If These Walls Could Sing

I went back to university today for second semester. So finally, I am busy again. It’s not a terribly good thing, but it means I will have a few more interesting things to blog about.

Today I had classes for the subject Information Discovery and Analysis. It’s all about using search engines and finding information from sources other than – you guessed it – Google. Or WikiPedia.

It’s not a bad subject, but naturally I found it hard to pay attention. I was on Twitter and MSN Messenger throughout my lecture. It was all old stuff to me – I have heard of other search engines… It was a lot of general knowledge.

I started a review after I finished class. It was a silly idea, because an hour wasn’t enough to do the review, and I had only an hour. I had to leave university to catch a train to work at 2:00pm.

As I was typing, a girl next to me asked if I had a pen. I chuckled and apologised. I don’t carry a pen around anymore because I have my laptop. Well, I carry a pen around if I want to write poetry, but I was in a rush this morning so I didn’t pack one.

My train was at 2:13pm. I decided I would catch the next train instead.

I was talking to James and Rachel at the time, and rushing to finish the review. I figured I still wasn’t going to get it done.

And alas, I didn’t get the review done. It was a quarter past two, and I knew I would miss the next train if I didn’t run. So I ran. I was busting to go to the bathroom but I figured I should just wait until I got to work.

I even considered not getting my newspaper, and just forgetting it for today. But then I thought about the Sudoku and the other puzzles in the newspaper, and ran to the shop to get it anyway.

I then ran for the train. I started to get so tired as I was running through the subway. I started to feel really warm and wanted to take off my coat. I made it though; I got to the platform in time. :)

I sat down on the train and read the front of the newspaper, and when I turned to the puzzles… I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have a pen. :(

But intelligently, I had put my laptop on standby, and left my WordPress admin panel on the screen. So I opened up a text document and proceeded to write replies to the comments I had on the screen. I also finished the review I was writing, so my train ride wasn’t too bad.

I had to do a Facebook quiz for homework. I didn’t like the idea, considering I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want to get a Facebook account.

I approached my tutor and she gave me the idea of borrowing a friend’s account. :D I borrowed Lilian’s. ♥️ And personally, I found the alerts a bit shocking. Facebook kept asking me to publish my results, to invite friends to do the quiz and to tell my friends (well, Lilian’s friends on Facebook) about the quiz. Hahaha.

My tutor said, “I’m sorry! I thought everyone had a Facebook nowadays”.

As I thanked my tutor and exited the room, my friend walked past me and said “Oh, how wrong they were…”

new haircut
new haircut

I am getting back to the site tonight, catching up on comments and possibly doing another review. As you may have noticed, you can now reply to other people’s comments. This is useful for me as well because I might not have access to your website but I can still reply to your comment here.

Comment pagination is turned off. It clashed with the thread comment (the reply function I just mentioned), and I didn’t really like it. I’ll probably be blogging more often (daily perhaps) so that when you comment you won’t have to wait a while for the page to load because of so many comments. I also need to add a tutorial on comment pagination with WordPress.

I got a haircut yesterday. You can see a picture in this post.

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Is that some

WUGGS? /bounce

Hohoho, carry a pen in your bag /um It comes in handies /sweat

How lame. A Facebook quiz for homework, lol. It’s like…middle-high school homework /eee

Information Discovery sounds pretty /bash :) At least it’s pretty easy /bounce /bounce


I carried a pen today. This better be handy. /hehe

Too bad. I had to do the quiz. Sounds a bit childish but there’s e-readings to go along with that. :O

I had… Ideas in History today. I actually have to go to more than one museum, by the way. Then I have to pick one. I am going to hate this subject. It’s one of the cores, so of course I’ll hate it. /hmph

You’re in your lecture. You suck. I have to go to my tutorial in half an hour, and I’m hungry. I’ll see you at 2:00pm then. ♥

Yay for starting uni again! I know you were getting bored of not doing anything :P

We’ve analyzed that topic too, at my old school, we weren’t even allowed to use Google -.-

Lol, I don’t carry around a pen or a laptop, I’m always asking people if I can borrow their pen. Sometimes I end up going into the bank and using on of their pens….epic fail.

Woot! You got onto the platform in time :D I can’t believe you managed to get a newspaper and then run to the platform, that’s fantastic!

I’ve never heard of doing a Facebook quiz for homework, what was the topic?

Your haircut is so pretty! I need mine cut, its ridiculous, but your’s looks great!

Hehee, title’s from ‘Audrey, Start The Revolution’. Pretty cool song, hehee. ^^

MSN and Twitter are always there for you, right? :) Haha.
Awww, it’s a shame about your pen! Well, not having one, I mean. At least you got the train and finished that review though. :D
Last time Jared and I got a train we did the puzzles in the newspaper and buggered up the crossword. Then he got bored and started drawing on all the pictures, adding beards and piercings. XD But that’s Jared for you.

Eeew, Facebook. Bahaha, at least Lilian had one. ^^

Your hair’s nice. I hate mine. D:
And wahey, smexy tags there. ;)

Awwwww, you’re back at uni =( *pout*

LOL! Someone’s used to using a laptop non-stop already xD Hahaha…I’m the opposite, I NEVER bring my laptop to uni unless I can’t help it…It’s too heavy! [read: I’m too weak to carry around my 12 inch laptop. Fail].

