Love In An Elevator

My Firefox is lagging because I decided to try this stupid browser test program to see what browser is best for my PC. Something like that. James gave me the link so I decided to try it out. I regret doing it now because when I type these sentences I can see such lag.

Oh, it’s done. If you want you can see the site here. It looks into your system and browser, and tells you which browser is best for your system. Apparently Google Chrome is the one that’s best for mine… I have Opera, Safari, Firefox – everything but Chrome.

I’m loving Safari at the moment; it’s so pretty. I even made a fanlisting for it (approved at TFL!). What browsers do you use? /eee

So recently, my new job has been great. I guess I’ve talked about it so many times. Basically I work in an office and we’re working on this interactive software – a maths program for kids.

The office is on the third level of a building. The third and uppermost level. It seems that the top levels have problems with the air conditioner breaking, as it has a few times.

There aren’t any stairs apart from the fire exit, which is not supposed to be used except in an emergency and if there is a fire.

So I have to take the lift or elevator.

They amuse me and also annoy me.

The elevators and lifts in stores are much the same. You get in, and the annoying part is when you have to wait for all the other people to file in. People with prams and trolleys, strollers and shopping carts. I usually find it annoying because there is always this one idiot who tries to enter the elevator when the elevator is clearly already full.

Elevators are usually large but it is really pathetic when someone tries to squeeze in when there is obviously no more room. Usually they are the jerks with their shopping carts, filled with barely anything. You wonder why they have one in the first place. Lazy shits.

If you only have two bags of shopping, carry them. Don’t put them in a cart and walk around pushing it when you can easily carry those two bags with your bare hands.

Often there are those people who come running by the elevator as the doors close. And they do something stupid, like try and squish in. Or they start shouting at the people inside to please hold the door open.

If you miss the elevator, don’t get all angry about it. Sometimes I’m not in the elevator but I am on the other side, and I see someone desperately running towards the elevator, which closes on them, and you can see them getting frustrated and angry because they have to wait another round.

Similarly, when I go to work, I get annoyed at people who want to get in the lift just as the doors close. I think, great, finally, the doors close and then someone comes running towards the lift.

So pretty much, when I am just about to head off my way, someone just comes along. And then I have to wait for the doors to close again. /hmph

It also annoys me when children press all the buttons and the elevator… stops… at… every… freaking… level… /angry

I remember watching something on television where this girl said if you were stuck in an elevator with only one other person, who you had a crush on, the doors would close and you would snog and “molest” each other until the doors opened again on another level. Hahha. Amusing.

James and I kissed in an elevator once when no one else was in there. :P

Try Googling things to do in an elevator. It’s pretty hilarious.

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I understand your frustrations with elevators!! Last week I was minding my own business standing in the corner and this woman came in with like 58 bags, a trolley and an annoyingly drooling baby. SHE bumped me, yet she gave this ugly glance to my direction and proceeded in telling the lady alongside her how people have no manners whatsoever.
I wish I could have strangled her with my earphones!!!

I googled it :p
“Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off.” – lmao! I want to try that one!!!

“Ask each passenger getting on if you can push the button for them.” – I did that one!!!

Hey cool. That site sounds pretty…awesome. Except for the lagging. Which is the sole reason I do not want to try it right now. Hahaha! My computer/internet is already lagging. I don’t want to make it worse. D:


Yeah, that’s funny! I can’t believe it chose the only one you don’t have! xD

I only use Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. IE because that’s the default one for this computer, and Mozilla Firefox ccos it was the only other one I had heard of. Took me so long to bother to d/l it.

Hahaha! YAY! =D You must really, REALLY like your new job. Hahaha :P It’s not so new anymore either :P But yay! That sounds so cool what you’re making.

The aircon problem is not cool though…:( I hope it doesn’t die all through summer…D:


What is the point in making yourself and an elevator full of other people uncomfortable just because you cannot be patient. /angry Stupid inconsiderate people.

And omg! PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GET IN LAST MINUTE! That’s also annoying! Like you’d hold elevator doors if you were waiting for an old person who had been waiting for a while at the entrance, but when people come running just to catch this one. It’s lame. And irritating. /angry Half the time they don’t even say thank you.

Getting bad tempered cos you have to wait another minute or two is also very lame. *HMPH*.

Inconsiderate people. That’s like those people who just HAVE to squish on bus seats even though there is NO ROOM! /pow

HAHAHA! THAT’S FUNNY! Snogging in an elevator if you get stuck with the person you like. LOL! That reminds me of something in The Matrix Reloaded. Neo and Trinity were full making out and then the elevator stopped and everyone standing outside was staring, and they were like: Oh =S

Haha it was interesting, and I just thought… what the heck, I’ll check it out. It caused a great deal of lag. D:

But after it finished it went back to normal speed. All it does is looks at your computer details. It’s still funny though.

You were beaten but no worries, first comment isn’t everything! And you’ve beaten a lot of other people before, like when we schemed with my new blogs when I posted a new layout. :P

I’ve been sort of meaning to get Google Chrome, but all these other browsers are good too (save IE… stupid ugly thing). I’m sure I’ll download it one day. :D

Haha I’m glad you downloaded it in the end! It was worth it, and with the Echofon (previously Twitterfox… LOL) addon. I use a lot more addons but that’s because I’m a nerd… :P

I guess not, seeing as I’ve had the job for about a month or so! I still like to call it the newer one as opposed to my other job which I’ve nearly had for two years. Wow.

Ugh I hope not either! It seems to die when it’s the hottest. O_O

Haha some people underestimate their size, I guess, and just are in a desperate situation to go to the next level. They could easily take the stairs though! It’s usually the businessmen in a big rush talking on their mobile phones who wave their hand to tell someone to hold up the darn lift/elevator.

I think most people say “thank you” when someone holds open the lift, but if not, gee…

It’s really annoying. Like the doors just close and someone starts running towards it. You think they won’t make it in time, but the doors fucking open again… that really pisses me off. Also because when I press the button to close the lift, it’s so slow.

Ugh that’s even worse… but I’ll save that for another blog. I swear, elevators are the new form of public transport with annoying people now. XD

LMAO! I have seen that movie but I don’t remember that bit… maybe because I didn’t like the movie. /um

eek! Firefox strikes again. I had problem with FF as well yesterday. It wouldn’t load up my site.

Google Chrome seems to be a good browser but I haven’t explored all of its feature. I tried downloading Safari once but it took so much time and I never get to finish the download. Maybe next time.

I used to fear elevators so much that I was willing to go up the stairs of 5-stories high building rather than taking the elevator because of one incident where my mom, my aunt and myself were trapped in an elevator for about a minute. It took me years before I could overcome the fear.

Yeah there are people who just push their way into the elevator when it is obvious that there’s no more room. Some people are just waaaay too inconsiderate.

Yes, I get annoyed too when the elevator stops at every level because some children (or idiotic teenagers) pressing the buttons. Especially when you’re in a rush to get to a certain place. Sometimes you feel that it might’ve been a better idea to use the stairs. *sigh*

Kissing in the elevator eh? My boyfriend and I still do that. ;)

Thank you so much for the acceptance! Your email made my day. :)

Google Chrome is also awesome, but I’ve only ever used it once or twice. As for Safari, I’ve never used it. But my aunt had a Mac so obviously her browser is Safari but I never used her laptop.

Haha. Wow, you must love Safari. I’ve never known anyone who makes a fansite for their beloved browser. And it’s approved by TFL? Cool. :P

Yeah, I’ve noticed you’ve been blogging about your job being great and all those stuff. It’s nice that you love your job. Others hate theirs.

Ugh, yeah. They are SO annoying. Usually the people who are assigned to click the elevator buttons open the doors for the ones who are almost shut out. Which is annoying. I mean, sure it is their job to press buttons but they already know it’s full, don’t they?

Fast -forwarding, haha. I used to love clicking the buttons on the elevator. We (my brothers and I) loved doing that. Then after pressing the button, we run away. Sometimes mom and dad thinks this is bad, sometimes they think it’s funny. When the doors open the “elevator button pressers” will look around and then they see no one’s there to they get a frustrated angry look. Priceless. :P

Molest? Hahaha. I don’t know if I should say kissing inside elevators with your boyfriend is romantic, since I’m too young to have a boyfriend. ( 🤫 ) But oh well, how romantic! LOL :P

By the ways, I never knew the difference between an elevator and a lift. I’ve never been in a lift before. Is like an escalator? Maybe I HAVE been in a lift before but I just didn’t know it was a lift….

