Your Actions Write The Melodies

Thank you guys for answering the questions on my last blog. It seems that a lot of you have toast, waffles or eggs for breakfast, which I haven’t had in a while so I guess I’ll be buying some new breakfast food soon. πŸ˜‹

Yesterday while my mum was using the computer, I was walking around my room to look for our family camera. As I took a large step over the corner of the bed (a shortcut), the bottom of my pants got caught on the pedal of the chair (I have an adjustable height gas chair) and the sole of my foot hit it really hard.

That resulted in an epic bruise on the bottom of my foot, and pain while walking. Bahaha.

I went to the doctor and things are fine; I just have to get a checkup in another year and if the lesion hasn’t become bigger then it should be totally fine, with no more checkups needed. πŸ™‚

I went to an opportunity shop (a thrift/charity store) yesterday with my mum as well. We got some genuine perfumes for a good price, and I got a nice shoulder bag that fits my laptop.

We spotted a USB phone for Skype. I don’t even use Skype but I know my dad likes those little gadgets and things so we decided to purchase it. The woman at the counter asked what it was, and my mum mentioned that it was something for a computer.

The woman said “Oh… I don’t even know what it is; I’ll have to ask my boss,” as she looked inside the box.
After a minute she said, “Errr, six dollars for that one”.

The total price of our items came to a rough $36 or so, and my mum asked, pointing at the USB phone, “Is it possible to make that five dollars instead?”

The woman said really bitchily, “Tell me, why do you want it for five dollars? Tell me why you think it should be five dollars.”

“I’ll have it; that’s fine.” My mum snapped.
“They’re really expensive in the shops,” the woman mentioned.

And she didn’t even know what it was? 😐

Pam and I made a little discovery, which I would like to share with you. We were discussing the topic of “hate” comments and spam from people showing their hate for your website. I have blogged about receiving these comments, and obviously I’ve tried my best to ignore them, or at least make it funny so I can laugh about it.

So what are these people, stupid? Let’s see. A common thing for haters to do is to name themselves Anonymous. In one case at Lillie’s website, someone even spelled “Anonymous” incorrectly. 😀

The thing is, when you leave a comment on someone’s website, often they have spam protection, or even better, a way of tracking you down or obtaining more information about you, whether it be by email address or ip address.

Why is it that most “hate” comments don’t include a URL of the person’s website? Obviously, they don’t have better work than you, so their crap website isn’t better than yours. They don’t have the courage to even speak up and say who they are, so why should you bother with them? πŸ˜›

As we concluded, it’s silly immature people who spam websites with hate comments, who are wasting their time. You don’t see a popular web owner spamming people and telling them their websites suck. It’s always the inferior, bad web designers who are simply jealous. πŸ˜›

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