So Much To Tell You

I had a (much-needed? No, kidding) talk with my ex-boyfriend today. Kiah, if you’re reading this, hi. :)

James is… possibly going to hate me for this. Well he won’t, I know he understands. But it was a nice chat, just about general stuff. Possibly a time to catch up.

Just to make it clear, Ki isn’t a loser or a retard or the general idea of what ex-boyfriends are. He might have been a loser when we broke up, but he isn’t one now. And I know I showed you that photo of him sleeping on the bus, but that was a joke. Obviously.

He’s still a friend to me. I just wanted to mention that. He wasn’t violent or a drunk or a cheater. He was a nice guy, but let’s just say we weren’t meant for each other. We’re fairly good friends, if I say so myself. I mean, he’s probably the only “ex” I really get along with well. We had a bad fallout after we broke up I suppose. But it was a relationship that lasted quite a while.

Well. I went to work today. I wish James could have driven me. But he didn’t. My mum took the car to work, so I had to walk and catch a bus. I left a bit later than last time, which was silly of me.

I was running as I got to the corner, because I realised the bus would come in three minutes.

Before I got to the bus stop, still running, I realised that the bus was close behind me.

I really despise mean bus drivers. The ones who clearly see you are running for the bus, and despite seeing you, they continue to zoom past. And if you’re lucky you may be near a puddle at that moment, and the bus may zoom past. Its wheel will travel through that muddy puddle, and a stream of brown liquid will travel in your direction.

In other cases, you might see your best friend running for the bus, and notify the bus driver. Despite that, they ignore you and leave the doors of the bus closed, and continue to drive away from the stop.

If your friend is lucky, they will manage to arrive at the door seconds before the bus driver turns the steering wheel, and will get a chance to rap on the glass. Despite that, the bus driver will shrug and continue turning the steering wheel and driving away, leaving your friend at the curb, angered, or dismayed.

In other cases… you simply miss the bus. You see it driving just several metres away, and you run. You run after it but no one notices you running. You are out of the sight of the driver.

Perhaps the bus is many metres up the hill, and you are just around the corner. It’s too late to run.

Or you are standing, in the rain, at the bus stop. Content, with your old grey umbrella over you. Minutes pass. The bus doesn’t come and all is quiet except for the light pitter-patter of the falling rain. Many minutes pass. But the bus doesn’t.

But lucky for me, I suppose.

As I ran, I heard the toot of a horn. The bus had stopped about a metre behind me, yet many metres from the bus stop I was headed for.

As I boarded, the bus driver said, “Don’t run all the way there. You’re making me tired.”
He grinned.

That made my day.

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HAHAHHA I’m sure that if you had a nice Chat with you “ex” he’s a nice guy that changed and isn’t a looser anymore. It’s a great thing that you are still friends. Well I am friends with my “exs” hahaha! I don’t care if we broke up for a fight or things, we are just friends^^.

HAHHAHA those things happen. You must be a lucky person to catch the bus or to make a friend to stop for you^^.

/love /love /love /love

Lol, I love the bus driver’s comment ^^

I usually try to stay friends with my exes but it usually doesn’t work, for obvious reasons.

It’s nice that you ended the relationship in a good way. Everyone goes through that rough patch just after, so it’s nice that he’s decent enough for you two to be friends now :)

Wow, that is lucky! I never miss a bus. I’m usually early at the bus stop just so I don’t miss it, but then I’m waiting for ages anyway. I always meet my friends on the bus when we go out, because they get on the stop closer to their houses, which is easier for me, because they can call me to let me know when they’re on the bus so I don’t miss it or get on the wrong one xD

I’m glad you can still be on speaking terms with your ex. Some people are, like you say, just not made for each other.

And OMG YES. Evil bus drivers. We have this one called Terry and he is legendary for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. He speaks in this Scottish accent and has loads of tattoos and love and hate tattooed on his knuckles. :S Anyway he has done things like swearing at everyone like so: “Move your fucking ass of the seat, you wanker. And what the fuck? HOW DID CHEWING GUM GET ON THE SHITTING SEAT?! What are you, a nigger?”.

Yeah. There are Yr 4s on our bus from the boy junior school. :/
Then he once kicked someone off, a girl, who had no mobile or anything in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. There were gypsies around the corner if that counts. Anyway we had to nag for ages before he turned around to get her.

Bah. Evil bus drivers are shit. I mean Terry also used to put the radio on so loud you couldn’t think and when you wanted him to turn it down he just wouldn’t. :/
Anyway, there are other stories in The Tales of Terry but, you can wait. XD

OMG I love that bus driver! :D He’s so nice. Or sounds like it anyway, yay! ^^ Bahah that was useful of him though. :P

Baha Zac sounds quite cocky. :/ And woo, that is a lot of reviews. :P
Wow… I know what you mean, I couldn’t argue with someone who had problems like that. Like my second cousin three times removed or something did something like that, slitting his wrists afterwards. He’s still in a coma right now. :/

That’s great you had a nice chat with your ex! I’m sure James doesn’t mind. I mean, he knows what you two have together. :)

Wow how sweet of that bus driver! I haven’t come up with one in that circumstance I think LOL. I wish all of them were like that instead of all being so rottenly rude! =/

Ughh it’ll take you foreverrr to block all of those bots. Just try and forget them and take in a deep breath and say asdfgh! =D It’ll feel much better!
Haha yeah. Though some of them have a lot of followers, weird! And the followings they do never end, haha. =O

hahah wendy inspired me too^^….anyway I don’t know when I’ll complete it:D

Happy that your visitors makes you happy. so I’m making you happy!!! YAY!!! can;’t believe it. My visitors make me happy too. When I see comments and they care about my website, I’m so happy<3

Just 100….haha I dunno how I made 96… I have just 28 or 29 I dunno exaclty….well you receive tons of comments. I love receiving comments but the most lovely thing is returning them!!!

