A Town Called Hypocrisy

I would appreciate it if you guys could click for me here. I am not desperate to win but since you have been supporting me so much it would mean more to me than ever. ♥️

Again I haven’t returned all comments from the previous blog, and I do apologise. I’ve had a pretty hectic day helping around the house and such, and I haven’t really attended to the site.

My brother has also been sick for the past few days so I have had to help take care of him while he’s not going to school. He hasn’t been in the best of moods either. Doesn’t look like he’ll be going tomorrow either. He has a fever and a sore throat, and although they’ve gotten better, it still doesn’t look like he’ll be completely healed for yet another few days.

I always liked school when I was younger and I always attempted to get 100 percent attendance. It makes me sound like a nerd. But I just felt really proud of it. I was never really great at anything else, but I was always at school. :) I thought it was lame but people said it was good for future employees to see that I had good attendance. So it was a good thing in the end.

I remember this one time I was totally devastated to become sick on one day, so I didn’t receive 100 percent attendance. Man, is that dedication or what?

I’m pretty exhausted right now, to be honest. I don’t like dealing with hypocrites. I know I have blogged about this before but yet again it is the same people that continue to annoy me.

I understand when someone changes their mind on something such as liking a certain food. We all hate our vegetables but may realise we like them later on. We all misjudge people as well. We all say that we don’t really like something but change our mind. Such as our opinions on a person.

If you speak so strongly about disliking something and go ahead and do it yourself, don’t say “I’m not a hypocrite”. Just admit your initial opinion was wrong and move along. Stop trying to defend yourself. We’re all human and make mistakes. Don’t defend yourself unnecessarily for goodness’ sake!

I also wanted to link you guys to this post on my Tumblr. People now leaving hate comments on my website will simply be blocked. I don’t see why people should call me stupid when I am not. WordPress leaves me your ip and email address. I know who you are! :P

Anyway, I’m nearly pissing myself laughing, Nnie and I are talking about someone making a typing mistake. We deem it the most hilarious typing mistake of all time. In our books anyway. It is – bigged.

Surely the person means “bigger” or “biggest”? I mean, and I thought Lilian writing ut us but instead of “it is not” was hilarious. /hehe

So tell me about hypocrites, and tell me of hilarious typing errors. :)

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Hoohoo! Don’t laugh too hard 😳 /bounce /bum /sweat

Wuggs is bigged! /frog
but it sounds so stupid. like something you’d hear from a preteen bodybuilder.

“…but I hate babanas that I gross!” /frog


I’ve noticed a lot of hypocrisy at the minute, and it always causes so much drama! /bash eurghh!!
I agree with what you say about people admitting their mistakes. I’m quite happy to be like ‘Oh wait, yeah.. that was wrong.. woops’ /eee I don’t see why other people can’t do that. But I guess it kind of goes to show who the mature people are lol.

Ooh, I saw a good typo the other day but I can’t think where. It said ‘it was really boob’ instead of ‘it was really good’ /hehe Well, I found it funny anyway :P xx

I’d click again, but I can’t. Haha! It wouldn’t count anyways. I even clicked just to make sure xD

Wow. Your life sounds hectic atm! =S I’m sorry to hear about Brandon. I hope het gets better SOON =)

Urgh. I hate being sick =(. It’s totally not fun. Especially when you can’t breathe cos your nose is blocked and you have too much phlegm. /angry It’s hard to sleep as well. And I’m scared of taking too many anti-biotics! =S

Hehehe! Don’t worry! I used to aim for 100% attendance too. Until I won that draw thing, and had to walk up to collect my award. It was so embarrassing, I didn’t want my 100% attendance anymore. Hahaha. But yeah, it is good…=)

But it’s hard though. I remember missing out one year cos I had a piano theory exam I couldn’t reschedule…=( They should round it up! I mean if you’re away for one day, that probably makes your attendance something like 99.75% which should totally round up to 100. I mean CLOSE ENOUGH!

I hate hypocrisy. It’s kind of like that person thinks that they’re way too good for everyone else. “I’m *this* cool, so my hypocrisy totally doesn’t count!”. Excuse me, but *puke*. It’s really lame! There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. Just admit if. If you try to say that it was your original opinion all along, people are just going to be like “God, get OVER yourself!”

Hahaha. Typos are funny sometimes. And awww MAN! That typo is going to haunt me for forever xD *cringe* LOL xD

I click for you everyday :) I’ll be sure to help spread the word.

Aww, hopefully your brother will get well soon, my baby cousin has a fever.

Te he, I was only good at two things, tennis and school. I’m not good at web-designing, or soccer, or hockey, I’m good at tennis and school.

I was the one kid in my loop of friends who liked vegetables, and I still do, I just liked their texture and taste :) Hypocrites bug me too! It just bugs me that they won’t admit that they were wrong!

Lmao, bigged? I once wrote flirty instead of dirty, I was talking about my cat or something :P

I had perfect attendance in high school!! LOL. Talk about the ultimate nerd award. The sad thing was that I wasn’t that great at anything else either. I got good grades, but not outstanding or spectacular. Honor roll and perfect attendance were the only awards I won on Senior Awards Day. :(

My mom almost dragged me to school one day in middle school when I had a 103 degree fever. My dad had to hold me back. It was awful. My mom was that desperate! lol. Luckily I didn’t really get sick in high school…

Most people change tastes when they get older, especially when it comes to veggies. I think it’s like ingrained into our systems when we’re kids to hate veggies, but I love them and always have. However, I used to hate mushrooms and now I can eat them raw or sauteed. And I always get funny looks.

P.S. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what affiliate you’re talking about. /ho Oh well…

I have 80% attendance or something… because I had ma holideh!
Lol! I know who you’re talking about, I saw her blog post.
Once my teacher said Pubic School instead of Public School, she had it on a poster and accidently read it out without correcting it. /sweat
WTF is a bigged?
“Mommy I bigged in the bathroom and I am too tired to clean it.” /poo <– Bigged?

