The Songbirds Are Wrong

I forgot to mention this last blog, but is my new Tumblr URL. Jeff was kind enough to buy me the domain. :)

It’s been quite a few weeks since my break/holiday started, and I haven’t pulled out of the house for anything – except work. Sue was also saying how she hadn’t been out of the house much.

I don’t mind getting out of the house. Admittedly my computer pretty much eats my life, but I like getting out. I haven’t had a chance to these holidays; my mum has been really busy and I feel bad asking her if I can go out. I know she expects me to clean the house too. :(

RIP Michael Jackson. And Farrah Fawcett. I liked Michael Jackson’s music. I just think he went “wacko” when he had all that plastic surgery.

I was listening to music today, as usual. Often when I listen to a song, I like to know the lyrics. Not just to sing along but also because some song lyrics are really beautiful, or have meaning. Some don’t have meaning at all. For example, Slow Dawn by Smashing Pumpkins (the song my Tumblr is named after) has the following lyrics: the midnight people / washing down here, wasting way / they’re gonna run the slow dawn awake. What am I to make of that? Really.

Of course many songs like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin are recognised as having no meaning. I think we just all perceive songs in a different way. The artist has some intention when they write the song, to send out a particular message, but we might not see it that way. So go on, be mysterious.

Straying from song meanings and going back to the lyrics themselves, have you heard of mondegreens? A mondegreen is a misinterpreted or misheard phrase in a song. So many times I have looked up lyrics because I am not sure of what I’m hearing – wouldn’t want to make myself look like a fool. :P One common one that I remember is “we held each other’s kite” instead of “we held each other tight” in a Beatles song.

I remember watching on the Ellen DeGeneres show, a man singing along to Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone, and not knowing the lyrics to the song. See the video here. Every time I see it, it gets me cracking up. Poor man didn’t know the lyrics and just “ahhed” his heart out. /hehe

So, what’s a silly mondegreen you have heard of, or a line you’ve misheard in a song? Maybe you’ve heard one in a book? :D

To end, I will answer a few more questions from visitors:

What do you find appealing about blogging? – Laura

I love blogging, personally, because it gives me a chance to show my opinion. I love reading other people’s blogs because sometimes I can relate to them. On the other hand, sometimes I find it interesting to read the blogs of people who live outside of my country – to see their way of life and such. I love reading so reading blogs doesn’t bother me a great deal.

What’s your favourite layouts in all your web-designing history? – Krystal

A favourite layout of mine is Heartdrops’ version 2. It stayed up for a while. It featured a photo of James and I walking. I loved the colours – purple is one of my favourite colours.
As for layouts by other people – I am easily amazed. Mostly “kawaii” sites have very cute layouts that I love. They are very talented. Carissa at Stardrops has amazing layouts. I also love very simple ones such as those of Vicky’s. Basically, anything colourful with a good colour scheme, good use of photography, while still being simple, is something that I will like.

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I’m so similar. I sometimes stay in my house for days on end, living off of writing and the Internet. /bounce But I do *love* going out. After a week of being cooped up inside, it’s always nice to wander the great outdoors!

Yes, RIP Michael! Though… I must admit… I never got into him. I only ever listened to him because of my cousin who used to be OBSESSED with him. /um

Song lyrics are sometimes so weird. They really are. Though I disagree, I think all lyrics have some *hidden* meaning. Maybe we won’t understand, but there is a meaning!

Ahh, he’s dead. I don’t know. I liked him more when he was black; he looked fine. Why go for the I-just-fell-into-a-vat-of-bleach look?

I like drawing now /bounce Heehee. It’s fun and relaxing, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world for me because I was terrible at it pretty much until now

I don’t want to see through the eyes of a lion.. O_O


Oh my gosh, please do put up that video of you ;) HAHA, we’ll just be great embarrassments of the web, but not really — it just means we’re super cool actually. YA.

That video of the ELLEN show is hilarious. Poor guys couldn’t get any of the words really, hahaha. I just smiled the whole time while watching.

YOU WATCHED MY VIDEO 3 TIMES?? That’s so amazing haha. I’ve watched it a lot too, because I like watching the facial expressions that go on. It’s just awkward and great.

But yes, I’ve got you linked up now under my little ♥


Funny! I never knew you could get that high of a mark!
I didn’t do cooking class last year at my old school. I was sick at the time, and I kept freaking out whenever I saw food etc so whenever my class went to cooking I just went to the library on my own.
Having my hair cut that short is a risk I’m willing to take!
Thank you :)
Oh poor you. I hate cleaning too. That’s probably wh ymy room looks like a parade just marched through it!

LOL, that is particularly my reason for the tag. D: I had nothing to blog about! But that’s fine with me. :) It works great for your lists site! Since it’s basically a bunch of mini lists.

Yep, PDA is okay to some limit, but oh gosh there was this one time at my school there was this couple in the quad area in front of my old history class — they were like GLUED together ONTOP of each other. My friends and I saw it and we were just standing there in shock. I mean, who does that in school during school hours!? D:

WP scares the heck out of me. D: I export my posts and stuff every hour and I backup so much. I do not want to risk losing anything at all.