/mwah /love /wave 👏

Thanks for forgiving my WP. :P

Yeah we’re such rebel children, not listening to our parents. xD
Omg yah, my parents tend to ban me from my laptop a lot or “take it away”. It really pisses me off as I think I’ve already expressed on Twitter.

Haha thanks for restoring some hope. xD Hopefully university turns out to be a great experience for both you and me. :) And yes, I’ll definitely make the most out of high school.

GAH sucks that you have to catch a bitching bus, but it would be worse if you missed the bitching bus cause then it would be more bitchy. >:O And now I can see by reading your blog that you did catch it, unless this was before you commented or something? xD Anyways..

That’s good that you had a chat with your ex. Even better that you guys are good friends, it’s never good to have nasty relations with ex’s haha. At least he’s a nice guy who doesn’t drink or cheat. :D Thumbs up. Lmao.

Omg, I hate mean bus drivers as well. I’ve had some experiences with some really nasty ones and they really drive me crazy and pretty much ruin my day.

This one time my high school bus (which is also the public transit bus) was pulling away but I was running and the bus driver fully saw me.. bit the bitch kept driving. Plus it was a really rainy morning so I was drenched. Ugh the ass.

Anyways, LOL that’s funny what the bus driver said to you, and I’m glad you made it!

Haha, cool. What cities in america do you want to go to?

Aw! The indos stare at me because I’m pale too :/

Indo creeps you out? Why? :(

I’ve been to Australia actually :) When I was about 5 I think, so I don’t remember much. I remember it was really pretty though :D

That’s good that you have a good relationship with your ex now, it’s never fun to have an enemy just because your breakup wasn’t fun.

That bus driver sounds so cool! :)


yeah i’m feeling better today I think i were just really wiped from the fortnight lol
yeah lol most of mine are offline friends a few are people i met on myspace a few years ago and whatnot and i have a couple of people from the web community (don’t ask i have no idea where i came up with that lmao) but tbh i never go on msn except to talk to like 4 people lmfao
lmao hahha sorreeeeeee xD hahah
ikr! i’m like yeah it took you 3 weeks like it was that hard to generate a number *rolls eyes* lmao
yeah you just sit there breathing through your mouth like please let the next stop be yours
so do i especially on long journeys it passes the time lmao

aww thats nice that you can be friends with your ex, if i saw mine i’d probably kick him and punch him and generally assault him physically and verbally
awww what a nice bus man the bus drivers aren’t generally too bad round here although i haven’t caught a bus in a really long while because i have a car so I can drive around everywhere
i hate buses anyway they’re noisy slow smelly and crowded lmao

The bus situation is exactly the same in NYC –lol. I remember I wrote this whole long rant about them when I was in high school. Bus drivers can be soo rude but once in a while you get a nice one :)

I still cannot believe you blogged without me there /wah

But oh well (H) It’s all good. xD So long as you-know-who didn’t get the first comment /angry

/faw That bus driver sounds really nice. That’s lucky of you! I don’t really live in an area where we use buses that much, so I’d have to walk reaaaally far to get to a bus. The only buses around are school buses. There’s one that stops near my house, but we didn’t know until it was too late to take the bus, and next year, because of the stupid budget cuts, we won’t have that bus anymore.

Well… that must’ve been a nice conversation with your ex-boyfriend. I wouldn’t really understand how awkward/unawkward it would be, seeing how I’ve never had a boyfriend. (Being twelve, and all.)

I’m sure James won’t be mad. Because he’s so James-ish and awesome like that. :D

By the way, you should be proud. I have lots of site-work planned for this week. /pow

LOL Georgie! OMFG I’ve been such a bad affiliate don’t hate me for this! :O I can’t believe I missed one of your blogs! 😢 UGHHH I’ve been addicted to Gaia again…humph. Sowwy Georgie. LOL /faw Aww Ki sounds like a really nice guy. ♥ Haha I seen bus driveras done that before. Tsk tsk. Lucky for my Georgie that bus driver ACTUALLY stopped for you. Hmm how nice! GAH I don’t know what to upt in this comment…I loved the blog, missed it a lot! /eee

Hahaa yeah, it’s a good idea to go to sleep XD

Aww I hate it when bus drivers do that. It’s happened a number of times. Cuz like I get this bus with only a few other people and it comes quite a while after we finish school. There’s this step a bit further back from the road which we always sit on, and we’re always like, right whos turn is it to run for the bus today. Hehe, yeah usually I just leave it for the boys to run for the bus. The just follow behind them. Hehe.

But the driver on the bus you got seemed pretty nice. Hahaa I don’t think any would have been kind enough to do it to my mates! XD

Awwe, that was so sweet of the bus driver. Hahh. :D
I think your layout is adorable also. So cute!

