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I wholly do not appreciate many things that a lot of other people do. And I felt like talking about them.

Firstly, I do not like people “comment whoring”. I am assuming that few people use the actual term. Basically, someone comments on multiple websites in an attempt to gain more visitors or hits. They leave a comment and the owner returns the comment to their website.

Fair enough. I attempt to return every comment that I receive. Of course, I don’t appreciate people leaving comments not related to the blog, or not related to a conversation we are having. “Hi, nice site!” is a perfect example. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell me that I have a nice website, but try to comment on the blog or leave a more thoughtful comment (maybe about why my website is nice?).

But that aside – I understand that people visit other sites to get a comment back or for a bit of exposure. That is fine so long as you leave a blog-related comment.

So now I get to the phonies (and I’m hinting at The Catcher in the Rye here, one of my favourite books). I receive what I think is a nice comment on my website, and then I visit that person to kindly return their comment.

When I read their blog, I get something along the lines of this:

Oh my god… I haven’t been very active! I’m so sorry. I went to the gym today and then I went to visit Nina. We had a lot of fun just bumming around and listening to music.


Anyway, sorry about the short blog. I’m going to go bloghop and go and find some blogs to comment on. My website is losing so many visitors! /hehe

That really ticks me off. Why? Because I receive nice comments from visitors, and visit them back, only to find that they were possibly commenting on my website to gain a comment back. Comment whoring. I find it very rude.

I return to their comment and read it over. It’s obvious they’re not putting much thought into the comment at all. You can see right through them. /sus

Another thing I do not appreciate is people being irrational. This perhaps? If you read that, it will explain the whole idea of being irrational. Someone felt the need to comment on my review. Fair enough. But saying that I was rude, when it wasn’t even their review, and when I had previously reviewed them three times without any problems, is just uncalled for.

So this sparked up some random comments I heard, regarding me and my – let’s just put it colloquially – “Grammar Nazi-ness”. Comments along the lines of my grammar (and English in general) being so bad that I should not be correcting other people.

For argument’s sake, I will now assume that my English is horrible, I cannot spell, and I use “your stupid” instead of “you’re stupid”. If so, why do I not have the right to correct someone’s grammar in a review when I think it is wrong? Perhaps I have bad grammar, but if I spot an error I will point it out.

So to the truth. I am not horrible at English. If I was, I would not have made it into a gifted/talented school and done advanced English. I would not even have been accepted to write numerous articles for my school yearbook or school newsletter. I would not be doing a communications degree in university right now.

And don’t even get me started on Americans who keep telling me I can’t spell “organisation” and “colour”. If you were well educated, you would know that Australian, British and American English have subtle differences. And just for the record, English originated in England. (I want to plug Jorja for sharing this viewpoint with me, particularly as British English and Australian English are quite similar, and for being my Grammar Nazi buddy. ♥️ )

Lastly, I do not appreciate it when people underestimate my anger. I can be a very angry person. I am sensitive like many other people. If I am annoyed, don’t take it as incentive to further annoy me as a joke.

I was thinking about something else to blog about, but this just came out. I added more stock images to the visitor section so feel free to take a look! :)

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Ngawweee /faw

Heehee, it’s hard to comment on this blog because I don’t get either visitors or comments /bounce



Shut up James, you do get visitors and comments. When you actually blog. :P

Wowee, it opens up all these /bounce

Heehee 🤤

Poor Jajajina! Jojojina, Jujujina… Jejejina, Jijijina… Joe. Haha, Joe! /hehe How crap is my current humour?
I’m a Grammar Nazi too! In fact, I’m making a website about it. A hatelisting for grammar noobs.

I even made a little icon (to match my messenger picture). ;)

Anytime someone says “your stupid”, I reply with “my stupid what? Enemy? That’s you.”
I see that you’ve been moody lately (no offense;) what’s wrong? :)
Always unhappy, poor little Joe! Joe-Gina!
Little guy in a wheelchair from Family Guy! D:


Okay. My comment is now returnable. A bit. :)

Agreed! Pointless comments are lame.

If you want more visitors, fix your site to make it better. Comment whoring is LAME. It’s as if you have no life…==…

Pointless comments are annoying. Like okay, if someone knows me quite well at leaves a lame comment as a joke, I’ll laugh at it, but if I actually had a site and random people were like ‘WOOT! FIRST COMMENT! NICE BLOG’, I’d personally virtual slap them in my next blog. URGH!

Poor you! You get so many comments. And some of them are stupid heads! ==

Hmph! @ those stupidheads saying your English isn’t good enough to correct others. Your English is awesome. Hello, you’re English-EDUCATED. Really. What are they thinking. I bet all their arguments were full of crappy mistakes and crap.