Mhm. I really don’t know why some guys stereotype girls like that. My guess is that they’re jealous that they can’t do anything like that and they’re such lazy arses that they can’t get off the couch! :P Oh, I’m kidding. I just hope that in the future I don’t end up with a guy that thinks like that. XD

:O You can’t have an iPod? How come? I remember when iPods first came out. Literally EVERYONE had one. I was just like “um. too expensive” XD but then I kind of fell into the “trend” I guess you can call it that. It’s still super expensive, though. ;x I’ll have to say that the battery life sucks. If you listen to an iPod a lot, the battery dies out really quick after a few months or so. By the end of 3 years, my 1st generation iPod only stayed on for an hour at the most. D:

Oh I’ve never had gelato! It’s always really expensive in the stores here. It’s Italian ice cream, am I right?

Mondegreen? So there is a name for those! I always wondered if there was… mondegreen. About that Smashing Pumpkins song, I think those lyrics kind of tell a story. Such as people who enjoy the night [partiers, and such perhaps] they’re going to waste time until dawn comes. So basically, they’ll party all night long. Haha. At least that’s my interpretation.

A silly mondegreen I’ve misheard in a song was from that song Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I can’t remember what it was, but that was when I’d like first heard the song and had no idea what she was saying. 😳

I’m not sure about the Iphone. And I don’t really care because they’re expensive and I like my phone although I do want a knew one. I just don’t like the Iphone.

Well business, I don’t know, I think there’s knowledge in that course that will will help you no matter what field you end up majoring in. But I’m not quite sure.

Wow, that girl was stupid. Really, I don’t like to bring electronics into the bathroom at all. I’m always scared that might be me. And besides, what could i possibly tweet in the bathroom? “Taking a soak” “All the bubbles are gone now” “The water is getting cold perhaps I should heat it up” “I’m bored. What do you do when you soak in the tub?” /bounce Do you pay for your own cell phone bill or your mom?

Why don’t you close reviews for awhile? Hahaha, that would be a good solution to the huge number of reviews you are getting, and then perhaps direct them to some other nice reviewing site. :)

Yeah, I didn’t know it came in a plug-in. I searched and searched and nothing. How did you find the tutorial? [the tutorial was confusing and the bottom part didn’t seem to work. :(]

I have to have a functions.php or some of the stuff on my site won’t work such as my search bar thing and some other more important things… but that’s just because I’ve got so many little things working on my site. /sweat

RIP Jacko. I’m not alive yet when Jacko was really popular, but I like his songs. Especially Thriller, It is just awesome. When I heard the news I was pretty surprised, seeing it in the trending topics :/

Sometimes people write a message in their works with different way. Like Picasso, I honestly can’t stand what he painted. But I believe there are some messages hidden on his works. So is when people write songs :)

I just blogged about that too. :( RIP… Haha you’re lucky to have Jeff buy you that domain! O_O

Thanks! :P I’m going to play the other game soon as we speak LOL.

OMG NOODLES! xD I tried once when Mum wasn’t here (last Sunday!!) and I managed! ;3 Yippe! We’re both on the same boat I guess haha.

Hey hun, got an email back and it looks like the claim will go through but i wont get my hopes up. lol. the anniversary didnt go that well, might do a post about it because everything went wrong now i look at it its kind of funny… in a weird way.

LOL, mondegreens? Remember “Anxiety” by the Black Eyed Peas? I remember arguing over the lyrics xD.

I think the stupid mondegreen for me would be “The Kill” by 30 Seconds to Mars. The first time I heard it, I thought it went “Come break me down, marry me, marry me”, which made me go “Wtf? What kind of lyrics are these?”. But I googled the lyrics later, and it was actuallly “Bury me, bury me”, which made more sense. Haha!

Oh my God, song lyrics can be soooo pretty. I love it when they say something sort of cryptic, but sounds so awesome. And sort of meaningful xD. Eg. RETRACE! Anberlin! RETRACE!

Muse lyrics! Woo! Muse lyrics are awesome.

Oh, sorry, I’ll stop fangirling about song lyrics on your blog! Hahaha xD

Aww! I know! R.I.P Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. God, Farrah Fawcett is so pretty! @_@

Michael Jackson. He has really good music. It’s kind of sad how he kinda went crazy, because he was WAY talented…=S. What about his poor kids! Aaaaaah =(

LOL, don’t worry, we shall go out sometime in this holiday =D. It’s a long holiday anyways…^^… ✌️

Hahaha, I miss that layout. Even if I ♥ this one xD

I remember that layout you loved. I don’t normally remember stuff like that but I kinda took to it – it’s personal and sweet :)
I voted for you, again. I realllly do hope you win!
I was soo said when I heard michael jackson died. I was in denial (says my friend haha). I was told he was dead, then i was told he was alive then dead, again. People are like “he’s dead!” and I’m like “he’s not! he’s not!” I think they think I’m crazy but anyways, I believe he’s dead now haha. I hate it when famous people die. Especially heath ledger. I loved him soo much (I had an obsession for a while haha) I was so upset when he died. And both times I was told by my insensitive brother who was like “do you know …… well they died” he really doesn’t care much for people when they die. he’s mean. wow, this comment is really long and kinda rambles on so i better go.. haha xo

Lol yay so I didn’t total confuse you :P. I explain things in a strange manner. Really, I always have. If I was ever asked to explain something in Chemistry I would give a long rambling yet correct answer that would have the whole class giggling by the time I was done explaining myself :P. It seems that th use of the word “thus” made them laugh the most *sigh*.

I like Australian accents :D. I would love to visit Australia also, but I’ve never been on a plane before so I’m not sure how I would handle the flight :P. Maybe I will fly to London or something first to see how I cope. Grrrr at the idiots and their spam comments. He sucks I would like to do this to him > /bash

Arghhhhh it annoys me. I’m not saying it’s not good, I’m just saying that I think everyone deservesto be recognised for their achievements. Meh, my school suck.

