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Rest in peace, James Owen Sullivan (AKA The Rev) of band Avenged Sevenfold. You shall be remembered forever. ♥️

It’s supposed to be break time, but there are still days completely full of chores and of course, there are lazy days. 😧

Meaning – I’ll be honest – I haven’t felt like doing much to the site lately! Of course, the reviews I’ve done and the icon tutorials I’ve added might tell you […]

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I added an icon tutorial. I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Sometimes when I am cleaning my room, I come across something that I want to throw out, but I can’t, for the life of me, do it.

That always happens to me. 😐 More often than not, it’s something that is of sentimental value. Which probably seems acceptable, until you get to a few things.

Gelato spoons?

James and I prefer […]

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Merry Christmas, suckers. It’s the 25th of December in Australia – well, in Sydney and Melbourne at least. 🙂 It is also my friend Dylan’s birthday! 😁 It is just past midnight.

So I thought Christmas would be crap because I had a bad day.

Some douchebag left a “question” on my Formspring and they’ve been on it for days. Way to be immature haha. I think they’re trying to get at me […]

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James came over for a bit today. Just to drop off some Christmas presents. 🙂

He got me the perfume I’ve liked for ages; Beyond Paradise.

My mum isn’t too keen on the scent. I’ve loved it for years, and if any of you care to recall, I had a website by that name way back in 2003.

I also got a cute fluoro green plushie lizard and […]

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I painted my nails black today. 🙂

People used to call me an “emo” for doing so. I used to colour them in with permanent marker. Gillian and I were talking about my “emo side”.

During high school I was probably classed as an “emo”. My black nail polish, messy hair and accessories gave people that impression and hence I was labelled with such a stereotype. 😔

I don’t think it’s nice […]

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My site is being annoying. Tiffany mentioned the layout being weird, so I did some stuff and edited the navigation. If you have any problems viewing the layout just let me know.

I checked my university results the other day; I got a pass and two credits. 😓 I don’t know how I got only a pass in that one subject, because I did pretty well in the assignments.

I dislike explaining this shit, […]

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Yesterday at work (this is my older job, by the way – since I have two jobs I’m going to have to bother explaining which one I’m talking about – it’s the one where I work in an education centre), I had to go up on stage and read out students’ names. We were having a presentation for the end of the year and a lot of the students were receiving awards.

I was […]

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New layout, roar. I haven’t returned all comments – I’ll be honest, I have felt very lazy today. This layout features lyrics from songs by Fightstar. If you have a problem reading the text (it’s a little on the small side) let me know and I’ll make it bigger, of course. 🙂

Yes, it’s another typography layout. I couldn’t help myself. And this one strays a little to the dark side rather than the bright […]

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Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends. 😄 Just thought I’d get that out there. Rachel, one of my best buddies online, celebrates Chanukah and we’ve just both been excited about it. ♥️ I’m not Jewish but I find it really interesting.

That said though, a few months ago I was feeling a bit far from God. I’m a Catholic, but I hope it makes sense when I say that I’m not really “into” my religion.


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Following the book review I wrote, I decided that after I watched the film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, I’d share my opinion on it.

James was the one who referred me to the trailer on YouTube and following that, we decided to see it.

I can’t really say much on the trailer, but it gave me the impression that it was a fun film. It takes a lot for me to […]

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