Counting The Hours You’re Awake

Ooh, whee, yay, huzzah – I passed. I passed my first semester of university! /brow ✌️

Okay, so for my three subjects, I got a Pass and two Credits. Which isn’t bad, but I could have done better. It just happened that I got better marks for assessments with a lower weighting. Not cool. :P

I’m going to try harder next semester. Now that it’s getting closer I’m a bit worried though. Worried that I will lose it and spiral downwards again. I have to cut back on the website work when I go back, which means I’m going to be working hard now!

My timetable is a lot better; I don’t have to come back home at 7:00pm on Tuesdays anymore, so I won’t be sitting in class losing concentration at 5:00pm, and seeing James before I go running for the Lithgow train at 6:10pm. Especially in a subject I don’t like. :D

James and Lilian also passed so congratulate them please! ♥️ Also, James finally managed to fix up his dodgy internet; I haven’t talked to him properly in a while. He should be home soon, yay!

Many of you were really excited about my scribble portfolio, and I’d love to give out the URL, but it’s really not finished at all. I would like to thank Vivien, Rachel and Lilian for helping me out so far! I still have over a hundred scribbles to scan and everything so it might take a while. At this rate I should be done before I go back to university though. :) And if you’re lucky I might open it earlier. I just have a lot of works from 2007 and 2008, that’s all.

I would just like to make a quick note on the website. I have a lot of reviews to do, and I know I seem to be able to do a lot, but I might not be able to get them done that quickly, so please be patient.

Also, I will be moving some of my domains and registering new ones for certain projects. I have a photography website planned, as well as a possible advice site, and of course a domain collective for my many domains. If anyone can think of more ideas, do let me know.

I have a giveaway planned for October, which is Heartdrops’ birthday. There will be a few domains given away and possibly some cash, so keep an eye out. I won’t be having a referral contest though. This one will be a bit more interactive and will probably require a bit of advertising for Heartdrops and/or my other domains. I will probably be asking some of my close affiliates to help out and get involved. I will also pop in a bit of creativity like my last movie-poster contest. /pirate

A fat cat.
A fat cat.

Who remembers the fat cat I blogged about last week? The one who left shit on my lawn? Well, if you need a picture to help you visualise the evil cat, I have included one.

This same fat cat came back. Yes, that’s right. I was chatting to my mum and she pointed at the door and started saying, “Cat! Cat!”

I turned around to see. Shock horror. I was outraged. This same cat had come by again, and there was no way in the world I was going to let this furball shit on our lawn again. No way in the world. I rapped on the glass to signal it to get the heck out, and then it began walking away.


I got a picture of it walking away. Fully sick, huh? :P

Fat cat walking away.
Fat cat walking away.

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LOL. Return of the Shitting Furball…… 👏


I must enter. Even though I already have a domain. But I’ll enter anyway just for fun! HAH. Unless you change the rules so that you have to be a non-domainer to enter…. :

Anyway, I’d like to help out then. Am I one of your ‘close affiliates’?

By the way, just let me know when you want the links, so I can email you the file ^_^ Got it done up to 130~~

Holler if you need help with the reviews ♥

Congrats on passing! /pow

I went on your photo blog for the first time ever, and I saw a picture of the cat! I’m like “Could this be the cat who shat on her lawn?!” LOL.You should get a dog – to scare it away haha. Btw, you have nice grass :) haha.

Congrats on passing your exams Georgie!

I can’t wait to hear more about your domain contest! I’d love a domain of my own. Maybe oneday… And your ideas for other websites are so good! Best of luck with them all!

oh poor you, having to work! My mum won’t let me do any ironing cos she doesn’t trust me with anything that’s hot!

I always feel like that when it comes to my projects, like there’s never enough time to get it finished. but I try my hardest and usually it works.

Yup. I only use the id once. I already tried the solution that you gave me. Here’s a part of the code:
I change the colour using the class=”nav” but it doesn’t work too. Sigh…

Woowweee! Lots gonna happen in Heartdrops! =P Woo hoo LOL. Can’t wait for October! =D Might get a domain… :P JK LOL. We’ll see. I’d love to help though! If u have any stuff I can do, please let me know! I’d love to help you! ^.^ You’re one great hostee! ♥ ♥

WOOW congrats on your Uni results!!! Everyone’s getting results/starting schoole tc lol. Nnie’s starting tomorrow too. I get my reports today too!!!!! WISH ME LUUUUCK…. final year of school. bleh.

