Your Actions Write The Melodies

Thank you guys for answering the questions on my last blog. It seems that a lot of you have toast, waffles or eggs for breakfast, which I haven’t had in a while so I guess I’ll be buying some new breakfast food soon. /drool

Yesterday while my mum was using the computer, I was walking around my room to look for our family camera. As I took a large step over the corner of the bed (a shortcut), the bottom of my pants got caught on the pedal of the chair (I have an adjustable height gas chair) and the sole of my foot hit it really hard.

That resulted in an epic bruise on the bottom of my foot, and pain while walking. Bahaha.

I went to the doctor and things are fine; I just have to get a checkup in another year and if the lesion hasn’t become bigger then it should be totally fine, with no more checkups needed. :)

I went to an opportunity shop (a thrift/charity store) yesterday with my mum as well. We got some genuine perfumes for a good price, and I got a nice shoulder bag that fits my laptop.

We spotted a USB phone for Skype. I don’t even use Skype but I know my dad likes those little gadgets and things so we decided to purchase it. The woman at the counter asked what it was, and my mum mentioned that it was something for a computer.

The woman said “Oh… I don’t even know what it is; I’ll have to ask my boss,” as she looked inside the box.
After a minute she said, “Errr, six dollars for that one”.

The total price of our items came to a rough $36 or so, and my mum asked, pointing at the USB phone, “Is it possible to make that five dollars instead?”

The woman said really bitchily, “Tell me, why do you want it for five dollars? Tell me why you think it should be five dollars.”

“I’ll have it; that’s fine.” My mum snapped.
“They’re really expensive in the shops,” the woman mentioned.

And she didn’t even know what it was? /hmph

Pam and I made a little discovery, which I would like to share with you. We were discussing the topic of “hate” comments and spam from people showing their hate for your website. I have blogged about receiving these comments, and obviously I’ve tried my best to ignore them, or at least make it funny so I can laugh about it.

So what are these people, stupid? Let’s see. A common thing for haters to do is to name themselves Anonymous. In one case at Lillie’s website, someone even spelled “Anonymous” incorrectly. 🐽

The thing is, when you leave a comment on someone’s website, often they have spam protection, or even better, a way of tracking you down or obtaining more information about you, whether it be by email address or ip address.

Why is it that most “hate” comments don’t include a URL of the person’s website? Obviously, they don’t have better work than you, so their crap website isn’t better than yours. They don’t have the courage to even speak up and say who they are, so why should you bother with them? :P

As we concluded, it’s silly immature people who spam websites with hate comments, who are wasting their time. You don’t see a popular web owner spamming people and telling them their websites suck. It’s always the inferior, bad web designers who are simply jealous. :P

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Hahahaha. This reminds me of the time when we were spamming that site because you accidentally put your site when spamming. Harharharh.

Ahh, the good old days.

I got blocked and put on a-certain-someone’s Wall of Shame because of spamming her site. Once. :) Fun fun.

[blockquote]You don’t see a popular web owner spamming people and telling them their websites suck …[/blockquote]

Oh, you’d be surprised, babe! :X

OMFG my poor Georgie! Is your foot okay?! /faw Haha same with my dad! He loves those little gadgets and neat stuff! ✌️ What a bitchy woman! Well she could have said it in a nice way :X What an amazing discovery! That makes total sense! THANK YOU. People are so immature saying that someone else’s site sucks when theirs actually isn’t any better! EXACTLY. OMG why am I so excited about this?!!? GAH LOL I must be weird O_O Haha I just came out of the shower RIGHT now, and looked up on my Twitter and your tweets said “New blog up at” so I immediately clicked and read the blog! :D Gahaa weird my hair is still wet! Gotta go blow dry it bye Georgie! ♥

Oh, fail. I used BB Code instead of xHTML … ((Why, I have no clue,)) And I submitted the comment without adding anything else. LMFAO.

I guess that’s a sign I should get ready for bed and go to sleep, eh? /hehe

OH YUSS! Third comment! ♥ Gaha sorry! I’m usually excited bout those stuff! 👏

Haha, I really never have eggs for breakfast. I have eggs for lunch. :) I like them better that time of day.

Oww, that sounded like it hurt. I stub my toe on the wall and such all the time. I just randomly remember that one time I tripped over a door. XD

Ugh, I hate bruises. This one time at a softball game, the other team had a really bad pitcher and she threw really hard. She hit me in the leg. I got a free base, but my leg hurt like hell. The bruise was still there at least a week later.

