The Great Gig In The Sky

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So, while trying to up my plays of numerous artists in my collection of music, I figured I should write a blog. Well, what of? Maybe I’ll blog about the artists I like and how I discovered them. Or maybe about the instruments I can play. Or maybe the songs I like at the moment.

But not this blog. I had something else in mind.

When I was fairly young, and only just discovered the internet (I was about 10 or 11 years of age at the time), I played the ever-so-innocent Neopets. It was when I finally convinced my parents to even let me have an email address.

So as we were taught when we were younger: don’t talk to strangers.

I was pretty silly, even a year after I got that email address. A dialog box opened up in MSN Messenger and I added the person to my list. Soon enough, I was talking to a claimed “girl from Perth”. One day I was chatting to this girl and my mum asked who I was talking to.

“A girl from Perth.”

Oh, she freaked out, really, she did. That was the least of my encounters, though. That girl wasn’t interesting anyway. 😛

As I got older I obviously became more responsible. So I did talk to people I didn’t know, but if at any point they started to become suspicious and ask me anything inappropriate or private, I would not talk to them. I had the occasional “random person” on my MSN list. (Apparently they call it a “buddy” list nowadays? Hah.)

Well, after I began web designing and learning HTML and CSS and everything in this little web world, I accumulated more friends online. Even right now, I have the most amazing circle of online friends. I am so close to them that I feel like I’ve known them for a long time. It’s so strange how we’ve never even met.

But, then of course, you get the occasional idiot who attempts to make friends. This sound familiar?

When I was around 14 years old, this boy named “Sean” added me to MSN. We had some random conversation – you know, the general “hi”, “how are you”, “where are you from”. It turned out that he lived in Australia too, and was the same age as me (oh joy).

He then asked if I wanted to see a picture of him.

Heck no, he was already ugly in his display picture.

He sent a file, and I saw from the preview that it was a naked picture.

I groaned, shut the window, blocked him and deleted him. Minutes later, a dialog box popped up on my screen telling me that someone wanted to add me to their list. I had no doubts that this was the same boy. The email address was a laugh – hotboy321 – or something along those lines.

I cannot believe how desperate this guy was, just for a girl to see a naked picture of him. I blocked all requests that I received.

I talked about this to my friend at school, and surprisingly, she had been talked to by the same boy, and he had also attempted to send a naked picture of himself.

I was checking my email a few days later, and discovered an email from someone I didn’t know. It didn’t appear in my junk folder, and I assumed it was something important so I opened it.

Oh fluff.

It was an email from “Sean”, from one of his numerous email addresses. He’d obviously gone through a lot of effort Photoshopping a giant pixelated penis on himself. 😐

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