Dancing For Rain

Quick updates again: I added two WordPress tutorials the other day; just forgot to mention them. I got more received reviews up, which you can find in the website section. I have been a bit slower on reviews. I managed two a day before I started to work on my scribble portfolio again. I removed all sites on the queue that didn’t link me back. What’s the point?

Speaking of my scribble portfolio; I have quite a lot to get done. There’s about 120 scribbles left to scan, and I’m not really liking the scanning part. I got ten done yesterday. But, given that, the website will probably be up just before I return to university. :)

And yes, it is on another domain. /bounce

Lately, James and I have been arguing over the amount of time I’m spending on the computer (literally all day). :( It’s making me so lazy, I only get out of my room to eat and shower and go to work.

That in mind… I’m really not going to force myself. I’ve been trying to do one review a day since the beginning of my break, and it’s been a nice goal to have while the applications have been running in. However, with other ideas in mind for the site, and my other domains, I am trying to get everything done in the fourteen days left of break. Once I go back to university, it will be hectic again, and I don’t want to be a lunatic who wants to spend even train time on the laptop. (I want to go back to writing my poems and scribbling again!)

Boring life. So, they say break is all about having fun. Really, no. I have been helping around the house, which gives me a good break, but other than that, nothing interesting is happening. And while it’s summer and hot where many of my visitors live – in Australia it’s winter, and it’s cold.

No, it doesn’t snow here; only in the mountains. But still – cold is cold. :O And cold means rain and winds. So the weather hasn’t been awfully pleasant.

Also something that isn’t terribly pleasant – I think my top right wisdom tooth is growing. 😰 I can feel it poking out of my gum; the silly thing. I used to have braces, and I had two molars pulled out to allow the teeth to grow down (and hence, fit in my mouth). So at this point, I think that wearing my retainer is going to hurt a bit if this tooth is going to start emerging like a… like a stalactite.

On teeth. I lost my first tooth when I was three or four or something. I was in Hong Kong and my mum was pushing me in the pram. I don’t know why I was in the pram at that age, but I was sucking my thumb or biting on my fingers like a kid would… and my tooth fell out. Fun. 🙄 Oh and sorry Vi; for some reason I remembered I went there when I was one year old. I was wrong and I was actually a bit older. Hehehe. /eee

I know this blog is quite random – that’s the only interesting thing that has happened to me lately. :P I think I might ask some questions. :D

  • Have you ever had braces?
  • Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
  • How did you lose your first tooth?
  • What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?

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Yay! Scribble portfolio =) Hehe…Yeah, scanning is always awfully slow for some reason…=/. I’m too impatient to scan, unless I really HAVE to xD Or someone asks me to.

Omg, domain addiction xD Haha!

Whooaaa…ALL DAY xD Haha, that’s dedication, but you should get a LITTLE exercise. =P. Even if you don’t have the world’s slowest metabolism EVER [Like me xD]. At least you had GOALS for this holiday…

All I do is sit and read…and play piano…and go online/watch anime…xD So not all that productive. I’m so watching a movie ALL BY MYSELF tomorrow if no-one comes with me =( I think xD

I’m a little bored, but I am TOTALLY enjoying the break. What I’m NOT enjoying is my RESULTS COMING OUT TOMORROW! T-T! *cries*.

It’s been SO cold lately. This is WAY cold. Even for Winter. I think this Winter is colder than other Winters =S But it’s hard to say cos last year, we were in skirts and stockings for Winter and now we can wear whatever [meaning, we can stay warm xD]


Oooohh…Wisdom teeth sound painful =S *hugs*

Okay, I’m going to answer your questions and then go back to watching anime xD

– Yes! LOL, you know I’ve had braces xD
– I’m not a break ^^ I have to go back on the 3rd of August =( But I still get an extra week of break after the school holidays finish [for high-schoolers and all xD Hahaha!]
– Ummm…I lost my first tooth when I was 4 of 5…and I *think* it was cos it was loose, and I got hit in the mouth with a basketball xD I *think*. I may be joining 2 different incidents xd LOL
– I looooooove this one: /um cos it’s so CUTE! But then again, this one: /type and this one: /faw are also cute, so I guess it’s a three-way-tie xD

If you had a hug emoticon, I’d totally pick that xD

Haha this blog title is part of Rise Against lyrics… I can feel it in my bones. XD I just can’t remember the frickin’ song. :(

I just wrote my longest review today. So boring. I had to yak through almost 200 errors in coding, kill the person for so many subpages and I ended up sounding pretty cranky. Whoops. XD

Good luck with the scanning! And gee… I wish I had the computer in my room. Instead it’s in the TV room which means my brother has the TV on at practically full volume whenever the change arises. Gee.
Aww, I’m pretty lazy right now. Just sort of getting on by on the laptop… XD

And aw, I hope your wisdom tooth doesn’t hurt THAT much. *worries*

* Have you ever had braces?
Nope, but I might need them. I know someone whose lower jaw is naturally in front of the upper one, they might have to have their lower jaw broken and set back so it’s level… ouch.

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yup, started on Friday. Go back in September to school… fun. :(

* How did you lose your first tooth?
I actually have no idea. :/ I’ve never swallowed any though, or done anything like that before. Um.

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
/bash I still feel so sorry for that guy. Though my favourite is /cool XD

Aw, when you’re finished with all the hard work… have an aloe vera Bathox bath! I wish I got paid just then.
I like it when I have a loose tooth, well not really; the sensation is annoying and stressful yet soothing. And the relief is nice when it eventually comes out. :)
Before I answer a question, I’ll ask one: wut du i poot in ma heddr fo werdpres?
* Have you ever had braces? No.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? I return to school in 2 weeks, hollideh!
* How did you lose your first tooth? When I was 5 I sucked my thumb, and I tugged at it with my obnoxiously chubby hands. Lol.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? /bash

Yaargh, I have 3 wisdom teeth to lose :O Won’t be fun, really /wah

😰 :( Sorry if it’s annoying and /poo , the whole computer thing /bash

😏 . What…what the. Hrrng /snort

* Have you ever had braces?
Yeah :( Anyone who reads this? Don’t get them.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Same as you /love
* How did you lose your first tooth?
My mum elbowed it out while opening a jammed gate to the toilet at the dentist’s, before I was meant to get it removed. Seriously. It sounds ridiculous, but yeah
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
Probably /bounce. It’s very /bounce


Wow, that’s pretty young to lose your first tooth.

I lost my very first when I was four and a half. It was dinnertime, and suddenly I felt my little front tooth move and cried hysterically. My mum dragged me to the bathroom to just “take a look”, and then pulled the tooth right off! I had dinner with a cotton ball in my mouth, haha.

And yes, actually, I’ve had braces. Started when I was nine, 4th grade, and finished in 6th. Now two new teeth are coming out, and I need braces again (need to use rubber bands all the time).
Blergh, they told me it was best to have braces early. Now I have to have them twice! /poo

I am “always” the good girl ;)

Hehe.. I told him that too but he didn’t want to believe me.. he always thinks he knows what girls like xD

I used to look at them at my site; but now that I decided to moderate them I look on them on my dashboard too :) It’s cool and WordPress is cool too – most of the times xD

Yeah that’s true..