Wow, I hate it when you know that a person doesn’t know something, then they act like they know exactly what they’re talking about. It’s just so annoying. My brother tends to listen to my conversations and butts in, “Oh yeah; I remember that!” yet he wasn’t even there. I’ll end up replying, “Umm, no. You’re not in my gym class.” And he’ll be all like, “Yeah, whatever.”

Haha, spammers are so annoying. I Your discovery is absolutely correct. Spammers never leave their names, or URLs, which leads me to believe that they don’t have websites, they just diss other people’s sites. I actually read an article on someone’s site telling all spammers to go get a life. It was pretty funny. xP

“You don’t see a popular web owner spamming people and telling them their websites suck.”

… Don’t be so certain, dear.

Anyways it sounds like you had fun in the opportunity shop (… I’m too used to ‘thrift store’ to call it anything else from now on!). And that woman just seems bleh… But was it the type of shop that ends up giving back to the community, through charities and such?

Haha, I know YOU knew they were playing the characters, but AnneMarie thought I meant that they would be voicing them, so I had to make that clear. :)

That’s because robots rule the world… we just don’t know it yet. So we’re being subconsciously told to discuss roboticsy things a lot in order to give them more power. :O But it’s okay, because they’ll be friendly to people who comply, like us. ;)

Wow wtf was that? Fail. xP

Yeah, those dumb hating spammers are definitely immature little jealous cowards. (The amount of adjectives there amuses me for some reason -_-).

That was smart of your mom to just take the $6 price rather than calling her bluff. But EPIC FAIL to the cashier for… you know why. :P

Wahh, I hope your foot stops hurting!! And I hope your lesion stays good. ♥

Wow, it bothers me that I said “good” at the end of that sentence. It just sounds bad to me. xP Let’s fix that!

I hope your lesion is alright in a year so you never have to go back! :D

LOL that woman is so stupid.
I would’ve said “I’d like it for 5 dollars because, surprisingly, us adults like to keep things for cheaper.” Even though I’m not an adult, I– *face slams on desk and immediately snores* 😴
Once I got hate messages/spam from a… man… called “Lise”, then he changed it to “Lauren” then something like “Kaokao”. I’d respond in my own guestbook (because he didn’t have one… his website was shitty) and he’d type “Lee said ‘[message]’. If you want to respond to this message, please do so in my guestbook.”
I just gave out his email and sent him a message about getting a guestbook without putting the potion of nonexistence in it.
Sometimes I think that nature is being silly when there’s a ton of… spermies… and THEY have to be the one to be born. 🤮

true. articles are much harde. you need to have LOTS of things to say. @_@

haha you should have run off! i think my family did it once. coz it was really expensive and they just gave us a seat right away! too bad :P they should at least try to lower down those prices, maybe we’ll eat there! haha.

what am i suppose to say? girls rock!!! 👏

hope your foot is ok. i know the feeling. when i hit my toe with something hard, it was like static electricity all over my body! i was numb for a while! get better :)

thats silly. leaving hate comments. i dont get whats the point. its much better to ask for help than to trash talk someone else’s hard work! /pow

Oh my gosh. Why does the salesgirl has to question you and your mother when both of you are bargaining for a lower price? She is kind of rude.

Hope that your foot is okay now. ;) BTW, where did you get these smilies? It’s co cute…

Hey! I’ve not commented you in a long time 😒
but I’m finally here (:
so, I’m so happy for you that everything’s fine ! (: ;)

And well… about those commenters.. We always have to laugh at them.. our sites might not be the best (mh;mine xD)
But at least it’s ours and we don’t go around commenting and bothering other people…you know? it’s stupid /angry

Notice: I’ve gone crazyy with your smileyss 🤬

✌️ /mwah BYE!

Ouch, I hate bruises! When I was practicing my play for drama, I had a scene where I had to trip. So I tripped, but I didn’t do it right and I landed all my weight on my left arm. On top of a BROOM. Geez, that was epic. =/

Haters/spammers/people who lack any intelligence whatsoever annoy me. The worst comeback in the entire world has got to be ‘get a life’. Excuse me if I’m mistaken, but if you want to type up a blog, don’t you have to be alive? That obviously means I have a life, you stupid, idiotic son of a motherless goat. -__-

Haters who don’t include their URL are cowards, like you said. They know their site is a pile of crap, but to make themselves feel better they criticise awesome websites (like yours).
Personally, I can never take a hate comment seriously if the spelling is incorrect. There is a definite difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’. Good grief, is it really that hard to learn some basic grammar?

