Phantoms Now

I, Georgina, am sick. :O

I rarely get sick. People talk about having a good immune system but I don’t like to say that – it seems a bit weird to say. I could get into something biological here but I sort of forget anything about immune systems which I learned in biology class in high school.

I haven’t really felt like moving lately. Yesterday I woke up and my arms were hurting. Usually they do hurt in the morning because I sleep in a funny position. I had to outstretch my arms and crack them. @_@ Usually I only crack my wrists but this time my arms felt stiff as well.

I opened my curtain and shut off my nightlight. Yes… I still have a nightlight because I’m scared of the dark. It was so hot, and I felt like having a nice relaxing shower. But I looked at the time and realised that I should probably hurry up and get breakfast – 10:58am is a little bit too late for me to start the day.

So I scrambled up and made my bed. I do it every morning without fail, before I exit my room. I just can’t have an unmade bed. O_O

I realised that I was sneezing and sniffling a lot. Alright, I thought, I’m sick. Sheesh.

I developed a sore throat throughout the day. Sucked. And then this morning I woke up and I didn’t feel very good at all. I felt exhausted. I had to go to the dentist this morning. It went alright.

Now though, I have a stomachache. :( I probably ate my lunch too fast. But overall, I do not feel good at all. I can’t talk very loudly or very fast (though I should assume that’s a good thing because usually I talk very fast and not many people understand me). My stomach seems to disagree with everything I do. :O

Yesterday my brother pissed me off. He wanted to print out a booklet for some project. It required some two-sided printing. Fair enough. I just got him to send me the document. Because my computers are the only ones connected to the printer. His computer is in another room and we don’t have a network for the printer so he always has to send it over.

Later he came to my room to look at the file on the screen, then he told me that’s not how he wanted it. I got angry and said that I didn’t change anything, and the settings were for a piece of paper to be folded in half twice. That wasn’t what he wanted so I had to be the one to change it for him because he didn’t know how.

It really made me angry. I wanted to go to sleep already but he was being such a pissy jerk. It’s not like it’s my fault that you put the settings wrong and that I had to test it out and waste paper. /angry

My mum asked what was wrong when I was screaming and crying. I told her about the printing.

I also told her that he wouldn’t get proper dinner and ate cold spaghetti. And I told her that I worried about him and that no one else cared, and why should I bother worrying about him when he’s just going to be a lazy shit and not even bother getting food. He always expects food to be on the table when he gets called. Stupid.

I have to go to work now. I’m feeling tired and stressed so it’ll take me a while to respond to comments.

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I hope you’ll get well soon, I know how sucky it is to be sick and had to go to work and everything doesn’t function as it always does D:

Lol no worries there, mate, I’m also afraid of the dark when I sleep /ho I’m really paranoid and I can imagine how a phantom will fly around my room in the dark and then land beside me, waiting for me to open my eyes and just.. *shudders* OKAY SO ANYWAYS,

UGH I hate it when someone bothers me right before I go to sleep/in the middle of something, though ironically my brothers don’t do it but instead my computer illiterate dad. He really pisses me off when he needs something to be typed or when he needs his emailed opened for him so he can read them. My brothers and I have taught him like 59475958179854765 times but he never seem to get it or remember it.

Here’s a way to de-stress yourself, my orthodontist taught me a method. Soak a towel in a hot water, wring it and press them against the sides of your face for 5 minutes before you go to sleep. It really helps with the blood circulation :)

Take care, Georgie! ♥

Dayze! :D

First off, missy without a site, I can host you if you want, so keep in mind that that offer still stands. ♥

Ugh I know. And I love one of my jobs so I actually want to work. Now I woke up and realised I lost my voice. Blasted bollocks.

Hahah I don’t try to think of that. I freak out there’s always some phantom under my bed as I turn out the lights, and then I practically pounce into bed. D:

My dad is good with hardware but not software, so he can’t understand a lot of things. He works night shift though, so he doesn’t annoy me at the wrong time. ;)

My dad doesn’t have an email address. XD

Ooh, thanks for the tip! Super hot in Sydney now but I’ll try it. ;)

You are sick? That’s sad :(

People say if you exercise at least half an hour everyday you won’t get sick. I hope you will recover soon.

Mostly I feel like that when I’m sick too. It is so horrible, especially when I have a fever because I feel stuck in my bed. 😴

I don’t know why I’m like you. I also hate the dark. I always turn on the television, set the timer to thirty minutes and sleep because I have the television light. But I always can’t sleep because the light keeps shining at me.

I like to gobble when I’m addicted to the computer. I just had my lunch just now, and I gobbled it up. I couldn’t finish, of course,and now I have a big stomachache :(

Everybody has their own requirements. So don’t blame your brother, Georgina. I know you feel irritated because you felt sick and are still “forced” to do it. Well, that is how a family goes. Without quarrels, it’s not a complete family. 😳

Anyway, get well soon! I gotta work on my hosting site’s layout, and could I partner with your hosting site too?

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. :( I hope you feel better soon. You’re lucky you don’t get sick often though – at least that’s something to be grateful for. :)

As for your brother, I totally empathize because mine is pretty much the same. Grumpy, demanding and lazy as hell. :P I think sometimes my brother will just drop dead one day because he can’t be bothered breathing, hehe. But it’s sweet that you still care and worry about Brandon despite how he carries on. I guess no matter how much your family pisses you off over things like that, you can’t really stop caring, can you? Even though more often than not you just want to throttle them. ;)

Aly! Gosh. I went to your site and upon seeing it seeming to be expired or whatever, I went to your Twitter to see if you updated. I’m smart, aren’t I. So I saw your Tumblr post. I hope things get sorted soon!

I have lost my voice and to be honest don’t really feel better at the moment, but thank you for your get-well wishes! :)

Haha deeply. I really want to throttle my family… we get in so much trouble and despite how silly I am, I do still love and care about them. ♥

Yeah, I don’t know what’s happened to my site…I renewed the domain when I supposed to, but I guess something on the other end went wrong. :(

Sorry to hear you’re still feeling sick though. *hugs* If you’ve lost your voice, try gargling with salty water. It helps a sore throat, so maybe it’ll help your voice come back too? I don’t know, worth a try maybe? Lol.

