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I’m blogging again, as fast as possible (maybe) because James has an exam tomorrow and has to sleep soon. Wish him luck! :)

Speaking of exams… I don’t have any, as I probably mentioned in previous blogs. It’s what you get from doing an arts degree I suppose. As in a Bachelor of arts – I’m not doing arts in specific. I’m doing communication. I know I repeat myself so many times but best to clarify it for those who don’t know. :)

Not having any exams is a weird turn for me, because it means that all my assignments are worth a lot more towards my final grade. And also because in high school I was so used to having exams.

I did three science subjects, so I usually ended up having ten or eleven exams in the two-week period. Amongst my friends I was the one with the most exams. Some of them only had five or six.

And here I am in university with no exams. :P

One memorable thing about the exams in high school is that we could take in some candy/lollies to eat. “Brain food”, as we called it. It was quite funny discussing the matter, because some people had no idea, and they would ask, “What kind of food can we take in? Anything?”

Well, almost anything. You could take some gum, chocolate, lollipops and gummy bears. I suppose it would be okay to bring some chips in (I would find the noise of the crisp and crunch annoying, personally). But I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate in the examination if someone was continually munching on chips.

Candy and lollies were definitely safe, and fine. As was water (but that’s drink, and a different matter). I remember laughing with one of my friends who asked, “So, is it okay if I bring a bowl of noodles and soup, and just eat it in there?”

Heh. Bringing food into an exam was the norm at our school, with the exception of practical exams when you had to do experiments or play an instrument (depending on what subject you did, really). It really helped me because it fuelled my brain.

It couldn’t be considered cheating, I don’t think. Even though my friend mentioned that you could use food colouring to draw a diagram or write a mathematical formula on a cookie or something.

There was this one time I cheated in a mathematics test and wrote a formula on my eraser. No one seemed to notice, and I had the smallest writing. It sure helped to do that. I’m glad I didn’t get caught. Heh.

I don’t know what exam conditions are like outside of where I live in Australia, or even in other parts of Australia, especially on the subject of food. So are you allowed food into exams? What kind of food? Or no food at all?

Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check my chest again; the lesion I had has become slightly bigger but is otherwise non-cancerous. :) I haven’t had anything else interesting happen but I thought I’d mention that. :)

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Eeeep! Exams! Good Luck to James =)

Omg, I totally remember that. I was the one who took 13 units in HSC, and you had more exams than ME. LOL! Ironic, much?

Lucky you! No uni exams! Uni exams are totally evil! We’re only allowed water in ours =( No food. There’s a big sign in front of some of our rooms saying ‘No food or drink allowed”. *Tear* So mean. I’m always so hungry after exams. They’re draining…@-@

Hehehehehe. Kat brought lollies into the HSC =) I didn’t xD LOL.

God! If someone were crunching all through the exam, I would either throw my pen at them or walk up to them and whack them hard with my exam paper! How IRRITATING! Grrrr!!

Yay for brain food!

LOL! You WROTE A MATHS FORMULA ON YOUR ERASER? Hahahaha! Bad Georgie! That’s kind of funny though xD

I was always too scared to cheat…=S…

Yay for your legion being okay =) Even though it’s slightly bigger…=@ How mean of it! But I am glad the ultrasound is okay =)

Ngawwee! Thanks Wuggs :3

No food for me during exam :( And it’s 3 hours!

Damn, I should’ve brought in a full steak dinner or something to the HSC :D With fork and all

Woo! It’s benign :D *hugg* yay!

♥ i better sleep 😰

Me too, I don’t mind doing chores once I get going, it’s just getting started that’s the worst, haha. It means I have to get up off my lazy behind. xD

That’s fair enough if you go to university, I didn’t pay it either when I was in college, but now I’ve left so I have to. >.< Though I hope to be moving out soon.

Exams are the worst! Good luck to James. :)

You were allowed food? That's so unfair! We weren't allowed anything whatsoever. Not even.. gum. (Though I sneeked it in sometimes. :P) I suppose they thought it would distract us or we could write on the packaging or something. :S The only thing we were allowed was a bottle of water, but only if we ripped the label off and made sure it had a sports cap. (So it didn't spill over the exam paper if we knocked it over.)

I never had exams in college either, I did a BTEC so it was all done through coursework, like yourself. I find it better that way, no stressful exams at the end of the year. :P

It was kind of wierd for me too though, because everyone else was stressing about them and I was like: "Yeah, it's cool. (H)" I felt like I should be worried too? But it was still nice to not have to worry about my own marks.