Oh. In reply to your comments on my guestbook:

Aw, thanks. I’ve been taking some pictures today to use for a Milo layout. xD I’m so excited that I actually have the time to make some fanlistings!

Haha, yeah, I’m aware that heaps of people dislike the Jonas Brothers. Personally, I adore them, but I don’t believe in trying to force other people to like them too. I have no problem when people simply say they don’t like JB- heck, there are some bands I can’t stand whatsoever *cough* Fall Out Boy *cough*. I understand that their music isn’t for everyone. But I get really frustrated when people actually waste their time insulting them all day long, justifying their hate on the fact that JB are with Disney/are Christian/are popular with teenage girls/aren’t complete jerks. It’s not exactly going to make them disappear. -__-;

Pink actually sounds nice. It’s not a colour I use very often so I’d like to try out out. I’m also thinking of using pictures of my own cats in my new layout. :)

Lol. I try to avoid my computer in the holidays because I tend to spend hours on it… but as you can tell, it doesn’t ever work. xD

Poor Georgie >.< Epic bruise, haha. Get well soon lol. I hate having bruise on my foot, seriously.

Sounds like you had a great time when you went to the opportunity shop.

That woman was so rude to you! She didn't even know what the hell is that! I'd like to slap her on the face *PMS mode is on*

Yeah, stupid people spreading hate comments. I'm sure they're just jealous, or maybe they're just psycho so they think spreading hate comments means lots of fun :(

What a pity. I am thinking of downloading new similies for my blog.

Ouch, that’s got to hurt. My horse was galloping so fast this morning that the sharp stirrup was scraping me. It caused a big scar on my leg so now it’s painful whenever I bend my knees for some reason.

Eww, crappy commenters suck. I just visited a few pizco sites for a laugh and each site has a “type” of commenters; the “nice site, visit mine”, the “OMG Iwamma be your affy!!”, the “i h8 u u r stupidd”, etc.

Sometimes you just can’t control your temper. :(

Hiyaa x Short comment gotta go in a minute (brothers birthday :D)
Omg, yes I would loveeee to have a subdomain from you that would be A W E S O M E (awesome) haha. Could it be from heartdrops please? Hehe. If it’s ok I will take your email address and start emailing you about it :D

Thanks for the link. I will check it out now. ;)

Yeah. :)
Oh, I’ve heard of that movie! Is it good? Well, I should watch it sometime.
haha! Cornflakes are good too :)

Haha xD Yeah a lot of drunk guys and an awesome beach right “next” to the hotel.. I think I would even take the same hotel; even if it wasn’t that great xD

1am? You really should get more sleep and work in the moring xD How can you even think at that time? My brain usually decides to go to bed around midnight xD

I haven’t even tried those perfumes so far.. I think I should try them soon xD

Ugh… those annoying lil comments xD I already said what It think about them in my last blog so yeah.. they just should get a life xD

Yup! The majority she gets is on the 50s now.

You shouldn’t feel weird. Some ppl are born that way! =P

Haha OMG I looked thru the Dior ones! There was this metal white-black one that was really hip!! =D But I decided to go for the D&G one! =)

That’s one smexy good-lookin’ bag! xD LOVE it! U have a good sense of style, girl! 😢 /eee

Haha even charity shops these days just seek money. Meh… They’re all the same. Them pricks. But I guess it wasn’t expensive at $6?

sorry I haven’t replied lately – I have been away shopping for a week :D
I’m glad you won the so-pink competition. I voted like 20 times, not exaggerating either!
I met my friend in the city today and we were chatting and she showed me these records she bought at an op shop. She bought them so she could stick them on her wall to decorate her room, pretty cool hey.
I don’t go op shopping much as the op shops close to where I live are really stingy haha.
Oh + I have just right (cereal) for breakfast, everyday lol :D

Aww I hope your foot gets better! *nods*

And wow, what a stupid woman. She didn’t know what it was? Um, tell me why she’s employed.
Glad you got a bag that your laptop can fit in, my Dad’s is way too big. XD

Uh. Seriously. Still, what a bitch.

Oh my, oh my. Someone spelt ‘Anonymous’ wrong? That is just HILARIOUS, I am sorry. :D

Haters and spammers are just very immature, like you say, and obviously have no life whatsoever. I think it’s just dumb.

