Dismantle. Repair.

It would be really appreciated if you guys could click for me here. I’m up to second place now and it would be awesome if I could at least keep that position! :)

And yes, I have obtained some new smilies/emoticons for my blog. Try to avoid going crazy with them; your comment will get marked as spam if you use too many. I got them from Pishie.net a while ago. The website no longer exists, and the owner didn’t credit for the smilies nor claim that she created them so I don’t know who to credit at the moment.

I forgot to mention this in my last blog post but I have cleaned up my affiliates. I didn’t delete everyone, just a few. These people didn’t keep in touch with me and I just didn’t feel very close to them, so they were deleted. I barely even apply to be affiliates with anyone; people apply to affiliate with me, so if you want to, you have to abide by my rules. Sorry. :P  And I have placed affiliates on a rotation for now, to be fair. At that, I have added some new affiliates – Jules, Carissa and my old friend Vi. I am no longer accepting affiliates after this, unless we already talk online. ;)

I converted the owner section to WordPress; you can see the effects of that by visiting the page itself.  /hehe

I know website updates get boring to read about but I want to talk about online issues – particularly with ignorant people. I am not targeting anyone, but people really need to learn how to read and get some manners. I remember AnneMarie writing a blog similar to this, but I felt that I needed to address this issue as well.

On numerous blogs I have read, people have left obviously ignorant and careless comments that are not related to the blog. And I’m not going to lie, I have received these kinds of comments myself. You’re commenting on something someone wrote. It’s just rude to leave a comment like “nice site” or “great layout” on someone’s blog. Particularly when the blog isn’t about site updates but perhaps about the person’s (bad) day. Try to be polite and comment on the blog, please. /eee

I wrote about this in my article on commenting. If someone welcomed you and said hello, or asked you a question, you would answer appropriately. You don’t just say something completely unrelated. With a blog, you don’t pretend you didn’t see it. Why did you come to the website in the first place? Maybe to grab some resources. Then why are you commenting? Did you just click the “leave a comment” link without even reading the blog? That’s just rude.

What annoys me more is when someone leaves a comment, and clearly, they haven’t read properly. If you don’t have something to say about the blog, don’t pretend you read something and make some idiotic comment assuming something. When you comment on someone’s blog, do it properly and with respect.

After AnneMarie posted that blog, she received comments of the very substance mentioned. Rather ironic.

If you’re going to leave a comment like that on my blog, I won’t return it. I mean it. I’ll just ignore your comment. /hmph

I’d like to open up a line of communication with my visitors. If you have a question for me that you would like me to answer – about me or my website, ask me in your comment, and I will answer it in a future blog. :)

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LOL, now I know where you got all those cute emoticons you use on msn from xD Hahaha! Aw, they are so cute! Hahahaha xD Especially this one: /um


I clicked for you! I’ll keep clicking too…^^…Hehehe xD

Whoa, someone’s been very busy with their site indeed ^^.

Omg, yeah it totally sucks when someone leaves a comment and it is totally obvious that they did not read your blog. Eg. that swine flu thing you told me about.

I mean, what if the blog is important? Like “My grandmother passed away today” and then the commenter goes “Hi! What’s up. Nice blog!”

Excuse me, but WHAT exactly is nice about losing a loved one? An irrelevant comment in that case is just insensitive and mean! How insulting!

Gosh is it THAT hard to read a blog? Your blogs are interesting too! HMPH!

Everyone, a little puzzle! What does:
B /um 😰 represent? *bounce*

Hoohoo, you have been busy around here /bounce. Finally, these things I type make sense.

Man, these blogs about sites are hard to comment on /poo


Everyone, a little puzzle! What does:
B /um 😰 represent? *bounce*

Hoohoo, you have been busy around here /bounce. Finally, these things I type make sense.

Man, these blogs about sites are hard to comment on /poo

From now on, all my comments will end in (Y) .


Cute smilies. Hahaha. Pishie.net is owned by ate Ariane, right? Dunno, and I’m not sure, though.
I’m also annoyed when some people do not post a comment related to my post. I mean, they’ll just read the last paragraph and they’ll comment about it. Ugh. The
There were also many bloggers who are ignorant. AAAAAAH.
K, I’m speechless. 😳

Oh, FFS, I know exactly what you mean with the whole ‘tarded commentage … It annoys me to no end. /snort

But at the same time I feel like maybe I shouldn’t complain at all, and just happy anyone bothers to comment on my site, period. /wah

It’s definitely a conflict with me, but still … My major thing is when I take the time to leave a long, detailed comment on someone’s long entry, and they return my comment shortly afterwards — Replying to what I typed on their blog. That’s it. No ‘But anyway, on to your entry!’ Closer to the end, nothing.

It’s quite alright if we’re commenting back and forth on entries we’re both already properly commented on … ((Like when you comment 2 or 3 times on one of my entries! :) ))But otherwise, it makes me rage big time. /angry

Still, it’s a conflict with me, since I don’t really get all that many comments to begin with … At least not compared to you! 😝



These smileys are so adorable. :P
EWWWWWWW –> /poo LOL, who would use that in there comment. :P

I’ve been feeling like that alot lately.
It’s so annoying when people like post a blog about there life, and then this person comes in and says: “Do you like pie”? xD Totally random. And rude.

Ohh, and I clicked for you. :)
I’ll click for you everyday, well if I do remember, hopefully! :D

Hey Georgina! I’m so completely sorry I haven’t commented on your site for a long time – I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been on the computer much for the past couple weeks.

