These Needles Are Chains

Thanks for not reading my blog, guys. So in my previous blog, I wrote about the types of comments people leave on blogs. I thought it would be more respectful to leave blog-related comments, but some people didn’t seem to notice the “I’ll just ignore your comment”. Ironic.

Anyway, moving on. Vivien timed me returning comments earlier, and it took me 52 minutes. Not terribly exciting. Shows how much time I have on my hands… not. :P

I had some nice plans for today, to fix up the website section, and also to set up my scribble portfolio, which is on another domain. It’s going to take a really long time to scan all of my scribbles and make pages for them. A really long time. I have about three hundred scribbles, and scanning them all and making pages for all of them is going to be hell. I have five more weeks to do it, so hopefully I can.

I have a few ideas for domains to display more of my photography as well. I was also thinking of giving away some .info domains, possibly in the next month or two. But that may be quite some time as I’m rather busy.

I received some questions on my last blog, so I’ll go ahead and answer them.

Mallory asked me this question and Heather also asked me this question previously.

How do you get so many comments?

I have always found it hard to answer this question because I’m really not sure. I get a lot of comments and I try my best to return all of them promptly. I used to “bloghop” a lot in the past, but now that I get so many comments, I haven’t had the time. Many of my comments are from affiliates, and we do have little conversations through comments. I do appreciate receiving comments, so that is why I try and return them all and keep in contact with my visitors. I try and update regularly and write interesting blogs. I don’t have the greatest resources or tutorials at all, and I think that my visitors like to read my blogs. :)

Gillian asked me a few questions.

How long did it take you to validate your XHTML? xD

A long time. I did it a while ago, when I opened this domain last October, if I remember correctly. Before that, I didn’t know a thing about XHTML or accessibility, so I had about two hundred errors. /hehe

What’s your favourite song?

This is a hard one to answer; I have so many favourite songs. At the moment, it would have to be Soft Skeletons by Anberlin.

Would you rather be super skinny or super fat and why?

I’ve lived with being rather skinny. I would rather be skinny because I wouldn’t have as much difficulty moving around. I can’t imagine carrying a lot of weight because I’ve been skinny all my life so far. I think I would be able to adjust to it better. And I wouldn’t mind having smaller boobs. :P

Em asked me this question:

Do your family/friends know you own a website? Are they supportive?

When I started web designing seven years ago, my mum didn’t like me putting photos of me. That was about the only thing she didn’t like. Right now, she and my dad know that I blog and maintain websites, but they don’t really ask me about it. They know I talk to people online and so on. Now they sort of trust me with what I’m doing so they’re not worried. They don’t ask me about it, or visit my website or anything.

My close friends such as James and Lilian know about my blog and websites (and domain addiction). They have blogs of their own and comment on mine as well. :D

I got a few other questions which were rather general – like “How is university?” – well, it’s good. Even though I am on break right now. I return to second semester in July; about a month from now. All my blogs seem to revolve around my website (James is easily bored of these kinds, aww ♥️ ). I should probably get my butt out of the house. /hehe

Comments on this post

1st comment really? This is a first.. I bet by the time I’m done typing it though, someone else would have beat me to it. Those are some good questions. ^^

My parents don’t know about me owning a site, really I don’t know how to tell them in the first place. My parents would say the same, NO POSTING PICTURES TO STRANGERS or WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO STRANGERS YOU’VE NEVER MET? and then proceed to give me a long speel about how they might be sexual predators.. great. 😳 Not sure, I want to go through that.

Well my mom just gets terribly sea sick on boats.. as in stuff comes out of her… or she turns green.. yeah she’s just not into wild stuff, she says her health is bad, but I know she’s in perfect health.. although she’s had times of fainting and stuff.. but that was like.. younger days. I don’t know.. :(

Well my parents didn’t like Bush although they are Republican. Lol, but because of Republicans not really for Gays.. they still vote Republican. Really, bleh. I have no idea if they guy who doesn’t like Obama for a reason was like that toward Bush.

Oo, Indonesian? I don’t believe I’ve actually met an Indonesian. Is James? Parents.. are so .. strict. Well today’s parents anyways.

Yeah, I’m not sure if I can make the volleyball JV or C team this year, but I want to try. It’s the only sport I play nowadays. I excercise but team sports is always funner than working out alone. If I don’t make it, I’m not sure whether to try or not Junior year.. there’s always freshmen to make us look bad. /sweat

Yeah, my mom doesn’t want me to post pictures either. :P
And I agree, it would get a bit boring, lol.
Of course Asians are smart, hehe /hehe

Nah, I think they’re a nice size :X 🤤 /bounce

This is hard to comment on 3=


Nurg, mechanics test tomorrow /melt :(!


