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Most of today, I’ve been browsing the internet with images turned off. Not terribly exciting. My internet is capped (i.e. we ate the entire download) so everything is very slow. Since I often browse the internet without images, I thought it would be sensible. It makes everything load faster, it really does. :)

I haven’t changed the smilies yet, obviously. Lee keeps whinging about the ugly smilies so I promise I’ll try and add custom ones soon. I’m just worried that WordPress will get a bit stuffed, as I heard some people having problems.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not in the greatest of moods. I’m blogging because I got quite a lot of comments on my last blog, and I don’t want people getting bored of reading the same thing, haha. And I figured that blogging will probably cheer me up and get my mind off things.

I’m not feeling terribly awesome because I’m quite exhausted. Some people have annoyed me a bit, and little things online have bugged me. Anything online teamed with extremely slow internet isn’t a good thing.

Offline, well, I “forgot” to take in the clothes. They weren’t even put up today, but because my mum has been so busy and I’ve had to do other chores, I didn’t notice, or completely “forgot”, that there were clothes in the shade outside. So they’ve been there for a while, and thank goodness rain hasn’t gotten to them – but my mum wasn’t terribly pleased about it either. She was planning to wear some pyjamas that were hanging out there.

Since my mum got her new job in the cosmetics field – she’s been doing really well, but it’s put a bit of weight on my brother, dad and I. We normally don’t help around the house – I know we’re bad, and it sucks, but that’s how it’s been – so we have been rather slow with the chores (and hopeless).

It’s not a funny thing but I suppose there is a funny side to it. I’m sort of glad and feel sort of proud that I’m doing the washing and the dishes. I never did them when I was younger. I never really helped around the house. Do you guys help around the house?

I saw this dumb story on a current affairs show the other day, in which children had to pay rent to their parents to live with them. A bit dodgy, don’t you think? Your parents bring you up – they work to help bring up the family. Also, they mentioned that children had to do housework in order to live with their parents.

I don’t really think so – children do deserve a childhood. They deserve to have a play around in the playground, hang out with friends, play with their toys, on the computer, with their siblings, whatever that may be. Sure they can help around the house, but treating them like slaves and making them do a lot of hard work is inappropriate. Especially the idea of further along the track, getting them to pay with their own money to live with their own parents.

If parents want their children to help around their house, wait till they’re older so they can enjoy their childhood, is what I think. And make helping out fun. Give them a little reward or something, for helping water the flowers. Give them a cookie. Children deserve that childhood, without being spoiled. :)

I’m feeling better after writing. I can’t say I had the greatest childhood, but I sure had a deserving one. I love how my parents took care of me.

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Hahah, paying money to live with their parents is crazy. But doing the chores thing isn’t too far-fetched, I’d think. ngege

I have to do a lot of crap, like mowing the lawn, mopping the floog (bounce), taking care of Keeks, cooking and dishes. But my sister does most of the cooking now, and she washes clothes a lot

I just think it’s sort of important that kids (after a certain age, obviously) need to see the home they live in as something that needs care and work to maintain, not something they just eat and sleep in.

♥ age


Ouch…I swear, I’ve done something to my wrist…><!

Oh, um…Happy Birthday to Desiree =)

Urgh! Capped internet is SUCH a pain *cringe*. It is very, very inconvenient indeed. Especially if you have to log into Blackboard for some reason. Then it's like…OMFG! LOAD ALREADY DAMNIT! =@

Ouch, my wrist! *pout*

Awww, you're only human [unlike me…xD I'm a vampire…hahaha!]….it's not your fault you forgot =(. I forget things all the time!

I agree! Children need a childhood! If you want to make them do chores to teach them responsibility, get them started by helping you! Or like…tiny things like making the bed! Don't slave drive them!

I think that's why my parents don't make me do that many chores. They had to do so many when THEY were little xD.

Gosh. Getting kids to pay RENT? That's a little weird….

I mean it's understandable if your kid is earning heaps, but like…leeching off you…and is something like 26 years old…cos that's just selfish…but education is expensive…you have to get established. How can you do that if you have to pay rent on top of that? @-@

LOL, I do very little around the house…*sigh*…I should help out more…=)


I never used to help around the house either, but as I got older I started doing more and more. Since I finished college I have nothing to do all day while everyone else is at work or school, so I’ve quite taken to housework haha :)

You’re right, kids deserve a childhood, they shouldn’t have to do housework etc until they’re a bit older. Although it does pee me off a little bit that I constantly have to clean my bedroom because my little sister just doesnt care about keeping it tidy haha.

