And I Won’t Even Realise It

I neglected to mention this last blog, but Ben Jorgensen replied to me on Twitter again. I think I went absolutely insane. I am a big fan of Ben Jorgensen – he’s the lead singer of Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands.

He wasn’t asleep even though it was 2:30am his time, so I told him to sleep. Surprisingly (and I nearly fell off my chair), he replied. I felt so… honoured? Because all I did was tell him to sleep! /eee

So I told him it was afternoon where I was, and he replied again. I think I actually fell off my chair this time. :O

I don’t know why I go crazy over a celebrity, but he’s probably the only one I like. Haha. :D

Speaking of Twitter, though, I will warn you: don’t give out your email to someone publicly. Give it via direct message. You don’t know what losers are lurking around.

I came across a loser the other day. Lee asked who had MSN Messenger, so she could add them to her list. I replied to her and mentioned that I did. I also included my email address.

About two seconds (no, literally) after I tweeted that, a dialog box came up on my screen saying that someone added me to MSN. I didn’t assume it was Lee – the email address didn’t even seem like hers. I added the person, as I usually do.

As I was busy at the time, and my status was “Busy”, I didn’t talk to this person, and I continued with the emails I was replying to.

A new conversation appeared on my screen. It was the person that just added me. They had a display name of g2. Um, excuse me, but WTF.

They said hi, and at that moment I got extremely pissed off. I find it very annoying when people annoy me when I am busy (except for some of my close friends). Despite that, I replied and said “Hi, who is this?” as politely as I could.

This idiot, who said his name was “g2” (short for “Jeetu” apparently, um, no, that is not cool, like WTF are you, a car model or what?), then proceeded to send messages in bad grammar and a myriad of typing errors.

He even used flower and heart emoticons. Like 🌹 and ♥️ – WTF?

He said, “its for you, wna frindship with you”.

Um. No thanks. Not only did you not capitalise your sentence, you forgot an apostrophe, “wna” is not a word, you spelled “friendship” wrong, you are missing a semicolon and you –

OMG. At that moment his display picture appeared, and it was an ugly sight. He seemed older than me, ugly, not friendly, loserish, a freak, a fail, and he looked like Bearman1.

Now this time I can tell you I seriously fell off my freaking chair.

I chucked a fit, and then I blocked this person.

Lesson: Do not give your email out publicly on Twitter.

Phew. At least that’s over. I added a contact form on my contact page. I also did a few reviews, and installed the Acronyms plugin. So if you hover over a few dotted underlined letters, you can see a little definition of it. WYSIWYG. :D

  1. A person I used to know. If you are familiar with my old “fuack” entries, you may remember. He was someone who liked me although I didn’t like him back. He kept persisting and trying to be around me.

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OH GOSH!!! -hyperventilates- I’M SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!!

Crazy stalkers. Twitter has “Follow me”, dA has “Watch me”. Screw baseball, stalking is the new American past time!!

Oooh, can we see another bearman entry soon? ;o I miss those things, hahaha.

Gosh I would totally die if one of my favorite celebrities tweeted me.

By the way, this was a short blog. o_O Anywho. LOL.

Hey, I hate it when people do that to me, too. I once got a text message from a random guy who tried to get with me, aka what you call a Bearman. It was WEIRD! I had to sleep with my light on because I got so scared because I’m so gullible. Lol!

Anyway, I love your layout. You should make some wordpress templates, that would be awesome!

hehee, I obsess over Michael Phelps :3. He’s the only celebrity I actually take interest in now that I think about it. My friends think I like him for his looks. PSH. He looks like a dork with a really nice body 🙄. Ever think I like him for his talents? Pfft. Some people ]:

At least that bearman look-alike said “hi”. I mean, I get “YO.” Gosh, those are annoying :x Yo what eh? BUT HEY. The beauty of instant messangers = Blockblockblockblock /pow.

Twitter causes problems ]: I would know /ehh

OMG, I gave my email out on twitter. *faints*I should just delete the tweet I guess. Those stalkers are just plain scary. :P

Ahhh, so this random, loserish guy adds you on MSN; and says “wna blah blah blah friendship.” *shivers* I would like fall off my chair, delete this contact and block him.

Yes! The monkey shaker is definitely EPIC. The most epic itouch application ever.
You should deff get an itouch or an iphone just so you can play the monkey shaker game! Lmao. I’m sure you and James (GAMES) would have a lot of fun with these games… HAHAHAHA. K no. That wasn’t funny.. but whatever, I tried.

Don’t worry you are forgiven for not returning my other comment in the same comment as your first one? xD

Y’know maybe someday I will write a blog about what we do at our “hangouts” at school. But it would be the most boring blog ever written. D:

Aww does you mom really think that girls and guys can’t be just friends?!?! Dude, that sucks. Thankfully my mom doesn’t think that.. at least I hope so haha. She SEEMS to get along pretty well with Ryan so yar. (:

Yes I know I fail. Thanks for reminding me lmao. But seriously, that’s how lazy I get sometimes. Sometimes I even get too lazy to capitalize and punctuate my sentences. So I think you should be thankful that I’m at least doing that now. LMAO.