In regards to your previous blog I do like the smilies (I always love smilies) and also I understand what you mean about blog commenters. I think those that seem like they don’t even take the time to read or just say things like ‘hi, nice site’ – and that’s it – are probably just looking for site hits. I mean I might like someone’s layout and/or site but at least I comment on the blog as well. I think that also makes a difference in (tying your 2 blogs together now) in why someone like your self has more commenters then others might. You take more time out to connect and help people and people respond well to that. You don’t write ‘nice site’ and that’s it. ;)

Oh and I got so wrapped up I forgot to mention that I think it’s crazy awesome that you have 300 scribbles! That is a lot! And I also like your question and anwser type of blog, I feel we all get to know you better ;)

lmfao small boobs. I sort of giggled at that :3.
Irony hits everyone *cough* but the irony you received is sort of pathetic /snort

My parent’s don’t like having me put pictures of myself online too. They’re like “WHAT IF THE PEDOPHILES COME AND RAPE YOU AND YOU GET PREGNANT?!!”
What am I, stupid?

I probably take longer than you to reply to my comments, and I don’t get as much as you 😰 Being the lazy person that I am, I would probably delay it a few weeks before I reply o_O.

/heart I still can’t get over that emoticon :D. hehehe. Eh, I suck at validating. I still can’t validate so I gave up :) Most are from the images on the blog BUT I can’t seems to put my finger on the body and html tags O_O ohwells(:

*bloghops* Some people have some interesting designs, but it’s so upsetting when you find out that they didn’t make it T^T

-stares- is this WordPress?

Ignore them comments, G. ‘Nore ’em!

I get excited over 7 comments, haha. To me, that’s a lot! :P but I don’t really get out much online, so I suppose that explains my lack of cyber-popularity? -shrugs-

Speaking of blogs… most of mine lately have concerned Royce. Gawsh, I wish I could write an entry that doesn’t involve him, but how do I move away from my sweetie? Haha :3

My parents know I webdesign as well, but they don’t know I own my own domain and space. They’d be pretty pissed if they did, they’d see it as a waste of $20. Whatever, my money! Other than that, they worry like once a year after hearing a story on some Asian news network about how some girl gets shanked and raped after fooling around on MySpace or whatever. Because I’m that stupid, apparently.

Smaller boobs, eheh. I’d make mine bigger, but Royce likes them just the way they are :3

OMG. That is so funny. You got stupid comments on a blog about stupid comments? That’s also very lame, but very funny xD. Go ahead an ignore those comments! =) It is your RIGHT. Hahahahahah xD :D

LOL, poor you. Having to return all those comments. xD But it’s only cos lots of people ♥ you ^^ Haha xD

Dang! We need to find a way I can help you with your scribbles …=( Maybe if you can come out with me tomorrow. Hehe! Then I shall scan WITH you =D ;)

Aargh, I can’t get over your emoticons! SO CUTE! /type <– This one = EEEEEEEEE! *omgsocute!* [Said in fangirl voice]

Ooooh. I LOOOOVE! Soft Skeletons! ♥ But I'm still totally obsessed with Retrace =) Hehehe. Oh damn, you have no music notes. Oh wellz xD Hahaha

Yes! Me and James know ALL ABOUT your domain addiction xD But it's okay. You can get away with it. Cos you're so cute xD And I bet you just did this: /um

Muahahahaha. I just needed an excuse to use that emoticon. Hopefully this comment doesn't turn out as spam =(

Good luck with the photography websites! =)

40 minutes is fast! Our whole class period is roughly an hour? & I don’t get what’s up with that PE teacher. She should’ve been glad that you and your friend were jogging at all. I didn’t realize there was a right way to run and a wrong way :P

Oh noo, another movie that’ll make me cry? D: That means I’ve got to see it. If a movie makes me cry loads, it’s a good movie. LOL. I don’t know why. I guess movies are supposed to be good at poking at your emotions! :3 makes it more real?

14 dollars!? That’s REALLY expensive. Here it randomly changes between 9 dollars and 12 dollars.

I haven’t watched Scrubs either, so you’re not alone! :D Well, I only watched a couple episodes because it used to be the only thing on TV when I got home from school. It’s really funny, though! I remember when my friend got me addicted to watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and I downloaded ALL the seasons. Lucky for me.. there were only like 3 and a half seasons out. XD

Sorry for the double comment but it wasn’t til I got off my computer that I realized I forgot to add blog-related replies in my comment XD so here I am on my iPod replying :3

Ahaha well, those people who don’t leave blog related comments probably don’t read the blog, so they most likely didn’t get the message :P

52 minutes to return how many comments? :O you have more comments than I do and you’re so quick, LOL. It takes me an hour to return about 14 comments because I get so distracted. Wow, I fail XD I can’t even focus when I’m returning comments.

Oh goodness…300 to scan!? That’s crazy D: I wish you luck. I get grouchy when I have to scan a few pages of my math book so I admire your patience :3 unless you have a fast/good scanner, which I do not have :P

Ah so the secret behind your oh so many comments is the past blog hops? :O I used to blog hop quite a bit but it gets dull sometimes. & wow your parents are pretty chill about the website thing. My mom wasn’t such a huge supporter of my website but my dad was so he bought me this domain and my hosting, too. I’m just glad I don’t have the type of parents that drop in and read everything I say on my site.

