The More You Talk

… the less I hear.

This stupid woman annoyed me on the bus on the way home from work. I wasn’t really sitting to the side of the seat. I was sitting somewhat in the middle, with my bag and coat sort of hanging off me and hanging down the side.

The bus had stopped in front of a train station where a lot of people were getting on. Before I even had the chance to shift over so someone could sit, this stupid woman, on the phone, talking loudly in some foreign Asian language I could not decipher, literally plonked down on the seat… or what was visible of it.

She pretty much sat on my coat and half my bag. Bitch.

I know I didn’t move over. But it’s still stupid of her to literally bounce her ass down on the seat when my stuff was clearly there. /angry

I yanked at my coat that was sitting under her rear end, and I had to yank it a second time before she realised she was sitting on my stuff. Still on the phone, she finally moved and got her rear end off my stuff.

For the thirty minutes she was sitting next to me, I was very annoyed. She was on the phone most of the time. Normally this wouldn’t have annoyed me but she was talking really loudly. Listening to This Abyss by Armor For Sleep, I turned up the volume until it nearly hit its maximum.

Ben Jorgensen screaming in my ears was pretty satisfying, until I realised the control I had of his voice wasn’t much use when this woman was talking louder than he was singing. How rude.

I wanted to tell her to kindly fuck off, but that wasn’t an option. I was pretty relieved when she got off.

The bad news is that I’m still sick. :( My cold seems to have become worse (my nose more runny) and yesterday I lost my voice and when I spoke, it came out as a tiny whisper. I can talk now, but my throat still aches. 😢 It still feels like there is an amphibian raging at my sinuses.

Anyway, in other news, I’ve been posting a lot of photos on TwitPic lately, so I decided to get a DailyBooth account instead. Follow me if you have one! :) And follow Lilian too. /bounce

I’ve deactivated my spam plugin for now. I have a feeling it might be eating up people’s comments that are not spam. I’ll see how it goes for a day or so.

Things have been a little bit rough at home, but I don’t want to go into detail. I don’t really like writing about my family so much, because I don’t like being negative and I don’t like saying negative things about them. These things happen. I basically got into a number of arguments with my mum over things like my sleeping patterns (which I promise I will fix these holidays, I swear, they’ll be fantastic by Feburary!), computer addictions (self explanatory) and lack of participation in house chores (that one gets an excuse me? because honestly, I do a lot; my brother and dad barely do any!).

So that’s that. I might be putting up a new layout on the weekend… not too sure. I have a little bit of extra time this week because my work days have been shifted around. :)

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Oh. My. God. What a ridiculously inconsiderate, uncouth woman! /angry How dare she sit on your belongings? What if she had broken something? /pow

I mean, okay you were sitting in the middle of the seat, but that’s not rude unless someone asks you to move and you don’t. I mean I sit on the outer edge of the seat all the time when I’m sitting by myself to keep out of the sun, but if the bus gets full I move.

But really, usually people have to say “EXCUSE ME!” and politely ask you to move, instead of just plonking down on your stuff. Like wtf?

How rude of her. She has NO MANNERS! /angry

Respect peoples’ property please. It’s more rude to just sit on someone’s stuff and talk non-stop in a loud voice than to sit in the middle of the seat. Besides it’s perfectly reasonable to do so if everyone else has a seat. HMPH!

She needs to learn how to behave in public. Having a loud conversation on the phone in a public space is inconsiderate and very rude!

Awwww :( *hugs* Sucks about the cold. But usually runny noses mean that the cold is getting better, right? Like when it progresses from blocked to runny :P But yeah…awww :( ♥ It really, REALLY sucks that you’re not well. :(

Hehe! Dailybooth! Aww,thanks for telling people to follow me :P I’m not addicted yet, though :P

I hope you don’t get spammed!

And awwwww! (for the 3rd time or something). Family problems are GAY :( I hope everything is okay now :) And you can always talk to me if you want :) ♥

You do SO do housework! /angry You do LOTS of housework. You should see what I do at home. I sit around all day and be lazy.


Oh! YAAAAAY! NEW LAYOUT! *excited* /bounce

I know! I was thinking, bitch, if my iPod was in my pocket, I would have hit you real hard. /argh

I usually sit near the window but I relax and don’t squish up until someone is coming. I usually do move when someone wants to sit though. Just watch where the fuck you’re going to sit!

Ugh, she was loud. Very loud. Gahhh. I swear, the bus was so quiet and all I could hear except for my music was her voice. Balls.

*hugs* That’s what you told me! So maybe it’s fading out. Hopefully. It’s getting rid of pathogens through my mucus. Gross. 🤮

But hopefully I am getting better! And yes, when it stops getting blocked that is good. :D

Hahha I hopefully won’t! But you might get some new followers maybe! :)

Yay. ♥ I was going to tell you but I hate talking about it… it’s the general stuff. And stuff mostly got sorted out anyway. I would have told you but I was being told off big time then. Which is why I texted you instead. :P

I wish I could tell my mum that. HAHA. You don’t seem like the kind to not do housework though! Maybe it shall come to you magically as soon as you get married. LOL. ;)

YES ERM. COUGH. It’s getting a bit late now? XD

Gahahha, I know that feeling.
Once on the train some super fat guy sits. Sure, there was half a seat left, right. But his thigh was so fat half the ride it was pinching some of my thigh between itself and the seat. Gah. I waited two stations until I used my hand to separate us, and he moved to another seat after giving me a look. 😏

Eat some fuggen garlix /bounce
It’ll make you :) again, but don’t eat it in the morning because when you roll into work you’ll smell pongy


Ugh, Lilian told me one of these. I don’t understand. Some fat people (not discriminating) just think they will fit into a small space. But honestly, sometimes it’s not hard to ask someone to move over a bit!

I don’t mind fat people but when they don’t care that they are sort of invading other people’s space, that’s rude. D:

You should send me garlic in the mail, LOL. ;)

My mum hates the smell. I’d have garlic bread but you’d probably insist I have the real thing? :O

I hate it when my mother does that. It’s really irritating. Thanks. :)

I used to be afraid of that before. But now I’m not anymore for some reason. :P

Most older brothers that I know are usually very overprotective of their sisters. I’ve got two cousins who do that and their sisters hate them. XD

That was so rude of that woman. She was definitely ill-mannered. She needn’t have talked SO loudly.