Urgh.. teeth stories.. I have to go to the dentist in less then 3 hours.. urgh urgh.. xD Interesting stories though ;)

Oh, can’t wait for your scribble portfolio! :) I scribble almost all the time in school, whenever there’s a light period. It’s fun, right ? :)
I guess you’ve been addicted to domains! Haha. :D
Oh yeah, I get scolded all the time for being on the computer. Bah. >.<
It's always hot in my place. It rarely ever rains, but when it does, it's a joy to me. I love dancing in the rain. LOL.

* Have you ever had braces?
No. /eee

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
No, not currently on break.

* How did you lose your first tooth?
I can't remember, lol.

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
/mwah Haha.

That’s a lot of scribbles! You must really love drawing them :) I also like writing poems as well but they are not too good lol. Sometimes Dewey and I get upset at each other on the internet, but it’s usually me asking that he not be on it, playing a game, for such a long time when we’re hanging out. My break has been kind of eh as well, I can’t wait to go back to school, it will be my last semester in college! Though I’m planning on going to graduate school – I like school.

Have you ever had braces?
No, but I always wanted to have them.

Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
I kind of answered this above lol – but I am on break, and go back the end of August to my last semester of college.

How did you lose your first tooth?
I think I was in third grade, in class, my teacher’s name was Mrs. Peacock :) And I just kept wiggling and it came out!

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
Not sure, they are all pretty cool, I think the puking red guy is hilarious though! 🤮

Yeah it is winter here too in,New Zealand ;) but it does snows here in the southern island.I live somewhere in the northern island so it doesn’t snows 👏 .

* Have you ever had braces?-No,but I might in the future xD.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?-Sadly I’m not on any breaks :(
* How did you lose your first tooth?-Err,I can’t remember?
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?-Plenty! They are : /ehe 🤤 :D :) /type 👏 and 👏

Ahh I had braces for about 3 years in high school and teeth pulled beforehand to make room for other teeth growing in. I also lost my last baby tooth when I was 14. I have messed up teeth 😝

I have yet to get my wisdom teeth pulled too. I’m just a late bloomer when it comes to teeth. I’m 22 and my wisdom teeth have yet to grow in? Yikes. I don’t even think they have started yet. I was hoping they would while I was in college and insured, but now that I’m out and not insured, I’ll be basically screwed when they do decide to come in. O_O

Umm so this one /poo makes my day haha. This one /wah also cracks me up.

I feel like I’ve been the same way during my break. I’ve been so lazy and online all day. I’m not even really updating my site much anymore. Lately it’s been getting better and I’ve been getting out more. But the first month of summer I rarely left the house. Kinda sad. lol

Haha. Yeah… I guess knowing that my laptop screen is bigger then a piece of A4 is good-to-know information! XD

Uh-huh. It IS swish and rockin’. :P Like the Beatles. :D Well not as cool, but what the hell. And they don’t know it. ;)

I did install Firefox up there on everyone’s accounts, but apparently it buggers everything else up. On my account it is perfectly fine, thank you. Maybe it loves me for using it and installing it onto the once I.E-reigned computer… XD ♥

I do kill MS Word when it thinks I’m American. I changed it to British spellings and it doesn’t moan. My school is dumb though. It’s US English on there. 💥

Yeah… if color and colour are meant to BOTH be pronounced ‘cuh-luh’ then why the hell does ‘color’ look like it should be ‘cuh-lor’?
Haha. The UK!! Tell me when you visit so I can stalk you. XD Lmfao, I am kidding.
Visit London. :D It’s fucking great there. Though the tubes and that shit scare me sometimes. XD

Hehe I seem cool? :P Aww you’re too nice. Though I seriously am not cool. I am cool for practically re-writing my Trends article and making it twice as long but, other then that, I fail. XD

I MSN an American friend of mine called Joanna sometimes, she always sends me vlogs and things she’s done and laughs at my accent. Gee. I know it’s not special. I don’t want to do a vlog ‘cuz I don’t like my accent and I’m not THAT great to look at. Acne, anyone? ¬.¬
(And no, I’m not vain. Just self-conscious). :X

Apparently, girls in the US like British guys ‘cuz of their accents. I mean WTF?!!

* Have you ever had braces?
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
When do you return to school/university/college?
Yeah. My school starts in August.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
Hmm… I can’t remember.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?

Haha. I just got the returned comment. XD

Yeah. I remembered hearing it in the lyrics and then I saw it sitting near ‘Desolation Row’. I mean, gee, I am out of it. XD

Aww, my laptop doesn’t have wireless either. The other’s do though… I wish it did.
I don’t like swallowing teeth. I think I did it once.
My brother is so weird, he just yanks his teeth out when they start to wobble. I chicken out…
Sometimes I wonder if he secretly has CIPA, lmao. XD

Ha. I feel I should yak about everything they’ve done wrong. XD I’m so nice, right? :P That’s why I hate the coding parts and worship people with valid coding. XD So much easier for me, even if I copy and paste from old reviews. ;)

Good luck getting everything done for your sites! (:
My break has been sort of boring too…haha. And I’ve been really lazy. xDD

Bleh…hope your wisdom teeth feel better soon!

Have you ever had braces? – I still have them. 😢
Are you currently on break – or when do you start? – Yep!
When do you return to school/university/college? – September 7th.
How did you lose your first tooth? – I can’t remember. It got loose and I think my dad did the door-slam thing. xD
What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? – :P

D; oh noes, that ruins all the fun if your PE teacher wasn’t a lesbo haha. Stupid public schooling, we have so many homo teachers… even in couples, well there’s this 1 couple; these 2 male teachers, they’re like 40. (Eeek I’m not trying to be discriminatory to homosexuals by saying all that~)

LOL, well of she were too look me up well then that would be an invasion of privacy and i’d turn it around on her xD meh she won’t find out.. hopefully not xD

LOL *high5* i got banned from this girl’s site too coz i kept asking truthful questions on her q + a (about how she steals content). you know her but i won’t say over here ^_^.

I always look at EyeThief, its’s great! I love your whole network bahaha. I remember I spent quite a while on aquapheric just reading your random lists LOL, i’m easily amused and your lists are just so intriguing bahaha xD

O.O yay for your updates! :) I honestly am eagerly awaiting for your scribble portfolio to open! It sounds like it’s gonna be awesome :D

Pssshhht, James needs to realize that you have commitments TO US bahaha, hence why you need to be online k ;) rofl. I’m also on my 2 week break, I’ve done like nothing these holidays either. I’m a lazy betchh! The way I see it is that it’s my holidays to relax, so no one should tell me otherwise :D Same goes for you, do what ever you want, GO WILD ~

Ehh I agree, it’s getting pretty cold here in Australia. Though who are we to complain? It’s probably still warmer here than it is in the UK LOL. In Perth we haven’t really had freezing cold weather, but I prefer winter over Summer.

