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Quick updates – popped all affiliates in the sidebar except for those on hiatus or who are inactive. Just a quick note: I appreciate all affiliates, and the reason I have a “loved” section is because these affiliates keep in contact more than the others, and I feel a lot closer to them. That isn’t to say that not everyone deserves to be there, it’s just that I want to make things easier for myself.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night; I’m an angry girl right now. /argh I slept late, at about two o’clock in the morning, because someone was keeping me up. Why? Because they couldn’t get a layout to work properly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people. What I don’t love is when people ask me to practically do things for them. I absolutely love to help people. It’s why I write reviews, why I accept questions and emails for help. I just won’t do things for people when they can find out themselves. Examples?

Help me with my layout. Sure. I will help you solve a problem, and I’ll give you my opinion. But stop asking me to basically do all the coding for you and find errors which you can find yourself. The code validators are there for a reason. They tell you why you have an error.

Numerous times people have asked me for help regarding validation. That’s what my tutorials are for. I always have to refer people to my tutorials, because all they do is keep asking me personally. And I have to sift through their mess of a coding to find that they put an extra </div> at the end of their coding. Which is equivalent to forgetting the full stop at the end of a sentence. I work in an education centre with kids. I show them they’ve missed a full stop with just one mark on the page. They understand it. So the validator tells you what’s wrong – go fix it.

How does this work? Often, it’s a simple answer. Google it. People have asked me how things work. For example, a script like Bellabuzz. They don’t know how it works, when the answer is clearly written in the documentation or the readme file.

There’s a reason why it’s called readme. You read it, no? 🙄

So back to my story. I was helping someone until two o’clock in the morning. They wanted to get things working on their layout. I referred them to a tutorial of mine, until I found out that all my help had gone to waste, because the way I sorted their problem was to center the layout, and they didn’t like it.

They then proceeded to start an argument with me about centered layouts being unoriginal and boring, and how left-aligned layouts are better and people can see them better.

As Swetlana mentioned, a person looks at what is in front of them when they look at a screen. This person said that their eyes go automatically to the left of the screen.

Um, are you a freak? Sure, by convention, we read from left to right, unless you’re reading a Japanese or Arabic text, for example. But, having a centered layout is good because it is centered in all resolutions. A layout aligned to the side isn’t bad, of course. But if you have an exceptionally large screen, it’s not going to be very practical.

My eyes do not automatically go to the left of the screen when I am using a large 25-inch Apple monitor. As Swetlana said again, your eyes look at what is in front of you. Why do you THINK we have peripheral vision?

Why do you THINK they invented mirrors on the sides of cars? We’re not owls.

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Wuggs is an owl! /bounce Thazoocute

Heehee, maybe you should not help some people :O
especially the ones that keep you up, making you do things 🤫


Georgina, I love you. I was following the conversation with you and said person yesterday and when she said that layouts aligned to the left are better I was like what the fuck, why the fuck would someone ask you for help just to reject it?! Ugh I hate people like that. The tweet I said yesterday about certain people being ignorant was about this : ugh what a fucking douche.

And I seriously hate people who don’t read the readme file. The creator of it didn’t put it there just to waste fucking time 💥 did she even thank you? :|

I think the only time a layout looks good aligned to the side is when the sidebar covers most of the left side, so the content is generally in the centre anyway :| I felt so sorry for you yesterday, you should have just went to bed :(

Lol I hate tutorials I dont understand, I’m thankful for people like you who take time to put it so dumbasses like me understand it XD

OMG, that is SO mean! Keeping you up until 2 in the MORNING. Hello, that’s like THREE hours past BEDTIME. What was WRONG with that person.

There is a fine line between “asking for help” and “pestering to do your dirty work”. That person crossed that line. How could she be so LAZY?

That’s so mean of people to get you to check their coding and fix it and all. What do they think you are? A computer? /angry

That’s so disgusting!

Do it yourself! If you don’t know something, or you don’t know that there’s a document that can help you, yeah, fine, ask. But DON’T KEEP ASKING JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE A LAZY PRICK! That’s selfish and inconsiderate, and you should go DIE! HMPH! *angry*

How dare that person keep you awake! *hugs*

Urgh…Left-centred layouts would make me have an OCD attack. I wouldn’t be able to sleep cos I’d be like “THEY HAVE TO FIX THEIR LAYOUT”.

Like we learnt in English. You can control what your reader/viewer sees first my creating a SALIENT image. God. People’s eyes do NOT automatically go to one side of the page. They go to the most dominant image. It’s your job to make sure your layout has one in the place you want it! Even if you do it subconsciously.

In books, the first letter of the chapter is usually capitalised and made bigger to draw the readers’ attention to it. God.

Sorry, I’m ocd. If it’s not centred, I get really…urgh….frustrated xD. It’s a sore spot…xD

I still can’t believe you had to stay up that late =( *EPIC HUGS* Poor Gii!

URGH! This stupid girl or people in general who keep you up all night.. poor Georgie needs her sleep!

And this argument with the left aligned layouts being unique xD Hahahahahaha xD As if! It takes a lot more to make a layout unique!

Like I already said on Twitter yesterday; you are just waay to nice Georgina! If they can’t read your tutorials or use validators and stuff then don’t help them.. I mean that’s what tutorials are for: to help people. URGH!

My eyes certainly do not go straight to the left of the screen. I sit with my laptop in front of, me so I look at the whole screen.

How is a centered layout unoriginal? Thats pretty silly, as like you said, it’s best for people with all resolutions. I know my layout is at the side at the moment, but that was my own stupid fault for how I made the header image :P

Speaking of helping people and reviews, you reminded me I have a gazillion (Well, 5) reviews I must do today. Fun times :| haha.

