Slightly Out Of Place

Have you ever felt really annoyed when someone doesn’t realise you’re annoyed? That really ticks me off.

Sometimes, I just have to tell people, “Yes, I’m pissed off. At you”. Because they just can’t take a hint.

I have friends who understand when I’m angry. I have these sort of telltale signs that show that I’m mad. Other people don’t notice. I was discussing this with my hostee Diamond yesterday. Sometimes you can tell when someone is annoyed or in a bad mood – they just tell you. Others just keep quiet. Others get snappy.

In real life, when I’m annoyed, I keep a pretty blank face. Depending on where I am, I will get out a piece of paper, or my scribble book, and start scribbling and doodling. It helps me get the anger out.

But, since a lot of things annoy me online, and you can’t see my face, you can probably tell from my words or from the way I’m typing.

Typing in perfect English with perfect grammar.

I do that especially on MSN. I capitalise every sentence, I use commas, I use full stops. I capitalise names, I don’t leave a sentence unturned, and no way in hell do I use emoticons. Normally on MSN, I don’t use chatspeak, and I spell my words correctly. If I make a mistake I usually don’t bother correcting myself. I use many emoticons. I don’t always capitalise my Is.

When I’m annoyed on MSN, I usually only speak eloquently to the person I am talking to. I don’t want to seem annoyed at anyone else, especially when I’m talking to friends. I tend to snap, and write in short sentences without explanations. Take “Yes.” and “No.” for example.

And I forgot to mention. I use a lot of big words, like verbiage, pejorative, maudlin, and floccinaucinihilipilification1 Which, for once, is a large word I can actually use.

One word.

Usually on Twitter, a lot of people annoy me. They try to argue with me or continually ask for help. Ahem.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I like to help people. But when it comes to the point I’m about to lose it, no. Some people just don’t get the hint that I am pissed off. On Twitter, I tend to tweet one-worded statements like “bitch”, “idiot”, “snap”, “annoyed” (oh no, you would be surprised how many people don’t understand this)…

On the other hand, I curse my head off with a multitude of tweets filled with f-words, s-words, c-words and b-words.

Blog rant?

I end up writing a blog going off on a big rant about something. Often you can’t really tell that I’m annoyed, but the entire blog ends up being a rant (not too appealing).

I’m not a naturally angry person, but some little things do annoy me. Lately people have also been rather ignorant to what I say… It’s like, did you not hear what I just said? Now there’s no need for floccinaucinihilipilification.

But, don’t be fooled by that. I’m actually in a good mood. :) I got approved for four fanlistings. I have only created two, and they are the fanlistings for two songs by Nirvana – Polly and Drain You.

My fanlisting collective at also has a new layout so please take a look and tell me what you think – here or there, doesn’t matter. :D

  1. floccinaucinihilipilification: to estimate as worthless.

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floccinaucinihilipilification is /bounce

Hahahah, yeah. THere was a time when I painted my bow (it took ages because mine cannot be taken apart without some sort of professional press) and so I did it more or less by hand. Some idiot noticed the colour change and kept naggling me to show him how (and a week later, to do it for him. for free)

This was happening every time he saw me. In the end I told him i just spray painted the whole thing and quickly wiped it off the cables. He tried it, and paint flaked off every time he shot, and the twanging cables flicked paint powder in his eye because he thought the paint layer would bend with his limbs. idiot.

i hate people like that. 🙄


Hehe , you talk on MSN uncorrectly to me, like this ; hey jeff. whats up? haha blah blah blah.
Yeah, I can surely tell when your pissed , because your auto message is quite mean.

Whoa. Floccinaucinihilipilification is a rather large word. /huh

I take it you’re annoyed with someone right now. I’m sorry. It shall pass! ;)

/pow I very much enjoy that floccinaucinihilipilification (or whatever) word. It’s an enjoyment just to type it! An adventure in itself, I assure you.

“On the other hand, I curse my head off with a multitude of tweets filled with f-words, s-words, c-words and b-words.”

And sadly, some people don’t notice that. Which brings up the question of just how stupid society is becoming. When you tweet “somebody is keeping me up”; “I am pissed off at somebody”; you’d THINK they’d take the hint, but APPARENTLY NOT. 💥 <– Epicfailbomb.

When I'm pissed off, I don't type in perfect English / grammar. I just type in caps. My fingers practically slam on the keys. And I type extremely fast. Next time, I'll get someone to piss me off before my school's typing competition. I will win for sure :D

By the way, your blog rant section reminded me, my friend and I have declared the 14th of every month "Rant Day". Feel free to join us in our celebratory shitfits.

I already told you on MSN, but the layout for your new fanlisting is VERY /cactus-ly amazing. So amazing, I'd have to use many /cacti to explain it ✌️ (Total Asian. Use with A_A for complete effect.)


But don't neglect Meladori. Or I'll be bored because I have no links to linkify. :( /type <– Me. Computer obsessive. I have no life. /um

I think this is the longest comment I've ever left on anyone's site. Ha.


/cactus /bum YAYAYAY :) milkLOL <–Personal Favorite.

I completely understand what you mean about people not being able to take a hint. A specific person (in real life) came to mind when I read this post, actually. I don’t get why some people are incapable of picking up social cues! Granted, for online circumstances, it might be more difficult, especially if you don’t know a person that well – but even when it’s made perfectly clear, I really can’t fathom why some people just don’t get it!

Here’s a little anecdote about the IRL person I thought of: She’s very touchy-feely and overbearing. She annoys the crap out of me. I have explicitly told her this, and I have told her not to touch me. My words were plain and simple. She either has the memory of a goldfish, or she doesn’t think that violently hugging me and crushing my ribcage falls under the category of “touching.” Ugh.

Lol, I too hate it when that happens. My tolerance level is pretty high though, so usually it’s I that pisses off most people, and not them who piss me off :) as I believe I know how to dismiss things that are annoying to many :( I’ve no idea though if that’s supposed to be a good or a bad thing. It’s nice to know that you’re capable of dealing with your anger quite well though, if there’s anything I’d hate to be that would be somebody with poor anger management skills.. just like the bro of this kid I’d been tweeting/tumblring about lately. Gaah if you see the vids of him freaking out. Atrocious.

“Floccinaucinihilipilification?” Gaah, that was one long word! :D Did you look it up, or have you known about it ever since? You’re terrific! Your course must be teaching you a lot about English grammar, since it’s communications right? And in communications you’ll want to set the message straight all the time. No worries, I see it as a good thing too. Plus I tend to be severely annoyed at people who couldn’t at least TRY to speak in proper English.. especially people around here where I live. Gah! Makes me just wish they would talk me in the local tongue, even though I’m not so good at it.. if that’s what would make me understand ’em better.

