The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete

Thank you guys for clicking for me at So-Pink; I came in first place. I decided to take the money instead of the domains – I am not in the mood for dealing with other domains at the moment, especially when I’d like to give some away some time. :D

Well, three weeks and four days until my break is over and I’m off to university again. I know I mentioned my scribble portfolio but I haven’t gone much further with that. Reviews, as well as all your lovely comments, have kept me really busy.

Nothing much has been going on offline, as usual. I haven’t encountered idiots on the train as I haven’t caught the train – so no new stories for you. I’ll have to resort to old ones. But well, in good news, my brother is feeling a lot better and he’s back to school. (Y)

The title is the name of a song by the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s really quite a sad song but it’s such a cute title. :)

I’ve already told you guys the story about how my boyfriend James, and I, met. I think many of you might not know so I’ll give a quick recap aye? :P

Basically, James and I have known each other since the beginning of high school. We never really talked until eighth grade, where we had a funny encounter. We had to walk to sport those days, because our poor school couldn’t afford to get a bus for us. Haha. So James pretended he had a map to help us around, when he actually didn’t, and he, my friend and I got horribly lost. I called him an idiot for having that fake map. /hehe

Well, we started out as good friends before becoming really close and well, how we are now. ♥️

Ooh, well, I haven’t told you guys about how I met my best friend Lilian. We sort of hung out in the same place in high school, among a really large group. We talked a lot, but the bad thing was, everyone else in the group went to the same school or knew each other… so most of the time we were very lost. 🙄 Eventually we left that group and joined a group in which we felt more comfortable. :P

This was a shit blog, let’s face it. I actually have to go to work soon, in five or so minutes. I haven’t gotten ready yet – fail.

I ate miso soup for breakfast today, which was delicious. It’s really the only thing I have for breakfast most of the time. I got pretty hungry a few hours ago – which is so unlike me, I barely get hungry. I ate a chocolate bar and some noodles for lunch. /eee

James and I have decided to cut down on buying food and going to restaurants. When we go back to university we’ll go back to the sandwich bags and packed lunches. Which is always fun, because I love James’s delicious pasta. /drool

Anyway, thought I’d ask you guys some questions for a change! And please be nice and don’t just answer the questions; comment on my blog please. :)

  • What did/will you eat for breakfast?
  • What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
  • Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.

Just remembered I’m off to the doctor tomorrow. Nothing serious, just a check up on the lesion I had. :)

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Ew you’ll be back ton university! 🤮 Well good luck! I’m glad you’re brother is feeling well again, though it sucks he has to go to school again! Wow very interesting stories, hmm I should blog about how I met my friend too some day :P !
* What did/will you eat for breakfast?It’s still 9:18am so I haven’t ate yet, i’m planing on eating eggs
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?I don’t really eat lunch, but I ate pasta for dinner yesterday
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. Well, I’ll give you the short version! /hehe It was my first day in this enomous hideous school, when a girl approached me and she offred to be friends with ofcourse alot of incidents happened then i introduced to a group I was hanging out with, they liked her alot and no we are all good friends /bounce Though we have our moments!
I actually have a gew days to go to an interview, I don’t know if I should really work since I’m going on 1 week vacation

*flap* Heehee :)
the tale of cute wuggs /love

What a hasty blog /sweat

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Muesli! Haahahaha. And a cup of green tea
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I had leftover bacon, followed by most of a sweet potato. It’s really filling /um For dinner, salmon maby.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
There was a guy I met in year…five. He was in my class, so we kept in touch because he lives pretty close by. He’s really very quiet and he has a little puppydog and all, but he’s built like a tree and has a creepy obsession with spearfishing.

Congratulations on winning first place! I know I already told you that on Twitter, but still, haha. I’d have probably taken the money, too. Plus you already have many domains to maintain. :P

Aww you and James sound so cute together. That was a funny story of how you two met. :P As for your best friend, that’s sort of how I met my best friend too, except I was the only one that didn’t know everyone else from middle school, but we did end up hanging out more with another group of people and became great friends. :)

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I didn’t have breakfast yesterday and I haven’t had it today yet (it’s 1:38 am here, lol), but I’ll probably have some toast or yogurt. I don’t eat breakfast every day.
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I had spaghetti for lunch and chicken and rice for dinner.
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I already did, hehe.

Applyed for so-pink before, never got an answer :(
Anyways I might have a subdomain again /eee i’ve applyed for a couple yesterday and looking around today. But you don’t host :( Do you?

Anyways ;) I shall answer your questions.
What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Toast probably like everyday, nothing better to eat in this house :(
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Lunch – I will have a packed lunch in schoolio = Sandwich, chocolate, crisps and fruit (:
Dinner – Me and my dad are making pizzas woohoo (: Yum yum. Haha. ‘Onion, Cheese, Tomato’ << Mmmm.
Tell me a story of how you met your friend.
My best friend? Well i knew her since I was born haha. But my other best friend I met in Gymnastics when we were about five. We then saw that we were actually in the same school :O so she stepped on my toe, we got told off, we laughed and best friends, that was it :D

Hehee 👏 I think I have lots of emotions in this ! ✌️
Byee /mwah Haha

(Yes i used ten emotions hehe sorry x)

Congrats on getting first place in the contest!! (Even though I already congratulated you on Pop /hehe ) Yehhh, domains are nothing when it comes to money vouchers. XD
Yehh…the story of how you and James met is quiet interesting. Hahaha, it’s so funny how he had a fake map the whole time while you guys actually thought it was real. /hehe And how you and Lilian met..that’s actually how I met some of my best friends too. =)

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? Dunno yet, probably cheese toast and tea. 🤤
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? Uhmm…I think I’m most probably going out for lunch with my family, so I’m not sure yet.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend,This is gonna be fun. /bounce
Okay, so I was still in second grade, and my old school was devided into two parts, the American International part, and the National part, because there were few students all together and it wouldn’t make much sense to have a different school for each one. Anyways, I was in the American part, and sometimes when I’m going out from the main school door, these girls from the other part of the school would come and tease me saying stuff like, “You don’t carry an umbrella and it’s raining!! HAHAHAHA!!” :P or sticking their tongue out on me. Yeh, lol, that’s how they’d annoy me in second grade. XD So one day my old English teacher gathered us all and said that we shouldn’t be mean to each other, bla bla bla, *insert pathetic lecturing here*, and whaddyaknow, the next day we’re friends. She’s actually one of my best friends until now, 7 years and counting. :P

Congratulations on first place ;) LMAO. I’m surprised you didn’t get another domain to be honest.

A fake map? LOL. Funny way of meeting.
We only walk to sport if we need a grass area because there’s a reserve near our school. But we take a bus to rock climbing and other sports like that.
If I ever get a eww I can’t say it lol, we’ll probably meet by my clumsiness O_O

Big groups = claustrophobia .
And yet I still ‘chill’ with big groups. But we’re all weird so it doesn’t matter.

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Nothing. 😰

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? LUNCH: Sandwhich (and I was a bit woozy after eating two Strepsils at the same time. I never knew it had alcohol)
Dinner: Pork Mince Omelets

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Christine: I was new to the school and the first thing she asked was “Are you Chinese?”. LMAO. Weird story because I’m actually Filipino and so is Christine. And then we started to get tight. :)

I ams so tired.
So how are you?