Akkkkk that would be scary :|. Thank goodness you were okay though :).

I like your new site it’s pretty hehe. The design looks great :D. I haven’t update my Tumbly in forever *adds to to do list*. Awwwwthat sucks that you haven’t been out much :(. It’s nice that you want to help your Mum as well though. My Mum likes me to be out lol. I think I’m slightly annoying if I’m bored in the house.

I also think that everyone gives their own meanings to songs. I depends on your own experiences. Certain people relate a song to an event that other people would never see th song being related to. It just shows again how different we all are.

I sometimes check lyrics as well hehe. And yay you answered my question :D.

I completely understand the thing mondegreens, even though I have never heard that term before. I always think I hear something, but when I look up the lyrics, it ends up being something completely different. Oh well, it’s nice to know that there are lots of others who do that.

I never heard of a mondegreen before, that’s an interesting word. I recognize what it means, but I’ve never heard the term used before. One instance I can remember totally batching the lyrics, I’ve done it a lot but I can recall one in particular the song “you outta know” by Alanis Morissette. The right lyrics are:

And I’m here, to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It’s not fair, to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You, you, you oughta know

I used to think it said the cross eyed bear instead of cross I bear…LOL. Another set of lyrics that I couldn’t figure out for the life of me listening but then I finally looked them up is “Take On Me” by A-ha when the singer sings the highest note in the refrain instead of jibberish it’s “in a day or two”. Even listening to it now it’s hard to make that out.

I haven’t been out of the house much either, mostly due to weather and laziness, and the fact that I don’t really have a job. :P Now that it’s starting to clear up and boredom is prevailing, I’m starting to get out more. I’m also kind of addicted to my website still since It’s kind of new still.

I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this one but I loved the show ‘Friends” and there was this one episode where Pheobe thought that ‘Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer’ (by Elton John) was instead ‘Hold Me Closer Tony Danza’!

This is the link to that clip:

I didn’t even know there was a word for it :D

Oh yes, I gottcha. Would it be bad if your principal or teachers saw? Or you mean just embarrassing a bit hehe??

Thanks for clicking on my ads! It doesss take forever though, I just finally passed 100 for the first time, but at least I’m slowly making money. I do occasionally click on my links though too, on other computers, like you did. So far so good though! :)

I’m glad away we go is… eventually making its way though. You should see it when it comes out! Even though it’s so far away, it’ll still be goood. ;)

I hope you’re sleeping soundly hehe, I just woke up.

LOL yeah Kevin’s face really cracked me up.
Yes I know. It’s bad enough that he’s a celebrity but it’s even worse because he’s FLIPPING HOT.
Dayum. xD

Lmao! That’s pretty cool, cause Big brother is a great show. ;) I met the Jbros, and that’s about it.

Firstly, RIP to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. It came as such a shock to me this morning getting up and seeing that on the news.

I love looking at lyrics from songs, I like ones with inner meanings and that come from the writers heart and experiences. As for lyrics, have you seen the woman on Bulgarian Idol who sings “Ken Lee ba dibidaba ooooo” instead of “Can’t live without you” She’s amazing.

Yeah, I agree, it’s a bit of a catch up and a ‘msn’ type thing for msn where you can also nosey at what other people are saying to each other and jump into the conversation without being told to shoo because you’re being rude. :) Namecheap credits? Oh in those competitions, I entered a few and didn’t get how to win so gave up. :)

We are too cool. End of story.

Well I have plans for next week and then “for 10 days during the 7 weeks” but other than nothing really. Maybe some camping trips with my family but… heh… I am not a tent person so we’ll see. I won’t have the internet *explode*

I always check on the lyrics too just to make sure if the words I heard in songs were right. (Y)

Aah yeah,Michael Jackson died.NOO.seriously,it was so unbelievable. :(

Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I have to use the upstairs computer now ’cause the downstairs one has a virus. Should be back tomorrow *hopes*. Plus my scanner is weird… should be okay when it has the old comp back. *hopes again*

Oooh another domain? :P
Yeah, same here. I like getting out… I just don’t. XD And yup, I agree with you about Michael Jackson. :(

And I love lyrics in a song! They mean a lot to me. Just because they’re there and I listen.
Haha he sang a song and didn’t know the lyrics?! XD

Oh my God, I miss everything Billy Corgan sings in the S.P’s song The Beginning is the End is The Beginning. :P

Although once I thought “a gallery of your beauty, no charge at the door” was “I can’t believe your beauty, but you’re just a door”.
Ha. That was just dumb. :P But whoot for Cellar Door by Escape the Fate! :)

I like reading your blogs because they’re really interesting, and American blogs because they don’t really get anything I say. XD

Hehe I always liked that layout, it was so sweet. :) Hope you’re both well.

It’s sad about it being definite Michael will never create any more music.

It’s weird about music, how it can drastically control our lives & emotions. Apparently the sense of smell and sound are the strongest sense, followed by touch. because apparently it helps makes memories or something like that. Cool huuh?

I do that sometime. I went through my life thinking this song went:
“I got do do do,
push my apple shake the tree.”

