The Way Out Is Broken

Alright, alright, I’m officially heartbroken. You know the feeling when something finally, at long last, sinks in? And usually, depending on the situation, there comes tears.

I really miss Armor For Sleep. Since I discovered the news about their breakup (albeit a few weeks late), I’ve just been feeling like I’m sinking into a deeper hole.

Most of us grow up with music, loving certain bands, regardless of how we heard of them. Armor For Sleep might not have been a band like The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, ABBA, or other bands that I love. I grew up with that music as well, but knowing that these bands were gone, and no longer lived. In that way, I knew that there was all their music to discover.

All those bands were gone by the time I knew about them. And I still claim that I miss Kurt Cobain, even though he passed when I was four years old. Come on, it’s not like I can’t like music at that age, especially with my parents playing it all the time. Did you like music at a young age? Or were you ever into those old bands? I’m still into those old bands – they’re golden; they’ll never get old. :)

With Armor For Sleep, it’s like I had been going for them all along, waiting for something new, then comes the news about their breakup. Now, it’s only starting to sink in.

I haven’t listened to their music a lot since I found out, and instead I was listening to God Loves A Challenge (GLAC), the new project by Ben. Completely whoring out the music. It’s so different to AFS, yet I love it. But I go back to the music by AFS and feel my heart sort of sink, that there won’t be anything like that anymore. I went back and looked at old videos, and it made me a little sad. :(

All central to this is Ben Jorgensen (the lead singer), who I still idolise. He’s still amazing. And I still dream of meeting him one day. Don’t we all dream of meeting our idols? /love

When we like a band’s music, some of us tend to fall in love with the band as well. We might learn about the members and know who plays what instrument. And that’s why I know so much about Ben.

What I don’t like is that a lot of fans seem to hate his new project. I can understand. It’s different. It sounds like popular music, like electric, like dance, hell, like shit – just not as emotional, unique and awesome-sounding as AFS.

Regardless of what people say, I love it.

It’s sad to hear what people say about it, that it’s utter shit, it sucks, it’s a rip off, and so on. I respect their opinions, but I just think they could give it all a chance.

You might love a band, but when they move onto something different, you would try your best to accept it, wouldn’t you?

Their music will live on, but we all know it won’t be the same. Bands may break up, but their music lives on. Fans may keep holding on, may simply let go. Music and the way such elements revolve is simply that – as Ben Jorgensen put it – the circle of life. ♥️

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Awww *hugs* Here is a whole heart to replace your broken one: ♥ LOL, I feel like the Wizard of Oz now!

Yeah, I know! I just listened to “The Way Out is Broken” and I was like…OMG, there’s never going to be music like this ever again :( That’s so…depressing… 😢 /wah WHY, AFS? WHY???? /wah

Yeah…I love ABBA too, but they were already broken up long ago…so it’s not the same. With AFS we were totally looking forward to more music so it’s like *heartbroken* when it finally sinks in that there isn’t going to be anymore…But with bands like ABBA and The Beatles, we kinda grew up knowing all the music that already existed was the only music we were ever going to hear from them. We didn’t expect any more. And those bands were so established. AFS only had 3 albums :( I feel like they deserve more recognition, but they can’t get it now cos they’re broken up :(

*sigh* At least there’s still God Loves A Challenge :) It’s pretty awesome. I mean, yeah, it’s unique, and it’s poppy…electro…whatever…but I still think it’s more unique than anything I’ve heard that’s electro-pop or whatever. It’s different. Damn those haters! /angry

Omg classic music! My parents love WS fm, so I grew up listening to it, and I can sing along to most of the songs now. Man music was so awesome back then. Most of it’s better than some of the crap that comes out now. I mean ughhh…Some of the stuff that’s popular now shouldn’t even be considered MUSIC. UGH!

COLD CHISEL FTW! Hahaha…And I love the ballads! :) Ahhh good times! :P

*sigh* I MISS AFS TOO!

But like Ben Jorgensen says…circle of life. Hahaha!

Ben Jorg is cool :) I hope you get to meet him one day! That would be EPIC! ✌️

Omg…I don’t think I could ever meet my idol. I’d be way too intimidated. But most of the people I idolise are fictional characters. If I could only meet Evanjalin from Finnikin of the Rock :P :P

Aw thank you! ♥ The Tin Man!

I don’t know – why couldn’t it have been some shitty band instead? Nah, but, it happened. I just hope we see them in separate projects or something. :(

And we wanted them to come to Australia too. It’s sad. They were doing so well too. Three albums and they were really good, especially when now we were expecting something new. It’s possible they’ll get back together, but we don’t really know.