I’m sorry that you’re still sick. Runny noses are better than blocked ones for most people, I think. So that’s better for you, maybe? It’s not for me because runny noses mean sneezing as I’m allergic.
Aww, I hope your throat feels better.

I don’t have a DailyBooth account. I’ll follow you if I make one. :)

I hope things are better with your mom. I really don’t like it when things are rough with my family.

Yay for the new layout! :D I’ve been addicted to making new layouts lately. I’ve made two more (other than the wooden one) So now I have to choose between three layouts. XD

Oh, well you’ll get better soon. No worries! :D

Oh Gah. My dad snores a lot and so do my brothers. Sometimes I can’t hear when I’m deeply asleep, sometimes I do, which is very annoying.

Well we have the same brothers. Ever since he discovered Facebook, he’d use Facebook and do his research/homework later. Tsk.

Yeah, I don’t want to be an only child. Only childs are so damn annoying. Like my cousins. Ugh.

LOL. Haha. Thanks. ;)

Oh, I see. I actually left my cloth at home today so I had to call our househelper and ask her to bring the cloth to school. If I don’t have it, I’ll fail. Practical Arts. Ugh. Lucky you you have a dressmaker aunt…

Haha. I see. :P

How rude and impolite. (though impolite is under the category “rude” :P) Usually people on the phone are careless. Sometimes they’re even the ones who get mad instead of the other way around!

Ugh. My mom and I fight almost all the time. It’s just my dad who’s hard to answer back. He’s scarier when he gets angry… LOL. My dad scolds me because he says I’m a computer addict, too! I guess a bit, but not um, really. :P

I hope you get well soon!

Hello sis Georgina :)

Firstly I am going to reply your comment first because i am very tired to read your post. Really sorry, my eyes are sore.

Oh. You could just do some breathing exercises when you wake up before brushing your teeth and washing your face.

I see. It is common, many rooms don’t have televisions, mine have because I sleep with my mom and dad!

I don’t really mean to say you shouldn’t blame him. I mean, well, it is not entirely his fault, or your fault. Maybe he just came back and was very tired, or got fed-up or something? That’s a possiblity though I know, that doesn’t means he has the right to order you around.My family is the same. It has quarrels EVERYDAY. Believe it or not. It is mostly my parents. 😢

I think I’m going back just the day after tomorrow because I am really getting tired of not blogging and Maple. I suck at training my character :( though it is pretty easy.

On the vulgar section I won’t comment because there is nothing much to comment, sorry.

I see about your situation. Well your situation is pretty much different. I copied and pasted this from my reply to Kitty because she said that too, sorry :

Yeah. It was simply just a chair. Why must he plug out the thumbdrive? I am really puzzled. If he wanted to make me laugh or get angry, he could just tickle me when I was playing MapleStory!

Well, yeah. But I don’t know why, why is it such a coincidence? He registered in Facebook the moment I registered. Just twenty minutes before me! For MapleStory, he copied my second brother. The keys are the same, my brother introduced him to it, and my brother taught him how to play MapleStory.

About the questions :
1st question answer : Well, do you mean the one currently used or do you mean the blue one?
2nd question answer : I told my parents but they didn’t scold him because, he is a special guest..
3rd question answer : This is okay. I mean, well, most people don’t like taking sides.

Thanks for commenting and I’ll comment on your post back soon, around tomorrow.

Love ya sis ^^

Oh me. I am very thankful that I do not have to use public transportation. I believe I really hate the general human population, or the stupid population, far too much for that. Plus.. we don’t really have public transit around here so I’d be fubar haha.

Headphones get really loud so the fact that she was still louder.. jeez.. I don’t know what I would have done. Probably nothing; I’m a pushover.

Sorry you’re still sick :( I hope you get to feeling better <3 I like the layout but you always have nice ones, so I'm sure it'll be great.

Yea I realised my comment was labeled as spam after I hit the submit button. I was about to send you an email to tell you about it but then I thought you might’ve noticed it already.

*On the phone*
Hello, yes, can you please just hold on for a second? There’s this bitch next to me who is talking into her phone so loud I can’t barely hear my own thoughts. Yes, just hold on for a moment.
Oh wow, that.was.totally.rude.and.inconsiderate. Rude for sitting on your stuff, and inconsiderate for making too much noise. That woman needs to learn some social etiquette.

More runny nose. Maybe you should carry an extra bag with you. But it will only be filled with tissue papers. The bit that really irritates me about runny nose it when you’re in the lecture room and you badly need to blow your nose every 5 minutes, and you know you can’t keep excusing yourself to go to the washroom all the time so you are forced to empty your nose in the room. But at the same time you’re afraid you might disturb the class or worse, disgust the person sitting next to you by your constant sniffing. Aaahh, the ‘joy’ of having runny nose…

Not just you. I think, most people never looked back once they switched from IE to another browser and never regretted it. Hahaha!
Yeah, I pray (for the developers’ sake) the new IE8 would be a lot better than the previous versions.

I know a whole day on a plane, I couldn’t do it! Aww, thats a shame, you sound like us we have had to have a big think about this holiday too, we have actually being thinking of it for over a year now.. something so expensive takes a long time to decide though :) I hope when your older you get to see more of the world, after all we only have one life right? Yess, it will be my 2010 christmas present :D and maybe 2011 haha! Ugh, jet lag sounds a pain in the ass, I’m soo looking forward to it! lol NOT! Yeah I eat chicken too, I couldn’t not, I’d not survive lol I don’t eat veg/salad so I couldn’t be a vegetarian. But it is cruel on the animals :( it’s summer? wow, I didn’t know that! aww, well i think illnesses are more common in both summer and winter..maybe you picked something up? Hope you feel better soon anyway.

ohh thankss :)

HAHA i have this friend who ALWAYS blames people for being sick. he’s such a freak so whenever i’m sick, i make sure i never tell him :P but im understand that he just really doesnt wanna get sick heh

you love making your bed? NO WAY. my bed looks so messy right now… haha

oh gosh.. i would understand for a couple of minutes but 30 MINUTES sitting next to you like that ?! i’d probably be like OH SHEETTT. i’d be too chicken to ask her to get off though heh… id probably wait until last minute and be like excuse me…

followed you on dailybooth :)

oh gosh. my parents have this crazy thing over my computer addiction. i understand where youre coming from when you say you dont wanna be too negative.