And it wasn’t it was…
Shit, I forgot what it was. But it wasn’t that. O_O

R.I.P Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. People kep telling me that Michael Jackson raped young boys? /bash That sounds…sort of dirty XD Teehee I click for you at so-pink! I really hope you win! :DI never heard of the Smashing Pumpkins..I never really listened to bands :D I should! :D Slow sounds pretty for some awkward reason…well for me 👏

HAHA an old man singing Kelly Clarkson? I gotta see it! Well, after I write down this comment. Gosh I enjoy your blogs, but I have no words coming out when I click on that comment button..weird O_O

So, what’s a silly mondegreen you have heard of, or a line you’ve misheard in a song? Maybe you’ve heard one in a book?
Hmm..I never heard a silly mondegreen! XD

Wow I finally stuttered out a long comment TEEHEE /argh

Well for the business thing, I’m not thinking in depth but perhaps a few courses in it you know? Well, I still have no idea how college works.. the idea of credits still confuses me.

Hahahahaha, well if I was tweeting in the bath tub… that’s most likely what I’d say. 🙄

Ohhh, I get it. ^^ My parents and I are on a family plan, so its relatively cheap since we just share minutes. I think its a waste though, because my parents don’t want me to use the minutes when we have 1000 minutes a month. And each month we use like half an hour worth of those.. if we had carry over minutes, we’d like 13209432072097510741 minutes still. Hahahaha, reallly, if I was allowed to use it to call, we’d have more like 1039103 minutes. ^^ or less.

Oh, well I like the challenge too. ^^ Of course, right now i have no challenge except getting content onto the pages in a weak attempt to attract more visitors. /um

Oh, hahaha. I use too many plug-ins. /ehe

Yay! You got the paginated comments thing working, you have to tell me how. xD

That comment actually didn’t get marked as spam, maybe it knows who you are now. /eee

I actually don’t go as far as taking my laptop out with me, partly because it wouldn’t have internet. But mainly because someone would probably steal it and beat me up. /ho

I sometimes buy DVD’s or clothes online, but I’d rather go out and do it, at least then I get out of the house. xD

I think I domain collective would be useful for you, then when people ask what they are you can just give them the ONE link and don’t forget any. :) At least when you procrastinate you do something useful, like return comments. I end up watching random videos on YouTube or something that is a complete waste of my time. :P

It’s wierd how far people come in a year. A year ago I was still on Piczo. :P With a different layout on each page, no Iframes, haha. They layouts weren’t even good. You should deffinately show me one. :) I’m intrigued. :)

My sister is the worst for ‘mondegreens’. (I learnt a new word. xD) I always used to laugh at her when she thought a song said something else that didn’t even make sense. Then I would say: “Why would it say that? It doesn’t even make sense.” And she’d then ask me what it actually says, :P I must admit, I have done it myself though. Can’t remember what on. :(

I watched that video, it actually made me laugh. Poor guy, haha. He looked like he didn’t even care though, I could see how bothered he was.

Just to let you know, this is the 2nd time I’ve typed this comment, my computer decided to crash when I tried posting the other. You can imagine how annoyed I got, lol.

Yeah. Thanks! (:

The game is called Heavenly Sword; the current one I’m playing. It is a bit tough… I’ve had trouble with it. It’s pretty hard lol.

I know. But criticism isn’t being on hit at the moment here. I believe they are spreading their condolences, so to speak. Even on MTV, VH1 and such, they’re all playing songs of his. If you go on a station or two it’s not the first time you see they’re playing the same song or a few moments after it’s one of the same ones you heard. xD

I know right!! nevermind though at least she still has signal so I can at least twitter xD
yer plus if i’m using a comp at work ;) hehe hopefully
I’m so poor though I need the money, and the experience so that I can stand a chance of getting a job round where I live, plus I’ll need to get a job in september because my loan from uni will all go on my rent so I wont have any money to eat. :(
yes I will surprise everyone, so long as adobe get back to me with my damn serial number :@

it’s so sad about michael jackson my mum was such a big fan she’s gutted lol
i’ve misheard loads of song lyrics but none spring to mind at this moment in time if i can remember though I’m coming straight back LOL

Yeah, well my mum’s gonna go into the school this week with a few other parents and complain. So here’s hoping it all turns out alright.

When I had fanupdate up and working it came out with loads of errors though. Like the line breaks and things are not
or something. But I’m pleased I switched ‘cos I understand cutenews better at the moment!

haha! It sounds so much like my room :)

if you do a tutorial on it, i am soo using it lol
Old movies are really fun to watch, i don’t like old movies that are black and white though lol it just looks boring lol. And old show i am hooked on right now is “The Nanny” i love it soo much lol

I think they thought it was funny. Too much smiles on a comment is really tacky.

i spend like 5 hours on the computer each day lol i ‘m addicted. my mom say I’m going to get some sickness because of it lol I will really miss MJ, I think he would have lived longer if it wasn’t because of the surgery. I don’t think i can even change my skin color for no reason.

I want to ask a question lol. ummm okay lets see….i’m stuck lol
What is you favorite site?

It’s amazing how the computer can consume so much of one’s time. As wonderful as the Internet can be, it’s a gigantic distraction.

I like to know the lyrics to songs, too. It’s embarrassing not to know them sometimes, as I imagine it must have been for that man on the Ellen DeGeneres show! Sometimes it’s hard to decipher the meaning behind lyrics, but I’ve always cared about what they’ve meant to me or just how the words make me feel. I haven’t heard that Smashing Pumpkins song before (apparently it is on the limited edition of their greatest hits, and I do not have the special limited edition…), but I like it. The lyrics are intriguing. If only we could figure out what ‘slow dawn’ was a metaphor for, then maybe it would be less puzzling!