In reply to your comment: Oh yeah!!! That would be frickin’ awesome. :D Plus everyone would be terrified due to our reign of power. *nods*

Seriously, we should do that sometime. XD And you need to go to cafe Nero; it’s a little coffee shop and it’s really nice. :)

And footballers and crocs seriously do need sorting out. I hate crocs because, oh yeah some shoes with holes in decorated with badges… they’re just as smexy as my ruined trainers. :P

Foxfire and Birdthunder and Foxtwitter. :D
(Do you suppose any of those will ever get old?)

And ah, war. *ticks off list* Well I had that on my list too, but it was sorta too long to put it all into a blog… XD

Uhuh, lots of people have heard of them but never listened to them. It’s quite distressing. ;)

OMG OUCH! YOUR POOR FOOT! I hope it’s better =). LOL, that whole chair thing sounds like something more typical of ME than you. Aww, you must be channelling my unco-ness. xD

Poor you =( *hugs*.

Yay! You only have one more checkup =). Lucky it’s not something serious! =D Cos that would be a worry. =(. Totally not fun!

Haha, I want to go to a thrift store now! Take meeee! =D They sound fun ^^. Ooooh…that sounds majorly cheap for a Skype headset thing. I have no clear idea what exactly, Skype is. But I’m guessing it has something to do with talking to people over the computer, because I recently discovered that this laptop has Skype xD Dispite the fact that I keep mistakenly telling people I don’t have Skype. =S Ooops =P

*Gasp* What a very rude lady! You should have complained about her to her boss! You can’t just question people so rudely. She must have no logic. EVERY idiot knows that $35 is more convenient than $36, which requires either an extra coin, or epic change, which includes coins. You know what that means? She is probably beyond help in terms of her idiocy. She’s like…WORSE than an idiot. Why do you want it for $5? Well, DUH? As if it needs to be pointed out *rolls eyes*

Yeah, I can’t help but think that people leaving “Anonymous” spiteful comments on blogs have no lives. They’re sad, bitter individuals, with jealousy issues. *sigh*. It’s so pointless. Like, what does it achieve? Do they think that all comments following their’s are going to agree, and help bag someone’s site out? Because that is totally the wrong way to attempt to get web celebrity. [It’s LAME!].

But it’s funny when their comments are full of grammatical errors. It’s like: Look, if you want to insult me, at least do it in a way that doesn’t leave you looking like a complete retard with your bad grammar and spelling errors. xD

That lady is such a rude person.
Well, when people ask me what i want, its either ” Don’t get me anything” or ” Iphone…Ipod touch….” and I start saying all these expensive things . haha.
I hate people who actually bother to comment on your site saying it sucks or whatever, because it can cause low self-esteem. Argh, i mean why do they even bother? Do they kniw people can track their IP address?

Aw I hope your foot gets better soon :)

That woman obviously thought that the USB phone would be expensive because it has something to do with computers haha. I’m pretty sure you can get them very cheap, actually, as I’ve seen them, so yeah, fail xD

You’re right about anonymous commenters, they’re so pathetic. Once this girl was commenting on my blog, completely twisting my words, when even what I’d said was written on the page, I was like, what the… Then someone else commented on it, someone who left their URL, and then the ‘anonymous’ commenter said I’d said it…when it was in a comment?! The blog was only about some girl picking on about 7 of my friends, and I was complaining because I was sick of all my friends being down in the dumps all the time. And apparently I was making ‘false accusations’, but this person was from the USA, so how would she have known this girl?! LOL, stupid much?

I actually cannot save money. I’m going to Spain in September, and I haven’t saved any money at all yet. I might get some money for my birthday, so I’ll just save that aha.

Heehee, it’s just a phone :) silly woman (H) It probably doesn’t even work /frog

:( Poor foot 😰 Get a new one /bounce

Haha, it’s because on the internet a nobody has an equal chance of being a somebody. But they can’t do anything that reveals how stupid themselves are, ✌️


I love thrift stores, but I can’t believe the lady was trying to charge you more when she didn’t even know what it was- pssshhh! I like what you wrote about those who say mean things yet not even put down their site as if they’d have anything better. I can’t stand the whole drama thing, like if you’re not going to have anything nice to say why bother saying anything at all? In general if a comment is not going to be nice or constructive, it’s a waste of time to both parties – the one who sent it, and the one who received it.

W-o-w. That girl at the counter? She needs to get a new job. 💥

You’ve stated things in their truest form there, Georgina–stealers are stupid.

Eeeemailed :) Thankyou x Sorry I am putting random words in here as it was just ”Eeeemailed :)” but after I tried to post it, it told me it was a too short message :( Haha.