I occasionally surf the web in IE or a much smaller resolution, just to make sure everything is working and looks alright across the board. I should try without images, my internet has a slower connection so maybe that would help?

In my family, no one really has “chores” per say, but occasionally my mom throws a fit and makes us all clean the entire house. Or sometimes she’s nice and asks us to do something before we go out. My mom works full time so she can’t do it all herself. But we’re all kind of a messy bunch, so we all let things slide, until a special occasion or my mom throws a fit haha.

I totally do not understand why parents make their kids pay rent, especially before they’re 18. Don’t they know it’s their responsibility to support their children? They have one life, let them live it up. Plus they’ll be raising their own kids someday, it’s not fair they have to grow up fast and raise themselves too.

Thanks girl. :D I had a great sleep and my bites have died down a bit, but I’ll try something soon for them!

Sorry you weren’t in the best of moods. I hope you’re sleeping soundly now and you’ll wake up all happy!!

I help out more around the house NOW, WAY more so than I did when I was younger. My mom just liked to do stuff by herself I guess.. her way, but now that I’m older I feel kind of obliged.

I guess I should help around the house more. I do stuff in my room, like normal – make my bed, tidy up after getting stuff out, etc. – but it just doesn’t cross my mind to think “I need to do the laundry” or anything. I help out when I’m asked but I don’t think I’m naturally domesticated :)

Paying RENT to live with their parents? Sorry but that’s just odd. The money would be their parents’ anyway, through pocket money and stuff – so doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole object? Unless they had a paper round or something. I can understand paying some sort of board money to your parents once you’ve got a full time job, or even a part time job which pays enough, but not when you haven’t even left school. They’ll have no money to spend on things they want, and that’s just mean >_<

I've never been online with images turned off, but it sounds fun! I might try it :)

I think it’s crazy if kids have to pay to live with their parents. Maybe if they’re grown and still bumming of their ‘rents, but certainly not if they’re children. Maybe have them help out some more as they get older – teach them responsibility – but all in all, kids do need a childhood. Once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

When I was little, I never really did much around the house. There were no set chores or anything. All I had to do was clean my room and stuff like that. Now I help out when I can and if I’m asked – my parents don’t ask much of me though; I think they’re trying to cling to their last child, since in a couple years, I probably won’t be living there anymore.

I replied to your email. ^-^

You kicked my FanUpdate, so I can kick your Internet… right? ;) *kicks* Fucking idiotic thing. I hate capped Internet.

It’s a shame you forgot to do the clothes. :(
Ah…. I don’t really help around the house. I mean sure if someone asks me to, or tells me to, I will help. :P My Ma does it herself normally though, lmao.

Making people pay rent to live with you isn’t fair, especially if they’re your children. Would you ask your Ma to pay money to live in your house (although she lives in it, lmao…)?
That’s just crazy… effff. And yeah, a cookie! :D My Ma used to give my sister something like a muffin when she did the kitchen floor… and yet there were no muffins to be seen. *shifty eyes*

I like how my parents have looked after me. I’m not exactly PERFECT or even close, but no one can be perfect. I mean, I’m not doing drugs or whatever. Neither am I pampered and spoilt. I’m just a kid. :3

I don’t do a tonne around the house, really — At least not in my opinion. I clean one of our bathrooms once a week, I do laundry and make supper for everyone daily, I sweep and vaccum and wash the floors and dust, I babysit my three little brothers every day, and I try to get up around 8:30 lately.

Apparently I’m going to have to start paying rent soon, though, if I ever get a job again … And I’ll have to pay for some of the food and stuff, too.

Hopefully I can just get my own apartment before that happens, though, because it seems pretty pointless to pay to stay in this shithole, lmfao. x]

Congratulations on switching to WordPress without too many problems … Your new layout is SO adorable! *_*

I try to help my mom around the house, but I always forget about stuff.. She wants me to help, and sometimes I just get kind of lazy. >.< I try to help out by cleaning my own area around around the house. ^^

Kids having to pay rent? Hmm, what a way to live. That sucks for those kids. Thankfully, I don't have to do that and can focus on what my future will become

Yeah, rubber bands are terrible.. I just woke up a few hours ago with some serious mouth pain… It's just the strangest and terriblest feeling ever.