I remember watching a show once that talked about some top misinterpreted lyrics. The only one I remember is that people thought “that I’m sent from above” in Britney Spears’s Oops I Did Again were “medicine from a dove”!

Hey Georgina :)

Just thought I come by and tell you that I am back open and also read your newest blog :)

I love those mondegreen songs xD Here in Germany they are called “Oma-fiel-ins-Klo-Songs” (meaning: Grandpa felt into the toilet). I even heard a whole story build out of mondegreen songs xD But I don’t remember a good one right now.. hmm.. yeah xD

You have sooo many domains and websites, I really wonder how you keep up with all of them.. that must be a lot of work for one person!

I hope your doing good over here! Bye <3

thanks Gina for liking my site /love

So sad MJ died /wah lol I have got so many songs by the Smashing Pumpkins on Rock Band haha…I especially like 1979 song.

I gotta get ready now, leaving in 6 hours /sweat

I know what you mean about computer eating life. I love getting fresh air and not vegetating in the house all day, but website creating just takes that all away! And I did hear the news about Michael Jackson! :( R.I.P I watched that video. Hilarious, and he didn’t know any of the words :p haha.

Congratz for winning the friendliest blogger of the year at !
Haha, just watched that video of the man who tried to sing along to Kelly Clarkson’s song. It was hilarious.

Whoa you’ve got lots of domains, I visited the sites you own and you keep all of em up to date, that’s just admirable xD I know what you mean, I feel sick of home but I love the internet, still it would be nice to go out and get some fresh air. Michael Jackson creeped the hell out of me when he got all that surgery done but there was no denying, he made good music. It was a shocking and sad death. Lyrics used to be really important to me; I had this book where I would just write lots and lots of songs down. And then I started listening to music in other languages, some were difficult to find the lyrics and eventually I just stopped looking up for lyrics. Only if I really like a song then I’ll look up lyrics and meanings.
Mondegreen; didn’t know it had a name, I’ve heard some funny ones mostly from my friend who’s obsessed with them. She loves to look them up on youtube, Can’t think of any now though. ><
Wow I could so relate to the guy in the video, I think I know a song then I try to sing it and a bunch of "Ahh" and "Yeaaa…okay" comes out lol

MJ should be remembered for his music most definitely, I didn’t mean to emphasize too much on the skin stuff, I was just pointing it out. Haha, his music is the reason people have been so affected by this. He’s opened so many doors for today’s musicians, as well as leaving his mark on history. I too, try to focus on the good stuff, hopefully my blog didn’t seem to come out as me focusing on the negative,. /ehe

My family is on several networks, so calling them is slightly more expensive than calling my parents, well except on weekends at late at night, but who wants to talk then? Haha.

Yeah, I liked fanupdate. Maybe I’ll have it again one day!

Yeah. They’ll probs just be kicked off the bus for a week or so though. My school doesn’t enforce very tough punishments.

Yeah, I like using my floordrobe too! :P

I think I know which affiliate you’re talking about, I’m assuming the person who left me a 2 word comment completely unrelated to my blog. Who DOES that?? 🙄

Thanks for the plugin suggestion, I’ve been hearing from people that it works great, so I will try it!

I still haven’t put up my new stock photos. I need to get to that soon. Motivation comes and goes..

Ha, when I don’t know the words to something, I just “ahhh” and “mmummmmmhmm” my way through it. XD

I like[d?] Michael Jackson’s music, as well.

I just added some thing that denies URLs in comments, so *hopefully* — theoretically — I should be getting much less spam. *sigh* I’d rather not have to install a new blogging system. I didn’t even install Cutenews myself; I asked my hostess to do it, because I had neither the patience nor (I was sure) the know-how.

Gah, I’m in such a sad, pitiful state (of both mind and body) right now. XP I hate sties. The ones I get are so bad! And then I have a billion other problems (really, only two or three) on my body as well, combined with boredom and hunger but being too lazy to get up and figure out my carbs to take my insulin to eat… well, I’m just pitiful. :/ Meh.

Aww thankyou! ^^
Well, I was thinking something that explained PHP for absolute beginners – like what the code means and stuff, if that makes sense. @_@

A “mondegreen” I can think of, if it counts as one, has to be the Numa Numa song. If you look up the misheard lyrics on youtube its hilarious. xD

By the way, I clicked for you at So-Pink and you’re now in 1st place ♥

hahahahahaha!! hilarious video! hahaha lol /hehe
anyway, yeah I also loved Michael Jackson’s music especially when he wasnt white yet. aww. rip mj. :(
clicked! wow youre winning :D

Oh… Parodies. You find lots of those these days. For example one of Britney Spears’ Womanizer… It’s very catchy, Check it out; from VenetianPrincess. Just type it in, it has a lot of views! xD

I know right? That point was also mentioned on a lot of channels. And it’s true. They don’t realise until that person leaves once and for all. It’s scary once you come to think of it. Like right now my mum just turned on the TV and it’s on Sky News… Michael Jacskon – still going strong. Something about painkillers.

Thanks! (: It is taking longer… I’m on the last bit and the final boss is so mega damn hard. He’s pissing me off, the selfish ass. /type

*clicks clicks clicks*

OMG you’re just ten away!! *bounces* I will nag people to click. :D

Haha ‘liar’ as ‘lion’? They sound pretty different. Some lines in songs make sense even when you have the wrong version. When you get the real lyrics it’s confusing. XD I muddle up lyrics quite a lot in My Chemical Romance’s song The Ghost of You. :P Or used to… I’ve listened to it so much now. XD

Haha but you keep all your domains updated and all. *nods* So it’s all good.
I feel sorta guilty about the site. But a new start, right? Even if I could smash my scanner right now… agrgrh. I think it just needs to be connected to the other computer (which is away for repairs right now) because connecting it wirelessly made it go weird. O_O

Hehe yup! Colour, favourite, organise… :) Do you use vacation or holiday? Just curious.