Wow, no exams? Lucky you! I was envious of those who had no exams but just final papers or projects; they could get them done early and go home for the summer, instead of waiting around until the last exam days if they happened to have a class with an exam late in the schedule.

I don’t think we’re allowed to have food at our exams, only water. I guess we’re technically never supposed to have food, since classes and exams both take place in auditoriums typically, where no food is allowed. (We eat in class anyway.) We weren’t allowed food for our high school exams, either. But they were only 2 hours each so it wasn’t like we’d starve.

The only time we were allowed food was during the SAT, an exam required if you want to go to college/university. There would be a break in the middle of testing and that’s when you eat. All other times your food had to be kept away. It was also like that for Advanced Placement testing, I believe; however, my school provided snacks and water so no one ever brought any of their own. These exams were like 4-5 hours so I guess that’s why they made time for eating.

Yes, so far I haven’t shared the name with anyone but my host I guess hehe.

I’m a Bachelors of Fine Arts student, so I definitely hear ya with the no tests thing. Plus I’m in art so there’s no way we can have a final test hehe, just projects. :] YES for us!

I used to bring food into tests too! Mainly mints and such so I had something to suck on hahaha. Gah, I haven’t taken an important test for SO freaking long… I’ve started getting lax on studying though, which is bad, but oh well.

I hope I’m not killing you here (x_x)

So I added myself as a new user to the MySQL database on Dewey’s cpanel, and reuploaded the files onto my directory, but when I go to the install page I get this message

***You currently have FanUpdate version 2.2.1 installed, so you do not need to run this installation script; your database should already be configured to run FanUpdate 2.2.1. DELETE this file from your server and continue on to the ADMIN panel.***

So then I go to /fanupdate/index.php and I enter in my user info I created but it just logs me into Dewey’s blog. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Do I need to make a new database?


I personally loved it when I didn’t have final exams in school. I don’t perform well on tests, so when my grades were purely based off assignment I always got a higher mark.

Food during exams?! Dude, I’m so jealous! Schools here in CA definitely do NOT let us bring brain food. If they did, I would’ve been a very happy girl. Haha.

I’ve been so wrapped up in my new domain! I’m so glad to hear that your lesion is non-cancerous :) And good luck to James!

In my college I’m pretty sure there’s no way you can get out of having exams! lol. Unless the professor decides to have a final project instead. The fall and spring semesters are about 13 weeks long and then the 14th week is just dedicated to final exams. And somewhere in the middle we’re supposed to have midterms.

In my high school some teachers let you bring sweets in for tests, but it wasn’t that often. In my college you are allowed to eat in class unless the professor states otherwise.

There is a little tip I heard in regards to eating chocolate and doing better on exams – eat chocolate while studying, and then eat chocolate while taking your test/exam and it will help you remember and improve your score :)

wow georgina you blog really late hahah.

but anyways … thats so strange………….. when i did the HSC last year we couldnt bring foood…. any type of food :s we’d probably have to chuck it in the bin… we were allowed water though.. if it was in a clear bottle or something..

gah you are so lucky you dont have any exams haha i would actually prefer what you are doing to exams anyday! :( luckily ive only had to do 2 exams haha.. most of my friends have had to do 4 or more O___O;

Yeah I read that you’re in communication, that’s cool! I know a bunch of people taking a communication route too, what do you plan on doing with it!?

I just realized you’re still in school… I’ve been done for over a month now! AHH! How long do you go to? And then when do you start? Maybe it’s quite different hehe.

I always tell myself that I need to crack down and study for my general courses, since those actually do have tests from time to time… but then when I get to that point, I’m all ‘ughh’ and I go online instead, it’s bad!

GAH oh em gee! I’m sorry! I forgot you were Australian! XD Silly meh! I’ll change it! Oh okay! I can’t wait for me review WHEEEE Well thank you for wishing me a super early Merry Christmas. TO YOU TOO!!! HAHA

Ohhh that’s right, you’re from Australia, so you guys have a different school year set up, I gottcha! Ours starts in September and goes until June. :] A bit different!

That’s cool though, sounds like you have lots of ideas for what you want to do. All I know is I’m getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and I may add a minor of web design to it, so that I’m flexible. :] I’d love to open my own business on the side to either do photography or creative graphics for people, but then hopefully my steady job will be just something FUN and creative… I don’t like the plain old boring graphics/logos type stuff… i’d love to make CD covers, or huge, funky advertisements! yay! hahaha.

Omg I wish we were allowed to bring food with us while taking exams! Especially chocolate, yum. :P You’re so lucky haha. But wow, 10 or 11 exams? How do you do it? o_o You have exams AND websites to take care of, like seriously, how DO you do it? xD I admire you for being so good at multi-tasking. That’s something I definitely need to work on. xP

Ohh wow I can’t believe I missed that! You had them in high school, haha, oops. xD Thank God you don’t have any now.

