So Much To Tell You

I had a (much-needed? No, kidding) talk with my ex-boyfriend today. Kiah, if you’re reading this, hi. ๐Ÿ™‚

James is… possibly going to hate me for this. Well he won’t, I know he understands. But it was a nice chat, just about general stuff. Possibly a time to catch up.

Just to make it clear, Ki isn’t a loser or a retard or the general idea of what ex-boyfriends are. He might have been a loser when we broke up, but he isn’t one now. And I know I showed you that photo of him sleeping on the bus, but that was a joke. Obviously.

He’s still a friend to me. I just wanted to mention that. He wasn’t violent or a drunk or a cheater. He was a nice guy, but let’s just say we weren’t meant for each other. We’re fairly good friends, if I say so myself. I mean, he’s probably the only “ex” I really get along with well. We had a bad fallout after we broke up I suppose. But it was a relationship that lasted quite a while.

Well. I went to work today. I wish James could have driven me. But he didn’t. My mum took the car to work, so I had to walk and catch a bus. I left a bit later than last time, which was silly of me.

I was running as I got to the corner, because I realised the bus would come in three minutes.

Before I got to the bus stop, still running, I realised that the bus was close behind me.

I really despise mean bus drivers. The ones who clearly see you are running for the bus, and despite seeing you, they continue to zoom past. And if you’re lucky you may be near a puddle at that moment, and the bus may zoom past. Its wheel will travel through that muddy puddle, and a stream of brown liquid will travel in your direction.

In other cases, you might see your best friend running for the bus, and notify the bus driver. Despite that, they ignore you and leave the doors of the bus closed, and continue to drive away from the stop.

If your friend is lucky, they will manage to arrive at the door seconds before the bus driver turns the steering wheel, and will get a chance to rap on the glass. Despite that, the bus driver will shrug and continue turning the steering wheel and driving away, leaving your friend at the curb, angered, or dismayed.

In other cases… you simply miss the bus. You see it driving just several metres away, and you run. You run after it but no one notices you running. You are out of the sight of the driver.

Perhaps the bus is many metres up the hill, and you are just around the corner. It’s too late to run.

Or you are standing, in the rain, at the bus stop. Content, with your old grey umbrella over you. Minutes pass. The bus doesn’t come and all is quiet except for the light pitter-patter of the falling rain. Many minutes pass. But the bus doesn’t.

But lucky for me, I suppose.

As I ran, I heard the toot of a horn. The bus had stopped about a metre behind me, yet many metres from the bus stop I was headed for.

As I boarded, the bus driver said, “Don’t run all the way there. You’re making me tired.”
He grinned.

That made my day.

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