EEEK D: Stupid wisdom tooth. You had 2 molars pulled out? OWWW I heard that freaking kills?
ZOMG, you lost your first tooth in HONG KONG, well now that’s a story! I envy you :P I would love to visit Hong Kong, but Japan more ♥

* Have you ever had braces?
nope surprisingly haha.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
yup, think i return tuesday next week.. ;S NOO not school ;(
* How did you lose your first tooth?
i honestly can’t remember…
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
/bash or /pow or /poo and (H) lmao, okok i like them all :)

Haha! Your comment got me moving to finally change my emoticons lol!

I came up with ‘Ode to July’ because Dewey is trying to turn Beethoven’s 9th (the part everyone calls ‘Ode to Joy’) into a techno song lol. And I also got the July part from their band name and the month – I guess no brainer lol.

Haha I lost my first tooth when I was 5 or 6 I believe and I have a picture xD I never liked loosing teeth…it hurt badly :(

* Have you ever had braces?
Yes I have them right now.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
I go back to school August 10th for a new school year.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
Uhh I think it just fell out xD
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
Uhhh hmmm… /type this one! :D oh and this one /bash

OMG very rude! Yeah all your hostees are actually really like…what’s the word? Like experienced? Yeah that’s the word. So they don’t need much help :)

Hey! Long time no chat! Sorry to hear about you arguing with James! =/

1. No never. And will never have them.
2. I am. And go back in September.
3. No freakin’ idea. =S
4. 🤤 /eee 👏 /bounce

Lmao that Avril Lavigne song is called “Hot” xD.

You’re welcome. :)

Aweh did you ever put this layout on your site? Cause I don’t remember ever seeing a container-less layout. xD

OMG AW. JAMES WAS MAD? (YUS KICK RYAN’S ASS) lmao, I’m going to text Ryan right now and tell him how James didn’t think it was funny at all.. but just to be evil I’m not going to tell him that James was not pissed or anything.. I’ll let him think that he was MUAHAAH. And then let him off the hook like.. later. _cough. :D

Yeah believe me I made so many attempts at using absolute positioning but I epicly failed.

LOL omg scribbles! I can’t wait to see them all. And ofcourse they’re on another domain, as if you don’t have enough domains LMAO.

Aweh yeah my parents have been spazzing at me for spending so much time on the computer. :| My dad took my laptop away but I’m sneaking onto it now anyways.. lmao. Cause he’s at work, woohay.

That’s a good rule you made though to do at least one review a day and try to balance it out.

I would actually prefer for it to be cold.. rather than hot cause I like shivering better than sweating LOL. But hopefully the weather becomes more pleasant.

AH WISDOM TEETH. The horrors. I feel for you. Mine haven’t started growing out yet. *scared*

Have you ever had braces? Nope.
Are you currently on break – or when do you start? I am on break! woooo.
When do you return to school/university/college? Beginning of september.
How did you lose your first tooth? Naturally? Lmao.
What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? This is an evil question.. I spent literally 20 mins.. and I couldn’t some up with an answer. ALL OF THEM.. HMPH.

Oh hey well 120 left is a far cry from the near 300 you had originally, right? :D That reminds me, I still need to find time to go through your portfolio and check that everything works for you. Should be fun. :)

Only fourteen days left? Darn, that means I only have five weeks left. Break goes by so fast! And after I go back to school it will start go get cold again… and then… oh wow this is depressing. NO. IT IS SUMMER. YES. xD

It’s good to not force yourself. :) For me as long as I get something site-related done in a day I feel like I was productive enough, even if it wasn’t the thing I had originally planned to do. Thus… my last two days have been crap in terms of website productivity. xP I WILL GET THINGS DONE TODAY. PEOPLE ARE AT MATH CAMP. :P

Agh, I hope your wisdom teeth come in well so they won’t have to be extracted. My top ones are perfectly fine, but my bottom ones are growing in funny (there’s a word but I forgot it), so my bottom ones need to be pulled, and because of that so do my top ones because there’ll be nothing under them to stop them when I chew or something like that… not sure exactly what the logic is. :P I am not looking forward to it. Mostly I’m just scared of the anesthetic. We haven’t scheduled my appointment yet, but on the sheet with all the info about what it would be, it says “deep sedation” or something along those lines… I’m not liking that. I’d rather be aware with just some local anesthetic in my jaw or something. The falling asleep part scares me… maybe we can work something out. xD


Have you ever had braces?
Yes, I had them all through middle school (6-8) and got them off in April of 8th grade.

Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yep, I’m on break~. I go back to school on August 17th… whereas everyone else in the state goes back in September. >.> Ah well. I’ll be a senior so I get out of school in late April! Then I get to study for my IB exams, but after that I graduate!!!

How did you lose your first tooth?
I lost my first two teeth at the same time when I was in preschool; I was either four or five. My two front teeth on the bottom became loose, but instead of the new teeth growing up right underneath and pushing them out, they grew in behind them so I had to get the loose ones pulled. I’ve had so many loose teeth pulled because they wouldn’t come out… probably at least five. :P

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
I can’t choose, there are too many adorable ones! Though I guess my favorite would have to be this one. /rose

Lol, well it had to be flying and the giraffe is my favourite animal so I thought I’d do that (:

Yeah will dooo. And flash mostly ruins pictures in my opinion. It either makes a big ‘shine’ in the image or brightens it up wayy too much!

Ooh that’s not soo good. I guess they got in a lot of trouble for writing bad stuff about school.

Lol I get what you mean when you say you spend too much time on the computer. I definately spend wayy too much time. But I guess if I didn’t have a website I wouldn’t, but yeahh I love my site!

Aww I hate scanning things in. It takes too much time!

* Have you ever had braces?

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yep. Return in September.

* How did you lose your first tooth?
Just fell out I think

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?

That song is awesome. :)

We were meant to actually stay for lunch on the ‘taster day’ so there would have actually been food to fit with the title, haha. :) I didn’t stay though, ’cause I’ve eaten at my school before and I’m just staying where I was before.

Aww, only a few more days left of break. Poor Georgie. How long have you been on break for?? I swear you’ve been on it for ages.

I’d probably never notice a red fire exit. ‘Cause they’ve always been green to me.

* Have you ever had braces?
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
Yeah I am.
When do you return to school/university/college?
Spetember sometime.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
I can’t remember. I think it was wobbly and came out when I was at gymnastics.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?

Can’t wait to see the scribble portfolio!!

* Have you ever had braces? No; I needed them, but we couldn’t afford them. I guess that’s passed now, because the dentist hasn’t mentioned it again.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? I’m currently on summer break, and I start college in about two months.
* How did you lose your first tooth? I don’t remember. XD I’ve lost several through eating things, though — like elephant ears and cantaloupe.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? I think that the best-looking one is ♥ but the funniest ones are /heart and 🤫 .

