A Taste of Honey

I received more questions on my blog from my visitors. Just two; which I’ll address quickly before I tell you a story! :)

What are your favourite colour schemes for a layout? Why?

(This was asked by Deena.)

I’ve never really had favourite colour schemes; it depends on what I’m working with. I used to like using grey a lot – simple grayscale layouts, that had a bit of colour splashed into the CSS. I also was in love with the colour blue – I overused it on a layout once, and it didn’t look too great.

As much as possible, I try and experiment with different colours. I take a liking to darker and less bright colours but at the same time I try to create something that isn’t too boring. Many of my layouts alternate styles and colours – from dark to light. Usually I start with the image, and pick colours that go with the image.

Do you think every time you update your site, it improves a little?

(This was asked by Pam.)

It’s hard to notice any improvement, but particularly with reviews, I notice that I pick up a lot of new things and discover a lot of new things. Sometimes, I feel that I gain some knowledge when I add something like a tutorial. I also feel that I am taking care of my site when I update.

I have to say though, that with new layouts, I feel that I improve bit by bit. I come by a new idea and use it, or I feel that my graphics skill improves. I am not very good with graphics. Particularly with this layout, when I put it up I felt very proud because I had learned a lot and felt that I had improved a bit.

Today I did two reviews; I’m on a roll. At least I think so. I plan on getting at least another one done today. I have to clean up some sections of the site, so I apologise in advance if there are some errors while you are browsing.

Yesterday I was helping my mum cook, and the saucepan got too hot so the boiling water started to overflow. She took the saucepan off the stove and the stove caught fire. She immediately turned it off and the fire was gone. That was a close one.

So while that was a scary incident, I thought I’d tell you all of the Lima Beans Incident, which was a bit more on the hilarious side of things.

It happened at the beginning of this year. I had been to an open day for all the clubs and extracurricular activities offered at my university. The food co-op gave us free lima beans in a paper bag.

Aside from the fact that there was a grammatical error on the bag (free lima’s – don’t think this was intended to be possessive, ie. the lima’s insides, or contractive, ie. the lima’s [lima is] stupid)… I felt compelled to pick up a bag of what should have been labelled free limas. :P

James went to camp that day; Lilian and I saw him off before we travelled home. And caught the wrong train, I should add, but that’s another story that I believe I already told before I switched to WordPress. /hehe

My dad was interested in cooking the lima beans and having a taste. The instructions written on the bag were simply to bring to the boil.

So assisting my dad, we placed all the lima beans in a large pot and placed it on the stove. We continued with our duties – which included putting the clothes up on the line. We were watching television and having a chat when all of a sudden we heard loud popping noises.

Guess where they came from. 🙄

It was a lovely sight – the pot of lima beans overflowing with water that resembled a rather thin bubble-less bubble bath, the lima beans looking like oversized peanuts and toppling over the edge, with some nice smoke erupting from the pot to the ventilator.


Eventually we got that mess cleaned up, no fire, thank goodness, and had some rather mushy lima beans for tea. /drool

Lesson: Don’t leave the stove unattended. Tell me of your cooking disasters. 🙄

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LOL, I just remembered I haven’t eaten the beans 😰
They’re still in their bag /um

I’ll eat them soon; I hope they tast good /bounce

Hrrng, once I turned on the wrong stove when I was boiling eggs first thing in the morning; I went to the toilet and when I came back, the plastic stove cover my mum puts on the stoves we don’t really use (to keep the dust off) had melted and caught fire. So I poured water on it, which pretty much fused the plastic to the stovetop. Some of it’s still there now; we don’t use that one anymore. Bum.


The stove caught on fire?! o_O

Okay, my story: a few years ago (I was probably only 12 years old or something), I was home alone and making Top Ramen. Next to the stove is our dish rack thing (we handwash our dishes), and under that is a towel. I had the stove on, and turned around for a minute to fill the pan with water. When I turned around, the towel had been caught up in a rather large-ish (to me, anyway) fire. I flung the water onto the towel and turned the stove off, and then I had to call the upstairs neighbor-friends so that they could help me air out the house. Despite fans and open windows, several hours later when my dad got home he could smell the smoke. XP

I never thought of it that way — having the learner’s sign, I mean. It seemed beneficial — that way, people can’t really go all road-rage on you. But now that you say it that way… meh… darn. :(

Gordon’s little brother, who’s, like, fifteen, isn’t allowed to stay home alone. Not entirely sure why….

I have a headache, so I think I’ll try not to rack my brain for more to say. :P OR is it “wrack”? I think it’s wrack. Hmm.

Bah, dude, that history test’s score has STILL not been posted. I think grades were due today too… hold on, CHECKING AGAIN. Can’t believe it’s summer and I’m STILL obsessively checking Zangle (where they post our grades). It’s all history’s fault. :(

Man, STILL NO SCORE. D: What the eff? All the other teachers posted by the next day… and I took my history exam on the FIRST DAY! Alright, that was not that point of this comment >.<

The point was to tell you about the THING! Dun dun dun. (I think I already did that -_-)

So the thing was the result of ToK food day during the sense perception unit, where we had to do something weird to food so it either looked good and tasted gross or looked gross but tasted good, or anywhere in between. Some things that were supposed to be gross were good, and… yeah. Not the point.

For this food day “extravaganza,” I threw something together from ingredients we already had in the house: frozen Puff Pastry, strawberries, chocolate syrup, and peanut butter. Pretty much I flattened out the pastry, put the other things inside, folded up the pastry around it, and stuck it in the oven. It… bled. WAIT I HAVE PICTURES.


