Jewels And Bullets

Do you remember collecting Pokemon cards at all, or do you actually remember the craze? It was quite hilarious. I was about ten years old at the time, and people went crazy over them. If I recall, I had about 70 different cards of the Pokemon themselves.

They are definitely one of the types of collectible cards, and definitely ones that were popular, more popular than other sports cards and such.

I used to collect Pokemon cards, as I mentioned, and I always attempted to get my hands on the rare and stronger ones. Who wanted Magikarp? Well, people were mentioning how Magikarp was good, because it would evolve into Gyrados, which is “so much better”.

I remember my friends and I fighting over the Pokemon card Arcanine. So much health and so much damage. They even banned the cards at my school because of all the drama it caused. Now that Pokemon cards aren’t so popular anymore, they might soon be considered rare, but you can still find them online.

Collectibles don’t always have to be popular or fought over. My dad collected stamps for a while. New or used, he collected them all. He had albums full of them, and they got so full that he had to keep the excess in plastic bags or in pots. /hehe

My dad also liked to collect coins. Firstly – collecting coins is a bit of a laugh for me. Most collectible coins are expensive, which I think defeats the purpose. It’s like buying money for more money than the money is actually worth.

We have fifty-cent coints here in Australia, and they’re in the shape of a dodecagon (twelve sides). They always have new designs every year and for many occasions. It’s the biggest coin in Australia – talking size – and it’s quite a nice size to fit a fancy design on. :)

But then this collectible round fifty-cent coin became available. It was offered free with the purchase of one of the newspapers. Unfortunately my dad missed out. But I discovered you can actually find these things online along with buying guides. Maybe my dad doesn’t need a buying guide; he just wants to buy the coin he likes! ;)

Personally, I have collected more weird things. Raffle tickets happened to be one of them. I also collected beads and gemstones. Surprisingly I also discovered the gemstones online. I have been wanting to buy something online for a while, but haven’t decided what. I hope I don’t get into the habit of collecting all these funny things again, because I felt a bit weird collecting these odd (but pretty) rocks.

So as I was browsing ShopWiki, I also found a lot of memorabilia that could be collected. I remember Nnie and I talking about an antique store she went to, and finding some Elvis memorabilia there.

Some of these things are pretty rare, and I suppose even now, when I come across something I think is rare, I will just buy it.

I came across an old Smashing Pumpkins box set in an opportunity shop, and I deemed it as a rare collectible! /bounce

I know different people like to collect different things, and I’m curious. What do you like to collect?

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LOL! I used to collect Pokemon cards and challenge the guys at school! But that was in grade 2… XD Good memories, good memories!

I used to collect random cards. Like Sakura Cardcaptor cards, Dragonair cards from my dad, fake AmericanExpress cards… and even hotel door cards! (They let me take them, of course!)

Hoohoo, I have over 100 of those cards. I didn’t pay for any of them, hahahaha /bounce And sure, I never knew how to play. But that was still awesome 🤤

Hohoho, I’d hate to you know. Be in a rush. I’ve been showing off that round novelty coin all day. Want a snack. Vending machine. Fumble blindly for coins. Oops. Shit. /bash
That’ll be most 🤬

I collect scrap timber for projects, tools and knives (actually, they all do have a use suited to their own. I’m not some nut, hoho). I am also fond of huhus. /bounce


I have tons but they’re all doubles… my brother and I used to fight over them a lot. :P

I know you’re not a nut. :)

ILY. ♥

I loved pokemon so much, i had so many cards, i would beg my mum to buy them for me every time we went shopping. My best friend at the time had a rare mew card which she kept in her familyns safe. Iv lost all my pokemon cards tho.

Thanks for your comment it was nice to know you care you have so many visitors i didnt think you would have time to read our blogs

haha I collected poke-cards :D They got banned at your school too? I think they were banned everywhere. I think they were banned at our school because people stole them.

I remember I collected “smell gels” – the scented gel pens :) I had every single ‘flavour’ at one point and then some biatch stole them all. We even caught her with them and the teacher didn’t give them back to me! She said ‘there’s no proof’, bollocks there wasn’t and the teacher knew it! I remember my nan had a right argument with the girls mum though! :) I guess that’s why smellgels got banned at school as well.. 😳

Another thing that was a huge craze was crazybones – the little plastic monster things. You used to play a game with them and there was a line down the middle and you used to have to get them as close to the line as possible – the winner wins one of the other persons crazybones but if any of your crazybones go over the line the other person got to keep them. I guess you can see why they got banned as well? :)

I kinda have a coin collection.. You see, every so often the picture on the back of the coins changes and this year (or last year) if you get each of the ‘new’ coins, they make up a special shield picture (a British logo-thing). It’s not really a collection as such, but I got all of them just so I could say I’ve made it ;) it’s sitting on my window sill right now. I can’t be bothered to actually take a picture of them right now but I’ll google it for you, hang on..
that’s the best one I could get. :)

OMG that’s so cool! :D I love those stamps ♥

I’m definitely not much of a collector, but I remember having a few cards. I collected all the cutesy pokemon LOL and had some stuffed animals. I remember by best friend bought the eevee stuffed animal (this was 7th grade) and we would switch off each class and carry around with us. We’d have it sit at our desks. What dorks! Then our teachers made us leave it at home. =(

I also had the pokemon game for gameboy and it was SO addicting. Then someone stole it. I wonder if it would still be fun?

My new thing to collect is flags and shot glasses from foreign countries I have visited, usually the major cities.

Another thing that was and still is kinda big is collecting all of the 25 cent coins from all 50 states. Each state has its own quarter and design, and some were more rare than others. We had a huge board and collected like half, but I don’t know what happened to that board. I’m pretty sure we just spent the quarters LOL.

Ohh you seem to still be informed on Pokemon!! LOL. The good old days. Gyardos. Ooh Arcanine!! I love them all! xD Woo! They still are though; I remember collecting them. I had a pair of big stickers but I lost them all. :( I still have the cards though. And much more stuff. I even still buy the Nintendo DS games; like I’m buying the new one soon; Platinum! xD

Haha. We never really collect any of the sort. I am the only one who collects stuff I think, but we have a good set of mugs! ^.^

Haha. Yeah. Things happen I guess. My mum told me that it’s not how you drive, but how others drive.

I did have a good rest! Just took a shower and feel very refreshed now. Haha. You should. Yup, that’s right. Going to church soon. This week’s here it’s the feast in my city and tonight there’s the fireworks. There have been quite some activities. :)

LOL. Some of the boys at school are still obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards. One girl in my class is ESPECIALLY obsessed with Pokemon cards. I was never interested in things like that. :P

Oh, that’s cool. We don’t use 50 cent coins here in the US. They used to make it, but now we basically use only 25, 10, and 5 cents.