Oh, hmm smart. I've got a few years before I think I should start working.. I can wait.. I don't want to walk into any KUMON's any time soon. Haha.

That's weird… I only remember higher leveled kids grading their own papers, or well older kids… I don't know…

I do chores a bit, but I like doing them I feel mature. I’m surprised people still kind of “work” their children today, but perhaps these are families that are poor? If not then it sounds pretty unfair. Though I know when people used to live off their land they used to have lots of kids to help work the land. But that’s why I’m surprised because most people don’t work off their land anymore.

Hmm.. The internet would be boring for me without the internet. :L

The WP smilies are pretty ugly, though I’m coping with them at the moment because I’m scared that I will mess it all up or something XD

I help around the house sometimes, but usually only when I’m going out because I want money :P

I completely agree with you. I have this Pakistani friend, and her Mum makes her do LOADS of things around the house, I remember that she did it from a very early age because she could never come out since she needed to do housework. It’s really twisted XO

oooo; LMAO; I need to catch up on the news ! xD
SORRY ! Well then; hows your lil uni vacation ?

Yeah same here! Like there are a lot of people at school who get grounded and all that. And pay with their own money. I have never been treated this way. I guess I’m a bit spoilt? xD

Seriously though. I thank God for the way my parents treat me. Some parents just treat their kids horribly. I mean, really horribly. Sometimes we’re so lucky aren’t we? xD

Oh, I posted a new blog just now! Go ahead and read it please if you will! ^.^ x! See you! Getting late… You should be awake/getting up soon I think over there! xDDD

YUP :P You’re my rolemodel! You’re like a big sis to meh! :P

I’ve always had to do chores around the house, it was pretty much mandatory. Cleaning, dishes, vacuuming. Occasionally gardening/weeding, washing the car.

Now about paying rent… How old are these ‘children’? Are they 10? 16? 21? Must be different where you live because I’m used to some of the people that I know talking about having to pay rent to their parents (granted, they’re 19/20 and still living at home and not going to university).

Hey I hope I’m not getting annoying :/

I am thinking of buying a domain name and I was wondering if you offered hosting. Thanks!

HAHA yeah it definitely made me want to dance as well. xD

Do you really browse without images? Whoa. I can imagine myself being really bored if I turned off the images because most of the stuff I do online involves images. Lmao. Well, not most of it, but a fair amount.

It would be hard for me to get used to.

Aweh sorry to hear that your exhausted and not in the best mood. :( Hope you feel better soon!

Glad to hear that your mom is doing well. :D

Bleh, chores. My parents give me tons of jobs to do around the house but most of it never gets done lmao.
I suck like that.

I definitely agree with you. Children should be able to have a childhood. A fun one. It’s ridiculous that they have to pay rent.. wow wtf?

Yeah, it kind of makes me wonder how many of my high school friends I’ll still have in college and so on. :3

Ah, I agree. Anything + slow internet is reason for horrible moods. I do the same. My internet used to disconnect on the dot every hour. I’m glad it stopped some time after I figured out about the NC competition. That would’ve made me tear my hair out quite a bit.

My parents used to make me do the dishes and cook rice everyday, but they pretty much stopped since… I guess they figured if they make me do my homework, I’d have a better chance at getting into good college = good job = good money = pay for people to do those things for me. Heh. :x

Oh goodness. Having kids pay money to their parents for living there? That’s a bit extreme. I mean, wouldn’t the money that the kids paid be used to take care of them anyway? What’s the point of making them pay!? That’s ridiculous.

I agree. Kids should be able to have a childhood because obviously, there’s only one chance at having that. D:

:o Whinging about the smileys! :o
WTF? :o Paying rent to stay in your own house? :o That’s extreme! :o But the chores aren’t. :o
Smiley overdose! :o

I don’t think I could browse the internet without images, I would get bored quickly and I spend most of the time reading manga so that wouldn’t work out too well for me.

Parents have to sacrifice a lot for their children, I had a really good childhood, my mom was a bit strict with me then though but I always had my dad to back me up. Eh that’s awful, using my dad to get an extra hour to play outside or watch more t.v I didn’t really help around much of the house either and my mom would always nag at me to do things like homework. A lot of the things I have forgotten though, there’s just like random bits that are really insignificant that I end up remembering.

When my mom describes my childhood, its so different from the way I remember it. As I got older I helped around a lot more, but I’m still a lazy bum, I keep the rest of the house clean but my room is in a state!