/mwah Bye

Yaaaaay! Congratulations on coming first ✌️ *dances*. LOL, if you had chosen the domains, I’d be like *OMG* @-@ MORE?! And then I’d laugh at you [in a totally nice way]. Hahaha xD

It’s good that your brother’s better…^^…

I so do NOT miss catching the bus to and from Uni. And I just got an email from Uni about some guy being threatened by strangers with a knife at my Uni gym. EEEP! *scared*

LOL…How very mean of James. Well, it’s a funny story still. Hehehe. You can tell your kids that, and they’ll all jump on James and beat him up for you. HAHAHAH. [Film it for me]. Okay, well not really.

Hehehe! That’s totally NOT how we met! We met at year 7 camp. You were with Thivya, remember? We stuck someone’s nametag on a stick and stuck it in a tree stump, and nick-named it “Thivya’s flag”. Hahahaha. ^^

But yeah, we did end up in a huge group, which we eventually left. I like our OTHER group better anyways. More to talk about, etc, etc. Well most of the time. We sort of drifted apart towards the end of year 12 because /angry . But yeah, we just stuck…together…sort of. xD And how we’re adoptive Twins =D YAY…^^…*dance* *hugs* xD YAY…^^

Aahhhh…awesome memories. ^^.

Anyways, I’m going to answer your questions now =)

– I did not eat breakfast. LOL. I didn’t wake up in time xD

– Lunch: Stir-fried noodles [my Dad cooked]; Dinner: Vegetable curry? =S And Malaysian pancake-thingoes. [Yeah, don’t ask].

– Ooooh! I’ll tell you the really stupid story about how I met my first friend at uni: We both turned up to a tutorial that wasn’t on. How embarrassing ==. LOL

wow, your holidays are short…. compared to my sister who used to go to uni (she already graduated). From what I remember I think she had like 3 months of holidays O.O”
but at least your holidays are longer than mine.
I can never remember clearly on how I met my close friends, we are friends since kindergarden! I can’t remember back, my memory’s bad.
* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I eat Crunchy Nut cereal :D
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I ate sandwich at lunch and at dinner I only ate 2 pieces of toast, I’m not really hungry after that pie I had.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Bad memory. Well, I do have a close friend which I met at the beginning of high school. She told me that her first impression of me that i was loud, and weird :D haha, because that time we were in PDHPE and we were cutting out random pictures, and I probably was laughing like a maniac. How embarrassing.

HIII GEORGIE! I’M TESTING MY WORDPRESS ACCOUNT =D Hehehehehehe! Hopefully it works! =D

Thank you eversomuch (: Yeah at the airport we didnt get the wand, we just walked through the thing and put our bags through a x-ray machine type thing. My younger sister had a liquid and the guard got it and he goes “I’ll take this!” and i was like..okay. its a water bottle. its not a gun. you are not my father, you do not need to sound like that. it was so wierd. And, where did you get the smileys? I cant find any antwhere that I want to install for wp.

I am the same way. I have 200 songs on my mp4-player and I listen to them all the time. Even if I am tired of most of them. But as soon as I start reading I don’t really care which song is playing xD Then I just let it play xD

Hahaha, I would say: Mission completed xD

Nearly 40? Holy sh*t xD I would die… here in Germany the kids aren’t allowed to go to school when the temperatures reach 28°C, which doesn’t happen to often xD Though I think now most of us German students are on holidays anyways, so it’s not that bad.

This was still a quite interesting blog. I never knew how you and James met; that was new information xD And I also didn’t know how you and Lillian met, more new information xD

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Two yummy eggs :)
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I am not sure what we gonna eat. Mum hasn’t yet decided what to cook later xD
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Hmm.. I have no interesting stories to tell here, mine are just boring. But I can tell you how my lil sister met her best friend xD In 1999, when we build the house we now live in, my lil sister (almost 3 at that time) was lost out of a sudden. We all went crazy and ran around searching her. Well, she was sitting at the end of our backyard playing with another 3 year old girl; that girl lived across the street on the back of our house. And since that day on you can’t seperate them. They do everything together. It’s cool how they are friends for 10 years now.. and they are only 12+13 xD

Yeah.. no interesting stories from my side.. I met my friends all because we lived in the same street with a lot of kids in my age (I think we were around 10 kids or so) and so we hung out together xD

This blog beats my new one hands down, mine is basically me cheering about me finishing school. Sorry I have been slow in returning your comment but the last few days have been very stressful!

That’s so cute how you guys met! Pretending to have a map is the coolest thing in history… even though he ended up getting you more lost. Bet you’re glad the school didn’t have buses back then. :D

Yeah, that was the one I wanted to put in my blog but I was very reluctant to do so and decided against it haha. I know, I am always like ‘So have you tasted shit then!? REALLY?!’ But it’s all about the texture I have been told which makes it less funny… but MEH.

Mine are in a folder on my computer called fireworks just turn them into textures :L I have some weird names for folders on my computer, but yeah, I just thought I would call them textures because they’re not lights… I don’t know… HELP!

Golly gosh! Deeper into the fresh snow? NOT COOL. But pretty funny! I love walking on fresh snow, it actually makes me feel like such a rebel haha!

Oh, glad your brother’s good again! :)
Haha, yes, it’s really funny (to me, hehe) how it’s night in America and morning here in India. Yeah, I know you live in Australia! :D

Wow, I never knew how you and James met, or how you and Lilian met. It was interesting to know! :D
Oh, how’s your work going ? Do the kids trouble you a lot ? Hehe. :)

Okay, so here goes –
* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I don’t know, whatever my mom prepares.

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Same as above!

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Well, I met most of my friends when I joined my new school. There’s nothing interesting to tell about this, because it all happened casually.

See you, Georgie! ♥

Yay congrats on winning! I didn’t win sotm but that’s ok :D Aw and that’s cute how you meet James, can’t believe you called him an idiot hehe! I can tell you long story of how I met Dewey ♥

1 & 2.) Well I just woke up so I can tell you what I ate yesterday, I have Coca Puffs Cereal, then Macaroni & Cheese, and then for dinner BBQ Ribs, Broccoli, and Rice ;)

3.) I met Dewey at a mutual female friend’s birthday party. I thought he was cute and funny so I told the birthday girl, but she was upset and wanted me to never see or talk to him so she refused to give me his sn or #. But while we were talking during the party, Dewey told me where he lived, apparently he does that to most people as a conversational tlking point because he lives behind a shopping center where everybody who lives in Queens has shopped at. So I decided that I want to see this guy again so I tried to build up courage and actually went to his house! But now I tell him he had it so easy, that he didn’t have to lift a finger to win me over lol.

I actually know Heal The World by Michael Jackson, which surprised me ’cause I didn’t recognize the title. I didn’t know it was by MJ either. Good song though. :)

I like having my picture taken with the people in costumes. There was one guy/girl dressed as a bottle of Corrona (it’s some king of alcohol, I believe) and I have a picture of me and a couple of my friends with our arms round him/her. :PO

Congrats on winning the contest. I’d have chose the money if I were you too; you have many domains already. Plus you could always win domains on the Namecheap contest, when they do it. Go Georgie!