GEORGIE!! I missed you too :'(

What a stupid inconsiderate woman! Some people really need a reality check, or at least be aware of their surroundings when they’re on the phone…ugh -.-” She sat on all your stuff?! ASSHOLE! Gosh, I would have kicked her. ( I love how I say I would do things, but in the end I would never do them) :P

I get the same thing at tennis, I put my stuff on the bench, then go off to play. When I come to get my stuff and whatnot there is ALWAYS this old guy watching his grandson play in the younger class sitting on my things. The other parents on the other side of my stuff always move a bit even if they’re not touching my stuff. The old guy just pisses me off. And hes not even that old! Just silver hair, and he even plays with his grandson after class…UGH!

Gosh, she is one rude woman! She shouldn’t be talking that loud, I hate people who do that. I was once beside this man who was talking to his girlfriend about their date that night. He was basically announcing to the whole train that he was picking her up a 7! God forbid he quiet down a bit. /angry

Awwe! Georgie! Get well soon (third times a charm right?) I hope you feel better! I was sick with the flu 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was terrible, so I know how you feel :) ♥

:O I’m having the exact same problem! You used WP-Spam Free right? I was using that and it wouldn’t let me see the comments that it marked as spam. Man, I wanted to cry :(

Awwe :( *hugs* I hope everything gets better! I fight with my Mom a lot, and my sisters and my Dad all sit around on their lazy butts. Its really annoying how parents don’t get it at all :(

Te he, I’m so happy to be hosted by you! As I said before, I missed you so so so much! I really did! You’re lovely Georgie, and I don’t know what we’d do without you online <3 :)

Oh hahaha, you must have seen some pretty horrendous stuff if you kept taking peaks, I'm just glad it turned out well! I think it was good for me to lose my stuff actually, because then I'd still have all that crap content :P

I remember when your Mom let you go back to ballet! Congratulations on that! I'm sure you're a wonderful dancer. I tried dance but I was no good at, I just stuck to tennis :P

Thanks! =) People say I change it a lot but I like to have different looks. I don’t like to have the same thing up for a long time! I need to change the CSS next time, though.

Me too! The Mayans said that they believe the calendar is a continuos cycle…

I know! It is amazing to sit and think about..

LOL, my brother doesn’t really bother me. I have two though, one is 7 and one is 9 (:

Me too! The sore throat really kicked in today and the runny nose is still there. I had a bit of an upset stomach too.

I find it amusing too! haha. A lot of things crack in my body..even my ankles. Yes, I do get bored a lot lmao.

I know!! I hate that. One time I ended up doing leterally everything and all the other people did was copy it. That drives me crazy /angry

My family is so lazy!! Pftt. My family doesn’t even bother to put it back in the fridge. My mom will usually do it. It is kind of funny but yeah, annoying.

UGH! WTF? She is inconsiderate! She was probably in a rush. I hate when people do that, they don’t even pay attention to what goes on around them when they are in a hurry or on the phone. Rude.. 😒
That reminds me, one time my mom was driving in a school zone (Which has a 20 mph speed limit) She was doing around 30. So this rude lady is right behind her and then she gives her the finger. She was going above the speed limit! It just bugs me when people are in such a rush…

Hey! I GOT A SNOW DAY TODAY! wheeee! No school! You ever get snowdays? It was the first major snow of the season!

Yea, sometimes things like that will just hit you in the right spot and piss you off. I know that minute things will get me so upset or annoyed… Personally, I would’ve interrupted her or something or maybe tapped her on the shoulder…

Still sick? Awe! You don’t have Swine Flu, do you? D: That wouldn’t be good. It’s kinda a joke in my school. Or well used to be. It’s died down a little. Whenever some coughs or says they’re not feeling so good, someone will whisper “swine flu!!!”… @_@
I got my vaciniation, so I should be good. Whatever you have, cold or whatnot, get better!

I can totally understand the family situation. My parents are always on my case about said “computer addiction”, participation in chores around the house, school grades and violin practive for the symphony orchestra. Bleh.

Well see ya! You might be getting an e-mail from me. I keep running into this issue with WordPress and if you’re not too busy (or feeling under the weather), I’d appreciate the adice. Thanks!

It doesn’t snow where I live so obviously we wouldn’t get snowdays. Additionally, it is summer at the moment.

I don’t think it was a minute thing. The bus was quiet except for her loud voice on the phone! O_O

I can see why it’s a joke. I don’t think it’s very funny though. A lot of people have died from the H1N1 virus.

And no, I don’t have a fever. Considering it’s summer here and I still sweat in the heat, I just seem to have a cold at a strange time. Thanks though!

opps! forgot that part! /bash lol.

No, that’s the thing actually. It isn’t a joke… well sorta O_O
My mom’s friend’s daughter died two weeks ago from the H1N1. Left behind a 7 year old child. That’s the only person I personally know. So I know, in that aspect, it’s totally not funny at all. I’m not sure what it’s like over there, but the media is really hyping it. Last year it was the Avian flu, now it’s the Swine flu. More people have died from the seasonal flu than the avian and swine together. The only scary thing is that this flu is targeting a different group of people. (my cousin -just-recently-a-doctor, keeps informing me.) >.>
But it’s just a thing at school… or was as I said, that people said “swine flu” when a person so much as sneezed… *shrugs*

I don’t take public transportation too much, except from the school bus, which doesn’t entirely count.
I remember a few years ago though I was sitting in my plane seat to Hawaii (it’s like a 12 hour flight :P), my mom on the other side, and this large (ok, obese, but I don’t like being really mean) came and sat in the adjacent seat. OMFG. He totally took up his entire seat and then some… which was of course, mine. /ho I’d say that might be the equivalent to your woman-on-cellphone-in-bus situation. XD lol. I made my mom switch with me. hehe. It’s time like those that I really love my mother. jk. My parents are pretty great. I’ve had some interesting airplane expirinces… ohh! Just gave myself a great idea for a blog… *writes down on paper*

Okies! Well see ya! Get well!

I’ve been sick as well. Never seems to end, does it? :( Hope you’re feeling better by now. :)

That woman seriously sounded like a prick. I wouldn’t of let her have it.

Dailybooth is so ridiculously amazing.

PS. I love your smilies. :) My I ask where you got ’em?

LOL when I first saw the title, I remembered what my English teacher usually says when we had a speaking assessment. She always says “The more you talk, the more marks you get”. Haha XD

Aw that woman is so annoying! /angry I would surely move to another seat if I were you XD But it wouldn’t work if the seats were full :(

I really hate it when people sit on my stuffs D: Can’t they wait until I remove all my belongings before they sit? LOL this happened to me several times. I ever hate it more when I wore a skirt and someone sits on it. It makes me can’t move 😒

Aw so sorry about your sickness :( Have you seen a doctor anyway? Sleep well and don’t do a lot of tiring activities :) Haha I sounded like an amateur doctor XD Hope you get well soon!

