Never Failed To Feel

Gee, it’s cold. Winter is totally blowing us over down here in Sydney.

Alright, quick update – HTML tutorials have been updated and fixed up. So check those out in the tutorials section. I’m also working on adding reviews I’ve received. The website is all over the place at the moment so I hope you can tolerate the mess until I get around to it. Yesterday, waking up to three review applications was really not my cup of tea (not that I drink tea anyway).

I ate lunch about an hour ago. I planned on eating the leftover spaghetti in the fridge. I walked out of my bedroom and to the kitchen, obviously.

From our kitchen, you can see the back door, and you can see the backyard. Like most doors, we have a screen door, but then a glass door behind it, leading outside. Cool? Good.

We have these doormats outside the door, and outside the laundry door (yes, our laundry is outside). Obviously, for the purpose of wiping shoes on, and not for the purpose which I later saw it was being used for.

Anyway, as I was looking outside, I saw a big blob of white on the mats. I thought, bleh, it’s probably a towel that dropped or whatever. I walked over to the cupboard to get a plate for my spaghetti, still keeping an eye on the blob of white. I couldn’t see well because of the plants around it and the angle and distance at which I was looking outside.

Tired of making myself wonder, I walked over to the door with my plate and peered at the blob of white.

Ngaww. It was a little white and grey cat, snuggled up near the laundry door. I went to the kitchen and put my plate down, rushing to my room to get my camera so I could take a picture.

I ran back to the door, only to discover a problem. I had to open the screen door to get a good picture. I took a picture through the screen door anyway, before I unlocked the door.

I unlocked the door. As soon as I opened the screen door an inch, the cat looked up at me with a face that read, “what the fuck, bitch”.

Alright, FINE, you bitch. I glared back and went back to my lunch as I saw the furball slink away. I warmed up my spaghetti and some tortillas, sat near the door to enjoy the warm sun through the glass, and began to eat.

The cat had returned. It was slinking along the grass near the shed, and weaving its way past the pot plants. That was when I saw it stop in its tracks.

It then sat down on the ground for a few seconds, stood on all four legs again, and then proceeded to shit. It shit on my fucking grass.

It’s raining right now. I don’t have anything against cats, but you. You. You didn’t ask permission to shit on my fucking grass. I sincerely hope you’re getting drenched and that your ass is shivering cold right now.

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Now that was funny. :( Naughty kitty. XD

You shouldn’t have such vicious thoughts!! =3

It’s only a poor innocent cat! (That shit on your lawn).

We used to have these cats in my neighborhood that pooped all over my yard /poo My mom had to go out and pick it up /bash It was disguuuuuuuuusting.

/snort I pity the cat.
But yeah…cats always seem to scare me. Not for superstitious reasons but…well for what you said. They always glare at me like WTH did I do?!?

The ugg boot trend is alright to me. I owned one pair in Winter last year but I don’t see why people like to wear them outside. I just wore them inside because they were really warm (Y)

Converse is alright to me. I use to like them so much /um lol.
But yeap :)

PE is cool sometimes.
We have rock climbing tomorrow and we had high jump last friday (I really sucked but I loved doing roly polies on the mat ♥ ) lol.

OMG, I feel so bad for the cat! I hope it’s not drenched and freezing. :( You meanie. >.<

Though that really is a hilarious story. I love the “WTF bitch” face. My cat totally does that all the time.

Sowwy for the short comment. =/ I decided not to reference your old blog in my comment because I’m lazy. -_- Plus I just discovered that it’s 2:05am, and I’m not finished playing with Google Desktop. xP BUT I STILL LOVE YOU. CAN YOU STILL LOVE ME? D:

That’s soooo cute heehee /bounce
I hope it’s okay. I mean, where else do animals poo? 😰

But generally, cats don’t like me :( I bet it’s gone now


AW I love white cats! /heart We have a lot of cats, they’re homeless cat they come to our house because we give them our left overs, they’re not very friendly ether, just as your cat there. I love cold weather, /eee mainly because we don’t have a lot of those. Poor cat, aw let her inside! /um

yes, it is really cold =[ especially in the mornings, when all I want to do is sleep, instead of getting ready for school.
Haha, the cat earned an enemy (you :P)
How did the cat get there anyway?

(Oh I thought I should apologize in advance as this comment will be purely related to this blog and is not a response if you left a comment on my site – i can’t access my site atm so i can’t see comments :( )

Arghhh! It’s been really cold over here in W.A too. But who am I to complain? I love winter ^_^!

