And I Won’t Even Realise It

I neglected to mention this last blog, but Ben Jorgensen replied to me on Twitter again. I think I went absolutely insane. I am a big fan of Ben Jorgensen – he’s the lead singer of Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands.

He wasn’t asleep even though it was 2:30am his time, so I told him to sleep. Surprisingly (and I nearly fell off my chair), he replied. I felt so… honoured? Because all I did was tell him to sleep! ☺️

So I told him it was afternoon where I was, and he replied again. I think I actually fell off my chair this time. 😧

I don’t know why I go crazy over a celebrity, but he’s probably the only one I like. Haha. 😄

Speaking of Twitter, though, I will warn you: don’t give out your email to someone publicly. Give it via direct message. You don’t know what losers are lurking around.

I came across a loser the other day. Lee asked who had MSN Messenger, so she could add them to her list. I replied to her and mentioned that I did. I also included my email address.

About two seconds (no, literally) after I tweeted that, a dialog box came up on my screen saying that someone added me to MSN. I didn’t assume it was Lee – the email address didn’t even seem like hers. I added the person, as I usually do.

As I was busy at the time, and my status was “Busy”, I didn’t talk to this person, and I continued with the emails I was replying to.

A new conversation appeared on my screen. It was the person that just added me. They had a display name of g2. Um, excuse me, but WTF.

They said hi, and at that moment I got extremely pissed off. I find it very annoying when people annoy me when I am busy (except for some of my close friends). Despite that, I replied and said “Hi, who is this?” as politely as I could.

This idiot, who said his name was “g2” (short for “Jeetu” apparently, um, no, that is not cool, like WTF are you, a car model or what?), then proceeded to send messages in bad grammar and a myriad of typing errors.

He even used flower and heart emoticons. Like 🌹 and ♥️ – WTF?

He said, “its for you, wna frindship with you”.

Um. No thanks. Not only did you not capitalise your sentence, you forgot an apostrophe, “wna” is not a word, you spelled “friendship” wrong, you are missing a semicolon and you –

OMG. At that moment his display picture appeared, and it was an ugly sight. He seemed older than me, ugly, not friendly, loserish, a freak, a fail, and he looked like Bearman1.

Now this time I can tell you I seriously fell off my freaking chair.

I chucked a fit, and then I blocked this person.

Lesson: Do not give your email out publicly on Twitter.

Phew. At least that’s over. I added a contact form on my contact page. I also did a few reviews, and installed the Acronyms plugin. So if you hover over a few dotted underlined letters, you can see a little definition of it. WYSIWYG. 😄

  1. A person I used to know. If you are familiar with my old “fuack” entries, you may remember. He was someone who liked me although I didn’t like him back. He kept persisting and trying to be around me.

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