Nice new layout for Eyethief btw! :D Oh, and I believe it’s been a long time since I’d last commented; I’m terribly sorry for that. :D

Floccinaucinihilipilification is ♥ it is kick ass awesome :D

Ooohhh I hate it when people don’t get the hint when people are annoyed, though I do admit I bottle it up and don’t show it, snap or anything. When I was 15, I went with a friend to India for school camp and she decided it would be awesome to have me snap because I never do so she spent days and days trying to get me to do it. I finally told her to shut up and she told me what she was doing. That pissed me off.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of people like that in the world. Immature people and people who don’t take a hint…. a lot I seem to attract /angry

I love your new layout and fanlistings! Well definitely join them when I get off my backside (well can be bothered). Nirvana is awesome :D

wow! That is such a long word! floccinaucinihilipilification! How do you pronounce it?! Man, you have a good vocabulary!

Sometimes I wish I had a whole bunch of domains like you! It must be fun :)

Chemically straightened? Did it last? It must have cost heaps!

btw, good blog! Now I can try and tell wether you’re in a good mood or not :)

Thanks for putting in the definition of the really long word. XD

I think I’ll do that, then. …Tomorrow. XD

Man, I’m too obsessed with my site. :P Making quizzes takes such a long time, too. Bleh.

I have to try to go to bed early so I can wake up at 10 to go to an appointment at 11:30. XP Luckily, I’m a teensy weensy bit tired right now. Hopefully it grows. Except… I have to eat dinner. (I almost said “tartar sauce,” the SpongeBob swear. o_O What’s happening to me?)

lol. when i’m annoyed online, i cuss. A LOT. or just don’t say anything.
in real life, i actually get annoyed or angry really easily. but i almost never show it. i just keep it in. which isn’t really the best thing to do, but it’s what i’m used to. :P
and, ha, i can usually tell when other people at annoyed… but only if it’s at someone else. i don’t know why, but when my friends are annoyed at me, i never realize it. ha. which usually makes them more annoyed. but, i’m working on it…

floccinaucinihilipilification. i need to learn how to pronounce that… (:

does that word actually exist? lol i want to learn to say it.

when im annoyed, i’d tend to be quiet and if not, sarcastic. when im pissed, i’d go to bed and wake up and forgot all about it. lol.

Eck, I hate it when people do that. I get annoyed at myself when I’m annoyed because I shout and use long words… and then I cry because I’m so angry. It sounds weird, but when I’m extremely frustrated I scowl like crazy and cry. I suppose that’s why I love ranting; instead of looking like an extra from a soap opera, I can take out all my anger on my keyboard keys. x)

On MSN, I think it’s easy to tell when I’m angry. I use a LOT of sarcasm. It’s ridiculous how sarcastic I become when I’m angry. But what’s even more ridiculous is when the other person obviously has no idea what sarcasm is.
In addition to my ultimate use of sarcasm, I pull out every single rude adjective I know and insult the person. If worse comes to worse, I type in capitals, but I prefer not to; it looks stupid.

Whoa, thank you. You just showed us all the coolest word of all time – floccinaucinihilipilification. That’s epic.

Haha. I knew this would be an inspiration for a blog. Now I’m fully prepared on when you’re angry or not. ✌️

Haha and you’re still angry cuz of that sugar girl /bash When will this ever stop and leave you in peace, tell me? /huh xD

Normally I’d start to rant too. Simply because I’m pissed off that I’d rather rant than blog about anything else haha.

Gonna return comments now. Have a few to take care of. ♥ Cya!

I hate how people do that. It makes me mad. If I don’t know them I’d just keep quiet but evil stare them out so they turn away in fright. :D It always works!

Blog rants. My favourite. Haha, just kidding.

I like how you arranged the sections for the new layout on Eyethief. And that photo. :P

Oh, that’s pretty annoying:-s. I think you never been angry when I talked with you. Ypu never used those words 😒 well, I’m sorry if I ever did something wrong :( , really :( . Are many things that annoy me too.
– when I go on a site I comment every sentence from his blog and I receive just an answer of my questions. I get annoyed, but never say them that this annoy me, well I think my next blog will be about this.
– now i get annoyed by people who leave comments like “nice layout, come on my site”. wtf, it’s stupid!!!
– people who don’t credit anyone or don’t have credit lists….I saw many persons and it’s kinda annoying:-s(just remembered that I have to update my credit lists /hehe /hehe )
and many other things, that people make. Also I hate when people become popular and forget their old friends….it’s very annoying and sadly :( :(

anyway I saw the new layout from your fanlisting website and it’s awesome. You’re so talented /eee /eee

Can you explain me, what fan listing means? I’m a bit confused O_O O_O /ehh

Remember: I love you /love /love

Lol my layouts usually end up staying for a month cuz I always forget / can’t be bothered to try starting a new one. So yeah, this one at the moment will probably be up for some time.

Hahaa I will do.

Ugh, I hate it when people just can’t take the hint that you’re annoyed at them. Or they think they can just keep on and on doing something and you won’t start to get a little pissed off at them ..such as asking for too much help! Lol. If I get annoyed on Msn, I usually start typing sentences properly and not shortening words – eg I don’t becomes I Do Not…

Hehe, but we all have our ways of dealing with stuff and it’s just stupid when people really can’t take the hint! XD

I like the new layout for EyeThief, it’s a cool image. And I like the song Polly :) Btw though, the images of the fanlistings you’ve joined do not load for myself.

So far no one online has gotten me to the point of angry, luckily. But in my offline life when I get angry you can tell. I get grumpy and I don’t really talk much. I used to write pretty angry poetry too — but not anymore. I also tend to not stay angry too long though, I’m usually good after a few minutes if left alone, or after sleeping I’m usually ok. That’s pretty funny though when you put it out there like on twitter or something about how angry you are and those whom you’re angry at are too stupid to get it though. I know some people, if you tell it right too their face they just laugh and think you’re joking –that’s annoying too!

LOL. We’re actually opposite. People think I’m annoyed when I keep a blank face when actually I’m just thinking of some things.

I love your new layout. Looks refreshing compared to the previous one which looks dark for me. The picture’s quite familiar. I think I saw it on your photo blog?

What are you majoring at, in the uni? (Is that even a correct grammar? HAHA).

