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Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on my previous blog. That is, my first WordPress blog! Predictably (and who knows how busy I am even on holidays), I haven’t added new smilies yet. I realised a lot of you remembered my old smilies and the codes for them. I was planning to make some of my own, see.

I miss James right now. I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe about ten days. I miss Lilian too. Since it’s the holidays I hope I get to see them soon! :)

Last night I posted a picture of my ex-boyfriend sleeping on the bus on my Tumblr (slowdawn). The reason I did so, was because I thought it was pretty hilarious. I mean, if he Photoshopped his head on some crazy dude in a laboratory coat with holes in the nipples holding a broken beer bottle and uploaded it onto the Internet to show to people (including myself), then surely, as Lilian pointed out, a photo of him sleeping is nothing compared to that. :P

It’s not that I hate him or anything. It’s funny. We are (slightly distant) friends, after all.

Since I haven’t gone to university in a while, I am lucky to have not encountered more idiots on the train.

But, I have encountered idiots at work, which is most unfortunate. For those who don’t know, I work in an education centre. Children follow a personalised program and come in to complete class work and get it marked, and read a book or do a puzzle or two. They also hand in their homework.

There’s this new boy who just started the program. I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, but within one week, he had completed an entire level of work. An entire level of work is two hundred worksheets.

Which is impressive, on one note, but on another – incredibly stupid. Why? Because when I marked this work, as homework, since he had done it all at home, he had something wrong on every page. It’s not hard to get a hundred percent on these worksheets; really, it isn’t. I’m not just saying that because I’m older and I can obviously do the worksheets. It’s because it’s really not hard if you read the question and look at the example.

So I had a pretty hard time marking his homework when it was all wrong, and he got close to a fail on many occasions (a fail is sixty percent, and you get a fail if everything on the worksheet is wrong). I also had a hard time recording the scores in his scorebook and having to put the whole lot back in his folder so he could make appropriate corrections.

It was obvious that he didn’t even try to do the work. It was carelessly done.

When he did attempt to correct some of his work, it was still wrong so I gave it back. He continually kept asking, “Isn’t this right?”

Well, sometimes I can make a mistake, but no. If you have handed your work in many times with the same answer (um, I get the point) and I haven’t marked it right, you are wrong.

Some children just need to learn to understand simple things.

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Oh yes! First comment! I usually get crazy about first comments XD I shall read the blog now XD

Okay doke Georgie! I can wait….I think! I can’t wait to read the review though! It’ll help me improve more! :D

Omg, what an idiot ._.
I bet he just wanted to get it over and done with in a rush, and now it’s probably cost him more time if he’d just spent a few minutes every week doing them. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast =D

Ngaww, I miss you too *hug* We’ll see each other soon *nad*

Aha, kids, what are you going to do? My brother is somewhat smart (I guess) but his teacher always tells us that he needs to slow down. What I’m trying to say is, during the lectures and what not, he seems very smart; so you’d expect a high score from him right? No. He rushes through the tests and quizzes to finish before his classmate to seem “smart”. That’s a pretty dumb butt move if you ask me o_o.

I on the other hand, take my time :] I do about three questions and go to sleep. Miraculously, I still finish in time ^-^. Hope you see James and Lillian soon :o! It’s hard being away from your close friends, even though they aren’t family ): Feels like they are [:

Hehe I that photo of your ex-boyfriend, is quite silly. He’s hugging his books! His books I tell ya book! XD :fist: I know that shaking fist smiley won’t show up….I miss it…. though. :( *sniff*

Hmm a new kid who does his paper work wrong. Well wow he did a lot of work, but incorrect work! Give him a redo! He should really check his work before turning them in!!!! I would do that…

I miss you fist smiley and that boogie smiley- genius! :fist: :boogie: AWW it’s not showing!!! :'( SNIFF SNIFF

Aw sorry to hear that you’re missing James. Hope you guys are reunited soon! ;)
Oh man, I saw that picture on your Tumblr. It was freeken hilarious! I laughed so hard hahaha.
I can’t remember if I faved it, I think I did. xD

Holy shit, he finished all 200 worksheets?! Well.. someone doesn’t have a life.. lmao. Kind of sad that he had something wrong on every page though. So now the kid has no life and he’s stupid too? What a shame. Nah, I’m just kidding I feel like a bitch now so i’ll stfu. (:

Hope this kid can understand what he’s doing wrong and put more effort into his work in the future.

