I Miss You, Man

I know this is the moment you have (not) all been waiting for. WordPress. So how does it look? Do you like my new “theme”? Is it rocking and jazzy and totally cool?

Most likely not.

Man, this is going to be the most idiotic thing to admit, but I miss FanUpdate. I miss my old blogs and the (say what?) streamlined look of it all. Maybe not as pretty as WordPress. Maybe the Ugly Duckling with the big annoying ‘Post a new entry’ banner.

Nevertheless, I miss it. This professional hobo of a WordPress is greeting me with greys and whites and the odd touch of blue. I miss the greens of FanUpdate, the solid blacks, the random yellow, and the huge-ass warnings of FanUpdate that blotched red over my screen.

I don’t know what could be more evil.

So, the new look. It isn’t terribly exciting, I know. I just had to move away from the browns and reds and “warm” colours. I didn’t feel like something necessarily brighter, so I reverted to this purple and pink piece of… nevermind. I hopelessly failed at trying to bring this layout back in some way.

This layout features a (rather old) photograph of James and I. I just noticed that if you peer at the layout enough, there’s an idiotic rubbish bin in the background of the photo. Ah. Blech.

I wouldn’t have been able to make this theme without the help of Wendy’s awesome tutorials. I had to figure out a load of things on my own but hey, I’m proud. I’m going to make some WordPress tutorials in the next month, as well as a multitude of other things for the site.

I’m still deciding whether or not to convert all my pages to WordPress. It’s so tempting. After all, there is a HTML editor in here, so I can still bash out my love of coding. Sort of. I’m still thinking about it.

If anyone has cool recommendations for plugins, just let me know.

I have to add smilies to this thing, and at the moment it’s past midnight and I really need sleep, so they can wait until tomorrow, right? :)

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me about any of the pages not working, or any other problems you encounter. I haven’t entirely checked that everything is working so just be aware of that. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me anything that’s wrong so I can fix it soon.

I know the smilies are ugly. Get over it. :P

I’m also doing an affiliate check, so if you still want to be affiliates just let me know. I apologise that not all comments from the previous blog were returned – I did return most of them though. Give me a day to get around to things. And I should post this before Lilian starts losing sleep. Ah well, so am I.

Take care, everyone; I appreciate your comments!

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Hoohoo, it’s cute Wuggs :3
*floog*! Make a more cheerful one next time /bounce

FanUpdate is friendlier, /nad

♥ do emotes work here? :(
i need sleegs

Whoo! Congratulations! Mr WordPress said “hi.” o_o Lol…
This is the most original layout I’ve ever seen. It even has another (photogenic) picture, yays! :3
How did you manage to edit the sidebar?


I’m excited xD LOL. It’s got a pretty colour theme too…^^…Hehe, it’s like my second favourite Heartdrops layout =D

Awww, you posted it faster so I wouldn’t lose sleep…=) *hugs*

Don’t worry! You can’t really see the bin xD LOL, I peered at it and didn’t see it. Maybe I’m blind…=S Oh well xD I wouldn’t have noticed. I didn’t even notice when you pointed it out, so it’s pretty un-noticeable xD

Hahaha, you miss fanupdate? Aww, well you can always enjoy fanupdate on your other domains…^^…Hehehehehe! Cos you have so many xD LOL

And no red is always a good thing when it comes to websites and all, I would assume xD

Hehe, I didn’t think those smilies were ugly! I thought they were sort of cute. But then again, I am beginning to wonder if I am suffering from demented eyesight cos I didn’t see the bin in the picture xD

Well…. it’s a rather nice new layout, really. I’m sticking with FanUpdate on my site, at least as soon as it lets me log in to it and cPanel… Juniper’s server is spazzing, maybe you’ve read some of the tweets…


I personally think this layout is cool. It’s kind of depressing, but cool.

OMG! WORDPRESS! I’ve been waiting for this :D Where did your old blogs gone by the way?

