The Sound Of Silence

Nothing much has been added to the website; a few reviews have been completed, and that’s about it. I haven’t had the chance to do many updates.

There was this time James and I went to the shops, and we realised we were running late for class so we had the idea of going through the emergency exits.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Australia, we have emergency exits in shopping centres marked out with green signs reading “EXIT” (not really neon). Emergency exits usually follow through tunnels and corridors, which are boring, dark, and grey.

And should I mention scary? :O

Prior to this experience I am about to tell you, I had rarely been into emergency exits and stairs. Usually people take it as a shortcut out into the car park of a shopping centre, or just to get out quickly rather than exiting the normal way.

So, here James and I were, walking through a series of corridors to exit a shopping centre the (almost) non-civil way. I’m saying non-civil because it’s just not the general conventional way of exiting a shopping centre, obviously.

To tell you the truth, these corridors stunk. They reeked of almost-piss and the stench of rotten cabbage and fishy compost. The corridors were lit by the exit signs that popped up every now and then, with an arrow next to the word “exit”, directing us where to go.

Along the way, we encountered stone pillars and alternate paths, that made the atmosphere even creepier. Every time I spoke and shuddered, my voice would echo. I decided not to speak, but to continue after James as he held my hand and we weaved through the dim light.

“I’m scared,” I finally piped out.
“Are you serious?” James asked.
I made a noise that sounded like ‘yes’.

The corridors seemed to get longer and creepier by the minute, and it seemed like forever we were in there.

“People sleep in here,” James said.
“Really… I’ve never been in one of these,” I said.
“Really? I have tons of times. People sleep and piss in here.”

I really needed to know that. /ehh This place was so incredibly creepy. If people sleep in here, and piss in here, I thought, then people can do anything here. People can be murdered. They can be naked in here. Fights can go on in here. People stupid enough can try to set fires in here. In the emergency exit.

Well, at least he was still holding my hand. ♥️

Finally, we came to a flight of stairs going down. At the bottom there was a puddle of murky water filled with food scraps, food packaging and general rubbish. As we went down to the exit door, it started to smell a bit more.

When we went outside… it felt really good to see light and get fresh air again.

“When you think about it, that’s really quite a long emergency exit,” James said. 😰

I have a question for you guys. :) Have you ever been through a funny emergency exit, or had an experience going through one, for whatever reason?

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Oh my God. Scary corridors. I’m way too scared to go through emergency exits [LOL, it’s so cold, you should see how slow I’m typing xD], because I worry I’m not supposed to be going through them and some security guard’s about to jump out of no-where and arrest me.

Yes, I know. It’s irrational xD

That emergency exit sounds way scary too! It sounds like a MAZE! I’d be shaking, and wondering if I were lost. xD

Awwww…yeah, lucky James held your hand xD ♥ That’s so cute…^^

At least you got out in the end!

Urgh…I hate smelly places!

FRESH AIR! LOL. Everytime I go from a smelly place to a fresh air one, I’m like ‘OMG, I’LL NEVER TAKE FRESH AIR FOR GRANTED AGAIN!’ xD

Hmmm…I’ve never taken and EMERGENCY exit, but the one you’re talking about reminds me of the stairwells at Seven Hills Station, if you want to get down from their upper level parking. It REEKS of urine. GROSS! Luckily they’ve installed elevators now =)

Aww you were scared! *hugs* I would’ve been too. I mean I don’t mind the dark but the dark with the smell of piss?

Fun. Not.

And heehe. We have those green signs too! :D Not that they’re that amazing.
Did you get to class on time though?

Hm… I did that in a hotel once. Can’t remember which country but I was on my own, eff. I’d left my watch at the poolside and there was a party downstairs so you had to elbow your way through this massive crowd, mainly drunks. O_O At least my parents don’t drink. Well, my Dad does but he wasn’t there so yeah. :)

It was a bit like that actually. It got sort of worrying because there was blood on the wall sometimes. Seriously creepy. I was beginning to think some creepy axe murderer was going to attack me or something when there came the glorious exit. *phew*

Better luck next time, Mr. Axeman. /sweat

HAHAHA, scary tunnels. At our school, we have a really short exits, brightened up with a few windows, posters and a photocopier /hehe .

As for scary tunnels, there was one I went through in England when the shopping center was about to close and we were forced to go through. Yeah, and as you said it stunk like hell. I don’t think it is just the smell of the leftover piss of someone, but also some other disgusting stuff that you don’t want to hear about. What made it worse was that the emergency exit lights (inside the tunnel, not the sign) burnt out and one bulb fell on the floor, which was creepy. 💥

Sorry about the lack of updates. For some reason blogsome is updating their database and I can’t log in or comment on my blog. /bash

Awww, that’s soo sweet that he held your hand for comfort :)

I’m very surprised that the emergency exit is long & had alternate paths, etc. If someone’s running out of a building that’s on fire I don’t think they’d want to have to navigate through piss smelling, darkly lit hallways!