Well, look who’s back :]
How are you? I havent spoken to you in ages, Heartdrops looks amazing! Hope everything’s all okay, we need a good catch up ;)

Tehe. I actually panicked when I read your blog. When it said “I had a (much-needed? No, kidding) talk with my ex-boyfriend today.” I was like “What? Ex? not James?!” I honestly thought something had happened with James. I was like !NOWAY! then I read on and calmed a bit. I mean, I know I’ve missed a lot but that wasn’t going to happen :P At least you’re cool with the ex now, /eee

Aw, I love bus drivers like that! Like one time I was trying to cross the road to get to the stop and the bus came and even though it was really busy (and there wasn’t actually a bus lane so he held up the traffic) he stopped and waited for me. Bless. He was really nice :)

The other type of annoying bus drivers are when they ask for age ID when it’s quite flippin’ obvious you’re under 16. Like, when I was ELEVEN they asked me once. I was too young for a student card and they didn’t believe me. Bearing in mind I’m the second smallest in my year, it’s pretty hard to mistake me as sixteen, even now when I’m fifteen I only look about thirteen 😒

Anyways, hope you’re okay. I miss you :( Loveyoux

I think I’ve experienced every one of those bus situations…. lol the end of this blog made me smile too!

It’s nice to see someone that can still be mature about an ex and still be friends with them…. a lot of people can;t do that.

lol how cool the bus driver stopped a meter behind you. But yeah, you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have to worry about weight. Caucasians do however. blah.

LOL XD I’ve had some silly experiences with buses & puddles – together.

But I thought that was funny what the bus driver said to you hehe.

Yeah I think my mother is hiding stuff away from me. Honestly, I don’t believe the possible dad nonsense. I think I look like my dad that everyone says he isn’t.

Haha, thanks. Me too. xP

Aww, surprise gifts! OMG like your sootball! xD My friends never give me birthday gifts. D:

Yay, I’m glad you had a nice chat with your ex. I probably ought to have one of those with Reema sometime in the future. Though as much as she says she hates losing friends, I really can’t see her caring that much, and I really don’t think she does. -_- I told you about how she wouldn’t even make eye contact with Jimmy at the party, right? So I didn’t even try to say hi. Besides that I felt awkward being in her vicinity.

My god, I was almost always late for the school bus in eighth grade. My stop was the second stop, but since the bus went around in a big circle to other stops on its way out, the last stop in my neighborhood was on a corner rather close to my own, so I was able to run there in time whenever I needed to. :)

Anyways, that was really sweet of the bus driver to stop early for you, and what he said was nice too. :D *hugs the bus driver for you~*

My parent won’t get it for me, so i have to save up for it. how am i supposed to do that? life sucks!
ohh sorry i didn’t know. i’ll change it :) I think it looks better now. i dont use textareas a lot so i forgot to change the color lol
as long as you don’t make it a big deal, just act like you’re doing nothing lol. when high school musical 3 came out, some people got kicked out because they were acting stupid, and running around. just be causal lol

Okay the bus driver is stupid, your the one running not him! wtf is he talking about, you make making him tired. some bus drivers are just a bunch of freaks and sometimes i hate catching the bus. i dont like the feeling of being in there

Yep. I’m back :) tehe. yeah, I completely failed the mock exams but on the upside I think I did okay on the real-gcse ones so that’s more important, right?

Yeah, she was a total dick. She didn’t set fire to the actual toilet (lol) she set fire to the sanitary bin I think. I think she had a couple of boys throwing the eggs with her but she planned it and everything. From what I’ve heard she’s been expelled from two other schools since ours, wouldn’t suprise me. :l

Yeah, Jacko was a legend though, so I’m not suprised. I’m a fan of his music so I’m sad he’s dead, I don’t see why people feel the need to go on about the child-abuse thing. He’s dead, that’s obviously not enough for some people. :l

Hehe thanks. :) Only problem now is putting all of my files on here. So far I’ve done half of my photos, half of my music and I’ve downloaded firefox, iTunes and CoreFTP. And installed Sims – I have a long way to go before I have this laptop completely ready :|

Woah, one and a half years? That’s a long time! You two are so lucky you have eachother ♥ I’m glad my panics weren’t true :D

She was waving it in his face and he didn’t notice? What an idiot. I totally agree (about the either nice or mean thing) :) Although 99% of the time they’re mean :(

Thanks for the comment, I really should be headin’ to bed now. It’s nearly two am and no sleep doesn’t work well on me ;)

Lol okay good. :) And thanks, by the way. :D

Well maybe it’s because you live in Australia, and I live in Canada. :P It was 31 degrees C here today, though. I went swimming and saw a really cute British guy. ^^

Yeah it was great! xD But I do love pasta and meatballs as well, to be honest.

Aww it’s good you’re still friends! I’m not friends with my ex boyfriends. I’m pretty much enemies with all of them. :)

Wow that was nice of him! Bus drivers here probably wouldn’t do that, they’re too “busy” or whatever.

Just a random question, lol, what’s the minimum wage in Australia?

lol you are! I’ll need the all the luck in the world lol.