I’ve read the “things to do in an elevator.” Yes, they WERE funny. 👏

Ooh my all-time favorite browser is Firefox :P Well maybe it’s because Firefox is my one and only browser, lol :P I have IE though, but I think Firefox is much better. I used to have Safari in my laptop but my brother uninstalled it O_O

Glad to know your job runs smoothly :D Oh I love all kid-related jobs! I love kids :) They’re so cute and curious about everything, lol, and sometimes I get confused with their questions XD

lol I also prefer stairs than elevators. Same reason, it’s because of those people who force themselves to get in the elevator even though it’s full. Trolleys suck as well :( They occupy too much space O_O

I’m kinda afraid in using escalators though, because there has been two accidents in escalators recently and the other accidents have ever happened several times before. Recently there were two people died because they jumped down from the 5th floor escalator to the ground floor O_O I don’t know if it was an accident or they did it on purpose. I pity them actually :(

Whooopss yeah I also want to go to America and European countries! :D They seem so cool! Um, I have never touched snow, to be honest, so I’d like to visit those countries during winter :P Haha I want to try making snowmen and snowballs (H)

Haha, I also hate those salespeople who promote their products by phone. My mom and maid have ever experienced something funny with those salespeople. I’ve written it in my previous blog posts, lol, and almost everyone laughs at it :P My mom and maid got mad at a salesperson because he was rather rude, then they told him not to make any calls again.

I love Safari, too! The only browser I don’t have is Opera which reminds me I should download it later. Haha.

Stairs, I believe, should be everywhere just in case somebody isn’t comfortable in riding one. I feel for you. Some people who are sometimes in a rush tend to act that way, I mean forcing themselves to get inside the lift when in fact it’s already full. Don’t they know it can cause the elevator to malfunction? Err.

I don’t want to know what are those things that can be done inside a life because I have something in mind and I’m afraid they’re kind of shocking! Haha.

Haha as much as I love FF, it can get so annoying. Sometimes it will stop responding and I exit out. Later, I will attempt to open it again and it will tell me that FF is open but not responding and it’s not even open for me to close it. I end up either restarting my laptop or just using Chrome. Ugh. So annoying. -.-

LOL. Elevators are pretty annoying at times. I have never had a child press every button on the elevator. I am always afraid if I am too slow to get on the elevator the doors will crush me. XD

Me too! :)

I never get much emails except spam, so I don’t worry about emails. XD Comments are normally a fair amount. For me though 15 comments is a lot of return. >.<

Same haha. I love the computer, but sometimes it's just nice to get out. ;)

Hahah you're excused. XD I hate people that do that. People that are just unfair when it comet to games or bumper cars. D: Horrible!

Thanks! I did. :D

It's so weird to think of it in the summer! :O I normally associate Christmas with winter. XD I guess your hopes of a white Christmas are never there. XD It never snows here anyways and if it does it happens in February or something…

I am sooo not proper on MSN. XD Well sometimes I am but sometimes I just use text talk. XD I am so lazy lol.

LOL. I know! :P

It is kind of weird because like Canada has their Thanksgiving in September. o.o Weird!

I don't know if she will ever delete it or ask Kya too. Kya might just delete it. :O Oh well she comes on Twitter sometimes (like you know, twice a month) :P

Stupid liar. I just ugh. It's bull! D:

Haha I was born in the 90s. :P The first house I live in was built in the 90s since my parents hired workers to build it special for us. XD

Yeah, we have to go different places. :P

Haha yeah. I remember the days when I had stupid Tagboard. Oh my gosh, people hacked all the time. I just ignored them :D Blah. Spam.

LOL ! Haha awesome ! I can’t wait till its up ! :D

Haha yeah! Yesterday my teacher was telling us how we should love our siblings since my friend says her sister is the devil. XD! When I was little, I use to like not hate, but like we’d get into fights like everyday. We really have matured and grown to love each other even more :D

Hahah yup, and who doesn’t love a great bargain ? LOL

Haha, Target is like the place to get anything here. We spent like $300 there and we bought like all our little cousins christmas gifts, we got movies, and we bought food! Ha, they need an amazing Target over there!

Hahaha yup!

/bash LOL! Aww! 22 hours on a plane. God. I’d die! I’d probably go crazy on the plane. XD. For some reason, when I’m on planes, I cant fall alseep like for long periods. When I go on trains or car rides, I can sleep for like the whole time. When I go on planes, I only sleep for like an hour most at a time. It makes the whole trip seem longer!

Hah I use Chrome since like I got a new laptop in September and it came with Chrome and I was too lazy to get anything else XD. Eh, it works okay. The only problem is like certain plugin stuff can’t be installed with Chrome. BLAH so I have to use IE which sucks.

Ahh I love the elevators at my moms work. It is so smooth and super fast. It is huge, and there arent that many people there so we don’t have to squish! Me and my sister use to jump in the elevators when we were little LOL! It feels cool too XD

That website seems pretty cool, I’m to scared to try it in case it messes my laptop up or something hahaha. Wow, Google Chrome? I don’t really like that, I have tried it before though.

I really like Safari as well, but I prefer Firefox!! Safari is so pretty and sleek! That’s cool you got approved to make a fanlisting for it. :P I mainly use Firefox but I also have Safari, Opera and IE (EW).

I’m glad your new job is going great and you’re enjoying it.

Oh I hate elevators, they scare me so much mainly because I got stuck in one at the cinema hahaha. I hate it when people think they can fit in when it’s clearly already full.

There are always dumb people who have like 1 or 2 bags of shopping and insist in using a trolley; use your hands. :|

I find it funny when people get angry that they’ve missed the elevator; it’s not the end of the world, it’s going to come back down again. :|

I used to push all the buttons hahaha. When I was getting off, I’d push every single button and run lol. Oh it was amusing. Though, I’d hate it someone did that to me now. :P

Rob and I have also kissed in an elevator, yay.

Haha I remember you commenting me whilst you were at work, tut tut. :P I was so behind with comments, I had 16 waiting for me Thursday morning. I was rushing to get to work because I woke up late but I still managed to get on to close them haha.

I never knew it was that expensive to use the Internet on your iPhone. I was going to get one but now I’m not so sure. =/

Yeah, I work in an office type thing, kind of…. well not really LOL. Well, the part I work in to do booking in is in the warehouse but I can also do document preparation so I go in there sometimes and that’s an office area. But yeah it’s different scenery, different people and all that.

Oh my town isn’t adjusted for the snow either. In fact the whole country isn’t. When we had that 8 inches of snow, it fucked everyone up haha because we weren’t prepared for it. Though literally everyone took the day off of work and school to play in the snow. :P

LOL, I love my Sasha. :3 She talks to us, it’s amusing. I must record her.

I want to live in Australia because of the warm climate. Though, I do prefer the cold haha.

LOL. I always think you guys find it weird having Christmas in Summer but you’ve grown up with it like that so I guess you’re used to it. :P

Yeah, I rarely used celebrity images in my layouts, well I sort of did but didn’t. Most of my layouts were “simple layouts”. I only used them in tutorials and for things like PSP Scripts lol.

I mean, I’ve always said to people “celebrity images are illegal unless you get permission from the photographer”, so I don’t see a problem with using them unless you have permission. I just prefer not to use them.

I know Zac Efron is a douche.

That “stupid cunt” thing has been cleared up but seriously they should have read your blog properly. I don’t see why you can’t use them because we know you credit appropriately.

Yeah maybe people will use them with credit, heh.

I know, it’s so cute. My neighbours baby who has type 1 diabetes HATES being carried now haha. He’s nearly two and he proper throws a tantrum if his mum doesn’t let him walk outside lol.

Hehe, my names for my future kids change all the time. I really like the name Harrison at the moment lmao.

Yeah, this person pisses me off so much. They used my date codes for their last layout and even though they credited me, why can’t they think of their own ideas?! Of course I didn’t invent it but barely anyone was using it before I did.

LOL that pisses me off too. Why plug a blog from YESTERDAY?! I’ve seen people doing “NEW BLOG FROM 5 DAYS AGO” I mean wtf?

It also annoys me when people say “EW I HATE MY LAYOUT [URL HERE]” just so people visit and they get hits, pathetic.

Sheesh kebabs?! LOL.

Yeah exactly. If your blog isn’t something I can relate to then I won’t comment, so go fuck yourself. No one HAS to comment your blog.

Oh that happens to me sometimes. If I leave comments for a few days, return them all and blog I get loads. It’s OK though, as long as I can keep up hahaha.

Awww that’s so cute though. Ben seems like a lovely guy who really cares what people think. ;’)

Haha I know same here, but for some reason I just NEVER get bored of Breaking Benjamin, yum yum.

Yeah that’s so true. I don’t get hate comments as much anymore, I used to get loads on Piczo haha.

Yeah Dayna comments me now and again so obviously I reply. :) I love how easy her blogs are to comment on too. :)

OMG I HATE THAT! Why would you enter a domain competition when you have 5473845834 and can obviously buy your own? It’s stupid.

Haha yes, typography at a VERY basic level. :P I thought they were cute though. ;)

I’ve read Rachel’s blog, yes. I agree with her 100%.

LOL, I love it when boys voices haven’t broke yet, they sound so cute. :P I get confused with my mum. I even did when I was 11, my nan from my dads side phoned and started having a right go at me thinking I was my mum, mean.

Oh… LOL. Well my friend said she has two Christmas’ LOL. I don’t know what part she lives in, can’t remember.

Awww you’d make a fanlisting for me?! That’s so sweet. ;’) I remember you saying on Twitter you thought people would feel left out, but to be honest it’s your choice. Some people would be pathetic about it, but very few. I noticed I was on your sidebar, HI. I’m gunna have my friends on my sidebar on my next layout. I wanna use the blogroll widget haha.

