If These Walls Could Sing

I went back to university today for second semester. So finally, I am busy again. It’s not a terribly good thing, but it means I will have a few more interesting things to blog about.

Today I had classes for the subject Information Discovery and Analysis. It’s all about using search engines and finding information from sources other than – you guessed it – Google. Or WikiPedia.

It’s not a bad subject, but naturally I found it hard to pay attention. I was on Twitter and MSN Messenger throughout my lecture. It was all old stuff to me – I have heard of other search engines… It was a lot of general knowledge.

I started a review after I finished class. It was a silly idea, because an hour wasn’t enough to do the review, and I had only an hour. I had to leave university to catch a train to work at 2:00pm.

As I was typing, a girl next to me asked if I had a pen. I chuckled and apologised. I don’t carry a pen around anymore because I have my laptop. Well, I carry a pen around if I want to write poetry, but I was in a rush this morning so I didn’t pack one.

My train was at 2:13pm. I decided I would catch the next train instead.

I was talking to James and Rachel at the time, and rushing to finish the review. I figured I still wasn’t going to get it done.

And alas, I didn’t get the review done. It was a quarter past two, and I knew I would miss the next train if I didn’t run. So I ran. I was busting to go to the bathroom but I figured I should just wait until I got to work.

I even considered not getting my newspaper, and just forgetting it for today. But then I thought about the Sudoku and the other puzzles in the newspaper, and ran to the shop to get it anyway.

I then ran for the train. I started to get so tired as I was running through the subway. I started to feel really warm and wanted to take off my coat. I made it though; I got to the platform in time. 🙂

I sat down on the train and read the front of the newspaper, and when I turned to the puzzles… I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have a pen. 😞

But intelligently, I had put my laptop on standby, and left my WordPress admin panel on the screen. So I opened up a text document and proceeded to write replies to the comments I had on the screen. I also finished the review I was writing, so my train ride wasn’t too bad.

I had to do a Facebook quiz for homework. I didn’t like the idea, considering I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want to get a Facebook account.

I approached my tutor and she gave me the idea of borrowing a friend’s account. 😄 I borrowed Lilian’s. ♥️ And personally, I found the alerts a bit shocking. Facebook kept asking me to publish my results, to invite friends to do the quiz and to tell my friends (well, Lilian’s friends on Facebook) about the quiz. Hahaha.

My tutor said, “I’m sorry! I thought everyone had a Facebook nowadays”.

As I thanked my tutor and exited the room, my friend walked past me and said “Oh, how wrong they were…”

new haircut
new haircut

I am getting back to the site tonight, catching up on comments and possibly doing another review. As you may have noticed, you can now reply to other people’s comments. This is useful for me as well because I might not have access to your website but I can still reply to your comment here.

Comment pagination is turned off. It clashed with the thread comment (the reply function I just mentioned), and I didn’t really like it. I’ll probably be blogging more often (daily perhaps) so that when you comment you won’t have to wait a while for the page to load because of so many comments. I also need to add a tutorial on comment pagination with WordPress.

I got a haircut yesterday. You can see a picture in this post.

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