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So, while trying to up my plays of numerous artists in my collection of music, I figured I should write a blog. Well, what of? Maybe I’ll blog about the artists I like and how I discovered them. Or maybe about the instruments I can play. Or maybe the songs I like at the moment.

But not this blog. I had something else in mind.

When I was fairly young, and only just discovered the internet (I was about 10 or 11 years of age at the time), I played the ever-so-innocent Neopets. It was when I finally convinced my parents to even let me have an email address.

So as we were taught when we were younger: don’t talk to strangers.

I was pretty silly, even a year after I got that email address. A dialog box opened up in MSN Messenger and I added the person to my list. Soon enough, I was talking to a claimed “girl from Perth”. One day I was chatting to this girl and my mum asked who I was talking to.

“A girl from Perth.”

Oh, she freaked out, really, she did. That was the least of my encounters, though. That girl wasn’t interesting anyway. :P

As I got older I obviously became more responsible. So I did talk to people I didn’t know, but if at any point they started to become suspicious and ask me anything inappropriate or private, I would not talk to them. I had the occasional “random person” on my MSN list. (Apparently they call it a “buddy” list nowadays? Hah.)

Well, after I began web designing and learning HTML and CSS and everything in this little web world, I accumulated more friends online. Even right now, I have the most amazing circle of online friends. I am so close to them that I feel like I’ve known them for a long time. It’s so strange how we’ve never even met.

But, then of course, you get the occasional idiot who attempts to make friends. This sound familiar?

When I was around 14 years old, this boy named “Sean” added me to MSN. We had some random conversation – you know, the general “hi”, “how are you”, “where are you from”. It turned out that he lived in Australia too, and was the same age as me (oh joy).

He then asked if I wanted to see a picture of him.

Heck no, he was already ugly in his display picture.

He sent a file, and I saw from the preview that it was a naked picture.

I groaned, shut the window, blocked him and deleted him. Minutes later, a dialog box popped up on my screen telling me that someone wanted to add me to their list. I had no doubts that this was the same boy. The email address was a laugh – hotboy321 – or something along those lines.

I cannot believe how desperate this guy was, just for a girl to see a naked picture of him. I blocked all requests that I received.

I talked about this to my friend at school, and surprisingly, she had been talked to by the same boy, and he had also attempted to send a naked picture of himself.

I was checking my email a few days later, and discovered an email from someone I didn’t know. It didn’t appear in my junk folder, and I assumed it was something important so I opened it.

Oh fluff.

It was an email from “Sean”, from one of his numerous email addresses. He’d obviously gone through a lot of effort Photoshopping a giant pixelated penis on himself. /hmph

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LOL, you “discovered” the internet WAY before I did xD But it’s funny, I got broadband first…=S Hahaha

Omg, stupid idiots who add you randomly…==…Like that guy I’m always ranting about, whom I just ignore now. That stupid head, who kept asking for my mobile number…

Honestly, do they think we’re stupid. We’re not that idiotic as to willingly give out important information to complete STRANGERS. Or to accept disgustingly perverse pictures over msn. They’re insulting our intelligence!

That Sean guy sounds like a total RETARD. Is he REALLY that desperate to send someone a naked picture of himself? On that’s badly photoshopped? RETARD! Seriously…

*shakes head*

Those idiots need lives. xD LOL

LMFAO. What a douche. Was he really THAT desperate?

Chances are he only said he’s from Australia because you live there! /bash (yes! a reason to use it again! :D)

That last sentence really made me laugh! Hahaha, I love it when people try to edit photos of themselves and it looks SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE. I mean, my friend has BLUE eyes right, (and they’re a grey-ish blue) and there was this photo of her once and the eyes were hot pink. and it wasn’t a camera-flash pinky red. it was real, edited, pink. Looked like #ff00090 :D (I onlyknow because it’s the same kinda pink that’s on my layout at the moment) and plus you could see the lines on the eye where it had been coloured in on photoshop or something. But she insisted that it was a “cute camera flash and not edited”. Really made me laugh :)

Man. People! HAHA. It’s either they’re bored or … have low self esteem or something. Lol. I’m glad I don’t get those anymore considering I hardly ever go on MSN these days. HAHA. I’m so lame. I keep in touch with my online friends through Facebook or email. But anyways, I used to go on chat rooms back when I was an internet noob. I’d talk to people and stuff, I actually had creepy and weird people talk to me. Gross stuff.

DID I GET FIRST COMMENT?! IF I DID THEN WOOOOOOOOO. When I comment you usually have like 30 already lmfao.

Me too! I hadn’t heard of a couple of them before. hehe. LOL! I actually put you first because that was the first nomination I got. XD

My email fails.

NOO PT FAILS GEORGINA!!! % FTW!! LOL, go for it, I don’t mind just helping normally, though. XD

I shall tell you on Twitter who the person was, but you can probably guess, or actually not. She used to copy me a lot come to think about it, and Sarah told me that a layout she made for someone was the exact same style as one of my free layouts. It’s just common sense, but I started using them first, before her and I’ve never seen her use them, apart from when she used one of my themes.

