This Abyss

Perhaps the cramp in my foot is telling me a little something. Maybe it’s telling me I shouldn’t be posting this while I’m at work. I’m going to take it out of my break anyway, so it’s not like I’m lying and getting paid for doing personal things when I’m supposed to be working.

Well, firstly, I have a lot of explaining to do.

I know IP addresses don’t lie, and regarding the issue with my hostee posting a rude comment on my site – I was wrong. And so too to the others that believed me. Some crap happened, to put it in short, and I found out that it was actually someone else who posted those comments. Along with other comments, also quite rude, but which happened to clarify that she was just some idiot toying with Diamond – “U dont know me but im just making Diamond’s life HELL (:”

Well. /hmph I don’t know you either, cunt, but your life will be hell soon.

It was just one of the things she said and spammed my site with. I can’t believe the nerve of some people to pretty much go through someone’s stuff and cause drama online, including hacking someone’s account. /angry

Diamond also replied to my emails and an apology I sent about what happened. I did not delete her account yet but now I can see it wasn’t Diamond. She explained that someone had had access to her computer while she had a group project.

I feel bad for putting her in the spotlight so badly. I could have simply checked and waited – but I was too impatient and angry. I even started to believe that she was being so nice just to write such a mean comment. Especially one that was out of the blue like that.

I guess I might as well say that I neglected the fact that computers on the same network can have the same IP address. For instance, all the computers in my house have the same IP address.

I guess all this explains it – I hope you aren’t so hard on Diamond anyway; I wanted to take this opportunity to say that she’s a great person. This made me realise how I shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. Diamond has been my hostee for a long time, and been such a great person.

She has her own words, though, and when she comes back from study you can all hear her side of the story. She told me a rather long story even if it wasn’t finished, and she claims it wasn’t detailed enough. I hope we can all realise this was just a mistake on my part and just another incident of someone hacking Diamond’s stuff. (It’s happened before.)

I wrongly blocked Diamond from my site before, because this vicious little rat of a person had used her computer to make nasty comments.

I haven’t returned all comments but I had to make this explanation. If I don’t reply to parts of your comment related to this incident, you’ll know why. I just want to forget about it and put it all behind me. Drama. It happens.

I’ve heard drama, I’ve been in drama, I’ve been flamed for opinions, I’ve been accused of stealing, but people thinking it’s fun to muck about on the internet in a way like this?

Whatever. I’m going back to work, and, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Have some chocolate caramels. *passes over a bag*

Answer some questions too, I guess. Please don’t just answer the questions.

  • Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
  • Have you ever been rickrolled?
  • What was the last thing you ate?

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I’ve been caught in online drama before, when I was younger on a forum where there was this nutty girl/boy who came on and tried to turn us all against each other (it was a small forum community) as well as drama with coding theft in the play-by-post roleplaying community… Definitely been involved in that as well as someone who had their posts/characters/images AND game coding stolen. Definitely sucks. I swear *everytime* I catch someone stealing my stuff (i.e. coding, layouts, character descriptions), it’s because “well, my friend made it for me” even if they mention somewhere how hard *they* were working on it.

Last thing I ate were pork and chive dumplings with noodles. Yum.

Yes, and it was horrible. It all started with Neopets. I started a neopet graphic site with this girl and she bought a domain for us. We got staff for it, but one of them was a rotten son of a —–. :( I kind of fired him and then he kept sending me hate mail. Eventually hacked into the site and changed the text to ‘you suck’ and more stupid things. He then told me that if I didn’t give him neoplints he would fill the site with adult content and pictures. I stopped using the computer for more than 3 months after that. I hate that kid.

If you mean the YouTube way, then yes. At first I had no idea what it meant.

I ate an egg salad sandwich. Tasty but I had to gulp it down before class :P

I was involved in one once about a year ago when I was hosting an RP site some friends and I used. One person’s character was much stronger than the others, yet the character was still in within the guidelines set in the rules section. Still two of the other people on the site got annoyed with his character’s strength and started bitching about it, to which he began to defend himself. This all began to happen on a weekend that I did not have Internet access, so the next time I logged on I had a lot of shit to deal with. I spent the next week trying to solve the issues to no avail, so by week two I just basically told them all that I was tired of the crap and that they were all idiots and simply locked the thread.

Let’s see…yes, I have been rickrolled, but I have rickrolled many people as well =]

The last thing I ate was a chicken sandwich, fries, and milk, and I will be leaving to eat some yummy Italian food at Buca di Beppo in about an hour! =D

I tried to comment on your blog over at LifeOfSapphire but it wasn’t letting my comment. /hmph

That must have sucked about the RP site especially since you were hosting the site!

Mmh I love Italian food!

After reading your blog – I heard about what Adam Lambert did. I live in Australia so we don’t see the AMAs. It was pretty outrageous what he did. Still, it is not appropriate for people to blame things on him, such as parents worrying children will “turn gay”. Why did they let their children watch it in the first place, gees?

It’s okay. We all make mistakes. You know that it wasn’t Diamond & you apologized. (: I’ve been caught in internet drama only once that i can remember. It was with an affiliate. One of their site staff members they fired, went around posting harsh & very rude comments on the sites affiliates under the owners name. But we knew it wasn’t her, because of her I.P address. I checked, and it wasn’t the same. and i don’t remember any other times, so they must have not been important. haha. xD

Ah yikes, that’s such an awful incident to have happened! I’m glad that it’s all been uncovered and the misunderstandings cleared up though. I haven’t personally experienced any online drama of this sort, but I hope it never happens to me :(

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
Actually, not that much. Maybe a few tiffs here and there but I wouldn’t classify it as drama (:
* Have you ever been rickrolled?
Ahh, yes. My friend was over and we wanted to see if the Miley Cyrus image scandal was true, so we went to youtube. We were browsing and my friend was like “Click on that!” It said it was a video stating information about Miley’s new bf or something. Instead of that, that song came up XD
* What was the last thing you ate?
Tacos :P

Well, I’m glad that it wasn’t really your host, that would have been awful! It’s sad people have no life though.. D:

I know!! It was funny though haha. I usually don’t get words like that mixed up 😳

I hope so, I think I am getting that phone for Christmas though. I think I need a new phone more than a laptop since my old dinosaur get’s the job done (; Then again, my phone is not a bad phone..well..It’s crappy to me but that’s only because I saw better phones out there lmao.

I know, why does technology have to be so expensive?? I bet it takes a lot less money to make the phone then they sell it for. /hmph But, how would they make money then? So I guess if you look at it from their perspective, the want money which is what anyone who was in their position would want I guess.

Damn, you’re on maintenance mode. I’ll try and remember to drop by your site later. Let me know when you’re back! I just didn’t want to skip your comment and forget about it later… I do that a lot. /um

Ahaaa I actually don’t mind Rick Astley’s song, but when it comes up and interrupts the music I’m listening to, that’s annoying.