Where I live, exit signs are neon red and you can’t really go through the emergency doors (unless it’s an emergency) because wen the doors are opened it triggers sirens to alert the security personal and the others that there is an emergency.

The only place where I can think of that has scary hallways with twists and turns and {sometimes} trap doors is in Manhattan’s Chinatown – Canal Street where they well fake designer handbags. That place is scary. But I think the cops came last summer and raided the place out.

Eww! Poor Georgie, having to go through a smelly anus-like tunnel! /um
Once I went into an emergency exit, I was on the top floor of a building and I was scared of elevators then. It was a flight of stairs, and two people were yelling and pushing at each other… and they accidentally whacked me. /bash
Sorry for being inactive again! Life is so busy at the moment. WHOO!

Ewww smelly exits, blech!
My only experience with emergency exits was whilst at university i was sitting an exam, within 30 mins the fire alarm went off, and so we all had to shuffle down a small corridoor that i suspect was the emergency exit, out into the car park.
The whole class were then able to chat about the exam, and read notes whilst we were waiting for the fire people to assess the building :D Best exam ever!

Poor Wuggs! :O *hug*

Man, in a real emergency that would be most /sweat. People would be panicky and lost and /poo ed

At least we got out of the smellyness :) /love


well, i use the emergency exit in my building (since i live in an apartment) when there’s fire.
lol. i never knew you can use the emergency exits when you needed a shortcut or something. because one time, a kid tried going to out using the emergency exit and there was a blazing sound! everyone was worried. and the poor kid was just standing there 😢

emergency exits have tunnels? wow never heard of that before. i thought they were just stairs leading outside?

yeah. my parents read those. even mine. since its important. so i dont really bother opening those mail since it has nothing to do with me. :P
well, it has my name on it, but my parents are the ones who handle it.

Yes, I have been!
In America, we were wandering around looking for an exit, and we somehow wandered into some emergency exit, leading us to a tunnel of storerooms, then a parking lot. It was a long walk. We then figured out that we could’ve just walked a bit further to the actual exit /argh

Ahaha, yeah, I guess :) I don’t like having way too many skins, I can’t handle them. /bounce
And you reminded me, I have way too many pixels lying about… I don’t even know what I haven’t finished or not! :O

Maybe I’ll remove the codes for now. And see what happens. :)

Yep! We’re both busy 🤬 I have too much on my plate right now, I’m going to burst very soon. /hmph

T’was nice talking to you though! :)

Here we have emergency exits like that with the greeny thing :) Usually me and my family use emergency exits for shortcut too, lol. I hate going through emergency exits–I’ve seen too many movies with ghosts chasing people in emergency exits.

Yep, at least James was holding your hand. When I went through an emergency exit, no one held my hand. My Mom was busy with her phone, my Dad was busy with his magazine he just bought, and my sister was busy with her orange juice. And I started remembering those scary movies with ghosts chasing people in emergency exits. :(

What your parents voted for Megawati :3 no no no, I think she is the stupidest candidate this year. Seriously. When she started talking in front of public, I was like “wtf she is talking like an elementary school kid”. When someone asked about her mission on improving my country, do you know what she did? She told everyone about Indonesia’s history :hammer:

You haven’t seen your bestfriend since March? I would die for not seeing my best friends for that freaking long! March? It’s a very long time! It was when I opened my new domain lol :3 And you haven’t seen your boyfriend since May? If I had a boyfriend I would die for not seeing him too :( poor Georgina! Yeah hope we’ll see our bestfriends and talk to them soon. :)

that’s crazy, i’ve never heard of people just going through emergency exits. Then at that to be sleeping in there and peeing.. hmm.. I would’ve been scared to! I’ve seen enough horror movies to know what goes on in places like that lol. At least it’s a good memory of you and james (Y) To answer your question: no, I’ve never been and now after your story, I kinda don’t want to! haha..

My step-mom works at the mal /poo l. So I exit through the emergancy exit. And it’s scary as shit . :X Haha .

That was nice of James to tell you people live , piss and shit in there. Because its absolutely true , and he’s being truthful with you (H) (H) (H) (H) .

