Disappear For Everyone Else

Hmm. I wanted to bring up something a little more web-related today. I haven’t had anything interesting happen in the past few days. Apart from going with my mum late at night for a drive to pick up my brother from a school disco where some girl was present who is supposedly his girlfriend but he won’t tell us who, and because my mum can’t drive all so well at night, and my dad works night shift so we had to take him to work as well. Joyous, no? :P

Well, we all know the issue with celebrity images being “illegal”. And I probably started that shit. First off, yes, it’s wrong to take someone’s images without permission. The fact is that everything on the internet is copyrighted. Whether you like it or not.

Don’t talk crap with me about that, because it’s what learned at university from my old lecturer (yes, she’s old, been in the industry for a while, wrote many books, so she’s knowledgeable). It’s content that is published. On the internet. So it’s not necessarily free to use.

But some people offer images for you to use for free, and you can edit them how you like, but you have to give credit for them and not claim them as your own. Fair enough, right? So basically, if you want to take something and edit it, make sure you have permission, especially if you’re going to be displaying it somewhere public too.

I know I’ve been a bitch telling people off to use celebrity images. But now I’m going to say how I currently feel about the issue.

I think that the main reason I was being so tight and bitchy about people using celebrity images is because I see the same celebrities all the time. Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato… the same people are in layouts. And usually people use the same base image. O_O

And worse, you don’t see people crediting for it. “Thanks to Google for the images”. Google is a search engine, that allows you to search content indexed on the web – not an image source. Zarking fardwarks. Notice how they link to other pages where the image is posted? You should, at the very least, give credit for what you use. You don’t want me saying “a website” for using your brushes, do you.

Then we come to fair use. You think you’re not gaining profit or using images for commercial use for a layout. You’re gaining visitors, perhaps, but it isn’t monetary gain.

Look, all in all, be original. You can use images of models and whatnot, but I’m sick of seeing the same shiz all the time.

Why am I saying this? Because, when I started this round of crap and was bitchy to everyone about it, I made an effort to contact the administrators about the use of their images, particularly on the Poets Of The Fall website, where I wanted to use the images of the band for a fanlisting. They mentioned that it was fine and just not to make the site look the same as theirs.

And now I want to apologise for being a bitch to people about it. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for being a bitch. But since Armor For Sleep broke up I just wanted to make icons of them and Ben Jorgensen. I wanted to show you the bunch I made because I think I have improved.

I hope you don’t all go hating on me because I’ve changed my mind or you consider me a hypocrite now. I was planning to use these on my fanlistings, because after all, I have been using other people’s images for them, but crediting.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is that do what you want to do, but give credit for other people’s work that you used, and try and be original. That said, to the people copying my current typography layout, please try and be original. Typography can be done many different ways – I don’t like being directly copied.

Icon credits: 77words, TragedyCalling, MTV.com, Par-a-bola

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I don’t have a site up now, my host is changing the name for me.

But I agree with this post. I think being original is important, and it’s why I closed my site. Btw, I love those icons! I used to have a whole bunch of tutorials for them…I love making icons of Steven Tyler ♥ ♥ ♥

And no, I don’t think anyone will hold it against you that you now use celeb images. You do have a point–most people use the same boring faceless actors and popstars. I use them too for my fan site, but I have the permission from that celebrities’ team managment to use the modeling pics.

Icon making is fun and addicting. Wait till you discover the joys of making over 100 batches in a few days like I used to LOL.

No worries; I’m replying to your comment anyway!

Aw, that’s good – I can’t wait to see what new stuff you come up with yourself!

Haha yep – I haven’t really felt like making celebrity icons until AFS broke up and I felt like it would make me less sad.

Thank you though. I have always attempted to ask people for permission and if not, or if they don’t reply, I always credit. I know I would like the same from other people so that’s how it is. :)

Haha I will discover that joy all so soon, I hope! /bounce I believe I am improving!

Thanks for your sweet comment. ♥

I’ve been a stickler for years about fair-use and using copyrighted images for years, that’s why I practically jumped at sxc.hu when I found it because of all the awesome photos that are available for fair use, non-profit projects :)

That being said, all the more power to you for getting permission.

Haha, your brother went to a disco /bounce
Sounds huhu /bash

Ngaww, apologetic Wuggs! *hugg*

Yeah, this is hard to comment on. /sweat!


It was not… great, now I feel like going to a disco… hope they play GLAC. :P

*hugg* Well I really was a nasty one when I talked about those celebrity images. Even in my article (now revised), I was really quite harsh. /um


I’m relieved I never use celebrity images on my layouts. It’s because I’m more of the CSS type than the graphics one. I see people aren’t aware that they shouldn’t credit Google because it is just a search engine, no more no less.

Good thing I comment on blogs which have less celebrity images or I’ll end up checking their credits page if they gave proper credits.

ever since i found out celebrity images were actually illegal, i changed my whole web designs… i was so used to just making headers of celebrities as my layouts. then i switched to vectors which was a good improvement. it was hard to leave behind that though. sometimes i still have the itch to make celebrity layouts haha. i do make icons though … i don’t know where to credit their photos because theres no way to tell where that fansite got THEIR images from. i credit as much as i can. real nice icons though (:

My mom drives quite well, just that she hates going in those multi-storey carparks when you have to turn the car down. I banged my head on the car door yesterday when we went down the slope with my dad driving /bash

Your brother has a girlfriend? :O I always suspected my second brother had a girlfriend because he always chat with her on Facebook /bounce

I don’t even know WHY celebrity images are illegal. 😴 You started it? Yes, if you take someone’s things without permission that’s called stealing and it’s illegal. I don’t think I want to comment here because I totally don’t understand this shit /poo

Last time I thought lecturers are those you know, “so-called” molesters. Yuck. Now I know they are teachers and, i don’t mean to criticise your teacher :X

Yes. I really hate that. People just take what you have, erase the body, resize the face and make it into an 88×31 button. That sucks. :( People don’t appreciate your work 😴

The four celebrities are the most often used images. I hate it. It is so irritating. When I want to see some 88×31 buttons(I don’t use them, just see them. LOL) they are all celebrities’ buttons /angry

Sometimes i do see people crediting like this but well, you can’t blame them. Some people forget the URLs and ask if anybody know where it comes from. And that’s the part i really dislike /angry /angry /angry

Oh my goodness. You changed your mind about this so-called bad behaviour? Luckily I didn’t do anything. I won’t blame you, babe. Your icons are so fabulous 👏 👏

I don’t think I have anything to reply now, because I’m lazy to check my email or dashboard. If I have anything to reply I’ll post a comment again. By the way, you won’t see any replies to your comments these days yet, but when I do, you get a bunch of comments from me. /bounce /bounce /bounce

Yes, well it’s true. I think I may have been upset at the time but I realized that it actually helped me improve a lot. I’m sure most people realize that too. I wasn’t mad or anything like some people get. I see comments where people are saying “That’s mean” and “You should have went easy” When they are the ones who applied on your site and you are just trying to help..

I don’t think you are hypocritical. Maybe if you didn’t explain your reasoning. :P

Those icons are amazing. I ♥ them. You have a lot of talent :D

I have never heard of AFS. I looked them up on Google (That is what my grandma says to do when I ask her a question /hehe ) and I should really listen to them. I have no speakers on my computer though because it is kind of old..I am hoping to get my laptop fixed for Christmas. Can it be fixed, the screen broke when I dropped it D: I just wonder if you can fix a laptop that has a cracked screen..I hope so /eee

Oh I don’t think you’re a hyprocrite for saying that. It’s how you feel and what you feel. I don’t blame you for not wanting to see the same thing over and over again. I agree with you on that part. I should definately where I get my images from. I haven’t yet because I’m still in the process of moving my site around. But I do remember where I got them at. But you make a very good point about crediting the people directly and not doing it like what you’ve stated. I love your typography layout. I was planning on doing a typography layout but it was looking quite a bit like your’s so I trashed it. I’ve asked some celebrities and others if I can use their stuff on my sites before. I haven’t done lately because I know they’ll give the okay. But I still give credit to them. I like your icons btw. They’re cool.