Aww I love tacos. 🤤

Yeah, it was a shame. They caused so much drama it pissed me off. I just want to forget about it now.

It still looks like a fancy phone! I hope you get it. My phone’s crappy and I hope it dies soon so I have an excuse to buy a new one.

Possibly! But that’s how things work. People want to get back the money they used to make a product so there has to be some sort of profit. :O

wow i just deleted my entire comment, fail. lol!

Sorry, I credited you as soon as you posted your comment!

oh I hate it when people apologized but then I always feel the need to apologize xD

I read your previous blogs about Ben in that band (sorry forgot the name :P) and I’m sorry to hear about the band breaking up :( but it’s good that Ben started a new project! and that you like it of course, different is usually a good thing.

boys tend to say that girls love drama, and well I do but I hate actually being apart of it as I guess most people… but it’s a good thing that it wasn’t Diamond because you get to keep a close friend (Y)

I never knew that about IP addresses either! i learn more online than I do in school, yaay, I’m prepared for business class lol.

I hate people that do that they have no lives at all and are big pieces of /poo !

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
I’ve been a few situations but they weren’t really “big” and ended quite quickly. soo I don’t know, it mostly involved hypocrites and celebrity images :S
* Have you ever been rickrolled?
say what?
* What was the last thing you ate?
pizza on a bagel, well cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce on a bagel :P

yeah. I have tons of ideas in my head and I try coding the layouts but I always screw it up and have to go with something simpler… simple may look nice but I have a thing with complicated xD

yeah oh well, it was a pretty pointless plugin anyways :P

and the different people have different opinions ;D it’s always good to hear what other people say!

my dancing style is probably trip and fall /hehe I’m sometimes clumsy …

lmao, we were talking about nails then it moved on to holes from shirts /bounce

ohh yeah, cause sometimes there is like two scanner things, one on the side and bottom , I have no clue why!

me too, once I tried scanning a tag from a different store and obviously it didn’t work and said something about it being invalid ahah.

I know but I have a small feeling inside me that the world isn’t going to end SOON but is going to have big problems soon with global warming… it hasn’t snowed yet where I am and by now there should be snow everywhere… we broke another world record! D:

Yeah just like how the Earth was created. There’s the “Big bang theory” of science and then our religions “Creation story” it’s hard to chose which one. I personally try to put them together like puzzle pieces xD but I haven’t gotten too far!!

LOL oh dear. Well your site is on maintenance mode and I really don’t want to forget your comment so when you open again just let me know and I’ll visit!

Haha that’s true. Sometimes I feel bad about things and I want to apologise, even though they say it’s all okay and I shouldn’t.

Change is inevitable; sometimes it has to happen. It was the case with Armor For Sleep. People who liked the old band don’t really like the new one but I love it. They have picked up new fans from it too.

Ugh yeah, I hate being a part of drama at all. Haha good on you! Well you do pick up a lot of things online anyway. But if all the computers are on the same network they’re usually connected to the same router with a single IP.

LOL they are definitely big pieces of /poo

Aw well, I’m glad they ended quickly. It sucks being severely trapped in drama.

Have you heard of Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna Give You Up? It’s when someone tricks you with a link to that video. [Rickrolling on WikiPedia.]

Simple is definitely nice though, if you do it right. :)

It’s good to hear other people’s opinions but some people are so rude when they hear something different to what they think.

LOL, trip and fall! That’s very cute. :P

Yeah, that’s right. I don’t know why they can’t just have one scanning surface… maybe they both need to work together to scan properly. Meh, I don’t really know how to relate it to science!

Smart machine though, probably knowing that you got the item from a different store!

Really? Well it’s never snowed in Australia so… yeah. It’s all concerning but we shouldn’t be thinking about such terrible things now!

I am Catholic so I have heard about the story of creation, but it’s like I also believe the Big Bang theory. I don’t really settle for one explanation but I believe both and I respect what other people think.

Firstly – I owe you a huge apology as all asian countries do not eat cats and dogs but I am aware some do. So, SORRY! And my bad!

And about this drama – hunnie, I know exactly how you feel! I have been in the same position as you are now MANY TIMES!!!! And most of the time it is bastards making my life online a living hell! I been hacked and had viruses sent to me. Cyber stalked and even at one point on my cell phone. As you know recently my old yahoo account got hacked and stolen from me which Yahoo has yet to delete…pisses me off cause other important folks still send me email there – PERSONAL EMAIL and now someone else has it. I am unable to login or even change my info as they change the security questions on me and I can’t get in at all. Yahoo is so secure to a fault to where you are the owner of a yahoo account who is locked out of her/his own yahoo account due to the fact that someone took over your yahoo account and change everything on you and yahoo has yet to delete the account and this took place TWO DAYS AGO…

I know how frustrated Diamond must feel as someone done violated her personal stuff and all hell broke loose adn all under her name – being hacked is the worst of the worst in regards to online drama…to me is worst than viruses…cuz someone is running around with your name raising hell.

Good thing I never commented on ya last post as I was bout to but was too tired. Good to hear she still has her site with you. I know if I was in ya position and a hostee done that shit to me – I woulda REALLY DELETED their ass from my server. And no need to apologize to us readers – only one who deserve the true genuine apology is ya hostee as she was the victim in all this mess. What you went thru is totally understandable…who wouldn’t have reacted as you had? I know I woulda went BUCK WILD on their ass if it was me.

ANyways *warm hugz* hun…have a good nite or a good day @ work.

Okay not to make a big deal about it but when are you going to return my comments? Anyway, I’m glad you figured out who was doing that to your hostee. That sucks. I hate it when people are so rude, and hack into your things. A long time ago, people would hack into my emails and IM’s. It sucked arse. So yeah I guess you can consider that internet drama. I mean one person got pissed off because I bitched at a regular chatter for flirting with a newbie, when I thought that the regular chatter was still dating the girl I knew. I didn’t know that they had broken up. Noone told me! So ever since then, it’s been one big blow up. And than one person tricked me into thinking they were a guy, and what not. And then later confessed that the guy was a she with a baby. The baby part wasn’t a lie, but the name and everything was. So one day I log on, and this girl said that one of the baby’s mothers friend was dead and wanted to know if I would care to submit a song for her because she committed suicide. Supposedly. I said no because of what they did to me. They called me a cold hard bastard. Well; if I am so be it. But yeah. I’ve been in and out of drama since my highschool years, and everything so I get what you mean. I also had another incident where I was a regular chatter on I think that’s the website name. Well; someone was complaining about someone stalking elijah wood, so they banned him from the chatroom well; that included me. Everyone was pissed. Back than we were on dial up. Go figure.

Wow, people are such jackasses. Hacking into other people’s sites and whatnot.. It’s really just stupid.

Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences. – Yes I have. It was at a forum that I used to go to alot. Apparently, I had put in the wrong year for my bday and the owner of the site said I was claiming to be younger/older that I actually was. This pissed me off. The owner didn’t even check it out first to see if I had actually made a mistake in my profile or not. Which I did. SO they just banned me anyway. But that was afew years ago and I don’t even think that forum is running anymore. 👏

Have you ever been rickrolled? – Not that I can remember..

What was the last thing you ate? – Steak and eggs. That was my dinner. YUM! /ehe

Aw Georgina, you are such a big person to admit that you made a mistake. It really does take a strong person to do that, it’s really hard for some people to admit that they’re not perfect. That’s why you’re such a good person!!

What an assface though, seriously. Who has the maturity level of a 10 year old to mess around with someone’s internet friends to make their lives a living hell? Come on, don’t these kids have something better to do? I hope Diamond does something drastic about that bitch. SHEESH. I’d kill them. Okay maybe I wouldn’t but I’d definitely put them in their place. Arghh. I’m surprised you didn’t email me about this! We always share our e-dramaz. ahahah effin e-drama..god. so ridic.

I miss talking to you!! I really think we should start that awesome forum though. Srsly. I have $7.99 on my namecheap account so if you can come up with an awesome domain name for a forum, we’lll get it. :D

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Um yes & you know all about it so I don’t really need to elaborate ahaha.
* Have you ever been rickrolled? Yes…so annoying but I actually like the song so I watch the entire video.
* What was the last thing you ate? Tofu soup, rice & chicken. It was korean food. super yummy. omg i need to ship you candy!! have you been to your candy store yet?!?! you gotta tell me if you have swedish fish. omg please send me vegemite. i love that stuff & i know how disgusting most americans think it is but i love it.

LOL…maybe your foot is cramping from ballet yesterday?

And hahahaha! Doing personal things during work xD Oh well, I’m sure your boss won’t mind too much. Especially if you keep it short :P

Yeah, I’m guilty of jumping too wrong conclusions too…:( [Sorry, Diamond!]. I can’t believe that stupid bitch! /angry

She seriously MUST have no life whatsoever… 😒 No really, if you want to ruin someone’s life, maybe you should ask yourself first “Do I have anything better to do with my life other than be a sad, retarded bitch who nobody likes?” If the answer is yes, then I’m sorry but you have issues.

Poor Diamond :(

Well it’s all over now. And now everyone is aware that it is NOT Diamond being bitchy, it’s that total crackwhore of a freak, who doesn’t deserve any attention whatsoever.


I can’t believe there are still people like this. It’s so juvenile. This is the crap people do in year SEVEN when they don’t know any better. How sad.

Okay, I’m going to answer your questions now:

– No, I haven’t been in an online drama, unless you count the ones in which I panic to you about something that this person or that person has done, like I did on Tuesday xD Or maybe that time where this one person was bitching about all our friends, and practically trying to force me to take his side. LONG STORY. Thank god it’s over! xD

– No, I haven’t. But I like that song! Never gonna GIVE YOU UP! etc, etc :P

– The last thing I ate? A cookie. I mean biscuit xD

Maybe! Or I think I might have been sitting in a funny position.

She’s never noticed though. I just take it out of my breaks but I don’t think she knows I’ve been checking my email and whatnot. Oh well, I’m being fair and just. :P

Issues indeed. I don’t know why the hell you’d want to do that. It’s really quite pathetic as well, not to mention it causes a lot of trouble. /snort

I would have to agree. But even so, the extent to which she did this was pretty extreme. In year seven you might want to go and flame someone and spam their message board or something, but to pretend to be someone else and/or cause drama with someone you don’t even know… like fuck off? O_O

Yes, and I haven’t heard from this other person since. Thankfully.

Forcing someone to take sides is wrong. It’s just showing how… well, I can’t find the word right now. It’s like you’re desperate to get someone on your side to prove you are right.

Woo! I like that song too /bounce

LOL “etc, etc :P ” made me laugh.

I still think there is a difference between cookies and biscuits. Cookies are round and like the ones eaten by the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. Biscuits are like those Arnotts ones and can be other shapes, and are usually “light”? I’m not sure how to explain it. :P

I’m doing a test comment because I just upgraded WordPress. :P

Mistakes like this do happen. Don’t blame yourself. No one wanted it to happen. :) Anyway, I think there are IP addresses which are the same. In Singapore, it is possible that the entire office building with a few hundred computers have the same IP address. I think Diamond will understand it’s all a misunderstanding. :)

I’ve been in edramas before, small ones I think. That was 2 or 3 years back. I can’t remember what is it about. I think my layout was copied/duplicated exactly by someone. I was really pissed a few years back. However, since I came back in December last year, I’m not really too bothered about such issues anymore. I feel more honoured that someone thinks my layout is good enough to be copied. But still, I would probably send them an email or something. I’m pretty sure no one will feel too comfortable when such things happen.

Well I haven’t been commenting lately!

I’ve just been so busy with my life and all those bla blas you need not know about. :P

Anyways, haha, you have a very.. erm, bossy foot then. Haha. Yeah, that’s what our teachers ususally say when they get mad at us for being noisy. “I can stare at you the whole period. I get paid, anyways.” It makes me laugh. Sometimes.

Oh wow. What a lifeless loser. She must not have anything to do so she spams for fun. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’ve read that “the demons” like playing with idle minds. How dare she? Honestly, it’s not worth spamming someone just because you’re bored.

Aw, poor Diamond. Oh God, I hate it when people would mess with other peoples computers. I mean, it’s not theirs, isn’t it?!

Yeah, none of us should jump to conclusions because we can never be so sure if our conclusion IS right, right? :P
(I honestly don’t understand what I just “said”)

Aaaanyways, here are my answers:

* Have you ever been caught in online drama?
Nope. Glad I never have been.
* Have you ever been rickrolled?
What the hell is that? :D
* What was the last thing you ate?
Hm, oh, rice and some… well, food. (H)

Anyways again, I’ve moved to a new host. I just want to start fresh, but not from scratch. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I think moving is the best option I have. I’ve been experiencing some problems ever since I’ve moved to be hosted by Priya. I hate leaving her, because she’s the best, but..God, life is SO complicated. My new host hasn’t been replying and I’ve been waiting for her reply for days. So, right now, I’m host-less. I actually thought of applying at, but I’m quite sure my site isn’t the hostee type. :/

Ah, I’ve missed commenting on my affiliates blog and other “friends” blogs. I hate myself for being so thoughtless. Ugh.

Too much information, eh?

That’s alright. By the way, I don’t mind hosting you at if you really need. :)

Oh, my teachers did that as well. They said similar things and told us that they were still getting paid. Humph.

I know, it was totally inappropriate as well. It’s also very immature to do things like that.

That’s true. Jumping to conclusions usually means you haven’t analysed the situation and looked at it thoroughly so you have more chance of being wrong.

Rickrolled? Do you know Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna Give You Up? It’s when someone links you to something and it turns out to be that song.

[Rickrolling on WikiPedia.]