*HUG* sorry /um. My mum too the car /bash age! 😰

Hrrrng, lucky you got on /bounce. Some bus drivers are real pricks. Stupid fat middle-aged men. Always them. 🤫

I wish i had a car. Harrumph. :(

Heehee, Kiah. :D At least I gave him some Photoshop repairs :)


Yes I am a fattie lmao. :)

Caesar sauce is just awesome. Plain awesome. Haha yeah it’s rather ironic that we put it on salad most of the time, because it’s defeating the purpose of it to be ‘healthy’. xD Fail.

Yar, it’s freaking my family out how I put it on everything lmao. But slowly they’re starting to do it as well. MUAHA I’ve started a trend. But yeah surprisingly it does taste pretty delicious on gummy worms. xD

When my parents threaten me, it just makes me angry and makes me wants to rebel more, so then everything gets worse haha.

Woo once again glad you were able to catch the bus.

Aweh he’s two years younger? So he’s my age? ;) EHH? Lmfao. Well, almost my age because I’m turning 16 this year but whatever.

Haha how would you judge a bus driver anyways? I always tend to see if they smile at me when I get on. That can only mean two things: they’re perverted, or they’re nice. So I can’t really make a judgment that’s either good or bad cause there’s two sides to everything. xD

Yeah that bus driver was a plain bitch. Good thing I never saw him again haha. :D

LMFAOO AHHAAHA, I think it’s hilarious that he’s the same age as me. Nah, I don’t think your a freak don’t worry. xD I just think that’s really funny, and I don’t even know why.

I saw the pic, and LMAO. I couldn’t stop laughing. Once again I don’t know why. GAWSH DARN, Brian just left my house I wish he had stayed like half an hour longer and he would have gotten to see that picture.

Anyways, he looks pretty angry in that pic.. O_O

Yeah caesar sauce + gummy worms = WHOA FAT BITCH.


Aweh I wish I was like you. I always rebel and then get them more pissed off.. which makes everything worse and then they give me a worse punishment. >:( It sucks, yo.

Haha yeah I don’t really know how to judge a bus driver, I guess you can figure it out by the way they talk and act and stuff.

hehe I don’t remember if I commented back already….I think i was going to, then I got distracted and was just like I’LL DO THIS LATER xD; i do that a lot (:

ahahah, I hate whenn strangers annoy me ! I’m like thinking “bad impression…MUCH?!” I remember [this person wasnt annoying or anything I just remembered it] I went to the movies and this lady in front of me went to me “Is my big head bothering you?” and I was like Uhh no ? Then she was like okay ! And I was like …..awkward much?

AHAH Papermate Pens = LOVE (:

Wow. That bus driver was nice. D:
That happened to me once…my dad was desperately knocking on the bus window while a guy inside tried making the bus driver stop, and yet the fat stupid guy continues driving! Grrr.

Comment reply:
Haha yeah, but I’m not that obsessed with the computer, I can live with another week. >.<

I got it! lol (:

Aw, really. lol I wasn't either.

Enjoy the time you have now until university! =D

As most 12-13 year olds (I hope, or maybe I’m just too…goody-goody) I have NEVER been in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. NEVER. I mean, like when I was in kindergarden, primary school I have liked some boys and one has liked me back, haha but we never told each other. We just played with each other, like, more. :P I guess that sounds so kiddy to you right? So I don’t know what it’s like to chat with your ex. Glad to hear that it wasn’t too awkward though :P Well my dad is my mom’s ex (divorce), so when they talk it’s REALLY awkward. It makes me want to hide. 😒

Haha thanks for the comment. I am such a newbie :P Gah, you weren’t a noob. It’s just that you’ve gotten so much better! From the people I know that give reviews, your reviews are the best ♥ :)

HEHE.I guess bus drivers are grumpy just because their job is just sitting down in the bus and driving the same route over and over again. It would get boring. /argh !!!

Hell, I would get bored and try to drive over a cliff. ;) Jk! Haha.

Thanks for the comment, and I LOVE your layout, the smiles are so cute too! :-) 💥 XD

That’s good. I don’t find many people with that kinda friendship after some serious relationship.

Lol. Well you need to stick up for your rights, missy! Or else if he happens to do something bad, give him a rant on Heartdrops, here! It’ll make him feel better! =p

Oh I see. Well now I know why you turned them off. I’m getting a whole lotta shit e-mails in a big pile. Meh. I might as well do the same since I check who my followers are once in a while.

aww that’s such a nice bus driver. you can never find a good bus driver who would chase after their passengers lol.

once i had a bus driver stopped in front of my office (they couldn’t do that if it’s not a bus stop) because it was raining heavily /hehe

haha cool!
It’s pretty neat that you’re still mates with you ex. :)

sorry this comment isn’t gonna be that long! I’m so tired from dancing!

Aw, that’s nice. I saw that picture of him that you tweeted.

That sucks, when the bus driver pretends to not notice you. That happened to my aunt once. I haven’t been on the bus much, so I don’t know much about it. :D

Haha Ikr, Levi fails :| he looks like /poo (ONCE AGAIN YOUR EMOTES HAVE SAVED ME) xD

ROFL, D: gah i know right. Nerds are so weird, like honestly what goes through their minds? They don’t know how to socialize or anything, they’re socially retarded/awkward.. it’s really frustrating.