LOL, I guess I overreact too much. My IPod started working again after a few hours. XD But it really was horrible for me because I knew nobody was going to buy me another one.

My parents are always like that. But when I tell my mother that I don’t want to call my dad, she starts lecturing me about how she had been really close to HER dad and was always willing to help out her mother. /hmph

I think the layout doesn’t look VERY odd. I guess I’ll put it up after about a week or two.

Aww, I’m sorry that you’re sick. I’ve got a sore throat and a blocked nose as well. I hope you feel better. :)

I’m not really scared of the dark but I sleep with the curtains pulled apart because I don’t like it when it gets TOO dark.

That wasn’t very nice of your brother. Especially as you helped him out. I’ve always wanted a younger brother but most of my friends with younger brothers are always pissed with them. That’s really sweet that you care about him so much.

Aww, get well soon, Georgina! *hugs*

You should drink more water. Even if you had a lot, you still have to drink more. /bounce

I have nightlight too and yes, with the same reason as you too. Oh, and I dislike unmade bed. (no offence to those who don’t make their bed) I don’t feel comfortable seeing those messy piece of … haha. There’s this time when my cousin, she didn’t make her bed. (she never does, though. :P ) I felt kind of irritated, so I made her bed for her. LMAO. Such a great cousin I am. *cough*

To be honest, your brother IS annoying. x( If he was brother, I think I would just slap him in the face, damn it! My sister is as annoying either. She irritates me everyday. And she thinks it’s fun, like wtf? Guess what? She’s same age as you. 18. An 18 year old girl (soon-to-be doctor) thinks that annoying her younger sister every single day is fun? Oh shut up! /angry

Oops, I’m so sorry. I didn’t really realize that I’m actually ranting in your comment section. :/

Aww thank you. *hugs* I’ll be sure to drink more water!

I knew I wasn’t the only one who used a nightlight!

Oh, my brother is the same. He never makes his bed, ever. And when he goes to sleep in it again or even to sit on it during the day, it’s a mess. It’s never neat! All the covers end up on the floor. O_O

Well that’s a little immature to want to annoy you at that age! I mean, I’m a kid at heart, but annoying someone constantly starts to get boring… :P

Nah, it’s okay – I love to hear your stories! ;)

😝 Thanks! (:

Mmhmm. Going to a concert alone kinda makes me feel awkward because I have no one to dance with if there’s an awesome song that’s being sang by the band. 🤬

Oh, haha, congrats! XD

Same! But thanks to your article, I’ve met my true love – Firefox. :P

Yup, that’s why I always prepare my mp3 when going on a lift. Honestly, lift scares me. I’ve watched this video in Youtube that’s called, “Granny Ghost on Elevator” and there was a woman in white appearing in the end of the video behind these two men. O_O

Get well soon! ♥

I’ve started to get scared of the dark when there was a blackout in our house in The Philippines. I was just getting a glass of water in the fridge at around 10pm when 💥 – the lights and the television suddenly switched off. I got so scared I ran upstairs, screaming the whole way to our room (it was so quiet!) and when the electricity was back on, I saw my cousins laughing at me. /hmph

I never fix my bed in the morning, I feel so sleepy and lazy to do it. :X And maybe I might fall asleep again. 😴

I’d probably slap the sense out of him if he was my brother. 🤬 Doesn’t he know you’re sick and that he could just do it in another day when you’re not tired (or pissed. ✌️)?

I hope your mom gives him a lecture about his behavior. Serves him right. (H) :P

Take care! (:

Aw, I hope you get well soon!

Really? I find our nightlight annoying because it’s TOO bright.
My brothers are such cowards so we need one. When they start to snore, that the time I can WAKE UP (in the middle of the night) just to turn it off. Tsk, tsk tsk. Stupid cowards.

Well why would he make you do it for me? We have the same pissing, bossy, lazy /poo brothers. It’s his project why let anyone else “edit” or “fix” it for you? I’d have to argue with my brother just to make him edit it himself. Lazy /poo.

I cry too, when I’m angry. I see no point in shouting. Because if you’re a girl, you’d end up crying anyways. :P Why bother about him? Guys are such freaks sometimes. Which is annoying. You’ve no idea how hard it is to be an only girl with 2 /pooty brothers. It sucks. Unless of course, you’re also an only girl. :D

Regarding your comment, thanks. I’m done with the Math homework already, and I got a perfect score. Whoot! I’m happy because I’m not the best at Math, but my brothers are. I’m having some problems with the subject. First time I got a perfect score in a Math homework. LOL.

Oh, sewing a pillowcase IS that bad. It sucks so bad I just want to burn the cloth. Ugh. Oh yeah, me neither, I don’t think it’s a word, but I like it! :P

Yep, I know I’m fancy. (H) LOL. Haha. Yeah right!

Firefox is awesome. Yeah, you’ve told me about that thing in your first comment. LOL. (before Ugh, now LOL. ugh. :P)

Oh how cool! Yeah, TFL is famous. So will your fansite be if you’re approved, eh?

Haha. Then lift [slash] elevator it is! XD

D: Oh noes! Georgie is sick :( Ngawwwww! Get better SOON ♥ *hugs*

Make sure you take care of yourself! :(

Yeah, you do rarely get sick :O Maybe you are just less prone to pathogenic intrusion than the rest of us :P I used to LOVE that stuff about the immune system. But I didn’t take Bio, so am just left with the stuff that we learnt in year 9 :( Oh well, good enough for me ^^ Evil pathogens! Attack poor Georgie’s immune system /angry Hmph! Don’t worry, your T-cells and B-cells and Antigens [I think those are the good ones O_O ] shall fight back! May the force be with them. XD COME ON IMMUNE SYSTEM, LET’S ROLL! :O

Oh don’t worry, my dad would be all O_O if I got up at 10.58 cos usually I don’t appear until 11.30. I’m actually awake earlier, but I have to build up the will power to get my arse out of bed. Oops.

I used to be scared of the dark too! But now I kind of like the dark. But only when I’m in my room. Otherwise it’s a little disconcerting, not to mention scary.