Oh, heehee I think that your brother with the girlfriend thing is so cute XD .

I remember the whole celebrity thing, you gave me a hard time about it :( , but hey if it wasn’t for you i would’ve still been doing those ugly layouts, so thank you 🙄 .

I have to say at first I thought you were a hypocrite because i saw you using celebrity images but now after reading this blog I don’t think so anymore.

People are allowed to change their minds, but you can’t tell people not use to celebrity images while you’re using them like in Cristina’s case, and I’m not trying to offend her or something. However, if she really changed her mind she should’ve made a statement about it like you.

The icons are lovely, and I love that you gave credit for it and asked for permission. I know that I myself won’t like people using the pictures I posted on internet without permission so from now on I’ll ask for permission heehee


I know! It’s very annoying. Ms word and firefox spell checker always do that kind of stuff to me O_O .

I hate racist people too, but you really can’t stop racism it’s everywhere people go on and on about how not racist they’re then you see them offending other people and calling them the n . I think In the Arab world the n word is a bit too common and alright to use, because there aren’t too many black/dark people, i really hope that someday we get a black president. Which is not going to happen.

Late night drive to pick up your brother! =O Awwww…well at least you can tell your mum directions. I’d be all…WAIT, LET ME GET MY GPS COS I CAN’T READ THE STUPID MAP! /wah Or I’d be the one driving WITH the gps xD

Oh yeah! Your brother’s Facebook status updates all seem to be hinting at the fact that he has a girlfriend =O I remember one being something like “prank to say I love you” or something along those lines…I was all like…==…NOT SUBTLE AT ALL BRANDON! But I’m finding it very amusing xD Don’t tell him that though :P

Aww, I don’t think you were a bitch about celebrity images. I mean, you had a legitimate point. You’re right. You shouldn’t use celebrity images unless you credit them PROPERLY, and “google images” is not proper crediting. Jesus CHRIST.

And overusing celebrity images is annoying sometimes. I mean on a fansite or a fanlisting or something dedicated to that celebrity, it makes sense, but for a personal site…why plaster their image across the top of your site? Do you WANT people to think your site is solely about that artist/celebrity? I don’t know…maybe it’s personal preference, but I think that’s a little weird. :P

And I think you should always ask if it’s okay to use the images if possible, like you did for Poets off the Fall :)

LOL @ your Armor For Sleep obsession! [Still can’t believe they’re GONE…T_T]

Those icons are so cool :P Very, highly AWESOME…^^

And nice crediting! Hahahahahaha xDD

Hahha I’m glad we don’t have a GPS actually… it might be annoying and we might fight over it or something. Oh well, I don’t mind reading maps!

Oh well, he might not know you’re telling me this stuff, so. :X But maybe you can be a useful gateway for finding out stuff. Hehehehe. XD

I feel a bit bad because I was so tight about it, and I told people in such a harsh way not to use them. I have been using them for a lot of my fanlistings and I have given credit. Of course, now we know what a real bitch my hostee is, eh? I mean, to not even read my blog properly and not to know about me using them on my fanlistings and to make such a retarded comment… bitch, bitch, bitch.

It is a little weird but some people just use them to attract visitors. I think it actually is appropriate for a fansite as well – that’s about the only reason I can think of really!

I was happy that they let me use the images. Now I am trying to be on the lookout for ones that allow me to edit and use them – I found someone on Flickr who had Armor For Sleep and Ben Jorgensen photos they took at a concert, and they said it was okay to edit the photos.

I know! /wah

Thank you! :D

Thanks you (: – in response to your reply. I fixed the comments. I have NO idea what was wrong, but I deleted the blog & reposted it & now it’s working? Haha, weird!

In the end, I don’t care who uses what pictures AS LONG AS credit is given. When I used celebrity images I at least gave credit to where I got them or at least STATED that they belonged to the owner of the person who took them. The best thing is to just give credit as far as you can to credit the photographer. Yeah, I worded that weird, haha. I dunno. The whole celebrity thing never bothered me BUT all the base images, yes, that was very annoying!

Hmm. I’m still not sure what to think about the whole celebrity images thing. I mean, I was given a pretty hard time about using them when I did, over a year ago now and since then I’ve known them to be illegal unless you have permission from the photographer.

It pisses me off as well as makes me laugh a lot when people credit Google for an image, or anything for that matter. Google is a search engine.

I don’t mind seeing celebrity images, well used in things like icons because icons usually look amazing but it’s boring as hell seeing Zac Efron in every single layout.

I don’t know but I think if AFS didn’t break up, then you wouldn’t have made those icons and you wouldn’t be writing this blog. If that makes sense?

Nevertheless, those icons are pretty amazing. ^_^

Though, I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to start using celebrity images again now haha. A lot of people look up to you and would do pretty much what you do and say.

Thank you! :D Yes that is so true. I was the same when Jack (Thomas’ brother) was born heh. Now he’s nearly 3, I can’t pick him up and anything anymore haha, he prefers to walk everywhere. xD

That’s so true. I’ve seen a bunch of pictures from the day I was born and there were so many people in my mums hospital room. o_O

Haha yes, a bit far in the future but I like planning names and things haha, I’m sad.

Yes, I think that is the person I’m talking about but not just her. There is another person that sort of “inspired” me to write that blog because they’ve been pissing me off so much lately, grr.

I don’t understand that. Well I do actually. They obviously wanted to be affiliates with you so bad that they commented once to make you think they are “active” then just never bothered. That annoys me.

I must admit, I do whine and moan about having comments to return but that’s because I’m lazy and yeah. I do appreciate every single one. And I have moaned about feeling unappreciated but that’s when people were stealing my premades haha.

That is annoying. I know it’s not a rule to return comments but you should return the favour, in a nice meaningful manner.

Exactly, some people are just to naive to see it.

Same, if I don’t return comments for say a day or two, they drop considerably. But that’s something you should expect.

I don’t even know if we’re talking about the same person here haha. Maybe, I don’t know. :P I think so. XD

Yeah, I’d feel the same way if Breaking Benjamin broke up. I mean, sometimes you get so “involved” with a band, when they break up it’s just a blah feeling.

Haha I saw he DM’d you on Twitter. Maybe you can become his new best friend lol.

LOL that’s how I feel with Breaking Benjamin because nobody has heard of them, I feel all cool that I love them so much.

I bet they will become popular one day, the new band. I mean they definitely will with dedicated fans like yourself.

I know Matthew Bellamy is so cool. I mean, I can’t how powerful his voice is for someone so small. XD I don’t really listen to them much anymore but I go through stages of not listening to them, then listening to them for ages.

LOL you’re welcome. ;3

Usually I’d say when fans say that sort of stuff he’s used to it and just ignores it because he’s bound to expect that. But after hearing he replied to you on Twitter etc he seems like the type of person to listen to everyone’s comments, if that you get me. So yes, that really would hurt someone. :(

Yeah, I noticed that. A lot of the sites at CSSbake rely on a lot of images. Hehe we sure do. I love experimenting and playing with CSS, it’s fun. XD

I know, I love Dayna’s blogs. I always read them, though I don’t comment very often. o_O

OMG I know, I often read your ask me, I like being nosy but all I see is “Will you host me?>!!??!!!£<$!<$£!" all the time, it's stupid. People should be more considerate and read the previous questions. o_O

Haha that's OK though. Like you said, less work for you. :P A lot of people seem to be getting domains lately though.

