Disappear For Everyone Else

Hmm. I wanted to bring up something a little more web-related today. I haven’t had anything interesting happen in the past few days. Apart from going with my mum late at night for a drive to pick up my brother from a school disco where some girl was present who is supposedly his girlfriend but he won’t tell us who, and because my mum can’t drive all so well at night, and my dad works night shift so we had to take him to work as well. Joyous, no? đŸ˜›

Well, we all know the issue with celebrity images being “illegal”. And I probably started that shit. First off, yes, it’s wrong to take someone’s images without permission. The fact is that everything on the internet is copyrighted. Whether you like it or not.

Don’t talk crap with me about that, because it’s what learned at university from my old lecturer (yes, she’s old, been in the industry for a while, wrote many books, so she’s knowledgeable). It’s content that is published. On the internet. So it’s not necessarily free to use.

But some people offer images for you to use for free, and you can edit them how you like, but you have to give credit for them and not claim them as your own. Fair enough, right? So basically, if you want to take something and edit it, make sure you have permission, especially if you’re going to be displaying it somewhere public too.

I know I’ve been a bitch telling people off to use celebrity images. But now I’m going to say how I currently feel about the issue.

I think that the main reason I was being so tight and bitchy about people using celebrity images is because I see the same celebrities all the time. Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato… the same people are in layouts. And usually people use the same base image. O_O

And worse, you don’t see people crediting for it. “Thanks to Google for the images”. Google is a search engine, that allows you to search content indexed on the web – not an image source. Zarking fardwarks. Notice how they link to other pages where the image is posted? You should, at the very least, give credit for what you use. You don’t want me saying “a website” for using your brushes, do you.

Then we come to fair use. You think you’re not gaining profit or using images for commercial use for a layout. You’re gaining visitors, perhaps, but it isn’t monetary gain.

Look, all in all, be original. You can use images of models and whatnot, but I’m sick of seeing the same shiz all the time.

Why am I saying this? Because, when I started this round of crap and was bitchy to everyone about it, I made an effort to contact the administrators about the use of their images, particularly on the Poets Of The Fall website, where I wanted to use the images of the band for a fanlisting. They mentioned that it was fine and just not to make the site look the same as theirs.

And now I want to apologise for being a bitch to people about it. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for being a bitch. But since Armor For Sleep broke up I just wanted to make icons of them and Ben Jorgensen. I wanted to show you the bunch I made because I think I have improved.

I hope you don’t all go hating on me because I’ve changed my mind or you consider me a hypocrite now. I was planning to use these on my fanlistings, because after all, I have been using other people’s images for them, but crediting.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is that do what you want to do, but give credit for other people’s work that you used, and try and be original. That said, to the people copying my current typography layout, please try and be original. Typography can be done many different ways – I don’t like being directly copied.

Icon credits: 77words, TragedyCalling, MTV.com, Par-a-bola

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