Zomg, I haven’t been to the dentist in ages. D: Oh well :P

Ngawww, maybe it’s not that you ate the food too fast. Maybe your stomach is just being mean to you. Or maybe it’s fighting of the evil pathogens! :O /pow /pow YEAH! GET THOSE PATHOGENS! /bash

Anywayyys…How very inconsiderate and mean of your brother. /angry If he wants you to do something, he could at LEAST ask nicely…:(

And HMPH! It’s not very nice to simply EXPECT food to be on the table. Your family are NOT his slaves…/angry HMPH!

More ‘HMPH!’s for extra measure :)

Yeah… *hugs* :)

You would have been very good at biology, haha. I was pretty hopeless at it. I don’t really remember anything now; I feel a bit shameful because I feel like I should!

I’m sure those are the good ones, antigens as well. XD

I used to loll around in bed before getting up but now I can manage to wake up and get up straight away. O_O

I’m just scared of the dark altogether! Especially in my room, because I keep thinking there’s some phantom under my bed when I shut the lights off. D:

It was just a regular checkup; I make sure I don’t miss mine. They give us reminders in the mail. 😏

My stomach feels better now, but now I’ve lost my voice and have a worse cold! 😢

Yeah… bah. Though it’s kind of a given that I should print stuff for him. /snort Not my fault he did it wrong. /pow



LOL, no! I would have LOVED Bio cos I’m interested in all that stuff, but I don’t think I would’ve been very good at it. /ehh I mean, I sucked at Chem and I definitely know I suck at physics so I guess the sciences are not my thing. BUT OMG, IT’S SO INTERESTING! Haha XD

Awwww, don’t worry you don’t have to feel shameful. I’ve forgotten about 80% of what I learnt in highschool D:

Oh, I envy you, I can’t do that. Even if I’ve had a ridiculous amount of sleep, I will still lie there like a lump for a substantial amount of time before forcing myself to get UP.

Haha, yeah…dark is weird. I like the dark but sometimes if I here weird noises I’ll hide under the covers or shut my window or something if it’s dark. Cos I’m worried. The other night I heard a sound outside my window and some tapping and I was so terrified and immediately thought of vampires. Like Bram Stoker vampires of the non-sparkly kind so I got up and slammed my window shut. D: So scared! 😳 [Over nothing probably xD]

Hmm…=S I haven’t got a reminder from my dentist in the mail for a while…

Awwww! :( I hope you’re feeling better today. Stupid cold!

Your brother…being presumptuous. HMPH! /angry

It is very interesting! I believe you would have been good at it though. ;)

Oh well, that’s over. LOL.

That’s surprising coming from you… :P It’s funny; a lot of my online friends have trouble with math and I try and help them but then I realise I’ve forgotten stuff. I feel a bit bad about it… oops.

I love getting up though! I swear, the feeling is so satisfying. XD

Ugh! That’s like that “probably a cat” thing that was clawing at my window or whatever. Very annoying and it sounded creepy, as if someone was at my window. O_O

You should probably go for a checkup! :P

Ughh my cold has been hell. I think it’s just become worse because I constantly feel the need to blow my nose. /wah

Ngaww *HUGG*


Eat garlix /bounce

Ngaww, you’re scared of the dark! *hugg* THAZOOCUTE /love
Hrrrrng! 😰

Hoho. Your brother = gonx D:
Who cares, let him eat all the crap he wants. Humof


*HUGG* /rose

No garlic available. /um D: 😳

It’s not cute… I get worried every time I turn out the lights that there’s something hiding under my bed. It’s that whole uncertainty because you can’t see what’s there.

It’s so annoying. He’s practically stuck on the computer every day even if he has schoolwork to do. He’s on Facebook, playing that game, making videos… 💥

Oh dear, I hope you get well soon Georgina. Being sick is really unpleasant.

I rarely get sick as well. But when I do, I really don’t like moving a lot because it makes me dizzy.

I have nightlight as well. Not because I’m afraid of the dark, but because I feel uncomfortable sleeping without the lights on and I feel a bit insecure.

I don’t mind the sneezing. People say I have the cat’s sneeze. As in I sneeze like a cat. But I hate runny nose. I have to have a big box of tissue with me all the time. And I will have to endure that at least for 2 weeks. Ickk.

Your brother sounds like my mom. She can be that fussy as well. I don’t mind the fussiness but she does it at the wrong time, THAT’s when I get pissed off.

Cold spaghetti? Eww.. how can he eat that? o_O

Your brother obviously needs to learn to take care of himself. He can’t expect people to prepare everything for him.

Get well soon. I really mean it.

/angry GAH! I’d book a flight right now and come slap your brother then pay for a flight so you could just have a break away lol but I can’t afford it /wah /type So I’ll just E slap him *E slaps* /hehe God I’m crazy but meh! /cool /hehe I danced in the elevator to take my mind off being in it lmao!! Aww no it doesn’t sound weird :3 /love << That's me right now lol!! /faw I'm getting there slowly with the themes! Woohoo! But yeah currently just doing them in .php format when I get the time to upload them :/ 😴 Haha I am looking forward to christmas as the boys ringing me & My dads brought me my Ipod touch woohoo!

Aw, I hope you feel better. I have an awful immune system, I’m always getting coughs and colds and stuff like that. I hope you get better soon! x

Thank you! This one time I got pneumonia, and that was probably the worst illness I’ve had. I don’t usually get coughs and colds but I do hate them! ♥

I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope you get better soon. When I’m sick it’s horrible. I’d rather just stay in bed all day if I can manage it.

It sounds like your brother is impatient. He should’ve known ahead of time what to have you print out. Ugh, siblings sometimes right?

And thanks. I’m not working there anymore. I didn’t like how she demanded I come in without giving me chance to get woke up. They are very disorganized–my dad said the same thing you did lol.

Thanks for the compliments on the layout! I nabbed a premade container from but made the header myself. I know it’s a celeb image but I am tapped out on just random words. I’m glad you like it, though. Purple is one of my favorites, too! ♥ ♥

Firefox rocks lol. I joined the fanlisting some time ago.

Hope you feel better! Drink lots of liquids and stay warm :)

Yeah, quiet lifts are not good – especially if there is only you and another person standing in one! Awkwarddd!