You have insomnia? Then what do I have? LOL. /bash

OMG and I totalllyyy forgot to mention about that fat cat that made shit on ur lawn….. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Wickedly funny! I think it’s the devil’s proposal on seeing you be this way haha. ;) The picture is hilarious itself! /hehe

Please come again kitty! Want lots more of chu! xD Makes you wonder how it came back though…. 😳

HOOHOO, I’M BACK /bounce
it was some phone line down the street that got disrupted /bash. drove past some dude in a nice van :)

Yay, more scrobbles :P /love

Man, that’s an ugly cat. Seriously. Get a super soaker, hrrrrng. But it likes you. Ngawwweeeeeee 👏


lol, you and that cat! You are so funny about that cat, you make me smile. XD Did you give him the evil eye, hmm? ;)

Ooh, contests! I’d love to be involved, either as an entree (er… enterer… you know, contestant XD) or assistant, whichever you deem best for me. ;)

That reminds me… I’ve found like 3 domain contests right now, all of which are quite simple (like, one is just a referral), and I’m not sure whether I should enter or not. What are the pros of having a domain over having a subdomain? What could be my reason for wanting one, other than not having the “so-pink” on my url? :P

omg, I put random things on my bookshelf, too! XD I used to have special beanie babies on it, as well as paper boxes I’d made (hmm, I’ve been meaning to put up a tutorial/craft page on that) and jewelry. When I got rid of a bunch of old books, though (since they didn’t all fit on the shelf), I got rid of most of it, so now it’s mostly just a regular ol’ bookshelf… albeit very full.

Congrats on passing. ♥ Best of luck to you in your next semester. :) Wish me luck for my quarter starting at the end of September, hehe.

I was kind of worried that the safety pin would poke me. o_O Hmm… what does the :3 face mean? It looks kinda like a kitty, sans ears and whiskers. So I guess not at all like a cat. XD

Why can’t you go to James’s house? Strict parents, as you mentioned?

why named your website heartdrops while you are in fact heartless to an animal like cat? hard to understand

Georgina: Why is your English so bad? Hard to understand.

@Saskia: Sorry I have to get all Grammar Nazi on you, but:

“why named your website heartdrops while you are in fact heartless to an animal like cat? hard to understand”

First of all, where’s your capital letter at the start of your sentence? Second of all, it’s Heartdrops, NOT heartdrops. “heartless to an animal like a cat” – WHAT?! I think you were aiming for something along the lines of “heartless like an animal.” And are you not aware that animals DO have feelings? They DO have hearts? How the fuck do you think the live otherwise?! Again, you forgot the capital letter at the start of your sentence, and you’re also missing a period at the end.

Why did you name your website Heartdrops when you are in fact heartless? It’s hard to understand.”


Hehe. That’s the same with me. Most of the newer photos I have don’t have red eyes, which is good (:

Well Scribblee is my first proper site, before that it was just Piczo! I never owned a subdomain :P

Well done for passing!

Ooh and a domain giveaway competition. Sounds good. Hahaa at the moment I only have one domain. I really need to get the hosting site up and running properly! XD

Hooray! A contest.Whee. I think I might enter. Well let’s just see.

Congratulations,Georgina on passing your first semester of university! That goes to James and Lilian too. Good luck on your next semester.Hope you’ll do better :)

That cat looks a bit cheeky and kinda fat in the first photo. But the second photo of the cat running away looks like a beautiful photography xD. Sort of, I think.

And and,thanks for voting me ! 👏

lol, reading your “10 signs you’re addicted to your website.” You’re hilarious. XD Oh, and the image or whatever under the first one is missing, and the HTML code is showing. :P

lol, reading your one about trends… part of the reason I never wanted to read the Twilight saga was simply because it was so popular. I truly hate most trends. XD However, I did love the books, and not just to be on the bandwagon. I feel like a poser or something every time I say I like Twilight. :/

Hmm, I’ll definitely read your “new to domains?” when it’s not super late — 1:49 AM. XP

For your website name suggestions — hmm, I like the name “double dipped.” (Haha, yes, I’m going through all your pages, looking for the items. ;) )

Uh… wow, Gordon’s ring is too big for even my thumb. It slides right off. XD I think I have tiny fingers. o_O

Ugh, omg, I HATE celebrity layouts. XP I had heard hints that it was illegal, but I’ve never looked into it before… humm. I should let a couple people I’ve been talking to know about that, and link to your article. :P

I have decided that having MULTIPLE hidden images is a great way to keep visitors on your site. XD

Ooh, your dessert-type recipes sound so good! I hate having to figure out the carbs in everything, though, so I tend to not make things at home. :/

Hmm… should I change my current rotator to the PHP Random Rotator? Mine was done by some generator. :P

Wow, sorry about having such an extended comment, but I have this compulsive need to comment on everything I see on here. ;)

Hmm, I haven’t found all of the things, but I think I’ll go for now. Gordon’s out of the shower and probably about ready to go to bed, and I absolutely HATE being the last person to fall asleep at any time. XP

Yay! We all passed! ♥ ♥

Because we’re AAAAAAALL smart =) Hehehe *high five*

Congratulations to James! And yay for fixing his net.

I would totally die without my internet xD Hahaha.

Urgh! Don’t remind me! =( Next semester is creeping up way too soon for my liking, but I’m glad that I don’t have to repeat anything of fix my units cos I failed something =)

I want to try a little harder too. DON’T WORRY! WE SHALL MOTIVATE EACH OTHER…=) [With annoying automessages…Hahahahaha!]