Your new layout is awesome by the way! I guess I missed your layout change blog…
The smilies are adorable too…haha. :P

I don’t actually mind receiving unrelated blog comments…I’m just happy someone actually took the time to comment. haha. /eee Well, as long as it’s something actually related to my site…as Janet said, if it was something like “Do you like pie?” that would totally annoy me. I do think people should make a bit of an effort though; I always try to comment properly because I know how much it annoys other people.

WOOT! Emoticons!!!

I clicked for you, and I will keep clicking XD Yay! I wasn’t deleted, for some reason, I feel proud. I get what you mean by not applying at different places, I want to talk to people first!

I really get annoyed when people leave comments like that, one time someone left a comment saying “Nice site, I’m going to apply to be your affiliate now!” I was a little ticked, wouldn’t you be?

Hehe great smilies! :D

Shumzeezoo, I agree so much. Some people used to comment on my blog and be like, “hey love, how was your day?” when I just blogged about it.
This is my favourite smiley, lmao! : /bash
Look at his likkle face! *awww*

I also clicked. :D And yay for affiliate clean-outs. I may do what Georgia just did, and remove them all and restart the list by getting you to reply. Just waiting for my DNS to change from Namecheap’s to Kya’s… that is right? *worries*

Good luck on those reviews, by the way. :)

ahhh love the new smilies!! ahah they’re so cute ! but i use smilies a lot… ;o /eee
i know! i hate people who just say “visit my site blah blah blah” i don’t reply to those either! it’s so stupid! it’s not that hard to read a blog unless you have problems and can’t read (: lol
oooh really?? somethings wrong with mine now :S they only show like the really cheap ones!

WOOT! These emoticons are cuuuuuuutttte! 👏

Bah, crap commenters. MatMice wa full of it! What’s worse is when they beg you (with a 1,000 word comment) to be affiliates. I used to have a whole line of commenters saying “nice site! visit mine at ___” and another with “can we B affys?!?! Pweeese?” with disgusting chatspeak on some.

Anyway, on a more positive note, WOOT YOU’RE SECOND PLACE! Keep it up! (Y)

Oh! These smilies are so cute! 👏

Luckily I rarely get the type of comments you’re referring to. I don’t think I’m *popular* enough. Hahaha. But I do know what you mean and I agree that it’s just plain rude. Kinda like an idiotic slap in the face… I do think ignoring those commenters would be best! /pow

GAH Thanks so much for the review! I’m gonna work on it now! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s like a dream come true… 🤬 Just kidding! LOL
I know….smileys smilies. Smilies definitely sound better.

/eee Hi Georgina! Woo I haven’t commented on your site in a long time! About the smilies why don’t you just say “those similes were previously available at pishie.net/”?
Ugh your smilies are so cute i want to use them all!!! /faw But about the unrelated comments it really bothers me when some one drops by saying “hey you’re site is cool visit mine!” or advertise their sites, but when they say nice layout or something similar I actually enjoy it, even if i know it’s fake 🙄
And don’t bother replying my comment I haven’t re opened it yet, by the way I know this is a bit late and i’m the last person who says “congratulation on finally figuring wordpress” so i won’t say it i’ll just shut up with shame @_@

Peace out! And sorry for using too many smil ✌️ ies!

No worries, I was only kidding with my all caps question before — I was pretending to be a n00b myself, LOL, because I saw on Twitter that you hate when people ask, ‘OMGZ HOW COME U GOT SO MANI VISITORZ!?1?!11’ 😝

It’s sad, really, why they even bother to ask — I mean, I wondered myself at first, too, I was like, ‘Holy CRAP, she has so many comments on this entry! Howww???!!’ But then after visiting a couple times, I realised it’s simply because you return comments straight away, and you blog near daily, just like you said! It’s simpleeee.

Oh, and your blogs are interesting to read, too! You can’t just type a bunch of boring bullshit and expect people to comment like crazy, haha. Yessummm.

I love these new smilies. Did I mention that?! 💥 /love

Yay, you kept me! I feel special /faw . Haha.
Yeah, I hate it when people don’t read your blog. Once I wrote this blog that took me over an hour to do, and someone just commented ‘nice site’. 💥 .
These are such cute emoticons!
I clicked for you /eee

Woah! Crazy emoticons!!! I love the bomb! 💥 hehe, so funny! But yea, I can see that they’d get annoying, with all the movement and everything.

I hate when people do that. Don’t read your posts… Though I know I can sometimes be a hypocrite. I’ve done that on rare occasions, posting “great site” before. >.< Not so much now. lol. ^_^ (see I'm trying to refrain from using so many of your crazily awesome smiles! lol) 👏

I know what you mean, it is quite a rude thing to do. If you want to leave a comment, then the least you could do would be to read the blog. Unless of course, you already left a comment about it before and are just commenting back :)
I’ve received these kinds of messages before as well. Although not often because most of the times comments like ‘nice site’ end up in the cbox instead of the blog. People find it easier :P

I’ve clicked the link to the contest like 5 times now. xD It’s just, whenever I visit a site, and I see some link or button, I just have to click it.
[Congrats on getting 2nd place, I hope you get 1st!]
Btw, the smilies are awesome! Haha. ♥
Yes, I see your point. I got those comments sometimes. =/ Very annoying, I agree. Good idea. (Y)
✌️ Thuyy

I voted for someone else (H) just kidding, i voted for you ♥ obviously

I’d like to sell them online too (get a larger range of people) but I have no clue HOW to do it. O.o
I have no clue how PayPal works or anything else. Well ok, I get how PayPal works, but my parents really don’t know about my site (they know about it, they just don’t know how involved I actually am). And if I involved financial stuff, they’re bound to find out how in depth I actually am with webdesign…
They’re worried that I’m going to meet some creeper online and get killed, to tell you the truth. Oh and the fact that having a website is distracting and it’d interefere with my studies (hey, i think I’m doing a good job as balancing!… well sorta.) Anyway, that was a tangent! Sorry!