“I’ll just ignore your comment” is also in bold.
Why don’t people get it? lol.

lols you’re so awesome – that’s why you get so much comments /bounce

My mum knows I own a website.
When I started making websites, I didn’t mind her looking at it. Not that she ever dropped by or anything.
And now, I am strictly protective.
2 subdomains ago (Melodic Stars), she once left a comment.
Luckily the blog was only about school. But from that day, I started to delete the browsing history everytime I log off. Protection ;)

Eww. I wonder who liked the WordPress smilies lol.
OMG. I know. Ten dollars for gum. That’s so stupid. The only good thing about my school is finishing at 2:30. And, of course, my friends.

Oooh. I just found out who Ben Jorgensen was :D

He’s famous. And he replied to you on twitter. wow. That’s amazing.

Thanks for answering my question :D my friends are awesome, but I dont think they would understand webdesign and why i do it haha. it sucks though as one of my best mates has pretty much turned into my worst enemy. shes been soo mean to me lately and its weird as we use to be hell close :| but anyways haha. so what are you doing on your uni break? working?? :)

I really dislike it when people comment off-topic or decide to just leave a one line comment. I don’t bother commenting them back.

I’m looking forward to your scribbles then! Maybe you could scan a few at a time, then slice them all. Good luck with uploading them all. :)

I’ve noticed your super quick at replying to comments. Or maybe it’s because you live in the same country as me. I live in Australia too ;)

Like you, I’ve always been skinny. Except I’m quite short. I’ve tried eating more food, but it seems like my body won’t put on weight.

My Mum doesn’t let me post pictures of myself, but I’m fine with that. I usually have pictures with my face cropped out. :P

It is ironic that they didn’t read your blog. It isn’t like a essay and it only takes a few minutes lol. /pow

Lol my mom knows I have a site too. But she always makes fun of Faith’s site name /bounce When I want a hug from her I tell her /bounce “Embrace me mommy!” then she’s like “Embrace-me is the name of Faith’s dumb site” lol and she replies “I STILL HAVE THAT SITE!” /hehe

I’m interested in seeing your scribble site…I remember one of your layouts featuring them, and I thought it was amazing! /love

Aww, Happy Birthday to your mom! :) And I liked your scribbles, I didn’t expect them to take up the whole page! I liked the straight up rock one /eee

LOL well…Pandasaur is weirder than Embrace-me! /ehe

Yes, I would guess that you get so many comments because you write interesting blogs. I love to read your blogs. :D

Yeah I was like “I wish it had hit her head” but my mom was really mad for even attempting. If I had hit her head she would have been pissed. :O

oOo a scribble domain! Sound’s cool! I can’t wait for you to upload all of them and check them out! I’m sure they’re great!

My Gosh! You

I don’t know which political party my parents support, they just vote on who they think is better I guess xD; They might be democrats…o.O I don’t know LOL

WHOOPPPSSS i forgot to finish my comment xD SORRY; the phone rang while i was typing so I got distracted xD

i said “My Gosh ! You….. have a lot of domains LOL; I already knew that, but its just so cool; i think it would be a great idea to give some .info domain names to people! Very generous of you (:”

There I finished ! LOL sorry !

Some interesting questions ^^ I remember the hard time I had validating my coding, every time I fixed an error, another one would appear, it seemed to me like an endless cycle 😒 I did EVENTUALLY got it validated, something I am still rather proud of :P

I’m sure your blogs attract a lot of visitors, they are interesting to read, maybe it has to do with the way you write them. And of course, the strength you have to be able to update almost everyday. o_O I wouldn’t be able to do it, I take like hours to write a single paragraph xD

Oh my God, I find that HILARIOUS. How can people do that?!

I would rather be super skinny because I don’t eat much anyway, though if I was super fat then they’d get you to eat less then I already do but if I was super skinny putting on weight then I’d have to eat more which I would probably benifit from. XD

By the way, I’m awesome. :D I clicked.

Yehaa, my Ma used to be a little paranoid… telling me I’m going to be stalked for giving too much information away. :P Now she just deals with it and knows I’m not stupid.

Ah, Fluoresce. I couldn’t scan in the header yesterday so I didn’t change the site (would I call it a header? It’s just the milk carton, a few hearts and stuff now. And the ‘ikkle bee! :D It’s gonna go in the sidebar). Although our computer’s been bloody bugged with this shitass virus crud which won’t let you do ANYTHING. Load iTunes, even Word. Not Firefox – yeeeaaaah, Internet Explorer isn’t ideal. O_O Even then you have all these popups: “YOU HAVE NO ANTI-VIRUS INSTALLED”.
ASDFGH, as you would say. :)

At least I managed to back-up all my files by putting them on my memory stick; coding, reviews, stories. But it’s fucking unfair. :(
Hopefully we’ll sort out the harddrive soon but even Twitter isn’t loading! :'(
How retarded. :X

Oh motherfucker shit (excuse my langauge, I’m cranky. :P ) A popup saying half my computer’s corrupted. GAAAAAH, at least I backed up my files.