Wow you totally pwned me at the end of your comment. xD Yeah psssht, so what if they don’t exist anymore.. THEY’RE STILL EPIC MAMMOTHS. HMPH.

Omg I feel like a newb for not knowing who that guy is who was talking to you on Twitter, BUUUT, that’s so freeken cool! :D I would freak out as well if one of my favorite celebs actually replied to me on Twitter hehe.

Alright, so that’s really creepy, fucked up, perverted, disgusting, corny, and gay what that guy said to you on msn. D: Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s SCARY. Yeah I think I’ve given out my email a couple times on twitter (like, not as DMs) and I have now learned my lesson. I shall never do that again haha. I got a good enough scare when one of my followers stole my effin username and started posing as me. That was seriously so STUPID and.. it’s weird because it’s one of my followers. D: I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST MY FOLLOWERS. Just goes to show.. you can’t trust anyone………dun dun dun. Lmao.

But wow good thing you blocked the guy, he deserved it. I wrote a whole blog a while ago about msn statuses haha. It pisses me off as well! BUSY MEANS BUSY. I hate when people start sending messages like “where are you?” WELL I’M BUSY SO STFU.

Hehe LOL .
I wanted to try.

Anyways , that guy was creeppyy. ;) and congrats on getting a response :)

One more time:


ahaha thats cool!!! LOL obviously you didnt want the pens anymore xD

Yea, i don’t really get mad mad and people, I just get irritated for that moment xP

EW, strangers on MSN are scary. I mean, strangers could be anyone. Pedophile, killer, psycho, who knows? You should be careful next time :) If you want to give your e-mail to someone on Twitter, just DM him/her :D And maybe you should make your profile private/you should do a followers cleanup lol.

Okay I forgot to reply your comment on my site.

Yeah, I think it’s normal if you didn’t like Indonesia. And the atmosphere, haa, every time I go outside I feel like being followed by someone. It’s just not secure anymore. I’m not safe here. Blahhh.

Omg Ben Jorgensen !!! You are so lucky! XD
And oh jeez, I’ve had the same thing happen to me on msn.
I don’t know why people add me or how they even got my msn! Most of the people that adds me don’t even talk to me. So I end up deleting them. However,
when they do talk to me, they are the nastiest son of the beezies. Lol.

HEY WHOA THAT ACRONYM PLUGIN IS COOOOOOL. But I’m probably way too lazy to install it.

I get random adds on yahoo messenger all the time and people add my AIM SN to their buddy list but don’t IM me until way later & then proceed to ask me who I am. …Hello, you’re the one that added me!! Sigh. Cr33p3rz. Stay away from them!!

So I’ve noticed that your blogs are pretty long but at least they’re worth reading. Every time I try to return someone’s comment and I see how long their blog is, I always dread it because it’s always something about nothing. Then I read yours & I think, “Leave it to Georgie to always have long blogs but at least they’re not about nothing.”


Well, I don’t have a Twitter so I don’t really follow anyone BUT I CAN RELATE. Because I joined this social networking site and the creator is really really hot and I left him a comment and he returned it and I was like, “NO WAYYYY!!!” and then he also would leave me blog comments (not on my current blog but my social networking blog) or picture comments. Man, I practically wet my pants.

It’s okay, you admire the guy who writes beautiful lyrics that are totally relative to your life..or could be, because they are to mine. :) I’d fall off my chair too!

Thank you for your suggestions, Georgie! I cut down on those dotted lines, the elements are different now. =)
It’s high time I realized how many people hate maths. LOL. :)

Oh, that Acronyms plugin is really cool! :D And, that was a nice lesson to me too, lol, I suppose I should never give out email IDs through tweets. Aw, he replied to you again! That’s really cool! :) Sounds funny how you fell off the chair, but that happens to most people when their favorite stars reply to them. LOL. :)

BEARMAN! Yes, I remember him! Haha, funny how “g2” looked like Bearman. =]
Oh, pronouncing that word should take a little practice, I guess. :)

Aargh, that was scary. o_O My close friend on twitter posted the email of my other friend who was leaving this year on her twitter so I could see it. I hope she doesn’t get into the situation you got into! /um

Ooh, @benjorg. I saw that little conversation but forgot what you were typing about. XD

Anyway, back to that MSN thing. What if it was Bearman? He has a similar face, he types lolspeak, etc.? Watch out! @_@

OMG, how creepy!! I’ve never had that problem before but it sounds creepy! Though I’ve had my stuff hacked into though. I had a really pretty yahoo sn and someone hacked it and than signed onto it the next day I was so pissed. I can’t get or understand why people must use u as you or r u as are you when typing? Uhm, hello, we’re not texting. Spell it the freaking out!!!

