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Most of today, I’ve been browsing the internet with images turned off. Not terribly exciting. My internet is capped (i.e. we ate the entire download) so everything is very slow. Since I often browse the internet without images, I thought it would be sensible. It makes everything load faster, it really does. 🙂

I haven’t changed the smilies yet, obviously. Lee keeps whinging about the ugly smilies so I promise I’ll try and add custom ones soon. I’m just worried that WordPress will get a bit stuffed, as I heard some people having problems.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not in the greatest of moods. I’m blogging because I got quite a lot of comments on my last blog, and I don’t want people getting bored of reading the same thing, haha. And I figured that blogging will probably cheer me up and get my mind off things.

I’m not feeling terribly awesome because I’m quite exhausted. Some people have annoyed me a bit, and little things online have bugged me. Anything online teamed with extremely slow internet isn’t a good thing.

Offline, well, I “forgot” to take in the clothes. They weren’t even put up today, but because my mum has been so busy and I’ve had to do other chores, I didn’t notice, or completely “forgot”, that there were clothes in the shade outside. So they’ve been there for a while, and thank goodness rain hasn’t gotten to them – but my mum wasn’t terribly pleased about it either. She was planning to wear some pyjamas that were hanging out there.

Since my mum got her new job in the cosmetics field – she’s been doing really well, but it’s put a bit of weight on my brother, dad and I. We normally don’t help around the house – I know we’re bad, and it sucks, but that’s how it’s been – so we have been rather slow with the chores (and hopeless).

It’s not a funny thing but I suppose there is a funny side to it. I’m sort of glad and feel sort of proud that I’m doing the washing and the dishes. I never did them when I was younger. I never really helped around the house. Do you guys help around the house?

I saw this dumb story on a current affairs show the other day, in which children had to pay rent to their parents to live with them. A bit dodgy, don’t you think? Your parents bring you up – they work to help bring up the family. Also, they mentioned that children had to do housework in order to live with their parents.

I don’t really think so – children do deserve a childhood. They deserve to have a play around in the playground, hang out with friends, play with their toys, on the computer, with their siblings, whatever that may be. Sure they can help around the house, but treating them like slaves and making them do a lot of hard work is inappropriate. Especially the idea of further along the track, getting them to pay with their own money to live with their own parents.

If parents want their children to help around their house, wait till they’re older so they can enjoy their childhood, is what I think. And make helping out fun. Give them a little reward or something, for helping water the flowers. Give them a cookie. Children deserve that childhood, without being spoiled. 🙂

I’m feeling better after writing. I can’t say I had the greatest childhood, but I sure had a deserving one. I love how my parents took care of me.

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