A Heavy Hearted Work

Appearing offline on MSN is something I rarely do. I am doing it right now. Don’t use that as incentive to talk to me because you know I’m actually online.

The reason being, I don’t particularly feel like talking to anyone I don’t want to talk to (I am only talking to James and Lilian, my… what do they call it nowadays? Biffles? BFFLs?). I don’t want anyone to bother me. I am not in the greatest of moods; I’m not really supposed to be online. My mum got a bit annoyed at me today for spending time online so amongst doing things for her with emails and stuff, I thought I’d write a blog, super quick.

This usually fails, by the way.

Anyway; it will most likely be sorted soon! :) I will be able to obtain my time online again soon. And, hopefully. Last year if you recall, James had to blog for me a fair few times because I wasn’t allowed on the computer. /poo

But… I know I haven’t been able to return all comments from last blog, but I really wanted to thank you all for sticking with me, sticking by me, and supporting me and my website. I felt so honoured that many of you nominated me for multiple categories at the Lovetease blogger awards; and not only that but I was completely stoked that you voted for me and I won the award for Friendliest Blogger. I didn’t even tell you about it – I am just really happy.

And to have many of my Twitter buddies support me in the So-Pink contest was amazing; you managed to pull me into first place – I really, really, appreciate that. ♥️

Just some updates around the site – I have received a few reviews and obviously, are yet to display them. Also, the entire reviews section has been converted to WordPress so you can now comment on reviews. Feel free to comment on yours, even if it’s an old one. :D

I will be slowing down the work on the site – I don’t even know if the work is noticeable. :P But Mallory has been telling me I’ve been pushing myself too hard. If anything, it pleases me just to get comments from you all. /eee

Yesterday my family, myself included, went to a Chinese restaurant near our local shopping centre. My mum wanted to try it out – it was her birthday on Monday /clap – so we went there.

Bad idea.

Crap service. Really, really crap service. The people didn’t even understand what we were asking. My mum asked about “yellow egg noodles” and the waitress was a total noob. My mum asked if she could please find out for her. The waitress went to the counter and did nothing.

My mum had to ask for fresh chili about three times before she finally snapped at the waitress (same waitress, I should add) and she finally got it. The first two times she walked to the counter and did nothing. /hmph

We ordered a beef dish. My mum asked this waiter, “excuse me, we ordered beef – where is it?”
He said, “I don’t think we have any more beef; I think we finished it.”
“You don’t have any beef?” my mum responded.
“Um, I don’t know, we might have bought some more.”

Hahaha. So funny. 🐽 They finished the beef. They finished the beef, my gosh, are you serious. *head desk*

Getting that off my chest has made me feel better. Thank you guys so much for all the love. ♥️

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Don’t worry about appearing offline. When I’m really upset and only want to talk to John I do the same thing. It can get annoying when 10 windows pop up with people asking you what is wrong. I hope things get sorted out for you soon. We all go through rough patches but you will pull through ♥

Awwww yay *hugs* we all love your website. You really are just such a nice person :). You always return comments and update and stuff. You are awesome :D

Ughhhh at the bad service. That would have been so annoying! That waitress seems really rude! Ahhh of course if they had no more beef he couldn’t have said whilst doing the order. Arghhhhh so much for a nice relaxing night out eh /bash

Keep on smiling everything will work out :)

HAHA very funny. FINISHED THE BEEF LOL. The way you typed it was also funny!!!!

Turned out you won that So Pink contest! :O AWESOME GEORGIE! Ohh. I guess I’m the first person to get annoyed at right? xD

HI WUGGS /sweat

*huggg*, poor wuggs. Hope it works itself out /poo /poo

You’re first in so pink! /frog 🤤 🤤

Man, what a crappy waitress. You should’ve complained, and never went back /bash I mean, a restaurant should never run out of ANYTHING on their menu. ._. Especually something as common as…beef. @_@


I forgot to reply for your comment on my blog ><

HAHA LOL. That once happened to me if I remember. Can I know what game was it and on what platform? /ehe

OH U DID LOL. I KNOW HILARIOUS RIGHT? /bounce What she has a katy perry one?? Ones I saw was Brit's and Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Poker Face turned into OUTER SPACE LOL. Check it out! xDD 🤤

Awwwwwwwwww! ♥

We. Love. Wuggs. [Retweet. Hahaha :P Kidding]

I hope that everything gets sorted SOON =). Because msn isn’t fun without Wuggs…=(

OOOH! CONGRATS on winning the Friendliest blogger award =D ✌️ Hehehehehe…That’s waaaaay cool xD

Oh, happy belated birthday to your Mum ^^


That restaurant sounds…so not cool. *contemptuous look*. I hate it when there’s no service! It’s like ‘DUDE? WHAT DO YOU THINK WE’RE PAYING YOU FOR? TO LOOK LIKE A STATUE?’…

Hmph! What a terrible waitress too! And wtf? They ran out of beef? How very…irresponsible of them! They should have given you guys a discount as a gesture of goodwill! HMPH! Don’t go there again! xD

And do this to the waitress: /bash

Sorry, I couldn’t resist xD

Finished the beef, LMFAO. /bounce That’s something family members say to each other when they’re looking for leftovers in the fridge, not something you tell a customer at a resturant! Jesus Z. Christ. :D

And dude, I can’t believe you’re converting all your reviews to WordPress one by one. Wow. 😰 When I switched over to WordPress, I never converted all of my old blog entries because it would simple take much, much too long … I think there was over a thousand?!

