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On my last blog I explained my current thoughts on the celebrity images issue. I’ll explain it in summary. What happened before was that I was so tight about it in the past and strict with people about using the celebrity images. But now I realise that you can use celebrity images if you ask permission from the owner of the images, which, in several cases, I have done.

In doing so, my real apology was to say sorry for those people I might have been harsh to, or rude to, in informing them about these images. Many of your comments on that blog showed how understanding you were and I really appreciate that. The thing is, people’s views change, like how I used to like popular music and now I don’t so much anymore. It happens with anything.

What I wholly do not appreciate is someone, actually a person hosted here at Heartdrops, commenting on my blog [links to a screenshot image] under a made up name and email address, calling me a bitch, a whore and a “fuck face”. I have evidence and proof that this person is my hostee. They hold the same IP address as one my hostee has posted under, not to mention they had the same tone and method of writing in their comment and used my full name within their comment – no one else online has addressed me by.

This is by far enough evidence for me, and this sort of two-faced behaviour is disgusting. Not only did this hostee leave comments on other people’s sites under different personalities, but this person has done it to me, their host. I have decided to terminate their account. How could anyone dare treat me in that way after I offered them continual support with their absolute inability to understand PHP includes and basic HTML, I don’t know.

As well as leaving a nasty comment, well, perhaps they too were blind. Perhaps if they read my blog properly they would have understood and not had the nerve to use such obscenities in an attempt to get hardcore with the keyboard.

It’s far too late for an apology now.

Yesterday, James, Lilian and I went to the city. We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It is such a good movie!

I won’t ruin it for anyone. But it’s terrific. I plan on writing a review on it, so you can hear all about it then. But if you are planning on seeing it, try not to buy too much popcorn. ;) And if you can, see it in 3D. I didn’t, but it’s that good in animated 2D that you’ll love it in 3D.

We also took sticker photos! Which I won’t scan and show you; they’re just the regular ones of us making faces and everything. :P

We were going to get noodles to warm us up, but the noodle shop was closed. We went to the shopping centre instead and bought Japanese lunch boxes. James chose to buy laksa though. I bought this prawn tempura, which was a total rip-off!

It looked like prawn covered in flour and fried, but when I ate it, the prawn was tiny and the flour was just put in a huge blob to make it look big. /hmph

We had a good time though! I can’t really think of any highlights. The movie was just that good. /bounce

I’m still torn up about AFS breaking up. I know, I know. But I have been happy for Ben and GLAC. I asked him on Twitter if it upset him that people didn’t like GLAC and were leaving hate messages on his MySpace. He then followed me and had a conversation with me via direct message. :O You can see what he said.

Honestly, he’s amazing. /love

Long blog already. I have comments to return but I’ve been stressed out lately. I apologise.

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I’m glad you decided to clear that up. I still can’t believe she said that to you. :/ Like, a little much? As I said on twitter. xD

I really badly want to see that movie! It seems so funny. ;) Lol. But wasn’t it like out forever ago? Well, you live in Australia, so it’s different probably, ha!

Take your time returning comments! :)

I probably should have waited to comment your blog to reply, but I didn’t, and now you left a reply, so here’s a reply. Lol! xD More comments for you, oh shit. :P

Yeah. It’s a bit weird, but I think it would be a good idea for me getting my ass moving so I can get onto doing things like blogging and commenting without hassle. Just gettin’ back into the groove if ya know what I mean. :P Hopefully it will work, but it probably won’t, so fml. :P

Awee! No advent calender? I love those bitches. xD Reminds me, I have to have mine for today. Yumm. ;)

Yes! It never gets old. I seriously watch that movie like all the time. I am so glad they didn’t ruin it with some lame sequel, even though I wished for one so badly. :P Yeah, that part is epic. And he seems so shocked!

Lmaoo! I wouldn’t really mind that, seeing I’m kinda spamming you with comments. :P

Yeah, and if they really want a comment back. They’ll wait. Lol!

Yeah, but that’s alright. People are allowed to change their opinions. Since when is that wrong? People can take it sometimes too far.

Ooh, I was going to see that film, but I decided to see A Christmas Carol instead. XD lol. That was good too. (Just to swap a film suggestion :P )
I love 3d films, but they’re so much more expensive over here than 2d, especially in London. Back up where I lived before, it was £6 for 2d and about £10 for 3d. In London it’s even more. :(

I can’t believe she said that. To do that anyway is absolutely pathetic, but to do it to you who’s helped her for all this time?… WRONG! I can’t stand it when people think they can get away with doing things like that because they’re safe behind their computer screen. /angry
I’d terminate her account as well to be honest. She doesn’t deserve anything from you after that.

Yes you did! You totally took the time and effort to ask permission, even when you probably could have got away with not doing so. *nods* That makes you extra special. I bet even Ben Jorgensen thinks so. Hahahaha! But yeah, you actually bother to credit. Very thoroughly! Unlike some lazy arses!

That. Was. Without a doubt. The. RUDEST. Most. IGNORANT. BITCHIEST thing a person could possibly do. I can’t believe your hostee was that bitchy. I mean you’re nice enough to HOST the person, yet she does this crappy back-stabbing thing to you…/angry She must be the most retarded, stupidest person on this planet! What the hell?
Did she think you wouldn’t find out? Because that’s insulting too! What a bitch!

I seriously, seriously wish there were some sort of credit rating system for hostees. But then again, I guess you don’t really need one considering that if she can do this to you, she’ll probably do it to her future hosts as well. LOSER!

Yaaay for deleting her hosting =D Hahaha! /bounce

That’ll show her!

YAAAAY! WE WENT TO THE CITY! =D It was fun…^^…Even though we were totally exhausted by the end of it :P

It was such a good movie! I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, but it was =D YAAAAY! Haha, very funny, but you’re right. Don’t bring popcorn into the cinema…Ughh…the cheese! YUCK!

Hahaha, those sticker photos…==…*sigh* We’re never picking green ever again! LOL, but at least we HAVE sticker photos =D LET’S GET SOME MORE! =D

Awww, that stupid prawn tempura. So misleading. I mean it looks HUGE, yet it has this tiny little shrimp in it…==…What a farce…==

Yeah…I was listening to AFS just then, and wishing whole-heartedly that they would get back together. *sigh*

Haha yep. :)

You think? He doesn’t know me all too well. But I know he’s extra special, talented and amazing (I need to get a thesaurus and stop using “amazing”).

Ugh, I know. I haven’t told you but some stuff came up regarding the matter and someone else being involved and actually pretending to be her. (I’ll tell you all of that later.)

I don’t know why; LOL. I don’t think I got enough sleep. But it was a lot of walking. :P

The cheese reminds me of the time James and I went to that restaurant and had that dish stacked with cheese. So gross.