A don’t need a kick right now. I think I need a bloody good stab(s) with your fork. ;)

I guess I’m kind of thin, but I have to really watch what I eat because I put on weight easily. Some of my friends can eat piles of junk but not even look bloated, whereas I’m more apprehensive (kind of) at places like the cinema, when we eat stuff like popcorn and chocolate, and at parties or sleepovers. It’s not like I’m super strict or anything, because I love eating chocolate, but it’s incredible how much you see other people eating.

My parents know about my website too, but they don’t ask about it. They know I don’t put too much information on there, but I refused to tell them my domain name in case of stalkerism >_< How embarassing that would be.

I don't want to seem like a pest, haha, but I have a question too – for the first time ever for me, FanUpdate is playing up. I posted a new entry about 10 minutes ago and no matter how much I refresh the page, repost it, and check and uncheck the NOW box, it refuses to show! Please let me know if you know what's wrong – even though you use WordPress now, I know you're smart with this sort of stuff so I'd be really grateful if you had any ideas:) Thanks!!

I really need to validate the rest of my site. I didn’t get some things because it said I had… well the character cuts of wordpress characters… but to close the div and it said it was incorrect and I was like WHAT. I will probably have to spend like a weekend on it. After I get the pages up, after my exams. :( I know it is nice, but I still want my content up asap.

It’s good that your family and friends are so supportive of your site, I always see James’ comments near the top few and I am like :’)

Yeah, you’ve done that now and it’s time for the next chapter. Hey, you never know, keep the career in scientific matter book open. :)

I am glad it was you typing the comment haha. :) It’s me too, just in case you were wondering! I know, it would get very confusing if you replied to some and your friend did or even if your friend replied to them all. It would kinda be pointless you blogging and such really. o_o;

My parents aren’t exactly against gays having rights but they aren’t exactly for it. Really, its just my dad, my mom just says, “I copy your dad” lol. So if my dad thinks something, my mom will think it too, for the most part.

Oooo, Chinese? Yeah, I thought you said something about that before… I mean you being Chinese not about James being Chinese.. I said Chinese way too many times lol. Its like a tongue twister.. Chinese Chinese Chinese.

Well, team sports is really all I know. I haven’t done something like gymnastics or something where all eyes will be on me. And thank goodness. I was going to do track, but I quit. 😒

WAHHH no!!! I had your comment all typed out, and then I accidentally hit ctrl+r instead of ctrl+t to look something up, the page refreshed, and I lost it all. It’s a good thing it wasn’t toooooo long. Not like that novel about Ms. ToK :P

Right, now I liked how I started the comment the first time, but it doesn’t quite have the same “effect” if it’s not at the beginning. But here it goes anyways!

/poo , yo. Yeah, I’m cool. But really, it’s way poo-ish that people still didn’t read your blog… Losers. Though I suppose it’s probably impossible to get them to read something about reading before commenting, when they never read them. Meh. Stupid-heads. :)

LOL yes you were there :D GO YOU. You’re special. ;)

Thanks! Bah, my history grade is STILL not posted. And I’m kind of worried about my product team grade, since I wasn’t able to finish my service project… but I was honest with her and told her so! Hopefully it’ll be fine. Besides, I did everything else I was supposed to do… =/

I THINK that’s all I said? OH WAIT something else xD hahaha so in your answer to Gillian’s question about whether you’d rather be skinny or fat, when you said “I wouldn’t mind having smaller boobs,” I was like O.O how big ARE her boobs? xDDD

HAHAHA my mom is sitting next to me at this library table on her laptop, and she looked over at my screen, pointed to your smilies, and was like “whoa how do you get those??”

I said, “They’re my friend’s,” but she heard, “they’re my friends,” so she asked if each one was a different one of my friends. Then I had to explain to her, and she was like O.O how do you GET them? It was just really funny. >.<

Mmk, I’m done now! :D

Of course visitors enjoy reading your blogs! haha, well, at least I do, and I’m a regular visitor.

Hahah thanks.

Really? xD

SMALL BOOBS? :X That made me laugh a bit. You’re so silly! Agh I remember that you clearly bolded “I’ll just ignore your comment” some people didn’t seem to care for that either… /wah Stupid idiots! Gah I realized, I was one of them. I’m not in a hurry right now, so thank god. My mom gave me some free time to go on the computer so here I am. WOW 200 errors?! I’m trying to validate my coding right now on the review you gave meh. /pow

I never heard Soft Skeletons by Anberlin. I’ll listen to it. Hmm how does it go like? 👏 Wow you’re lucky, your mom doesn’t bother you about your site. My mom’s afraid of stalkers. She has to read every blog I post and every page I put up. /angry I clicked again for you at so-pink! Does it count if we clicked two or more times on the same comp? I hope so! Then I’ll have to get clicking!