That’s one of the reasons I don’t give out my information publicly. I hate it when people type like that when they could just type correctly. /pow

HAHA LOL. What if it was Bearman? I don’t understand why some people don’t understand the other person’s feeling and still would persist so much that it gets annoying.

And about Ben Jorgensen, I would have squeaked if one of my favorite celebrities would reply to me. LOL. You are really lucky.

And yeah, love is sometimes a silly thing. /eee

Yeah haha I guess so! :P

You forgot? =S It was like, yesterday or two days ago that you typed it. Haha so there is the evidence that you do tweet alot! =P LOOOL. Too bad it’s not cold here. Asdfgh.

True. I prefer to die in some other way than this when I know I can spare my life and get healed… :(

OMG. Must’ve been scary huh? Don’t worry. Obviously sites like twitter and stuff NEED to have stuff like private messaging and all. It’s not always good when it’s public. Another lesson from Georgie. Sad you always experience whatever the thing is LOL. :P

I so want a celebrity to atleast send me one tweet back or something. I would def. die my heart out! x.x


Usually I give my email adress on Tiwtter. I never got persons who entere in my Msn list /hehe /hehe

sometimes they are just looosers /hmph /ho

I like so much the plugin. I think I’m gonna install it soon^^ /bounce /bounce /bounce

well I think I can’t write a long comment but it’s a blog related. Well I think it will be a bit long^^

I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!
hahahahha now it’s a long one^^. /love /love /love /love /love /love /love /love

Whoa, what a creep lol. Must be one crazy loser hrrrng
Show me the display picture sometime /hehe

Hoohoo, ben jorgensen! 🤤 Heehee, a twitter conversation /bounce . That is most /bounce


Hahaa usually I can take the heat, but that chilli? That was wayy too much. Oh wow, I never knew that. I was always told that if you drink milk then that takes away the hotness..somehow.

My computer is soo fast now that my dad’s cleaned it all out. I’m soo happy, no longer scared that it’s gonna shut down at any moment!

Lol you sound like you’re really crazy over Ben Jorgensen. But that’s really nice of him to reply to you!

Ugh yeah, not a good idea to give out emails publicly – you never know who’s gonna add you! Good on you for deleting him, he must have been really annoying! XD

Wow. It’s so cool that your idol replied your message! I will have the same reaction if Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson replied my message. /eee

Omg, that is SO COOL =D Ben Jorg replied to you! =D =D! Don’t worry, I would’ve fell off my chair too…xD…Or done something else clumsy…

Ben Jorgensen is SO cool… @_@ xD Armor for Sleep FTW!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Urgh! I hate it so much when people add you randomly…It’s like…WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM, HAVEN’T YOU EVER HEARD OF ‘STRANGER DANGER’? I think it’s sort of arrogant…

I mean, what makes them think that you won’t mind them adding you randomly. It’s so stupid.

It’s even WORSE when they disturb you when you’re BUSY. Luckily you blocked the guy =)

G2 is SO not cool. If he were a car. He’d be a lemon. Or one of those fake sports cars that people drive to look cool, without realising that it’s NOT cool…==…And you look like a tryhard.

It’s also NOT cool to use such stupid chatspeak. URGH! What a try-hard.

Hey, just like Bearman xD Hahahaha =D

Bearman sounds super creepy, and Bearman Jr. (twitter Bearman) sounds even creepier! He ‘wna frindship with you’? Man I’d block him in a heartbeat. *Shivers in grossness*

That’s also soo cool that Ben replied back to you. I think I would have fallen off a chair as well. Even small celebrities get me excited! I was so excited when replied back to me. –She’s from the UK and is very famous on YouTube! (Same username for YouTube).

Twitter can be so bittersweet.

For the third time. :D He must like you or something. :P Telling him to get to bed, lmfao. XD

And OMG what a freak. :O AT LEAST YOU BLOCKED HIM. Something like that happened to me once, this guy added me and so yeah, I added him, and I asked him his name. I got “Z”.
Are you called Zack, then? (I think it looks cooler with the ‘k’. :P). NOPE. How old are you…?
You won’t say. Bahaha. BLOCKED YOU LOSER.

Aww you fell off your chair! Hopefully you didn’t hurt yourself? *worried* XD


Wow, that IS dedication. Like your attendence record… you have written loads of reviews. O_O
Bahhaa at least they were in boxes. :P (The sweets, just so you’re not confused).

Haha I never understood why you don’t like brushing your hair… I don’t like it but I do it. XD

Wow, that is so creepy that he added you without permission and started being all creepy with his misspelt words and bad grammer. Seriously, you’re not 8 and speak like that to your good friends on msn, it’s not allowed. :(

Aw, I want to be @replied by a celebrity. I never follow them really, except for this band I like but I doubt they would ever @reply me *cry* I might try now. :D

Thanks for the layout compliments. (Y)

Oh thanks, ha! My pizza wasn’t all that good but the customer didn’t eat very much of it and I felt like going out and saying ‘What’s wrong with it? :( It’s my first pizza; eat!’