I thought it tasted good, but NO ONE else liked it. :( And I only got one bite of the whole thing! I had most of it left when I got home, but then my cat decided to tip it onto the floor. T_T (I think no one liked it because they expected it to be really good >.> because of what was in it. HAH, serves them right.) xP

James’s comment about the melting stove cover reminded me of another non-cooking-related story. :P One time at robotics sometime in Fall 2007, we were all working in a member’s garage on our robot, since we hadn’t found a new workshop yet, and I was helping Lucy with some electrical stuff. There was a little space heater in the garage, since it was pretty cold out, and I was smart enough to end up sitting right in front of it. Guess what? It melted my jacket. Big old burned/melted hole in the back. Man, that was really dumb of me. xD

WOOT, I commented. Now finish the dishes and read it. ;)

Sleepy time (finally… Photobucket took FOREVER. Slow internet is /poo ), night!

I was probably quite young (don’t remember exactly when it was) but I was helping mum make a dip of some sort in a blender and my job was to scrape down the sides of it… I’m sure you can guess what happened :P

I didn’t turn off the blender when I went to scrape it down. Oops. Ruined the wooden spoon I was using and had to start all over again :P /bash’s self

I have to say I quite like your story though

My dad was like that, too — always needing to go when and where I was doing what, I mean. Out of habit, I still tell him, even though since I’m now a legal adult, it doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s kind of weird, having this new freedom. And, ooooh, my curfew is now midnight instead of eleven. ;D

Oooh! LOL, your blog is tagged under ME ^^ ✌️

Amongst other things.

Anyways, dear WordPress, PLEASE be nice to me and NOT count my comment as spam? Please? It would be much appreciated. Otherwise I am going to look like this: /wah

Hehe, I think your layouts get better and better…^^…I’m like totally in love with this one. I know that I claim to be in love with various things, but I really, REALLY like this one…^^…It’s a pretty colour too…@-@

I love grayscale xD

LOL, I remember that! We took the train going to northern suburbs. How EMBARRASSING. But so totally funny right now. Awww! Thinking of that reminds me how much I miss you =( *hugs*

Omg, that’s scaryyyy! The STOVE CAUGHT FIRE! Eeeep! I would have…panicked. LOL, remind me to get married before i move out of my parents’ house xD.

LOL @ the lima bean story too! Haha…well at least they were still edible…^^…Even if they were…sort of…mushy xD

Awww, I don’t cook, so sorry! I don’t think I have any embarrassing cooking stories to tell you.

Oh wait, there was the time that I managed to burn the cookies where they’ve already made the dough for you, and all you have to do is scoop it out, stick it in the oven and bake for 20 minutes or whatever. EPIC FAIL! I can burn premade cookies…*sigh*. I fail at life.

Well, not really

LOL, I think I’ve told you that before xD

Hahaha, that happened to me with popcorn today. :P OMG, FIRE? Scary. I remember once when I was goofing around with a magnet sheet. I put it in the oven, and timed it for 1 minute. Since nothing happened, I did it again, but this time, BAH 💥 and it started burning with flames. I turned it off and panicked, but eventually it stopped. 😰

Humm, just noticed your tweet. I’ll just comment anyway! :D

Haha yeah, it is rather amusing to hear from other people about same topics. :D It gives you the feeling that you aren’t the only one in a certain situation or who has done something

WOOT! Two reviews, yay! I can’t do mine right now because my laptop is being repaired, the power cord was being an idiot.

Popping!? Lol! The sight must have been the funniest thing! One time, I was baking a cake for my friends party, and I left it on the counter, then I proceeded to clean up. I spun around and my hand landed right in the cake! There was an arm/hand print 5cm into the cake! I had to make another one :P

Haha yes! I’ve made some of my closet friends on the net- way closer than majority of my RL ones (kinda sad but hey I don’t care :)) Thanks! Took me a few days to do it but I’m just about done with it all- finally :D

You guys set the stove on fire ? /hehe
Haha , they spelled it ‘Lima’s’ ? retards.
Oh , my cooking disaster was :
One day I was cooking some Mr.Noodles , and I left to watch SpongeBob . I smelt somke and I went outside .
And nothing was there.
I checked the stove , no fire.
Just a whole on the ceiling , leading to the bathroom.
Where my dad was taking a poop.
The fire had lead into the bathroom !
While my dad was taking a /poo .
💥 I was dead.

hahahaah that made me laugh out loud /hehe /hehe /hehe lol tsk tsk georgina! not paying attention to the stove :P

i sometimes help my mum cook.. i had a similar thing happen but this was when i lived in my old house.. we normally cook outside on our balcony (because my mum doesnt wanna fill the whole place with smoke..) anyways this one time my mum was going out and she was cooking something on the stove outside.. but it had to be left to cook there for a few hours.. im not sure why.. but it was something that had to be cooked for a long time.. she had placed it in a plastic container INSIDE the wok.. (i cant remember why she did that) anyway.. so my mum went out and before she left she told me to check it after an hour.. so anyways she left and after an hour i went outside to check it… IT WAS GIVING OFF BUCKETLOADS OF SMOKE!!!!!! I WAS GOING ‘OMFG I JUST BURNT A HOLE IN THE WOK!!!’ but i lifted up the lid of the wok and it turned out the plastic container that was IN the wok MELTED IN THE WOKE AND WAS EVERYWHERE AND IT WAS MIXED WITH THE FOOD AND BUBBLING AND GIVING OFF THIS PUTRID SMELL omG.. i was just like O____O. so i quickly took it off the stove and turned it off and quickly just filled the whole thing with water.. and uggh after it cooled the plastic container (or what remained of it) WOULDNT COME OUT becuase it was stuck to the wok!!!!! so in the end my mum came home, got really angry angry at me and we had to chuck the wok out… lollll

i honestly havnt rememberred that in a while actually haha when u brought up cooking disasters i totally remembered it hahaha

anyways i did have my final exam on monday :D SO HAPPY IT IS OVER!!! infact it wasnt as hard as i thought it was hahaha so thats good :) hopefully i did alright.. so now i have holidays until august!! yay! when do you start uni again?