Good luck at the doctors! They always ask me questions I don’t know how to answer, then explain things to me using doctory words. Hello, in English please. :)

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut with milk. :P

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Ravioli (spelling??) and I don’t know what I’m having later. Probably a hot dog ’cause I’m doing a performance with school. The school gives us free hot dogs.

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Ooh, this is a hard one and I’m not really sure I can come up with a good story. I met my friend Nicola at the start of high school ’cause we were the only people in our drama class who didn’t have anyone to talk to. Then I fell out with the group I used to hang round with, joined this other group and she just kind of merged into our group ’cause she was already friends with me. Boring story, I know.

I never thought it’d get this serious either. But after not getting along for so long, you just begin to realize that it’s not going to get better.
You can’t change people, and the two of us just bring out the worst in each other. It’s so hard but it’s for the best, and that’s what I keep thinking.
In the end it’ll be better for the girls, too, because they won’t have to see us fighting all the time.

I’m pretty sure I already told you, but congrats on winning the referral contest! How much money did you win?

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? A bagel with cream cheese, it was really yummy.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? I’m not sure yet, probably a sandwich or something.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. Hmm, well I don’t have any cool stories. I met my best friend Angela when I got a job at a clothing store when I was 19. She was my manager and we ended up becoming best friends. Now she’s a district manager of that company and I don’t work there but we are still BFFs!

I clicked for you, so you’re welcome! /hehe
I’ve been busy reading your review others’ site.

I’m taking train to school everyday and there’s lots of “interesting”, *cough*, things to see. Some people are pretty annoying. :O

Aww, it’s really sweet,how you and your boyfriend are in love. 😝

Hmm, I guess I’m gonna answer your questions now? /oh

? What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I bought noodles in school. *eww* It’s not delicious, at all!
? What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Lunch : Chocolate. : Dinner : I’ve no idea.

congrats on making it to first place 👏
well i didnt really know how you guys end up together but now i know! /eee thats such a cute encounter. did he ever tell you why he had a fake map? hhmmm -cough- -cough-
thats good that you guys decided to cut some of the restaurant thing. theyre getting more and more expensive. so homemade lunch is always better :)

What did/will you eat for breakfast? dont usually eat breakfast. wake up a little bit late for that
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? i honestly dont know. i havent opened the fridge yet 🤤
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. hhm a “friend” huh? well this was a long time ago and its over now. lets just say i was young and reckless. we met through friends and started hanging out and thats where everything started. but its over. im single and loving it ♥

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Can you come to my site or email me about it.

Aww, that wasn’t a shit blog! Reminiscing about stuff like that is fun. :D

Wait so… what did James use as a map instead? He must have had something relatively convincing, right?

HAHA that just reminded me of something from Transformers. >.< So Sam’s mom accidentally gets high, and she’s going around the college campus saying things. One of the things she says is “my son has a car that’s a big alien robot,” so to save the situation, Sam says “it’s… it’s a… GPS. GPS. On-Star. Yeah, On-Star.” xP I was just reminded of that because of the “map.”

Ooo, haven’t seen questions in while! Time to answer them.

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
A bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (cereal) if we have any milk… I’m pretty sure my mom bought some milk last night. :D That’s my favorite cereal.

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I probably won’t eat lunch because I’m eating breakfast and 10:30 and I’ll be babysitting during lunchtime, and I never know what we’re having for dinner until my mom tells me around 4 or 5pm. :P

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
OH OKAY. Lucy! Well, during tenth grade I joined my school’s robotics team, which she had been a member of since ninth grade. One day during one of the boring meetings where we all pretty much just sat there doing nothing just to fill required hours, Lucy and I got to talking. We ended up designing this hilarious pig robot together. :P And I remember Felix, who is now her boyfriend, came up and was like “Lucy, did you make a new friend? ;)” It was funny. xD

Argh, now I need to go eat and get ready to babysit… yuck. Trying to be ready early so I can fit in a little bit of guitar before I go; I’m in the mood to play. :D


* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Well in a few minutes I am going to eat some waffles. :)
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
For lunch probably a sandwich and for dinner I have no idea xP
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I meet most of my friends through school. I met my friend Bailey by getting assigned to a seat next to her. We talked and then we became very good friends. My two best friends I met at like age 3 so I don’t really remember. :)

Thank you! :D Oh my god, Mario Kart is like the best game ever and I am normally not into racing sort of games because I suck at them. I don’t really suck at Mario Kart though :P

Thanks! :) Yep, I am leaving tomorrow and bringing my laptop but the service is normally really bad so it will be super slow. :(

Aww isn’t it nice having memories of how we remember first meeting people. Anyways good luck at work XD

Aw, the stories of how you met James and Lilian are so sweet :3 Aha, a fake map? Was it like, a peice of paper he’d drawn on, or like, just a plain peice of paper he was pretending to read?

And I know ¬.¬ The first time I checked, she’d posted 17, then the next time, there were 23, then about 10 minutes later it was 61. I mean, I would have understood if she double posted on accident, but surely you cannot post a comment 61 times by accident?!

We now have 2 cases in our school, and 6 possible. My aunty is being tested for it today or tomorrow as well :(

I still wore my black pumps today, everyone did. In the assembly the head teacher just said to sort them, but I’m not getting new shoes when we only have 3 weeks left and I’ll have all new for September, anyway. I’m getting a skirt tomorrow, because it’s so hot, so I suppose I’m going back on my words, but I’m going to wear my dolly shoes I used to wear before xD

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I don’t eat breakfast. I should because I’m always hungry, but I can never drag myself out of bed in time, so if I had breakfast I’d be late for school. On a weekend I have Jordan’s Country Crisp [:
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I had a ham salad baguette, and an ice cream :]
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Hmm. Well, my best friends, who are Rachael and Abbie (I talk about them a lot in my blogs) have only been best friends since about this time last year. I didn’t know Abbie at all, but her and Rachael were best friends then, and Rach is in the same registration class as me, so we became friends then. They both hated McFLY back then, but the day after I met Rach I got her obssessed with them xD it took a little longer for Abbie to like them, but all 3 of us went to see them in April, then again two weeks ago ^.^

Aww, see you wanted to be something cool like a nurse! AHH! Jealous hehe. But yes, you still did fab on my ‘test’ no worries. ;)

I’ve never heard of the story about you & James so I enjoyed that. My boyfriend and I started off as good friends toooo. Hehe.

Hope your job went well and you’re off to bed now, or already sleeeping!

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? I just ate cinnamon/sugar toast and peanut butter toast.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? I’ll probably have cereal if I even get hungry soon.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. I met my close childhood friend, who is my next door neighbor, in between our houses. She was making mud pies and I joined! We were about 5 years old hehe.

That’s very sweet about how you shared your stories about meeting 2 important people in your life! I liked it!!

That’s why I am not a bus/train person, I don’t like being in confined spaces with weird/smelly people LOL. I’ve just heard wayy too many stories about weird situations people get in on the bus lol.

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
– I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I normally don’t eat breakfast.

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
– Depends how hungry I get for lunch so I have no clue.

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
– My best friend and I met at work because I was really nice to her when she was new here and we ALWAYS talked about our lives and our boyfriends and it turned out that we have SOOO many things in common. My boyfriend and I ran into her and her boyfriend at the mall and started chatting it up and now we see them almost everyday and just hang out! We even went on a roadtrip together!

