I Miss You, Man

I know this is the moment you have (not) all been waiting for. WordPress. So how does it look? Do you like my new “theme”? Is it rocking and jazzy and totally cool?

Most likely not.

Man, this is going to be the most idiotic thing to admit, but I miss FanUpdate. I miss my old blogs and the (say what?) streamlined look of it all. Maybe not as pretty as WordPress. Maybe the Ugly Duckling with the big annoying ‘Post a new entry’ banner.

Nevertheless, I miss it. This professional hobo of a WordPress is greeting me with greys and whites and the odd touch of blue. I miss the greens of FanUpdate, the solid blacks, the random yellow, and the huge-ass warnings of FanUpdate that blotched red over my screen.

I don’t know what could be more evil.

So, the new look. It isn’t terribly exciting, I know. I just had to move away from the browns and reds and “warm” colours. I didn’t feel like something necessarily brighter, so I reverted to this purple and pink piece of… nevermind. I hopelessly failed at trying to bring this layout back in some way.

This layout features a (rather old) photograph of James and I. I just noticed that if you peer at the layout enough, there’s an idiotic rubbish bin in the background of the photo. Ah. Blech.

I wouldn’t have been able to make this theme without the help of Wendy’s awesome tutorials. I had to figure out a load of things on my own but hey, I’m proud. I’m going to make some WordPress tutorials in the next month, as well as a multitude of other things for the site.

I’m still deciding whether or not to convert all my pages to WordPress. It’s so tempting. After all, there is a HTML editor in here, so I can still bash out my love of coding. Sort of. I’m still thinking about it.

If anyone has cool recommendations for plugins, just let me know.

I have to add smilies to this thing, and at the moment it’s past midnight and I really need sleep, so they can wait until tomorrow, right? 🙂

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me about any of the pages not working, or any other problems you encounter. I haven’t entirely checked that everything is working so just be aware of that. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me anything that’s wrong so I can fix it soon.

I know the smilies are ugly. Get over it. 😛

I’m also doing an affiliate check, so if you still want to be affiliates just let me know. I apologise that not all comments from the previous blog were returned – I did return most of them though. Give me a day to get around to things. And I should post this before Lilian starts losing sleep. Ah well, so am I.

Take care, everyone; I appreciate your comments!

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