You Know My Name

I’m slightly bored so it’s new post time. Today, 5th July, is James’s and my 17 month anniversary. :) ♥️ /clap

I wanted to blog, because I’ve been a bit buggered lately. I know it probably is my fault, but I get a bit annoyed when people call my website “Heart Drops”. The name is Heartdrops. One word. Mainly it’s people reviewing me that write it incorrectly. I mentioned it on my website page, that it is one word. You’d think that if they were reviewing they’d at least get it right.

But, well, as I mentioned, it could be my fault. I only write my website as “Heartdrops” though. In my layouts, I don’t even space out the words. I’m not blaming anyone but it just annoys me. As Cozza mentioned, “Heart Drops” gives a completely different meaning to “Heartdrops” – I like to say that my website is a noun. What does “heart drops” mean anyway? :O

I tried to make it blatant in my previous layout, writing “Heartdrops” on my header. I guess people just don’t take notice. I guess I could make it a versatile name because as I mentioned once, my website name can be sad, like a heart dropping, if you want to put it that way. Or have some sort of sentimentality to it, or to be happy and fun like candy drops, or to be like raindrops in the shape of hearts.

In a way I guess it’s good. But let me put it this way – it’s a lot easier to type “Heartdrops” than it is to type “Heart Drops” or “HeartDrops”. Who wants to press the shift key? ;)

I had a similar issue with my old website at My website name was Out The Window. It was actually like that for many years. I used “jazzmo” as the subdomain because it was my nickname at the time. No matter how large the font on my layouts reading “Out The Window”, people still called my website “Jazzmo” or even “Jazz Mo”. I thought Heartdrops would provide a smooth transition with no confusion, but ah, it strikes again. /hehe

This doesn’t occur with website names only, but people’s names as well. I’m sure it isn’t such a hassle to ask someone how their name is spelled, or check the spelling, before publishing it somewhere.

Has your name ever been spelled wrong somewhere? I remember someone reviewed me, and throughout the entire review, they referred to me as “Georgia”. Which is a completely different name from “Georgina”. I know “Georgie” is as well, but that is clearly a nickname of my full name.

Luckily I don’t have many name issues as my best friend Lilian, which, by the way, is spelled with one ‘L’: Lilian.

No offense, and I’m not targeting anyone, but quite a few of you have spelled it with two ‘L’s in your comments. :P And I believe she has been more annoyed over getting her own name spelled wrong than I have growled over people getting my website name wrong, in all my web designing history. I mean, they spelled it wrong in the newspaper. 😰

Moreover, I feel sorry for you guys with names that may be difficult to spell, or even pronounce, but that is a different story. :)

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OOH. Did I do Heart Drops.. *runs back and checks* no.. I don’t think so. Unless I have somewhere else.. D: but yeah, that is annoying when people do that. I’m anxious now as to whether I’ve done it.. /: /:

Aww man, that must suck for you! Like I told you, I see it and it’s like, huh?
And also like I said, people used to spell E.D. as Ephemeraldays. It’s two words, people! *Rolls eyes*

I think the funniest spelling of my name was Jeorgia Catie. How fucking far can you be?!! Jorja Kate. Ta-da!

Awww poor Lilian! They always spell my surname wrong: Braddle or Braddill or Bradel, I mean come on. It’s not HARD.

In reply to your comment: Oh so in a way it’s not that bad, but yours truly is too lazy to fuss over installing and themes and shit. XD

Happy aniversary for you an James!!! ♥

Jazz Mo = 🤬

It is most huhu. :X

Happy 17 months ♥ :P :D

Lillian = 😰 ! (should be Llilliann). Noone ever gets it right, I swear

Heart drops could be some sort of poetic phrase, or some sort of exotic, sadly lost-in-translation type of sweet /bounce


Oh! Silly me, forgot to say Happy Anniversary for you and James *awwe* ♥

Awwww! ♥ I love this blog =D Hehehehe! *hugs*

Firstly, *clears throat*


Hehehe, I’m sorry, I totally HAD TO! xD It’s an awesome song!

Aw man, I can’t believe you’re having a similar name-confusion problem with HEARTDROPS. *sigh*. Poor you. That Out The Window/ Jazzmo thing was a pain in the butt. *hugs*.

Seriously, if people look at your site properly, surely they’d pick up that it’s “Heartdrops” and not “Heart Drops” or whatever. So many people chatspeak in the most ridiculous ways because of laziness. SURELY they do not relapse momentarily in their laziness simply to type your site name out incorrectly…*grumbles*

Omg, I remember that review! Georgia? GEORGIA? That’s completely DIFFERENT to GEORGINA. I mean if she did it ONCE, it would be like. Okay, so it’s a typo. But come ON. Georgia isn’t even a nick name for “Georgina”…*sigh*

YES! You are correct! I get VERY annoyed when my name is spelt incorrectly…T-T. I know a lot of people spell it with two L’s, but STILL! AAAAAAAAARGH! HOW HARD IS IT TO LEAVE OUT ONE L?

Oh, that stupid tabloid newspaper article. *grrr*. How very mean of it!. LOL, I remember your blog comment to that. It was HILARIOUS… =D

Oh, I agree! I feel sorry for people whose names are hard to spell too!. *sympathy hug*

I agree with what you’re saying above, as well. Everyone enjoys making ‘Anjie’ into ‘Angie’. It’s completely different. >.>

Oh, I know! Nothing can destroy old phones. But new ones kill at the drop of a hat.

