Love In An Elevator

My Firefox is lagging because I decided to try this stupid browser test program to see what browser is best for my PC. Something like that. James gave me the link so I decided to try it out. I regret doing it now because when I type these sentences I can see such lag.

Oh, it’s done. If you want you can see the site here. It looks into your system and browser, and tells you which browser is best for your system. Apparently Google Chrome is the one that’s best for mine… I have Opera, Safari, Firefox – everything but Chrome.

I’m loving Safari at the moment; it’s so pretty. I even made a fanlisting for it (approved at TFL!). What browsers do you use? ☺️

So recently, my new job has been great. I guess I’ve talked about it so many times. Basically I work in an office and we’re working on this interactive software – a maths program for kids.

The office is on the third level of a building. The third and uppermost level. It seems that the top levels have problems with the air conditioner breaking, as it has a few times.

There aren’t any stairs apart from the fire exit, which is not supposed to be used except in an emergency and if there is a fire.

So I have to take the lift or elevator.

They amuse me and also annoy me.

The elevators and lifts in stores are much the same. You get in, and the annoying part is when you have to wait for all the other people to file in. People with prams and trolleys, strollers and shopping carts. I usually find it annoying because there is always this one idiot who tries to enter the elevator when the elevator is clearly already full.

Elevators are usually large but it is really pathetic when someone tries to squeeze in when there is obviously no more room. Usually they are the jerks with their shopping carts, filled with barely anything. You wonder why they have one in the first place. Lazy shits.

If you only have two bags of shopping, carry them. Don’t put them in a cart and walk around pushing it when you can easily carry those two bags with your bare hands.

Often there are those people who come running by the elevator as the doors close. And they do something stupid, like try and squish in. Or they start shouting at the people inside to please hold the door open.

If you miss the elevator, don’t get all angry about it. Sometimes I’m not in the elevator but I am on the other side, and I see someone desperately running towards the elevator, which closes on them, and you can see them getting frustrated and angry because they have to wait another round.

Similarly, when I go to work, I get annoyed at people who want to get in the lift just as the doors close. I think, great, finally, the doors close and then someone comes running towards the lift.

So pretty much, when I am just about to head off my way, someone just comes along. And then I have to wait for the doors to close again. 😐

It also annoys me when children press all the buttons and the elevator… stops… at… every… freaking… level… 😡

I remember watching something on television where this girl said if you were stuck in an elevator with only one other person, who you had a crush on, the doors would close and you would snog and “molest” each other until the doors opened again on another level. Hahha. Amusing.

James and I kissed in an elevator once when no one else was in there. 😛

Try Googling things to do in an elevator. It’s pretty hilarious.

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