LMAO rolling on the floor for fun? Oh yeah.
I suppose I do have a dirty mind.. without even realizing it D:

Aweh well atleast it cheered you up instead of getting you pissed off lmao.

What camera do you use? Your photos are always so beautiful. And anyhow, I agree! The photo of your ex is hilarious! He seems so snuggly and vulnerable. XD

Bleh, why are idiots… such… well, idiots? *shakes head*

LOL glad the video makes you laugh. It cracks me up as well, but only when I’m in a good mood. If i’m PMSing or something, I feel like smashing my computer screen when I watch that video lmao… the people are too freeken happy.

Haha thanks, good ot know I’m not a horrible person. xD
And when exactly can dirty minds come in handy? D: Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that.. OK IGNORE QUESTION. IGNORE QUESTION. K thanks. (:

Hahahaha that really sucks that the kid had to redo it. Atleast he’s learning his lesson, well hopefully.

Loveloveloveloveloveee the new layout mann. Seriously! SO pretty. LOVE.

CHAIRDANCE! Haha. Sorry, just had to put that there. Anyway,

I wanna see the picture of your ex-boyfriend :O

I will do site work soon, I pwomiseee. <3

I think I will soon reapply to get reviewed by you.

LOL, heh for some reason I love my writing. XD I just think it gets messy sometimes because my hand hurts from writing a lot.

Oh those stupid code words. I mean, yeah it’s okay to make up nicknames for people, but code words so other people don’t know what you’re talking about? That’s really annoying.

Hahaha, that photo of him sleeping was well… he was sleeping in a very awkward position. It must’ve been quite uncomfortable to sleep like that. o_o”

Ah yeah. Kids are really slow learners. It annoys me too :P I’m amazed of the people who have such a high tolerance for little kids.

“There’s this new boy who just started the program. I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, but within one week, he had completed an entire level of work. An entire level of work is two hundred worksheets.”

whaaat, are you serious?
But after reading how carelessly he did his work, then that doesn’t make him a very smart kid, haha.
Its more worth it to actually try and do the work carefully.Last year, I guess I kind of rushed on my work in maths, but towards the end, i realised how many silly and stupid mistakes i made, so now, i g on my own pace.

Yes, looking for money, haha, that makes me sound like a begger. well, somehow if i get the amount, i’ll use the extra o year time carefully, its amazing how time goes by so fast.

WOW! You got a new layout! I thinbk it looks great?! Is that you and james? wow!

I’m kinda curious of your tumblr. hahah XD what’s the link? :P

LOL, your ex-boyfriend photo is PRICELESS. Photos of someone that is sleeping is always priceless. I love taking photos of someone that is sleeping :D Awawaw.

That kid, haha. He did all of them but… okay, it seems like he just randomly put the answers and then he gave it to you. It is weird. Seems like he doesn’t care about the program. You should ask him about that :O

I used Vicky’s smilies on my previous WP. I’m just too lazy to add smilies :(

Haha that photo’s really hilarious… The way he’s sleeping there with the book! What do the people say, I wonder.

I loved the old smilies! They were so cute and wonderful! Although these aren’t half bad (:

Haha. Ms. Luhur, you should be more patient to your students! :P Georgie is a teacher, Georgie is a teacher! She’s correcting work! Whee! All these reviews and homework and correction is making me feel like you’re some sort of headmistress of some sort of Grammar school! xD Have mercy! X3

That would be awesome thanks :) I hopefully shall get a lot of it fixed tonight though

I MISS YOU TOOOO! We are definately going somewhere! We HAVE TO! I want my sticker photos! LOL xD. [And my birthday present =P]…

*tear*. I haven’t seen you for SO long. And I am SURE it has been MORE than ten days xD Haha.

Urgh, you DO sound very busy indeed xD…

That kid sounds like a pretentious know-it-all. Why would you BOTHER doing it at all if you’re going to do it WRONG. It’s pointless. I mean, poontless.

Seriously, you’re just wasting time. Which is sad. It’ll take him LONGERRRR in the end, which defeats the purpose of doing the whole thing at once. Attempting to be fast.

What an idiot.

LOL, that photo of Kiah IS funny xD That photoshopped photo you told me about sounds even more retarded though. Strange, strange kid. xD

Hopefully he grows out of it…^^…Hehehe!