Ohhh, you need to review. :P Your queue is building up. :P I have like 4 to do. Cba today.

Wooooo. I need to do some tutorials, mine are boring. I need to do the making themes one and coding a CSS layout one. Boo.

Haha awww. I like being friends with them still though. Brings back memories lol.

It was seriously annoying, I hate to be somewhere as well and I was late. Stupid bus driver :@

LMFAO IT WASN’T FUNNY!!! Ahh you didn’t blog about that haha. But that sounds so funny, I had a funny image of it too lol.

I didn’t get the internet until I was 15 lol, I was so behind with everything. :( Neopets; everyone played that. I never. :3

I had loads of random people on my MSN list too, but my parents never saw my MSN list so they never knew~

Am I included in that circle of online friends ;)

LMFAO. That boy is so perverted it’s not even funny. Some boy did that to my sister, and he said ‘do you wanna meet’ cause he didn’t live far from us, so she said yes. So me, my sister and Rob went to the place she was meant to meet him and he actually turned up LOL. Was funny.

That was seriously is perverted, even doing it to your mate. :| He might of been a 40 year old pervert. You should have reported him. We reported the guy I spoke about above. ^_^

That happened to me all the time back when I used to play RuneScape (I was only like, 7 or 8). They always asked me to be their girlfriend and after they tell me that they’re 17, I say I’m 58 and I just got out from the mental hospital because I was a serial rapist pedophile ugly fuck, and I am only interested in babies. They still keep going on and on. Desperate losers, much? /pow
EW! That’s freakin’ disgusting. Both g2 and Sean, especially Sean, though. What kind of CHILD majorly flirts with another child? You weren’t even legal FFS!
You should have found a picture of your naked grandpa and show him the hotness he was lookin’ for.
Lucky you, the penis wasn’t real. UGH I nearly vomited! 🤮

Yeah, I used to keep a photo of my face carefully photoshopped onto the head of a swimsuit model, just in case anyone wanted a photo of me. Ahhh, those were the days before reformats and old computers and 💥 age.


I discovered the Internet when I was eight. XD At break time when it rained we used to battle over the computers to play online games. XD

To be honest when I was younger I didn’t like giving out my email, I only got one when I wanted MSN, which I don’t really sign into anymore, lmfao. Even then I do have some weirdos adding me when I used my hotmail address…
Or someone who commented on my site asked for my MSN, claiming they were the same age as me and all, so I said yes and gave them my non-personal MSN, ’cause that has my last name in it and I know that if I gave that out online I would be personally skewered by my dear mother AND father. Plus I hate my surname… if I ever get published only then will I accept it… XD

Anyway so I was talking to this person and they asked me where I lived. So I said England, Midlands. Then they go “I’m in Manchester”, when on their Twitter profile it said ‘Stockport’. So we talked for a bit more about music and that sort of shiz and then I said I had to have supper.
Sort of suspicious. I mean we’re not stupid… I might only be 12 but I am so NOT giving you my address. Or my mobile number, freak. LOSER. BLOCKED.

And as for that Sean freak, he definately has no life. Like you know my brother has mild cerable palsy, right? He got this MSN message from a girl in the year above him saying ‘spasticated hamster’.
I mean WTF is with her? God, I could’ve killed the bitch when he told me… anyway, that issue’s resolved.

Sorry, just gotta try: FTW. :D

Hey, I came across with Neopets too (like most web owners). Neopets is awesome at first but I find it boring after all xD.

Oh my god, Sean is so rude. No,not rude. Worst than rude. I mean sending naked pictures of himself? Is he insane or what? How did he get your MSN anyway? I usually give others my public email to unknown people and keep the personal one for the ones I know in real life or people whom I trust.

Well anyway, Sean is like an idiot who doesn’t know the sum of 2+2. @_@

haha “cute camera flash” my arse. Or Seans Penis. /ehe

I actually have pretty good memory when it comes to codes. I mean, I know red (ff0000) orange (ff3300,ff6600,ff9900) yellow (ffff00) i don’t know green or blue or purple pink (ff0090) :) and greys I just completely guess by typing things like 808080 (because greys repeat ;)) and seeing which shade I like :D Good observational skills eh? ;)

ROFLMAO? I can beat that.. hang on..
ROFLMFAOOL :) (out loud, of course ;))
Hehe, we should actually do that. I think I’m going to make a comic-strip competition actually, best entry wins something cool :D (just not based around Rachel and the retractable. ;))
yep. I prefer late nights and late mornings to early nights and early mornings /cool

Just while I remember to ask, what is this smiley? /faw tehe

Have fun at uni on Monday :D

💀 /poo (yes, I’m signing off with the pirate poop :))

woah, I think I over used the smileys a tad in that comment..