My timetable is better too! Any days off? I still get Wednesdays off. But I have to go to uni for ONE CLASS on Tuesdays…== *sigh*. Oh wellz xD

Hehe! Give me some scribbles when we meet up =) I’ll scan some for you =D

Urgh…I keep having to backspace every second word I type cos it’s so cold, I can’t type properly…*grr*

Ohh! Heartdrops’ Birthday! Let’s have a mini celebration =D. I’ll buy a cake and eat it all by myself because Heartdrops can’t eat. Muahaha…Then I’ll grow fat. Damn. Okay, bad idea xD.

OH! That evil cat! Hmph! Get a dog. Hehehehe…Then the cat will be too scared to come into your backyard. xD

Oooh, a contest? If I’ll be your assistant, can I still enter? Eeeeeeeeeeee! /eee
OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE THE EVIL CAT I USED TO OWN! But I swear… even if it was mine, I didn’t raise it that way. /ho
Why bother typing if you’re too careless to even structure your sentence properly, hm? That’s not even proper lolspeak. 🤫

Aww, congratulations on passing your first semester!

Ooh, I can’t wait until the scribble portfolio opens! Maybe you could use one of your domains for a nature photography blog? I see you have many flower photos. :)

Happy Birthday Heartdrops! In advance. /cough

Dundundunnnn, the Big Bad Cat strikes again. But, the great Georgina saved the day!!! :D Haha.


Hehe, I will be very proud of that 811 word comment. ;) I’ll make mine shorter though, hehe.

Yay! You passed! *hugs* Congrats to Lilian and James too. :) Glad his Internet will be fixed soon. 8)

Domain this, domain that. :O How can you keep up with them all, lmao? I find it a little tricky with one. XD
Then again, I am not uber-organised, efficent swish ‘n’ rockin’ like yours truly. ✌️

Oooh, I wouldn’t mind helping out with the domain contest. And whee, Heartdrops will be one year old!!! /bounce ^^

And OMG, the cat deserved it. Whoo. I find it funny you always take pictures of it. XD
Speaking of pictures, good luck with your scribble portfolio! ^-^

Yeah… I’ll get to replying to your comment. :3

I prefer the code tag over the pre tag. Pre just is weird. Why display code with pre? Isn’t code more, you know, code-ish, lmao? XD Anyway. Textareas suck. Took me a bit too long to realise that… XD

Hehe it was a pretty cool esculator but at the same time it was sort of scary. I made the dumb mistake of looking over the edge… eep! :/

Yeah… I mean, I either get a response I say yes to or one I say no to. I got two today; one was a no. Not because it was a Piczo, but because I hadn’t heard of them before. Second was from Jenn who I know so, yeah. :D

He. I need to have breakfast… haha. It’s 11:43. :P Maybe I’ll just have brunch… of sundried tomato paste on toast. ^^
Aww that sounds so sweet! I mean, having your hair that long. My Ma is always saying I should get my hair cut shorter but it’s naturally pretty wavy so it will just be a frizzball. And I look shit with it short; photos of when I was 5 prove it. :P
Wow, orange hair dye. :O I don’t really want to dye my hair. Except I have to for my Dad’s funeral. XD

Well you didn’t make a bitchy impression on me or anyone else who visits your site, they are just losers like Darren Kent who have no friends so they argue to get someone to talk to them, period.

I’ll look out for them then. :) I never really liked Mariah Carey anyway. *shrugs*
I have my iTunes in order of artist and just skip the songs I can’t be bothered to listen to. I like shuffle when I play my iPod ‘cuz then it’s less iTune-ish and I don’t know what’s coming up.

Timon and Pumba FTW. ^^
Grooviness in MS Word is so not appropriate…
Haha I made a new YouTube anyway, turns out I was already signed in (WTF?!). Ha. I will never use it. I haven’t even edited it yet because the account settings take bloody years to load.

Effffffff??? Someone was after my MSN? WTH?
Lmao. What did you say?

Congratulations on passing your first semester at uni! Only another 5-7 left to go now…lol.

Those contests sound like a cool idea, it’s so nice of you to give out domains and even cash! I’m looking forward to seeing your scribble log when you finish it too. :)

And ew…bad kitty. X-( I swear in that last photo though it looks guilty! Hahaha.

Oh? How’d you get paid for blogging? :O

Congrats on passing (& congrats to James and Lilian too)! :D If it were me, I’d be celebrating like crazy. I love celebrating when I pass something school-wise. :3

Wow you’ve got a ton of things planned out. Oh yay, a site birthday contest. I’m glad you’re not having another one of those types of referral contests. D: I don’t think those contests would be fair for the sites with less visitors than the more popular sites.

LOL, it looks like the cat is giving you the evil eye while walking away. :P

Lol that cat looks soo grumpy — in both pictures! Congrats for doing good in your first semester :) — And hey, I’m sure the more domains the better :) Another thought is maybe a domain just for tutorials and site help — then maybe you can get rid of some rude people asking you how to center a layout and just refer them to that domain to find out on their own! (Just a thought). And the contest you have coming up sounds pretty cool so far!