Haha people think it’s a rip off of 3OH!3. Well, it’s a similar style but I can’t say it’s totally the same or a rip off.

I mean, who else sings about deer in headlights? They have dance music but I swear, I swear, it still has that emotion part, only a bit different. Listen to First Fake Love, people!

My dad loves that station too. XD

All that stuff was classic and great. Now we’re bombarded with very little in the way of great music. How easily will everyone get over a number one hit nowadays? Who still likes Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me Here? Yuck!

How times have changed.

Ahaha he’s happy with his new project, even if other people are not. :)

I WISH, and you would come along! ;)

LOL, not a real person! XD

I hate it when things take ages to sink in. ‘Cuz before that, you’re like “it’s gonna be okay, it’s not the End of the World”, and afterwards it’s like, what was I thinking? :(

Poor AFS. I miss them too. :( I’ve been listening to Hold the Door for the last 49 minutes.

(8) So hold the door for meeeeee.

AFS will live on in their own way. :) Admittedly not in the way that The Beatles and the like lived on. But they are still there in their own way! ♥ Their own awesome way.

I didn’t really grow up with music. My mum and dad aren’t really into it (apart from Mozart and that, and my dad likes Tom Petty and Snow Patrol). I got a lot of the music I used to listen to off my friends, and it wasn’t so good.

I remember hearing “Teenagers” by MCR on the radio though, and headbanging in my room. XD Then I knew I wanted to be different to everyone else, because I realised just how much I loved rock and the like compared to all the mainstream shit.

I wasn’t even born when Kurt Cobain was alive. :( Yet I still claim I miss him too. /oh

I used to love the Beatles. :D My dad also went through this massive phase with them… but then I like, moved away from them. /um

Aww. I still haven’t listened to GLAC (could I have a link?). Just because it’s different to AFS doesnt mean it is all shit. I would give it a chance too!
Although it sounds like I would prefer AFS still. When people give their opinions is dumb ways, or just rude ways with no justification, I feel like hitting them on the head.

Maybe GLAC will appeal to other people, not just the fans of AFS. So AFS and GLAC are two bands that appeal to a wider range of peoplke then just AFS did.

If that made any sense whatsoever /ehh

YES! We all do dream of meeting our idols. :) I dream of meeting Gerard Way ;D
A lot of people think it’s weird that he’s my idol, but you know, if people gave him a chance they’d realise that I’d put him above other people.

Sigh. @_@

I know a lot about MCR, and Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin and of course, Nirvana and AFS. Maybe not that much; but by using Google and the little booklets you get with CDs I found out a lot XD

The circle of life! (Y)

Thank yous. :) And yeah, I am not one to worry about visitors and the like… that’s sad. People do get so worked up over it nowadays 💥

YUS I WAS. (Y) ♥

Chemistry isn’t so cool. O_O I like the experiments… kinda… but not the whole formula thing, and atom diagrams. Mine are always a mess.

Same… I would miss all my online friends very much. ^^

Was that layout the Autumn one? I liked that one. :)

Aww, sucks. :(

I don’t step out of the box much at all 😰 /wah

But because you do, you are allowed to go back to your roots. :P

I hope I get my own laptop too. My mum isn’t so happy about it but my dad likes the idea ;D


Matching shirts would be cool. 8D

Aha well FTSE is a variaton on “front seat”. Basically my dad wanted her to sit in the front seat of his Land Rover. XD She never has though. My mum didn’t like it and changed it by taking out a few letters (why it’s spelt wierdly).


We were thinking of calling it Baskerville… XD

Today it’s freezing. /faw How about your weather?

Holy moly! I haven’t heard that in ages. ✌️

That’s an epic fail if you “forget” to add it when it was already there. If you’re gonna make excuses, at least make them good ones, eh?

Yar, things are a bit better nows. :) Basically my dad accidently hit my sister on the head with the car boot and was going all panicly and wondering if she needed to go to A&E.
Then he phoned up this guy to check, and it turned out she was fine. It was all blown out of proportion though,

‘cuz my sister was all like “I’m fine!”

and my dad was all, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, ahhh”

and my mum was all, “Nick (my dad), she’s fine”

and my brother was all, “hmph I want attention”

and I was all, “*insert silence here*”


So you can see why I couldn’t return your comment alongside. /hmph

Oh I have my exceptions when it comes to music!