If your new host isn’t replying and you’re just having a lot of trouble, you can apply and I can set up an account for you. I don’t really look at “types”. I accept most people at :)

Nah, no worries.

Well thanks. :)

Haha. I actually think I just my Math teacher pass by our house when I was eating! But, I can’t be so sure. T___T I only saw her head.

Ah, I see. Well, no, I’ve never been rickrolled…

Oh, wow! I actually made a temporary Blogger site. I was just so bored and I usually spend my time working on my site!
I’ll give it a try…

Oops. He..he. Sorry, Diamond. /sweat
Nah, just kidding. I didn’t do anything. /bounce but I still apologize on behalf of Wuggs /eee

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
The only instance was when some dumbass on the internet was trying to convince me that it is safe (and humanly possible) to shoot a bow beyond its deadwall.
On a bow like mine with the cables and all, you can only draw it so far until the cables hit their limit; it’s the deadwall. Most manufacturers use a machine to force the bow beyond this point for advertising arrow speed stats; half the time, the limbs simply explode on release.
* Have you ever been rickrolled?
Just once; the audio was sneakily retitled as a new single from a band I like. D:
* What was the last thing you ate?
Curry rice with broccoli. /bounce


Aweee! /eee

Hahah are you serious? That sounds really dumb and considering the limbs explode… well. 🙄

That’s pretty smart. Most of the time when I came across music on Limewire, it turned out to be some random recording of bullshit, or a trojan. 🤬

Aww you ate little trees! [Broccoli.]

I really hope so. Every time they stop, I feel really happy that we get to have fun as a normal family should. And then it starts again.

Yeah. That would’ve been really terrible (in one way) to be following all those fans. XD

That was so horrible of that person to have written that comment from Diamond’s computer. And they had done it before? D: That’s so sick. They should get a life instead of ruining others’. /angry

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? I had blogged about someone that they never kept in touch with me even though they should, that person had gotten mad at me. That’s pretty much it, actually..
* Have you ever been rickrolled? Nope.
* What was the last thing you ate? Oranges. My mother forced me to eat them. :D

Oh gee, I own Diamond an apology for bashing her for not hearing the side of her story yet. :X /ehh

Go Georgie! Make their life a living hell! We have yo back. XD Really. :D

GAHH. THAT PERSON SHOULD GET A LIFE. It’s just so sad that they have nothing to do than to spam all day and write cuss words on your site and Diamond’s chatbox and anywhere else. Total bullcrap, I tell you, bullcrap.

Have you ever been caught in online drama?
Yes, a lot. But It was years ago so I totally forgot what happened. Though I remember that I was still in Primary 4 when all those drama were going on.

Have you ever been rickrolled?
Uh .. huh?

What was the last thing you ate?
Fish and rice. Just got back from eating my dinner. XD

You left me a comment on my other blog – that’s good you’re going to watch the movie! :P I’ve never been to a concert but I plan on sneaking a camera in. My friend did once and lost it so… didn’t really work out. :P

Yeah man. I haven’t heard from that person again. Thankfully. Causing drama like that is so immature.

Haha do you know what rickrolling is? See WikiPedia! It’s to do with Rick Astley’s song, Never Gonna Give You Up.

Yum, I love fish. 🤤

Oh, LOL. Good luck with that! Try using your cellphone’s camera :D

So true. {sigh} people .. /ho

Haha, okay. I’ll check it out.

lmao. It’s really tasty. XD

It’s your break anyway, so you’re not doing something wrong. What’s wrong is you don’t do a thing or you pretend to do something yet you’re only depedning on someone to do the work for you. *cough*

That person doesn’t have a life. It’s a shame they’d do as much as to bother someone who has done nothing wrong.

I read your previous blog and I almost couldn’t believe it was Diamond who said it. She’s one of my affiliates and I can tell she’s a nice person. She hasn’t even said vulgar words to me, and to her blog posts, if I remember it correctly. :S

That really sucks. Online drama. It happens sometimes. At least you learned something from this experience. There are always people who try to make you appear bad no matter what you say or do. It’s either people believe you or hey believe them.

I hope you and Diamond are okay now. :)

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences. ~Yeah, and it was between me and my online friend who has a crush on a guy that I only knew from the internet. She caused such a ruckus over the forums, telling them that I stole the guy away from her. She was a really good friend of mine until that incident. I was defending myself at first, but got tired of it and didn’t care anymore. It wasn’t true anyway. I don’t think I can “love” someone who I didn’t even know in real life.
* Have you ever been rickrolled? It sounds stupid, but what is rickroll? @_@
* What was the last thing you ate? Dinner. Rice and seafoods! YUMMY! :P

Aww, thanks for the comment. *hugs* My bruises are getting better. I hope they don’t leave scars though.

Thank you for the link! *downloading it now* I was searching hard for it in P2P programs, but failing miserably. What is an EP?

Well at least you are going to take it out of your break time. A lot of people I know do personal stuff at work and don’t even care enough to take it out of their break. Kudos to you :)

That’s horrible that someone would hack her computer and leave a nasty comment like that getting her in trouble when she didn’t even do a thing. I probably would be been as mad as you were, Gerogina, and jumped to conclusions, so don’t worry, we all do it at one point. I’m sure that Diamond understands why you got so upset and put her in the spotlight, we are only humans and we make mistakes. :) But I’m sure you’ve learned from yours, so that’s what matters.

(I hope that last paragraph made sense :) )

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
Yes, it was one of the worst experiences ever and it made me depressed for about a month. I had this really good online friend, I won’t give her name though, and we had been talking for about 2 years. Then suddenly she finds this other group of people on the internet, nasty rude ones, cliquely ones. She suddenly changes her personality, acting a lot like them and getting annoyed at me a lot of the time for talking to her. Her friends make a message board that got really popular, and I decided to join so that maybe I could start talking to my friends friends too so that I wouldn’t feel awkward anymore. There was something said, I replied and then wrote “haha just kidding” at the end and it turned into a load full of drama and I almost had to call the police because they were finding pictures of me and drawing rude things on the pictures and posting them on the message board. I was so upset it ruined my life for the month because I was so upset. I would never let something as stupid as that bother me anymore, that was last year.

* Have you ever been rickrolled?
Not sure what that means
* What was the last thing you ate?

Have a great day!

Aw so sorry about Diamond :( It sucks to be blamed for something you didn’t actually do. Glad to know that it’s not her though. Hope something like this won’t happen again!