Ha, you’re funny, with the extended typing. Saying all that is something I would do. XD

Oh, and I didn’t do it JUST for you. ;) Haha, really though, although your opinion is quite important to me, I wanted to make it easier for everybody. ;)

Wow, that is quite… silly… of her. Hum. o_O

Has your aunt ever made you anything with her PRO skills? ;)

Oh, and yesterday I spent almost ALL of my waking hours online. I had done so much the day before that I felt like I deserved a day off, and then it was rather boring. I felt like a loser. :/

I’d have to say that the fish flops are really deliciously fatening. rofl. Anyway, you should try them though they’re really good. Like you, it all depends on who I’m around like my best friend Sara, I can be happy go lucky with her, and my other best friend Hillary, but the other girls in my church are well; not that close to me. Maybe it’s the age thing and they have more in common than what I have. But anywho, the smiley I like best is the bomb. lol. go figure. I’m sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth teething. You may need to have them be pulled out. I did. I remember, when I was younger say 6th grade, I had four baby teeth left that needed to be pulled out, and when I went to the dentist, they pulled all four of them and I cried like a baby lol. It’s funny now, but back than it wasn’t. So yeah there’s my life story.

* Have you ever had braces? Yup.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? I have no idea when I go back to school. Some time in August.
* How did you lose your first tooth? I think I was eating something.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? :P

I love wordpress tutorials ;) oh cool you have a scribble portfolio?what is it?

aww your wisdom tooth? which one is that lol, is that the pointy one?? lol im dumb xD

* Have you ever had braces?
yup i have them right now but im only 12
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
i went out on break june 23 and i go back to school september 9th
* How did you lose your first tooth?
i pulled it out lol xD
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
hmm this one: /faw

Hehe.. I wasn’t in a real hurry.. I just wanted to get their asap to get home asap again xD I really don’t like them.. and I have to go there again on Thursday. What a f*cking joy xD

I want to go check out the tutorials you’ve made so I shall once I’m done returning your comment… which isn’t really much of a return of a comment because I’m not sure how to return your previous comment. /um I haven’t been in the best … mental state lately? Nor physical…. and today I’ve been rather pissy… I was hoping in returning comments, my mood would somehow lighten. Perhaps…

* Have you ever had braces?
Yessiree, I think I’ve told you about them before, after all I blogged about the annoyance of rubber bands. 😳

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yessiree again, I return the last week of August. /bash

* How did you lose your first tooth?
A doctor pulled it out. Haha, I didn’t want them to come out, so I would just “wait” until they did by themselves. They never did and I ended up getting them pulled.

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
😴 This one.. maybe. But I do like /bash a lot. I like all of them… They’re so adorable. I’m not in the mood to pick so I choose all of them.

* Have you ever had braces? twice (ive got them on now haha). ive also had my wisdom teeth out.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? yep holidays!! I go back next monday :(
* How did you lose your first tooth? not sure actually haha. :)
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? :D and (Y) lol

I have been spending heapss of time on the computer, but luckily mums not home to notice :P haha. and my brother doesnt care as he got a new need for speed game for the wii and he spends like 5 hrs a day on it LOL.

You know, I’m in the same situation :/

I’m on a break that isn’t supposed to be a break, you know, and I spend A LOT of time, specially at night; I go to bed at 5 am :/

To get out of computer, I try to go out as often as I can, although we should stay at home because of the flu, and here it’s WINTER, too! @_@

* Have you ever had braces? Nope :)

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? Yeah, I started on the last week of july, and I have one month :)

* How did you lose your first tooth? Mhh. I was little I remember :P

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? My favourite is: /type ahahaha

oki i stup toking liek dat /um
I read comments out loud in my head, unlike this girl in a video; she read a mean comment, and started typing a reply frantically and she was like bouncing up and down. Screaming her reply out loud like if the dude was in front of her face. /sweat
I barely have any baths… Bathox makes your muscles tendrrrrr!
Don’t all babies have hands like that!? Lol, I’m not fat now! My shirts are size 10 and my pants are size 14. But that’s weird since I always eat the whole hell out of Yum Cha every month or so. 🤤

Haha. Aw, sucks for them. lol

…Okay. Lol

Aww lol I can’t get on the computer for the whole entire week to spend time with my dog. [[Me and my sisters signed a contract saying so.]] >.<
Owch, hope you get that wisdom tooth out. =/

* Have you ever had braces?
Yep. I have them right now…D=

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
Currently on break :D

When do you return to school/university/college?
September 5th…I think.

* How did you lose your first tooth?
I was playing in the playground and I somehow like hit something and it like…fell out…

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
/faw that one.(: IT'S SO ADORABLE.

Oh it’s ok, I spend a LOAD of time on the computer too. Probably not as much as you, but my mom thinks it’s LOADS LOADS LOADS and she nags me everyday. /bash *sob* lol XD

Lol so you WEREN’T one. XD Ooh. Nasty. I remembered when I was like eight, I lost a tooth when I was sleeping 😰 Yeah, and I didn’t swallow it. So pro, eh? XD When I woke up, I was like “Huh? There’s something in my mouth” And I spit it out. “WHAT? A TOOTH?” I was so scared. I screamed and my mom came out and she was all not-surprised. “Oh go brush your teeth” XD XD XD I love how she was so calm XD

I…am going to get braces. But because my dad’s insurance company is so nice and could pay half of the money, I’m gonna get that transparent kind. You know, those little thingies that match your teeth and you can pull it out and put it on whenever you like. My mom thinks it’s kinda crap though, because since you can always pull it out there isn’t much use XD But I prefer these to dumb old braces anyday. So HA, Mom.

I am on break, summer break. Lol. Started on June 20th, I still have a month to go /eee I lost my first tooth while biting into a cookie :D My favourite emoticon is… /um

Thanks for explaining about PHP, but I still don’t understand XD I’m so stupid. I’ll check out your tutorial :D Yeah the bone guy wants an OFFICIAL BORING WEBSITE so I don’t have to make many pages. But the annoying thing is, he wants a Chinese version of the website AND an English version. So basically I have to make a “splash” page for the visitor to select the language, THEN copy and paste the ENTIRE thing and translate it. 😴 boring.

Yeah that’s probably the reason why I got…not so good grades in year 7. I improved this year though :D AND I’m going to be a real nerd next year. :D Lol.

Oooh interesting :D Lol yeah, my cuz is “there” XD XD But what place are you in? Sydney? Because he’s in Melbourne. 👏

Oh yeah, you know, I got accepted by the QBee :D So it’s not always bad luck I think. You wanna go try out? I can refer you XD XD Lol

Sorry for the lonnngggg comment 😝

I usually argue with my Mom about time I usually spend on my computer too :( My life is boring too, that’s why I spend my time on computer for 12 hours :P

Since your blog is related to these questions I’ll comment on your blog with answering these questions.

* Have you ever had braces?
Nope, but I will! Well, I’m scared actually. People said to me it’ll hurt, and we can’t eat so many food. It’s a pain in the ass.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
I’m on my break. But, I’ll return to my school the day after tomorrow :S I don’t want to go bacckkk but I miss my friends.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
HA! I was eating something, and then I don’t know, when I chewed it, I felt like something strange is rolling in my tongue and it’s my tooth! Lol :S
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? /poo /poo /poo /poo /poo /poo FTW!