Anyways , it seems you’ve been very affectionate with Jamesys lately . LOL. But that’s really cute of you ;)

Yeah, if people are tweeting so much, it gets annying cause you have to go to the bttom and read the tweeets.
> <

Oh, I'm not sure when there's a lot of tweets…
I think it's during the afternoon.(:
where do you live ? :l

The host is really confusing. I passed the second chapter, at least. (;

Awww poor Georgie! you must be really scared! LMAO WTF?! People piss in there… omg they might be naked in there. /ehh HOLY CRUD!!! Those are quite unusual emergency exits! A creepy and dark tunnel. Imagine if there was a fire, who the heck do people get through that! aww my poor Georgie! 🤬

I agree, sometimes it can seem very tacky and unoriginal to see the same crap celeb everywhere, while it’s more original when you see a new concept with a rare celeb at a few sites. /bounce LOL. I shall not poke you then. I’m kidding really, I actually respect you for giving a different opinion and disagreeing with me in your last comment, you don’t see that everyday. :P Yayyy, I’ll add your link as soon as I open FTP too. ^^
Poor you!! That emergency exit sounds really bizarre. I know I wouldn’t like walking in a piss-like smelled place. That’s just nasty. /hehe Lol.
Well, at least you had someone brave taking care of you in there, right? Otherwise you would’ve been in there all alone. Creeped-out and whatnot. :O XD

lol that sounds like something out of a scary movie I watched. I’d be freaking out /wah

I’ve never been to a emergency exit before, but I did stay with my cousins in this creepy place. It’s behind our family house in the philippines (theres a church besides the house) and its where the people stay in for a retreat. It’s really dark and isolated at night.

One time, me faith and my cousin annalynn where in the shower (it’s like a huge girls bathroom) and the light switch was outside the door….my cousins justin and jason fucking switch the lights off and we started to yell lol 😢

Yeah that makes book bad all the time.. why don’t they just let us read them and that’s it xD

Yeah we definitely should have more breaks xD And longer ones too :D

Wow.. I haven’t ever used the emergency exit or anything.. but this one sounds really creepy.. I would be scared to death! Lucky for you that you had James right beside you holding your hand :)

Wow, that sounds really scary/creepy. :P I’ve never been through an emergency exit like that… I don’t think we even have them here. I think our emergency exits pretty much lead right to the outside. As in they’re just a door to the outside world. xD Except if you open that door, an alarm goes off, since they assume you’re using it because there is an emergency. So really, no one can use emergency exits as shortcuts here. >.<

That did remind me of one night in a mall when I was in Israel last summer though. My “friends” and I were walking around the mall and we were trying find our way back to this one store. I guess we weren’t sure if it was on the floor above or below us. So there were escalators in the middle of the mall, which were the main means of traveling between floors, but then there were also little spiral staircases at the end of each… corridor type thing I guess you could call it. So we were at the end of a “corridor” and decided to try a different floor. We started down the stairs and soon the walls became concrete and it got all weird. But before anything interesting happened we decided that we were probably going the wrong way and climbed back up. :P

Wow that was a really anticlimactic story. >.>

That sounds really creppy, like real creepy. Creepier than normal exits should been, and yeah, James was right. It’s a really long emergency exit. Makes me think of horror films where you run somewhere, the zombies are behind you, you are nearly at the exit and then more zombies appear where you are going. You are trapped. *shudders* Scary shizzle.

I am quite lucky to have tinterweb access on my phone. i ended up buying a new one after I lost my one for a month. I found my old one after two weeks of having the new one. I am happier with my new one though, it has a keyboard, I can check twitter and my email. it’s like a mini laptop which can make phone calls. (: Tis amazing.

Our emergency exits are whit writing with the word EXIT on the with Neon green background in a square. I don’t usually use them at all, when I worked in the mall with my mom when I was younger, I was allowed to use all of them and it made things real handy, avoiding the crowds and things. (: They were ALWAYS clean though, and never smelt funny unless a shop had been painting something in there or something. We have security at our mall though so it makes it safer and the less well off don’t sleep there.

In nice weather like this people normally camp on the greenery areas or pavement. It’s kinda cool. I stop out sometimes and sleep in the local green areas with friends. It’s a nice city we live in so I s’pose it’s okay. Looking at it now though, it is quite weird.

How’re you btw? I saw you twitter post and you do not seem a happy bunny. What happened hun?

I’ve never been through an emergency exit, come to think. Never had a reason to, the regular exit’s fine for me. But that really was a long emergency exit :D

But there is this one place we go to in Little Tokyo where, on the second floor, the only restrooms in the whole bloody place are located. It’s a pretty creepy corridor. Halfway down it splits in two directions; if you go down the path that’s more lit, you’ll eventually reach the restrooms. If you go down the longer path… I don’t know where it leads. I think it’s behind the stores, but every time I start walking down that way I chicken out :P

We’re not allowed to use emergency exits here unless it’s an actual emergency :3 all the emergency exit doors have alarms, so if they’re open when there’s no emergency, the whole place would basically light up in and like everyone would panic. xD Some people would open them just for the laughs, but they always get caught.