I hate it when people don’t realise I’m annoyed. I do the same; it’s just like, “OKAY, I AM ANNOYED. AT YOU! ZE BITCHESS!” :P

On MSN I type like you do… and all my friends are all ‘heeeyyyyy how r u doin?”
Grr. Then they have a little nag that I’m too slow at typing… with three seconds to reply. WTF?!
Oooh Drain You! :D *joins*

I did wonder why you weren’t on Twitter, ‘cuz you’re normally on this sort of time. :)
BUT GEE. I will understand why you are currently off. I did see your Tweet about a break… and wow. That girl has some nerve. O_O

And aha! Yeah, I do get confused following the conversation line… hummm… and don’t close. Bahahaa. EVER. *nods*
Not bad, 12am, but could be better. :P
Haha yeah, I did right? I still would’ve liked to have seen OTW… ^^

So… basically… they just said ‘you have this much errors and this much warnings, I’m just a lazy shit GO FIX THEM YOURSELF’? Something along those lines, persona?

Hehe. ^^ Yup, I joined. :D
JHC… I like that. XD I don’t like her though… gee, she needs to leave you alone!! :O

Haha, I won’t try and make you say anything… ;) ^-~

Ehehe, you left me another comment…

Yes, that crash I.E site is awesome. I’m also tempted to try it out in I.E but I don’t want to go anywhere near it. XD

Bahahaa, an article eh? Probably. ^^
I still can’t believe some thought of that for a fanlisting. WTF?!! A FANLISTING?
I love the new blinging, swish ‘n’ rockin’ layout at Eyetheif! Just so you know. :D

And can I ask you a favour? In your next comment could you ask me a question for a question and answer blog? ;)


I like Eyethief’s new layout. ♥

I know. When I am mad or upset, I tend to just….leave.

Awww, do tweet then! And just do something about the girl like… block her? LMFAO.
Okay, so that wouldn’t work. Tell her you’ve already told her how to centre her layout.

I noticed you were gone, so there. ^^ I do that sometimes. I step back and think, “hey, this is the world without me”. I guess it’s sort of a depressing thing t think about but, I still do think about it. :( Ah well, there will be a world without me someday.

Lmfao, I just went to get myself some toast… and mayonnaise. It’s actually really nice. XD Nowadays it’s just a picnic lunch and a big dinner. :D
Or a biggish dinner. Or just a dinner. :S


OMG no!! It hasn’t!! Bahahaa. We have never ran out of anything to say… that’s pretty cool. :P
Yeah but still… I used iFrames once. *nods*
Oh my, oh my, I know a review site like that. LDReviews?

And say something if you want other people to know that you are alive… ^^

That happens to me alot; I get annoyed even more when people don’t realise that I’m annoyed. My friends say that I’ve got this “vibe” that tells them I’m angry. Haha, it’s probably the way I act or I might use sarcasm more.

If I get mad online I might go on Twitter and say something like “Why does the little stuff annoy me?” or something similar. That way people know I’m annoyed.

People don’t understand that when you rant, it doesn’t mean you are currently mad at the whole world or anything. It’s just that you are mad at a particular thing/person. Well I guess you’d want to call a person a thing if you were mad at them.

Your fanlisting collective, EyeThief, has a great new layout! I like that image you’ve used.

Haha just seeing your twits I can tell if you’re angry. You seem pretty blunt. =D

When I’m on AIM and I’m upset about something I usually just don’t say anything or much at all. If I say anything, it’s short responses. I don’t like to show anger online or offline. Actually I tend to hide my emotions no matter what I’m feeling, although I always try to come off as happy and sweet.

I can’t imagine trying to fix someone’s coding or answer annoying long questions on twitter, especially with the word limit. Ahhhh!!! I can see how you’d get annoyed or angry

Urgh! I HATE that. Like when you’re on msn and dropping SO many hints, that it’s painfully obvious…and the person’s all like “I’m just going to pursue this topic…because I am so right…and I can treat this person like crap”.

Honestly…If you’ve said something stupid and someone’s behaviour is different to what they’re normally like, you should be able to pick up that you’ve done something wrong.

It’s really evident when you’re upset. That person must be a complete retard not to notice, or just THAT insensitive! Hmph!

That person was SO mean…to ARGUE with you when you tried to HELP her…URGH! It makes ME mad on your behalf!

It’s so inconsiderate! =@

I’m the opposite of you xD I start making WAY too many typos…Like more than usual, when I’m upset xD Hahaha…xD

OOOOOH! I like the new Eyetheif Layout =D It’s very cool…^^ I love that picture!

Don’t worry you will totally get a break i promise. I won’t apply for review for like another month or so. I’m sorry i know it takes a lot of time to do those.

aww you poor thing, people making you annoyed. you want a hug? *hugs* lol I’m crazy

i just snapped when I’m angry. i don’t just keep quiet but sometimes i have this expression on my face that say “get away from me or i will slap you” haha lol i’m scary when i’m angry.

i did not know that floccinaucinihilipilification was word! i mean i can’t even pronounce it lol 🙄

People don’t normally confront me about being in a bad mood but sometimes they might think it. I try not to talk to people as much when I am in a bad mood because I am normally not all the friendly. D: I normally just write my sentences and end with all “.”s and don’t use emoticons. So people might get the vibe that I am angry but who nows XDD

Yeah I guess we do. I still am learning containers. Blahh those things are hard xD Yeah school is tough when you have a website. I find it hard having one. LMAO but that’s just me :D

I think I’ve gotten to where I can pretty much tell when you’re annoyed or pissed off on Twitter. But I totally agree, I can’t stand when people don’t know I’m mad at them but will keep talking to me like it’s all fine.


Really? Awesomee.
Me too, I used to make a few pixel dolls now and then but got bored of them so I moved onto layouts after going on a few piczo sites haha. But i’m actually working on my first pixel layout but its a bit dodgey haha. I’ll finish and i’ll pos it you you (:
Thankss also (: I edited the blog down to a sentence because it was wayy to long :P

Awe thanks. :)
Haha yeah I return mine within a day as well, until I get super lazy.. which happens quite often. :P

I definitely get pissed off when people can’t tell I’m pissed off as well. xD
Yeah everyone has different signs that they show when they’re pissed so it’s hard to tell when they’re upset, especially if you don’t know them on a very personal level.

That’s so cute, how you doodle. >:O (Lmao, I probably just pissed you off) Sorry. :D But ooh typing in perfect grammar eh? Alright, I shall keep an eye out for that whenever I talk to you on msn or Twitter haha.

