Never Failed To Feel

Gee, it’s cold. Winter is totally blowing us over down here in Sydney.

Alright, quick update – HTML tutorials have been updated and fixed up. So check those out in the tutorials section. I’m also working on adding reviews I’ve received. The website is all over the place at the moment so I hope you can tolerate the mess until I get around to it. Yesterday, waking up to three review applications was really not my cup of tea (not that I drink tea anyway).

I ate lunch about an hour ago. I planned on eating the leftover spaghetti in the fridge. I walked out of my bedroom and to the kitchen, obviously.

From our kitchen, you can see the back door, and you can see the backyard. Like most doors, we have a screen door, but then a glass door behind it, leading outside. Cool? Good.

We have these doormats outside the door, and outside the laundry door (yes, our laundry is outside). Obviously, for the purpose of wiping shoes on, and not for the purpose which I later saw it was being used for.

Anyway, as I was looking outside, I saw a big blob of white on the mats. I thought, bleh, it’s probably a towel that dropped or whatever. I walked over to the cupboard to get a plate for my spaghetti, still keeping an eye on the blob of white. I couldn’t see well because of the plants around it and the angle and distance at which I was looking outside.

Tired of making myself wonder, I walked over to the door with my plate and peered at the blob of white.

Ngaww. It was a little white and grey cat, snuggled up near the laundry door. I went to the kitchen and put my plate down, rushing to my room to get my camera so I could take a picture.

I ran back to the door, only to discover a problem. I had to open the screen door to get a good picture. I took a picture through the screen door anyway, before I unlocked the door.

I unlocked the door. As soon as I opened the screen door an inch, the cat looked up at me with a face that read, “what the fuck, bitch”.

Alright, FINE, you bitch. I glared back and went back to my lunch as I saw the furball slink away. I warmed up my spaghetti and some tortillas, sat near the door to enjoy the warm sun through the glass, and began to eat.

The cat had returned. It was slinking along the grass near the shed, and weaving its way past the pot plants. That was when I saw it stop in its tracks.

It then sat down on the ground for a few seconds, stood on all four legs again, and then proceeded to shit. It shit on my fucking grass.

It’s raining right now. I don’t have anything against cats, but you. You. You didn’t ask permission to shit on my fucking grass. I sincerely hope you’re getting drenched and that your ass is shivering cold right now.

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