Shumseesoo. :) Still on a break right now? I have 13 days until my summer holiday. *bounces* I can’t wait. :D
Nirvana-ing. Kurt Cobain is fricking awesome. :3

You’re something like 12 places away from being first, yay! When does the competition end? I’ll plug it on my blog if it ends in a few days.

I always get lyrics wrong in songs, that’s why I go on lyrics websites all the time! I never knew they were called mondegreens, though. Sometimes it’s just the way the singer says the lyrics, and even if they don’t fully make sense you just assume that’s what they’re singing :)

I use photography in my layouts, but I guess I should edit them more. Your layout always look great because the pictures are amazing :)

Hey :)

If your site would be gone now or your things here.. wow tha twould be a lot of work for you, so you really have to be super careful with WordPress upgrades :)

Hehe, yeah I read one of those tweets on Twitter. You have tons of reviews to convert! How far are you?

Lucky you! I have 17 I think , but if I turn everything off (music AND Twitter) than I usually really get them done xD That’s how I did it with the last three reviews I wrote xD

Hehe, than we’re feeling the same way xD Though I will get my lazy butt to do them so I have at least something off my to-do list xD

Your new smilies are like super cute! These are my favorites: ✌️ 🙄 /heart

Thanks! I know, isn’t blue just amazing?

Wall ball is pretty cool. I was playing it with two of my friends yesterday against my garage door, and when it bounced into the road, my friend went and got it. While she was turned around my other friend and I ran around to my backyard. XD

I will most definitely be having fun at camp. Yesterday I found out that one of my friends needs a camp to go to, so we gave her the application to sign up. :D I’m happy, lol. Actually, I still haven’t cleaned my room. XD I cleaned the basement, though.

No problem. I love commenting on stuff. :)

Well I’ll be sure not to crazy click then ;) That’d be bad, because I do want my money haha!

That movie Nine sounds interesting even though I don’t know what it’s about. Maybe I should look it up,, but is it only something coming out over there perhaps?? I don’t know how that overseas stuff works.

So what are your plans for this weekend!? Although I think it may be Sunday for you by the time you see this?

We were all in the same room and they knew I was there! If they wondered if I heard it or not they would be weird xD I was in that room and the whole day and we also talked during their lil “sex talk”.. so yeah..

I don’t know.. last time I saw it nothing was done yet.. but I guess until Monday it will be.. and there are two more rooms to do xD Yay, soo much work, but I’ll help her of course xD

Wow! You totally rock! Now I REALLY have to get them done! Hehe, I wait a little bit until I get some comments and then return them all together, it’s better than always just return one comment.

Thanks, I”ll do my best to get those reviews done as soon as possible! Hehe :)

You really should listen to your mum, you always stay up soooo long :D

That video is hilarious. The man isn’t even singing any actual words, that’s when you need to get the lyrics. :)

Michael Jackson’s name is everywhere recently. He’s on every music channel, news channel, newspaper and website. Apparently he’s at number one as well. It’s quite sad. :(

I know what you mean about lyrics making no sense at all. In ‘Kill Rock’n’Roll’ by System of a Down there are the lyrics: Eat all the grass that you want / accidents happen in the dark. What could they be on about??

Misheard lyrics are hilarious. There’s loads on youtube. I particularly like the song ‘Wishmaster’ by Nightwish. The misheard version is very funny. :)

I haven’t been out of the house much either..and I hate it when I’m not productive (that may result in flipping through trashy tv shows haha..) :( I can’t wait to start my job..maybe then I’ll get out more.

Wow, I haven’t heard of the Smashing Pumpkins in a while. One of my friends use to really like them.. she even burned me a CD, but I never really got into it. I had never heard of “mondegreens” before ..interesting word! I love it how they have words for everything but they just aren’t really known… I always want to sign along but I rarely know all the lyrics, especially if it’s some R&B song.

hahahaha that video just brightened up my day!! What’s weird is that no one around him seemed to mind that he didn’t know any of the lyrics. Poor guy :(

Ahah I know…but the thought of him touching little boys sort of give me a shiver 🙄 I love slow dawn! And I saw the photo with the quotes! OMG I sooo want the n00b one!!! :D

The little plushie or bean bag quote things… 👏

I’ve actually been out of the house more than I wanted to haha. I wish I was at home a bit more, to attend to the site more often, but every since I got food poisoning I’ve hardly been in my own house. xD
Infact, I’m sitting on my hospital bed with my laptop right now, I MISS HOME!

Sucks that you’re expected to clean the house. :( I think I am too, but I just don’t do it. xD

I totally get what you mean about the lyrics of the songs. a majority of the music that I listen to, you can hardly even tell what the words are because they’re either rapping or singing in a really weird accent.
I just like the songs because of the beat. xD
But yeah, some lyrics are quite confusing, and songs that have meaningful lyrics are really touching.

LOLOL, I’ve seen that video of that guy on Ellen before. It cracks me up everytime as well!

Btw I had no idea that a term like mondegreens even existed. Very interesting though.