Oh nice layout dear ^^;
You and James look so cute :D you Asians with your cute eyes :3
Nheeeah, congrats on the WordPress(: when I converted to WP, I didn’t miss FanUpdate or Cutenews at all (especially not cn). My layout’s a theme (: it’s so snazzy, I barely ever login to the FTP thing anymore :D (except to change the sidebar here and there). And I was really sick of the PHP includes header and footer. I tend to forget it ):

This may be a bit weird-ish, but my favorite plugin is Contact Form 7. It’s like, the best contact form I’ve ever used P: well tootles!

Aww this layout is so cute ^^. And the quote on the header is so sweet :)
It’s normal that you miss FanUpdate, after all you’re way more used to that. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you will get the hang on it very quickly. You always do. ^^

And yeah, I know you also did the e-portfolio. I’m going to be very annoying asking you for help xD JK.

:O WP is cool, right? On a side I miss FanUpdate, but on another side I love WordPress. The plugins are cool right?

I do really like your new layout–the colors are soft, nice, and original as always :) Lovely pic even though there’s a rubbish bin there :P

It’s 10:27 pm here but I want to play The Sims 3 before I go to bed ;)

Looking good! I wouldn’t have even noticed the rubbish bin had you not said anything, LOL. Everything looks really clean and the colors are very soft and subtle. I like it!

This may be a really stupid question, but go ahead and disregard it if it is. I have a specific way I design my websites, do I have to change it to a specific wordpress theme or can you use it like fanupdate where you just show the blog? Gosh I am such a no0b.

So I can’t wait until this stupid namecheap contest is over because it’s flooding my homepage and twitterox (which I’m sure it’s doing the same for you). I wake up to like 40 new messages and it’s almost all namecheap. Awesome.

The new layout is really cute! I love the color scheme. :)

YAYAYAYA!! WordPress is the sex XD This layout is amazing by the way! I love the simplicity of it and the header is just so cute!! I wanna use a picture of me and Rob, but he hates pictures :P

I missed FanUpdate when I first moved to WP in July 2008 (wow that was so long ago :O) but you’ll realise how annoying FanUpdate is compared to WP in time XD Plugins are the best.

Wendy’s tutorial is awesome, I recommend it to loads of people!

Also, I don’t like WP pages, because like yourself I love coding. Also, WP pages annoy me for some reason :S And if you lose your MySQL database then you lose all of your pages, that’s why I stuck to PHP pages XD

But yes, congratulations on WordPress =D

I’ve been voting for you everyday in the So Pink referral contest by the way =D

LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT GEORGIEE!! And wow the new… style is oh so awesome!

Haha the site just looks oh so awesome now! :D

ugh .
I hate wordpresss :fist:.
I guess it’s your choice.
I like fanupdate.
It’s pretty , but on the other hand.
Cute layout ♥

WP, pretty cool… i know. :)
I still miss Fanupdate too. All my entries, comments… and the vibrant green, dark gray & white.

It’s a bit harder making layouts, now… ’cause you have to convert ALL the layouts in to WP theme. lol.
Love the new layout by the way… the colors makes me sad, somehow, and the pictures. Not sure why… xP And it looks so soft, lol. And very original! :)

Uh huh, the smileys are – freaky. xD
Affiliate CHECK… I still want to be affiliates. (duh) :P

yaaay! wordpress lmao! love the new layout! it’s soooo cute <3 oooh grey lmao so sad :( i love the fanupdate green ;D
the smilies are fine, normal yellow ones except for the :P it looks weirddd LOL
i myself am having troubles with wordpress!

That is really weird that my comments were messing you up, it might have been because I was upgrading WP? Who knows. xD

Anyways, yeah I’m stuck in quite the situation and I hope it ends soon.

So YAY FOR WORDPRESS, congratulations. (: And I love the new layout.

Lmao you really miss fanupdate? Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll become a huge fan of the “professionalism / boring color schemes” of WordPress.