And at those people who keep pointing out not-errors. Honestly, you don’t correct it when they spell “colour” as “color”. Jesus Christ, show some consideration…==…

Besides, as an analogy, even though I am completely clueless when it comes to html or whatever, I would still point it out if I saw this random dead image. Why should spelling correction be something different?

What stupid, bureaucratic people. Hmph! Don’t listen to them, Georgie!

Wow comment whoring!:D It’s so true with the explanation you created. I get a couple of those on my comment blog where they should be placed on the tag board. Thanks for pointing that out Georgina…

I know you mentioned on your blog how people start their comments with sorry for not being active but I’m apologising for having that huge absence and lack of updating for about two weeks…it was due to the fact that my parents took my family to an unexpected holiday to melbourne for the two weeks holidays and such…sorry again.

I havent really been through the situation were americans comment on australian english spelling but i can tell by the way you explained it, it must be really annoying. /angry

Hey Georgie!
I agree with the WHOLE blog. Completely. I’d only comment on a blog if I was actually interested. And I noticed yours is mainly the one I comment on. All your blogs are interesting.;

I can’t say I hate bad grammar and punctuation because mine isn’t so good itself…

What you put in the blockquote of an example of someones blog, I found it quite rude when they said “I’m going to bloghop now and get some hits” D:

Oh dear, what Morgan commented on that review. If someone posts an opinion on it, it should be the person the review is about.

Anyway, I’m going to take a nap now, where I am, it’s raining terribly and it’s also thundering, so yeah… D:

We so need to make that clique for Grammar Nazis. Think of the members we’d gain. ;)

When people tell me ‘your stupid’ I say ‘Uhh, look at that mate and tell me who’s the stupid one’.
Comment whorers are just as bad as online spammers… no life.
Be proud of me… it took an hour to change my articles to PHP. XD I was getting distracted…
And then I’m doing my portfolio at the moment. I am dreading doing the reviews. D:

I should do a month a day! :D That would be easier. ^^
AND OMG, your English isn’t horrible. Your blogs, articles, poems and reviews are great, they show you have really good English. Baha betcha my school wouldn’t let me anywhere near writing an article. In 6th Form we write the school magazine though.
I’m not that good at English. I just like to think I am. XD LMFAO.

I can’t believe it when Americans tell me I’ve spelt something wrong just ‘cuz they think proper English should be spelt THEIR WAY. Maybe it’s the other way around, savvy. Like I said in my other comment, US English? Errrr…. NO. It’s ENGLAND. That’s the only thing my country is good for, bahaha. XD
Gee. I sounded patriotic there. O_O
I’m not a patriot… I just spell how I’ve been shown… and KOH-LOR?
{insert usual conversation here}

Thanks for the plug, Grammar Nazi buddy. :D I agree with every word in this blog. *salute*

You are definitely right!
How can somebody be that arrongant and selfish to just write:”Oh, nice site!” and than totally expects to get a nice comment back??!!
I mean, I write this if I like the site, but I explain WHAT I liked (as you said).
For the grammar part: I’m not good in english grammar. Its kinda different from the german one but I think that for me (as I have english as a second language) its not THHHHAAAT important to get everything right as long as the people understand what I’m talking about. You do understand me if I mix the tenses up, dont you?
I always write a mix of british english and american english because I just dont know all the differences :P

Oh, and btw, The Catcher in the Rye really is one of your favorite books???!!!
I had to read it in english class and totally disliked it. But I guess, I just didnt get it all right…
So, you have to help me next year with the english exams :P

Kisses Kristin

These things seem to be pretty hard to deal with, I guess. Though yeah I’m finding it to be a bit harsh when people only comment like saying “visit my site!!!” and especially if they add something like “twice the content here!”. That would be fucked up and like really freakingly pissing me off! /pow Some people are just whores themselves. No wonder it’s called comment whoring. :D

Woo!!! Goooo International English and booo US English! xD LOL. At school we learn in the British way since I go to an English speaking school and all, and at one time in class my English teacher is like “Because the Americans are stupid and lazy and stole the original language and claimed it as their own”. LOL. xDDD

More work, so much fun! :P
Wow! People call popsicles a lot of different things, Georgia from hiddentragedy calls them ice lollies. Although I never thought of a coloured ice block. @_@

Ughh, I hate little snotty kids, they’re like “I want juice!” And it’s quite clear they can get it themselves, babysitters are NOT servants :X

I hate that. It’s so annoying, like, if your gonna comment. you have to be polite. Not for hits, but because you actually admire the site! That’s what advertising is for..

Wow, yeah comment whoring is really wrong! If you seriously are desperate about getting hits then why don’t you apply for advertising at another site? That’s just my opinion on the blog :) I think your blog had a wonderful point! Good job Georgina! Oh how’s the whole fat cat ordeal? hehe please comment back :p

Opps sorry I inserted the wrong URL! Please reply to this URL!

