Phantoms Now

I, Georgina, am sick. 😧

I rarely get sick. People talk about having a good immune system but I don’t like to say that – it seems a bit weird to say. I could get into something biological here but I sort of forget anything about immune systems which I learned in biology class in high school.

I haven’t really felt like moving lately. Yesterday I woke up and my arms were hurting. Usually they do hurt in the morning because I sleep in a funny position. I had to outstretch my arms and crack them. πŸ˜• Usually I only crack my wrists but this time my arms felt stiff as well.

I opened my curtain and shut off my nightlight. Yes… I still have a nightlight because I’m scared of the dark. It was so hot, and I felt like having a nice relaxing shower. But I looked at the time and realised that I should probably hurry up and get breakfast – 10:58am is a little bit too late for me to start the day.

So I scrambled up and made my bed. I do it every morning without fail, before I exit my room. I just can’t have an unmade bed. O_O

I realised that I was sneezing and sniffling a lot. Alright, I thought, I’m sick. Sheesh.

I developed a sore throat throughout the day. Sucked. And then this morning I woke up and I didn’t feel very good at all. I felt exhausted. I had to go to the dentist this morning. It went alright.

Now though, I have a stomachache. 😞 I probably ate my lunch too fast. But overall, I do not feel good at all. I can’t talk very loudly or very fast (though I should assume that’s a good thing because usually I talk very fast and not many people understand me). My stomach seems to disagree with everything I do. 😧

Yesterday my brother pissed me off. He wanted to print out a booklet for some project. It required some two-sided printing. Fair enough. I just got him to send me the document. Because my computers are the only ones connected to the printer. His computer is in another room and we don’t have a network for the printer so he always has to send it over.

Later he came to my room to look at the file on the screen, then he told me that’s not how he wanted it. I got angry and said that I didn’t change anything, and the settings were for a piece of paper to be folded in half twice. That wasn’t what he wanted so I had to be the one to change it for him because he didn’t know how.

It really made me angry. I wanted to go to sleep already but he was being such a pissy jerk. It’s not like it’s my fault that you put the settings wrong and that I had to test it out and waste paper. 😑

My mum asked what was wrong when I was screaming and crying. I told her about the printing.

I also told her that he wouldn’t get proper dinner and ate cold spaghetti. And I told her that I worried about him and that no one else cared, and why should I bother worrying about him when he’s just going to be a lazy shit and not even bother getting food. He always expects food to be on the table when he gets called. Stupid.

I have to go to work now. I’m feeling tired and stressed so it’ll take me a while to respond to comments.

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