YAYAYAYAY ~ Lockie Leonard fanlisting shall be open soon :D gah, 1 thing i hate about the show is how ugly the actress who plays Vicki is, like she’s meant to be hell pretty ya know like perfect but she’s fugly lmfao.

LOL @ the time this was posted.. but I know your secret Georgina.. it was really 12.05 that you finished it :0 LIAR! :)

It’s good that you and Kiah have cleared some things up and had a nice chat, sometimes it amazes me how much we can misunderstand people.. or misjudge them, like with Kiah after you initially broke up with him. (But gotta admit that the photo of him on the bus sleeping is fucking hilarious.)

NAWWW SHUCKS :3 that bus driver sounds so nice! ~ i love the nice bus drivers, i’ve experienced the same situation as you have quite a few times. I find myself running to the bus stop as quick as I can, normally the drivers do stop for me but you get the 1 every so often that just shrugs his shoulders and keeps driving. :( WHY MUST SOME DRIVERS BE SO RUDE.
but yay Georgie got on the bus, and was even able to make the driver crack a joke LOL. “Don’t run all the way there. You’re making me tired.” hahah that’s awesome !

ROFL, just noticed you left another comment following up after your first *facepalm* i fail.

Ms Levi? LMAO. already i’m scared. she does sound like a right bitch. scary that she got cancer :S karma perhaps? (lmao ok that’s horrible to say soz xD)

o.O she didn’t like fancy or big writing? ok so the bitch did deserve cancer, seeing as she wouldn’t even let you abbreviate words and made you capitalize your “i” ‘s.

LOL ok that was harsh, but yaknow.
PWNEEEED ~ what did she do when you wrote “Et Cetera”

Hahaa yes, once the guys were at the sweet shop. And one of their’s sisters was sat at the bus stop and I was sat on the step a bit further back. And be completely missed the bus. She didn’t even see it. Anyways, I went and told her and she went and told the guys that the bus hadn’t stopped when we’d ‘tried to stop it’. Hehe. XD

Oh my god. Your blog just made my day. Even better xD Hahaha.

That bus driver was so nice…=)

I think people like that are really cool…^^…It makes you go ‘Awww, there are nice people around after all =)’ ^^

What a nice bus driver. It’s so cool that he stopped for you…Even though you weren’t at your bus stop.

People that go out of their way to be nice to others are so rare. That makes me sad =(

LOL, Kiah…I can’t believe he’s taller than you now xD But it’s okay! He’s still short for a guy xD I saw the photo you posted xD He looks SO DIFFERENT =O

URGH! If a bus driver drove past me, and wet me with muddy rain water from a disgusting puddle, I would THROW MY SHOE AT HIM IN PROTEST!

Just kidding xD

I wish I could drive…==…*sigh*

Sorry, I mean: “I wish I could drive PROPERLY” xD LOL

That’s good that you still communicate with your ex. I’ve heard about a few people who completely ignore their ex or just do horrible things to them.

I hate catching the bus. :( Especially when you just miss the bus because you woke up late. I have to catch 2 buses in the morning & 2 in the afternoon to get to and from school. If I don’t catch the early first bus in the morning, there’s a chance I’ll miss my second bus in the morning. Which really annoys me so half the time I just get a lift to the second bus stop in the morning.

Lucky you, the bus driver stopped for you! Oh and I also hate it when your about to get off the bus & notice that there aren’t any buttons & you have to pull a string at the top of the bus. I have to kneel on the seat to reach the string. It’s very embarrassing.

At least that bus driver was nice :D
My friend catches the bus every morning to school and she always seems to embarrass herself. If its not falling and tripping over, its dropping books, items flying around. Seriously O.O” she’s the only person on the bus where all these things occur. Bad luck she’ll probably have to catch that bus for a loooongg time.

I know. The Government over here so suck…

I guess we feel that way ‘cuz people online can’t affect your personal life. ^^
♥ Thanks. :)

Bahaha OMG YES. I just blogged about The Tales of Terry, bahaha. Anyway, apparently he just retired so… *wooooo*

We were all pretty surprised he did go and get her… I guess he had visions of gypsy men and a 16-year-old girl. O_O OMFG. Anyway… yeah, they even had the little carts and horses and everything. ^^ Like in the stories. :)

It upsets me when people try and commit suicide and either suceed or don’t and then want to do it again. Like one day on the way to school (I might have told you this) a guy jumped in front of the train and died on the way to hospital, everyone was delayed and they had sort of forgotten about this guy who had just DIED.
And train drivers… some have to take months of because they can’t believe they killed someone, even if it wasn’t their fault. /wah

Bah. Like my Uncle did that. (WTF, please don’t think my entire family is made up of depressed people. He had a bad marrige, got divorced and went crazy. :( )
Although there was that guy who jumped of Niagara Falls and survived just with a hit head, he then never wanted to commit suicide again. (Y)

Whoo, go K.C. :D And OMG, yes. Did I add that onto my list for plans to dominate the world? Killing the British Government? :S

I love Ikea too! lol. I find it fun to walk through it as well! I don’t know if the Ikea by you in the same, but by me it’s pretty filled, mostly with wood products, and there are not many exits – you have to pretty much follow their store paths to get out. So the problem I see in that is – what if there is a fire?!?!