I’d be pretty scared too if I was walking through a place like that o_o let alone an emergency exit where people are supposed to be able to safely walk through and get out. That’s weird that they don’t light up the whole thing, though D: I guess it’s a waste of electricity, but wow, the things people do in that place :x

LOls. :D
lols i wonder sometimes if all the cats that come in the garden are the same one or what? i hope they don’t shit in our garden :|

woah :|
that is scary, uhh yuck. even worse, in a public place. an EMERGENCY public place. i’m scared of the dark baha :$

Uh well I have never been through a scary emergency exit. Hmm but we own a condo in Florida (actually I am here right now) and we kept having someone pull the fire alarm. It happened twice so we had to exit down the stairs and wait until the fire department people came. So annoying. :| It’s weird to think that people would sleep in there though…whew scary stuff there. O.O

Haha really? Does he still comment a lot? :) Yeah I just did the top commenters thing because it’s just right there on the dashboard so why not? XD

Hmm is commenters a word because Firefox keeps saying it isn’t XD Haha that’s sort of off the subject.

Gah screw capped internet! hhaha, we’re meant to have unlimited downloads but they still slow our net down :| fucking cheapos!

haha i guess so, but what an idiot honestly, like dissing me and then subscribing :| oh yes im so going to take you seriously especially after you subscribed to me.

LOOOL you know Georgina, that could mean you’re a pedophile seeing as you’re 18 and James “meant to be” age is 16.. hmmm strange LOL. :D

omg, i actually literally LOL’ed when i saw you write CAPITAL LETTER after full stop. That’s such a good comeback, i’m serious eh I haven’t heard it before, normally people stop at full stop.

Hoohoohohooo *THRUST* happy? /pow /bounce

Yeah I know eh! Like it’s funny at how simple the questions are that some ask you eh, like honestly they should take a look at your tutorials page at least!

:O the dark scary emergency exit corridors! lmao, omg i so agree. the emergency exits here in australia are shocking D: they’re freaking disgusting like and not only do you smell piss but several other types of bad odors (especially like the strong B/O of a hobo.)

Naww bless! Little Georgina was scared, at least you had James to protect you from the crazy naked people that may have been lurking through out the corridor. LOL, sounds like it was one mutha farkin long emergency exit! I think James was trying to scare you with what he said though, I think it would be pretty rare to see a hobo sleeping in there.. actually maybe not :P But it wouldn’t be uncommon to see someone taking a piss in one hahaha.

BUT YAYYYYSS YOU SURVIVED :) LOL. Georgina lives on ^_^

P.S; unfortunately i haven’t had a funny/scary/strange experience walking through an emergency exit.. well i mean i have ran through one with my mates (we were hyper) and we kinda slammed into the people waiting outside D: but that’s it.

LMAO. Wow. That sucks… it does seem scary. I’ve never been through a creepy exit like that but I wouldn’t want to either. Like you said, people can get hurt there and whatever. You forgot to add they can do the biggity bang bang. Okay, let me shut up, LMAO.

My poor Georgie! Well at least it’s over now! I know right?! I feel sorry for the people who have to go throught that tunnel. /ehh

Ahaha yeah! Long emergency exits. If there was a fire, it would be a human stampede along some randomly long tunnel to somewhere… O_O Everyone’d be burned down by the time they actually did reach the end /ehh

I remember starting some sets back in 2007… I think I’ve lost them somehow 😒 I’m always way too lazy to finish some of what I started. /bounce But that’s me! ✌️

Aww well, at least James held your hand throughout it all. >.< Even though…he told you some unnessesary[sp?] things. xD

aww haha. yeah same goes for my parents. D:

oohh i'm sorry. haha. i love snoww! :D

Eeeeeek! I have DEFINITELY been through a few emergency corridors and I’m with you in that they’re CREEPY as hell! 😰

… Depending on the boy I’m with though, they can also be fun. /bounce

Really though, the one you two went through sounds ridiculously long?! Almost foolish sounding for an *emergency* exit. Hm… Interesting…

YAY! I feel so loved! I’m on your loved list! ♥

Whoa the emergency exits there definitely sound scary haha.
Our exit signs are marked in red, and they don’t go through tunnels and stuff. :P

EW the corridors smelled?! holy snap, that really sucks. You poor people. xD I can just imagine you and James (GAMES BWHAHA) walking through with this expression on your faces: /ehh and 😰 and @_@ K I had a lot of fun using your smileys there.

LMAOOO James told you he’s been in there before?! xD Well that’s always nice to know.

Dayum that story was intense and full of suspense haha. I was scared that something was going to jump out at you guys or something, but thank goodness you made it out back into the light in safety! WOO.

I’ve never been through an emergency exit as creepy as that one. And I’m glad. LOL. Our emergency exits are just regular doors that lead to the outside lmao.

Never went through an emergency exit. :l

Ahah, (:

cool, Australia !