Lmao, yay at least you like mine, haha. I love reviewing, but it annoys me when people change their layout every 2 minutes when I’m doing their review, :@ It’s so annoying.

I thought my latest blog was too long, but then I see your blogs and think, OK maybe not LOL. You always have something interesting to say though, I don’t :3

You can apply if you want, hehe. I enjoyed reviewing your site last time, :) Even if it is so god damn perfect :P

Yeah I know. I know I chat in my comments too, but at least I leave decent sized comments, like I do with you, Jorja, Sarah, Ben (and anyone else). I don’t like leaving one line comments but it’s annoying when someone writes a blog like;


How am I meant to write a decent comment about that? LOL.

Yeah, I get annoyed when I’m doing something and people talk to me lol. Especially on MSN, when I’m set to busy or away people still talk to me and are like ‘are you there?’ or ‘are you busy?’ YES I FUCKING AM, CAN’T YOU READ.

Yay, thanks for the name of the plugin, it’s so amusing LOL. I was doing it manually before, cause I used PHP pages. I get amused by little things.

I just read your blog (like twice) and can’t remember you said, LOL. *scrolls up*

LIKE OMG HE REPLIED TO YOU? Sorry, being sarcastic there lol. That’s well cool though, I’d be like that if a celebrity I liked replied to me 8D

I think it so rude when people do that. I mean, if you’re @replying someone with your email address, it’s obviously meant for that person, not anyone else. Fucking retards.

I usually DM my email address. Even though I have like 5 contacts on mine haha. I never go on it :(

WTF, with the messed up grammar and spelling. Either he’s stupid or can’t speak English. Do you even know this person? Haha.


You’ve caught up with your review queue well quick :O I don’t understand how you never get bored of doing them lol.

Wow, you actually had a mini conversation with him! I would have been really excited, too.

What a story. That definitely would have pissed me off too. But at least you learned the lesson of not giving out your Email address publicly. I will not be doing that either!

wow! youre lucky. he keeps replying and all. my fave celebs just post and never replies. they arent even famous yet. -_-

lol if i were you i couldve fallen off my chair as well!

thanks fr dropping my georgie. -_- sorry for not always being able to come here and follow your blogs. anyway, enjoy the life. :D

Whoahh man that is mad creepy. I mean its kind of sad that he doesn’t know proper english or spelling.. I always feel bad when people like that are talking to me.. like you want to help them out, haha. But in the end they are usually just down right creepy.

That is soo cool that a celeb wrote back, and not just a celeb but one you like a bunchh. I had the guy from paranormal state write back to me and I was like.. yaaaay. So cooool. Which reminds me.. I wanted to search somebody on twitter.

and yeah, I can stand a lot of pain when it comes to piercings.. but the piercing is 50 buckss ;o freaking insanity.

Haha I’ll take a look sometime soon, don’t worry. Crazy stuff, I know lol. Last time I saw your followers was 736… Now it’s 835. WTF?

Yup that’s right. And twitter is used by a lot of celebrities so their work is also being seen even more at a glance now than before… etc. etc.

Hahaha. I don’t blame you… I can imagine. But I don’t expect to see you being excited! :P Haha just kidding around. ;)

Mhm. Like you’re doing right now. /sweat

Yeah but many strangers are cute and friendly^^. I’m friend with many people that I didn’t know^^…just accepted them and voila…..I discovered a kind person. No all people are stupid!! /love /love

I’ll use it soon. It’s awesome, maybe when i’ll write my next blog. Anyway I wanna reach 100 comments^^. HAHAHA 😝 😝

You'[re right, a nice comment is that one where the words came from the writer’s heart!!! And all my comments come from my heart 🙄 👏 /mwah /hehe

GRRR I become addiceted to your emoticons!!!! /ho /hmph Are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! /pow 😝 /wave

Love you too!!!!!! /bounce /love 🙄 /kiss /mwah /faw 😳 🤬 /um /wave

LOL I’m like the opposite. My parents are constantly telling me to put my money in the bank but instead it’s lying in random places all over the house. xD

Haha yeah I definitely do have more fun outside of school. ;)

Yeah that’s true. A lot of your posts do reminisce on high-school. People say it’s the best years of your life.. although a lot of the time I doubt that very much. D: I keep thinking that university would be the best days, haha. xD

Aw that’s sweet. :D I love my mom too! *tears*

LOL yeah for sure. Typos are extremely unprofessional, but they’re okay for text messages and stuff like that. ;)

I don’t even remember this time when you bothered me when I was busy? xD Ah well. You got lucky. Lmao.