I don’t follow the same habit although I do always type really short responses without explanations when I’m pissed on msn, or anywhere else for that matter. :P

Wow that’s pretty amazing that people still don’t get that you’re pissed off when you type single words like “bitch” and “annoyed”… clueless much? Haha.

Yeah blog rants are good for letting it all out haha. I write those as well and they usually have endless swearing but ah well. It’s how I release myself. :P You never seemed like a naturally angry person, and that’s always a good thing. :)

I love the new layout on eyethief!

Hahaha yes I suppose you were there. ;)

Mmk, yes, we shall. :D Help each other with the site birthdays, that is.

I’ve never even been able to bit my nails. :P I’ve tried a couple times just because I wanted to see how one bites his nails, and I couldn’t do it! I guess my nails are too hard or something. They are rather hard because I drink lots of milk I guess. I can only cut them if they’ve been softened from being wet.

I’M THE SAME WAY. With the lack of smilies and use of lots of periods and proper grammar when I’m angry in chat anyways. And then it pisses me off when the other person uses emoticons. >..<

BAH it cut off. :(

Hahaha yes I suppose you were there. ;)

Mmk, yes, we shall. :D Help each other with the site birthdays, that is.

I’ve never even been able to bit my nails. :P I’ve tried a couple times just because I wanted to see how one bites his nails, and I couldn’t do it! I guess my nails are too hard or something. They are rather hard because I drink lots of milk I guess. I can only cut them if they’ve been softened from being wet.

I’M THE SAME WAY. With the lack of smilies and use of lots of periods and proper grammar when I’m angry in chat anyways. And then it pisses me off when the other person uses emoticons. >.< But that’s more if I’m in an argument with the person.

If I’m annoyed at the person and just don’t want to talk to them anymore I’ll respond with one word answers. Like the other day when I was like “yes” and “mm” to Lauren. At least she realized I didn’t want to talk. -_-

Lol, I showed Jimmy the word “floccinaucinihilipilification,” which by the way I can’t even pronounce, and this is what he said:

(1:59:04 PM) Jimmy: LMAO what?
(1:59:32 PM) Jimmy: when i’m angry, i use long words too
(1:59:33 PM) Jimmy: like LJfklsefjksljekljs


A_A ✌️ We’re so Asian Gangster, yo.

Lol sometimes I get very snappy at my friends /um


Yeah. Hope I didn’t lose any files /bash

Yahhh, we will talk today!! (Yesterday’s tomorrow, lol)

Going to make some more links now… /type ♥

Apologies for the double comment, but I just realized….

you didn’t make any more meladori pages. Harumph.

I suppose no linkage today. xD 🙄

It’s been foravar! I am sorry I fell of the face of the internet…

I love when people don’t get the hint that you’re annoyed with them. It’s a bit upsetting with friends, though. They should know you well enough to read the annoyance signs! If only people weren’t inherently annoying… haha.

How have you been!? The forum misses you. :( Well, I miss you in the forum…

Wow 34 comments, and you just posted this. Don’t worry about being annoyed with little kids on the net these days. Just block ’em I say. I hope you’re feeling better. Take care and hugs.

Hehe, laptops are amazing. I really, really hope I get one. I found a pretty cool one on the Dell site, the Inspiron. I want it; they come in 6 different colors! O.o Colorful…. xD

Lol, my mom too. She’s always bringing coupons everywhere; she literally has a stack of coupons in her purse that she goes through whenever we go shopping anywhere.

:P Fine, be that way! Don’t tell me the name of your upcoming scribble portfolio! Bleh, I don’t like surprises. I’d rather know what something is rather than having to wait to find out.

Yeah, that’s true. I’m sure there are some people would have no use for a new domain, and would prefer money to use to renew any domains they already have.

LOL I know it was so cute but they could get in trouble saying that to randomers :P

Yay *welcomes self to the .org clan* I’ve only had 2 submissions today, and I’ve completed 1. GO ME! *cheers*

LMFAO. I bet you found it well hard not to say anything :P Why don’t you just block her or unfollow her? Or protect your updates :)

I know what you mean, some people are real ignorant when it comes to me being annoyed and it being real obvious.

‘Typing in perfect English with perfect grammar’ That’s what I do :O When I’m on MSN though, people get well pissed off when I do that though :S I usually type one word answers, and its obvious I’m annoyed but they just fail to notice it because they obviously don’t care.

I get so annoyed when I’m trying to help someone and they don’t acknowledge it and keep moaning at me to help them, yet they don’t take any advice I give them? Pfft.

LOL, ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ that word is hilarious. I’d love to hear you say it in a vlog or something haha!

That happened to me today actually, it was not fun. I just wanted to cry, but I think thats just me, others are usually angry :)

I’m one of those people where if you even know me for a week or something, you’ll know if I feel like crap and want to talk about it, or if its just a leave me alone type day.

I love doodling, but I hate it when I make such a pretty picture on it by accident and I can’t do it again on nice paper! I write poetry when I’m upset, it just drives me.

Lol, I text with punctuation and proper spelling, but I have the full keyboard that slides out, so ya. I totally get what you mean, sometimes I don’t even get on MSN when I feel annoyed or upset.

That’s exactly what I do!! I just actually talk to one person and my answers to the rest are basically ” Yes” ‘No” and “Cool”

People basically KNOW on Twitter if I’m annoyed, its a dead giveaway. I rant too much in my blogs too, I’m actually nervous to post my new blog because its long!

Awww thanks Georgina xD bahaha yeah I love the quote, rather random :D

D: OH GOD, I do fail! :( LOL I’m thumbless *high4* maybe i intentionally wrote high4 just to scare you into thinking i was thumbless ;0

I think you would like my pet cat, he’s white and his name is Bob. But lately he appears to be going crazy :S losing his senses i say.

I’m naturally pretty loud and talkative so people can straight away tell if I’m pissed off coz I go quiet – I don’t say anything. Like you I also put on a blank face :P Maybe I should start doodling/scribbling in a notebook when I’m pissed off too, like you do. That’s pretty smart.