But then again, even if I did carry it around, I wouldn’t be able to use it to take notes in all my lectures, because of all the weird symbols and equations in my mathematically-based subjects. Statistics = URGH. Hopefully I have more theory-orientated subjects this semester, but I wouldn’t count on it xD

I might regret saying that xD. HAHAHAHAHA…

Haha…I am SO not looking forward to going back to uni and having to run for the bus…==…I am SO unfit.


Hehehehe, you had to borrow my Facebook account xD LOL, that was funny. Imagine having to do a Facebook quiz for homework xD That’s kind of funny =P

I am jealous of your haircut! It doesn’t look terrible like mine! Haha

Oh, thank you Georgina! /eee Well, it’s just so annoying when you lose marks on silly mistakes. /wah

Oh yes, we all have “silly billy” fights, don’t we ? It’s just a part of life, right ? There isn’t a day when me and my bro don’t fight. LOL.

Oh, that’s some nice suggestions! :) Thanks for the link, I think it’ll come in handy! :D

I know how it feels, when you want to rush something to get it done. At least, you got the review done! :)

Eee, Facebook, I don’t have an account on it too. /ehe
Your haircut is pretty! Wish I had mine like that too!

See ya, Georgina!

He, thank you so much for your comment :P

Wow, it seems you are very busy. But, in my opinion its better to be busy than to be bored. But too much is never a good thing…

Somebody told you that you have bad grammar?? How comes?? i mean, thats stupid!

Oh, and with The catcher in the rye. You will have to help my next March when I have my exams.. I totally didnt understand it :P

Here in germany we have something similar to facebook. Its called SchuelerVZ and everybody has it – except me :P All of my friends complain all the time but I wont get it. :)

Kisses Kristin

Haha, yes pens do come in handy (:
You could of just searched a suduko game on the inernet though :) hehe

Lovee your haircut :P Very nice.
BTW, I am having to type in your emotions because it doesn’t work when I click on them :S

Yeah, the fun I had working on them pages, haa. I did five mini blends and three banners which isn’t bad for just one hour.

And man, if I were you i wouldn’t know how to reply to all your comments! Atleast there isn’t many on this one, yet :D

I want to go to university! It sounds so fun, going on a train. I haven’t been on one for a long time! I have to walk up a fxcking steep hill, then another one, then downhill where I always trip over, then two more steep hills. Just to go to school. FUCK!! 🤬
I suck at Sudoku. I really suck. I love crosswords and find-a-words, LOVE! ♥
I bring pens. Lots of pens. Because I have a retarded pencil case. With 12 zippers. UNI PLZ. D: I still have 7 years to go, FUCK!!
I hate being a little “kiddo”, as they call me. They treat the ‘tards like Zeus. ZEUS!! D: I’m like a… a… lonely hobo! WAH!! /wah
I’m a drama queen. I mean, drama hobo! WAH!!
Oh. I’ve been bitching throughout half of this comment. /um
OMG FACEBOOK. That shouldn’t be part of your… homework. It’s for the 1337 people, what’s the quiz about?
Your tutor hosted a test on it? :)
Nice hair cut, I always laugh at James’s comment. /hehe “IS THAT SOME… CUTE… WUGGS? *bounce*” xD xD xD

I love your haircut!

I have a few friends who don’t use Facebook for various reasons. It’s pretty silly to assume that everyone has one.

That was so clever of you to leave your laptop on with the comments page open! I would never have thought of that! I would have just sulked that I couldn’t do my sudoku puzzles.

Wow, you’ve had a busy day. I don’t have facebook either. I’m like the youngest in my class so I couldn’t be bothered to get then tell everyone and add people ect. Also I’m just not that interested. Oh and by the way I haven’t finished secondary school. I have just broken up for the holiday. I’ve been at secondary school for two years so far.

Yeh that girl on thee ski trip was soo annoying. She lost her hairbrush and then started using mine without asking me. I took all my stuff out of the bathroom then so she wouldn’t start using my toothbrush or something. She lost like loads of other stuff aswell. We kept telling her to clear up all her crap but she just left it there and then went to bed early and told us off if we spoke to loud. Yeh, so we just threw gummy sweets at her for revenge. hahaha!!! That was funny!

oh and I love your haircut, it’s really nice!

LMAO. The one time you need a pen, tut. :P Haha, woah that sounds like a very rushed day :X Lmao, I don’t understand facebook, it confuses me. Everything is very unorganized or something. :|

Haha, dont worry I will have lots of comments now
Hrmm, the emotions aren’t working still

I wonder why they aren’t normal :S
Yeah, they’re pretty good especially the banners :P

Thats a pain not having internet on the train :P
But I suppose mine would get stolen as i’m so clumsy.

I still use pencil in class :P unless a teacher specifically states that all written work must be in pen, I don’t use it. I’d prefer to be able to go back and erase any errors XD of course, we have to use pen at work, but I don’t mind, they keep pens there handy for us. Most of the time, at least. >.<

I think it's a little rude of your teacher assuming that everyone has a Facebook, or a MySpace. Not everyone does. Royce doesn't have a MySpace or a Facebook; his brother and sister both think it's really uncool and unhip of him to go without at least one of the two, but he just doesn't see the point of them.

I, on the other hand, spend massive amounts of my online time on my Facebook XD I love playing Mafia Wars! I don't go on MySpace much anymore, though, it's not as clean-looking as Facebook.