But oh, well, people can just Archive.Org that shit if they’re so interested. /type

*’simply’, not ‘simple’. /argh

Awww hehe no worries love. :) You deserve all the clicks and definately the nomination and award for friendliest blogger. *nods*

MSN is a pain for me because no one signs in. Like, ever. And if they do they’re the people who nag every three seconds: “R U THERE?!!!”
No, I’m on fucking Mars. Seriously, it’s annoying.

Yeehee, you’re one of my Twitter buddies! :D But my sister is SO OUT OF IT. She doesn’t have Foxfire (XD) but I.E. I miss Twitterfox… but my computer will be back tomorrow. :D

Mallory’s right, you work so hard and you need a break. :)
Random thought… is it me, or was one of your FanUpdate blogs titled this? :P

Yehee you’re probably the one who spams my tagboard like heck .(I miss my commenting system, gaaah). Well, you are the one who spams like heck but it’s not SPAM because it’s RELEVANT. :D

Oh. My. God. Man that restaurant does have crap sevice…. that guy so shouldn’t get paid. *nods enthusiastically*

Yeah… holiday FTW! :D And enjoy your holiday… I should do my I.T homework now. XD

It was your mum’s birthday on Monday!? O_O I should have known! /argh YAY for Georgina for being in first place! WHEE OMG I was so excited and jumpy when I was reading your blog “first place” GAH that made me so excited for you! *HUGS* I’ll keep clicking!!! *CLICK CLICK* Teehee! I voted for you as friendliest blogger too! I mean your blogs are so interesting and always friendly! 👏 That sucks about your mom not letting you on the computer!! My mom gets mad too…she’s afraid I’m going to spend my whole day on the computer and talk to stalkers. :( I think my mom is retarded….yup.

Sorry about that crappy service! /ehh What a dumb restaurant….they were out of beef?! Restaurants are not supposed to be out. Don’t leave them a tip! You should have left in the beginning!!!! /argh

I always leave longlike comments…hmm /heart

I hope things are sorted for you soon, Georgina :( You’d probably want to talk to someone you’re close too, but I am here if you do want to talk!!

You deserve those awards, you’re a fantastic person with an amazing website.

I do agree with Mallory, you probably do push yourself to hard, especially keeping up with everything like returning comments, university (when you’re there), work, reviews and offline life. As much as it probably hurts (lol) you should take a break, you definitely need it.

LOL, finished the beef? Wow, some people are such retards. I hate going into restaurants like that!

/faw I hope you’ll figure everything out soon, I knew that you were in bad mode from twitter, but i didn’t want to bother you because well you didn’t want to talk to anyone,. Congratulations on winning the friendliest blogger, I voted there for you by the way /rose Happy birthday to your mother! lol probably he just didn’t understand! /wave

Congrats on finishing the conversions! :) I would feel extremely proud of that, too.

I love using the HTML editor in WP for everything. XD I only switch to the visual one when I’m doing reviews so it’s easier to add numbered or bulleted lists.

Oh goodness LOL, 30gb+ of songs!? You’d need a super huge mp3 player :P probably one of the classic iPods. I think they hold A LOT.

Yeah :( moms are really good at bringing out that guilt. My mom guilt trips me whenever I try to ask her for money to go out or even if I ask her if I can have friends over.

Song analysis is a really cool thing to do for English XD I wish my English class next year was more into analyzing stuff. Next year, all I’ve got is literature :( which sucks, since the books are always ancient and they’re like a foot thick. Well, not really, but you get the idea :P

I listen to a ton of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese songs LOL so I’m ALWAYS looking up translations. It’s really funny because the translations from that language to English are pretty accurate, but when they try to add English to their songs, it always sounds so…wrong. XD

Ugh @ the service there. I don’t get how places like that can still stay open. It’s obvious the workers don’t even work yet they’re getting paid. What’s even weirder is how the boss or manager or somebody doesn’t fire them. Why the heck would they keep them around if it’s only driving away their customers? D:

I know how it feels when one of my parents get all annoyed about my online time and they’d talk endlessly about it. My dad still does that sometimes, but he hardly ever does things about it anymore. Before, he used to tell me that if I don’t get off the computer, he’d shut off the internet. He actually had this “timer” sort of thing, where the internet would automatically turn off at 6PM. That was the most annoying thing in the world. :x I hope things get sorted out soon, though! :) and happy birthday to your mom~!