Oh hey, I never knew there was a term for that! Mondegreen, eh? Hm. I remember there were these videos on YouTube that my friends showed me and some others sometime in the last two years that were filled with mondegreens; it was hilarious! A video would play a song and then there would be subtitles of what it could be misheard as, and pictures to accompany the subtitles. :P I would show you the really funny one except I can’t remember what song it was =/ I can only remember the song that I thought they didn’t do a good job with.

OH WAIT I REMEMBERED. Only took me two full days. :P Here! It’s SOOO FUNNY. :D Watch it or I’ll come and get you D:<

Sooo, yeah. That’s my my mondegreen story for you. :P

Oh yeah, well the skin pigmentation thing, [I learned this yesterday.. all these news, articles and videos keep attracting my attention]. It was some kind of disease or something, and what it did was create white spots on his skin. And these doctors told him he could change his skin color so it was all one color rather than having white spots all over. So I guess, it is a logical choice to do, I realized it wasn’t because he didn’t like his skin color, it was because he felt he needed to.

Yeah, I talk to people over the landline as well, the only time I don’t is if I get extremely bored and I’m not at the house, but still I text or use my itouch to talk over the web. ^^

Yeah I know. It sucks. But I have really great friends there though which is a major different from my old school last year.

Yeah. Their favourite things are chucking rocks and stuff.

But oh well! I can put up with it easily. And eventually the school will have to do something you see, if people keep getting hurt.

Well your hard work will pay off! :D eventually~ I saw on Twitter last night before I went to sleep — you’re (almost) done, right? :O

LOL, yeah. Exactly what I mean XD I guess there are HUGE limits when it comes to PDA.

I’ve been using WP for my site since about April 18th? Not too long after I started my site so I had almost nothing up :3 It was a tad bit easier to convert, then. I only trust WP since I’ve used it for my personal blogs since about 2006. XD You should convert it all if you trust WP a lot. :O since… well, I do still suggest the daily backups of everything since you have quite a big site.

Oh aw D: yeah, I complained for 1 and a half years before my dad decided I could get an iPod Touch. I had 1gb for songs before LOL. Imagine having over 2k songs and only having an mp3 with enough space to hold 200 songs. ;-; but now that I think about it, I don’t think I listen to all those songs anyway. Oh well :P

Oh and oops again LOL ;-; I really should think before I submit comment XD here is the blog-related part of it:

Aw that really reminds me that I need to clean the house :( I feel bad for asking my mom and my dad if I can go out a lot now that I haven’t really done anything but sat here and.. well, do nothing. I have no idea where all my time goes when I’m on the computer.

I’ve never listened to much of MJ’s songs. I didn’t necessarily hate his songs, but they just weren’t the style of music I like to listen to :3 my friend made me listen to ‘Thriller’ and I actually quite liked it.

I’m ALWAYS confused on song lyrics. XD I just don’t get them sometimes. They say completely weird things, but they have that deeper “metaphorical” meaning — so my teacher says, anyway. :P English teachers always interpret things in the oddest of ways. I guess I wouldn’t understand unless I became an English teacher myself.

Oh I never knew those were called mondegreens! LOL. I just called them by the definition itself. :P That’s a pretty cool word, though. Yay, I learned something new today and I didn’t have to learn it in school! :3 I don’t remember any mondegreens — I don’t listen to many songs that I actually understand XD I listen to a lot of asian music, so I only understand a few words here and there.

LOLOLOL. Epic failure. That man was singing nonsense! 😝 He just tried to follow along and failed. Majorly. xD And it was on TV, too! /hehe

Yeah, that’s happened to me before. I’ll be singing along (not that well) to the radio, and sometimes it sounds like they’re saying one thing, when they’re saying another thing. I can’t think of one now, but I know that’s happened to me several times. :P

Oh, I liked your V2, as well! Then again, I like all your layouts. xD

Ohh, I shall go take a look. Well, not now because I can’t be bothered doing anything at the moment.

The only place I’ve been going at the moment is work, and let me tell you I’d much rather stay at home! Heh… it’s just because going places costs money and I’m bored of everywhere that doesn’t, haha.

I am honestly amazed by the fact that you keep up with all your comments – and don’t complain about it. It doesn’t even take you long. o.O Last night it took me about 5 hours to return 15, lol. 15!!!

You’re lucky, your old websites can’t be that embarrassing. Ah, reminds me of my first Piczo, glitters, flashing backgrounds. It actually did have a consistent layout though, amazingly. It was terrible. I don’t ever want to see it again, haha.

This is actually a short comment, I’m so surprised, haha. Talk to you soon! :X:X:X… :P

Heh, you’re right about some song lyrics making no sense what so ever.

Hey Georgie!
My site is finally open! Yes, after a month of saying, next week! tomorrow! in 2 days!
If you still want to be affies, please contact me @ my tagboard. If you don’t please tell me gently… haha
Have a great day!

Hahaha that video cracked me up. It’s hilarious, I couldn’t stop watching it xD

I think that the funniest mondegreen I’ve heard of is my best friend singing Apologize by OneRepublic. Instead of singing ‘It’s too late to apologize’ in the chorus, she sang ‘it’s too late to kill a giant’. Haha, we still make fun of her. I’m assuming she never heard the title of the song :P

I just finished school yesterday, it was a very sad day. I’m leaving to China next year, so I started crying…But then again, everyone was crying because we had 15 people leaving the school in our grade this year. That’s what happens when you are in a international school =(

yeah, Michael Jackson’s music was pretty cool :D
Now there’s heaps of documentary’s and shows about him and yeah.
I agree, its freeezing!
It’s so dark when its like 5pm!

lol; we had a rainy spring too, but some days were hot; those were the days I enjoyed. It wasnt blazing hot just a nice sunny day with a warm breeze ! Today has got to have been like the 1st sunny day in like 2 weeks lol!