:/ I wouldn’t call page… 20ish far. The books thick, so I’m 1/4328492384923 done with the book. :P

Loads of people use my templates and free layouts but some people take the credits off and it makes me sad :(

Wendy’s tutorial is awesome, I recommend it to loads of people. I was suppose to make a tutorial on it, but got lazy XD I’ve heard of Enthusiast but I never knew what it was lmao.

You don’t suck :) Oh no!! Why did you guys have an argument? :( Glad you guys are OK now though!

Our emergency exits aren’t as scary as that lol. You just go through the door and you’re outside haha. That definitely sounds scary though, I would poo myself. /poo

‘I made a noise that sounded like ‘yes’.’ AWW lol, I don’t know why that made me aww haha.

That was a great story actually, you should write stories, I think you’d be good at it :D

Yayyy I’m on your loved list ♥

OMG! I have! My cousin and I decided to use the stairs instead of the slow elevator. We got in the stair well, shut the door and it was too dark and freaky so we tried to leave. The door wouldn’t open! We freaked and but he called his sister to open the door. Thank god! I was sooo freaked out by that :S LOL.

Haha. :) Yep. People were looking at me suspiciously because of that… the damn thing kept shooting out more and more paper… good thing it was a jet printer because if not, I would have definitely been in trouble.

LOOOL Georgina the pedo! Naww you went out with someone 2 years younger than you! Omg, wasn’t it weird? But I do agree, like age isn’t everything some guys are more mature than girls older than them (hard to imagine, but it’s true). I dated someone a year younger than me when I was in year 6 LOL. His name was James, ROFL. Coincidence much? D:

Haha yeah, they should really stop calling it ‘Unlimited Downloads’ and start calling it ‘Unlimited downloads.. just very very slow’

Bahaha! I really want to go to Sydney ;( I’d love to hear the lame comebacks that originated there haha. I so envy you ehh, like I’ve heard so much about Sydney! Perth is totally crap in comparison. I’ve been to Adelaide and Melbourne though, Melbourne’s cool. Adelaide was crap D: Have you been around Australia at all?

;0 i want to see this thrust emoticon, i don’t have your msn though lmao. *thrust* hoohoohooo LOL i can’t stop saying that hoohoohoohohooo now :P

bahaha georgina, you’re so easily amused “the B/O of a Hobo” =D

Oh god, Australians can be so creepy. I mean yeah god knows what they do in those corridors, seriously they might like lick the walls and then try to have sex with the walls because they’re naked? Ok well I think you’ve read the article about the guy who smexes his car, so smexing the wall is still possible LOL!

LMAO. Wow. That must’ve sucked! In high school!? NO ink printers? Grr. I’d die. I have no patience for them shtis.

lol! Eventually, yeah /eee

Aw really? I’m sure the owner doesn’t really HATE you… maybe she just has a problem with who you are. *yes, I’m just emitting random ideas*

Well if she does, that’s okay, it’s not a huge deal anyway, the Q*Bee. I just wanted to try it out again :) See how it goes this time. ;)


The exit signs here are usually red. I don’t think I have ever actually gone through one of those doors.
A lot of times they have alarms on them… strange.

After hearing your story I don’t think I’ll ever be trying to go through the emergency exits… I’m a scaredy-cat.

LOL, yeah but when I dated that James guy it didn’t last long, unlike you and your James. Wow 17 months ^_^

o.O how do you check your downloads!?!

lmao gold goat :P zomg, i want to go to the gold coast! that would be so awesome. I wanna go to all the worlds they have baha :D No I haven’t been to Canberra ;( i’ve been close to it though, coz we went to Ramsay St and it we were like not to many km’s away from it. You should come check out the shittyness of W.A! Don’t worry, it’s better than S.A ;)

oh cool thanks for your msn, ima add you when i next go on, it’s just msn doesn’t always work for me like it isn’t atm. ;( BUT I SHALL SEE THE THRUST EMOTE!

LMAO, i’m pretty sure the majority of hobos do have a rather disgusting BO seriously. They don’t have deodorant nor do they shower.

EW, some lady tried to pleasure herself with a jackhammer?
:| that is just too far, how disgusting. But the guy who likes to sex his car still tops my cake haha.

Aw, thanks Georgie! :) I’m probably gonna be kinda offline when school starts anyway, so it might be just a summer kind of thing.


First off, thanks for the review, it was very informative and helpful. (Y)

And to answer your question….no, actually. But I HAVE been in staircases in San Francisco and that’s basically how it is. People live in there. People piss in there. Etc, etc.