Reply to my email when you can x

Man. I mean yes, I do that sort of thing and notice crap that isn’t actually such a deal (BUT BAD GRAMMAR! :O ) – well, what other people think isn’t such a deal. I mean, look, right now I’m doing a history project and I’m so borrrred that I just noticed it has invalid coding.

Hey, what’re you meant to do? :P And I don’t think it’s Ben Jorg’s birthday over here yet, it’s 4/7. And man, he has the same birthday as my bitch aunt. That ISN’T RIGHT.

Lovely! I’m sure they were good shoes before you threw them out. XD

Spoonerisms is an awesome word. *nods*

Haha it was a very long list but I cut it down. XD

Yeah I didn’t buy anything. So sad. I like going to those stores, we can find so many amazing things there. I even found a poster of Elvis Persley’s concert for $250 TT_TT

My Mom didn’t allow me too. I don’t have money or savings :( So I couldn’t buy it. If I could that poster is in my hand right now! ARGH. Go to West Java and you’ll find amazing things *drools* there are so many very old books from 1800-ish. it was about $500 … US dollar.

yeah. just like an essay. 😒 which im really bad at. its like debating. which im bad at again. i just cant seem to put my thoughts into words /ehh

haha, there’s this sushi place in the mall that always have someone trying to get customers. they carry a board saying “buy one get one free” lol. but i think theyre offering leftovers /huh

haha rest that foot for a bit. no walking for you :P
i think theyre trying to grab attention but its a fail.

Haha, I added you. :)

I don’t know what time you commented, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether I was sleeping or not. :P

Yayy, can’t wait. I think there’s only like one person in front of me now.

Thanks. I remember you trying to get a scribble portfolio up. You have a lot of scribbles. Keep trying with that, it will get done …eventually.

Lol, my friend only buys stuff from Aeropostale if it has a monkey on it. XD

Haha, he is. I know, it’s just so annoying when people do that. I look down on those kind of people.

Yeah, spammers don’t have lives. That’s what they do. Advertising your site isn’t as bad as spamming, but it’s still not something you should do.

You don’t? Well I knew… Since I never saw you in a pair in your photos. Wow! Hope you make one then! All the time you spend on the computer and your eyes aren’t damaged or something? LOL.

LOL that’s true! xD It has very simple yet catchy colours though also!

It is? I don’t find much of a difference… Is one dollar a lot? Lol. It’s in euros here so I don’t really know. But yeah always a difference! xD

Oh man I’d be bombarded. I’d love forever due to the validness. :P

So basically WordPress is crap unless you get all the plugins? I mean, you know, the emoticons and things. Do you have to have plugins for everything?

I knew that. XD Haha. And I’m not sure either, but that is defo ringing some bells…
Blue is okay, fat isn’t. D:

Haha, that’s an awesome surname! :P Mine sucks.

Oh my god Georgina, your website’s so rubbish! :P
JOKING by the way, I love it :D
I know what you mean about those people. I had someone leave me a comment like that because I’d caught her stealing stuff from my site. What the plonker didn’t realise was that her ip was logged 👏 haha! I think she put her name as something like ‘BitchGirl’. It was something strange like that anyway. Odd girl…

Ha, that woman. As if people get like that, what’s the point? I hate shop assistants that are rude and bitchy. It makes me think twice about going back in. I got into an argument with a woman before because she was really rude about my id. She turned round to me and asked for it which I was ok with, because I know I don’t look my age and then she snatched it out of my hand and started saying ‘That’s not you. It’s your older sister. It’s definitely not you.’ :O I didn’t even know the woman. She wouldn’t give me my driving license back. I was not happy with her! /angry lol.
Anyway, I should probably stop writing. This is a pretty long essay for you to read, sorry. @_@ xx

OH NO! I hope your foot is okay girlie. :) :)

MM toast. Your blog reminded me that I did not have any for breakfast and I would have loved toooo. <3

BUT, I had cereal hehe. So how are you?

YO. I’m so sorry that we haven’t returned your comment in like forever. You see, Ryan and I got in a fight about who should return comments, and I obviously lost.. -.-
So now I’m stuck with over 60 comments to return, therefore I close my site for a bit.. fail.
I really need to catch up with the site, plus I have some revamping to do so yeah, I’ll be back soon!

Yeah I’ve been taking Ryan through these simple things over and over so hopefully he’ll get the hang of it soon.