I clicked for you! Aw hope you’re brother gets well soon. though if I was in school right now I would’ve been thrilled for having an excuse not to attend school, I really hate school, not the subjects, just the people in it. /angry . Wow you were such a good student! I can never be like you haha 🙄 . About typing errors I have loads of them, /um because sometimes I just don’t care and type carelessly and when I’m tired /type
About hypocrites, I could go on for ages, but if you told someone not to do something and then you go on yourself and do it, and say people change their minds, yes they do, but in this case you’re called a hypocrite

Coincidentally, I was just talking to my boyfriend yesterday about getting perfect attendance in school. I only took two sick days out of 13 years of schooling… one because my parents made me, and the other was my last year of high school, and I had been falsely denied perfect attendance in previous years due to my teachers’ errors, so I decided it didn’t matter anymore. :( I am also still mildly bitter about the fact that I didn’t get a nice plaque for 100% attendance for all three years of middle school, when I *was* present all day every day for those three years. I always thought it was a good achievement not to miss school ever. Sometimes I thought I was the only one who cared.

I agree that people should be able to admit that they’ve changed their opinions. When we become more mature or develop a greater understanding about something, naturally our thoughts change. There’s generally no reason to be ashamed of a previously-held opinion. People move on.

I don’t think I’ve seen any particularly funny typos… or at least none that I can think of. Kind of related, I remember an amusing misread… When I was in 7th grade, one of my classmates was to read some definition in our biology class, and he misread “organism” as “orgasm,” hehe!

A town called Hypocrisy is a great song, if that’s what the title of your blog came from?? ;) I saw that and was like… wait! HEY! Someone knows that? Maybe. Maybe you don’t haha and I’m leaving this ridiculous intro to my comment, but HEY, oh welllll. ;)

Sorry your mom made you get off. No fun no fun. My mom probably has no idea how much I’m on my laptop, but I don’t think she minds. HEHE.

I’ll have to tell you the answers to my truths/lies… soon girl. :)


Hey :)

You’re more than welcome!

Yeah it was okay, I was there just for a check. Next time will be worse xD

My mum does that too sometimes, but I just don’t listen to her xD

That waitress totally didn’t deserve the tip and hopefully she learned from it xD And good decision for not going there another time xD

I hope your brother feels better soon! Hehe.. wow you’re such a nerd xD I love to skip school and you never missed one day.. I am wow-ed xD But I think everyone is different :)

And since they don’t say how many days we missed school I don’t really care if I go or not. Though I’ll have to really change that next year xD

If *this* person said it the way you suggested it up there, I think this whole drama never really happened or at least not in such an amount. And yeah.. Stupid drama.. hehe..

Awww , poor brother, the one you called a total f-whole , right ?
Awww , your not a nerd Georgieee ♥ if anything your the coolest chick around (H) , that is TOTAL dedacation :)

Hypocrites /bash .
I hate that Didi person. I shall spam.

I don’t know how people can leave such long comments,
I surely cant. So I’m gonna submit now ♥

Aww i hope your brother gets better soon!
100% i never knew anyone could get 100% attendance, i think i was 95% when i finished school. At university i have been sent one letter complaining i do not turn up to lectures, when i have turned up to them all! Hehe makes me laugh!

Hmm i haven’t seen any funny typing errors. But if you look on my blog, im sure you will find some, i am rubbish at spelling!


Hm, hilarious typing errors, eh? Well, there’s always that blooger one. But we’ve all heard about that already. ;)

Well, a lot of times if I’m trying to type fast, my letters get displaced and I’ll end up with something from the second word in the middle of the first word. Though actually I think Jimmy does that more. Wayyyy more. I just searched in my chat logs for an error with the keyword “displaced” and I found this one though:

me: wow wtf
i was trying to write July 2008
and i wrote Lucy 2008 O.O
’cause my L got displaced to the front
and then after the u, a c came naturally >.<

I never cared too much about attaining perfect attendance when I was younger, except I wasn’t absent very often anyways. I always miss at least two days a year though for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (Jewish High Holy Days) because my school never had those days off since there weren’t enough Jewish kids. And now I hate missing school, but only because it’s annoying to get caught up with all the work or miss an important lecture (namely in math or physics).

Argh, hypocrites bother me. I don’t think I am, but I hope I’m not one of the hypocritical people you’re referring to. :P I can’t think of a specific story right now, but… yeah. I agree, if you do something that goes against what you say you believe, you just need to not defend yourself!

I finally returned your comment! *gasp*

Ahh, I’m a bad girl that hasn’t commented in a while. This is me –> /poo .
Tell your brother to feel better!
That’s one nasty person. But he/she’s such a moron!
I’m not sure about any hilarious typing errors. But in my Social Studies textbook, they spelled ‘seperate’ wrong. That’s not funny though :

Ps- yay, i’m linked in your sidebar, yay! /bounce
it’s random, right?