Oh yeah I think multiple computers can have the same IP address if they use the same internet. I have the same IP address with my neighbor because I use their WLAN network. Haha they don’t know I use theirs everyday. It’s like a free WiFi service :P My other neighbors also use theirs, lol, and I think it’s not a big deal for them XD

Aw it really sucks when people surf the net anonymously and they do something they aren’t supposed to do, like blaming people and pretending to be someone else :( I’ve seen few people who have been in a situation like this too.

lol that’s okay Georgie :P I’ve been kinda inactive in the WWW too, because of exams. Glad I could return comments and write a new blog at last :D

Aw, thank you! :D Haha yeah I will beg him like crazy to tweet me 😝 I feel bad for my followers, I know they must be annoyed because of my crazy tweets to David XD

Ooh yeah I think I will definitely love it there :D Australia seems like a great place to stay. My dad has ever been there and stayed for one week and he really enjoyed his time there! :D When he got home, he shared his experience to us and he looked like he was telling a story to entertain a group of three-year-old children :P He looked so excited XD His story sounded so interesting anyway :P

Whoops me too, I also feel shy to answer a phone call in public places. Well I even feel shy to answer phone calls at home *duh* 😒 I’m way too shy sometimes XD

Ah sure, I might take a pic of it and upload it if I don’t feel lazy to do it :P *screw my laziness*

XD yeah, burstday! :P I really like it when Indonesians sing a happy birthday song and they pronounce burstday and bird’s day alternately :P Haha it sounds so funny! I also pronounce birthday as bird’s day when I was 7, lol *duh* /bash

Thank you! :D I’ve known some of my exam marks though, and they aren’t so bad :) Even though I don’t think I could be in the first place this year, but I think I have done my best XD I still have three exams to do anyway. Ugh I need to study still 🤬

I was just saying that I hadn’t received a comment from you in a couple of days when I saw that you left comments on other people’s blog that you frequently visit. So sorry if I pissed you off because I was just wondering. No harm in wondering. So no need to get a snooty attitude. Anyway, that letter wasn’t a real letter to begin with. It was a generated letter that I made on I’m no longer a fan of Adam Lambert because of that performance. I once was, but after seeing that I didn’t like him anymore. So you can’t categorize me as a fan. Now a person that I am a fan of is Meat Loaf and will forever more be a fan of Meat Loaf. I always have been and always will be and noone can take his place. So yeah.

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
It wasn’t even just strictly online drama. It was myself and some IRL friends on MySpace that got caught up in a feud via a friend’s MySpace blog entry regarding her shady boyfriend. I couldn’t get into it at all without writing a novel. It would make anyone’s head spin that doesn’t know the people I was involved with. All I know is that it’s really stupid, the whole situation and whatnot. It’s a neverending story, and it could totally beat out the soap operas on television.

* Have you ever been rickrolled?
I think all of America that was watching the 2008 Thanksgiving Day Parade when Rick Astley performed Never Gonna Give You Up. XD. That was probably the funniest thing.

* What was the last thing you ate?
McDonalds french fries, and they took me an hour and a half to eat because I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled and cannot chew much at all. >.<;

It wasn’t something I could turn down, I was being assessed on it, otherwise I would’ve told them where to stick it, lol. It was seriously the biggest waste of time performance I’ve ever done! /bash

Oh my god, that’s an awful thing to do to someone, especially getting them into so much shit like that. What would possess someone to do it? I seriously don’t get it.
Obviously someone has too much time on their hands.

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
… Yes, but nothing terrible. The worst thing is probably an email argument but as soon as the girl found out I knew where she lived and would quite happily go round and ‘sort it’ face to face she backed off and apologised, lol.
* Have you ever been rickrolled?
… What? /huh *confused* LOL.
* What was the last thing you ate?
… Some chicken… just for a change, haha!

Aweh yeah, I have 20 comments displayed per page as well, so I can understand where you’re coming from. Although, I’m not getting as many comments so that’s somewhat of a good thing lmao.

That’s so true. It’s always nice to get comments, I really appreciate people who take the time, so I guess the least we can do is return the favor.. only difference is, they probs didn’t go through extreme stress to find the time to comment on our site like we have to do for them. xD

Psh you haven’t broken down as many times as I have, so just be proud LOL. You definitely have more motivation to run this site than I have for mine. You’re still Superwoman, and you always will be for me, so you must learn to live with that lmfao.

Your blogs are interesting. The way you talk about your life is what makes it interesting hahaha.

Whenever I get the chance, I’ll start working on that heart-popping eyeballs emoticon hehe. I’m so fucking packed with plans this weekend though, it’s crazy. I have to go to a party where everyones going to be drunk tonight. (How fun?) I didn’t want to go, but my friend got all mad at me because she thought I didn’t want to go because I don’t value our friendship.. lol fail. I was actually supposed to go to Daniels house tonight, but not anymore.. so I’ll probs do that tomorrow. And then I have community service and a project at my friends house on Sunday. And a massive biology test to study for. Fuck.

I have no idea how the ending of the Barney song went. :P Something dead though! Fo’sho.

Yeah my mom tells me to learn how to love studying as well, and I keep telling her that I doubt I’ll ever be able to do that. :P I guess I’ll have to force myself to get into the habit though.


Ryan and his girlfriend are enjoying their time together, which is super cute to see. :)

Omg I swear you’ve been to a concert before. :O I can’t beleive that LOL, you just seem like the type of person who would be all over the whole concert scene. I’ve only been to one before, for Regina Spektor. You might not have ever even heard of her, but I love her hehe.

I did catch up with this blog, and now I can see that it was a misunderstanding. Ngaw.

Poor Diamond. It was great on your part to apologize and accept that you were wrong though, that’s really hard for some people to do.. which makes them jerks. :P

Whoever that bitch was who left the rude comment, karma will catch up with them, it always does haha.

I hope no one hacks Diamond again. D: That really sucks for her, and you’re right, she is a really nice person. :) She’s one of my affies as well.

So, I’m not the only one who gets haunted by these fucking hanger and sock fairies. Psh. I hope they all die in a hall and give me my hangers back. FFS.

LOL maybe you should start buying only one size of hangers so life doesn’t become more complicated for you and your fam. xD It’s like a matching game, big sweater.. big hanger.

When we went to Austria, my aunt dried our clothes the way you do and my mom was just saying how she thought it was rather odd since they have a dryer but they just never use it LMAO. It takes much longer to dry on the line as well doesn’t it?

Yeah reverting to stocking seems like a good idea. Before you know it, I’m going to pull out stocking from the dryer and see that half has been cut off and has gone missing. Fucking fairies. I will EAT YOU.

LOL, have fun underwear shopping. xD

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Not very often actually, just with people who have removed credit links on premade layouts.. like with Michael.. sigh, we all know that story.
* Have you ever been rickrolled? What does rickrolled mean? Fail.
* What was the last thing you ate?
Cookies. :D

Wow, I never would have guessed someone had hacked her computer, or account or whatever. Hackers really annoy me, theres no need for it really. /angry

Those comments left were really mean though, I hope Diamond sorts it all out.

It’s good that she’s explained the full story though, and you shouldn’t feel bad for banning her, or possibly deleting her account, it’s the first conclusion any one would go for!

