That’s The Way My Love Is

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on my previous blog. That is, my first WordPress blog! Predictably (and who knows how busy I am even on holidays), I haven’t added new smilies yet. I realised a lot of you remembered my old smilies and the codes for them. I was planning to make some of my own, see.

I miss James right now. I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe about ten days. I miss Lilian too. Since it’s the holidays I hope I get to see them soon! 🙂

Last night I posted a picture of my ex-boyfriend sleeping on the bus on my Tumblr (slowdawn). The reason I did so, was because I thought it was pretty hilarious. I mean, if he Photoshopped his head on some crazy dude in a laboratory coat with holes in the nipples holding a broken beer bottle and uploaded it onto the Internet to show to people (including myself), then surely, as Lilian pointed out, a photo of him sleeping is nothing compared to that. 😛

It’s not that I hate him or anything. It’s funny. We are (slightly distant) friends, after all.

Since I haven’t gone to university in a while, I am lucky to have not encountered more idiots on the train.

But, I have encountered idiots at work, which is most unfortunate. For those who don’t know, I work in an education centre. Children follow a personalised program and come in to complete class work and get it marked, and read a book or do a puzzle or two. They also hand in their homework.

There’s this new boy who just started the program. I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, but within one week, he had completed an entire level of work. An entire level of work is two hundred worksheets.

Which is impressive, on one note, but on another – incredibly stupid. Why? Because when I marked this work, as homework, since he had done it all at home, he had something wrong on every page. It’s not hard to get a hundred percent on these worksheets; really, it isn’t. I’m not just saying that because I’m older and I can obviously do the worksheets. It’s because it’s really not hard if you read the question and look at the example.

So I had a pretty hard time marking his homework when it was all wrong, and he got close to a fail on many occasions (a fail is sixty percent, and you get a fail if everything on the worksheet is wrong). I also had a hard time recording the scores in his scorebook and having to put the whole lot back in his folder so he could make appropriate corrections.

It was obvious that he didn’t even try to do the work. It was carelessly done.

When he did attempt to correct some of his work, it was still wrong so I gave it back. He continually kept asking, “Isn’t this right?”

Well, sometimes I can make a mistake, but no. If you have handed your work in many times with the same answer (um, I get the point) and I haven’t marked it right, you are wrong.

Some children just need to learn to understand simple things.

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