Gotta go now! :D My little brother is taking a shit and i have to watch him…. it’s disturbing /ehh REPLYING TO YOUR COMMENT:
you Father’s day is in September?! 💥

Wow. Seriously? People left senseless comments on a blog ABOUT senseless comment?! 💥

Honestly, I cannot imagine returning all the comments you get! I sometimes can’t manage to return my measly 10 comments! Haha. Maybe I’m just lazy? *shrugs*

I think you should do this Q&A thing more often. It was actually thoroughly entertaining! /eee

Argh, never mind, it’s posted now! I read your tutorial on it afterwards (didn’t realise there were any:)) and I think it’s because I didn’t recheck the NOW box straight after editing it. Oh well, thanks anyway ;)

Really? People actually left those kinds of comments on your blog, when you blogged about it? Idiots.

Te he, it takes me forever to return comments! Even if I leave little comments, it just takes me so long for some reason. I’m not the best at concentrating on the computer.

Ooo, good luck with the scribbles! Is it just your scanner thats slow? Ours is pretty fast :)

Awww, I would never delete you either, you’re fantastic XD Any party thrown by me is rocking XD Just kidding, I was so afraid it would be an epic fail! The party was amazing! She had no idea and during the speeches she didn’t cry because the speeches were hilarious. Everything was mentioned from butter to Wendy’s the fast food chain.

So how are you?

10 dollars for both people? Now that’s a good deal :3 Wow, I’ve never been in a drive-in theater. That’s pretty cool XD I wonder if they still have some of those places around here. It’d be a nice place to go to on a date. :3

LOL. You will probably end up setting a record with the comments sooner or later. I wonder if it’d be fun to do that, though. Like, try to beat your time everytime you end up having to return the same amount of comments.

Woah :O You’ve had your site since you were 10? or was it a different site? & yeah, when you’re younger you don’t really know the problems with like… giving out your picture or full name and stuff.

Yeah, hehe. omg, javascript is so darn annoying!! /hmph I don’t even know what the heck it’s talking about. I just copied and pasted the codes :P Of course, I did credit the maker. /eee

Same here….I just can’t fall asleep!
Oh yes you have a My parents think I’m just too young 😝 but they allow me to post photos on facebook because according to FB, only my friends can see it so they said it doesn’t matter, lol but they don’t allow me to post it on my website because anybody could see it, like a stalker or some weird guy XD

See you! :D

It’s nice when people return comments and I tend to return all comments but make it obvious if I was pleased or not about what was said.

I do get real lazy returning comments though.

A lot of people, including my mother knows about and she’s fine with it. Everyone including her encourages it because she think it helps me become more independent as a person.(or so I’ve been told)

the q&a thing was fun. :]

Good luck withe everything! Yea, that’s sorta what I have to do. Not a lot of quick updates. :P
Scrible? I think I’ve seen them.. What, do you draw then edit them in photoshop or something? >.<
Well just stopping by… /eee

aw thats cuz some ppl are retarded. no worries. they make the world go round XD

and i was hoping your validation answer would be better than that :( i need to validate my xhtml but ive heard you have a tutorial so ill just check that out XD

Psh, when I told my dad about my site, he was just like, “Cool!” but then never EVER looked at it. XP

Validating anything seems to always take forever, haha.

I agree; 18 is definitely NOT the time to start a family. Yugh!

…Your neighbors threw tomatoes at your brother? o_O Why? Just for the heck of it…?

It feels so awkward to reply to various comments in such short stabs, lol.

Wow you like in Sydney too! Yeah, not many people live in the same timezone as us which can make communicating with people a little tricky at times.

Your not that short! I’m 147cm, but I’m still slowly growing.

Well, I’m more for gays than against them but I’m not exactly for them either. But my parents are more against than for.. so well, we’re edging in different directions I guess. We have this GSA or “One Voice” as we call it, and I’m totally for it, there are gays in that club, and even my kuya is in it [he’s not gay.. at least I don’t think he is.. I’ve asked and so far, nope.] but I like the whole message thing, and I’m edging toward being for gays… its just you know, I wouldn’t actually want to be one.. hahaha, so I guess I’m for it?

My parents are nice to gay people. ^^ It’s not like the go and hate them. We actually have gay relatives… its a topic that is avoided most of the time.

Haha, sports are okay. Eh, I’m not a biggie on them either. But I got into volleyball somehow.

