Dismantle. Repair.

It would be really appreciated if you guys could click for me here. I’m up to second place now and it would be awesome if I could at least keep that position! πŸ™‚

And yes, I have obtained some new smilies/emoticons for my blog. Try to avoid going crazy with them; your comment will get marked as spam if you use too many. I got them from Pishie.net a while ago. The website no longer exists, and the owner didn’t credit for the smilies nor claim that she created them so I don’t know who to credit at the moment.

I forgot to mention this in my last blog post but I have cleaned up my affiliates. I didn’t delete everyone, just a few. These people didn’t keep in touch with me and I just didn’t feel very close to them, so they were deleted. I barely even apply to be affiliates with anyone; people apply to affiliate with me, so if you want to, you have to abide by my rules. Sorry. πŸ˜›Β  And I have placed affiliates on a rotation for now, to be fair. At that, I have added some new affiliates – Jules, Carissa and my old friend Vi. I am no longer accepting affiliates after this, unless we already talk online. πŸ˜‰

I converted the owner section to WordPress; you can see the effects of that by visiting the page itself.Β  πŸ˜…

I know website updates get boring to read about but I want to talk about online issues – particularly with ignorant people. I am not targeting anyone, but people really need to learn how to read and get some manners. I remember AnneMarie writing a blog similar to this, but I felt that I needed to address this issue as well.

On numerous blogs I have read, people have left obviously ignorant and careless comments that are not related to the blog. And I’m not going to lie, I have received these kinds of comments myself. You’re commenting on something someone wrote. It’s just rude to leave a comment like “nice site” or “great layout” on someone’s blog. Particularly when the blog isn’t about site updates but perhaps about the person’s (bad) day. Try to be polite and comment on the blog, please. ☺️

I wrote about this in my article on commenting. If someone welcomed you and said hello, or asked you a question, you would answer appropriately. You don’t just say something completely unrelated. With a blog, you don’t pretend you didn’t see it. Why did you come to the website in the first place? Maybe to grab some resources. Then why are you commenting? Did you just click the “leave a comment” link without even reading the blog? That’s just rude.

What annoys me more is when someone leaves a comment, and clearly, they haven’t read properly. If you don’t have something to say about the blog, don’t pretend you read something and make some idiotic comment assuming something. When you comment on someone’s blog, do it properly and with respect.

After AnneMarie posted that blog, she received comments of the very substance mentioned. Rather ironic.

If you’re going to leave a comment like that on my blog, I won’t return it. I mean it. I’ll just ignore your comment. 😐

I’d like to open up a line of communication with my visitors. If you have a question for me that you would like me to answer – about me or my website, ask me in your comment, and I will answer it in a future blog. πŸ™‚

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