Well you go girl, because I wouldn’t have stayed up until 2 LOL. I would’ve been like “sorry gotta get to bed, help ya some other time” so I guess that just goes to show that you’re way friendlier than me ;)

But then getting into an argument about centered layouts? Ridiculous. I wish I knew who this person was…

I agree with James! You shouldn’t have helped them at all … I rarely help people with coding/layouts/website help, because it’s just too much of a headache.

If anyone asks me that type of question on MSN or eMail, I usually reply vaguely, in a short-but-friendly manner, or I pretend I don’t know how to assist them.

I can never stand simply telling anyone, ‘Sorry, can’t help you at all! I don’t want to waste my time, mate! Feeling a bit lazy to boot.’ /sweat

Aww poor Georgie! *hugs* I wondered why you were up so late. O_O And what a bitch to ask for all that help and expect you to do EVERYTHING for them when they are perfectly capable themselves. Otherwise, how will they learn?

It’s okay to have an opinion on a layout’s alignment but I agree with Swetlana. Also, gee, how are centered layouts boring? They’re just nicely in the middle of the screen.
And hello? Isn’t a left-aligned layout sort of squished and leaves lots of space?
That’s just what I think but, I agree with you. That’s why we so need to dominate the world.

I mean I’ve had a few emails asking for help with HTML and things, and I’ve helped a few people on Twitter to validate their coding that they really didn’t understand – ’cause you know, sometimes the validator has all these weird messages – but that’s all.
Lazy, much? And there’s actually nothing wrong with your tuts because all over I see credit for them, and I first learnt HTML from them. :) *worships* XD

Just because THEY have a problem or are just idiotic enough not to get the tutorials you write, because they are so hard NOT to understand. Seriously.
You’re so nice to help all these people whenever you can and it’s a shame there are such losers/ douchebags/ doughnuts/ morons/ retards out there. ¬.¬

And arguing with you when you were trying to help? Oh man. That is stooping LOW.


Aw, that’s pretty cool you still have your subdomain up. That’s one good thing about Webs; they don’t delete anything. XD
Gekkiphone FTW! :)

I’m a bit like that. I don’t really like Jon Lennon but I’ve been playing things like Armor For Sleep too much lately. And way, way too much Anberlin. XD I need to get MCR, Nirvana and RA back into business…

Hehe. I don’t really like jackets. I love hoodies though. :D
And I told you I was listening to Anberlin too much. XD

Okay that just made be scared O_O Are you serious?? you eyes can actually pop out? some one told me that yesterday but i didn’t believe them lol. But that would be really gross though, eyes just popping out lol 🤮

Thanks :D Glad you like the layout /eee
When we watching scary movies some people don’t like to sit next to me because i will scream in your ear lol

Guess what happen today? i turned on my computer, as soon as i went on my site, my eyes went to the left lol just kidding, lol sorry i just couldn’t help it

Aww sorry they kept you up late for a stupid reason, its to help people but sometimes they take it too far!! Suddenly you’re their personal helper, i mean really? That is just soo annoying! Tutorials give specific instructions on how to do stuff, if you cant follow then………

I think its good to help people if they ask but, they have to do it themselves, you can coach them through it so that they can do it themselves :)

Lol it is very very immature. Ahh what a silly person.
OMGWOW. Whoever said that is just ignorant.. and just sounds childish, he/she probably only said that because they’re jealous of your very fabulous coding<3 ahah. Hope you get some sleep OMG OMG. Lol sorry, I'm listening to a song called "I Need Some Sleep" by the Eels, and as I typed "Hope you get some sleep" it said "I need some sleep" lollol xD that kinda scared me /hehe

She literally sounds like a waste of time. I can’t believe out of all the help you gave her she just throws it in your face >>grrrr<_< At least I think a loved section is a good idea because then you just list the people that matter there.

:( Somehow the middle section of my comment was deleted, but I said I was angry for you because of that girl.

I also said that I hate it when you have affiliates that don’t talk to you. I list on my rules that I want to have correspondence with all my affies and not just be dead links to each other. Though sometimes that happens, and I try to initiate convo but get nothing. And I feel like I can’t just delete them – so therefore I liked your ‘loved’ section where you can put those who matter there.

True, and if you were an owl. Haha, that cracked me up at the end. Not that an owl would be viewing a website, but still.

Aw thanks [:

Yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to review her site. I’d be sat there going, “Yep, you stole that. Oh, and that.” for an hour straight, I’d die of boredom :|

Hehe yes I usually refresh my tabs to see if they load faster or not, then I hit “Enter” for ten times, and then if it still doesn’t work I’ll smash my keyboard with my hand. I’ve done it and my keyboard broke. So was my screen. My screen went asdfgh and I had to restart it. :/

Seriously. They’re stupid. I mean they can find some tutorials out there, and use GOOGLE. PWEASE that’s why Google was made. TO HELP PEOPLE. Google is your best friend if you need help.

Oh. Their eyes are VERY NORMAL :O And centered layout isn’t original because people use it everywhere? Just like Mozilla Firefox–people are using it now, every single person… well not really but most people–SO YOU HAVE TO USE IE because It’s fucking ORIGINAL? :/ sorry i’m srtill pissed off about IE.

