A Taste of Honey

I received more questions on my blog from my visitors. Just two; which I’ll address quickly before I tell you a story! πŸ™‚

What are your favourite colour schemes for a layout? Why?

(This was asked by Deena.)

I’ve never really had favourite colour schemes; it depends on what I’m working with. I used to like using grey a lot – simple grayscale layouts, that had a bit of colour splashed into the CSS. I also was in love with the colour blue – I overused it on a layout once, and it didn’t look too great.

As much as possible, I try and experiment with different colours. I take a liking to darker and less bright colours but at the same time I try to create something that isn’t too boring. Many of my layouts alternate styles and colours – from dark to light. Usually I start with the image, and pick colours that go with the image.

Do you think every time you update your site, it improves a little?

(This was asked by Pam.)

It’s hard to notice any improvement, but particularly with reviews, I notice that I pick up a lot of new things and discover a lot of new things. Sometimes, I feel that I gain some knowledge when I add something like a tutorial. I also feel that I am taking care of my site when I update.

I have to say though, that with new layouts, I feel that I improve bit by bit. I come by a new idea and use it, or I feel that my graphics skill improves. I am not very good with graphics. Particularly with this layout, when I put it up I felt very proud because I had learned a lot and felt that I had improved a bit.

Today I did two reviews; I’m on a roll. At least I think so. I plan on getting at least another one done today. I have to clean up some sections of the site, so I apologise in advance if there are some errors while you are browsing.

Yesterday I was helping my mum cook, and the saucepan got too hot so the boiling water started to overflow. She took the saucepan off the stove and the stove caught fire. She immediately turned it off and the fire was gone. That was a close one.

So while that was a scary incident, I thought I’d tell you all of the Lima Beans Incident, which was a bit more on the hilarious side of things.

It happened at the beginning of this year. I had been to an open day for all the clubs and extracurricular activities offered at my university. The food co-op gave us free lima beans in a paper bag.

Aside from the fact that there was a grammatical error on the bag (free lima’s – don’t think this was intended to be possessive, ie. the lima’s insides, or contractive, ie. the lima’s [lima is] stupid)… I felt compelled to pick up a bag of what should have been labelled free limas. πŸ˜›

James went to camp that day; Lilian and I saw him off before we travelled home. And caught the wrong train, I should add, but that’s another story that I believe I already told before I switched to WordPress. πŸ˜…

My dad was interested in cooking the lima beans and having a taste. The instructions written on the bag were simply to bring to the boil.

So assisting my dad, we placed all the lima beans in a large pot and placed it on the stove. We continued with our duties – which included putting the clothes up on the line. We were watching television and having a chat when all of a sudden we heard loud popping noises.

Guess where they came from. πŸ™„

It was a lovely sight – the pot of lima beans overflowing with water that resembled a rather thin bubble-less bubble bath, the lima beans looking like oversized peanuts and toppling over the edge, with some nice smoke erupting from the pot to the ventilator.


Eventually we got that mess cleaned up, no fire, thank goodness, and had some rather mushy lima beans for tea. πŸ˜‹

Lesson: Don’t leave the stove unattended. Tell me of your cooking disasters. πŸ™„

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