I do miss using my photos too, but they’re boring me. Hopefully more McFly/Jedward tours coming up in 2010, so more photos. :’)

Your photos are so awesome though, I love them. ♥ I also love your smilies. They’re so cute! :)

I managed to stick my tab key back on. It annoys me when keys fall off because they’re so sensitive, hence me making the same mistake twice. D:

I didn’t get to see Paranormal Activity in the end. I was really sick today and I had to be sent home from school so my mum said it was best for me not to go. :(

Yeah, kind celebrities are lovely! The ones that have let fame go to their heads annoy me though, they have no time for their fans.

If someones posts on Tumblr look interesting to me, or we like the same things, I’ll follow them back because I can get to know them. But people I have never spoken to, or share no interests with, I don’t.

Oh I never stop posting haha. My Tumblarity is something like 970 right now, and thats very high for me. :’) Recently I’ve not stopped spamming Jedward photos. Luckily because of our time difference, you don’t have to put up with them! :P

I have all four of my walls covered in posters. X_X But yeah, thanks haha, I’m going to increase my little shrine tomorrow, I have 4 magazines with interviews in to buy. XD

I don’t remember the iPod mini, but I suppose if they’re not making money with it, they’ll have to shove it along and bring in something else. I’m really looking forward to getting my iPod touch and putting millions of apps on it! :D

Thanks! I always feel underconfident, I was so worried! D:

I’ve taken an interest in Law but I never chose it as one of my options, but according to our careers advisor, it isn’t actually needed to do a law degree in university. Fingers crossed. :)

Haha, I love that t shirt so much. It should be here soon. :D

SHIZZ, they almost found out where you lived? thats darn creepy :|
haha i remember VCR !! i loved them but now i dont need them cause i can catch everything online :P
LOL they have signs saying ‘have you got your USB?’ thats sooo awsome ! i carry a big bag too… so that day, i cleared out my bag just to make sure my usb was not in there :P

oh my, who would try to ruin Diamond’s name like that ?! Thats not very nice :( When drama like this happens, it scares me cause people can do anything nowadays !!

* Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
kinda. once i posted about how im not feeling the christmas spirit on a forum and all thse people started saying about how i’m not ‘grateful’ … they didn’t really get what i was trying to say and that really ticked/upsetted me

* Have you ever been rickrolled?
what does ‘rickrolled’ mean? ><

* What was the last thing you ate?
chocolate cake :D

What was the last thing you ate?

UMM I ate peanut butter sandwich! /bounce

LOL /hehe

Also homemade chocolate from a friend! /eee

Have an awesome day!

Yeah I get what you’re saying. Having a busy lifestyle offline can get pretty hectic. So I’m sorry. Yeah what Lambert did was pretty outrageous. I watched it on youtube and was disgusted with it. I wasn’t at first and I really didn’t want to watch the video as I was slowly fading away from being his fan, but after watching it I am no longer his fan. But I’m glad that you have a new liking to Ben’s music so that’s always a plus. So anyhow anything new?

Online drama is a lot of the time more rough than real life drama, in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I don’t get out all too much /oh It’s really stressful too. 💥 I never knew that IP addresses could be the same if the computers were in the same network :P I always thought that my computer and our office computer had two different IPs. 😝

Have you ever been caught in online drama?
Not really, but I’ve witnessed it before.
Have you ever been rickrolled?
Several times, on mostly message boards/forums. 3x
What was the last thing you ate?
Flaming hot Cheetos. LOL 💥

Ohh what movie did you see? I missed the blog. :(
They never say anything about it so we just do it for the heck of it lol

My friends saw Paranormal Activity. I will see it one day. Not alone, but i will see it. :D

You are welcome. :D They icons were really hot. :)
What about for fansites though? I own one, is it like illegal?

Aww it’s okay. :) Everyone makes mistakes, and you took responsibility and apologized for what you did. That was brave and most
people won’t do it because of pride. You did it, and you are awesome for that. Where was I when all this was happening?? I swear I
need to reply comments more often lol. Thank God for IP Adresses huh?

I have never actually been in a drama like this before. Never been hacked…praise the Lord. :D Anyways i’ll stop talking about it now,
since you want to put it all in the past. :)

Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
Well, the kind i’ve been in is like graphic or resources related. Maybe if some people take time to read, instead of accusing they would
actually see a credit on there! Also, some just like to accuse for no damn reason. I think it’s their hobby. Stupid Fake Itches!

Have you ever been rickrolled?
Okay call me stupid, but i have no idea what that is. :(

What was the last thing you ate?
Gum lol

So far I have never been caught in a major drama~ just those small ones but they’re minor. So what are you working as now ? (: and never got hacked(including game), which is good XD.

* Have you ever been caught in online drama?
Nope (H)

* Have you ever been rickrolled?
No (what does rickrolled means anyway? o.o)

* What was the last thing you ate?

Haha, yeah. Everybody knows my boyfriend too.

Oh, really? I guess that meant a lot of people closed their sites down. That sucks. Oh, of course! Credit is highly required! I don’t think any of us would ever not credit someone. It’s so rude.

lol. Yeah, actually I was using my iPod. I know, haha, it’s so fun. That happened to me, I got in so much trouble. lol.

Wow, we have about 80 channels if you have cable, including MTV, and all of that stuff.

Thanks! Good! Yeah, me too. But I get my licence in February. Haha, no, I could picture you driving a car without any accidents. lol.

Yeah, I know. I dropped it, and then…snap! lol.

Aw, that is so sad. I can’t believe it. I want them to tour so badly. I know, please!!!

Haha, your so sneaky. What’s your job?

I’m so sorry I can’t reply to the rest of your blog. I have to go, suddenly! Sorry!

Unfortunately I can’t remember what the title of the video I saw for Lambert’s performance. :(. Sowwy :(. But yeah, he was did a good job on American Idol and I wanted him to win, and was shocked when he didn’t win, but after his remark on the Ama’s interview, that just totally turned me against him. I took him off of my twitter list, and facebook. I mean a part of me still likes him, but not so much anymore. Ya know that feeling? So chores huh? Sounds like a riot. NOT. I hate doing chores, mainly because my back hurts afterwards. I’m thinking it’s the weight doing it or when I got kicked in the lower back by someone close to me, a long time ago when I was in highschool or junior high. But yeah, chores suck. I’m glad you’re having a good weekend so far. Hope it gets better for you as the days go.

Oh, man.

First off, I apologise for calling your discovered-to-be-innocent hostee a ‘lame brain’ when it wasn’t her fault — And I hope she gets this problem with this psycho posing as her online cleared up soon! :(

And don’t beat yourself up about it, Georgina — There was no way for you to know it wasn’t really Diamond!

@$*^@#* dang spammer person ! LOL I can’t believe they did that! Aw, I take that back about your hostee XD. I didn’t know the wholeee story! Blah, online drama sucks. At least you don’t have any problems with your hostee, just the hacker -___-

lol thanks! Haha yeah, that’s why its such a great color! LOL I’d be lost without grey XD

lol yeah, she says she misses everyone BUT me. But she said she does miss torchering me XD. She knows deep down, she misses me (Y)

Haha yeah, it’s a cute little name for a movie! Very creative!