Yay for updates! Nay for more review applications 😢

LMAO, your blogs are always so descriptive! You should really think of taking up writing, you would make an amazing author!

Nawww 😝 That little cat sounds so cute.. but it’s actually incredibly evil! God damn that evil cat. But did you end up getting a good photo of it?
ROFL, I can’t believe it had the nerve to then shit on your grass! I mean it must be some pretty f*cked up cat, because normally they dig and plant their shit in a hole o.o But I guess if the cat was trying to send you a message then digging a hole wouldn’t have been necessary right? LULZ.
Well for your sake, I also hope that the cat freezes outside in the cold. /pow Take that bitch cat! xD

Aww, poor cat. :( Like I said on twitter, it really reminds me of one of the cats. Poor soul, I forgot to feed him last week. 😰

And again, yay for the HTML tutorials! And the Izzy person on Pop.Bubble copied your tutorial to code. It said “Hello, my name is Georgina and I am 18 years old” or something like that. And speaking of shit, take a look at this video:

And I’m thinking of getting hosted by you! I’m tired of the blogsome uploader and would like to use FTP. Anything else I will need to learn? My CSS isn’t perfected yet. /type 😒

Haha it was funny because you were like “Awww a cat!” and when it looked at you, you didn’t like it anymore. :P
And I hope it’s drenched too, ‘cuz I don’t really like cats and it had a shit on your lawn.

You know, me and my friends, one lunchtime, had a very long discussion on the past tense of ‘shit’. Shitted? Shat?


In reply to your comment: Yeah, it was much bigger. :) I guess that’s good? Next time I think I’m gonna go grungey and use Nirvana as an inspiration. Anberlin have been inspiring me too much, Kurt Cobain needs a look in.

I don’t get it either, but she’s just sort of shy and it was an accident. I think the ‘oops’ part just got me very annoyed. *nods*
I’ve never liked P.E. *shrugs* This flu crap thing is okay in timing though; I missed yesterday – R.S. and Science project (just so you know, I never started my Science project, because I was looking at my cress, and my measurements and the shiz, and I was like: “Jeez, this is just going to make my HEADACHE WORSE. I am going to bed”).

And today IS Games. As I’ve told you a million and one times. :P And it’s rounders, though it’s raining here too so it might be called off, but you’ll have to basketball. I’m so clumsy at the moment I’d run into a wall or something. ¬.¬

My dad IS strange. I mean, the whole van deal just to scare the kids across the road, and then the funeral deal, and I blogged a while ago about the Waitrose deal. :P When he dies he wants to either be wheeled through Waitrose, buried in Waitrose, or put behind the olive oil for a day (ew. I mean, corpse, anyone?).

Ress. Whatever, what else are you meant to call it? It doesn’t really cut down to or And oooh I forgot to say, Cristina’s gonna sell I hope someone nice gets it orrrr I will be annoyed. :P

Not that you know my parents, ha. And yeah, same here. I mean put my brother online, he’d be carted back to the house dead after talking to some freakass douchebag. Best to keep him away from the online web world… XD
Besides, I highly doubt you’re going to stalk me. Plus it will be tricky ‘cuz we’re on different sides of the planet. And I know you actually have a life, unlike people that do that.

Hehe Dismantle Repair is a frickin’ awesome song, the end. :D

How was your weekend? How’ve you been?

Because I’m not a domain junkie. :P Actually just because I don’t think I could deal with two domains at the moment.

Hmm, I think it’s shat too. I mean, shitted doesn’t look right and fucked does. :P

Oh my God, I do that sort of thing too! On iTunes I have MCR soaring at about the same; 3000+ plays. I feel guilty about all the others so I’m skipping MCR songs right now. XD

Staying at home isn’t bad, you know. :P Sometimes it makes me feel better… you know? :)

Well he doesn’t really understand some things (including online safety. XD).
Yeah. When you have nothing to say and it’s like, “Um… right.”

It is weird though. And he is getting to me.
I tried talking to him about it but he just put his hands over his ears and started singing. I guess it’s pretty immature to do that but I’ve just left him alone for now. I mean I’m just wasting my breath on him so, yeah.

Oops, sorry. Emoticons are there now. *nods*
Is it hard being the eldest? I mean my sister is always moaning she hates being the eldest out of the kids. I sort of get it but then I don’t, ha. XD

Yes! It’s freeeeeeeeeezing cold! Like so-cold-it-may-be-possible-for-humans-to-hibernate-in-this-weather-cold!