I know what you mean. I do that a lot on tagboards. I mean you can only write so much. And if it’s not that great of a site either I usually say “hey” or whatnot. 😒

I’m so sorry I’ve been careless! I didn’t read the blog, I just woke up, and I had to brush my brother’s teeth /wah Now that I read it, I agree, people drop by and say “Hey affiliate! New layout check it out!” which is literally stupid. “Or just say, hi your site rocks” /cool It’s so dumb! Are you mad at me for not reading the blog? Because now I’m starting to feel a little guilt /um Hmm I’ll check out that article that you wrote! :) By thw way, I voted for you! Good luck Georgie! Yay you’re second! Congrats! Sorry for being such a bad affiliate (yes I am officially guilty) /argh
I COULD notice that the owner section is converted to WP. Since the ending is like this index.php/about-me/
And again, sorry for not reading your blog the first time

To be honest…… THANK YOU FOR NOT DELETING ME. You have been a great, helpful friend, and I’m a crappy person who didn’t read your blog. I should have waited another time to comment…like when I had more time… /argh I’m a hundred percent guilty……

Boys are disgusting. ;D

/faw Thank you! *hugs!* I guess now I’m still 50 percent guilty /hmph Aaah 10 AM?! I guess now it must be almost 10:58
11:00! Since mt time says 5:58 PM yours must me 10:58! *sigh* I still miss that little fist smiley! I love how it shakes it’s fist! O_O You’re welcome! I really hope you win! BEST OF LUCK GEORGIE! :D

I was wondering do you host? =]]

I think I could literally become obsessed with these emoticons. Holy fucking shit, they are fucking darlings. Pardon my french, but it’s the only way I could express my emotions for your emoticons BAHAHA. k, that wasn’t funny.


I definitely agree with your view on those rude, abrupt and unrelated blog comments. The site owner writes a blog for a reason, FOR YOU TO READ IT. Dayum, I’m so smart eh? ;)

Yeah, I don’t understand why people don’t realize that. I get it if you’re too lazy to read it or something, but then just don’t comment at that time. It really pisses me off when I write a long blog that I put effort into, and then all I get it “NICE LAYOUT, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SITE”.. Wtf. No.

People advertising their site on your blog comments is even worse. -.-

Hmm questions?
Ok. :D

1. How long did it take you to validate your XHTML? xD
2. What’s your favourite song?
3. Would you rather be super skinny or super fat and why?

Lmfao, the last one was so random, I ran out of ideas. Leave me alone. :(
Oh btw, my site is still down so you can’t really return this comment. It’s all good, don’t worry about it. xD I just needed to read a blog, so I just read this one and commented.. woo.

I clickied for youu.

Your new smilies are really cute hahah. I love them because when you use them they actually go with your sentence haha.

I agree with commenting on blogs. Some people just comment so you’ll check out there site and they can get hits and blah blah.. kind of ruins the blogging world ; (

Adorable smilies! /eee Ah I love this one — /bash

Anyways, yes I also hate those advertisers/rude commenters who are always like “Hey awesome site, visit mine” I’m am just like “Excuse me?” How rude… >:(

Another thing that people do is they don’t read my rules! Can’t they take the freaking time to read? /huh

I think some people do that whole not read the blog and just comment thing is because they want the hits and the high comment number *cough* lame. I tend to ignore those comments. I mean, I take time to read people’s blog and they return with a “Thanks for the comment, your layout looks cool.” OH GEE THANKS. Btw, you smell like /poo. I just had to fit that in somewhere :D.

What’s even worse is that they read your crappy small EDIT and comment about that. “Nice updates.” Uh gee, my whole blog was about how shitty my day was and you just read my damn edit? Thanks love.

I got kind of tired of receiving affiliate applications. It pretty much flooded my inbox and I only accepted a few. 😒

“Come ‘ere baby, I’ll show you a good time.” 🤤 ehehheeh~

When I installed WordPress, I couldn’t wait to get all the pages in :3. Then again, I am a bit wack.

I guess. ^_^ How does PayPal actually work? Why would they require having your address? They don’t send you paper mail, do they? O.o I know, weird question.
Oh and is there an age limit on it? Like you have to be a certain age or something to have an account? I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a PayPal account, but I know nothing about it… /oh

Heyy Georgina! Thanks for adding me as an affie again. I’ll add you right now <3
And you're right, the new smilies are really adorable. I love this one /pow and this one /um the best! :D :D
Yeah and I hate it when some people comment without even reading the blog that they're commenting on. I read it, don't worry :P, even though sometimes I catch the wrong meaning XD
Good luck with everything! <3

Money is a good idea, but I’m not quite ready for that financially. I’m still saving up, at least to keep so many, once my domain time is up, I can continue to pay for it so I can keep Smashed Dreams.