When making layouts I usually pick the image first and then pick matching colors for it as well :)

My cooking disaster was sort of recent, I was making bacon for the first time with Dewey. I remember that when my dad had made bacon the oil in the pan looked like it was boiling. So I put the oil in the pan and set the temperature on high waiting for it to boil. I was waiting, and waiting – nothing. So I figured the temperature wasn’t high enough. So I put it up and it caused the oil in the pan to catch on fire! The flames went up to the ceiling and we managed to get the pan in the sink and put it out :X The ceiling and wall got a bit burnt lol. I learned how to make bacon faster after that incident!

wow! Bipolar weather LOL; its actually sunny today! YES! 2nd time this month! lmaoo;

hahaha; neither have I, it was scorching hot LAST year, so we went in the water a lot! this year….not so much xD; Even though last year was like sooo hot, I wish it was like that here again…. xP

Hey, some bad news, my hosting site is hosted with rewindd who are hosted with PH but rewindd missed a bill so PH is terminating Rewinnds account, and they have my domain and nameservers. So rewindd has my domain, also PH said i can only have master with a domain /wah so if i dont get a domain quick my sites will be deleted and also, will ribytears.info /wah /wah 🤮 Michael

There’s a butcher’s down the main street from where I live, and they’ve made the same mistake twice – it’s called Gordons, which I think should have an apostrophe, so it’s Gordon’s, and underneath they have “Fine Food’s”. Fine Food’s what? Fine? It annoys me everytime I go past on the bus to school. Maybe it’s just me being pedantic, haha.

I haven’t really had any major cooking disasters like your fire incident – you got off lucky there by the sounds of it! Although one time I was making dinner (pasta I think) and when the pasta had cooked, I took the pan off the stove to drain the pasta. I have no idea how I managed it, but when I picked up the pan handle it sort of spun round in my hand and all the pasta ended up splattered all over the kitchen floor! That was a fun day (not). Not only did I have to clean up the boiling water and soggy pasta off the floor, we ended up having a rubbish dinner, and I was supervised while cooking for a good few weeks after that, haha:)

Golly gosh that is a bit of a cooking disaster! I haven’t had any yet because I haven’t cooked all that much by myself – the worst one was when I was stirring pasta and then thought I was amazing so went to quick and spilt most of it. :( I am upset that I have never tried, or heard of, lima beans. :(

Yeah but it’s the last one and now I have 5 days to just relax and do very little until summer – bliss. :) Yeah, my chemistry books is filled with diagrams of octopuses and what they would be with only one leg or nine legs. NONOPUS. Yeah, that’s how boring chemical synthesis is. I like Physics, but Biology is my favourite but I think that is down to my teacher.

I have found myself thinking about my site less and less when I am with friends and in school. Before I was like “best get back and reply to comments” but now I am not as obsessive. Not sure if that’s a positive thing though?

I haven’t checked every page yet but I had about 10 errors I believe, I started editing and it went up so I decided to run away and hide behind a chair. Validating is hard work! XD

Gosh, yeah. I have seen that happen with people posing as Jess from swimchick. I really hope nobody poses as different people 0_0

LOL thanks glad you liked the little about the author section.
I’m planning on doing a tut on how to do that thing with WP. :D
Btw so sorry I didn’t reply to your comment earlier, for some reason WP marked you as spam. -.-
I was like.. what the ?? but whatever.

Yeah I’m so glad to just be over and done with ex. There’s better things to come!

So firstly thanks so much for answering my questions. :) HAHA I enjoyed reading your answers especially for the fat/skinny one.
I’ve always been rather skinny as well, but I think it’s as hard to put on weight as it is to lose it?

Congrats on getting those reviews done, and GAH I would have freaked out if something caught fire. xD I would be the loser who completely panics and runs out of the house screaming CALL 911 CALL 911 when my mom has probably already put out the fire. Yes.

LMAO wow those lima beans definitely decided to go crazy on you. But I don’t get why they started overflowing and all? I mean, weren’t the instructions to boil them? Or is that how they’re supposed to cook?! Confuzzled.
Man, I have had tons of cooking disasters. Once my friend and I were trying to do something as simple as baking some cupcakes and we ended up dropping the bowl of batter all over the kitchen floor and we spent like 6 hours trying to clean it up. Pathetic.

Oh dear! That’s a close one. Good thing your mother knew what to do about stove fires. If I ever caught the stove on fire, I think I’d be afraid to use the stove ever again. And that would be a problem, I’m sure.

You would think university students would know that apostrophes do not make words plural. They do quite different things to words, as you pointed out. I probably would not take a bag simply for that mistake. It would bother me too much, hehe.

The lima bean incident is really quite amusing. I could just imagine it happening, too. I suppose you should have taken them off as soon as it came to a boil? Haha. I haven’t had any real cooking ‘disasters’ – the worst thing I’ve done is forgotten ingredients. Or put too much. And then whatever I was making tasted funny. But I am a messy cook. My mom always tells me that after I’ve made something.

OMG LIMA BEANS! They corrupted!? /um That’d be exciting ton see!!!! /faw YAY for Georgie!!! /heart 3 reviews in one day! I’m impressed! You’re updating a lot more! And yes yes wireless! I’m so exciting, I could just throw away my dial phone and live on wireless internet the rest of my life! /eee Did the mushy lima beans taste good? :X
Gah my cooking disasters? None yet…thankfully 👏

Thank you Georgie! Gah that layout won’t be up for long…reminds meh of watermelon. /hehe

I don’t really cook, but the one time I did, it turned out okay. My friend and I were making muffins. Being the genius I am, I start mixing when only the mix and eggs are in the bowl, not any of the other ingredients (which apparently you’re not supposed to do!)