*shivers*. We need solar hands!/solar gauntlets! LOL xD

OH! What a very mean, evil cat! Hmph!. Monopolising your mat-thing and then crapping on your lawn. It must be a below average cat. I thought cats were supposed to be smart? I thought they knew how to crap in kitty litter!.

Apparently, it’s not humans that teach little kittens how to go to the kitty litter trays to do their business, but their parent cats!. That cat must seriously have issues. Hmph! How DARE it make a mess on your law!.

Don’t touch it! Apparently kitty crap can be toxic. Or maybe that’s only for pregnant women =S

Stupid stuck up cat didn’t even let you take a photo! =(. Mean cat!

Gosh, I think I would have cried if I woke up to 3 review applications haha. I might re-open mine soon, seeing as I don’t have a job anymore /wah

Your website is NOT a mess, be quiet. It’s so neat and stuffs. I wish mine was lol. I really need to update and have a re-vamp, but meh.

AWWWWWW! I think I would have ‘awww’ed’ at the cat too haha. Wow, that so wasn’t a word. I think cats are sooo cute. That’s pretty disgraceful that it took a shit on your grass though. My old next door neighbours cat used to pee and crap on our grass too, it was just.. wrong. That cat died though, my other neighbours door ate it…..

I hope that cat got wet and cold though XD lol

For some reason, that error shows up really randomly :/ It doesn’t do anything to the posts, though. All the comments still go through and such. I have no idea how to get rid of it, either D:

Aw, at first, I thought it would be a patch of snow XD hahah. Cats are cute to look at, but they have the stupidest attitudes. I hate it sometimes :/ They’re always PMSing and stuff. Ah, all animals do that. They pretty much “mark their territory” EVERYWHERE.

I know what you mean, I usually end up doing that. I made a plan for a re-vamp and then totally ‘forget’ about it and then people are like ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RE-VAMP’ But I really need to do it :( I feel bad.

Yeah, it will take me ages.. especially because I’m lazy XD Lol, I’m scared to re-open my reviews, but then maybe some people will only apply at my site and other just at yours, so then we get an even amount and not have LOADS to do, but I doubt it haha.

I know, I was really starting to enjoy it, I made loads of friends and we were always messing about and having a laugh. I hope I see them often though!

Haha, getting paid for reviewing would be amazingggg.

Haha yeah, but I’d become to lazy and then you’d be the only one revamping /bash

Lol, I don’t like cats that much either. I only like 3, my mates cat, my neighbours cat and my best mates cat haha, they’re adorable though.

Hehe.. yeah learning names can be pretty hard though xD I think I still don’t know the name of every student that is in my year right now xD But we are around 70 and I don’t have classes with all of them.. maye with 40-50 xD

Haha xD That is an interesting blog post xD What a rude cat that was! I like don’t know what to say right here LMAO xD

oo poor kitty. /eee
but could it be a lost kitty?
hehe i do that all the time. look for leftovers in the fridge and just heat it up. its easier especially when i really REALLY need food. 🤤 lol

true. you dont want people to crowd on you knowing that you have special powers. that can be dangerous!

lol. sometimes, we get this mail that says “someone wants to meet you” and it just goes straight to the trash. i mean, why would people waste their time and money sending those kinds of mail? yeah, we always read the “flyers” because there might be some sale and stuff. haha

lol. thats good that you think you can pronounce it. some people would show that its really hard to pronounce. i mean, what the hell. some people get it on the first try! is it that hard to separate it into syllables? haha

Hey Georgina! How are you? Haven’t been on the forum lately.

I don’t like stray cats. They always walk in and eat my cats’ food when I’m not looking so I’ll have to keep watch for them until they finish eating. And yeah, I understand how you feel when they poop almost practically everywhere. The worst smell ever! /angry

Your site doesn’t look like a mess though. Perhaps in the directory, it does?

Wow.. six years? We only have 3! Though I think by now I now most of the names xD

Hehe, that’s also a different thing; isn’t it? You don’t see eachother as much as in highschool right? I have like no idea how university life is like LMAO

Hehe xD We only have one cat that is walking around in our backyard and that for a couple of years now.. his “parents” live right next to us and our backyard are like 0 centimeters away from each other xD

Wow, that had to be an interesting morning. When you said something white…I thought you were going to say something else. Haha. But you didn’t. You can’t really blame the cat though, it doesn’t know. You should blame the owner, they should have taught it not only that it had to shit in the grass but, in THEIR grass. Haha.