Daymm I feel really sorry for you. Sounds like you’re pretty ill! I also sympathise with you about your brother. They can be so annoying! I hate it when they’re really lazy like that and just expect you to be able to do things for them when they feel like it and don’t care whether you’re in the mood to do it at their chosen time!

Hope you feel better soon!

HAHA i was watching this singing competition on saturday? i just had the sudden urge to sing my heart out after that ahahahaha.

we have handicap buttons almost everywhere here and whenever someone pushes it unncessarily, im just like ‘wow. are you that lazy…’

oh no youre sick !! i have a horrible immune system. i gotta be real careful of what i do heh. aww youre such a good person for making your bed :) my mother would love you as her child HAHA.

:( siblings pisses you off all at the wrong time. whenever im sick, i make my sister do everything though… she finds it fun to be the doctor while im the patient. weird.

I HOPE YOU GET BETTER. i feel your pain cause i was sick for the longest time !!

Ah, true. I guess they’d be fun to make, ha.

He looks cute. It’s like a fade, not all shaved off, but it’s different. After a few days, we’ve both grown to like it.

I KNOW! I’m praying that this medicine works. I’ve been feeling better, I just hope it helps my anxiety and stuff. It would be great.

Oh my, sounds like your brother was being lazy : that’s never good. Hopefully he gets out of that habit. As for you, sounds like you’ve got a major cold. Hope you get better soon! Just sleep as much as you can, that should help :)

Haha, she changed the layout now so I’m not too bothered. She wrote a blog saying that I wouldn’t like to meet her in a dark alley and calling me a bitch.. lmao! I say bring on that dark alley!! /eee
I love how she didn’t say it to me, but to her visitors. Grow up? lol.

I’m still at uni at the minute so I’ve not had many Mcdonald’s breakfasts recently. I do love them though. I finish in two weeks so no doubt I’ll go back to having them daily. 👏 YAY!! XD

We usually only have a tree in our house at Christmas as well, but I decided to put random decorations everywhere. I’m sure the holes in the ceiling are worth it really. ha.

Aaw, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve actually never heard you complain about being ill before, tis strange.
It’s nice that you worry about your brother, it shows you care, but it’s not nice that he throws it back in your face. :( He should appreciate that you look out for him.

aww feel better ! Stupid sniffles! They make your nose hurt ):

Awww, sucks. Tagboards suck in general XD

Lol aww! I was only in the same school with her for one year. I was in Kindergarten and she was in 5th grade. Ever since then, we were never in the same school. I thought it was going to be horrible when we were in different schools, but it really wasnt, what mattered was that at the end of the day, she’d be home with me.

LOL YEAH! I always wondered where it all went…I thought they ejected it out of the plane for some reason, but I wouldn’t think anyone would allow that LOL! The sound of the flush just freaks me out.

LOL YEAH! Haha they’re awesome XDD! Especially when you walk normally, the feeling of it is just so amusing XD

Haha yeah. Ah, I remember the days when I never heard of the other browers. I thought IE was amazing. Boy, I was stupid LOL

Aww thanks! Haha cool! Where you in a music group?

Lol yeah, and one song is 10 minutes straight. -_- Ha sadly no. There are too many people who watch it that there isnt room for all of us to watch, so yeah once we perform, we just sit in the orchestra room waiting for everyone else to finish.

Haha yeah, concerts are super fun !

Haha thanks! I always look at the online dictionary to figure out what words go good with what XDD

lol! Yay for Bubble!

LOL! I wish it was hot here :D I can barely feel my fingers when i walk outside 😒

Hah when my sister stays with us, we share a printer . Usually she’s the one who comes into my room to send something over. Sometimes her Mac doesn’t send the print request over so it doesnt print. :P

Hey Georgie :)

I just thought I’d comment you because I am in the “flow” of commenting right now :) I am aware that this will make your comment even longer, but I am really looking foward to it :)

Aww, Georgie! Hope you feel better really soon! It really sucks that you have to go through this pain and tired being etc for two days now. I kinda don’t really remember that you’ve felt like that in a really long time!

Maybe you just need some more rest. When you come back home from work today and you are still not feeling too good, just forget about your plans and get some rest. Even if it will be a really early night. But you need some extra sleeping hours anyways. Maybe your body is telling you to give him some more rest so he can fill up his energy and stuff.

You say 11am is late? That is my normal time I get out of bed on the weekends – if not even later. I need my extra sleep because like you probably know I tend to stay up until midnight sometimes and I have to get up at 6am every day for school.. My parents are surprised or anything when I get out of bed around 11am, because sometimes I won’t get out of bed until 1pm or something xD

I think it’s cool that you still have a night light. I used to be afraid of the dark too when I was younger and so I always slept with my bedroom door open. But since me and my sister share a bedroom it’s not that bad. And now I only open the bedroom door if I want to have some fresh air over night and stuff..

I usually never make my bed in the morning.. mostly because I sleep too long and then I am running out of time etc. so it has to wait until I get back from school, but (Y) that you always do it every morning!

Your brother is really mean! It definitely shouldn’t be your task to set the things right for him.. my sister loves to be like that too, I hate it!

I have to send the files from the laptop to the desktop computer too, because it’s not connected to the printer either.. my sister always gets annoyed if I ask her to accept something via a messenger and to print it out than.. as if that’s soo much work. She has press like 2 or 3 buttons max.

I really don’t like it if people are like that.. I mean, if dinner is cooked and you aren’t there you can’t really expect that it’s still gonna be warm when you finally decide to eat something. But I mean, he could’ve used a microwave to warm it up, couldn’t he?

I think it’s really nice that you care about your brother that much, event though he can be really mean and stuff sometimes.

I hope you feel better now. Aside from toothache, sore throat is one of the things I don’t like. I can’t eat properly if I have one. It hurts when you try to swallow something. Urgh. Hope yours isn’t as bad.