LOL. Sean = photoshop disaster.
Seriously, you can find more people like Sean – my followers.

ugh. I’m considering making my tweets private so that I get no strange people XD

Luckily, no one random adds me on MSN anymore. But that’s ’cause they’re lazy. I mean people say things like this on their personal messages ‘add my new msn :
They just can’t be bothered adding people anymore XD

You wouldn’t have pissed me off :P
Yeah. Nica was my old subdomain XD I remember that.
No offense but I can’t imagine calling you Gina. I don’t think it suits you !

I’m good thanks. Aww poor you! School starts at the start of September for me (:

Aww that must have been soo annoying that ‘Sean’ guy. Surely you should be able to totally block someone. Yeah I try not to add the emails that suddenly pop up, unless I’m sure i know the person. XD


Baha. I would have loved to have told him that. Or maybe something less obvious… hmm. I can’t though… plus I have no guts. XD

Aww, about 5 years to go for me ’cause my birthday is in October. :P
Being married isn’t bad. :P I feel old already and I’m not even 13. D: Gah.
Haha very true, but there’s no profit. XD Lmfao, I’m kidding. ^^

Bahaha the big one eight. :P Is the affiliate that you’re talking about Lee? :)

Oh wow, I’m glad I never really interacted with any total creeps on the internet. Gosh, that Sean sounds like a total fail. Seriously. How desperate can one get?

I would like to read about how you got into some of the music you like. It’s nice to branch out sometimes, and perhaps I would discover a new (to me) artist that I really like. It would be interesting to see who/what you would write about.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, so that’s what the tweet was about! I was going to ask but I figured you might blog about it. I had an encounter like that before as well, but no naked pictures, thank goodness. It was just a guy who somehow I ended up getting close to, a little too much and he once asked to be my valentine. LOL, when he asked that I didn’t want to talk to him because after all I didn’t know him and web love is not my style. So good-bye… whatever his name was. I really don’t remember his name. Hahahaha, I just remember he was from neopets. Neopets and it’s crazy people.

In response to that comment you sent me a long long time ago…

Yup, I kind of photoshopped the photo a bit and added a purple tinge to match the layout a bit. I figured I’d do that for my themes. Last layout it was tinged slightly blue, but not as much as the purple. Hahaha.

And since I’m talking about layouts, could you tell me what my nav font looks like? Because I’m not quite sure if others can see the font I’ve used. >.< It might be turning out as a really huge Times New Roman which wasn't what I was going for. it's supposed to be kind of cursivey. Ugh, I meant to blog this but I forgot and I'm too lazy to at the moment, but when you return the comment, yeah… please look because well it'll be like the first thing you see. Ack, I'm rambling. /ehh

Desperatation and anymosity (can’t spell that, blah) makes relatively normal people into total dickwads. Ignore ’em and eventually they’ll give up.

haha your blog made me laugh :)
i’m excited for my review by you!

“Sean” was either really dumb OR he was some nine year old kid, laughing hysterically everytime he sent you a message. /bash

Yea. Sean reminds me of this “girl” I met on Runescape, who acted a little too girlish to make me believe “she” was even a she…honestly. People are desperate these days; aren’t they?

I ended up with a laughter after reading this blog :D

It’s funny how close we know our online friends(with a few exception of course) so well and yet we had never meet each other.

Another thing I tends to have trouble is how to tell my parents when they ask who is that? O. o is like “ohya, hey! This is one of my close friends whom I know from online and never meet before!” 😏 haha

oh and I liked how you shorten the comments into a few pages :D that way we don’t have to scroll down a bunch of comments to leave one /heart

I hate bugs and snakes! They are so creepy and slimey :(

Naa! I would actually love to have stayed in one place my whole life :D

Oh! My brother is getting his wisdom teeth out soon, at least you only have one :)

My mum and dad were always so wary of me when I was on the internet as a kid. They checked the history like every time I got off :P

Sean sounds pretty gross.. That’s weird about the photoshopping thing.. what a creep :S


LOL! Pixelated penis.. O_O
I actually met my best friend online, when I was eleven years old. But that is a rare chance, and I do not suggest it. :)

Ah, you’re an Aussie then? Are you freezing your toes off yet? lol.

Of course, being friends is much better than being enemies. You don’t get to hug your enemies.

OH MY GOD. That’s partly hilarious and partly really disgusting. XD

Haha, I didn’t even start using IM until like seventh grade… and I don’t think it even accepted IMs from people that weren’t on my buddy list, lol.

I didn’t know that the end key did that! …Well, I guess I did know that, but I never thought about using it in that context. XD

Hey, Georgina! :)
It’s Allie from I moved to
If you wish to remain affiliates or link exchanges, please re-apply here:
You have until August 1st to re-apply.
If you do NOT want to stay affiliates, please let me know and delete my link.