PPS- yeah, it is. It just changed. Lol. Sorry for triple comment >.<

awww sorry that your brothers sick :(
LOL hehehehe i’m so excited i hope i do get some free stuff hehehehe
don’t feel bad! its not as if theyd give you a serial anyway if you paid for it (i’m still waiting 2 weeks its been now)
im not ringing up again though 40 minutes on hold is fucking ridiculous
i hope they do have wifi else i’ll be sad, i’m sure they will though there’ll be business people on there most likely
hahahhahahahahaah some people are soooo dense god they should know that it logs their ip, hahaha
why are you stupid, what evidence have you given us to make us say you’re stupid (you’re not btw)
hahaha my attendance was shocking at school I hated it I never wanted to go lmao. my attendance went down from 97% to 80% over the years i was there xD xD

i’ve probably seen lots of funny typos but i cant actually remember any xD
and i think i know what you’re talking about hehe i cant stand hypocrites either

Where I live, the commoners actually use the term ‘bigged’, haha. They’d say something like; “Brickhouse lot (rough people) bigged us up proper like” meaning to say “Brickhouse said nice things about us” but if they actually said that, they’d probably get the crap kicked out of them for being ‘sissies’. Haha, isn’t it weird? :P

That Tumblr post pretty much owned. Wonder if they got any spam xD

Hope your brother gets better soon :)

I don’t really like school. My school is pretty rough, and it’s not very nice. My primary school wasn’t much nicer either. I like learning things, and I like reading but the people and the teachers there aren’t very nice :/

Haha, I hate people like that ^^ That’s why I also love spamming them.
Thanks to me, they’ll now be receiving at least five-ten spam emails a day.
And I was smart enough to cover my tracks ^^
Crisis //

Awww I hope your brother gets well soon, it sounds nasty. I’m off school tomorrow ‘cuz the fire alarm bust and it’s ‘a hazard to all girls and staff to be in the school’. XD You don’t see me compaining.

Aw, that’s sweet that you got upset that you were ill for one day! *hugs* And yes, that is a lot of dedication. I’m off normally, about two or three days a year because I’m ill. Effers.

Oh my God, that Dida person was an idiot. Seriously, not only is it dumb but it’s sad and yes, I shall spam the biatch. ¬.¬
BIGGED?! That is hilarious. :D Though I once saw something like: ‘she is a beautifuled girl who bees smarted’. XD

Dont think ive ever commented on here before. I must say though your site is great! I love the personalised layout you got.
I hate hyprocites too!! People do it all the time without even realising! I cant think of any examples at the moment.. But i know it annoys me too! lol.

Whoops, forgot to reply to your comment…

Ha. Yeah, you can do that. :P I did suspect.
And thanks. XD I thought they were a bit rushed but, yeah. :)

Maybe so, maybe so… I’m saving up. XD Still don’t know what for…
Haha your comment is attacked with XD – it’s the only smiley you used, lmao.

*waves Grammar Nazi flag*

Good luck with that installation! *nods*

Wanted to post a quick comment, I won’t be returning your previous one… I’m a bit lazy at the moment and just had to stop by to see what your latest blog was about. I feel like I’ve met that Didi person before… perhaps I haven’t. I know people from Romania… but I’m not sure if I’ve met her. Some people are just purely jealous.

And by the way, what ever happened to the cheating thing on so pink? I mean, I think its impossible for someone to get that many clicks in so little time. I saw you advertising, did that help? I hope it did, I’ve voted for you for the day since I now have wifi. ^^

Hope your little brother gets better =)

Aw I am sorry that your brother is sick :/ How old is he?
100 percent attendance is something to be proud of! :P I get sick too much to do it though xD

Yes, your review was very helpful…it’s really nice to have an honest review. :) Yeah, laptop keyboards are so much easier for me to type on since I have gotten so used to it :D Thank you! ^_^

I have FIFA too..but I prefer to watch. And it can be really hard to decide on which country to support (I always
go for Brazil though (: ).

Hope your little brother feels better!

I’ve never had a perfect attendance…so one day missed is pretty impressive. I was never too sad when I had to stay home :P

I saw the post on your Tumblr and wow, I can’t believe that girl said something about death. That’s ridiciulous and very, very sad. I feel bad for someone that would waste their time doing that sort of thing instead of living their life. And call you dumb when ‘she’ doesn’t realize she can be tracked? haha, wow (someone needs to get a lifeee).

She’s just jealous because you have too many fans /eee

I hope your brother feels better soon! Being sick sucks.

I was thinking about perfect attendance a couple weeks ago or something. I NEVER had perfect attendance; it’s not like I was like YAY im sick but I just would get sick a few times during the school year, and i’d usually get a fever so my mom was like nope going to school is out of the question. I admire your er, determination though /bounce

This whole hypocrite/comment stuff is ridiculous! I THINK it’s the same person and I think I know who you’re talking about but I’m just sick of her. Seriously. I don’t even know what to say x_x

I know, it’s weird. I think it’s probably because the words that the author chooses to describe a certain moment makes it that much more emotional. Words speak to me more than actually seeing something, I think.

Lol, well there is!

Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever done that, surprisingly. :P

I do the same thing. Sometimes, when it really won’t come out, I’ll be smacking myself on the head! XD

Lmao! Whenever I go to Macaroni Grill, I get mac ‘n’ cheese (mmm, cheese again XD), but this one time I got fettuccine alfredo instead! :)

There have been a lot of blogs regarding Michael Jackson. I suppose it affected a number of people on certain levels. One of my friends was a HUGE fan and she cries when his songs come on now. It’s amazing how certain people have such a huge impact on the lives of others.

Meh =/. It shows that maybe young kids just cannot cope with the pressure. You just don’t know how it will affect them later on in life. EPIC LOL :D. John says that all the time so it makes me giggle hehe.

Clicky link *clicks link* yay votes for you. Awww booo it sucks that you’re brothers ill :(. It’s good that he’s getting better though. Back in October I developed a very bad viral throat infection which took 2 courses of anti biotics to clear up. I didn’t fully recover until January of this year as the aftermath of it included a very bad cough =/. It was NOT a fun time =/.

