t always like using this reply comment thing. :)

Oh, we have a theory test to get a learner’s licence. Then to get a provisional, you have to do a practical test and drive with the test conductor in the car next to you.

Then there’s another practical test for the second provisional. /hmph

After the second provisional you have to do yet another test to get your full licence – that’s a combined theory and practical one, I think.

Yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous. I didn’t want to put the top commenters on my website because I had the feeling people would just spam for the sake of getting there. In FanUpdate it was interesting (and easy) to see, though. :)

Eh, that would be really annoying. Some people I’ve reviewed haven’t taken my advice either, and some haven’t even updated their website since.

Well, I’m the oldest child. No one says anything about my parents but my mum does look young. ;)

Yeah, that would be very cool. I really want to go there. ♥ It’s a bit nerve-racking thinking about meeting people I know online but exciting too. I must go to London one day. Probably when I’m older though. It’ll be weird if we meet in quite a long time and we’re both very old… hahahaha.

Oh man, I thought I was done then I scrolled and saw your comment had more (I’m using the Firefox split tabs). Your comment in one tab, and this comment box in the other. :D

Wow, what vicious dogs. :O

Oh, I have seven reviews now, I think. At least while you’re temporarily closed, people can’t apply.

I totally do sleep. Last night I got 6 hours, and the night before I had nine hours. It’s all not so bad. :P

That probably is why people like yours, which is why I’m sort of following suit and making some simple ones too. :)

I’m totally keeping you; no need to beg! /rose

We have a cordless phone, and I have a home phone in my room, so it’s easy to pick up. I haven’t received many recorded messages, but those telemarketers are very annoying that sometimes I can’t help but be rude.

That’s alright. I would guess this is a long comment back. :P

I won’t reply to that comment here because it’ll take up too much room. @_@ I’ll reply to it on your next blog or something. (Y)

Those times seem much better for classes – I think XD
I just have school from 9am – 2:30pm. Bullcrap.
Hey what does banana bread taste like? Banana? Argh that was a stupid question, Alex XD
YAY PREMADE LAYOUTS!! Sorry I love PM layouts ♥
I hate affiliates who only want to be affiliates for hits or who never keep in contact. It annoys me alot. Urgh. I have no affiliates at the moment – I wanted to start again. Go me~
I hate over-the-phone scams. I hate those email scams where people try to get your bank details. Urgh.


I couldn’t find a way of commenting on your website so I’m doing it this way. :)

When I was in high school last yeah, we started at 8.50am and finished at 3:10pm; you’re lucky that you get a bit less time. :P

Yeah, it does taste like banana. It’s quite buttery and oily too – very fattening, but delicious. Often they can put walnut or nuts in.

I don’t like those kinds of affiliates either. Some people see affiliates as getting hits, but I believe more and more people are looking to obtain friends through affiliates. Good on you for starting over. :D

Thank you! :)

Awww…You’re back at uni, and that is a RIDICULOUSLY early start to a Tuesday =S. But at least you don’t finish late now ^^. Haha…It sucks finishing late =(

Oh my god. A TWO HOUR BREAK? Like…OUCH…I had those on Fridays last semester, and if I didn’t visit my aunt, I don’t know WHAT I would have done…

At least you saw James =) Hehehe…

Banana bread! I LOVE banana bread. I haven’t had banana bread in ages, but then again, I haven’t had to sit through a 2 hour class for a while either =P

Uh! How very mean of that affiliate *hugs*. Don’t worry! You have other NICER affiliates =)

That cleaning thing sounds like a pain…==…I’d be too lazy to clean. Haha.

Awwww, your Dad gave you his credit card? I deferred all my uni fees to Hecs. Haha, but I can pay for my textbooks myself now =) Hehehe…it’s convenient that they have all these easy payment options now, though =)

Oh my god. What a gay message! It’s so obvious it’s a scan. If something was REALLY wrong with your account, you’re right…the bank would call you personally. *nods*. If it’s your credit card and you’re with Commonwealth Bank, then you might get a call from my Mummy =) Cos that’s what her job is…^^…

Telemarketers are so gay …=(

Look who’s replying to your comment! /eee

It does suck finishing late. :O You finished so late last semester… I was scared. Hahaha.

Well, at least you had something to do. My laptop kept me company in the two hours… and look, now I’m having a two hour break – fun! (Not.) I’m off to work after this. Smelly.