LOL wow pixlated penis. Nice? /snort

And yeah what song isn’t about love?Haha. However, I think that’s something that people can relate to, many people. So writing about love is the easiest thing in my opinion, but making it beautiful is hard. Heh.

gosh that Sean guy is freaky! I feel so lucky now I don’t have msn!

what grade did you get up to when you danced?
I love doing all the pirouettes too!

connie talbot is this six year old singer from the UK.. or maybe it’s the USA… I don’t remember which one!

Thanks! :)
I was a member of that game for a year or so, and I met a REAL pedobear! He asked me where I lived and if I liked candy. Like WTF? Kids are not THAT dumb.
How the hell does that guy afford to spend so much!? Well, he deserves it. The only place for love is real life!
LOL. It could have been worse if you showed him, what if he had a fetish for old people? Things like that happen! Weird people nowadays! /sweat
I tried to call you earlier but there was no answer, then I checked and you were already awake. Sorry! I should have woke up 20 minutes earlier. I don’t have my own mobile phone so I used my mum’s. She promised she won’t be nosey. She also said this “big day” was a little shopping and fun in the city! I might even go to the ferrisssss wheeeeeeeeeelll! /faw

I think I have more online friends than offline friends, haha. I feel so close to my online friends too, they’re just amazing. All people on WWW generally are nice… except the stupid, dumbass ones.

O.o stupid guy. Seriously. Have you ever been to Omegle? -,- I met some perv guys there, and they asked my MSN, so I just gave them, they added me, I accepted, and they sent their naked pictures. I went WTF. :(

Wow…that Sean guy is an idiot. Geez. I have a lot of people on my MSN but I don’t really talk to people there – expect for the people I actually know!
I used to play Neopets as well! I still remember my account information! Haha. That’s how I started off web designing and stuff XD But I started talking to other people before Neopets…when I played Unreal Tournament and went in the chat rooms there lol.

ROFL a pixelated penis? That guy has guts to do that. lol. I’m sorry that happened to you though. I’ve had a similar story but I will wait and post about it on my weblog.

Oh brother, I feel for you! Who knows if his name was really Sean and that he lived in Australia too? Sounds like some creepy old dude pervert to me >_<

p.s.-I love pink floyd.

Eugh. That Sean person is nasty! (Looking for the puke emoticon… XP)

A domain collective? Great idea! xD Thinking of getting another domain for that? xD If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to even manage all those! :P

Well you see, Tony is very girly. He gossips even more than one of my other friends Jane. And Jane is a gossip girl, if you know what I mean! :S
Yeah, I guess. :) Anyway, I bet Panda’s having a lot of fun in Malaysia!

Sweat-rashes are the worst ever. That’s why I’ve always got my hair tied up in a nanny-bun when I’m anywhere without the AC. Hey, it sure looks stupid, but it’s better than having my hair down! :/

Wow, I hate it when people keep asking if you’re done yet. D: What happened to being patient nowadays.

Oh yeah xD I abuse MSN+ sometimes too. LOL. But it gets on my nerves sometimes. I just like to abuse the infinite nudges + no chat box shake with MSN+ and the A PATCH. :3 It’s the best thing in the world to mess with my friends. XD

Now I feel bad :( oops. I didn’t notice the footprint. LOL. things always slip my mind. XD But wow! That is a very long word for something so simple.

I have a few best friends that I’ve made online from a game :3 I’ve only met one of them, but I’m half convinced they’re pretty real since we’ve webcam chat, but yeah XD. That guy was just HILARIOUS. I met someone like that too. It’s pathetic, really. I mean, why can’t that guy just get someone in REAL life!? I guess it’s been a long, long time since people have started feeling more confident online than offline. ;x Actually, it makes you wonder if it’s even a guy at all. :3 It could be a girl playing a prank for all anyone knows.

Bleh. DISGUSTING. I never chat to anyone I know on MSN, Yahoo Messanger etc. Because anyone could add you /type I only chat to online friends like my affies/link exchanges, but only tagging them or replying to comments/emails :)

Yay review! :D I’m working on it :) You DO have a lot of content :P Mind if I whizz through a couple of things? :) I’ll finish your review by next week (I hope).

Yes, very awkward indeed. Do you have any awkward things that you would like to share? I’m bored. :P

Poohead. :( They still have their site up, I tried contacting them but they wouldn’t reply /wah But at least I have wonderful affies like you! ♥

Hahaa I bet if it wasn’t rescued, he’d still be complaining. Hehe. Paranoid mums!

I have an eight week holiday. And my brother has 6 weeks, cuz he’s still in Primary school.

Anyways, how are you? XD

lmfao. the whole sean thing sounds creepy, scary, and hilarious all at the same time XD
surprisingly, i’ve never really encountered an “onlinecreeper” before… well, i might have, i guess. they just never tried to send me a nude picture… O.O
even though my parents think, almost literally, that EVERYONE online is actually some 40yr old rapist. pftt.