Aweh that sucks about the bruise on your foot. :/ I always do clumsy things like that, glad that the doctor said it’s nothing serious though!

Wow I would have been so pissed at that stupid lady who didn’t even know what the fuck she was talking about. RAWR. Seriously, some of the store staff is so friken stupid and I hate it when they go all bitchy about prices… your mom was just asking. SHIT.

The conclusion that you and Pam reached is very true. Their website is probably oober shit, and they don’t want to embarrass themselves. Ahhh, online drama. :)

thanks! okay i’ll change it as soon as im done replying to all these comments :D
yeah i know! i might just switch to a sub-domain :S
;o it’s winter for you? where do you live ? :O
lol yeah hate comments are stupid, they’re just jealous people who have no life and are bored xD btw do you know how to make it so that i don’t have to approve every comment before it shows it?

Yep that it a good thing :P
Ugghh I hate being partnered with people that totally fail. I always have to do all the work! >:(

I looove internet! xD

Anonymous spelled incorrectly? Haha, that reminds me of this one time where instead of writing anonymous that wrote unanimous XD Stupid people LMAO.

Yeah, I suppose it’s because drink changes how people perceive things and that. One of my friends got drunk at prom and turned quite nasty. Lol! Yeah I guess people do. We’re not a couple though haha, well we’re a couple of weirdos but that’s about it :D.

Ouchhhh that sounds painful! Bad chairrrr *prods*. Bruises suck I always have one, though I don’t always remember where they come from hehe :). Awww that’s good that things are okay :). Let’s hope it doesn’t get bigger so that you don’t need anymore check ups, yay :D.

Ahhhh yes she didn’t have a clue what it was but knows how much it costs in a shop. Jeesh some people eh =/. It sounds like you got some nice stuff though :). I love perfume, although I think I have too many now hehe :).

Haha, you came to a good conclusion. If they really thought they were as amazing as they make out to be they would leave their name or site. They are just jealous mwahaha ^.^. These people deserve to be prodded *prods theme*


Yeah I will do.
So how have you been lately?

BAILEY! I THINK lol; i just thought of it ! LMAO; i like screamed it out xD; yea tibby was the one who hung out with her;

ahah; have a happy sleep! LOL; its 4:45 PM ! lol;

You would be one of those editors that everyone hates because you notice EVERY little tiny mistake, haha. They’d be scared of you and would panic when you walked in. (Like the editor from ‘The Devil Wears Prada :P) But don’t take it the wrong way, I mean it in a good way.) =] Even your comment at half one in the morning didn’t have any mistakes. :P

Yay – you totally blog about it haha. It IS true though, when have you known someone to leave a random hate message out of the blue and actually leave their site? :D

It is better that way, because you don’t have alot to find out about them in a short amount of time (my previous ones failed too, obviously.) but theres still alot you don’t know, therefore it’s still fun. (I don’t even know if that makes sense, fail.)

Aww your poor foot. You should get James to massage it for you, muhahaha! Or just walk off the pain? (Ouch.)

What a bitch that charity shop assistant was, you should have said “fine, I’ll get it elsewhere.” That would have annoyed her, serves her right for being so rude. Psh.

HAPPY NEW BLOG. xD :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X (Lots this time to make up for forgetting them, haha.)

Yeah, uhm, that lady is so uneducated. Having a job that’s got to do with electronics and not even knowing what they are, let alone what they’re for? Total fail man. /hmph
Plus she’s rather lame for going all, “YOU’LL TAKE IT WITH IT’S PRICE OR LEAVE IT” attitude, fail number two man. XD
True, so true about those commenting spammers. They’ve got nothing better to do than waste their precious time acting all bitchy and rude to take the crap outta other people, and in the end they get all the hate. Total waste of time. :P

Aw I’m glad you’re okay! ;) Oh my god I hate rude people, how dare she say something like that, if i was in your moms place I would’ve snapped at her face and tell her she has no right saying this to me, and tell her haven’t you heard of “a customer is always right” then throw the USB phone at her :P I used to get hate comments from a girl named mariah back when i was with freewebs, the funny thing is when i confronted her that i have her ip address from the cbox and i know her, she said i don’t even care if you have my ip address, she doesn’t even know what the is and she spam my cbox with “BITCH” /hehe

Haha she didn’t even what it was lol. she should have given it to you for five bucks though /hehe

I totally agree with you. I think it’s completely stupid that people would actually leave a comment about them hating your site but then they dont put their name on it. I think its because they are soo scared lol.
Seriously there’s a way to track IP Addresses these days.Its te frickin 21st century. I re-read over your comment and found a question i didnt answer lol

Answer: i do get more than 50 comments, i just that i dont get them in less than 2 days lol it usually take like 3-4 days

Ahh! You hit your foot? 😰 Jeez, I hate when that happens. I really hope it gets better. I can’t believe you had to go to the doctor.