I didn’t get to see James today. He’s at home. What a hoe [garden rake].

Hahah you’ll be back in those classes next week. Enjoy the rest of your break while you have it!

Ooh, I do. I have nicer affiliates. She was pretty close, so I was kind of offended. Well, her loss!

Yeah, I paid the minimum amount though, and then I deferred the rest. :D Which isn’t too bad; you get a discount for being in a CPP anyway.

It was a bit of a worrying message at first, but then I thought about it logically… if Commonwealth had a serious problem with my account, they would get an authorised person to contact me, like your mum. Hahha. :D See, I’m sure your mum knows about these scammy people too. :)

Wow, thats realy scary. I hope no one would ever be stupid enough to call that number back with their bank details. Im glad you didn’t.

Thats good you have better univercity hours then last semester. Im trying to get back to tafe so i can continue my pathology study. Im not looking forward to the long hours tho. I hate school. Im so messy with it. But i realy want to be a doctor but i didnt finish year 12 so i have to step up from small medical studys. 😒

Wow, you used to finish at 7:30pm? That’s really late and if it were me, I’d have trouble keeping concentration.
They actually let you eat in class? I wish I could do that, because on Wednesdays I’ve got learn to surf & we go straight to the bus instead of going to lunch. I tried to eat in English but the teacher told me to put it away. I think I was making a mess with all the crumbs on the desk. :P

Premade themes & WordPress themes would be a good idea & I’m sure your visitors would use them too. :) I usually have a look at really simple WordPress themes so I can learn from them, so maybe you could make WordPress template themes.

I understand your reasons for organising your affiliates. I’ve done the same before and it’s worked out quite well for me as I’ve been able to grow closer to some, while remaining friends with the affiliates who’ve been deleted.

Sometimes I don’t like those voice recognition systems, like Telstra’s. My Mum needed to ask about the internet and it took her 5 mins to finally talk to a person. The person told her if she said “consultant” and the beginning it would take her straight there. That was very annoying.

Yeah, we did something about people scamming others in commerce. Don’t ever give out your details online or via phone if your asked to, unless you actually know the person/company. I enjoy reading your long blogs. It’s interesting.

LOL. I thought it’s still summer there. How many units did you take this semester? Man, I’m fully loaded. I only have 1 hour and 30 minutes break every Tuesday and Thursday and I start at 7: 30 am and end at 4: 30 pm. 😴

Anyway, I didn’t know that scams would actually reach the telephones and such. O_O People are so desperate nowadays. I think if that was urgent and real, the manager himself or someone with privilege would personally contact the member, and would say the member’s name. HAHA. I think it’s cool you can pay over the phone. I don’t think that has been implemented here; we can pay at the banks but I’ve never heard of such thing here.

Btw, what is an affiliate program?

How have you been? I haven’t seen you on the forum lately.

Yay, you’re finally cleaning them out. :) I know how you wanted to, but didn’t want to hurt anyone.

It’s surprising how much can make you full when you don’t realize. When my grade 12 year first started last year, I wouldn’t be able to eat lunch, because I was so used to not eating until a particular time.

And ugh, those messages annoy me. Everyone around here gets like 10000000000 of those. Especially ones that say that the car insurance is expired and that you need to renew it, lol.

Reply to comment on my blog:
I KNOW, thank goodness it wasn’t just me who thinks she seems like a bitch. I talked to M again last night, and he hadn’t talked to her yet. He was kind of afraid. He hates confrontation, but I know he’ll do it eventually, it’ll just take time.

It would be so cool if you started to make layouts even if they were just out of your old layouts because your layouts are so nice and well made!

I hate when people do those scam things. It’s never happened to me but I used to watch this program called, ‘The Real Hustle.’ In it these three people thought up loads of scams and played them out on the public (they didn’t do it properly and they gave their people their money back) They did stuff like get peoples pin number and cheat people on the internet over ebay. Then in one they made this fake cash machine. One of them sat inside it so when people came along she took their card, duplicated it, found out their pin number then pretended the cash piont wasn’t working. It was so funny because so many people went up and used it even when they say it was fake and when they saw the people making it!

The shows just to warn people of the dangers though because like I said they don’t use any of the details.

I can’t view your website so I’m replying to your comment here.