Aww, I feel bad for YOU but also the big fat cat! He probably likes your lawn and thinks it’s comfy and want’s to dump on it! ;) haha you should take it as a compliment! Congrats on doing GREAT on your first semester! I know you will do awesome on your next too (good luck)

Congrats on passing university! Keep it up! I think your grading system may be different from mine but I wasn’t able to take any pass/fail classes which really sucked. :(

Maybe the fat cat is looking for a home and a family to love him haha. Maybe pooping on your deck was he way of being territorial and claiming your yard as his. He looks SO sad walking away in defeat. Poor kitty. Sorry I can’t get over the fact that he looks exactly like on of our cats, even the facial expression haha.

Just to let you know. Even though I’m not your affiliate, I’d be willing to help you out with the contests or anything coming up. I have lots and lots of time on my hands, I’m on vacation now for another month and a half and when I start working it will only be part time and a class, which will be nothing. :)

Aww. Well mine has only just opened but I kinda haven’t sorted out the hosting plans yet so no one can really get hosted yet.

Lol. Yeah, I’d wanted a domain for ages..and then I was allowed to get one. I was soo pleased! XD

LOL that cat, again? It’s evil or something, I swear xP. Don’t worry someday that cat will be gone for good xD. That’s excellent that you all passed! Great job Georgina, James and Lilian! :D I so excited about your scribble portfolio! You have to many domains haha. How do you keep up with them all? xD

Haha I saw that and I answer :) What do you mean bury them in the blog? :O Sorry I got lost there xD Lol. :P

He, I guess it wasn’t a contest but it was fun when it lasted. :D

Damn, I knew something was missing. Whoops. HOW COULD I HAVE SKIPPED THEM IN UPLOADING? :O

Hmm, well “yours truly” meant ‘me’ as in, I am me. Though technically you are correct, “yours truly” in that comment when I was talking about being organised and stuff meant you.
What the hell. :P

Hehe. :) I’m not THAT amazing… though on my last blog it was “I love British accents!” attack. I’m scared; if I ever do a vlog…?

Codish! :D And bahaha. It is true though, sometimes I edit it all to make it valid and refresh the page and it’s not. ¬.¬ Like when people give out layouts that don’t even have a HTML tag.

I have to go to Sydney sometime. :D
Oh no I couldn’t say “you’re not accepted”. I do the same as you do; I don’t reply.
Lmao… why did you accept me as an affiliate way back then? :P My site was shit. XD

And OMG that sounds nice. *stomach rumbles*

Hehe. Yup, it’s past lunchtime now but yeah. You’re about two hours behind me but then in the afternoon/ morning… so about 12am there? 1am? :O
Bahaa. Your hair suits you though. ^-^ I don’t really suit straight hair… when I get around to straightening it… XD Well maybe I do but I like my hair wavy. ^^

Aww the link just loaded the most recent page of comments. :( Who left it and I’ll check it out? :)

Same. I feel guilty when I sort iTunes by artist ‘cuz Anberlin is always first and MCR, Nirv, etc. are in the middle… XD

Haha. Glad it’s sorted now. I don’t get why someone would want to add me to MSN though, lmao. XD

If I’m understanding your vision correctly, you mean have a site (the advice one) that multiple people can contribute on? Because that actually sounds pretty cool. Or maybe a beauty/fashion tip online mag type thing might be cool if that’s something you’d like, here’s an example I thought of —

hahahaha yeah, your right! That cat is so funny! You could like write a fiction book about him lol! Your really funny and nice!! Would you like to be Affies? I really enjoy coming to your site! I am going to put a Moved sign on my other page by the end of the day! I ordered one but it still hasn’t came! Do you know how to make signs? Maybe you could make one for me?

Aww! Thanks so much for voting for me! it means a LOT!

congrats on passing!!! (Y) good job.
man, school again? i know how you feel. once school starts, i wont be able to update and blog more. /wah this year will be the busiest of all my school life. oo an advice site. thats cool!
i think i need that. lol

oo cute kitty. haha. i just love cats. ♥

Wow a contest cool. I can’t wait for it. I’m so sorry I got you and jorja mixed up the other day. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to get rid of the fat cat before he pooped on your lawn again. Some people. sheesh. Endless Sorrow is a good song. I like both versions gone with the wind version and the other version. My favorite is Bold And Delicious, and Blue Bird and Fairyland. Fairland PV, is so pretty.

me too D:
it’s like wtf, you should know yourself.
and then they ask ‘why did you say the answer so rudely’ and i’m thinking you seriously don’t have any common sense. i did that to my ‘friend’ on monday ><

i'm fine :) school finishes in 2 days, can't wait!
yeah my mum kind of is D:
we had a very big argument yesterday but i think it's sorted. :)

DARN. forgot to comment on the blog D:

congratulations on passing :D
can’t wait to see the new site :)

a possible advice site?
(did i give you that idea? i told you on twitter but idk)

LMFAO at the cat. her expression says to me
‘oi, what you looking at?’


peace. :)

Congratulations on passing your first semester at university Georgie. If you think you can do better, use it as a learning curve. And next semester try even harder, even though it may mean less time for heartdrops.

Good luck for the new new sites.
Are you moving heartdrops?