Sorry for the late reply but it’s a shame you didn’t get to spend nanytime with James :(

:O you have A LOT of affiliates but I do like the idea of separating them into the two sections

I agree that centered layouts are best (says the girl who is too lazy to fix hers) considering that is where we naturally look. Esp. people who don’t have the best binocular/peripheral vision or whatever. Must have been annoying as hell to do all that for that person though and to have that happen at the end *hugs*

Ugh, that is so annoying! It sounds like you really went out of your way to help this person and then they not only aren’t appreciative, but then argue with you over it? Talk about rude! I agree too that centered layouts are best in most cases – I recently changed all my old layouts so that they were aligned in the middle of the screen, and I think it even looks neater that way too.

Oh, and sidenote: I really like your current layout. It’s so sweet! :)

Wow, what a useless girl. :P

Yeah, cram everything you need to do before your breaks over. x)

Aww. Well you should try to ignore the girl if she keeps on bothering you.I mean of course anyone would like to offer a help but help a person as much as you can.As much as your brain/body can try to help. You don’t have to really help someone if the person is ruining your bedtime and causes you to have lack of sleep ESPECIALLY if the person can find out the errors herself.
Just tell her that she can’t boss you around to help you :) and hopefully she gets it one day.

Oh,and I don’t mind having center layouts.I find that your tutorial for centering a layout is very useful :)

haha, i somehow cope and just close my eyes. it takes ages at times to fall asleep though ;/

LOl; the streetlights are those kind of yellow that are scary and freak me out. i prefer white streetlights.

grr i hate it when people don’t use their common sense, everybody doesn’t at times but when it’s most of the time? grrr.

i think that girl has problems.

I knew I liked you! You’re a Mac!

You’re right. I’ve had people do that to me, too. “No, Viva! It’s 5 o’ clock in the freakin MORNING! If you really want to learn HTML, go to W3!” 💥

Good god, some people are unnappreciative now a days. I’m sorry you wasted your precious time on that jerk. Next time I’d just say hey look at my tutorial. And be done with it. Anyway, I really like your blog. Hope this doesn’t happen again!!

Wow..thanks for that blog! Now I feel like an idiot for asking you those dumb questions!!! /hehe SORRY GEORGIE! :) I should get to validating my coding on your tutorial. And that blog made total sense OMG! 😏 LOL I feel awkward now…got nothing to say after I read your blog…okay. *awkward silence* and yuss I’m loved! /heart LOL that’d be weird if people WERE actually using apple monitors..that’d be well…..STUPID… blehh nothing to say here… hmm /argh

Thanks Georgie! I’m glad you liked it! :D Hehe /hehe

Yeah I was thinking about making him his own WP account. But he hardly blogs so he wouldn’t use it all that often.
YES I AM SMART, thankyou very much haha.

About the rich snobby girl, yeah I don’t know how she was expecting me to teach her on how to make friends. -.-
I hope I never see her again, but if I do I will definitely give her the finger lmao. (:

hiiii :) i’m having quite a lot of fun but it’s shattering, i have to carry heavy boxes round and it’s a 9 hour day, pay’s okay though i’ve earned £200 this week which is good for me i guess hahhaha
lol no probs his comment was totally random so i was like huh??? okay then i’ll vlog coz youve never done one have you lol i can be a very evil person LMFAOOOOO!!!!!! but he was pissing me off with his pretending to be a real person yet never recording a vlog and stealing someone elses video arghhhhhh! apparently i’m fucked in the head LMAOOOOOOOOO!

thats a lot of affiliates!!!!

omg i saw that argument lol on twitter. yer its so aggravating when people ask for help but they really want you to do it for them its like OMG do it yourself i had to google things and learn things from tutorials myself lololol you should have just said you were going to bed lol its not nice when someone wants your help then throws it back in your face :(

Whoa wtf. Why do I notice now that you have a new blog.
K anyways, sorry about that!

Aweh sorry to hear that you didn’t get much sleep. I’m the same way when I can’t get a layout to work properly haha, it just drives me crazy until it works the way it’s supposed to.

Yeah I get really mad when people just keep asking me to do every single little thing for their layout when they can easily do it themselves, the lazy bums haha.

My eyes definitely don’t go straight to the left when i first come to a site. It’s always in the middle. So I can see your point when you say centered layouts are more practical.

I agree. Like most of us were disgusted – but yeah, you always get some exceptions!

Yeah, around the year we usually get one week half terms and then two weeks at Christmas and Easter. I enjoy long holidays though – soo much time to relax! Though I think next year, the school is planning to take a week off our summer holidays and add a week to one of the half terms, which will be quite good.

Over here they definately seem to have alarms on them.

Ugh that must be really annoying to have someone want you to do everything for them. I like always try to ask a person as a last resort if I can’t work something out myself, cuz I know how annoying it can get!

I remember at primary school people used to ask me to draw like whole pictures for their homework and I’d be like NO! Do it yourself! Hehe.

Oh, that pisses the hell out of me. You’re taking your own time to help this person and when you are finally finished, they decide they don’t like it. And most of all, when they ask you again to help them. It happens to me at school quite a bit. People come up to me and ask me ‘can you help me with this,’ so I began to explain and then there like ‘oh just give me your paper.’ And I’ll sit there like WTF? are you serious? So many times I just go and sit somewhere FAR away from that person. I don’t even think that this comment made any sense. :P

Bahaha a 2 week relationship? That’s not that short! I have mates who have been in relationships that only last a day D: LOL, but I guess that’s highschool for ya.