Hey you awesome affiliate. We are going on a short closed hiatus. Visit my site for more info. Thanks so much, and please don’t delete me!


PS- tell James I said good luck :) *crosses fingers he passes*

Ah, thank you Lauren for letting me know! Good luck in any exams you have. And think of the Civil War. :D Take care!

You’re extremely lucky to have no exams! I always though everyone had exams but I realize it does depend on the course you take. ^^ Are you a freshman in college or something higher?

At my finals, or let alone my classes, food is never allowed. I mean, in some classes the teachers don’t really mind but some give you JUG if you eat… Hahaha, and in exams, you can’t have food. You’d have to eat before… but that’s high school for you. I’ve never actually heard of people bring food to exams, but that’s what my experience is here in the states.

Ooo, a mouth guard?? Sounds painful.. or annoying. Hopefully I won’t ever have to have that.

Well KUMON is easy.. at first. But like i went up to level… J or K.. I was already ahead of my own math class by a grade I think and I was almost getting to calculas.. which I wasn’t even going to study until like junior year of high school. I quit though, because KUMON is like extra homework .. and I already have a ton everyday

Haha, your supervisor seems to be playing favorites.. I mean, some kids I know would just copy the answers out of the answerbooks, or even those books that show how to solve them so it looks like they have work.

Yeah – I have no idea how we’re going to afford uni fees, they’re all so expensive! There’s no way I’d be expected to pay my own though, I don’t have enough even for a term.

We had a bunch of exams last month, and the rules are ridiculous. We’re not allowed any food whatever – just water. And we even have to take the labels off those! Our pencilcases have to be clear, and we have to face the front without turning round at all until the end of the exam.
Someone even got disqualified from a music exam because they turned round and grinned at someone. (Although, I think that had more to do with the person who was doing it. All of the teachers were looking for an excuse to disqualify her from something, because she’s SO loud in lessons, never does homework, etc.)

Haha, writing on your rubber was a good idea. I can’t remember what exam it was in – I think it was Science – but I couldn’t remember the difference between two similar equations, so I wrote a little note inside my palm in tiny writing to remind myself. I didn’t get caught, thankfully, and it worked really well :)

Hehe brain food! :D Have you seen space food? It’s all dried up and squished but tastes bloody delicious… or the strawberries do. The mashed potato is YUK. D:

Yay for no exams! :D And wow, you had quite a few exams. O_o
At my school you’re not allowed food into exams. They do them in GCSE conditions so we get used to it and ready for GCSE. :)

Tssssk, haha, bad influence to readers Georgie! *tuts* ;) Awesome idea though. And yay, you didn’t get caught! *bounces*

Ahh, are ‘chips’ in your case ‘crisps’?

Hey, affie, buddie :P! Lol its mee Michael :D I love you and oh boy :O I love this layout! =D :D Yay! Great site Love Michael!

Well university I believe is the same thing as college. There is some distinct difference between them but I forget what it is. I count them to be the same because well its what you do after high school haha.

Yeah food does help, often the reason I can’t concentrate in class is because I’m waiting for lunch to start so I can eat. ^^

Yeah, I’ve seen people on Level M.. I had no idea what they were doing though. Very complicating, they were pretty smart though. Somedays I wish I hadn’t quit, perhaps math would be easier now. I had to tone down my work amount actually. I ended up with like 2 pages a day, but still. It felt like such a hassle to have to go there everyday to do 2 pages.. I guess I got bored after awhile, especially since KUMON is basically repeition.

Sims is cool, I don’t have it but I’ve played before. ^^ I don’t really like shooting games, I like fighting games ish and adventure games such as Super Smash Bros. ^^ Love that game.

Haha, wow 4:13? I’m glad to be like the last comment before you go off. Go get some good rest, you must be exhausted. I’ve actually pulled an all nighter once, last summer. I went to sleep at like 9. Thank goodness my parents went off to work, they would be so mad to know I slept in till like four that day.

Hoohoo, brain food. My mum has a thing which she makes called “wake up sweets” for travelling. When my dad feels sleepy driving, she gives him a sour one. :D

As for writing on the eraser, my secret weapon is my hand (plus alcohol hand sanitizer!). I write an equation and wash it off with the sanitizer.

Aargh, what happened to your chest? Well, whatever happened, I hope you feel better soon!

Anyway, great to see your site again! The stupid internet connections in sll 3 of the hotels we stayed in didn’t work.