I guess that people who move a lot want to stay put, and people who don’t travel want to move around :P I want to find the right balance though, and stop moving 😒

Haha! My parents aren’t that bad, they know how to check history and stuff. That’s funny about your brother though /eee

I hate people who do the stupid little comments like ‘nice site!’ and then you go to someone else’s site and find the exact same comment /angry

Oh wow, you do reviews… I’m going to check that out, I’ve been wanting a review lately :)


Ha, sometimes when I’m bored and feel like reading something, I browse other blogs and comment. But only if I have something to say – I’m usually going through link-by-link and I end up reading a lot of blog posts and not even commenting on them.

I try not to be one of those people who visits a ton of sites and comments for the sake of hits, but sometimes it looks like that way. :P

Good night!
Thanks, I just re-installed it!
I think the error was my CSS which I made a txt file of:
I love you too!
And I love you too again for the second time you said it. /faw

I hate it when people do that! Today I got a comment that said:

Hey WordPress!

WTF does that mean? You could have at least left a more thoughtful comment!
I don’t like it when people use incorrect spelling or grammar, even though I do it every once in a while too. But some people are older than me and I write better! It kind of amazes me /faw

Hey my lovely affiliate!
I moved due to problems with my host. Please change my link ASAP :)
(by the way this is Lauren from ohxl. Just telling you since you have 2 Laurens as affiliates)

OOOO now i get it! XD thats cooll! Where’d you go?

oo ahah sorry xD; I guess its more popular in the US; They had to close a few here too, but for some reason they were the popular ones…that just made the unpopular ones popular xD

I’ve heard of the book Catcher in the Rye! My sister had to read that and do a play for it. They hated it xD; I’m glad you liked it though XD

Wow, I could see the steam rolling off this post! Haha.. You know what I really hate.. is when you are blog hopping and take the time to read someones blog, leaving a decent comment about there blog and just being a great commenter… THAN
they come to your site and leave a comment on your blog JUST replying back to what you had said instead of actually taking the time to read YOUR blog as well and comment on it.. damn that pisses me off.

People. People.. gah. I wont even go there because than I’ll leave a novel of a comment hahah!

I’ve actually become quite lost in translation. Sometimes I spell color.. color.. then sometimes colour.. ack. I gave up on really caring. Another thing that bothers me is why does every have to point out grammar when your arguing something in the first place? Like your not arguing about the way you spell your arguing about this certain action or a certain thing and then they go all.. hey its actually you’re* .. okay. Thank you for that information now can we continue what we really are arguing about.. I just give up on even arguing with people these days.. its just not logical.

wow.. and I knew this comment was going to be long.

I found a friend for Meiko.. finallyy.. I’m so excited! It will be on my next blog ;p

Thanks for applying, your review is in the queue /eee

Hehe x
Good blog btw, I find them people rude too, I had a lot when I made piczo websites. They came along and said ‘Nice site, come visit mine’ and then they left their URL. Sometimes they were so rude that they put their URL as their name so I didn’t even know what they were called and they excpected me to visit their website!

Oh my god! My site has been linked to my old site this whole time XD Sorry about that XD

Your blog is completely correct! I can get my English wrong sometimes, but I am just careless at times. XD On the other hand, not knowing that “color” can be spelled “colour” too is sad. :( Yeah I agree that they should at least tell you why!

Haha yeah I was grounded but now I am un-grounded!! YIPEE! Ahah ticklish! Haha I wish tickly was a word… :D Oh well I like to make up words XD

I see blogs like that all the time, and they expect you to comment blogs like that? Nice name for the whole thing…. comment whoring hahahahaha. 👏

When you reviewed me, I was actually really glad when you corrected me on all those grammar mistakes. Goes to show, none of us are perfect. And you’re completely right about the whole English from England thing. We all have to remember, we’re speaking “the language of England” and we’ve just.. slanged it. It happens to every language. 😰

Public computers are never equipped with the cool stuff that’s why Tahoma wasn’t there. ^^

I like your little mention of your actual site at the very end. XD

Well… those are the breaks, I guess. It’s stupid (I’m thinking of that chick getting all pissed at you about the review), but nothing to do about it than ignore it, I guess (definitely easier said than done).

I hate comment whoring, too… or rather, tagboard whoring (as I have yet to experience the other one). I realize now that I went around saying “Nice site!” on tagboards if I thought they had a nice site (honesty is the best policy ;] )… hmm… maybe I should write a guide for site n00bs. ;)

Exactly! I couldn’t pinpoint it before, but that’s exactly it! “snugglies” by itself just sounds… boring and lame… like it’s missing something. :P

Man, I do this every time — I reply to the top comment and then don’t see that someone (this time obviously you) commented again. XD

I like lovesnuggles. Hugsnugs is so short and sounds almost strange.