OOO, it’s cold for you? It’s been pretty freezing here, about 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. I WANT SNOW THOUGH.

Yeah my step dad wants to teach me to drive but he’s always at work.

Oh that’s what nostalgia means LOL. Oh I’m not very smart.

Blah. I was looking at my StatPress and someone used IE 5 to view my site, I feel for them, IE 5 fails.

Yeah when I email them they put the link up but dude if you say you’ve linked me, then link me. :| I check as soon as I get an application too.

Haha wow, you’re lucky you wake up before your stop. I’d miss it and end up very far away haha.

Yay, glad someone uses me tutorials LOL. I like making them for beginners.

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO! That sounded SO wrong!! But yes, Rob and I do the same hahahahaha. I’ll say no more.

I have made my own pizza, at school and it failed. We made it using toast as a base. o_O

Jack is rather weird and rude. I don’t know why but he’s very…. strange.

I don’t even used up 1GB of my iPod LOL. I do have 50 Breaking Benjamin songs though.

Lmao really? A noiseless vacuum would be amazing, you should invent one seriously. My mum woke me up at 9:30 this morning with the vacuum.

Awww that’s so cute! I really do hope you guys stay together and get married. I’m invited, yes? :)

I know, he’s a knob. He buys his kids fuck all.

Oh I know, I was nearly late the first day I went back in May and I was sweating from running, yuck. I don’t mind waiting in the Summer but in the Winter it’s cold and yuck. :(

I wouldn’t get on a train at night anyway hahaha. But yeah, you have to watch out for things like that walking in the streets here, even in daylight. Sucks.

I also bought by the way. :P I wanted my hostees to have a choice hahaha. I’ve credited you though, of course.

Wow, I fail at blogging always have done. I wish I could blog without returning comments sometimes it would be much easier but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I know right, I do check my comments quicker than emails but still, I’d prefer you to ask me in a more appropriate way.

Yes, nobody leaves me comment as big as you hahahaha. Swetlana probably comes the closest. :P

LOL don’t laugh at my name!! :P Yeah Ann/Anne is really popular here too for a middle name. So is Louise. James is probably the most common middle name for guys here. Though, Rob’s is Phillip haha. xD

This comment has taken me a very long time. 25 minutes so far I think? I’m hungry though…

Ew, it would swell up and that? That’s gross. =/ I just get cramp then it’s fine again. Wow, that sounds really horrible though, I feel for you lol.

I thought Opera was shit as well. :P

Hehe Archives do look nice. :)

I could have returned your comment days ago but I’m lazy LOL. I apologise. :P

This comment is no where near 2,000 comments but I couldn’t remember half the stuff we were talking about. :P haha.

Call me evil but when I see folks get frustrated and angry when they miss the elevator – I burst out laughing cause they are always the one to make a jackass outta themselves in public – than gain any act of someone making a total ass of themselves in public is always amusing – atleast to me XD

I know am evil aren’t I? /cool

I LUV THOSE EMOTICONS!!! They are so cute!!!

Oh, Chrome – as in Google Chrome? I got all the browsers on my pc but I hear Google, basically any kind of Google service and program uses their services and programs to get your private and personal info. They use it as a way to improve on their services and programs and also you don’t know of it – atleast this what I heard but I wouldn’t put my entire trust in anything Google cause in my eyes I think they withold some of your personal private info for their own reasons as in improving their services and programs for the better and there is nothing wrong with that but they should tell you up front which am told they don’t. So, that is something to think about.

Opera sux big time!!! Compare to Firefox, Internet Explorer – and even Safari, tis not da best. Safari is awesome but I wouldn’t use it unless I gotta. I luv Firefox…FIREFOX ROX!!!!

FML is correct. I hope you get through all those comments soon! If you haven’t already haha.

I know what you mean. It’s so frustrating when you think your done returning comments, and then you refresh the page and BAM all your excitement is thrown out the window cause there’s like 10 new comments just waiting there. Haunting you. Lmao.

Exactly. We all have lives to live, and those people who expect too much can kiss it.

You’re welcome, and whatever the reason is for not going on Maintenance Mode it must be a good thing haha. Cause I hate going on Maintenance Mode as well, but I have to sometimes. I just can’t keep up like SUPERWOMAN. Bahaha, never gets old.

You’re welcome! (again)

I know. I was thinking that she was forcing me to come to her party because she knew that I was supposed to go to hang out at Daniels house, and she was jealous cause she didn’t get invited. BUT, then I thought that’s probs not it, cause I bet she was already drunk when she was acting all bitchy to me on the text mssgs.

And nah, I didn’t sneak out. There were people standing at all the exits pretty much guarding them anyways, since people had to pay to get in. -.-

Comments are bitches to return. xD But I figured that I would set myself a time limit for returning comments (i hour) and if I exceed that time, then I’ll stop and do everything else that I have on the schedule for this weekend. D:

LMAO, I love parodies as well. The one about the school burning down is hilarious.. my current blog is actually something to do with that. :O It would have fit in pretty well with the situation I talked about bahah.

I think your mom is right though. Cause you never get the motivation to do something if you don’t enjoy it. And if there’s no motivation, then there’s no success. Unless you brutally force yourself to do things that you don’t enjoy, like returning billions of comments, xD.

Darn right he’s hot. Plus, his personality is like the icing on the cake. He’s such a nice and sweet person. :( And he’s not the type of hot guy who only talks to popular girls y’know? He just makes conversation with everyone. :3

LMAO I can’t imagine you with the emo vibe going on, but I can’t help but laugh when I try to imagine it. You sure are a hardcore ass bitch Georgina. Rock on.

Yay for knowing about Regina Spektor! She’s the boomb.

You’re welcome, and yeah what you did was the right thing. :) SO KUDOS. Also a smart thing to do, cause as you said, it would have been a pain in the ass to repeat the same thing in every comment that you returned. :P

LMFAO die in a hall? Fail. I obvi meant die in a HOLE, but now that I think about it .. die in a hall is better.

I get what you mean about the arms sticking out funny if it’s not the right hanger size. Usually the clothes that don’t cooperate too well with hangers (like the ones with no sleeves or something) I just fold them and keep them in my drawers.

I think the main reason why people don’t hang their clothes out on a clothing line here in Canada is because of how unpredictable the weather is. I swear one day it would be pouring rain and the next day beautiful sunshine. Then the next day, SUPER WINDY with a little drizzle of rain WHILE the sun is still out. Lmfao.

Believe me, I’ve check through all the pant legs, shirt sleeves.. I even checked in my mom’s purse. I’ve checked EVERYWHERE and the socks are just *poof*. Gone. So I’m convinced there’s some dirty sock fairy magic going on here.

Thanks for the wiki link! :D OHH SO THAT’S WHAT RICKROLLING IS. Whoa, COOL. I never even knew something like that existed.. wicked. I feel so out of it now lmao. And now I can understand why you put (it’s the real link not the link to the vid) in brackets. xD Life makes so much more sense now. Sigh.

Ooh that looks like a handy dandy site that tells you what browser is best suited for your system. I have all 5 browsers currently installed (Opera, IE , FF, Safari and Chrome.)

Great to hear that you’re enjoying your job so much. :3 LOL, I’ve always loved to take the elevators. They definitely amuse me, but I’ve always had this secret fear of the elevator breaking down when I’m in it. I’ve just seen way too many horror flicks where they get stuck in the elevator shaft and get attacked by some horrific monster bitch.

I can understand why you get annoyed when people are trying to shove in. xD Especially with their huge strollers and all. Some people are just too impatient to wait for the next elevator.

I remember when I was younger, I would love just going into the elevator and holding the door open until I saw someone running towards the elevator and then I would let the door close and watch the expression on their face turn from happy to WOW WHAT A BITCH as I would laugh my head off. Ah good times.

It’s not like it’s the end of the freeken world if you miss the elevator people. Shit, there’s a such thing as the “NEXT ONE” *applause*. The world is just in too much of a rush these days.

That’s so cute how you and James got JIGGY WITH IT in the elevator.. well you didn’t get that jiggy with it, cause it was just a kiss.. but still how cute. :)

I shall go Google that right now, seems like an interesting topic. :D

Google chrome is good but Firefox is still my favorite. It has all the plugins that I need. :)
I don’t like using lifts too because I prefer using the stairs.. to help me burn fats and be active all day. (well, unless when I’m running late to work).
oh, those people are lazy to carry their shopping bags that’s why they use push carts.

One of the most embarrassing things you’d do in an elevator is when you’re stuck with a person you’re crushing on and you farted. /ehh

Chrome is faster. Even without that testing thingy. But I prefer using Firefox. /cool

Hi, Georgina! I’m just posting this quick comment to tell you thank you for everything and I apologise so much you don’t know how grateful I am. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten on the computer but I’m really busy and I’m not home so yeah go figure huh? I’m at my sister’s house which is realllllllllly far away from home so that’s basically why I haven’t got the time to blog or anything else, really.

I haven’t read this blog either yet so hopefully I’ll get to an appropriate comment very soon!