Oh ok, gah I don’t know my account for my internet provider ;( i’ll have to ask father. :P

Yeah SA is a craphole (no offense if anyone from there reads this comment LOL) but people have the nerve to say it’s better than WA i mean c’mon, WA is nothing special but we ain’t no shithole like SA LOL. Omg! Lockie Leonard, I LOVE THAT SHOW! + love the books, yeah its awesome :D

o.O I heard about that show “1000 ways to die” from another onliner and sposebly one girl died from pleasuring herself with a carrot.. but she shaved the carrot and a sharp side or some shit made her bleed to death from the inside or something LOL, EW. People are so weird.

D: omg ! you were up til 2am just to help some lazy mofo! omfg. I hope they repay you in some form :P You should charge for your services, you are way to generous haha.

what’s wrong with this person though? seriously your eyes are naturally fixed on what’s right infront of you, not to your left not to your right, this person must have like a bung neck or something if their head automatically looks at the left first. but how rude, to just make you do practically EVERYTHING for their site and then shove it back in your face ;(
don’t ever help that ungrateful mofo again k ^_^

onto better news, i’m listening to ACDC – born to be wild :)
LOL. Though that may cheer you up just a bit, it did the job for me hehe.

Wow, that sucks! When people try to keep me up later then I like, I typically just duck out and disappear before they can notice. :X While it’s nice of you to stay up and try to help, it’s rude of the person to let it drop.

And starting an argument after all of your help? Not cool. O_O

I’m guilty though! No matter how many codes I search through, how many tutorials I read, I can’t get my layout to center. So I suppose I’m one of those annoying freaks! /bash

And yep, I definitely agree with you in terms of the depression ranting blog topic. I’ll resume my upbeat bogging asap! /eee

I do the same D: You have a lot of affiliates, though. I can’t imagine having to spend one day and bloghopping through everyone’s site.

Okay, obviously to some people, helping someone with their layout means coding it for them or doing everything for them.

That person was just ungrateful ;x I mean, they asked you for help! Shouldn’t they have taken your advice without that much of an argument? D: I mean, yeah, it’s okay to doubt and all. My eyes don’t go straight to the left side of the screen either, LOL. They go to the center, cause last time I checked, my eyes were IN THE CENTER. XD or I just look wherever the content is. I mean, it’s not going to kill anyone to move their eyes over a couple of inches!

Yeah. A lot’s been going on for Travis. I feel sorry for him ): And I can’t do anything to help ;~; Useless Lillie. But I understand his point of view. He said he didn’t believe it. And if someone had told me he was cheating on me, I would’ve freaked out a bit to o_o; Like seriously, who wouldn’t freak out a bit?

I’d be pretty pissed if someone asked me to code a layout for them o_O. I already takes me ages to finish one -.-” And it’s not even valid. The validator confuses me in my defense; I’m a slow person :P. I understand it eventually~

I like centered layouts. They’re more eye pleasing. A layout on the sides are like a headache on one side of my head. Like the left side hurts like hell and it beating and the right side is calm o.o; I hate headaches ): I got a lot of headaches in Texas /bash

Cheeses. Someone is taking advantage of generous help. I’d totally help them too if I was in your place, but when they’re literally asking you for like everything, like to give them codes and do everything the way they like it, then that’s just crossing their limits. And to hate what you’ve done for them and say it’s not good enough? *Cough* Someone’s taking you for granted *cough* /hmph Lol. I had someone bug me like that once. She somehow got my email and started begging me to make her a layout banner similar to mine (it was a long time ago), and I told her I was busy at that time and didn’t have time to make a custom graphic for anyone. She kept nagging and nagging and promising free advertisement, so I just gave up and made anything quickly, but she didn’t like it. Apparently, if I recall correctly, it was “too bright”. Yeah sure, I’ll get right down to that asap and re-do it so miss-graphicz-n00b can finally like it. I blocked her and never answered her though. /hehe That’s how I roll. (H) XD

Oh oh, and hell no. No one’s eyes go straight to the left when they look infront of them, let alone look on a PC screen. That’s just banana poop dude. Unless they’ve got some disability (no offense), then that shouldn’t happen. /hmph

LMAO. I know who you’re talking about. :P I was on Twitter when you were talking to her. She didn’t even realize you were getting annoyed. xD

You should have told her earlier, maybe at 1AM, that you had to leave since it was 1AM and you need your sleep as well! xD

Haha, I know. I get questions on how to use BellaBuzz and aMAILzing on the Ask Me form. 🙄 I usually answer them by telling them that they could look in the readme file. Sometimes if it’s an easy question, I’ll tell them to read the readme file and I’ll explain it to them as well.

wow , I dont think I could ever find myself helping
or arguing with a person til 2 o’clock in the morning .
im nice and all but just couldn’t do it .
& wtf , the sounds crazy of how the first place you look is to the left . i’m with you and swetlana .
you look at what’s in front of you !

I would like to add that layouts off to the side make me feel lopsided. It feels like my computer screen is going to tip over. :(

Bitch for making you help her.

Hey Georgie :)

I think I was there when you were talking to that person 🙄
There’s a big difference between helping someone and doing something for them.

I feel sorry for you O_O
I can’t believe youa ctually bothered to stay up to help her lol. You should’ve said something like ‘It 2am here, I gotta go to sleep now’ lol.

Left aligned layouts?
lol. You read left to right but your eyes DO go automatically to the center so I don’t know what she was talking about /huh
I used to make left-aligned layouts only because I didn’t know how to center them lol.
But now…left aligned layouts make me feel…imbalanced. lol. But there are a few exceptions.


Ahah, good luck !! :D
You have cute smileys !! xD

/rose /snort /faw /cool ✌️ 💥 /bash /heart
Especially this : /poo

Gah! Stupid person. I like centered layouts too, but as you can see my current layout is…in between centered and not-centered XD I tried centering it but I thought it looked kinda weird so I made it this way. Lol.