I ♥ the Bubble family! Everyone is so nice. :)

YAY! I’m happy your brother is well again and off to school. 👏 That’s always good to hear.

Aww. James sounds like a funny guy. Funny is always a good thing! How far were you sports? Hopefully the walk wasn’t too long! Walking is a sport in itself! :P


* What did/will you eat for breakfast? I drank a huge green smoothie, made with frozen banana, spinach, almond milk, almond butter, and sprinula.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? Probably a large salad for lunch and some veggies noodle for dinner. 🤤
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. I met my best friend (from Colorado) online at XD

People are always the same though. You always get people who will make jokes about it. 96 is still okay also. We just wanted our perfect attendance mwahaha.

YAY WELL DONE :D. Oooooh money is shinny =]. You do have lots of domains! I really don’t know how you manage to keep up with them all. Awwww boo idiots on the train make for good stories :). I have a train story to tell in my new blog when I can be bothered posting it. Good that your brother is feeling better though.

Yay for friend/boyfriend meeting stories :D. It’s quite funny how you and James met :P. I bet your glad he had that fake map now though hehe. Oooh yay for lunches taken from home. I think I will need to do that come September because I won’t have the money to buy lunch everyday that I am at University =/.

* I didn’t have breakfast today :( Didn’t feel too great this morning.
* I’m not sure yet, it’s really warm here so something quite light I think.
* John and I actually only properly met because we got sat next to each other in 3rd year maths. He tried to copy me all the time *prods*. Looks like maths was useful for something after all :D


Hehe I clicked! *proud* Yay for first place. :D

I only have three working days of school left, then a trip to a castle down the ROAD (efff, how loserish) and a Mordern Langauges Day crappy thing at the boys school. Pleeeeaaaase keep Johann away with me or at least arm me with a ten foot long pole…

Glad your brother’s better. :)

I haven’t listened to SP in a while. :X I was listening to Soft Skeletons by Anberlin while I typed up my blog. I like the line ‘There’s Life In Your Veins’. To be honest all the lyrics in their songs are great.

Haha I still find it hilarious James said that. :D But by all means, retell the story.

Yeehee, miso soup! :D

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Caramel spread on toast. :3

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Pasta. Isn’t that ironic? It probably wasn’t as good as James’ though. :)

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
My best friend Corinne and I became friends when my ‘best’ friend became friends with her ‘best’ friend. Obviously they were both bitches and blanked us so we started talking and became best friends. Ta-da! :P

In reply to your comment: The Unwinding Cable Car FTW!

Hehe yeah. At least we talk now, yee. Foxfire! :3
You know if we hadn’t started talking then… then hell, I’d’ve been bloody dumb. :D

Especially a meteorite. *nods*

Yay! You won, everyone was rooting for you!

Aww, it sucks that your break is ending soon, but everything comes to an end and on the bright side, you won’t be bored anymore XD

You and James are such a cute couple, its so sweet how you guys met.I wish I could just leave the group I’m in, but my friend doesn’t want to and I hate being alone, people look at me and its just so awkward.

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Eggs and hot dogs :P

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Lunch- Nothing
Dinner- Left overs…eww

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I met my best friend through another friend actually, me and this other friend were just throwing a football around and the new friend wanted to join ( she knew the person I was playing with). So we let her and then we just started hanging out. Eventually, the friend who introduced us left and we became friends!

Randomer here, I just randomly found your website, as randomers do (:

Aww thats cute about you and your boyfriend! /faw Oh and your layouts cute!

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I didn’t have anything today :O

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I had toast for lunch, and butter pasta for dinner (:

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I met one of my friends online, even though we had seen eachother in real life before (as he goes to my school) but we didn’t know eachother until we chatted on msn xD We talk about evil flapjacks and waffles 👏

byeeee (:

Ooooh I remember on how you and Jame’s met! Such a cute story to me! Hehe he pretended he had a map?! GAH /bounce CONGRATULATIONS GEORGIE! OMFG OMFG YOU WON SO-PINK’S CONTEST! I’m so happy for you! Good one! You took the money…I always wonder how you can handle so many domains and update regularly at the same time, I mean…WOW. You’re my idol at this! 👏
The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete… sounds cute. I should listen to the Smashing Pumpkins…I never listened to bands and stuff :P BUT I SHALL. The title reminds me of knomes…for some reason. GAH probably my imagination! TEEHEE 👏

Forgot to answer the questions! :)
* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Rice and shrimp :)
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I never quite remember how I met my friends… bad memory… /bash

Aww, your blog isn’t that crappy. I enjoy reading it. :) Sometimes us bloggers just don’t know what to write. It’s okay.

I had Lucky Charms for breakfast, my favorite cereal.
For lunch, I had a quesidilla (sp?) and some cinnamon buns. 🤤
I have no idea what I’m having for dinner.

I met one of my best friends in the world in 1st. On Halloween, we were both dressed up as Powerpuff Girls. At school, she just randomly ran over to me and started hugging me. We’ve been best friends ever since. :D

Yeah, I’m thinking of closing my applications. I’d rather apply to be affiliates to a site I know that will return my comments than have a bunch of sites that I’ve never heard of apply.

LOL, a lot of cameras have crap settings for nighttime. D: My friend who has a Sony Cybershot was trying out the “fireworks” setting and she was like “WTF? IT TURNED IT ALL INTO LINES?” XD her reaction was funny, but not so funny for an expensive camera.

People still opt to receive email notifications from FB? LOL. I had to turn those off because they were so annoying. Like, who the heck wants their inbox filled with “You have received a message from so-and-so” or “So-and-so has requested to be your friend.” I hate email notifications. :P I have to turn them off for every single site out there that I sign up for.

Aw, you can still remember how you met your boyfriend and your best friend. :D If I had either, maybe I could remember it (LOL), but I think that’s really touching. XD for anyone to remember specific events like that. :3 I have an online best friend that I may get to meet soon since she’s coming to California, but I am hardly looking forward to that *___* scary meeting people you’ve never really “seen”.

You’re lucky you rarely get hungry. I’m always hungry because for some reason, there’s never anything to eat. My dad says that’s because I’ve already eaten everything possible, but… I still don’t believe him. XD

I had a sandwich for breakfast… which could be considered lunch since I woke up at 1PM again.

I skip lunch, LOL. I wake up so late :( I didn’t realize I loved sleeping so much. I’m going to die when I have to wake up at 5:30AM for school…again. Oh I’m so dreading September.

Hmm. How I met my exbestfriend? Well, I can tell you the story of how she ditched me LOL. :D But I guess the meeting part is much easier to talk about :3 I had to switch schools in the 5th grade and that’s when I met her — she clearly had no intention of talking to me at all, but I decided I wanted to be her friend so I invited her to my birthday party and she actually came. It went pretty much uphill from there until 8th grade. :O

This wasn’t a crappy post; I enjoyed getting some insight on how you got to know the people who are closest to you now. I think that’s the whole reason I read blogs anyway – because it helps me get to know and connect with other people. That’s the fun in it!

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? I ate a plain bagel with butter.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? For “lunch” I had two Nutri-Grain bars… if that even counts as a meal, lol. It clearly wasn’t very filling because now I’m starving for dinner! We’re having beef and broccoli with rice.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. I met my friend Rebecca on my second night at college. My roommate and I couldn’t figure out how to lock the window, and I guess she was the first person we saw – so she helped us figure it out!