I don’t really collect things. :X There’s nothing that I’m really interested in. Ooh, you know those crystal/rocks you collect? At a museum here, you can go to the gift store and buy a can of geodes, which you have to crack open with a hammer. Sometimes you get lucky and find there are pretty crystals inside. Our science teacher in 5th grade gave us each 2. :)

LOL. Yeah, I always do that.If I say “*insert bad words here*,” it leaves a lot to the imagination. :P Plus, technically I’m not saying anything bad, or cussing. /hehe

Oh, I forgot to say what I REALLY commented for. xD *facepalm* (See, you REALLY need a facepalm emoticon, seeing how much I *facepalm*) Thanks for donating the one dollar! :D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hahha, good on you, LOL. I think it’s a bit old to be collecting them now, though. :P

That’s so strange; we don’t have 25 cent coins (quarters?). We have 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins. And $1 and $2 coins.

Those geodes sound so cool; I would have been so fascinated by them (when I was more into the rocks, heh).

Haha, you’re welcome! ♥

Anchorman is a Will Ferrel (I’m not sure if I spelled his last name right) movie. We ended up watching it. It was stupid, but funny.
I never collected Pokemon cards. The craze started for my school in about 2nd grade, when I was 7. Now the ‘big thing’ is anime (is that how you spell it?), and I could care less. I never liked comic books, haha.
I actually collect something called re-ment, which is little Japanese doll food. It’s so cute and they look real. Best part is, they’re so tiny, I can fit all of mine in a box. They’re also very cheap, and my parents like them. You have to get them off eBay, though.
You’re probably going to be asleep when you get this comment, as it’s 11:46 AM in New York. I’m going to be going swimming while you’re asleep /eee
I think this is the longest comment I’ve left a person in a while…wow. Sorry for that, unless you like long comments.

OMG! You seemed to love collecting the Pokemon cards hehe! I never collected cards. :O That was pretty sad that they were banned from your school. Haha. I don’t think I collect anything…. hmm wait no I don’t…or do I? /hehe I seriously don’t know haha. I just woke up, so I might be a little weird sometimes. Blah. Oooh your dad collects coins?! What kind? Australian or from different countries? Teehee I don’t have anything more to write since I don’t collect anything at all XD

And again I make you the 11th commenter. Lol. Anyway, I never did collect the pokemon trading cards, I wasn’t much into them at the time. Now I like the anime but still not a fan of the cards. My dad is a huge fan of Elvis Presley so he collects any to all Elvis Presley memorabillia. As for me, I like to collect asian things. I love the asian cultures, so it’d be a treat for me to actually receive an asian item or gift.

Yeah, I suppose so. :) I haven’t spoken to Susanna in months now and she stopped replying to my texts.. I hope she’s okay 😰 (she left a comment on my site a few blogs ago but that’s all I’ve heard from her and I have no way of replying O_O )

HAHA. That made me laugh; “don’t know what to comment on when someone writes a blog like that. “I look forward to the updates”…?” Hahaha, 👏

Yeah, I was planning writing an article based around bad commenting and good commenting but I think my priority is actually having some pages at the moment!

tehe, Aren’t I the comedian? (H) I guess I should keep the day job, oui?

I’ve given up on youtube now, I’m trying to find somewhere else to upload the vlog. I think it’ll have to wait until I’m back from holiday though. hehe, I love getting long comments (Y) It makes me feel good that people have put in the effort to type that much to me ;)

I was just wondering – Are we still affiliates? Because I’m still linked as “Hiatus, Inactive or Pending Deletion” – pls say I’m not under the pending deletion bit :(

Okay lol now I make you 11 comments. Sorry I counted wrong :/

Oh my gosh I remember when Pokemon cards were the biggest thing. I remember for a while in elementary school everyone collected and played for POGS. I also had a period of time where I collected and played with Magic The Gathering cards. Other than that, I don’t really collect anything.

Hmm. I never really collected Pokemon Cards. My cousin did though. My brother collects baseball cards and I don’t really collect anything. I have attempted to, but it never worked out as in I never kept up with it. I tried bouncy balls once. I lost them. XD

Yeah I know! It like eats at you! XD Yeah I agree with you on that one. Normally if the first book is no good neither are the rest of them. You may want to read the review before. :)

Oh okay :) I just try to keep it as related as I can so no one starts hating on me XD

Collecting is something I never really got into. I mean, when I was young I had shelves full of stuffed animals and dolls collected a la McDonald’s kid’s meals–things that would only be food for the vacuum cleaner later in the week.

Nowadays the only thing I have that’s close to a collection is a cluttered bookcase that harbors books and unfinished manuscripts.

Thinking back on it, I could have started a rather nice collection of trinkets from China Town in San Francisco–my Aunt lived there when I was a kid and she sent me all sorts of things that could have fit in my Shadow Box….hmmm. Maybe I missed out.

Your father’s coin collection sounds alike to /my/ father’s coin collection, with the exception of the fact that my father plans to sell those coins and retire to a beach in Mexico.

I used to collect pokemon-cards too =P my favorite cards were Mew and Mewtwo. I got some sort of special edition-kit with a lot of good cards. Man, I loved those days xD. Cute website btw, your tutorials rock my socks =P

Bahaha Pokemon cards! They’re still around, little guy called Ben on my bus has them.
OMG at my primary school there was this big phase with Doctor Who cards; trading and all. I still have an album and a massive deck of them, then they got banned when all the little twits in Year 3 started arguing. Gah.

OR on our bus, Henry and Alex are just losers; there was this weird TV show called Yu-Gi-Oh! (Try Googling it). It was just FREAKY. Anyway it was about ‘duelling’ using cards like monsters and stuff. Both of them have decks but we renamed it Yu-Gay-Oh! XD

Aww I see they banned Pokemon cards at your school too, funny what cards can cause… I mean with Doctor Who cards there was a card that you got one in a thousand packets called ‘Super Rose’ or something, lmfao. And my brother got it. :O I mean WHOA. Then he fucked it up by leaving it in his jeans when they went in the washing machine but it’s still really valuable, he traded it though, stupid bugger. I would have kept it. With the Dr. Who cards they also do Super Rare, Ultra Rare, etc. the Ultra rares were cool. They changed when you titled them. XD

Haha wow your dad was a serious collector huh?
Wow, all those different 50-cent coins? :P My dad gave me a piece of eight from the Spanish Armarda. ^^ Historic thing.
I like to get ‘rare’ things; I remember you blogging about your SP box set! Whoo. :D
I collect badges. And bracelets. ^^

In reply to your comment: TELL ME ABOUT IT. Maybe those people were hallucinating or something?
Yup, but Americans switch ‘re’ around; it’s confusing. I mean in CSS ‘center’.
Bahaha yeah, I should just say ‘friend’. XD
I know. I feel sorry for the little boy. D:

That is painful and annoying. If I walk slow I walk to the side ‘cuz there are always people who are in a rush. :P Especially when walking down, everyone loses track of time and ends up running for their bus. :P
Yeah! Kohl. Like kohl eyeliner. My sister uses that sometimes.