*whew* another exam over with today. Only three more left! Yay! Today was biology. It was easy. I’m more worried about the world history. That curriculum covers two years! How am I supposed to remember what happened last year? O.o

Lucky! You get to bring FOOD into your exam? Not fair! Last year that just banned water bottles too from the state-required exams! Because people were writing on the labels of the bottle (like the back part, so you have to look through the water bottle). I think it’s so stupid! You can cheat so many ways! (like your eraser thing). Or write on your wrist or whatever…
I hate tests. The only “fun” exam is my music final, where I can play violin. That’s the easiest… *sigh*

Anyway, hope everything’s fine with you!
Oh, I tried doing what you said with the smiles, but it won’t work. I’m kinda confused. Sorry. Thanks!

Oh yup. It sort of sucks, but I’m trying to ignore it. I’m pretty much sure of who sent the email anyway, I just think it’s funny that what they said I stole was their name! Hahaha
Oh, thanks :)
I’m about to change my layout, ‘cos I’ve been working on using containers and such. Your tutorial on it really helped :)

Nighty night! XD
Haha :P Well it’s a little too early for your Christmas, present…hmmm

reminds me of the SATS I took a couple weeks ago longest exams of my life 3 and hald houres long, it was exhausting your lucky you don’t have to take any anymore
I forgot to take a snack to my exams thinking that it wasn’t going to be that long I was so hungry seeing everyone snacking at break time

EXAMS! Jesus . My brother is stressing .
Well , good luck James . I hope you pass with 5932%.
10 OR 11 EXAMS ?!?! JEEEEEEZE. >.< what the hell is wrong with your teacher.s.
Yeah , brain food is good.
Oh , grasp this is open , woot woot

You’re lucky you don’t have finals! I’m a nursing major, but I’m still taking Gen Ed courses so some finals didn’t have anything to do with nursing lol

And that’s good you gotta snack in high school. I wish my old HS adopted that haha

And cheating was my game back in the day lol In math, I used to put formulas in my graphing calculator XD

I hope that lesion gets better! Doesn’t sound that great…


There’s like all these random definitions on UrbanDictionary though. Haha, I guess it could come in handy when you don’t understand something, but all the dirty language. >.<

All because its what players wear [spandex], doesn't mean that's what volleyball is about. I bet half the definitions were written by boys. Immature boys.

When I was deciding whether to join or not, the supervisor person kept emphasizing how kumon was a repeition program. So I knew, but she gave this long explanation on how it helps one retain stuff and I guess it makes sense. After doing something like a million times, it gets stuck in your brain and its hard to forget. So it's not completely pointless, in my opinion just very… boring after awhile.

I've never actually owned my own sims game but I was once over at a friend's and the entire time we played sims, it was basically me making a character…. that part is one of the fun parts I think. ^^

No thanks you helped soo much! And you were getting it to me on time before, it was morning for me! And even if you’re not studying, in my book chocolate is always good to have :D

lol Gina. My teachers were pretty strict mainly because they expected more from us (I had all Advance Placement classes). But one of my teachers didn’t really care so we had candy and stuff hehe. Lol you cheated :D I think cheating in University has larger consequences than cheating in high school.

Good luck James! XD You’re so lucky! We have exams, and they’re just so blech! I hate them so much.

We don’t get to take in food, we just have to sit and do the exam, period.

I only cheated once, it was on a social studies quiz and I wrote the dates of everything on a sticky note that I rolled up and put in the lid of my highlighter. We’re aloud to highlight, so ya.

GEORGINA!! I’m finally leaving you that long-awaited comment that I’ve been too lazy to leave! It’s a happy day. :D Heh.

Bah, well, unfortunately Mrs. Tech Center didn’t tell Ms. ToK that I wasn’t a skipper, she told a different teacher. :P AND DUDE. Today was the last day of school and hers was my last class of the day… so we finished up the second half of a movie we had started, and then she was like “okay let’s take a pee and talking break, then come back and talk or play or do prescribed title stuff!” So we all left the room, and I went to the tech center with a couple other people to check on physics exam scores, since we had heard they were posted. One of my friends did poorly enough (75%) to drop her class grade from an A to a B+, so she was crying really hard, and another friend was comforting her. So then, I went back to the ToK room to put a book down that Lucy had given me, and the whole room was empty except for the teacher who was grading our journals or something. She asked, “are you going outside to play blind swordfighting?” I asked if I was supposed to, and she was kinda like “um… yeah.” So in order to avoid getting in “trouble,” I had to rat out my other two friends who were still in the tech center >.> It’s not like they got in trouble, but still. One was still comforting the other about her physics score, about which she was probably still crying, and I had to set the teacher on them… Apparently she was like “Kyra. Go.” and then she kidnapped Angela (yeah I couldn’t get through this whole thing without saying their names :P) and they talked about her grade. I felt terrible though. But she still undoubtedly thinks I’m a skipper. PLUS she randomly started class early today, and when I walked in EXACTLY ON TIME, she must have thought I was late. Bah. I really hope I don’t get her as an English teacher next year, because since grading in that class is so subjective, I might just be screwed. :P