Yeah I love those buttons too! :D (Thanks Isa!) Oh you still can’t see the image? Hmm. I think maybe it’s your computer, or the connection because I can see it fine. I’ll upload it again for’ya :)

Ohhh, she moved. Well, I don’t know her, I only know Sunny :P Is she still hosted at her new site, if so can you please give me her link so I can contact her? Thanks :D :D

I love centered layouts. I hate the ones on the side, yuk!! 🤮
But seriously… that’s mean and retarded.
PS I had the best breakfast ever. TIGER TOAST! 🤤

They must be really strong lol. What a strong CPU. DId you see my tweets about stupid internet connection :/ I smashed my keyboard again (even though it’s not my keyboard’s fault lol) but my Dad knew about that and he got mad :/

Lucky you, you have a nice laptop! Mine sucks. I want a new laptop but I don’t have money -_- poor me.

Haha seriously they have no idea about what the hell originality is.

Ha, I bet that would be annoying. That wouldn’t happen to me due to my poor abillity to explain things. Did the Izzy person who copied your tutorial code do that? >.>

See you!

Ha, I bet that would be annoying. That wouldn’t happen to me due to my poor abillity to explain things. Did the person on pop.bubble who copied your tutorial code do that? >.>

See you!

Yikes. Sorry about that person who kept you up till 2 in the morning. Man, I wouldn’t stay up THAT late for something other than school work. I need to get lots of sleep. I hope you had lots of rest to compensate for the sleep you could have had. That sucked ass man.

I’m one of those people who have layouts on the side. I want to try a centered layout but I don’t get containers and I don’t really want to bother anyone about them LOL.

I was proud that I worked out bellabuzz myself! But as you said, they have a readme with everything in it :P haha.

Yeah, should be. I think it’ll be better. Since most of my friends from other schools finish a few weeks after me anyway so I don’t always have much to do nearer the start if I want to see my old friends.

Lol I don’t really use Twitter that much. I always forget to update my tweets. Hehe. But yeah, it’s better than straight out asking one person.

Aa the good old days of primary school. But yeah, you can usually see when little kids have downright copied from someone else cuz they do it wor for word! XD

Seconded. Maybe she and Gekko would have got along?
I hope you didn’t mind my very, very long comment… more or less a rant. XD

Whoa, a 44 inch monitor? Mine’s just an average laptop. XD I suck at inches so, yeah. :P
And yeah. We seriously, seriously need to do that… dominate the world!!! :D

Same. When I first made my own layouts I wanted it all valid and I was looking through the validator just like, “Uh… okay?!” XD
It’s not hard though. It often gives you the answer and solution below the error.

*salutes* No worries. It’s true about your tuts. :D

Uh-huh. She was an idiot. And a vanilla custard doughnut with waaaaaay too much sugar. My least favourite type of doughnut. O_O

Haha. I don’t really listen to Pink Floyd. Am I missing out here? :/

Uhuh. Way, way too cool. I mean, gee. I’m listening to them AGAIN. But it’s an awesome song, so, what the fuck. XD “I can finally breathe, suddenly alive…”

Nope, not sweaters.
Jumpers: things you pull over your head.
Jackets: things that zip up.
Hoodies: anything with a hood. XD That’s not a waterproof coat or anything weird.

Random question: Grey or gray in Sydney?

rAMEN sister. Lulz okay honestly I’ve been getting requests of “hey can you help me install WordPress”. I feel like I should start charging them these days! I know some people charge for these ridiculous services such as installing WordPress. I might as well. Haha, I could make some petty cash with it. Gah.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my code validated. My CSS is validated but everything else is not. Sigh, but it looks just fine and I’m not missing anything. A lot of the things..I just can’t fix! It’s a code from the cbox. Whatevers.

I can’t believe someone would actually argue with you about alignment after you tried to help them. Lulz center aligned sites are “boring and unoriginal”.’s more like professional and easy on the eyes. Most professional companies have their layouts centered because LIKE YOU SAID: OUR EYES AVERT TO WHAT’S IN FRONT OF US. Wow. What a dolt. I really don’t get how you deal with these people.

Sometimes people don’t understand the difference between asking for help and asking someone to do something for you. It’s better to ask for help and have someone explain things to you so you can learn from them and teach others.

I’ve gotten asked for help numerous times with Fan Update and I ask people have you read the readme or gone to the site? Some one actually said “What’s a readme?” That was pretty annoying. Oh and when people ask dumb things on Twitter that you can actually google to find the answer, I use It’s called Let Me Google That For You and it’s good to use when you get stupid people annoying you. :)

That person you helped is very strange. Maybe their eyes automatically go left because of muscle memory, but most people look straight ahead when looking at something. That person sounds like they only think about themselves and not the people actually visiting their site.

you are very kind helping this person out! next time dont let them tell you to do it for them just tell them to do it themself. dont worry atleast your layout is centered if they ant their layout to the left let them it wont affect your website :) xxx

You’re luckier than me,this stupid laptop has lost its A, ~ and space button. Don’t ask how I type those without the buttons :( I should take a pic of my keyboard soon!