Take care, Drops! ♥ ♥

Hey Dia! Good to hear from you! I hope your family is well, though. I think people are out waiting for a little blog from you. :)

You take care as well! Hope to hear from you soon. ♥

Elevators…. I especially hate when they get super cramped. Maybe I’m claustrophobic. :P I do get a little light-headed in tight spaces. I’m an open spaces kind of girl.

The kissing in an elevator thing. HAHAHAHA. I’ve seen it in movies and I’ve heard about it. I haven’t actually seen anyone do that (like when the doors open) you’d have to be going down a lot of floors and hopefully, no one will press the button on an unexpected floor. Hahaha, imagine being caught in the act. But it is kind of romantic and spontaneous. :D

Really? I always found your blogs short… I think MY blogs are long. I write like 10 dense paragraphs… O.o I don’t know how to stop sometimes.

It’s cool when celebs take time to reply to fans (: It’s only happened to me once. :D From Debby Ryan. She’s a really down to earth girl and I told her I love that about her. And she was like Thank you, shine it. (:

I know, my singing range isn’t very much. I’m an alto so I can’t hit high notes very well. I try, but most of the time, I just fail. :P

HAHAHAHAHA, yeah if I corrected someone I didn’t know, they’d look at me like I was some killer or something :/

Yeah, when I was younger. I swore I’d never let myself get a broken heart. I’d never fall for a boy. And look, lookies what has happened. Sometimes I hate life because of that. I told Kuya that… I told him everything. And we both know he can’t do anything. It’s all me. This is all me. Getting over someone is so difficult :/

Hahahaha, I still follow that TLfans thing. Because it has updates on the new movies :D

Hahahahaha, I’m not super close to the priests in my church. But I believe that I’m talking to God… in a sense. So I go through with it.

It brought me to tears, but by the time the tears came it wasn’t awkward anymore. I felt like I was really talking to God. Like God was just using this man to tell me what he thought I should do. It was a pretty big moment for me.

My dad is big on reconciliation. My mom, not so much. My dad goes monthly… but my mom and I, go when.. we’re not so frightened.

I love lifts xD They’re always there if your feeling lazy. Believe it or not, I’ve actually done some of the things on the list of stuff to do in a lift. I think my favourites have go to be;
Looking inside your bag every now and then and saying loudly; “Got enough air in there?” and every time someone comes on salute and say “Welcome aboard”. I got them from ‘A Girls Book: How to be Best at Everything’. Its my sisters, lmao. There is actually some pretty hilarious things in there.
I heard you’ve got google wave, *high-five* lmao. I was invited by the google team itself because I am special xD Whats yours? I’ll wave (:
I did that test, too. I use Firefox, and it says for me the best would be Google Chrome. I have a dodgy feeling that they are trying to use this site to boost Chrome’s popularity. Atm I use IE, Firefox, and Safari, but Firefox will always be my baby <3 – though just an fyi, I'm joining your safari fanlisting.
Sometimes I really wish I had a job. I hate being some teenage girl who has to ask her parents for money all the time. I'd even get off my bum to do a blimen' paper round, but no; "13 is too young, wait till your older, Tamzn." Grr. I envy you – and it'd be so cool to work with a maths program!
Aww…Love in an Elevator. That reminds me of Monday. I have to fix up a 'Love in a Box' for the Mustard Seed Company thingymaboby at my school.

I’ve seen the hosting site you opened you have great packages and wonderful prices! I’m actually really happy with the layout for Worth the Risk, I love the all the colors and don’t plan on changing it any time soon due to the amount of time it took to make.

I use goggle chrome, and apparently it’s a good choice because the website said it scored the post points on my system. My computer was not going slow through the process though.

Near where I live, we have a huge mall. It has 4 floors and is always very busy. As you can imagine people are always trying to squeeze theme selves into elevator because there is a crazy wait until another elevator comes. I happen to hat escalators, so I find myself often waiting a long time to enter a elevator that isn’t jam packed.

Heh, I have so many different web browsers on my laptop, I tend to stick to one of them though, and I use the others when I can’t access my school’s server via Firefox (it’s picky sometimes).

I can’t stand people on the elevator sometimes. They can get so testy and annoying that I want to yell at people. Especially those who hum loudly enough that I can hear them over my own music. So not cool.

Hey gurl, am working on a forum where bloggers can go to to meet other bloggers as well as exchange links and whatnot – hopefully make a few friends…

It’s called Blog Buddies and it is located @

Just wanted to invite you to come and join it as I think you would find it very interesting as well as useful –

Maybe perhaps fun? Hope you find it fun atleast!

Is not officially open as of yet – but just wanted to invite you and let you know about it…

Let me know what you think of it!

Lotsa luv hun!

I have never ever tried Safari, but you seem to be recommending it…maybe I’ll give it a chance.

So far for me it’s been Mozilla and IE.

Heyy :)
It was pretty amaing to see what internet brousers are more popular I always had a feeling that firefox was the most popular It surprised me that chrome was second nd IE was third
I use IE, I just got a new computer. I’ve been meaning to download Firefox for while now lol

I have always hated lifts, close i had small spaces and if its crowded then i get even more freaked out. O_O
People who always run into te lift when its about to close annoy me they are always the one who makes the most noise and always talking loud or doing nothing really annoying.
If you miss it dont get angry, you just have to wait for the next one

Oh wanted to let you know that you came first in my SOTY competition (Y) /eee
More details are on my blog :)
Congrats Georgina
take care x

You should-I think it should be one of the seven wonders of the world. lol. Oh, really? It might be too late for me to book tickets, but I really want to see it.

Haha, I know. Now it’s snowing where I live. It’s more than 3 in. Yay!

Yeah, especially when they are warm, crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside. And their drizzled in chocolate, and….I’m just trying to make your mouth water. lol. That sounds so good!!

Me too, if I don’t, and they ask about it, I feel so bad for them, and write a thousand apologies to them. Yeah, it’s so nice to find people who have wonderful resources that are free to use. And after that hard work into those resources, you should definatly credit.

Oh, really? Wow, I don’t think I could live with only 5 channels.That’s good that you don’t watch TV that much. lol.

Haha, I’ll come over and teach you. lol. I think I’m 1 year younger than you. XD.

I know, I wish I could go to their concert, because it’s near me. ♥ Armor for Sleep! ♥

Oh, that’s cool. You must get paid a lot. I don’t have a job, but I’m searching. It’s hard for me to get one.

I use Internet Explorer. It’s a lil’ slower, but I don’t have Firefox downloaded. Glad your liking your job!! It sounds so much fun…I bet the kids are adorable. How old are they?

I also love the topic of the blog! Elevators…I think they are so annoying. I get sick in them easily though. The stairs are my favorite! lol.

I just got my laptop but a couple days ago, so I only went as far as to get Firefox on it.

My desktop has IE6 (because it’s how I used to access FTP, cuz I’m too lazy to download an actual FTP program; go me, I know . XD), Firefox, and Google Chrome. Google Chrome totally HATES my desktop, I can tell just by how it constantly crashes on it. That, or there’s something terribly wrong with my desktop (which I wouldn’t doubt, to be honest). Anyway…

My brother’s desktop has Vista, and for whatever reason, he has Safari on it. Of course, upon discovering that, I couldn’t resist trying out Safari, and I have to say… I LOVED IT. I’ve gotta get onto getting Safari on my laptop, because I really do like it lots. One of my friends told me to get Opera, but I dunno. I’ve heard hardly a thing about it.

I mean, Google Chrome is a lovely looking browser, but eh..

I tend not to go into stores during the busiest hours during the holiday season. I’d end up getting into some nasty fights with people for their stupidity. I have no tolerance for people behaving in such idiotic manners. Forget that. I’ll just wait until off-hours to do any holiday shopping. I don’t feel like having the headache unless there’s no way around it. >_>;;; I couldn’t deal with it.

Vanuatu wasn’t on my cards either, i would much rather a tour of Europe, then an island resort. I hate the sun.

HAHA! I don’t have any elevator stories. I don’t use them, as i am scared of them. /hehe

But your story reminds me of trains. When people run like crazy to catch a train, and their yelling to their friends, “hurry, hurry”. And then they sit down, and the train doesn’t leave for another 10 minutes. Thats funny.

I remember getting on an elevator once, and it was crammed. But i was late for a meeting, and every one gave me the weirdest looks. I smelled bad too, becuase i had been walking around in the hot sun all day. Ewww

I’m glad the Firefox issue has been settled. Apparently my Firefox was having a bad day. ;)

Thank you for the comment on the layout. Honestly I am a little unsatisfied with how it looks. It’s a little bit empty on the left side but I was too lazy to think of anything else to add to it. Hahaha!

Wow, after reading your recommendation on Safari, I think I’ll be downloading it soon. With that feature you told me, Safari seems to be a great pick for a browser. :D

Holy cow! 27th floors!? How on earth did you guys manage to climb up those stairs? For me, 5 floors were more than enough to turn my legs into jelly. Your university sounds like a one huge building. Mine has 3 floors only. And even that everyone insists on taking the elevator instead of using the stairs. Lazy bums. XD

Hello Georgina.

I haven’t been commenting for a while, and as today I’m in a good mood there you are, I’m going on a commenting spree.