Yeshm, it is amazing. I wanted to use something other than grey for a chance but I just can't keep away. :P

Haha yes, you have told it to me. ^_^ I mean, your layout is amazing, I prefer just text. I don't know if my Piczo layouts are classed as typography LOL but I used to have layouts similar with just lyrics from songs. *Looks for one* http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll18/outspokenx-/BLAH.gif & http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll18/outspokenx-/Image2-49.gif Oh good times. I used to LOVE making them LOL.

I've seen a few people copying your style as well. People need to get a life and start using their own brain for a change.

I've already had someone ask how I used the little images in my headers, I wondered how long it would be before someone asked.

Oh, I can't wait to see it. :D

LMAO. I love it when people do that though, just assume you're however old. It's funny and makes you laugh. My family usually mistake me for my sister, blah.

Hehe yes, you should. :D Don't you guys have two Christmas'? I have a friend (whom I met on Piczo, I haven't spoke to her for ages though) and she lives in Australia and said she has two Christmas'. o_O

I never knew what fanlistings were at first haha, sad I know. But they do look like fun, though I'm to lazy to make one myself.

Yeah, I can see you did write the blog about celebrity images haha.

Haha, I would delete my Facebook because I barely go on it but yeah, I just keep in touch with my brother when he's out in Afghanistan etc.

Yeah, I love the Summer for that reason. I prefer the Winter though because I'm very paranoid about my body, heh so in the Winter I get to wear my long black coat and "hide" lol.

Oh fun LOL. When I get past the airport either side it's just houses and roads, boring.

Oh yeah true, well as soon as the job finishes you should try and see if you cam take your test etc. Just in case they ask you to come back. :3

*Pretends to know what nostalgia means LOL* But yeah, I haven't been depressed/upset as of late, luckily.

I want to feel evil. :( They use IE on the computer in the staff room, I checked what version it was last time I was there and it was bloody IE 5. :| I didn't even think that still existed LOL.

That's pointless, I don't get why people apply for a review if they're getting a new site or whatever.

I know right. It clearly says link me BEFORE applying so why don't you do it, gah?

Yeah, well I smoke but I don't really drink. I don't see what's so fun about getting smashed off your face and not being able to remember anything. It's pointless.

Yeah your sleeping pattern is a bit weird… Not as bad as Rob's though haha, he sleeps at like 5am/6am and wakes up at like 3pm.. he's going to struggle when he gets a job. o_O I can sleep on buses, I'll end up missing my stop. XD

Haha ditto, I feel like a bitch too. I tell everyone else to make WP theme tutorials so I don't have to haha.

LMFAO. I love rolling down hills it's so much fun. XD

Haha really? I used to roll down sand dunes in Gran Canaria, ah good times.

Oh I buy takeaway way too much man. I bought yet another pizza yesterday, oops.

Oh yeah that, I forgot that Jack started that. I don't talk to him anymore lol. Yeah I asked someone to make me one because I thought they were cool haha. Then I changed it to a picture of me. Now hardly anyone is using them anymore I decided to make another one. :P

Haha yeah I guess. She's always out and about though, she spends way to much money. My step dad bought her a 160GB iPod classic yesterday for Christmas. o_O

Yeah it sure does make you sweat. I like hoovering in the Winter because it keeps me warm heh.

My step dad used to be our dishwasher haha. Our kitchen is tiny so I was surprised that we managed to fit one in.

LOL aw, James will make a great husband one day. :P I don't mind hoovering my parents bedroom. :)

She should. She's a hermit.

Yep. It annoys me because he has two kids and would rather spend his money on drugs than them.

LMFAO. I love peeing too. ;) That's the best feeling when you're dieing for one hahaha.

Awww bless him!

Hm yeah, I get to work at about 7:10am and I don't start till 8 but if I got the later bus I'd still be late. I like getting there early though, I have a cappuccino and stuff. XD

Yep. The only sucky thing is on my bus is that a bunch of old people get on so I have to give up my seat and that sucks when it's early.

Trains scare me though.

See I have no idea. I just want a .nu for the sake of it because it looks pretty haha.

Yeah, I thought PHPMyAdmin was shit at first but after a while, I find it quite fun.

Yup, 100 comments per blog. To be fair, I only blogged about once a week or maybe twice haha.

Haha I remember when you got 101 comments on your first blog. Like that screenshot I showed last night with my 90 comments, I was like woah did I really used to get that many? Lol.

Ugh, I hate it when people comment with shit like that or asking questions. I have an ask me page, a request form AND a contact form for that shit.

Haha I doubt it. But I guess one of our comments equals about 5 haha. Yes, I think I'd win hands down with the biggest comment. :P

Aww my friends middle name is Priscilla. xD Mine is Ann and I don't think I've ever used that for anything haha.

I think I have you on your coconut_allergies MSN, not sure though haha. I barely go on it. But that is such a cute name. :P

Lol yeah I know what you mean, but I wish there was a thing that you can edit to have a minimum words thing. :3

LOL, it is suppose to kill a conversation but it never does for me grr. This person just talks talks talks, usually about themselves all the fucking time.

I like feeling evil, heh. The tabbed navigation worked, but I think it looks better if it's attached to the container like how you used it. You only spent 20 minutes returning my comment haha? I've been returning this for like an hour LOL. I did stop for a bit because I got cramp in my hand. :P

Oh IE is a pain in the butt. I get like 329475883453 pop ups with it and it takes forever to load, ugh.

I did have Firefox when I was on Piczo but never used it haha, I thought it was shit. o_O LOL, I'd never heard of Opera until a little while ago. :P

Aww that sucks about the archives page. USE THE PLUGIN. It's so simple heh.

I certainty did have a ride returning this comment LOL. I wouldn't have returned it until tomorrow but I wanted to comment your blog haha.

I don't think my comment is quite as long. Oh it's only 2043 words, never mind. :3

It works now..Thanks again. :)

They’ve changed the colours, but the same font for the sidebar headers and the affiliates buttons are the same. /hmph

And when they had their previous site, they had asked me for help with some coding. I’d taken help with that thing from one of your tutorials, so I had told them to use that tutorial, and they used it,. But I don’t think that person has credited you yet.

All this stealing stuff is getting on my nerves. That was a silly reason for having taken your whole blog. People should be more original.

Yeah, it’s really different. People are more into Bangladeshi and Bollywoood songs.

I used to use celebrity images as well, but got tired of them and stopped using them. After I learnt that using them is illegam, I started crediting the sites I got the images from, though.

I really like the icons. I suck at making them. :P
I don’t think you’re a hypocrite because you told people that it’s illegal that they are using it without permission.

The only thing that bothers me about using celebrity images is people taking them, editing them and the claiming they own the copyright to the finished work. And sometimes they’d put it up for download or sale, and warn their visitors not to steal “their” work :p

LOL, no I’m not a stalker :P Glad you agree :)

I loooooooooooooove Linkin Park. Quite honestly, I’m pretty obsessed with them xD

Mhmm, the RigRag thing really, really annoyed me. They say that most accounts were retrieved, but mine wasn’t. I think they’re probably holding a massive grudge against me now, since I got pretty pissed off and said some things on Twitter :L I did apologise though, so they should grow up and get over it =/

Yeah, I really want to go to America. I asked my parents, but they can’t afford it right now..