Gah the smilies. When I upgraded my WP to the latest version my custom smilies plugin gave me some major problems, so I had to delete it. Poo.

I’m using their default smilies atm as well. xD

Awww Georgie! *hugs* I love the layout, it’s really soft and pretty. And an adorable photo! ^-^
Congrats on WordPress. :D Awww, I miss Cutenews… just the entries. :P The layout wasn’t really anything to remember. XD

I hated the default FanUpdate smilies so I deleted them and do without any. :X Hehe. I don’t like default things. XD
I’ll be sure to notify you of any problems I find. Looking forward to those tuts, too! *bounces*

And of course I want to stay affiliates with you. :3 You’re not getting rid of me that easily… ;)

Wow! I love this new layout. The colors go absolutely perfect together. And the little heart with you and James is so cute! Great job! :)

Ahaha, that’s only because I haven’t blogged in almost a week :D I can’t seem to think of anything interesting to blog about. My life is too boring to constantly talk about in detail. xD

Oh? :O So is it just -40 degrees that’s the same in both? Wooh, I learned a new thing today and I didn’t even learn it in school. LOL.


WP! Yay :) You finally got around to it! Heh. I think the theme is really, really cute (:

Hmm… some good WP plugins are:

– Custom Smilies: You’ll probably end up using this one. :D heh.
– Contact Forms 7: It’s pretty good :D I like it loads, and it doesn’t kill your coding. It’s good if you want to transfer all your pages that have forms to WP pages.
– Comment Plugger: List of commenters
– WP to Twitter

That’s pretty much all I can name off the top of my head. I don’t use a lot of the fancy plugins but I have tons of the random ones. LOL. Mess around with the plugins and see what you like :D they’re pretty cool, anyhow

I love your new layout. There’s a vintage-y feel to it. The picture of you and James is cute. Who cares if it has a garbage can in it? xD You can barely notice it anyway.

Everyone’s been switching to Word Press these days, or so it seems. Sometimes I wonder if I should switch too, but the truth is that I’m too lazy to install it and whatnot. xD

Haha, a noob? Well Up is a really cute movie. :) Maybe it just didn’t reach your country yet?

LOL why are you bashing your theme so much? Is it so that when we compliment it for being so amazing, you feel even better? lol I really like it. The pic on the top of you and James is really cute. And the colors are nice on the eyes…. something I never take into consideration.

When I was little, any time someone made me make a wish (throwing pennies in a fountain, shooting star, blowing out candles, etc…) it’s always be to have powers like matilda. heh

I actually love this layout. I like the header =) Sorry to see that there’s a rubbish bin in the back.. O.o I think the color you used for links and italicized is a bit light and hard to read though. Other than that, I love it ^^

Thanks for the plug-in, I’m uploading it as I type. How did you transfer to WordPress so fast? That was incredible. I thought you said you were doing so on a subdomain or something.

Thanks for voting for me always. ^^ Much love to you, it’s strange.. because I only have 8 and yesterday I had 7.. unless I’m looking at the wrong person… I’m deeply confused and it looks like I can’t really win anymore but I’m still trying. ^^

And thanks for the congrats.. it is pretty hard to get such a high score.

You are very cool. xD
Thanks, I really hope so too!

Oh shoot. I never even knew there was such a thing as paid blogs.. WHOAS. Lmao, I’m such a newb. But omg, that really sucks, it was like the worst time to switch to WP then. :(

LOL yes smiley spam! >:D

The flower isn’t boring… psh… I’m playing with it now… -sniff- smells like laptop! me lovey!

so now you’re a teacher abuser. This is frightening…

I actually really like this layout, Georgie! It’s cute and simple – always a good thing. :) I’m sorry you’re missing FanUpdate though. :(

Ms Trunchbull was racist? Must be in the extended DVD release…

LMAO, yeah getting banned.. no big. (:
Whoa 100 bucks? Fo’reals? That’s pretty awesome.