Yeah ranting about that kind of stuff never get’s old. :D

Oh my god! That’s scary! Haha I was giving my e-mail out publicly. Thanks for the warning! :) Haha so that’s why you sent your e-mail DM. He could of been a stalker or something worse. Good thing that you blocked him! :P
That’s amazing that a celebrity replied to you! Celebrities almost never reply. They normally get too make @ replies so they don’t have time but that is awesome! :)

Well what else would I do? Haha. I just actually thought of making a sub-domain not too long ago. I was like “GAH I need a good place to test stuff” Duhh create a sub-domain haha xD

My mum used to take ages opening the door for the postperson, then chase down the street after him. They should wait longer, especially at 7am when everyone’s in bed.

I don’t usually give out my email anyway, ’cause lot’s of idiots keep adding me on Twitter. It’s loads of people asking if anyone wants to see them naked on webcam. No thanks. Lol.

I used to have my email on my Piczo page and I got added by loads of randomers. And I used to add randomers. That’s why I changed my email. I’d rather know all my contacts than have about 250 of them.

That’s so cool that he’d reply to you… twice. I’d be falling off my chair too, if my fave celeb replied to me on Twitter. Epic. Really.

hi :) sorry i’ve taken forever to reply but you know what its like with work and dodgy internet and not being able to get on my website at my cousins etcccccccccccc
my cousins husband is okay now i think but i think i’m coming down with something, maybe a bit milder coz i have a banging head and i am so tired, more so than any other time in my life i dont even have the energy to get off my stomach and go to the toilet right now even though i’m about to burst
i think i fixed the nameservers but i think people are still having trouble so ive emailed wendy :)

o.O OMG thats why i never give out my msn ever!! hahah i have like 90 contacts and thats it and even though i always put my msn in the email section of my comments no one ever adds it so thats okay, i dont really mind people i know but you get some scary weirdos going hi hw r u and i’m like why are you talking to me why did you even add me
but thats scary that you got a scary man adding you tho
also congrats on talkin to a celeb :D

Text talk is so overrated now a days. I still text, but only if I have too. Ya know? It’s rather annoying when people type lyke dis or dat.. I try to spell it out long term. But anyways, thanks for the compliment on the new layout. I read about bloody mary when I was in grade school, so you can imagine the vivid imagination that comes at that young age. I than read it again in the 9th grade and went crap. lol.

Oh, yes! This Ben kid is a little poop head. XD I don’t think he should be disrespecting me, especially in my own home.

Why are kids so rude these days? Lol.

lol, i hate when i am mad at people, so I always have to like to tell them to put it behind and we end up making up xD

ahahah, i love pens xD ! ahahah, i like these pens by a company called papermate, and the pen is called Profile; i love that pen! It writes so smoothly LOL

LMAO wow. I’m sorry. lol
[By the way, add me on msn?]
Ahaha I give out my e-mail everywhere and I get no stalkers. >.<

haha yeah, except when you have to do it for 2 weeks. …

YES! LOL Thanks! :D

lol. new blog at last. ;) with surprise. :D
my brother is so lazy D: he occasionally does stuff, but will do just about anything to avoid it. D:

/bitchslaps the cat to pluto

freaaaky. a singer replied to me once on twitter. :D
eww, something similar happened to me once. there was this boy who stalked me and added me on msn and tried adding me everywhere i had an account. it stopped because he moved up to the upper school. but now i’m at the upper school. he’s kind of stalking me again. D:

i’m going to bitchslap him.

He replied to you!? That is so awesome!!! Again! WEE!!

I hate it when people start a conversation while I’m on busy, its like hello!? /angry I’m busy here!

AHHH!! He looked like Bearman!! *runs and hides* He sounds like a creeper, and he clearly has NO knowledge of grammar and spelling -.-

Aww, the acronyms plugin is so cool, I love it!! I want it now :P /hehe

Talk about awkward!!!! I don’t usually accept people on msn because my msn email is something not many people know. It’s now the normal email i use, its actually a yahoo one lol. Also if i don’t know you i’ll just dont even add you. Most people tell me when they about to add me because they ask for the email.

Most celebs dont ever reply! i know they get lots of tweets but at least try to reply one. i find it completely rude. haha i bet you wanted to scream when he replied lol :D

That is so cool that your favorite celebrity replied to you! I know how that can be so exiting even if you feel like a dork. It doesn’t matter.

That’s so creepy about that guy. I’ve had a couple weirdos try and contact me in the past but I don’t put up with it for very long. I’m glad you didn’t either.

I was wondering where there were all these underlines on my “LOL”s. XD

Okay, I’ll make it bigger when I remember. Ha. I’m trying to not go all crazy online right now and only be online long enough to reply to some comments. I’m at my mom’s and I want to actually hang out with her today, unlike last time when I was online the ENTIRE time.