HEY GEORGINA. :) Gillian here.
Ryan would have returned your comment but he’s at soccer right now so here I am doing his dirty work lolol.

CONGRATS on getting first place at So-pink. (: All the clicking paid off, YAY.

Back to uni so soon? Well, that sucks, yo.

That’s really cute how you and James met. :P I can imagine you guys completely lost with your little map LMAO. Sorry it just cracks me up.

How you met Lilian is how I met my bestie (or one of them) too. :)

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? I had thinsations.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? Pasta or chicken probs hehe.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. STORY OF HOW I MET THE INFAMOUS RYAN: I was playing “jump rope” (skipping) with my friends in the school yard in grade 4. :) Ryan was the “fucking jackass” who kept messing me up by sticking his foot in the skipping rope while it was my turn..
Ever since then we just became friends? LOL. Fail..

aww no problem :) i knew you would win 👏 you rock :D lol.

lmao xD you met like your closest friends by getting lost lol!

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
uhh bagel :P
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
lunch was crackers and creamcheese dinner was tacos
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
uhh well in 5th grade i met someone who looked exactly like me and we had lunch together and well we are bffs lol.

heey! omg sorry for the late reply! ive been busy working on my domain and it STILL SUCKS! /poo lol! hope you’ll check it out ;D
congratulations in winning so-pinks contest! :D 👏
* What did/will you eat for breakfast? french toast
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? licks and KFC ahahh
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. ahh to long and i have bad memory lmaoo! 😳

I’ve never bought anything online not even domains lol

Yah it felt like shit to see them doing that 😢 but i got over it after i realized that he was smoking which a disgusting habit. i don’t see why people find comfort in doing it. what are that trying to look cool?

And i’ve said several time You Are A Love sick puppy lol but it’s totally cute and adorable :D

what exactly is miso soup?

What did/will you eat for breakfast? Nothing lol
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? Rice and Stew (it’s an african dish)
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Okay so it was in the sixth grade. A girl named Bernice, we were never actually really friends or anything before. Never actually talked to each other before. We got paired up one day for a project and trust we didn’t want to work with each other because we dont know each other but it turned out nice. we got to know each other and now shes my #1 Best friend :)

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Coffee! Because coffee is a breakfast food.

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Lunch.. uh.. I didn’t eat lunch. -.- I was too busy. lol.
But I had steamed veggie tofu rice for diner. :)

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I was introduced through a mutual friend as her OTHER friend that needed a straightjacket, a dogcatcher, and a giant net.

Another SP songtitle? Wow. You’re a huge fan, hmm?
I saw it and started singing.. Weird. lol.

yupp; i’m happy I got to spend a lot of time with her on her last year (:

SMASHING PUMPKINS! Omg I was playing guitar hero world tour and it had a song from there and i was like o.O GEORGINA ! xD

Congrats of getting first! Hehe, you got a lot of domain, its cool that you took the money instead !

Yay your brothers feeling better! Thats good to hear!

Its very cute how you and your friends met and became the friends you are today! I’ve known most of my best friends since I was a baby. My sister met her best friends in the library when she was like 3-5ish lol; then our parents saw each other on the train and they’ve been best friends ever since xD

okay so this comment is long so I shall end it now xP

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Pop tarts.

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Umm… Rice, vegetables, pork… same for breakfast and dinner. :)

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I don’t really recall…? Umm… Well, I met one of my friends through gym class, we were the two girls who weren’t into being ‘athletic’. :) So we partnered up a lot as it was easier to be partners with someone who didn’t care for gym than it was with someone who was like… crazy into sports or something. :)

* Today I had three mini croissants and some pork for breakfast :P
* My mom cooked me udon with chicken for dinner today :3
* Ooh, my best friend Lynxie! Well, I met her my sophomore year in high school, so about 6 years ago. We were in the same English class but we didn’t really talk much until one day when this dumbass named Daniel said something to me and made me cry. And she got so mad she stood up for me and told him off :] we have been besties ever since! (Even weirder is that Daniel turned out to be the best friend of her now-boyfriend Matt, whom she met like a year later. Although now he’s Matt’s ex-best friend because he is being a total douchebag to Lynxie so basically, we all hate his guts now and I’m looking to kick him where the sun don’t shine. Though I can say something really mean about why I’d miss :P )

What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I had cocoa pops! :)

What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? I hate a mince pie for lunch from the canteen at school, but I don’t know what mum’s fixing for dinner yet.

Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Well, when I was a born and mum was in the hospital she met a lady named Lynette whose two baby boys were in the neonatil (spelling?) with me. But they lost contact until I turned 8 and the boys moved to my school and my mum realised that it was her old friend. I get on pretty well with the boys and their younger sister and it’s thanks to mum having me three months early that we’re really friends!

That’s a cute story of how you and your boyfriend met. I always think its sweeter being friends first. :)

Congrats again! Woo. Lol, if you took the domains, how many domains you’ll have? You have so many domains :P

Yay for your brother. Glad to know he’s okay now.

You have a cute story about you and James! Haha, I wish I could be like that with someone… *cough* but it’s impossible. You both are really lucky.

And cute story about you and your friend too :D Pretty similar to how I met my (ex) best friend. :P

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? i rarely have breakfast. Haha. Maybe toast or juice.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Yesterday I ate pizza, spaghetti, and Germany sausages :P
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Well… I have lots of best friends. Four best friends to be exact. There’s someone I’ve met since six years ago, we weren’t really close but we just… I don’t know why we’re pretty close now lol. And the other… hmm I’ve known her since seven years ago. We were pretty close, but we had a stupid fight so we separated for six years and we got close again. The another one… I’ve just known her this year–new student, you know. At first no one liked her, well I didn;t like her too but then we realized we have so much in common and she’s really creative too so yeah. And the last but not least, we met about four years ago. In the 4th grade, we were close, but in the 5th grade, I had another best friend and in the middle of 6th grade we got pretty close again and then we had a BIG FIGHT, really big fight but now we realized it was just a stupid fight and we’re close again now weeee.

aha. My sister told me that everyone thought she looked like a mean and serious person, until people got to know her. First impressions can be weird :P
Its just surprising what teachers put on reports, some say this while some say the opposite.

Tehe ;) What does ‘cater’ mean? Haha.

Congratulations on winning the SoPink Contest!:D What a sweet way of when you met James lol! I thought you were the way you two met was through back in primary and were like best friends since kindergarten lol! Sorry about the fantasy exaggeration lol!