I hate little kids. I have a little second cousin who is a spoilt brat! She is like 8 years old and thinks she is the only person around – like the world revolves around her. I HATE HER! It’s pretty extreme LOL but she drives me crazy and is such a brat! I think I should stop before you think I’m crazy/weird LOL haha xo

I have photos of my classmates and teachers sleeping in the bus :D I was so lucky I didn’t sleep! :D

STUPID haha. This another kid writes it for answers? I can’t believe it. Oh, they’re way too mature >.<

Wait. It doesn't work with WP 2.8? Serious? :O Oh sucks!

Haha, that photo is so hilarious!! >o<
And, that kid, haha… it really seems so stupid. Haha. =)
Hope you add some new smilies soon! :)

Well, news!

*copied and pasted*
Hey Georgie, I just moved over to my new domain! So, could you please change my link/button link in your affiliates list ? The link is

Thank you so much!

Thank you, Georgie!

And, your reply to the comment below was hilarius! Haha! =)

In regards to your previous comment on my blog; yes I know that you help me if I need the help and I thank you for that. (: Haha. Ages. You have as much of that as you want :P

Hahaha awesome. Do they know you have such a popular network? :P Also, now you know what it felt like when your teachers used to teach you! xD

Hahaha hilarious. That’s what I think of sometimes too.

Ohh. I think I prefer these ones better because in FU the paragraph/sentence goes a bit up because of the smiley. In WP they stay the same which is so much neater LOL.


Anyways, could you give me the link from where you got that flower brush/stock used on this layout ? Hope you don’t get angry at me for this. >o<

LOL. Stupid misunderstanding :(
So I assume that those kids don’t really care about the program. How sad. :(

It’s hard for me to fall asleep in class! Well, I have… once when I was praying HAHA. I was so sleepy so I fell asleep-_-

Oh crap. Should I just stay with these crappy, stupid default smilies? NO :(

Hey I didn’t get a chance to comment on your previous blog but the new layout is very pretty! I also can’t believe a kid would try to do all the work in one weeks, it’s better to pace yourself and make sure all the work done is correct than try to get it done right away carelessly.

I also had a fanupdate question, though I’m not sure if you have a question and answer section. On a website I’d like to use the same fanupdate file for two different blogs. Like a regular blog with news, and then another blog for my friend in which those entries don’t show up in the news section. I hop ethis makes sense and I’d thank you forever if you could help :) You can email myself at

I’m wondering if the only way i can do it is to file all the news entries as news to have only news appear on that page, or if there is another way. Thanks :)

Well at least you were still “distant” friends. I never made friends with my EX, no I wasn’t bitter or anything, it was just like that LOL. Hehehe..

i am sooooooo behind on comments, my bad
anyway woooooop for moving to wordpress and i love this new theme too :D
i know doesn’t time fly can’t believe nearly a year ago i was on freewebs thinking about getting a domain :O
omg 200 worksheets i’m too lazy to do things like that ahahaha aww at him getting things wrong, he should have took his time instead less work for him, less work for you LMAO

I want :boogie: back! And also, :yay: as well as :dance:! Maybe you should try to use kao-anis as your emoticons! :P <–I hate that smiley!
That little boy is stupid. He needs a new brain that is at least bigger than a peanut.
Nimble fingers vs a normal brain: a normal brain wins!

I’m not a heavy sleeper I think. It’s really easy to fall asleep at the right time/night, but not when I’m in the class, bus, or something. I can’t be disturbed with those random sounds :(

Hope there’ll be an update *prays*

I’m SICK seeing these stupid smilies. FanUpdate default smilies are WAY better.

Haha , I saw that picture on Tumblr .
He must love his books.
200 WORKSHEETS ? Jeeezee
Gtg to school.
I’m late.
But I had to read your blog

I see, that’s what I was thinking I had to do. Thanks for getting back to me, you’re so sweet!

The picture on Tumblr was indeed hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired that I had to fall asleep in a public place… well, maybe the doctors office, lol.

About that kid, it’s kind of sad, especially if it was apparent that he did not try. I’d like to know what some of these kids are learning at home. At least someone at his household should have checked on him while doing ALL THAT WORK and made note that he wasn’t answering the questions correctly.

I guess you have a lot of patience =p

Soft classical music is great! Bedtime music :D

FanUpdate rocks. I miss it so much, or… well, I miss the default smilies so much! I want to use it somewhere but I don’t know where and how :(

I’m so scared of Wp now. I don’t know what would happen if I do this, do that… it’s confusing.

I guess I missed your transfer over to WordPress. But anyway, congratulations!!
How do you like it so far?

Thank you, Georgie! You’re too sweet. *hugs*
Hopefully I’ll find an agent soon enough and then, in result, eventually get published. *le sigh* It’s a long process!