Ooo, ballet. Ballet is pretty awesome, before I thought it was some lame.. thing girls did to show off their flexibility. But this year I met someone who became one of my super close friends and she happens to do ballet. And it sounds intense, but I’ve watched her perform, and its just amazing. I wish I’d have done ballet, but I can’t just start now, its best when one starts young, right? Maybe if I have kids, I’ll leave that option open… my parents never even mentioned it.

Oo, thanks for the linking to my site. xD But this is a pretty good topic, and I’m surprised, I looked over your comments, and you’ve actually received some of those kind of comments. Really, people what do you think is ABOVE the comment box? Just comments? On what? .. Nothing? Good for you, I really like returning comments no matter how terrible the comment was… but perhaps that is the solution. I’ve recently wrote an article on this topic actually. Perhaps you’ll read it when you’re doing the review. :D

Btw, I love your smilies. xD They’re so adorable. I said that before, but I have to say it again.

Cool. >.< So you could work basically just from your computer?
That's the thing; I kinda need to know more about it… That's good though that you don't have to connect it to your bank account or anything. *whew* lol. So it works for you, huh? I'll take another look at it. :D

I know this is a weird question, but do your family/freinds know you own a website? are they supportive?
None of my friends know and I’m interested to hear about other people’s stories on this :) My mum knows though. I told her my site is a blog, it is but it’s kinda not aswell haha.

That happens to me ALL the time lol…it’s kinda weird /argh The new page is beautiful!

How are you btw? Besides being annoyed by people that just comment like that lol. I just had a major nose bleed /wah I think it’s stopped now lol

So the smilies are public domain then! I love public domains! But you claimed them first so I guess it belongs to you? I’m so confused… /bash
I hate comment like that! That’s why I kept a little milkbox, LOL. Because in the milk box, anything goes. /bounce
I clicked for you! 2nd place, way to go! 👏
You know how there is “Home” and “About” on my theme? How do I add “Visitor” and such? (BTW BTW BTW I am going to credit you in a bold font for helping me in almost… everything! Then put sparkles around it. LOLLLLLzz.)

Seriously? O.O I’d kinda feel like I’m stealing from you (as well as that sounds) /um
Yea, I think I’ll try it though, see how things work out. /eee
I’ve been thinking of doing paid advertising. idk… >.<
Anyway, *yawns* it's late, so I'm going to hit the pillows (I love my bed! I just got a new quit. It's so soft and downly!) hehe. 😴
Thanks a ton! ^_^

cool. i have always wanted to know what people do about that. i dont think i will tell my friends though. they are pretty vain/ anti nerd haha.

Your articles are really good, I enjoyed reading them ^^ There were some I felt were unnessecary, if I can remember correctly, but for the most part: good. /bounce

Do you happen to know how much a domain costs about. I think that’s what I’ll save up for now. Hahaha, forget the programs, I’ve realized that the program I was saving for isn’t making me buy the program…sooooo I think I’m okay. But my next project was saving up for the domain. I keep forgetting to ask my host about that lol.

Yeah, returning comments like that.. too tempting, I’ve ignored some but some.. I have to comment back. I don’t know why, its like this nagging feeling that I HAVE to comment.

10, thats still young. I’m a teen… I don’t think it would work out because high school and everything and well, who would want to teach me? Eh, I’m too busy anyways, and it’ll hurt.. stretching my body like that. It’ll be like hitting myself with a hammer… /bash okay, not really but I saw the smilie and thought it would be a good similie, please ignore my terrible rambles.

The irony of Ann Marie’s blog is quite amusing, lol.

Now I’m concerned about where I should talk to you on your site, though. I don’t see any way of contact other than the blog, so where do I go if I want to start a random conversation, or something of that sort? @_@

Still loving the emotes! :D

Hrmph, people can be stupid about that. What bothers me the most is when I leave a really long comment on someone’s site and then they comment back on mine with just one or two sentences vaguely replying to my comment and not referencing my blog post at all. Lame. Sometimes I’ll reply with another long comment just to see if they’ll leave a decently-sized one in return… care to take a stab at what my results typically are? Yep, exactly.

Oh, I see!

By the way, I’m attempting to change most of the things that you mentioned were a bit flawed in my review. ;) I’ll make sure that my next layout (I’ve been sitting here for an hour waiting for inspiration to strike) has fewer columns and such. :)

I can’t stand it when people say, even on a tagboard, “Vote for me!” or “bloghopped” or “dropping by.” XP I understand that commenting on a tagboard can be a way to get hits, because I do that sometimes, but surely they could say something with substance? …*worries that she might be being unwittingly hypocritical*

I’m on my review page right now, re-reading it to find out what else I need to fix, haha. ;)

I had this fabulous idea… in theory. I was thinking I could do some sort of swirly scribbled border for the content box… and then I realized that I didn’t have the patience to pixel the swirls. XP Now I’m distracted and out of it… our “neighbors” (friends that live upstairs; we pretty much live in a basement) are celebrating the wife’s college graduation with a big party that is STILL GOING ON. I’m not tired yet because I’ve only been up for like twelve hours, but it’s getting quite late… nearly 11:15PM.

I’m watching all these children’s shows on TV right now because there’s nothing else to watch, and I keep seeing all these cute animals and trying to figure out if I can scribble them. Turns out, scribbling is pretty hard on a laptop when you don’t have a mouse. :/

I have to ask you, though… is there a way to hide sideways scrolling without using the overflow-x property, which apparently doesn’t validate?