:O How does it make you lag? I can’t visit the site now because I’m downloading something and I’ve opened two tabs.

I am using Google Chrome now, and I can say it is quite good. You can even search on the address bar!

I see. I hope your software goes good. I hate Mathematics actually, but my mom wants me to study more of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the software goes to Singapore and my mother buys it!

In the elevator I think you would have to be patient, because many people also wants to get in. Sometimes I’m impatient too, but sometimes I’ll just force myself to wait.

Agreed. You have two hands, and two legs, you can even carry four bags of shopping! How come if there is only two you are so lazy? I am going to add in another kind of case, which is little children sitting inside the shopping cart and their parents push them.

I hate those children which presses all the buttons too 😴 It is so irritating. There was once where I went for tuition and had to walk home myself D: and use the lift a little boy dashed inside, pressed all the buttons, and ran outside, making a =P face at me.

In Singapore, the drama show which contains a couple(almost all are like this and are Chinese shows) but at first they are enemies. Suddenly, they get stuck in the lift and they had a blackout. Actually they like each other a little bit, but have to act like they are enemies. When the blackout came, they kissed. 🤮

Do you play MapleStory? I guess it is a bit too childish, though it is really fun. When you register for Asiasoft, don’t put your real NRIC, put your country as Gabon and just put any NRIC.

I switched to Chrome…it’s a lot better for me. There’s less clutter but that’s just my opinion :P Lets hope Firefox stops lagging soon :)

Elevators are a bit creepy, there’s always surveillance cameras staring down at you, I feel slightly scared because there’s people watching you…eck.

LOL those people that jam themselves in the elevator crack me up, I love watching them trying to make it. I’m such a mean person but it’s kind of funny when you watch them run towards the elevator…try and keep the doors open. :P but it does get annoying :/

Once I got stuck in an elevator and this guy pressed all the buttons. Since this was at coaching, the tutor guy got so pissed. XD

“Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce You’re one of THEM! and move to the far corner of the elevator. ”


Huhu, Peacekeeper! /bounce Yeah, I got Chrome too. Heh, but the average person like you and me would barely notice the difference.

Haha at Seven Hills we got these glass windows in the elevators. Once I had just gotten in and this fat businessman was charging towards the doors and they shut in his face. He was banging on the door and yelling at me because I could have pressed the Open doors button, but I hadn’t. hahahahha thazoomean

Also at UTS once, I pressed all the buttons on one of the elevators in building 1 on my way out. HRRRRNG


Sure doesn’t keep my peace. Hrrrng. /snort

That’s so slack hahaha. But I would probably do that as well. I was once in an elevator with someone else, and when someone came running, I didn’t press the “open doors” button but the other person did. /angry

As soon as I get in the lift, I press the “close doors” button. Then some person comes running and I pray that the doors will completely shut before they get a chance to press the up/down button on their side. 😏

LOL shit, that would have been annoying for whoever went in there afterwards. I actually wonder why you can’t deactivate the button so that it won’t go on the level, in case someone accidentally presses it. O_O

Thanks. :)

Not many people follow me on Twitter, and I don’t follow much either. I don’t get on Twitter much. But maybe I would have, if I followed more people. XD

That was so rude. You do have a life and you cannot sit all day just returning comments.

I removed that smiley because it does not work. I don’t know WTH is wrong with them.

I use Firefox and sometimes IE as well to check if my site looks okay. I liked Safari but it got uninstalled and I’m too lazy to download it again. :P And something is wrong with the Apple updater thing so iTunes freezes whenever I click on the Update button.

I hate people doing those irritating things in elevators. Whenever I go to a mall or supermarket, the elevators are always crowded and there HAS to be someone who is with a half-empty trolley. /angry

The elevator of our building is really slow. And most of the time some kid has pressed all the buttons so I have to wait for 8-10 minutes for the elevator to reach our floor. /hmph

LOL. I saw some of the sites on Google, They’re really funny.

Haha. “Hurrah!” indeed. 👏. Yeah, I spent hours today working on my Math assignment. And I still have to sew. We have a Practical Arts subject. Our project for the subject right now is to sew a pillow case. The deadline was 2 weeks ago and I haven’t passed mine yet! Ugh. How irresponsible of me. /angry

Thanks ♥ I just have SO much to deal with right now. Like my life. Ugh. (I’m fond of saying that word. :P) Glad it’s a pleasure! :D

Try it! It’s so cool. Oh really? I should’ve known. :P I’ve actually remembered just now that I’ve used Safari already! I used it in a Nike store once. I ♥ it too!

Haha. I’ll go join. I’ve only used it once or twice but I love it already! Oh how cool! I wish I could get Safari. But Firefox is good enough for me. (Y)

Are all of your fansites approved by TFL? If so, that would be soo cool! 30 000? Whoa. :P

Haha. Correct! /bounce

Ah, I don’t know. Well only the really famous malls have “elevator button pressers” Haha. I guess it can be a bit funny. But sometimes they make things loads more easier.

Haha. Ah, I don’t know. LOL XD

Oh. How stupid of me. Then why’d you have to call it lift OR elevator in your post? Hm. Well I guess I’d just have to believe you. LOL :P

Um, wow. Sorry for using the smilies too much! They were just SO fun. You can remove some of them if you wish. LOL

Haha I’m sad and just use Firefox (Y) (H) /heart /hehe I danced in the elevator xD Just for the sake of it lmao! But I don’t really like them much :/ I hate escalators too but escalators more ¬.¬ stupid fear of heights /bash Anyway lol I’ll shh now 🤫 now /ho GAH! Usually I can write a longish comment to you but today my brain is fried :( /hmph

the layout i am using now isn’t your base code
the one before the layout i am using now is yours
i had the credit in the footer when i was using your theme.
What I do is use the theme editor
When I change the theme, I change it all except for the
Theme Name: Mono
Theme URI:
Description: Simple black and white theme
Version: 1.0
Author: Georgina
Author URI:

part of the css

so wordpress still recognizes it a theme
but if you still want me to credit you for the little part, i will

Ah, thanks for that link about the browser recommendations! I might run that later on when I’m not trying to do other things online. It’ll be interesting to see what it recommends for me – I daresay it will be something I don’t use though and will make me iffy about the idea of changing, lol. I’m such a creature of habit!

Hehe, elevators are a source of annoyance it seems for so many people. I especially understand about snotty little kids pressing all the buttons though – they should design elevators with all the buttons up high so no one under the age of 10 is likely to be able to reach them. ;)

That’s so cute about you and James kissing in the elevator though. /eee Maybe you should ride up to the 77th floor of the Q1 on the Gold Coast…you’d probably have time to do a bit more than just kiss. ;) Though I wouldn’t like to bet on your chances of actually getting to be alone! Hardly anyone had moved in yet when I was last there but by now it’s probably packed!

Haha! By the way, thanks for the comment! XD

LOL. Thanks! :D I’ve edited the CSS a lot of times because it was really confusing. I always get frustrated whenever I can’t get it right. /pow

/hehe I’ve always wanted the trees to stand out. I took that picture when I was on the bus with my new camera. I was already thinking of making a website at that time. I think I took it back in September. :D XD

Oh! Maybe you should borrow one from your friends or bring them with you to the concert and let them take pictures. /eee

Good luck with that lagging thing! 🤬 XD Mwahaha, I’m so mean. :P

I haven’t heard of Google Chrome before. XD

LOL. Safari addict! XD Haha! I use Firefox, I only use IE whenever I use our school’s computer and it sucks a lot because It’s so slow. We have to wait for three minutes it to open. Our class always complains about it. 🤬

Yeah, I feel you. It’s really not cool when It’s already crowded inside and someone squeezed in. Can they not see that it’s full?! People are so inconsiderate at times. /argh

And my gosh, when there’s an elevator at the mall, there’s also an escalator! /hmph If not, they should just wait. Like Vicky said, It’s not the end of the world!

I often get annoyed with people who use carts and use the lift, because they take up a lot of space. I really hate being squished, but I take advantage of it whenever my sister is with me. I purposely push her to the corner of the elevator just for fun and she keeps on whining and tells me to move. XD /eee

🙄 Me and my friends press all the buttons in the lift when no one is around and we always try to scare each other. It’s always quiet in the lift so one of us will randomly scream out loud. It’s hilarious. :D

lmao. Lucky girl. XD

The second last sentence was TMI. LOL. Joke. XD But isn’t there a security camera in the lift? It would really be embarrasing if someone caught you guys. /hehe

Haha! I’ve read that list already but I still haven’t tried it yet. I don’t really have the courage to do it alone. 🤬

Ah, I didn’t even know that I was on maintenance mode!! I put it on to try to get my new layout up and I went to my site to see if it was up, and I could view my site fine! Apparently no one else could though. I don’t know what the problem was.

Well I don’t mind it either but it is embarrassing when it comes up haha.