I am glad I am not the only one not excited about Harry Potter & the half blood prince, I’ve read the books and that’s good enough for me. Even though i now have an urge to re-read the books. >.<

I hate cats. Full stips. i prefer dogs, and that picture defines the reason I hate cats. They think they are 'it' Pffft. mofos. :] <3


Oh, yes, I’ve read about some of your infamous cooking disasters Georgina :P

Yay! 30 is a huge number to have scanned! Sounds like you’re going great :)

omg, I could never sneak out. The very idea of it terrifies me. XP And like you, even if I DID get away with it, I would feel so guilty. :P

✌️ Yay you passed!
When I go to uni, I’ll probably die in the first term.

omg /bounce scribble portfolio muhahah.
I can’t wait.
You’re awesome :D

I don’t really have any ideas for your next domains :O

Oooh giveaway :)
If you want, you can have the two domain credits I won from the competition. I don’t plan to use them to be honest.

Hahah fully sick. lol.

I’m scared that I might burn the clothes when I iron if I turn up the heat. LOL
okk :) Sounds like I’m moving. Do you think you can make space for me? /faw hahha

LMAO. The cat pooped on your lawn?! Evil cat. -bashes cat on head- /bash Teehee. No, I’m not that mean of a person. xD It DOES look evil, though. :P

Yay! Congratulations to you, James, and Lilian! :D Aw, you BETTER not do worse and spiral down this semester, young lady. School work comes before your online duties. So as much as I’d hate to see you not updating as much, you shouldn’t do bad in school just because of your website! :(

Ooh, another domain contest! :) I can’t wait to see what your creative-ness will come up with this time! xD

Ewww! A worm in the COOKIE?! -pukes- 🤮 lmao. You have a smiley for it! xD
Ugh, once in school, one girl in my class was eating an apple from the school cafeteria, when she just like got up and spit something out in the garbage can. I looked at her apple and there was this black hole with a WORM inside! GROSSS. O_O
Haha, the error in his header was one of the first things I noticed as well. xD FAILLL.

You should deff get a dog :P I want a cocker spaniel, or a Labradoor (I don’t think it’s spelt like that!). I love big dogs :) I use to have a boxer, but it ran away when I was little. Though I have a theory that he actually died and my parents covered it up LOL.

Ooh. It is fat. Sorry, I have to say that it’s kinda cute :3
But since it pooed on your lawn, IT’S HIDEOUS. Muahaha.

OOH YES my mom wanted me to play basketball too! I played it once AND I LOATHED IT. D: Gah. Then I read an article and proved to her that not only basketball makes you tall, just in general doing SPORTS. So she said “oh.” and made me do whatever sport I wanted to XD XD And that’s how I met badminton, and fell in love with it ♥

I’m not done growing yet (I hope), I’m currently about…148 cm tall :| Not tall for my age. I’m so short /wah Your height is PERFECT. Not short, not tall. :)

Well, *cough* I was just planning to ask him…didn’t promise me yet :( I’m not sure he will, anywayz. :P

No probbies. :D

Hi i have seen cats like those your blog was awsome and by the way nice looking site you have i love everything here it’s so amazing. :)

great job on your assesments! My sister got her AP scores today. She got a pass in English and like 1 credit for the other ones; there were like 6 xD


Ebil kitteh. A cat that looked just like that one in my neighborhood attacked my cat in the middle of the night. The next day my kitty had a gash in her neck. And of course I discovered it while scratching under her chin…:o

I also remember when I was little I had a sandbox a cat kept shitting in it. Horrid thing.

Ooh, that’d be a totally boring thing to blog about, but I may actually consider doing it for the money.. XD I’m a little bit broke and being broke isn’t the best thing for the summer.

That is true… people really do cheat on referral contests. Yet, a lot of people still have them. Gee, I’m so confused about that. :P

So, how are you? :D

Congratulations to James, Lilian and to you also.

Cats often cover up their crap or go into the bushes. Is this one sending a message, lol?

I’m pretty sure that I’m getting insomnia cuz of the results lol. But all’s good now, thank God. /cool What did your mother say? About your results? 💥

It annoyed you? Aww, I bet the poor thing misses you LOL. It wants to shit a lil’ more till it’s gone forever! /poo

Lol, your mum got pissed off too? /bash

Thanks. :) Apparently it goes until the end of August… ugh, that seems like such a long time to keep trying to get people to click it. :P

Oh, I’m making some quizzes with the assistance (and inspiration) of your tutorial! I can’t get an error page to work, though. If you only miss one question or so, it still gives you an answer based on what you’ve put in. :/

Hmph! Okay, but does it count if my brother or sister enters? They have no domains. /um
Bai da wai i wok pass yor yoonavirsetee bilding fingy… u|t|s! :)

Hey Congrats on passing first semester of uni and also to James and Lilian on passing as well. I’m planning to go to uni when i graduate year 12 this year.