CONVERTED! SP is it’s own religion. ^^

Imagine if their mother did actually Christen them with that name: “How I make 500 dollars a day online”. They’d call them ‘How’ for short, and spend ages saying their whole name when they were angry with them. :)

The car thing must have hurt. As if they’d reverse into your back. Thats what wing mirrors are for idiots!! Poor Georgie. :(

The Heart Drops thing must get annoying. I’m just spelling it like that to say that version must get annoying. I know it’s Heartdrops Georgie!! I can’t believe they called you Georgia throughout a whole review, that’s incredibly unprofessional. Bad reviewer!! At least you got a girls name though. I wrote my name down for this competition when I was on holiday and they thought it said ‘Andy’. Their shouting out ‘Andy’ saying he’d won first prize when it was me. Very embarrasing. :0 My handwriting surely can’t be that bad.

I remeber reviewing you on Out The Window. I removed the old reviews from my site when I converted to WordPress, but still have them. I’ll have to check that I wrote the site name down as Out The Window and not Jazzmo.

I’ve probably spelt Lilian wrong before. Sorry Lilian!!

Haha yeah.. though it still smelled gooooood :D

Hehe.. I like that nickname but it just doesn’t suit a 20 year old girl – or almost 20 year old girl. If you call a lil girl “Swetik” it’s cute xD

Haha yeah xD Imagine your kids ask you when you had your first kiss and you tell them you were drunk and at some club’s bathroom xD What a rolemodel xD

Yeah. I like to play with the fire; but I don’t want to get burned so I am really careful :) My cousins husband never believes me when I say I am a good girl.. actually no one really believes it xD They have no idea how good I am :D

Wow.. people review your site and don’t really give a damn how your sitename is spelt? I hope I never did that before… and I hate it when people spell my name wrong. Because you can spell Swetlana either with a “w” or a “v”. My aunt and my cousin’s name is Svetlana – mine is Swetlana. My English teacher always spells it wrong. And I am in his class for two years already. I mean, I write my name on my tests and stuff and when I get it back with the rating paper he always spells my name with a “v” – every time. xD

I am glad that my name is kinda easy to spell. Also my last name. I had two classmates with really hard to spell and pronounce last names xD It was always a great time at the beginning of the new school year when the teacher tried to say their last names and it still is xD

As do I. Plus, Angie doesn’t sound right, as a nickname to my full name. It just doesn’t make sense. Anjie does. I never go by my full name, anyway. XD ‘Cept when I’m in trouble, of course.

Whoa. That’s gotta be ancient. Mine is.. non-existent, at the moment. So, of course, it’s indestructible. XD

If I learn to knit Georgie, I will knit you a scarf. But by the time I learn it’ll be summer in Aus, and winter here. LOL.

I don’t get annoyed with people spelling my name wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. I mean, one of my affiliates links me by “” And I am like…”Hmm…okay”. It happens. I mean it’s a domain, and it’s Gordon, not Gordan. But as the saying goes; to breathe is human. I still haven’t told her, s’pose I never will. She might just see it one day and change it.

Most my offline aliases have a disambiguation on my real name. e.g. Showlar. It’s how my name is pronounced. <3

Naww I love your specialness & weirdness /hehe YOU WOULDN’T BE GEORGINA IF YOU WERE NORMAL!

:O ha when I drink water I always remember the time when I did this bet thing with my mate Renae, to see who could drink the most 1L bottles within an hour at school.. she drank 4 bottles, I drank 5 and a half. We had a soccer game and she was crying on the bus there because she needed to pee that bad, I was PMSL’ing /ehe

Omg, I agree! I think that’s one of the main reasons twilight haters have emerged; because of how famous it is and how over rated it is. 1 thing I can’t stand is when people claim it’s better than Harry Potter; NO FUCKING WAY! 😝 HP FTW <3 LULZ.

Hehe I already congratulated you & James on twitter, but once again; YAY FOR 17 MONTHS! I think you guys will end up getting married :)

:O /bounce I GOT MENTIONED! Bahahaha, thanks "Georgia" xP Just kidding. But arghhh words can't describe how wrong it is when people misspell your name or what evs. It sucks though coz even after you've mentioned it countless amount of times via your blogs & pages people are still going to write "Heart Drops" :@
Oh and I'm sincerely sorry to Lilian if i've ever spelt her name with 2 L's.

Well ok spelling someone's name wrong is bad enough, but pronouncing it wrong is on a whole different level. People usually spell my name without the E like "Cory" it's freaking COREY, hence why I just tell everyone my nickname; Cozza xD But when pronouncing my name people don't even call me Corey, I usually get mistaken for Cody /snort /angry I mean WTF, Cody is not a girls name (ok Corey isn’t typically a girls name either, but it can be xD) it frustrates me so bad + it’s uber embarrassing :@ /end of rant (soz haha)

Btw, you’re on fire with your reviews! You completed one in 25 mins, gah you speed machine 👏 !
Sorry about the long comment, can’t help myself your blogs are too interesting (so technically it’s your fault LOL – jk)

Aww I hope you and James have a nice anniversary together :]

I think ‘Heart Drops’ sounds more like ‘dropping a heart’, even though that makes sense. Wheras ‘Heartdrops’ sounds a lot more like drops of hearts, like on the site info page.

The reason my subdomains were always what my my sites name was, was because of people doing that. How can people be so stupid to NOT know the site name? It’s written in the title, in the sidebar, on the layout, and pretty much everywhere else.

My names been spelled wrong since I started school, though. They write is as ‘Dannielle’ and every year my mom has wrote ‘DANIELLE’ on every form, and they’re too stupid to change it. I usually write ‘DaNi’ on my work so they get the idea that there is only 1 ‘N’, but yep, too stupid… /angry

yeah, who wants to press the shift key?? hahaha! i know right. it’s just like names of people. Like my name! some bloggers spell my name Chiuiu or chiuiu or chui or whatever they piss me off. :( It’s because my name is kinda confusing. gosh. blame my name. XD
but your website name is kinda easy to remember. idk why they still make mistakes like that. haha.