Yeah I guess :P I hate making people wait too. That’s why when I open my reviews, I’m only going to accept 5 sites at a time.

Yeah, I’m going to do the majority of my revamp, then open the reviews I think.

Aww, that’s good though. I’ve always been shy and find it hard to make friends quickly, but this job has made me a more confident person. I don’t mind going places by myself anymore either.

Lmao, that’s not fair though!!! I don’t know what you have planned, you could have like 2 things planned and beat me :( haha.

Awww wow. I wish people knew about my site, like my boyfriend etc so I could race lol. My sister knows, but she sucks.

Yeah, for some reason people with cats’ houses always smell worse than those with dogs lol, I don’t get it.

Yeah, it’s not fair to have pets if you don’t have the time, they need a lot of attention. I mean, theres always someone here with my dog, she’s never on her own. Yeah, with my old dog, when he died I couldn’t stop crying because I was sooo close to him :( Meh.

It took a dump on your lawn?! Jesus! That cat would have been DEAD shit in my book.

I had something like that happen to me in California. Our neighbors have an outdoor cat and we have a cat door, right? Well, all of a sudden at about two AM there’s this huge noise in the kitchen. We all run downstairs, only to discover that on top of our cabinets, knocking down our pots and making this huge mess…the neighbor’s cat!

Lol, what a fatass cat. =( Shittying on your grass, who does she think she is, eh? /poo
I wouldn’t leave it if I were you, I’d totally throw stuff at it and watch it being tortured while laughing out loud. Totally. (H) Lol.
Anyways, you’ve been tagged by me, check out my blog. ^^

I just wrote a comment, but then I closed the wrong tab, and lost everything. Silly Opera ¬.¬

Well, anyways: The cat actually crapped on your grass?! Oh my…
Theres a cat that comes into my back garden all the time, and I have a dog, so you’d expect the dog to scare away the cat; but no, my dog actually sits there and does nothing while the cat is hissing D:

Haha, everyone thinks I’m pretty sad for how much I like McFly. They’re the biggest boyband in the UK, have had 7 UK number 1s and two platinum and a gold selling album, so I don’t understand why they say “You’re the only one who likes them.” Pshh. Obviously not when they’ve had that much success ¬.¬

OMG Georgie. :) Sorry, before I say anything else…

My Ma went onto the NHS website and was filling in this form that was about swine flu. By the end, it was like THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGANCY, PHONE YOUR DOCTOR.
Actually, basically I’m a plague that might have swine flu. Holy fuck. O_O

But fucked does work and shitted doesn’t. ;)
And it’s okay about the review, stop worrying girl! *fish slap* XD

I don’t really mind right now. *shrugs* About staying at home, I mean.
It’s like, I don’t know what :L is meant to represent. Eh?
Go away! :P I tried making up my own without using any of yours for that reason. Kyana didn’t though. XD

Hehe my sister’s like that. :) Sorry, just a random ‘n’ weird question I had to ask… XD

Aww it must have been so cute to see a ball of white kitty fluff… Up until the pooping part x_x ! It’s almost as if he understood everything, with his face and his pooping revenge!

Hhahaha That is hilarious! First it was the cutest thing ever then it went from that to “You little shit!!”
Attitude little kitty that’s hilarious!

LOL LOL LOL LOL. That was FUNNYY if I may say so myself! xD It was! LOL. First; you didn’t know what it was. Second, the cutest thing, third the criticism; allow me; ‘you bitch’ LOL. And the way at the end you said those words. Gosh I love the way you talk about your stories! xP Do post it up on O1S if possible, meh wanna see! x3 ♥

Finally a new blog from moi! /bounce

LMFAO the cat took a shit on your lawn. XD Stupid cat. D:
Ahaha hey you should post that pic you got of it.

LOL. I have an error haunting my site!? D: Maybe I should just get rid of the paged comments completely.

All cats look mean XD they all have this extremely evil glare or something. You’d think I’d turn into a rock if I stared at it O_O

hey :)
aww it’s summer over here in London but it’s actually kind of pouring rain atm so :|
/huggle for warmth
STUPID CAT. that freakin sucks, it really does.
i think dogs are worse though, aren’t they?

LMFAO. It’s like that cat was getting back at you or something! XD What did that cat have against you? :P
You should post the picture of that bitchy cat.

