This Abyss

Perhaps the cramp in my foot is telling me a little something. Maybe it’s telling me I shouldn’t be posting this while I’m at work. I’m going to take it out of my break anyway, so it’s not like I’m lying and getting paid for doing personal things when I’m supposed to be working.

Well, firstly, I have a lot of explaining to do.

I know IP addresses don’t lie, and regarding the issue with my hostee posting a rude comment on my site – I was wrong. And so too to the others that believed me. Some crap happened, to put it in short, and I found out that it was actually someone else who posted those comments. Along with other comments, also quite rude, but which happened to clarify that she was just some idiot toying with Diamond – “U dont know me but im just making Diamondโ€™s life HELL ๐Ÿ™ƒ”

Well. ๐Ÿ˜ I don’t know you either, cunt, but your life will be hell soon.

It was just one of the things she said and spammed my site with. I can’t believe the nerve of some people to pretty much go through someone’s stuff and cause drama online, including hacking someone’s account. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Diamond also replied to my emails and an apology I sent about what happened. I did not delete her account yet but now I can see it wasn’t Diamond. She explained that someone had had access to her computer while she had a group project.

I feel bad for putting her in the spotlight so badly. I could have simply checked and waited – but I was too impatient and angry. I even started to believe that she was being so nice just to write such a mean comment. Especially one that was out of the blue like that.

I guess I might as well say that I neglected the fact that computers on the same network can have the same IP address. For instance, all the computers in my house have the same IP address.

I guess all this explains it – I hope you aren’t so hard on Diamond anyway; I wanted to take this opportunity to say that she’s a great person. This made me realise how I shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. Diamond has been my hostee for a long time, and been such a great person.

She has her own words, though, and when she comes back from study you can all hear her side of the story. She told me a rather long story even if it wasn’t finished, and she claims it wasn’t detailed enough. I hope we can all realise this was just a mistake on my part and just another incident of someone hacking Diamond’s stuff. (It’s happened before.)

I wrongly blocked Diamond from my site before, because this vicious little rat of a person had used her computer to make nasty comments.

I haven’t returned all comments but I had to make this explanation. If I don’t reply to parts of your comment related to this incident, you’ll know why. I just want to forget about it and put it all behind me. Drama. It happens.

I’ve heard drama, I’ve been in drama, I’ve been flamed for opinions, I’ve been accused of stealing, but people thinking it’s fun to muck about on the internet in a way like this?

Whatever. I’m going back to work, and, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Have some chocolate caramels. *passes over a bag*

Answer some questions too, I guess. Please don’t just answer the questions.

  • Have you ever been caught in online drama? Elaborate and share your experiences.
  • Have you ever been rickrolled?
  • What was the last thing you ate?

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