Hehe, thanks :D Your plugins aren’t making your site die, your site is amazing :]
I haven’t found anyone with the same resolution as me yet xD

LMAO, my brother always hangs around with this girl, I reckon that they’re together. But he won’t tell us anything =/ I found a Christmas card from her in his room, and it had a lot of kisses, so that gives more evidence *evil laugh*.

Haha, yeah I think it was you who raised the issue of celebrity images being illegal. I stopped using them because of you, although now I realise that they look tacky anyways, so I wouldn’t use them.. You have a point, if only more people could agree with it. Everything on the internet is created by someone, and the least you could do if you use it, is credit the author.

I think if you do credit where you got the images from, then it would be a start.. But most people I’ve seen who use celeb images, just credit Google. Which is ridiculous, because Google is just a search engine, not a paparazzi member xD

You’ve made some really great icons :) I really do like them, despite that I don’t actually know/like Ben Jorgensen :L
You’ve never been a bitch to me about it, I just read your articles.. I can understand why using them is illegal.. I also don’t think you’re a hypocrite, you’ve asked the authors permission, so you haven’t stolen them, therefore, you’re definitely not a hypocrite :)

Who copied your layout? O.O I will skin them alive *_*

That girl has a dog? What is she going to do, fry him because Miley didn’t get a Number 1 in the charts? Seriously. Her parents need to talk to the people who manage the padded cells.

Lloyd got voted out /wah Time to over indulge myself with ice cream.

Whereabouts in Australia do you live? My Grandma lives out there, but we’re not sure where. She and my Mum don’t talk alot.

I’m a huge fan of fanfiction, I love reading the fans version of stories even after they’ve officially ended. It’s good for me too, because I literally can devour a book in a day (I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, 607 pages in 3 and a half hours). So I like to stop the story from finishing so quickly xD. I was thinking I could make a collection of my favourite fanfictions or something, or a blog with recommendations.

I guess it would be different with work, seeing as you’re being paid. It does bug me when people don’t take their share of the work. Depending on the teacher, we sometimes get to pick who we work and sit with. But it depends how nice they are.. xD

I have pretty strong views on people learning. I think that although everyone finds things easier or harder than others, we all have the capability of getting the higher grades, as long as we try hard enough. So it really bugs me when people kind of say ‘oh, I hate maths, i’m really bad at it’ when actually, they can do it if they try hard enough. The problem is, some people find it easier to believe that they’re stupid than that they don’t put in enough effort.

I know what you mean.. if I open a website and see the whole dang cast of High School Musical staring back at me, then I’ll click that back button. I don’t waste my time on a website I don’t think is original. And really, it’s all in your best interests in not using them. It’s okay if you credit the actual owner of the website though, so long as it’s original.



:love: ♥ ♥


Yay, you linked me (Y) Yus. I feel special ✌️

And, *looks around*, you’re probably my best affiliate. Well, I don’t do the whole affiliate thing anymore but friend online. :D Along with Vicky, of course; and our scheming /hehe

Aww your brother sounds so bashful XD I hope he had a good time at the disco though (sounds like he did). As I mentioned before in a blog, I’m not much of a disco girl XD

You told me this on MSN! /bounce You sounded so worried about it *hugs* But like I said, people’s views changed, and you learn something new everyday! :D I think it’s fine if you’ve changed your views but you might want to touch up your article on celebrity images because it is very ranty (Y)

Oh hell yeah, I once saw 5 layouts of Katy Perry in a row. I was all, “whoa dude” :O

If you want to piss the hell out of me, tell me “THE IMAGE IS FROM GOOGLE!”



I love the Ben Jorg icons! :) Especially the second one /eee

I agree, typography is a massive topic. You don’t need to be copied because of it!

I was just reading Rachel’s blog, and I sure as hell agree with what she said.

Thank youssss ^^


Aha my dad went through with me about how wings were all light and airy and how to shade them in. :) I’ve been looking up all sorts of pictures and photos online. :)

I learned everything I know from tutorials, pretty much XD That is what they’re for. :P
But a layout base is so different.

Ben is cool, like the Beatles hehe ^^

I think Desolation Row is a cover, yes. :)
A new album would be awesome :D

OH YAY! I joined that fanlisting ;D I’m so glad you got approved to adopt it! KC is cool 8D

Aha punk is cool ;D

I want a laptop so baddddddddd /argh

Noooes, WE are going to see Ben :D

Seconded. If the shit happens to the dog too,

I will be fucked. Yer.

Take care! xx

What annoys me is that its not just celeb images, the rule is; if you didn’t make it dont take it. Haha I just made that up and it rhymes :P Credit me if you use it :P No but i mean its not just celeb images, if people didnt make the images they really should take it, ofc everyone has done it eg in the piczo year like me, i still have them on my old psp tuts that i need to revamp. But stop when you know its wrong, Michael /kiss

Yes, I do agree using the celebrity images are illegal if you do not have permission from the rightful owners. However, I don’t think it is illegal when you have permission from them or the owner themselves had stated that you’re allowed to use their images.

Actually, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’re using celebrity images or non-celebrity images. Just because it isn’t a celebrity image, it doesn’t mean anyone is free to use. That’s also illegal if the website stated that no one is allowed to use. But I always point out to others over at sxc.hu for free stock images. :)

I find it so rude when people use something that they were given for free and use them for monetary gain like you had mentioned above especially things that aren’t fully copyrighted to them.

To me, it’s stupid to credit Google.com for the resources they found. Google do not provide images duh. They only index thing from the world wide web. 😒
Who they should really credit is the original owner(s) of the resources they took from.

Naah, I’m not going to say you’re a bitch or hypocrite because you’re not using celebrity images that aren’t meant to be used. The owner of the website themselves mentioned that anyone is allowed to use their images as long the website aren’t the same as theirs, right? Then it’s fine. ;)

Ngaww… I understand that you want to do something dedicated to Ben Jorgenson since the band Armour For Sleep broke up. :)

OMG. The icons are dead awesome. You have definitely improved and I can’t deny that! I wish I could take them from you. :P LOL.

Copycats are good for nothing. They simply copy our layouts or whatever because they’re idiots. I mean, what’s wrong with coming up with your own ideas? They may think that their ideas suck but perhaps their visitors like them? It’s alright if they’re only inspired by your layouts but directly copying is just so rude. Copying is also like duplicating websites. Or like having a clone of ’em. O_O Creepy.

I’m sick of this dark cold weather! Please! Send over the sun! We haven’t seen it in awhile!

I know, but with the right job and right money. We could get BOTH in an awesome office with French Doors. I always wanted French Doors, as they look so amazing and people think you’re rich when you tell them about it.
Now… we just need to get rich, lol XD

Oooh, I don’t want to even say soup. I cheated today and ate pickles. I litterly had to chew with my front teeth. But it was SO worth it.
I ate some mashed potatoes aswell. :)

Yeah, really. It’s really stupid.

ABBA rocks! But I can’t sing their songs AT ALL. I sound like a dying cow.
Man… Shaggy was like a tradition at my aunt’s. She’d give everyone ceasars. Not the dude, but the drink. And I would get my own glass of tomato juice, lol
She made me feel so grown up.

Thanks :)

I know. They’re like crows when you have a piece of bread.

Wow.. really? That’s awhile ago.

It is a little annoying when people use celebrity images. Like I used too, but now I know it just doesn’t look good. Like, their nice. But really, the images are kind of odd with the rest of the coding. I like vectors or like you said original pictures better.

Those are really nice icons. Like really good. My icons are all just cropped 100×100 pictures. XD

Nah I feel the need to apologize for having a life, cause technically the site is part of my life too. xD

Holy shit, 7 hours? Seriously, I don’t understand how you do it. I would die. Psh, you don’t need to get a life, you already have one! But because you’re SUPERWOMAN you make time to return comments too. :)

LMAO, yeah you caught me. I totally went again to see him shirtless on the big screen.. can’t get enough of that.