I hated missing school as well! I missed quite a bit this year due to the infection but it made me really sad to miss days. I always felt I was missing out on something. My attendance this year was only 94.6% (higher than almost everyone in the year) but I was still so sad because it’s the lowest I have EVER had. I heard it looks good for employment as well. It shows that you will be in work most of the times *nods*

LOL I make so many typing errors. Just tonight I was telling my friend how I forgot to put on some cream, but instead of saying sun cream I wrote sun scream. Also, I was talking to a male friend about ducks once and lets just say I replaced one letter in the word duck which gave it a very different meaning :P. I’m sure you can guess!


lol it isnt a MJ poem. it was just a poem i found in my poem book. and it happens to relate to his death :(

well its not really homework holiday. but since i took eclass, i have homework this summer. this is the first time i did this and im starting to regret it!!! -sigh-

hehe im so the samee i love to be at school 100% since i dont want to miss anything. if i just miss one thing, its all hell for me. i was a little bit nerdy and still is. and im loving it!! ♥

its ok to change ones opinion. its a free country after all (Y) theres no need to make a big deal about it.

Haha, okay, yes. I admit that I can sometimes be a hypocrite myself, but that happens rarely. :X Ugh, but yes, I happen to know several hypocrites. /hmph

LOLOL. Wow, that girl is rude. She didn’t even bother to say it nicely. xD What have you ever done to her?! *sigh* People just hate people for no reason. :/

Ugh, I hate being sick, but sometimes I wish I could get out of going to school. You know, when it’s just like one of those days, where you’re just in a bad mood and don’t feel like getting up and all. 😴

Haha, not all of my layouts are bright and cheery! My current one isn’t! :P I’m thinking of adding another interactive thing. I was planning on doing a scavenger hunt thing with your pixels, but I started, and I just got too lazy. xD

Stupid Didi person. And hypocrisy; the common thing on the web. I think I know who the certain “suspects” are, but rather not mention them. I was watching the e drama yesterday, and ouch.

Haha at typing errors. My friend and I were typing up a novel, and when I tried to type “herself” it ended up gqeakd because I put my fingers on the wrong keys!
I agree with Jorja: raise the grammar nazi flag!!!!

Hope your brother feels better soon!

This is Gillian, obvs.
Ryan maybe back later with his comment once he actually learns ho to read a blog.. and stop his pet shitzoo from chewing on his toe. -.-
He’s such an epic fail.

Anyways, I emailed you the pictures, and I think Ryan accepted you on Twitter! :)

I’ll keep on referring you! Don’t worry. :) And I’ll tell Ryan to do the same. DOUBLE POWER. Lmao.

So sorry to hear that your brother is sick, I hope he recovers soon.
That’s so cute that you’re so passionate about 100% attendance, for some reason i get pretty mad when I miss school too LOL.

I deff agree with your whole view on hypocrites. They need to learn to let go and move on, fo’reals man.

Wow, I feel so stupid.. because I didn’t realize that bigger was the typo.. I thought it was a real word. FAIL.

In high school I loved getting the perfect attendence award, but I was also able to skip a few days and still get it, I was able to show up for official attendence but miss the rest of school. Now in college I love having perfect attendence and this time I go to all classes. I also feel that if I miss though, I’d be so far behind! Also I hope you win! I’ve been voting for you once a day for a while now, it looks like it’s been back and forth but I think you will win!

Wowwy. Why does it say “Wednesday 1st July”?
It’s still Tuesday. Well… it’s like 10:57 PM right now. So soon to be tommorow but… why??? xD
Haha. I think it’s because you live in AUS… and a few more hours ahead.
I’ll keep on voting for you, Georgia! You really deserve it. :3
I always, try to keep a perfect attendance too. xD
LOL, seems like I’m a nerd. :P

lmao. Bigged. Ut. FAILLL. xD

You have 70 AFFILIATES?!?!?! Georgina, are you crazy?! I have a hard enough time keeping up with 27. Hehe. That’s a good idea to use a rotation.
Well, besides being sick (I’m better now), I hurt my back carrying soda bottles into the kitchen because I was helping my Mom so she could finish faster so she could quiz me on my French. Wow, long sentence. See, learning hurts! /bounce

Ooh, btw, it’s not July 1st yet here in NY. It’s only June 30th, 11:11 PM.
OOH, it’s 11:11 make a wish! I wish for a pony ♥

Hey Georgina. I’m using Gillian’s URL and email cause it’s still her site haha. So I hope you like my SEXY hot picture (small thingy that appears on the right of the comment).

Thanks for letting me know your twitter name, so now I can actually match one of the people on there with a website.
You have a nice site here. :)
And holy fucking shit, the smileys kick ass.
(Will I get in trouble if I swear? :| )

You play guitar? Sick. How long have you been playing?

I see that Gillian has already commented on your blog, so does that mean I have to do the same?

(Ok, I better. I don’t want to get slapped.)

Wow 100 percent attendance? I tend to skip school a lot.. LOL. So.. I guess I’m not as smart as you. But, um, stay in school? (SHIT, I SUCK).

Hypocrites definitely suck. Gillian might kill me for saying this but her ex boyfriend was a huge one in my opinion. :P

Isn’t bigged a word?

Thanks :)
So how is July? 👏

Your new layout’s cute :) makes you go ‘awww’ lol. You can’t be too much of a dork, i was like that when I was younger. Not anymore though, it’s fun skipping college classes :) Anyways, I clicked for you, good luck with the contest!

Wow, we’re over 12 hours apart! 8 minutes to July, eep. Hehe. I hope you have a yummy lunch :)


I have no hypocrisy stories, but for some reason you reminded me of a girl at my school bus stop early in the year that was a pathological liar. She once insisted that she’d been on house arrest, not allowed to walk past this certain sewer that was by the bus stop, and that she had a sensor implanted in her butt so that when she walked past her boundaries, it would “tase [sp?] her ass,” but it didn’t hurt too much. XP She also insisted that she was pregnant, but she wouldn’t be anymore after three months because of an ‘unknown condition.’ She then proceeded, despite having a completely flat stomach, to pretend that the “baby” had kicked her so hard in the stomach that she was flung backwards.