Shopping! Lots of people have been doing that recently. Not me. /hmph But that sounded fun, except for that lady. I would have told that lady off. Who was she to be talking to you guys in that manner??!? Lol! I hate when random people have bad attitudes.

Oh, bad comments make me ill. I see no point in it. I think these people just have nothing better to do.

Oh? What was the Twitter layout like before? I’ve only ever seen this layout.

LOl, heh, it’s like a 2-for-1! :D He’s your boyfriend and bodyguard~

Oh gosh, I hope your foot gets better :( I always trip like that over things, too. It’s kind of a daily thing for me. I have this coffee table in my living room and there’s always so much junk out there that I have to take shortcuts, so I always manage to run into the edges of it really hard.

Haha! That’s salespeople :P They’ll do anything to get your money, even though they have no idea what the heck they’re selling.

I agree with you! I always had this way to get over all the insults and stuff, like if someone tells me they don’t like me or whatever I do, I’ll just tell myself that they’re just jealous. XD Of course, it’s a really conceited thing to do, but it helps sometimes, because at times, the truth hurts too much :P but in this case, it’s probably true. I mean, why would a person with a successful site and great skills and talents go around insulting other people? So you’re right! :P Those people are probably so jealous they can’t stand it, so they have to put down the really good people so they can feel like they’re on top.

Holy shit I think you’re actually going to kill me for saying this but when I looked at your comment FOR SOME WEIRD ASS REASON the only thing that went through my head was: “Georgie porgie commented.” LMFAO. /love

So now I have the urge to call you georgie porgie. BAHA. K.. don’t hate me. /bash

Yeah about the whole “affie cleanup” I was struggling so bad like .. for 3 whole hours LMAO. I think I only ended up deleting a few. Gah.

Thanks, glad you liked our theme. :)

LOLOL, but I think it was on the site when I had it on my freewebs. ;) Anyways I finally put it back on one of the pages baha, so now whoever participates actually has a chance of finding it. xD

Thanks for asking that question. ;)

And yeah I’m hoping that I can learn that song too, but I just fail. xD

GAH *offended that you didn’t read my comment*. Haha, I’m just kidding. (: IT’S COOL, YO.
That’s so nice of James to actually offer to return comments, I wish Ryan would do that especially since he’s the co-owner LMAO.

Yeah I hate online drama too. :(

AWW, yeah I’ll try to stay away from calling you that. Plus Georgina is so much better haha.

Yay for not hating me! :)

LOL yeahs you should clean up yours, cause it just annoys the hell out of me when I have these people linked on my site, and they don’t deserve to be there. >:(

-Calming down- .. Yar. (:
LMAO nahh the instructions on the Pixel hunt page say that even though he’s my favicon the actual pixel is somewhere on the site. ;)

Thankyou for yelling at Ryan. Oh how I wish he actually read that comment lmao.

Aww thanks! You’re so sweet TEHE.

Yeah it is just a link. Unfortunately I’m a picky person who get’s annoyed by the littlest things such as a million links. xD I’m fine with it, if all the people deserved to be linked but I can’t stand it when the link is there for no reason.. cause there’s no point. >:( Haha.

Pretty much everyone I know (online) believes that affiliates are friends and not for advertising. I mean, what’s the point of free advertising if people are using your affiliation for advertising instead. Gah.

WOOOOOOOOW. I actually burst of laughing when I read that she ACTUALLY had the nerve to put “to get hits” in the why do you want to be affies field. Wow, what a bitch. That’s all I can say.

LMAOES, and OMG that reminds me.. I found something on your site the other day.. it was like a green box or something, but OMG I got so excited .. you don’t even know. I don’t even know what it meant but I saved it to my computer and I’m going to go find out what to do with it now LMAO.

Best of luck finding the pixel. ;)

LMAO YAY. I feel good cause it means I hid him real well, if you can’t find him. ;)

WHEEEE *evil laugh*

And thanks, glad you like the smilies. :D

oh yup. You must have loads of scribbles then! :P
Will they be put on heartdrops or on one of your other domains?


she was awesome! She’s a rebel xD

ahah; cool! the time change is extreme. When I came back from visiting Japan, I got so jet lagged xD;

Yup Yup! Why Thank you (: I can hear the fireworks still going . . . at 11:30 PM xD

Ouch! I hope your foot is ok, it sounds like that was a painful accident.