I know. My school and its creature (except me haha and some people) are stupid assholes. :S

Yeah asdfgh, because if I use “qwerty” I’ll sound like mentioning my keyboard.:)

Whoa. ANOTHER domain?! How many domains do you have?! How in the world do you keep up with them all? O_O You have like 10 domains that you use. xD

Aww, my wisdom tooth is coming out right now as well. It feels so strange and sometimes it hurts when I’m eating. :( There’s like two tiny parts of teeth sticking out all the way at the back of my mouth. xD I have braces, too. :/ It sucks to have braces. /argh

Aww, don’t strain yourself. It’s just a website! Maybe you should make like a mini-schedule. xD Like for one day, you can work on scanning everything, and the next you can put them up. On certain days, you can work on certain domains and whatnot. :)

* Have you ever had braces?
Yes, I still do! :/
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yep, I’m currently on break! :D School starts on September 8th.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
Uh.. I don’t quite remember.. xD
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
D: I don’t have a favorite! Too many cute ones to choose from. xD /bash I particularly like that one, though. I don’t know why. O_o Maybe it means I’m a somewhat violent person? xD

Have you ever had braces? No, but I’ll probably need them

Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? Yup. I have another week of holidays left.

How did you lose your first tooth? I was brushing my teeth apparently!

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? I quite like the one that explodes… :)

Good luck getting that scribble portfolio done! We just recently got this fax/scanner/photocopier/phone all in one things and I tried to scan some drawings and pages and it was very frustrating as it took forever. I kinda gave up on it. I know your pain. 😢

Maybe you should make a domain collective thingo. ;)

You could make a list of things you’d like to do and write your ideas down on some paper when an idea pops in your head. That way you can keep track of everything.

I really hate Winter. The weather has just been cloudy, cold and boring. The only reason I like Winter is because of the fog. I find it interesting for some reason. Actually, today it was quite sunny and warm. :)

Hopefully that wisdom tooth of yours isn’t growing. :(

* Have you ever had braces? I have them now :D
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? I’m on my school holidays and this is the first week of it. I have 2 weeks of school holidays altogether.
* How did you lose your first tooth? My tooth was wobbly and I tried to pull it out but it didn’t work. I went to sleep and the next day my tooth was black, or grey and I just pulled it out. I think it was near the end of the year when I was in Kindy.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? Probably this one: /type and this one: 😴

hey youuu(:
i shall answer those questions —
* Have you ever had braces? nopeee. i might need them in a few years, though.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? i’ve been on summer break since 8pm on may 28th, lol. i dunno the exact date when school starts again…
* How did you lose your first tooth? i have noooo idea, whatsoever.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? THESE: /type /poo 💥 hahaa. did you make them?! they’re friggin adorable : ]

Thanks for the link. It is a great help. I have chosen a lighter background colour for the sidebar. Can I ask you 1 CSS question? Do you know how I can control the colours of my hyperlinks on the sidebar without affecting the colour of the other hyperlinks?

Hi. I managed to find a way to control the colours of my hyperlinks.

Whoops, epic fail there. Gee. I will hate ems FOREVER. X_X
Fixed now though. My beautiful box is now readable! Sorry about the trouble it caused. I forgot about the textarea ‘cuz it’s just that lousy and vanishes in my CSS… XD

He. Yeah. Let’s even out the comment deal and make it easier for us both… mainly you ‘cuz you get a lot of comments. :D

MS Word has been kind of good to me so far; at school we have the 2007 version. It is almost as swish and rockin’ as my laptop… almost. ;)

Aww, going with James would be cute. :P I mean, like going with your boyfriend to the other side of the world sounds sort of romantic, lmao?
Tube maps can be confusing. You just gotta know where you’re going.

I do that too. Deleting just one. Then I have to re-read my rules and go, “Are they actually a good affiliate and FOLLOW THESE SHIT THINGS?” XD
That reminds me. I need a cleanout.

Haha. “Beauty skin” on a webcam? I don’t have a webcam. :/
Bleh. It did used to be worse. And these bitches have stopped nagging me about it ‘cuz they’ve got it now. Karma, maybe…? XD
Either way it’s really funny ‘cuz mine’s going and there’s is getting worse. Except I have the courtesy not to pick on them ‘cuz, although my Dad likes reminding me I am one, I am not a bitch (in one of your past blogs… I am not a female dog).

Ah I have the MCR version of it. :P
Well I don’t actually KNOW but I’m pretty sure I did. :X
CIPA = Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. I blogged about it AGES ago. XD Means you can’t feel pain, hot or cold.
I mean, how the hell can he just yank his teeth out?!

When it comes to iFrames I just say they’re shit, go read my article to see why. XD Same with celebrity images and the shiz. :P

I can’t wait to see your new domain /ehe
I’ve been on the computer all day for about 3 days straight lol.
Well, y’know what that means?
We’ve got to get of our butts and do something interesting.

I like cold weather :D
I mean, I prefer it. BEcause if it’s hot you get all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Oh my gosh. I’m having teeth problems as well. I’ve got two teeth growing where my wisdom teeth as meant to be and it looks alright but everytime my mouth closes, it pokes my gums and I bite my cheeks or something /ehh lol

* Have you ever had braces? No. And I don’t intend to.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? I go back to school in less than two weeks.
* How did you lose your first tooth? Err. I don’t remember haha :)
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? I can’t choose one. I like:
/faw /poo /wah
and I don’t usually have excuses to use them heehe :)

Pretty freaky, ehh?
Yeah…my mum’s pretty overprotective. I mean, my friends get to stay home alone haha.

Harry Potter /eee
haha, sorry. I just wanted to use another emoticon.

Have a nice day!

Thanks heaps for your review =) It was really helpful.
(I also decided to mention this is my favourite layout of yours x) )

ooh, I was the same. I hated going on the computer, but I did anyway. Some friends came over the past couple of days, and they stayed in my room so I was computer less. And I loved it because we went out all the time and did cool stuff =)

I really want to see your scribble portfolio!!!

Yes its cold.
A lot of people I know, have gone to the Snowy Mountains.
I bet by the time you 50, you’ll have like 100 domains :P
* Have you ever had braces?
Nup.The dentist says I should, although, my teeth are perfectly fine. So I’m there thinking “I KNOW YOU WANT MONEY” Aha.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Break. Its two-week holidays. I return back to boring school on the 28th of Tuesday I think.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
Can’t remember.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
I like this smily ✌️ haha.

Oh yeah, that’s why I can’t wait to see your scribbles! You see, I love looking at other people’s scribbles! Hehe. :)
Yes, but dancing in the rain is a joy. :D

Well I don’t really mind about this computer thing… Maybe you wanna have a courier on computers or something.

Haha I’m good thanks for asking! ♥ The games are awesome! I just finished another one a couple of minutes ago… It was simply fabulous! How about you? /hehe

I bet your scribble portfolio will be really cute! I’d hate scanning all those though… scanning lots of things annoys me because it takes forever.