Ugh. So hard. I think the “polkadork” one sounds cute, but the other ones sound like… better… names for a site. :S

Oh hey, lovesnuggles is available! XD

I completely understand about what you mean about the grammar and all but your English isn’t horrible! It’s really good! You seem to pick up all the stuff others miss with their writing and such when you do your reviews and that’s really helpful!
I think I’m luck I don’t get many of thoe comment whores yet, so I feel sorry for you. It’s so annyoing when people are like that and they have no meaning to their comments or anything.

you, know sometimes my brothers more than frequent txtng can be helpful too. He’s styaing at my Dad’s this weekend and I’m not and already he’s bored!

hahahhaa I think my inspiration come back. I talked with my ex-best friend and I feel better. We still know very well each other and she always make me laugh. Today I got new jeans. My mom told me that I have big ass, and I told her, she started laugh and told me to show her my ass, so, I showed her. SHe said that now, she will always admire my add. WTF:)) She made my day better and gave me inspiration and so I ut 36 pngs and wrote 1 tutorial. I’m proud of myself. HAHAHHAHA

Well, when I mean a bad color scheme it’s aboiut a green background with pink text and red content or I dunno. Something bad^^.

It was a very interesting blogWell, should I stop here? Well, as you said, I’m gonna say why it’s an interesting blog. Well, because you pointed the things that many people do, even me. Why I say even me? Because sometimes, when I’m bored, I comment other people website and read their blog with hope that I’ll receive a nice comment back and people visit me again and again, and so I’ll gain a new visitor and maybe a new friend(this thing happened me many times). Yes, I’m doing this, but I never said in my blog “I’m gonna comment few sites because I loose my visitors”. It’s kinda stupid and when people will see that I don;t think will be very hmmmm excited of it. Well, everyone have t9imes when they loose visitors. those things happens. for example last 2 days I lost few visitors because I wasn’t active and I haven’t more than 170, but that’s not a crime and I’m not going to blog about it. Some things have to be secret:D

Well, Another thing that I like and you pointed out is that people say you have a bad grammar. WTF? Those people are kinda stupid. You have a very good grammar, if not you wouldn’t helped so many people and write so many articles and good tutorials and blogs that are comment. Also I have people who say your instead you’re. I think your is a VERY different of you are, and from English I learned on school I know that you use “your” and you talk about an object that a person own and “you’re” when you talk about the existence of that person. Am I stupid? This remind me of a person who left me a comment today she said something like:
“Do you know what affiliates mean? They are link exchanges in sidebar to win more traffic. They aren’t friends who comment each other’s blogs and. […]

your an idiot

Well, this is kinda stupid. she used your here, and in my opinion is totally wrong. Also affiliates are friends in my opinion.

Yeah, you’re right Britsh, Australian and American English are different, but if you use your English that not means that it’s incorrect. In my opinion those people should go to hell!

I love you!!!! /love /hehe

I think I wrote an article here…it’s so long 😰 /bash /oh

Thank you for the comment. :]
I completely understand .. well not really. I know what you mean, but I haven’t really gotten comments like that. Knock on wood.
On a happier note, I saw your stocks, and they are pretty sweet. I am going to have use some coming up in the near future.

Haha. I have about 20 thousand Neopets gold, or whatever you call it. I forgot. : But, yeah it’s been a long time, I just checked my account yesterday! I tried playing again, but hehe I just got bored of it.

And what the …? Probably someone reported you saying you swore on the guild. Who knows? Neopets have a lot of issues. Pfft. :P

Also I think you brought up a good point in your blog. And are Americans actually commenting on your grammar? WOW. Very uneducated people.

I myself is American, but wow I did not know people here would be so ignorant. I am actually thinking about studying in Europe and would like to learn the differences too, but the spelling differences are easy to be accustom to, no?

haha I agree on that (:
I prefer more insightful/thoughtful comments.

I sometimes used both (color/colour) since I’m half-half? o.O but I use the American English in school of course.

My grammar were horrible before I move to the US :P after taking 2 years of ESL (English second language, pretty self explanatory, for people whose Eng are their 2nd language where they focus on grammar and all those basic stuff) my grammar were so much better, better than some of the locals.

On my 2nd yr of ESL I was placed on a Pre-AP English class – I have two English class that year. Then the 3rd year I got into GT (hooray! XD Although I’m not the “smartest” in those class)

omgz @.@ my baby bro is crying!! I have to take care of him(and my two other siblings and grandparents) from 7am-5pm on alternate days. I’m exhausted by the time my parents come back home XD and too tired to get on the computer and update/post.