I forgot to mention my own new haircut in my latest blog. And other stuff about Royce. I guess I could just edit it in, but nah. I can post a new blog soon :P

(And once again, I don't like my new haircut! x_x)

WHAT THE EFF! My comment didn’t go through! And I don’t remember what I typed; it was so long and it was good AND it pertained to your entry! Waaaaaah! :(

Forgive me this one short, awful comment, Georgina :(

i have to remember to always carry a pen with me, it might be handy at times! /eee

i love that picture of you, although i couldn’t tell the difference between that picture and the picture of you on the header.. you still look smashingly good! ✌️

The haircut is nice =) it suits you. It seems like you had a busy day. I’m heading of to university in about three weeks, English xD. The best part about that course is that we get a field-trip to England for two whole weeks =D.

I know how you feel when yo say you feel proud about using your own photos. I feel the same way. =)

Ooo! University sounds fun :) I hate my stupid school. They made up this new book bag rule where you like can’t bring book bags. I think that’s stupid, but that’s me. Good thing you caught the train! That haircut is pretty! :D It’s layered, right? Well it’s very nice.

Yeah that’s why we don’t have it! :) Oh well sounds fun haha.

Haha, I never carry pens either. ;P

Facebook quiz for homework? Wow…that’s different! haha. I don’t have facebook either.

Cute haircut! I like it. ;D

Sounds like you had a busy day! I love your hair, it’s amazing. Is that straightened, or is it naturally like that?

And yeah, your emoticons are probably more active than most affiliates. Mine are pretty good though! <3

Yeah exchange students are always adorable. :D

I definitely will blog about it when I go to Austria. :) Hopefully it’s not some disastrous blog about how I insulted some German person and then choked on a “shiztnel” .. (I think that’s a popular food there.. and I have no idea how to spell it. :D)

That course that you’re taking sounds quite interesting, but as you said, it could be pretty boring if they’re lecturing about things that you already know.

Aweh that’s too bad that you couldn’t finish the review. :( At least you put great effort into trying to finish it haha.
My mom’s like obsessed with the crosswords and shit in those newspapers. She would’ve done the same thing as you. xD

LOL yeah I never do facebook quizzes because the requests and alerts and all the jazz really get on my nerves. It takes forever to get to the actual quiz. But I must say, that’s pretty hilarious that you had that for HOMEWORK. You’re so lucky, I wish my homework was as easy as that. xD

I noticed the thread comments, and yeah it makes me mad how it clashes with the paginated comments because I need both. xD But I think I need to paged comments more because for some weird reason on my site, when comments get to about 80 it starts cutting off the freakin’ comment section at the bottom of the page.

Your haircut looks great! :) I’ve been meaning to get one as well, I think I’m going to cut it real short. :O

Better to be busy though right? So are you enjoying being back at university with the facebook homework etc? You make a stand against facebook! I think everyone has it these days so it’s good to be different~

Yeah, well I didn’t know what was going to happen at that point but was on the phone to my friend and she went “Oh, it’s you!!!” I hope things work out too *fingers crossed!*

Yeah, I think my auntie would have got an even bigger laugh at the shock of me realising my phone was in my pocket!

I think stamp collecting should be the new in thing. :)

I’m glad you were able to make the train. ^^ Too bad you didn’t have a pen to do the puzzles in the newspaper.

I have a facebook but I don’t really like it because of all the alerts. I just ignore everything except the comments and friend request. Hahaahhaa.

I thought that reply function comes with WordPress… I don’t really like that function though, I like returning comments to their sites. ^^

Hahaha, I like that quote, the quote I said is supposed to show circular logic… we were learning things like oxymorons and stuff. ^^

First of all: You’re hair cut is gorgeous! It looks so fresh and lovely, and I know I’ve said this before, but your skin is glowing! 🙄

Whoa. Your race to the train sounds like something out of a movie!!! I’m sorry about your lack of a pen, but at least now you’ll maybe be more prepared in the future! :P

You had salmonella poisoning, too?! How comforting! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who’s encountered it. It definitely sucks. But luckily we live in a time with medication to fight that stuff.

I’m not in a bad mood! /eee Perhaps you didn’t catch my sarcasm in my post? While I’m saddened by the lack of chocolate in my life, I realize it’s not the end of the world. There are far worse things!

Oh wow its Winter there? I don’t think I will wake up for school early when summer ends. I sleep way to late. -sigh- I hope I’ll make it !

Yeah I just heard of eyebrow threading. It look painful >.< Some people say waxing is better, but other people say threading is better. I don't want to do it. Yucky !

I have a snow globe from Baltimore from a gift shop. It has some kind of city in it :|

Your hair looks lovely in the picture and I see you have your trusty laptop with you. haha Its a good job you had it on the train otherwise you would have been bored. xD

I’m the opposite of you when it comes to pens, I find that I carry too many with me and people always ask to lend pens off me. Its annoying when people don’t return them!


Ahh, I could never wait until the last minute to catch a train like it sounds like you did. I like to be everywhere early because I freak out and panic if I’m late. :/

I have all that stuff in the header.php, too, but I’m wondering if I should have different keywords for each page and such. Do you think that would be useful…? o_O

I wouldn’t want to be deleted without knowing. Honestly, I’d rather know. I explained to all of them how I like my friends and I to talk frequently, and I’m hoping they noticed that they hadn’t talked to me at all for at least like a month. Or more. Bleh.