With the whole food during exams thing, it pretty much varies by teacher at my school. It’s not that people bring food specifically for exams though, but just that they usually eat in that class anyways. But… example! During today’s French exam, a lot of people were eating, but during yesterday’s math exam, we had to put everything on the floor, including food and even water bottles. Teacher preference, really.

We do that this really cool thing called “brain break” during final exams though! We have two classes per day on exam days, and we get 15 minutes between them, instead of the normal five or ten. During that time, volunteers (PTIA parents, I assume) set up tables with food for us around the building!! It’s sooooo nice :D Way amazing.

By the way, they weren’t even PLAYING that game when I went outside! >.>

Woah, new emotions. They move. >.>
I like this one: 💥 It’s a ticking bomb like me :] Hehay!

With food and exams, we are allowed to take in bottle water or juice as long as we removed the wrapper from the bottles. We are only allowed clear pencil cases if not, none. And no food. They never specifically say : ‘No food’, but it’s an unspoken rule. I get real hungry during some exams though so I wouldn’t mind some munchies or something.

I am glad your scan is okays. :]

I feel your angst with exams. I did shit loads of exams during GCSEs. I did three more subjects han anybody else so I had a ridiculous amount of exams within a two and a half week period. This time I only have seven exams in two and a half weeks. it’s fab. :]
But still pressing and demanding because they are more concentrated. Last one today though, film in about four hours. Should be okay, i Hope. I cannot wait for it to be finished. :]

Aww, cute emotes! :D I LOVE them! ^^ /heart ✌️ /rose

Oh yup hehehe
I love your new emoticons 👏
Most of your tutorials are really good actually :)

Thanks, LOL. :D I need to get a ton of content done in the next 2 weeks before my homework books get here. D:

Oh yays! :D Good to hear it doesn’t expire. Now I can save up xD I have my domain for as long as my hosting lasts, so heh :3 yay.

Yeah, I’m going to try really hard and not procrastinate. D: I don’t have my books yet, but I’m getting them in like 2 weeks so I have 2 weeks to relax before I have to actually work.

Good luck to James! :D

Wow, that’s a lot of exams you had back then. I guess if you work hard then, it’ll pay off and you won’t have to work as hard now. :)

I’m not allowed to have food during exams. D: They’re afraid that we’re going to smudge the test paper and our results might get messed up. I guess that’s understandable. :3 I still feel like I’d do a lot better on tests if I had something to munch on. xD I pretty much eat whenever I’m doing anything. LOL.

Whew! Glad your ultrasound showed it wasn’t cancerous.

Btw, I see you got the smileys up ^-^ how did you get them to show above the comment box? LOL. I always had mine below the comment box because I couldn’t figure out how to place them anywhere else.

Waah nice emoticons x} I wish I was allowed to bring food in exams, but unfortunately, the rules are the same whether you’re having exams or not 😒

I wonder if it really helps you though. I think that I would probably get distracted. /ehh

Haha I remember once cheating for a science test, but it could hardly be considered cheating. :P The test was too long, so we did half in class, then went to other classes and then came back at break to finish it. I revised again during these classes, it helped me a lot, since I knew what specific questions to revise. :P

heyyyyy i spy new emoticons ;D AWESOME XD hahah 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬

and yes omg those english essays for hsc…. ughhhhhh and im not such a fast writer .. so honestly i didnt even get to finish one of three essays we had to write during the hsc. … gahhhh!! and i kinda regret not studying enough in high school… siiigghhhh
oh well whats done is done lol /eee

have you got anything planned for the holidays? maybe meeting up with jeanette and ppl from girraween? hahaha :P
MAN i seriously cannnoooottt wait until the end of next monday!!!! then no more exams YAY XD

aww poupeegirl isnt your kind of thing? hehehee its pretty fun though *0* getting so addicted when i should be studying ;) @_@

Ah crap :P I never got around to changing the rest of the pages inbetween study, exams and falling ill but I’m getting there just so you know :D Love the new emoticons btw :D

Heh, lucky you.
I don’t have any major exams, just class tests.
I’m getting my report like next , next week /ehh
Since I’m still in highschool, i can’t eat anything in the classroom, or even in exams. Though I have a big appetite, so i eat all the time :D and then everyone tell me that its okay, because I’m still growing and blahblahblah and I’m like, okay :P
By the way, nice emotions :)

/bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce /bounce

/heart <–so cute!
/faw <–ultra cute!
/poo <–WTF?
Oh that's what James always does, like… 😰 (and good luck to him!)
I love these smilies awww they are so adorablicious! I cheated in a test twice in my whole life, but I never got to eat food in class! 😝 <–OMG adorabliciousness!