ROFL, omg that’s the same as me! If I’m annoyed and I’m on msn I’ll start talking like so properly, but also I tend to type what I would speak, through whatever I type I express sarcasm especially. Though not everyone notices -.-‘

floccinaucinihilipilification LOL, oh god when i first read that i was like D: flo-whaaa? I don’t know how on earth that word is imprinted into your vocab, but for being such a long word it’s meaning is perfect if you’re pissed off! Like you would never expect it to mean “to estimate as worthless” I thought it was like a scientific term at first or something xD What I wanna know is how you pronounce it o.O

I just wanna know why can’t da noobs leave you alone ;( you’re like a n00b magnet LOL. Only because you’re so helpful and nice.. and they can’t detect how annoyed you are. Which sucks. I kinda have the same problem, in a different way though. Like I’ll tell someone to their face “you’re a dog” but they won’t take me seriously, instead they just laugh. People can’t take me seriously because I’m like always laughing or whatevs. IT SUCKS.

As you know already I absolutely LOVE the new layout on EyeThief. Wooo~ Are you still planning on making a Lockie Leonard fanlisting? lmao xD

LMAO. It IS annoying when you actually have to tell them you’re annoyed or ticked off. /angry How much more ignorant could they get?! Though since it IS over the internet, it might be a bit harder to realize that. Unless, of course, they’re cursing. Why else do people swear? :P

You’re such a perfectionist when it comes to writing. xD I don’t always bother to capitalize the first letter of a sentence or a proper noun. :X

For a blog with a bad mood, you ending with a good note! :) The new layout you put up is cute. I like the paint splatters in the header.

Aww, I hate telling people “Yes. I’m pissed off at you” or whatever. So annoying, that ticks me off even more. Scribble / doodle to get your anger out… I might try it sometimes, haha.

Typing in PERFECT grammar.
I do that sometimes too, lol. But I know I do make mistakes. Every time I use Firefox and I’m typing a comment, then I suddenly see this RED underline thing… I stop typing and quickly right click and find the right spelling. Yeah, I’m kinda weird. :P

floccinaucinihilipilification <– Wow. I can't believe that's even a word. I didn't type it, I copied and paste it… since I don't even know that word and I don't even know how to spell it, tehee.

AWEH, it has that little red under line thing under the word… maybe Firefox is not even smart enough to understand long words. STUPID FIREFOX, lol.

Haha, I'm glad your awake… when you read the end of my blog. xD
Movie world? What's that? Is it like a place with tons of movies…? :P

Wait, did I comment? /huh
Is’n it suppose to show? Maybe it’s like not approved yet…

Lol, I was just joking. :) Okay, I’ll have to help them then! I was thinking about my dad joining, but he has tons of domains, like a master webmaster~ and they all make so much money. *Jealous*
That’s what I tried but I got this: /bash

Well, I didn’t want to say it but the thing keeping us from getting back together is Ryan. :| Yah. Cause he hates Brian probably more than anything in the world.. O_O
And, it’ll get so awkward in our clique if Brian and I start dating again because Ryan would be really pissed. :/

OOH YOU REBEL. Haha, don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom. Have fun at James’ house. ;)

That’s so cute that you haven’t been yet. GAH. CUTIES. Lmao.

Yeah, I tend to do the same. I don’t show my anger straight to their face, and if I do then it’s very rarely.. when I’m in the “fiesty” mood. xD

I usually make a crazy ass v-log (like the one I made about Britney) LOL, or rant about it in my blog. :D

Hahaha I’m sure you’re talking about… that weird face girl LOLOLOL. Omg I just realized her old tweets when she talked to you and /bash /bash What a stupid girl. I remember when I tried to learn CSS/XHTML I didn’t even ask someone. I USED GOOGLE. Come on! That’s why Google was created. People are just stupid. Maybe they don’t know if Google does exist.

And seems like that stupid person doesn’t realize if you’re mad at her. If someone mad at me, I’ll realize it quickly. On MSN, if I’m mad at someone, I won’t reply him/her. Or yeah I’ll use perfect grammar (in Indonesian). 😒

I actually don’t know how to “properly” make them, either. XD And there’s still some things I’m trying to work out. :P I think that GIMP is kind of hard to use, but I downloaded a free version of Paint Shop Pro 10, and couldn’t figure it out at all. o_O

omg, OMG, I hate getting my blood drawn so much!! I cry every time… sadly, not a joke. XP I have this fear of veins getting hurt (hence I don’t like people grabbing my wrist or touching the inside of it, or touching my neck), and needles in veins are just wrong! I get so freaked out about it. It probably doesn’t help that the… *counts* … third time from the last time I got my blood drawn, the nurse wasn’t doing a very good job of it and it hurt so much that I got lightheaded and almost passed out. We stopped, and she did it after half an hour or so (she offered to get someone else to do it, but I felt like it would be rude to agree). Since then, I’ve been extremely worried that the same will happen, and I get so scared that I cry a couple tears. XP Gordon laughed at me… because my fears are so outlandish. XP

Wow, excessive use of emoticons much? XD

XD XD XD Your response on the quiz made me literally LOL. Yeah, I kept getting cat, too, but I really love dogs. It’s hard to make a proper quiz. :P

I dunno how I managed to get ready so fast this morning. XD I didn’t shower (although if I do it still takes an hour or less), and I don’t wear makeup or do anything to my hair. I didn’t do anything different than I used to except that now I don’t have to do a shot every time I eat… I just push some buttons and it’s done. Saves like five minutes. :P

Heh, I got a college pamphlet a couple years ago for I-don’t-know-where, and one of the things they were advertising (it was a “cool” book, specifically designed for the tastes of the younger generation) was how you can go to class in sweats and no one cares. XD

oh wow! That’s pretty neat.
Thanks Georgina! I think maybe I should try and make more icons for practise :)

haha! Maybe she really does secretly feel bad I’m leaving! Doubt she’d miss me though! I talked too much :P
The thing is I may not be a stick like all the other girls but I’m still actually underweight. I’m almost 5 foot 7 now and under 52kg so bmi is really low, the doctor said. Or something like that. Mum was really cross at my old teacher for saying that.
Anyway it’s good I’m going to a new school! Only one day until I start!

Miley’s autobiography is really good. she writes it almost like she’s a normal teenager!

Yeah, it’s a common misconception online, and I’m always like, “stfu! It’s not my fault!” /argh

Thanks for converting it for me. /heart I don’t know anything about getting high cholesterol… but I wouldn’t want to diet, either. @_@ I think I take in way too much salt, but it’s hard to limit myself. I like to think that it’s good that I’m at least aware of it, and the next step will come eventually. :P

I’m testing to see if my use of emoticons is overwhelming. /bounce Please let me know if this was too much animation, haha.