Haha yeah, they are mad expensive these days! Last week when we went, we snuck in McDonalds :D It was our dinner! So yummy! It was like 5 dollars for a whole meal while $5 would buy you like a drink at the movies. My friend also buys candy and stuff at the stores before going. See at the movie theater we go to normally, it’s in a mall, and they have a Target store, and they have like everything you will ever need. Food, clothing, books, electronics, furniture and stuff. My favorite store. Anyways, they have boxes of candy for $1 while at the movies, they are 4 ! Target = love! LOL

Ew! Mine was like some special thing I’ve only seen at that restaurant and it was like called like Lion King or something and it was like a shrimp tempura with part of it in a sushi roll. It was pretty cool! It tasted better then it looked :D Which is weird since usually its the other way around (:

LMAO ! Ha, that would be MADD AWESOME ! That would be cool to have like a little website get together ! XDD. I would guess you’d start from like California or somewhere on the western side, since it’s closer to Australia. Pooey, New York will be like last XD

Thanks for the comment. And believe me I love your site so to use a premade is a bonus. :)

I hope the cramp is better now!
Yeah I know how it feels to make a mistake. I’m glad you are so nice about it, we can count on you. :)

I’ve been in debates before and I didn’t always have a good argument so I got trashed but I don’t really like to talk it about. It happend two years ago and I’m still sensitive to it. :(

Rickrolled? :)

Some mini candy bars.

I’m glad most of everything is sorted out. I was on Twitter when that utter fool was pretending to be Dia – when you minding your own business and someone starts to randomly attack you, you know something’s fishy. Happy you clarified it all!

Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
Yes, I have. I’d rather not go into details, but think Gossip Girl. IM. School. Friend’s. Teachers. Gossip. Hectic stuff!
When it comes to the online world, it is hard to hide your tracks – you will always get caught! so behave and abstain :P

What was the last thing you ate?
Toast with strawberry jam :P

Keep well

x x x

Haha :D I’m so excited too, I like can’t put it into words! I know when I get there I will most likely freak out 🤬 lol, I bet I will get emotional actually, sounds oh so dramatic! wow, new jersey from australia must be a hell of a long way to go. My mum wanted to go to Australia but I just couldn’t cope with the 24 + hour flight, I’m not a good flyer and I also get travel sick, lol not a good combination! I don’t think it’s as long for you to get to america as aposed to getting to the UK, I think the plane like goes the opposite way round, kinda like round the back of the globe if you know what I mean lol! Yeah, I want to go to all places in america too! When we get back from this trip 2 years later we are planning on going to L.A/hollywood, california & las vegas :D I just love america! I will deffinetly show you pics from the holiday, I will take thousands I’m sure, haha. yeah, it’s crazy to think you may be sleeping right now :o I know, I’m not looking forward to that, I will get so confused, I don’t think I have had jet lag before,argh. It will be worth it though! I love supernatural, it’s the best I have gotten scared at some of the episodes too, they are like mini horrors, lol but it’s all good with sam & dean so you sorta feel safe /eee Yeah, they get sent to the australian bush, it is very entertaining i love it, it actually was the finale last night :( boo, but I was happy because my favourite celeb won, Gino D’Acampo, he’s so funny xD wow, so people actually go and eat wild stuff like that just for fun sometimes? omg. thats crazy!

oh, I forgot…I always seem to press send and forget something I wanted to type in haha, that sucks whoever did the nasty comments & it’s even worse under your hostee’s names, some people are so selfish and damn right rude. I hope it will all be forgiven and forgotten in no time,

Have you ever been caught in online drama? no I haven’t really
Have you ever been rickrolled? ok, I always here about rickrolled & I don’t know what the hell it is?!? :O
What was the last thing you ate? a ripple bar, chocolate first thing in the morning, theres nothing new there!

Well I’m glad everything has been sorted out now.
Thanks for the offer- I’m taking it into consideration, as I’ve got an offer from another person as well. Plus I’m thinking about buying my own domain or something. :) Thanks! I’ll let you know what I decide.

Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
It wasn’t technically drama, it was a person who took my point of view the wrong way and started having a bit of a rant- after some explaining everything sorted itself out. :)

Have you ever been rickrolled?

What was the last thing you ate?
A chocolate coin from my advent calendar. :3

You’re welcome! Whatever you feel is right. I offer domain hosting too if you ever need it – it’s up to you!

Ugh that’s annoying when someone takes what you say the wrong way! Good to hear it was finally sorted out though. :)

I actually really like the song so I usually just listen it out. :P

Aww I don’t really do the advent calendar thing but yum!

You should have 10 comments/page on your blogs. You always get like 59654890 so I have to scroll down for 50 years to get to the comment form, lol. Just kidding. You have a jump to the comment form button. I’m just being annoying. ♥

So, let me get this straight: is this mystery girl your hostee’s real-life friend or just some random stranger ? That’s crazy. That’s kind of why I don’t want anyone from my offline life to know about my site. I feel like some of them would think it’d be funny to pose as me and be rude/obnoxious to my online friends.

I mean, I know you don’t have a Facebook, but a lot of my friends’ status updates are really disgusting and explicit sometimes because their roommates or friends say something while they aren’t looking.

Dear Diamond, we ♥ you !

Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences. No actually ! I’ve had the great fortune to have never been involved in online drama. Well, back in my Swimchick-obsessed days, I read Jem’s pants award review of it and tried to stick up for Jess.. which turned a bit ugly. But it was nothing big. Other than that, I feel like something may start up, but I doubt it. There’s just one webowner who I don’t get along with (we can talk about it in private if you want), but I don’t want it to turn into anything because’s just online. Doesn’t affect my real life in the teeniest bit. There are some things that I want to tell every webowner I know, but I’m sure they all have something to say to me too. No need to go there, right ?
Have you ever been rickrolled? What the heck does that mean. Lol (;
What was the last thing you ate? A slice of Ellio’s pizza and Herr’s Ripple Potato Chips. Drinking coffee right now, wooo.

In response to your (freakishly long) comment — guarantee you’ll want the DVD after you watch it real quick online. The MacManus brothers need to be real so I can marry the both of them. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Except Sean Patrick Flanery (the tanner, lighter-haired one) aged a lot since the movie came out (1999). You can see the dramatic difference in the sequel that just came out a couple months ago.

I’m not THAT into movies, but I want to get better at reviewing films, so I’ve been watching an eclectic range of movies lately. Boondock Saints 2 just happened to be in theatres when Harry and I went out with friends one night. I’ve been sucked into an obsessive love since.