((referred from blog))

I agree with you. (Y)
I do reply on every comment I receive, but you can tell most of them want hits to their sites. I see comment whoring in a lot of tagboards.

English is tricky, that’s why I don’t like it. Especially people like me who speak broken English.
“organisation” and “colour” I used to spell color like that until someone said I was wrong. I guess I was right.

You’re very welcome for being the 70th commenter on your last post lol. As for this one, I totally agree with you on the commenting whore ordeal. Sure everyone loves comments, and loves to get and return the favor/them, but just to be a comment whore is totally uncalled for. I don’t blame you for your spelling errors, as I do have the intendency to misspell my own language. However, I do like the australian way of the word color to colour. It’s how you talk, so yeah. I get what you’re saying. Just ignore those idiots.

There are a lot of phonies everywhere you go these days. It depresses me if I have to wonder if someone is being genuine or not.

I would not be surprised if the people who claim your grammar is terrible wrote with all their words spelled incorrectly and their commas used improperly. Like you, it bothers me so much when someone completely ignores the fact that all forms of English are not equal. I actually ranted about that in my article “Don’t Act Like You Know Everything.” People think they know something, but they really don’t. I had someone tell me in a review that I spelled a couple words wrong in a paper I submitted for a university writing course (that is in my writing section), and those words were correct in American English. Does it really take that much effort to check for alternate spellings, especially when it comes to correcting those who are from different English-speaking countries? Although I have read an English grammar textbook cover to cover multiple times, even I don’t deem myself too high and mighty to check a few sources before correcting someone. Ugh.

Anyway, I understand your anger. I am glad that you are willing to point out when others act like idiots toward you. I only hope that their skulls aren’t so thick that they feel they aren’t the subject of your blog posts.

*sigh* People really DO fail. Paige and Morgan are just.. *insert bad words* 🤫 I can’t believe someone said that you needed to learn “proper English.” 🙄 *facepalm* Oh, you SO need to add a *facepalm* emoticon. :P You are the most Grammar Nazi-ish person I know.

Ugh, I hate when people go blog hopping, too. :/ It’s so annoying! If they actually READ the blog as they were comment whoring, and they were thoughtful about it, I wouldn’t mind as much. but most of the time, it IS just “Nice site.”

I think commenting on people’s blogs is like applying for affiliates. I personally do it to make friends–to chat and talk about what they’re talking about at the time, like you said in your blog–and I also do it for exposure, but I don’t like acting like an idiot.

If these “commenting whores” can’t bother to even comment about what the blog was about; then I’d just put them in the spam folder. Seriously, are people that desperate for hits these days? /angry

Comment whoring sucks. I just comment on blogs that I like. I won’t comment on terrible blogs… unless I’m returning comments because it’s rude if I’m not returning comments that people leave. People who comment on other people’s blog to get some hits are pathetic. Just go to hell.

I don’t know why some people comment on my site with “Nice site!” “Lovely site!” WTF. It sucks, seems like they don’t have something to talk about. What the hell is wrong with giving a response on my blog? -,-

I have to say that I’m not really good at English (Because I learn English myself and English isn’t my first language). But I do know the difference between Australian, American and British English. And people who said that your English sucks=stupid. Your English is really good–and on your reviews of my site you’ve helped me improving my English.

(I just realized you still had me linked under reviews, you can take me down!)

And also, some people have commented about being bad at drawing stick figures lol.

Some people are madmen (trying to quote another ‘Catcher In The Rye’ reference word, although phonies fits better). That’s one of my favorites too, I’ve read it at least six times.

I’m guessing that no matter how many times you post this topic, people still comment with silly junk. I think it’s silly when people go blog hopping for more comments, but that’s just how some people are.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a grammer nazi!

Lol, phonies ^_^ I love Catcher in the Rye as well, especially as he refers to everything and everyone as being “phony” heh heh. Holden Caulfield is amazing ♥ Bleh, comment whores clearly don’t understand the concept of writing a blog, reading others, and commenting ON THE BLOG. They just want their site to be popular, so whenever their hits/visitors go down, they feel the need to point it out to everyone, and then make a big deal out of commenting random sites 🙄

D: You don’t have horrible English! What the heck? I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen on grammar mistake on your site /hmph You’re right, it’s pure ignorance whenever someone says that you spell words such as “color” wrong instead of “colour”, because they *should* know that either way is not wrong, it’s just how the different countries spell it.

I’m going to go check out the stock images /eee

oo cooll!! Thats like when i went to the Bahamas. We went to this buffet like EVERYDAY xD; It was my fav. (:

ah yea; I remember it being the news or something like that XD;

Aww thanks; they’re my favorite colors !