Aw thank you! I never had really made a pink layout so I used pink hehe. Yeah I think it’s more likely to be spelled “Anna” than “Ana” but I don’t know. XD

Haha, I know and I was shocked when my mom told me because I am pretty sure it had been an adult who had written it. LMAO. XP

Nice site !(:

Ahah, what a bitchy cat who shits everywhere.
But before I read the part where it said that it was a cat, I thought it would’ve been bird pooop. :D

ahahahha .

I know right, lip glass is sticky and if you drink water or something, it gets on the cup.

hahah are you serious?? I honestly do not like cats. they give me that creepy stare and their eyes are soo freaking O_O its really annoying. i also dont like dogs and they dont like me either lol. some are cute and cuddly, like really smalls ones. some are just soo freaking huge and have slobber everywhere lol. some just bark at me for no reason /angry

(This is the 2nd half to my comment, responding to the comment you left. My first half of the comment is a response to your blog – i couldn’t access my site at the time to view your comment lulz) xD

Hahahaha just take my word for it – i’m SHREK, full stop . <– see that full stop right there BIATCH xD! hahaha.

Pffft your graphics used in your layouts are great. LOL the reason people return and revisit your site is BECAUSE it's great. Gosh Georgina you can be so silly sometimes xD ! Even though you're incredibly smart… :D You hell have good tutorials (Y)

Nawww, so is James pretty mature? Coz aren't girls meant to date guys 2 years older than them if they want the same maturity level.. or some crap? I remember a relief teacher I had once in primary school telling us that. LOL. It amazes me at how I can remember such stupid, insignificant events like that.

LOL Georgina you fail as a catholic, soz to say. But Moses would certainly not be happy xD OH WAIT, is Moses the guy who makes the red sea seperate? Is that Moses … eeek idk :B LOL. I fail with da bible, how ironic; my new years resolution was to become more religious :|

From now Ima start saying HOHOOOHOOOOO and raise my eyebrows suggestively whilst doing so. K ;) !

Omfg, how annoying. It would suck to be you in a way, because people probably hell take advantage of your niceness and then no sooner do you discover that you're pretty much running their whole website without knowing because you're helping that much, ya know? It sucks that people won't just look for answers by themselves first. Asking someone is what I do as a last resort, I normally check bulk tutorials, but prior to that i GOOGLE xD Google ftw.

Gah I hate it when people get so insulted easily, especially when you have no intentions of insulting them. It just ruins everything.

LOL exactly. Ah well I’m pretty sure that karma will come back and bite her pretty hard in her fatass someday. :D

AW when I was reading your blog the little furball sounded so delightfully cute. But then when it shit on your grass… so not cool dude. I probably would have chased it down and been like “WTF. WTF IS THIS? EXPLAIN YOURSELF BEYATCH.”

Great job on fixing up those tutorials, I’ll check them out soon. :)

I didn’t think The Devil Wears Prada was that good, still watchable though.

Carpet burn on your stomach? D: Ouchie. Those are pretty embarrassing, especially the one in front of your whole class. :O I trip and fall alot too.. especially when I wear high-heeled shoes, I just FAIL. Seriously.

LMAO. Aww, it’s what you get for waking the cat up. :P That’s his way of getting you back, haha.

My cat does that sometimes, as soon as I get up he sits in my place. So when I tell him to move he looks at me like “BITCH” with an evil stare. ¬.¬

I love cats, but I hate ones like that.
OMG I remember ages ago when my cat had diarrhea on my carpet. It was the yuckiest thing ever! Mum cleaned it up though, ILY. LOL.

i like eating leftovers i don’t know why, especially spaghetti ✌️

I am commenting on your site via my phone. Pretty weird experience. i hate cats. Fucking horrible creature. A dog would of been nicer. It would of l et you taken a picture and then shit on your grass. And it would of done it wagging its tail too. Lol

i am so glad you liked my last blog. It did make me smile recieving such amazing comments. Night now. I am actuall in bed and going to sleep one i submit this. X

lol @ cats…theres like a group of 4 of them that live near my house and they are just hanging out by a fence. They are all different colors so they aren’t related. They like to stand in the middle of the road for no reason :(

Me and faith are back yay ♥ Missed your site sooo much…gonna read up on your old blogs now /love

ROFL. The way you addressed the cat made me literally laugh out loud. XD lol, Gordon’s cat was totally a bitch to me at first (that reminds me), but now she seriously loves me… maybe more than she loves him. How odd. o_O

Haha I find that adorable. This whole story, I was kinda rooting for the cat. Please don’t hate me. I’ll clean the poop!