Mhm it’s so weird that people are popular for all the wrong reasons.

Did they really still do well in school? Cause the popular druggies/drunkies at my school do pathetically horrible in school lmao. :P I feel for them to a certain extent.

Yeah snails are pretty slow movers as well aren’t they? So I guess I can understand somewhat as to why they take so damn long to fuck eachother LOL.

YES BRITNEY THE SLUT. Woo, you remembered. Nah she’s not the type to tell the teacher and if she did, OMG, it would have been a whole different story. Cause I would been like “ok if you want to play like that then LET’S PLAY” and I would have told the teacher all the shit that she’s been doing which would most likely get her ass thrown into JAIL. Sigh.

LOL you’re welcome for the popping heart eyeballs, you should actually thank yourself because it is your emoticon lmfao.

Hey Jude is awesome. It’s one of those few songs that I never get tired of. Yeah, I hope that his new band becomes really popular as well.. it’ll show all those judgmental jerks that change can be good.

Yeah, funny how you said “you probably KNEW every Barney song” cause there isn’t any need to use past tense… I KNOW every Barney song. Cause I’m cool.. OBVIOUSLY.

You’re welcome! <3

Yes we have talked about your white bf, hehe. I always think it's so adorable when different races date, it gives me this warm fuzzy feeling on the inside.. *creeper* LMAO.

I sure hope I can be a CA. Only problem now is how the fuck I'm supposed to maintain these grades. D: It's probably harder than raising your marks to reach the level they're at right now. Fail.

Oh geeeez, Daniel. He gives me the warmest fuzzy feeling on the inside.. lmao. He's so SWEET and hot. It's crazy. I wanted to post a pic of him in the blog so everyone would understand what I'm talking about but then I realized that he's on Ryan's soccer team and if Ryan by any fuck of a chance told him about my site.. I'd be screwed.

Y'know, I think you did start all the celebrity image drama. xD But it deserves to be brought up, because as you've said countless of times it is illegal, after all.

I just get mad when I see the same celebs over and over, because not only does it get repetitive and boring, those celebs on their layouts are the ones that I hate the most LOL, cause they're all the little Disney freaks. Sigh.

I completely agree with you though. The same way that it is for when you use someones premade layout, you have to credit. And Google images is indeed a search engine so it's definitely not specific enough.

Aweh sweet of you to apologize though. :3 I can't really say "I accept your apology" LOL, cause you've never bitched at me. ;) But I'm sure those people who got bitched at will appreciate it hehe.

Loove the icons. You're graphic skills are actually really good. The wallpaper of Taylor that you made for me is like PRO DUDE. <3

Lmao. I am quite jealous of that actually. Usually, having a lot of comments give me the push I need to get things done, but with a lack of them, I lazy off. (If that makes sense?)

100 a day!? Holy shit. That’s like, major! I don’t know how you did it. xD

Sorry for this late reply btw. I’ve been slacking off again.

Artists, such as lady gaga, who advertise their fansites, which use pictures of them seems alright. They are pretty much giving permission to use them. So I don’t see why it’s not already for resource sites etc to use them. I understand ones that sell layouts with celeb images, that’s really wrong. But just doing it innocently, isn’t very wrong to me.

Yes, I do stray away from using them, because of the whole “illegal” thing, and yes you don’t have permission to use them, but in the end, what is the harm?

I sort of understand how you feel about everyone making layouts out of all the same celebrities. I don’t think you’re a hypocrite for making icons of celebs though you tell others not to. :P I actually never used layouts with celebrity images, now that I think about it – not even in my Freewebs days. I made blends for visitors, though.

Our teachers always remind us that Google is just a search engine, and to write the actual site name in bibliographies when we do reports.

The icons are pretty nice. Making avatars with celebrity images annoys me since I have to resize it and do so much. xD I prefer blending. :P

Meh, I hate when people copy ideas for layouts. I think I saw someone with a layout where they had the body and sidebar having the background thingy, too. I also saw someone else with a layout styled like mine, just with a different image. They didn’t use my coding, but it’s still, it just.. irks me.

aww what pretty avatars! And don’t worry, you aren’t a hypocrite ! I know how it feels. You want to make them for something, but yet you know how you always go around telling people not to use them. Besides, it is for a fanlisting, hence, you are a fan of a celebrity. You are even crediting which is even better (: Don’t worry! No one will think differently of you because you want to use some graphics for a fanlisting !

Copying = /bash head banging LOL
I hate when people copy, especially when like they don’t even tell you and just go around telling everyone how they are so original and stuff. I mean, if you say “Sorry, I kind of copied you, but you are my inspiration” Yea, that’s like a different story. Bah! People are copying your layouts!? I really like the whole like idea of your layout! It is very original !
I just tend to love layouts with lots of colors! I think it is the easiest especially when creating the CSS. Hehe, just makes it more colorful :D

Aw, your brother has a “friend who is a girl”. Haha, that’s so cute.

Don’t be sorry, I feel the exact same thing as you with the celebrity images. I think as long as you credit them, then you would be fine. That reminds me, I forgot to put the link up for my use of celebrity images on my credits page. Haha, thanks for reminding me!! Sorry I can’t write a longer comment. I’m typing this in
Walmart, lol.

Haha, me too, I’m using it right now.

Yeah, haha. Really? I love that channel, it has a lot of hilarious shows.

Aw, thanks. She’s not doing to well, so I’m visiting her at least 2 times a week. Finally I can go there more often now that I can drive.

I know, I really don’t know why things have to be that expensive. It’s so annoying. My last SIM card snapped in half (i’m so careful lol), so now I have to get a new one.

Car Underwater is probably my favorite song from them, but I think I said that already. lol. There is a small chance that they will get back together, and hopefully they do!!

It seems pretty popular. I really like it. Especially the colors.

Thanks and thanks again. hehe. And good =]. Yes, Rachel seems so nice and helpful, and so do you! :)

Thanks, you too! :)

I failed yesterday. About half an hour after you told me you blogged I realized that you blogged and that I could be the first commenter…. but then, someone else beat me to it. I fail :P

HAHAHAHAHA, I never noticed. When I was writing Just Breathe, I was like… is that how you spell it? But I was far too lazy to check and I never bothered checking to see if it was right. :D Now I know, no hard feelings. Feel free to correct me, as long as you don’t yell at me :P My grammar sucks, even after five years of diagraming sentences, and having spelling test for three years :P

Aw, that sounds epic. I never knew my blogs could make someone feel like that. Hahaha, it’s how I bring my life out to my readers. Reading a blog you can’t relate to is just boring.

Love hurts. Plain and simple. Even when it does work out, there will be a point in time when it just stings you again and again. But when you find that you have the strength to try again, maybe just maybe, it will work out. Aw, that sounded deep and pretty. But it’s true, kind of.

Honesty is essential in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to love. I feel like some kind of hippie with all these saying. “That’s deep, yo.” xDDDD

Well, that was the reason I password protected the last two blogs on this. I was scared to share my thoughts with the world and only wanted a selected few to read them, because I was scared the world would mock me. :P But somehow I gathered up the courage to write it. I had to stop several times because it’s hard to say the truth. And I wasn’t sure how far and detailed I wanted to go. And you know, I think I scared Kuya. He probably read it and is like… ehhhh, I won’t talk to her now. Because now, we aren’t talking as much. Within the 24 hours I wrote this blog. HAHAHAHA, which is actually a long time :P

I love that description of blogging. It made me feel like an actual writer. I always doubted that I could be a writer, I still do. But I do like enjoying blogs, and that’s probably how far I’ll go with my writing career.