Children paying rent is just cruel, I’ve watched shows where parents turn their children into adults by making them do everything while they laze around. Children need to enjoy their childhood to the fullest because you can never get back those days. I miss my childhood xD
Children paying rent is ridiculous, as parents they accept the responsibility to provide and take care of their child (not all parents do that though) I could understand having children do some chores but making them into slaves is just wrong. And rewards are awesome, what I would do for a cookie when I was younger lol

Yeah, you need two index.phps. You need one outside of your wordpress directory & one inside your wordpress directory. they’re both exactly the same. it just helps redirect your page but you know that.

if that doesnt work, i don’t know!

aw man how did you eat up your internet? i don’t think i could browse the internet without images although..i could with the sites that have really bad banners..ahaha then you’re like, “k i could’ve gone on with my life without seeing that…” but yeaaah anyway…

i agree..parents really shouldn’t be making their kids work for them like that. if you’re poor, maybe you shouldn’t have reproduced in the first place & since you have the kids, you might as well suck it up, work hard, & provide for your kids. christ…i’m so lucky that my parents never worked me like that.

I know haha it is weird :P

Uh, there are so many parents in Indonesia that are using their children. I’m glad my parents didn’t do that, even though I didn’t have the best childhood in the world :/ Everything has its own time. Giving rewards is nice too. The children would be motivated of doing housework but they’ll feel it as a fun, just like when they’re playing DS or PSP. :D

hmm i completely agree with you georgina! i find it really strange when parents ask their OWN children to pay money just to stay in their own house.. i think i know some people that are doing that..currently one of my friends is living with her grandparents and her grandparents want her to PAY to live in the housse. IT IS REDICULOUS! they are her relatives and yet they’re taking her money..

when i have kids i definately wont do something of that sort. i guess i would expect my children to do chores around the house but ye, probably when they get older i wouldnt start pushing theem to wash the dishes or vacuum everyroom in the house when they’re 10.

anyway, is actually going to expire on july 27th :( sadly … im unable to pay for it. (i.e i dont know how to because my paypal is screwed up and because my mum in particular doesnt want me to have my own domain.. which i dont understand.. but whatever) i’ve told some of my hostees.. but im just afraid at their reaction you know.. they may go ‘what!? but you’ve only had the site for a year and its expiring alreeady!? how could you!? why didnt you tell me this before!?’ or something ugghhh lol
i dont like confrontations ^^;

and also i dont think u need to change the emoticons i think theyre cute ;D

Hey wow i love your layout its so cute :P

I don’t think I could browse the internet without images it would annoy me lol at least it wont be as slow.

And Getting kids to pay rent? that’s a little crazy

Oh and you shouldn’t change your emoticons they are so cute :D :P

take care x

Yeah, I actually have hosting for my boyfriend’s band’s website that I mantain for him,, and I remember reading that she doesn’t give hosting away to someone more than once. That’s the site I actually used Fan Update on that I got from you :) Thanks though, and I might still consider your hosting even if I wouldn’t get a cpanel, I would just want a bloging system installed anyways :)

O_O Wow. That’s harsh. Kids having to pay rent and do homework just to live in the house?!? What, are their parents on pot or something? >.<
I can imagine getting a job if you don't have enough money to help your parents out with the rent, but omg!

Anyway, just stopping by, seeing what's new! ^_^
I was wondering, and I know you changed your similes (can't wait until you make the new ones! XD) but when you had the other ones… You had them shown along with the codes above the comment box. I was wondering how you'd do that? O.o
Anyway, thanks!

Okay, that was…shocking. I can’t image having to pay my parents to be able to live with them. It would be so weird. Children deserve their happy childhood :)

And thanks for the information. It helped me a lot ^^

Hmm I tried that! Turning off images in Firefox..I wonder how it feels like, I’ll give it a go! XD You stupid stupid ugly smilies!! SHOOOO!!!! :O
Naw dang it. I’m not first. James is. @@#%^$!!~!!!

I must be the first to wish you a happy 19th b-day! Which is…umm……May 29, 2010!!!

Oh, yes. I think I may remember that :3

LOL. I remember the dial up days. It was when my parents first figured out there was such a thing as “Internet” and they got dial up and I would be online every other day. My mom would get so annoyed because she’d never be able to talk on the phone.

Haha yes :D I’m just happy I won at least twice. I’m probably going to use one of them for a domain competition later on. xD The credit doesn’t expire, does it?