Thanks! I hope I get it too! Everyday I ask my mom “How’s that Google phone looking??” She will say something like “It’s looking good!” So hopefully I get it. My mom never tries to hide things. She usually let’s us open our presents a couple days before Christmas because my brothers annoy her to no end until she does XD

Elevators..ugh. I feel your pain. The thing I don’t like about them is all of the things you said, plus they’re awkward. You are just standing there with complete strangers..usually no talking. I also don’t like how my two younger brothers fight over who get’s to press the button. My mom has to make them take turns. I guess I will never understand why pressing buttons is so important to a seven and nine year old.

ok, i’ll add your credit right now
and yes, i know that they aren’t working. I don’t know how to fix that problem. That’s why I’m using the cbox page as a solution. I don’t like it that much though

Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Hahaa I had a really good time at the party. Emo is fun to dress up as, cuz you can go pretty wild with what you wear and your make-up!

I mainly use Firefox, though if I’m on my parent’s Apples then I use Safari. I hate using Internet Explorer – it’s really slow!

Ah, lifts. I agree with you on how annoying it is when people try and squeeze in when there’s no space. And it’s equally annoying when there IS space but people won’t move to let you in! Grrr. Hahaa I love ‘things to do in an elevator’ – there’s some really funny stuff there!

I’ll run that program throughout your comment and see if I have a result by the end.
I hate it when Firefox lags, or when text lags. That annoys me the most, because you’ll be happily typing away,

like I just was before my text lagged. Ehhhh. 💥


Aha I don’t have Chrome either but I have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari too. :P
I haven’t really used Safari much, I just kind of have it there to test browser stuffs. I use it when Firefox is being a bitch; they’re the two main browsers I use. :)

I don’t like Opera much. XD

I used to use programs like that! When I was preparing for my entrance exam I got a few of those programs for maths, science and maths. They helped me loads and were quite cool to do too. :) I think they were called Larry Ladder or something. XD I’m too old for them now but it was much more fun then going to a tutor once a week for two and a half hours of maths. O_O

I hated my old tutors, I basically had these two old crones who complained if the dot of your “i” was too far from the actual letter. 🙄
I did maths for every lesson apart from five, because “I was too good at English and my Maths needed improvement”.

BS if you ask me, lmao.

My form room is at the top of the school building and the bells don’t work up there, plus the clock is wrong by about 7 hours. So we never really know when our lessons are after break and lunch, haha.

Fire exits. Aha that just reminded me of our comments when I told you about axe man. :P And of me and my paper hat and my sister on Open Day…

In London the esculators are really high at some train/ tube stations. I went on one at a train station that was only about 8 floors high… if higher. O_O

Esculators are generally okay though; especially if you go up the down esculators. :D
But you know karma’s out to get you if you fall over on the esculator and end up being carried towards the bottom. Eh.

Lifts, bloody hell they’re the worst, easily.

I hate it how people can’t just wait for the next elevator, it’s not going to take years…
OR when people barge into the elevator when you’re still getting out and then you get stuck in there because the doors have closed, so you have to wait for the lift to go back down again OR you have to take the stairs/ esculator.

That’s just bloody selfish.

Hm, too right. If you have lots of shopping in a cart at least wait for a vaguely empty lift, don’t just squish into one that’s crammed.
I hate going in lifts at hospitals. When I went to visit my grandma there were some doctors with this guy on a gurney who wasn’t breathing and they were doing CPR in the lift. I was scared shitless.

But, you know, I wasn’t going to go into that lift because it would just slow it down and then the man might’ve been in worse shape but the doctor said to me and my brother, “come on in”.

Hm. Not a nice experience. Poor guy, I hope he’s okay now. ♥
It was a few years ago but one can hope. :)

People who fill up extra space in an elevator with carts that are empty or near empty…. argggggghhhhhhhhh. :@

I can understand with prams and stuff but it pisses me off when the kids start screaming and the mum is all “pleas be quiet” in a rather bored voice whilst obviously they are not making any effort whatsoever.

Oh haha I love seeing people run for an elevator and throw hissy fits when they don’t get in. I was waiting outside one in a superstore because the doors had just closed and this guy ran up to the doors and started banging on them. XD

Then this woman who walked past said, “Mister, you’d be better waiting like this ‘ere girlie”.
He looked at me all funny. I couldn’t help but smirk. :P

God yeah. If we all waited for that one mature person to wait for the next lift, we’d be there for fucking years.

I used to like pressing the button in the elevator for the one floor I wanted to go to, but not all of them at once. I might do that if I were on my own but no other time.

Interesting TV show. XD

Hehe you and James kissed in one. That’s sweet. :)

I’ve Googled that before! It’s pretty funny. :P

I want to write an article on elevators and losers now. Hmph. It’ll be too much like your blog though, haha. XD

Well a celebrity is a random topic, even if your site is a graphics site or whatever.

I read your last blog and started commenting on it, but Firefox crashed and didn’t save the comment and I was too lazy to retype it. :(

I’m just glad everything is sorted out now and I hope that fucktard minds their own business and doesn’t bother you, Diamond or anyone else again. /argh


They can rot in fucking hell indeed. /bounce

I’ve never taken any sticker photos before. :( I’ve never seen a machine for them here, or whatever you use. One reason why I need to go to Australia! XD

I hate prawns but I hate it when you’re cheated like that. :P

Aw, likewise. :D I love it when our comments get super long too. XD
I hate essays but I write them basically everyday. To you. /hehe

At least they’re easier to write then any other bullshit in Biology…

I’ll say, “all the mainstream crap aside from GLAC” /bounce

Yeah. Watermelon is nice, but Katy Perry and glitter brushes ruins the nice, fruity allurance of watermelon… I used to have watermelon everyday (Y)

But they might have been 😏


I did think the Twitter was suspicious and weird, it didn’t sound like Diamond at all.

It’s okay to sound pooey! A crap inside a crap smothered with crap inside a crap inside a crap-smothered bag that was inside a giant crap that was inside a crap was CRAPPER and more pooey then your comment. /poo

/oh /bounce

Take care! xx

(And sorry I rambled on so much about your blog, too. /um )

Ehh, sorry but “pleas” should be “please”. :P And there are a few other typos in there too. @_@ D:

Andddd that was 1084 words long. My longest to you yet. 🙄

-scrolls down and sprain thumb- My goodness, how do you get so many comments and still be able to keep up with them!?

I have heard of the song Wonderwall, or a bit of it. I don’t remember what it sounds like, though. Heh. :P

It’s pretty cool we’ve got our own station, but it sucks that the music is the same shit over and over. Even if we did go and request a song, they probably won’t play it. /argh

-nod- All the different coding for programming just totally messes me up. I took a business class last year, and my teacher was pretty stupid. He asked us one day who had done website designing and a few people raised their hands. He asked what they had done and they said Piczo. When he got to me, I said “CSS and HTML.”
Guess what he said?
“What’s CSS?”
I mean, COME ON.
We ended up using Dreamweaver to make these crappy, ugly, table-based websites. I started off with a 93, skipped over half those classes and finished the exam in less than half an hour. I finished with an 84. XD (Out of 100.)

My parents can’t really see things the way I do. My mom doesn’t understand that I don’t need a full freaking explanation for something.
Something as simple as “What’s for dinner?” can get blown into a full out story. A simple “Spaghetti and mixed vegetables” would be bloody fine, thank you.
She also doesn’t understand that I just can’t connect to her. We’re like polar opposites, and she doesn’t understand that, yes, I do need some private time and private things. I have to hide my poetry from her or else she’ll find it and try to “talk it out” with me, since that’s how I get out a lot of my negative feelings. They’re done with, they’re on the paper, and I’ve probably already talked about them with someone else. I don’t need them being brought up again with the door closed and her sitting on my bed trying to connect with me.
If I tell her I don’t want to talk about, she gets all bitchy.
I’ve tried having a relationship with her, but it doesn’t work. She’s just so stubborn and childish, as well. If I make a simple request like “Can you be a bit quieter?” she’ll explode.

-ends rant-
Heh. :P

I tried out the browser thing, and I couldn’t understand it. XD The stats at the bottom said that Google Chrome was, overall, better on different processors, I think. I don’t know if it was best for my computer, either, but I doubt it. It always freezes up if I use it. Firefox FTW. ♥

I’m writing a novel called Elevators. :D
I’ll have to admit, I love ticking people off by pushing different floors. I don’t go full out and press them all, though. Just one or two… or five or six. It all depends on the total of floors. Tehe.

It’s understandable if someone is running late and really needs to get into the elevator, but if that’s not the case, then I have to agree: it is pretty irritating.
But, I don’t go in elevators often. :) I don’t live in a city with high-rise buildings, or go to a doctor’s/medical office often.

Thank you for the early happy birthday :D

Safari is an awesome browser. I love it too! ♥ I usually use Firefox or Safari. Those are my two favorites.