Thank you very much! I am kind of saving myself the work when I “recycle” my old layouts. :)

That sounds like a funny show, sort of education but humourous as well. I think people should be made more aware of these possible scams. I’m sick of commercial television and current affairs programs, but when someone puts humour into something, I accept it. It’s a bit strange, but I guess that’s how I am. :P

I am super glad you realized it was a fraud. Btw, your site is lovely. :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I think I’d be scared going back to do ballet again as well. Plus the people in my grade would be like 7 nowadays, so I’d look an idiot. You’d probably be okay though, ’cause you’ve nearly finished anyway. Good luck if you do!!

I agree, tea is weird without sugar. Sugar makes it taste nice.

Good job your timetable’s changed. 7:30 seems a bit late to come home really. I’d be thinking about how late it was, so I wouldn’t learn anything in the lesson. But I guess that’s how university is. I’ll have to make the most of finishing at 2:40. My school makes the school day shorter every year, but they take it off our lunch break which isn’t good.

I’ve never had banana bread before. It’s a shame it made you feel sick, I don’t like feeling ill in lessons. Pretty cool that you can eat in lessons though. I’m certainly not allowed to.

I always try to make premade layouts, then end up using them for myself. Good luck with yours though, it’ll probably work for you seeing as you’re ‘recycling’ those you’ve already had.

My affiliates need a bit of a clean out, even though I only have a few. Some of them haven’t commented me in a few months though, which is annoying. That’s why I got rid of the application, and I only accept people who comment me already. If not, they just ‘waste’ space on my sidebar.

You can pay for university on the phone?? I really didn’t now that, I thought It’d be a lot more formal. Like you’d go and sit in a room with people wearing suits of something. I’ve no idea why I thought that though.

Automated phone calls are annoying, particularly the ones trying to sell you something. My mum doesn’t answer our phone anymore ’cause she thinks it’ll just be someone selling something.

I like your long blogs Georgina!!

Yeah usually I try not to use the testers, though I’ll draw on my hand with eyeliner lol. I agree, that woman should have shut up a good few minutes before she actually did.

I’d love to see you turn some of your old layouts into premades. I’m sure you would get a lot of people using them.

Ugh I hate those recorded messages. They just waste your time and typically, always seem to come when you’re just about to eat dinner or something. It’s soo annoying.

Anyways, how are you?

Told you I wouldn’t forget to comment when you posted your new blog! See? I rock. xD

Banana bread! I literally just came back from eating a slice of banana bread for breakfast. That is definitely my favorite treat, but I don’t get to have it that often. =/

Oh hey, I recognize that premade philosophy. ;) I also have one more graphic I had forgotten about that’s just sitting in my photobucket and that I think I can make a premade out of. :) I might do that today…

Ugh, wtf? That’s so mean about the affiliate who deleted you and unfollowed you on twitter. She could have at least TOLD you… and a reason probably would have been nice, too.

Wow, thankfully you were smart enough to realize that the recording was a scam. That’s what I love about caller ID; we never answer the phone unless it’s someone we know. The two most common unknown people that we get are “toll-free call” and “Kentucky call”. O.O Before we got our new number we used to get a lot of “unknown name, unknown number” callers too. We didn’t answer the phone for them either. :P

OH that reminds me… there’s this one spam call that comes, and when we don’t answer it and the machine gets it instead, it actually leaves a message, but all the message is is constant beeping for a while. O.O

:O No, this is not a long blog. If you think this is long, you’ve obviously never seen your other blogs (Y)

EWWWWW. Stupid scam calls. I’ve never gotten one, but I’ve gotten too many prank calls to count. And some are really stupid. Of course, I’ve gotten the classic “Is your refrigerator running?” call multiple times…

🤮 Stupid bitch affiliate who deleted you and didn’t tell you. She should have told you. Or at least mention it. And possibly give you a reason? Yes. Possibly.

I WILL THREATEN YOU IF I WANT TO! At least I’m not making claims on your life. But you know I’d never kill you. Then who would I bitch about *COUGHBOY* with?

Yaaaargh. You’re a domain whore :) You’ve got too many. God knows how you keep up with them. But you need to work on Meladori! Haha you could even make site nicknames for it. Mel. Or Dori. Hahahaha.

Um, I still have to catch up on links /um Remind me to do that later.


