The Songbirds Are Wrong

I forgot to mention this last blog, but is my new Tumblr URL. Jeff was kind enough to buy me the domain. πŸ™‚

It’s been quite a few weeks since my break/holiday started, and I haven’t pulled out of the house for anything – except work. Sue was also saying how she hadn’t been out of the house much.

I don’t mind getting out of the house. Admittedly my computer pretty much eats my life, but I like getting out. I haven’t had a chance to these holidays; my mum has been really busy and I feel bad asking her if I can go out. I know she expects me to clean the house too. 😞

RIP Michael Jackson. And Farrah Fawcett. I liked Michael Jackson’s music. I just think he went “wacko” when he had all that plastic surgery.

I was listening to music today, as usual. Often when I listen to a song, I like to know the lyrics. Not just to sing along but also because some song lyrics are really beautiful, or have meaning. Some don’t have meaning at all. For example, Slow Dawn by Smashing Pumpkins (the song my Tumblr is named after) has the following lyrics: the midnight people / washing down here, wasting way / they’re gonna run the slow dawn awake. What am I to make of that? Really.

Of course many songs like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin are recognised as having no meaning. I think we just all perceive songs in a different way. The artist has some intention when they write the song, to send out a particular message, but we might not see it that way. So go on, be mysterious.

Straying from song meanings and going back to the lyrics themselves, have you heard of mondegreens? A mondegreen is a misinterpreted or misheard phrase in a song. So many times I have looked up lyrics because I am not sure of what I’m hearing – wouldn’t want to make myself look like a fool. πŸ˜› One common one that I remember is “we held each other’s kite” instead of “we held each other tight” in a Beatles song.

I remember watching on the Ellen DeGeneres show, a man singing along to Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone, and not knowing the lyrics to the song. See the video here. Every time I see it, it gets me cracking up. Poor man didn’t know the lyrics and just “ahhed” his heart out. πŸ˜…

So, what’s a silly mondegreen you have heard of, or a line you’ve misheard in a song? Maybe you’ve heard one in a book? πŸ˜„

To end, I will answer a few more questions from visitors:

What do you find appealing about blogging? – Laura

I love blogging, personally, because it gives me a chance to show my opinion. I love reading other people’s blogs because sometimes I can relate to them. On the other hand, sometimes I find it interesting to read the blogs of people who live outside of my country – to see their way of life and such. I love reading so reading blogs doesn’t bother me a great deal.

What’s your favourite layouts in all your web-designing history? – Krystal

A favourite layout of mine is Heartdrops’ version 2. It stayed up for a while. It featured a photo of James and I walking. I loved the colours – purple is one of my favourite colours.
As for layouts by other people – I am easily amazed. Mostly “kawaii” sites have very cute layouts that I love. They are very talented. Carissa at Stardrops has amazing layouts. I also love very simple ones such as those of Vicky’s. Basically, anything colourful with a good colour scheme, good use of photography, while still being simple, is something that I will like.

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