It’s scary like /poo ! UGH Seriously. I hate imagining being in a dark room alone, and someone grabs my shoulder from behind and yeah… I think I watched too many horror movies but who knows? Maybe it’s true? Maybe… ugh stop I’m scared:/

I know, I know. Indonesia’s history is sad. I was in somewhere (=I wasn’t born that time lol) when Suharto leaded Indonesia. Eh, but I don’t really remember. My Mom and Grandma have been through so many cruel things like that. :/ I only heard the stories from them, so yeah. Lol which guy did you say “ugly”? I’m sure the one who is short , has a mustache and wearing glasses? If yeah, *high five* your eyes are totally fine! :D

When will you see your boyfriend and best friend again? My friends phoned me this morning, asking me to go to the cinema tomorrow (I was freakingly excited) and in the afternoon all of them said they have to go tomorrow. *sighs*

Yeah.. totally true. If they can’T handle if no one is talking to them; they maybe shouldn’t sign up on a site like Twitter xD Or follow more people to have a bigger chance of people actually talking to them.. did that sound mean? I hope not xD

I would be super happy about like 60 characters more.. that’s not a bunch but still something :)

Hehe xD Who could I be meaning xD But I am talking about two people there xD and they were both pretty annoying xD

Yep, you really should take a break while you can get away from school :) Have fun these two weeks! :D

Uh-huh. I mean, telling people their jacket’s ugly is very ugly indeed. *nods*

Yeah. Twitter and MSN are good for that sort of thing. I mean, yeah, though there are such losers/ retards/ douchebags like Darren Kent lurking… fuck ’em all though. :D Like that Gerard Way quote I tweeted once, which took up 3 tweets. XD

It also appears ruder because you’re giving an often unjust opinion and everyone just thinks you’re a prick. :P

Glad you got to class on time! And crowds are scary. Let alone the big idea of drunks. O_O
Mr Axeman had his day off. I did leave a little note on the table before I left the hotel ‘cuz I was concerned: Blood along emergency exit. Um?


lmao, yeah, I guess . xD

Emergency exits seem scary. o_o

That’s a great combination for people who want to prank you on your birthday. Maybe your friends will leave you in a dark basement alone… oh there’s a movie about trapped in basement too :P

With the glasses? Lmao I agree he is totally ugly and his face looks familiar for me–I mean I’ve watched him on a serial TV… 90210? Gossip Girl? :/ That’s impossible.

That sounds like a really scary experience. I hate being in confined spaces like that, especially when its dark (and reeks of urine!). At least James was there to hold your hand. I know I would be clinging to Chris like I do when I’m scared! xD

Your site is looking great as always and I should be able to comment more now. I haven’t been online for a couple of days and my inbox is pretty full up. :D

Take care


We have emergency exists here, except its red lol
I don’t think people are usually supposed to use the exist for anything other than an emergency, like a fire or 💥 over here. i haven’t seen people use it like that over here.

Wow that is a really long emergency exit, they should shorten it or change it. i don’t think an emergency exit is supposed to be scary.

I seriously despise the scary movies because, they are just completely stupid. why would you run upstairs, and then you get to the top, you jump? then you die and there was no point of running.

If i see something scary the first thing i would do is run to any open door, and i hope its daytime because the night is always soo damn worse lol. i’m scared to the dark.

Ah that must have been really annoying! At our fire drills we just go outside and teachers just have to count classes XD

Haha yeah lol commentators!! So my top commentators. :| Hmm sounds kind of weird. XD I didn’t even know that thanks for telling me! :D

Eww, gross. -shudders- It creeps me out just reading and thinking about it! Imagine actually having to walk through an emergency corridor. 🤬

Where I live, the exit signs are actually red. xD Actually, in the shopping malls and at school and whatnot, they usually have an exit sign at almost all the extra side doors and stuff. Sometimes they have the sign on the main/front doors, too! So I guess it’s really different from where you live and where I live.

Thank you! :D Yeah, the colors I used are really different from the ones I normally use. xD

Hhaha that would’ve sucked O.O
I can’t even really immagine.. It creeps me out that people live there… We have, but I don’t think people are really supposed to use them xD

Wow.. You live in Australia? I really want to go there.. My sister (fleeinfear) loves it to, she wants to move there.. :P Bhaha sorry, you probably don’t care xD


Yups it’s okay now! I wonder how people actually get through there…what a strange kind of exit. :D

Yay for us, not actually remembering The Lion King. :P

I was going to go on hiatus and close to revamp, but didn’t really see the point. I get annoyed when people do that, so I wouldn’t really want to do that myself. We’ll just have to carry on with our secret ‘behind-the-scenes’ revamps. :D

I’d have been really scared going through that emergency exit. :0 I don’t think I’ve ever been through one before, but the way you described it reminds me of this alleyway where shops used to be in the town centre near where I live. People sleep down there and it’s really dark and creepy. I think drunk people piss down there as well, so my mum says anyway (not in those words though ’cause I was only about 8 at the time). :)

We have green signs for the exits over here as well. Are yours kind of a bold green colour with a white exit sign that glow slightly, but aren’t really neon. Then there’s a little stick man/woman running. Exit signs should really be made brighter. :)


Yeah I was really freaked out when she said she didn’t know how to make friends. :| I mean, how the hell are you supposed to teach someone that anyways?