I’ve seen Yugioh on TV, but only like once. I used to watch Pokemon on the TV too, until something happened to Misty (she’s completely disappeared off the show). There’s like a million Pokemon now, as oppose to the 151 there were back when I played. I can’t believe it’s still around.

I think Antiques Roadshow is British, I remember seeing it once or twice. There’s a few other shows like that too, but I think they’re a little bit more interesting than Antiques Roadshow. Just a little though, how interesting can a doll valueing show be?? Lol.

Your class sounds a bit easy. I mean, search engines?? Doesn’t everyone know how to use them?? I remember having to do screenshots of me using a search engine to prove I could do it for coursework.

As if you get to do Facebook quizzes for homework. What does that teach you?? I’d be okay, ’cause I do them occasionally anyway. And the alerts don’t scare me, haha.

I miss buses a lot, ’cause I usually get to the bus stop when the bus has just been. At least you found something to do on the train. Lucky you had your laptop. Bring a pen next time.

In reply to your Twitter update earlier, I’d still like to be affiliates if that’s okay. Tell me if it is.

Lol, maybe I should just use it for a site spotlight? Anyway, I have to use it! So cute, just love them… little air-hump guy… thingies! :)
What should I do to fix the error? I done what it said in the tutorial. D:
And I saw your direct message, this one’s really funny (to me.): http://i31.tinypic.com/fcu0jd.jpg

The picture is a little dark on my screen so I can’t make out your haircut too much! But is that a mini laptop I see behind you? That’s pretty cool!

I can’t wait to go back to school. I’m surprised you had to do a ‘Facebook Quiz’ though. Facebook isn’t all that great, and you are right, a lot of it’s features are annoying. (I also love sudoku!) Also that’s a great idea to add a reply to comments! And I saw someone mentioned “Antiques Road Show” above, Dewey and I love watching that show.

I’m starting to ramble now! :X

I didn’t really enjoy doing my ‘fashion’ blog, I would think it boring to read and the pictures to be more interesting. I actually hate clothes shopping as well, I don’t understand how some girls can be in the same store for hours. I do enjoy some girly things as well, so I don’t know, I’ll think of something. I’m rambling again! Hope you have a good week back at school :)

I like the haircut. Very cute. :]
Yay for second semester? I hope it gets more interesting for you once it starts moving along.

I’m sure you’re all better now that you’re at university? /eee We can have more fuack! /bounce Bad, bad girl! Spending time on twitter and MSN? 🤤 Wish that’ll happen to me sometime at school except during IT lessons. 🤬

Lol. A computer really does have it’s uses when a person asks for something; cuz it’s like then you realise what you have in your hands. Lol. You actually turn it on the train? Do you have a long way to work/home from university?

Gah. Facebook. I did create an account but I haven’t logged in to it and I found it a bit random and boring so I deleted it. It seriously has nothing special; I surprisingly prefer twitter so much more. (H)

I know I already told you, but your haircut’s pretty! ^_^ Though it’s cold to cut it off! I prefer to keep it when it’s cold. I have something to get warmed up with when I’m out of clothes lol. Not that I will be. :D Those long-sleeved clothes on you and stuff makes me feel that I should commit suicide. It’s so hot here and I’m like half-naked (shorts and a small t-shirt) due to the weather. It’s really sticky and all. I took a shower earlier. I’m feeling better now.

Glow in the dark tights? Haha, that’s so cool! I have a glow in the dark bracelet, it gets me in trouble during hide and seek in the dark 😒

Oh I wish I was allowed to have clutter! My mum freaks out when I have one thing out of place.. our house looks like nobody lives in it /hmph

Aw, that stinks about the pen! I wish I had a laptop, they are so handy :)

At least you have someone who will let you borrow their facebook! I always think that everyone has facebook, and quite a few people don’t 🙄

Nice haircut!


Wow, you had a Facebook quiz for homework? xD
I think that’s pretty cool, lolz! ^^
By the way, I like your haircut! :D

Boo on your tutor for making a Facebook quiz, lol. Whenever I had to do quizzes online, we just did them through the school’s server – from what I could tell they seemed fairly easy to do.

What kind of laptop do you have there?

No problem! xD
O: Why do you hate Facebook?
And yup, Code Geass is awesome. xD
Thanks by the way~! ^^

Wow I did the same thing except I missed my bus. I went to see orphan with a friend of mine and as it ended we went and had china buffet so I get to the bus stop in time, and thought okay it’s gonna be late, so I turn to face starbucks even get on the grass, and come back out and see the bus and I was like w-wait! lol I missed my f-ing bus. So I know what it’s like to miss a bus. Btw, I like the new hair do.

Ohhh, I see, haha! xD
And that’s true, you really don’t need Facebook and Myspace and all that to keep in touch with your friends, when you already have email. x]
One of your friends sent out party invitations through FACEBOOK? O.O
Dang, Facebook is taking over our lives! xD

I ♥ BEP, but I couldn’t stand that song at first too, but then we learned this unbelievable in dance to that song and I just kept listening to it :P

Oh gosh, I think when I come into the bank they know to hide their pens because I most likely accidentally take them, and I have no clue that I still have it in my hand until I’m on the bus or something D:

Lol, what was your result?