Oh well of course! It’d be horrible to have a 1000 word review of how horrible a site is. Heh. I love being a grammar Nazi when I’m not lazy, though. It is really annoying to find HUGE chunks of mistakes on a page. It really shows they so didn’t read it after they posted it. I may be a slight hypocrite while I’m typing this. :P

It’s no problem :D I blog and then I return comments, but then again, I don’t have many to begin with LOL. & you should make that text area required :O but don’t say it’s required. That way people will have to go back and check. I doubt that person read the rules anyhow if they didn’t even link you. :x I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to read a simple list sometimes.

GOODNESS, YES. I’ve seen so many blogs about the commenting thing but I never get tired of seeing it as long as it’s SO TRUE. D: I can’t stand it either. I mean, I try and see if they’ll say something a tad bit longer than one line if I give them a decently typed comment, but no. They even ignore that. I just don’t get it. :/

When I comment on a site, I go through every single paragraph. Like, I literally do :P Sometimes my comment is like… one paragraph commenting on just one paragraph of the blog. LOL. I think I like to talk too much via comment. Come to think of it, this comment is getting pretty long. D: oops.

Oh and the worst thing about the commenting thing? It’s when your affiliates do it x__x I mean, if you leave them a nicely detailed comment and they give you back a couple one-liners? It just really makes me feel like my blog was terribly boring and it’d probably kill them to read it. D:

Now that I think about it, it could be overflowing because — when I try it on my current layout — of the way I’ve styled my titles with the pink background. Perhaps? I guess I’ll see, lol.

Our “neighbors” are actually friends of the family — like, my dad was friends with the guy (Richard, aka Rich) back when he was in high school, and when they decided to move to a different state, they asked us if we wanted to live with them. We’d been living in an apartment and they were going to get a two-story house (not two-story really, because the bottom is a basement, but the basement can fully function as a house), and we’d be sharing rent and all that… so I guess it was just a better deal. o_O Anyway, I had Gordon and a friend over to hang out with me for a bit, but they’re still being so rambunctious because they’ve all been drinking and it’s kinda pissing me off. -_-

Wow, what a monologue. Hope you enjoyed my background story, haha; I tend to go off like that a lot. XD

omg i would love to be on break, pity work doesnt have breaks *pouts* i think i have had a few blue layouts but i have always stuck with green lol. blue is nice and fresh though.

Yup! :D That’s usually the reason. It’s always cool to read people’s short stories about one paragraph though. It’s nice to know at least someone out there relates to a tiny thing on what you said.

You’re right… LOL. Okay, note to self: keep bitchy reviews to as little words as possible but still get to the point! I need a whole lot of notes :P it’s like learning stuff in school except the stuff in life/online are the things you’ll actually use. 😝 < heh, that smiley is so cute. :D

I guess that goes to show how much she even LOOKS at your site. :P If she bothered to check around it like an affiliate should, she’d notice she’s not even your affiliate anymore. XD I had an affiliate a couple weeks? (or was it a month ago) that like… she apparently thought I was only interested in her blogs and that she only had to talk to me about them. She NEVER commented on what my blogs were about and I pretty much got tired of basically a one-way commenting thing. I comment a decent amount on her blogs and she doesn’t even read my blogs.

So my next “milkbox” will be the “sewing machine”, or something… can you think of a nice name related to stitching/patchwork? I’m crap at those things! :P
I don’t think you’re the only one to use them, since they are so “uber” awesome and “1337” (WTF?) who wouldn’t use them? Other than people who never heard of them (like unlucky me, ugh ugh UGHHHH!!)
Thanks, I’ll make the pages now! I can’t wait!! /eee But I still have to convert all the pages, haha…
How are you?

Hey georgina!:D Congratulationlas on the 50th comment. As I came to comment about your blog I saw 50 comment already there. Wow. Hopefully your bothered to read this comment. lol

Hope you win the competition. And I love the new selection of smileys. And way to keep up with always changing the layouts. This one has to be the most sweetest!:D I love the little slogan thing. Its sweet.

Yeh I also get pissed when people don’t read the blog and just comment saying something along the lines of “great site wanna be my affie?” or like “love the site would you like to check out mine…” arghhh it can piss off someone so much from time to time. Theres a tagboard for things such as that.

MORE DOMAINS!? O_O My dad said that I can have a few more domains but I can’t think of ANYTHING. My scanner is being an ass and it’s not working. When I try to use it, my PhotoImpact dies (which is the only crappy thing I have to make graphics other than the ever so crappy Paint) and it makes this scary “RAWRRR!” noise that sounds like a perverted man. You’re lucky to have a working scanner, see? /um But good luck with scanning them!
Button box? That is so cute, thanks! /faw

Haha yeah, summer break /eee Kat and I go to the same school, we’re in the same grade, if you didn’t know. /hehe Hehe, that’s probably why :P

You’re right…being ignorant is much worse :P I hope no more ignorant people read your blog and go /pow . lol.

Facebook is pretty boring in my opinion, I just use it to chat with my friends as MSN is sort of…hacky. People could hack into your account very easily, and not everyone has Yahoo Messenger and that kind of stuff :P

I know right?! You can never be too old for parks. I have seen plenty of adults playing in ball parks… with their children. But whose to say I wasn’t with my younger sibling or something so shoo kids. :(

Yeah, I got tagged a fair few times but I am not doing it again because it would just be the same apart from the people I tagged. Haha thanks, I think my handwriting is quite boring though.