I wanted to get a graphics tablet, but they’re so expensive, and Gordon pointed out that the way you handle it is very… different. OMG, I saw home touch-screen computers at the store last month! I drew a scribble on one, and it was so much easier. 😏 However, it made my arm extremely tired. I can’t imagine using that all the time. :P Haha, maybe I’d better stop using your emoticon codes.

omg. Ugh! That would freak me out so much! How could you possibly be laughing when you have a needle being jabbed into your vein repeatedly? -_O

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was testing it out myself, I realized that the problem was that it went by plurality (can that even be applied with that meaning in any context other than voting?). So… people will be disappointed, haha.

Makeup is… overrated. I think it can make people look fake, and it’s abused by the media, and it makes people look really tired when they take it off. XD I just wear chapstick (all the time; I’m totally addicted to it. I swear I reapply it ever hour or two), but I’m thinking about getting some of that foundation stuff that’s tinted green… because my face is REALLY red. I haven’t been officially told by a doctor or anything, but I’m pretty sure I have rosacea. :/ Although now I have to wonder… if it works on my face, then won’t it be weird when people notice that my arms are all purplish red? o_O

wow those fanlisting sound nice^^. Anyway i don’t really like to join thousnds of things because I know never do them right:D. Succes with your fanlisting site^^.

I wrote a blog with some advices to comments. I hope people follow them and stop leaving comment like “Thank you” or “nice layout”….haha /eee /hehe

Haha. Keep on telling her stuff. My brother’s nose bled, too! /hmph JK!

Haha I see. Shucks, I’m all stuffed with fluff now that you said I’m your friend. :D LOL.

Yeah, I know. It’s always cold in Aussie, right? That’s what my aunt said anyway. I have tons of family members living in Aussie, a lot of which i don’t know. I’m sure you probably already know that. /eee

Yup! I am! So far so good! /mwah

Yeah that’s what I was trying to say. It really makes you feel very… weak. When you know it’s spreading so fast. Any new cases there? @_@

SURE THING!! I so don’t want the heatwave around here!

1. Cool. :)
2. Haha… Like me. But I started watching again. Just a bit.
3. UGHHH. Knew it. 😢 /bounce /hehe /type ;)

Haha thankss (:
I’m gonna try and finish it this weekend so I can make a new one. I’m not sure how you actually do it so I am just guessing so it’s not actually that good. LOL XD if I dont succeed then I will make a scribble layout because I know exactly what to do it of (:

I made pixel dolls well I didn’t actually make them like the bases of them. I got the bases and then put in all of there clothes on and stuff hehe. I wasn’t that good at hair, I normally got the colours wrong. Say like the blonde would be more browny or greeny like a tree haha.

I have the same experience as you. When I am annoyed on msn, I tend to reply to the person slower than usual. Sometimes I wish tat everyone has Edward Cullen’s brain and is able to know what I am thinking. Don’t you think that would be useful in telling others that you are annoyed?

I hate people who are snappy and rude for no reason. It’s annoying.

Wow, 6? I swear you had loads at one point though, so you’re getting there ^_^ I have 2 in the queue now. WOO. One has used one of my premades so I’m not reviewing the layout or coding lol.

Wow, who is this girl? Do I know her? Lol. She must be really annoying to make you not tweet for 5 hours :O

Yeah, or I just say ‘lol’ to everything on MSN, heh.

Hahaha, I think it would be hilarious. I don’t even know how to pronounce it o_O

Hey, long time no speak!
I totally relate to this blog!
It is annoying when people don’t know you’re annoyed / angry. Yes, it makes me more annoyed when I’m annoyed already O_o
And, like you said, I do get snappy too. When I’m annoyed and people ask me a yes / no question, I say “Mmhmm” or “Nuh uh” and that’s all I say.
Anyway, unrelated to the blog, how are you? I miss speaking to you, hehe, I’m in the middle of re-doing Innoverse. I’ve made a pretty layout , and I’m on to the content. I love your layout by the way, it’s very nice and it looks delicate, and that is gorgeous. The line “there wouldn’t be a me without you” is very sweet; where’d you get it from?
I don’t want this comment to be too long so I’m gonna leave it at this. Write back soon, Georgina!
Chloe x

Aww, I hope your Internet gets better! *hugs*
Bahaha I use Tweetdeck and Twitterfox, lmfao. XD I find Tweetdeck easier though. ^^ And Gerard Way uses it. XD Nah, that wasn’t why I got it… ‘cuz my Twitterfox was being attacked. ♥

I’ll make it into an article then. :P

That is a point. I haven’t blocked people on Twitter… I don’t think I ever really could. XD
I don’t mind being invisible. Other times it’s like “FOR GOD’S SAKE I’M OVER HERE!”

I saw! ‘Alive’. :D So informative and wonderful to see. :)

Lol, usually I think up a layout and it’s like gonna be uber amazing, and then I make it. And it’s like, damn, that didn’t turn out quite right!

Ugh, that can be soo annoying! When someone doesn’t get you’re being sarcastic, especially if it’s like about them or something and you say you like it and the actually believe you do!

Lol, so how are you? XD

Oh yes. What you mentioned in your blog happens to me a lot. And yes, it’s really annoying. 😒
Doodling when you are angry is a good idea! Seriously. =)
Oh, nice big words you used there. Hehe. “floccinaucinihilipilification” can you pronounce that ? I can’t! =]

Good luck on your new fanlistings! :D
See you, Georgina!

Woah. I have 3 now, thanks to Jorja! (I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS!!!) lol.

Yeah I’m gonna blog later, because I’m not suppose to be on the internet at the moment, so gotta wait till about 5pm and it’s only 1:40pm :(

I’m like that too, well I used to be. At one point I was getting 100 on every blog, and if I got less I would wait till I got 100 lmfao.

I read Kya’s forum, I need to sign up really ^_^

Haha I’d definitely love to hear that ^_^ If you do it, I’ll try and do it when I eventually get around to doing that vlog o_O

Bahaaha I added it. ^^ I had to change the title of the article on the real thing ‘cuz it was too long, lmfao. XD But I needed to make a point! :O

Yes, controlling the earth would be awesome. Plans for world domination, here I come! :P
Bahahaa, fringe trim. ^^
BLOCKHIMBLOCKHIM! I think you so should have blocked Darren Kent, little retard. ¬.¬

Whoo, Kurt Cobain! And aww, Hawaii? It’s nice place from the photos. 8)
I just had pasta for lunch. :D And I would rate pasta over chocolate. When I eat it I don’t feel guilty, lmfao. XD

I can’t see you as a Crystal or Demetra. Apparently I look like a Maya or Monica. :S

THANKS FOR MAKING ME GOOGLE floccinaucinihilipilification only to put the definition at the end ¬.¬ use it in a sentence please? XD

I’m pretty much always angry. And it always shows. I’ll just go off into a mini rant on Twitter, swear like fuck and “GDSHDSHFD:LJFLJ:@KJ:LHJHFD:LJSRE:LJ” a lot.