Yay, you caught the train :) Unlucky that you didn’t have a pen though :(

Hmm? A FACEBOOK quiz for HOMEWORK? You’re very lucky. We get tones of hwk, haha. 😰 What kind of quiz was it?

Good luck to her, then :P

Hahahaha. And I also heard that Bill Gates admits that Microsoft sucks – he uses a Mac. Bahaha. /type

Twitter & MSN. Very hard to concentrate when you have those turn on, haha. :)

Pens do come in handy sometimes. Soduku puzzles? Ugh, I get so annoyed with them. Every time I start one, I can’t seem to finish it! It’s like I finish the first box, go on to the other box bellow the first box… complete it, go to the third box complete it, and then the forth box… then BAM. PROBLEM! xD
Then I get so frustrated with it, lol.

Wow, FACEBOOK quiz? Like, what kind of Facebook quiz?

you’re not the only one who doesn’t have facebook! No worries.
do you hae to take the train every day? Is it exciting?
Also, your new haircut looks great! :)

Awww!!! Thanks so much! But when it comes to things like your website, you’re extremeley talented Georgie! :) *hugs*

Haha! Does your brother still like the cards now?

A facebook quiz for homework sounds cool :D
Maybe next time, download some sudoku puzzles from the internet and you can do them on your laptop :D
Argh, all the good sites are blocked at school. At least they recently unblocked youtube :D
Wikipedia is our friend and teachers’ enemy. Haha, its always the one with all the useful info and who cares if its not accurate. Better than nothing!

Yeah, I mean last night I was coding a new layout and when I validated it, apparently I had ended a div four times where I was so tired I kept repeating myself |: Fail.

Yeah, I think I’m going to install that WP-spamfree actually, is it easy to set up? You were all looking for the crazybones? Woah, they must have been pretty rare then? That boy is such an arsehole /bash

Ah yeah, it was/is.. is it still there? &yeah, I remmeber it being tweeted :D Yeah, I was talking to Lucy and Megan (two of my friends who both knew Susanna really well) and they haven’t spoken to her in ages either |:

oh, so school has started again. :) But that’s kinda interesting huh, I mean for those who doesn’t know how to use Google and other search engine. Believe me or not, most of my students doesn’t know how to create their own email address. Shocking right? And the fact that they enroll in a computer study school?!
So whenever I handle an internet topic subject, I always share to them the most basic thing in online world.

Where do you work? I envy those people who works and study at the same time. So hardworking. Although I always bring my laptop wherever I am, I still have a pen for my organizer/diary which I always use.

omg, you don’t have a facebook? so you haven’t jump on the bandwagon yet, lol. I have one and I only use it to communicate with my old friends.

Lmao, it takes a while to load also, even though I’ve got very fast internet connection /pow I’ve got like 15 notifications, ugh. :P

Sorry that your lecture was boring. :( Maybe it’ll get a bit more exciting after it gets through all the ‘newbie’ stuff? XD

Aww sorry that you didn’t have a fun to do sudoku! It would of irritated me so bad! haha!

Facebook is ridiculous! I Only go on it like once a fortnight because my email is flooded with ”….commented on a photo of you” or ”….has poked you’ or something ridiculous.

Nice hair cut by the way. ;)

Okay, now a Facebook quiz for homework. Really weird. You should have done this to the teacher: /bash . Hahah, at least she understood your situation! Funny pen situation as well…. hahaha, chuckling didn’t pay off! This was basically you: (H)

Yay! I answered your comment before you posted it! I HAVE TRAVELED THROUGH TIME! :O
Hehe, I was browsing through Twitter and I came across your conversation with James about a “Time Cube”, I’ve read that before… ugh WTF. Holocaust by a school. :P
“Americans are dumb, educated ONE
stupid and they worship ONEism Evil.
It is not immoral to kill believers, for the stupid bastards EVOLVE from son
or daughter who precedes them. NOT one damn human adult has ever been
created – for ONLY babies are CREATED – and every adult has within them the LIFE given by children who DIE to give-up their lives to their parent image – so their mom or Dad can live.”
ONEism! /hehe I’m religious, I believe that Adam and Eve were created as adults… but I can never be sure, as my parents say; I have no proof. :)
Anytime I visit that, my whole family laughs until we need to queue up just to go to the toilet.
I’ve switched places with him.
He’s a drama hobo, I’m just a queen. :P

It is very rude of them. *nods*

WTF is with that guy, if you moved your bags and all?
I don’t like boots either. XD
My dad tells me that if I get a tattoo he will personally disown me. Since when did I want one? Like that stupid girl who got 50-ish stars tattooed on her face. Eeew.

I seriously do need to go over there… and take Vicky too, she could do with it. :P We both really want to go to Australia… bah.

Anonymous comment next. ^^
Whee, lyrics are just cool. I’m listening to Rise Against… they have pretty cool lyrics. ^^
I should sign into MSN more, I just… don’t. XD My bad.
As a general rule I always have a pen on me, I love to draw on my hand. And it just comes “in handies”, to quote James. ;)

Jared can draw well; he likes to draw pouncing animals ad stuff. If only he stopped wasting it on the newspaper, his drawing skill would be pretty cool. I think he should do Art GCSE.
Facebook is just a copy of MySpace, pretty much. Pfft. Both suck. Everyone in my class has one, and why? HUH?
Besides, your website is cooler than Facebook. ;)

I need a haircut, lmfao. I haven’t had my hair straight in ages. :/ My layers are a mess… XD
Split tab thing? Sounds pretty cool. ^^ :D I love Firefox. All the cool plugins! ♥

Ah, I see =) Well, I’ve would never gotten mine if it weren’t for my friend who gave it to me….