Food is only allowed in exams if your a diabetic! that sounds pretty reasonable though. in maths last year we were allowed to eat in normal class. it was awesome /bounce . but now i cant eat in ANY classes. O_O well when i mean cant i mean the teacher wont let you LOL. i still do though. its funny when teachers look at you funny when you have your mouth full of muesli bar haha.

Like your new smilies! /bounce they’re soo cute! ♥

SMILEYS :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I love accesories too! I’m obssesed with my new beret haha :) I

know some Japanese too. My friend got me a phrase book for christmas.I got bored quick tho LOL. Though, I really want to learn Indonesian ! I love Bali and I think I’m going in a year, possibly! Indonesian is offered at my school but two languages at school would be way to difficult LOL.

My family has no history of diseases, thank-god. Diabetes must suck, but eating Jelly beans in class would be super fun :)

I belive buongiorno is both! I learnt it soo long ago all I know is when you great you say buongiorno, but I spose it is good morning as you say buona notte at night! which means good night haha.

:love: OMG. Emoitcons! I love you for this!
I bet you were expecting everyone to react this way…I’m so glad I’m not seeing those wordpress emoticons.

No exams?!? I envy you. /argh I always feel like stabbing myself with the pencil at the examination table.
You’re allowed to eat while doing a paper?
What type of school am I attending then? We’re not even allowed to bring chewy. If a teacher catches you, you get a Friday afternoon picking up rubbish + a 10$ fine.

Some teachers will allow water at the very most during an exam. I like prac exams.

Glad you’re chest is fine /eee I’m not really filled in about it though because I’ve missed your previous blogs (shame on me) but I’m glad you’re well /bounce

Sorry for abusing your smilies. They’re so awesome. /poo

How’s life?

lol at the new smilies :) ah you got a ultrasound :o I’ve had a ultrasound on my heart before…it looked fricking weird lol. I got my xray results, it was negative on tb buttt I still got to taken 6 mo of meds /wah

Heyy Georgina! /bounce
You don;t know me but I know alot about you
Haha..Blame Jorja XD /hehe
I love your new layout! It is so gorgeous. Are the people in the header image just random people?
You’ve given me so much inspiration. /type

The only bad thing about the meds it that it might hurt my liver and turn my pee to orange…I have to get blood work done in a month to check for that. Thats one down side about the meds 😢

Haha , yeah .
By the way . I’m at school !
Just offline message me the idea/name (.info) and I will sooo buy it for you (:

I should really be doing math.
But , schools for cock suckers .
Oh , I hope my teacher doesn’t see this !

oh dude :D your smilies are so chubby and cute~
I cheated on my geometry final (if you’re caught cheating on a final you receive an auto F for that class. But then I didn’t know the formulas for the volume/area/surface area for EVERY damned shape so I decided to use the index card my geometry teacher had given me before to write down formulas. O-o plus my hickey necked geometry teacher’s pretty clue so it was easy peasy.

I remember my old Spanish teacher searched EVERYTHING including writing on our hands and desks before a small quiz in the beginning of the year. I was like, holy bamf o_o I like gummy worms during tests :D I think the rules on food during testing depends on the district then to the school and then to the teacher of the class :o I shouldve asked to bring ramen noodles T^T

OH YES! New emoticons! /faw I love them! ADORABLE!! BYE BYE STUPID WP SMILEYS! HELLO CUTIES! /argh

Thanks Georgums! /wave Oh my god! Yopu used to have braces?! Why didn’t ya tell me!? :D Hmm in real life, I’m not that loud! I’m a shy person! 😏

These smilies are wonderful! SO CUTE! Definetly than any other from FU or WP xD

Good luck to James! ^.^ I’m sure he’ll do well. Just like me! =D =P

Haha no food allowed. Just after exams… We have break. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing else.