Haha okiedokes, if you insist, I’ll let you enjoy those default smilies. xD

The Asian edition? Bwahaha you’re hilarious.

And come on now… were your teachers mean or just doing their jobs? :P

Of course you are special! And yes, you are really THAT photogenic. *hugs back*
Before I come to annoy you, I’ll just try to find a tutorial on customising the annoying crap on the sidebar, lol. :3

Oh, right. I forgot to reply to your affiliate check. xD

Oh my goddness! This layout is fantastic! It’s brilliant! The pink is just amazing with the brown and the tilted graphic is just stunning!!!

And yay for converting to WordPress! Woot woot!! Wendy’s tutorials are amazing aren’t they?

Can we still stay affiliates? I apologize for not commenting as often, my assignments are all due back to back and it’s killing me!

I love the new layout :) It’s so proessional looking and different to the majority of wordpress one’s I’ve seen in the past :D

Haha, thank you. I don’t really like my “funky” handwriting. To me, it looks ugly. xD

Oh, really? Cool. :) Sorry, Sorry is my favorite song from the whole CD.

I’ll make a v-log soon. :D Maybe tomorrow. My cough has been dying out!

Ooh, can you just install it on a random subdirectory? I just want to mess around with it. XD

Yeah, I sure hope it’s all just a laugh. :)
I just made a new pack of smileys but they kind of suck, D:
Ah well, lmao.

Your welcome! :D

Yeah, I really don’t want heart problems like my aunt. I’m not sure who else in my family has them but some others do in my family. :(

awwwee your header is soo sweet (:

…And that’s the one I don’t really get. :P <–look at that emoticon! xD
Those emoticons are soooo lameee. Like mine! :) <–another one!

I just switched to wordpress a few months ago myself. I miss greymatter, my old blogging too. I feel like I had more options.

Love the theme though. :)

But yours are yellow! :o
What font did you use for “Heartdrops” on your header?

Go to WordPress codex :D I don’t remember the link… umm well there’s a tutorial about gravatar :P

I didn’t have fun at all. My computer froze when I opened it so I couldn’t play it. ARGH.

I love the new layout! :)
Hah, wordpress is alright, I just can’t get the hang of themes.

LOL, I probably would’ve done that too…except I’m already in WP. :P heh. I just stared at your header image for like 3 minutes and now I finally recognize that flower brush, LOl. It’s from Moargh, right? :O Oh man, I love that brush set. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I used it for my wedding invitations design and my teacher was just speechless. XD

Ooh :3 Yeah! I scrolled through your comments earlier and I saw a couple of the ♥ smiley code things. Aren’t you glad your visitors comment so much that they memorized your smiley codes? :D

But yellow represents Homer Simpson! D:
Hey you have little Homer Simpsons following you around! :D <–there he is!
Woohoo, I have 'da font!

So basically it is not my lovely laptop’s fault. Ugh, I want to play it so bad!

Lovely layout! I love how the picture of you and James is masked into a heart shape. :P Ugly smilies. :) I agree.

Well at least you’re on WordPress. :L Yep. Fanupdate is so green, isn’t it? I just love it! :)

True fact. You wouldn’t want to get wet while it’s raining :L
Imagine having a water fight….is that what you call romantic? Lols :)

:O Oh Georgie! :D I love the wordpress and new layout! :D Well done on integrating wordpress! I know smiliesthemer is a good smilie plugin, it’s for putting smilies in comments by clicking on them. :)

Welcome! Gosh, I got a fright when it posted my comment up ASAP! xD I thought they were also put on moderation mode but I’m guessing WP doesn’t have that option! xD

How much work did it take you in all? And seperate?? WP and the layout? I don’t know what got you stuck when you were doing your layout (when we talked in our convo) 8O

Anyway. I just realized how ugly these smilies are :S They kinda scary :(

Thankyou :)
Its just the domain.
yeah, losing all the photos was horrible, i was so depressed, and my mum was like “Well its your fault” haha :P
yeah, it is annoying. So I use templates a lot of the time and edit them, much easier. Although, I feel like its not original.