The fat cat that you refer to LOLL in the photo that you took. He looks so scary and evil :P

I was wondering if you would like to nominate someone or yourself for my site of the year award which is currently running on site. Well think about it and let me know, all the details are on my site. (Y)

Take care x

btw i ♥ your emoticons they are sooo cute, how long did they take to make them? /kiss

Aww, well at the moment I’m trying to make a new site layout. The actual image didn’t take too long and is really simple but the coding? Ugh I really can’t be bothered with it!

Wow, that’s really good that you managed to win the domains from competitions – hehe you must enter quite a few :P

Yeah, it doesn’t, right? My mom tries to prove that SHE’S right, but she fails XD Sorry Mom.

I hope so :) Thanks! ♥

*scoff* Of course it is. *tosses hair* Lol XD you should go talk to him sometime. He’s kinda…retarded. :P

even though i already wrote that, some people still dont get the message /argh
i mean, commenting is nice and all, but reading the blog wont hurt you..

i know :) freedom is not far /eee
aww your going back to uni? but dont you get to decide what and when your taking the course?
my friend’s sister only goes to uni on tuesdays to thursdays.
its awesome! i would love that. but yeah, theres going to be loads of work /ehh

haha i dont really mind scanning, its just that i forget sometimes. and it really takes LONG. thats my only problem. i have norton anti-virus. my aunt gave it, so its free :) i usually have the rogers internet thing. since its also free.

Hey Georgina! :D

Ehh, sorry for the late comment back and I won’t be replying to the comment you sent me because I lost it when my site got reset and such (it didn’t save with my backup)
but anyways, I knew that I needed to return your comment.. soo I’ll just comment on your new blog, k? xD Soz, I have a habit of explaining everything thoroughly.

OMG *HIGH5* You passed your first semester! And High4 to James & Lilian aswell :) Aww Georgina a pass and 2 credits? I’m not sure of what university grading is like, but it sounds really good! You should be more positive :D Unlike me.. I haven’t got my semester 1 report yet.. and quite frankly I don’t want it, ima epic fail considering I wasn’t there for half the days baha.

Oh man, all your “coming soon” websites sound freaking fantastic, like your scribble portfolio is gonna be the smex. But if you do open a photography site and an advice site they would rock too, in particular the advice one, considering you don’t see many good quality ones around these days.

;0 Yayyy so October we’ll all be celebrating the birthday of Heartdrops woooot! Sounds like you got quite a celebration planned for it too haha xD

D: OMG ! The fat cat came back, tssssk that cat is freaking evil. Honestly, you should spray it with a hose next time it comes round. Lmao, you full pwned it making it walk away ehh LOL xD

ohh and 1 more thing;

sozzi english plz?

Ah yes, genes. Both my parents are mid-height, so I hope I’ll be fine. Yeah :P I hope I’ll growwww :P

Yeah they are XD Especially him.

Ooh, I just re-read your blog. Giveaways? :D Hope I win, lol. I have a question though, just say, if I win a domain or something, then do I still have to pay for it after a period of free time? :O I’m really confused about this domain stuff.

Haha I didn’t think about it but they do kinda look like little poops! lol. They’re supposed to be Gum Drops though :D

Congratulations on passing! Is it your first year? I have always wondered how you manage your time seeing you have lots of active domains and you still find time for your Offline Life.

Anyway, as much as that infamous cat annoys me, your description makes me laugh. HAHA. He looks real grumpy, maybe because he wants to be adopted yet he’s unwanted. LOL.

And yay for your scribble portfolio and for Heartdrop’s Birthday! ♥

(I’m such a dork to have opened WP just now and saw your comment.)

Bahhahahahah. Sorry for double posting, but I just went on Youtube and saw your pensnap videos XD XD XD
I lol-ed so hard.

You wanted to close?!!!! :O
*proud* Lmfao. XD

Our comments aren’t getting shorter, are they? :P
Yeah, same. Comment repliers wouldn’t be as cool as actually having conversation. :D
And you should be proud… like I am proud of beating Ze Bitchess. :P

Man, 1am? :O Go to bed early today. :)
Aww, I miss Cutenews and the entries but same, I love FanUpdate. I’m not ready for WordPress. XD
I would’ve liked to see OTW. I thought the name was swish ‘n’ rockin’. :D

Haha well your purpose has changed a lot too. ^^ For the better I will add. ^-~
Haha. I am sort of proud of my reviews when I actually finish them, lmao. I mean I have a lovely review of Auberginer in line and I’ve reached ‘Dear Visitor’, for God’s sake. Must finish that today.

Hehee, I swear I put them on. Maybe I didn’t put the code on? Anyway I know that it’s :woo: or *dances*. XD Both, for dancing and boogie. :D Take your pick.
Aww, your vlogs were cool. :)
I nag when people give layouts with bad coding when their own coding is like, valid or something, ha. Well, I don’t nag, but you know?