The London Eye is cool; there’s a picture of it on my stocks page. :D I can’t believe there is a ‘Paris Eye’ in France, fucking copycats huh? I mean, WTF?!!
‘Crazy tube thing’? XD

Bahaha make sure it’s in London, I’ll meet Vicky along the way XD I live about 45 mins from London. ^^
Haha that would be funny, meeting you in person. :/ Whoa. But fricking awesome. :D

I still have my old pokemon cards, lmao. I don’t look at them anymore, but I’m still hoping that one day they’ll be worth a LOT of money. I have some from when they were brand new, back when I was like… 9ish. so… around 8 1/2 – 9 years ago.

I don’t collect anything right now, to be honest with you.

Wow! Your dad liked collecting coins? That’s awesome!
I collect teddy bears. Not the ones you get from mcdonalds happy meals or anything though! At one point I had over 1000 but mum made me cut back lol!
My whole family is sort of into collecting stuff. We like anything old :)

Haha! Pokemon cards? They’re still going around at my school which is a bit wierd. I used to collect them to when I was 8 or so. But I didn’t get many!

And no probs, of course I appreciate you and your amazing talent for picking up stuff! It’s very helpful :)

I love how you write your blogs they are A-mazing. ^^ You went from pokemon cards to what do YOU collect? Really, your transitions are like flawless. Hahaha, I just had to put that in somewhere.

I use to collect pokemon cards! I had over 100, maybe even 200 because my cousin decided he was over pokemon cards just when my generation started to find them cool. But I never played the game or anything, I was just into getting the “pretty” cards. I always loved evee or vulpix. The girly kind of pokemon. Hahaha, I did love pikachu though.

I’ve never collected much, I once attempted to collect stickers. ^^ I had this sticker book and I would put all the stickers I’ve ever gotten in there. Got bored of it though. Then I too collected beads, but my box was too small after a while and I never bothered to buy a bigger one. At the moment, I don’t collect anything. When I grow older though, I’m thinking of collecting books and perhaps having a mini library in my home. It would be nice to have my favorites on a bookshelf. Right now, my shelves are full of baby books and old coloring books. The books I enjoy are in boxes in my room.. My room is too messy for any collecting at the moment..

I just hate when Firefox dies. :(

The relationship seemed real at first, he pretty much paid attention to me 24/7. I was still able to focus on school surprisingly but the rest of my attention diverted to him… my poor friends. I sometimes feel it was my fault for making them hate me, but I feel that they could have said something.. made a convention [or whatever they’re called..] and told me off. Although they did that, but they never tried to look from my point of view. Really, I can’t tell who was right at the time.

It is extremely hard to find real friends, even now. I’m not willing to call any of my friends, “real friends” just yet. They’ve done a lot for me, yes. But where would they finally cross the line and totally abandon me. A true friend would only do so, if I started getting caught up in bad stuff, other than that, a friend should always be there… ish. /ehe

Aww, *hugs* stupid people only hung out with you because of your boyfriend. Yes, they are very stupid. I’d love to throw /poo at them. ^^

My old English teacher use to say, Americans pretty much stole parts of other languages and mixed it up to their liking. Like half the names of the citiies here were Native American, Spanish or French or English but some people couldn’t pronounce so now they are pronounced differently and/or spelled differently.

wow youliek collecting more things. it’s awesome. I never tried collecting things, because I didn’t liked. I thought that bI waste my time and money. When I was child, my friends were collecting things like Naruto cards, Pokemon cars etc, but I just prefer buy a chocolate of something to eat than spend money on those things.

I remember that were some boxes and where were a cartoon and some sweets. I used to eat those sweets and give to my friends those cards:D.

I should’ve gone in a blanket. Would’ve been less painful.

I don’t think I’ve ever put my sidebar in my header.php. It doesn’t make sense to me ’cause I thought divs were supposed to go in straight lines not round corners. Then tutorials said to seperate my header and sidebar coding and I’m like ‘It’s seperated’. Lol, I don’t get it.

I’ve never heard of Lockie Leonard. I’ll have to search it on Youtube or some catch up TV website. There’s a lot of programmes I like that no one’s ever heard of either. Lol.

I wondered what ‘scrobble’ meant on It asked me to do something like that, where it would go through my files on my computer. I played it safe and clicked no though. Haha.

Hah, Omegle sounds fun. Lol.

I used to collect Pokemon cards. I had all these Pokemon tins to keep them in and thought they were amazing. Then everyone moved onto Yu-Gi-Oh, and there was a big thing at school with people stealing cards from each other. Now I just think ‘it’s just a piece of card’, haha. Which explains my reasoning in selling them to buy a guitar. You can’t play a Pokemon card.

Collectibles are pretty weird really. I mean, something being worth so much for no apparent reason seems weird to me. Like with vases or something. A rare vase that looks exactly like a cheap one from Tesco. Who decides how much these things are worth??

I kind of collected stamps for a while, when I was younger. They weren’t even rare or anything, I just bought a cheap big bag of selected ones from a shop somewhere. I guess I just liked the pictures. I started organising them in a book, but got bored half way through, I might still have them.

And the coins, I agree with you on. Seems ridiculous. Apparently in England they brought out the new 20p’s and forgot to put a date on them. So if you find a 20p without a date on they’re worth quite a lot. I guess they much be buying them back. Haha.

Collecting rocks is cool. Much better than collecting stamps like I did. I’m sure they’re much prettier. My friend used to collect precious stones and stuff like that, which is similar.

Dude! Snuggies are the best! :) I thought there was only red and blue too, but I went to target and there was zebra prints and leopard prints and stuff. They make me look like a wizard /hehe

Haha! I think that even if I’m having fun when I go on holiday I always can’t wait to go home. I miss my dogs! :l

Oh yay! I can’t wait to get some advice on my site :)

I remember the pokemon craze! I was in around 1st grade at the time, and we would all meet under the slide and swap cards for the day :) So cute.

I used to collect stamps, but I found it boring after my dad stopped forcing me too :P My mums friends collects spoons, I think that’s pretty cool :P


This is not an exaggeration… so don’t judge me….. but I have over 10,000 Pokemon cards in my closet. XD

xD thats cause blue is awesome ^_^

ahaha; I LOVE eatting a lot for breakfeast…and like nothing for dinner or lunch XD; I’m a fatty xD jkk

thank you.

lol, “pots” .
I don’t collect anything. I guess pens, but I end up using them.
A store here sells pokemon cards in a tin, for cheap. I don’t know if they have anymore. Most kids aren’t into them.