Hey, if button smashing gets the job done, that’s all there is to it, right? I was kicking butt. =P

I got kind of enough sleep! Wish I would have gotten more, but meeh. :)

Information Discovery and Analysis… sounds quite boring to me, honestly, lol. I hope the entire course doesn’t turn out to be stuff you already know. Gosh, I feel like I’ve been lectured on how to do research and find information every year of high school and each semester of college so far. It gets old… after one time, when you already know everything they’re going to say to you.

I remember you mentioned that Facebook quiz on Twitter. That’s so peculiar that they would have you do that. Usually any online coursework – at least at my school – is on some academic website, not a popular social networking site! At least your tutor had an idea for you that didn’t involve you signing up for Facebook when you didn’t want to.

Haha, yeah, sometimes I think I should get facebook but never do. xD

Oh, and I just wanted to let you know though that I’m going to be on hiatus…

Haha, I know. I was up really late at night, I think that’s why I thought it was that funny. It still made me laugh a little this morning though :P

Oh that’s so cool! My mum would die if we couldn’t put food in our pantry -.- She acts like neatness is life or death.

Aw,that stinks! I think i’ll have a hard time getting used to taking my laptop out of my house :O


Yeah, that’s what I get for letting my mum fix my fringe. I really should have revisited the hairdressers, or at least a different one. Haha.

I was only in Grade 4 ballet, and everyone my age was in a higher grade. I was 2 years older than most people in my dance classes, ’cause I quit then restarted. Except gymnastics, people were actually older than me in that class. You should have continued doing it, then got your teacher’s certificate. It could come in handy some day.

I don’t like coffee, so I don’t need to put sugar in it anyway. I do with tea though, it tastes strange without it. Buns taste really strange without it.

They should just let you skip ahead a year in uni, seeing as you know most of the stuff.

Yay, Georgina remembered her pen!

I know how you feel. People ask me “do you have a piece of paper?” and I say, “No, that’s what my laptop is for, sorry.”

My Mom is an English Teacher at a nearby college and whenever she tells her students to do research, she always tells them to do ONLINE research–WikiPedia in general, as it as some decent sources….it isn’t new stuff but many people still want to go to the library and dig up the books for “research”. 💀

OhmyGOD. I love the hair cut! Very nice. (Y)

Yeah, I suppose it hasn’t been turned on this laptop yet XD

I am having troubles with making my brand new wordpress theme from scratch, any tips, ideas?

Aw thanks. :)

LOL boring HTML eh? Doesn’t sound too exciting, but that’s great that it gets more interesting later on.

Oh so you have other homework as well. That sounds a bit more realistic, cause I was getting really jealous here, thinking that all you have to do for homework in University is a facebook quiz. xD Geez, I would pass with flying colors lmao.

HAHA I feel so bad for the people who don’t know how to remove those alert things. Oh, the poor souls.

Yeah about the whole blog thing. I try SO HARD to blog before 80 comments, but sometimes comments pile up so friggin rapidly, and I don’t even have blog ideas, which leaves me kind of screwed. :)

Haha yeah I’ll probably post a picture in my blog if I get a new haircut. :) Surprisingly, my hair grows back pretty quickly, so I can take the risk of going pretty short. :P

Haha. We don’t do much in IT though. Our teacher’s really funny and all so we mess around with him (Scottish guy) and he doesn’t mind though at the end he really gets pissed off and we still make fun of him lol.

Haha. One hour? Hmm. You might as well turn it on then. But reading a book would be really good, that’s a good second way for me too to pass the time. 👏

Haha. Yeah. Something in common? ♥ ;)

Haha. I saw. Cuz it wasn’t much of a difference that I saw? Warming soon? You serious? Lol. Well you have a bit of a chance left. Until Winter starts. Haha. August is another month for Summery heat. :P

I do hate it too! UGHH! Lol. I am not shocked, just very sad. I want some of that! /angry I wonder why it’s so hot here… The world. Bah.

Yeah I agree with you if they have crappy service their food usually sucks too. You had to take the bus to highschool? I walked. I was only like two blocks away from the highschool since I live near the highschool anyway. lol.

I think you’re the first Catholic I’ve met through the site.. The other Filipinos may be.. most likely but non that I’ve heard of. xP I don’t pray that those people that I feel I can’t accept will change. Instead, I pray that they will somehow be brought closer to God. My dad use to tell me to do that, and I’ve started to. Because like you said or implied.. we can’t change people. But we can pray that they will learn, that something will happen to them that will bring them closer to God. [I got philisophical for a second. Sorry, moving on…]

I know! When Facebook changed it’s layout, I said… you know, I quit. I don’t like you. Hahahaha, I hardly go on. xP My classmates are Facebook Freaks though.

Uhm, no! Don’t reply to my comments through that function. xP Ann-Marie’s site has the same thing I believe, and I never know when the comment is returned. =/ It gets annoying to check to see if my comment has been returned through your site versus checking my wordpress. But I understand what you mean about visitors who don’t have working sites. I usually just send them an e-mail. Hahahaha. My philosophy is… if you don’t have a working site, then no need for me to give you a hit by visiiting it. Instead, I’ll send you a nice e-mail. Who doesn’t like e-mail? [rhetoric.. I know, some people don’t like e-mail] haha.