And I very much dislike elevators. I’m always afraid they are going to stop, and I’ll be like stuck in there! Hahaha! And the one time, there was this little kid and he pushed all the buttons. And every floor guess what we did. Stopped. It is quite annoying. So i see where your coming from. It’s very annoying. /angry

P.S. Your site is amazing! You have great skills! Just thought I’d mention that! 👏

thankss for your comment :)
sometimes i dread practicing piano but after watching some inspiring youtube videos, it kinda makes me continue with my piano :)
oh haha ! thanks for explaining what rickrolling means :P
wow that site looks pretty awesome… *downloading it right now*
gahh… it annoys me when people press the handicap button to open the door for them… like, ‘are you that lazy to push a friggin door?!’
its cute that you guys kiss in the elevator though ahhaa, reminds me of gossip girl :P

aww ! That sucks. I hate when people flood the tagboard. -_____- sometimes it only keeps a certain amount of posts so then if the spammer spams with like loads of comments, you lose the other ones :(

Hahah yeah. I remember I use to be so sad when i counted the years till my sister went to college, even if we fought. Ah, but it’s not as bad as I thought.

ahahah awww. The longest I’ve been was 13 hours. They had a lot of movies to watch, so I watched it. But I didnt want to go to the bathroom there because it is all nasty towards the end, so I tried not to drink much XD. LOL yeah it is! And sometimes its so squished that you arent comfortable.

LOL ! Haha that makes a lot of sense! Did you ever see those like things that look like escalators but they are like flat? When I went to Japan they had them at the airport. It was awesome, I just loved to go the opposite direction :P

Haha EW. Why do they put IE on itt? I mean, it sucks. I would think they would put like FF on it since so many people use it -_^

LOL! I never thought of that! Haha, I think I’m too short though to hit my head XDD

Thanks for dropping by Pie :)

I installed a CN Spam hack. A very simple one as I am too scared to do anything that requires more than ten minutes of manual work. It disables links to be posted in any place besides the email/site URL section. I know that has some major downfalls, but I will just have to see for now :)

I am actually going to have a daily feature in SWG’s blog where I post links to OTHER blogs. Guess what. You are going to be one of them :D

BTW, where can I download FanUpdate from?? I always look for it, but can never find a place to DL from

X’s and O’s

Yeah, we don’t have to do pointe in our exams until next year; it sounds painful, according to my instructor. She says that when she had to dance in pointe shoes, she would get blisters and sores and cramps and all that stuff. 😰

Chrome for the win :D I love my Google Chrome, it’s so personalized and pretty. ♥ I have IE, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome. I’m missing Safari, the exact opposite of you. Firefox is great too, but I just prefer Chrome’s interface. :)

I share your frustration with elevators. I prefer escalators over elevators a lot of the time. & haha, my brother is one of those kids who slam on every single button, except the emergency one. LOL.

Ugh firefox always lags for me, this computer is so old and so full D: like it has less space then my website!!!!! It’s not even mine, it’s the “family computer” Im hoping to get a laptop soon, vERY soon, but i will not trust me im so unlucky and my family is so cheap :(.

Hmmm how long does it take? I really cant have my computer extra extra slow for awhile, I wonder which one is best for my computer?

I use firefox, i dont really download anything nice for this computer, like I said, its yucky and not mine lol.

That sounds fun! Im too yound for a good job yet, but when I’m 14 I can legally get a job, I would to work at a bakery sort, like we have this place called panara bread, its really good :D.

OMG!! MY dad’s office air conditioner broke once too!! And it got like 92 degrees in there because they make software so it overheats easily and everything almost melted, they had like 40 computer running, it sucked…

Haha I don’t like elevators, I don’t know why, something must’ve scared me with them because I’m always afraid they will end up like “the twilight zone”. Or they will just stop working, and catch on fire, or we get stuck in them for days, yeah…

Ugh I hate when there is no room! I remember there were like tons of baby carts in one and we couldn’t fit but of course we just had to ride it :|.

Haha sometimes someone is coming and running to it and the elevator is full but my dad holds the door anyway and Im like dad… don’t, please? lol.

You know what elevators I really like? These clear ones, they go really high and you can see everything!!

Haha no ones ever actually pressed all the buttons when i was on one, but I’ve seen people do it lol.

You do know there are cameras in the elevators right? They may have saw you two kiss…

Wow, strange topic.. elevators?

I want to make my other domain snap-beat a tumblr domain but i dont know how, do you?

LOL. Yes, I find that annoying as well when kids go crazy pushing the buttons.

You work on a Math program? Wow. I’m amazed. My math is just horrible, I really have to struggle to understand numbers. Unless I work with them for a while, I get this big…blank when you try to give me a problem. It’s…ugh for me.

Thinking about elevators do make me think of that Aerosmith song /hehe /hehe /hehe Have you seen the video? Very funny!

My favorite browser is Firefox, hands down. I’ve tried Chrome but I don’t like it…I’ve also tried Opera, which I liked but I went back to Firefox just because I’ve used it forever, I guess.

I want to try Safari…I’ve heard good things about it. Have you made anymore icons lately? They are very addicting. I made about twelve of them last night for my fansite before I went to sleep lol.

I might try that test thing. :)

A lot of people I’ve spoken to on Twitter or Tumblr say they use Google Chrome. It sounds pretty cool, I might try it. :)

I use Opera. ^_^ before I rebooted my laptop 2 months ago, I had IE, Firefox and Safari but now I only have IE and Opera. The first thing I did after the reboot was download Opera because it’s the only thing I’m used to. XD

Your job sounds really awesome. You talk about it a lot so it must be great! :D

I hate that one person who decides to get in after it’s full. Most lifts only allow 8 people, but theres always a 9th who HAS to squeeze in. /angry I rarely use lifts, but in the case of there being no stairs, I guess it’s compulsory for you. :/

Lifts don’t take that long to come round anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to wait. It annoys me also when they get angry. :| When I was little, I used to press all the buttons and my nana would tell me off for it. Now I wish I’d never done it because it is so annoying. X_X

Oh my God, why would you “molest” someone you had a crush on?! Haha, I could understand the bit about snogging (I hate that word so much ¬_¬ haha) them but molest…in an elevator?! haha!

Thanks. Yeah it must have been. D: On Monday, I think I’ll be going for a healthier option!

I’ve never been sick at school before then, but I remember my friend being sick all over the floor once in primary, it was horrible. D:

Our school have never done that, but why would anyone cover the seat in grease…? /ehh

My laptop keys fall off sometimes. I remember my old laptop, I was using the mini vac on it to get the dust up and it sucked a key up. :|

I might see it soon, I don’t want to see it straight away, I’m going to get the last of my Christmas shopping this week then maybe I’ll see it next week.

I added a guy from my favourite band on Facebook, and he talks to his fans a lot! They aren’t a very well known band, but nevertheless have great music and a lot of loyal fans. When they get really famous he’ll probably make his Facebook private and I’ll feel special because I got to add him. :3

Yeah I skip posts if they don’t look interesting. I try and look at most photos and reblog any cute quotes or something…

I never stop spamming photos. :| I guess I need an active social life. XD

Have you ever looked on the internet for posters? Sometimes I see sellers on eBay selling packs of posters on the internet for £2/3 and theres about 25 posters in there! I need to get some soon! :P

No, I don’t remember the iPod mini. I only know of the Nano, Shuffle, Touch and Classic. And some rectangle one, that I don’t remember the name of!

Oh I cannot wait to get Tumblr and Twitter apps. EEEEEEEEK, so I exciting. :D


Yeah I definitely felt better after writing that off :) Thanks ♥

I really try, and I guess my dad realized that too. Mum told me that he felt bad for yelling at me after she told him the results of my other three tests that I got back on Friday. I got two 9’s and an 11 in my English class test. You’re smart too :) Maybe not the smartest, but still really smart!

i mean, in the and we can’t do anything but trying our very best and study as much as we can. But sometimes even if we study our butt off, it doesn’t help.

To them it’s more my 7 year old brother who has that position because he is the only boy. Dad even already said that he will get the house once my parents are dead. I was like WTF? you already think about that? And what on earth should my brother do with a house that was built for 5 people to live in?! My dad is just really weird sometimes!

I really hope that they will be proud about everything I already reached in my life so far and about what I will hopefully reach in the future. I really want them to be proud of me when I am an adult. I want them to be able to say: “This is our daughter Swetlana and we are really proud of what she reached so far.” one day. No matter if it’s after I graduate or in 10 years when I hopefully have my own family and a great job.

I don’t get tired too. Or at least not for a week of weird sleeping times. The second one will be much more difficult for sure. *gives Georgie some sleeping hours*

Hehe, thanks :) I think I only had one blog that had like absolutely no sense and was really short, but only because I didn’t feel like blogging. And a second one that I wrote while my guests were sitting in the living room at my birthday party which was really short too xD

I usually don’t blog about my parents too. I like to keep them out of my blog posts. I think I actually barely even blog about my family or not much. Because it’s totally fine if I expose myself to the whole internet and stuff, but I don’t know how they feel about it so I just don’t blog about them too often.

Yeah he definitely managed to make me feel worse with what he said.

I read about the whole Diamond thing on your previous blog already. And oh wow! That stupid kid that used all of Diamonds information to do something like that! I feel really sorry that I didn’t believe her and said some really mean things on my last comment. But I am really glad you figured things out and that it’s okay now!

I really hope so :) Maybe I wake up one day and it’s there. Just like that. We’ll see :D

I never really relied on my parents to wake me up, because I dislike it with a passion if someone is waking me up. I am always the one responsible to wake up my siblings, so if I oversleep – they do too.