I had Pokemon cards but I never traded them :P
I remember playing with Yu Gi Oh cards though :P
I like playing Pokemon (on a game console) more than the trading cards. :P Surprisingly, I still own my collection of Poke Cards :D
I’ve finished most of the Pokemon games :P

Ooh Once, the canteen lady gave me change and she thought it was Twenty cents but it was actually a round fifty cent coin.
There was this teacher at my school who was an eBay addict and he liked to collect antiques and such.

I asked him about the coin and he’s like “Where’d ya get that?” and he gave me three dollars :D

My cousin has a stupid collection of bus tickets and train tickets XD. Do you know how train tickets have a hole punched into them? Well I think they do anyway. He uses that hole to put a chain through it and he keeps all the train tickets on this necklace thing XD

Anyways /bounce I have school tomorrow (H) yeah man :D
I’m excited for high school. I hate high school. ugh. I miss primary /wah << omg. that looks cool.

:D Peace ✌️

My sisters used to collect stationeries. I collect hmm, new coins. I mean, 1 peso coins here in the Philippines, which are new. /love

POKEMON CARDS. :O Haha, I actually never collected those. I have one Kingler card that I won out of a machine at Chuck E. Cheese (a kid’s party place) when I was little, but that’s all. I don’t think very many people were actually into Pokemon at my school, or at least not that I can remember. There was this one kid named Tyler who loved it, but that was it.

Mm, so yeah, I was much more into Yu-Gi-Oh as trading card games go. I have a few hundred cards, and my brother has infinitely many more than me. He’s gotten back into it these last couple months, and now he spends so much money getting the exact cards he wants for his deck. D: We used to just buy packs at the store and see what we got.

It’s kind of funny how my brother and I first started collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. There is this vending machine in one of the lobbies at our ice rink, and it used to have trading card packs in it. My brother wanted to buy some Pokemon cards, so he took some money with him to skating one day to buy them. When he came home he brought a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards with him instead, because there were no Pokemon cards in the machine. At first I gave him a hard time about spending his money on something he didn’t actually want, but then I saw them and was like whoa, that’s cool! So I bought some too, and thus it began. xD

In fifth grade before I was into them, Yu-Gi-Oh (damn those dashes are annoying) was banned from my school. I can’t remember if it was because of stealing or just because it was too prevalent and distracting. These twins in my grade, Ashley and Jess, would still bring their cards though and they would trade with the boys at lunch. xD

My econ teacher told us that collecting coins is good for the economy, though I can’t remember why. -_- It has something to do with people spending money to get the coins, and then not spending the coins. Even if it’s a coin that you just get in change when you go shopping, if you keep it it’s like you spent money to buy it. I can’t remember why that’s a good thing though. D:

Anyways, here we have state quarters ($.25) that a lot of people collect. They have pictures related to the state they represent on the back. They minted quarters for five states each year from 1998 to 2008, and then they threw us a curve ball and made two in 2009 for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Since there are 52, none of the collector’s things made for them have enough spaces. xD They all have 50. I think I have all of the quarters through like 2004, but after that I’m missing a bunch. I’ll get them eventually. :)

Mm, besides the quarters, I don’t think I really collect anything. I used to have a bit of an obsession with Harry Potter memorabilia, but I would usually just look at it and dream without buying. 🤤

Yeah, my mum just always reads the chinese newspaper every Saturday, and there is always something that she JUST HAS to point out. blahblah and she goes on forever. Not only that, she compares me to all these smart people O.O”
I remember the time where people (mainly boys though) were always playing Pokemon and then they would trade them. Although, I wasn’t a huge fan. There’s also like episodes or DVDs or whatever of them, and the only character I remember from it is Pikachu O.O”
Hmm, i collect odd things.
Like when my mum found a trolley and it had this “Price cut” sign on it from Coles and its like a strip of plastic, I decided I would have it. Haha. I collect postcards as well. My school always has these rack of free postcards and people are always rushing to get the awesome looking ones. haha.

OMG. When Pokemon first came out, I thought it was SO STUPID. Then… I got into the games. XD I’ve never collected the cards, because I don’t get the point of playing with stats on cards and stuff… how do you do damage based on what a CARD says?

Hmm… when I was like 10, I used to collect Dum Dum wrappers. In case you don’t know (heck, I dunno where they are), they’re basically just tiny suckers. Apparently, for every [x] number you collected, you could redeem them on their site for prizes. In my class, when the teacher gave out the suckers, I would ask everybody to give me their wrappers… and then usually would. o_O

Then I never, ever redeemed them and threw them away like four years later. XD

I was thinking polkadork. It looks cute… but then I realized that it does not sound cute. So I think I shall be going with lovesnuggles. XD Definitely suits me… and I’m glad for the whole… um… 6 out of 34 people that think it’s good. XD (Seriously, 17 people voted for snugglesaur, and the rest got less than 7. o_O)

Oh no they took out taco bell? how could they!? *raises fist at them*. Anyway, the pictures seem to load fine for me. But than again I’m on DSL. What speed connection do you have? I dunno, how to do what you just describe for the thumbnail. lol…call me stupid.

I remember the free mew cards at the movies. I didnt get one and the movie blacked out half way through, we didnt even get our money back.. Did you have the game boy? I had all the pokemon games on gameboy. You had to level your pokemon as you play as Ash. Was so adictive

No need to reply to this comment this time.

I remember Pokemon! There are a few kids who still collect the cards and play the game. I still a few cards too as well as a special edition collector folder with Pikachu Pokemon cards in all these different languages. It’s probably worth heaps of money. ;)
They ban alot of collectables that you can get from chip packets at schools. Do you remember those things called “Tazos”? They were always banned because people fought over them.

I used to collect stamps when I was in yr 5. I still have a few rare ones too.
I like collecting rare things too. :) I don’t know why, it just seems to be really interesting to me.

I’ve collected lolly wrappers, train tickets(I had 200+ of these!), spongebob items, plush toys and a few more things that I’ve forgotten about.

LOL I remember pokemon cards! I used to try and collect them too and I had about over a hundred because I would have 2 or 3 of everything because some of them would be the shiny ones or the “rare edition” ones and I don’t even know where half of them are now hahha.

It’s funny how some people still play with those. I know Yugioh and Magic cards are still so popular. Actually my bf has been buying Yugioh cards and got a couple of his friends to duel with him and stuff. It’s kinda hilarious because they really don’t look like the kind of guys to play with all their tattoos and stuff but they love it! At least they’re into something that’s not dangerous and stupid lol.

