The Sound Of Silence

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There was this time James and I went to the shops, and we realised we were running late for class so we had the idea of going through the emergency exits.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Australia, we have emergency exits in shopping centres marked out with green signs reading “EXIT” (not really neon). Emergency exits usually follow through tunnels and corridors, which are boring, dark, and grey.

And should I mention scary? 😧

Prior to this experience I am about to tell you, I had rarely been into emergency exits and stairs. Usually people take it as a shortcut out into the car park of a shopping centre, or just to get out quickly rather than exiting the normal way.

So, here James and I were, walking through a series of corridors to exit a shopping centre the (almost) non-civil way. I’m saying non-civil because it’s just not the general conventional way of exiting a shopping centre, obviously.

To tell you the truth, these corridors stunk. They reeked of almost-piss and the stench of rotten cabbage and fishy compost. The corridors were lit by the exit signs that popped up every now and then, with an arrow next to the word “exit”, directing us where to go.

Along the way, we encountered stone pillars and alternate paths, that made the atmosphere even creepier. Every time I spoke and shuddered, my voice would echo. I decided not to speak, but to continue after James as he held my hand and we weaved through the dim light.

“I’m scared,” I finally piped out.
“Are you serious?” James asked.
I made a noise that sounded like ‘yes’.

The corridors seemed to get longer and creepier by the minute, and it seemed like forever we were in there.

“People sleep in here,” James said.
“Really… I’ve never been in one of these,” I said.
“Really? I have tons of times. People sleep and piss in here.”

I really needed to know that. 😓 This place was so incredibly creepy. If people sleep in here, and piss in here, I thought, then people can do anything here. People can be murdered. They can be naked in here. Fights can go on in here. People stupid enough can try to set fires in here. In the emergency exit.

Well, at least he was still holding my hand. ♥️

Finally, we came to a flight of stairs going down. At the bottom there was a puddle of murky water filled with food scraps, food packaging and general rubbish. As we went down to the exit door, it started to smell a bit more.

When we went outside… it felt really good to see light and get fresh air again.

“When you think about it, that’s really quite a long emergency exit,” James said. 😰

I have a question for you guys. 🙂 Have you ever been through a funny emergency exit, or had an experience going through one, for whatever reason?

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