It was extremely embarrassing so obviously I got myself out of there asap. Yeah for some reason, I really think that she was trying to set me up too.. >:( Because she probably knew that I was pretty much the only “non-rich” person there, and wanted to make fool of me and my politeness, THE BITCH. But I have no proof of that so whatever. :P

LMAO GAMES. I’ll never forget that either, and once again I’m super glad that both of you made it out alive! D:

haha; yeah very true XD
it scares me =/
i hate going to bed; it’s pretty dark but even worse
– the streetlights glow a evil yellow that freaks me out even more :$ :|
aww ): i woulda been freaked out as well a load, if that helps me saying that. ;)

Yeah, loads of people take my credit off. It’s so rude, it actually pisses me off.

Hehe me too. I’m too lazy to do one :( I might write one of customizing premades, though.

Aaw, wow. Didn’t think you guys would argue about that lol. Nope, I have my own laptop, my sister has her laptop, my step dad has his computer and we have a spare laptop lol, so no one moans at me for going on it XD

Lmao, I’d be scared too, don’t worry :P I’m a baby when it comes to things like that!

Lol, yeah I get what you mean. I used to write them, at school though. I used to have like 475843 characters and the story used to go on and on but it was soooooo boring lmfao.

Yayaya. I’m a better affiliate, heh. I need to organise mine actually, but meh.

Lmao, that’s OK :P I like my upside down smiley XD I love your smiles though, they’re too cool for school.

Following only 5 people and saying you tweet too much? I think he has no idea what Twitter is like xD

Haha xD Yeah! Just give me 60 more characters and I would be more than just happy! Or if they would at least make the DMs longer xD Imagine being able to tweet suuuuper long DMs and no one would care xD

Urgh.. that girl was really annoying! I mean you said you want to go to bed before she even asked you to help.. and then she doesn’t stop for an hour or something?? Poor you! And she like didn’t even get what you told her.. and then the thing about the centred layouts xD

Of course; they are uncool and not unique xD Holy sh*t :D My eyes always concentrate on what is right infront of me and not somewhere on the left or right.. my eyes don’t like left- or rightalign layouts xD And I bet most of the people think that way!

I mean she should have a look at those big sites. They all have centred layouts! Did she ever had a look at google, flickr or what ever! They are all centered!

I don’t know why, but I find this blog soooo strange! (I think that’s the right word I’m looking for :P)

First of all, for an emergency exit, that is SERIOUSLY long. I think I’d rather just use the normal exits if a place caught on fire, lol.

And second, emergency exits in Canada have ALARMS. Meaning if you open it, security comes after you. xD

heyy!! may have noticed but my host’s site went down for a couple of days.. (I hadn’t known so I didn’t contact you or the rest of my link exchanges) SO.. we were all issued new links (since she moved domains).. this is my new link: Although.. it does have a LOT of errors on it (don’t mind them, I’ll try to see if I can fix them in the next few days after I update on a new layout..) Sorry for the absence -___-”

Lmaoo aha..

yes! that’s right. xD I suck at spelling. Meh.

Aww, but you have been there at least ONCE. (:

Wow, that sounds nasty! Ew. I would’ve like died in there. I hate those rotten corridors. In the US, the emergency exit signs are colored red…but I’ve never BEEN down where it is….because I mean it’s just in case of an emergency, which I’ve never experienced. Haha.
But that sounds scary! At least you had James with you ♥

YAY Georgie! ♥ I’m loved! Awww thank you! I feel so special! :D Oh my god! REALLY? O_O 2003?! Wow Georgie that’s a long time! :D Hehe yummy! I hope you had a yummy time eating it! /hehe YAY I got the request! Light purpley! Okey dokey! :D

Whoa… that is one creepy corridor thing. I would’ve booked it to the exit… Who knows, maybe you were being watched from some corner by a potential murderer…

I swear, they make exit corridors so long and potentially dangerous to weed out weaklings… and only the strong make it to the end… At least that’s what it seems like.

I haven’t had any extraordinary incidents, but the exit corridors are just friggin scary.. But I take them anyway…

Well, aren’t you lucky? xD

Updating is quite useful, you know. For people like me. :} I really need to do it more often, but I’m often too lazy to do more than reply to blog comments. lol.

Just got in from hanging out with a bunch of friends. Quite fun. :)

Oh cool :) You don’t have basements there? Lucky you :/
Yeah his face is scary… ugh and he’s extremely short. Really, really short for his age :/

How are you? :D

Ahah. :P

So what’s up ? :l

Haha, that’s so true! :3 I should think about how much it would matter in 5 years… I doubt I’d need it much.