YAYAYAY. /bounce /bounce Baby ✌️

I signed up for a similar schedule. For Tuesdays & Thursdays I have two classes in the morning, an hour and 40 min break, and then another two classes in the afternoon, although I will be getting out at four which is a lot later than I’m used to getting out. But this is my last semester and If I get accepted to graduate school I think I would have to have late classes.

Also I think if you’re going to have an ‘affiliate’ clean up, you’re going to have to be tough about it. I tried being nice, I asked people who never talk to me if they still want to affiliate and most of the time they say yes and I don’t know what to do with them.

I hope you’re enjoying classes so far! And I don’t trust those automated messages, I always rather talk to a person or go directly to the place.

That’s a long blog? That wasn’t very long. xP

I hate telemarketers and scammers. That’s the nice thing about caller ID, you can just not answer the phone. ^^

MoshiMonsters reminds me of Neopets. They’ve added paid portions to the site, but thankfully it’s mostly the same. I’ve just recently started playing again. /ehe

Ohhhh, I got the e-mail. That is nice. ^^ I thought it would just post on your site, that’s what Ann-Marie has on hers.

I tried the textarea thing in the CSS, and it should now look normal. ^^

Haha, awesome, I wish they would let me eat food in class. xD
Man, I hate those fake-recorded-scam phone calls. D: We get them alot, and it’s super annoying.
And yes, technology is taking over. O.O
And, thank you! :3

WOW a new blog and already 23 comments. How do you get so many? Anyway, yeah I’ve gotten those phone calls as well. But it was for insurance on my car I don’t even own a car, and when I pressed the one button, I got a man on the phone and I asked “What kind of scam are you trying to pull?” and he’s like “Get off the damn phone woman!” I was like “EXCUSE ME?!! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CALLED MY PRIVATE NUMBER!!” This time he said “GET OFF THE F**KING PHONE” I was like “EXCUSE ME?!! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” and he hung up. I hate telemarketers and scammers. I got scammed at the mall last month but thankfully, I got all of my money back.

Hehe; that will feel nice /bounce I like it when my clothes or blankets come out from the dyer machine :D That feels great !!

Ew from the legs xD Well, I guess some people do it and some people don’t.

LOL; I guess baby snow globes are snow globes like you said. Soo I have 3 snow globes ! YAY!

In Year 7 my timetable for Tuesday was double English, Maths, PSHE, double history, and then Games. Not fun. :/

I make banana bread a lot. My mum buys bananas and no one really eats them… it’s the apples we like. ;) So I make bread to use them up.
Have you ever tried chocolate-y baked bananas? They are so good. :D

Oooh, WP themes and stuff! :D I’d like to see what you can do. :)
Seems like your affiliate clean-outs are changing from deleting one to a few. ;)

Stupid, stupid, stupid girl who deleted you. Er… maybe a reason why they deleted you? And stopped following you? It’s all very strange. Probably just for attention, drama, et cetera… gee. Crazy bitch. SERIOUSLY CRAZY BITCH.
WTF is running through her head? Um.

OMG. What is with these automated things nowadays? Like booking cinema tickets here; say you say “Cinema Name, London” it’ll say “Zenama Game, Lanun?”
WTF. It is impossible to book tickets that way.
And prank calls… I was walking down once and Lauren (yeah. Tell me about it) kept on phoning me up, putting on an accent and going, “Pizza parlour round zee corner, zee sexy baby can go dere”.

She forgot she gave me her number ages ago. I didn’t pick up after that.
Or my home has had prank calls. But stupid bank thing. It makes me laugh when it’s so obviously not real.

And nope… that wasn’t a very long blog. ;)

Yeehee. :P

Same. Something small and inconspicious. Not on my face or anywhere… I don’t like tattoos.
Haha you’ll need a white van to kidnap people. ;)

Aww. I get lonely online in the evening, late evening – okay, night. XD Morning, you are online, and Vicky is too often. Midday and afternoon, Americans get on… yanoe?

Hehee, thank you too. ;) Cooler-than-Facebook-website. :D

WHOO. Split tab thing! :D *add ons*

Those kind of scams are horrible. my mom once got a call and the person was saying that we had not paid our bills for our electricity and they were insisting that my mom pay the bill over the phone, my mom knew that she paid the bill and just to make sure said that she would call them back since she dose not like paying bills over the phone. The person was getting nasty and kept on inciting this was the best way, he then hung up and when my mom called the company the operator told her that she has been up to date and that the person who called had probably been trying to scam us. It’s a good thing that you did not give them any information.