You should totally meet him one day. Put it on your Bucket List! /bounce

Yeah, she did sound very mature and sure of what she was doing. Just the idea of doing that because of someone deleting their Twitter is insane. Would Miley even have seen the message?

There are other ways to bring people back to social networking sites. I kind of saw it as bullying or blackmailing her to come back to Twitter.

Seconded. I’m glad Miley stood her ground (if she ever saw it).

Wacky idea though. D:

The eating it part really got me. :@ Alongside the killing part.
And the cat did what wrong? /hmph

Poor cat /wah

Freak indeed. *nods* /argh

Take care! xx

Haha I just remembered that it took me 34 minutes to write that comment… more like a miniture essay though. 😏 /oh

Since this is small, I’ll reply here. XD

It took me two hours to do yours but I was on-and-off doing something else. :P

Mine didn’t look that long!


But yeah. I wouldn’t admit it to many people but I was secretly holding out for some sort of new album/single to listen to. Humof. /um But you must admit they were sort of unique.

I don’t really like GLAC’s sound, but I’m happy that he’s doing something he wants. Besides, you like it. And to you, that’s what matters, yeah? /bounce

I call it the circle of Wuggs. It’s quite huhu /eee


I do! :(

They were unique – gosh, I feel like I love them even more now that they’re gone. They were amazing. Usually you’d expect an album every two years, and their last album was in 2006 or 2007. But they hadn’t toured for a year; some people saw it coming.

I love GLAC. :P Well, I’m happy I still like their new stuff. Then again, I like most things… but, I can see why you wouldn’t like GLAC too much. :)


I will so have to check out for that movie :D

I hate going on family gatherings sometimes too, I’m all young and there’s adults everywhere telling me how grown I’ve become. I just smile and say okay
but im my mind I just want them to leave me alone :P

Haha shorty lol, I am pretty tall for my age. I come from a family to tall people. I don’t know exactly how tall, i think like 6 foot something.

Winter Wonderland goes:
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Remember it now?

Google Wave sounds awesome :) Do you have to like download it or something?

Thank you :D :D I was keeping that once but I got bored of it lol, I hope I can keep this once till December is over :)

Thank You, those are my favorite updates, I used to avoid them but now I just love them :)

“Joy to the world, the school burned down, and all the teachers too” I AM USING THAT :D it’s so awesome lol
Wait who broke up?? What happen to your Armor for Sleep? I am soo lost lol

It’s a band?????? I thought it was pillow thingy? Okay i am officially lost lol

As for your broken heart, you can have this ♥ whole one to fix, i hope it hells a little *hugs *

I like old bands. Actually I personally think that old songs and musics have better quality than many of the songs we hear today. My sister share this view. I don’t know if it’s just us though. Old bands rock!

I listen to music since I was a child and most of the songs I listened to were the old songs because well, those were the songs my parents listened to.

Music will always be part of us. It flows in our veins and soul. They may change over the time, but they will be there to stay so why not just accept it. You are right on that point.

I never felt heartbroken over a band before so I can’t really understand what you’re feeling at the moment but I hope the grief will pass soon.

And yes, the email I use is the one I put when commenting. :) Thank you.

I hate that too, adults asking if you remember them, i always say no even if I do lol.

I sometimes wish I was shorter lol, I still love it though, being tall has it’s advantages :)

Ohh I get now, you can’t access it until you are invited. That is really awesome, that they won’t be people acting really stupid on just being plain immature, well it depends on who you invite that is.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay I get it now :D I can’t stand I understand how you feel right now because I have never been in that position before, but I can say this: I really hope you feel better soon and every thing gets great again :) ( i suck at emotional stuff)

hi, i’m using your premade mono layout, and then customising it, but it isn’t looking right. can you tell me what’s wrong?

It seems you’ve accidentally changed something you weren’t supposed to while customising. It’s not my fault, so look at the original layout and try again.

oh, i fixed it now, thanks anyway

Don’t be sad, Georgina. :( Who knows, there will be another band that you will love more than AFS, and slowly you might forget about AFS! ( :X Sorry, I don’t mean to be sarcastic, if it sounded like I am)

Anyway, I hope you will get more cheerful. I always dislike my friends being sad. I will also get sad when my friends are unhappy. Cheer up! Things don’t always seem bad as it seems. ;)

I change my favourite singers almost every day. One time, I liked Taylor Swift for two months, then when I heard Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus, I began changing my style. :D

I like Pop Music more. The best are love songs. I like to sing along. XD Sometimes when I get some scoldings (which is meaningless 😴 ) from my brothers, I cover my head with my pillow and cry. It’s like, an anger-venting way, but I don’t know if it works with you /huh /huh /huh