Oh yeah D: you have loads of comments to return. I have no idea where you find the time to do everything! I need to bloghop my affiliates sites soon. I haven’t been doing it lately and I feel bad for some reason. D:

I’d probably want to get rid of that too :3 I don’t get why people have to fight and start wars. I get that it gets rid of the population some, but there are better ways to do that xd.

I’ve always been scared that an alarm would sound off if I went through an emergency exit somewhere. -_- So the only emergency exit I’ve been through is in school, when we had fire drills — and yeah, those seriously STINK. I imagine it’s from the intense lack of air flow.

I got the layout up, which I expect you’ll find when you click to comment me back. XD Oh, and I tried to make a mellow/neutral background like you recommended in your review, but I just couldn’t. I love bright colors, even though it may be my downfall. XD

Yeah, I don’t know if that’s what I’m looking for. :/ Maybe I’ll search around Dynamic Drive, since, as you pointed out, it’s a helpful site. Or maybe I’ll try to Google it. Hm. Apparently, though, I’m terrible at getting scripts to work, because although my banner rotation script was working yesterday, it doesn’t seem to be now. I didn’t even change anything between the time it worked and didn’t work. o_O

That seems kind of scary… and a tunnel?!?! Haha that does seem like a funny way of getting out of a mall. Good thing there wasn’t like an alarm at the exit or anything.

And those places are always so dirty, it’s disgusting. Usually they have rats, bugs and whatnot >.< and you're right, people can do pretty much anything there. I wouldn't be surprised if someone slept in there… I think they really should make those cleaner if people will someday have to run through those doors haha.

Well, at least you were with your boyfriend :). I'd be sooo scared if I were alone. I'd probably run back to the shopping centre!

Mm I've taken the emergency exit a bunch of times..whenever they were fire alarms at my building or when we had drills in our dorms. I also had a funny, childish experience when I was really young and kissed a boy at an emergency exit staircase (maybe as a dare, don't remember) :P

wow! I thought emergency exits would be like dusty and abandoned! I would of never expected people to sleep in them and pee in them! ewww! lol!

haha your emergency exit sounded very much like over here! it smelled like piss and people use it to umm go to the parking lot and whatsoever 😰

i once saw turd smudged on the walls in the emergency exit. i knew it was turd cos there were flies flying around it /snort /snort

Hahaha, being lazy is good sometimes though :P I mean, you do so much as it is (offline wise) you need to be lazy sometime :)

Lol, yeah I suppose it’s good she tells you to get off. I mean, my parents don’t tell me to get off or anything, they just say ‘don’t stay up all night on it’ lol. They used to though, when I was at school and stuffs.

Lol, aww. I miss school actually~

Haha, I need to sort my affiliates out actually. I have too many, actually probably not as many as you but still.

I know you didn’t make the smilies, but I still love them lmao. They’re so groovy!! I want some :(

Eek, scary. I could never stand one of those long, boring, SCARY emergency exits.
In Hong Kong, the exits have bright green signs etc. too, but I think they’re slightly less scary by reading your description of the ones in Australia. :P
Thanks Georgina!! :D Oh I think I fixed the third image :D You can see it now! (hopefully)

Yeah, I know. Maybe they’re pretending to be sad about MJ’s death so they have a topic to talk to another person–maybe a date or something :3

Good luck with those reviews! I’m lazy to do one soooo yeah maybe I’ll do a review tomorrow. I kept trying to write a review but then I just closed my tab and so on. It has happened for 12345 times :/ lol.

Aww I can see that must have been really freaky! And yuck, yeah it’s strange the way anyone or everyone could have been down that emergency exit and done loads of stuff.

I’ve never actually been through one. I’m always scared that an alarm will go off. Cuz usually in England to open them you have to push down some bar and it just seems like somethings gonna go off if I do. Hehe.

Btw I really like your layout. The flower on the header image is really nice (:

Haha yeah, I forgot what I named him ‘cuz is gone. Ah well, I wasn’t gonna lumber Kate with my site for THAT long. :P

Yeah. It can be boring. You get the people who do that and are happy, and you get the people you ignore ‘the rules’ – get a job and all of that – and just go wild. They either end up very happy or very not happy. :/

Gekkiphone!! :D But loser is very suitable. So’s douchebag. :P

Hehe, ‘course I know! *nods* I’m Anberlin-ning right now. ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. ♥

Hehe it’s like when I blogged about the ‘F in Exams’ book. There was a question in it like this:
Q: “If a car is £50,000, and in the sale it has 50% off, how much does it now cost?”
A: Still too expensive. :P

And man, I just forgot to reply to your second comment. :P

I don’t own a jacket though. XD

Oh man, yeah! I used to follow someone who tweeted every minute with random uneeded things, it got so boring and annoying. I just stopped following them and I have about 150 plus tweets waiting, not 494 or something. XD

Well you know, I didn’t want axeman to strike. *shudders*

Let’s change the subject. :)