I think a scribble portfolio would be cute. ^^ I love to see what other people draw, even if they’re only…scribbles. xD 😝 Most people only put on more serious bits of art, like CGs or pixels and stuff on a portfolio, a scribble folio would be very fun and unique IMO.
I know you’ve had this said before, but these emotes are adorable. /eee

Anyway, I just wanted to ask you a question: If you ever have the time, could you please do a PHP for Beginners tutorial? I’ve been looking on the web for one but most are so confusing. @_@ And so I thought I’d ask since your tutorials aren’t confusing at all. xD <3

What a coincidence! We’re both short and we live in Sydney. :P

That’s quite cool, haha. Oh and my background is Asian. ;)

Humph, badddd commenters. *tut tut*
My parents don’t mind me contacting people on the internet, but don’t let me post pictures of myself (or at least, not labeled with my name), pictures of other people labeled with their names or my age.
WOOT those are a lot of questions. I’ll just terrorize you with another question /bounce :
# What are your favourite colour schemes for a layout? Why?

Aha , thanks .
That will give me a jump start /bounce .
♥ Thanks !

haha; I like water rides, I don’t find them as scary xD; I suppose some will be but some aren’t LOL; I hate it when you on a fast ride and everyone squishes you! Especially when you’re on the outside, it hurts ):

ooo; well it was fathers day on Sunday here; When is your Father’s Day? xP

LOL; winter breaks are cool! Our summer, isn’t so summery lately; it’s been raining pretty much everyday! But hey! I see some sunshine today…looks like it going to rain though later ):

LOL, the nerve of some people. You even put “I’ll just ignore your comment” at the very bottom too! Maybe they just can’t read /ho Btw, these smileys are so cuuute /eee Hehe!

Ugh, my parents were the same way.. they didn’t want me posting pictures of myself, and they still don’t, but I do it anyways, heh. Neither of them know about my site though, or any of my offline friends for that matter :X

Wow, 200 errors? My site probably has even more than that; I haven’t gotten around to validating my xHTML /ehe But at least you’ve gotten it done! I bet it did take a long time, sheesh!

it is soo annoying!!! the blog is just soo big and together, so i just read what i can and comment about that lol

i was going to copy the comment but i was like nahh nothing will happen lol but it did and its annoying /hehe i still love twilight but i dont think i will ever watch the movie again because i don’t like watching some movies twice because i already know what will happen and if the movie is so dang predictable its really not fun for me anymore but I do own a fansite with some friends of mine, it opens on friday so that’s when my next blog will be lol we’ve being working hard non-stop lol but its fun to work with someone on something. If it’s group projects like in school, then count me out because i don’t like working in groups in school its really annoying to get people to do work and i really hate it when people slack off and act stupid. how did i get from twilight to school?

okay moving on lol
it takes me a while to reply comments because i am lazy, first i reply half then i take a break and come back later lol i am soo lazy!!

i think you get many comments because you’re amazingly nice, your website is freaking interesting and you’re friends with a lot of people who look up to me /hehe

Yah my parents do not want to me to put my pics on the internet either and frankly i don’t want to lol i don’t like taking pictures of me lol sometimes they get scared that I’m giving out information on where i live and stuff on the internet because of how much time i spend on it. My cousin did it once, she gave out her house address to some dude she didn’t know on facebook.

Typical lame people. My favorite part about blogging is the interaction so stupid comments just ruin it.. fun suckers.. ;p

Photography sounds awesome. I would like to see some..

And cleaning and tidying up the site sounds good to me.. I still have to create pages -_- heh. I’m so behind ;p

hi lol I think my friends are more scared of me crashing than I am hahaha and cool you’re learning
yeah there are a lot of crazy drivers on the road I’m one of them XD
lol I did and they were pretty scary
3 hours is suchhh a long time we got sunburned and bored and pissed off haha
ikr! i’m like why are you here? you havent looked at anything

ooh a scribble portfolio good luck with it all sounds a chore scanning in 300 :( :(

I tried that paginating thing too and it didn’t work for me either. Stupid WordPress. /oh You can get a plugin for it though, or you could just do what I do and put the comment form at the top so they don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom. (H)

You don’t really need a lock if theres no one that steals you stuff, lol. Although, you might want one to add a little extra privacy?

Haha, it does sound like the same person. Bad english? Stupid “…” and “:X:X”? We really COULD name names, lol. It’s stupid that even after your last blog, people still leave ignorant, pointless comments. Have some manners and dignity. Geesh!

I started out on Piczo and met some nice people too, some of them I’ve watched improve their skills so much and move to domains and such, as they have done with me. Although alot of them have gave up with their websites and moved on. I miss them. :(

I’m so sorry I just realised I forgot to ask you a question in your last blog. o.O I’ll ask one now, you don’t have to answer it though. *Thinks hard.* Umm.. Do you think everytime you update your site, it improves a little?

Goodness knows how you manage all of your domains, plus making new ones. I have 2 and can barely keep up with them, haha. I could sure use some tips if your offering? lol.

My family’s like yours, they know I have the website but don’t really show any interest. Except for my sisters boyfriend because he’s my host. 👏

I wish I had smaller boobs too, haha. Don’t ‘cha just hate being a girl?