Yeah I can be bossy to friends ;) I also fight with my parent also. Mostly my mom. I don’t know why but we have a lot of fight about stupid stuff XD Me too! I wasn’t sure what it was called but when I figured out it was blockquote I was so excited! XD

Series are the best in my opinion because it is a longer and better story :) Although I don’t really like cliff hangers because they bother me. I just have to know what happens! XD

Yeah it keeps switching my URL but now it is one Cloud Kisses :P Why do people have to be so rude? It’s not hard to at least comment one thing about the blog. I do that sometimes when I can’t think of a way to comment about the blog. I just say “Oh yeah I totally agree” or “Glad you had fun!” or something like that. At least have something related. D: I think it’s just laziness or they don’t realize it’s rude. D:

Lol really? I started on piczo. Role-Playing, actually. XP

Lol I think you get paid enough, too. :) If you’re enjoying your pay, then yay! :D

Oh really? Cool.

Ew I hate it when people do that. Swetlana at Fake Tragedy and I were talking about that a while back, and I actually blogged about it, also. I find it to actually be quite an interesting subject. I might write an article on it, but to be honest I don’t think my articles are even close to the best out there- I really like Jorja’s. :)

Yeah, I saw that comment, and I was thinking along the lines of: “WTF is this girl’s problem? :S” If she didn’t like the review, then why read it? :P So what if you thought the header image was a bit overwhelming or something? Sheesh not everything is perfect,

Yes, I agree completely with both the fact that some people come and just say: “Hi, Nice website!” and about American/British spelling.

I mean, if you’re just going to come and say nice site, say why. For example, I do think that your website is wonderful, I’m not going to lie. It has amazing stock images. Everyone likes your pixels! And you get so many review applications(I was going to apply for one a while ago, but I looked at the queue first and noticed that it was very long. :P)! Your tutorials have helped me more than many times. So yes, I have a good reason to love your website. Also, your blogs are enjoyable to read. :)

I really don’t like it when American’s correct my spelling. It makes me pissed. In reviews I don’t mind as much, although when they just come out and say it, I find it quite rude. Who cares if “colour” has a “u” or not, or if “organised” has a “z” or an “s”? It’s just a stupid letter. >.<

Anyways, I hope you're doing okay lately. :) Sorry for the long(ish) comment! ;)

That was probably the longest comment I’ve ever posted; EVER. xD

GAH. Ignorant people again. When we just talked about them. That happened to me too, I was browsing through one of my affiliates’ website, and she was feeling pretty down at the time and in her blog she said that she was really depressed. I commented something along the lines of: “I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon!” And many other people did the same. Well, one person said “Hehe nice blog, LOL.” /hmph WTF? She’s really depressed, and you say “NICE BLOG” and “LOL”? It’s just retarded 😰

Argh, that must really suck. I also hate it when that happens, for example if people say “dropped by” or “was here”. WTF? As you said in your article, you wouldn’t knock on someone’s door saying “was here”. /hmph My tagboard was spammed by several of these. I was so ticked off. (Hope that isn’t a bad word…) But I tried my best to control myself and restrain from typing something to challenge them, lol. :P Serves her right, BTW. You should have deleted her. That reminds me again – I also find it very ignorant (I’m not sure if this is the right word though?) when people treat people according to who they are. Grr. /pow

I spell “colour” “colour” too! :D And I spell “theatre” “theatre”! :D :D :D Yay for me and you, whoopdedo. :P

Omg, I hate comment whoring, too! It’s so stupid and pointless. People will comment and say, Nice Site. Err, okay. /oh You can at least tell me why it’s nice or add some emphasis. I usually won’t return the comment to their site. I’ll reply to them on my site saying, Thanks. Lol. Since you gave little effort, I will do the same. /eee

I also hate it when people give one sentence comments when you have a lengthy post. If your going to do that, you might as well not comment. Obviously you don’t care enough for the topic to give a more detailed comment. You don’t have to force yourself to comment. That’s how it is in my eyes. 🙄

You get a lot of comments about grammar. Does it really matter? I’d be like, it’s my site so, stfu. JK! That’s mean. /hehe

Wow, hair down to your knees? That is super long! My hair has never been THAT long (just to my butt). How did you manage it? Lol.

Goood (:
Your reviews nearly done by the way, just looking at all your spellings now (:

you’re so right about the ‘comment whoring’ thing. People do it all the time, and yeah it does bug me sometimes too. People are like ‘nice site, check out mine!’ or something.

I’m also a major grammar freak aswell, mainly when people get their “there”, “their” and “they’re” mixed up and their “too”, “to” and “two”. I don’t know why, it’s just something that bugs me and i always correct people on it.