Ever since I started getting back into my site and being on the computer, I’ve been sitting on it all day almost every day. I wish I didn’t do that but I just end up feeling like I have so many things to do!

* Have you ever had braces? No
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college? Not currently in school
* How did you lose your first tooth? I can’t even remember!
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? I like this one: /argh

Signed up for reviews again lol. I’m going to keep signing up till i get my 5 cookies lol 👏
why did i not notice this smiley before? /bash
i like it lol /bash

Aww i hope you and James work thing out :) I spent time off the computer yesterday and it felt good lol. it was kinda hard lol. i am addicted to the internet lol. but i am learning to just be computer free lately.

This has been my most boring summer ever! i havent dont anything amazing lol.

Have you ever had braces? Nope :D
Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
Yes :D I start like august 27th

When do you return to school/university/college?
August 27th as a High School Sophmore :D Soo happy lol

How did you lose your first tooth?
Honestly i dont even remember lol. I remember losing my two front teeth. most people lost those lol

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have? /bash hahah lol

Haha my mom loves pulling out teeth! She also loved it as a kid. Once when I was in 1st grade she pulled out my friends tooth when she came to visit me at lunch xD. It was really funny. My friend was like “I can’t get my tooth out!” My mom replied by saying “Oh! I will pull it out for you!” And she pulled it out XDDD

That is so rude! :O They just ignored the blog that actually applied to them! That is plain stupidness. Yeah I thought I might as well take a shot at it to see if it worked but who knows. :P I also hate it when people ignore the blog but only answer the questions. :|

Yeah my braces really hurt right now. /wah

Yeah having your teeth being pulled out by the root is no fun. They’ve done that on one occasion and I was litterally crying like a baby it hurt so much. I hate dentists with a passion and hope I don’t have to go back anytime soon. When I first got my braces, I rebelled and I wish I didn’t. I rebelled simply for the fact that I had to wear a neck brace to pull my teeth so there wouldn’t be an overbite.I hardly wore it. The only time I had to wear it was at night, but even than I hardly wore it. Mainly because of the torture I went through having 4 baby teeth being pulled out. But I do feel your pain.

Aww yes, dogs are really nice.

Oh gosh, when you get red eyes it looks awful! Though with Adobe Photoshop you can remove it, but still. It’s really annoying if you have to go through loads of pictures and just take out the red eyes.

Lol, I’ve not had this website for that long but already I can’t imagine not having it!

So how are you? XD

Hehe 600 -word comment. :3 I kept on scrolling up and being like, “WHOA”. xP

I use textareas for the comments and forms. Ta-da. That’s it. I used to use textarea for codes, then I changed it to code when I wasn’t such a lazy sod. :P

Lmao, hehe. That would be even cuter. :3 But nah, it’s not that bad.
Question: do you have vertigo? Fear of heights? ‘Cuz in one tube station I went to there was this esculator that went on for ten fucking minutes. O_O

I feel guilty when I get too many affiliates and feel lonely when I have too few, lmao. XD I took two people off ‘cuz they pretend I don’t exist. And added Anjie and Erika. So in a way there was sort of no point. XD
I’m scared when I get applications for it, ‘cuz these people are like, “OMG I LOVE YOUR SITE, you update so much I really admire you” for the ‘why should we affiliate?’ section. Uh, hello? Do I know you?
Have you ever talked to me before? Like the rules say?
Hehe. You’re my top commenter and probably my best affiliate. :D You know, with the commenting deal.

Sorry, I just saw your tweet: No tacos at Waitrose. XD I got some strawberry and banana smoothie though? *gives glass*

Haha. That’s what I used to like about my long hair; it hid half of my face. Then it just looked shit and like rat tails (to quote my darling brother ¬.¬) and I got it cut to about the shoulders. Amazing just how much easier it is to manage. :)

I saw that. But, you could have applied to any of the ‘bitch’ definitions if she said just the slang version. Although, to even call you a bitch in the first place is unfair and bloody uncalled for. ‘Cuz you are so not a bitch. ^^

Yup, you did tell me that. :D I like most MCR covers. I never liked the whole ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ thing. Mariah Carey has a good voice though, I like the song she sings – ‘Without You’. Something like that, I don’t know. XD Cuz it’s more of a woman’s song, and the guy it was covered from didn’t make it sound… right? XD
WTH, I’ll move on.

Uh-huh. I forget stuff like that all the time. Like I listen to a song and I sit there until it’s almost over and I’m like, “who’s singing this anyway?” :X

Ha yeah, it’s weird saying, “just read this to see what I mean” but it is easier.

Typing… I used to be so slow. Then I just picked it up and I’m pretty fast. Like I’m sitting in I.T and people go, “Whoa, how d’you do that? Show me!”
How the hell do I do that?
So yeah, I just say something like: “Practice makes perfect but nothing can be perfect so why practice?” XD
They get annoyed then. :P
Or like my brother has mild cerebral palsy, he struggles using his hands properly sometimes. We got him this computer game for typing. Have you seen ‘The Lion King’?
Well, it’s got Timon and Pumba from that in it and you have to do this typing thing and learn to touch type ‘the proper way’. Gee. I liked it but I never typed the way they wanted you to. XD

Oh my sister hates MS Word 2007. It’s at school and it’s pretty tricky. I just prefer 2003, as that’s on the desktop computer my sister and brother use (I.E infested, bah) and that has 2003 on it.
It’s probably best ‘cuz there’s not those weird tabs all over the place.

Haha I probably will delete mine and make a new, swish one and won’t use that one, what the hell. Although, to be honest, I have completely forgotten the password. XD I’ll just go around guessing…

Haha. I used to favourite the ones I liked. There are some Fall Out Boy ones there, which was when I started to realise that music wasn’t that good apart from rock and the shiz. :D He.

Notepad FTW. ♥

Haha, yeah, it’s sort of weird. But food makes me feel better. XD My Dad says that any bloke without food is always angry. XD
I would die for a laptop of my own (well not literally otherwise how could I use it)? But this time in 2 years I’ll be allowed one… I’ve told you that a lot. XD

That doesn’t make sense; you like our accents and make fun of them. XD Lmao. And haha, it’s okay I know what you mean. :P
He. I will get around to posting pictures sometime, I just want my skin to get better first. :)

This comment is 811 words long. XD

BFF. Agh, can’t stand it when someone uses that when they’re talking. I always say ‘biff’ whenever I have to read it.. bleurgh, I’ve had enough already

Having a best friend was such a big deal in my school. We weren’t that “interested” in having a boyfriend, but we still had couples: bestfriend-couples. He, it’d be that person and that person are a couple, those are a couple… and if you didn’t have someone to cling on, you weren’t cool. :(
I wonder how ten-year olds think now? :P (I’ll stop now)

(*cough* biffles? 😏 )

Haha exactly. It’s so annoying to be waiting for someone to finish what they were saying.. or if you don’t even see the last part of your tweet you’re just sitting there thinking bad thoughts about them.. xD when you never understood what they were completely trying to say. D:

Yeah it’s super duper annoying when it cuts me off on the last word. xD Cause then my next tweet is like .. anorexic. It’s so empty and BLEH. Pisses me off.