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Umm probaly just weetbix – my dad doesn’t really buy a variety other than weetbix or cornflakes.
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Umm…well I’m still in school so I usually have a sandwich and a juice popper.
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
Well I met my best primary friend by her dobbing on me and then I asked her why and she’s like because she wanted to be friend and all and I don’t remember so much after that!:p

LOL, your ‘idiot on the train’ stories make me laugh. I love your intelligent ranting… xD

Aw, I think your story of meeting James is cute. And your story about Lillian, too- I liked that a lot.
I did something very similar today, actually; my friend Amy-Rose and I decided to start our own group instead of sitting with our usual group. They’ve been excluding us lately, and today they had a party. Right in front of us. They didn’t share any of their food or anything, which I find extremely rude. I wasn’t really that close with them, but Amy’s been sitting with them for two years and she can’t believe they’re treating her like nothing. Like I always say, finding happiness means taking risks and letting go of people sometimes. :)

Questions! YAYZ. Hahaha.
1. I had Milo cereal and milk with Milo in it for breakfast. I wasn’t kidding when I said I love Milo. xD
2. I had a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch, and fish and chips for dinner.
3. Haha, I met my best friend Azmy in year 2. She had just moved from England, and I actually hated her for some unfathomable reason. xD Anyway, in year 3 she invited me to her party and we found that we had heaps in common. We’ve been best friends ever since. :D

Lmao, sorry for my long comment. (Geez, to be honest I really don’t know why I bother saying that anymore. My comments are ALWAYS long. xD)

Gosh, lol. I’m addicted to saving bubbles. I secretly have about 70,000 bubbles in my account. I just hope I save them and not waste them. XD

Haha, yeah that’s what I meant :P. I had an English fail moment *cringe*. Yeah, it was certainly different. The whole place was very nature focussed. There were loads of baby ones everywhere so it was soooo cute! One of the baby swans kept wandering off though, so the mother swan as not pleased :D.

Most of my friends drink tbh =/. I don’t because I don’t like the idea of it but you get used to it. I think they expect me to look after them though. Although Jason was the one who collapsed at prom after drinking so you would think he would have learned to drink as much :|. Some people can turn really nasty when they have been drinking though and that’s what I don’t like.

Lol if they were it doesn’t bother me too much lol :). Sometimes when I’m out with John if he puts his arm round me other girls glare at me and it’s like WTF get a grip lol :). Do you ever get that when you’re with James? But yeah they must have ran out of things to say about how much they had to drink the night before lol :D. Why do these idioits have to get the same train as me.

Woooop maths does have a purpose in life! I’ve been trying to work out it’s use in life for years now (I mean seriously some of the stuff they teach is like whaaaaaaaaa).


OMFGGGGGG do you know how happy i am that you won the so-pink contest xD haha yay for taking the money, did you receive it in AU dollars?

i want to see your scribble portfolio! when will you officially open it? I’M EAGER ;D

LMAO, did James pretend that his map was genuine to impress you? I think he’s liked you ever since he saw you aye aye /kiss xD

o.O i’ve tried miso soup, but i thought it was tasteless; like seriously it was like /poo (sorry i’m just making the most of these uber cute smilies lmao!) noodles are delish though ha.

you & james are seriously cute together aye 😝 haha you guys will be rock up at uni with your little packed lunches! omfg, you so have to pack juice boxes!

This was not a shit blog :@ take that back biatch, your blogs could never be shit. >..<

I know right? Idiot stealer, you can say. UGH *(#*(@&*$

Mangoes here aren’t really expensive, but my Mom bought the stolen mango at somewhere that is really far from here… when we had a trip (yes the trip on my previous blog). And I think it’s really rare here. Of course my Mom got mad, lol.

Yeah, when we fought, we admitted to each other that fighting isn’t good and we didn’t want to have enemies, so we apologized to each other and yay. :D

ohh Miso does sound awesome :D I’m going to add it to my to-do list. It’s a list in a my head of things i want to do before my last day on earth.

Aww that is soo sweet:) You are really in love. I wish you too the best of luck ♥ One day there is going to little Georgina’s and James running around lol /hehe

Thanks :) I hope people actually buy a plan lol. Never actually sold before its exciting lol 💥

lol i was really scared it happened. I thought i was going to get killed or something. sometimes when i walk to school i always fear lol. I like walking with people not by myself lol I’m going to do that from now on i’m just going to walk away. If it’s me the person want. They will call me.

I don’t hate so much being in assigned seats but I really hate being assigned to groups because I always get in the worst groups…just my luck :P

Haha thanks! I am going to try to write a blog while I am gone too so hopefully I can! :D

Congrats for winning the so-pink contest :D I tried to click for you everyday, though I have to admit that I forgot sometimes xP

I didn’t know the story of how you met James. And I have to say, it’s so cute /love Haha I’m starting to see you two as THE couple, you seem to be perfect for each other /eee Your story about Lillian is so nice as well, she seems to be a nice friend :)

Ooh, questions :D

* What did/will you eat for breakfast?
Just a toast, seeing that I ate breakfast at 2pm for sleeping in :P

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
Um, I’m not really sure. I’ll just eat what my mother prepares xD

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I don’t really have cool stories, I’ve met all my friends at school, there is nothing exciting about that =|

Good luck with your check up tomorrow :)

We don’t call it “credit” we call it “merit”. Though it’s still very similar and probably means the same. We still have “pass” and “distinction” though.

I’m the same as you, I never knew what I wanted to do all throughout school and college – and I still don’t. So I’ve been considering things in webdesign and such because I enjoy it. I’m not sure if I know enough yet, like you, I want to expand my skills.

You’d be good as an editor, just show them your articles, haha.

I’m not sure, I mean, I’ve seen Jessica from Swimchick with abit of and attitude problem. It seems to me that she doesn’t appreciate her visitors enough. But no, you don’t see her moaning about haters or hating other people’s websites. (That we know of, haha.) But see? It is the people with crappy Piczos most of the time. Ain’t we good? :P

Haha, that’s so wierd. I met my boyfriend in a very similar way. We went to the same high school, never really talking until about year 8 (don’t know what grade that is) and then were friends for about 3 years until we started going out. I was scared at first because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship – he was one of my best friends, but now I think it’s better than hardly knowing each other when you start dating.

This was not a boring blog, it’s better than mine, haha. It’s just not super long like normal. xD

Ohh questions, that makes a nice change. :P
What did/will you eat for breakfast?
I had toast, yes very exciting. :P
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner?
I’m not sure yet, I’ll proably just have a sandwich or something for lunch and I’m considering McDonalds for dinner, naughty naughty.
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend.
I already did, read above. :P

ahah; its fun when you have all of your friends to play it with you (: xD; I’ve never heard a Smashing Pumpkins song other than the one on Guitar Hero lol; I should google the song (:

Ahhh I ♥ that book/movie! When I watched the movie, I cried when that girl [sorry I forgot her name] died from leukemia. I was so sad ): xD; The second book was really good too!

Oh wow. The only reason I did that was because I kept getting random people following me. It was creepy. O_O

Yeah, Mexican food is really good. In my town, there’s this one restaurant called Jose Tejas, it’s the best. It’s a Mexican restaurant. When you first get there, they give you chips that they make there and they’re really good. After you finish your meal, the kids get either M&Ms or Starburst. :)

Haha, it was a little strange. :D

Miso soup is delicious!

That’s cute how you and your boyfriend met, I don’t really have an interesting story about how I met mine, except that it was through a friend at a bonfire and we just hang out as friends at first. Woot. lol.

I met my best friend in my senior year of HS in a class we both despised. The teacher smelled like curdled milk and I remember the other students coming in with deodorant sprays, it was really quite amusing. No one up front told her she smelled, but we tried to hint at it in so many ways. I probably wouldn’t have kept in touch with her but we happened to find out we were going to the same college, we lost touch during the summer then I was like “I should call her” because I had no friends my first week of college LOL. And we’ve been super close since.

Back to school already? Sheesh. I guess you’re on winter break, though right? Are you going to be a sophomore?