I suddenly have the need to make a joke ;)

But yes, people who comment whore are kind of… annoying as hell. “Great post! Look forward to seeing more on this topic!” are ones that I get quite frequently – they get marked as spam so I won’t have to personally moderate any future comments I get from that IP address. I don’t even bother checking on that person’s blog and I don’t bother giving an explanation for it. Takes too much effort from *my* part to do that. I’m a lazy, lazy, lazy person.

As I’m from Canada, I get exposed to both British spellings and American spellings. I’m prone to using British spellings for most words, mostly because some words just look odd with the American spellings. Like.. “traveller” looks more right to me than “traveler”. The L just looks like it needs a friend :)

After the working of TWO HOURS
Your review is done (: And my hand hurts :(

rAMEN girlfriend. As an American, I apologize for all of the dumbasses that don’t realize you spell words differently because Daniel Webster changed the English language. Mother effer. Anyway, .. YEAH JUST IGNORE THEM. They’re all just ignorant.

OMG WTF. Your grammar/english is not terrible at all. They’re probably saying it’s terrible because their grammar is terrible. Please send me links or something, I want to lulz @ them with you. This is ridiculous.

Remember that girl that reviewed your site and gave your grammar 2/5 or something ridiculous even though she didn’t know how to use apostrophes to begin with? haha what a dumb beezy.

I totally wrote a blog about this a while ago, it really does irk me as well. I get a lot of “hey nice site” comments a lot so I just return their comments with, “thanks for stopping by”. That’s all they’re gonna get out of me!! Suckas. Just be passive aggressive.

If they give you a half-assed comment, give them a quarter-assed comment!

Huh? I got no spam email, what was that about?

Yes, it got rid of my bored :P I am probably going to do another review now, welldone on your review (:
My head still hurts from doing it /bounce

OMG! That’s just really scary in that accident! OMG. We never had one like that, THANK GOD. OMG. Hope you were ok! I watched it on TV on the news about stuff like that and all… very scary! No wonder you were screaming. Of course you scream! The fear of dying and stuff. Wow it was quite a long time now.

Thanks! Oh I do. :) Yeah we were; my mum would’ve been seriously injured though if she was in the driver’s seat (behind it) since that was where the car is mostly like fucked up. Yup we are. Thanks, Georgie! :)

Yes, they changed it. Haha. It’s everywhere on English books and all. Especially my textbook for GCSEs and IGCSEs. :P

Haha. Yes, ma’am! /bounce

Wow you have so many blinkies. Iv been on your site so many times and read your blogs alot but i dont think i have ever made a coment. I agree with you, my spelling is shoking but im sick of being told to splell ‘colour right’ by the people who spell it color.

I used to be one of thoes comment whores when i was with piczo but then i started taking website making more seriously. Now i get so pissed when people leave comments like “hi love the site please visit” , it even happens when my site is being workd on and there are no available links and the home page is a mess lol. How could you love my site like that?

Talk again soon :)

Thats what I ment to say, it said it was from me?
What was it about? Did it say my IP address or my name? I just had a spam, I went onto my website and it came up 100 times in a new tab then kept repeating in a new internet. It really freaked me out, I couldnt close the internet either /oh
Oh well, yeah you can. Its Alice ( review. I better start on it hehe /eee

If it was my name it could of been me signing up for your scavenger hunt?

I have put you to give free advertising on the new Cookiedough’s Team Challenge
Before I start the competition, I need your permission to offer free advertising from you. Please quickly reply to this.

See how much advertising im saying at

Hey Georgina!
No problem XD , I do the same, I think I usually leave a blog- related comment… But I usually get “hit” comments like “Hi nice site, visit mine” and stuff. People should really read your “how to comment” article. XD

I don’t correct peoples grammar, really cause I’m afraid it might actually be right XD The good thing about Firefox is it has a spell-check thing anyway XD

I find your reviews fair and honest, anyway :) They aren’t snappy and rude, like that girl said… D:

Yeah, it was thundering, but the weather’s better now, so it’s alright :)

Chloe x

Gooood (: x

Oh, what form was it? My friend was messing about on one of your pages doing weird things. If you tell me i’m sure I could ask her on MSN.

Ooh, just looking at your smiles; I have this one – /ehe on msn! Hmmm, idk who put it on MSN, I didn’t though, lol. UGH, comment whoring, I’ve never heard that phrase used before, but now that I have I’ll be on the lookout :P 😒 Ugh, so you went to a school for the gifted, and someones telling YOU what English is right or wrong? Nubs. :D Yeah, I’m from Ireland, and I spell ‘color’ as ‘colour,’ and I get annoyed because people spell it without the U UGH it’s so irritating, LMAO! /poo <– HAHAHAH! That's so cool! Did you make those smileys? /faw

OMG, I totally agree with you! I hate it when you get those comments. Or the ones where it says something like “Hey I agree with what you said in your blog, you wrote it really well, come and check out my site @, I completely made up the kinda website that they probably would have linked)” – Clearly copied and pasted when they neither a)know what the blogs about and b) posted it on a blog where all that was writting was (something along the lines of) “sorry for being inactive” I saw once. I mean, pls, how can you agree with that? I’ve had comments like that once or twice but now all I do is ‘spam’ them, because it pretty much is spam comments. Advertising themselves in a comment is pretty low.