OOOOOOH YEAH. I remember that layout. HAHA, that seems like so long ago. Holy shizz. But that layout was nice. :) You have skill in non-containered layouts too!

LMAO I texted Ryan yesterday and he started completely freaking out.. it was SO FUNNY. He started sending me panic text messages like “We should have never done that fucking competition.” “Great, now I’m going to die. And I haven’t even had sex yet. You know how sad that is? DO YOU? HUH?” .. LMAO, I was dying cause he was freaking out. Then I finally let him off the hook and let reality hit him in the face as I told him that James wasn’t even mad and SECONDLY even if he was mad, he doesn’t know where you live exactly.. and EVEN IF HE DID, I doubt he would take all the trouble to travel to a different country just to kick your sorry ass. He has better things to do. I’m sure. LOL.

Y’know, I totally should have done that. Just selected all the damn emoticons. xD


O_O O_O @_@ @_@ ;) ♥ :X :P :P :O :D :) :( 😴 😴 😝 /wave /wah /um /type 😰 😒 /snort /rose 🤮 /pow /poo 💀 ✌️ /oh /mwah /love 🙄 /kiss /huh /ho /hmph /hehe /heart 🤫 🤫 /faw /ehh /ehe /eee 🤤 😢 /cool 👏 😏 /bounce 💥 😳 /bash 🤬 /argh /angry (Y) (H)

Well yeah… You seem good too. 👏 Haha the time doesn’t surprise me… You’ve been awake much later. :P Haha you always seem to have much left to do… Now with your new domain. /bounce


Eh, you already seem busy with just Heartdrops O_O How do you manage to update your other sites too? /ehh Ooo, scribble portfolio – sounds interesting :) A very unique idea! Man, it’s so hot here you wished it was winter xD I didn’t know you had braces! Now I know :D Ah, who cares /bounce random blogs are cool ;)

Have you ever had braces?
Erm, I have then now xD

Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
I’m on my summer break right now ^^

When do you return to school/university/college?
August something I think. Either that or early September, I don’t know lol

How did you lose your first tooth?
Meh, I don’t remember :X

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
I like… /rose :) 😒 /pow ✌️ /hehe /faw 💥 🤬 Cx

On my home computer, I still have super-slow dial-up. XP That’s why I use my neighbor/friend’s internet, and why I’m always on my laptop in order to use the wireless, haha. I remember hating it when I was on Myspace or something and one of my friends posted a video and told me to watch it. I’d be all like, “Um, I CAN’T. Remember?” and they would say, “Oh, yeah,” and then invite me to watch it with them, and then we never would. 😝

My books are organized like… one shelf is all the good series that I have (Harry Potter, Twilight, the Inheritance Cycle, and the Golden Compass ones); another shelf is comics; and the top shelf is dedicated to all the rest, which are organized by how often I read them and whether they are old-fashioned, girly, etc. The bottom shelf I had extra so I put my art stuff down there. :P I love alphabetizing my movies, though — I like organizing (and alphabetizing) most things, actually. Did you notice that I changed most of the links on my site to alphabetical order? XD

lol, that sounds like my grandma. She used to make me clothes all the time when I was little, but now she just hems/takes down my pants (once) and is currently in the process of taking in a totally cute/semiformal skirt. I wore it to school for a presentation, and I had to borrow a… what are those called… not a paper clip, but a… safety pin! HA. Anyway, I had to borrow one of those because the skirt would slip all the way off if I didn’t (slowly but surely), and I had to take in like four inches to get it to stay. XP

LOL, internet nerd! ;D

Like… over medium? Over easy?

Yeah.. and I am really not to happy about it xD But the sooner she is done with my teeth the better xD I really don’t want to go there soon again xD

Nah.. it’s nothing evil. I have some really small holes in my teeth that have to be filled; but problem is that I don’t like having all those things in my mouth.. then I always have to kinda “throw up” and stuff.. poor dentist xD

OMG! I just texted my dad to ask him how often he’ll allow me to stay at Gordon’s (my dad’s intimidating — shhh — so I prefer to ask scary questions when I can’t hear his voice), and he said ONCE A WEEK!! :D That sounds like a good start to me. ♥ I guess it’s best to take things slowly anyway (even though we’ve been together for nearly three years. psh.) But I also get to stay there TONIGHT! :D

I just HAD to tell you. :)

haha I’ll let you rest for a while then i’ll apply. i dont i will ever be satisfied until i get my first 5 outta 5 :D

i did a virus scan but it didn’t remove anything. the stupid scanner didn’t remove anything! my bro said he will help me with. i just hope he would hurry up lol. i need a new computer. if i ever get a job, that would be the first thing i’d get lol

i saw the movie obsessed illegally lol. i realized i use lol wayyy too much lol /bash

Haha, yeah, I can’t stand it either. That’s why there are some times during the day we can go on it. >.<

LOL it didn’t hurt that bad. Just loads of blood in my mouth. Eh…I hate the taste of blood. Nasty.
Haha lucky!

Aw, sorry to hear that you and James are arguing. Maybe you should take a day off from the site and just spend some time with him, sounds like you deserve it.

Have you ever had braces?
Yeah, I had them from the of grade 8 until May 29th, 2009, lol. So for two years, more or less. Right now I’m in the retainer stage, like you! :D

Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yes, I’m on my summer vacation at the moment! /eee

How did you lose your first tooth?
I don’t remember, but I remember that I hated loosing my baby teeth because I was afraid of the pain and the blood. So, I tried to keep them in for as long as possible. That’s probably why I needed braces. :(

What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
Lol, this one is my favourite –> /hehe <– because it looks cute and mischievous.

Yeah it’ll be so exciting! I bet everyone at your dance school misses you though Georgina :) But October’s not too far away, if you did go back.

Was your mum making you do the housework again? (One time on your twitter you said she was). Poor you! I hate cleaning. Maybe i should be handing out gass masks to my visitors before they enter my room! :P

How’s the scribbles going?

Your site is REALLY cool, hehe. I’ve been keeping up with it for a while now, but I never thought to comment, I don’t think. Anyways, I thought I might answer your questions.
1.Yes, I currently have braces and they are horrible. My Orthodontist seems to be determined to make sure I feel bad every single time about something or other.
2.Currently in Summer Vacation. I go back to school sometime late August, but I have to go to band camp on the 11th of that month.
3.My first tooth lost was when I was in first grade, (so I was 5-ish) and I acctually lost two. One was loose, and the other I knocked out by accident when I fell on the driveway.
4.My favorite emoticon is definateally this one. /faw It reminds me of myself most of the time. /type

Wow, 120 scribbles is a lot. You already have a lot of domains, and you are absolutely addicted to domains. LOL…. jk jk. :)

Hmm, maybe you should take a few minutes/hours. Like you could say it’s like 5:00pm right now, and you should go on for 30 min then take a quick break for an hour or so… and find something else to do. And then, you could go back on the computer. ;)

* Have you ever had braces?
Nope, but I might get them soon.
* Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
I am currently on my summer vacation break.
* When do you return to school/university/college?
September the first.
* How did you lose your first tooth?
I felt a loose tooth, and my mom took me to the dentist. The dentist pulled it out.
* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
I love all of them. One of my faves: /wave << ADORABLE! XD

;) 4 hosting applications?!?
Are you accepting any of them?