Haha yeah I was so angry when I wrote my blog. Even the next day after I posted that blog she made me angrier. Phew, should I stop being her friend? /ehh I know it’s rather rude to say “hey girl, I want to stop being your friend”, but honestly I can’t stand anymore :( She even said to me one day, “Why should you befriend someone you hate?” Well I think she should accept her own words now *duh*

Honestly I also be friendly with guys, even before I know my current best friends all my best friends were boys, LOL. :P But I never touched them for that long O_O That’s so not me.

This girl touches guy whenever she meets them. It’s okay if she only gives a friendly tap though, but I think she’s kinda weird. Imagine, once my other friend (who was a boy) was going home and he passed by me and Dummy. Then Dummy said bye to him and he didn’t answer and walked away. LOL, maybe he didn’t hear it, but then Dummy CHASED him just to bid him good bye. She chased him from our school lobby until the front fence which is around 200 meters far. Kinda weird, eh? O_O

I had a really bad experience on a bus recently, but it was with a guy who kept hitting on me, but it was kind of sad/funny because he says he approaches a lot of girls but they all end up telling him that they are moving the next day or something along those lines, and I just kept thinking, leave us girls alone! Sorry your bus lady was so annoying though :(

And also I hope you’ll be feeling better soon, I had a bit of a runny nose too and it’s gross /snort And I should get going to sleep too!

Lol, well I guess sounding Youtube like isn’t a bad thing. I mean, it could be, lol.

Thank you (: I was proud to that I made that. I guess I’ve never actually tried. Maybe I just normally try too hard. Probably. I like to over-complicate a lot of things, lol. Donnie would agree!

Ugh, if there’s one thing I can’t stand more than liars it’s rude ass people! I mean really, she could have at least apologized for sitting on your stuff whether she meant to or not. I’m like that in certain situations. I just don’t say anything & then later wish I would have. But that’s going a little far, she was very immature.

Oh boy. You probably have a sinus infection or a head cold. Those suck : Hopefully you get better soon. The humidity probably doesn’t help there, lol. You can have my weather, it started snowing earlier.

Hm, I use the Askimet that comes with WordPress and it works well for me. Only once in awhile, it puts comments into my spam, but not hardly.

Oh boy, I have a problem with all three of the things you’ve mentioned lately that you’ve been having a problem with at home lately. Maybe it’s just a phase we all go through, lol.

Ah, can’t wait for a new layout if you do one (: And how’s work been?

oh my i would’ve have totally gave that lady a piece of my mind! that just shows who is not as rude in this conversation :D

i’m sorry to hear you’re sick, i know a lot of people around me get sick, but the most i ever do is sneeze. i never get colds or sore throat, knock on wood /bash

yeahh, public transit… in a vehicle with strangers. awkward. once, i was on the bus by myself and i saw this man who was holding those ceiling handels and his coat was wet so it was dripping on the guy who was sitting down. it was so sad cause the man didnt notice it D: and the guy just kept on making disturbed faces…

when im not eating/watchtv/out, im always on the computer haha. my parents pretty much gave up lecturing me about how its not good to be on the computer all the time. i dont think im ADDICTED but… its a big part of my life heh.

untouched snow = BEAUTIFUL. but im always tempted to destroy it heh…

Eeek, that lady just sounds downright annoying and rude! I hate when turning your ipod onto MAXIMUM doesnt cover the sound of something awful, AND it deafens you by the end of it :(

It’d be ok if all of our places were within walking distance, but they’re in completely different towns. One of our campuses is in a totally different county but I never have to go to that one so it’s ok. The shortest routes between the sites that I have to go to are about 4-5 miles apart. It’s ridiculous because buses never take the direct route. /bash

Oh, /wah I can’t wake up early. I’ve actually tried so many times, it doesn’t happen. Sometimes I sleep right through my alarms, sometimes I hear them but fall straight back to sleep. It’s such a pain, and I’m always tired so early mornings just aren’t for me. :(

People like that are so rude. I hate it when people talk like that on buses. Like you said, it’d be ok if they were speaking quietly, but they always seem to shout down their phones. /angry

Hmm.. my spam plugin decided to eat all of my comments, whether they were actual spam or not. :( I changed all the settings and it still did it. I deleted it in the end.
Aaw, hope you get better soon. :)

Oh, i really hate rude people who think they are the only person in the room or on the train who matters.

I always give up my seat for people who look like they have had a big day at work, people with a lot of shopping bags, older people, pregnant people, disabled people, kids (even tho young kids and teens are supposed to give up their seats for all adults), pretty much every one who looks like they really want a seat. I’m to nice, and sometimes i shouldn’t be.

I see rude people my age who don’t even give up their seat for a pregnant woman who looks like she is about to pop. I don’t know why people are so rude.

I would of said to that lady really load. “EXCUSE THE FUCK ME” And pull my cote from under her ass.

I hate how people talk so load when they are on the phone. My boyfriend does it, some friends do it. wow :O

I just finished cleaning the whole house. I rarely clean, but i prefer i be the only one who cleans. Becuase i like it clean my way. But i hate when i clean, and then five minutes later someone gets it messy again. Its like, ‘you don’t have to clean ever – but you could at least not make more mess then six five year old kids on sugar’.

When you get your own place one day, you only have to worry about cleaning after your self :)

ooouch. again get well soon. :( it sucks when you use the voice. aw. why didnt you punch the woman… no, kidding. :D

hey btw, im also inviting you to be part of the christmas project im making this december. :) tho you’re not on my blogroll, im still inviting you bcause youre one of the blogs im following. :) hope youd be able to. sorry off topic. XD

This is why I always say, “Those who talk the most usually have the least to say.” And how true it is in this case. /pow

Sheezus woman, even when you’re sick you look pretty (Twitpic reference). XD

HAHAHA, you’re a better person that me. Some people do that to me and I basically am very very rude to them. I’m typical British, I’m typically rude I think to people who piss me off.

Recently this white woman did it to me and sat on my bag and I just turned round and said “Can you get off me?” and she gave me a very dirty look so I just pulled my bag and she fell off the chair. She nearly fell on the floor on her arse but she kinda caught herself. I just smiled and shook my bag a little and put it back where it was. She sat somewhere else and people on the bus thought I was a bitch but I didn’t care – she was the rude one first.