Just to repeat myself for emphasis, these are some pretty deep comments.

“…smile because it (the past) happened and made you learn”

“…age is just a number. Experience is something that cannot be measured.”

Yeah, I’ve heard similar things before but really, that was deep. :D And it was comforting to hear. I’m not as bogged down as I was yesterday. School helped. I think being alone is bad for my self-esteem. :P

Aw, fights? I haven’t really seen my family fight. There is tension, and often gossip. But our family fights are minor and we just end up praying for each other. At least that’s what MY parents do. :D

Ooo, you haven’t been to America yet? One day you should, I could you show you around Washington. ^^ I love Washington.

I once considered engineering. But I’m doing geometry right now, and it’s not really my thing. Who knows though, that might change within a year.

I think you’re good at guitar, at least from the video I saw. I can’t play like that :P I fail at chords… and strumming. I’m more of a piano nerd :D

Why are the movies cheaper on Tuesdays?

:P Maybe they made their own Thanksgiving day since they don’t normally celebrate one. :D

I’ve been to New Jersey. :D When we drove up to New York from Washington D.C. Or it might have been Washington D.C. to New York. I can’t recall. But we passed through New Jersey, although we didn’t do much there :P

Does Ben still follow you on Twitter? It would make me the happiest girl alive, if Taylor Lautner got a Twitter and followed ME out of all the girls in the world :D That would be epic (: But he doesn’t have one. Lame. :P

I like those icons Georgie Pordgie. I haven’t noticed anyone else using typography layouts, except for the one that I mentioned to you via Twitter.

Celebrity images.. eh, I’ve never been passionate about that whole using copyrighted images one way or the other. I know that whatever happens to them legally, it isn’t my problem. If they wanna go around using photographs illegally, then it’s their butts that will get busted. (something seems grammatically incorrect with that previous sentence, lol).

Ooh Mr. Georgie’s brother has a girlie-friendddd ( :
You call them discos ? Lol that’s funny. Americans call those things dances. lol, a disco. That sounds so seventies! (because that’s what they used to call them back in the day, hahahaa).

I put in a request for Google Wave. It takes FOREVERRR though. Wanna send me an invite ? I feel like I already asked you. Or someone else. Ahhh confusing deja-vu.

Oh, duh. You’re on the other side of the world. Of course it’s summer for you right now. What are your winters like ? It’s late fall here right now. Very cold and rainy, surprisingly. All the pretty leaves on the trees stage is over, and now it’s basically winter without the snow. Boooo.

I really am thankful for all those things plus many other things. I don’t think I take enough time out of my day to thank God for the things that He has blessed me with. I live my life so “daily grind” that simple pleasures are overlooked.

How did you meet James ?

I feel sick too of seeing the same faces used in various layouts. What I really hate seeing is Emma Watson’s face plastered almost everywhere. ;_;

People who just say “Oh, I got the image from Google or Yahoo” really tick me off. I was like “Can’t you remember where you really got it from?” And when reading other people’s tutorials, they made mention of using this brush and this texture, but won’t say where they got it or if they even made it themselves.

I’m always fond of visiting people’s credit pages, and I wouldn’t like it if they didn’t have a credits page or if they have “Google or Yahoo or whatever” in the site. Some people are too lazy to put up a single page. WTH? It’s not like they made the site without any help at all.

I won’t go hating you, but I did feel bad when you said it still isn’t right to use a celebrity image even when I gave proper credit. LOL.

Oooh, I love the icons! XDD I just listened to Armor For Sleep and didn’t think I’d like their songs. I tried to download This Abyss because I really liked the lyrics and you know I reblogged it from you at Tumblr. XD But I couldn’t find it, I downloaded some of their songs though. I feel reaaaaally bad now because I won’t hear new songs from them anymore. /wah

If you need more resources for icons and such, you can look up my credits page. I have a long list for those. XD

LOL. I think I saw someone trying to copy your typography layout.

Yeah, I’m downloading it now! I forgot where I put the DVD(I must be getting old XD), but I can watch more movies on the computer rather than on the TV because I’m always on it. LOL.

Yeah, there are times we feel like God’s been hiding somewhere, but He’s always there. We just need to remember Him and I feel guilty sometimes when I forget to pray and would only do when I have problems. :(

Be absent for a day and tell us what happened. *sadistic mode* Bwahaha.

Haha. Google Wave. I love how you can see the typos. Haha. Is it still on beta?

Aww, thank you! Yes, she has a beautiful name but she’s kind of boyish. XDD

We all love to travel, but I’m scared of travelling alone. :S

It’s okay you don’t have to apologize for anything. I think everyone agrees with giving credit to the people who deserve them. I give credit to people by linking them back cuz I don’t want any trouble and they deserve the credit. I also try to refrain from using celebrity photos on my layouts but sometimes my layouts look dull without them. Haha.

Your site seems to be suspended. I wanted to thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comment, as always.

I have not used celebrities in my layouts for about two years. I have made an effort to use my own photos or ones that are “legal”. But I use some images on my fanlistings, obviously with credit.

I kinda tweet less too – or at least most of the day. Twitter kinda lost what made it soo awesome.. and it also got a lot silent now..

My parents don’t really save electricty. We have 4 tvs and 2 of them are running at least most of the days plus the computer and laptop that are on from the moment we get back home from school..

Oh I hope it gets faster when they finished testing, because it’s actually pretty cool :) I’ll add you later for sure!

Glad you’re slowing accepting it because then you’ll feel better again too :) And yep, it’s definitely awesome that Ben is still around. Stupid YouTube wouldn’t let find any videos of GLAC.. I wanted to check them but no.. nothing.

Yep! True. People always should stick to what they like and if Ben enjoys working on GLAC than actually his fans should be really happy that he is still there and stuff.

It really is! And since then I hide my phone from him or just keep it my pockets.

Something like that can definitely cause some troubles.. especially if someone who isn’t supposed reads the message..

Yep, Olga’s brother-in-law…. he is just the biggest idiot around town xD

I would never remove you :) You are awesome and I really like you, so you’re going to stay right there :) Oh and I just saw that my link is up on the sidebar again, which really wasn’t needed :) I didn’t mind to be on the links page with the other sites you love :)

Oh wow.. people crediting Google are hilarious! I think I haven’t seen anyone doing it though. But like, do they ever pay attention when they search for images? Because when you first click on an image you get to a page and there is the original website and when you click on the image again, you come to a blank page with just the image… some people have to learn how to credit the right way for sure.

I remember somebody tellling me not to use celeb images on my layouts back then, but I am not really sure if it was you. But even if – I wouldn’t call you a hypocrite. People change their minds and you explained why you think different now. And you asked to use the pictures so you don’t just use it like that – you use them with permission.. and isn’t it allowed to use them then?

And that one person with that mean comment is really ridiculous.If she doesn’t like your new attitude towards using celebrity images she could at least say it in a different way. People don’t have to agree to what you say or do 100% now – but they should be mature enough to tell it in a nice way if they don’t like it!

And Georgie, you really have some great skills for sure :) I think you should continue making them for sure :)

Remind me never to get on ya bad side! *ROFL*

I totally get where you are coming from and it is so true – all images found on the net and not just images but anything that is official is copyrighted to it’s rightful owner. That is why I always say in all my sites (including my very own personal blog site) disclaimers that all images found on this site is copyrighted to it’s rightful owner (unless otherwise mentioned) to pay respect to it’s true rightful copyright owner. Cause you can get images from other sites but they may not in truth own true copyright to the actual image for all we know they coulda scan it out of some magazine or other media kind…the true copyright owner is either the photographer or the person who purchased the copyrights to that actual photograph or image – that is the true copyright owner.