Yeah she wasn’t nice. Strange thing was when she first moved to our school everyone thought she was a complete and utter nerd just because she was shy. Now look at her. She was a total slag though, I don’t say that just as an insult, she actually was. (I don’t know anyhting about her now) but her msn picture (when she was about twelve) was her in her underwear in the kinda pose you’d probably see in a sex magazine, not good.

I think she did it to prove she could and to look “cool”. Nobody was really impressed though, except the TRS (lol, it’s the local ‘gang’ thing :l)

ikr. MJ is a legend and I know I keep saying it but it’s true. I love his music, except I’m happy to say I liked the music before he died! Unlike the people that go around playing his music claiming they’re fans just because he’s dead. :)

I do care :) I’m an extremely caring person :P Infact, I’m the most caring person you will ever speak to in your whole life :D

Um yeah, I’m gunna end this reply now because a)it’s getting incredibly lengthy, b) I’m hungry :) and c) Marmite’s crying for her lunch. I’ve never heard of such a fussy cat /wave

I generally hold a lot of grudges so I don’t know if I would ever be able to stay friends with an ex.


I hate public transport. ugh. Eversince my mum and dad split, I’ve been catching trains and BUSES.

Chasing a bus (or trying to get to the bus stop) is such a dorky yet cute thing to do XD Reminds me of Spiderman.

Yep. Mean bus drivers – the worst case is exactly what you mentioned. The bus drives through a muddy puddle and it hits you. /bash

Anyways, in your case your bus driver was awesome! ✌️
In fact, your bus driver is hilariously hilarious.

All the bus drivers I usually pass by look dead. Or bored XD
But with our students on the bus they shouldn’t be bored /huh

Hi Gii, I’m sorry if I’m being rude (because I really need to go), but I just wanted to notify you that I will be on hiatus until the end of July so I won’t be active until then. You can read why on my tumbleblog.

See you later!

Hahaa the funnist things happen on buses :P

Oops that should say funniest

Bahaha, we do talk a lot… but you can’t ever talk too much. ;)

I know, I thought that was strange. Maybe it’s secretly ‘cuz they knew he smoked before we got on the bus and he probably spent all evening at the bar? :P
I think we were all relived to be honest. (Y)

Wheee, Nirvana FTW! :D Withyour WordPress plugin for acronyms you so should have made ‘FTW’ ‘Fuck the World’. Like you told me that your friend told you that. :P

Bullies are just losers. I mean if they made the girl do that God, what the hell were they doing to her? :(
I think it’s horrible how someone dies every three seconds. /wah

Good to know you think we’re all sane. Everyone apart from my brother is, anyway. :P
OMG if Terry gave us lollipops we’d all know he’d lost it. XD Imagine if he had a family? O_O

I saw, I was very excited! I’ve been working on it, I hope to have it done by tonight! If not, then most likely tomorrow :)

Aw! You have a nice bus driver! He sounds nice, anyway. /faw

I haven’t had to catch a bus in weeks, luckily. Thank god I’ve been able to take someone’s car. Especially going to the beach. Busses that go to the beach are always nightmarish tourist traps. People don’t wear clothes over their bathing suits! 😰

I know how you feel about your ex. Mine are not usually so terrible, we just grew apart and decided it’d be better as friends, ya know?

We do rhyme! Hawt. /bash

I’m sorry your summer is boring! I would kill to go back to Uni right now… because that would mean it would be September and that would mean seeing Hot Physics TA would be back from France and I would see him ALL THE TIME! Oh, how wonderful it will be… Anyway…

Gasp, a talk with teh ex?! I would hope that wouldn’t upset James… but you said he wouldn’t hate you for it, so good! :D

Ah, buses. I don’t think I’ve ever missed the bus… or maybe the experience was so traumatic that I blocked it out. I’ve had my share of douchey drivers, though. I am glad I don’t have to take buses anymore… blech.

Haha, cool! I would go to new york and california, they are really fun places :)

Aw :l Not all people in indo are like that though, tons of my indo friends are pretty awesome :)

Yeah, the bombings were pretty freaky. I like the lifestyle though, so much to do. Jakarta itself isn’t that pretty, but if you go for like a 2 hour car ride you can be some place beautiful :D

Oh cool! I was born in Hong Kong :) fun fun.


Lmao! *high5*
I agree bahaha why does she get the cute little Lockie xD Her hair is a frizzball and she’s meant to be perfect and such D: i just don;t see it. i mean i’ve seen plenty of purdy people with braces.. not her though.

Yeah guys hell change more dramatically then girls I reckon, I mean we get boobs and such but they just change completely when they age D: like they look like dif people. ALIENS.. normally hot ones ;)

ROFL, but you made the bus driver tired from him watching you run! how is that not cool (H) LOL.

o__o really?
oh 👏 yay georgie got a nod from her cancerous english teacher. such praise for not abbreviating “Et Cetera”. I see even now your English teacher taught you well *cough* sidebar *cough* tehehe!

I’m so glad that the bus driver was nice to you! :D I’m worried about mean bus drivers, myself, since I’m going to be taking the bus EVERYWHERE come September. :P Although the one time I went on the closest bus line (with Gordon, to go to the county fair), the guy was really nice and talked to us the whole time. XD (There was only one person on the bus besides Gordon and I, haha.)