I would of moved my bag if she would just of gave me time or asked, but she didn’t.

Time are rough at home always, “if home life was satisfactory, nobody would ever move out”.That’s how I think about it. (Quote from breakfast club)

Keep strong minded Georgie, as long as you know you’re right, that what makes shit times at home bearable. <3

Yeah, I think thats the same for everyone there is alot of planning involved in holidays because they are/can be very expensive so you have to plan wisely and make sure you get what you want :) Yeah we must, it’s hard though, to grasp at life and take every opportunity as naturally we all have fear, and most of the time for me the fear wins, but I guess the fear we all have instinctively is for our own survival and stuff..but it would be nice to not be afraid and just do what your heart says, and of course your head, haha. I’m totally not making sense here I bet, lol, sorry! Yes we will, we are already watching what we spend now, but it’s kinda not working as I went shopping the other day and spent a bomb :o silly me. Yeah I love chicken too, I couldn’t live without it, it’s all I eat. I do sometimes feel guilty, especially when you see certain animal videos, like I accidently just did 10 mins ago :( but it’s the circle of life, right? Yeah that sounds reasonable, my friend has hayfever, it looks like a nightmare!

i wouldve been annoyed as well.. i love ur site, cant wait for the new layout.. i would love it if u enter my challenge if u have time

That was so inconsiderate of that bloody woman. She could have acknowledged you were there and waited for you to move! That happens to me ALL the time.

If no one is sitting next to me, I just leave my bag on the seat then move it when the bus stops to let people on. But some fat guy decided to sit on my bag and squash my lunch.

At the time I wasn’t using a lunchbox, my sandwich, crisps and chocolate etc were just in my bag. I had a very squashed sandwich for lunch with crushed crisps. Some people are so bloody inconsiderate.

I’m sorry you’re still sick, that must suck so bad. :( An amphibian raging at your sinuses? LOL nice! I hope you get better soon though. *Hugs*

I hope things at home start to get better. I argue with my mum for those reasons too. Is having a job not enough for them anymore? :|

Yay for the new layout. :D

I was shocked that I could get ready in 50 minutes, it usually takes me a good 1 hour and 30 minutes. If I missed my bus I would have been screwed.

That’s why I hate running for a bus. You think you’re going to make it, and he just drives off and everyone laughs or stares at you, fail.

Ugh that sucks!! I never rely on bus schedules, they are usually late or early. Either way is a pain in the butt. I get to the bus stop at 6:20am usually and my bus is due at 6:33am but sometimes it comes early and then the next bus isn’t due for another 20 minutes.

I always make typos, especially lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me haha. I do proof read my work, but because I already know what it says I miss the mistakes, blah.

I heard someone online died. I think Cher was quite good friends with her. That was really sad. :( It’s like when Vibeke disappeared everyone assumed she was dead, wasn’t nice.

Yeah that’s true. Like Shellz said to me, if I randomly didn’t update my Twitter or my site for a few days she would assume something happened to me because I’m always online haha.

LOL yeah, giving them to James or Lilian would be smart. I was going to give mine to Carly, Sarah and you. Or do what Eunice suggested and make an account on my WordPress for someone so they could just log in with their own password etc.

Oh I have loads of different passwords for everything. I’m always forgetting my passwords, it’s sucks. I try to use just 3 different passwords but that doesn’t always happen lol.

Yeah that’s true. Though, I wouldn’t like to visit a site to see a blog post saying the owner has died.

Yeah you don’t know how people would react if you did die. They probably wouldn’t believe it and just assume you abandoned them.

Haha I reckon some people would pretend they died just to get attention, then come back with a new name etc. Sounds outrageous but I believe some people are capable of doing that…

I mentioned the Vibeke thing, someone actually posted a comment saying they know her and that she died. :| I mean what the fuck?

They’ve changed my fucking work shift so now I’ll have time for fuck all. I’m now doing 10am – 6pm which means my mum can’t pick me up and I won’t get home until 7pm – 7:30pm I really won’t have time for anything. :(

LOL! Stop picking out my bloody typos. :P I can’t help it lately, blah. But thank you. :D

I downloaded Google Chrome shortly after reading your blog. It’s OK, not something I could use all the time though.

Oh wow, Safari really has that? :| Think I might have to “explore” it a bit more; I just used it to check websites for reviews etc.

I HATE IE. Every time I open it, it takes literally 10 minutes to load everything then I get millions of pop ups. :@

Haha yeah it is scary getting stuck in an elevator. Like, you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know how long it’ll be before you get out. And you panic because it’s so small.

LOL! I like how you said you’re scared of dying and getting raped…. then worms and staples haha. You’re scared of staples?! I hate worms though, they are so gross and ew. I’m scared of spiders…

I know right. I ALWAYS see lazy people using a trolley for like 2 bags and then a woman with loads of bags and a push chair with their kid who have to take the stairs because of those lazy inconsiderate arseholes.

Haha OK fair enough, you’re a good girl. XD

16 is a lot to me, especially because I’m lazy. :3

Yeah iPhones are ridiculously expensive. They are giving them to kids in West London schools to use in class. :| I mean WTF? I wanna go back to school now…

Erm, yes I guess it is similar to what your dad does. XD

I know. Apparently we’re going to have a white Christmas. They reckon it’s gunna drop to like -5 degrees Celsius then warm up, then drop again and snow… Yeah my arse.

I do have a video of my dog, from about 2 years ago lol. She’s so funny: Part 1: Part 2: (Excuse my mum in this one haha)

Haha I’d die if I lived in Australia, I complain about the heat here when it only reaches 28 – 30 most years. I prefer the cold. :3

Haha I loved how you used pictures in your layouts. I loved the daises for James layout. :3

Yeah, I mean making icons out of celebrities etc is OK like you said but I wouldn’t do it to put on my website. Maybe a fansite but that’s about it.

Awww I know, he wants to explore everywhere. He always tries to go down the alley where my bastard of a neighbour lives but the dogs would go mad and want to eat him haha.

Haha I never thought of that. XD I just like the name Harrison haha!

I like the name Sean, but not spelt that way I don’t know why LOL. I like it spelt Shaun. XD

Yeah, I feel flattered that I inspire people and thankful they credit me but sometimes they take it too far.

Oh haha, I would feel paranoid if someone credited me on every page when their layout didn’t look like mine or anything. I’d browse their content lol.