So glad you won the contest! That’s great. ;D

Hm, those are interesting stories about your meetings with James & Lilian. : )

Nice title by the way. ;P

Wow, only three weeks a bit till going back to uni.? I still have another 2 months. :P

What did/will you eat for breakfast? – Watermelon
What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? – Oh dear, that’s way too far ahead for me to think of lol.
Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. – Well, I met my one friend when her grandparents moved in next door to me. I was in kindergarten, and very shy so I didn’t want to go talk to her when she was at her grandparents (she was the only other kid in my neighbourhood by the way so I was desperate for a friend nearby xD) so then I took this little plastic piano/keyboard and started pounding on it to see whether she’d notice me. Of course, with my luck, only her grandma noticed me, but she still ended up coming over and being my friend. xD haha. That’s my story. x)

Lol! I find this to be a recap blog! :P Cool cool. xD

Haha funny how different it can be to meet with a best friend and a bf… even though you actually happened to be BFFs with James too at first! xD

1. Anything. And sometimes nothing! xD Usually a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant.

2. It depends. We have pasta/meat etc………….

3. I don’t ahve a story to tell because apparently the friends I have are those of school… Just a few of outside schools and not really sure how it happened lol.

Thanks! :P I know I’m right ’bout that bich… :P

I know. The question is that, if she returns them or not. Not if she gets a gazillion and people still bother when she doesn’t even give a shit about other sites…

You’re not. You’re just pure talent, like me! ✌️ ♥ /eee

That is good. I don’t meet a lot of idiots particularly because when I see someone act like one or is one, I don’t stand next to one. /cool

Haha yay you’re ‘randoming’ about things! xD OOH JEWELS! 🤤 That’s awesome! Buy something! ^^ BTW speaking of jewels, yesterday I went for a checkup for my eyes particularly because I felt like I needed a stronger lens and I wanted a new frame. And I chose a D&G one, it’s black. Today I picked it up from the store earlier and I got it, with a higher lens. It’s so ultra chic! ♥

wow. i think im just pushing myself a little too hard. coz you know, i really want to do good and make my parents proud. -total nerdiness again- 😳

thanks :) ive been meaning to write mini articles but poems are easier.

and you cant back out…that happens all the time. like, you just went in to check out what they have and then they give you a seat?! you cant back out now… especially that you have the menu on your hands /argh

wow. bye bye fried. whoosh.
haha. good for you to kick him out! mine was a summer thing. and next thing you know, he was not answering my calls or my messages! and he was answering someone else’s (my best friend which is also a guy, so i guess thats why he answered) ! the bastard. /angry so i told my best friend to tell HIM that i dont want to talk to HIM anymore. (H)

I know! it really sucks. I mean… we’ve sacrificed so much things to get that mango! Money, energy, etc etc just for those holy mangoes! I’ve tasted one mango and it was delicious omfg.

Hehe.. yeah it seemed longer to me too. I think I posted the previous at 1am (on the 1st) so it was actually more than just a day xD Though I don’t plan to blog that often; it just happends :)

Yeah.. it’s like there is one “bad” comment under 30 nice comments; so I kinda try to ignore them xD

It was really cool :) We all were on the same school too, but we met each other because we lived in the same street. We had some really good times when we were younger. But when we got older most of us just got new friends and yeah.. now we don’t even say “hey” most of the times xD

I usually have eggs every morning xD If I want to make my breakfast on my own. If not I just eat something that is already done, so I don’t have to “cook” xD

Ahhh, haha. Provide me a subdomain or domain? Eithers fine :D
Let mee know ;)

LOL yayyy it attracted your attention
thankyou and aww :) I had a floor length mint green one last time
LOL wp is amazing, except for when it breaks on me :@
LOLOLOL it isn’t good, ah well least my grades havent suffered too much

yayyy for winning and 3 weeks? it’s 11 weeks till i go :( :) I’m excited, and im not xD

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? toast with strawberry jam
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? I had pasta for lunch and fishcakes for tea
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. i met them at school and we just hit it off

Congrats on winning! I was so hoping you would :D And I’m glad your brother is feeling better, yay.

I don’t know if I remember hearing about how you and James met, though I THINK i did? Lol. I’m not sure. Anyways, aww that’s a cute story ♥

I met my best friend well because our parents were good friends, when I was a year old so I don’t really have a story to tell about that, haha.

What is miso soup, by the way? It sounds yummy.

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? I had only milk
* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? Not sure
* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. Uhh, well my friend Jessica, I met her because my two other friends from the previous year were always talking about her and her boyfriend and stuff but I didn’t know that was her until one day in spanish class and I was like, oh its you! Haha, bad story..but yeah :D Then we became friends. ♥

/eee I have never ever seen a gnome XD except on the TV I guess that doesn’t count. 🙄 YAY Georgumsie’s my idol!!!! ♥

Haha, true. I dunno how to explain it but they’re…too heavy? If that made sense. XD Generally I don’t like most kinds of desserts. I barely eat cakes at parties. /oh Lol.
Ohh yess, it gets sooo hot here. You will literally go red if it was humid at the same time. There was this one time where the weather took a really bad turn, it was sooooo hot, and on top of that it was very, very humid. People were sweating like pigs. :P Lol. XD

Aweh, I’m flattered that you guys were so worried about me. :P
That’s so sweet yet funny at the same time since I was safe and sound the whole time in my bed. xD Lmao.

I LUH YOU TOO. And yes, I’ll definitely make sure I tell someone who I’m with the next time this happens. :P

Yeah I couldn’t believe we said all the things we did, when I read back the tweets. :| I’m glad we eventually stopped though because it was getting pretty personal. Anyways, we sorted it out and we’re all good now. :) He’s still at my house watching me type this comment.. creeper.

I buy a lot of stuff online on my dad’s accounts, ’cause I think I’m too young to join websites where you buy things. I’m not sure though.

Doctors are hilarious in an annoying way. As if they couldn’t just tell you it was broken. Silly doctors. :P

Hehe me too. Gerard Way says these awesome things that are true… like ‘never take anyone else’s shit’.

It’s sort of an old quote now. XD And people are too negative often. Like you say… positivity isn’t a sin or anything. :D And it’s healthy… ‘a smile each day gives you the ability to live life better’. Oh yeah, right. I still so screw that PSHE sheet.

I know! I thought that was sorta cool. I was dim though; I only caught on when I caught ‘needles are chains’. :P
Soft Skeletons is bloody awesome; I’ve been Anberlin-ing a lot recently. :D

It might sound interesting but it probably WON’T be due to the fact I’ve been there practically 35839583535835395938 times before. :P
Okay, well not that much but a lot. I walk past it every day when I walk up. XD

Ha, WP just fails on me. Grrr @ you always accomplishing new goals so easily.

:D I just googled “Monokuro Boo” because of what you said, but 😝 NAWWW cuteness, you have undies in that brand? bahahahha that’s awesome.

Rofl, how odd that you’re the only one who likes miso in your family. You must of been adopted Georgina :O just kidding 😏
(Sorry I must reiterate – these emoticons are just to cute to resist!)

LOL, aww yeah i’ve heard them being called poppers! But everyone I’ve ever associated with (myself incl) call them Juice Boxes xD but man they were the shiiiiz! Good old juice boxes/poppers :)

Hahaha thanks Georgieee, you are to NIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. i’ll stop now.