Thanks, Georgina! I really don’t know where I get my discipline from, but whenever I make a plan/goal for myself I tend to either stick with it… or explode from anxiety! Hahaha. *slightly crazy* /eee

Isn’t soda gross?! I used to love it and was a total addict, but the last time I took a random sip it tasted so artificial and nasty. Plus, it hurt my tummy with all of the bubbles. /bash

But seriously, I have no idea what I’d do with myself if I didn’t write!

Yeah, he pretty much is but I adore his parents. I even thought of using earphones but there was no plug on it (or at least not one that I could find) :P Oh well he was always like that… :/

Really? In September? That seems odd to me because I am so used to having it now xD. But you live in Australia right? :)

Oh and thanks for adding me to the queue! :D

how so would things be confusing b/c everyone’s avatar is green?

Blog-hopping. Nice way of putting it :) I would rather be super skinny too, because it is so much easier to put on weight than to loose wieght. Lmao.
I really love your smileys.They are so cute, especially these:
♥ /poo /faw /bash 💥 /type
Did you make them yourself?

Ahh I have missed reading your blogs :). Sorry for the inactiveness finals were killing me last week! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout it is adorable of you and your boyfriend omgoshh!!

And yes I would definitely have to agree that your blogs are ALWAYS interesting and also easy to read because of the size of the text… I find myself not reading blogs if the text is way too small

YES! I’m serious! I HAVE to qwatch him like ya know…push out teh…umm…you know /poo /hehe She doesn’t read comments, thank goodness /bounce YAY I should listen to it sometime! Ohhh and I bought a USB wireless adaptor for my desktop!!! :D YAY now I can go on wireless internet without stupid dial up! I went to Best Buy yesterday with my mom :D

WordPress yay Georgina!!

Haha, I didn’t even notice that it was WordPress last time I commented. WordPress still looks the same as other blogging systems though, I just find it can be easier to manage (unless the database kills itself). Lol. :P The new layout looks great though, and the comments box is different ’cause of WordPress. How didn’t I notice??

My heel’s all dirty now. My mum brushed most of the mud off, but she’s going to colour the rest in with a black felt tip, in case I ever wear them again. Or because she wants them for herself. :)

As if someone left a comment unrelated to the blog after your entry. OMG. What. An. Idiot.
It’s pretty funny though, considering the person didn’t even realise that the blog was based on actually reading people’s blogs. How could you ever get across the message of reading blogs if the culprits won’t read the blog.

AH I realized your blog title is one of the lyrics! ♥

Yeah! :3 It’s the resizing that bothers me. That’s why I decided on Flickr. It keeps your photo quality really nice and it resizes for you! I used to have to resize everything myself or… I’d just upload it to photobucket and take the thumbnail from there. LOL. It works, but it’s such a slow process.

Ooh wow! :o So you’ve had website experience for a long time. Amazing :3 I’ve only been stuck on the whole design thing since 6th grade XD but that was because of the whole Neopets thing.

Yep, it does. :3 LOL a race would be so fun to do. Especially in a huge group. :D We should somehow get a bunch of people with the same amount of comments and see who returns them the fastest or something of that sort!

Oh? What’s a ‘reading cinema’? /huh

heey it’s krystal from, my domain is now open so check it out :D
yeah i know! server problems are sooo annoying! and boring cause you can’t really work on your site, only graphics and stuff /argh teheh

These smileys are seriously getting on my mind. /hehe LOL

Scribbling portfolio? That sounds awesome. :3What’s the name of the “scribbling portfolio”?If it’s a domain… your going to now have 7 domains or so?

Georgia. You really have a thing with domains. xD


Lol yeah, for me too :D Thanks! I finished the dressup thing AND added a javascript game too! If you try it out, you’ll see that the game is a bit….too….well, you have to guess exactly what it’s thinking for it to be accurate…although there are a lot more choises than that. :P Don’t fall into its trap!!

Oh yeah I know that nothing’s private, but at least it’s better than just posting it on a “less private” places :D :D Totally agree.

Youre blog is too long! I’m only reading the first sentence and thats it! Hehe jk.
300 scribbles?! Holy crap. Good thing youre on a break from uni lol XD Least you got somethin to do to kill the time now! Agh I need to work on validating my XHTML. I probably have 2,000 errors on my site. Ewww.
And I knoooow, people are giving this girl so much attention…blah. And so many random people sent me e-mails about it etc etc so I just HAD to write that blog -.-

o.O ! INTERESTING! AND COOL! lmaoo; that is very . . . . different xD

yea, I just like going on water rides, when its like scorching hot! When its cold I would never want to go on the water rides! I hate when it rains like a lot and I have to walk home from school! I get soaking wet !

ooo; I blame global warming! It was the first day of summer on Sunday, and we had a downpour ): This summer seems a tad….wet lol

Hahaha, sweet relief. ;)

Hm, I’ve never used Freewebs, so I can’t say I know what the templates are like. Must be awful. I imagine it to be something like… GooglePages ;P (or whatever it’s called when you create a site on Google; I’m so forgetful lately, lol).