Thank God you have nothing! Everything’s ok woo! I’m happy for you. ;)

Luckyy. You CAN bring food to exams!
That is the first time ever I hear that!
In my country, eating anything in class is strictly prohibited, and we can get in a lot of trouble, as well as using our mobiles. 😒
But that would be so cool!! :P

Aw love your smilies, and I’m glad your chest is fine :)

What’s the name of the custom smileys plugin you’re using? :3

Oh that reminds me, I still have reviews to do. XD I keep forgetting.I never realized that some sites are really hard to review. D:

Yeah, hahaha. I’ve actually never experienced crazy guys who only come to watch the spandex. Hahaha.

Yeah, that’s true. I eventually memorized the problems, but I also memorized how to solve them. ^^

Hahahhahah, what a friend, but that is what people do I think in Sims.

Firstly, how awesome are your emotes?! Love ’em!

Aw, I felt guilty for taking a few sweets in because my grandparents were like ‘They help you to concentrate.’ and so I took some but then felt really sneaky sucking on a sweet. It did help though.

Aw, I wish we could take in like some food so at the end of exam instead of sitting their twiddling our thumbs we have something to do. Or eat.

Do you not have an art practical? Oh we do and it was a really long one all in one go so I was really stressed. :| And it was for like 10% of our grade. :O

I am back. Finally! Thanks for the layout compliments, I like yours too even though it’s well overdue. WordPress as well eh, get you. :D

I have about 50 affiliates and that number is growing steadily and most of them have quit. It’s like ‘could you at least tell me?!’

2.46am? I have only twice been awake that late and they were at sleepovers. I am not a rebel, yo.

yay you got smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
aww these are soo cute!!! (H) /love
I am gonna play with these a lot!!!

Thanks for the hug :) *returns hug* and thanks for listening to my rant :D
it did a lot! i’m still fixing stuff though, not completely done yet. but my site just opened. i got a new layout lol its all read. And i got tagged, my hand writing looks like chicken scratch lol

i turned off images on my computer to try and see they way you looked at it and its not fun at all, it was really frustrating lol

soo whats up?????

I know I don’t comment as often as I should. /um Go ahead and give me a smack. Lol. :P

This last semester I haven’t had many exams. In english, we wrote essays. I love essay writing. ♥ In math, we had 1 exam a month. 4 total. None for psychology. No exams is awesome. /bounce

Writing on an eraser? I have to remember that one. Very clever. When I was 12, used to cheat in history class. I used a pink glitter gel pen to write on the palm of my hand. It blended in with my skin tone so, no one ever noticed. Lol. Have to be careful though, it’ll smudge if you don’t let it dry.

At my college, we can bring non “noisy” foods into class. I would always eat a salad or a turkey wrap. There has been lot’s of occasions where the teacher would ask me to buy them something before class starts. Lol. Teachers have to eat too. /wave

Woah, those smileys are distracting, lol.

Yeah I know what you mean, a little wierd because we’re so used to them. But still good. xD

I always used to wait until I heard them pull up in the car too, lol. They would come in and be like: “Why have you only just started?” and I would lie and say I’ve been doing it for ages, it’s just taking longer than I thought, haha.

I love water, especially when working on an exam or something. I’d love to take one into work too but I’m not allowed. :( Mouth always gets really dry too…

Hehe I love them! ♥ ;)
OMG really?! :P Oh you’re wearing a retainer plate? /argh I heard it gets annoying or something? /eee I keep pressing these smileys! They are so cute! 😝 How long have you had the retainer plate?! 👏

I’ve been reading your articles and agree with a lot of them (never tried firefox. Still working on that…) They’re really helpful for people who are relatively new. I’ve read a lot of articles and tutorials that are just… /argh So thanks for putting some really helpful ones out there :D

It sounds painful! Poor Georgina! /wah I cannot wait for my review to be done……… SQUISHYYYYYYY /faw

I got the smilie emotes from from yahoo. Don’t tell nobody. 🙄 Link here. /hehe I like your emotes as well. Where did you get em?

I am glad the small shops around my house are crap. Lol. I’d probably be obese. Chocolate lover huh? Meh. I’m an ice cream lover. 🤤 I can never turn that down.

I did register you at my other domain… I will just re-register you and send you the password. Your username will be your name with the G. Not the J. :P Do I need to repeat that? 🙄

That sound painfuller… :D I thought smileys were spelled as smilies! But when I enter it in FireFox, there’s a red line under it…hmm… /rose

hehe I can see that! Some sites in the queue haven’t even linked you yet 😒 GAAAHHH I wonder when the review will be done…tick tock tick tock….. XD JK no rush. I just can’t wait 🤬

Oo, I’ll go see the answers you put down for the tag. ^^

And thanks for voting for me and all the great ideas! I was thinking advertising, but advertising for me is normally free, so it would kind of be pointless… the money, yes. But I’d have to save up, which may take awhile. So still unsure.