Ice World sounds so magical for some reason haha. And yeah, I saw that they’re opening up an ice bar in Sydney too! I really liked it there. My parents really want to go back :)

Sometimes when I wasn’t in the greatest of moods I didn’t feel like blogging so much, but it really helps. I hope you feel better soon! Don’t overwork yourself :( Blogging always takes loads of my time, and I just have to remind myself that I need to take more time off (and take care of other things as well).

Bad service reeeaally gets on my nerves! Sometimes the waiter is either forgetful or too slow and you have to keep asking them for the same thing >< We go to restaurants for the food and they work there serve customers. It's so simple. Once I went to a restaurant and I had to keep ordering because everytime the waiter would come back saying they didn't have something (yeah, so write that somewhere…ugh).

I voted for you in So-Pink a couple of days ago :) good luck with the awards!

Chinese food rocks.
Even though it made me sick yesterday=x
Thats too bad it was crap for you though.

Ugh I so have those days. like today.
I kind of just want to turn my phone off and be like.
I’m sorry.. I don’t know who that is ;p

Oh and I have a little button if you’ll click it for me.
help me get my own domain ;o ;p

Toodles =D

Thank you Georgie! I’m so grateful that you hosted me for 9 or 10 months, I really improved w/ web designing because of your reviews ✌️ :D
I’ll go add the comments link now, that’s why only have Lisa who commented… /oh

You got tagged!! by me :) Please see my post :D

I saw the awards you and some other people got with the lovetease competition and I am very proud of you. It’s a totally thrilling feeling knowing people voted for you out of the good of their heart and not out of loyalty. :] Go you.

I don’t tend to go on messenger lately. I am always out of doing something else .. *film watching*. :] But I can relate, it’s the feeling of only wanting to talk to particular friends and nobody else.

I call them ‘friends’ these days. I mean, I use to say best friends, but then I realise people I don’t like or aren’t close to or see on a regular basis, I don’t class them as friends at all. I must only have about five friends. The rest I call associates or ‘just peeps’. It’s a good way of looking at it because then you don’t feel like you are pimping yourself out to people, well I don’t. DO you get what I mean? >.<

That restaurant sounds shocking poor. I'm sure I have told you but I give off an intimidation vibe a lot. The few times I have been fucked about in restaurants I get my money back. They normally wanna fob me off with vouchers but I explain i won't be visiting their restaurant again so they won't be useful. harsh, I know.

Pffft, I am sure your mom understand about you and the computer now. And plus you're eighteen for christ's sake. You're your own person. Raining on your parade and shizz sounds like a huge bummer.

And thank you for your support Georgie, giving up is more challenging that I though it would be initially, but I don't believe in failure. there is not second place, only first and losing. LOL. I will not relapse. ;] I am visioning a healthier happier me ina few months. YES I CAN. :]

I saw the awards you and some other people got with the lovetease competition and I am very proud of you. It’s a totally thrilling feeling knowing people voted for you out of the good of their heart and not out of loyalty. :] Go you.

I don’t tend to go on messenger lately. I am always out of doing something else .. *film watching*. :] But I can relate, it’s the feeling of only wanting to talk to particular friends and nobody else.

I call them ‘friends’ these days. I mean, I use to say best friends, but then I realise people I don’t like or aren’t close to or see on a regular basis, I don’t class them as friends at all. I must only have about five friends. The rest I call associates or ‘just peeps’. It’s a good way of looking at it because then you don’t feel like you are pimping yourself out to people, well I don’t. DO you get what I mean? >.<

That restaurant sounds shocking poor. I'm sure I have told you but I give off an intimidation vibe a lot. The few times I have been fucked about in restaurants I get my money back. They normally wanna fob me off with vouchers but I explain i won't be visiting their restaurant again so they won't be useful. harsh, I know.

Pffft, I am sure your mom understands about you and the computer now. And plus you're eighteen for christ's sake. You're your own person. Raining on your parade and shizz sounds like a huge bummer.

And thank you for your support Georgie, giving up is more challenging that I though it would be initially, but I don't believe in failure. there is not second place, only first and losing. LOL. I will not relapse. ;] I am visioning a healthier happier me in a few months. YES I CAN. :]

Yeah that is so true, like eventually, you run out of things to talk about, until one of you posts a new blog of course. Lucky for me you blog an awful lot. ;)

I actually went out today after work. (I know what you’re thinking, what’s wrong with me?) Haha, my sister had a barbicue, so it was nice to just ‘hang out’.

Aw, thats sweet of him. Did you let him? If my boyfriend went near my website I would so kill him. ;) Although he does help me sometimes, giving me advice and such.

It’s good that you like returning them, I do too. Most of the people in the ‘online’ world are really nice and it’s great to get to know them. :) Also, reading blogs can be interesting.