Ha, I’ve seen that before, about swimming or kayaking across the ocean to get to another country. wtf. XD

I peeled off all of those labels, too. They were ugly. XD One of them was a really tough sticker, though… really heavy-duty and thick… and I don’t have long fingernails, so when I was trying to peel it off, it went under my nail and was quite painful. XP

…I don’t remember telling you about winning mini golf. How funny. XD

Sorry I’ve been busy Gina. That’s nice that you guys are still friends ♥

Bus drivers can be real jerks sometimes 🤬

Yes!! I love having friends^^…tfrienmds are awesome…they always listen you and make you feel better. They always are with you and you don’t feel alone, but sometimes friends aren’t enough… I was very depressed, as you can see I didn’t updated or returning comments or being on twitter. I saw 3 movies and listened music. I think I know why:(…..yesterday I saw the boy I was in love few months ago and I was like :( when I saw him. My dad stayed back of a bus the car and I saw him for few seconds. I think I still love him….anyway I thought all the night and the day on him^^….hahah just too sentimental^^

YAY, really? WHo? YAY!! I’m very very proud^^. I love when people use my resources^^. Love you, you know now you are one of my best online friends /bounce /bounce I love you so much /bounce /bounce /bounce

You are I guess. But I’m more. :P JK haha. 👏

You’re right. But that is another way to blog about things too! I don’t mind haha. I might do so myself soon. :P

LOL yeah that’s right. That’s a hefty way of knowing too!

Night At The Museum 2 -> I watched it and it was really good. Gonna watch Hp6 tomorrow! =S!!!

About the bus; wow, very lucky of you :)

It’s good that you and your ex are good with each other. My ex-boyfriend Tommy and I have been talking a lot recently out of nowhere. He’s a good person too. :) Well, at least to me. ^^

Now that I’m single again from my previous relationship, I feel like I have nothing to worry about. My other ex (who broke up with me like 1/2months ago and left me in distraught) restricted me from many things.. :/ but now I feel free, so it’s all good. ^^

ohh i didn’t know he was joking, i thought he was just being rude. lol sorry /hehe
i’m trying to save money. so far i got
$21 in my wallet
$14.87 on paypal

i got a long long long way to go lol

Aww, what a nice bus driver! :) We really need more people like that in the world.. :(

It’s nice that you’re still friends with your ex boyfriend. Lots of times, ex-es end up avoiding each other as much as possible.

LMAO. Do you seriously need to warn people that coffee is HOT?! *sigh* /bash <–I want to do that to the judge and the suer. xD Haha, beware of choking on toppings?! xD I guess people could do that, though.. /hehe

Haha, yes, you were always a failure. :P Just kidding.. or am I? /hehe

Oh, by the way, I got a domain! :D So I won't be needing the sub-domain anymore, but I would gladly appreciate it if you kept it up for this week so I can transfer them all. :) Thank you!

Aw, you got a nice bus driver. :)

I know what you’re talking about. Most bus driver act like total assholes. The bus always waits at the bus stop and no one’s there so I assume they’re waiting for me so I run for it and just as I almost reach the door, they drive off! /angry It’s happened to me too many times and it’s really embarrassing, lol.

Hey :)
Haha possibly. but people never really picked on her, she just wanted to ‘stand out’ I guess? Either way I could quite happily do this to her for getting our trip cancelled: /bash (sorry, been wanting an excuse to use that smiley since I first saw it /eee )

Urgh, ikr. I mean, fair enough if you liked him before but to suddenly change your attitude towards him from “ew he’s that child-abuse dude” to “I’m his biggest fan”. Please? it’s pathetic. Nah, I’m all up for Man in the Mirror (Y)

Ah, haven’t I told you? Turns out our little boy kitten is actually female. Let’s just say she had a sex change ;) We took her to the vet to get her (well, his at the time) jabs and I asked (I must have sounded quite like a cat-pervert but) “is it definanely a boy ’cause it has no penis?” (yes, those were my words (H) ) and he looked and was like “no, it’s a little girl”. 😝 was cute though :) But yeah, she still likes SP, especially Disarm, which is handy ’cause that’s my current song-I’m-addicted-to-and-put-on-twentyfour-seven :) She likes it though so I have an excuse /heart

Anyways, I’m uber tired and need sleep, G’night.

💀 /poo (sorry, I’m signing out with the Pirate and the poop from now on because it’s cute (well the pirate anyways) and I like the poop :P )

Ooh. 13? You’re mature XD Although several people in our year are together and stuff. They break up in like, three months. Personally I just think it’s kinda weird (no offense…) because, well, they’re too young. :O

Yesh, really awkward. :O That’s why I usually bring my cuz out when I bring them out so they have another subject to talk about. Well like yesterday the four of us went to this really cool Japanese restaurant (which was really expensive but it was worth it since it was soooo good :9) and they talked. About food. And it was SO WEIRD and WITHOUT EXPRESSION that I wanted to pour the noodles on my head and die that way.

Yeah what’s the point of being bitchy if you don’t like your review? I think it’s stupid too. D: another way of being in an e-drama *lol* is when say, an affie moved, using a new site name. Then she/he never told you. D: Happened to me, and she was my first affie too! :C

Thanks, glad you liked the review, I put a lot of effort into it but I didn’t feel like I had much to suggest to you! You’re really good :D But yeah, in so places there are copyright laws, like in the United States you have to buy a copyright. It was interesting to look up Australia’s copyright laws though. –And something to keep in mind when doing other reviews.