Hehe, yeah, I do like FanUpdate. I’ve still got my Cutenews ones over at my old site, for people who haven’t changed the links. I have no idea how to convert them though. :(

Heheee I liked your spamming! :P
Yeah. I try to add my smilies to FanUpdate and they don’t show up. :S Eff.
Really? Haha I never knew I spammed your FU so much! XD Hehee yaaay. :3 Put up with me some more, lmao.

I’m meant to be revamping… ha. Failing, period. :P
Good luck on those reviews! :D

Ohh, okay, thanks for the tip! *goes off to make it less bright* Purple is one of my favourite colours too!

Ooh, smilies! :D I can’t wait!
And I agree, I LOVED that read and felt like sharing :)

I love your new layout! It looks lovely :D
Wordpress looks good too.
I probably should convert, meh.
Too lazy haha.

Well congratulations on installing WordPress! I think you tried to keep part of fanupdate with you by keeping the index.php in the url, huh?

haha you totally could’ve saved your old blogs btw. I’m pretty sure fanupdate uses mysql so you could’ve grabbed some stuff from your old database or you could’ve manually moved it over, post by post. i’m surprised wordpress doesn’t have a fanupdate converter though..that way you could save everything.

but i like the new theme!

Thank you. *hugs* Hehe I always like your layouts, they’re always really clean and simple. :D *in a good way*

Haha I did use your tutorial, lmao. That’s a cool idea though. :D
Wheeee! I’m into ‘Layout’ in Mariah’s. I’m too slow, lmao. I could almost hug someone when they have valid CSS and coding. *whew*
Hehe yups. The image lives! *worships*. :P
I like your writing. :D Your ‘Z’s are cool… though I know someone who does them backwards. :S

Haha Ben Jorgensen isn’t a bad extra in a song. XD Every time you mention him I’m listening to AFS… O_o
Ahhh, I figured it would be something to do with the SP’s. :)

Congrats on moving to WP, its awesome isn’t it?
You should probably know that your pages go all messed up when you click on them?

And also that I love your new “theme” XD

This is what my sidekick looks like: http://www.mobilegazette.com/t-mobile-sidekick-3-06x06x09.htm

man it was an extremely popular phone. all of the “hip” celebrities had them. so trendy that there were so many special editions featuring a basketball player, a clothing company, & even juicy couture.

anyway, did you make a comments.php page or a single.php page?

sometimes your server might update your .htaccess file for you. if it doesn’t, you should just create an .htaccess file.

& yes, it was blank because i was upgrading. hahaa. but now it is all done. :D

Yup. :( You could kick it if you like. :D

Haha, she’s changed the layout halfway through. I don’t blame her though, I’m just SLOW. :P So I just skipped to the coding. XD
Yup! It means the job’s so much easier. :D

I know! It’s weird. Though it’s ‘Z’ that’s an ‘S’ but without the curves… if you get what I mean. :3

I know I changed it, finally! I got sooo many complaints haha. I could read it fine. It looked awesome but I think some people use stingy browsers. Firefox is awesome :D what browser do you use?

Ohh. Wait. But even on my first post here on WP! It recognised me. Or is it because of FanUpdate? Hmm…

Mine? Well just the new people and such. People like you etc. puts the comment up on its own.

LOL. Thanks to tutorials you managed right? (: WOW a whole week! >.<" Harddd… I visited the website and it seems like a regualar blogging tool. First impression to me was easy LOL. Guess not. Congrats that you got it! Unlike me.

Congrats on converting to WordPress! I like your “theme”, I’ve been working on making one but I’m just too lazy.

I’m in the middle of converting to WordPress so I still get to look at WordPress and Fanupdate. Though, WordPress loads somewhat slower for me.

Oh yay, WordPress tutorials! I’ve seen so much of the same ones around lately, they’re helpful but there’s too many of the same one.