Long blogs= long comments.

I bet that layout was good, blue is very in this season so you would be ticking all the trend boxes!

It best had be, we need some sun in England. :’)

I am probably only keeping this font for this layout and then going for a bigger size more like yours in the next one. :)

Well if there’s any new tumblr lingo, let me know. Don’t want to be falling behind!

Ugh, I have never heard of scams like that so thanks for the heads up ;o Good thing you didn’t give them any information.

I need an affiliate clean out soon, I am sure some of them have deleted me and not told me and then cut of contact. I need to make regular checks *nods*

oo You can eat in class? @_@ Lucky you! My sister doesn’t get to control her timetable or eat in class (she’s in university too). Haha yeah I feel sick alot these after eating small meals and then i get a headache :( Grr Scams, my sister dealt with one, she even thought it was real and paid money 😏 Well Atleast she learned her lesson. Yes yes you should blog everyday!

Lmao omg, your story made me laugh so hard. That’s pretty weird, but also really cute HAHA. :)

The bond that you had with your cousin seems innocent and cute though, more than anything else. xD

Gah yeah I remember those annoying pop-up viruses. They were so freeken annoying. Those poor people who didn’t know how to get rid of them. :P

Haha blog ideas are harder than it seems to come up with. Thankfully because of my family’s recent visit, I have a lot to blog about.. for now.

You’re so damn lucky that they allow you to eat in class. :O Glad you felt better after eating. :)

Ooh the premade layouts/ WP themes sounds like a great idea.

I know what you mean about the affiliates. It’s a hard job to do, but it has to be done.

Those automated phone things always piss me off lmao. Usually they make you wait for so long until they actually connect you to a customer service person… and the telemarketing calls are just stupid. I usually just say something abrupt like “Not interested bye.” And hang up. :)

I hate automated phone messages from places that aren’t real, but impersonating your bank? That’s ridiculous! The saddest thing is that people probably fall for those. :(

I felt sick yesterday after eating for some reason, as well as at breakfast this morning. I hate that kind of sick… although I guess I hate feeling sick at all, haha.

Ahh, that sucks. Do you feel better today? :/

Thanks so much for the e-mail!! I replied, of course… which makes this paragraph rather pointless, I suppose. XD

…I wonder why that person deleted you and stopped following you. …Personally, I would really prefer being told that I was being deleted, with a reason, rather than having it just randomly happen. :/

Ohyeah, this was a very long blog :P

Sorry to hear that one of your affies behaves that strange… I dont know whats wrong with that people.
One of my really close friends for more than five years also cancelld my friendship after just a little fight on a german network site like facebook. Its so much more disgusting to see: Oh, she CANCELLED our FRIENDSHIP!!
This is a very good example in what a world we are living in. Everyhing we do in the internet can be — no: WILL be transported in everyday life… I havent seen her since than…

Yeah, I dont think it was really fainting. But almost. It felt really strange and all, but now, everything is ok again.

Kisses Kristin

Oh I hate telemarketers. I can tell when they call because we have caller id so I just pick up the phone and hang up on them :3 LOL. Yes! Make layouts! Yours are so nice! Nooo it’s okay. I love to read your blogs :)

Six years?! Ours is only four. It’s grades 9-12th. I am 8th grade so I am still in Middle school. Blehhh. :X

I always had to bring food to class otherwise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Instead I’d be sitting there thinking about food the whole time lmao.

I wish I could blog everyday haha. I don’t have enough things going on in my life to talk about without totally rambling. I try to blog about random thoughts and whatnot, but that doesn’t always happen. =/

I also had an affiliate delete me who I thought was pretty close without notice. It made me sad too..=(

I’ve never had anything like that call me to try and scam me. Although, I think it’s still technically illegal to telemarket cell phones here and I never answer the house phone. That is crazy. Maybe they figure people wouldn’t expect scam like that over the phone. But I would definitely find it fishy that an automated voice would tell me to call another number and give my bank info. Usually they would have you call a live person who would already have your info on file. But I guess there are stupid people out there who fall for it. LOL.