XD My bed most of the time is a mess, and I can still sleep. Now that reminds me I haven’t folded my blanket yet. Oops. :X I don’t like sleeping when there’s light. But if I had just watched a horror movie, I can’t sleep alone in my bed, so I’d have to sleep with my grandma or my mom. XD

I’d prefer a stomachache over hyperacidity, that is if I have to choose between them. You remind me of my classmate who ate too fast and got stomachache in the end. I think that’s because your empty stomach got filled in just a matter of minutes, so it got shocked. XD My theories always fail, so don’t mind me. :P

Urgh. My cousin is like that too. If she has a research project, not only does she want me to format and print those, but she wants me to do the reasearching myself. WTF? It would have been okay if she said it in a nice way, but she does it demandingly and I hate being treated like that, so I ended up not doing anything for me. /argh

I hate it when they ask “How’s life?” without even reading my blog. I mean, it’s there, I posted it, you know, and why would you still ask? It’s kind of frustrating. It shows even more that they didn’t read what was in front of them.

I didn’t know that BED November was a challenge. That’s kind of pointless. Blogging shouldn’t be a challenge.

LOL yeah I noticed that it was pretty ironic that I put the blog under the depressing and hilarious categories, but it fits into both.. so yar. :)

Exactly! I mean, they should have done all the extremely gruesome parts for us, cause it was a bit too much too handle. I almost past out several times lmao.. and don’t even get me started on the SMELL. SHIT MAN. I could hardly breathe.

I actually think that it would be pretty cool to dissect a flower. :O Yeah I’ve learnt all about the sexual organs of flowers. We learned about it last year and the year before I think.

Lmfao a chicken wing? What’s so interesting to see in a chicken wing? Isn’t it just like bones.. and flesh? xD

A PIG’S EYE. EW. This one guy in my class literally scooped out the eyeball out of the pigs skull and burst it. O_O I almost died. Nah, I think part of me DID die.. super disgusting. But yeah we had to dissect the heart and lungs as well, and I must agree it was epic.. yet atrociously disgusting.

Lmfao Hayden. Whenever I hear his name.. I just burst out laughing. Anyways, he sat down when the fire alarm went off because him and his friend were in the midst of having an immature fight as they were trying to trip eachother. -.- So Hayden grabbed a seat as fast as possible since he didn’t want to get tripped. Little did he know, that he was giving himself a fucking period stain.. LMAO.


Yeah the fire drill went pretty smoothly, but poor Hayden had to suffer the embarrassment of that stain. xD Believe me, I was pissing myself laughing, and I still do piss myself with laughter whenever I think about what happened.

LMFAO WOW that sucks so much for Mark that he inhaled all that shit from the lungs. xDDDD Bahahahhahahaha, I would of ran out of the room screaming EWEWEWEEW.

Bleh about the comments, I’m in the midst of returning 30 at the moment. -.- I’m so behind. fml.

So true. That would really annoy me as well. For Christ sakes, we aren’t robots.. we’re humans who have LIVES to live.. and we deserve some free time if not any.

Yes you will forever be seen as Superwoman in my eyes, and you will go down in glory. LOL.

Yeah I’m super happy that I finally got to hang out with Daniel on the weekend AND go to the party. The party was actually extremely amusing.. there’s something about sluts puking all over the lawn that was somewhat… hilarious. :)

Nah my system for giving comment returns an hour of my time isn’t really a good one, because most of the time, an hour isn’t enough, and then I leave a couple comments pending and then they just build up. So I suggest you stick to your superwoman ways lmao. :)

Naw there was actually a fire! In one of my school portables. But this is what I don’t understand: my school evacuates the entire school when the fire was in a portable.. which is already OUTSIDE the school. So wtf is the point of getting all the students outside when TECHNICALLY you’re putting the students closer to the fucking fire. Retards.

Seriously? Well, I can imagine you with the skinnies and shizz, but I just cannot picture you all “emo” LOLS BALLS. :3 You should re-invent that hardcore side and take a picture.. xD.

Yeah I deff get the same problem where I have to repeat the same thing even if I mentioned it in the blog.

You’re lucky that the weather predictions are correct for most of the time there. It’s pretty much the total opposite here.

LMAO that sounds like a really funny scene. Your screaming parents in sheer panic as the clothes get soaked by the rain and you running at light speed trying to get there asap.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of that movie, Tooth Fairy. :O I will “give it a Google” though.. lmao nice phrase.

Yeah, that’s true. It would have been much more confusing if you had provided a link to the video. :P

BWAHHA, I do have more browsers than you. >:) But not for long, since you’re planning to get Google Chrome. :P I have to admit though, FF is the best out of all of them for me.

I’ve never even heard of those other browsers. D: Bahah.

Yeah the horror movies that have the typical scenarios like being trapped in an elevator do get boring and unoriginal after a while. It’s hard to find a really scary horror movie these days, because they’re becoming so predictable.

Holy shit, those are a lot of stairs that you and James had to climb. When I went to Austria I climbed this church tower with my little cousin (Philip) and we were DYING. The stairs are literally the width of two shoulder spans of a human. So one way people were going down, and we were going up and I was like dying of sweat because it’s this dark narrow steep as fuck staircase. It was crazy. But I felt extremely accomplished when I got to the top. :D

“WOW WHAT A BITCH” indeed. It’s the only way to express how I feel.. lmfao.

Aweh poor Georgina. So sorry to hear that you’re so sick! D: Dayum, the arms cracking thing doesn’t sound good at all. O_O

That’s so cute that you have a nightlight! xD Haha. And I’m pretty much the complete opposite, my parents always yell at me for not making my bed because I’m usually always in a huge rush in the morning and I just leave everything in complete ruins. xD

Ngaw I hope your sore throat and stomachache disappear. Sounds like hell that you’re going through. D:

Sucks that you had to change the settings and do a lot of the work for your bro. Hopefully he’ll be able to do it by himself the next time.

Gah I always start screaming and crying when I get to that level of stress as well, so I know how you felt. I hope the stress reduces and that you start feeling healthier soon! Oh and take your time returning comments, you’re superwoman anyways. _cough. LOL. :3

whoa..get well soon. sometimes i hope im sick too. :(self handicapping lol)

Oh, I love complex things xD. Which layout do you like better this one or my previous?

Aww why not? :O. Maybe you could get a mini one for your room, that’s what I have, but it’s a fake one, you could still have the Christmas spirit :).