Haha! Green was the dumb one. We usually pick pink. I wish I actually understood proper Japanese. O_O

I know! Today I ate squid and it wasn’t that fake. I like to rely on packaged seafood things… :P

Aw. It’s a shame; they aren’t. They might get back together for a concert but the AFS days are over. I was reading this on an interview with Ben (link is on my FYBJ Tumblr). :D

Very sad though. :(

LOL, but ‘amazing’ just fits so perfectly :P :P

Awww I feel kinda bad, because we totally flamed the wrong person D: But man, that other girl [YEAH, I HOPE YOU READ THIS, YOU BITCH!] is DEFINITELY 100% BITCH. /angry /ho Who the hell is so intent on ruining someone’s life like that?! Well, this time at least we know the whole story :)

Oh yeah, I forgot that you blocked her. SUCKER xD

Lucky you didn’t delete your hostee’s site /huh /eee

Yeah, don’t worry, my feet were getting sore, so we DID do a lot of walking :P Haha! Sleep more next time! You can sleep on the train :P I’ll take cute pictures of your sleeping face xDD

Zomg, I remember you telling me about that. I mean reading about it in your blog xD That sounded way gross. EWWWWWW…cheese… 🤮

Me too! Looks like we weren’t successful in learning rudimentary Japanese in highschool. Well now we know to just stick with pink all the time :P MY FAVOURITE COLOUR :) /bounce

Awwww =( It’s MAJORLY sad :( I hope they do a concert!

It does!

I feel really bad too, and now I’m going to have to write an apology blog. This is full of suck. :(

The other person won’t see this, msot likely. Diamond emailed me back saying that she knew this person and they had access to her computer and private things. Vicky still thinks it was her, but I don’t think so. She was so apologetic and realised it was her mistake for letting such a thing happen.

I apparently accidentally blocked one of Diamond’s IPs and she couldn’t see my site… I knew that would go wrong. 💥

Pretty much sorted it out though. Now to blog… /hmph

Oh no! Don’t take pictures of me, stalker! @_@ XD

It was totally gross… 🤮 (Woo, excuse to use that emoticon.)

Pink is a cool colour! It’s a pretty safe colour to choose on that machine anyway. At least we understand the machine better than the ones at Capitol.

Apparently PJ of Armor For Sleep is in a new band. :O I followed him on Twitter and he has a band practice with his new band sometime. :)


What a cuntbitch. /angry
Glad she’s gone. Humof. /bash

Man HWACOM was awesome /bounce. Sorry, I could have typed the whole thing out but HWACOM sounds badass :P

The photo with two Wuggs was hot /um and cute
Heehee, you were cute with that honey tea /eee


Damn computer. Seriously. Maybe if I take my time with it he’ll get a new one and let me keep it or something. ._.

Well I haven’t deleted the stuff yet. You have to help me pull through; I don’t know why I’m feeling so worried about it when I’m not even in the wrong.

CWACOM! :P Not HWACOM! Howdy with a chance of meatballs. 😏

Eww I didn’t like that photo. It most definitely was not hot! O_O

Honey tea? :O When was this? /eee

But is it worth it to keep? I can’t believe it pretty much exploded after… a week?

Georgie, you should listen to your bf.

What a cuntbitch. /angry
Glad she’s gone. Humof. /bash ”


LOL thanks Cozza. You too are amazing. *hugs*

I returned your whopper comment! I’m sorry if it was a poopy reply; I didn’t have much to say in return so it probably wasn’t as long (and cool-spammy) as yours. ♥

Grr, that is SO rude! She is just (How can I explain this….?) taking advantage of you. She even posed as poor Diamond! I’m glad you humiliated her in front of us, she won’t be crawling back that soon! She should know that you made a mistake, maybe the rule wasn’t that clear before you found that out.

Speaking of hosts, Erin’s account on was deleted for some reason, which meant that mine and her other hostees were deleted too. So even though I am no longer your affiliate, I apologise again for my site’s inactivity then. :D I hope it isn’t too late to apologise!

Eww, I hate when they charge you big and give you powdery stuff instead. :( But at least you got to watch the movie!

Sad to hear that AFS broke up! I must find some GLAC to listen to! At least you knew it was a good band-plus being able to talk to Ben Jorgensen!

Hadn’t talked to you for so long…:D

No Deena, she did not pose as Diamond. That was Diamond. Did you not understand the post? Diamond is the one who is my hostee. Then someone left that nasty comment and it was obviously her because it was the same IP address.

I’m deleting her account.

It’s alright. :)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Oh. I thought Diamond was a very nice person before. :O Sorry for my mistake. I wish you good luck, and an early happy Christmas/New Year! :D

Sorry for being so snappy before! I’m not sure what happened but someone told me about the situation and said it might be a hacker using Diamond, or something like that. It’s all too shocking for me to take in at the moment. Thanks for your reply though!

Also, if you need to, I can host you if you still wish to have a site. I have subdomain hosting over at :)

Aww, thanks for the offer. :D I might come back to webdesign later, though, because I have a lot of school stuff and have to arrange stuff for my job (Counselling! :( ). But when I do clear it all out, I will certainly consider your service first!

Yeah, I was kind of shocked too when you said the person WAS Diamond. And she did that on other sites too!


No worries! I mean, even if you just want to have a blog or something. I’ve missed you being around. I wouldn’t mind hosting you at all, even if you just use the boring WordPress Kubrick theme and just have a blog!

Best of luck though, in case I don’t hear from you until next year. I’ll be around so if you comment on my blog I’ll reply. You can always email me as well.

Yeah, some ‘friend’ this person was to her, practically ruining what was between Diamond and I as friends on the web, especially with me as her host. It made me angry.

Take care. ♥ :)

😝 When I first came to the site and read your article, “Yes, That’s Mine?” I was stunned and surprised that we can’t use celebrity images. After reading the article, I was really happy that you’ve written that ‘cos if not, I might have still continued to upload celebrity images in my site. /mwah XD So you don’t have to apologize! ;)


Honestly, I can’t believe it. I’m not saying that you’re lying but I’ve known her for years (I’ve met her in a fansite) and well, she had never said anything that rude .. to me anyway. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE USED ONE OF THE NAMES OF MY FRIENDS ONLINE. /hmph

.. I’m still in shock. :(

Mm, I might just have to see that movie.

Woah, Ben followed you and had a conversation with you?! XD That is so awesome! You are one lucky girl.

Thank you! And you’re welcome. I’m glad it helped you out. Usable celebrity images can be found – such as if someone goes to a concert, takes pictures, and puts them on the web with the statement that people can use them. And you can ask the photographers for permission as well. I guess i just caused that whole celebrity image vibe, but it really applies to any image, but at the same time you can still ask permission from the photographers.

I’m not quite sure of what happened Lecxis, but another close friend of hers has told me that this has happened before, and someone else has caused trouble with her accounts online and such. I haven’t deleted her account yet but I’m just putting that situation on hold.

No one has logged into her site account since the last time I remember her really being online. I can’t confirm anything but I believe that someone else is causing this drama – I shall see. Thank you for your concern.

It’s a great movie!