And in regards as I seen your post on another blog – I believe it is Rachel of BrokenFall(dot)ORG and she was going on bout how she was tired of seeing other folks copy other site owners layout – esp your own. And how we should all be original in our site layouts – I totally agree with you there. I always try my best to be as original as possible even when am paying a designer to do a WP theme for me – I always try to be one of a kind in the layout design.

Anyways am glad to see someone talk about copyright issues on the net…as I own fan sites and there are numerous times where I have seen one fan site in particular going around stealing other sites (including my own) images to post on their own site claiming it to be their own not bothering to link back to the actual sources or crediting the true sources – all in all this site just totally disrespect other site owner’s hard work and don’t even care who they hurt cause all they care about is their own selves. They believe everything on the net is free for all with no consquences – no rules and is not true. True in a sense it is free for all but there are rules and guidelines – netiquette that one must follow and pay respect to esp when it comes to copyright material.

But good post – thanx for posting it and have a good day

Oh gosh Georgina! I’m so sorry about taking so long to reply to your comment. I hope you’re well though :)

Aw, that’s sort of cute your brother won’t say who his girlfriend is!

Wow, the bit about crditing google was a bit of a shock to me. You can get so much off it, it’s not the actual source of those images.

I hate seeing Miley Cyrus and all the Dinsey stars all the time on people’s sites. Sure they’re famous and all but it doesn’t mean they’re the best and it’s not very original.

Gosh that’s so sad that Armour for Sleep broke up. I’ve heard a bit of their music and they were really good. You were like a huge fan, right?


oh good, you believe in global warming too. Most of my class doesn’t. We have great debates about how it does or doesn’t exist.

wow, thanks so much Georgie! You’re awesome as!

Oh, it sounds yum! :) I’d love to try some of that bubble tea.

Have a great day

Lmao -.- studying seriously sucks ass.
I was on Facebook (WOOOO) and there is a band which I joined called Studying is ‘student’ and ‘dying’ joined together.

That freaked me out immensely! XD

The coolest word of all is definatley like.. food or something. Can you imagine calling something you eat anything besides food? Imagine calling it cantankerous ..

Hmm that is a pretty cool word. =D I think my Dad often refers to me as ‘cantankerous’ when I get up in the morning.. :P

Lmao, your comments to me are pretty long too, but I don’t really write long blogs anymore..

Long blogs = 1 liner comments (for me anyway.) People think I just won’t confront them about it, but I’m just like WOAH DUDE. I WROTE AN ARTICLE. I’M ASSUMING YOU READ? YEAH. GOOD.

Elvis is just a classic, and the Beetles. xD I was in England before to a museum dedicated to them by the Mersey river.. LMAO. And in the Mersey river they have a YELLOW SUBMARINE. A YELLOW. SUBMARINE. I was too scared to go on it of course, but still! How cool! XD

Hmm I guess, techno and all that jazz is really popular nowadays.. as well as like 3OH!3 but still.. that doesn’t mean he should ditch his old style. Grr.

The curve on the header is meant to be snow. Fail. 😳

Lmao, Paranormal Activity.. youtube it if you’d like a good scare. ;)

A fruit roll.. wow. I’ve never had one. I suddenly feel SO unhealthy.
PSSSH, I take cod liver oil capsules. I sense your jealousy.


I haven’t any idea how to centre the navigation! It’s soo annoying I can’t fix it. -.-

Wow you’ve a lot of windows open. It’s a mystery how your computer/laptop doesn’t overload and all that jazz. :O You must have an awesome one. :)


I never try and use celebrity images unless I’ve no other options.. I mean I use them in my portfolio, but I reckon that’s cool because if I used those ‘sitemodels’ off Myspace and all that crap, they all edit their pictures and have no imperfections. It’s fair annoying. So that’s why I use Celebrity pictures in my portfolio. Because they are flawed like us all.

Deep, deep stuff.

Aha, it’s okay that you use them, you’ve apologized, so if anyone has a problem, who cares? You apologized, what do they want, a medal? A cookie. (I do.. damn.)

Also the images in my portfolio from Google images, but I would credit except 2/4 of those said ‘this page cannot be found’ or something and I can’t remember the other two.

Wow those sound like real lame excuses, but its true.

Go ahead and use those icons, they is CLASS . /wave

I get what you mean. Technically, celebrity images are illegal unless you have permission from the photographer to use them; but I’ve never really had a problem with people who use celebrity images because I used them for sooo long and also because I don’t think people care that much if you do use them :/

But, not using them makes things so much more original.

I remember back in the day when it was a big issue xD!

Like you said – it all comes down to crediting.
Crediting ‘google’, is just so studpidly stupid. I did that one a looong time ago, in fact I think there’s still something like that written on some of my oldest tutorials *checks*, yeah there is xD Which I’ll change. But even when I did that I realized how dumbass it is, lool :P

I”m not going to hold it against you or anyone else that said using celebrity pics was wrong.

The whole thing doesn’t bother me at all. I do agree with what you’re saying. Be original and give credit. It really isn’t that hard.

Yeah, if they wanted a review it should be to get help and not to have people lie and say their site is amazing when it needs work.

Your hostee D: That’s sad..

haha, well my grandma isn’t actually “old” She is like 56 but she doesn’t act like it at all. She is a cool grandma =P

Yeah, I thought about asking for a new laptop without a hard drive or something and just switch the hard drives. I wish I could (;

I know, today I could not read anything right at school. My friend had a book titled “Piratica” and I was like..Oh! Pirates. Wait, I thought it said pirates..it says Patricia. Lol, I was embarrassed because she was like “Um..no..Piratica not Patricia” lmao.

I wanted an ipod touch, I will just have to stick with my old ipod. It doesn’t even have any songs I like.. I would prefer and Iphone but we don’t have that phone company so it’s out of the question :(

I have to agree with you on the fact that there always seems to be a repeat in most celeb filled sites. Miley here, Selena there. It gets boring..

Another suggestion that me and my other owner has been doing is linking to the exact images, or to the site where we got them from. I don’t see a problem with that as we are crediting the site for the images.

However, don’t be too sorry for making a big stink. Seriously, you have made a difference in the way many people think about celebrities. I don’t have to exit out of so many sites anymore. :P

Your icons are great. :D

It most certainly does. I feel different because I don’t really like a lot of those popular celebrities people seem to like using on layouts.

That’s a great idea. I can’t remember since when, but I’ve done the same. Google provides the URL of the page the image is on, and that’s the page I link back to, to thank them for the image.

Thank you very much for your kind words. Most people have been positive towards this blog, but one person left me a nasty comment. I found out it was a hostee of mine because they had the same IP address. Way to be two-faced. It was very upsetting but these other nice comments by far exceed the value of that mean comment, and I just wanted to say thanks. :)

i think celebrity images actually started all this graphic business for me haha. i think theres different groups of blogs out there :P the ones that focus mainly on layouts and graphics & the ones the focus on blogging . ehhh haha

omg your mom works at some cosemetic place? its one of my dream jobs haha. my mom thinks its just a waste of money :P but she still buys it, never use it, so i take it from her.

yeahh im applying internship at BMO (bank of montreal) just to gain general experience :) hopefully ill get accepted. 12 years to be an orthodontist? holy moly haha

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Oo lalaaaa, your bro has a “suspected” gf. Good for him, he should be open about it, nothing embarrassing eh! n___n ~ Give him my congrats.