Which reminds me of a funny story my friend told me. She got an email about winning free tickets to an Oprah show. Ok for one, Oprah tickets are free but you have to reserve them months in advance. So she actually gave out her credit card info to this guy because she thought she won them. 2nd of all, why would you have to give out your credit card info if you won something for free?? Anyways, long story short she lost over a thousand dollars out of her bank account. I think she got it back cuz of insurance but still. Not the brightest apple in the bunch, although I love her to death. @_@

I hate it when I eat too much. =/

I can’t stand automated messages either. But I do disagree with you on the whole over the phone payment automated systems. I actually can’t stand them–I don’t think they’re very user friendly.

We were driving in the car with once–my Mom, Gwen and I–and going to pick up my step brother from the DMV and we were getting directions from AT&T’s automated system.

Machine: When you have heard me clearly, please say ‘next’.

Mom: Next.

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

Mom: Next.

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

Me–joining in with Mom: /Next/.

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

Me, Mom, and Gwen: Next!

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

All of us: NEXT!

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

All of us again: NEXT NEXT NEXT!!!!

Machine: I’m sorry that there seems to be a communication problem. I am directing you to an operator right now.

Us: Finally! We’ll get to talk to a human being!

Machine: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. Can you repeat that?

Oh shaving is okay, but waxing and threading is weird /bash

I know how to do the string thing to thread your eyebrows, but I just do it on my pants and sofa. Its fun 👏

Wow at the age 11?! :O That’s kind of young >.> I need your help! Okay I may get highlights and I have black hair. What color would you suggest for my hair? (: I was thinking of light brown color.

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know why but I must have left out your comment! I re-read comments just now and figured out. Sorry Georgina :(

Deleting affies? I hope I’m not one of them! :O Yeah, I hate those systems too. It’s so insincere to me. Some question/poll things call us, and if they use a real person it’s hard to say “no” (our family does, anyways XD) but if you use one of those systems, you can just go “WTF go away *slams down phone*” so easily that nobody even does it anymore. HK advertisers are so stupid.

Oh I see. Metadata…I’ve heard some people say that homework in University is really easy and *not a lot*, is that true? :O By the sound of the quiz it’s not hard…but I’m sure you learn all sorts of hard stuff there :P

Lol yes, I would be proud of Microsoft if I had invented it :P BAHAHA. Coupon. I guess Bill Gates loves his money! :P

You’re one of the lucky ones :).

I thought about converting them, but I’m not sure. The only real benefit I can see myself getting from that would be the ability to have comments on any page I wanted, but I’m not sure if I even care to have that right now. Maybe I’ll convert them another time when I’m feeling ambitious. :P

That’s good that you floss every night. I hate it because it takes so much time since I have a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth, so I have to use a threader for those. D: I’ll probably start flossing all the time when I’m older.

Ugh, yeah, I would be offended too. Loser.

Oh, you have to pay for caller ID? It just kind of comes with all new phones now here. They all have screens and it just automatically shows up on them, as far as I know.

OKAY so I’m going out of town… I might get to talk to you while on my laptop in the hotel, but if not then talk to you in three days! D: ♥

Haha, did you mean take care in my site because I am still going to be talking to you (: I’ve fixed half the errors and I am going to be doing another theme with fixed errors and stuff :P

The <a> was orginally </a> but I was telling me to close it with /> so I changed it /bounce Hehe (:

Yayy, I now have valid XHTML and CSS! :)

I was just seeing where you linked your valid XHTML to and you have 14 errors, 2 warnings but your css is fine (:

yes, I’m serious. I’m going to try that one day, bring a whole trolley full of food. :D
There are more and more vampire books now, and they probably sound similar to Twilight. Argh, move over vampires. O.O”
I hate recorded messages. I also hate ads. People call you and then ask “Can I speak to Mrs and Mr ____?” and then start talking about their buisness and company. It doesn’t help. My parents usually go “I don’t understand” ==” or I say that they aren’t here and then they hang up.
So annoying. Haha.

Thank you! I think I did pretty well, considering my study habits XD.

Interesting. December is the coldest month for us here in the Philippines. When does the semester start and end there?

Oh, I find it somewhat upsetting when some of my affies don’t read my blog when I do and take the time to comment about it. Talk about not even keeping in touch with you. /poo

You already submitted? I haven’t even seen your submission. I think it’s in the second page. I’ll check it out later. Some members were spamming lately. 😒 Btw, there was a mini-competition at the forum. I think you can still enter. And yeah, I’m also having a difficulty in managing my time between offline and online stuffs. Darn, I wish it’s the end of the semester so I can have lots of time to sleep. /faw

No, they’re probably not very hygienic at all!