You made me literally “LOL” with that comment about Cutenews eating your comment, Georgina. XD I like you quite a lot — you’re amusing and intelligent; good combo to talk to. ♥

Aiaiai, good luck on finishing the reviews. I’m totally not in a mood for working, haha; however, I need to get a job this summer, and I was going to go to the location to apply, but Dad was like, “You can just apply online,” so I suppose I’ll try that. :P So I’m about to try to find the address of the stores at this bus transit center, but I need to know what all stores are there. So, I might have to go there anyway, lol. XD

It’s about 8pm here. It’s still new to me to be talking to people from all over the place. o_O

Hm, I just checked online and can’t find the location, because it’s the “Highway 99 Transit Center,” and if you Google that, you just get information about highways, not about the bus center. XP

Goodness, I think I’m getting yet ANOTHER sty (I’ve already had like 3 since September). How unfortunate. :(

I love how you called your bus a n00b, lol. I don’t think there’s really anyone needing help — not for serious, college money, anyway (like, doing chores around the house wouldn’t pay big, haha). There’s one family friend that owns a place I could work at — a car lot — but you have to be able to drive, which I cannot. My aunt an her fiancee own a small-town store, but it’s like four or five hours away from my house — not exactly an easy commute, haha.

I know, right? I’d at least like to be informed if I’m rejected. :P

I… uh… forgot what I was going to say. XP

Gahhh it took me SO long to validate my site to xhtml cuz I didn’t really know what I was doing (years ago when I started web designing I didn’t even have a clue about xhtml) and now that I switched to WP, I’m having a lot of validation issues. /argh

Only one person so far knows about my website, and that was by accident 😳 I’m really shy and not ready to show everybody else. Soon enough maybe LOL. I definitely don’t wanna show my parents because that would be awkward, they would probably read my blogs every day. I’m not cool with that.

Good luck getting all of your scribbles scanned, that sounds really time consuming! But really cool, can’t wait to see them!

Yay for long comments. xD *Prepares for essay*

We should go out together! Then we could pry each other away from the computers, or just take them out with us? Haha.

It’s wierd that people can be e.g. right handed but still do things with their left hand. When I was little my mum tells me I was ambidextrous, I wrote with both hands. Guess I kind of grew out of it, but not completely. /bounce

That’s exactly why I do it, I think it looks more organised than if you have a super long sidebar and only a short blog. You don’t have big blank spaces everywhere. 🙄

It must improve, maybe not every day but over time. Compare what your first site was like to this one? (I’m not making assumptions but you can imagine.) Just look how far you’ve come. /ehe It’s the same with other people, except when they think they’ve improved but really haven’t. Your site is like.. an inspiration to many, you must be so proud. ;)

Yeah, God was such a guy to give girls the boobs, periods and babies. -_- It’s so unfair! It’s funny knowing that guys think being kicked in the groin is worse than labour, especially when they react like they do with manflu. :P

I’ve just realised I’ve never actually looked at all of your domains. I’m going to go and have a mosey. I think the only way I could handle all of them domains was to write everything down!

Anyway, talk to you later! “Wahh :X:X” (Sorry, couldn’t resist. :P)

I know that PHP is really good…but I’m too lazy! :P Ooh, that sounds like a good form site :) Thanks anyway!

Yeah the mind guesser thing just…after you’ve done it, you think of all these animals that begin with “k” etc. Like kitten, and kiwi, and you just go “d’oh!!” but you can’t forget the answer that they gave you! /argh

Thanks for your compliment about the dressup game! 👏 I spent such a long time on it, and I’m so glad that you think it’s cute! 😝

LOL MCDONALDS! :D bwahahha. :D Yeah, you’re right. :P

Pretty nice post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. Anyway
I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

Oh darn it. I didn’t think people would notice xP I know I should update more often…it’s just…well, I’ll wait till school finishes :D

Haha it happened to me quite a few times as well, wanting to make a slight change, and the whole layout breaks down. It makes me hit command+z like crazy, before realizing it doesn’t work, so I have to go back to the coding and check what went wrong xD

I really wanna add more stuff on my site. But I just can’t ecer stick to a ‘to do’ list. Goid luck with fixing up your site x

I hate the very idea of driving. So many people just drive crazy; I don’t trust anybody on the road. And I’m so timid, which is apparently bad in a driver, lol.

Ha, if your parents don’t like the way you drive, how are you supposed to get a regular license? I don’t know how it works elsewhere (I feel so… culturally ignorant), but here you have to get some number of hours with a learner’s permit before you can get your license. So if they don’t like your driving, how are they willing to get in the car with you? XD

I understand that, because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings either, but it’s so inconvenient! It bothers me on-line if I apply for something or other, like affiliation or a link exchange, and then I never get a message back. I have to wonder, have they not been on, or have I been denied? Then, since I don’t have a record, I can’t remember whether I’ve applied for that already or not, so then I might go back and try again. XP Heh.