Ha, if put it on my arms, too, I would run out so quickly and spend SO.MUCH.MONEY. XP

I would love to take my laptop around college, and that was why I originally asked for it. However, it tends to freeze at least once on startup, requiring me to restart it, and then sometimes I have to do it AGAIN. wtf. I’ve only had it for a month! I wonder if that’s something the warranty covers? Except I do believe that the location of the warranty is unknown. >.< I started thinking about that last night when I was trying to sleep, and then it was even HARDER for me to fall asleep because I was freaking out. XP I don't sleep very well at night anymore, and it takes so long to fall asleep.

So, yeah… there might be some problems with using the laptop in school. :/

Haha, wow. He replied to you when you told him to SLEEP?! 😴 But I guess it really doesn’t matter, the only thing that DOES matter is the fact that he replied to you. Twice. /faw

LMAO. I loved your bearman blogs! :P I just felt like bashing him on his head as I read of all the things he said to you. /bash Wow, he really was one desperate guy. Any chance you’ll blog about bearman one day soon? /hehe

Uh oh. I tweeted my email on Twitter. xD But so far, I haven’t gotten any “stalker-ish” IMs, so I’m assuming I’m safe.. For now. 😒


LOL. Your MOM said you weren’t good at English?! :O Meanie butt. Don’t worry, moms were put on this earth to criticize our every move. But they all love us, deep, deep down. xD *cough*
Wow. “ohkaiee”?! Even I didn’t say that when I spoke in chat speak! :P Fail, Georgina, Fail. /bash

I’m starting to be a crazy texter xD I text a lot of people each day and that’s why I made a sad face when I mentioned the limit, lmao
You’re right it does sounds like stuff you in a way, lol.
I don’t know who Ben Jorgenson is :/ But congrats? on getting the replies! :D
OMG, Bearman is CREEPY. He sounds very stalkerish right now :X
And the acronym plugin is cool :)

LOL @ “frindship”. Haha. Whatever. LOL. He types on txt lingo. Ewww.
Nice. A celebrity replied on your tweet! Me also wants. But it seems so impossible. Hehe.
Is that bearman (or g2, some kind of a car model? lol) a stalker? WTF.

Oh WOW.. Thanks for the tip for not giving away my e-mail in Twitter! O__O” However, it was pretty fantastic how your favourite singer replied to you. I wish Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Johnny Buckland, or Will Champion (from Coldplay) messaged me back.. @_@

Anyway, just in case you didn’t get my last message, I moved my website to ! It was because my host’s server went down for a week or so and then the files she transferred to her new domain had errors on it (but now it’s fixed). Hope you can change my link!

Since I have been QUITE busy in the summer so far, I will be a little late in updating (I’m very sorry).. I’m pending whether or not to close my website.. :( We’ll see.. I will let you know if anything happens!

Take care.

Heey Georgina!
Nice to hear your favorite celebrity replied to you! Teehee, I’d go mental if my favorite celebrity (Ronnie Radke) replied to something to me.
Oh I know how you feel about that g2 dude. Once, I joined this pen pal site; and left my email there. Within 1 minute, I had about 3 people adding me all men in their late 30’s. One, called Kieth, also added my friend, Tamara, and started talking dirty to us both. He showed Tamara obscene stuff [i.e stuff on webcam, and I don’t wanna say it >.< ]
And Tamara told her mother and her mother rung the police and told them his name, age, email and stuff.
It was creepy. My mum was going mental o-o
Anyway, I'm a slow typer, and I don't wanna take time writing even more, and causing even more hassle for your eyes; teehee. Write back soon;
Chloee x

LOL AND GUESS WHAT. I WAS THERE FOR YOURS THIS TIME. Okay, killing the caps now. But woot, I was “there” when Ben replied to you! :D

Awww, that’s so cute that it was registered on your anniversary~. Broken Fall’s birthday is the 26th (well, not exactly… more like Woolisauce’s birthday is then, but it’s the same site just with a different name). And I love how Heartdrops’s birthday is on the same day as Allen’s birthday, Lucy’s mom’s birthday, and my grandparents’ anniversary. >.< OH AND they got married on the same day a year later as when my grandpa proposed to my grandma, even though it wasn’t planned like that. How cute is that? :O

Haha yeah I know it’s a real word. I should learn to pronounce it. Oh and I assume “LJfklsefjksljekljs” is like “asdfgh.” Like… “bahhhhhhh.” :P

Okay… WTF. Can you get any more awkward than that? *offers flower* be my friend? WTF. Someone needs lessons in making friends and not being a creeper, apparently. -_-

My friend Jenny uses chatspeak a lot… and she uses like, her own brand of it. :P Point is, she uses “g2” to mean “going to.” So… yeah. The creeper’s “name” reminded me of that. Fail story though. xD

That acronym plugin is cool by the way. ^.^

LOL. That is sad XD
Um, hey can I ask a question.
You, yourself review websites, have you ever gotten hate messages because you gave a website a bad review? Lol, just needed to know because I’m getting hate messages now! XD

Gah my WP has been pretty stupid lately. Please forgive it.

