Conversate To The Sounds

I went to university yesterday for the second day this semester. Tuesdays are a good change from last semester, because I used to have afternoon classes and get home at about 7:30pm. I changed my timetable so that I have classes from 9:00am to 10:00am, a two hour break, then another class from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Before class yesterday, I bought some food to keep me going throughout the two-hour lesson (yes, they don’t really mind if you eat in class). I bought yoghurt and a slice of banana bread.

Honestly, that one slice made me so full. I ate the yoghurt first, and happily munched on some banana bread, only to realise that after I’d eaten half, I was feeling a bit sick.

I felt better eventually. πŸ™‚ And James and I went to get some proper lunch after that.

I might make some premade layouts and WordPress themes out of my layouts when I have the time. I’m usually not bothered to code things for other people, but I think I can use some of my old layouts and shake them up a bit to create some nice (but really quite simple) designs. I had a lot planned for Heartdrops over the break, but as you can see, I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted.

I still have time now, but less. I will have to be a bit more organised. πŸ™‚

Speaking of organisation, I have to clean out my affiliates. This time I am being very strict with them. I noticed that one of my affiliates deleted me. I was offended because I felt close to her, and I don’t see what I did wrong. She even stopped following me on Twitter, and that made me quite upset.

I considered not having an affiliate program at all because a lot of people I affiliate with don’t even keep in touch. Don’t get me wrong; I love to have affiliates but I cannot afford to have so many. I know that I still will keep in contact with some, like my regular visitors, but I apologise – I must delete some.

I will be deleting some people in the next few days. It’s nothing personal, but I would only like to link people that I feel close to and who comment often.

I finished reading one of my readings for university. πŸ˜„ I have others to do but I might do one today, and leave the rest for the weekend. I want to do a piece of university work each day so I don’t feel bad. I didn’t get any homework yesterday but I should read up on the notes.

I paid for university today, over the phone. My dad gave me his credit card to pay. I think it’s really quite interesting how we have these automated services where a voice instructs you of what to press and everything. These sorts of services are quite user-friendly and easy to use.

However, I don’t like how people abuse these kinds of systems. One day during the holidays, my home phone rang, and I picked it up. I said “Hello?” about five times before someone actually replied. I heard static, and then I heard the actual reply.

It was obviously a recorded message. And the person whose voice was being recorded could not speak English very well. It reminded me of the telemarketing calls we receive. I continually said “Hello” after the recording was played, just to make sure it was. I was right.

This was such a scam. The message told me that there was something wrong with my bank account and to call a certain number and give my details. I heard the dial tone again, as if someone had hung up.

I knew it was fake. Our bank doesn’t use automated messages like that to tell us when something is wrong. If it is urgent, a real person would call and talk to the customer. After doing some research on the internet and on news websites, I realised that this sort of thing is common, and is a trick. 😰

Apologies for the long blog. I should blog every day to avoid writing long blogs.

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