OMFG, kill that commenter for me. And what the next commenter said (was it Sarah?) made me laugh my head off. :P
Not literally. O_O
Blogging every day is addictive. :P I try to do it but often mess up, I started off very well and went down… :X

Joined. :)

Wow. Lucky girl! Haha well I guess it IS ok. I mean, a bit of a ‘bad’ thing here and there wouldn’t hurt. Nobody’s perfect. 😢

Haha. Hilarious. I wish it’ll come again though… It’ll keep you on what to blog too. And the way you talk about it makes me wanna read more. /poo

You’re TRYING to annoy me, aren’t you? /ho
Umm, they’ll GET a site! And I promise, no cheating…
What code do I need to put for the header? I tried the one on but I got an error. /wah
Look what I made!
Don’t worry; it’s easy to load.

Congrats on passing your first term at university! That’s great. Take it one semester at a time and you’ll get through it!

ahahah that made me smile when you said nevermind about tfl. lol. That’s alright.

Glad you like the layout. I really liked it before I coded it. Though now I’m not soo sure. But it’s growing on me. Anyways it’ll probably be a few weeks before I get round to doing another one – so for now it’ll just have to be this! Well, as long as visitors like it, then that’s okay (:

The thing is, I do say ‘on me’ all the time. It just doesn’t seem to register in my mates brains!

Ooh I might go check it out. Hehe.

Haha, funny blog at the end,x
well done on passing ;)
my sites nearly done, just needs a few tweeks (:

ahah it would be pretty cold xD; You should wait till the summer lmao;

ahah; I don’t really either, but I just end up shopping at the places that I wrote in my blog xD; everything else is usually too expensive and not worth it lol;

ahaha; preps are like the popular snobby people xD

OK I write this again, because I started writing a comment last night, but my dad come and told be angry to turn off my computer. HAHAHA

Well, I’m in love with trhis fat cat. It’s adorable and sweet and I want a cat :( . My parents don’t wants one again, because all our lats cats disappeared, and now we have bunnies /eee . /eee I miss a cat to carry on and offer my love :(

Well, I always knew that you smart /hehe /hehe but now I see that you are much more smarter. congrats my sweet angel. You passed it. I’m sure next semester you’ll do it better /hehe /hehe

COngratulations for JAMES LILIAN AND GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! /eee /eee 👏 👏 👏

I can’t wait to see your scrible portfolio. Maybe it will inspire me!!!! I really want to start making scribbles, and maybe I’ll take a look at the way you make them /hehe /hehe

OMFG, you want more sites? How do you can update all? Really? I can’t do many things on 2 domains, xdinna and emeralhosting, but you have almost 5-6 or more. OMG! You are very good. I’d love to be like you, cause you are my model /hehe /hehe . i don’t know how you get time for everything: university, heartdrops, reviews, blogging, social life, grr. I’d never can do all those things :( :(

OMG!!! I can’t wait for the giveaway /hehe /hehe . I love domain giveaway and cash giveaway /eee

It was a long comment, and I apologyse because I didn;t commented earlier! Love you!!!

Allright ; Good job on passing , ♥ . I wish I was in uni, cause grade school = /poo .
When I seen that cat , I was sooo scared. I peed myself /sweat

Yeah hopefully I can ask her for one again haha. Although we’re pretty happy with the flowers that she gave the first time, because they’re still growing pretty well. :D

Btw I’m so sorry I didn’t return your comment as fast as I usually would because I went downtown with my ex and then I was on the phone with him all last night and he’s coming over in a couple of hours. D: So I’ve been busy. :(

NahI actually haven’t talked to Ryan in awhile, I wonder what he’s been up to. So I doubt he read your comment. xD Plus, that comment in buried deep down under other comments lmao, I’m struggling to return em.

Congrats on passing your first semester! :D

Aw yeah I totally know what you mean about slacking off on work because of the site, I did that so much LOL.
Best of luck trying harder next semester.

That’s awesome that you have a more reasonable and easier to follow schedule. Congrats to Lilian and James as well! :D

Can’t wait for this whole scribble thing haha. It’s going to be scribble overload.. I can feel it. xD

Ooh the movie poster contest sounds like fun. :D Best of luck getting caught up with those reviews you always have tons of em to do.

OMG LMAO at the cat. Look so damn evilllllllll.

I can’t believe the cat had the nerve to come back. Brave one. Haha. xD

Haha, you used two smilies in that comment. D: and XD. D: five times and XD three times. That amused me. :P

Yes you need to try the accent! You’re always capped though. xD

Haha well either way I’ve been looking at them a little bit because they’re fun to look at. :) Though I think I’m only around 62ish. Can’t remember.

Argh. My mom said that when she had teeth pulled for her braces she was put to sleep and that it was the best thing ever, but the thought still kind of scares me. Plus I don’t like the idea of losing time, because apparently it feels like you close your eyes and then five minutes later you are being woken up. Creepy… /ehh

I was never any good at tugging teeth out. Or… my mom wasn’t. When I was little we had this numbing stuff that my mom would put on the gum around it to mess with my tooth. She never got any of them out. :P

Woohoo, congratulations on passing your first semester! And good job to James and Lilian too~. I hope your timetable next semester is kinder to you like you said it will be.