Haha thanks! He stopped following me afterwards though – I’m sure celebrities do that. If they followed one fan, they would have to follow them all. XD

That’s cool xD But sometimes, cameras are prohibited in concerts. /wah That’s why whenever I go to a concert, I leave my camera at home. /bash

Oh. I’ve just read your new blog and well .. You just have to read my comment there. 😏

I’ve watched the trailer and it’s awesome! Definitely going to watch that movie XD

Oh, lol! At least you get to chat with him! XD 🤬

Everyone has the right to change their minds about something. I don’t see what the big deal is, really. That girl is obviously jealous of you and your site. She’s pretending to be your friend and has even asked for your help and to host her. Ugh, I hate people that take advantage of others and are just so fake.

She’s also quite stupid in leaving you a comment using the same IP/computer. But it’s good that she did so that you could know how she really is. Her comment sounded kinda stupid though “How I hate you, Georgina Luhur. God damn you!”…So dramatic.

Wow, a celebrity followed you =O I don’t really know who he is (I just know him from your blogs), but that’s pretty cool. :D

I haven’t seen Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs but ever since I saw the trailer I thought it seemed pretty cute. I’d probably try to see it on DVD or Bluray. :)

Omg. I can’t believe someone would be so…juvenille just because you changed your mind. So what, like you said, people change their minds. You explained your reasoning behind it, and I don’t care if you use celeb images or not. At least you try to credit the proper owners for it! I’m glad you found out who did it and deleted their account…that’s just…cruel and heartless if you ask me.

OMG. Ben followed you! I bet that made your day. I know how you feel so big *hugs* I almost panicked thinking Aerosmith had broken up. If they did, I’m sure I’d feel the same way. I’d still support Steven in a solo career should he ever decide to do one…

I want to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, so I can’t wait for your review.

Once my host gets back in touch with me about my sub-domain (if ever…geesh lol) I’ll have my site back up. I used your tutorials and made myself a layout :) It’s all Christmasy themed, too.

Hope you feel better about AFS soon, though I can just imagine how hard that would be.

Ugh yeah. But apparently some crap happened and the person turned out to be someone else, not my hostee. It’s still stupid. Juvenile, like you said. /hmph

I ended up having to deal with a lot of shit and hate comments from this stupid person who was actually just trying to cause problems between my hostee and I. Far out. /angry

Haha he did stop following me after that though – that’s how celebrities are, I guess. No hard feelings; if they followed one fan they’d have to follow all 10,000!

Steven would be absolutely amazing even if he sang solo. His voice is absolutely beautiful, I think. But it’s so hard to see him on his own. It’s easier to see things as a whole.

Same thing goes for Bon Jovi – they’re just better all together. :P

Haha aw, thanks! You’re the first person who’s mentioned that about my review. It makes me really want to write it now. :)

It’s a great movie though – head on off and see it when you have the time!

Haha. I hope she gets back to you soon. I’m sure she’s just a tad busy having a life. ;)

I can’t wait to see! I’m glad my tutorials helped you. ♥

how rude!! its a bit bitchy to ask for all that help and hosting etc and turn around and say that to you. It’s so immature saying things like that do people seriously think it’s gonna actually have an effect on you just because they insult you on the internet
some people need to learn to be grateful tbh
I’ve not seen that film I thought it sounded kinda stupid tbh with the title and all but i might check it out

urghh what a rip off i hate when restaurants do that sticker photos yayyyyy :) :)

wowwwww thats so cool that you had a private message convo with him :)

yeah I hope our inspection will be okay i spose an apology is better than none at all
PAHHHH my layout is just not happening gahh i’m just failing at this :( :(

I think it’s fine that you’ve changed your views! I always just saw celebrity images as an unoriginal thing. Besides unless it’s a fanlisting/fansite I find it odd when people use celebrity images because often the celebrity doesn’t “suit” the site name or purpose of the site. Weird shit.

People’s views do change! It’s natural. You can’t like one thing forever, really…

ARRGGHHHH THAT BITCHWHORE. :@ I still can’t believe she posted that freaking comment. When I heard (when you emailed me to be more precise) I was like /oh

And then I realised that actually it was just so real and could only have been Diamond. Ugggh. I’m glad you’ve named and shamed her because that way she’s less likely to crawl back /hmph
I didn’t know her very well but like you said it is obviously her writing style. But as we discussed in the email she did seem too nice and she never said anything bad against anyone which was just kind of weird 💥

She is a jerk /ehh

The fake name and email are just the last straw for me, if you’re gonna give off that shit at least use your name and email, it’s more honest that way and you look less STUPID when you’re found out in my opinion. God’s sake, immature kid.

Someone was bound to say they didn’t like the idea you had changed your views but they didn’t have to do it like that, especially as she is/ was your hostee and therefore you HOSTED her site, you helped her with PHP and HTML. What she would have done without you eh, and that’s how she fucking repays you.

Yeah; Lilian’s right. If she replies to your email in a fake way, or just makes up some dumb excuse, it’ll be her. 🙄

I can’t believe she did that either. I think you’re being very fair and mature about it; letting her have her say, giving her a chance, but by the way things are going deleting her account.

Not like she doesn’t deserve it. /argh

I was sneaky and replied to your email in there hehe. Just to make things complicated 😏

If you’re a fuck face I hate to think what sheis. /bash /hmph

Backstabbers, hypocrites, liars and two-faced people are the ones I loathe. But being two faced is total BS and anyone who is just isn’t worth it at all.
And your blog didn’t offer an oppurtunity (or a valid one) for someone to say that. It was merely an apology.

I’ve seen the adverts for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! I never saw it though. :P

Haha you guys and sticker photos. XD

Noodle shop was closed! D: Those Japanese lunches sound just as nice though. Shame yours was a rip-off; I hate overcharged things.

ARH that’s so sucky. All flour and no prawn! Punch ’em! /pow

And AFS. /wah


Good luck with comments; hope this ‘un doesn’t stress you out too much. /um

And yup, you got first comment on my blog. Whoo. ^^

You’re special too! /bounce
ELO is better then the mainstream crud they play nowadays at discos, I’ll gather.

I understand why you’re still fucking pissed off. THE NERVE /poo

Do whatever you think is best. :)
Man, drama. It annoys me when people stand up for other people even when they’re wrong and they both struggle to sound vaguely mature/ convincing. Fail.

The Katy Perry image I see all the time is the one when she watermelon or when she has a finger on her mouth.

If everyone did something unique, it would make the web world way more interesting!

Yups. A lot of things are best when you have one or two other opinions. :)


Eh, sorry. I felt like randomly singing along. AFS are too cool ✌️

Oh MAN, my old tutorials were crapper then a crap inside a crap smothered with crap inside a crap inside a crap-smothered bag that was inside a giant crap that was inside a crap… /poo

I’ll keep an eye on MCR like you do on Ben. ^^

Hehe cheap laptops 8D I want. :D

I’m coming to Australia one day; just you wait. And Vicky’s coming too! ;) You know it.


Eheeeeeeeeee x3

Love you and take care! :3 xx

I’m sorry for how your hostee has done you. I never get why people does these things such as this. Act like someone else and pretend to be one away. All they want is drama in their life. You are better off without her.