LOL yeah both my parents have tried many times to put some discipline into me but they failed. :) _cough. Lmao, when laziness get’s the better of me then I don’t think discipline is even worth trying. xD I still won’t do it. I guess I’m pretty stubborn like that. Unless they continuously harass me and yell at me until I cry. LOL, maybe then i’ll actually do something.

Gah great. So now since you’ve confirmed that university is shit, I pretty much am left with no hope for a good life. LMAO. How sad.
It’s all good, I guess I’ll make the most of high school now.

Yeah I think they should come up with a different term for mummies.. because that seems more appropriate to use when you’re referring to your MOM. They should call like egyptian mummies something else.. like, dead bandage folk… or something.

Since you said HI GILLIAN I’m going to say HI GEORGINAAA ! :)

Hehe. I learned my lesson then. I guess I should be more specific and explain why this and that would be good or bad. Thanks! Oh and by the way I really love your website 🤤 I remember your website being hosted at uh, I think PureSnowz?

haha I agree with you, bloody mary is just scary!! I dare not try it. I kinda want too, but I dare not. yeah typing lyke dis is not for me.

yes the word was procrastinate!
it was in the back of my mind haha.
you should see the new harry potter movie!
its awesome :)
even if you dont like harry potter, still go and see it as it’s pretty amusing watching 18 year olds waving around wooden sticks and saying weird things.
it’s prettty funny :D

Haha thanks :) Yeah I just keep informing and maybe it will get through to them! :P

LMAO. I always rant on twitter about website stuff. Gah you should have seen me about my first hostee. I went crazy. XD Yeah my brother and his friend kept sitting on them but I couldn’t stand it. It was too tickly(Is that a word, no haha.) So fun though! xP It’s weird though because there are ten drains in that pool. Decent sized drains too. O.o

Yeah I have done that too. Never got a reply so I gave up XD

Hey Georgina. :) (Sorry if I sound like a creeper, lmao)

I tried saying hi to you on Twitter but since you don’t follow me, I guess you didn’t see, lol.

Woah, he replied to you? That’s friken awesome! And it was like… a normal reply, too! XD

UGH that person seems… stalkerish. And so does Bearman. :P

LOL, freak alert… code red! :P
I just noticed, why are all capitalized words/sayings like this(BRB) have a little dotted underline on them?

CUTE, haha.

Yay! You got to talk to a celebrity! That’s so awesome! You must feel pretty special Georgina! :)

Thanks for the help with my coding! I’ll try that. Here’s hoping it works.

I feel sorry for your friend. It reminds me of what it’s like with my grandad now. He talks incredibly loud without realising it, but when we do we got told off!

Thanks! I have my class in two hours! I’ll probably blog about how it goes sometime on Tuesday! I’m super-excited about it!

I’ll mention it to my dad and see what he says (he’s the one that got it). I have to find the warranty, though… grr… and tonight I’ll have another night of worrying about it’s location, because I’m staying at my mom’s again tonight (with Gordon! :D We all went mini-golfing today — I WON, with two hole-in-ones — and are going to the beach/river-with-sand tomorrow). :/

omg, a dead pixel would piss me off so much. I’m kind of a perfectionist sometimes. XD Speaking of “special” laptops, I need to put a sticker on mine to identify it as my own. I wanted to do a cute dinosaur one, and I thought I had the perfect one, but when I found the sheet, they weren’t as cute as I remembered. :/

I always hate the lyrics to pop/top 40 music — honestly, it’s all about sex, or singing about love but really it’s false, or about some other ridiculous thing — but the beat’s good. I’m picky about my music, because the lyrics aren’t often good… but I guess it’s hard to make a song meaningful without singing about things that have already been sung about, like love.

Yeah, I really appreciate the comments I get from my online friends, too. I wish I could meet them. :)

Aw I loved the notebook too! It’s soo sad though. It makes me cry, every time. I haven’t seen back to the future. I’d ask if it was good, but since it’s one of your favourites, i’d take that as a given :P haha.

How cool is it that Ben replied! You should print out the twitter comments and put them on your wall :D haha. I would :)

Yes of course thanks for the tips. I actually not to be so rough or not rough at all. That review I did I really didn’t sound harsh. I wasn’t trying to be anyways. Oh, well they’ve been harassing me haha even talking about me at a forum funny eh? XD

Wow. I’m glad that you have a good impression of Singapore. ;)

LOL. Same here! I’m getting a lot of them! =/ Stupid, fucking bots. ASDFGH! 🤬

LOL I know it is. But the page loads really quickly so I don’t mind but…… I just remembered that you have over 740 followers so um… *nods* 😏 /bounce xD Don’t blame you hahaha.

thank you so much :D :D
haha, seriously i was though ;)
aww ): make the most of the week then :]
yeah, i was being such a perfectionist with my layout ~

same, and my mum screams at him to get up! blah, ASDFGH.
yeah i do ;)
haha, i will do. after 7 weeks. :)

Hahaha “holy shit”ting lmfao. Yeah those people were retards, seriously. They must of realised because no of us were wearing masks. Stupid stupid stupid.