Lol, yay :D. I have a hard time thinking up good titles though, bahaha it’s not one of my strong points 8-). I know, and he repeated loads of songs which was annoying. Mwahaha I hadn’t done it in years so it took me a while to get into it but yeah, the time warp is always fun :D. Awwww what type of dog does James have :)?

Awww I hope you get to see James and Lilian soon. I hate not seeing my friends for long periods of time :(. Grrrr at other stuff which takes up so much time. I saw that photo on tumblr, it was funny :D. It was just for fun afterall, it wasn’t like you were attacking him or anything hehe :).

Arghhh why do they need to rush through things ¬¬. Grrr at him asking if it’s right when it was the same as last time. That would get really annoying. Still, beter kids learn these things while they are still young ^.^

Awww, hope you see them both soon! And it’s so nice that you’ve added catagories in WP for them both. :D
Haha OMFG I got feel so meeeeaaaaan for not doing those reviews. I wanna finish them this month and END OF, I am doing Shola’s. For some reason Mariah’s is just getting to me. I’m struggling with the navigation… still. XD

I’ve already commented on the picture. I think it’s random butttt I see what you mean about it being hilarious, if I think of it from your point of view. :)

Ha, that kid sounds like a jerk. Well, I mean, asking if it’s right when it is the same as before and if THAT was wrong… *rolls eyes*
Ooooh. *winces* That is A LOT of scribbles. :O

Dumdeedoo, I quick question: I’ve recieved an email from Support people domain thingy, saying I have to change my Name server IP. Cristina doesn’t seem to get it anddddd I have to change it to some dumb new IP but duh, I have no idea how to do that. 2 days and my site is gone unless I change it ’cause of a server change…
Suggestions? :)

Hehe I remember that crappy site! I would have still have celebrity boring layouts as my layouts instead if I didn’t apply for the reviews XD Haha I’m serious! I still have some errors with my XHTML so I applied for a review :P STUPID UGLY SELFISH SMILEYS! Aww I like first comments! They kick butt Georgums!

i got it upgraded but i dont really see the difference, you can upload themes and plugins through dashboard and thats pretty much it lol. but its still nice lol
anyways hope you see them both soon you love sick puppy lol you know its true :D

haha what’s he’s holding in his hand? i bet its kinda awkward when you guys are talking to each other right?
aww little kid looking at the space ship lol
thats weird lol

so basically you graded it and he turned it in again with the same answer??? i dont think he gets the point that its wrong.

Ugh. I hate these annoying little kids that don’t try at all. It just makes you want to stop trying. -.-
Oh and that photo of your ex cracked me up xD

So, basically, you just display some pieces of work you like from different subjects and display it on your website? O.o My teacher mentioned something about a student C.V? Did you do something like that? Or is my teacher completely out of her mind? xP

Well code words in a blog seem to be a must. :P After all, without those, there would be quite some drama. But code words when you’re hanging out with your friend and you don’t want someone there to know what you’re saying? Pft, I suggest those people not say anything at all. D: I don’t get why they can’t save it for later.

Haha yes! I keep thinking, “oh my gosh, was I like THAT?” whenever I see an annoying little kid.

Mhm! I have WP 2.8, but I haven’t activated the custom smileys plugin yet. I’m still looking for a good set of smileys to use. :3 I might consider making my own XD I just need to figure out how..

Haha yeah I definitely know what feeling you’re talking about where your so hyper that you’re laughing but you’re actually pissed off. . . lmao.

A life lesson i must learn eh? K, I’ll just stop there and not ask any more questions LOL.

haha yea; hows school for you? I just finished my last full day today, it was fun (:

Hey, I lost a lot of stuff on my site, including who is going to review me, and I am also getting a domain, so you don’t have to review me. I will probably end up applying later in time with my new site =].

Oh, kids. Sometimes they just don’t seem to understand that the faster you do something doesn’t necessarily make it better. I remember way back in 1st grade, my teacher would tell us that we shouldn’t rush through our work because being the first one done didn’t necessarily make you the smartest. I think that kid needs a little ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ story, or something. ‘Slow and steady wins the race!’

But seriously, what is that kid trying pull on you? You’re clearly not going to be fooled if he gives you the same wrong answers every time. And despite how tired you might get of him getting it wrong, you’re not going to cave and tell him it doesn’t matter!