Silly people, IPs are always logged. Duh! lol

And who gets the point across with that kind of talk. I mean, if she disagreed. That’s one thing but to say things such as that. Crazy!

you’re welcome! Ha, don’t worry! And their right, its a fanlisting, and it does show dedication (: Ha, and that girl sounds like a *BEEPPP* LOL. Ha, good thing you terminated her account :D ! How dare she say that to you! Oh what nerve!

Ha yeah, you’ve got a point there. Maybe a little thing that was similar, yeah, no big deal, but the whole style? That’s cutting it a bit with the whole “inspiration” thing.

You’re welcome! Ha, grey is like the best color to make a layout with. It’s my favorite! Otherwise, if I stick to a certain color scheme, I end up reusing the same colors over and over. XD

Awww thanks! LOL thanks, I was just like CHUBBY REINDEER! That’s PERFECT XD. Ha, yeah I wanted to put it up on the first of December :D

Haha yeah. My sister likes being home better. She went to a little Thanksgiving dinner with all of her friends, she said it was amazing. She said she wished that college was like the dinner party. She was just so happy to be with all of her friends. She has so much more to share with them I guess then with her friends in college.

LOL ! Yeah, the first time she did that, I was like kinda like “What the heck?” But then I was like, “Eh, she’s like 8 years old, I’ll cut her some slack” but then I saw her mom walking behind her and I was like “WHOA, and you let your child do that?!” XD

haha thanks ! LOL, hehe I wonder what she would look like if my sister bought the hamburger bed LOL!

Haha! My friend’s friend said she walked out of the movie because she couldn’t bare the ending LOL. I didn’t mind so much since I didn’t read the book at the time.

Ha, I didn’t watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs yet. It looked like a silly but yet cute movie. Hmm, maybe I’ll see it since you say it was amazing ! Hehe I am looking forward to read the review :D Gah, too much popcorn -___- I went to see one of the Harry Potter movies in IMAX and oh gosh. I had too much popcorn and with the screen soooo big, I got nauseous! It is worse when there is like no butter. It tastes like cardboard LOL

TEMPURA ! LOL I ♥ tempura lmao. I hate when they rip you off and put too much batter -____- I love tempura sushi too XD

Oh my gosh! That is so cool you talked to Ben on twitter! It was actually a real conversation! That would be my DREAM just to have a conversation with someone famous XD Ha, next step for you: meeting him ! /bounce

Ngaw, I fail at blogging as often as I used to. :( But I put up a new blog as soon as I got home from school today.. so just one day late. :D Yay?

Yeah, I would never be able to return 40 comments in one day. The most I’ve done is 20 a day. That’s like my limit haha. I just get so tired and fed-up after that. Talk about losing motivation. That’s so true, it’s almost impossible to maintain a really good online and offline life.. and sometimes it gets so hard to choose between the two because both are enjoyable.

I don’t care what you say, you are Superwoman in my mind.. lmao. The fact that you refuse to go on Maintenance Mode, despite the fact that you’ve brokendown from it all getting too much, and the fact that it’s become like a HABIT for you to return comments sounds pretty superwoman-ish to me. :)

Aw thanks, but I don’t understand what people see in my blogs.. seriously. :P They aren’t that interesting baha, and there are so many other web designers who seem so much better!

Ew yeah you made you picture slow sex in my head, and I got really grossed out as well. :P

Yeah you’re probs right. It is a nasty childish thing to do, but hey.. she deserves the nastiness childiness .. LOL. I was so pissed at that moment, I had to let it all out.

LMAO popping eyeballs FTW. /love

I need to get myself one of those emoticons or make myself one somehow.. a emoticon set just isn’t complete without it. xD Aweh that’s great to hear that Bens happy with his project. :)

I LOVE THAT BARNEY SONG. We add a sick twist to it though.. “I love you, you love me, let’s gang up and kill barney.. with a knife in the stomach and a bullet in the head .. LALALA I forget the rest” LMAO. So fail.

Yeah but that’s the problem. In order to keep my grades up, I’ll have to continue the way I’ve been going on so far, and believe me, the way I’ve been going lately, isn’t very enjoyable. :P I feel like I’m just going to break down and give up on life at any moment.

Of course I’ll send you a pic. He’s smexy shit. :3 AND HE JUST TEXTED ME. Thankyou Lord.

Yeah I don’t think Ryan reads through all the comments, it’d be super creepy if he did, but now that he has a gf, I’m sure that he has better things to do. ;) Haha.

Thats true. If you took the pics yourself from a concert, then it isn’t stealing/illegal at all. I guess it depends on the source of the pics at the end of the day.

You’re very welcome! :)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. That person who rudely commented on your previous blog… just WOW. *imagine me on webcame making the wow face now* lmao.

Seriously, how immature and utterly stupid. They are definitely disgusting and ungrateful especially since it’s one of your hostees. My gawd.

Omg I wanted to see that movie so bad! But all my friends were like “nah I don’t feel like it” psh. -.- Well I will go see it someday. Glad to hear that you liked it so much. :)

WHOA you had a convo with Ben! You must have been freaking the hell out while that was happening lmao. I hope it happens with me and Taylor Lautner someday. xD What Ben said was too cute “i’m not going to stop writing meaningful songs” :3.

Sigh, attention seekers, got to hate them.

I also watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and it was great! …Steve! (lol)

I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to your comment about our Distinction!! WOOO!!! ✌️ And with that section that we totally missed, if I weren’t on holiday I would’ve sent her an E-MAIL *thunder/lightning*, but ah, I’m too relaxed and lazy now. But well done to us!

I should also apologise for leaving you on MSN, many nights ago, when you just came out of the shower (hot Georgina, hot /hehe ) – I went off and gamed. I’m always online on MSN, but never there. I game like your brother.

I hope you’re having a relaxing holiday (besides work, but without it we’d be bored out of our brains), and thank you for blogging constantly – I always return to your blog to see if you’ve updated.

Take care Gii ♥

That was nice of Ben to do a direct message towards you. I’ve tried it with Adam Lambert, but meh I couldn’t find any email so I was lost. Anywho, I’m not a fan of adam lambert anymore not after what he did at the AMA’S. I wanted him to win on American Idol but his theatrical Music stuff was the stuff that was looked down upon him. Anyway, I don’t blame you for not returning comments, you do get a lot of visitors so it’s hard to return every single comment. I can’t believe that that person who was your hostee did that to you. How rude!! Anyway, I’m glad you terminated her sorry butt! Stupid person.

Haha, thanks (: I’m sorta happy I thought to delete the blog and repost it instead of freaking out, lol.

Oh wow. If it was me, I’d show them I was a bitch and delete their site, but maybe that’s just me, haha. I think people need to learn to start being a lot nicer, internet or not. It’s sad.

Thank you :) It definitely WAS nice that nothing was wrong. And in the end, no baby was fine. I can’t really afford one so, oh well.

OH, haha. You did delete their account, good for you :] That’s so horrible though. People are just dang rude.

Ah, I want to see that movie :P I would loooove looove loove to see it in 3-D. I’ve never seen a 3D movie before, I think it’d be cool (: They actually have like home movies (well dvds lol) that you can watch with 3d glasses now, so I might try to get one SOMETIME.