Oh i know you weren’t calling me a freak, lol i was being sarcastic (H)
The first thing you see on the screen is the middle of the screen. Yes you can see the whole thing but your eyes will be focused on the middle part. 👏

My screen is 1280 x 768, i use a laptop.
I will never be a personal helper again, because they depend on you too much. i’ll help but i won’t build your entire website lol

Anyways what up? i have 17 comments to reply and approve lol. i use the moderation thing so i can know who to reply and who i’ve replied, because sometimes i skip comments lol

Hm. That’s….strange. She never contacted me 😢
Yes I have been contacting her too, by commenting on her blog. Oh well, if she still wants to be affies I guess she could always apply again or tag me! /eee

Hehe yeah you can see it right? I re-uploaded it :) Thanks, mm-hmm I know what you mean XD iFrames are annoying. I don’t really like divs because I’m a lazy person XD And I suck at confusing HTML. It’s confusing to me at least XD Haha. But you rock too much at layouts :)

Gah I’m so pissed off (sorry if that’s a bad word?!) Because I found out my class for next year today, but I don’t like most of the people in it. They’re just….not my type XD Lol, but ’tis true. I only have like….4 friends :(

What about you, how’s life at school? Oh wait…did you end school already? No? Yes? Sorry I’m not very sure :P

ROFL, well fortunately when you search her name “Jessine Bonzas” in google no results come up linking to my site *sigh -relief* i would get slaughtered, especially for posting the email she sent up, oh wells :P

o.O that’s like Bonzas, she’s SOO intimidating. Plus she’s a lesbian, lmao yes our soccer teacher/coach is a lesbian. What I said wasn’t intended to be rude, just as a joke but she was in a crap mood that day (proving that she had her period) xD Yeah there’s also a whole load of other reasons to why I’m quitting soccer in school, but yeah I’LL STICK IT TO DA WOMAN.. though she’s more like a man. Baha, yup that’s Australia for ya.

Aw how sweet you get James to post your blogs for you when you can’t ^_^ Well I just couldn’t post mine because I couldn’t connect to the site :@ – but others could xD

ROFC <- LOL. ZOMG LOCKIE LEONARD FTW, we are ultimate fangirls bahahha.

Ughhh, I hell want to watch this "1000 ways to die" because it seems so interesting, but like you I couldn't get the 1 of the vids to buffer, so I gave up ha. LOL that's same with me! When ever I see a carrot I just turn away and like force myself from not v omitting bahaha.

;D I hope you are successful with n00bs not annoying you anymore, maybe this blog got the message through to them (if you're lucky)

LOL sounds like that person is an idiot. Why did it have to be an argument though? Why did she have to even bring it up? Haha “Um, are you a freak?” LMAO. XD I’ve never really paid attention to where my eyes go…I guess wherever the layout it :P

Yeah and know and it was very rude to even say that if she had needed a host she would have picked me. :O I don’t get it at all. I remember when I applied for hosting I made sure I chose one person only! Gosh it’s not that hard! XD

Yeah actually that’s a good point. Then you actually HAVE to help them XD Instead with my person I can just ignore them haha.

Nah; it isn’t boring! I enjoyed reading it :)

I haven’t really recognized your bitchy site yet xD

I am not sure if you left me another comment.. there are waaay to many but I think I haven’t seen another comment from you.. if you did leave me another one: Sorry :) I didn’t read it!

Damn it! I just saw your other comment.. it was on the other page of comments xD

1000 of tweets per second? WTH! That’s like a lot!

Hehe yeah.. that girl would just never get things like that.. no matter how often you tell it her xD

It may be “commom” in her view; but it’s still awesome! It makes everything easier..

yeah, it really sucks ><
yup they do lols ;p
yup you should & if she doesn't get the message, she has an even huger problem – no common sense at all.

Hehe yeah, I’ve just been chatting to my friend and she finishes in a week soo we’ve decided to meet up then (:

Yeah, for projects we often get told to put in a Bibliography and I guess the teachers check the websites to make sure we haven’t copied word for word. Lol.

Haha in general I use left aligned layouts, but that’s just personal preference. I don’t think it matters so much where your eyes go to first on the page, it will get there eventually and in a nano second’s time.

But yeah that’s annoying that someone asked for your help and then proceeded to argue with you and take up your time. It seems this person forgot that you’re volunteering to help them out of the goodness of your heart. People are so rude. =/

LOL I like how you left two comments to reduce confusion. You’re too cool. ;)

Yeah I can see where you’re coming from. I may just make him an account especially since he’s figured out how to change passwords and stuff *scared* lmao.

HAHA, yeah for sure. Next time I see her I’ll give her deathly stare and make her look like an idiot, muahaha.

In response to your response on my blog related comment.. (haha).. I’m the same way. I prefer to work on my own site rather than coding for others, although I guess I don’t mind it because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I’m able to help someone LOL.

GAH I HATE WORKING WITHOUT CONTAINERS. I was trying to make a theme that didn’t use containers so I could possibly come up with something “unique” but I completely FAILED. And ended up using one again lmao.

Got your DM. Gee. I hate it when people steal… but he’s closed his site for a bit so would that have anything to do with it?

Whoops, nope you said 24 and I must’ve put 44. XD Haha. My Dad’s laptop screen is so small you could probably get a piece of A5 paper and it would just about fit. XD
I find it hard to believe you had that many errors. :P You’re like a human validator yourself. Then again if that was ALL you did it would be pretty sad. XD

Eeeew. Krispy Kremes aren’t so nice. I don’t really like doughnuts at all to be honest.
I’ll check out a few songs of theirs then. And your recommendations… haha. Hang on, I’m listening to “Wish You Were Here” and this made me laugh: “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”. XD

Hmm, the skies are GREY-blue here. :D And I have no idea why America is different. Maybe it’s just that independent to have ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ and no ‘u’s, and gray instead of grey.