Yep. People are just either really greedy and unreasonable or… really greedy and unreasonable. D:

I think Fox and the Hound was a Disney? Ah well, it made me cry too. xD So sad.
I’ve never actually browsed the internet with no images, I’ll have to do it sometime, see how wierd it is, hehe.
I see what you mean about helping with the chores, we’re like that in my house too. My mum got ill a couple of weeks ago, and we didn’t actually realise how much she did until she didn’t do it anymore. So we all had to chip in, though I didn’t mind.
Yes I pay rent, but thats because I work and still live at home. But for young children to pay it? And be forced to do chores? That’s terrible. Like you say, children deserve to be able to play, have fun and well, have a childhood.

Thanks :d when my friends saw the report card, they were like “no big deal” lol i’m kinda a nerd, even though i dont act like a care about my grades but i do. never got an F in my report card. i think i would cry if i did lol

I saw the review :) thanks soo much for it :D I cleared all errors you told me. I seriously need to start capitalizing my I’s lol
i don’t know it just skips me lol

ugly smiles change them!!! :D i wonder what it would be like to browse without pictures, i think i would get frustrated lol, i use safari and they just recently upgraded it. before everything was bolded and stuff but now the font is just like IE and FF, i like it this way lol

awww hope you feel better :) whos been annoying you? want me to kick their butts??

i would rather just go find some where else to live that to pay my parents rent to live in the house, i mean seriously????

i need some freedom in my house, i hate it. once i start college, i am moving out going somewhere far, like college in LA. i need the scholarship first lol
i seriously do the work in this house, mostly my mom and i. cook, clean everywhere. its the same routine every morning. i barely have time for myself.

i seriously want a job, start saving for myself and providing things for me because i dont really think there are people i can count one, soo many broken promises it stopped being funny a long time ago.

sooorry about my stupid rant.

I don’t think I would enjoy a site as much with no images. xD Cause text makes me go insane sometimes. Especially in english, i go crazy when I see nothing but essays and stuff because it’s just like : WORD PUNCTUATION WORD PUNCTUATION.

I NEED IMAGES, GAAAAAAAH. So I get out my cellphone or something and look at the menu icons.. fail.

It’s a good thing you can see video though. :)

Glad you’re feeling better!

Yeah, my parents get so pissed at me, but I can’t help but leave the chores till last minute. :P

Ok I did it, I bought my own domain from namecheap! I was so nervous lol. I bought I ordered tons of space for my boyfriend’s site from Kya so I do have enough space to do an addon and I would love to learn how to, you are soooooooo nice!

Depends what you call a childhood. Playing with friends and stuff may be a childhood in your opinion, but other people class it as a different thing.

I don’t do much around the as I basically only sleep there. My mom is pretty cool about it as long as my room is clean. :]

Oh and I’ve done the same as you, I’ve killed our download so I browse without images. it just makes surfing so much easier. (H)

I’ve never tried browsing with no images, I should try it just to see what you mean XD

Aww, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here! Hopefully, things will get better :] I’m exhausted too!

Te he :) I always forget about the clothes, but it’s not even on purpose. I just HAPPEN to remember when the rain starts.

I don’t really help around the house, I have been lately, like doing laundry and washing and stuff like that.

That’s horrible! You shouldn’t charge kids rent to live in their own house! Their parents had them and one of the necessities is shelter.

Three of my friends are actually coming over earlier to help me set up and stuff, so they should be a big help :) I agree, it is a bit extreme, I wouldn’t move schools just for a sport :(

i did have insect repellent, but it was just THAT bad out that i STILL got bug bites. poo to that. :[

and what a coincidence haha, i have a doctors appointment on friday, which i definitely don’t want to go to. i hate going to the doctor, it’s just super awkward and i’d rather not hehe.

Hehe. I, too, miss your old smilies! They were so cute.

I’m sorry you’re in the bad mood, but it’s fabulous that writing helped cheer you up a bit. I know writing is my number one vise.

Kids having to pay rent?! That’s horrible. :(

Wow, really? They treat their own children almost like strangers. They’re their CHILDREN. They shouldn’t have to pay to live there! Until they turn like 20 and can get their own place to live, or at least have a job! They should be allowed to play and have some fun. Yeah, they should only have to do chores. That’s just terrible. :/

Oh, you should wait until you’re absolutely sure that WP won’t break down on you. xD Though these smilies really are horrific. :P I should change my emoticons too, now that you’ve mentioned it.. xD

Oh, and I’m uploading my v-log now! :D I’m going to use your tutorial to validate the coding in my blog. :)

I never really helped around the house until I was in high school because my dad told me I was lazy. Now I don’t really help because my mom gets mad if I don’t do it her way blah. I try and get yelled at. Doesn’t make sense!