Then for Father’s Day this past weekend, my mother tried to make home-made corn muffins. Well, she must have forgotten to add something, because the they turned out very dense, and without the puffy top part. I’ll take a picture later. :)

Hahaha, your mom evil laughed? That’s awesome. >.< The image of a little Asian mother laughing evilly is rather amusing! But go ahead and ruin my image if your mom isn’t a little Asian mother xP

It’s because of the blood. You want the blood. Blooooood. :O

I never even thought of that before… the getting burned thing. Looks like I was lucky. :P

GUESS WHAT!! I returned all my comments, including that one from two or three blogs ago, this morning just like I said I would! I’m on a roll. xD HAHAHA. “I’m on a roll with my goals.” That rhymes.

AHH! A fire? Scary stuff there and the lima beans story…LMAO xD Yep, I have never really had any stove incidents considering I really haven’t used the stove all that much…only for mac and cheese :D

Yes, yes very annoying. :P

Haha, when do you think your going to be finish the scribbling site?


Ahh..cooking is so fun but can turn into a disaster sometimes. And I love the fact that you mentioned the grammatical error haha. I always notice those! It’s just funny that someone would sell a product like that.

I once had the fire alarm go off because I was cooking something without the fan on.. I think people though t I was actually burning something :( and it took me forever to turn off the annoying alarm!

And wow, at least you avoided an accident..I’ve never had it catch on fire because the saucepan was overflowing…scary /sweat

:D :) :( 😴 😝 O_O @_@ ;) ♥ :X :P :O /wave /wah /um /type 😰 😒 /snort /rose 🤮 /pow /poo 💀 /cool /oh /mwah /love 🙄 /kiss /huh /ho /hmph /hehe /heart 🤫 (H) (Y) /angry /argh 🤬 /bash 😳 💥 /bounce 😏 👏 /cool 😢 🤤 /eee /ehe /ehh /faw I love your emoticons!

Georgina: Do I look like I fucking care? Next time don’t spam my comments just to tell me you like my emoticons. Show some respect and read my actual blog.

Lol, I’ve never been a fan of lima beans and maybe that’s why. They break stoves. :( Our stove caught fire once. We had to call the fire department to put it out. Lol. And all of our neighbors were out on their porches gossiping about the commotion.

You got the paginated comments plugin, i got it once but i couldn’t figure out how to edit it, so that it would look like my normal comment thingy.

I get so annoyed when i’m leaving a comment and the page freezes i just want to break my computer sometimes lol Yah it’s more fun to watch a movie with someone else than by yourself. After i watch a movie i wait till it’s gets old and i forget some details about before watching it again. Like now i would soo love to watch Titanic lol

The teachers assign the partners so its not fun, when your with friends you goof and but at the end you still finish the project in time. I seriously do not know why people keep sending me spam comments, random i know.

I still cannot believe she did it, i mean are you serious??? the only info about me i’ve ever given out online is my name, email, msn and age. thats pretty much it. no phone numbers or addresses lol

Cooking disasters? Hmmm, I learned how to cook at a young age so, I only have one that I actually remember. I was 11 y/o, I think. I was making sausages in a new cast iron skillet and I totally messed the skillet up. My mom was upset. Looking back on it now, It was quite funny. /eee

NEVER EVER leave a stove unattended unless you know what your doing. *Stares* Did you know what you were doing? Lol. I used to hate lima beans when I was younger but I love it now. Especially with some cornbread. YUM! Also, adding a hamhock will give it a lot more flavor. :)

lol I always help my daddy cook…he yells when I’ve made a mess D: @_@

Me and Faith are going to New York for 10 days! I’ll miss reading your blogs /wah

Actually, I had a subdomain about a year ago in which I used PHP, and have really missed it since then. PHP is amazing.

Ok, call me an idiot, but by holidays I’m guessing you mean being out of school …?

Lol, we couldn’t do the performances in the auditorium today because my teacher couldn’t find a microphone. Instead, we just had some groups perform just in front of our class. Actually only one group. The group that was to go next had technical difficulties. They couldn’t get the CD to play. XD

You’re probably right, but I just don’t think it’s accurate to call it a half-day, when really you’re there for two-thirds of the day.

Do you really? My grandma wants me to do something subtle, something that looks more natural. I just don’t think blonde would look very natural because my hair is like a medium-brownish color. Purple is my favorite color too. =) Well, that and sky blue.

Haha, yeah. You should try it, and see if your egg dies or SURVIVE. xD

Ooooh, so your converting ALL the pages to wordpress? SWEET. :P
I would do that too except what about PHP? lol, you said there’s a plugin but I hate installing plugins. xD

I’m going to return your comment just because you said that. And now you’ll have another one to return if you return this one! ;)

WOOT, let’s annotate the significance of your alliteration, like Ms. Do (my lit teacher this past year) would make us do. Let’s see… the r’s represent roaring, which represents enthusiasm, so you use alliteration to represent enthusiasm! Wow. But really, I can’t even put Ms. Do into words. xP

OH RIGHT something I meant to say before… In regards to your answer to Deena’s question, I’ve noticed that your layouts tend to alternate between dark and bright, like you said. :P

I would hate to have to go back to school in July, but only because the classrooms get EXTREMELY hot in the summer. Thank goodness my grade is in the new wing, where we have air conditioning. The ONLY wing with air conditioning. :D

Lol, I know. We only have a math teacher and a few computer geeks. Basically we sat there the rest of the period signing yearbooks.