If you convert your .php pages to WordPress it makes them load slightly slower. It’s not a major difference though, but it’s better for SEO.

Some good plugins I know of are:
Snazzy Archives
Theme Test Drive- Safely test drive any theme while visitors are using the default one. Includes instant theme preview via thumbnail.
Wordpress Thread Comment- This is the plugin which allows you to reply to other comments. It’s quite good and I’d recommend it to you. :)

Hehe, thank you. :D

Ahh, it’s happened to me twice. :P Ish.

Haha when we learnt to write, my brother put one letter on every page! XD

Nice Georgie, really.
It does oddly feel warm. :]

Miss FanUpdate? You’ll forget about it in about 1 month, it’ll about be about WordPress for you.

I like the navigation on this one. It looks good. =D

Argh! You’ve become one of them… the WordPress clan >_< :)

Your new layout looks great, though – the colours looks so cool :) And if you hadn't pointed out the bin I wouldn't even have noticed it was there. At least it's original – no one else has a bin in their layout!

I'd love to stay affiliates if you do :)

I deleted all the smilies off FanUpdate – the default ones you get messed up the lines, and I just couldn't be bothered to change them every time I changed the layout to match it, so I just got rid!

Yeah. That was the comment I was referring to. :s Anyways. Does it also count how many people comment? Like for example myself. Does it say how many I’ve commented? Like ‘top commentors’ on FU?

Haha before I guess you were a beginner? Though you could’ve learnt it way before I’m sure. :P The wonders of web design are starting to haunt me. I just wanna do so many things I end up doing nothing. ><

So how come you couldn’t copy & paste the new information into your .htaccess file?

did you make an index.php outside of your wordpress directory?

Haha yeah, that sounds awesome. :) I don’t really do that in my school books though. I did write ‘FACK’ on my science book in pencil. :X

Hi no problem :) Take your time. I just realised a whole section of my site didn’t upload properly so it’s all an old dodge layout which I won’t get to fix until Tuesday so yeah… no rush at all :P

Hehe, I kept the database too.
Actually, I kept the WHOLE fanupdate itself.
That’s because it has all my tutorials in it. (I followed your tutorial on managing a site with fanupdate) =3

hey! I tagged you on my site. You can check it outt if you want (:

BTW: LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! I was going to say this yesterday, but I had to go out so I’m saying it now!

I wanna continue to be affiliates with thee awesome Georgina !

Ahh wordpress, I was going to do wordpress on my other site, but then, I didn’t know how to make a pretty theme. So I gave up xD

Omg, you have such a nice layout. The phrase reminded me of a song that said: “What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?”
Do you happen to know that song, I believe it’s called Breakeven. Well, anyways, good luck with your site further on.

xx, Lima

I love the new layout, pink is my favourite colour! :)
Congrats for converting to WordPress. Oh and of course I still want to be affiliates. When my exams are over I will have more time to pop over and comment. Anyway, keep up the great work. :D
Take care!

Haha. :P They can’t screw you for ‘fack’ though, right?

Hmm… review-wise, Mariah’s site is tricky. All the navigation and stuff. O_O I’ve got to V-Town. (Told you I was bloody slow, and there’s my Geography essay waiting… *wahaaa*).

I don’t know what else to comment on, ha. I’ll ask a question then. :P Do you like drawing? *cue: shit question… no inspiration, ha*

Hiya there! Aww, i love your site. It’s hella cute. hahaha! Yep that’s me. I had wp installed SO many times. But, i’m always resorting back to fanupdate! That’s where I’m at now. I prefer fanupdate rather than cutenews. lmao. If you didn’t tell us about that garbage can we wouldn’t have notice. lmao. you so funny! but hell naw it’s really cute. I love your wp theme. good job! wp is a lot easier to use than any blog system though that’s all I know! but, it’s all good. i’m FUN with wp! lol. you’ll have fun with wp it’s easy to get use to. enjoy it. if not, you’re always welcome back to fanupdate :) heeee.