That women at the counter must be really stupid. How can you not know what it is and then you see that it’s expensive everywhere else. Some people need brains.

Ahh, the losers who love to try & put people down with their hate comments. Well popular web owners become well-known because they are nice and don’t spam other people with crappy comments.

Well, I know my friends won’t get me those expensive things because they know I’m joking. I would feel so bad as well, and maybe I would even get them to take it back and get a refund.
Hope your foot is alright…

The twitter program is “Tweetable”. I told you on twittter, lol. :P It’s pretty cool how you can like TWEET on your site. :)

Wow. It’s really stupid for people to leave hate messages… I mean what’s the point? Those people just comment for no reason. You don’t really get hurt… I mean if you get hurt it’s not like your going to cry. xD

Ha, I agree with all your comments about haters. XD Really, I’m sure that they could not possibly do any better.

Wow. A bruise on the bottom of your foot? YUGH. :( I rubbed off a bunch of skin between my big toe and the next toe today from walking around in flip-flops for over an hour. It’s sad and painful, and my feet got DISGUSTINGLY dirty. Haha.

lol, and thank you for solving my moral dilemma. ;) I’m worried about bandwidth usage, though. I don’t really understand too much about it. Is having her continue to link the image (albeit a disgusting one) using too much…?

ooh god, ouch! i hope your foot gets better soon :)

woah, that is well bitchy! god, i’ve never met someone like that in a shop.

baha, some people are seriously so stupid. tbh, i don’t really give a damn about haters; all i know is that they must have pathetic lifes; no common sense at all & pretty stupid. haters keep me pretty much motivated :)

HAHAHA I was just talking to someone about the whole angry/jealous people spamming thing today! I don’t get them either. They are probably just jealous or else they would show themselves to prove that there is something better. Then again though why would they have to hate so much? If they don’t like what they see then don’t come around! Go off somewhere else in the low-class/low budget porn sites that they would be rather looking at! Right?! LOL. Stupid people.

Haha at the woman at the thrift store. Some people are just very greedy. I’m across a few vendors that just LIE straight to your face about the product. I’ve done that a few times where I test them because I know EVERYTHING about it and I just make it look like I don’t and you wouldn’t believe the bull crap that comes out of their mouth just to get you to buy it at their price hahah

Hey Georgina :)

Haha xD I said her I don’t do link exchange but if she likes she can still apply for advertising xD That’s no problem. But seriously? When I read that comment underneath that blog I was like “WTF? Can’t you just contact me via e-mail and ask me? Do you have to put it as a comment?!” I think they will really never ever learn it xD

As soon as I start to work, I will make sure to safe some money and then go back there! Take my sister with me and have a good time. Even if the club there is l like damn expensive!

Haha xD You totally remembered me about my cousins husband. Every time he gets out of the shower he has soooo much perfume/deodorant or after shave on him! I am always like “Wow.. did you have a bath in perfume/deodorant or after shave?” It’s unbelieveable! You could smell him from my house if he would be standing outside and the wind would be good xD

i know right i hope federer beats his ass today
lol well it sounded pretty loud and i didn’t know if the camera would pick it up lol
yer it were sooooo horrible i didn’t like it one bit
yeah we do i’ve been off since may as well its sooooooo long haha
thanks and LOL well he was he had moobs and everything

ooh that bruise sounded like it hurt and what a cow in that shop lmao
hahaha you and pam are right it is people like that who leave comments, i got a hate comment from darren kent this morning LMFAOOOOOOO! xD

Lol, that’s one craaaanky old lady! /hmph I hate arrogant shop keepers like that. Sometimes they don’t even bother asking if we need help, etc. /ho
Hahaha, ironic isn’t it? Hey Lubna being my site name as well as a very commonly used sentence on my site. XD
Hmmm…mostly people that don’t know what to waste their time on and having nothing better to do start spamming. Like the, ahem, Romanian, *cough* person. /ho Lol.


I know everything is expensive there, but worth it. I’m going to keep my newspapers or CDs… I’m sure on 50 years, I can sell it and the price will be like $8733762834234 :)

THAT IS MY MOM. If I want to buy something that she thinks useless, she’ll interrogate me with “tell me why do you want to buy it? What’s the point? Is it useful? Is it good?” -_-