About the comments thing, I’ve done that. Maybe you looked at my coding… I’m not sure if you did but for some reason, the browsers are interpretting my coding so that the number of col’s is 100% when I specifically made it 20 or something. And I don’t know why it continues to do that. Very aggravating. /ehh

I returned this comment on your website, but you also get an email when I reply to your comment here. Do you see what I meant in that comment? There’s no need to keep checking back. :)

I wanted to ask you, what’s your major is college or university?
i always have a pen with me, just in case i need something. sometimes its in my back pocket because I’m not too found of purses lol. i carry it sometimes but not always. i always need some where to put my stuff, when school starts, I’m carrying a tote bag.

I will never get facebook. i used to have one but i dumped it because i didnt really like it. its soo annoying lol
i love the haircut!!!!!!! you have the same computer as my brother lol

Hey :)

Yep.. that’s the reason why I just disappeared from the online world.. and I still don’t have that damn screen back.. I use my aunts computer every now and then to check my site and return some comments and stuff..

Hell yes! My computer really is one of the biggest bitches around here xD I’ve missed everyone of you guys too! I hope I will be back soon..

Everyone has Facebook? Hell no! Or at least not we Germans xD We are a lil bit slow on things like that xD But I guess all the other teenagers and people around the world probably have one, even if you don’T have one..We’re special like that ;)

Do you like read the newspaper or just do the puzzles and stuff?? My economics teacher always wants us to read the news paper and listen to the news.. he still haven’t got to the point we do that – and that after two years xD

You went back to university already?? I still have one more week left.. thank god xD Because then it’s the last year and all the stress and studying and bla bla.. and the most important exams I had so far in my life.. just blah xD

I hope you are doing good girl :) I miss talking to you :( Bye ♥

Sounds like your first day back to university was a bit hectic. I’m glad to hear that you will be blogging more often because i enjoy reading your blog entries.

Haha, none taken. Wow, 800 words. I’m going to try to beat that, but not today, I have too many comments to return O_O
Wow, I’m surprised your tutor wanted you to take a Facebook quiz. I recently got one and I take a lot of quizzes on there just for fun. I just took one that was called “What Billy Mays Product Are You?”. I got Mighty Putty because apparently, ‘I hold shit together’. My friend said that was true :P
I always carry a pen in my purse, just in case. I don’t bring my laptop, though. It’s too heavy and plus I have my iPod touch which is like a mini computer itself.
I love your new haircut, it looks nice on you :)

Thanks so much! I was pretty pleased with the outcome myself actually.

Same! I was hoping it would be a nice day and BAM it rains. Not cool!

Yeah, I know what you mean but I like my small text! Well on my site anyway, and plus, I wouldn’t say it was all that small. I don’t know…

I believe I followed you back… at least I think I did. I am not up on the tumblr lingo. XD

No pen, just a laptop! Aww. That has happened to me too. I simply don’t need a pen anymore.

I like your haircut!!!! :)

Ooo I like sleeping when its cold with a nice blanket. You feel so cozy /eee

Yucky, I don’t want to plunk my eyebrows. It looks painful using tweezers >.< Never want to try that. LMAO

Hmmm… I forgot the city name in it ! DANG IT! Oh well, I have 2 more but its not actually a snow globe. It's like a baby one 😳

LOL FACEBOOK. It’s so nice and neat but it’s so darn confusing o-o. If I was there, I would’ve jokingly said “assuming makes an ass out of everybody.” I would’ve meant it though. Pfft. Assuming sucks, especially if you assume the wrong thing :B.

Moo ha. I always have my pencil. But sometimes I spaz out in the morning and forget to bring a writing utensil. Bleh. And I don’t have a laptop :). And I’m not in college yet. Yay Lillie! /bash

Nice hair *shrugs* even though I honestly can’t see the bottom of it. BUT THE TOP PART IS NICE. (omg I saved that from being a fake complement /mwah )

Yup, that’s also true! xD

And yeah, she should’ve emailed you, considering she knew that you didn’t have a Facebook. D:

Haha, your prime minister uses it too! xD

Proof that Facebook IS taking over the world! x]

You’re welcome! It’s very cute :)

Well they sort of are, but it’s hard to explain. It’s a very stupid rule though :| Huh, weird stuff there. There must be a reason that they make up such weird rules. I think our’s is for safety, but I don’t find it very safe to be carrying home about a ba-jillion books in your hands. Humph.

I would guess that. I think the higher you go up the more flexible it is. Like high school is way more flexible than Middle School. I can’t wait to get out of Middle school! I hate it! D: One more year! xD

LOL. I can’t belive they were doing a quiz on facebook for school! At least we know now that schools are trying to reach out to the latest generation. LOL. But you are right, not everyone has facebook. I do have it but I try to not really go on there much. I just go on to be nosy and to see if anyone needed me for anything. But yeah .. it’s harsh crackbook from what I call it.

pretty pretty haircut!!!!

Wow what a day you had. It sounds very entertaining that you didn’t have the time to be bored or anything. Haha. To bad you didn’t have a pen. Pens do come in handy sometimes but I don’t carry them around. I just steal them from my mom. :P

Who has a facebook now-a-days? It’s so boring. Luckily I never signed up for one.