It is an important word! These people clearly did not think so though /faw lol. I think it might be the way I said it though. It seems that sometimes the way I say things makes people laugh.

Lol I know it’s weird. Everyone tells me to just go on one. I’m scared of heights which doesn’t help either haha. Oooh where was your first plane ride to? I would love to go to London anyway.

You are being a good daughter though *yay*. Gakkk I feel like I’m spending too much time on the PC as well. I need to get exercise and stuff! Otherwise I won’t be able to move come September, eeeek no I need to move.

✌️ < I really like that =]

I noticed what you mean, i cannot view my website on my dads computer, he has IE. I think i’m going to close my website tomorrow. I really cannot take it anymore. So many thing going on right now and i really need a break. I will be back though. I am not going to be gone for like a year or something. I just a month and who know i might be back some time in july. Maybe July 4th. June is almost over so i’ll take the remaining days to myself and just calm and relax because i am stressed i soo do not want to me at all. this summer is the worst of my life.

anyways i always to you, come to you with my problems when you have other things to worry about. i am really sorry. :(

The nanny is crazy lol Fran and her crazy self. Can you belive it took them soo long to get together lol

(H) haha Micheal Jackson pretty cool other then doing all those plastic surgery XD

when I heard on the radio that he was dead, I was like “omg, O_ o’ he died?!? and Farrah Fawcett too? That’s so sad~ /wah “

O: Thanks! ♥ I’ll go read that tutorial now. <3

I know, the computer owns me! Its really bad for me /type

I was shocked when I heard about the deaths, it was really sudden and just took the world by surprise.

Hmm, excellent point, I never knew the meaning of some songs, and they just seem to have no meaning :| How did you perceive Stairway to Heaven?

BAHAHA!! I am the queen on mondegreens! :P

My jaw dropped open when on the news it said Micheal Jackson died. :(
He was the king of pop. R.I.P Micheal Jackson.
LOL @ poor old man “ahhed” his little had off.
Yeah, song these days sometimes have no meanings at all. It’s kinda weird, haha.

Hey Georgina! I’m sorry I didn’t comment for a while… I’m having a lot of vacations. I know it’s not the perfect weather but as you mentioned in your blog post, the computer ate up a bit of my life! :O
Yes I heard a stupid mistake before! Once my brother was singing Poker-Face and it didn’t match the lyrics at all… I heard him say “I swear I will poke-your-face!” /hehe
I see myself on your top affiliates, I’m so happy! :DD

Yeahs, I’m out of the hospital and back at home feeling perfect! :D Well, not perfect, but at least the whole “throw up” feeling is completely gone, and now my stomach is actually able to retain food without bringing it up, so yay.

I’m just really drugged up though. xD I need some sleep I guess.
But dayum, I ate SO MUCH MEAT when I came home from the hospital, my dad actually had to go to the grocery store to buy more LMAO.
Cause I had to live off nothing but popsicles, water and shredded carrots for 2 days which was complete hell.
I really missed my fatty eating habits. xD

Aweh, that sucks about the chicken food poisoning. I think mine was a “mild case” since I was able to move and stuff, I just couldn’t eat shit.

Aw thanks so much for voting for me, and I voted you for Friendliest blogger as well! WOOT, congrats on winning. :)


Yeah! Aw thanks! I don’t think I’m that brave really, I just stand up for myself loads. It was worse for me last year at my old school, I guess, with the bullying and everything so I guess I learned how to cope when stuff happens.

Oh yeah. I get how you must’ve felt. It’s good your parents didn’t make you though :)

Hey i got my domains back to normal and everything is ok my new hosting site: now finé yet but it will be soon and my normal site is back :D Michael

Hehe, I bet he did it on purpose! He knows that I don’t want to know such informations; evil guy!

Yeah I am suuuch a nice person, it’s unbelieveable ;) Though I helped her before, when she moved out the first time (she was pregnant with her first baby, so couldn’t do that much; we did pretty much the whole work) and also when she moved into her current house (where she didn’t do that much either, but this time because she just didn’T want to do anything xD) and yeah.. I just love to help people I guess xD

Returning comments is fun, but I rather wait until I have a couple of them instead return every single one by itself xD Though you get sooo much more than I do, so it’s also sooo much more work for you xD

You like to work in the morning? You’re a lil bit weird ;) I sleep late and then do the “work”. Hehe..

I know, they never ask for permission to put the photo up – they just do. And usually if you ask them nicely to delete it they go NO HAHAAHA and you’re left like ‘Oh. Great!’

I think you should get facebook to see if these photos are on it. :( You need to be in on what’s going on on there!

Yeah, I was so pleased when my friend took a good photo of me and I looked like a professional model… well maybe not but cooler than I usually do. So I thanked her for that, but generally, I prefer photos taken by me because I have infinite tries to get it right. :)

Ken Lee made my year I think. We watched it again in a party lesson the other day and I still have it in my head.

Yeah, I was thinking implode and explode would cancel each other out. At least I would hope so! Ugh, camping and melted chocolate are a very bad combination. :( I thought it would be better when it’s warm though, at least you won’t get blown away?