You know, I have the same problem on this one MMORPG. I play. My username is Jeansenglish (My favorite subject is English and I always wear jeans to English Class). Not Jean’s English. And I can have twelve of my friends standing by me in the game and be like, “Hey, Lish, what’s up?” and someone will come up and say “Hey, Jean, I like your outfit.” 😢

It is REALLY, really annoying. And I would be pissed if someone came up and called my WEBSITE “Lished Out Love”.

Yeah I could never being myself to like the header image so I just deleted it. I think the layout looks better purely CSS based, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, RAWR. Lmao, just kidding, but yeah. :)

It’s the same thing with me. I have no problem linking people in my credits and stuff, as long as they deserve the link for whatever reason it may be.

LOL damnnn I don’t get an award for finding the green box. xD Plus it’s part of a set, so it’s even less significant lmao. Ah well, the enjoyment I felt when I found it was satisfying enough. xD

YAY FOR FINDING MY PIXEL DUDE. I read your email, and LMFAO I laughed so hard at your screenshot, but yeah you sure found him. ;) I’ll email your “award” to you.

Omg 17 months? That’s long, yo. :) Congratulations to both of you, ;) And I hope it lasts FOREVER! :( Hehe.

I really like your site name. :) It just gives out a cute vibe in my opinion haha.

Omg my name has been mispelled countless times because everyone usually spells it WITH A FUCKING J. You have no idea how angry this makes me.. like for goodness sakes my name is Gillian with A FUCKING G BITCH. A G.

BLARGH. A G…. it’s a G. Even after I’ve told people that they continue to spell it wrong by “habit”. Well you know what? They can suck my non existent cock.

That’s my new favorite phrase btw.

To be honest I thought your web site name was Heart Drops it didn’t make sense to me, but now as heartdrops I get it a little reminds me of candy /bounce People miss spell my name a lot whether in Arabic or English, in English they call me Sofia or Sofiya or Sofa @_@ I know I aint no sofa my name is Sophia I don’t care if it’s weird. haha lol @ Georgia, isn’t that a font?! I used it in my previous layout i think :P

Wtf. I put being myself.. I meant “get myself”.

I get annoyed when people spell my name with one L (Michele) or with only one E (either Michell or Michel). Mostly because it’s just *not* my name.

As far as Imaginary Sunshine goes, it doesn’t matter much to me if they go with Imaginary Sunshine or imaginarysunshine/Imaginarysunshine. Either works for me. It’s meant to be 2 words, but I get that there could be some ambiguity, since the url is one word and there’s no hyphen.

I like the name heartdrops – and I totally know what you’s not like heart drops its like to me, it sounds like a candy or rain drops in the shape of hearts :D

I guess spelling is always an issue. People have such a hard time spelling my real name so I guess I just ignore it? haha. Or, if they spell it right they can’t say it or something. SO annoying.

And yeah, sometimes people even spell Kari wrong o-o.

Happy anniversary! Wow, seventeen months. That’s a big one.

I liked how you explained that ‘Heartdrops’ and ‘Heart Drops’ are totally different because it’s true. Your name does remind me of candy and I love it! (Y)

Hey Georgie. :) I’m staying home tomorrow due to my flu-iness so it would be awesome if I could talk to you in the morning, because no one will be on MSN. :P
Hopefully I can flog Tuesday as well, as I feel rotten, and that’s the last official working day of the year. I’ll have to endure the trip to the castle down the road though… fun. :X

Ha, same. :P It means donkey.

Yup, must’ve hurt. Aw, at least you do feel guilty (not that I thought you were some machine thing stuck on ’emotionless’).
Aww but at least you have Christmas in summer. :D

Ghost of You is a great song. :3 And by all means, steal it. I hate it. XD I mean my surname is shit but to spell it so weirdly is rude. :P

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I used your Favicon Tutorial and I really appreciate the help, although it wasn’t exactly directly given… anyway thank you very much. =)

Happy 17 months! 👏

I get why people would mistakenly call your site “Heart Drops,” but you do make it pretty clear that it’s one word. Shame on those reviewers who get it wrong though! It makes me wonder if they even do a good job of looking through your site, because clearly, they’re not reading what you’ve written… Sounds like a sign of a shoddy reviewer, if you ask me.

For me, I don’t even know if I want Love Chem to be one word or two words – so anything goes for my site, haha. I know I’m very inconsistent, since it says “Love Chem” in the title but “lovechem” on my header, haha! Just goes to show you that even *I* don’t know how I want it to be written!

My last name was spelled wrong twice in the annual art show of the art school I used to take classes at. Two years in a row. It’s not even a strange name. It’s spelled exactly how it sounds! Sometimes people are just careless, and it can make people feel bad when they seem their name spelled incorrectly.

@_@ That is so annoying! Most people spell my name like “Aron” or “Arron”… I’m like, my name is A-A-R-O-N, not A-R-O-N nor A-R-R-O-N! As for my old site, it was called RetroBlast – just like that. I didn’t like Retro Blast – IDK why but I just didn’t :-P

Thanks :D LOL, yeah, I had to crop the picture so many times to try and get it centered. It kept going over to the left and that was bugging me.

Oh, they changed it? Goes to show how much I actually browse Twitter XD It has so many functions now. I think I liked it better when there was just “Follow” or “Unfollow”

Haha yeah! They should just look up to that person and ~want~ to be like them :P just… not to the point where they steal stuff.