Hi AJ! I’m returning your comment this way, because I can’t seem to view your website.

Haha well, I didn’t have anyone to steal off, since I was on the train, and this creepy woman was looking at me. :O

I have a lot of pens at home though!

Good on you; I never signed up either, and I don’t think I intend to!

Lmao, you did all that and you went through the trouble of picking up a newspaper for the sudoku and you didn’t have a pen. Lol, even though you already mentioned that you didn’t have it, I did not see that coming, lol!

Yeah, there are a lot of those notifications on FaceBook. It’s really annoying.

I like your new haircut by the way. :)

Hey! Sorry for the long wait for a reply! XD I’ve been busy with family lately. Oh, how is university? Interesting, I suppose? :)

Yeah, I was only into it for a little bit, but I met a lot of friends. Great ones, at that! :D

Haha yeah, true, true. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do? And what would you like to do as an adult?

Yeah, her’s are fantastic! :) Yeah, it doesn’t really change anything. Someone commented on that blog saying that she liked my site! :S *head desk*

Lol, lots of people are poopy. xD Naw, no problem, you deserved them! :D

Aww okay, I might soon. :P Just gonna change the layout. First I need some more markers though, since I’ll include some of my own writing. Lol. You’re really quick at reviews! :)

Oh, that’s good that you’re feeling better. Those comments were rude! D: Anyways, wow that’s a long comment! Lmao! Have a nice day/night!

Please don’t yell at me!

But warning — this is an unblog related comment >_<

I wanted to let you know that I further looked up some copyright information, and I think for the U.S. you are allowed to use the word copyright, but you cannot use the copyright symbol unless you have a legal copyright. I thought that might be interesting to know when doing reviews.

Ok, ignore what I said about the symbol because I am finding too many conflicting sites! ahh!

They probably will be, but they’ll just have to deal with it. They kind of deserve it… sort of. :/

The cream works like a miracle! It’s only been like two days since I started using it, and the sty’s almost gone! :D

Okay, I won’t go through the trouble of the keywords, haha. How would I have unique titles for the pages without going through the same process, though? :S

Hahahaha. Irk is a funny word. It bothers the shit out of my friend though, so apparently I’m not allowed to use it around her /bash


I think you should get a cough drop. Do you have a cold? You keep *COUGH*ing O_O

And yesh. I know whoo.

YOU’RE SUCH A DOMAIN WHORE. (Sorry if you found that offense, but LOL) It’s true :)

But it’s okay. I still love you. ♥

We’ve met too many idiots in our lives. /bash

Let me know if you need more help with the comp. /pow

Wow only 15 minute drive? That’s not to bad. I’m glad you caught the bus though.

Haha! The ones at my school don’t even have the word ‘nice’ in their vocabulary. They have tried to pick on me and such but I’m usually hard to break. And in the end I usually say something like ‘anyway, wasn’t the weather great today?’ and walk off with my mates.

Yay! I’m not theonly one who has a bad left side… sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude or anything.
I actually don’t mind repeating a year even if it means I have to leave my new mates behind. I probably need heaps more practise anyway.

Oh, at least you get days off. Is the train exciting? I’m actually scared of trains so I wouldn’t know. :/

lol! Sounds like my brother!

LOL, I was in a rush because I was late for school. :)


I copied the valid CSS line by line, and replaced it… but it’s still the same. D:
And it won’t let me do the hover thing. :(
Hehe it’s okay, I lose track of comment too… and I don’t even get many of them. :)
Reading “Time Cube” again. I can’t believe that guy PAYS to keep that shit up on the internet! .com is the most expensive domain!

Dr. Gene Ray, Cube Phenomenologist and THE WISEST HUMAN
The ONLY Official Site for Gene Ray/TimeCube.
Gene Ray is sole Authority on Harmonic Time Cube.
Collection of raw data on this Site will empower the
Greatest Book ever written. That includes Bibles and
Academic Scientific Books. Stop evil Ad Hominemism.

Began in 1997, and not 1 penny support.”

It was made when I was born! I was born in a time of EVIL!!
I told my teacher about it and she came back with half-teary eyes…
OMG did you see his photo? He’s so… old. And ugly… with TimeCube merchandise! :O

“YOU are the lowest form.
YOU can’t procreate alone.
YOU destroyed the village.
YOU destroyed the family.
YOU destroyed childhood.
YOU destroyed naturalism.
YOU don’t know the Truth.
YOU pitiful mindless fools,
YOU are educated stupid.
YOU worship cubeless word.
YOU are your own poison.
YOU create your own hell.
YOU must seek Time Cube. ”

/hehe Yes… Gene Ray… MUST, SEEK, TIME CUBE!!

“The Wisest Human

I will give $1,000.00 to any person who can
disprove 4 days in each earth rotation. It’s
a pity that religious and academic word is a
crime against Nature and enslaves Children.
4-cornered Truth is ineffable by man or god.
Until Word is Cornered, all Math is Fiction.”

Hey, let’s think up 100 reasons why it’s crap! We can split the money, woo! “The Wisest Human”
…What a drama hobo.
He centers his text with the space bar.
He says that “the clock faces are a lie” while in his picture, he’s wearing a watch. 🙄


Longest comment record!
Thank you, Jeen Rai,