Slip Of The Day

I wholly do not appreciate many things that a lot of other people do. And I felt like talking about them.

Firstly, I do not like people “comment whoring”. I am assuming that few people use the actual term. Basically, someone comments on multiple websites in an attempt to gain more visitors or hits. They leave a comment and the owner returns the comment to their website.

Fair enough. I attempt to return every comment that I receive. Of course, I don’t appreciate people leaving comments not related to the blog, or not related to a conversation we are having. “Hi, nice site!” is a perfect example. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell me that I have a nice website, but try to comment on the blog or leave a more thoughtful comment (maybe about why my website is nice?).

But that aside – I understand that people visit other sites to get a comment back or for a bit of exposure. That is fine so long as you leave a blog-related comment.

So now I get to the phonies (and I’m hinting at The Catcher in the Rye here, one of my favourite books). I receive what I think is a nice comment on my website, and then I visit that person to kindly return their comment.

When I read their blog, I get something along the lines of this:

Oh my god… I haven’t been very active! I’m so sorry. I went to the gym today and then I went to visit Nina. We had a lot of fun just bumming around and listening to music.


Anyway, sorry about the short blog. I’m going to go bloghop and go and find some blogs to comment on. My website is losing so many visitors! 😅

That really ticks me off. Why? Because I receive nice comments from visitors, and visit them back, only to find that they were possibly commenting on my website to gain a comment back. Comment whoring. I find it very rude.

I return to their comment and read it over. It’s obvious they’re not putting much thought into the comment at all. You can see right through them. 😒

Another thing I do not appreciate is people being irrational. This perhaps? If you read that, it will explain the whole idea of being irrational. Someone felt the need to comment on my review. Fair enough. But saying that I was rude, when it wasn’t even their review, and when I had previously reviewed them three times without any problems, is just uncalled for.

So this sparked up some random comments I heard, regarding me and my – let’s just put it colloquially – “Grammar Nazi-ness”. Comments along the lines of my grammar (and English in general) being so bad that I should not be correcting other people.

For argument’s sake, I will now assume that my English is horrible, I cannot spell, and I use “your stupid” instead of “you’re stupid”. If so, why do I not have the right to correct someone’s grammar in a review when I think it is wrong? Perhaps I have bad grammar, but if I spot an error I will point it out.

So to the truth. I am not horrible at English. If I was, I would not have made it into a gifted/talented school and done advanced English. I would not even have been accepted to write numerous articles for my school yearbook or school newsletter. I would not be doing a communications degree in university right now.

And don’t even get me started on Americans who keep telling me I can’t spell “organisation” and “colour”. If you were well educated, you would know that Australian, British and American English have subtle differences. And just for the record, English originated in England. (I want to plug Jorja for sharing this viewpoint with me, particularly as British English and Australian English are quite similar, and for being my Grammar Nazi buddy. ♥️ )

Lastly, I do not appreciate it when people underestimate my anger. I can be a very angry person. I am sensitive like many other people. If I am annoyed, don’t take it as incentive to further annoy me as a joke.

I was thinking about something else to blog about, but this just came out. I added more stock images to the visitor section so feel free to take a look! 🙂

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