About what you said on Midnight-Mist – /bounce
If it’s going to expire on November, maybe I should move, hey? 👏 (so cute sorry)

Sweat stinks hahaha :)

Thanks for the advice, you’ve got a point… I should offer more free layouts before-hand.

Haha, cold and windy? That’s been my summer so far… The past few summers haven’t been very ‘summerry’. What’s the temperature like?

Have you ever had braces?
– Nope… All the kids had them though, and I wanted a pair as well xD.
Are you currently on break – or when do you start?
– Yeah, since late April.
When do you return to school/university/college?
– September something
How did you lose your first tooth?
– Oh hell, I don’t remember it was like 15 years ago xD… How do YOU remember? Good memory there Georgina.
What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
– I’ve never used any… but I like this one /bounce

ohho~ that’s what happen to me last time /um and boy, did it makes my parents mad and another reason I can’t manage more than 2 websites @_@ I will stay on the computer the entire day and not do a thing and spoil my eye on the way. *wee…*

yay tutorials for WordPress /type waha I needed them sooner or later 👏

* Have you ever had braces?
Having them on right now, make brushing and flossing so much harder.

* Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
Yupp, summer break. School will begin mid August

* How did you lose your first tooth?
All I can remember is that my first tooth that fell out was that I somehow fall/trip and fell face towards the floor, broke one of my tooth in half and then soon after wards it falls out. (around 6 or 7 years old, then time I fall.trip a lot, clumsy me. I even fell when getting out of the school van in primary school = . =)

* What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?
I liked all of them to be honest. Each representing a different emotion.

Thank you <3 I spent loads of time on it, lolz.

Yeah isn't this all moms do, actually? 😰 It's like their job or something. *pats* Aw, poor you. My mom doesn't really get me to do chores but she always nags me on doing sports and stuff. Coz I'm short. For my age. And she thinks that if I don't do sports I won't get any taller /wah I hope not. I DO do sports, it's just that…I don't do MUCH. /argh I'm 12, 13 in November. So I hope I'll grow…or I'll DIE. I would NOT want to be this short when I'm like 30 or something. 😰

Lol yeah right? It was FREAKY. Freaky. Freakier than when you, like, bite into something to lose your tooth or something. :O

Muahaha yes. Half price. I love discounts. Yep I'm happy with the braces :) I just have to wait until I lose this tooth (my last baby tooth) and I'll get 'em. Poor you though…the metal ones are really annoying. My friend has them and she says it's scratchy and irritating, especially when you brush your teeth 😰

That bone dude is such an OLDIE. ARGH. The PROCESS of translating is okay, but the layout…ARGH ARGH ARGH. It's illegal here to pay kids for work though XD And unfortunately I'm still a kid to them. So…I'll ask for FREE BONE CHECKINGS. (Is that a word?) MUAHAHAHA.

Aw. Hope your projects are easy and quick to do! :D YAAAYYYY YOU PASSED. Congrats!! ♥

Yeah LOL :) Related to the blog or not I still find them sort of rude. I don’t know why I just do XD I ask a lot of questions because I like too lol XD
I guess it’s just the way I am XD GAH stupid people :O

Ah another person who loves Ayu!! Sweetness! Ahaaha anyway, I used to wanna be an actress and tried out for the O’bryan and rodman talent scout thing and they said I was really good. But they wanted money up front over the phone so I was like no way jose. Anyway, the whole acting thing got me stage fright, so I stayed away from that. I than wanted to work at Disneyland and still do lol.

Yeah that little PUNK really made me mad. /angry
It was so nice of her to give me those flowers and then he crashed into me and BOOM they’re all over the ground. I was too embarrassed to go back and ask my neighbor for another set of flowers so I picked up whatever I could and returned home. Fail. While that annoying bitch ass kid just continued innocently riding his bike down the street. /pow

HAHA yeah my tweets tend to get shorter and shorter when I’m mad as well. :P Sometimes I just put a lonely “lol” which usually gets the message across that they’re pissing me off. :D

You’re welcome, and your current one is awesome yo! Super cute. (:

LMFAO. I am SOOO tempted to tell him that. But if you insist, I won’t. xD Although I warn you.. it’s not my fault if he “accidentally” starts reading comments and comes across it.. _cough.

Thanks for emoticoning me back lmao. :D We’re cool.

*High five* Yay for boring lives! Lol.

Half of my classmates wear braces, and sometimes they’re complaining about “can’t-eat-certain-food” especially bubble gum or candy! I don’t know about other people, but most of them said they’re not allowed to eat bubble gum and candy.

/poo /poo /poo Those poos are ♥

I love this emoticon too /bash

Hahahha :) How about “poiuyt” or “lkjhg” or “mnbvc” :S

Yeah, haha. Listen to James! Oh, and congratulations on winning the love letter contest! Your note was hilarious.

• I’ve never had braces, but I think I have to start wearing them due to my teeth being horribly out of order. :|
• Our school is reopening on August 17th. I’m going to be in trouble because I lost my homework assignment . XD
• My mum pulled my tooth out, ouch. My wisdom tooth is also growing. I had to get the dentist to pull out my surrounding teeth. Double ouch.
• The blue head growers!!!!!!! They are so cute. XD

Oh, I thought you meant those in the content section. My favourite here is /type .

I actually have no idea what the movie was that Chuckie was in, I just call it the Chuckie movie. It freaks me out too, and I was so scared in that Haunted House because two of the bigger ones came walking at me. Plus they all had knives.. big bloody knives. /ehh

The limo thing was a first for me, I’ve always wanted to ride in one though. ^^

They’ve actually just recently changed the pillow thing, at least for Alaska airlines. They had pillows just last year, before the whole H1N1 thing. And I think some airlines still use metal forks..but then again the last time we used one was on a flight to the Philippines in 2006 or something, so I don’t know about the forks.

The header is big, I didn’t realize it was going to fit an entire screen until after I put it…. I’m still working on the whole resolution thing, but I like the colors, better than the last color scheme… but too purple. But it was either that or another random color scheme and too much purple is actually pretty good. And wait, what picture in my sidebar? I have a picture in my sidebar…?

And I’m feeling much better, no headache, just an occassional cough and a runny nose here and there but other than that I’m actually better. =) Since I last blogged at least. :)

I used an id(called sidebar) for the whole sidebar and id (called navibar) for the navigation part. Then I changed the colours of the navigation links using this code:
#navibar a:link {
color: #CCCCCC;
and changed the colour of the links on the sidebar using this code:
#sidebar a {
color: #417B7A;

However, the colour of navigation links is still the same as the other links on the sidebar at Firefox. Hmm… I have no idea why Firefox doesn’t work but it works on Internet Explorer when I tested the codes yesterday.