The nerve of your hostee! I would have done the same thing.
Like I sadi before, I hold nothing against you about the celeb images. People change their minds all the time. I know I do.

That was so rude of that girl!!! How could she send a message that rude to her host?? That’s unbelievable. She’s gonna have trouble finding a new host after that.

Yeah, AFS was really good. I’m glad I listened to them :)

I don’t think Green Day changed THAT much in my opinion. Their new song Know Your Enemy sounds a lot like American Idiot in my opinion so I don’t get how much they changed. :S

Boys Like Girls is pretty good. They’re slightly more poppish but I still like their stuff, except for their new album, which was awwwwful lol.

Haha, I know. I really hate it when people like Miley Cyrus and The Cheetah Girls or other Disney crap try to sing holiday songs to make them seem brighter, but they only make it worse lol!

Yeah, I know. My FRIEND is starting to do that, too. She started dating this guy two weeks ago, and on Sunday….in a movie theater….they started making out!!! And we were all there watching New Moon again and they’re french kissing!! That’s so disgusting after only 2 weeks of dating. It’s just wrong.

Lol yeah I think I manage Yearn a lot better than Plastic Hearts lol. It takes so much time to update Plastic Hearts and I have no idea why /huh

Well it wasn’t my aunt’s dog. It was my aunt’s friend’s. She was so cute but she was sickly thin. I felt really bad for her. Her owner said that in a day, she eats the same amount as about a 1/3 cup of rice :(

Haha yeah, here’s the weird thing- I’m tired all day UNTIL it’s time to sleep lol! Then I’m wide awake lol!

Yeah, but it’s not all that bad to switch between laptops. It reminds me of how to use Mac AND PC lol!

Oh…my….God….7000 songs?!?! Daaaang!! That’s 10 times as much as I have lol!

Awwww thanks! It took me about an hour to draw and the hardest part was the nose. That damn nose took about 20 minutes to draw lol!

That was so rude of that girl!!! How could she send a message that rude to her host?? That’s unbelievable. She’s gonna have trouble finding a new host after that.

Yeah, AFS was really good. I’m glad I listened to them :)

I don’t think Green Day changed THAT much in my opinion. Their new song Know Your Enemy sounds a lot like American Idiot in my opinion so I don’t get how much they changed. :S

Boys Like Girls is pretty good. They’re slightly more poppish but I still like their stuff, except for their new album, which was awwwwful lol.

Haha, I know. I really hate it when people like Miley Cyrus and The Cheetah Girls or other Disney crap try to sing holiday songs to make them seem brighter, but they only make it worse lol!

Yeah, I know. My FRIEND is starting to do that, too. She started dating this guy two weeks ago, and on Sunday….in a movie theater….they started making out!!! And we were all there watching New Moon again and they’re french kissing!! That’s so disgusting after only 2 weeks of dating. It’s just wrong.

Lol yeah I think I manage Yearn a lot better than Plastic Hearts lol. It takes so much time to update Plastic Hearts and I have no idea why /huh

Well it wasn’t my aunt’s dog. It was my aunt’s friend’s. She was so cute but she was sickly thin. I felt really bad for her. Her owner said that in a day, she eats the same amount as about a 1/3 cup of rice :(

Haha yeah, here’s the weird thing- I’m tired all day UNTIL it’s time to sleep lol! Then I’m wide awake lol!

Yeah, but it’s not all that bad to switch between laptops. It reminds me of how to use Mac AND PC lol!

Oh…my….God….7000 songs?!?! Daaaang!! That’s 10 times as much as I have lol!

Awwww thanks! It took me about an hour to draw and the hardest part was the nose. That damn nose took about 20 minutes to draw lol! :)

oh i started at neopets too ! then i went into the resources kinda site… then i gave up on making resources haha.
WOW. that person was hosted by you before? funny how theyre not grateful that you hosted them… how rude !
omg sticker photos ! so fun to take :)

Wow.. I can’t believe someone, let alone your HOSTEE, would write something like that. I mean, aside from it just being immature, do they really not know that you can easily check IP addresses? People.. I tell ya.

I didn’t read the last blog (sorry!) but I hear ya. I used to be really anti-texting and now I average 4,000 texts a month. I used to also hate the Matrix series and DVDs (haha I was stuck in my VHS ways!) and now I love all of those things. Times change, people’s opinions change.. that’s just the way life works.

Sounds like you had a great time! :) yay! I’m happy for ya.

I still don’t know what I should tell them. /huh

I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if they get divorced. But it’s just too horrible to even think about, for me. I don’t think they will. My mother is a really soft person and whatever she says, she will never want to get me and my sisters in such a situation. So I guess I just have to hope for the best.

That really was VERY rude of your hostee. Especially since you’ve helped them so much. /angry

I haven’t seen that movie. I’ve heard about it, I think. I might watch it some day, if someone comes with me to the cinema or buys it for me.

Wow, Ben follows you. :O That’s so awesome. And you had a conversation with him. /love You’re really lucky. (Y)

That blog wasn’t very long by the way :P I never think your blogs are too long, they’re easy to read (: So maybe that’s why they often seem short :P

Whoa, I thought that the person was Diamond for a second. Then I checked and that’s not Diamond’s IP. But the nerve of some people. Golly gee, I can’t believe they did that :/ Why … why.. I will never understand. Maybe they had a bad day? :/ I don’t even get WHY they were calling you a whatever they called you. Because you don’t use celeb pictures… sooo… strange. :/

Prawns… aren’t those the bigger sized shrimp? … :P

AND YAY BEN (: I’m starting to like that guy. Taking the time to talk to fans. That’s awesome :D

ENFJ. :D Extrovert? (Someone told me I stood for introvert, so I’m guessing the E would be extrovert) Apparently I’m an introvert :/

I’m not a huge fan of that song. But it’s actually a fun song to play/sing :D

It takes me forever to open up to people, but if I spend time enough with one person. I usually can open up unless I get a “I don’t like you” vibe. :P

Hahaha, you weren’t being a Nazi. I’m fine with being corrected. It helps me learn (:

:P Which blog did the person say they couldn’t relate to? That’s kind of dumb though, I think there’s always some connections to make.

… I always wondered if I believed in soulmates. Sometimes I think I do and other times I don’t. I like the concept, but I don’t think it’s true. Because that means a lot of people just don’t meet their soul mate. :/ It’s sad.

And you’re right. Experiencing heartbreak is just a part of knowing love.

Yeah, white lies son mal. :D

It’s hard to write blogs about Kuya these days because now I’m self conscious. I don’t want to write too much about what I’m thinking because.

Yeah, I don’t want to be a blogger when I’m older. Just as a side thing, you know?

I dream of going to ALL 50 states including the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico. That would be one cool road trip :D

I wonder if things are cheaper on Tuesdays here as well. :D

Oh, I recall where I heard Australia had a Thanksgiving. It was a comic strip in the Newspaper. HAHA, this guy from Australia was visitng the U.S. and they were celebrating Thanksgiving and he kept saying they had one.. so I thought you did. :P

Hahaha, lovely talk there, Georgina. “YU BIN TA NYU JURSEY. MI SO JELUZ” xD

Does Ben still follow you? Or did he stop? :P

I wish Taylor Lautner did.. I thought he did but apparently it was just some teenage girls impersonating him. They revealed themselves after Taylor himself said he didn’t. Stupid girls.