Oh, I see what you mean. Like sort of on the underside, right?

Haha yeah. (:
Congrats on figuring out to paginate your comments!

Yeah I don’t know if it easier to gain or to lose, I’ve always thought it’s harder to gain, xD. Cause with skinny peeps, they’re metabolism is super fast and that usually doesn’t change for awhile? But fat peeps can put on weight in no time by just eating lmao.

LMAO, nice. Just forget about the poor lima beans.
Yar, I hate spilling things too!

oh JEEZ, you’ve had some fun times at the stove haha. Whenever I make noodles, I tend to start watching tv and keep the stove on ‘high’ when I should have turned it down… then the water overflows and makes a mess. HATE THAT!

Aweh sorry to hear it was so hard.
Liesl @ totalrapture has a great tutorial on it. (:

Yeah exactly. I hardly gain weight, k nvm I do.. lmao. But not rapidly.

I’m fine thanks. Just chatting with Ryan. Who’s being a fart. Like seriously. You see, he’s an amzing singer and guitar player but he’s too ashamed to play in front of anyone but me. I’m like “what the hay? you know how many girls would fall madly in love with you? as if you don’t have enough already.. you slut.”

He just laughed. But SERIOUSLY, it makes me so mad. He’s so good. I just want to expose his talent lmao.

Yeah I finished my 404 page. It took me like 2 minutes. I didn’t put much effort LOL. Here’s an example in case you care. xD http://gvd-paperplanes.com/wordpress/errorpage

Good luck with the reviews! And how are you? :)

Well then I sure hope it’s playing somewhere by you in the near future :) :) I love those indie films, they’re just .. real. I like it!

The movie you mentioned sounds interesting… I should check that out….

And dannng girl, you do lots of reviews, pat yourself on the back!

ooo; i don’t know why, but I would have thought that Australia would be very hot! Still cool though! I like the temperature in the Spring, I think its the best at times!

Hmm, my Mom and my Dad can’t even cook at all. Cooking disasters? Well, knowing that my Mom and my Dad are cooking is a DISASTER for me. I’m sure the result would be horrible. Cats don’t even want to eat them. My grandma is the best chef eveeeeer :)

OH EMOTICONS, I just realized it! Oh my god! These are emoticons! @_@ /faw

I need to get some emoticons soon 😢

Hahaha, what a disaster! That’s actually happened to me before. I’ve burned quite a number of things: oatmeal, and eggs are the ones I can remember.

I left the stove on.. I just completely forgot about the oatmeal no idea what I was thinking and then I smell something burning, downhill from there. I had to throw that batch away. /bash

The eggs.. well that one is even stupider. I was making scrambled and it was my first time ever. I thought I could attempt to try at least, and my mom was watching me. So the eggs started to cook and I kept turning them over and such, and I wasn’t really sure when to take them off… and so I just kept turning them over and over and I turn to my mom to ask her when to take them off and she looks at the eggs and yells at me because they were starting to burn.

Not very good days to eat breakfast. 😳

I’ve already told my dad, I’m not going to enjoy the self defense stuff, but he said 3 months… I hope it’ll go well. I haven’t started yet. We were going to go today but my dad is kind of tired so we decided to stay home.

Yeah, biking is always a joy. It’s kind of chilly right now, even though its summer so it’s not something that makes me all sweaty and gross.

oh well explicit is okay in my book. not that i’m some weirdo. i just think those kinds are the most “real” seeming. :)

i’ll keep it in mind if i ever see it!

Burning food to crisp, naturally normal! HAHA.
You should try to accidentally start a fire and fundamentally was close to a dangerous house fire to occur 💥

LOL aweh. Yeah it confuzzed me too.
I’ve tried so many times to record him secretly, LOL I feel so badass now, since you said it was illegal.. lmao.

But yeah I failed every single time. Cause now he expects that I’m recording and then pounces on me and grabs the phone or camera or whatever.

Thanks, glad you liked my error page, and I’m glad you’re doing well. (:

Oh my goodness me. What kind of shows do you watch?! LMAO.
That guy is a real idiot to show it publicly though. Seriously, who does that?
Well.. him obviously lmao.

LOL nice idea, I’ll try it out. :D

Lmao oh i see.
It’s a good thing they didn’t actually show it, that would have been horrible. xD

Haha! That’s such a disaster!
Good on you for getting two reviews completed today though :)
My cooking disasters… well, they’re not really disasters… more like random moments when I forgot really obvious things.
Like in cooking class last year, I was asked to fill up a pot of water and I asked the teacher “Where do you get the water from?”
We also made little cute pastry things, using fruit for a filling. And when I picked up mine at the very end it shatterred instantly!
Nonethless, your Lima Beans Incident sounds way funnier :)

I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to take a taxi. :O I totally agree with your point of view, haha. A girl’s got to be careful these days!

LOL. You seem to be on every website! :P Easily addicted, eh?

I was on Neopets for 3 years, LOL. I never figured out how to do iframes and stuff like that. I don’t think it would help me much to learn how to do iframes anyway. :3 Looks simple enough from what I see in people’s source codes. XD

Wooh! Congrats on getting those two reviews done. :) I still have to get around to reinstalling all my programs and getting all my songs and files back on my computer/itunes before I can start working on reviews and site stuff again. D: ugh, I hate having to reinstall every single program on my computer.

LOL, so the lima beans expanded? Sorry, it’s like almost 3AM and I get confused sometimes. XD but that’s funny! at least now you have something to laugh at whenever you see lima beans :P I haven’t had many cooking disasters — well, none actually. I’m hardly in the kitchen because I pretty much fail at making anything besides scrambled eggs or fried rice.