Ooh, is that program like KUMON? I use to do that, and I thinking of working at one.. maybe when I get to that age. hahaha. But it sounds like its similar to KUMON. I did that program for like 6 years… for math. That’s like the only reason I’m in advanced math. >.<

Oo good luck with the conversion of pages. ^^ It'll be good by the end. And thanks for voting for me. ^^ And by the way, not sure if I've told you yet, but the plug-in worked. Twitter is now in my sidebar. ^^ Thanks so much.

I haven’t re-added my smilies since I updated, so mine are the yucky default ones XP

Hahaha, I saw the picture of your ex, it was funny! He’s just kind of scrunched up in a ball :) BAHAHA!! It would be funny if you P hotoshopped him to look like that!

Woah, 200 pages! Kids just don’t get the fact that quality over quickness ( I was trying to think of something that started with “q” XD)

WEE! I love being affiliates with you, you’re amazing :) It deserved it, it’s so beautiful :)

Haha, that is a pretty funny photo of your ex-boyfriend sleeping. I love sleeping photos. :)

I hate kids like that. Careless. If he asks again you should have a stern talking to him, haha, because kids like that annoy me and should be set straight.

yay! my site is almost set! i just need to make my layout on wordpress then blog ;D happy 2nd wordpress blog! lmao !

ahah how many times did this guy ask you until he got it right?? what a smarty pants (:

really??? ;o where’d you here this from! if it is i realllyyy don’t want to waste my time LMAO and i clicked for youu! i entered so-pinks contest too incase i’m the random person! whup dee doo! ;D

Haha woo, I feel special for understanding you. xD

LOL wow just by the name of that song sounds so hippy.
I’ll deff take a listen to it, since I am extremely stressed and freaking out over math right now.

Well we can just save FanUpdate smilies and put them in WordPress :) But I’m just too lazy :S

But you don’t have your pages in WP right? You have them in PHP. I have my whole life in WP… if I delete the database everything’s gone :(

Oh I totally get that. My two ex best friends were Korean so everytime we hung out, they would I have these long conversations in Korean and I’m just like “…” the WHOLE time. So much for “best friends”. They acted like I wasn’t there.

The cube ones are cute! heh. I wonder, did it take long to make all of those? You have quite a few.

Thanks for the book/author suggestions. I love The Catcher in the Rye! I’m actually in the process of rereading it now. It’s definitely in my Top 3 favorite books – right behind The Great Gatsby and Slaughterhouse Five.

I haven’t heard of Ruth Elwin Harris or Bryce Courtenay; perhaps I should look into their work. Like you, I am open to reading almost anything – as long as it is entertaining and at least somewhat well-written!

niice photo!

i haven’t put any smilies into wordpress and i’ve had it for a long time….. i’m SO SO SO lazy. ugh. :/

*HUGS* Your comment put a huge smile on my face, I can always depend on you to make anyone feel good :) I wish we talked more though, I don’t seem to get to comment on every post, that’s my fault.

Hehe, I called her Mom and she’s being dropped off 15 minutes after the party actually starts. I’m just so nervous that it’ll be the worst party ever.

I was so close to crying when she told me she was moving, today was just such a depressing day for me. And she’s moving mainly because of the sport she plays and her parents want her to be well rested for the sport.

Hehe, you should get a stamp that says “quality over quickness” and just stamp it on his forehead XD That should do the trick.

Aww, thanks hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out :) *BIG HUG!* You made me feel so much better <33333

I did?? :o
I hope another smiley doesn’t appear…

holey moley….. you have 50+ comments already… whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how do u get so many hahaha
anyway, i remember you telling me about how you work at a childrens centre.. maybe the boy thinks the work is too hard or is too bored with the work…. or has some problems going on at home so he cant concentrate??

and congrats on starting to us wordpress! i am personally hopeless in installing things like that… ahaa too confusing for me :P

Yay for wordpress :) How are you? Sorry you are missing your boyfriend :(

You should put them on WP pages. Why? Because you can have comments HAHA :D

haha, maybe he just wanted to get it all out of the way? And the smilies aren’t that bad. ;]

It’s a bummer whe you ar ein holidays and you never get chance to see your main click of friends. And then you get withdrawl symtoms from your friends.I eel your pain Georgie. Luckily I live near my main amigoes, well most of them so they are basically a twenty minute walk away.

How’s wordpress coming along? Looks all good. I prolly forgot to mention in my last comment that I really do like your layout. It’s real puuuurdy.

You think my writing is elegant? Thx :]

I know, I was super bummed I couldn’t carry my camera, but it would have made my load heavier since my cam is a DSLR and not a tiny digital one. :/

I need anti-itch ANYTHING right now SO SO BAD! but unfortunately i don’t have anything… sad day.