Hahah disgusting. It’s shocking how desperate people are nowadays xD I’m learning the lesson, NEVER tweet your email address :P

I’m sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away for a few days. But I’m back! :)

So, how are you doing?

haha hey, :)

No, I’ve never blogged about it before but I think I moaned about it a lot on twitter/msn when it happened ;) It happened when my site was on it’s uber-huge hiatus ;)

Haha, sorry, I apoligise /hehe I plugged you :D
You’ve never been? Ah it’s funn :) & carol singing, that is amazing :D haha, i know right, My dad was standing behind me like /ehh ? lol
haha, okay, I’ll make the competition next blog. I just don’t know what a good prize would be.. I can’t really afford to buy a domain for a prize.. any ideas? I was going to suggest lifetime advertising but is that too long? I’m doing twitter contests for monthly advertising so.. yearly maybe?

So basically, you just can live with no sleep? Lucky you :) It looks like I’m not gunna be up ’til two tonight though, I have orthodontist at nine in the morning. Ew. That means you and Cozza get a night off Disney (Y)

/faw Ah yeah, I see what you mean. It does look like puppy dog eyes now you’ve mentioned it :)

💀 /poo

Ewww, what kind of sick twisted person is sean? O_O
My parents are like that too, at first it was annoying how they would always peek over my shoulder on msn, but I guess now, it does make sense.

You should’ve asked the Perth girl, what it was like over there :P

Yuck, does not sound good O_O
Sorry about this but I got another website, cookidough. I didn’t get good with a subdomain, i’m not sure why, but my own sites get on better.
I know you have lots of affies but I was wondering if you had room for one extra? ;) Hehe

I have no idea! /um I tried to figure it out but it just stays there. On Audio Rush’s preview (the pinklayout) it looked perfectly fine! I think I fxcked up the CSS to make it like that. /wah
I met more than one pedophile in that stupid game! Maybe it was because my darn username was “Dolly Candy”. I know, it sounds so vulnerable! But I was like… 8? I still had ten thousand Barbies then.
The ferris wheel was awesome! OMG, when I went to the top I saw EVERYTHING! And WYSIWYG. So I get everything~ :)
Aw, lame! I wish my mom took a shower AFTER she woke me up. Like she said she’d do (tongue twister, OMG.)
I’m glad you didn’t pick up! I was in the middle of a loud yawn, I didn’t want you to hear “yooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyaaaaaaagh, gaaauuuugh!” /ehh
But I shall call you next time! But wheeeeeeennnnnn? Anytime but never. Never is not a time! Time is existent!

Oh okay. That would explain (: But you still had 7 weeks?? That’s ages. My second longets holiday is like 3 weeks I think.

Omg Omegle, now that’s a strange site, full of strange people! Hehe. XD

It’s fine :) I was going to plug anyone who was on twitter who I probably annoyed the hell out of but I couldn’t remember who was online, O_O

yeah, a years advertising’ll be good because I’m attempting the alive365 thing so it’ll definately always be up :) Or maybe a .info (because aren’t they uber cheap for the first year?)

Haha, the latest I’ve ever been able to stay up until is about five at a sleepover. I don’t remember a lot.. only crazy dancing around the living room for ages on webcam :)

Your wisdom tooth’s getting in the way? That can’t be good :/ Mine’s just the check up but I still don’t want to go :(

Yeah I get that. One Tree Hill’s just started here, and it finished in America like 3 months ago.

You’ll get to see Australian shows earlier than everyone else and I’ll get to see the English ones. At least that’s one good thing.

The posties here used to come early. The guy who does it now goes round every other street before ours nowadays, so he doesn’t get there till about 1, which is still early-ish.

I did that for a while, tried to get my plays up for different artists. YOu have to listen to the whole song on iTunes for it to even count as a play. I’m still playing the song even if it’s just for half of it. Grr, iTunes.

I never actually played Neopets, I was just on Piczo putting my email address up for people to add me. Yeah, I think I told you that before. As if that guy kept adding you to show naked pictures of himself. Photoshopped penis = hilarious.


Yeah, I understand 😢

Ohh, I see! 🤮

Haha yeah, restraining yourself from buying too many domains at once is a good thing I guess… :D

lol! Tony is just… a little… girlier than average boys.

Wow, what dance did you use to dance? I used to do ballet… I liked how the pins in the bun would scratch my scalp. I don’t know why, but it’s a nice feeling… :S

Yeah he was and is a creep. I can’t stand guys who tries to get in your pants. He is pretty much desperate. His response to me asking him if that’s all he ever thinks about was “Hey can I help it if I’m horny?” I was like ugh *block*. I’m sorry to hear you had depression, but I’m glad it’s better.

Wow. That’s very nice of James. ;)

Haha thanks.