I used to use a lot of celebrity images, I’m sure everyone did.
I can’t believe a person would have the nerve to do that to you, especially when they are your hostee! That is just ridiculous. But don’t worry, for every 1 hate mail you get, (who are people who are just plain jealous of you) you get 1 million fans supporting you :D
Oh, you know they have those like mini advertisements at the cinema and I picked one up and it was “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” and it had a scratch and sniff on some of the meatballs. At one time, it realy did smell like a meatball. /bounce I might watch it! Although some of my friends want to watch “New Moon”. I don’t really want to watch it but I probably end up watching it…. and then saying how bad it is… hehe.
Wow, he actually bothered to tweet you and have a convo, unlike other famous people who don’t even bother.

Wow ! It’s so neat that you had a DM conversation with him ! I know that you really like him so that must have been so crazy amazing for you ! All other Ben fans, be jealousssss.

I am still in shock that one of your hostees treated you like that ! Did she thing this was funny ? It really goes to show you how unpredictable online people can be. I mean, how do you know I won’t do that ? LOL. Seriously I won’t. But wow.. that’s just ..I’m at a loss for words.

” Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus? I’m sorry, but I haven’t heard of these guys or the movie… D:

Please don’t hit me! ”
Okay, I guess I won’t. I didn’t hear of them until last week when I saw the second Boondock Saints out in theatre. You must must must do something about this whole not-ever-having-seen-Boondock-Saints-situation. It’s an awesome movie ..better than meatballs even !

I’m glad you three had a nice time. What’s a prawn ? o.O Are you Japanese or ..? Yes, Meatballs in 3D is AWESOME ! That’s how I saw the movie. I was ungodly hungry after the movie, lol.

Your brother needs to learn how to do the dishes or fix the dishwasher because it really isn’t right how they make you do everything. It’s like your house would crumble without you.

Thank you so much ! I actually like that picture of myself also. With a little bit of makeup and just-brushed hair, I look surprisingly presentable, hahahahaa.

Okay, I’ve never seen that movie. I saw it being advertised, and I’ve seen it in stores, but never thought twice about it. Honestly, I always thought it looked ridiculous, lol. Hopefully ABC Family plays it so I can say that I’ve seen it !

Yeah I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty skilled in the kitchen, lol. I know you’re awesome at washing dishes, but how are you at cooking ? What are your favorite/best recipes to whip up ?

Have you decorated the tree at your house yet ? Does your family get a real tree or just keep a fake one in the basement up until December rolls around ? Wow, that must be a lot of decorations. You have to take a picture ! I don’t believe that you have more decorations than ..pine needles, lol.

Domains, ahahahaha. Dear mom and dad, for Christmas, I would like 2 domain names. Please and thank you. hahahaa.

I wish I could give you my iTouch. Harry and I never use it, but he refuses to let go of it. We used to have one like last year but gave it to his brother because he wanted it. Since Harry bought another MacBook, we got another free iTouch. How much are iPhone plans in Australia ?

DM me on Twitter this person’s site. I really haven’t seen many typography layouts around. Maybe it’s because I just continue visiting the same 20ish sites all the time and never break out of my bubble, lol. I’m gonna visit all your hostees and see what they’re up to. I know I’m your favorite ;P lol kidddingggg.

I sent Google a request like a week ago and they already approved ! I have Google Wave now but have no idea how to use it because not many people I know have it. All of us webdesigners should get on it and have a ball.

A fake map ? What ? How did he come across a fake map ? Silly James. He makes me lol. I guess it’s been love ever since though (; hahaa. How did you guys end up dating though ?

I couldn’t judge someone for changing their point of view about something. And you are a great person to ask permission for copy right images. I usually ask. Sometimes i get lazy, but i write down their info, one day my credit list will be longer. But im really considering taking every photo off my website, that was not taken by me.

What a nasty person :( How can someone be so nice in one MSG, and then such a bitch in another? Its like she is sucking up to you. ??? /faw

I haven’t seen ‘Rainy with a chance of meatballs yet”, but it looks really good.

That guy you spoke to is cute. I know that band, but never listened to their music.

Yeah, if I was old enough to like friends when it was originally aired, I can tell for a fact that I would most deffinetly have balled my eyes out, I did feel so sad when I watched the last episode, and the last episodes of buffy the vampire slayer I cried at, haha that sounds very lame now. lol. Glad your feeling happier now :) Yeah, I try to take a break from the computer now and again too, to rest my eyes etc. But I can never pull myself away, lol, it’s hard. I notice now the whiteness that is edwards face, lol the add loads of stuff to his face through graphics I read, and also Kristen who plays bella actually wears contacts to play Bellas part I think she has green eyes in real life & has to wear brown contacts, or I might have that mixed up but its something like that, lol. Yeah I heard it’s suppost to be better too, I think because of the new director? Thank you! glad you like it :D Supernatural? you haven’t? it’s the most amazing show on t.v I adore it :D haha, it’s basically about two brothers (one of which is jensen ackles who plays the brother dean – who is amazingly gorgeous and is my future husband even though he doesn’t know it yet :D) anyways, these 2 brothers fight demons, ghosts etc. basically everything supernatural. It may sound dumb but it is amazing, there are great story lines within it, really gripping. In the UK we are on the 5th series which starts in jan 2010, I can’t wait, america are nearly finishing season 5. I have some relatives over in australia who also watch it, I think there it is very far behind, maybe season 2/3 so if you decided to start watching it you have a better chance of catching up :) It’s great!


I can’t believe that hostee of yours didn’t even so much as attempt to use a proxy when she posted that, haha! /bounce How lame brained can ‘ya get?! 😒

Ugh, I doubt I’ll watch CWACOM. I hate anything 3D, and I’m not usually fond of CG styled films. They seem like nothing but money-makers, to me … I mean, I know that’s what all films are for, when it comes down to it, but I’ve always thought that CG made the fact so much more obvious.

Wowza, I sound like a bitch. XD Oh, well. Just my opinion, loads of people have been saying they liked it, so good for ’em! :) I’m glad you enjoyed it, too.

And whoa @ Ben and you having a conversation on Twitter — Fucking A! That’d be like me and Billie Joe having a conversation on Twitter. Except I’d dedicate like six blogs to the event and probably pass out each time I wrote one. :P

Haha, you got that right! they are very addicting. Oh dear, I don’t need to go to bed yet it’s only 2pm here, I find that so strange the time difference. I know it’s logical, but it just feels wierd that its the daytime for you but night for others. Ugh, I wouldn’t like to use those contacts :o Ohhh, I see, haha silly me! well I’m glad you watched supernatural, its great isn’t it? I’m a celebrity get me out of here is actually filmed in your country, they send about 12 english celebrities from the UK over the the australian jungle where they have to live for one month and they have to do whats called bush tucker trials where they have to like be in a box underground with rats or put on a helmet sort of thing filled with spiders.The most disgusting is where they have to eat fish eyes, crocodile legs, kangaroo testicles and loads of other horrible things which can be seen as cruel, i know but it is very entertaining which will sound bad of me i know. They do these trials for stars to earn food or they don’t eat you see. Yeh, I’m sure Aussie is behind with the T.V it goes America 1st, then the UK then Aussie :)

omg the whole webdesigning process is too long to remember ! neopets.. then freewebs… then subdomain… then .. AHHH ahahaha
OHREALLY? IP addresses are sometimes very difficult… i tried tracking someone down before but it didn’t work cause i wasn’t sure :| ohwell, people make mistakes. i hope your hostee understands.