Meh oh well, I’m reading it now because if I had read it before then rabid Twitards would’ve massacred me for saying such awful things about it xD Are you a twitard Georgina?

yay!! congrats on winning first place 👏 And I saw that recently, I never knew you had so many domains! that must be quite time-consuming.

And you still have quite a while til school starts..even though it all seems to go by so fast. Good to hear your little brother’s doing better!

That was a really cute story! You guys look god together /eee

Haha my boyfriend and I have cut down on the restaurant thing too. During the school year we packed our lunch sometimes (he usually made me a PB&J sandwich and we’d also take was cute), it was really nice.

1. Had breadsticks and salami for breakfast (Hungarian breakfast..sort of :P).Some melon, too.
2. Currently eating Cheerios. I’ll probably have some soup and bread for dinner.
3. I met one of my best friends, Nina, when I was three (and yeah, for some reason I do remember this). She was five and had just moved to my street. Her parents were unpacking and when I saw her, I decided to go over and say hi (I wasn’t out alone, of course). She just stood there and offered me pizza haha :P. We’ve been friends for 16 years now and her family is like my second family.

You probably did. The domain only opened yesterday.

But of course she is! lol. I drop my deodorant in the toilet, on a daily basis, more times than I can count. It’s no big deal. I mean, thats probably the fault of who decided to make my closet of a bathroom from a closet to a bathroom, but still. It’s no big deal!

It’s good you only dreamed of dropping your phone in. I’ve dropped my phone into sinks, toilets, washing machines, showers, oceans, and a pickle jar. Technology and water.. well, they shouldn’t be together, around me.

Thanks for pointing that out, by the way. :D I’ll be sure to change it when I get the chance.

Who doesn’t love the SP?

Yeah! I got a bunch of fireworks pictures that could look nice as light stocks, but the Disneyland castle just looked like a blob of purple in the picture.

Facebook is super confusing sometimes XD I signed up for it before they changed the layout and I was still confused. I doubt the layout change made it any easier :( It’s like going on a freaking treasure hunt when you’re trying to find something on Facebook.

Okay now I’m scared D: LOL! Yeah, I’m going to bring like an army of friends with me. XD Ooh.. I can make them dress up and look like my bodyguards. HAH, now that’d be funny. But the idea of being followed by a guy in a black coat kind of freaks me out :P *paranoid*

Mhm, I never had any big fights, just kind of a mutual “we aren’t really friends anymore” thing. It’s all those cliques in high school that break up friends. I thought that stuff only happened a lot in movies and TV shows, but it happens so much in real life O_O.

Thanks Georgina :)
Yeah, I like the attention. My friends think it’s hilarious though that the little kids won’t stop staring at me :)
It’s pretty cool that I know Jordan now, ‘cos like my mum sais, he can open up new doors for me and such. If you get what I mean.
oh really? That’s all I ever have at the moment, cocoa pops! What do you like?
oh that’s really cool! What book was it?

lol, I misread “lesion” as “lesbian” and became quite confused. XP

I think maybe you should start copying your comments on my blog before you try to post them so Cutenews stops eating them, haha.

Oh! Last night, Kel (from e-mailed me and let me know that she’d found a girl using my images. She’s using my rainbow cloud as part of her header image, and she’s direct linking pretty much all of the pieces of my layout. I can’t replace the cloud because she made her own image out of it, but my boyfriend decided to replace another part with something totally disgusting. Since it’s still direct linking, I’m thinking that I should probably delete the image, but… I don’t know.

So I would like some help with this decision. Should I leave a disgusting image up, or delete it? I left two comments on her blog, one in English and one in her native language (with the help of Google Translator — yikes), but I don’t think she’s been on to read them yet.

Hmm, this is my first experience in dealing with stealers. It’s… hard. :/

Aww, your story of how you met James is cute.

Let’s see..

* What did/will you eat for breakfast? Some cereal.

* What did/will you eat for lunch and dinner? I had Ramen for lunch but I haven’t had dinner yet.

* Tell me of a story of how you met a friend. I met my friend Alex at a New Year’s Party two years ago; we’ve never gone a week without talking to each other. =)

I don’t like blogging twice a day. I tend to lose track of things >.<

My mums trusted me in the house alone for quite a while now. I was trusted the same time my sister was, and she's 6 years older then me haha.

Just My Luck is a good film. It's a typical Lindsay Lohan film though :| McFly's acting skills aren't fantastic and Dougie's (my favourite member ;D) line got cut, so it must've been bad acting haha. They're very good performers though. They actually sing and live in the film rather then mime to a backing track, so thats not something you see often :)

I have £6.75 in my bank at the moment. I had £500 to begin with, then I spent it all :| my mom said I was allowed to, because it was a present from my step dad after her sold his house, so I bought crap with it and it was spent within a month :(

I don’t know if this sent, so I’m sorry if I double posted!

I don’t like blogging twice a day. I tend to lose track of things :|

My mums trusted me in the house alone for quite a while now. I was trusted the same time my sister was, and she’s 6 years older then me haha.

Just My Luck is a good film. It’s a typical Lindsay Lohan film though :| McFly’s acting skills aren’t fantastic and Dougie’s (my favourite member ;D) line got cut, so it must’ve been bad acting haha. They’re very good performers though. They actually sing and live in the film rather then mime to a backing track, so thats not something you see often :)

I have £6.75 in my bank at the moment. I had £500 to begin with, then I spent it all :| my mom said I was allowed to, because it was a present from my step dad after her sold his house, so I bought crap with it and it was spent within a month :(

Congratulations on winning first place in the So Pink contest! :D

Aw, that’s a nice story on how you and your boyfriend first met, haha.

1. I actually can’t really be bothered to eat breakfast this morning.. Although, now that you mention it.. I am hungry..

2. I don’t know, anything that’s edible in the fridge or cupboard will do me just fine. :)

3. The start of this year (first year of high school) we met because we were in the same peer support group then we were in the same class and tech so we became friends :) hehe.

In reply to your comments on my guestbook:

LOL, that story was funny. I find it hilarious when people are listening to their iPods and they starting singing way out of tune. Of course, they don’t notice, but all 40 people on the bus do. xD

Yeah, I’m really glad I left that group. I’ve been making some really good friends who hang out with other people, but the retarded group I was hanging out with before acted like they owned me and got all annoyed when I left. I mean seriously, wtf? I can be friends with whoever the hell I want. Plus, the only reason Ashley (a girl in the group I used to hang out with) even liked me was because I was friends with her ex-boyfriend. -__-;

Milo, ftw! I couldn’t believe it when I went to find the fanlisting for Milo and there was NO FANLISTING. That’s just wrong. Now that I’m on holidays, I think I’ll make a Milo fanlisting. x)

Lol, long comments are awesome. I like reading them too. Talking is great as well. :)

*Gives a mango to Georgina*

Yeah, maybe. Maybe strawberries. But strawberries are expensive here. Strawberry fields forever *starts to sing with my bad voice*

I’ve done the review, lol.-_-

I agree! If I choose my group I do work better. :) Yeah I had to work with this really annoying guy who everyone hates so that sucked :/

40 days?! OMG that must have been a nightmare once you got back because you get so many comments and visitors unless you went on hiatus… XD

I actually got a good internet connection yay! :P