Now, if she had been pregnant, the fetus would have been too small to do that part, don’t you think? I mean, it was all illogical, but that part bugged me the most for some reason. -_O

I hope your brother gets better. :/

Hi. :)

Yours is the last comment, *HALLELUJAH* Unless I refresh the page, and there’s more.. that would suck.

I’m glad that I won’t get it shit for swearing.

That’s not lame that you taught yourself. :O That’s pretty sick. I learned form my brother, although it would have been pretty cool to say that I taught myself haha.

You rebel for skipping, SHAME. Lmao. Nah, I’m worse so don’t worry about it.

I think I am a bigged idiot.

Alright give me a moment:


Ok, later Georgina. :)

Thanks for giving me more to return lmao.
Yes I am a bigged weirdo, and I’m proud.

So.. I was just wondering.. do all of you think that Gillian is some innocent cutie pie ? Who would never hurt anyone ? And… says prayers every night? Cause, it seems like that. LMAO.

I’ll definitely show her that comment.

This “comment accumulating” stuff sucks major donkey balls. Fo real.

My sister used to be like that about attendance… She was only absent once because she had a fever back when she was in like 5th or 6th grade, and she didn’t get the diploma for 100% attendance, lol. She was dedicated, too, and you’re right, it does look good in the end.

I can’t stand hypocrites either, and I don’t get why some people don’t just admit their original thought was wrong and move on. I’m generally very straight forward with people, and if I think one way about something or someone and then change my mind I’ll actually show it, and not deny what I previously thought about it. Like you said, we’re all human and we all make mistakes.

Hm, I saw that on your Tumblr the other day and I was like wowww…. what an idiot, haha. /hehe

LOL the way you just randomly said “Obama!” at the end of the sentence made me laugh. :P

Haha, that “fucce” thing reminds me of how a lot of times I blend words together when I’m reading/writing. Most often it happens when I’m writing “with the.” I swear, pretty much EVERY time it comes out as “withe.” And one time my physics teacher did the same thing… he was reading something in our notes to us, and I can’t recall what the words were, but he took the beginning of the first word and tacked it onto the end of the last word. After he said it he was like wait… wtf? >.>

Yeah… it’s definitely weird and kills the believability. It’s already hard enough to make a cartoon into a believable live-action movie… and then to do it with people who don’t look at all like the characters… seems much more difficult. It’s like how Obama and swine flu made Transformers more believable, except the opposite. :P

Congratulations Georgina you won! 👏 I’m so happy all this online drama ended. Yeah I think I’ll move there then review me, I don’t know but probably it will take me a few days until I move! Yeah I glad I got hosted with her, she’s such a good host /bounce

Oh it’s no problem :D I haven’t been on much either since I’ve been playing games, watching movies, and watching my dad mess up my computer again. ):<

LOL, yeah! It's weird how parents can come up with the most uncrackable passwords. :P Amazing, almost!

*click* ! It's been such a close contest.

Aw, I do hope your brother gets better! Heh, I used to be like that, too. I loved getting 100% attendance because that'd mean I'd get an award at the end of the year. XD Sad, I know, but hey, an award's an award. :P It's so odd how at the end of my 8th grade year, only about 7 people got perfect attendance awards. Wow, that's so few people who went to school every day.

Oh the hypocrisy returns. :P Could be made into a movie one day! heh. Yeah, I guess some people's pride stops them from admitting they're wrong or that they changed their opinion — they just think everyone else is wrong instead. It's really annoying to have to deal with these people, but there's at least one of them everywhere we go D:

Goodness, MORE hate comments? Don't people get that they're the ones being the stupid ones by leaving them? wow & LOL, typos are always hilarious. My friends and I make tons of them on MSN sometimes XD

I had this WP post on my personal blog a while back about one of my best online friends making a funny mistake. He was trying to say he was "only a teenage boy" but it turned out to "only a teenage box" and now I refuse to stop teasing him about it :P LOL. I wonder how it'd be if the keyboard were in alphabetical order ;O

I’m* /type lol forgot the m pfft

Thanks! Yep, I’m so proud I finally opened the site. XD
It’s so nice of you to take care of your brother for the time being as he’s sick, I hope he gets well soon! =)
Wow, sounds like you really were committed to your attendance. I used to be like that, except with being on time on sleeping early on a school night. /hehe I used to worry so much if it was half past nine and I’m not in bed yet. But now, I sleep like half past midnight and don’t think much of it. XD
Ugh, hypocrites. We just don’t get enough of them. I know lots of people like that, and there’s no hope they can change. Some may talk about how so and so are being really bitchy, when hey, these people themselves just back talked about them to some other friends.
Oh, and that “Didi” person is pathetic. Lol at them using a bomb smiley to piss you off. XD They’re like, sooo totally smart for leaving their I.P. adress as well as their personal email address. [END SARCASM] I SHALL SPAM THEM TO DOOM!! 💥 Lol. Hmmm…they’re from Bucuresti in Romania eh? Sounds a little suspiscious me thinks. /ho Lol.

LOL. Funnily enough I never had any ‘meetings’ so to say with hypocrites although I find a few at school. :P

I hope your bro gets well soon! /eee


Well if you think your site isn’t popular it’s not gonna take much of a long time to get even more popular now is it? ♥

Woooooooooo!!!!!!!! You’re first place at So-pink! They put up the winners.

Hehe yup, I get freaked out too when people use loads of exclamation marks. And yay, a review is done! (In reply to your Tweets).

I like getting days off because in the mornings it means I can talk to you, because otherwise I have to do it at school and they’ll have blocked my site by now. XD I only really get to talk at the weekend, pah. 9 days until school ends though! :D

Hehe, I still couldn’t ever do that… but I can spam Midi. :3 I’ve been watching your Tumblr all morning and all your photos are cute! ^-^

It’s better then using no smilies at all. I don’t like that because it makes people appear emotionless.
I hate restarting the computer. It’s quicker now, but it still takes a while.