My worst cooking memory is of me in year 8 making apple crumble. it looked tdf. I pulled it out of the oven and BAM! I slipped and it all fell on the floor. I could’ve cried LOL. Only a small mouthfull was left in the container :'( So devo haha. I think I nearly cried, truly. I was made to clean it up aswell. It’s funny looking back at memories where you were actually quite sad haha.

Yeah, I called it tranquilium.
Haha, metal sheets. *bonks myself* /bash

Hey Geogie! :)
You answered those questions really well. It was inspiring. /eee
Oh, thank goodness, nothing serious happened to your mom. :)
Those sort of grammatical errors happen a lot in my place. I just have to laugh. /bounce
I don’t really cook, because I’m scared and my mom doesn’t let me cook because she thinks I’ll end up blasting the whole house. LOL. 👏

Me too! :P I make it all the time. XD
You don’t have an oven? :O My family couldn’t live without an oven because we pretty much use it 24/7 but a microwave to get the job done. :)

haha! You’re so funny gina~

I did had that happen to me, not too often. /heart that happens sometimes when I boil water, cooking pasta, ramen with the saucepan a little too full.

Clicked for you, good luck on the referral contest. (Y) (and your site really has grew since we became affiliate!)

My worst was burned the pasta when I went to the bathroom o.o (lol it was uneatable) My worst cooking/baking experience is pretty much burned the food and burned both of my hands (on left wrist and right hand) accidentally touched the baking tray/oven.

Oh yeah, water’s the worst because then you can’t really see where it’s spilled. I smashed a glass last week (accidentally!) and my dad was trying to clean up for about a year, honestly. Some of the shards were tiny, there’s probably still some in the kitchen haha.

Oh well of course girl. I agree. I hate it when you don’t even expect it and then BOOM, sex. I like it when there are 2 characters WHO SHOULD BE IN LOVE, and then that happens. I’m fine with that hahaha. Otherwise, I’ll just be like what the heck?? .. awkward.

I never help cook. Well actually I do. Sometimes. I ask cuz I would want to. It’s really nice once in a while. It does! xD

I never really had any messes with cooking… Much to never cooking much like I said. :P


:love: Well, you still can have a mini section with different layout for all those “kawaii” categorized items if you want. Haha.

Yupyup, am on summer break right now and learning to drive this few weeks. Yesterday was my first time driving (in the church parking lot), still trying to get use to it. I’m short-sighted so they won’t be getting any better but they can either stay the same or worst. Tho, I hope it’s not getting worst O . O’ don’t want to get a thicker glasses lol

Hehe really?! I’ve never really tried lima beans :D How did they like…taste like? :D

Yay! :D WOW four?! I can never do that much :P

Hi there!
I’ve just opened a brand new resource/hosting site!
Come and check it out
I love your site and your premades are just awesome!

So come check my new site out
Love Greg

p.s i’d LOVE to be affies with you, your sites perfect :D

Oatmeal isn’t too bad, I put this cereal in it to make it taste better. 🙄 Hahaha, cinnamon toast crunch.

Yeah, that’s true… I’m going to try out the karate thing first. Maybe it’ll help.

PE in the summer? I never liked PE, I liked it back at my old school because we didn’t really do anything but play games. Now we have to actually do stuff. /ehh

Thanks again for the review, there’s a ton of stuff that I missed like the typos. I don’t think I’m going to try and change the layout anymore. Oh and the thing with the containers… well I sort of messed up the layout, so I have to do the height thing or the container looks really messed up. But the stuff about the pages, I’m trying to fix up, because they were good pointers. ^^

Yeah, exactly. It really annoys me because you can’t insult someone and if they look offended take it back. It doesn’t work like that -hmpph-

Why would you joke about twitter being rubbish?! Firstly, it’s amazing and isn’t rubbish AT ALL and secondly, how can anyone tell you are joking if you just put that?! It makes me mad too, it’s always the little things that make me mad. :’)

A ‘German schnorting octopus’? That has to be one of the oddest coolest things I had ever heard of, I think I will add this to my collection of nonopuses and monopuses in my next Chemistry lesson. :D

No because it’s good that you are so dedicated to your site and visitors. :)

OOH YOU WENT THERE. I was going to comment something like that this time but now I can’t. :( Actually I can:

I hope no one poses as me… well, it would be hard to because I’m so cool! LULZ. *giggle* (:

heeey! thanks for your comment on my new site! i read it but then i did something on my site and now my site is completely BLANK even though i tried to fix it! argh!! anyways oooh the first cooking thing happened to me, well kinda but a bit different :P
my grandmother was at our house and we have a rice cooker and we just put it on top of our stove but it’s a plug-in so she thought we actually used the stove :S and she turned it on and completely burned the rice cooker!! there was a small fire burning on our stove for like 5 minutes until my brother thought to put sand on it from our backyard!! i was like “wow, those fire lessons in school finally come in handy” /hehe aghh long comment tehehe sorrry ♥

oooh and i have a question for you to answerrrrr on your next blog teeheheh:
what’s your favourite layouts in all your web-designing history (one you created and one you saw on another site!!)????? /eee

Eeeep thank you for the comment on my last blog. The site is open now *dances* and I know I’m so too late for this but … YAY EMOTICONS. I LOVE THEM ♥

Haha, sorry. Yay for getting reviews done :D. I’ve never done proper reviews so I don’t have any personal experince with it, but I have read some of your reviews and it certainly seems like they would take a while.

Arghhh a fire :(. Thank goodness it stopped. That would have been scary though.