Happy (late) 17th month anniversary! :D

Haha, people never seem to get the name right. :P Well, at least now I know your site name is one word :D I’ve always been pretty confused about it XD I have no idea what “heart drops” means, though.

Everyone pretty much spells everything wrong nowadays. Especially in newspapers, LOL. It’s so ridiculous how even the major publishing papers can’t bother to check if they referenced the right person or not. My teacher was reading the newspaper for our county and it was funny because they couldn’t get the name of my school’s basketball team’s players right. Sad. XD

Your name is unique, though :D I’ve never heard of the name Georgina, that’s so cool. I can understand if people thought they spelt your name wrong, but it’s not that hard to remember.

Oh btw, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get your comments to split into pages? :O

Nice site.
Lol about the name thing. My website is Dustland Silhouette, but I don’t really care how people space it.

I feel sorry for you and Lilian now. Also just incase I’ve accidentally made a misspelling, sorry.

oh, you and your domains :P!

happy 17th month anniversary! Hope it’s a good one :P
Oh thanks!! I fixed it now :D
ooh that sucks with the name thing! i think of Heartdrops as candy rain shaped hearts if that makes sense! /eee lol

grrr Happy b-day for you and james!!! hahaha /hehe /hehe /hehe /hehe you deserve it guys.

I know how you feel. Many people spell my name Christina and it’s Cristina. But they don’t understand this. I like heartdrops and heart drops. HAHAHA are cute my sweet angel 👏 👏 👏

well for me heartdrops means something cute, like hearts, pink. I don’t know :D

I put a link to you in my new blog, because I wrote some advices to find help. I hope that you don’t mind:) Love you /love /love /love

oh and your the 20th commenter :D i’ll email you with detailish sutff xD

Haha I loved this blog! Georgia…hmm it doesn’t match you! I remember a review that called your Georgia! /hehe I believe it was…umm Jessica from flawless secret haha I was laughing the whole time I read that. :D Jazzmo…JazzMo I hate pressing the shift key I’m too lazy….capitals. I love your name heartdrops the beginning I visited your site! It is such a cute name. I wish there were heartdrops instead of raindrops falling from the sky 👏
Has your name ever been spelled wrong somewhere?
Hm I prefer myself as Jen but some of my hostees link me as Jennifer XD And some affiliates call me Jenn and Jenny…totally different /argh

Happy 17 month anniversary – I love this layout! :)

My name often gets spelled wrong. :( One girl, when she tagged me, even spelled my name wrong in the tag, despite the fact that my name was, at the time, on every page of my site. WOW. :/

I can’t imagine how everybody could be so dense. :(

Thank you so much for reassuring me, haha. Oh, and I’m sure Gordon is going to look at that site later. I’m too scared to. :P

Oh, by the way, I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties commenting me. :( I’m loving the URL blocker, though, as I haven’t gotten any spam since!

I have that problem often, not with the website… but with my name. Both first and last. AnneMarie, my name happens to have an “e” unlike some who spell it AnnMarie. Plus there is no space of hyphen, just Anne and Marie put together. Really, people make it so complicating. I’m tell them “Anne with an “e” and then Marie with a capital M, no space.” My last name should be super easy to spell, Ladlad? Really… “lad” twice, but still people are like what? And then when they pronounce it they say, land or something, I’m like that’s extremely off. /ehh

ahah its kinda annoying b/c I miss hanging out with my friends cause I wake up at like 4 pm xD

ahaha; the 2nd movie was really good too! She had a interesting part ! xD lmao

Aww, happy 17 month anniversary to you two!

Grr, I would personally hate it if people called my site Heart Drops as opposed to Heartdrops. You’re right Heart Drops has a different meaning :P

I remember, one time on my old site, a review called me Carl through the whole thing!

Aww, poor Lilian! She got it spelled wrong in the newspaper! That must have been quite the experience!

Thanks Georgie! Ya I agree! Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll fix it! 👏

Thanks Georgina! :) I was super happy with those exams results turned out way better than I expected.

LOL yeah we have these cars with sensors that when you touch them a loud alarm goes off, to prevent people from stealing your car and stuff. :P

And Twinkies are SO GOOD, but extremely fattening haha.

Thanks for submitting your love letter! IT WAS HILARIOUS. I laughed so hard and I’m pretty sure Ryan did too. It was pretty dirty yo. LOL.

Naah I don’t think the whole green set hunt thing is very easy at all. xD It was by luck that I came across the green box, but next time I’m bored I’m definitely coming here to hunt for more, muahaha.

LMFAO GAMES. Omg.. that was actually really funny. I burst out laughing at my computer screen.. it was creepy. Anyways, G PWNS AND.. yeah. See your twitter username would have been so much better if it was georgina instead of jeorgina. Lmfao.

AHAHA AWW Georgumsie! ♥ I read your love letter to Ryan at paperplanes! You dirty minded girl!!! /hehe Haha i totally remembered because I got reviewed at that site too! LMAO Georgia! That just made me laugh she your entire name wrong in the review /hehe

Thanks. Do you think the font is hard to read?

Well, they’re putting the episode one the internet so I’ll link it from my site.

The boy in the striped pyjamas is such a sad film. It’s to do with WW2.

Yeah, they said my age was against me even though the role was for a 12 year old and I’m only 14. I feel sorry for all the little kids that went along, and there were loads of them, ‘cos they only gave roles to adults.

Oh, some people spell my name wrong all the time! They spell it like Tesa or Tessa or the funniest yet, Texa.