Yes I will! I’m just about to write a new blog about it all actually! I have loads to tell :)

Now I want to catch a bus. /eee Must be so warm and snuggly with all those other people in it.
I saw your number on your profile… lyk oh noez dud! Hehe, I wanna call you! /hehe
I might.
I can.
Be prepared.
*Fiddles with phone* :)

haha, omg, that bus driver sounds awesome. :D
i wish i lived in a city w/ buses… but no, i have to live in a dead boring town. O_O

My insult response: l0l n00b 1 c4n pwn y0!
I won’t without your permission, I don’t want to be a murderer! :O
But WHEN (yes, when!! NOT IF, OR SHOULD I.) I do call you… *Watches your blood pressure increase* you won’t be the only one squealing and jumping around, or screaming loudly. /um
LOL, I’m not even sure if it is “when”, but it should be!
By the way, I promise that my mom wouldn’t be listening. She’d be cooking or watching TV…
I’d be embarrassed~

My email address is reliable, you poo. It was playing up the first day, but it’s OK now. I think people just haven’t emailed me. :P

PT is even worse!! I like my % although, I don’t use it for everything; just mainly my main font a few headers. Percentage is pretty easy.

Oh that’s pretty good; I’ll have to search for that plugin. :)

Aw thanks. I’m just getting annoyed with people copying me. Sarah shows me people all the time. Someone (I’ll tell you who on Twitter) said they were going to make the WP comments speech bubbles before I did, but I done them first so they wouldn’t do them. It’s like they wanna copy me, but said they were going to do it ages ago so it doesn’t look like they were copying. If that makes sense.

Well, when it was 1am near you, it was 4pm here xD lol. It’s 9:54am now, I’m tired. My mum woke me up. I done 3 yesterday :O I might have a break today, it’s not good to do too many reviews.

Yes you should use the @reply.

I think it’s really sweet you are still friends with your ex-boyfriend. I’m sure James would be cool with it too. I’m still friends with my ex-boyfriends. I don’t talk to one of them, that’s it.

Bus drivers do my head in… really. They are so inconsiderate it’s unbelievable. I was waiting at a bus stop, and I stuck my arm out so it would stop, it was pissing down with rain and he just drove straight past me :| The bus wasn’t even full. I was screwing.

A bus driver trapped me in the doors once. I was with my mate (I was only about 12) and he got on the bus first and the driver just shut the door, with me stuck inside them :| I was like, HELLO I AM HERE YOU KNOW, he just goes ‘sorry, didn’t see you’ Wankerisghfdgdfgdgd.

You had a nice bus driver! No bus drivers here would have done that for anyone. You’re lucky. (Y)

GAH D: I know right! I was SO uncomfortable, trust me I don’t recommend doing it :P

Lmao! Omg, so your bro’s school does it too? It’s stupid :|! Does he go to a public or private school? I go to a public haha. I’ve been wanting to tell my school office my number, but just say it’s my Mum’s new number.. so then I get the texts (H) LOL.

ROFL, it made me want to dance like a nut too, i think it makes everyone tbh. it’s so weird but so funny ^_^


Hmm you make a valid point.. maybe he was just such a fat driver that watching things run really physically exhausts him.

Some bus drivers are nice indeed! My bus came early, and I noticed this as I was walking to the bus stop and I started running towards my bus stop (which seemed like half a mile away) and he kindly stopped for me! :) And it took me minutes to recover from my panting :P

I /hate/ rude bus drivers. But that guy would have made my day, too. :) /mwah

Yeah, Rachel and the Retractable Penis :) – I still need to make that into a film somehow. Or was it a comic book? I don’t remember /huh

BILLY JEAN IS NOT MY LOVER! SHE’S JUST A GIRL, WHO CLAIMS THAT I AM THE ONE… (leaves here for you to continue singing :))
-next song-

that’s one of my all time favorite lyrics I think :)

Haha it’s cool. It’s 11.35 am here and I’ve only just woke up /hehe I guess these late nights aren’t the best thing for me..

Hey Georgina,

I’m back :P I’m on vacation right now, so yeah.
Haha, you’re so organized with the affiliates list and its rules.

Hope your summer is going well.

– Julia

Yeah, I guess so.

Wow. Wow. How did James and you discussed about your ex-boyfriend? Isn’t it weird discuss your ex-boyfriend with your current boyfriend?

Yuss. Everybody squeals when they experience things like that, if not on the outside, then the inside! 👏
HMPHH. Why are you scared? I’m freakin’ eleven… twelve this year! :) Not like I’m a 70 year old rapist. WHEN (WHEN!!) you hear my voice, you’ll see. /hehe
WHEN (yes, WHEN!!) I call you, don’t put your head on the phone for like a second or you’ll go DEAF. Yes, DEAF. 😒
LOL. My mom is sleeping, woot!

Bahaha I ‘spose you’d better be sensible and use ‘For the Win’. I would SO LOVE to see ‘Fuck the World’ on someone’s though. XD

I know. /wah

Bahaha yeah… freaky shit if he did. :/

I would’ve loved to have told Terry he was a mutterficker, bahahaa. XD