I didn’t read much in his blog so, what’s his new project? I hate heavy metal, they burst my ears and it’s so infuriating. 🤮

Music to me is so important. It helps me vent my anger, soothens me when I’m sad or angry and has a lot of effects. I don’t know what I’ll do without it ♥

Yes, my heart will break if they move on to something else( and i mean my favorite band) but it’s their choice. I can’t kill my cat (just that I don’t have one /bounce ), can I? Luckily, until now, I still don’t know any broken bands except AFS that you told me. Jonas Brothers are cool /cool

It’s just like Michael Jackson. Even though he passed away, his songs are still worshipped by many people. I like his song, “Heal The World”. It’s sung very nicely 👏 👏

Anyway, cheer up Georgina. You can’t stop AFS from changing, but you will always be one of their top fans. They will never forget you in their hearts, so cheer up. /bounce /bounce /bounce

ARMOR FOR SLEEP BROKE UP! I admit, I don’t know them well but I’m glad I didn’t start listening to them because if I did I would feel heartbroken as well! Don’t be too sad.

Just a random note.
A lot of bands break up but they get together again for some tours and stuff :) Like, I don’t know, the Spice Girls? It may happen again to Armor For Sleep but I guess it would never be the same.

And I just read Ben’s statement about the band breaking up and I think that it was very clever of him to have said that a band is like a camera. He must be good with words – I wonder what sort of lyrics he wrote.

I grew up with Britney Spears and my music taste changed drastically. Music is something anyone can love. I heard that some pregnant women play music to their children while they’re still inside and they grow up listening to them XD I liked music since…I don’t remember. It started with Barney and Hi-5 and then I started liking other things.

Old bands are never old.
I wasn’t a Beatles lover but I really did like the music. I love how they’re so old yet you can sing their songs on karaoke until it’s late or listen to their songs repeatedly and you still like them!

Ngaw, you’re sad as if it were your own band that broke up. I hope you cheer up soon! I would like to meet heaps of people – mostly music artists :P

I fell in love with a lot of bands – so in love that I started getting all stalker like. I search them up on the internet and start learning about them.

That’s so sad that people are being stupid about his new music. I bet it isn’t as bad as that sexy bitch song XD. Maybe Ben was experimenting – still they shouldn’t be bad.

I still haven’t managed to change my knees or elbows at all. But I’m going to start trying new products that are natural.

Last minute assessments are usually my best. But I’m not so sure about that one I submitted on Friday :S By the way, when you ever get an assessment back what grade satisfies you? My mum expects an A but I’m totally fine with B and C :P I rarely get C’s though.

Aww :( sorry to hear about that. I hope you mend your heart! ♥ I actually never feel that way, I don’t think I like something that much to be upset about it ending. The only thing I could think of is probably TV programs, supernatural for me I know I’ll be so sad when it ends :(
No, I wouldn’t actually steal haha! the machine just thinks I do :)
Yeah probably, I wouldn’t like to be on the computer all day just for the simple fact that my eyes and head would hurt but if they didn’t I’d love to, lol. ahh, so it’s for a lot of things not just operas, thats cool :D I bet it attracts a load of visitors! 40 oc! jeee, thats hot! it’s quite the opposite here, it’s expected to snow today! so far no snow, but it gets colder at night so it might be on it’s way then :D Oh you haven’t seen twilight either? I thought you had, I really enjoyed it :D can’t wait to see new moon now! Yeah, I think it is the whole idea of Edward’s character that I’m crushing on, not the way he looks ha. He does have a lot of makeup! a lot of white makeup!

I don’t really know any band you were talking about lol.. Only ABBA and The Beatles. It’s probably cause I am not really into the old stuff. Well, not that old haha :P

I haven’t really discovered what it’ll feels like when a favourite band will disband but, I might know how you feel…

Maybe the members of Armor for Sleep will be in different bands and in that way you might hear more of them. :) (I hear that a lot, that bands break up and are forming new bands with lots of diffent members)

I would be really sad and as you say, heartbroken if I would found out my favourite band The GazettE and Gackt have both disbanded. /faw

When I was little I did not like music at all.. When I was 11 I started to like music more and started to get favourite artists. Which was Shania Twain at first haha. And when I was 13/14 I discovered the Japanese music and now I am hooked lol. /love

I hope you feel better alright ♥

(Oh and by the way I am Dutch (you thought I was German in your Christmas blog ;)))

Oh that’s cool! I’m part Dutch. My grandma also lived there for some time. She passed away many years ago but she was good at speaking Dutch as well. :D

ABBA and The Beatles are definitely bands most people have heard of. I think they’re amazing though. :)

I hope so too! Only one of the members is onto a new band. I hope the others do too – they had such talent! I haven’t heard of the GazettE and Gackt, but hearing about bands breaking up is sad, even if you don’t know much about the band.