I get that impression a lot. They have one amazing resource download and the rest is crap or thats the only thing they have. Who knows. Haha. 🙄

I know what you mean. There are lot’s of restaurants near my school. I have to resist temptation. I’ll make sure I leave my bank card at home. Lol. If I do get something, I will try to find a healthy snack. Like rice cakes or crackers.

Your name shall be Georgina. I was making a little joke. Your twitter username starts with a J. That’s why I said G instead of J. Get it?

So I wanted to thank you a bunch! I even wrote it in my blog :) You’re soo nice, thanks a lot! I know you’re not accepting any more affies but I hope we can be online friends :)

Yes, it’s in pounds! lol.

I’d love to be affies (Y) I don’t know if you need me to fill out a form? lol, but if so I’ll have to do it in the morning, it’s bed time for me! 😴

Poo? /poo It looks more like a chocolate drop… with flies swarming on it. /hehe <–adorable!
I'm starting to get it, don't worry (at the moment, mwahaha) BTW I WANT TO USE YOUR SMILIES CAN I PLEEEEEEEAASE USE THEM AWWWWWW I PROMISE I WILL CREDIT! THEY ARE SO CUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! /faw /faw /faw /faw /faw /faw /faw /faw /bash /bash /bash /bash /bash /bash LOL… /bash /bash /bash ♥
Hehe… /um

Haha, they honestly do look like that all at once. But it’s ok if your only using one or two I guess. :)

They are very cute though, did you make them?

My mum has been mithering me do tidy my room for months! xD I just can’t be bothered, theres so many clothes all over the place, she’s even resorted to trying to bribe me, haha. I’m always like: “I’ll do it tomorrow..” and tomorrow comes and I never do. I think she’d end up doing it herself if I didn’t have a lock on my door. xD

Yeah it does suck that we can’t have water at work. :( But it makes sens because I work on a till so they could think I’d stolen it, though they should just give us a cup each or something that we can fill up ourselves. -_- They’re just mean. 😢

No exams? That’s great! Hope James does well on his! /hehe Non-cancerous lesion? That’s great news, I’m happy for you! :D Hope it gets cured sooner!

Aw, thanks, I didn’t think it was that neat /hehe
Hopefully I can see them on the weekends, but I know that some of them are leaving to England straightaway to tour the campus… get used to stuff. 😢

Oh, I thought you made them! /bash <–ROFL!
So I can! But I wont if you feel bad about someone else obtaining their glory. /bash
*Steals smilies*
By the way, once I figure this out… WORDPRESS WILL BE DANCING WITH DUSK DIAMOND YAY! 😳
Ignore the retarded title. 😳

Yep, you bet: facebook! /hehe And it’s great the he found the exam easy :)

It kind of worked…
But not in the way I wanted it to. The blob of text is at the top (it says “you are now breathing manually”) it’s hard to spot because it is white.
So, I think the navigation would be the little fuzzy tabs on the sidebar; omg fuzzy tabs!

Okay! Thank you :D

I like reviewing big sites! LOL. For some reason, I LOVE having to say a lot. If I finish a review and it’s less than 1000 words, I always go back and try to add as much as I can. It bothers me that I don’t have more than 1000 words for a review. D: It’s kind of an odd habit kind of thing.

So, how are you? :)

I know its much better, lol. I used to have green layouts all the time. Dont know why i changed, i think its because that was the main colour of the drawing. anyway how r u going hun? hope your well.

Wow. It’s so good that you do not have any exams and only assignments. I wish that I only have assignmennts instead of exams too. :P

Oh it’s perfectly alright Georgina, I understand sometimes I forget too, haha. Sorry I sort of disappeared, because there were exams and I didn’t have time to notify my affies, I only posted a note on my site. Meh, I’m such a bad affie /wah Thanks for the compliment, anyway! :D Lol, brain food. :P That’s what I used to tell my mom XD Well good luck with everything Georgina! <3

Oh, I figured out the sidebar crap! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I’ll try to figure out how to edit the fuzzy tabs myself. /hehe
/faw <–my absolute favourite! I can't get over these smilies!
BTW who do I credit when I use them?

That is soo sweet! :)
It’s a great idea x
How are you?

What blogging system do you use?
I’m just starting to use wordpress but I think my includes wrong and I was wondering if you could help? :)

yeah, i hate reports.
I never know what to expect, I hate it when you think you did good on one subject but your results end up being bad =[
anyways, as far as I know, my reports aren’t going to have a big fat F on all my subjects :D

It’s alright :)
Thank you! :D
So..would you like to be affies again?