People are allowed to change their mind and opinions. And I don’t think you did anything wrong, you even apologized when you didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion. And if she can’t accept that fact then she doesn’t have to be rude about it, and she can express that with you without being rude.

The fact that she didn’t expose her identity makes me think she’s a kind of a hypocrite and only used you. If she did expose her identity it would have been better. She didn’t need to be rude about, you’re allowed to say anything you want, so why didn’t she?

After all what you’ve done to her. Being honest and polite with you wouldn’t have hurt and it’s the least she can do for you.

But she was really weird on twitter yesterday, she never acted this way in twitter. I do think her twitter account was hacked, because they way she acted was stupid…too stupid for her to act that way.

Glad you had fun at the movies, I don’t really go to the movies often so I’ll probably wont get to watch it.
Heehee, try bugging him about it constantly, please? XD .

I too believe in freedom of speech and opinion, and I think it’s really rude of her to say such a thing. I’m sure she changed her opinion about something in life too, she should understand that people are allowed to change their opinions and it’s a good thing.

OMG, haha is a word! How could firefx do that? I mean i start every sentence with haha, well, or lol.

I so want a black president, I’m envying America.

YAY you’re like me =D

Wtf? That’s so mean. I’m going to turn into my mum for a second and say “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” I hope everything has been sorted out now. @_@
IP addresses can be weird, and I don’t think I understand them as much as I should, eek.
Btw, I used to own “” but unfortunately my host got deleted – you can email me if you’d like to reply to this comment or something. 👏

Hey Annabelle! Gosh, that sucks about your site – first off. I have written a new blog (so if you feel like you need to comment, do so on that one please :) ) though… but I’m getting around to these comments, using my lovely WordPress plugin to reply to comments.

It turns out that that pathetic slimeball who left that comment was not my hostee but it was actually someone else stirring up drama. /hmph

If you are in need of hosting you can visit my hosting site at and apply. I’m sorry to hear about your host! :(

Yeah it’s annoying.. I told my parents about the studying + dying thing. They give me a kind of 😒 look.

Haha!!! Someone who actually enjoys studying!? Wow. What an oddball. Dear God.
That’d be handy during exams though, to enjoy studying. Wow, she must have no social life, but I bet her parents like, loved her.

Tehe. Not like mine don’t love me, but you get the point.. 😳

Your blogs look long, but they are like divided up into a few sentences which makes it easier and more enjoyable to read :)
I honestly hate reading really long squished together blogs.. I know my current one looks a little squished, but it’s easy enough to read I guess. (H)

I hate when people read the first line and comment on that, but sometimes I feel soo guilty if I don’t return a decent sized comment.. I feel like I’m just as bad as them. I don’t know.

Maybe it’s the fact I’m just getting more comments and regular visitors and all that, and I need to repay them and all that jazzzz. Idk, I’ll get over it eventually and karma is a bitch, yo.

Yeah I real yellow submarine! xD
And heres a picture of the entrance to the museum..

The hotel I stayed in is literally 30 steps this way —–>
in that picture, tehe. XD

I tried to add a link to the navigation, but it just went underneath. I haven’t a clue how to fix it, I might try and adjust the width!

Lol, my friend Vikki told me about Paranormal Activity, so I decided to watch some and then nearly shat a brick and slept with the light on. :)

Celebrity images are good once – as you pointed out – they aren’t the same old ones you find on Google that everyone uses on everything. -_-

I seriously laughed when you said ‘raping your staircase’ and I got a pretty wrong image in my head. LOLOLOL.


I guess it is okay to use celebrity images if you ask the owner, but what if the owner is like a big time photographer? I don’t think many people could be arsed tracking them down. XD

It’s really good of you to apologize to anyone you may have offended or whatever, but honestly, you could’ve saved them from getting a fine, hehe. 🙄

Oh my GOD. How rude of that BITCHFACE. You were her HOST. What a skank. I can’t believe that now to be honest. Some people I reckon suffer Bipolar, like her for instance.
Oh, how I hate people like that.

I’m serious, that is completely bitchy of her.. Holy johovah, like.

Moving swiftly onwards.. I haven’t heard of Cloudy a Chance of Meatballs, so you won’t be spoiling anything for me. =D

Lol, reading that whole section about food made me hungry. What I’d do for chicken and noodle soup.. mmm..

WOW! That’s so great that you had a conversation with a famous guy over Twitter that you love :D That’s so great! :)
I’ve only Lady Gaga following me (yes, the real one, it’s verified (H) ) but we don’t talk, y’no she’s busy. Might catch up with her soon, Heh.
Me & Mr. Gaga is tight ✌️

I WILL! And I’ll eat plenty of ice cream, cookies and milk. Then hopefully buy an Apple computer with an awesome mouse! :)

Really? All the fancy smancy rich people over here have them everywhere. *Tear* Their houses are amazing.

I did and when I was 6, the dentist gave me these gloves and a face mask. So I went home and tried to convince my mom to let me do a cleaning job on her teeth. She ALMOST said yes, until I said I need a needle. XD

I know and their songs are just so cool! /faw

Yeah you put Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce in it and put like stuff around the rim. And drink while listening to Shaggy. /bounce

Yeah, like the images are awesome, but really it looks so unoriginal.

YOU DID THE EXPERIMENT TOO???! Yay! Somebody else knows what I’m talking about. 👏 It’s awesome, huh?

Yeah, it looks so pretty. The bucket thing works well, it works alright. And you waste a lot of water by trying, lol.

Your hostee? That’s completely unacceptable. Like I mean honestly, go around doing that, then do that to your own HOST?! That’s so idiotic and that person is really not a good person at all. We should give ’em the ol’ one-two. /pow

I was going to see that, but it looked a little odd. Like it rains meatballs? But I could use a good laugh, so maybe I’ll rent it at Jumbo Video where you get free popcorn. XD

That sucks, people are such rips these days. Like, I once bought this dinner from Swiss Chalet and it looked so good on the menu. Then it was disgusting when I got it.

Wow! He does sound amazing! Like, he talked to one of his fans! That is awesome, you should print that out so when you go and meet him someday. You can say “Remember me? The person you DM’d with on Twitter?” XD

I’m sorry, but what the hell? You were only trying to save us from having some photographer sue our arses off. You were right to delete her hosting :) She’s obviously just trying sound hardcore, like you said.