Hahaha that is fantastic. I love laughing at people who are so desperately trying to get online friends or even better – online “action.” It’s kind of sad, really. I wish they could just make friends an appropriate way.

haha, nah, I’m pretty happy keeping my check up thanks /hehe

yeah, I’m going to splash out and do a .info domain. Thing is, I don’t know how to actually push them to someone elses namecheap account once I’ve paid.. and once it’s in their account, I don’t have anything to do with it, right?

4am? wow that’s pretty late. I attempted an all nighter at that sleepover but I kinda crashed out :/ The other two stayed up ’til about seven. Well, three really. Gemma(one of the other two) asked her boyfriend to stay on cam with them all night so he stayed up as well.

I’m thinking about recording a vlog in a minute, haven’t decided yet. Introduce Marmite to y’all :)

Ohh right, well that explains it then (:

Yeah! Now that would be soo bad! :/

ahaha yeaa! We were SOO lucky xD Wait I’m kinda confused xD; you’re mom was a regular customer overseas ? xD Sorry I’m stupid LOL

yea me too, I have 3 xD; One of them I got from girl scouts lmao

Awww I hate when people do that! Or when people like are texting right next to you and you keep seeing the light from them xD so irritating !

Aww no Starbucks? Hmm It would be cool if they went like.. worldwide xD Maybe one day (:

I was immensely tired, I’m surprised I made it through those 12 hours. It’s hard when everything is so intense,

Big Brother got axed? As in canceled? Well, the whole group thing was in the latest season I think. It was supposed to be groups the were similar to those in high school.

I don’t always call it cliquey but I didn’t know what else to call it. /ehh

Yeah, there are some crazy people on the web. Stupid scammers.

Times New Roman in italicized? Well the font I chose is one that most people have, I think… but on my itouch I couldn’t see the font. >.< But I like that font, so I don't know if I'll change it.

Ahaha, holy jiminy cricket, I can relate to this blog so well.

Never had random people add me on Neopets… but I used to be obsessed with iSketch, and some weirdos added me… (I laughed so hard about Sean’s e-mail)… Some guy added me from iSketch, and he seemed like a normal guy at first… Then all of a sudden he switches his display picture (on MSN that is), and it’s him holding his junk. Block and delete. Jeez so many nasties lurking about…

I’m probably going to go and read all of your WP tutorials, because I’m trying to switch from FanUpdate to WP, and it’s driving insane….

That’s pretty scary that there are people out their who would do stuff like that because some people would send the images back and it’s just… well scary.

I remember when this girl online pretended to be 16 and used pictures of her friends sister so we thought it was her. We only found out via facebook. :(

I still hate pizza, I blame my hatred of cheese for this. :(

I just said good luck for their gig to them but they didn’t reply to me. It would be awesome if someone who everyone had heard of replied to me and then everyone was like “Oh Ben, you so cool!” and I would be like “Yeah, I know!”

Aww, at least you have best friends right? (Not that I thought you were some kind of lonely loser like Ratgirl, a bitch in my sister’s class who lies about test results and hates everyone).

It was nice to go away, though my brother watched TV for 12hrs while we flew. XD Bahaha. I only watched ‘Flushed Away’ ‘cuz it was there and I was so bored. :) Jared was watching some freaky horror movie. Sort of funny that it was 10am, not very effective. ^^

Maybe next year I should give Jared something. I mean before on Valentines Day, this year, I gave him a paper place with chocolate eclairs in the middle. :P
Aw, it’s a shame that people have a sweetheart and then when you grow older the other normally becomes a jerk. XD That includes Jared. I mean he’s bearable 80% of the time, others it’s just like “Er… give over!” XD
I mean I hit him over the head when we were six ‘cuz he had a crush on another girl. I used an inflatable car. XD

Haha yeah, born on the 1st of October. And OMG that would be so cool. My birthday during H.D’s contest? Wow, I’m honoured. *bows* XD
We did birthdays in French when it was my birthday, I had to say “le premier octobre” and he’s like, “IT’S TODAY?”
I’m shy, I don’t like going in and saying, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SO BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!” XD

Ooh, another comment to reply to. Okay, here I go… :)
Bahaha thank you, i do need to change my background. XD Any suggestions? I don’t know what to change it to. When I find something that looks good I’ll change it. ^^
Baha yeah, I actually bothered changing the font. XD

Kurt Cobain quotes = FUCKING AWESOME and FTW. ;)

And aww, thanks. :D Glad you like the image. ^^
And yeah, I like ’em to. Obviously. XD And I’ve seen your blue and red ones on your stock page. ^^
I like them both about the same; I mean it’s just emotional, Hello Alone.

Yes we did – ‘color’ ‘koh-lor’? XD

LMFAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. They usually say to me when I get stuck in doors or automatic doors don’t open for me ‘you’re too skinny’ oh shut up. That woman must have been shocked, though. :O

I’M SORRY LILIAN!!! I’ve never had first comment on your site before, I just had to do it lmao.