No, my friends power went out lol, she said someone ran into a power pole :O. Once that happened on my grampas birhtday and he just kept eating, heh.

It was better. I didn’t really want to see it either, I didn’t even read the book, but my friend was treating me so why not :P.

Lucky :P. There’s a laptop I want to get for christmas and it’s really cheap :D. I really want my own laptop :P.

Oh, I think I’ll hold off then :P I really don’t want to switch browsers xD lol.

Same!! firefox FTW!

Hehe, It sounds like you have a pretty nice workplace though :).

Haha I wish I knew how to convert C to F :P.

Haha I haven’t either but I just get scared of things :P.

Yeah my family is too nice to not hold an elevator /angry

Yaa :D They are, but you don’t come across them too often :/.

Hehe true, it would be funny to be in the camra room and they see you they’d be like, umm ok… lol.

Hmm on second thought I’ll make it sub-domain hosting :).

Awww :( /wah ♥ 😢 I hope you get better!

I have a badddddddd immune system :S. Or not, I don’t know. I hate any thing medicine. I do not take pain medicine or antibiotics. When I got my tonsils out I poured the antibiotics down the drain! And nothign happened to me :P.

Awwws Take a day off from work :(.

I got rid of my nightlight not because it was un cool but it was too bright, I have one in my bathroom so it’s a little bit brighter. Im a bit afraid of the dark myself. :)

I never make my bed, it’s kinda a bad habit /bash

Hmm speaking of dentist I wonder when my next appointment is. :S

Ughhh I know that feeling, I have a bad stomache it always hurt me when i dont want it too, and I get gas pains since my matabolism is too fast and i eat really fast so my food doesnt get cold. What? its a bat habit :(.

I really want my own laptop so no one can look at my stuff :P.

Awww :(. Sometimes I get really mad at people trying to help me with homework :P.

Awwwwww Georgine :( :( I really hope you feel better, it sounds like you had a bad day, have a better one kk? *hugs*

Oh Georgie Sweetie ‘ c’mere hun *Warm Hugz & Kissez*

I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well hun…that is awful!!!! You should get as much rest as possible and drink plenty of fluids…herbal tea is excellent for sore throats…

As for ya brother – I woulda bit his head off if I was in ya position but that is more of my style and clearly you care bout your brother whereas me and my relationship with my brother I woulda ripped him a new one…

But am I feel for you more cause you are not feeling well..that is horrible hun

Get some rest sweetie and feel better soon – get back to ya ole TAKE NO BULLSHIT self…*smilez warmly @ Georgie*

Wish I could do something to make you feel better or email you some warm chicken soup with some magazines and whatnot…

Take Care Sweetie & Feel Betta! *Warm Hugz & Kissez*

I don’t have a nightlight anymore, but I don’t sleep without the TV on… sometimes I get a little scared of the dark, but for the most part it’s because when I get up, either 1) I don’t know where I am (since I stay at three different houses all the time) or 2) can’t find my way to the door when I get up to pee or check my blood sugar (speaking of which, I should probably do that now. But I’ll wait until after this comment).

…It seems like being sick is making you moody, perhaps. Ah, that’s how I get, too. Gordon might be sick, too, which is odd because he, too, “never” gets sick. I got sick all the time when I first got with him, and I do blame him for that… but I don’t get sick too much now. Sometimes I even don’t get sick when he does, which is a new one on me. :O Last year, though, when I kept getting those sties, we were passing them back and forth… it was kind of gross.

Feel better soon. :) *sends chicken noodle soup*

Grr, I do have a low blood sugar right now. XP (I just checked it, obviously.) I’m nearly out of glucose tablets (which I use for school, especially since I don’t have any money on me right now to buy a soda, although it’s hard when I do that anyway because I can’t guess half a cup of soda when it’s from a bottle) and Gordon’s family is nearly out of the only sugary drink they have, which is apple juice, which I don’t like to look at because it tends to remind me of pee. -_-

Awww :) hope you get well soon! I hate being sick, people always tell me that too, that I have a good immune system. I rarely get sick but when I do it’s horrible!

I had a nightlight til I was 20! :) Not until I moved in with my man that I stopped using it, because he was a very security blanket.

Aw, hope you get well soon! I rarely get sick too. It really sucks to be sick :( We can’t do everything we want to do. Sleeping all day long is sooo boring. Lucky you can use your laptop still :P If I was sick, my parent’s wouldn’t allow me to use my comp/laptop for one whole day or until I get well /ehh Ugh.

Wooo I have a nightlight too :P *high five* Darkness is so scary @_@ I’m afraid I would see something ‘unusual’ in the dark (you know what it is) XD

I hate having a sore throat /angry I’ve ever had a REALLY sore throat and woot, my voice sounded like men’s voice @_@ I couldn’t even go to school that time because I had a fever too, so my friend went to my house to give me some notes. Haha he laughed at me when he heard my voice O_O embarrassing!

Ugh brothers are such a pain sometimes :( I also hate my brother when he bothered me much. I’ve ever been in a printer incident too, but it was kinda different. I was doing an assignment in my computer and he told me to go away because he wanted to print out his assignment. I was like, what?! I was doing my assignment and he told me to go away because of something which could be done later. Gah.

I gave up converting every single thing to WordPress because they did the weird spacing things in between the headers and messed a lot of stuff up xD

Oh psh, I don’t think your stuff is crap. Do you still have the link to your dA by any chance? :P

MSN names are so pointless…I mean like fighting over it, seriously! :P

Thanks xD I procrastinated waaay too much this year. Now I’m going to practise everyday (Y)

YES! When do you guys finish uni?

The black splotches are actually the background flipped and rotated :P I’m so lazy xD

Woah!! You play drums, guitar AND piano? That’s awesome!! I have a guitar at home and I don’t touch it…I’m planning to learn (Y)

LOL. Chrome is good :D

Meh I guess, but it just feels slightly freakish. xD

I want to try today but people would just be like, WTF…crazy person here /ehh

:O I hope you get better !! I’m rarely sick and when I do, its just a cold. Lets hope it clears up soon…being sick sucks. You feel so lazy and un-bothered with everything!