Your old lecturer sounds like a genius and not like one of those old farts who tend to get off topic and exaggerate. Celebrity image theft = fail. I don’t know why people do it and I completely agree with you, the reason I get sick of all of them is because they’re all featuring the same freaking disney stars :| We’re not bloody 5. I mean, if they were Disney animation layouts then that would be cool (lion king ftw pl0x). But you look at fanlisting layouts of like bands and they’re amazing and original. (Which to our demise a lot of disney fans lack there of.)

Georgie, you need not apologise man! You don’t sound like a hypocrite at all, I mean not only have you credited said sources for your icons but also they’re for your fanlisting. Therefore it’s fine *evil snicker*. PLUS they look freaking amazing!

I’ve never listened to any AFS or Ben’s new band GLAC, regardless I still started following your tumblelog for him, why? Well I mean look at him *drools* XD Plus I was just helping a friend out in need.. rofl i fail. oh and i saw how he started following you and you guys were even DMing. THAT’S HOLY FREAKING AWESOME, I’M SO FUCKING JEALOUS RIGHT NOW. I’ve only ever received a twitter reply from two celebs, not even Tom Felton yet u__u (supposedly tom felton may be coming to perth, aus next year to see his brother who lives here ~ OMG WOOO – yeah, well there’s your irrelevant piece of goss for the day XD)

Honestly, I fail more than usual when it comes to making layouts starring celebs. I’m no good when it comes to enhancing/manipulating photos. I have a fanlisting upcoming for tad hilgenbrink (lmao i applied for it literally 2-3 months ago and they just got back to me), but i’m seriously lacking any creative talent for his fl. gah.

Holy shiznit, people are actually trying to copy your typography? Man I would hate to be you (not literally – i would love to be you) like with how many people copy you. Freaking unoriginal nubs. Why bother, it’s not like they could pull off something as fantasticooo as the original :3

Oh and I saw on twitter that someone left a nasteh comment? What happened (I’ll eat the fucker *muahaha*) – if you don’t mind me asking?

Oh man I feel like such a fail. You open your hosting site about a month later than me and already you have like billions of hostees. Curse you and your WWW popularity XD but nah, the site looks awesome you did a great job :3

*PART 2*

LOL haha same here! Any song just makes me wanna dance and sing. But not only that but, I went and saw Pink in concert and I mean she was freaking doing trapeze/circus stunts and still singing! Yet Britney can’t do a lil dance and try sing? Pathetiiiiic.

;O do not say that! Dance is a sport! Which you quite clearly pwn at ;D Dancing + me = a few dead roosters. Although, when I was 12 i won several awards for ballroom dancing XD
I wouldn’t annihilate you at much man! I’ll tell you this though, I’m fucking competitive (and depending on the outcome – a sore loser)!

Yeah! It’s freaking stupid. My sister Alex, her best friend Georgia dates a new boy every week and acts as if her life isn’t worth living when she breaks up with a duuuude. I mean wtf, she’s like 13/14 and had only dated them for a week… But she’s a fucking slut, she’s like 14 and sleeps around all the time. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE YOUTH OF TODAY! Where have all our morals gone!?

I agree, it was unfortunate that I lost it but I still had the story outline so I’ve been working on the story occasionally. NaNo is over now, but I’m determined to win it next year.

ROFL. ah georgie XD that’s a good point, some are freaking huge. I’ll tell you what’s disgusting though? TENTACLE PORN! No I have never seen any of it, just heard of it. But like seriously, WTF! and the sad fact of the matter too is that people get aroused by it.. i’m scared 😰

Aw, I wanna see the curious case of benjamin button. the trailer for it looked awesome. i remember talking to ben about it agesssss ago and he said it’s good, just far too long. like three hours or something D: ehhh!

“Your comment seems a bit too spammy, we’re not big on spam around here.”
hahaha, it really did make me laugh.

Credit is credit. I have an icon site and I still want credit. I use images from cartoons but I try to give credit for the images.

I think real credit is all you need for images or layouts or whatever. It’s the same with pre-made. Like Vicky stated even though you edited the crap out of it, in the end it is still someone else’s code.

So, at least you are being a bigger person images. :) For that my hat goes off to you. xox

Ah, the issue over the use of celeb images. I’ve seen a lot of websites using them. I have nothing against that but I definitely can’t tolerate with people who don’t credit back. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to have one text link for the source, would it?

I too have seen people crediting Google for the images. I found that to be remotely funny. This is usually done by noobs. Can’t really blame them if they sincerely don’t know how to do crediting properly but it irks me if they don’t learn from it.

Typography layouts are good because they’re a lot more clean-looking than image-laden ones. But even making a typography layout requires some creativity skill, I am not surprised people copy from you directly, yours is just way too good. Hahaha!

They have changed everything except the bullets, and I sent them an email about it.

I don’t really like making icons. Once I make one, I find that it doesn’t look good, and I lose interest. :P

I get really tired of all the fights. I cry almost every night because of my parents. Now that they are getting older, they should stop fighting so much, but it just gets worse.

Sometimes my sister is really nosy, but at others she cares about nothing I do, but still I spend most of my time with her at home, because I don’t like spending it with my parents what with them shouting at everything.

My mother thinks that I need to spend more time with the family and my friends. I already do that with my friends, and try to do that with my family.

I guess so. It still feels horrible, but I guess I should be glad that they aren’t thinking about getting divorced or anything, even though sometimes my mother talks about it.

I’m hoping they’ll stop fighting soon. But when they do start talking, there’s always a chance one of them might say something that would make the other angry, and they’ll start again. /hmph

Haha I never to go to the movies, and just watch only one movie. :)
I have to see at least 4 before I decide I want to leave. They don’t even do anything about though. They just let us watch it.
You’re not gonna see it??? Gasp. /pow Haha JK. :)
Animals hate me! LMAFO!!!
Huge shame, very huge shame lol.

Yes people do use Disney pictures too much, and it is very tiring to see that all time.
“Zarking fardwarks” what is that?

You are not a hypocrite because you did ask person before you used the images. The icons are very amazing. /bounce You also have nothing to apologize about , because you were not being a bitch. You were only telling people the truth. :D

I know this is a very very belated response, but what I’d love to know what you think about what Guitar Hero 5 has done recently. Not sure if you know, but they’ve used Kurt Cobain’s likeness in the game as a performer, but whats worse is that players can have him sing for the Beastie Boys, Stevie Wonder or even Elton John. For a guy who was very anti commercial and anti establishment to be featured in a capitalistic powerhouse of a game…its pretty disgusting and i really don’t think they should be using his image, especially for that.

Well I thought you liked Guitar Hero so I’m surprised. Not to mention the numerous times you made fun of Nirvana to my face.

Yes, I did hear about this some time ago and the majority of the population aren’t really impressed with this. Regardless of him being anti-commercial and against such entities I think that it is inappropriate of anyone’s image to be used in such a manner. I personally think it’s just ruining the entire image of the game as a whole, and methodically reducing the quality of the original music utilised in the game itself. As well as being rather inappropriate it doesn’t seem very interesting at all, personally.

There isn’t really copyright or rights to using a person’s image however, from a different point of view.

Ahh yeah I used to enjoy Guitar Hero a lot, mostly as one of those nice arcade-y games like DDR or other similar games. But now its really getting out of hand, the killer was seeing a guitar hero competition on television. All those musicians out there struggling to make it and here’s some pimply faced 17 year old on television because of a game. And all those Nirvana comments were only in jest :P just like the Lilian and Twilight ones, never actually had too much against them.

Regardless of my views on either Guitar Hero or Nirvana, i still find the inclusion of any musician, Cobain, Hendrix etc. it is definitely inappropriate. I know there may be no copyright laws against it, but surely there must be some defamation going on in their inclusion :S