I think everyone can see that your are an extremely busy person. Work, uni, site etc. Just looking at your number of comments alone tells us how busy you are. Everyone will understand if you are unable to come online for a while, and will no doubt be supportive.

You totally deserved that award and the nominations. :) I can’t think of anyone who deserved it more. (Well, maybe me? LOL nah just kidding. (That was my attempt at cheering you up? Yes I fail. xD))

Like Vicky said above you probably want to talk to someone personal but if not I’m here. Just as I’m sure everyone else will be.

:X:X <— That's like 'our thing' now. xD

I know how you feel, sometimes I just want the whole world to shut up and leave me alone. I’m never really on AIM anymore anyway, so at least I don’t have to worry about people trying to talk to me.

Sometimes I try to go on the computer when I’m grounded and cover up by “doing homework.”

Ugh, I hate going to new restaurants, they always have crappy service. We went to an Irish restaurant for my mom’s birthday: worst place ever. My meal was fine, considering I got mac ‘n’ cheese, but everyone else’s sucked. My brother got a burnt cheeseburger. My parents’ meals weren’t worthy of being served to pigs, I think they ordered corn beef.

Lol, I love the color blue. It’s amazing. It’s like the color of the sky! :P

Me either, but my friend has nothing to do over the summer. It’s either stay home all by yourself or go to camp. My camp is okay, but I never have anyone to talk to. That’s probably because I go to camp in a different town.

Haha, I’m the exact opposite! I’ll clean my room and get everything off the floor, but I won’t make my bed! XD

Hehe, your mum is soo damn right! A boy always should respect the family of a girl, no matte what.

Hehe, I am just such an amazing person, don’t you think :D :D

I wish I would still remember what you blogged about, but it’s a couple of hours ago and I am kinda too lazy to read it all over again.. and it’s also almost 3am, so please don’t expect my brain to work properly at such a time xD

I will read it tomorrow (today) and leave a blog related comment then, promised <3 :)

Only if you will ask me a question. ;) Will you ask me a question? THERE’S MY QUESTION. Woot. Fail.

ARGH DUDE I have Pocky, and it’s distracting me from our race. 🤤 Plus I have to watch the video you sent me, which takes time. xD Why do you and Pocky have it out for me? :P

Thank you for thinking I did a good job on the blog; I’m glad you learned from it! :)

Haha yeah, the fish hat is pretty funny, though my favorite is the ant ticks picture.

“*raises one eyebrow* Check out these ant ticks.”
“That’s hot.”

HAHAHA you were right, that was hilarious. Very odd and chunky!!! >.< I’m really curious to know what the real English translation is now, but I’m sure if I tried to look, I would only get the pretend English lyrics. xP

Yesterday I also appeared offline for most of the day on my Gchat and AIM accounts, though I can’t remember why. I’m sorry that you were in a crappy mood :( I hope you’re feeling better now, and your mom is more okay about you being online now that you did that stuff for her, right?

Hm, I think Mallory is right about pushing yourself too hard with updating the site. I’ve been relaxing a bit from my own, and it feels nice. Congratulations on finishing converting all those reviews now!!

Argh, my mom is in the “bye Rachel” mode now, and my brother is yelling at me for still typing. Cutting it off now and I’ll finish later!

Biffles? Loooool! I just say “Bee Eff Eff Elz” or sometimes when I’m too stressed to thing I say “Brrrz…” as usual. /hehe
OMG I nearly died when you said “James had to blog for me a fair few times” because when I first read it, I thought “WTF!? It wasn’t her who blogged… it was HIM??? It wasn’t her that returned comments, it was HIM AGAIN!!” Then I figured it out after 10 seconds. /um
Those awards are so cute! Congratulations, you deserve all of them. I’ll keep voting!
Wow, that is crap service! That’s why you should switch to Yum Cha! *Showoff pout and hands on hips* Because at Yum Cha, they don’t run out… and they serve everything on…
TROLLEYS! Some sort of Asian trolley thing.
And they cut their food with scissors. /ho But seriously, what kind of stupid restaurant runs out of food?
Any time I visit, I see myself on the list! So I assumed that I was on the top somewhere! And thanks for the font link, whee!

TEEHEE you’re welcome! Well you should have! What a crappy service! Hmm did anyone eat there while you guys were there? /hmph

Ooo, I actually managed a pretty long comment before rushing off to leave for nothing. Let’s see what’s left to say…

Congratulations on winning the friendliest blogger award. :) You deserve it. (LOL at first I said the friendliest “blooger” award. A combination of a booger and a blogger! Sexy. O.O)

OMG wow. No words for that Chinese restaurant except FAIL. I would say that you should have talked to the manager about it, but I’m not sure he/she would have been any better. :P

Hey! Wow, I was just reading your blog and I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose parents kick them off the internet. nobody I know gets that and they’re all mad when I’m not on at the same time /hmph
On another note, those resteraunt (ugh. Firefox said I speeled that wrong /argh ) people sound like they’ve got quite the service going there.