Yeah, it would be nice to relax during this break lol

OMG I would say something along the lines of “poor kittie…” except that cat was extremely rude /ehh Well, maybe some animals just can’t help themselves…I guess that’s no excuse though, huh?

It was pretty cold where I am too, but that was last week. Now it is totally hot outside. (H)

Lol fair enough. I swear you never get bored of reviewing. I mean, you’ve done like 4758437598437543 reviews haha.

Haha yeah I remember talking about it that’s why I said it /hehe I’m glad it’s made me more confident though, I needed it!

I can’t understand how you manage to do 2 or even 1 review a day, I get well bored of doing them lol. I love writing them but they do get boring after a while, especially when I come across the same errors or the same content on practically every site =/ I need to add tutorials actually. Lol, since January? You better add those ^_^

Lol, same goes for my sister. All she does is plays this gay online game all day. She sucks, just sucks.

Awwwwwww! I don’t know what I’d do if my dog ran away. I remember one time, she was out the front with us, off her lead and she just disappeared. We were searching for her for like 2 hours, we went everywhere. We came home, and she was just laying on the grass outside our house :| Haha, was funny but I was like crying thinking we lost her :( lol.

Nahh it’s okay, I just ran out of people to tag, so I don’t mind. I just didn’t want to say “I dunno who to tag so tag yourselves!” like I do in every blog. /hehe Lol.
GASPSSSS!! How dare you. I thought you’d stand by me and be all “I AGREE!! &%^&^&@”, instead you’re on the other side. I shall beat you with a stick!! /bash Well technically a hammer. I’ll beat you with a stick on Pop, because then they have this awesome stick poking smiley. /hehe Lol. XD
Oh by the way, would you like to be affies/online friends/etc ? :)

Ooh, I’ll try W3schools. And I’ll have a look through your tutorials! ;)

I know. That could go wrong… :O

Actually, I swear that according to them everyone will have swine flu. XD
Hehe I remember my bigass transition to XD So long ago… well it feels like it. And whew, a domain was the last thing I saw coming my way. :D

Aw hehe. :P Yeaaah but I am still dying over here…. mainly due to lemon flavoured ‘medicine’…
That — :L ——– is meant to be generally annoyed? :S Wowww.
It’s almost as dumb looking as xx-fluoresce-xx and xo-heartdrops–xo and it is definately as dumb as captchas.

Hopefully you won’t get sick though. *fingers crossed*

The one from that Didi loser? Now THAT made me laugh. :D Whoo.

Oh it’s really funny how you addressed the cat. It made me laugh! Hehe. :D
Do you ever get bored of writing reviews ? I mean you’ve done a lot, and you’re still doing reviews. So…you know what I mean. /eee

Oh yeah, I’m too young to make dinner myself! Hahah. My mum always scolds me for telling that.

It might do, but what sort of emotion is it meant to be? :L I still vote for a drooling perfectionist.

Man. I don’t know which is worse… enduring my time of the month or dying from swine flu. O_O Neither are exactly fun. And I mean, my headstone? My brother was hardly comforting (miracle! He talks!):

“Here lies Jorja Kate, a charming bitch who died because of pigs. From 1st Oct 1996 – 8th July 09. A sister who was practically my second mother and who never stopped nagging me to wash my hands. R.I.H, biatch. Girl who never went to father’s funeral with a blue steak.”

Gee thanks. :P

Grass and weed? You’ve tasted grass and weed? :P

I saw the option on the FU options and I was like “kill me before I use anything like that to torture anyone”. :/

I think Darren Kent was the best. Fucking douchebag. I must check that book I told you about, or at least nominate him for it. *nods*

Some people put Ephmeral Days or, once Effermeral. Eeeeeeewwwww. O_O
And so far, reviewees and reviewers have spelt Fluoresce right. :P I mean now I can spell that I can finally spell fluorescent, yeehee. :3

But yeah. The day will come when I see Flourese or something equally dumb. :( Shizass.

Lol, well you get what I mean :P 200 is still a lot though /bash Lol, you could never say no to reviewing :P I wish I could review so freely, like you :( I need to add tutorials too. I’ve started loads but haven’t finished them o_O

Haha, my sites nice to everyone XD I hate it when my step dad downloads, my internet basically dies :(

Everybody loves WordPress tutorials. I mean, most things seem so simple to do but when you’re first starting out, those tutorials really come in handy. When I first started using WP, there were hardly any tutorials, I had to learn everything by myself.. I was doing things wrong though lol. Yes, you do say poo a lot in my comments XD I need to add CSS tutorials too actually.