I don’t have a brother so I wouldn’t know but gee, that sucks. My aunty is like that, she always needs people to put down food for her and its so annoying because all she does is eat, sleep, watch tv and work. So frustrating. Sometimes my friend is a bit like over perfecting, if we get one thing wrong we have to restart and ahhh waste of time. O_O

He does (:
And yep, it better work! Being sick is never good.
Wow, when I don’t slack commenting everyone, the comments are shorter :P Lol

See I’m lazy and wake up 10 minutes before I get on the bus to uni, and get there 10 minutes before I have to be in so I don’t have time to get Mcdonalds breakfast… it does upset me. /wah ha.
Plus I’m usually up to late to get it anyway. They should really serve it all day, just for us. xD haha!

Aaw thanks. I always say to people, ‘why do you care what people think of you?’ No one can ever give me an answer, yet they all strive to be stick thin and wear whatever clothes are in the media at the minute.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to look like a complete tramp, but I wear what I want to wear, not what I’m told to, and I’m quite happy to stay at my weight. I’m healthy, therefore I’ll live. :)

Yeah, I hate public transport. A couple of my days at uni are in different places to the others, so I have to get two buses to get there, it’s a right pain. If I drive it takes half an hour (ish) to get there, yet on these two buses it takes over an hour. That’s without traffic so I hate to think what it’d be like if that particular bus route was jammed up. O_O

😏 – I really like this face! haha!

There will be pictures, lots of pictures, pictures galore! :D Yeah, I was expecting it to be that long, wow it’s such a long time! thats like how long it would take me to get to Australia! I just couldn’t do it! Yeah I get what you mean, the earth is rotating one way and the flight would be going against that direction making it harder and a slower flight, that makes alot of sense! I always just thought it was the distance but I bet it’s both. We are lucky, well, we are not what you would call rich, I bet your imagining some big posh/rich english family? We aren’t that, lol it’s just that my mum is very good with money and we saved up the money we would have spent each year if we did go on holiday the past 2 years. We have also had to cut back, this christmas we don’t get as many gifts and next christmas we don’t get any as all the christmas money will be going towards the trip. I don’t care though because it’s worth it! As I always say you can’t take with you possessions and material things but you take your memories and experiences! Thats a shame your family aren’t big on travel, but as you say theres a whole world out there for you to experience in the future when your old enough. Aww, sure I understand! Ugh, that sounds confusing for you, so jet lag is kind of like your ‘body clock’ gets all mixed up? you don’t sleep when your suppost to because of time difference and such? Oh yeah definitely! Dean especially,mmm! Ah I see, it does’nt sound normal but it must have been for them in the past, I’m really glad my favourite won, I’m abit annoyed really and sad for him though because whilst in the jungle because they were so hungry as they didn’t have any food to eat, he cooked a wild rat they found in the camp (he’s a cheif) and now the Austrailian government want him as it is supposed to be against the animal rights or something and he might be going to prison for 3 years! I think it’s rediculous as in the actual show they eat all sorts of live criters, but the rat, they get in trouble for. I don’t agree with eating animals anyway but it’s survival and the food chain. But 3 years in jail is just pathetic really, I hope he doesn’t have to go to jail, he has 2 young boys, it’s unfair. Yeah it is very immature, especially when it puts others into trouble like that. Oh yeah I love that song, haha! I’m big on 80’s music :o Haha, I never knew it was that, lmao! I actually thought it was like making someone roll or tripping them up haha, silly me! Well now I know I may just have to rickroll someone :D haha! Sorry your sick :( I hate being sick, I’m sick too now my stomach kills :'( it must be winter, I know our ‘immune systems’ are suppost to be weak now, hope you feel better soon & don’t worry about not replying fast, just focus on getting better!


Haha it’s hard to believe that we’ve known each other only online ’cause I feel like I’ve known you years! lmao! Haha yeah they all black but i got a smexy white case to protect it /love OHMDAYS! Ant and I are amazingly well except stupid idiots questioning me saying how can I love him because his not my “usual type” /bash /argh /angry People are ass wipes!! :( Reverting from swearing on your comment box :3 haha! Eeep! I miss my boy his playing his game and I want to talk to him but I feel like an idiot because I’m like Urm.. or a babbling idiot lmao but be love /wave

I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well. I’m always getting sick, I have a terrible immune system. When ever someone within a couple of feet of me is sick I tend to catch what ever they have, but probably ten time worse. I think bad immune systems run in my family, my aunt and cousin are the same way. Every holiday one or more of us is sick. I hope you feel better! ♥

Hahaa yeah I recognise that behaviour in my own brother! Lol. You’re welcome!

Aw, I’m so sorry that you are sick, Georgina! :'( I hope that you get better soon. Personally I like being sick, I have no idea why, but I do, haha, but it sucks when people are sick that don’t like being sick.

Haha, I wish I were like you, not wanting to leave before your bed is made. Honestly, this is really bad but… I don’t even know how to make my bed! My mom does it for me. I’m 13 years old and I know I should know how but I’ve tried before and I find it hard! But one day I will learn.. .hopefully…. :P
Get some rest in that well made bed of yours and hopefully in a few days you will be feeling 100 percent again! :) <3

Wow, I would of been pretty pissed too. That's so… ugh.

Have a great day and feel better soon! :)


Exactly, well my cat was okayish. Like she was losing weight awful fast and my stepmom and dad thought it was the new diet food. (She was a really fat cat) Then she wouldn’t eat and ahh, it was so confusing. It was just too fast.

Yeah, that’s what my stepmom said since the cat was so old, it’s insane she lived that long. And tons of the neighborhood kids knew her from when they were a lot younger and stuff. So it was nice to know she was remembered.

But Apple? It’s so odd. Makes an excellent logo picture, but still… so odd…

It was a lot… insane huh?

Yeah, they like drill and you think it’d hurt like hell. Since there are nerves inside your tooth, (right?) but apparently it doesn’t hurt.
Lol, what a coincidence! /bounce

Oh, that’s just odd. Did you find out who it was?

He won’t, he probably met way more creepier people then you. :P

Haha, I suppose I do. I don’t even know the difference between a reindeer and a deer so we’re on the same page there.