Yeah I know. Sarah showed me that. It just annoys me, now people are using my idea for the resources and tutorials thing (including her, she asked me). I don’t mind but now quite a few people are doing it… I need a new idea. *Scratches head*

I need to do a review. I started that one I was moaning about on Twitter but I really can’t be bothered to look through the tutorials. Nnie thinks she’s seen them somewhere else before.

It sounds kind of lame. (No offence to anyone who uses it of course). Why’d they block your account? Lmao.

LOL, awww bless. My mum doesn’t even know how to turn a computer/laptop on haha, bless her. My step dads too smart with computers though.

YAY FOR BEING IN THE CIRCLE. Haha yeah I don’t like naming people in case I leave people out, or someone reckons they are close to me but aren’t LOL.

NO MY SISTER DID!!! I just went with her in case he was a weirdo hahaha. I wouldn’t like to meet up with anyone… except Carly (my best mate since Piczo), cause she’s the coolest. We only live 40 minutes from eachother and she lives about 10 minutes from my step sister. I also found out today Meera lives about 15 minutes from me :| Weirdddd. Yeah it’s good to have a group of friends with you.

LOL yeah but still, he was showing his bits to random people LOL. This guy was like 18 though and my sister was 15 at the time. o_O

Haha, bet it is mr. billy ray..

i love the chorus to that song, it’s upbeat and awesome :P
ehh,, not that cold, okay….yeah…it was freezing @_@

How are you?

Oh, yuck, that’s just /wrong/.

What’s even worse? When a guy asks for naked pictures. That’s just pathetic and IDIOTIC. (I read an article where a guy pretended to be a girl, and a guy insults him and then asks for “pics”. o__0) I get so angry I yell at the computer screen and everyone around me’s just like “What?” xD

The Internet can be full of amazing people, but they have pathetic, annoying, desperate people to make up for it.

I forgot about the home key. XD I only use those in word document, not on pages.

Just when I thought I was computer-savvy…. XD

Okay first off, ewwwwwwwwwww!!! wow he was desperate!!! On MSN, i don’t have a lot people and everyone there i know who they are.

aww i used to have Neopets, my pet would be dead by now because no one is feeding it. i dont even remember my username and password. or the email i used to sign up. i probably deleted it already lol i had like 5 emails before but now i only got 2 /eee

i forgot to reply your actual comment lol

the dream was kinda freaky lol. thank God i didn’t have it twice. i still dont get why i will have a dream about a bird lol. its awkward. maybe i was thinking about it before i went to sleep or something lol

Haha yes everytime I watch that video I’m dying all over again. LMAO. Also thank you for voting.

And wow, it’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve played Neopets. 💥

That is disgusting. I bet that it wasn’t a kid. I bet it was an adult using a kid picture.
Unless you know for sure.

YAY I’m glad she used my theme!! It’s awesome!!!!

WOW!!! can’t wait to see the tutorials. I have a “short” to do list until Wednesday,hope I can complete it^^.

WOW you asked for permission to have an email adress? LOL:d….

hahha interesting story…It’s nice how you xplain your online experiences^^

Okay :D That’s what I’ll do for your site. Gah I barely started because I was working for a new Q*Bee layout yesterday :( But, I’m now finished! :D I’ll be a-working on your review.

Grr xD I hope they reply soon! (Although I sent the email a loooonnng time ago…) Don’t you just HATE it when someone you know read your email, then didn’t reply? And that email was appropriate! :O I absolutely depise it. It’s rude, shows that you have no manners whatsoever, and it hurts the person. :( *cough*A certain person has done it to me numerous times, and I don’t know why we’re still “friends”. D: I’ve never heard of it…but my computer will block it anyways because my dad has this giant firewall thing called K9 or something, and it blocks EVERYTHING that’s suspicious. Well it has its good points too, like last time it helped me block a virus ^______^ Yay!

ohh what a big perv. /bash His penis should be stoned to death, just kidding.

Anyway, I suddenly remember too when I first started going online. Renting in an internet shop back then is costly too but I managed to save up money every week just to check my email if I received a letter or something. hhaha. I don’t know how to chat yet that time.

Haha yeah, well I don’t like any of them, so it’s all good. :)

Lol that’s pretty warm. Isn’t it winter there?!? That’s what I heard. O.o

Oh, that’s cool. :) You get payed enough, then. :P

EWW ugh I hate people like that. Seriously, what a dick head.

I’ve never gona on Neopets, I kind of skipped that step. :P

And I make you 70 comments, anyways, I dunno how to fix the gap I want the sidebar to wrap around the corner of Koda Kumi, but I dunno how to do that. I might just add some stock images.

That’s gross. Apparently he’s not getting enough attention in the real world so he’s gotta terrorize girls online and shove himself in their faces. Sicko. I’ve never had an experience close to that, despite the fact that I have a website and all that jazz. Thank goodness!