My dad collected stamps too! We still have the album and try to add whenever we get mail from a different country.

I don’t know if this is a collection but I actually keep every single movie ticket I have ever bought and watched since I was about 16. Some are so old and faded that you could barely see the name of the movie but I still keep it! I also keep every photograph and have like 10 photo albums. Maybe it’s more of a sentimentality thing than collecting I don’t know.

I do have like a million stuff toys lol …

OHHH I REMEMBER THOSE CARDS! I collected these weird card thingies too, when I was a kid. I forgot what they were called though :P Now I collect stamps with my mom :)

Ooh. Collecting coins. My mom used to, because she travelled a lot when she was younger. She just dumped coins she didn’t finish using up into this box XD

Aww. How’s her boyfriend now? :O Well that person SURE is stupid. As stupid as that other person. I HATE IT when people do stuff like that.

Lol, swear words XD Yeah, why can’t those people say something constructive?

COLOUR! FAVOURITE! Lol. Microsoft Word always says I’m wrong though :(

I dontt mind waiting, I’m having fun on my new laptop I got yesterday, hahaa XD
I will sign up now

About your blog, I collect little colourful stones (: I have them in a little cupcake pot I made, I also have colourful sand, and make my own little magical beach with them when I am bored, hahaa. I call it my ‘fairy dust’:)

Going around to everybody and letting them know that my link has changed. :P

Oh cool. I have 2 of the game boy games. :] Yeah, true! I remember it so well haha. Though it wasn’t much of a big deal, apparently. =s Nah I don’t think I would’ve wanted fake ones but if I had the opportunity to get some I’d take them hehe. :P Mostly I just collected them. I never really played with them lol. And the sticker albums?! I have so freakin’ much of them! xD

Haha. We usually get ours from either offers from the supermarket or something; or from Christmas packs etc. Like of sweets, cartoon characters etc.

Oh right, I forgot you’re learning to drive. I’m imagining you driving right now… Hard to do so btw! xD Ahem, if you allow me…

“Get out of the fucking way! I’m the leader of a fuckin’ popular site Heartdrops, yeah, so move outta the way!” xD And someone’s like
“WTF do I care?” xDDDDDDDDD

It is? Gah. Sometimes it is here. I just get so tired and start to yawn lol. I think today is the last day of the feast here; St. Anne.

I collect Pokemon cards, I only have 41 though. My favourite one is the Eevie! ♥ But I don’t really go crazy about them…
I also collect cute bandaids and small plushies! :)
I even collect the used tickets from the ferris wheel, too!
I love 50 cent coins, I never lost one because it’s nearly the size of my palm crease. Unlike 5 cent ones! /hmph
How are you? Are you feeling okay? I saw your tweets and I thought you needed a little cheering up! /rose

Oh my god. Pokemon cards!

I loved them…^^…I remember seeing this holographic Venusaur or Venusaur, however it is you spell it. I was SO excited! Rare ones are SO cool. LOL, I think my brother got like THREE Psyducks xD Hahahahaha

I just loved how they looked. I had no clue about attack/defence or whatever. But I really, REALLY wanted a Charmander xD

OH! I collect stamps!! And coins xD But like…the recent coins…Not those of value. I’m hoping they’ll become valuable later on. Hahahaha. I have so many =) I love how they always have different 50 cent coins. One Dollar coins too…^^


I have one book of stamps…That’s it…But I’m pretty sure I have a lot that don’t fit in that book anymore. It’s kind of a dead habit for me now. I should start again.

Awww! I remember you stealing all my raffle tickets when I used to order my lunch at the canteen every day. Hahahaha. That was hilarious…^^…

GUITAR PICKS! We collect guitar picks. xD And I seem to be developing a collection of sticker photos =P. Oh damn, I have to scan sticker photos for Jennifer and Lisa. I keep forgetting! *cringe* xD

oh my gosh, i also remember the pokemon card craze! my sister and i used to buy as many chip packets as we could just to see who be the first to find the ‘rare’ pikatchu!

Another one, i think, was marbles and yoyo’s! My school had a ‘Marble Season’ and ‘Yoyo Season’. It was so much fun.

It’s funny remembering things like that.

I don’t think I was ever into the Pokemon craze, I was more a Yu-Gi-Oh-er /eee /ehe /bounce I remember the cards and everything, there was this big blue dinosaur or something that I wanted sooo badly but couldnt get :( 😝 lmao. :P
Glad you enjyed the blog :) I’m not that tall, but I’m tallish, only since recently though, WOO! :)
Ugh high heels, my baby toe is still recovering :(
I’m from Ireland, but we still spell them the same! And I’m still confused about some things /oh
The smilies are just so cool! Theyre amusing :) Like this one /argh LMAO.

Oh, I used to collect Pokemon cards too! They were soo popular, that we used to have competitions on who collects the most cards. LOL. Me and my bro had boxes full of those cards! You know what, I still have them! My bro used to collect WWE cards! =)

I used to collect stamps as well, but I got over it after several days. =] Oh well, coins are not my thing, but I get fascinated seeing them!
I’m not collecting anything at the moment, but I want to. I’d have to think something unique thing would do. Any suggestions ? LOL. :)

And, this acronym plug in, is it only for WordPress ?

Thanks =) I use my own photos a lot cause I think it gives my domain a little more personal touch….

Pokemon Cards! I don’t remember did I collect them or not, but I guess my sister and my friends did. It was such a trend back to when I was a kid. Cards didn’t really attract me, though. The only cards that attract me are Illuminati cards. Those cards are amazing… *psycho mode is on*

My Dad collects coins too from every country he has visited. He has some from 1980-ish. Not really “new”, but it’d be valuable on 2030 lmao. Stamps would be valuable too.

I want to collect vintage things. Anything that are valuable, but unique. Ha! Maybe newspapers with unique dates like 9/9/09… that means September 9 2009. I have to get that newspaper D: Gemstones are unique to collect I think. But it’s really rare to find here. :(

I want 2000th comment. Did I win?

Baha they were a big hit over here; came with the magazines. I got them seperately because the magazines were weird.

OMG YES. I have seen the program; I wandered if you’d know what I was talking about. It’s so stupid and yet so funny to watch ‘cuz it is just THAT SHIT. It’s like: “Yugi, I’ve got to play! OR YOU’LL DIE. Oi, you, weird creep over there, I play a TRAP CARD! BAHAHAAAA, YOU LOSER”.

Well, okay, so the ending was weird. XD Anyway. I always thought the Joey guy was funny…
Hang on. That reminds me. Oh gee oh gee oh gee… on YouTube, there’s the ‘Abridged Series’, which is the series with the voices all muddled up and the lines changed, it’s so dumb and funny… my brother is always quoting the evil teddy bear. “HAIL SATAN!”