I don’t like it when you got to a website and see they are using something but then they don’t have credits. I mean I know I don’t have a page up at the moment thanks to wordpress going aywol, but I have that thing on my sidebar. :(

The last two years here are 12 and 13, but that is usually called college. Ah, it’s so confusing. XD So you went from science, to art? Nice. :) I doubt I will choose art, we had a supply teacher and she put me right off talking about all the stress and pressure she had. :'(

UGHHH. JUST UGHHH. I remember me blogging about things that annoy me in web-design and the very first one was the comments like you mentioned in your blog. I too got one saying something like ‘nice site, check out mine’ and I was like ‘Hmm how ironic’ and confronted the person and they said ‘it was my friend.’ :|

Haha I know that blog name from somewhere. :P What made you write that? :S

Thanks to your twitterings, you reminded me… TRUE ABOUT THAT HOSTING SITE! O_O It even advertised on my site. Go check out the chatbox. ASDFGH. Like, WTF?

I see you cleaned up your affies. :P (She keeps her promises, she keeps them) XD

Last 4 exams for me! OH AND I GOT THAT PS3! xD Yesterday! @ 11:28AM… something like that :P Woo! I got 2 games with it. Ordered another one online… Going to buy a cable for it next Wednesday (day after my finishehed exams) for my LCD TV so that I can have total HD gaming. Lovin’ life atm! xD

I wanted to tell you summink else but I forgot… ASDFGH!

Haha thank you for your thoughtful spamming, Georgie. :3 Hehe, it made me laugh. Though yehee, it is cool that you posted first since… like, April. XD

/cool 💥 /bash

They are MY FAVOURITE SMILIES. Though I still feel bloody sorry for the one getting his head attacked, lmao.
I liked my little milk carton thing, hehe, so I don’t wanna change it. The only problem is, I have ‘Ephemeral Days’ in big on the original version… oh dear. And it’s in pen. O_O
Shumseesoo. I’m installing FanUpdate right now and it’s sorta boring, lmao. I do miss it though. :(

Have you ever listened to Tokio Hotel before?

Maybe. I did try that butttttt the colours went mouldy. *nods* Even if I did erase it, theeeeeeen I have no idea how to write ‘fluoresce.org’ on it, lmao. XD

Nonononnononononononnooooo, I am not ready for WP girl. :P I’m a little inexperienced for that, lmao.
Shumseesoo. He. They’re pretty good, yups.

I hate ironing. :( I burn myself every single time. XD

LOL. <3 <3 <3
OMG, I never knew that. xD

Haha, so you WANT rude comments? :P

/poo <<– hehehehhe
👏 <<– WTF is this guy doing? Slapping his face
/ehe <<– And what about him, is he like MENTAL?
:O <<— Is he like taking in air??

lmaooo… Jokes. :)
The smileys are, I love 'em. I just love 'em. :D

🤤 I loove these new emoticons lol Hii Its michael aww ok when your bored apply for advertising lol hows wordpress, i was the one who told you to move wasnt i /poo HAHA poo poo! /poo 💥 /hehe /hehe /hehe /hehe /hehe /hehe Lol! Love Michael

omg i am so bad at returning :(
love these emoticons :D
yeah it is a long time i hope i did well too i tried so hard on it i want to be recognised for that dammit LOL
aww thank god he wasnt a rest for you :)
LOL i had an awesome time thanks
thankyou and my feet are much better thanks :)
i totally agree with the commente i’ve got 2 annoying ones atm one i got was whats up
the other said wanna be advertised, join this
i’m like ¬.¬

i obviously cannot spell comment FAIL

/kiss :::: Wow, that emote is sorta wierd. :S

Hehe yay, FanUpdate is being nice to me and is showing my smilies! ^-^
Awww thanks. :P I’ll try, lmao. XD

Man, that is annoying. :( I hope you’re doing good though. How’s uni and such? :)

i like your new smileys! heehee. especially this one: /eee
anyway, yes i understand you about those comments. i get comments like those too, and it’s really annoying. on the first few weeks, i ignored them and i still returned the comments..but then it was getting worse so i stopped returning those types of comments. rarr.

Hey Georgina! How have ya been?
Lol, your new smilies are cute XD
I understand what you mean about the whole commenting on blogs :S I don’t really “blog” about my life that much though…mostly just website updates cause I just think people would get bored of reading about my life…I’m a boring person haha. But ya, anyways, I do find it a little annoying when I take the time to write a whole page of stuff thats been going on in my life and then there will people some people who just write “nice layout” or something. I mean, yeah, I like the compliments but that’s what my tagboard is for! Blah.

PS – Smiley SPAM to celebrate your new smilies! These are my 3 favorites:
/mwah /poo /wave

:love: hiya!

It really sucks how the bug repellent does not work /hmph . I put it on every hour; and I still have about 5 bites on each finger.
The only way we’re going to do a vlog together is at my bday party:) That’s the only time I can bring my camera; sadly, not at school . *errr that stinks*

I know he was a bit mean but I am over it now that I got to rant about him on my site. I think it was just the sheer shock and then his not being remorseful which left me in more shock. He is a big meanie bum. :(

I love it when you see people using your stuff and then there you are in their credits… HOWEVER when they do not credit and use your stuff, it is a totally different story. Speaking of resources, I should really put mine up. :(

Well it’s an unusual path to take but still, if you changed your mind on what you want to study then~ Or do you still enjoy sciences?