Do you know the other kind of blogs that are mega annoying? (I’ve moved on from comments to blogs now ;)) The ones where they leave you a comment and you reply it and all of the blogs you see they’ve(is that good enough English grammar for you? :P ) ever written are “sorry I haven’t blogged for ages but I promise I’ll update the content for you all as soon as I can!” I mean, sure if you’ve been away but some people post things like that every few days! I mean, it’s your website, you can update it whenever the hell you want, you shouldn’t have to apologise. I mean, it’s different if you’ve been on hiatus or closed for a while because then you’ve not actually been around but when you’ve just not blogged for A DAY, that’s just pointless. I know my friend Susanna ( wrote a really good article on that once but she seemed to have disappeared. :/

tehe, yeah, my spring really was a lifesaver :) Tehe, did you like the way I cleverly inserted that lolly you was talking about into there? ;) I’ve never heard of those lollies but they sound pretty cool :D

Yeah, I kinda can’t login to twitter so sorry I disappeared. Everytime I refresh the page it says it cannot find the server and it’s obviously just me ’cause I can see other peoples updates on twitterfox (I just can’t post my own). I started to upload the vlog (for four hours!) and it had about two hours remaining and the storm cut out my connection so I got angry and closed it. I’ve started re-uploading it but it still has six hours remaining. /angry

I kinda vlagged you in the vlog (I’ll explain in the vlog when it’s uploaded) so look out for that ;)

woah crap. Sorry for the blog-lengthed comment. I kinda got carried away, clearly /ehe

& I forgot to sign out with the pirate poop :0

💀 /poo

Same thing happened to me once, at HP. These teens in front kept on giggling really loudly and saying that Harry was fit (errrr, no) and just being annoying. Stuff like ‘OMG look at his BEARD’ and ‘Uh-huh, uh-huh, SNAPE KILLED FUCKING DUMBLEDORE’. I mean WTF?!!
And I betcha ‘cinema’ is a Aussie/Brit word,it’s ‘theater’ in America.

Bahaha my brother gets by… I know it’s him ‘cuz my sister hates my music and my brother likes some songs. ^^ Like Break Your Little Heart. ;)
Same; parking in spaces for the disabled in unfair ’cause although they’re often empty there are a lot of disabled people around, one of Jared’s friend has been in a wheelchair since he was seven. D:

Haha online is easy… bitches who won’t tell you they think you’re one and talk about you behind your back. Bah.
One of my other offline pet peeves is SLOW WALKERS. And when they walk in the middle of the pavement so you can’t walk past them without getting run over by a car.

It’s awesome how it opens all the little boxes… bahaha, so smexy. ;D Teeeheee! :D

I also think it’s wrong when they believe they’re right but it’s actually not the proper way. AND OMG. No, ‘Kohlor’. XD
Zed. Sounds cooler. :P Jared says zee though ‘cuz he’s a moron.

Hmm, same, Jenn told me she spells like me and so do most Canadians unless they’re really America-fied. XD

Baha, you’re amazing. Domains domains domains. ^^ Better think of a name sometime. XD Or make a fanlisting for proper grammar, lmfao. XD
Hehe thank you. *bows* Obviously I’m not perfect, no one is. XD

Yes but your country is bigger. So yours is more of the bomb. XD I mean we’ve only got London to show off, lmfao. XD And bad weather.

Ahoy, like we’re at sea huh? Wow weird, I’m listening to the POTC soundtrack right now… XD

That is so annoying when people say that you spell “color” as “colour” is wrong. I know that most countries like Australia and New Zealand’s English is based on British English and different from American-English. How sad,they didn’t know that -.-

Yes,I agree that comment whoring is rude. I mean people don’t just comment in order only to get comments back. Okay, so that is fine but comment something that doesn’t even related to the person’s blog? They’re so yesterday. -_-

I’m returning your comment with my Reply function because you’re in the middle of revamping your website. :)

That’s good that you know that; some people are really uneducated. It’s a simple thing to understand that English in different countries can differ.

That’s true; the subject never gets old. No matter how many times someone writes about it, or who writes about it, there are still the people who will comment rudely. /hmph

Yay! Thanks for commenting and taking the screenshot! You currently hold the high score ;) I’ll put your link button up asap on the sidebar! Thanks again

Ermm.. no I don’t remember that :/
It was probably her, sorry xxxx

I want a review though (: So I might sign up for one sooniees x