Heehee, it’s no surprise you’ve been dragged to the top! Gah, horrible service. I remember when I was eight, and my sister was three, she’d just learnt to talk. At some italian restaurant, there was a flower in a vase on the table. She was trying to “teach” me that it was a flower but a bitch waitress grabbed it away from her. Just because she’s a little kid doesn’t mean she’ll break it?! Next, we ordered spaghetti and waited. 20 minutes later, we called the waiter again and ordered spaghetti. It never came. My dad lost his patience and called the manager. The next time we came the waitress and waiter were fired, :D

Take care! Keep first place up!

ooo, awww I hope he feel better! I hope I’m not getting sick, I’ve been getting bad headaches lately…. I hate when I get sore throats

oo, what do you do for work?

I still need to read the book. It really bothers me when things change from the book to the movie. My friend got her language arts teacher’s phone number, who also loves the book, and sent her a text saying how they screwed up the ending. LMAO!

Scattegories is amazing. :) I used to be addicted to that game, but I don’t have an addiction anymore, just occasional uses. :P

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the full Jurassic Park movie, only the beginning/middle. What I have seen is good, though.

It did hurt. I had to like hold my nose and close my mouth, then try to blow out to get the pressure to go away. It was like a tiny stream of air came out of my ear. I’ve never had a feeling that weird before. I can’t blow out my nose, I have to blow bubbles out of my mouth, lol. I’m so retarded.

Haha, don’t worry, I’ll be careful. Even though it’s being used as a pole to hold up the badminton net.

I know, cheese is one of my favorite foods. /bounce
Crappy restaurants suck. That’s why I never go to new restaurants, you have to wait for them to have enough experience to have improved their service. ;]

I call my BFFLs my besties/BFFs. :P
Gah! Crap service! I hate those restaurants. Narrgh they just do nothing and stand at the counter!? /argh Must suck for you. I would jump on the table and yell at them. /bounce ….maybe not.
👏 Hehehehehe they “finished” the beef /hehe but it must have been a waste of money for your family though. You should like, complain to the boss if you go to another restaurant like this (hopefully not!), and hope that he/she will let you out without paying! :D :D

I have a new layout! Check it out? <3

oo lol sorry, I haven’t gotten around to reading peoples blog as I use to. I’ve been out with my friend who will be moving monday to california, and we had like set up this whole surprise party thing for a while so I haven’t been on. I will start reading everyones post again! Sorry, I will at least try to read some glances when I get the chance. I kinda got a job like that [a volunteer job] but I didnt start yet. Its at my church but we have to like help the little kids.

Actually, I’m hanging out with my friend tomorrow, for the last time ): We’re going out to lunch at this Japanese restaurant.

Oo and I just read about your little restaurant ordeal. lol, that has happened to my family a lot! oh my gosh one time we were at this new chinese restaurant, and I orderd like chicken with tomato sauce with like that Parmesan cheese [i think thats how your spell it, and yea I know its not like chinese food but w/e lol]; anyways when i got the food, it was covered in this orange sauce which apparently was tomato sauce! It was soo much I had to take like all of it off. the chicken tasted like rubber; nasty stuff, we never went there again lol

Yeah for some reason stupid youtube didn’t upload the whole thing. The real thing goes for like 5 minutes though! I’m seeing if it’ll work again now :)

oh that’s cool. See I’ve just finished the first (and smallest) chapter of my recovery story and I’m not sure whether I should put it up or not.

Yeah, it’s so much easier to have music on something you can listen to rather than having to carry around a laptop or a huge computer :P

My mom always makes me clean up when I invite people over. My room and the whole house is normally a huge mess. I guess that’s just how my family pretty much lives. :P We’re a huge organized mess. I just cleaned up my whole room today and wow, I can finally see the ground again. XD

LOL, I know right? It’s hilarious, though. I always like to laugh at what they come up with. :P

Ooh D: I used to get around my dad’s internet thing, too. The thing was, is that I cracked the password for the time thing. LOL. I didn’t get yelled at, but my dad found out and he changed it and I couldn’t figure out the 2nd password. :( I got him to reconsider it though, so now I just have to listen to the important things and clean my room and such.

Thanks <3 I love the bunny and bear too! 😝 Yes it's a bear, lol.

Thanks for clicking! Lol yeah i had that problem about the dragons too, but now if you go here http://dragcave.net/abandoned to the abandoned area, you'll see loads of different eggs. If you're lucky, you might get hatchlings/rare eggs too! :D

Yeah….it would be kind of embarrassing. If I were you, I would snap at the waitress everytime I order XD Yay, you didn't pay for the beef! It would be so retarded if they made you pay coz you didn't even HAVE any beef.