Yeah, they said it was their friend who commented on it and that their friend didn’t know what to put on comments so she told her to put ‘hey nice site visit mine’. Well why is her friend commenting for her? Or am I missing the point here and should get my friends to reply for me? No thanks. Yeah, I agree, compliments are nicely received if they take time to read what you have to say. :(

GAH but still I miss the fist smilie! /wah I guess I have this smilie: /argh and this: 🤬 OOOH POW POW /pow
Haha lol Okay doke, now I still 0% guiltiness! :D

I completely agree with you. It’s so annoying to get these mindless comments. It’s essentially spam, to be honest. I recently wrote an article on this topic after feeling particularly irked by receiving numerous comments unrelated to my actual blog. I was delighted to see that I was getting comments from new people whose blogs I had read and commented on recently, only to find out that what they left me had no relevance to my blog. Like you said, it’s kind of rude! I’d rather get only 3 comments than 20 if most of them are going to be mindless crap. I feel like some people just don’t understand how inconsiderate this is. I know that after receiving many comments like this from a single person, I simply stop going to their site and reading their blog. If they’re not going to take the effort to read my blog, why should I read theirs?

I just finished writing my comment and then i click submit and my computer decided to be stupid and internet just stopped working. I re type everything again lol.

I will most definitely pick HSM over Twilight any day. I love Twilight but I’m already hooked on HSM lol. I got the smiles from Vicky :D I’m glad she got a color that fits lol

when I really want to write, my hand writing is small but easy to read but when I’m in a hurry, its just big and sloppy like in my blog but I’m glad you guys like it still.

I do the commenting thing sometimes but thats when I do not really have anything to say and their blog does not really appeal to me. I try to relate to it sometimes but at times, I just do not know how to.

Like your blog, I can totally relate to that, some people write blogs that has no meaning what so ever and sometimes i just do not want to even read it. Some blogs are just together, one big whole paragraph and its really long and its just soo ugh i don’t want to read it lol

THANK-YOU. that comment was very helpful, haha.
oh…winter for you. hah sucks.

I clicked for you! :D Good luck int he contest, and I hope you win! /bounce

Ugh, those kinds of comments just annoy me. They could at least say one thing about what the person blogged about. /hmph Imagine someone blogged about the death of a family member, and you commented, “Hey, great site. Come visit mine!” -facepalm- That would have been retarded.

Haha, I love the Amy girl who commented asking if you hosted. It’s so ironic that she just happened to ask you that question when you blogged about the exact thing she just did. 🤬

Oh, and I’m in love with your new smilies. /love They’re so adorable! /eee

lol, as for me, I just don’t like kids. -_- It makes me feel kind of evil sometimes. :/ One of the other reason I’m scared is, yeah, the pain, but another big one is that since I’m diabetic, I would have to be *extra* careful with my blood sugars, keeping them within a very tight range, or else the baby could be born with all sorts of defects. It could even be diabetic. XP

It would be so nice if everybody could be nice to their neighbors like they apparently used to be decades ago… at least here. o_O One time, our next door neighbors had somebody break into their vault and steal like jewels or something, and the guy that lives across the street from us told the police that it could have been my dad because “his friends were over that night.” XP Just because they happen to be big and scary-looking (lol… they play/listen to death metal music), he mentioned that, and the police came snooping around the house *purposely* when I was the only one home and started asking me questions and taking things like cigarette butts from a bucket outside the front door. Even though the neighbors who had been robbed knew that it wasn’t my dad — we’re friends with them — apparently it took forever to convince the police that it wasn’t him.

This is the same neighbor that lets his dog run through our yard whenever they go on walks. He usually runs right through my dad’s vegetable garden. We kind of hate him, ha.

I need to be careful on this comment, ’cause I have a habit of over-using emoticons. :) They are lovely though, and they’re animated. How can I resist??

I haven’t commented you in ages, I miss reading your blogs. I’ve finally finished school though, so I should be getting my website back on track. Notice the word should. ;) Lol, another smiley.

I don’t like comments that just say ‘Nice site’ ’cause it’s as if the person hasn’t even considered reading your blog. That’s what it’s there for, we don’t just write blogs for people to scroll to the bottom of them and click comment. Or on my blog scroll to the top, or not scroll at all.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I’ve tagged you, read my blog for details. Unless you’ve already done the tag in which case ignore me. :P

Yeah :P when I write a review, I have to have several windows open so I can check whether or not I’m saying the right thing. I’m horrible at coding, so of course I’d need all the references I can get. xD

Ew… the copied and pasted comments. :x I don’t get what’s the point of doing that. I mean, at least comment on the blog and then leave a little note at the end of the comment that says that the site is going on hiatus/newlayout or something D: I hate it when affiliates give me those copied and pasted comments.

I think 1.5 kilometers is more than 1.5 miles… it’s too bad I didn’t pay attention when we were learning this in math. XD But wow! My friend didn’t want to walk that far so we spent money D: she said we would’ve taken 2 hours to walk that far since we walk so slow.

Well, The Proposal is a new movie :D it just came out a couple days ago? I think. When it comes out on DVD you should definitely watch it! :3 well, if you like romance-comedies. & actually, all those movies I watched are pretty new movies, since they’re still in theaters.