Aww, well as long as they look really nice – and I’m sure yours will – then yeah, I’m sure you’ll get lots of people using them.

Omg that really must have been annoying – what a waste of time, especially when you were trying to cook! But of course you never know who it is until you pick up ..grrrr. Lol.

Hehe. I’m just about to go play tennis. Hopefully it won’t rain like it did yesterday.

Hey how are you. I didn’t realise you could pay over the phone i always thought it was though post or in person.
I hate telemarketers they are annoying they always ” thanks for entering this competition you’ve won” I’m like wtf or like what you said about your bank. That’s happened to my family as well and we’re like we don’t even use that bank or they tell us we have won money. There’s like 1 out of 1000’s that are nice and aren’t abusive.

That persons mean for doing that deleting you and blocking you from twitter without reason. Why are people like that

Great blog to read. You’re blogs are never too long. I’ve seen longer.
Anyway take care x

Haha I don’t mind getting my stuff wet, I dry off. And it makes me feel clean, lmfao.
Maybe God is cleansing my soul? ROTFLMFAO.
I want to make that week quick, I don’t think I need to go away. D: And I won’t have the Internet. NO FAIR.

I am going to have to close reviews when I’m away. D:
Rain is a nice change; I do miss the sun though. *glares at sky*
Hehe, they are nice. ;) You should try them. Try Googling a recipe. ^^

Yups, well ‘that style’ is pretty cool, so there. :P
It’s still strange. :/ Ah well, we all have to move on and deal with these kinds of people…

People who hang up as soon as you pick up are just annoying… I mean, come on.
I say it’s impossible. XD
Editing comments is strangely satisfying. :P
Awh, so close and yet so far away. D: That was when my Ma was telling me to get off the box. XD Bah. I seriously do need to get on at New Year or something. Stay up ’til midnight. 9am in Australia though. :X

I’ve got the add-on. Yeeeheeee! :D

Girly!? D: I guess you’re right. See?
I’m planning to make a “humpy pixel” for my current affiliates and make them scroll inside the love heart. And my future affiliates would have to make their own to show that they care, lolz. /hehe
I know you’re going to think I’m a pain in the ass when I say this: can you -help- me code the WP layout? Tiramisyu is gone and I’m an idiot… ish. /um
Only help though, I don’t wanna be a meaaanie. And I thought it’d be great for you to help because you work with kids! Younger ones… you can handle me. :)
Uts! I have to visit Uts, if you see a little girl scratching her head and looking around, it’s me. /oh
What’s a “gloof”? Sounds like a big chomp… like a shark going “GLOOF!!” to a seal! O_O And “ngege” is pronounced “nyeh-nyeh”, right? Like… a type of cutesy sound to calm someone down?
Imagination overload~ 😳
Make a James dictionary! (Y)

Haha. *Gives cookies*

Oh that’s good. Simplicity sometimes is the best for a layout. It matches with everything and it’s really nice. Yah, you’re like advertising your site also in a way, right? :)

Thanks, Drops! Same to you! =D

It is! D: I hope it never happens again now.

ROFLMFAO. Well it IS the country down under LOL. It’s weird though. My friend when he went to Aussie, it was cold here and it was hot there. LOOOL. Prepare to feel the heat, then!!!! x3

Awww. Call James maybe he’ll come right over and give you some hugg. ♥ Aren’t there heaters on? Lmfao.

Lol. Then better start working on those layouts or else no advertising, missy! x3 But that means more comments maybe? Bahaha.

Why would you want it to be sunny when Summer’s coming there soon? i would prefer to be reallllllly cold so then I can really make the most out of Summer and not get bored because of the season LOL.

No I mean in university. Well at least it is big in your house right? I’m sure there are quite a lot at uni. There’s a lot of fans turned on here. Weird huh… fans and heaters. BAH.

Yes, I did use some other pixels because I needed to add some images, some are from Stardrops and some are from Hush Star!
Okay, I’ll just do that until I can figure it out. And humpies are those little air-hump pixels I made that I featured on my blog to show my dad.
Ngege! /hehe Egegn, egg-egg-en. Like ahah instead of haha! /cool <–WTF.
Who was the guy calling you those evil "cute couple" names?
I want to shove a bamboo katana up his hairy ass!!