You Know My Name

I’m slightly bored so it’s new post time. Today, 5th July, is James’s and my 17 month anniversary. 🙂 ♥️ 👏

I wanted to blog, because I’ve been a bit buggered lately. I know it probably is my fault, but I get a bit annoyed when people call my website “Heart Drops”. The name is Heartdrops. One word. Mainly it’s people reviewing me that write it incorrectly. I mentioned it on my website page, that it is one word. You’d think that if they were reviewing they’d at least get it right.

But, well, as I mentioned, it could be my fault. I only write my website as “Heartdrops” though. In my layouts, I don’t even space out the words. I’m not blaming anyone but it just annoys me. As Cozza mentioned, “Heart Drops” gives a completely different meaning to “Heartdrops” – I like to say that my website is a noun. What does “heart drops” mean anyway? 😧

I tried to make it blatant in my previous layout, writing “Heartdrops” on my header. I guess people just don’t take notice. I guess I could make it a versatile name because as I mentioned once, my website name can be sad, like a heart dropping, if you want to put it that way. Or have some sort of sentimentality to it, or to be happy and fun like candy drops, or to be like raindrops in the shape of hearts.

In a way I guess it’s good. But let me put it this way – it’s a lot easier to type “Heartdrops” than it is to type “Heart Drops” or “HeartDrops”. Who wants to press the shift key? 😉

I had a similar issue with my old website at My website name was Out The Window. It was actually like that for many years. I used “jazzmo” as the subdomain because it was my nickname at the time. No matter how large the font on my layouts reading “Out The Window”, people still called my website “Jazzmo” or even “Jazz Mo”. I thought Heartdrops would provide a smooth transition with no confusion, but ah, it strikes again. 😅

This doesn’t occur with website names only, but people’s names as well. I’m sure it isn’t such a hassle to ask someone how their name is spelled, or check the spelling, before publishing it somewhere.

Has your name ever been spelled wrong somewhere? I remember someone reviewed me, and throughout the entire review, they referred to me as “Georgia”. Which is a completely different name from “Georgina”. I know “Georgie” is as well, but that is clearly a nickname of my full name.

Luckily I don’t have many name issues as my best friend Lilian, which, by the way, is spelled with one ‘L’: Lilian.

No offense, and I’m not targeting anyone, but quite a few of you have spelled it with two ‘L’s in your comments. 😛 And I believe she has been more annoyed over getting her own name spelled wrong than I have growled over people getting my website name wrong, in all my web designing history. I mean, they spelled it wrong in the newspaper. 😰

Moreover, I feel sorry for you guys with names that may be difficult to spell, or even pronounce, but that is a different story. 🙂

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