Oh well let’s see if I can make it sound a little bit more clear :D it’s not all “mystery”-ish, it’s like… the guy is trying to solve clues? it’s more like a huge chase. & I think anything with blood and fighting is a bit gory LOL even though it was only one scene XD I actually haven’t watched Supernatural. :o My dad says I should watch it, but I just don’t get what it’s about.

i get that sometimes on my site.. not often though haha
ppl just totally ignoring everything i’ve typed and just tag and go ‘ i love the colours in ur site’
‘comment on my site please i love yours /love /love ‘


anyways I’VE CLICKED FOR U TOO!! holey moley you’ve already got over 1000 clicks O__O YOU KNOW ALOT OF PEOPLE WHO CAN CLICK FOR YOU!!!! lol
but yay i hope you wiiiin haha /mwah

LOL hahahhaa so you havnt really seen jeanette at all or anything? :P i havnt seen heaps of my high school friends in ages :( :( especially jeanette lol… i honestly havnt seen her in about……… a year………… or so……… OMG I FEEL SO BAD LOL i need to contact her!!!! haha

so what will you be doing over the holidays? and how long are your holidays? …… my holidays will start at exactly 4pm today AFTER MY EXAM OMG lol…. hmm yes i have an exam and yet i’m commenting on peoples sites ✌️ ✌️ lolll

Oh yay, I’m following you too hehe. :) I need to remember to put more stuff on there — I only got it yesterday and I keep forgetting to do so.

I agree with what everyone has been saying about comments, it’s hard to get a comment like ‘nice layout’ … Ugh. I just don’t return those, cause they aren’t worth the time! I like talking back and forth so I get to the point where I see their gravatar and name… then I get excited because I know just who it is and don’t have to remember. So getting to that online friendship level is always nice!

oh PS; this IS bre from myclementine, I just got my new domain up!!! [didn’t want you to think there was another bre or something hehe]

Haha, thanks ;) I know the quality is horrible! :/

Yeah, she also lives in my neighborhood….joy. She also goes to my school another joy. Once I got really mad at her and I threw a water bottle at her head. I did miss and it broke on the ground. I know that sounds really immature but I did do it. LMAO xD

Yeah I my director also lives close to me so my mom and her were talking on the phone today. She wasn’t mad at me yay! My mom said that I forgot to wear the jacket but I really just didn’t feel like it haha :D

awwh thanks /eee oh gosh i just love that smilie ;D
i’m almost done!! just adding a couple more tutorials and some pixels! unfortunetly the servers down :S so i can’t work on it until its up again aghh! lol

thanks ;D i once went to this site where there was all this spam and it was just like “visit my site” and i was like wow :P /angry

You need to paginate your comments or something because I have to scroll down wayyy to far. @_@

Hmm… credit the website anyway and just say that it’s closed now, I don’t know either, haha.

I think I deserve a lock on my door because I’m 19, live at home with my younger sister (who steals all my stuff) and my boyfriend who stays every weekend. Took alot of begging but I managed to persuade her to let me. :)

I think it’s good that you have your affiliates on a rotation. Makes it fair because you have so many of them but now they all get a chance of being on your homepage? No one can complain that way. 👏

I’m glad somebody named and shamed the bad commenters. (Well, not really named but you know what I mean. xD) I don’t mind if someone comments on my site, just as long as they comment the blog too. Just like I would do with theirs. I once got one that said “Wahh happy new layout.. :X:X” What the hell? LOL.

I don’t want to say this but it’s mainly Piczo-ers beause they’re used to commenting on the site rather than the blog – I used to do it myself before I learnt the wise ways of the world. :P But then again I never commented on blogs, just Piczo sites. But now I know, hopefully, how to write a proper comment, and I hope they learn soon too so we don’t have to put up with them anymore!

Oh I forgot the ones that comment saying “Please vote for me here…” Why would I do that? You can’t even be bothered to comment on my blog. Sheesh.

Anyway, rant over. xD

Woah…83 comments O.o You’re very popular, Georgina! :P
Yeah…POW. lol I thought that would be funny if I put that in, so I did /eee

Oh I never used MSN you see, because several of my friends used it and got hacked so I didn’t dare :P Maybe the people find Hong Kong (where I live) servers easier to hack..? :P I dunno.

YES, i dislike the comments that say ‘Visit my site!’ orrr ‘Vote for me’ … especially when I have no idea who they are? psht!

But yes, I’ve had my gravatar for the past year so I guess it’s recognizable now with the people I talk to :) :)

Thank you though! AND, i’m going to follow you on twitter as soon as i sign on next heckkks yes!

Ooh well that doesn’t sound too bad now. :o Walking about a mile? Hmm… reminds me of my PE class where all the kids who refused to dress out in their PE clothes had to walk a mile on the days we ran it. I can’t believe it takes them like the whole period to walk it. D: Is it that long?

3 years!? :O Well, at least you save money by not going to the theaters. :D It’s so expensive to pay to watch just one movie. I haven’t seen that movie, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I might’ve watched a few minutes of it, but it seemed a little odd to me. Is it a good movie?

Ooh more ghosts and stuff :D well, at least it’s not more vampire stuff. I’m getting tired of seeing so many vampire books and such. Ahhh, it sucks having to start a TV series when it’s already on like season 4 or 5. That’s like 5 years of episodes to jam in. :3

XD /hehe

Okay but seriously:

Your posts from four years ago are so different from these of today. And if you ever retire these would it be weird to ask if I could use them yes okay got it.

/bash /heart

That’s just because I was super temperamental, bitchy, and just angry most of the time. My posts were really directed towards an audience (I guess I was trying to include my readers somewhat) and I wrote for them. I can’t pick out when my writing style changed, though.

It’s a bit embarrassing looking back.