I have two alarm clocks set too, both on my mobile phone though. I usually have one on 15-30 minutes before I have to get up and one on the time I have to get out of bed. But I don’t really get up right away.. most of the time I’ll tell my alarm clock to ring once more after 9 minutes or so xD

My charger is right next to my bed – I just have to reach out my arm a lil bit. I just don’t like the cable xD

Definitely and most of those really young online friends are also always suuper happy and seem not to know about the problems we ahe and so it’s like, even if they would want to try and help you – they don’t have the experience. Though some of them are really mature for their age – for example Jorja. When she told me she is 13 I really couldn’t believe it! She is sooo not like the other 13 year old people I met online so far.

Really?! I think I missed that one. Damn, gonna read it after I returned all the comments I have right now. I’ve been quite lazy with returning them again lately.. xD

Yeah I think so too. I can’t imagine that she wants to go through something like that once more. I hope Diamond won’t have troubles with something like that again soon! Because that would really suck. No body deserves something like that.

I’ve been involved in some drama too, but thanksfully not in the last couple of months. I do my best to stay out of it too.

I will.. but therefore I have to get on the computer and put those pictures from my friend’s CD on my chip and bla bla… But I really should hurry up because I kinda want to do this picture frame for my bedroom with a lot of great pictures from the last 2,5 years. I already have one, but it doesn’t show all of my awesome ladies. And I also have to get rid of that stupid Twilight poster that is still hanging above my bed because I don’t have anything else to put there..

Hehe, oh that sucks. But you can still @reply him even if he doesn’t follow you, right? So you still have the chance to talk to him :) He definitely was amazing to do so!

I didn’t even know something like that would exist! But it sounds kinda interesting. Maybe I should do that to see what runs best with this Windows 7 laptop… hmm, I’ll see.

OH LOL xD Isn’t it always like that? You have all those things but the one you should actually use xD

I kinda really don’t like elevators. They kinda scare me. They mostly small and don’t have enough space. And if there is a bunch of people in it, it’s even worse. I always want to get out of them asap!

It really sucks that the air conditioner seems to be breaking quite a lot on the upper levels! Poor you!

Oh those people who love to run towards the elevator just when the doors are supposed to be closing are really annoying. I mean, it’s not like it takes ages for the elevator to arrive at your level again. Just wait a few seconds!

Full elevators are kinda annoying too. Especially if it’s your turn to get out and there is a bunch of people standing in the way. Lucky you for being the last one who has to get out at your work! And those people who still try to get in there are even more annoying.

In movies it tends to seem like elevators are the #1 romantic spot for sure. Like, most of the time a couple or two people who are in love will kiss each other in an elevator for the first time and stuff like that. I think it’s awesome :)


12) Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off <– This is kinda cool.
17) On the highest floor, hold the door open and demand that it stay open until you hear the penny you dropped down the shaft go "plink" at the bottom. <– I bet you could annoy a lot of people with doing that – no matter on what floor you are xD

Aww, you and James are just soo cute! :)

I hate lifts. The ones in my area of London always smell like wee. Why someone would drop their kegs and have a pee between floors is beyond me! /huh

It really annoys me when people come running for the doors shouting to hold them. No one ever does, but when they manage to catch the doors and pull them back open it seems to take forever for them to close again before you get moving. :( Urgh, it drives me mad!!
I just don’t like lifts. I prefer to take escalators if there is one. :)

Oh no, not elevators! I hate hate hate all of the above that you mentioned that annoying people do. Especially the ones that have virtually empty carts or try and squish when its really full. I always try and stay close to the front-side of the elevator cos sometimes I get really claustrophobic, especially when everyone’s packed in, i think its awful :S

Hm, I wouldn’t even know where to get cellophane for those dang things, lol. I’d rather look for some, but I guess homemade glasses would be cool.

That is Donnie, haha. He doesn’t have all that hair anymore, I shaved it all off!

Oh my. I hate, hate, hate when a million people shove into an elevator. We don’t have a lot around here, but I use them when I go to our library sometimes. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather wait for an elevator full of people to go up and back down than be stuck with a bunch of people. Plus, you never know, if that dang thing gets stuck you’re going to be stuck with all them, lol.

Holy smokes, 50 some comments in one day! 👏

Apple rocks but I think they should’ve named it something different. Like Apple is kind of a weird name for a technology company..

Plus when they get to go to cool country clubs while you work for them. Pshhh… /angry

Really? That sounds pretty interesting actually. Like probably not for the person, but seems cool. One time, my mom got a filling and I got to see. Kind of interesting.

Lol, I guess. But apparently my aunt found the recipe one night in her sleep or something. I still wondered why she was dreaming of alcohol, but… XD

Oh yeah! I did that once when I was six. Only with a ball, I like cupped it in my hand and kept whirling it around. It was magic, lol.

How did that happen? Like the whole IP address and things like that..?

Lol, he won’t! He’ll think you’re dedicated. Not creepy, two entirely different things. 🙄

Thanks, that’s actually the best I’ve ever drawn of people. Usually my people look like cows, ducks, farm animals…

Well… reindeer are kind of like horses, horses ate carrots. So I laid some out.

IT LOOKED LIKE BULLETS! I’m not kidding you, it was freaking insane out there. And one guy decided to show everyone it was fine. And took off his hood and faced the rain. And he turned around and he looked like a drowned rat. It was funny. XD

Safari is cool, I like it. Their little buttons at the top are awesome!

That does sound really annoying. Like really, it’s not a big deal if you have to wait a few minutes. Like really, it’s not that bad. You could always take the stairs if you don’t have a cart.
Which is kind of weird. Why use a cart for two bags, jeez. People are getting lazy. @_@

Wow, kids actually do that? I did that once and got yelled at, so it was like a forbidden. Worse then hitting, kicking.
It is rude, don’t the parents say anything?

Haha, I looked at one of the sites and it said to ’14) Lean over to another passenger and whisper: “Noogie patrol coming!”‘ :P

Yeah, I know the saying “They say love chooses you.” I’ve heard it a lot lately from Kuya. :P But the thing is… I didn’t choose this. :P Well you said that. But yeah, I didn’t choose this, it chose me. But apparently it didn’t choose Kuya. HAHAHA, love you chose wrong. Thanks, for making that mistake with me.

And you’re right this will be tough. I know it’s tough, I can tell it’s tough. It IS tough. O.o I actually don’t know if I’ve ever felt THIS much pain. I’m getting better though. At least I think I am. I’m just telling myself to look at him like I did a few months ago. After all, it was just a few months ago I refused to admit that such feelings were possible. (I was probably in denial).

But still. I was talking to my friend, Addy about this yesterday. And in my mind, this whole situation is complicated. But I know that in another’s eyes, it isn’t. Just like how my friends’ situation seems stupid, but to them it is probably far more complicated than it is. And Addy was trying to get that across. I told her it’s so difficult to get over him because he’s my best friend, we talk everyday and I always see his good qualities. And then she surprised me with by saying, “Why can’t you just look at him and those good qualities through the eyes of a friend? Now that you know he doesn’t have feelings for you, you don’t have to worry you’re missing out. Besides, you did that before, why can’t you now? It shouldn’t be THAT difficult.”

Of course, as much as I don’t want to think there’s truth in that. There actually is. I disagree with her saying that it won’t be difficult, because it will be, I can’t change that. But, I should be able to just look at him as a friend… after all I have done that before. And now that our feelings are cleared, well there’s nothing more to hold on to. And yet, there’s so much to hold on to.

I have issues with making things more complicated than they really are.

And no, you haven’t upset me. I’m not really sure why you would think you would. Okay, to some you might. But I’m actually glad you’re giving me all this.. advice, words of comfort. It helps, it really does. Friends are what help us get through these kind of things.

And I’m glad you love my blogs. I really do (: I’m sorry I’ve been writing new ones often, the whole blogging everyday thing has gotten into some kind of habit. Although I think I won’t blog today for once, nor tomorrow. In fact I’ll leave this blog up until I have more time to post another one. :D

But I’m glad you like reading them. I never thought my writing could move people to tears :P

And you do tend to leave really really long comments on these kind of blogs. :D I love it, I love reading the long comments you post. :D So don’t think I’m telling you to go away. Hahahaha. Your comments are as thoughtfully written as my blogs. :D THat sounded a tad… full of myself but yeah. It’s a compliment.

One year, I had a lot of fainting incidents. :P During Christmas Day, we went to Church and there was a lot of people and I fainted during the Our Father. O.o I’ve fainted a lot in church actually but usually when there’s a lot of people. :/

600 words. I never check to see how many words my blogs are. They’re probably in the thousands. xP

High Alto. So like a mezo-singer. xD The one that’s in between. I wish I was, I’m alto all the way though. I fail at high notes.

I listened to This Abyss and I loved it. I loved the guitar in it and I loved the lyrics and I just loved it. I’m usually not the kind of person to listen to that (it sounded like hard metal, ish) but I actually loved it. :D

Well, I believe in action. I go to Church every Sunday but the hard part is living it out each day of the week. :P My parents are like that too, they’ve rubbed off me. :P