And I really love the new layout on EyeThief by the way ^.^

I have about 4 comments off you to return LOL, shall get round to that eventually :D

thank you^^. I like it too. specially the cupcake. I started making lots of cupcakes:). I already made 3 and now I’m working on the 4th. I want more!!! I looove making and them and people can use in layouts^^.

Well, no matter. I deleted the theme, and I’ll make anither one. Anyway I talked with Emma and she said that isn’t angry and she would be If I would sell them. that guy from it’s a bit arogant, in my opinion. hahaha

WTF. That person was so stupid. You always leave nice and long comment. Also blog related. from you I learned how I need to comment a blog^^.

I can’t wait to go in Greece. It would be awesome!!!

I’ve tried countless times to talk to Ryan about it. He just has this “thing” in his mind that Brian’s some fucked up druggie who wants nothing else but to take advantage of me. -.- Pulease. Brian’s not like that at all, and I have no idea why so many people think that. Maybe they’re jealous………… HPMH.

Aww that’s cute that he’s been to your house. :) And ofcourse you guys went to prom together *no duh* haha.
YEAH YOU GO GIRL. One day be a major rebel and sneak to his house. xD

I can’t wait to read your blog about it. Hopefully it won’t be a disastrous one talking about how your parents grounded you for life or something. D: That would suck.. ok *positive thoughts*.

Aweh thanks! :) Glad you like my vlogs and blogs. I have to attempt to speak German in my next vlog.. :| Don’t ask. Just know that it’s going to be an epic fail.

If I ever find the time, or have the patience. XD

Colour your hair orange then. :D And bahahha I need a haircut too. My layers are growing out. :S

Bahaha Twitter absence… that sounds sort of cool. :P
I just did my teeth too, lmfao. XD I brush them like, three times a day?!

Haha yeah, but you know when you can imagine someone being called someone else? :) Bahaha. I don’t think I suit either. XD

yeah, commenting from heart is the best thing I do. I think sometimes I’m too dedicated. Anyway I like say my impression on every sentence and help people ^^. I feel better after.

Yeah, it’s better to offer free resources. some people sell them but they are much more experienced than us^^. It’s nice to make content for people, and know that they use it ^^. You feel special /hehe /hehe

love you////

yah. I just ask money for 2 or 3 services on my website^^. Are a bit too much to work and I asked for monye. But no one would apply. Temporally I have that page down…:D Maybe this autumn I’ll open it again:D

LMAO. Yeah maybe your right.. perhaps Ryan is jealous of ME. >:O *shocker* I’ve never seen him as the gay type though.. lmao.

Yeah I feel bad rebelling too. But luckily I am able to get over it quickly before the guilt eats me alive. xD Unless it’s something worse… which has happened before where I’ve reached the point where I really can’t bear it anymore and I literally go and blurt out a massive confession (with tears and all) to my mom… LOL, I fail.

Gah, I’m hoping I didn’t jinx it either. But as you said, you’re 18. :) So, hopefully your parents won’t mind that much? I’m probably dead wrong. xD

Whoa, that’s even weirder. Maybe they know that James is the “real thing” so they’re being more cautious about you and him? xD Cause they probably knew somehow that the relationship when you were 14 wouldn’t last? Meh, idk.

WHAT? YOU KNOW GERMAN? So what did that last part mean .. exactly? Lmao.

AW LMAO. I thought that was so cute. Cause that’s not even that bad y’know? Going to school to “study” when you’re actually hanging out, AWW. xD

Geez, now I feel like such a bad person lmao. I’m never going to do anything bad ever again. :D No, really. :D…

Whoa James seems like quite the rebel haha. A concert eh? Sounds like fun, did you go with him? :O

Yeah, thats true. Some things just aren’t meant for parents to know. :P But it keeps coming back to haunt me when I think about when I become a parent and how I would feel if my child would rebel. xD I doubt it would be a good feeling.

I’m probably just way ahead of my time, and don’t even know what I’m talking about. :) This is what happens when I wake up earlier than usual.

It’s great that your parents are more lenient, it’s weird cause I think my parents are getting more strict as I get older. xD Great.

LOLOL it’s pretty late there, it’s about 11 in the morning here.. but I had to get up at friken NINE. I don’t know about you, but that’s so early for me.. especially on my summer holidays because I usually get up at 1pm lmao. My dad dragged my arse out of bed because I had cleaning to do since we have family from Austria coming over. Meh.

I’d like to see if you can run to Canada. Maybe you’d set a record lmao.

Ohh that’s a good one. I think I’ll be saying I am hungry a lot in German. xD I say it a whole lot in english for sure. That’s cool that you learned some, I should have taken the German course in grade 11. :O

LOLS BALLS (my new fav phrase) I want to hear that Beatles song. :) Even people speaking German entertains me.. so people singing German must be EPIC.

You can apply :) I’m doing to apply here in a minute lmfao, sorry :P I don’t mind waiting though. It’s worth the wait cause your reviews are so helpful :)

Yeah, I should have a new blog :) It’s like over 400 words long, maybe that’s a bit long? I don’t know. I’m trying to make my blogs easier for people to comment on, but I’m still getting crappy comments here and there.

LOL, that’s weird though, loads of people would crave to get 35 comments. I’ve noticed though, a lot of people, even the smaller sites are getting loads of comments now. I remember I used to some sites who only used to get like 2 comments per blog. It’s nice to see people getting more comments though :)

I’ll sign up later hehe.

I didn’t say night on Twitter, I was eating, heh. GOOD NIGHT :)

Sorry spamage. Just wondering, you know when you say like LOL and you hover and it has the definition, how do you do it so it does it automatically?

I guess she has figured it out, maybe. OMG. You called me Dia. That’s the first time! EVERYONE calls me Dia from the Winx community system to cut my name short, and you just did it now too! xD Didn’t see that coming… :X

But it’s in the middle of Summer now and you’re always tweeting it’s cold, it’s cold, James hug me, etc. etc. 👏 So I’m guessing it’s cold? Haha.