Yes, yes. Americans call prawns SHRIMP. Mmmm shrimpppp. I love shrimp. I love it steamed, fried, broiled, grilled, baked.. okay, real quick, this is reminding me of a scene from FORREST GUMP. Please God tell me that you’ve seen that movie before. If not, I’ll be seriously considering terminating this friendship, lol. Kidding. Bubba (Forrest’s “best good friend” in the Army) goes for an entire scene about all the ways you can cook shrimp.

Have you ever tried scallops ? I hear it’s good, and a lot like shrimp. I’ve never tried them though. I’m afraid to. I’m awful at trying new things.

I don’t think I’ve ever had authentic Japanese food. I’m not into sushi AT ALL. I like crab and avocado roll ups, but that’s about it. Again, it’s something that I’ve never tried and am afraid to try. Well, if you consider Hibachi restaurant food as authentic Japanese food, then I guess I’ve had some before.

Georgina you’re a mysterious girl. What nationality are you ? I can’t tell by your features or your surname. Is James Japanese ?

Yes yes,I know what you mean. Certain scenes with gross amounts of junky, fatty food made me a bit sick to my stomach, but it was cute. Could you imagine an oregano flake the size of your face ? Wow.

I feel the same way with my brother. I mean, God forbid the only boy in the family has to lift a finger. It’s ridiculous how much my grandmother spoils and babys him. Almost disturbing. I wish I could just line all Asian adults and slap them. Some people call me racist, but I have legitimate reasons for disliking most Asian cultures and traditions.

WHY are the adults raised and trained to think that they deserve so much undeserving respect and glory ? WHY is honor and prestige and what others think of you SO FLIPPIN important ? WHY are boys more valued than girls ? WHY are they always so controlling and have unrelenting holier-than-thou attitudes ? WHY do they think they know more about Jesus and being a Christian than teenagers do ? WHY do we have to GIVE, not share or gift, so much of our own money so they can be happy ? I could go on and on. Oh dear.

Who does most of the cooking in your house ? What do you usually have for dinner ? Whenever I’m at home, I do the cooking. Otherwise, my grandmother does. My sister texts me all the time that she wishes I was at home so she could eat real food — usually anything American or Italian. She gets sick of Korean food.. rice, kimchi, curry, bulgogi, fish, etc. But honestly, Asian food is so much healthier, lol.

” you can’t just go out and chop down a tree. ” LOL. I would hope not ! You’re not allowed to “just go out and chop down a tree” here either. Well, you can, but you’d have to go to a licensed and certified farm to do that. Fun for the whole family ! It’s a common Christmas-time tradition here in America to do that.

My family always had a fake tree too. Well actually, lately, my family hasn’t really been in the Christmas spirit. I think I’ll ask Harry if we can buy my family a tall fake tree and ornaments. If you remember from my blog the picture I posted of the tiny tree Harry and I have in our hotel room, that’s the same size tree my family has been using for the past few years. So sad );

$19/mo isn’t expensive for an iPhone plan at all ! Actually, $149/mo sounds like a steal also. Do you have to pay the phone bill yourself ? Harry’s been paying our bill for a while now. He doesn’t let me. My money is for school and his money is for everything else, lol. Do you and James share a bank account ?

How many hostees do you have ? Awwe I’ve been so lucky to have had such great hosts. Vicky at Audio Rush was my first and now I have you. I feel bad for people with crappy, distant hosts.

I’ll add you whenever I remember. If I do it now, I’ll stop returning comments and then the whole entire planet will hate me. Yes, the ENTIRE planet !!

Oh James. Silly, silly James. Drawing fake maps. Writing love letters. Don’t you just wanna pinch his face. So adorable you two (;

NOOOOO THEY JUST KILLED ROCCO !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m referring to the Boondock Saints movie that I linked up there. Lol, not a big deal. I’ve seen this scene like, literally, 15 times. Something’s wrong with me.

Why are you on the computer so long ? Just go to sleep. Nothing online can be that important. Except talking to me. But I give you permission to sleep. LOL KIDDDING.

Do you tell James and Lilian everything ? Who do you confide in more ? I think I trust Harry over my younger sister or best friend. He never judges me. Yes, there are things that my sister and best friend are better at understanding and supporting, but the trust between Harry and me is so much greater.

Yeah, I know. When I was in 6th and 7th grades, I didn’t know anything about true friendship so I guess I overlooked her ways with me. Now that I’m more mature, I realize how great of a friend she was and am kind of annoyed with myself for not esteeming her more back then for all she did. I mean, she didn’t care for anyone else that much but always treated me so well even though she was a spoiled rotten brat to be blunt.

Is it common for teenagers to die in car accidents where you live ? High school kids die in car accidents every year where I live. at least one every year. It’s a shame, really. You never expect it to be anyone you know, but then you wake up one day, go to school, and then everyone’s upset and RIP (name here). It’s an awful, awful thing that young people meet such a harsh demise.

Ooh massive crush ~ My first crush was a kid named Mark. He basically disappeared after kindergarten. But I remember for his birthday treat, his parents brought in a cotton candy machine. It was so cool. Billy, RIP, brought in Gushers. I brought in cupcakes and donuts. I couldn’t make up my mind so my grandfather bought both (: hahahaa I basically gave my 5-year old classmates a sugar overdose and sent them home to their parents. Oops.

LOL. I think all of us has had a bossy know-it-all friend at one point or another. It’s crazy how bossy and annoying kids can be. Probably single children. I have 3 siblings. I didn’t have time to be selfish and bossy, lol.

Chalk and cheese ? Is that an Australian expression ? lol. Or are you just comparing two complete opposite things you can think of ? Ugh. I’ve had some friends who would ignore me or not talk to me just for attention or for fun. I have NEVER, even as a child, middle schooler, or high schooler been into drama. It’s just not something I’m interested in. I like living in a fairyland world where everyone gets along and nobody’s mean and everyone’s happy. I guess real life isn’t ever a Disney movie.

Yes, the one you’ve known the longest. Well, I’m glad that you and Lilian are so close. I think the relationship you two have with each other is kind of like the relationship my best friend and I have: we’ve been best friends for over 5 years, never get to see each other, but still remain best friends. Why don’t you and Lilian get to see each other often ? Ehh.. maybe you do.. but I think I remember you talking about how you two never get to see each other. Maybe I’m crazy.

I hate fountain ink pens ! lol. They bleed through everything, and I can’t write quickly with them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, lol.

Haha yeah I actually saw her blog right after I blogged. Do you have Jaffa Cakes in Australia ? I remember watching a YouTube video by a girl named ..I don’t know. She’s an Asian girl from Australia with an account named ComunityChannel or something and she talked about some lemon (I think ??) dessert cakes that are common in Australia. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about or ..? Lol. Are there any Australian food that you would recommend ? Weird question: how far is New Zealand from Australia ? Are the cultures the same ?

I feel like leaving you comments is so easy because you comment back in a conversational manner. You don’t just stick to what I said and respond; you add your own UMPH. Thanks Georgie Pordgie ~