Ha, thanks for pointing that out. :3

Hey Georgina! Glad to see you have won the first prize! Oh yay!

To h*LL with the haters! LOL! 🙄

Lol “bigged”. Some people make up their own words sometimes like I do. Haha. I hope people don’t think that my invented words with invented meanings are typos. That would make me look stupid.

I hope your brother feels better. I hate missing school merely because of the fact that I have to catch up on everything I missed out on :(

Everyone’s had their fair share of hypocritical moments in their lifetime. So it’s okay. Purely of human character.

Haha I don’t blame you. Yeah, all those comments… Well for example Jess from Swimchick doesn’t even return comments… I heard she’s quite the bitch apparently… Meh. /poo Expected to update more? Haha. Blogs will do! And some more fuack! We haven’t had some of that in a while now. 👏 It is strange isn’t it? /eee

They are unfortunately! But it makes the world better huh? More to talk about too! Sounds like fuack to me! /ehe

You did? *Just checked*. AWESOME GEORGIE CONGRATS HUN! ♥ ♥ But… how did that happen all of a sudden? :S It happened a few moments at around this time though right? /bash

Awww! I used to love my bike. Now I just hate it. XD (Obviously, it’s newer and swisher and is the right size).

Haha they can be cool. But not when they’re pink flashing stars. I saw this 8-year-old kid in town and she was wearing high heels that were sparkly pink with flashy lighting bolts. Eeewwwwww.

What a douchebag. And gonk, too close to death. I hate coming close to dying or thinking you’re going to die or whatever.
I would have called him something worse. *shifty eyes*
Still sounds painful. :S

I hate embarrassing myself, let alone falling over in front of other people who I don’t know. Actually, it’s more embarrassing with people you do know…
Sticks are probably less painful then a fence, though. :P

I don’t like not-recalling stuff either. It’s like “YOU’VE GOT CONCUSSION!”
Um, no I haven’t. Because I’ve never had concussion before. *nods* A girl at my school was competing on her horse for the England team and she fell off and had concussion. :( She was really eager to win too.

I’m doing Isi’s at the moment. A nice review to do. :)
Haha, no worries, change it whenever. :D

Hey Georgie! :)
Congrats on the win at So-Pink! :D Oh, I hope your brother gets well soon. Everything becomes sort of sad when someone is ill in the house, doesn’t it ?

100% attendance! It reminds how I never used to take leave just to get 100% attendance! Yes, in our school they gave away prizes to students who had full attendance! I think I won once, I can’t remember, LOL.

LOL, bigged. Never heard of such a word before. Haha. :)
Anyways, have a good day! :D

Aww thanks. :D It sucks not having a page at least kicking everyone over to Fluoresce, you know. :P

Nice ‘n’ pink like my smexy trainers? :P Ha, I’m kidding. Although, after all my efforts trying to kill them, it worked, you know. ;)

Then again, as you live in the city, you don’t need to ride much, right? Or drive. I loved your blogs about driving. :D
Isn’t it weird that we never used to talk? :| I’m still ashamed about that. *blishes* /um

I still don’t get why an eight-year-old would even wear high-heels. I mean the other day me and my Mum went to a cafe, there was a guy sitting outside with tattoos all over. He was a skinhead and had tatooed a face onto the back of his head. O_O

Like the idiot Darren Kent. I went into a book store the other day and saw a little book called ‘The Tweets of Twitter’ or something like that, it had a list of the idiots on Twitter. It did mention idiots who argue just to get someone to TALK to them. Effers, people need to learn courtesy.

Yups. *nods* And ouccccccccch. Yes! We should make a clique for that too. :P Didn’t that boy in Germany burn himself or something when a piece of meteorite hit him or something?

Which one’s that? Control the Chaos? Ha your queue’s too long. :P

Oooh they sound swish. ;) Black ‘n’ silver. :D I saw your tag at Aquapheric, it made me laugh. And The Unwinding Cable Car FTW! /cool

Haha. That was fricking awesome… something about a roundabout and he didn’t look before he went in.
Yeah… that is weird. O_O But hey, you’re offering to buy domains for me, I (attempt) to keep up with yours and your site is in ‘Most Visited’. :D Excluding mine, cPanel, FanUpdate and Email. :) Yeeehee.

I know, that’s the strange part. I was looking through your favourites page and I was like, there’s someone who knows about AFS! XD
I was such a loser, ha.

I’ll have a look when I go into town at the weekend. ;)
Uh-huh, very true. I don’t think he died but there was a little piece that hit his hand and it burnt him, eeeek.

*grabs helmet and shoves on head*

/wah Sorry, but I thought this guy had bunches and was high. XD

First off: Congrats for winning at so-pink.org! You totally deserved it!

Hehe, thanks for defending me if needed :)

Yeah I am always stuck to the songs I already have. But if I stumble upon a new one I listen to it until I don’t like it anymore xD Or I put it on my mp4-player and listen to it on there like crazy xD

For us here in Germany 27 is a lot xD We don’t get temperatures like that too often, you down there are used to it xD

Yeah, one of my friends is always like: Don’t go home early today. You suck. You have to stay. Most of the time she’ll make me stay,but sometimes I still go home early xD

That’s great! =D Lol yehh, USING YOUR OWN WEAPONS AGAINST YOU?? That’s just wrong man. At least use your own weapons. /hehe Lol. I was actually thinking that the person *ahem ahem* themselves might be doing that, I shall investigate quietly in the mean time. /ho Lol.

yeah sometimes, staying at home gets really really boring. but then, i cant go anywhere since im broke and stuff. so i just sit and watch movies. it gets my mind off of boredom

wwaahhh… im going to uni in like 2 years? and im scared as hell. iunno if ill be able to live a life and stuff since im taking sciences. and that means more studying @_@

true true. its completely useless trying to defend yourself in that kind of situation. its better to just give up and accept it.
i wonder, is this about a website drama? hmm

oh yeah, are you using funupdate? if so, i wanted to ask how you made a pagination of the comments?