My mom gets mad at me too XD That's why I'm playing on the computer when she's away at work! 👏

Lolz… I miss FanUpdate! My entries are gone and I don’t think I even posted 10 of them yet!
I don’t visit Yum Cha enough. /bash
poiuytrewqwertyuiopwearebothawesomeaffiliatesyay! /eee

Haha alright. :] Yeah I know but usually I don’t talk to you when you’re on busy but I just do because I haven’t had a chat with you in a while so I just can’t resist! 🤮

Oh haha lol. Okay. Well probably you’ll win :P GOOD LUCK! /eee

Lol… That’s still pretty funny though. The way you typed it also. Haha it really made me LOL! 🤬

OMG *once stumbling upon it* you have an ASDFGH emoticon! 🤬 🤬 🤬 XD COOL!!!!

Dungeon Siege? Weird… I never heard of it! /angry Is it good? Oh on PC… Hmm. Might take a look at it online sometime. Is it old? 😳

YES YOU MUST LOL. It’s hilarious. 😝

People stick by you because you’re so awesome to speak to. :) You can see that with people commenting you and supporting you in contests and such~ It’s because you’re a really nice person. :D I’d like to think if I entered any competitions that people would support me half as much as they supported you. :D

Ugh, that restaurant doesn’t sound good AT ALL! I would have complained and asked for some sort of refund, if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday you want the best service possible… not the worst. Finished the beef… classic!

Yeah but you told one little lie so it’s not a problem. :) The two people I mentioned in my blog lie all the time over weird little things that no one cares about. I mean yeah, they’re not bad or hurting people but it’s SOO annoying!

I know, you can never win. It’s either a bad photo that won’t be taken down or a good photo that they forget to send to you. That’s kind of your friend btw, you can keep up with the gossip and photos without having a facebook yourself. :D

Wow that’s such a good excuse to watch the Ken Lee video. We watched it in Chinese during a party o_o;

WOW! That’s some fast winds right there, I think I have been in fast winds like that when I went skiing during a blizzard. It was an experience… I will leave it at that. XD

It sucks that you aren’t in a good mood. I’d love to be online now on MSn but my computer sucks, the internet is slow and my MSN isn’t working. I’m on Yahoo only /snort

I see that you are loved by people, but nobody loves so much like me! /hehe You really deserve the friendliest blogger award. /bounce You are so sweet and your blogs are always funny and visitors love reading them. /eee

If I wouldn’t participate on So-Pink be sure Ive been voting for you. /hehe I see many people vote for you. To make 40 votes i have to work hard and talk with so many people and please them vote me. :( You’re lucky that people vote you and you don’t have please everyrone to do this. :) You deserve to win. I thing the 2nd place is good for me /bounce

Love you my sweet angel, and I love the smilies ♥ ♥

Yeah on 2nd iI’m a winner too. /hehe /hehe

I’m not sure of graphic designs….I know that many consider that I’m doing good graphics, but are people that will participate and will do better graphics.
😒 /ehh

I’ll try, I don’t want to regret because I didn’t tried:)

Hehe thanks again 😝 Naww, over the dragons :C I could never get over them lol. Yes Carissa used to have a lot, I remember clicking them! Lol.

Yay, no going back to that crappy restaurant! :D Lol my mom’s back too, and she doesn’t mind as well XD I guess our moms are okay if we just go on the computer for a li’l while and not like for several hours :)

Aww that is real bad service!!! argh at that waitress.
I appear offline on msn sometimes too, my bff does it all the time.

Haha, spending to much time online- sounds like something i would do! However i just get shouted at and then told to help my dad with his buisness. So very boring typing things into excel!

The chinese restarunt sounds really really good! (note the sarcasm).That made me laugh so much: Finished the beef! Bless them!


Well I’ll try, for you. Actually I’m with 5 votes in front of you on so-pink. WOW 5 votes a big number. I know that when I’ll wake up I’ll see you first. HAHAHA!

I’m sorry about your mom getting angry with you with being online too much and all. That always happens to me and when that happens, I don’t feel like going online much either! So I understand. Hopefully things get sorted out. I would hate to miss reading your blogs!

Good luck with the contest – I voted for you ♥ And congrats on the award! That’s awesome!

PS that restaurant is fail! How do you not have any more beef!? Seriously!

Ohh well. Lol. BTW did I mention that 2 days ago (last Saturday) I bought another game? /bounce It’s called Assasin’s Creed. It’s soo awesome! (Y)

Yeah I did lol. It still matches to what I was talkin’ bout! =p WOW 25 votes ahead?! That’s knarly, girl! I’m sure you’re gonna win then! xD It’s not possible for someone to get 25+ in like what a few hours? :S And you can cound the votes? Never knew! /huh

LOL. ✌️

I’m sorry about your mom. :/ The computer can be so so so addicting at times, just try to get outside as much as you can… or read a book, watch movies, all that jazz. I’m trying to do that myself, but then when I get back online I get a little stressed about returning comments hahaha.

Sorry I haven’t returned yours in a couple days, but I’m here now. I’ve just been busy ever since my boyfriend finally came home. :)

It’s so weird how movies can come out here right away, but not there… Is it ever the other way around!?