WOAH. You are so lucky :) I’d absolutely die of Lloyd Daniels talked to me. Congrats! xD

We won the netball game, and according to my team my gloves are magic cause I actually caught the ball when I was cold :) :L

It used to be that we could sit and work with our friends alot, but now we’ve started our GCSE’s it’s less often. I’m quite lucky though, I’m always right next to my best friend in the register so if they put us in alphabetical order, I’m next to her xD. I’m always quite good at getting along with most people though. But some people are just impossible /angry

I don’t understand why people don’t credit other people’s resources, it’s just silly. I saw a website owner who actually copyrighted her resources so that people couldn’t not credit her, because it had happened so much. To be honest, the only resource I really use is a brush – and I’ve credited a list of the websites I’ve downloaded them from. /eee

I didn’t read the previous blog so I don’t know the whole story, but you are right. I stopped using celebrity images when I first got reviewed by you, because I didn’t actually know the consequences. I used my own for a while but they began to get boring so now I just used texture/brush themes.

I just don’t understand why your own hostee would do that. Did you terminate their account without warning? That would have been the best thing to do.

At least they have no way of denying it now. Really, I thought people were smarter than that! But that was such a mean thing to say, I know “fuck face” is a big insult but it’s never made any sense in my opinion!

Argh I did it again ¬_¬ I’m beginning to annoy myself now. My tab key has fallen off meaning I’m pressing it like ALL the time. /angry Need to get that fixed…

I really want to see that film! My friends won’t come with to see it though because it’s a ‘child’s film’. :| So we’re all going to see Paranormal Activity tomorrow.

Aw, I’m glad you had a good time seeing your best friends. :)

That is so sweet of Ben to follow you! A lot of celebrities don’t read their direct messages, so it’s kind of him to even send them.

Peter Andre, a famous rapper in the UK and the lead singer of one my favourite bands (who split up, also D:) all follow me. I’ve only ever had replies from Dave Hunter, the guy who was in the band though. XD

Yeah, Busted were huge! Apparently teenage girls hearts were broken everywhere, I still listen to them now though. 8)

I’m not a big fan of Nirvana or Foo Fighters but I understand that they have such a big fanbase, but they both have in the past made such great music.

On my personal Twitter, I follow about half of my followers back. On my site one, I follow back everybody, and on Tumblr, I have around 250 followers and I follow 110 people. I don’t do it to be rude, it’s just my homepage is always clogged and I don’t see why I should follow people that don’t ever even talk to me. Whoops that sounded mean. D:

People use the computer screen as a shield and feel they can say what they want, but it’s so annoying because if it’s someone you know in real life, they’ll act all ‘big’ on the internet, then in real life they’ll avoid you.

Hey :)

Awww, but why don’t you get more sleep? Or at least try to? I can give you some of my sleeping hours if you want to, I don’t really need them anyways xD

Yeah I know what you mean, though I kinda really didn’t have those problems or at least as far as I remember. Most of the tie something random popped up so I blogged about it. I also don’t like this whole idea of “blogging ideas” – I come up with random things sometimes and then I’ll write it down and post it sometimes soon.

Just like yesterday while I wanted to finally fall asleep I was thinking about different things and kinda “wrote” a blog post in my mind, so I decided to turn the laptop on again and just to write it down. I don’t like forgetting thing like that. And I would’ve posted it today if dad wouldn’t have been the asshole he was and made me wanna blog about his bahaviour..

I actually failed the test.. more about on the current blog. I don’t want to tell the story twice so yeah, sorry :) Business wasn’t that difficult but I still cheated a little bit, because I couldn’t memorize all the stuff.. glad my teacher didn’t see me cheating xD

i think so too, in the bottom of my heart. But sometimes it seems easier to just press pause and relax. It’s not that much time left anymore anyways.. so now I try to figure out what the hell I want to do after I graduate which is really difficult

Anne didn’t respond in the end, but she found her USB and put the PowerPoint onto it.. and I also asked a friend to safe it onto hers so I didn’t have to bring the laptop. I guess the presentation went okay. I don’t like things like that, but I need some extra points for my participation grade..

I feel like that a lot actually… like my alarm clock is ringing and I just wish it wouldn’t xD But I try to get myself out of bed and go to school.. Glad you got out of bed and went to work, good girl ;) (Y)

I bet our bills have raised too… but hey, they bought the third and fourth tv.. it’S not like we really use them. And the laptop is only on the charger when it’s really needed. I don’t like the charger’s cable xD

I will – the next time I go onto Google Wave.. but silly question: How do I get there?! Oh boy I sound sooooo silly right now 😳

LOL I wish I would’ve thought about that earlier xD See what a newbie I am?! xD I’ll definitely check their MySpace!

Hehe, awww :) You are definitely one of my closest online friends too ♥ It’s really awesome to have a girl your age you can talk to and stuff. Because I know a lot of people online who are a lot younger than me and you just can’t have the same conversations with them.

You definitely have quite a lot of links up on your links page! I have no idea how you managed to keep up with all them, especially because you used to have even more! You so should write an article about how to keep up with a lot of affiliates and time manangement! I bet your visitors would love that :)

Yeah I most probably had icons, because I think I have them up for quite a while now..

This girl that left that comment has been really weird when she was on Twitter on Wednesday.. she pretended or maybe not, to be the person that left you that hate comment and said how much she hates you, bla bla and then today she got online and was oh so shocked how Renee was and bla bla..

I thought thas really weird.. she also said that she thinks her Twitter got hacked. But erm.. if it was hacked, why would that Renee go out there and leave hate comments and stuff? It doesn’t really make any sense to me at all…

I really think that this girl has no idea what respect is. If you have always been there and did everything to help her with all the questions she had, I think it’s really rude to treat you like that. I would never say something like that to my host – no matter how mad I might be. Because my two previous hosts and also Kya always did and do their best to help me when ever I need them – I think this is a matter of respect.

You don’t just go out there and leave bitchy and rude comments like that. And she did it to several sites?! What the hell is wrong with this girl! Does she has nothing better to do then leave hate messages?! If she doesn’t like the opinion of some people she should just either STFU up or say it the nice way – because that is definitely possible.

I really hope that you don’t have to deal with something like that again soon.. because you definitely don’t deserve it! You are a great and awesome person, that happened to change her mind on using celebrity images – so what?! Just like you said, we change our music taste over time too and nobody will blame us for something like that, then why blaming your for this?! That really makes me mad and wanna go hardcore on the keyboard xD

Glad you had a great time out with James and Lilian! Maybe I’ll see the movie when it comes out over here.. it usually takes ages for movies to get to the cinemas in Germany.. it sucks. Which is the reason why I tend to watch the movies online and in English xD

Sticker photos sound great! Me and my friends need something like that too! Which reminds me that I should finally put those Spain pics on my camera card to get them developed.. Spain is like 7 months ago xD But I want to wait until I get the pictures from out ladies night outs.. but Tine is too lazy to put them on the computer xD

You now have a celebrity follower Georgie, feel special :D I think it’s cool how he talks to his fans like that! That’s how more celebrities should behave.. some of them get Twitters but never really “talk” to their fans in the end.. Ben is one awesome guy over there!