That is a funny story :D. It actually made me laugh :D. Hmmm, I don’t have any funny cooking stories really :(. I have a funny story about trying to cook though :P. My mum wanted to make something in the microwave and on the packet it said to microwave it for 60 seconds. My microwave doesn’t say 60 though it states 1 minute instead. Anyway, my mum calls me down and informs me that she cannot cook this item because our microwave only goes up to 1 minute. I laughed for ages, seriously :P.

Hmmm a question for you … *thinks* ahhh I have one it sort of sucks but so, for you personally what do you find appealing about blogging? :P. I find it interesting that so many of us now chose to blog and I want to know what makes some people want to do it hehe :).

LOL. That reminds me of how fail Neopet’s filters are. It’s pretty stupid that they block everything that could be considered a sexual innuendo or anything like that. Pfft. It’s not like 12 year olds have sick minds. :P

Thanks! XD the first thing I installed was Firefox D: then all the messengers. Internet Explorer just made me want to stab myself a little bit. It’s endless pop ups, oh gosh. I didn’t realize every site had THAT many pop ups. I must have a fail pop up blocker. xD

Heh, I guess I’m not alone. :D! My mom keeps telling me that I need to learn how to cook otherwise I’ll fail in life. D: but eh…. I suppose I could put it off for a few more years. :D

Haha, I thought you might have, but I wasn’t sure. You don’t have to do it again. Hahaha, my bad. I didn’t want to have to look through your blogs to see if you did or not. 😳

Haha, you got the comment too? I commented back.. and received yet another comment ignoring my blog. Oh well, if he replies again. Eh, someone had to tell him he was spamming. /hehe

Hahaha, yeah, I’d die of boredom but its either that, or get it taken away most likely. We’ll see. Hopefully I’ll get to bring my beloved laptop. Communication is essential in life, and my laptop is my form of communication. :P

Well, I liked your opinion. Hahahaha, basically you made a list of stuff that I had planned to do but always forgot about. And I think most of the things you mentioned would help me organize the site. However, I’m really looking forward to the new layout because I think its neater and one of the better of my layouts. But I might have to go on revamp… since I need to change a lot of the pages to line up with the new layout. /ehh

Oh my gosh, seriously? THE NOTEBOOK R rated!? hahaha, that would have been cool maybe. But that’s weird, I didn’t know that they had all of that in the special edition. I should watch that movie soon,, I love it :)

YES, watch it with your boyfriend :) :)

I made my boyfriend watch it quite awhile ago, and he liked it somewhat… he’s not totally into the chick flick thing of course, like most guys aren’t, but we just cuddled & watched it because i had always wanted to do it… soooo, do it with yours hehehe.

Whew! At least the fire didn’t spread! If it did, who knows what could have happened?! /ehh

HAHAHAHA. Yuck. I don’t like lima beans, no less mushy ones for tea. 😝 Wow, the school is so retarded. 🙄 Aren’t they supposed to be teaching you things correctly?! /hmph

I’ve never had a cooking disaster, and neither has any of my family members. At least, not that I know of, anyway. xD

Haha, yeah, I saw your comment on YouTube. :) You’ve never heard of TGI Fridays?! Wow. They have awesome food. :D

Arghhh did I say it only went to 1 minute, what the heck am I talking about :P. I think I meant that after so many seconds it starts to display in minutes. I am sorry for my confusing comment :P. Mines doesn’t double as an oven though so that’s pretty cool :D.

Awww thankies I’m glad you like the new site. Good answer I am impressed hehe. Yeah it’s really interesting getting to know people from different places. I still find it amusing when people seem so interested in Scotland. Because I’ve lived here all my life I sort of take it all for granted. People asking stuff about it reminds me that it’s not all that bad hehe.

Gahhhh so it’s the same in other places as well then? It really isn’t. I mean, is it not just as impressive to get into Uni to do English? or study Law? or whatever? I think that getting into University in general is a huge achievement. It is a talent I guess and it’s a good talent to have. But, people are talented in other areas as well. I just think that the fact that they were singled out is unfair. What’s worse is that a friend of mine who was also at the awards ceremony had only recently found out she had been rejected from art school. I can only imagine how awful she must hav felt having to sit there and listen to that :(.

Gosh you’ve had pneumonia? :( I’m sorry to hear that. The worst thing I’ve ever had was the flu, and looking back now it wasn’t too awful :(. How long did you suffer from it from :(. Yeah, he was in his 80’s though so he was at a higher risk.

Awww booo :P. Yeah I do want to dress up though hehe. I bet I could find a better costume than thos 8 year olds haha :D.

Really? Wow! My sister is 12… she must do a really good job at keeping her swearing to a minimum. XD I know her best friend swears like crazy because her best friend’s sister is one of my friends and she keeps me updated with their “daily activities” LOL.

True! It’s odd. On IE, WP recognizes that I’m logged in and it lets me edit my posts/pages right from the pages themselves, but on Firefox, it doesn’t recognize that I’m logged in so it makes me log into my dashboard again and again everytime I leave the page. ;x Almost makes me like IE more. Plus, I always thought we couldn’t delete IE if we used Windows. xD I think it needs IE to function correctly, or something. :o

Nah :D I bet there are people who can’t even make the simplest of things out there! I’m scared to cook, though. I’m worried that I’ll burn stuff down while I’m heating stuff up. XD

Aww!! I wanted to see what lima beans tasted like! 😢 Me too love blenders! they blend stuff together! XD Goergina!! HOW COULD YOU?! You naughty girl with your dirty thoughts!!!! /hehe

Ooo yeah a communications degree! Is that like in the business field? I know you’ve explained it a million times, but college degrees and stuff.. they’re all still new to me and I hardly know the ones that I’ve heard of often: those pertaining to graphics and web design [a lot of my cousins are taking courses in that department]. But I forget exactly what courses and blah blah blah. 😳

Well, I have my itouch, which I just realized needs my laptop to recharge! So perhaps, if I can tell my parents that I need my laptop for recharging my itouch which I need for the PLANE RIDE. Sooooo, maybe I shall bring it after all. ^^ And besides, my mom will end up using it for her work. Hahaha, it ALWAYS happens. So there’s a good chance I bring it but still, we shall see. And I can tweet from my cell. ^^ I use that when I’m on the go. xD and I can tweet from the itouch too which also has wifi, but the wifi at the hotel costs stuff.. so perhaps the wifi is out.