My sister plays this game called War Rock, it sucks… so much.

James is right, they are really repetitive. I used to do that too, especially with things about using the right font measurements etc. It’s easier to just copy and paste XD

I know!! She’s so dopey though, I don’t think she could run away XD haha

EW SHIT. That’s gross :/
If that cat asked you for a permission to shit on your grass, that cat is really polite :P

Thanks! Glad you liked the new layout :)

And I noticed you say poo a lot lately lol :P

Yeah, I’m still using smilies on my blogs though, because they make my blogs don’t look fake (kinda hard to explain -,-) even though my smilies look scary and I don’t want to be bothered installing plugin and uploading smilies again… but I hate using smilies on reviews, because they make my reviews look unprofessional :)

That is seriously the most fucking awesome blog of my life.

Ohhh goooshh.
Cats these days hahah.

I hope the food was at least good ;p

haha. no peeking on the fridge today.
hmm fish. now im really hungry. 🤤 haha i havent eaten breakfast yet. maybe never will.

yep i know how you feel. letters with my name on it give a really nice feeling. even though ones i get are only from the school or those government stuff. like health. whatever they are. (i dont even read those) /hehe

true. it really makes me wonder (wow. im gonna break it into a song. haha (H) ) how people can really talk properly, like theyre so confident and stuff, but they cant read properly. im like, where did all the confidence go?

Wow it had an evil look in that picture…*shivers* XD

Yeah I really like this layout! The colors are great! It sort of reminds me of pudding or something XD Yay for pink!

Yeah it was so hahaha XD

Maybe we should start reading classic books more often xD But I usually don’t really like them.. I already have to read them at school xD

Oh wow.. but it sounds like a lot of fun! Though I bet it’s toooons of work and learning and all that stuff.. but yay for meeting new friends :) Breaks always have been and always will be the best things about schools/colleges/unis – if you ask me xD

I think my parents would go crazy xD They don’t really like it when our neighbors cat or some weird dog is walkiing around in our garden and stuff.

:P definitely will!
oooh lmao!! funny blog /hehe ! i never knew cats could make that kind of face :O lmao stupid little cat! is it just a random cat or does it belong to one of your neighbors?

Never? You’ve never been called by your full name by angry parents? Whoa.

Oh, yes, you know, best combo ever. :]

What’s up with you?

Aww you had pets too? What kind? That sucks that you had to give them back but at least you were still able to have them in the house for a bit before you had to give them back!!

Whoa that’s weird I don’t think my comment posted the first time… O_o Well anyways here’s my comment :P

Ah! I saw the picture. The cat looked evil in it. Eek!

Oh yeah I see that your layout is pink :D The colors are really nice and they actually remind me of pudding or something XD

Ahah I know XD

One of the childs mothers even admitted to lying for money. All he wanted was peace, and thats why he paid $12 million for a kid to keep quiet, even though he didn’t harm the child. You’re right though, MJ gets all the bad press, when other people have done much worse.

I like dogs a lot more than cats, too. My friend says that if you own more then one cat, you’re crazy, so I often use the phrase “She has cats.” and people have no idea what I mean haha.

Haha, they have a lot of fans worldwide. The Brazillian fans are wild, though; they camped for 15 days to see them! I can only queue for 8 hours and I get bored after 10 minutes :P

HAHAHA aww lmao. That poor little cat ♥ Just kidding, poor Georgina! All you wanted was a picture. That’s nasty though, I would’ve been so pissed if it decided to do its business on my grass.

This is totally random, but we have the same kind of screen door/glass door thing! haha.

Haha, omg that cat sounds so cute!
Maybe it wanted to come inside and steal some of your spagetti?

LMAO! Aww, sorry the cat shit on your grass, but it sounds so cute! lol I hope it didn’t get drenched in the rain, lol! That’s so funny /hehe

haha thanks again :)
LOls dogs just plain scare me.
cats are okay, i see loads of them in my back garden from time to time.
they’re BLACK and white. i’m not superstitious either.
lol i hate my old site (N)

Thanks for the comment (:

Yeah, I know.
I neeeeeed internet wherever I go. :P
Thanks for the comment on my layout[;

LOL really.

aww how come you’re in a bad mood lately?

xD i know right?

agh, i forgot it’s winter there. wait–it rains in winter for you? O_o

D: you’re never too old to ride roller coasters! =o

I hope you do do well in university. :D
hehe, i said do do.