Oh and I used to play Neopets too! It’s what indirectly got me into web design. i used to decorate my shops and pet’s pages and that’s how I got to learn HTML. I then bumped up a notch and became leaders in guilds and created their layouts LMAO. Then I saw that friends were getting website so i then joined that crowd. Neopets gave me the tools I guess haha. I wish I could remember my login, even though I doubt my account is there anymore, just to see how money I accumulated from it.

nice one! :)

wow! You did tap! I’ve always wanted to do that! It looks so cool.

yes! Someone else reckons he’s gonna get addicted too!

Thanks, I’m feeling much better now.

Guy called Sean is really hilarious. “he was already ugly in his display picture.” That made me lol. /hehe He sounds creepy at the same time too.

When I was 14 as well, I used to get a bunch of random friend requests on yahoo messenger. Guys would say, I look at/print your picture and j*** off. Egh, disgusting. I also find that a lot of guys from the UK are ugly at a young age. Eww, no. 🙄

I discovered the internet when I was 12. I had 2 online friends that I chatted with online from Australia. They were bestfriends and we became internet buddies. We even got on web cam and they talked to my family all the time. I was always fascinated by the fact that they say Groovy. 👏 We even did karaoke a lot. I sounded horrid. /ehh But we had so much fun! /eee

I used to play neopets all the time. They have awesome games. I used to use cheat codes though. Lol.

OMG OMG! How do you restore WP? Email me pleaaaasee~ /um
Sorry about not having a freakin’ blog to reply to! My dad knows my password. Oh, the embarrassment! 😳

Since Faith’s the one that recommended “snuggasaur,” I don’t think she’d mind if I took “dorkasaur.” And I do concur (ooh, I sound all fancy); that sounds better than “dorkasaurus.”

Thanks for your in put. :) And I definitely won’t do “adorkable,” then, meh.

Oh darn… is taken. XP All the .com’s are taken. I can pick another one, but Olivia said she’s prefer .com… hrm….

Okay, okay, so I’m thinking: polkadork, dorkasaur, and snugglesaur (or snuggasaur). They all have to do with dorks or dinosaurs. Hahaha, I’m cool. XD I’m thinking about making a poll (once I find out how) and having people vote on my top like five picks or whatever… because personally, I’d probably rather do a poll than read a whole blog. Polls are short. XD

Kitty @ recommended I keep the “snugglies” in because it’s sort of my trademark… but… even though I sort of agree… I feel like it wouldn’t be bad to change it. What do you think? I value your and her opinion the most. ^_^ ♥

I know I know, no worrying :L

thankyou :) You’re actually amazing /bounce
I’ll probably set up that competition at the weekend then judge entries (if any) when I get back from my holiday (s). I found out two days ago I’m going away for a few days with my dad the DAY AFTER I get back from Ibiza, I’m going to be nackered. :/

The vlog will be done, I went to do it yesterday but I had a pretty rough night so I didn’t. +orthodontist in about ten minutes today then paperround :/

Hiya (: Please could you sign up for a review because I need something to do, i’m very bored :L

Thaaank you dear friend 😝

GAH. AN APOSTROPHE. That must suck. O_O Geez, can’t some auto-correct-HTML thing be invented? I hope so, lol.

Lol yeah :P Sometimes I do that too. But when I ignore some people, it means that…well they didn’t read the rules, if you know what I mean. Like, for the special adoptions, I ignored several people because they didn’t follow the instructions!! I hate it when that happens :| So, I told them to re-read the rules. They applied again. WITH THE SAME FRIGGIN MISTAKE. So I igonored them. Lol.

OMG YES. Once that happened to me too. A *cough* “friend” (the same one) mentioned that I had a new layout up, blah blah blah, on her blog. Which was nice, but – I tagged her like one day ago and she never replied. I think she even deleted my tag, or blocked me or something? That was a long time ago though. Then, I told her seriously that it wasn’t nice and I didn’t like it, so she “improved” for like two months. Then now, she’s being all “ignorey” again. *sigh*

Ooh yes the same with mine. It’s called Blue Coat K9 Web Protection or something. It blocks everything :) That’s good.

Eww perverted people. I hate them. I think they should all get perverted comments from other people and see how they feel about that. (Well they’ll probably not be disturbed, but WTVR.)

Transformers are awesome… I mean. They TRANSFORM! It’s magic. XD

I guess it sounds cool ‘cuz it’s “premier” and not “un”. “le un octobre” sounds stupid… I get a cool word. :D

I’ve tried Memory Last; hmm, I’ll look at S.I but last time I checked I couldn’t find any.
Whoo, I’ll go check those new stocks. :D
@ Reply function. Like Twitter. :P

Wow. What a biatch. If you’re dumb when it comes to grammar then that means I’m dumb too. So she insulted me too. And all Brits. D:
I think it’s pointless having ‘US English’, I mean ‘UK English’ is just as dumb. ENGLISH is from ENGLAND, not America. Which is why ‘color’ shouldn’t be like that.