Oh great, I just realized I might bring the laptop, but my dad won’t pay for wifi because I won’t “need” it.. great. Hopefully, my mom will want to work, then we need the wifi. xD

Yeah, I saw you mention the review revamp on twitter. Why don’t you just copy and paste? You can paste it into the HTML section thing, right?

Oh, and I keep forgetting to ask because I’ve noticed that you’ve got your comments in pages. I’ve been trying to learn that, and wordpress provided no assistance. How did you do that?

Why not just get a new oven? :P
Well yay for microwaves! I love mine haha. I like to make mini burgers in it. Some people think they gross but I think they are yummy! ^_^

She may just be good at hiding things. ;D Hahah. She’s always locked up in her room all day. My parents and I are always wondering what the heck she’s doing behind closed doors.

I think it’s odd D: I always wondered if maybe it was my coding because before I added all the plugins and stuff, it used to remember me. Ah, I guess WP really doesn’t like me sometimes. ;X I wish it would stop PMSing for once.

Ooh. Well, now that I know I can mess around and uninstall IE… :D nah, my dad would probably kill me. He’s always complaining about how he has to fix my computer when I screw it up. XD

James can cook? :O Better hang onto him tight! LOL. I doubt any of my guy friends are even half as interested in cooking. I hate how whenever I bring that subject up around them, they always come up with jokes like “women belong in the kitchen.” it’s funny how they twist those jokes sometimes, but it’s just annoying at other times. :P

Oh, so that’s why you take classes involving html or css. That makes sense. ^^ Perhaps, I’d like to major in something like that. I’m thinking of taking a course involving web/graphic design or something in computers and then to take a business course, my dad says business always comes in handy, so perhaps I should try minoring in that, or even majoring. But still, I’ve got a few more years to contemplate that decision.

Well, I could get the wall charge thing for the itouch, but of course, its not cheap… so I’m waiting for a good occassion to ask if I can get it and so far, none because I always have bigger things on my list… such as the laptop itself, and then there’s the few video games I’ve been wanting.. and lately, I’ve just been wanting gift cards or money, so I can spend the money myself. :P

Oo, I have unlimited text, which means unlimited tweets lol. But yeah, I tweet when something ridiculous happens, because its boring to tweet something like “eating fries..” or “sitting down.” I think there really are people who tweet stuff like that, the tweet fanatics. 🙄

Ohh, good luck with the 177 reviews! You’ll finish .. eventually. Just do like five each day or something so you don’t get frustrated with the huge amount awaiting you.

I’ll check out the tutorial. It has something to do with the funtions.php right? Because I wasn’t even sure I was on the right track. There’s all these terms they use for functions and the functions.php always confuses me, so I just use the one for the default which works perfectly fine. xD

Aweh , thanks for the comment. I love you so much (: ♥

Well I’m doing good too. :) thanks for asking! I actually just cleaned the bathroom with the help of my mom, so good luck to cleaning for you!!

Let me know if your boyfriend cries. I don’t think mine did, but he was probably close of course ;) ;)

Would you mind link exchanging? Affiliates I guess, I just have people I talk to a lot linked under my little heart thing, and we’ve been talking a lot, so I thought I’d ask!

Aww okay! I know I was just joking! *HUGS* We’re cool! XD You’re welcome…wait wasn’t that on Twitter *thinks* …..oh yeah it was XD short term memory lost!! /hehe

Ah okay so is ours :D
Fish sandwiches? Like what kind? I sometimes eat Tuna Salad sandwhiches..yummy!! XD
You said they are food like sandwhiches? Are they food or not? XD

Thanksgiving at your place must be like a high-budget disaster movie. Sheesh. I’m never letting you make food around me!!

That’s pretty funny though… fires and lima-bean-fireworks. Gosh…. it’s messed up that we find those things funny.

Thanks Georgina :)
Yeah, I get what you mean about the review I got. It was pretty pointless considering it was all just smiles practically and no frowns. I mean, my site isn’t that great!
Haha! Two minute noodles! Well, that’s still way better than me! My mum tried to bake biscuits with me last weekend, just little cute one with cookie dough and such… nothing fancy. Anyway, it took me and hour to make ten! :P
Cooking disaster stories are a great thing to talk about, don’t you think?
Nice that you can rely on James for that job though!
Thanks :) My, audition went pretty good. By the sounds of things it’s a possibility I might get the part. If I do I have to have my hair cut really really short though.

Anyways, how are you?

I laughed almost non-stop about the lima beans! They were pretty hillarious I must say.
Oh, one of my cooking disaster…mmhm,i don’t rly cook but once when I try to fry some sausages for breakfast and I went to brush my teeth and took a bath- which makes me completely forgotten about the sausages,when I came back the stove was already turned off,my mum turned turned it off! She didn’t get angry,@_@ and I turned to look at the sausages and it was BLACK! And was rly small like it jst inflated /hehe

/look <— why did I never notice that smiley OH MY GOSH.

I laughed when I saw that smiley at the end of the sentence. I’m not supposed to laugh.
Also I’m kind past spamming you right now. :x

/bounce 👏 /eee /hehe