I found a site that copied my smileys, basically directly. Fuck face.

Yeah sometimes if there aren’t many people online when I blog, I post another tweet a bit later and say “I blogged earlier if you haven’t seen” but not often.

LOL! I am evil, I know. ;D It’s true though but usually if I can’t comment on their blog, I just blag and chat shit lol.

I feel so unmotivated and lazy with my comments at the moment. It’s taken me a good… 5 days to return 13 LOL. Bad I know.

Haha yeah that’s true. I loved my Piczo. I wonder how many unique hits it got. o_O Probably like 20 haha.

Oh wow that’s sad. I hate it when people spam, unless the owner deserves it. Someone spammed my shoutbox on Piczo once. I then found out it was my sisters current boyfriends ex girlfriend… Yah.

Well, you appreciate it though. Most people only enter domains competitions because they’re greedy and don’t want anyone else to win them. You’re not like that at all.

Wow, that is sad. I hate people who beg for money. Like they have the donate thing for PayPal in their sidebar. You’re not a fucking charity fuck off.

LMFAO she asked people to donate money to her parents to pay of their mortgage? :| That’s so fucking pathetic. Wow…

People are forever asking me to buy them a domain just because I’ve bought some people one before. It’s like go away, I only offer domains to people I like. I own 12 domains. o_O I’m hopefully giving 3 to Olivia at for adoption though, I can’t afford to re-new them.

LOL I know, my mum and I sound alike on the phone, we look alike too. It’s horrible LOL.

Aww you’re so sweet. I would make fanlistings but I’m lazy and I don’t know how LOL.

This is random but I commented Hannah @ for the first since the review thing yesterday. I was scared LOL. I don’t know why but I thought she hated me. =/ She might, I don’t know haha.


Hehe yup. If people get jealous because you haven’t made a fanlisting for them, then they’re just stupid. Who cares, if you’re choice who you make one for.

I’d probably crash his car mind…


OMG I know. Do you know what I hate the most? When on credit pages people put http://SITE.COM and link the HTTP:// bit to the site. GO AWAY.

LOL yes toast. We were young and only have an hour to do it, so probably why. Stupid Food Technology. I hated that lesson.

My friend used to do Food Tech for GCSE’s and whilst me and my friend Ellen had German, she had Tech so after lesson we’d go in and steal her food cause we were opposite each other haha.

LOL wow, 200 Beatles songs? GO YOU. :D

I don’t like getting up in the mornings.. but I know I have to, fail.

YES! I seriously would come to your wedding as well haha. I think I’m going to Joyce’s wedding too haha!

Yeah, I hate going out alone, especially at night. I usually make my sister bring the dog or something. Even though my dog is thick as shit.

OO, I like maybe you could have it as an add-on domain on so people can choose to be hosted on that too. (Like I done with XD)

I think perhaps we were talking about this same person last night. But yes, he really is a complete wank tard. I hate people like that ASDFGH.

Oh so do I!! Gillian is so lovely, she gets so many comments though that’s why I don’t comment her as much anymore, don’t want to make it worse for her LOL.

LOL I wanna know James’ middle name? :P My older sister hates her middle name, Sherrell. XD

Oh wow, you got to choose one of your middle names?! I want to do that!! I hate mine, I want to change my whole name hahha. I wanna change my last name to my mums maiden name though.

I’ve taken a good hour returning this but I don’t have to rush so it’s all good.

Awwww! That’s so cute!! Rob isn’t all that bothered about marriage, kids and all that. Blah. Never mind. :P

Ew though, I can’t believe your hand went like that. My mum has problems with her hands and had to have an operation. She has carpel tunnel syndrome. o_O

I don’t think I could blog before returning comments, I’d feel too bad heh.

STOP PICKING OUT MY TYPOS YOU!!! LOL. Wow. :| Joyce left me a rather huge comment a while ago LOL. She’s getting good at them!!

Sorry it took me forever to return this. I fail, I really do. I can’t believe how long your comment was though. o_O I took my time replying to it though and enjoyed myself.

mmm spaghetti. I had… Chicken casserole last night, it wasn’t all that nice ew.

Hehe you said about being ill in the comment but you left it ages ago, but I really do hope you get better soon. *hugs*

Aw, I never beat your comment or get close to it. This one is 2046 words long! (I’ll try and open as soon as I can so it doesn’t sit here for ages haha)

I would’ve done the same thing as you did.. LOL Full blast on the volume!! I would cuss but only in my mind. haha. Sometimes I hate old women who’re on their 60’s-70’s!! gawd they piss me off! but I can’t do anything since they’re OLD! Uhg.. really sucks!! They sometimes abuse it coz they’re a senior bla bla bla..sheesh! like, seriously!

I do hope you’ll get well soon! Just rest rest rest :) and take some medicines too. Don’t stress yourself! ^^~

Oh wow I never heard of dailybooth.. that’s awesome.. though I don’t take a lot of pictures of myself unlike before XD on your twitpic, are you guys chinese? coz if you are, that would be awesome coz I’m chinese too! lol

My mom sometimes scolds me for being in front of my laptop for like, the whole day!!!! She says I should get a job instead of just playing in front of my computer. XD I’m not even playing! XD but I do plan on applying for a job next year :) I haven’t thought of where I’d like to work yet, what kind of work, bla bla.. it’s still a blur >< and hey, you should at least sleep 8hrs a day! ;) Uhg, housechores really suck.. lucky for me we have a helper ;) That's why I'm not used to doing house chores. I remember doing some chores back when I was a kid though, my grandma used to get mad at me when she sees me doing house chores. lolz.

and again, get well soon! ^^~ Remember to sleep early and take your medicines! hugsnKisses! ^^~

can't wait for your new layout! ^^~

Yeah, my family also said that :( They said these people whom I considered as ‘friends’ don’t qualified to be called as friends. They kept on blaming me and yeah, I’m always wrong in their eyes. My brother said it’s because my mind is maturer than theirs (I think it was his effort to cheer me up, lol), that’s why I didn’t know they could be this angry just because of my joke. I didn’t mean to underestimate my juniors at first, I was just joking but everyone took it seriously. LOL.

Oh anyway do you remember this ‘N’ girl in my previous blog post? I told her about my problem and she didn’t support me because the one who started this problem was her crush. Kinda weird, eh?