WOO GUESS WHAT. Well first, I’m excited for Heartdrops’s birthday bash. But mostly, I just remembered that my site’s birthday was in the same month. :O So I get to have contests and stuff then too. :D

LMAO I love your mom’s reaction upon seeing the cat! It’s a cutie though. >.< A bit fat though, you're right. xD

i know :D:D:D
then 7 weeks of comment bombing and major site updates. like proper proper major, at last :)

yeah it sucks because she’s a single parent but because of that i can understand why she wants me to do a load ;(

lols :D i’m psychic (H)

D: i’ll bitchslap the cat to pluto :)

Congratulations on passing your courses! (Y)

Aw, that cat is so beautiful but, I can see the evil in its eyes, lmao.

Your birthday’s on May 29th? Mine is on the 30th! 👏 Lol, isn’t that so amazing? Lol, yeah I got my braces off the day before my sixteenth birthday. :D

yep :P Wow! A recipe site! That’s pretty original! Maybe you should make one.
How do you keep up with all of your domains? :)

I always thought people with straight hair were lucky, ‘cos mine’s a complete bush most of the time! :P

Yup. It was hard answering most of those questions.
Love the evil laugh at the end Georgina!

Congratulations, Georgina!!!! :D :D :D :D

Yayy, I can’t wait for your scribble portfolio! Just out of curiousity, what is the name of your site going to be?

Ooooh, I like photography. :) You have a lot of domains, lol.

Hooray for giveaways!! I hope I win something! Hehe, domains are fun, but money is okay too. I think domains are better. :3

Hahahaha, I would be so pissed off if some random fat cat crapped on my lawn. Oh God, I don’t even want to know what my dad would do…..

Congrats for passing your first year! Woo!

Ah, that makes sense. I thought Fort Minor sounded somewhat familiar. No wonder I expected them to be rock music. I haven’t seen Spiderman 3, so I haven’t heard the song but shall give it a listen. I watched 1, then got scared half way through 2 when they started operating on the octupus man. I think it was 2, it was a long time ago so I’m not sure. I haven’t heard anything by Rise Against so I’ll give them a listen too.

I can’t wait to see the scribble portfolio! I’ve been meaning to add some of my drawings to Mamyology, which explains the empty ‘Artwork’ section. It’s been pretty much empty for almost a year though, haha.

The contest sounds good. If you’d like any help I’d be happy to, even if it’s just advertising the contest. Good luck with that anyway.

Aww bless, that picture’s pretty cute, even if the cat did crap on your lawn.

Thank you. :)

Haha, yes, but how many people do you think REALLY pay attention? ;)

Hm… now I’m having trouble getting it to work if the results are in a subfolder of the quiz itself. :/ Ugh. I’ll just keep messing with it. :P

Your tutorials were quite inspirational and helpful, by the way. ♥

congrats on passing (:
best of luck in uni!

Congratulations! ♥ ♥ ♥

The cat looks like MY cat–fat and slinky. Mwahahaaa.

At least the cat didn’t take another shit.

Yeah you seem like you really love web-designing. You seem dedicated :) LOL I couldn’t keep up with as many sites as you haha. XD

Oooh! I thought you were talking about like burying the people that are rude in the blog xDDD I was like “What the heck is she talking about?” But now I get what you are saying haha. xP It sometimes takes me a little bit to get stuff xDD

Hahhah! That cat does look a little sinister doesn’t it? It has that look in his eyes like, “heh heh heh … I’m back and what are you going to do about it”. LOL That’s just hilarious!!

Congrats on passing your first semester of university! welcome to the world of collegehood. LOL. It’s not so bad. You’ll love it after a while.

ooOOo I’ll keep an eye out on that contest stuff! I would love to sign up for that!!! Can’t wait!!! Hopefully I am not buried with schoolwork by then!

Congratulations on passing Uni. Sounds like you have a lot planned for your sites, so good luck with that, I hope you get it done soon, I’d love to check out your sketches.

Ohhhh yeah that’s what I thought. Yay for me, I was smart. XD You know, around my affies I don’t talk like this, I’m all like polite and stuff. But when I talk to you, I get all hyper XD Like I do with my besties at school. I guess you’re one of my besties online! ♥

XD XD YOUR PENSNAPPING ROCKS. I rofled. LITERALLY. On my chair. Bwahahahahahaha. Lol XD

Yeah he’s super sweet. :) With me right now. <3
We had lots of fun today and hopefully we'll be able to do it more often.

Well yeah. But I feel bad if I don't return comments haha, cause I appreciate all of em! :O
Hopefully it’ll leave you and your grass alone. xD

haha thanks. I appreciate the reviews. I did do the cropping but when doing something like that it always goes wrong and I dunno how to fix it :(.

ahah; you googled it xD; i google anything that i dont know xD cheers for google ! And yea we call them popularss and preps xD; multiple names (:

ahaha; when you do go tell me ! xD; we’ll probably forget xD

me too! I love when I get things for really cheap ! LOL

Yeah! Congrats on passing your first semester on University. =)
I can’t wait to see your scribble portfolio.

Ew. Stupid fat cat. xD
He should never shit on your yard. Is the fat cat, like your neighbors or something? Or is the fat cat stray. >.>

Bleh. =P So how are you?