Hehe. Glad you like. ;) And he. We’re on the same wavelength, right? :P
AND OMG, I so was there with the great #suckmyhypotheticalballs and #darrenkentisafag. :D I saw you tweeting it and I was like, “WTF is THAT about?”
Didn’t get it ’til you blogged. :P

Thanks, I love the blue one too. I’m just dying to see what the pink nail polish looks like. You actually had a matching shirt to go with your blue nailpolish? How freaky and cool is that? I’m glad you decided to ignore that person. Props to you :) lol. Junk food was good. Two girls played the oreo drinking game it was funny. Than we played Scattergories and I was the score keeper and timer person cause I didn’t know how to play lol.

Gah, that sounds terrible. XP If someone were to ask me for help, I would feel rude declining, even if I got frustrated later. I just couldn’t help but work towards the end. :P You’re so nice, staying up that late just to help some ungrateful person. XP

Aww, I’m so glad you like it. :D I will try some cloud ones… once I get the initial shape of the cloud down, I hope it won’t be too hard. :) I think that pixelling is really hard sometimes… meh. :/

Making a ring out of wood is so SWEET! :D lol, when we were picking out ours, we originally wanted matching ones, but then we couldn’t agree, because he wanted plain and I wanted a little something on mine. Then it really failed in practice, and now the only similarity is that they’re both silver. XD

Haha thanks Georgie! I feel un-stupid now /faw

Oh, and about the comment box — yeah, it’s kind of a dirty trick, haha, but I don’t know how to make it scroll when it passes the side. :/ I played around with the templates a little — well, a lot, actually, but only a little with that aspect — and couldn’t get it to work. Do you have any ideas?

I totally get your problems. I mean, I have lots of Piczo friends, and they annoy me so much on MSN.

Look at my mini blend?
Why shouldn’t I use celeb images? I don’t care, I still will.
So what if someone else made it? I edited it abit and put my name on it!
Can you help me code my layout!?

I hate being mean so I am continuously talking to these people that get in my nerves. Gosh.


LOL. Your comment rivaled the length of Allie’s. OKAY. THANK YOU. I shall stop making layouts ^_^ And like you said, just stuff them into my portfolio when I feel like it. HAHA!

Pixel Guys = Later. And I won’t do reviews like you. BECAUSE I GET TO CHOOSE WHAT I REVIEW. AHAHAHAHA. I win. >D

My plans are not “evil”. Although I have evil thoughts, hehehe.

/hits [You know who.]

It’s crazy how people think that just because you own a website that you have to take the time to build one for them for free. I had that issue come up so much when I was a lot more active in the web world. It was so annoying. Good luck with putting up with that.

The only time I don’t mind people asking me to do things for them is when I know that they’re not physically capable of it, especially when it comes to the people that I interact with at my volunteering position.

However, if someone’s asking me to do something that’s really simple just because they don’t feel like doing it… They can just fall on their face.

I understand how you feel. I love to help people, too, but sometimes people either take it too far, or they are just plain ungrateful. While I don’t get as many online help requests (I think you and your site are much more well-known), people used to ask me for help all the time in high school or earlier. As an aspiring teacher, I leaped at every opportunity, but it was annoying when people expected me to DO stuff for them and not actually put in any effort when I explained things to them. It’s also quite irritating when you agree to do something for someone, and then they don’t like how you do it, so they get mad. Seriously? If people ask for something, they ought to be grateful for what they get – otherwise, they just shouldn’t ask.

Thanks and no prob :P Ohhhh so PHP makes things easier…..that means all the hard work of converting is worth it..? But what about PHP, I don’t understand it :P What’s the difference between it and HTML, or anything else? Gahhh I’m so stupid. 😰

Aww poor you :( I know JUST what you mean. My mom’s friend, who is my…bone…doctor..(Lol he checks on my bones XD) asked me to code a website for him and I was like “Uhhh….OKAY” and now I regret it. Sooo much. Well it’s kind of an official website so he has to use DIVs right? And it’s so annoying. I tried using a tutorial but it sucks. And you have to put the SAME THING on EVERY page. Narrgh. >.<

Yah I hate it too :( *hugs back* Lol I'm similar to you except I don't have a boyfriend XD I just hang along with my "group" at school, (like around 7 other people), and my best friend in class. :P And MOST of the people in my class are…sucky, (sorry! :P) so my mom was like, "Ahh that's not bad, you can easily get the highest mark in class, heheheheh." hehehe indeed. :D

Ohhhh university ;) I heard my cuz say that it rocks. He's in uni too, and he's in Australia as well :D He's learning to be a doctor :) Lol lazy people like me could never be one XD What are you planning to be?

LOLOL yeah I laughed so hard when Ryan was writing his love letter back to you. Cause he kept asking me what to write and I was like “Dude…I’m a girl. I wouldn’t know what to write. And I’m not a lesbian. Idiot.” Then he said something stupid like “Oh that’s a surprise”… -.-

Anyways I was totally busting out an Avril Lavigne song that I hadn’t listened to in forever and he decided to put the first line of it in the letter. xD


Aweh thanks! So glad you liked the layout, and lmao the twitter bird.. oh it’s a long story. I had it outside the container on the side at first but then I figured it would cause a problem in certain screen resolutions so I said “fuck it” and moved it into a random box in the sidebar. Fail.

Glad to hear that James has a good sense of humor haha. :)
Ryan just took a huge sigh of relief LMAO.

LOL yeah I can’t stand helping people who are really annoying or just plain biatches. I feel like telling them to get a friken life.. xD
Definitely a good idea to get snappy next time hehe.

Yeah I remember those days (which wasn’t very long ago at all) when I didn’t use containers. But now I actually.. I think I’m incapable of making a layout without a container. xD And if I attempt it will look like macho SHIT.