Feel better girl — mood wise!

I thought like people are in the kitchen cooking more stuff so cannot run out of food lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM :)
I wanted to ask you what the heck does this smiley mean? 🤬 haha lol
You got the award because you are the Friendliest blogger ever!!! seriously dude you are amazing….don’t you dare argue with me because you and i both know that its true so just accept it :D

I won’t close I promise. I’m still here (Y) I’ll just take sometime to myself and spend half of my time online and the other half resting in my bed and watching underworld. We just got the dvd yesterday and i havent seen it lol. Thanks soo much G!!!! you have been an amazing help and like my own therapist :D You give like the most awesome advice so i totally owe you one :D

I’m sorry to hear that your mom’s been annoyed at you about your computer usage. Sometimes mothers get like that, and we can’t always figure out why. Hope things are better now. :)

That’s great that you converted all of your reviews to WP pages, enabling comments on them. I saw your occasional updates of your progress on Twitter; that’s a whole lot of pages! It’s useful to allow discussion on things like reviews, allowing visitors to interact with you and your site basically.

The restaurant sounds really awful. Did they not understand you or were they just… bad waiters? Gah. Bad service can really ruin your dining experience. I hope the food was at least tasty to make up for all of the inconvenience!

Hello :D

I finally re-read your blog, so now; here is my blog related comment xD

My parents are like that too! My mum JUST came in when I was about to leave this comment, telling me I am on the computer all day. I was like: Who cares? I did what I have to do, now let me do what I want to do xD And she left my room.

I hope you can go online as much as you want to again, because it totally should be your decision and not hers xD

Hehe, yeah I remember when James blogged here. I was kinda confused because I didn’t know you at all and thought: Who is this guy blogging here xD

What a BAD waitress! I totally think that person should get a new job – and not as a waitress xD A customer should be number one priority and not just something you HAVE to take care off.. I hope you didn’t give him too much tip xD

And *hugs back* <3

*hugs back*! Yay Georgina is okay now *dances* 👏 I know we all have those moments in our lives, the key is to know how to get over them and be strong.
Haha I would’ve enjoyed watching your mother pour the hot water on ants :D , I’m evil aren’t I? :P

Hi Georgina! How are you? Sorry about not keeping in touch lately. :( (love the new emoticons by the way)

Wow, that restauant sounds awful. I just went to a Chinese buffet yesterday and their service was just okay (they kept forgetting drinks) but not as bad as that. Was the food any good though?

And happy late birthday to your mom, LOL :)

hehe i do that sometimes.
appearing offline just because i dont want people to talk to me. it gets annoying sometimes when the box thingy just pops up.

OMG what kind of a waitress is that? /argh
good thing your mom finally snapped at her.
at they finished the beef?
how can a restaurant finish the beef?

Lmao, okay. Yeah. I’m bored so I just opened the fricking domain with the wrong header. XD I hate my bloody scanner. *knifes* I could always borrow yours but you’re on the other side of the planet… XD

Haha yeah I’ve done the same for my sister but she’s a stubborn biatch and won’t use it. *rolls eyes*
Her loss. And ha, Twitter is awesome.

Hehe it looked familiar. ^-^ I’m sure someone else noticed though. :D
Yeeeheee, meaningful spam… well, just spam from my affiliates is accepted. :D Because it”s MEANINGFUL. ;)

Haha yeah that review wasn’t actually that long ago… O_O

Jeez, why would you go back there? To get told ‘there’s no beef’?!

Books make me cry more than movies. I’m dying to read the book, but I still have 3 others I want to read ahead of it.

Lol, my dad used to be obsessed with Scrabble. I got REALLY sick of it. We gave my dad the Official Scrabble Dictionary for Christmas one year. XD

Haha, that was the third one. We watched that in science. :)

Lol, sure I’m not. *says sarcastically* You’re right, I didn’t have time to think. I get water in my ears all the time. It feels so weird.

I know, cheese is amazing. Yum! That sucks, I would die without cheese.

Whenever I go to restaurant, I try to get things that I don’t usually eat. It’s just that I don’t like going to restaurants that have newly opened.

OMG Beef soup. Shiz I got so hungry, haha.
Well, I’m still at ryan’s. I ended up sleeping over.
Cause he was trying to teach me this song on guitar and I past out and woke up today morning with some major guitar string markings on my face.. LOLOL.
He was still asleep, with his dog on top of him, and a wet spot on his shirt.. LMAO.

Now he’s downstairs eating breakfast, so I figured I would take the risk and return as many comments as possible and then clear browser history so he won’t know about it MUAHAHA.

Wow, that must have really sucked getting food poisoning overseas. :/ Atleast it’s in the past now. :)

Sorry to hear that you’re not in th best mood. :( I hardly appear offline on msn too. Just when I’m really pissy and need to be left alone haha.
I really hope you can come online without a problem! I would miss you and your blogs, yo.