Sometimes people spell my name or site wrong, but then again I’ve done the same mistakes as well so I can’t get frustrated by the thought!

Happy 17 monthes to you and James ♥ I hope you had a great day together! :)

I’ve never owned a car with an alarm thing, but it’s definitely possible to set your own car off if you don’t disable the alarm first LOL.
I’ve seen Ryan’s brother do it countless times and it’s hilarious. We just watch him from the upstairs window and laugh our heads off as he panics to find the key to the car and stop the insane sound. xD

LOLOL oh myyyyyyy. I don’t want to know the conversations with you and James. LMAO.

Haha yeah my hiding skills are pro. *sarcasm* But you’ve hid yours pretty freeken well! Can’t find shit. >.< I WILL SOMEDAY. Just watch.

Screw the newb who stole your name on twitter LOL. That's still so hilarious about the Games thing, but it's cute! :D Georgina + James = GAMES YAY GO ME.

Whenever I refer to both of you I'm using that now lmao.

Uhh I don’t know if it submitted b/c I submitted it once already but it never showed up.. so I’m doing it again just incase. :P

I’ve never owned a car with an alarm thing, but it’s definitely possible to set your own car off if you don’t disable the alarm first LOL.
I’ve seen Ryan’s brother do it countless times and it’s hilarious. We just watch him from the upstairs window and laugh our heads off as he panics to find the key to the car and stop the insane sound. xD

LOLOL oh myyyyyyy. I don’t want to know the conversations with you and James. LMAO.

Haha yeah my hiding skills are pro. *sarcasm* But you’ve hid yours pretty freeken well! Can’t find shit. >.< I WILL SOMEDAY. Just watch.

Screw the newb who stole your name on twitter LOL. That's still so hilarious about the Games thing, but it's cute! :D Georgina + James = GAMES YAY GO ME.

Whenever I refer to both of you I'm using that now lmao.

I really do think there is a Chinatown everywhere lol! It seems like such a popular place. BTW I totally enjoyed your contest entry you left Gillian!

yay! Someone else who likes war movies! :)

Yeah acting so has it’s disadvantages. But there’ll be plenty of other auditions here’s hoping. After I’ve finished filming “Painting With Teadrops”, which starts filming within the month!

yes! I finally get to be reffered to as a dinosaur! :P

Yay for saving it from the spam! :D

Yeah car alarms annoy the shit out of me. They make me want to curl up in a ball and die.

Although some of them are bearable.

LMAO thanks for the massive hint. I’ll look near the bottom of pages now. :D

HAHAHA so I’m not the only one! Wheeee.

Thanks for telling me. ;)

awww you should see it one day; (: I actually haven’t read the books b/c I never had the, but my friends who read it told me so I pretty much know whats its about;

ahaha xD; i dont like waking up at 11; I feel as if I wasted half of my day sleeping; I like waking up at like 9 (: i think its the perfect time to wake up in the summer [summer for me xD]

Happy anniversary :) :) That’s awesome. My boyfriend jussst celebrated our 25 month last week!

Getting things spelled or pronounced wrong SUCKS. My name is often pronounced wrong, since there are so many spellings over here, ugggh.

Sorry about your website name though, I hope people start getting it right. :)

How was your weekend??

Awesome, your welcome. :)

I would be buggered too if I were you! /argh Though, for me, I don’t really have a site name. 🙄 Just my name! Though, like Lilian I’d be waaaay annoyed if people spelled my name wrong. /angry Poor thing. *hugs*

Hi there! First off, love the site.
Happy Anniversary! Even though I’m a few hours late. D:

Girl, I know how you feel. I saw an affie of mine put my site name as ‘Kwin Sturr’ and I was like.. what type of .. *S* swear*, rofl. A lot of people spell my real name wrong, which is Quynh. they spell it like Quhn, Quyhn, Quyn, etc. and it makes me mad T.T It’s pronounced just like Quin & Kwin. I made kwin because i guess it’s the ‘easiest to read/pronounce’.

I’ll send some toaster strudels your way! *throws* LOL. Not sure how far that’d get, though.

Oh yeah! I found that plugin too LOL. Dude, I never knew you could do that! I was just browsing twitter plugins because my other wp-twitter one was being stupid :(

Copying is just flat out stupid. I mean, it’s great to get inspired by someone’s style and all, but people should just create their own styles and add their own designs.

Editing a big newspaper is hard, but they are getting paid.. at least they should do their work decently! :( There are SO many errors in one newspaper sometimes that it’s just flat out stupid. Almost makes you wonder what the editor has been doing at work. D:

LOL, did you take a picture of your carrot man. :O I think that would’ve become an interesting picture XD

Ah me neither D: I don’t watch TV anymore because my dad switched back to regular broadcasting and I don’t have satellite anymore. There’s hardly anything to watch when you have so few channels :( plus, it’s such a bother to have to change the antenna around so it can catch a signal.

& okay! :D Thanks for the link. I’ve been trying to find out how to page my comments because it’s annoying having to scroll so far down sometimes just to get to the comment box and have to scroll up and down to read and comment at the same time.

haha it’s cool, georgie, i know exactly where you’re coming from. people would spell my site aestheticin toxication. wtf does aestheticin mean? is that even a word? -_-

at least this time you’ve made it loud & clear. i get irritated when people can’t spell my name correctly too. but i mean it’s not always their fault although my name is spelled the most standard way..and not Tiffani or Tiffanie or Tifanie. OH MAN it bugs me when people spell my name tif. the hell. where is the other f?