We can’t have barbecues here in the winter, it would just probably rain and put a big fat FAIL on it, haha.

You’re alright, you don’t have to go to the gym to stay slim. You’re lucky like that. ¬.¬ Haha, obviously it’s not the most fun place to go, but afterwards I feel proud of myself for attempting to stay healthy. :)

Aww that job is so much better than mine, swap? Haha. I’d much rather work with children because my house is full of them anyway, so I’d be used to it. :3

Aww your poor brother, tell him to get well soon. ♥

I was like that in school, well the first few years anyway. But after a while I kind of got lazy and never went in. 👏 Though I do regret it now. At least it paid off anyway for you, you’re in uni and getting smarter everyday. :3

Ugh, haters are the worst. Seriously, why can’t they get a life? You handled it the right way though, just simply blocking them rather than causing more e-drama. :P

I’ve never really done any funny typing errors, although I have this friend called Sez (short for Sarah) and I always used to type Sex instead. Just cos the x is next to the z and I get lazy, lol.

Maybe the person who typed “bigged” ,meant big head? Like umm.. full of them self? lol idk.

Btw, congrats on winning the so-pink contest. (Y) You totally deserved it. :X:X:X:X

I’m thrilled that you do! Ugh don’t gimme that shit, Drops. I mean she barely gets comments these days (like 16 or something) probably because her visitors are sick of reading her blogs all about complaints and just plain BLOCK LETTERS. This thing about her not having time is simply an excuse. I despise her sometimes for some strange reason.. 💥 Exactly you have like a bunch of domains, at uni and still find time to blog and return the shitload of comments you recieve! (Including this one! :P). Haha that person really is stupid! And still, does it even matter? Besides, you get more. /pow

Hahaha! Yeah! So then when you have the time give us some fuackings! 💀

Ooh. Okay! Guess I just didn’t know. I’m just glad you won! 😳

My game I ordered online arrived today! At around 1:30PM. Love it! ✌️

I’ve clicked for you for the past couple days. : ) Hope you win!

Gah, I have so much trouble returning comments lately. xD

Aweh, hope your brother feels better soon.
I always used to try and skip as many days as possible…well, I still do. xDD

Yeah, I know, hypocrites really annoy me, but it’s not so bad as long as they admit it.

Wow, that’s rude of people to do that. :| I guess it’s only because they’re jealous of your awesome site. :P

Hm, hilarious typing errors…I can’t remember many. I think I was on a message board, and someone put “I’ll probably poop” instead of “I’ll probably pooF”…

Thank you! Yep Janet just decided to advertise it on Twitter XD Oh well!

Gosh, how do you not really get sick? :O Well some people just don’t lol. I got the flu once…not a good time for me. =/

YES, I really like the lost prophets. :) I mean, I don’t really listen to them ALL THE TIME anymore, but I definitely have phases where I love to listen to them and turn the radio UP because it’s so much better listening to them loudly hehe. ;) ;) love it!

Ooo sneaky you at the uni. How’s school going then??

You won the contest! Well done, you really deserved it:)

I can’t really think of many funny errors, but a few months ago when we were doing an essay we had a Fuhrer-like English teacher who made us reprint the whole essay if we had so much as a typing mistake anywhere. I typed something wrong accidentally, and before I handed it in I realised, thankfully, but I looked up the word I’d ended up typing and it was slang, meaning something along the lines of “a consistent binge drinker”, I think. It was so funny :)

LOL. Obama!

Yeah, it does seem a bit racist. It’s also easy to seem racist if you dispute it though. -_-

You need to write a new blog so I can have something else to comment, because I ran out of things to say. xP

I’ve been brought up around Michael Jackson, like my family are pretty much obssessed. My cousin actually thought at one point of his life, that he WAS MJ. He taught himself to moonwalk and everything aha /hehe

My fake nails have lasted almost a week and only three have had to been re-glued on so far. I’m buying some more on Friday and I’m going to re-do them. It’s hard to type with them on though x_x Every time my actual nails start to grow, I bite them, and I can’t seem to get them to grow to the lenth I want them, so I guess these were the only option.

Thank you :)

Yeah, ‘bigged’ is slang. It’s really common though, and a lot of people say it. It’s annoying how they talk round here /angry

I’ve never moved from school to school, apart from primary to secondary, of course. I don’t think I’d be able to move because I’d be too nervous to talk to the new people. We have religious education at our school, but it’s obviously not as good as going to a catholic school. I don’t follow a religion, but I do full course Religious Studies, but I think thats because I’m in a top set. I find it interesting to learn about religion, and it’s my favourite lesson. I like to hear other peoples and beliefs :)

I get what you mean about hypocrites. My friend called me that the other day, and I defended myself. Don’t get me wrong; she called me that because she misunderstood what I had been saying. She still stands up for herself for that and she isn’t the kind to forgive and forget. She has to be right; its annoying. She’s one of my good friends, too. She actually kind of is a hypocrite, but when she is its actually kind of hilarious.

LOL, hey I guess that’s a pretty good idea for a password if you can’t come up with anything. :P Like for my iTunes password, I had to “borrow” my dad’s master password because apparently, he can’t remember any of the things I come up with because it involves too many symbols and random stuff. XD He still thinks I’m so weird that I can remember all that stuff.

It’s true, Facebook does suck….but I’ve been sucked into the whole thing D: well, only half! It’s not as popular as Myspace where I am… so I’m still half good ^-^ .. until everyone started joining. I swear, I only invited like one person and then everyone else suddenly had a FB.