Really? That sounds pretty cool actually, I should download it. It has tabs right?

I know, back in the olden times, people carried heavy BUCKETS of water. Our world has become so lazy.

True, but still. You’d think the parents would TRY to discipline the kids.
Haha, very. Their parenting skills are shit. /poo

Awww man, that sucks. Being sick is like just an added layer of stress. Like you are achey and get a runny nose. And god, it’s like going through hell and back sometimes.
Take lots of cough drops. They clear your nose and makes your throat feel semi better. Doesn’t offer relief like it says on the label (False advertising, right there) but it does make you feel a little better.

Your brother sounds like an ass. Your sick and he’s bugging you about the printer. God, sometimes I think siblings can be more considerate. *Cough* Stepsister *Cough*

Good luck with work, :)

Thank you! I think I have a disorder; I can never make up my mind! I think it’s kind of bad I took it down until after the holidays but everyone has them pretty much and I wanted to be different. The layout features all of my favorite colors so it is more, me :D

Pretty much everyone has, unless you live under a rock or something ;) I don’t remember the 2000 thing to be honest. I was young then but I have heard things from my teacher about it. I know, I wonder if people just spend all their time thinking of a day and then finding worthless facts to back it up. Losers; no one is sure. I can’t wait until that day so I can laugh haha.

I liked it. It was scary though. It is probably going on my list of favorite movies. In the top ten at least :P

It’s amazing how the world works. It’s summer over there;winter here. I mean, when you think of it it is really amazing. My teacher put it this way:

We are just a city, in a state, in a country, on a continent, on the earth, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a universe. My science teacher said our galaxy was 200 lightyears long and it would take light 200 years to get there, and light can go 2000 miles 93,000 times in one second. Un-be-lievable

Seriously? You learn something new every day (;

I know it is. I will not talk when other people are being quiet. Most of the times my friends say some pretty…interesting things.. haha

Yes they are. My brothers are very weird sometimes..all the time actually. I bet they would say the same thing about me though!

I’m really sorry about you being sick. I rarely ever get sick as well. I have a stuffy nose and a bit of a sore throat but nothing too severe.
I sleep in a funny position as well. My feet crack when I get up and walk on them in the morning. D:

I hate stomach aches. I used to get them all the time when I was younger. I mean all the time.

That is one of my pet peeves; when someone asks you to do something and then complains about it. They should either do it themselves, or in your brothers case, learn. Once, for a group project, my group was behind so I said I would write another paper on top of the one I was assigned by my group to do. Then the guy (Who isn’t very nice in the first place) Started complaining about it. He wasn’t even done with his part of the project! /hmph

I tend to be lazy at times but I always get my food. I admit, sometimes I will ask my mom to get it for me but I would never eat something cold. Especially for dinner. Some people are lazy beyond belief. Someone in my family (Not sure who..) Will empty out a container and put it right back in the cabinet or refrigerator. /angry

awww. At least you can type and “talk” to us :D XD

Hahah yeah, I think that’s what happens. But that would be nasty if they really did that. I would think it would go against some sort of violation! XD

Hahah ! We were all young and naive LOL! We all have to learn! We go in baby steps ;D

Ahhh that’s so cool! Percussion is awesome! They make the a music piece amazing! XD. Our percussion is awesome, when they know their music XD Awww. It died away ? /wah

LOL ! Yeah, it did, but the band was ahead, but it wasnt that noticeable, but omg on our last piece,they totally ruined it -____- XD

Haha, yeah! I hate flipping through the dictionary! I had to flip through an italian dictionary to find the meanings and, god it hurt my eyes XDD. The book fits in the palm of you hand and the font is so small! D:

LOL! Isn’t it like summer in Australia? Or is it just hot all year round? XD sorry for my stupidity !

Haha :D

Hey! Hopefully you still remember me(: I’m not back but I just felt like dropping by and commenting cause I miss it :(

I hate being sick :( I know how you feel about the immune system thing. That’s what I thought too and then now all I do in between tests is get sick. XD

I have the same reaction you had with your brother when I’m stressed and tired, too ): I have no idea why but it’s weird how under stress people are really easily agitated even though they’re still worried and stuff.

Anyhow I hope you feel/felt better(:! That feeling after recovering from the flu or anything is sooo good.

Haha, I’ll put everything in one comment. I love huge comments!!

Oh yeah, I forgot! It’s summer down there! That’s so cool, and really awesome that Christmas is in the summer. Ha, I actually might have no school tomorrow because it might snow…starting now.

I know, it’s like Monk is my life. lol. Yea, it must’ve been a good show. At least, but at the end of the last episode, it showed flashbacks and that’s the part where I cried. lol. I’m really emotional.

Haha, I hate suprises. Usually it turns out to be not that great. Aw, thanks!

Oh, that’s a great idea! Thanks so much!

Replying to your other comment (lol):

Oh, I feel bad for you. I love the heat more than the cold, but I rather live in cold weather than heat. Confusing :P.

*still drooling*, haha, me too.

Wow! I would never do that. That’s like…beyond rude!! :( lol. I’m running out of words. I know one person who hacked someone, and took like 5 layouts and edited the CSS.

Haha, have fun. I have digital, so I have a million recordings and 900 channels. lol. I only watch like 2.

Haha, yepp! My last year of high school….can’t wait for college.

Oh, never mind. I thought the children were 2-6 years. I would love to take your job, lol.

I tried Firefox, but it was to slow for me. I guess that was just my computer.


I really hope you feel better! It must be like a fever or something. That’s good that you make your bed every morning, because I don’t. Maybe after a week of sleeping in it. lol.

I don’t have any syblings, but I feel bad for you. That would be really annoying if I were you.

Again, try to not be stressed, and I really, really, really hope you feel better Georgie!!

I just got over my cold.
Peppermint tea will relieve the sniffles for a few minutes and you get more water in your system. Echinacea tea relives all the symptoms. Just a tip. :)

I hope you get better soon and that your brother will get a life. :) I’m glad you can still move around.

You don’t get snow do you? I didn’t want to go outside when I had a cold it was freezing out there and it wouldn’t help a bit.