That’s crappy when people get your site name wrong, I would’ve been annoyed too. Heart Drops has a completely different meaning; that’s a noun and a verb together….and I have no idea where I’m going with this. But reviewers should get it right, the site name is there clearly on the layout -_-
Oh wow I could relate to this blog. There’s only one person except for my parents in my entire life to pronounce my name correct on the first try. It was pronounced wrong at my graduation ceremony, spelled wrong in my yearbook, spelled wrong by every teacher I had x(
I feel for your friend Lilian, and for every other person who’ve had their name spelled wrong.

Haha thanks ^_^ but NOOO you would regret saying that if you saw the edited photos unedited. Gah D: LOL.

Hmmm maybe I’ve been blocked from logging in too? How odd, though yeah I can still log into my cpanel fortunately.

Yeah I emailed my current host about 3 days ago but she hasn’t replied (she’s not very active), your host is Kya at eh? Yeah I’ve heard that she’s a good host, doubt she would accept me though.

LOL, yeh i think drinking too much all at once is horrible eh, like when I did that water bet with Renae our stomachs felt ready to explode, it was hell funny though so meh xD

Ah true, well yeah Twilight is only famous because of all the rabid teen fan girls and the fan mums :| how sad eh. Whereas Harry Potter has fans like from every target audience possible; younger kids, older kids, boys, girls, teens, adults. you get my point :)

;0 Why the D: face ? Don’t you want to marry James :P LOL.

LOL, yeah I know right. Why go to all the extra effort of pushing the shift key when it’s not even appropriate. LMAO, Coz Mosis oh yes :| hahahahah!

:D:D yes! thank you, thank you! I also agree that “Cory” looks weird and out of place, hence why I hate my name being spelled like that. Corey is so much better :) and when i’m called Cody, well :@ *STABS NEAREST PERSON* gah!

YES T’IS YOUR FAULT I LEAVE LONG COMMENTS ON YOUR SITE! D: you’re just too interesting to comment baha. LOL my fault for wiping my face out in the photo? Nooo, trust me if you saw the original then trust me, that’s when it would be my fault (for not covering it up :P).
You got 3 more review applications eh, well can you blame people? They want to hear how crap/good their site is from a pro like you Georgina /cool ^_^

Congrats! Woo 17 months :) I’m sure you guys have been through so many things. :)

It sucks people spell your site name wrong, and I apologize if I’ve spelled your site name wrong (I think I’ve spelled your site name wrong once, but I’m not sure though :/) Maybe “Heart Drops” means hearts falling from the sky like… rain? Lol :(

Well, some people have spelled my name as “Nina” or “Nine”. :( But yeah, I have to admit my name is so hard to pronounce, although it’s okay because it’s only my nickname on WWW. My real name is way easier to pronounce. :P

That would be so annoying! *grrrrr* Like you said two completely different meanings. Heartdrops sound like a lollt while Heart Drops sounds like it has something to do with a break-up or something like that.

Congrats on the aniversary :) Hope you had a fun day :)

Yay for your 17 month anniversary!! Pretty awesome, eh? =D
Hmm..I never knew your site name is one word. But I never spelled it wrong either, so oh wells. :P
Uhm, yeh, if it’s in a review, they should be smart enough to know how your site name is spelled. Cheeses. /hmph
My God, and spelling your own name is even worse! Georgia? Riiiight. Haha, I’ve also seen a couple of comments over at Lilian’s site where they had spelled her name wrong, and I was like, “Does she have like, two names? XD”.
I’ve had people spell my name wrong a few times. This one person kept calling me “Lunba”. Not funny dude, not funny. /ho

hahaha but it’s still you b-day guys. Anyway no matter, you should stay together guys and promise me that you’ll love each other forever. /hehe You are so cute /love /love

i agree with you, I woudn’t sell my website, because I really want to keep it, it’s my hobby. hahaha /eee 🤤
grrr I love you!!! :D :D /wave

“Games” first kiss xD Be glad that your and James aren’t some big celebs xD Imagine the press would give you a nickname like that xD I read about your awesome nickname on Gillian’s site a few minutes ago :D

Haha xD I am really looking forward to see how our economics teacher will struggle with the names again when school starts xD He also calls me “Larissa” sometimes and Larissa he calls “Swetlana”. And if I don’t react he gets all bitchy and stuff xD And that after two years! You would think they know your name by now xD

We had a Polish girl in our class and her last name was really hard to write and pronounce xD And that teacher I talked about above always struggled with it xD Lucky for him that she is doing this year again xD

Haha well you are online – on Twitter I see. :) My Dad keeps on telling me I’m staying home tomorrow too. Not complaining because how the hell can I face GAMES? And not just any games… but ROUNDERS? :O
I still hate that game due to my fingers, haha. Although Loretta and I are friends… weirdly enough. :P How that works is beyond me… and I’m in the rounders team. I could kill my P.E teacher. XD

The donkey in Shrek is hilarious. Ha. My Ma and Dad argue over things that are totally random. Like my Dad wants me to go to his funeral with died black hair and a blue streak. XD
That reminds me; I was thinking of getting some photos of yours truly onto Fluoresce. (Don’t like calling it Flu right now, reminds me of my virus-crap-thing. :P). Not that it would be THAT amazing.

Christmas in July would be just WEIRD over here. I mean it’s light the fires, get the crackers, put on three layers, freeze when you go outside…
Ha yeah, but I mean it’s not that hard to spell (my real one, if you know what I mean). B R A Double D Y Double L. :P
Do me a favour and don’t let my parents know about that. They’re so paranoid about me talking to people on line. Jeez, you are not gonna eat me any time soon. Plus you’re on the other side of the bloody world. :3

names are tricky to get right, always.
my site name ‘dollface’ is always spelt/said right which is good, i ‘spose. but it’s annoying as i like to be called em on the internet and when my full name is used, i get annoyed. i like using em as it’s just simple and plain, and basically i don’t want too much info given away, you know?