Haha yes! :D WP is the ultimate tool for indentity purposes :3 I managed to find out that my ex found my twitter and got to my site and he’s been checking it everyday because he left a spam comment a while back. I had his IP address from a long while ago :P darned guy doesn’t even know what an IP address is — let alone the fact that I can *see* his email.

LOL that was one of the major typos I had whenever I played online games. I’ll always type “brb in a sec” and well, you know how that turns out. :P It’s funny because even while playing games and skyping, people still find the time to laugh at that typo for hours.

sorry i haven’t spoke in ages :)
i voted for you in that competition as i had no chance of winning :P
i love this layout btw x the colours are awesomee 👏

Aww your poor brother, hope he feel better!!! It’s nothing really serious right?
CONGRATS ON WINNING SO-PINK COMPETITION!!!!! haha it was soo obvious you will win lol congratulations :D Got any plans for the money? Just like me lol. i have to do good in school lol.

i think ut us but is more hilarious that bigged lol ut us but haha i cannot stop laughing lol LMAO!!!
you know i just to type LMAO as LAMO lol
i have no idea why lol

i agree with you you can change your opinion any time you want and no one will sue you for it. and the fact that people are fighting because of it is completely stupid.

:) Me too! Pasta is awesome!

Yeah, words are fun. I know that they say actions speak louder than words, but to me, words from a book are more powerful than the actions shown in movies. But if someone says they are going to do something, I think it’s more powerful for them to actually do it rather than just saying they will. ;]

Yayy, can’t wait for my review. =D

Georgina, you won! /heart 🙄 /eee

Wow. I definitely did not have the dedication in school like you did! In fact, I missed more school then I attended. 😳 It was because of my health issues though! I was always jealous of those who had perfect attendance.

Maybe I just have a mellow personality, but I don’t let hypocrites bother me. There’s really no use. They’re just another person making another mistake. I don’t see the point in getting over worked up about it, you know? *shrugs*

I’ve said congrats to you on MSN and Twitter but not here so CONGRATS. :D

I’ve never gotten 100% attendance. It’s really hard to get. And NONE of my classmates has. Believe it or not.

Hypocrites are just pathetic. Any kinds of hypocrites. From the ones who defend their self to cover their own mistakes, till the ones who have a stupid hobby: backstabbing their own best friends… or maybe the ones who pretend to be nice to someone but talk about him/her in the back.

BIGGED. BIGGED. It’s hilarious. LOL.

Is that the same contest from before? If so, it’s been going on for a looooong time. I’d be like, “Egh, Whatever.” 🙄

I feel the same way about school. If it do really good, If proud of myself. It lifts my spirits. Idk about attendence though. Lol. I can always make that up.

You are definitely not a hypocrite if you can admit to your mistakes. Like you said, just say you we’re wrong and keep it moving. No one will laugh or treat you different. You actually get rewarded in the end.

I love correcting other peoples typing errors. I try not to do it too though. When I used to chat online a couple years ago, Everyone always told me how good my grammar was and how well I could type so fast. My sister and mom always ask me how to spell a word. English was always my favorite subject in school. :)

Hah, I’m a hypocrite a lot of the time… :) At least I own up to it. And that being said, being a hypocrite does depend on the situation… Sometimes some situations just call for hypocrisy, so it’s perfectly okay (ish)! :D

what do you mean communications? sounds interesting :) well i like the fact that we get to choose when and what time to go to school, but the work is what scares me the most. and im not pretty good with engllish. and i keep imagining myself in an english class where everyone’s just so smart 😰 mann…
are you serious? that really is annoying. i would have just told him to shut up and move on. its not like the world revolves around one thing!

They’re letting us have water at the moment because of the heat wave, so we can swap for the time being. :3

A pass is still okay, at least you didn’t fail. A pass is a pass right? If not it just makes you work extra hard to make up for it. :P

Ohh, it’s good that your course help you with the website sometimes. What is it you actually want to do though when you graduate from uni?

I’m quite lucky, because I’ve not EVER once received a hate email/comment. *touches wood* It’s deffinately the more popular websites that they go for – which just proves the fact that they are jealous. Fair enough if they want to express their opinion on something, but it bugs the hell outta me when they don’t leave their website. You know, so we can see what they think is good? But yeah, they seriously do need something bette to fill their time with. =/

Haha yeah I know who you mean. Don’t even get me started on ‘that person’. I could rant for days…

aha yeaa; it was a very interesting surprise party xD

Yea, I just started to get super super close to her this year, cause last year, she wasnt in my school, and the years before that, you dont really have classes with younger kids ): Then she just had to leave ): at least I got some good memories and facebook LOL

Yupp! I’m actually wearing her brackelet now! I love it, it came from the heart ♥

OHHH right right right, you’re on break. :) So do you just sneak off to your uni to use the computers then for more time??

And yisss, sounds like your mom is quite confused. But oh well, moms can be that way, I know mine can haha.

So how are you girl?

Ewwwww work. :( What’s your job??

It’s always so weird with time differences, because as soon as I read your comment I thought about how exhausted I am because it’s midnight and I defffs would not be able to work right now. But it’s not night there. I always love thinking about that.

Wow, congratulations on winning for the so-pink contest! YAY.
I’m actually suppose to be on hiatus right now but I just can’t resist myself because I really wanted to know which participant I voted had won /hehe .

Wow,you have a pretty long post there which makes it so interesting to read 🤤 . I wish I could write a long one for each post :( .

About that mean comment, I think it was pretty rude to say something like that.If I got the same comment like that,I would panicked and be really clueless. I once received a hate comment on Myspace and I didn’t go on my computer for almost 3 months! BOO for whoever that person is 💥

Oh, and congratulations again for winning on so-pink contest! YAYYY