Jewels And Bullets

Do you remember collecting Pokemon cards at all, or do you actually remember the craze? It was quite hilarious. I was about ten years old at the time, and people went crazy over them. If I recall, I had about 70 different cards of the Pokemon themselves.

They are definitely one of the types of collectible cards, and definitely ones that were popular, more popular than other sports cards and such.

I used to collect Pokemon cards, as I mentioned, and I always attempted to get my hands on the rare and stronger ones. Who wanted Magikarp? Well, people were mentioning how Magikarp was good, because it would evolve into Gyrados, which is “so much better”.

I remember my friends and I fighting over the Pokemon card Arcanine. So much health and so much damage. They even banned the cards at my school because of all the drama it caused. Now that Pokemon cards aren’t so popular anymore, they might soon be considered rare, but you can still find them online.

Collectibles don’t always have to be popular or fought over. My dad collected stamps for a while. New or used, he collected them all. He had albums full of them, and they got so full that he had to keep the excess in plastic bags or in pots. 😅

My dad also liked to collect coins. Firstly – collecting coins is a bit of a laugh for me. Most collectible coins are expensive, which I think defeats the purpose. It’s like buying money for more money than the money is actually worth.

We have fifty-cent coints here in Australia, and they’re in the shape of a dodecagon (twelve sides). They always have new designs every year and for many occasions. It’s the biggest coin in Australia – talking size – and it’s quite a nice size to fit a fancy design on. 🙂

But then this collectible round fifty-cent coin became available. It was offered free with the purchase of one of the newspapers. Unfortunately my dad missed out. But I discovered you can actually find these things online along with buying guides. Maybe my dad doesn’t need a buying guide; he just wants to buy the coin he likes! 😉

Personally, I have collected more weird things. Raffle tickets happened to be one of them. I also collected beads and gemstones. Surprisingly I also discovered the gemstones online. I have been wanting to buy something online for a while, but haven’t decided what. I hope I don’t get into the habit of collecting all these funny things again, because I felt a bit weird collecting these odd (but pretty) rocks.

So as I was browsing ShopWiki, I also found a lot of memorabilia that could be collected. I remember Nnie and I talking about an antique store she went to, and finding some Elvis memorabilia there.

Some of these things are pretty rare, and I suppose even now, when I come across something I think is rare, I will just buy it.

I came across an old Smashing Pumpkins box set in an opportunity shop, and I deemed it as a rare collectible! 😁

I know different people like to collect different things, and I’m curious. What do you like to collect?

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