Aww. Well I still see his comments being first. Usually Lilian’s but anyways! xD Haha you’re lucky to have him :)

Yeah. I really should take it easy. This thinking isn’t going to take me anywhere. Ages? Meh. I doubt that. I’m pretty sure you took in everything in a gulp! XP I bet you didn’t find it THAT hard. :) I know you’ll help me and I really appreciate that, but I just sometimes get scared that I’ll annoy you! >.<" I do tend to get a bit buttery! (Excuse my sudden creativity but I tend to do that sometimes…) xDD LOL

Congrats on wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!1 and the new layout is fab!!!! i am soo scared to upgrade mine but first i want to backup everything but my stupid filezilla wont let me log in.

told my hosted about it, she hasn’t replied yet though. Gum on hair really sucks, it happened to me ones and i cried literally but we got it out eventually, i was not about to cut my hair lol

toothpaste??? and works ? lol wow i never knew that lol
aww its okay you’ll get used to wordpress very soon lol. i usually get my smiles from Vicky. i just love it lol. and she always has the color that fits my layout lol.

I still 100% want to be affies :D

Ughhhh I know. I don’t get it a lot now but when I used to use Piczo (yay Piczo days) people would always add me and ask me to make them graphics! Seriously, it was soooo annoying. If I was feeling nice I would make them one, but then they would want another and another and another and ARGHHHHHH.

Ooooh yay for the new layout and for wordpress :D. I love the colours and that photo of you and James is so cute. Seriously, you two make me just want to go awwwwwwwww hehe :). Awww you miss FanUpdate :(. I’m sure in time you and wordpress will become great friends hehe :D.

I had to peer really closely to see the bin, but the photos still great anyway :D. Ooooh yay new smilies, I love smilies hehe :D.

Thanks, glad you liked them. :)
LOL, your cube dudes are not lame!

Anyways, how are ya?

Oh that’s cool. It would be terrible to loose all your blogs, even though mine are all non-sense ramblings xD

Oh, and thanks, because right now I’m a bit confused on what exactly do you put inside a digital portfolio :P And you just, what? Create a website =x

This theme is pretty. :) It has a sort of rustic and heartfelt look to it… or something. I can’t really think of the right words to describe it. But it’s nice!

Haha, if there’s anything that would make WordPress more fun, it would be a more colorful admin panel. Granted, appearance isn’t really important – the fact that it’s functional is – but I would be childishly excited if I logged in and my dashboard was pink.

Since you have a lot of pages, it might be easier in the long run if you convert them all into WordPress pages, unless you’re already super organized. It’s really convenient if you notice something you want to change and you’re logged in, because then you can just click an ‘Edit’ link on that page and you’re taken straight to the HTML editor for that particular page. Not to mention the page nesting and the search feature… although I suppose I could sort of do that on my computer if I wanted to. I find it useful.

I use three plugins: Lightbox 2, External Links (it marks my outgoing links separately), and Akismet, which I believe comes standard.

Hehe, I *still* haven’t installed cute smilies… and it’s been over a year.

oh thanks! :) i’ll go check those out now :D
yeahh! lmao are you getting purple or pink ones? ;D

hahah I don’t care lol! Do whatever you want! What a small internet wold xD

haha; maybe one day I’ll change, but I just changed to xHTML and I don’t want to do any more converting to things for a while xD besides, I like my layout (:

Hmm. Your pages are fine now, but earlier when I was clicking them. The old layout was showing without the header image, and it was all weird.
If I was smart, I would have taken screenshot for you, but I’m not XD

Oh YUCK, a bird PEED on you!
Duude, that must have been awful!

I think I’m going to make a test v-log later today. :)

I like your handwriting. It’s cute and neat, unlike mine.

Okay, thank you! :D I tried converting my current layout to a wordpress theme using a tutorial, but I fail at this. xD

Aw naw, don’t feel like that!
This layout is very cute, nice pic! The colours are very nice, too. I don’t know what’s wrong!