Sorry, back to your comment. ^^ And haha, when their monster dies? “NO! THE MAGICIAN IN IN THE GRAVEYARD!”
In the abridged series: “You fucking bastard, fuck your damn card shit. I’ll tear your head off with this”.

Hah. My brother is stupid though. XD
Blogs that ramble are fun to read; well yours are. An exception. ;)
“Centered” is dumb. Quite dumb.
Bahaha yeah… but you’ve got the Operahouse and all (please say I got that shitting right. Otherwise I will put a bag on my head and crawl to the mental clinic).

Bahaha. ^^ Or if I ever went to Australia. :P

Pokemon cards were after my time. I collected pogs lol. I use to collect coins. Actually I still do but its usually I stumble across not something I go out and look for. That’s about it.

I remember Pokemon was so big when I was in the 5th grade. People brought binders to school that were filled with the cards. I never went out and bought the cards but some people used to give me their extras or ones they didn’t like. My favorite was Bulbasaur, I don’t know why, he was green, I liked green, no real reason. I liked collecting Sailor Moon cards. I tried collecting stamps, I have a very small collection, and I don’t go out of my way to collect coins but a I have a small collection. I also had a Beanie Baby collection when I was younger but I stopped collecting them, they are pretty worthless now I think.

I don’t currently collect things, but I guess you could say I have collections. I have kind of a turtle collection, I like turtles a lot so my friends over the years have bought me turtle things like turtle keychains, turtle figurines, books about turtles lol. And another collection I have is a collection of Wedgewood pieces (Jasperware) which are old plates and such that people have also given me.

Thanks for the advice on the whole getting the wrong number thing! I am hoping it won’t happen again!

Yeah, I found my phone… in my pocket! The shame!

I know yeah, I am glad that it’s been invented because people don’t see the need to lie… not that they should have in the first place?!

Urm, apparently pizza hut has invented a pizza without cheese so… maybe I could try that~ :)

Aw, I still have my pokemon card collection. I have this weird thing about wanting it to pass it down to my kids and making it a family heirloom but I doubt it will catch on. :(

Aw, I want to collect stamps and coins. Though I never see any rare stamps these days! :( I used to collect these beanie baby teddies and pin badges, but not so much anymore.

I went through my Pokemon cards yesterday, right after I read this post, lol. Apparently I have a few rare ones, and totalled together, my cards would probably be worth around $90 in mint condition, and mine have use since I played with them all the time, so probably only $50 or so in my case. I plan on waiting like, 10 more years and then checking how much they are worth again, lol. I have a couple of first edition cards, so we’ll see.

Thanks about the layout! :) Yeah, I really like it a lot with the header and navigation. & yeah, I’m trying not to get involved, at least in between them, every now I then I simply restate the fact of how the guy’s been ditching him because of his girl, and everything. It seems like he’s getting better though, so we’ll see. Possessive boyfriends / girlfriends are awful.

OMG! I remember at Primary school we had so many funny collecting fads such as Pokemon Cards, Yu Gi OH! cards, crazy bones, marbles, tamigotchis (that’s not spelt right) and Doctor Who Cards. It was quite funny watching it all but it was all a waste a money!
I’ve never really collected anything properly but I think thats because there’s not really been anything I’m that interested in collecting! Oh, wait I have! I used to collect pretty gem stones! I was really into that for a while. You collected raffle tickets!?! Like used ones! Like why did you want to collect them? Some things I understand why people might collect but not that one!
Yeh but the funny thing is that my brother used to spend all his money on collecting all these different cards but he doesn’t have any of them now! It just seems like a bit of a waste of money seeing as he doesn’t have it now though I did buy a couple of those cards myself :D
I love this emoticon 💀 .I’m such a bad boy!

yeah the coins are pretty amazing ;)

mmhm, I never got the collection back afterwards. I don’t have any now, the ones I did replace soon ran out :P Yeah, you could either buy them as sets or singley (sp?) over here in most shops. Even newsagents and supermarkets sold them!
Ah man, crazybones were pretty amazing though! I think I still have mine in a drawer somewhere ;) Now you mention it that blog does sound vaguely familiar.. Did your brother never find them then? What a bully. /angry (the kid who threw the crazybones).

💀 /poo

Ooh sorry, just seen your other comment. 🙄
yeah, not exactly the kinda blog you can start a conversation over, eh? /hehe I think I’ll make that article after I’ve done the rest though because other wise I’ll just keep holding everything off ;) Yeah it’s really disappointing. It’s like, you feel really happy like, ooh! I’ve got a comment! :D then you realise it’s a crappy spammer. It just puts a bummer on your whole day! :(
Oh okay then :) I thought you’d forgotten about me :P
& yeah, I have Susanna’s email but she barely checks her emails and she’s never on MSN anymore :( I’m tempted to login to her website and make a little page writing to her to check she’s okay, but I don’t want to make her angry by logging in to her site..

💀 /poo

Sorry I didn’t reply for so long, I was super busy with the family from Austria. (: They’re leaving today and then I’ll see them again in about 3 weeks when we go to Austria, woo.

Lmao yeah congrats on not being a freak. ;)

I guess Brian was pretty lucky in a sense not to see that picture? xD He would’ve got a good laugh out of it though.

Yeah, my parents definitely freak me out when they get mad as well.

I was never really into Pokemon cards, so I can’t really relate. Although, I used to babysit this kid who loved them. And we used to play on his picnic table in the backyard, I totally remember those days lmao.

That’s true though collectibles don’t always have to be popular or fought over. That’s too bad that your dad couldn’t get his hands on the round coin, and omg that’s so cool that you have a coin there in Australia with 12 sides. O_O Wah, I would be so amused by something like that.. xD

I don’t think that raffle tickets or gemstones are that odd actually. I’ve never really been the collecting type I guess, so I haven’t collected anything. Fail. :)

Oooh I get it. That sucks about Taco Bell, they should bring it back!!

HAHA (: That would be funny.
Thanks, I don’t mind waiting in that queue, my sites new so I can add more things for you to review or it will be really short XD

i heard of those card but i never really got them. It was always advertised on TV.
the only pokemon i ever liked was pikachu. its soo dang cute lol. its been a while
since i actually watched pokemon. they always show it on cartoon network.
i collect nothing and still collect nothing lol

if i do start collecting stuff it will be thing like
Shark teeth (dont know why lol)
maybe books that will come in handy
dog tags
lol i dont know haha weirdest stuff ever!

Oh I loved Pokemon cards! I used to be addicted to them and I still have like 50 cards :D
And I collect seashells, photographs, and old old things that no one uses anymore like really old cameras, old rolls of damaged film, etc.

