Dancing For Rain

Quick updates again: I added two WordPress tutorials the other day; just forgot to mention them. I got more received reviews up, which you can find in the website section. I have been a bit slower on reviews. I managed two a day before I started to work on my scribble portfolio again. I removed all sites on the queue that didn’t link me back. What’s the point?

Speaking of my scribble portfolio; I have quite a lot to get done. There’s about 120 scribbles left to scan, and I’m not really liking the scanning part. I got ten done yesterday. But, given that, the website will probably be up just before I return to university. πŸ™‚

And yes, it is on another domain. 😁

Lately, James and I have been arguing over the amount of time I’m spending on the computer (literally all day). 😞 It’s making me so lazy, I only get out of my room to eat and shower and go to work.

That in mind… I’m really not going to force myself. I’ve been trying to do one review a day since the beginning of my break, and it’s been a nice goal to have while the applications have been running in. However, with other ideas in mind for the site, and my other domains, I am trying to get everything done in the fourteen days left of break. Once I go back to university, it will be hectic again, and I don’t want to be a lunatic who wants to spend even train time on the laptop. (I want to go back to writing my poems and scribbling again!)

Boring life. So, they say break is all about having fun. Really, no. I have been helping around the house, which gives me a good break, but other than that, nothing interesting is happening. And while it’s summer and hot where many of my visitors live – in Australia it’s winter, and it’s cold.

No, it doesn’t snow here; only in the mountains. But still – cold is cold. 😧 And cold means rain and winds. So the weather hasn’t been awfully pleasant.

Also something that isn’t terribly pleasant – I think my top right wisdom tooth is growing. 😰 I can feel it poking out of my gum; the silly thing. I used to have braces, and I had two molars pulled out to allow the teeth to grow down (and hence, fit in my mouth). So at this point, I think that wearing my retainer is going to hurt a bit if this tooth is going to start emerging like a… like a stalactite.

On teeth. I lost my first tooth when I was three or four or something. I was in Hong Kong and my mum was pushing me in the pram. I don’t know why I was in the pram at that age, but I was sucking my thumb or biting on my fingers like a kid would… and my tooth fell out. Fun. πŸ™„ Oh and sorry Vi; for some reason I remembered I went there when I was one year old. I was wrong and I was actually a bit older. Hehehe. ☺️

I know this blog is quite random – that’s the only interesting thing that has happened to me lately. πŸ˜› I think I might ask some questions. πŸ˜„

  • Have you ever had braces?
  • Are you currently on break – or when do you start? When do you return to school/university/college?
  • How did you lose your first tooth?
  • What’s your favourite emoticon/smiley in the emoticons I have?

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