Oh just to let you know, I figured out the permalinks problem! I’m not sure if you have the problem because of my reason, but I posted it in my blog. It’s because of trailing slashes! put / because an image or file name that is located in your root directory.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to spam!! But I meant BEFORE an image, not because!

Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this.

Georgina: No, I don’t think your mother called you “How I Make $300 a Day Online”.

*CAUTION* long comment ahead *CAUTION*

oh gee… shit, sorry for the late reply -.-‘ i fail lmao.
my nets going so slow atm that it’s like virtually impossible to comment people aye.

ROFL yeah we should have a “Dad swap” you know like that show “Wife swap” or some shiiiz, haha! Gah trust me you wouldn’t last 5 mins with my Dad, he’s so GAHHHish.

I’m not really tall lmao! It was just that Doctor was uber short, you would’ve been taller than him.. probably ;D I’m like 164ish cm in height.

Omfg I know right! I’m so impatient! Like literally with that Doctors appointment we waited half an hour to get served and the appointment only went for like 2 minutes LOL, so annoying. Though unlike you I don’t mind being late to things haha! But you’re just super organised and such; i’m quite the opposite. xD

OMFG you ate all your download bandwidth to haha. We’re meant to have unlimited downloads yet they still slow our connection down (my bro & i watch wayyyy to much anime) but I think i’ll turn the images off if it helps make the net go faster (Y) thanks for the tip xD

Nawww have some icecream, you won’t be exhausted for long tehehe. Oh and thought I should mention W00000000T FOR WORDPRESS & NEW THEME! It’s freaking orgasmic baybayyy! Gah I envy you and your ability to adapt and learn new things so easily, such as wordpress. *wahhh* it’s not fair you’re to smart & creative!

Good on ya Mum aye, sounds like she’s doing awesome. But I know what you mean, you don’t reallise realise how much your parents help out until like they don’t/can’t. As a child I probably could’ve helped out more with chores; but in saying that all of us still did our fair share and lifted our own weight.
Plus at the same time we had a great childhood, which as you mentioned is all that really matters ;) Have a good childhood is a key component to any kids growth and devolpment!

I’m kind of intrigued lately by your blogs Georgina, I’ve noticed they’re oriented around your childhood and kids in general… so I have a theory. I think that you and James are planning to have kids soon ZOMG! I knew it! It’s true isn’t it!? I just hope you’ve informed James of your plans LOL. I think you’d make a great Mum ;)

*RELAX* long comment finished *RELAX*

That’s soo mean! If my parents did that to me I would move out straight away haha. They wouldn’t do that though as I think they are glad I have a home and I’m safe :D LOL. And dw, the smilies aren’t that bad :P haha xo

Ow, that’s be crazy if children had to pay to live with their parents. It’d really drive me crazy. LOL.
yeah, children definitely deserve a childhood. I mean, anyways, when they grow up, they’re gonna do all the chores, so why not let them have a bit of fun in their childhood ?

That sucks that your internet is capped. We have unlimited access, but the bill sometimes is high. =)
Umm, yeah, you should really install some smilies soon. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention, Georgie, thank you sooo much for the fanupdate files! I installed it successfully, but I’m yet to post an entry.

Thank you again! :)

Thanks! I linked everything up, but how do I access it? I just edit my site through my boyfriends?

Thanks! Two? Oh cool! Good luck on those! If you’re not applying to me… =S I got confused… and I don’t have two! Just two on that day lol. I had another 2 today! I have till Tuesday goin on like this! xD Oooh site work! =p yeah yeah… new layout i always keep talkin’ bout..

You dont have to arrange anything on ur site! its perfect as it is! xD

I dont cuz i dont like to show off lol. Arrr well xDD No i wont… a few more days! ASDFGH!! XDDD im having a ASDFGH moment right now LOL.

:) I’ve been able to access it, now I’m just wondering if I can make a new fanupdate account so I don’t have to share with my boyfriend (Dewey) .

I’m wondering if I have to reupload fanupdate into my directory or if there are other ways