Ha, I must say that I had the same reaction as he did when you mentioned the hits. XD It’s probably unhealthy, but I just looove knowing that I’m getting more hits. :D

Hand sewing is simple… well, the basics, anyway. o_O Meh, it can’t be too hard (in the beginning, at least), but my grandma and I don’t always get along. XP

Oh, forgot to mention — my aunt will be there, though, and that will make it a ton more fun. <3

That made perfect sense. XD It is now a textarea. Is there anything else you think I should add to it? Does it need a scrollbar (not that I know how to make one appear)? Oh, and I just made it a little bit bigger, but should I make it even bigger?

That would be awesome if they read your blog. XD Then they’d probably try to fight you, though.

I found out on the internet about the 10th princess diaries book. I think it’s been released just recently. The 9th one ended badly. Too much of a cliff hanger haha. But I ‘spose it makes you read the next book :P

You should deff read the book I blogged about. I just finnished it. It was soo sad yet, really good to read. I liked it :)

lol that person who asked you is probably just way too lazy to validate their css and xhtml themselves, which is really sad because they’re definitely missing out the whole point as to why this is here and that is there.

but kudos for you helping, the world needs more people like you 👏

That’s okay. But I do agree with you that we should just focus on the music not what he has done in the past. As for scattegories, I think I will join in the next time we have another girls night. Though for some reason when ever there’s a girls night I don’t mix in very well. My grandmother says it’s cause I’m more reserved. Ah well; better luck next time right?

I’m still trying to get over the fact that someone dared to argue with you after you assisted them and pretty much did their layout for them? How ruuuude is that. I’m all down for helping people as well.. I care, but yeah know.. I’m not used.. theres a big difference. Heres a Thank you and a hug that you deserve!

but going into detail about center and left, is that why wordpress blogs are always centered ;p hehe. lmao @ owls.

and thank you so much for the vote <3 and for the congrats. the job is pretty cool.. I must say ; )

Aw :( returning comments is like a job for you. LOL, it’d be great if you got paid to do so XD

That’s the one thing that would piss me off the most — if they didn’t bother to thank you and that they basically think it’s thanking you by arguing. D:

OH GOD, I never thought about that. Fortunately I’m frequently searching on Google “Jessine Bonzas” … just incase :P LOL. I doubt it’ll show up though.

D: at least your manly PE teacher was skinny! Bonzas is butch and ughh, she always wears a cap too :| LOL. Was your PE teacher lesbo? Well Bonzas is :|

Gyahhhh D; i know ay 😢 I hate not being able to access my site whilst others can, I can normally access it through a proxy.. but that’s just inconvenient tbh ; ah well. such is life

& YAYYYY FOR YOU CREATING A LOCKIE LEONARD FANLISTING! Omg, I’m so joining. Lmao, I visit EyeThief every so often, I want to join some of your fanlistings but I’m not really a fan of any of your current ones atm. So LOCKIE LEONARD SHALL BE MY INITIATION TO EYETHIEF.. if your plans with Lockie Leonard go according to plan :D

lolz keivaan rahud! nao to waiz ob saiing… kebbin wudd an keivaan rahud!
an kebbin wudd wid wyt hare an shynee glasis! he pwobly haz mudkipz… de wokkin fish fingy in teh pokiman siriz!
tigr tost… mm i run aot ob bejimyt! noooooooo~ :O
gotta go by sum nao!
…Lol. /hehe

Aww thanks. Glad you like it. Giraffes are my favourite animal. In my first year of high school – last year – I did a flying giraffe in Design Tech. I might take a picture of that sometime too. Hehe.

Yeah, I was asking my dad for hubcaps the other day to paint. Thing is the ones he had were really dirty and he said it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use them as I’d end up getting like everything all dusty. So unfortunately I couldn’t paint them :( But I will sometime. Lol.

Ugh, yeah using flash is soo annoying! I had to use it to take a photo of one of the other paintings I did. And the image was absolutely awful, some massive shine where the flash hit it!

Hahaa, I try not to use Wikipedia cuz you never know what people can put on there! XD

My laptop is a bit bigger than A4… this is a weird topic. Comparing the size of paper to the size of laptop screens. XD Whoops, blame me for starting it. :P
Well it’s not actually my laptop but my Dad’s old one, it’s a bit slow sometimes but I fixed it all up so it’s swish and rockin’. ;) Everyone else thinks it’s shit, haha, and use I.E on the upstairs computer. They should drown in shame. XD
And my Dad hates tabs. How can he hate tabs?! I’d have too many Firefox windows open. O_O

I like the Krispy Kreme hats though. XD Just not the doughnuts. :P
Gee. Why is everything dictated the American way when, as Brits and Aussies, use the other spellings more?
Hm. I agree; spelling everything differently is just completely weird. How are you to know how they are SPELLED? :)

We use spelt sometimes. :S WTF, I’ve lost track. XD
Anyway, when world domination comes our way we so, so need to get everything spelt the same. XD

I mean, in a review I was told ‘colour’ was ‘color’. Are you questioning my patriotic nature? XD Lmao, I am not at all patriotic. I just thought that was dumb. That’s Americanism… am I American? I am BRITISH. And hate it. I mean in all the old films you get these British jerks sitting drinking cups of tea and going “what, what old chap”. ¬.¬
Do they even know what they’re talking about?

Uh-huh. It was pretty funny seeing you tweet it all the time. :D

Yeah, but I have to press it really hard. :s That’s why I’m so slow at typing lately -,-