CONGRATS ON GETTING FRIENDLIEST BLOGGER, you deserved it and also CONGRATS on the Sopink contest first place, I kept on referring you, hehe. :) All my clicks payed off, YUS.
About your reviews I read one that you posted on Twitter last night, and I cracked up so hard cause you gave her NO RATING. Lmao. Priceless.

Happy belated birthday to your mom! I looove Chinese restaurants, YUM. Wow, that sucks that they finished the beef. Fatties. LOL. I would have been so pissed.

I know, people are seriously lacking customer service. One time I was at iHop (breakfest restaurant if you didn’t know) and the waitress threw the silverware at my head
“by accident”. Ouch :/

Haha, I’ve actually run out of things to blog about at the moment. Hence why they are up for so long. :3 I should really do it more often…

I might have to do that, think of something funny that happened ages ago, haha.

You have barbicues in the winter? Wierd, here it’s a summer thing. Although mainly because no one wants to site outsite because it’s too cold. :(

Oh yeah haha. I can imaging him writing something like “Thanks for the comment! You rock!” LOL Don’t ask why. Just like you said, he wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Would be kind of fun to watch though, hahaha.

Yep, they are either mean or nice. There was some more e-drama on Twitter today, made me think theres more mean people now. >:(

Yay, award off Georgina. Woop! =D Haha, jk. Oh by the way I meant to ask, do you like being called Gina? (My sister has the same name so I thought I should ask.) Also, something I’ve wanted to ask for ages but kept forgetting, what’s your job? I’ve heard you talk about it and stuff but not actually say what you do. xD

Anyways, I better go before this turns into a quiz. :3

I get what you mean :P for me, it’s that I have so much stuff outside of my room, but inside my room I have so little stuff but it seems like there are mountains and mountains of stuff — especially clothes. I have about 4 outfits and that’s about it, but when it’s everywhere in my room, it makes me feel like I have maybe 14 outfits. XD

Nope, they sure don’t. :P I wonder if like… all kids do that? :O It’d be pretty fun to learn some of the ways some of the other teens crack their parents’ passwords.

I don’t usually appear offline either, I usually just sign off.

Aww, hopefully you’ll be able to get your computer time again, I love your blogs<333

He he, I need to enable comments on my reviews too! And I need to get my layout up, its going up tomorrow. I have a to-do list a mile long for the site O.O

Wow, what a noob, I accidentally almost put what a boob there. I hate restaurants like that . They finished the beef? Wow.

yea, I wanna blog, but just dont got the time to! Ugh, maybe I will tonight. I have to see what I’m doing lol

hahah, when my sister volunteered last year, there was this one girl who always pinched her! She got the biggest bruises from her! LOL, but then one of the other helper people told the girls parents and she stopped; good thing too!

hehe, the food was super yummy (: I tried a lot of new things !

lol, yea probably. I like the way my mommy makes it; lmao

Obvs, you went to a crap restaurant. But that’s okay, I’ve been to loads of those around where I live too. :) Because honestly… Unless you were all there at the restaurant like 30 minutes before closing, they ought to have a *basic* ingredient that is probably used in a large portion of their dishes… Planning skills… fail.

Yepzz, we need to go to Yum Cha! And if I see you, I’ll take your food! /bounce
I saw your lolzworthy insult on Tumblr! That girl is so retarded and I will send a really nice message to her now! 💥
“You should kill …you should be killed by someone”, LOL. What a fail at being so dramatic with all those misplaced pauses!
See Mr WP’s editted comment, it’s weird. /um <—my new favourite!

Thanks!! I had a few probs but now I THINK I’m ok with it… ;) Yes I am gaming like mad… But it will all get paid for once I start my last year at school. :O

Yes it is possible but I don’t know any site which is THAT popular to get that much unless it’s Saruna or Swimchick or something. Or Heartdrops. ♥ /bounce

HAHAHHA Now I’m at 2100th vote. Well since 2000th vote, I’m counting years! Well I’m counting years!! /bounce 👏

Well it’s very close, but I won’t give up. I’m going to still gain votes. /hehe /hehe /hehe

I really want to win, and I need to win to pay my hosting /um /rose

OMG I love your emoticons are so cute!!!!! I love specially those: /rose /hehe /eee 👏 😏 /bounce :P
I LOVE THEM!!!!! ^.^

Well Georgina, at that time I wasn’t using celebrity images if you remember, I was 100% contra. I think I would was hypocrite if I were using celebrity images when I wrote the review

Oh it sucks that your parents keep track of the time you spend on the computer :( I’m lucky my computer is in my room, and since my parents barely enter my room…:P

Oh, I know what you mean with the crap service. I’ve been to similar restaurants quite a few times. You end up wanting to jump form the window. /ehh

I know I’m going to miss my friends, but I’m coming back every summer so hopefully we won’t loose contact :)

Haha yeah me too :P Don’t worry about it too much… :D