No trust me, I AM MONSTROUS D;
LULZ ; fail.

Haha nawww I don’t know eh, I don’t have very good graphic skills nor coding skills! I mean look at your site! Your site is the bomb xD

Nawww that’s true. Marriage is like taking an official step into adulthood. But your still only 18 :) Your not even wrinkly & saggy yet! Is James 18 too? Well when you guys do get married, I’m coming to the wedding k ^_^!

Hahah Coz Mosis reminds me of like “Moses” is that his name? The guy from the bible? Moses :S I’m not sure now lmao!

Ho hohooohooo! ROFL when ever you comment with that it makes me literally LOL, i don’t know why but I guess I just imagine it being said hahaha. Oo I read that review and looked at the site, yeah the site was really small eh, like only a blog. It was a great review though.
Why are you in a bad mood? :(

hehe I should read them; i wanna now but I wanna read my sister’s keeper first; everyone’s like its soo good the book! I saw the movie the other day and it was goodd (:

ahah me too; I’ve been busy enjoying my summer to go to sleep xD; I dont know what I am, I hate getting up early but I kinda dont like the nighttime cause I get scared xD I’m a scaredy cat lol

your welcome! :D
lmao I know I’m going to try and make “angel smilies” /hehe hopefully they’ll turn out good! wow you already have 66 comments! my site is an epic failure! /ehe lol i just love your smilies >.<
okay! and i'll add your button after I'm done replying comments :D

LMFAO. Yeah once Jennifer puked she was just laughing and laughing. It was funny because we all felt better but she threw up XD

Yeah I know that unanimous thing was so funny! I think it was a complain note to a neighbor. Not very bright XD

No one has ever spelt my name wrong. “Anna” is a pretty simple name but people have asked me if it was spelled “Ana” or “Anna”. My last name is pretty easy to spell too but I rather not share that. :)


aww sorry people keep writing you site name like that. i did that once on my credit page but changed it after i read your about page.

okay soo i tried merging you names together and i got Games or Jeorgina. what if you guys were famous??? that name will over the magazinges lol

Awww happy anniversary ;) ♥

Ohhhh and I know what you mean about peoples names… my name is Kathryn, and every almost spells it “katherine” or “catherine” so whenever I tell someone my name I have to spell it for them xD.. and even when I do they usually still spell it wrong /angry /hehe

Lmao, well in that case I sure hope that you never meet my friend Aaron in your lifetime. Because where ever you go .. he will end up turning off a car alarm.. after all it is his hobby. xD

Ooh the ones in the middle should be more noticible cause I don’t have to scroll down as much.. but who knows you could be really sneaky bahah.

Thank you. :) I’ve seen my name spelt Brianna, Briana, Breana, … And some pronounce the I/E part differently… ugh. But oh well.

My boyfriend was in Sydney this year during Australia day. I remember he had a flag fake tattooed on his face haha. Nerd.

I started my wordpress over again, because I wanted it in a new directory, so that’s why I lost the comments. :/ But I did remember you commented, so I made sure to stop by!

Baha expired lollies?! Hmm do they taste good? :D Haha congrats Georgumsie! First comment! Teehee of course you can!! WHEEE /heart Yup the fatty was too old for the “inflated castle” /hehe Maggots are yellow and they gross me out 🤮

Aha, I love that song x_x I remember I’d been counting down for the video premiere on the TV, and I set my alarm for 7am just to see it…in the summer holidays xD Thats a bit pathetic, isn’t it? :P I had been waiting almost a year for them to release a new single and I was so excited :3

I actually told my textiles teacher about the whole double ‘n’ situation. Apparently, I need to get it sorted otherwise it might catch me out in exams x_x Bad times, my results could get lost because school secretaries are stupid D;

I suppose it’s a smarter idea for a subdomain to be your name or nickname, as it’s a shorter URL. But still, it’d be annoying to see ‘Recent reviews: Dani at Dani’ on someones website :|

LMAO that was sort of rude. She called you Georgia and wrote in third person in the review XD “Georgia uses” XD That made me laugh. It sounded weird. Unless it would be okay if she put Georgie though /hehe You dirty girl! LMAO I bet Ryan would be laughing when he read that XD I was! /hehe

GAH. Lilian. Similar to my name. Lillie.
I’ve had people spell it several ways:

Lilie, Lily, Lilly, Lilli

And then there’s Delilah, my real name.

Deliliah, Deliah, Dehliliah, Delah.

OMG. You’d think since “Delilah” is in a song “Hey There Delilah” people would get it right. AT LEAST get the “deh” part correct. But no .__.”

HAPPY 17TH! I just say months since anniversary means years o_o. I’m on my 5th with Travis :). 6th on the 16th. /heart heheh. Gotta love that smiley :3
This one looks like a pervert: /bounce (Whatchu lookin’ at there?) /hmph

I don’t really care what people name my site. Unloveme, UnloveMe, Unlove Me. Whatever, more work for you :]

haha i dont think all sushi place sell leftovers.
thats a really bad reputation right there!

i know. i feel bad too. coz they tried to hard to hand the papers and stand there but people just throw it away. but its kinda useless handing it out in the streets. maybe they should try something else. like the mail perhaps? lol

oo happy 17th month anniversary!!! /mwah
what are you guys planning on doing?
lol. thats so stupid that the person reviewing the site is spelling the name wrong. i mean, its on the header! how could they miss that? 😰

you dont even know. i hate it when people spell my name wrong and even pronounce it wrong. but i cant blame them. my name can be really hard to spell seeing as there’s only one vowel. not considering the y.
psst my real name’s kerschlyn. haha. i guess that makes more sense now does it?
ive heard many variations such as “krisslyn, churchlyn, kreshlyn…” man, it sucks correcting people but i have to do it. /sweat

I don’t mind much if someone puts a space in my site name. It just doesnt look as good.
Its my name that gets spelt wrong alot in real life.
Cassy Cassi Kassy Kassie Kasy Casey and you get the picture. Ergh, and the worst thing is when people call me Cassandra. No, that is not my name!