AWW thanks for looking those things up :] I should try that. I’m actually super desperate right now so I’d probably be willing to take a bath in vinegar… Ew. haha.

But yes, I love my DSLR! I have a digital too, but it’s just not the same when I know I have my dslr haha. but portable is ALWAYS good. :] :]

Off to bed for me, I’m going to sleep off this itching crap and maybe try your remedies tomorrow if they’re still itching. Thanks girl. :D

Pffft, thanking me for my comment? *shakes head slowly* You must know I comment because I like commenting on your blogs. :] So no need for thanks.

Nah, I think donating to funeral is plain rude, I mean most people that die leave enough money for their funeral, with their assests and stuff. These people are just plain greedy.

Twnety minutes drve? Well, I suppose it’s good int he matter of if you ever wanted to hike, you know the option is there. ;] Just make sure you pack a packed-lunch if you did do it.

Woot for KUMON! ^^ I wanted to work there before, but I haven’t seen the people there for awhile. It’d be weird if I just walked in and asked for a job. I think I’m already old enough because the age to work there is actually younger.. I believe, at least at the place I know. Haha, I eventually reached a level where I got to grade my own papers.. ^^ that was the really tougher levels.. I almost forgot about the reading thing, I never did reading so I never understood the whole.. process.

Oh would you, please?! THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for this moment… a review from Georgums!!! XD I’m so dump! Anywho I seriously can’t wait for the review, I’ve been trying for ages, to fix my XHTML, so I need some advice from my wedmiss rolemodel, which is: Georgina Luhur!! WHOO LOOLOLOL

Thank you for the link! :)
Oh, I just realized I have that brush set in my Photoshop, but I never used it. Silly me. xD

Oh yeah, I’m not able to fix that problem. Stupid cutenews! >.<

Yep it’s lovely! When I converted to WP I was struggling to find out how to have comments on pages (I was still using PHP that time). You should move your reviews to WP pages… but it’ll take ages :S

Hmm maybe just convert the reviews you wrote this month?

Hmm maybe just convert the reviews you wrote this month? It’ll make people easier to give clarifications/if they need to clear something/just want to say thanks ^^

TAKE THEM OFF AND WE WILL BE SAVED FROM THE MISERY! :( Oh crap, another smiley is coming. *hides*
Yes, you can! It’s unused so maybe that’s a good idea. :P
Smiley’s coming…

Hehe. :)
I’m already thinking of converting to FanUpdate…or maybe even WordPress…what do ya think ?
Well, I’ll have to read your tutorials, then.

Well, I just read your tutorial. The site no longer exists, and the owner seems to have moved to Facebook. So, if you have the FanUpdate files, could you please email me those ?

ye… well is going to expire in julyy 27.. so i reckon the faster i get hosted somewhere else the better.. saves me going ‘OMGOMGOMG I NEED TO SAVE AND MOVE ALL MY STUFF!!!’ when its already july 26 LOL

so how’s uni ffor you ? :D keeping up with finals?

Granted, Holden Caulfield is depressed, but there is so much more to the novel than just that. I think those who dubbed you ’emo’ for enjoying The Catcher in the Rye don’t seem to recognize good literature when they see it. I feel like you don’t have to be depressed or flunk out of school to be able to relate to Holden – he is very human, much like the rest of us. Oh well, not everyone will understand, I suppose.

Hehe, it had been so long since I actually picked up a book, too. That’s why I’m rereading my favorites: to motivate me to read others that I might enjoy just as much!

Thanks girl! What do you mean I don’t use plugins? LOL I am using some.

Ooh i know right? I went kind of crazy with them when I first started using WP but I toned it down a bit. I just got rid of commentluv cause it was annoying me.

My day is going well so far!

Hiya Georgie. :)

How are you? Well, ha. I’m a little stuck right now. Due to my superior lack of domain knowledge when it came to changing the nameserver ip in my cPanel or whatever, my account (hosting wise) has been deleted.

Obviously this a shitting bummer seeing as i asked Cristina about it and she thought it was okay, lmao. :P I’ve got all my files still but nothing on my site (even the cPanel won’t load) so while I get hosting somehwere else – probably @ – you can get me via Twitter or by emailing me.

Give me a week or so, ha, and I’ll be back in action. xx Talk to you soon! :3

No, John had to work today. But he left me a note and I texted him when I woke up.

I haven’t started it yet. Gonna wait til after lunch.