Then she blamed me in my other problem with Dummy too. She said that Dummy didn’t do anything and I was angry with her for nothing. She said I wasn’t supposed to be mad at Dummy. I wonder why my classmates have been acting so weird recently D:

I think having two friends is much better than having so many friends but all of them are fake. I feel like I didn’t have anybody now, except my online friends :( Yeah because my offline friends don’t seem to be my true friends.

I apologized to them though, and some of them accepted my apology *cheers* :D Yeah, only some of them because one of them didn’t seem to accept my apology sincerely. That girl is DUMMY. Haha. I said sorry to her even though she doesn’t do anything, because N told me to apologize to her O_O

Then instead of being confused and accepting my apology, Dummy said, “Hmm… I know you have been talking about me with those guys behind me that’s why it’s so hard for me to forgive you, oh well, maybe I will give you a chance.” I’m sure I screamed WTF when I read her text message, lol. Weird girl. I apologized for nothing and still she doesn’t want to forgive me XD

Thanks so much for the advice and support :D *hugs* I feel so lucky to have all my online friends who always support me whenever I’m down, including you of course! XD

LOL buses are usually full during the day. And even worse in Indonesia, there are so many thieves in public buses. Haha. That’s why I’ve never taken any public buses.


Oops. Sorry about that. That wasn’t meant to happen. O_O

See, that is why I hate public transportation – having to deal with selfish bastards like that. And is worst when they got REALLY HORRID personal hygiene – am talking when their body odor is so god awful that even the flies don’t go near them. And than there is the fact that you are stuck on the bus with them for like a hour or so to the next bus stop in the middle of a bad snow storm in which the bus must drive insaneably slow…the entire bus reeks of skin crawl remembering those days…did I mention the windows on this broke down ass bus – *AHEM* bucket didn’t work so it was a wet ride to the next bus stop

I even hate it even more when someone so rudely don’t wait for you to move to make more room for them to sit – which is why I no longer make an attempt to move I just stay put and hopefully they will get the hint and move along – some will wait expecting me to move in which case I move…but others get the hint and move along without even bothering to stop and wait…I move if the bus is pack and folks need a sit but if there are plenty of other empty seats around – no way in hell imma move…

Toldcha am an evil wench…*ROFL* I just hate public transportation and it shows…*LOL*

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well hun – that sux big time!!!! And in regards to ya family – I think is a woman thing to clean the house and do house chores. I get the same thing with my own mom – she is from Jamaica…was raised to think it is the woman’s job to make sure the house stay clean and neat – cook the meals and whatnot while the men come home from work to relax and we are basically their maids in waiting. Don’t get me wrong some men like my dad will step up to help out with house chores and whatnot. But some like my dead beat lazy as f**k brother will sit on their lazy ass to be waited on hand and feet.

Can’t wait to see ya new layout hun.

Feel better and have a good one – get plenty of rest. Maybe you should take a couple of days from work and school to just focus on getting some rest so that you can get better sooner than later hun…maybe you need some peace and relaxation – some rest. Most of the time it is connected to lack of rest which is why a cold lingers. Get plenty of rest hun and take care of yourself as in truth it is you who come first and no one else. Your health and safety comes first.

Take Care Sweetz.

gahh youre lucky your parents havent taken your laptop away haha ! my dad has taken my laptop, computer, TV, just everything away from me ! it makes me very sad… cause he takes them all at the wrong times , when i need it the most ! he better not take anything away from me anymore !!

AHAHAH omg i LOVE deep DEEP untouched snow. its like up to your bum, and it just feels so awesome cause youre struggling so much to get through it hahaha. but that would take a massive snowstorm.

Thanks for your review Georgina!

I’d love to code my own layout. I want to draw something for the header – like Jorja did with her pretty lillies. :) I’ll have to find some tutorials to learn to do so (the coding, not the drawing XD). Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your tips! ✌️

You’re welcome! Well, the coding is a small matter. I know you’ve been using premades, but you can use something like a simple template, to give you the basic look. There are some CSS templates at Also, if you want to try building from scratch, you can try my tutorial on centering layouts.

Good luck!

Really? I thought it didnt look bad lol :P.

Aww, well maybe next year :)

Eh, I was a bit interested but not extremely excited lol.

Yaa! about six months after christmas is my birthday lol, maybe then.

Haha, my home doesnt have centeral heating so it gets cold downstairs, and same with airconditioning :P.

Aww :( Still sick?

Hehe it’s nothing to be ashamed of :).

Ughh gas pains suck :P

Hehe my mom would do that to probably :P.

Yeah I just cant get up in the morning.

Hehe Im in band and I play the flute :).

Haha wow did she tell the teacher?

Wow that person was rude :O.

You should’ve said something if she understood it or not lol.

Atleast she moved over lol, doesn’t she notice theres something under her butt???

God! How loud was your music :O was she arguing with someone or something?

Noooooo I wish you weren’t still sick, you are so miserable and i dont like it :( lol.

I don’t take enough pictures to even have a twitpic xD lol.

I dont even use a spam plugin, but it still puts some comments in the spam folder lol.

Awww I hope you get through your family issues soon :).

Yay I can’t wait to see your new layout, if it’s soon or not lol :).
Feel better <3

I HATE people like that so much! I even think that woman sat on your coat and talked on the phone intentionally so you can’t tell her anything.

Actually a somewhat similar situation happened to me. Me and my sister were sitting in the mosque. So there was barely space between us,, and there was woman next to us. then suddenly a woman came and sat right between us THERE WAS NO SPACE I should have NOT MOVE AND LET HER FEEL THAT SHE ISN’T WELCOMED. The problem is ,I even told her and she completely ignored me, it was so annoying!

Aw, I’m sorry that your cik! i read your tweets and your other blog about that but i didn’t comment. i hope you get well soon.

I HATE people like that so much! I even think that woman sat on your coat and talked on the phone intentionally so you can’t tell her anything.

Actually a somewhat similar situation happened to me. Me and my sister were sitting in the mosque. So there was barely space between us,, and there was woman next to us. then suddenly a woman came and sat right between us THERE WAS NO SPACE I should have NOT MOVE AND LET HER FEEL THAT SHE ISN’T WELCOMED. The problem is ,I even told her and she completely ignored me, it was so annoying!

Aw, I’m sorry that your sick! i read your tweets and your other blog about that but i didn’t comment. i hope you get well soon.

Actually I do have daily booth, but I didn’t upload anything. I want to wait until I get a new good camera XD.

I don’t think it deletes comments, I was sure because once I saw “1 spam comment” then clicked at it and saw it was Lily from melodyflows.