Although everytime some one writes my surname they put two m’s in it because that is the common spelling. But not how our family spells it. And something very famous is spelt the same as my surname. You would think they would get it.

Hiya! Oh yes my site used to get called Pink Kiss instead of pink kiss, but i didnt mind too much because it did look wrong if it put together as pinkkiss, i usually just spelled it pinkiss. But yeah Heartdrops is good, i always thought of it as something good though, drops of rain like hearts probably, that you eat lol.
People always spell my name with 2 b’s and one c, even though it has 1 b and 2 c’s lol.
People getting your name wrong is more personal, so i completely understand your friend on that one!
Thanks for your comment on my site.. I have read my sisters keeper too, have you seen the movie?
Bye x

thank you :) I will.

aw! That’s really cool! :) I thought you might be one of those romantic sort of people :)

Yeah they would be :( they’re frozen, so they’re going to be like wet paper once they get there.

Haha yeah xD But I mean like, it’s not just one, typically in most of the newspapers here, there are tons of mistakes. But I hardly read them anymore, my dad just likes to point them out to me.

Ooh. My dad used to glue me to the TV because that’s pretty much how I learned English. LOL. It’s funny how everyone says TV isn’t educational. Pffft, they’re so wrong. :P

Awweh, happy 17 month anniversary to you and James. :)
I’m not sure if I posted a comment on this blog yet, but whatever. I’m going to post a comment anyways. XD

It really annoys me when people do that. Retrostorm is one word, too. Usually people say “Retro Storm” with the space… I hate that little space. BAHA.

Yikes, name trouble always gives me a headache. I would hate it if people called my site “Burn Tink” or “BurnTink”, as I have nothing against the Disney character. I do use a space between the words, if I have the room, but it seems people look at the URL and then feel like they know the name and space it the way they want. I hope they read this blog and correct themselves. :o

Congrats to you and James! You make such a cute couple. :D

Oops, I called it Heart Drops when I first added you to my affiliates but then I realized you always say Heartdrops so I changed it. :P I never thought it was a big deal when people make those kinds of mistakes but I guess it’s normal, and it does get a bit annoying sometimes. For my new domain, I say Sweet Bliss and SweetBliss, lol. I don’t really mind because they’re two separate words, same for my upcoming site RaveCity. I usually say RaveCity cause it looks cool, haha but it’s ok to say it separately too, as long as no one says Ravecity, or Sweetbliss – that’s when it gets annoying, lol.

Oh and with my name… Wow, that’s even worse. I’ve been called Leisl, Lisel, and a bunch of other names. Those two are mainly online. I’ve gotten much worse in real life, such as Lisette, Lisa, Lysol, etc. @_@

Ahaha! You know how you would say, “My American friend Heather.” Or I would say, “My Australian friend Georgie.” Well, I believe saying, “My Quebecer friend Dalia” is equivalent to that… But I’m not sure. :P I should ask her!

I always forget that it’s autumn/winter (?) over there right now! So crazy! 😏 How cold does it get where you live? Does it snow?

Eeeep I’m sooooo late wishing you guys a happy 17 month anniversary :(. Booo at me, but yeah happy belated 17 months!

You would think so really :P. The two things to suggest different things to me. Like you said on your site page, Heart Drops suggests some sort of candy. Heartdrops to me sounds like something sad, like someones heart dropping or something lol :). Yeah quite different.

You would think that Laura is an okay name. Not too long or anything. But no, for years at primary school people spelled my name as Lora or Lorra. I was like garrrr ¬¬. I get that it sounds like those but it still annoys me :P. My friend Michael is always getting his name spelled Micheal as well :P. They spelt Lilian’s name wrong in the paper :O. That sucks :(. Note the one l :P.


LOL yeah I’m scared to ever speak in front of the oldies again. xD Cause I often end up insulting people when I have no intentions of doing so. It sucks, haha. xD

Ah well, I think my Dad got over it, because we’re cool now. ♥

Thanks, glad you liked my pathetic illustration of her arse. Gah she pisses me off so much. >:( And yeah I wonder how she continue to suck so much dick, would ones mouth not get worn out? Lmao.

Yup. Not all killers in the world are psycho. Some killers have motives to kill. I don’t even know did the killers on that movie were psychos/having a mental disorder or did they kill because of some reasons.

Many people think I’m mean on reviewing because I rarely use smilies. I’m avoiding to use smilies on reviews, because it makes my reviews look… weird? I don’t know, lol. And yeah I have my opinions, what the hell is wrong with that :/

Lol, pretty complicated. :P Raindrops is one word, and if raindrops is one word “Heart” and”Drops” should be one word too :P

I get my name spelt and said wrong all the time!
people usually forget the ‘e’ at the end. I have a friend who used to spell it Sloean or something completely different with the same letters! @_@

LOL thanks Georgie! COOL! i should try an expired lolly! XD /hehe EWWW big fat white worm?! It’s all wiggly and jiggly …right? 🤮

I know right?! Well I tried clicking on her site now…but the link doesn’t work. The domain probably expired… :X