Food For Thought

I’m blogging again, as fast as possible (maybe) because James has an exam tomorrow and has to sleep soon. Wish him luck! πŸ™‚

Speaking of exams… I don’t have any, as I probably mentioned in previous blogs. It’s what you get from doing an arts degree I suppose. As in a Bachelor of arts – I’m not doing arts in specific. I’m doing communication. I know I repeat myself so many times but best to clarify it for those who don’t know. πŸ™‚

Not having any exams is a weird turn for me, because it means that all my assignments are worth a lot more towards my final grade. And also because in high school I was so used to having exams.

I did three science subjects, so I usually ended up having ten or eleven exams in the two-week period. Amongst my friends I was the one with the most exams. Some of them only had five or six.

And here I am in university with no exams. πŸ˜›

One memorable thing about the exams in high school is that we could take in some candy/lollies to eat. “Brain food”, as we called it. It was quite funny discussing the matter, because some people had no idea, and they would ask, “What kind of food can we take in? Anything?”

Well, almost anything. You could take some gum, chocolate, lollipops and gummy bears. I suppose it would be okay to bring some chips in (I would find the noise of the crisp and crunch annoying, personally). But I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate in the examination if someone was continually munching on chips.

Candy and lollies were definitely safe, and fine. As was water (but that’s drink, and a different matter). I remember laughing with one of my friends who asked, “So, is it okay if I bring a bowl of noodles and soup, and just eat it in there?”

Heh. Bringing food into an exam was the norm at our school, with the exception of practical exams when you had to do experiments or play an instrument (depending on what subject you did, really). It really helped me because it fuelled my brain.

It couldn’t be considered cheating, I don’t think. Even though my friend mentioned that you could use food colouring to draw a diagram or write a mathematical formula on a cookie or something.

There was this one time I cheated in a mathematics test and wrote a formula on my eraser. No one seemed to notice, and I had the smallest writing. It sure helped to do that. I’m glad I didn’t get caught. Heh.

I don’t know what exam conditions are like outside of where I live in Australia, or even in other parts of Australia, especially on the subject of food. So are you allowed food into exams? What kind of food? Or no food at all?

Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check my chest again; the lesion I had has become slightly bigger but is otherwise non-cancerous. πŸ™‚ I haven’t had anything else interesting happen but I thought I’d mention that. πŸ™‚

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