Can’t wait to see the new layout, if you’re going to put it up =P

I must say, I’m glad I don’t have to ride a bus because I would have told her to fuck off.

When I’ve been in any store lately and someone wants to get past, they’ve been pretty much nice and said something to me, even if they were on the phone.

I guess you’re suppose to have no respect for other people when you’re on the phone and on the bus.

I hope you start feeling better soon. There’s a bad cold going around and we’ve all had it here.

I’ve never hear of DailyBooth, I’ll have to check it out.

Your so lucky, there everywhere on the radio. Upbeat songs are good, but for me, not for Christmas. I definatley like Home Alone and all of that stuffff! I love those kind of movies, but not a new movie that just came out in theatres. Every year, they get worse and worse, as I think.

Ya, it’s really annoying, that’s why my blogs are always short.

I love leaving huge comments, than I get one longer when I recieve it back. Haha, thank you too!! :)

I think it would actually be pretty cool having Christmas in the summer…for a change. But I also love opening presents on Christmas morning…..being cold. Actually, I did have no school yesterday. Haha, it wasn’t even snowing.

Haha, yep! I think almost half of the movies I have watched, I have cried in it. lol.

The cold makes me fall asleep faster, because with heat, I’m all like….annoyed.

lol, it must be like allergies or sinuses.

Haha, I feel so bad for you. I was on a train, and this guy behind me took his socks off, and it was so disgusting. They smelt horrible, and they were all yellow and swollen. Grosss!!!

Yeah, I have to do the same thing around the house too, I feel horrible. I have so much homework, and stuff like that. It’s so annoying.

Again, I hope you feel better!

Oh my, I thought you closed your comments for a moment. I feel bad for you returning them, 43? haha. That’s a lot!

Thank you (: Simple is better than nothing, right? Lol.

Haha, I do hope you get even better and I agree.. TRADE WEATHERS NOW. There was a little frost/snow on the ground all day today. Ugh, I hate it.

Haha, the askimet thing is easy. You just go to, make a thing, and then get the number off your profile. It’s worth it :P

That’s one of the (many) reasons public transport sucks – too many rude people, too few acceptable ways to tell them where to shove it. :P I would have been annoyed with that woman too, I don’t blame you for being pissed. =/

Sorry you’re still feeling sick too. *hugs* I hope you hurry up and get better! And having problems at home surely isn’t helping either. :(

Lol, I’ve noticed you’d been using Twitpic a lot, I’m going to check out your Daily Booth account now. :)

The reason why you don’t hear from me anymore is because you’re a two faced person, and an avid liar. The only times you comment is when I bitch at you to comment. Other then that you won’t comment on my site. Or reply to my comment on your own domain. Instead you go and leave comments to my friends sites. Whenever you want. That’s why you don’t hear from me. You’ve a long with Kerry have been banned from my site. I did change my layout, and used one of Kerry’s templates, but since you’re already talking about me behind my back, to Tiffany (yes I check where you post comments about me) go right the fuck ahead. You’re no friend of mine. I can’t believe I even considered you as a friend. You’re a hyprocrite and a two face liar/person.

well i am very glad to hear that you are recovering, being sick is a pain in the bum /hmph

i’m glad you approve of how i’m managing my tutorials /wave . i thought most people would just ignore them /snort .

and sorry, i just like smilies so much! /poo XD

i love making icons, although i’d like to make my own textures rather than using others because sometimes i forget credit /bash .

i tried making pixels, & they look terrible. i’m not bad at sozai, but characters are the hardest. 💥

That would piss me off to end. I hate it when people are on their phones and not paying attention to what they are doing. I would have said EXCUSE ME really loud so she could hear me and point to my coat. That also remind of a time I was at the grocery store and this bitch was standing in the way and she knew that I needed to get by to the other side, did she move? Nope. She just stood there. I was like, WHAT? Excuse me, I need to get through. /angry I seriously hate stupid and rude people especially if they are doing it intentionally. That really pisses me off.

Hehe :) I’m in a very tough position now. My ‘friends’ need me because my mind is maturer than theirs, that’s why I can give them advices when they are down. But they also hate me because of my mature mind. We always have different opinions and points of view, that’s why we argue sometimes. Having a mature mind isn’t really good at some situations, LOL XD

Haha I really want to slap N right on her face :P I believed in her, I trusted her, I loved her, but she doesn’t seem to feel the same way to me. At first she supported me and she was on my side, but yesterday she blamed me for nothing and she was on Dummy’s side. She said I was the one who should say sorry to Dummy because she was innocent. I was the crime. I was the devil -_- Gah.

I’m so glad to have my family and online friends :D They’re all so understanding and caring. LOL once my dad knew my problem, he promised to treat me sushi to reduce my sadness :P Haha what a nice and cool dad XD

Aw yeah I also heard that public transports are so common in some countries, especially buses. There are so many public transports in Indonesia as well, but it’s not safe. Criminality occurs in public transportation quite often, which scares me a bit D:

Mmm. WordPress is confusing – must cram self with useful tutorials xD –

Your dA is really good!! Your scribbles are so cute ♥ I haven’t been on dA in ages account is deserted :S

OH! I see…*facepalm* I feel so stupid xD I have another 5 good *coughcough* years of high school ahead of me and I don’t really like it… /snort

Woah, how do you self teach?

Yeah she’s not disabled so sometimes I’m extra frustrated with her. /snort

Gee, loud stupid women sitting on your property has to be the cherry to a bad day, aye? :( I hate it when commuters kick your bags out of the way to make way when you are just about to move it out the way. This guy was like, bloody bags and shoved past just as me and my friends were going to relocate. Talk about uncalled for =_=

D: I hope you get better ASAP!! :(

Good luck sorting the family stuff out. I hope your mum cuts you some slack because it would be unfair of her to go off at you about chores. *patpat*

Yikes. I hate it when people become kinda rude and insensitive especially in public areas. I mean, come on, a little respect for your stuff, right? And for your space, too! I can’t believe she talked louder than the one you’re listening to O_o Sheesh.

You’re still sick? Hope you get better soon, Georgina! Looking forward to your new layout!

Rude, much? I would’ve nudged and pushed her hard a little. Yeah, I would be rude as well if someone is being rude to me. But seriously, you should’ve told her though. She could’ve been more considerate and asked you to move over. : I’m sorry that you have to experience this. : Mean ladies…and rude! Plenty of those back home! :(

Happy Holidays! Take care!