Nominate!!! I only have a few :( Lol. I loved the idea of Desirees, it gets the visitors more involved, which was what I wanted. :3 I think you’ll get loads of nominations, actually.

Hehe I love the acronyms, it’s so cool.

I know. :O I’m well proud of myself haha. I have 4 on the queue, though. Boo. I’m hoping to do 2 today. LOL, only because that was the only thing I could find wrong with your site last time haha. Yeah em and % is weird. 12px is 75% I know that haha. The font you’re using now would be 85% or 90% can’t remember. It’s easy once you understand it, though. :)

LOL. I love being sarcastic sometimes. I have really weird days where all I do is be sarcastic to people. :3

All mine are WP pages now. I done it when I moved over to because the dynamic sidebar was being a butt for the php pages. I like WP pages though, they’re cool.

That is very very very rude actually. I can’t stand people like that.

I can’t be bothered with MSN, I get too distracted by other things and forget I’m on there o_O Yeah my old school blocked MSN, and all that jazz. We could get on ebuddy but they found out and blocked it :(

Haha I get annoyed and bored. :3 Do it in order =D I gotta review Isi too.

Thank you. =D My foots fine now, I still feel a bit ill though, I’ll live. /oh

Yeah, Youtube is such a big site it definately slows the computer down. I try not to leave it running if I’m trying to do something else.

Aww I usually try not to add someone who I’ve no idea who they are in the first place. But yeah, if you were giving your email to someone over the internet then you wouldn’t know who it was til you accepted. But at least you can block contacts. (:

Hey Georgina!
Thanks for the comment on my layout, it means a lot, but your layout is prettier. What program do you use?

I know, I quit the penpal site cause a lot of randomers were adding me and saying weird stuff.

Tamara’s mum is a bit over – caring of her because when she was at my school she got bullied by a lot of people. And since she moved to a new school her mum has been over protective, but she has been through a lot & I understand that.

Hey, I feel kinda stupid asking this, but, is that your boyfriend in the header? xD
Sorry if I totally got the wrong end of the stick xD

Chloe xo

Heehee. ^^ He replied! ~

I think Zack looks cooler though then Zac. Zac looks… boring? XD Lmfao. Anyway Zack is cooler. :P
Wow, that is a lot of reviews! *claps* WHOO. :D
Bahahaha I see your point. :P

Tell me about it; very odd. Like, odd odd. Actually she’s probably a bit wacko and to be honest I don’t think she’ll bother giving me another chance so, what the hell.
Bahahhaa…. I can’t believe that freak added you on MSN…. eeeeeek!!!!!

Oh, thank you! <3
Yes, you're right! Maths is probably everywhere.
Bearman! He makes me laugh everytime! /bounce


aha, if you say so. i’m not going to accuse you of lying. ;)
haha. i bet loads of people are. ;p

same. D: my mum’s always complaining about him to me and i’m like STFU, go say it to his face :@
baha. it’s kind of funny though, LOL.

Yeah, that’s probably the same with me really, to tell the truth. Cuz as long as I know I can block someone, then I always think it’s okay. Lol.

Yeah I hardly watch Youtube but when I do it’s soo annoying the way the computer slows down!

How are you? XD

HOLEY COW !!!!! ben jorgensen replied you on twitter
how cool is that :O how lucky are you haha
im not a big fan of armor for sleep but i like some of their songs :D

and wtf at the random person who added you on msn…………….i hate it when complete strangers add me on msn -0-;; thankfully you blocked him!!

anyway, have you started uni this week? a couple of my friends started this week… i have two more weeks of freedom! ho ho ho :P

Very stupid.

LOL, silly sausage. I’m not telling you, heh. I don’t think I’m receiving emails properly though, loads of people have said they’re going to nominate but then I don’t get their email? Hmmm.

I don’t like em, % is better and easier to understand. LOL, yeah I will. For my headers though, I have no idea what the actual px is, I just guess and if it’s a size I like I keep it LOL.

The only thing I don’t like about WP pages is, WP tends to hate me and eat my MySQL now and again. I have to keep making regular back-ups. No problem (Y)

LOL, thats probably because you’re connected to their internet so it blocks it. :3 It sucks, they suck.

No it won’t. When you review me, it’ll be suckish. My sites not really original.

I’ve done a review today, so that’s 5 now, go me!!! I might do a couple more because it’s only 2:47pm here, heh.

That’s so cool that he replied to you! I would have fallen off my chair too :P

That’s so creepy! I hate it when people add you and they don’t know you.. it’s freaky. G2? That’s so lame, haha.