:O I remember Pokemon cards!
I used to have a massive pile of hundreds, everyone was so obsessed with them lol. They got banned at my school as well because people just used to argue over them and there were some people who couldn’t afford them, or weren’t allowed them or whatever who would get picked on. God, kids can be so stupid /hehe lol.
I remember I always wanted the shiny Charizard card. They were rare! haha!

I don’t really collect anything at the minute. I used to collect little teddy ornaments though. Not necessarily by choice, my Mum used to buy me one for every birthday and Christmas and other people used to see them in my room and buy them as well.

Okay, I’ll cut you some slack. ;)

Is school just starting back up today?

I wanted the most pokemon cards too. My cousin’s collection was so amazing, I wanted something BIGGER than that. But I didn’t want to waste money buying them so I eventually stopped.

The sticker collection was a waste though, because as you said, I never used them. They just sat in a book for a long time, up until this day although I have no idea where they are.

Yeah, I don’t have enough space for a mini library either, that’s why I wait until the future. ^^

Love makes us blind sometimes. Like my old English teacher use to say, “God is Love, Love is Blind, Ray Charles is Blind, therefore, Ray Charles is God.” HAHAHAHA, I know, it’s kind of unrelative but it fit with the whole “love is blind” thing and I always laugh when I hear this.

At least you know who your true friends are. ^^

Let’s see. I never collected Pokemon cards. When I was young I used to collect stamps. Sounds boring, right? I never really collected them like the “true collectors do”. Whenever I found a stamp, I just collected it. It didn’t matter if I already had one of that kind or if the stamp wasn’t “rare” etc. I also loved to collect pretty stones & stickers :P

Nowadays, I guess I like to collect autographs.

Elvis collectables? ZOMG *doesn’t breathe*

But yeah, it’s funny you mentioned Pokemon cards, I am actually currently playing Pokemon Diamond. It’s epic. I never bought any Pokemon cards. I thought them a waste of money/time. I was just into sports and games when I was younger. Still am.

Still, my younger brother by nine year has quite a few of them and that’s getting on a few years.
I remember when there was 150 Pokemon to collect, and now there so much more. I was like WTH is PRINPLUP? I want Squirtle. LOL.

Coins are a cool thing to collect. (Y)

I don’t collect anything. I do have a collection of DVDS though as I watch quite a lot of them. I didn’t intentionally collect them though. I just like double disks as I like watching the features too. :]

I am still thinking about Nine finding those Elvis collectables. *jealous*. LOL.

Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out how much they were worth, lol.

Over 50? That’s crazy. I wouldn’t be able to keep up, because I love having a tight relationship with my affiliates. If they don’t talk to you, get rid of them… don’t feel bad about it, it’s their fault, basically. =)

Your box of emoticons doesn’t look that bad! :) I love how they are active, haha.

Man they took out a lot of things in your area. That really sucks!

Yeah we don’t look like it AT ALL lmao.

He deff is a cutie though. Especially watching him trying to speak english, it’s DEFFO cute. And then I feel kind of bad because I’d be talking about how cute it is that he’s trying to comprehend what I’m saying while he’s totally frustrated and struggling while he mumbles “um” to himself and tries to translate whatever he’s saying into understandable english. xD Ah, the poor guy. He was pretty good though. Able to speak in english pretty well. :D

LMAO, thanks I’m glad you liked my captions.. and yeah I was totally ready to suck some dick.. LMAO. Brian’s sitting behind me and he just said, “Finally, I’ve been waiting for a while now…”

Yeah I told Tommy to cheer up and he’s usually way more smiley than that. xD

Yeahs I’m super excited to go to Austria. Sorry to hear that your cousins are losers. :O Mine are too..
Tommy compares me to shit in a basket. How nice is that…

OMG I can’t believe I never thought about googling it, I shall do that now! :D

Haha I totally remember collecting Pokemon cards! I had a few but I remember that my cousin really wanted some and I really didn’t use them so I gave them to him. Then I started collecting those little metal round things of Pokemon. I forgot what they are called.

I collect coins well in the States they make different quarter’s of all the states and I collect those. I’m also started to collect buttons.

Aww thank you Georgie! :3 Haha I guess I’m not used to Verdana yet, but I will :P Ohhh how nice! I never tried collecting coins, I should do so haha. 🙄

Haha and Matilda reminds me of my fifth grade math class, because the teacher had a bunch of Roald Dahl books across the chalk board. The only title I remember of them is Matilda. :P

YEAH I finished them, which is exciting! Now I have four more pending applications. I’m hoping to get a response soon so I can finish them up before the school year begins!

I agree, she really is an excellent role model. Plus she has yet to land herself in the press for anything negative, which I hope she continues. :) Far too many young actresses (especially in Hollywood) end up all screwed up and in the tabloids all the time.

OMG so I googled those two actors to see what they look like, and when I looked up Freddie Prinze Jr, I saw some pictures of him with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Then I was like WAIT are they married? THEY ARE. Which is exciting, just because she plays Buffy on BtVS. xD So it’s like what my mom says when my dad or I make references to the show: “It all comes back to Buffy!”

Yeah I’m the same with bands too. Besides not bothering to find things out about the members, I don’t even bother to find things out about the band itself. Just listening to the music is enough for me. :)

Aww, your poor brother. xD I like his reaction. “Damn.”

I don’t watch TV very much either, but there are certain programs I HAVE to see 🙄 … I’m in love with these smileys.. hehe

I know! And it’s a glow in the dark comb too, a definite must have of mine :)

Aw, that’s so sad! I was presenting a speech at my elementary school and the principle made a speech about a kindergardener that was punched in the face for his cards. I was like ‘WTF? 0.0’

My mum does that too! she puts all this stuff in the cabinet and I jsut think.. if you love it so much we should use it /hmph


Ahem… I collect stamps and coins… I also collect stuffed animals, handmade lampwork beads and vintage toys.

Ah I see, coins can be addicting sometimes though :P

Aww I’m sorry :( But at least she has someone else now (I hope!)

Bahaha yes big words big words. :D Yeah you’re right, I kept on clicking on “add word to dictionary” or something like that and it GOT TRICKED BAHAHAHAHAH IT EVEN HAS MY LAST NAME!! :D :D


But anyway, about your actual blog, my brother and I used to collect Pokemon cards like crazy. And then we played against each other, and he would always win. He would spend hours organizing his cards, putting them into protective sleeves, and sorting them into decks based off their element. He was pretty pro, I must admit. /pow

But then last year we gave them all to my cousin, because he decided that a 15 year old no longer needed them and they were taking up closet space. ✌️ We’re so Asian, LOL.