However I understand that you feel bad about that because Fanupdate is a very simple and neat blogging system and Worpress isn’t.
I’ve never used wordpress but I’ve heard many people complaining about errors, so… :S

GEORGUMS! I missed you! I haven’t commented in a long time and I feel super guilty. Busy with stuff here but finally, school’s out! I love the new theme! It’s so adorable! :P

WordPress. WordPress. WP. Wow this is unespected to me, it feels weird!!!
I miss your FanUpdate.. COME BACK FANUPDATE…NOOO….COME BACK!!! I hate you WP!!! >< *shakes fist* Man, I really miss your old blogs *cries* I hate you smileys!!! :(

thank you so much (:

i wish i know how to customize wordpress! lol i tried 3 times i didn’t get it =[
you should make a tutorial about itt (:
it will be so helpful!

wow really?? hahah i wanna go to Australia someday and meet awesome people lol yeah its warm again today but the weather in here is bipolar lol i’m guessing tomorrow its going to be cold again =[

hahah lucky you, going to church with family everyweek.
i wish i have a family like that, my parents are always busy from their work =[

Huh you know I think I actually know how to solve your problem..

the index.php outside of your wordpress directory should be the php thing that is “short & sweet” & it calls for the wordpress template. that’s about it.

i don’t know, well as long as it doesn’t bother you. i’ve never actually seen a permalink setting liek yours before though.

dude i know. this kid is really .. creepy. & he won’t change it!! i can’t believe i just found out about this crap too. ugh wth.

Argh! I am really lazy to change my smilies. :(
And I don’t know where to find good smilies.

LOL yes. I am proud of my funky writing. :D

Oh me too. I’m not close to anyone I hang out with. I’m just there because I don’t have anywhere else to go. I mean, they’re always talking about their little inside jokes even when they know I’m there.

Well! At least I know where all drama starts from. :O Heh. I think there’s hardly any difference between real life drama and e-drama. :P One is just… well, less confrontational?

LOL, I tried making my own brushes. T_T uh, not so nice. I added a download counter to them for the fun of it and I was surprised, people actually downloaded them. XD

Lmaoo, yeah that video always makes me happy but angry sometimes too. xD
Yeah there’s many parts where it sounds like they’re talking about sex. For example there’s a part where they say, “down down turn around having fun is what it’s all about”

Kae, I’m done being immature.
_cough no I’m not…

Whoa, that screamo Japanese whatever the hell it is .. well it sure is something LMAO. I don’t even know what to say. It was pretty insane and intense and crazy. (:

hehe; Thats the worse part! I remember converting to php a long time ago! That took me forever ! Then I had to teach my dad how to convert his friends site to php! Took him like 5 hours xD

OH NO I MISSED IT!! STUPID TESTS!!!! Aw thank you Georgumsie….I forgot your nickname….hmm Georgumsie…booosie…bumsie…something-y. LOL :P LMA Georgie! Fine…I’ll try to be nice to it! HUMPH…why ello WP XD

lmao thank you (:
hahah we only go to church usually when Christmas night (:

Hmm I was thinking of applying to be reviewed by you..should I? :P


oooh 2 more comments till 100 comments! well only 1 after i add this ;D
yeah lmao! making smilies take sooo long! LOL but it’s fun :)
can you doo me a favour and click on the ad beside my shoutbox?? pleasee && thank youu (:

wait, do you have two index.php files? one outside of your wordpress directory & one inside?

sigh dude srsly i dont know but as long as you’re okay with it. well it looks like you’ve got the permalinks going!

maybe..it has to do with your general settings?

blog address: heartdrops.org/wordpress
url address: heartdrops.org

that’s what it should be, i dunno. good luck though. :)

i’m trying to contact his host but she has no effin’ contact information so i’m just waiting for her to e-mail me…. :|

Oh, sorry! That will be gone once I get WordPress. :D <–OMG?