XD Alright I’ll go check the kitty out.

That is so sad. :( Have you ever read the book “Where the Red Fern Grows”? If not, here it is in a nutshell: there’s these two hunting dogs, siblings, that this boy raises. They get attacked by some big animal, and one has its internal organs start falling out on the way home. It dies and is buried in the backyard. The other one lays on its grave until it dies, too. X( I’m worried, because when my dogs die (they’re only… let’s see… eight? almost nine?), they might be like that, because they’re siblings and we’ve had them since just a couple months after their birth. We adopted them from the humane society. Hmm… I should stop this train of thought before my overemotional nature and PMSing make me burst into tears. :P

Oh, have you ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End? I always cry at the end of that movie. It’s so easy for me, when I see movies and read books, to imagine the characters’ lives as *my* life. :(

Cats are low-maintenance, but dogs are so… playful and lovey. :D I’m just an animal lover, ehehe. ♥

Lol, I don’t drink tea either, I just don’t like the taste of it /hehe

Aww, a kitty! One time I accidentally stepped on my kitty because I thought he was one of my pillows on my bed, I was walking on my bed because I was hanging things on the ceiling or something like that :P

It shit on your grass? Our kitty doesn’t shit on grass, he only does it in gardens and stuff.

Arghh, I know! I hate it when I just say hi and then nothing, I feel so ignored =/

Aww, thank you for the compliments on the new layout <33

Lol, ya, I was referred to as Carl and they thought I was a guy :P

Aw, no offense, but poor cat. /um It’s an animal! It doesn’t no better as to whether or not it should poo on someone’s grass. While I know stray animals can be an irritation… I dunno. I personally hope the kitty is somewhere safe and warm and dry. Perhaps cozy on a warm cat bed. ♥ But maybe that’s just the animal lover in me. /eee

Anyhow! I asked my friend and in English, it IS Quebecer. In French though, it’s as Michelle said. Quebecois! 👏

Your weather is kinda like my weather! :D

What can I say, that’s one deceiving cat. XD

Oh I took it off D: I couldn’t stand the error thing. It’s there for some people and it’s not there for other people. Plus the fact that I have no idea how to get rid of it. It’s so annoying ;< I've tried pretty much everything.

I bet your cold can never compare to the frightful Chicago winters. Ahh…I actually bet it’s warmer there now than it is here and it’s summer. All there is is rain rain rain and it’s even chilly. This has been by far the worst summer ever with weather.

LMAO about the cat. I love cats but wow what a bitch! At least your grass is now fertilized. haha. ew.

Thank you for the compliment to my layout. I felt really silly when I was taking pictures of the typewriter, because I was just standing over it for five minutes snapping away in the middle of a room full of other people /eee

I was thinking of being futuristic, but a coat would be too warm here. And I wouldn’t want anything nice to get dirty. Luckily I thought of something from the past that isn’t too complicated, but thanks for the idea!

Ohmygoodness, I was just looking back at my old review by you, and it was when I was still using tables to make my layouts… /hehe

my friend laughed soooo much when my cat had diarrhea LOL. I had to explain to her that never happens, but now she thinks my cat shits everywhere. I’m pretty sure my cat was sick too :( poor caatttt.

I wish my step dad didn’t know how to use the internet. He puts a schedule on, so we can’t go on it from 11pm till 5pm the next day :| but I know the username and password so I change it haha. I can’t change it when he’s home though :( Wow, an hour and 11% that sucks haha.

Yeah, thats so simple to do but loads of people don’t know how to do it haha. I’ve been using WP since July 2008 and there were literally no tutorials on it =/ The Codex and documentation is poo, you’re right. I like sharing my knowledge when I learn something new :) I might make a layout tutorial though, people have been asking but my layouts are so simple =/

Lmao I used to do that as well. It’s so much easier then writing the same thing 3847548354 times.

How are you today anyway?

Oh yeah. Making some beautiful brushes isn’t an easy job. I wonder how they do them.

Oh, I’m just into High School. But, 6 subjects isn’t so new to me, because I already finished a year in High school. Really, I don’t know how the hell I’m going to study. LOL. Everything seems like Greek and Latin. :D