And shame on you for having a paid blog. But you get points for disguising it so well. 👏

Oo Pokemon card :D I used to collect them too ! I still have them now, but I don’t like it anymore. I don’t like to play the battle game with the cards. Just like collecting them /eee
I was trading too with my friends, but most of them don’t have them so I have to buy them ):

Eh, I don’t collect things, but I always wanted to collect teddy bears or snow globes. Lets see, I have 5 teddy bears and 1 snow globe xD

Same here! I loved them before I lost them. Humph. Oh well yes. I never thought of that but yep! :) I don’t think we really have cricket here. Well maybe we do and I am not aware of it, but who knows xD Cricket is similar though, right?

Yeah neither do I, but it could really help :D

I can make you a dancing pixel! I should use them as affiliate images, or maybe it’s not a good idea for people with images turned off.
I told my dad that you said hi, let’s wait for a hilarious response!
My CSS isn’t bad? /faw I really think there was something wrong with the image hover (my header). It didn’t show up anyway, so maybe that’s it? I can’t code for /poo shit /poo (hehehe!)
Yep, I can draw them! Up to 10 people, or more… just love drawing. ♥

Thanks so much! I just got 15! :)

Yup! It’s cool getting fanmail. Even if I don’t often get it :)

You work in an eduction centre? Cool!
Well, some kids get annoying but generally I get on well with most people, including little kids! I must be lucky or something.

Your brother likes them too? Who has the most cards? Just wondering! Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh and DragonBallZ cards are also in atm at my school. I toughthey stopped making them ages ago but you can still get them online and stuff.

Ooh I love Break Your Little Heart! And hey, you aren’t the only person that hasn’t gone to a concert :) My 8 year old cousin has gone to like 6 and I’m 5 years older than her and haven’t been to one!
And wow, I haven’t used a Polaroid in forever!! And I still use film every now and then because I like the “old” effect it has on pictures :)

I definitely remember the Pokemon craze :P I collected them myself, still have them all. I happen to have Arcanine in my collection too :P I also have Clefairy and Poliwrath, yeah!

Before those, I used to collect stamps and coins as well. Then I collected the old U.S. quarters, and then I collected old U.S. pennies. I collected Beanie Babies for a very brief while, and now I guess you could say I’m collecting cow plushies :P

I also guess you could say I collect panties too XD

Ohh I will XD Hahaa.
I’m not quite sure what graphics i’m gonna add, any ideas??

yeah, i hate them too.
They always try and make people buy their products. Sometimes they put products that hasn’t even gone cheaper xD Its like 2 for $4 when you can just get on for $2 , so no point ==”
Yeah, I have some stock photos but I don’t know if people will use them. It isn’t like before, how everyone was a beginner and used other people’s content or if they mad their own one, it looked horrible. Trust me, my first edits are ugly. Argh, I know they are still up somewhere for everyone to see. I can’t believe I was so proud of them xD

Wow that was a long comment, haha.

Lmfao, I had a feeling you’d get most nominations. Your site is just awesome. xD

Hahahaha. It was like that, actually. I mean I was like 12 so I was kind of polite then hahaha.

Oh that sucks. I need to get my provisional. You can’t learn to drive without it. Suckish. It costs like £50 as well. /poo

Hahaha I remember that, it was kind of sad actually. I just deleted all the comments. I was like, what the hell is the point?! Just comment normally like everyone else. :| Oh /poo stupid preview thing haha.

Haha yeah I noticed you added the @reply thing. That amuses me, I don’t know why… Lmao those comments amused me too. I mean, she was fine with the review but the person who made the layout went all psycho on you. :|

Haha yes THAT site. It was frustrating, Sarah finished the tutorials, baha.

Lol haha. You said wanka? That’s not even spelt correctly so they shouldn’t have blocked you cause you might of meant something else. 🙄

Aawww lol. My step dads too smart. It’s weird how much he knows considering he’s like 55 haha.

Wtf?! Windows live put your number on display? Thats a bit wrong isn’t it. Even if Windows Live gave me your number or anyones for that matter I wouldn’t take it and call you LOL. That’s just weird.. plus I’d be too scared haha.

I used to collect the good old Pokemon cards!!! I still have them actually. They were a huge craze here. No one actually ‘battled’ with them, they just collected them haha. I loved the ‘shinys’ lmao. Magikarp failed.

I don’t get collecting coins, like you said you’re just paying money for money.. what’s the point? Haha.

Beads and gemstones are something a lot of people collect I think. My sister used to collect live spiders. :| lmfao, now I found that rather… weird.

I used to collect pokemon cards, obviously and football stickers. We used to get football books for the Premiership (a league in England) and you used to get stickers for it to put in. Much like pokemon books if you remember those. That was fun, kept me amused for a while, heh.


My sister used to get this weird one called ‘Mizz’, it was damn cheesy. I only read the real-life stories; you know, “My Battle Against Luekaemia”. They interested me. ^^

Hehee, same. I can’t believe they even managed to get that on the TV. I mean WTF, did they blackmail them with three guns at their heads or something?
It’s too dramatic. So, who gives a fuck if you’ve just lost all your lifepoints? Your fault. LOSER.

Haha I’d love to see our Prime Minister doing something like that… preferably doing something as shit and dumb as he is… like playing Yu-Gay-Oh. ^^
Hah, yeah, that was quite a line but very true. “Fuck your damn card shit”. XD
I keep on doing that too. Even though I know it looks weird. D:

Yet. ;)

He is a fucking wanker. I can’t believe he smashed the computer up. He left it by the bush for us to see as well, so fucking rude. Haha what a douche bag. I don’t think this guy would do that. But I hope he gets evicted, because I can’t deal with it anymore. OMFG HE’S JUST PUT HIS MUSIC ON AGAIN DJFHKJDDSKJHFDSHFJDSFSKFS. GIVE IT A REST. :@

I have like 2 reviews to do. I don’t like reviewing the same sites as you, though. Your reviews are better than mine and you always find stuff I miss lmao, I feel stupid. /wah

Aww dude, you went back to uni? :( I’m sure you’ll manage to keep up. Why don’t you close review applications when you get five in the queue then re-open it when you’ve finished those? I can’t believe you keep up with it all. :|

Meh, I don’t know what WP tutorials to add. :(

lmfao, I knew I’d spelt it wrong I just couldn’t get the right spelling. It was about 1.30am though, to be fair to me /ehe

aha, I don’t exactly get excited when I DO get comments, it’s more along the lines of I get disappointed when they’re spam ;)

You never found them? What a dickhead, chances are after you left the boy went and found them himself :| Sounds like the kind of thing someone mean like him would do :|

The old midnight mist? What’s happened to it now then? _heads over there
Oh wow it’s a quotes website! That’s so cool, I love the Anberlin Quote “They lied when they said the good die young” I saw it on your msn name as well, I think? :)

Mmhm, it’s just, even when she went away before she replied to my texts..etc :|