Oh, that’s good. And that’s sad. Poor him. :(

Yeah I normally rant to my mom because she the one who is normally around me. Haha she always gets mad at me xD

Thanks! I have been using your tutorial and it’s very helpful! :D I’ve been practicing on a sub-domain that I created xD Yeah, I guess you get used to it xD So you have work, uni, and 7 websites(?)? Wow haha. :)

yes, and I think that soon olivia will have other contests. Also, I’ll participate with one of my cupcakes on I hope I’ll have your vote ^^. I don’t know if people will vote me, but I hope yes:).

I had many application on advertising. Today I received another one. I think it’s pretty cool. I dunno why people doesn’t apply on yours:D.

D: OMG R U SERIOUZZ?!!11!?! so that’s where i left my thumb.. sorry about that, i’m surprised the fat cat that loves your garden hadn’t eaten it yet.. or perhaps it already attempted to eat my thumb but regurgitated it because it was simply too delicious.. hmmmm *thinking face* actually this face will do -> /huh

Aw that’s same as me, well like I normally put on a happy face at sad times too. I seriously have a problem with crying, I can’t cry D: even if it’s sad. which can get awkward because like well just recently my friends dad died and i felt sooo sad and all my mates were crying.. but i just couldn’t cry D: i must be like retarded.

ROFL, oh god that sucks. sometimes i wonder how people can be so oblivious and blind when you’re being sarcastic or when you’re intentionally trying to be rude. it frustrates the hell outta me.

OMGS, YES DO A VLOG AND SAY IT IN IT ! Best idea everrrr, go vicky ~

Lol, blame your mum & dad for passing down good genetics (Y) but yeah.

YAY! I really hope they approve your request for a Lockie Leonard fanlisting, that would be epic.

Hahaa yes, same here! I hate doing the coding cuz it always seems to ruin the layout :/

Ooh, that’s good that your internet will be faster tomorrow. Mine kept crashing cuz it was overheating, but my dad cleaned it out today so now it runs much faster – YAY!

Erm, well I haven’t really been thinking about the hosting site at the moment. Lol. I’ll get round to setting it up properly sometime though. I’m good thanks (:

lol, well, there are other tints, of course, but the green is supposed to balance out the red on your face, if you have a really red face like myself. If I get some (god, makeup is so expensive), I’m not leaving the house until I get a second opinion! /ehe

*squee* I was looking at notebooks and binders at the grocery store yesterday afternoon (I dunno why they had ’em there), just because I seriously LOVE school supplies, and it got me all excited for school in September. ♥ Since my first quarter is more than paid for, the only thing I have to worry about is getting into all the right classes. I still need to get an adviser…. /um

And still get a job. My dad told me yesterday that I should try to get a job at the county fair (it’s for the second week of August), and I was like, “HECK NO!” because there is no way I am working outside all day in 90+ degree weather in a big crowd of people, dealing with people, and using completely brand-new skills. He went on this thing about how I need SOME job experience, and I’m like, “I KNOW!” (in caps because he had already said this less than three minutes ago). It’s not that I don’t want to get a job; it’s just that I keep forgetting to get my birth certificate so I can get my social security card so I can get ID! /argh I want to work at a clothing store. I love the idea of just putting stock away, especially if it’s clothes. ;)

nice one :)

“evil ballet teachers” would be such a great movie don’t you think :P

Yeah I know. I’m thin enough. The lowest I got was last year at around 30 something kgs. Most of the weight on me is muscle now!

lol! Funny :)

Yes, Miley is normal. I must learn to accept it :P

Bahaha. Maybe, slowly, I could work at it? XD I don’t think I could ever have the patience to convert the reviews though, eek. O_O

Bahhaaha I saw that photo; your hair looks good even when it’s scruffy. Mine doesn’t, lmfao.
Me and my sister saw this guy at the market in town, he obviously hadn’t brushed in YEARS and he smoked. Gross. And he did the sweet stall… *hmmm*

Beheheahhaha. XD (Random). :P

ahaha us and our asianiny ways LOL xD

I like the new layout on your eyethief site (: The ink splatter thing is very cool, I’ve never done it before, just on photoshop xD

Ahaha, when I get pissed at people online sometimes I answer like “ok…….” Its so annoying when you act pissed to someone and they don’t get it ! Then like 5 minutes later they go to me, “are you mad ?” and I don’t want to be mean so I go no (: lol

Thanks :D OH YEAH! I totally forgot about the reviews, too XD I should probably get rid of the contact form so people won’t request anymore.

Oh mkay, thanks :3 I may try that eventually.

Congrats on the fanlistings!

Ahah, I really know what you mean. A lot of people usually piss me off on MSN because normally when my status is “busy” or “away”, it obviously means I’m doing something and I can only bother to talk to a few people which I would message by myself, but then a ton of people would decide to message me and I already told them that and they CONTINUE to message me. I just don’t get what’s wrong with messaging me when my status is “available” D:.

I think most people are kind of in denial about the whole annoyed thing :3 they don’t want to admit to themselves that the other person is annoyed at them or because of something they said. Plus, I find it really hard to find out if someone online is annoyed XD I always feel like they’re annoyed at me when they type in perfect grammar and capitalization without any emoticons. It bothers me LOL. I’m just weird like that, though.

Also, what does floccinaucinihilipilification mean? O_O I never knew that word existed!

GAH now I really feel like a bad person lmao. Watch I’m going to be SO DAMN GOOD that going to school just to hang out is going to seem like the worst thing someone could ever possibly do, muahaahah. (:

I’m glad that I tempted you to do something naughty.. it would make me feel better about myself.. lmao.

Yeah I can imagine why your mom would have freaked out. Mine would have jumped to the same wrong conclusions, not realizing that the guys were just my friends and then thinking that her daughter was a slut. Fail.

Haha yeah my mom has never said that to me, although it’s quite a threatening statement. D: I can’t imagine what it would be like to have kids..

LOL yeah I didn’t go on twitter because if I’m being perfectly honest.. I was too lazy to double click on the tweetdeck icon on my desktop. Yes. It’s true. Oh. The shame. I had already double clicked on a lot of other things you see, like Firefox and.. links on people’s sites. The laziness just got to me.

Nope we had to use the flowers she first gave us. Faail. Cause I was too embarrassed to go back and ask her for another pot of flowers especially after that wretched boy knocked everything down. BITCH.

Haha yeah of course the beatles were big, they weren’t even big actually they were like COLOSSAL MAMMOTHS. Yar. My mom’s like obsessed with them lmao.