Ohh really? I used to like Shanaia Twain as well! She was really fun to listen to, and my mum liked her as well.

I listen to Ayumi Hamasaki – probably the only Japanese artist I know. I used to study Japanese in high school but I only liked her music. :P

Thank you! :)

I know. I have to stick with my old flip phone. eBay can be cheap, but I really don’t like bidding, it’s so annoying.

Thanks…again. Yeah, but I just asked my host if I can install FanUpdate. So I think I’ll stick with that.

I’ve always wanted to live in Australia, it looks so beautiful there.

And oh, I still have them the day after Christmas. My uncle is like a professional chef, so that’s one reason why I still have family parties.

Ah, I hope you’re feeling a little less heartbroken as the time goes by. Like Ben said, it’s the circle of life. It’s great that you’re open to his new project instead of instantly hating it like all of his other ‘fans’.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with a band called Busted. They’re were really famous in the UK and in other parts of the world too. After 2/3 years, they split up and everyone was so upset about it.

All the other members had different projects. Matt had a solo career, but it didn’t go well and after one episode, he went into reality TV and presenting. James has been in so many bands it’s uncountable and Charlie, has been the most successful out of all of them and now he’s in Fightstar.

All good things must come to an end and sometimes it’s for the better. :)

I saw a video about Google Wave and it explained it all. It does look pretty cool but I don’t know anyone who uses it. D:

Argh I pressed the tab button instead of caps lock and then enter and I only submitted half a comment! |: |:

Yeah I usually feel bad about it too. I have a lot going on at the moment and admittedly I barely have time for anything so I have like, half an hour to reply to comments and I feel bad ’cause they’re quite pathetic little comments. D: haha.

Aw. I’m the same with my Fuck Yeah Danny Jones account. Danny’s not my favourite member of McFly, but the more pictures I post and the more I see them being reblogged and liked makes me want to just meet him haha. <3

Thanks. :) Yeah, I'd say the colour is salmon-y haha.

I try to make every year like a fresh start, so I can go completely crazy over Christmas time then start the new year with a bang, as they say. :3

I'm looking forward to getting my iPod touch so much! XD

Yeah I think I prefer the black as well. It's just pink is my favourite colour, but not necessarily that shade of pink…

Yus I am back ^^

Thanks for understanding. <3 Studying really sucks. I try though, and sometimes it pays off.. sometimes.. not so much. =/

I know, the message isn't really good but it's aweshum. :)

It didn't really snow, there was just so much hailstone. :P

I'm kind of a real bad student too. xP In one of my latest tests I got 35% – I was absent for the notes on what was in the test and I was still made have the test which was so bitchy of my teacher.

Aw, you shouldn't have told your brother, I miss those days when I believed.. :(

Well, if she's fat lets say, you could hire a hitman. :)

LOL 'love is a cool word.' They just seen the picture and they commented on that.

And besides, 'love' isn't that cool a word. Honestly, people put no effort in sometimes. Unlike you, you write comments longer then my blogs. xD

I’m glad you like my article! :D Means alot <3

See we didn't know Tara would be such a douche, so we just thought she'd be okay.

We weren't even laughing at her, we were laughing at Alice and Laura. =/ She's some dipshit, Tara. Unlike Laura, Laura is awesome. (L)

Ugh, I know it's so annoying. -.- I had to wait a month for my phone to come before off Ebay. -.- I just thought it'd be different this time..

Aw, I'm sorry one of your favourite bands broke up.. *huggle*, I'd hate if that happened to a band I like.. :(

I was raised listening to the Beatles and Elvis and everything.. My Dad is really musical, so he had it really loud all the time. :) ahaha. The Beatles are my favourite though, :D

Ugh, they must not be dedicated fans if they hate on Ben Jorgenson's new style.. He's probably just experimenting.
They should accept it, if I liked him, I'd have to accept it.. :P

Did you like music at a young age?
I loved music. I used to dance, sing, play instruments – I still love it.

Or were you ever into those old bands?
I never really liked the old bands. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know a Beatles or Rolling Stones song. lol I probably have heard one and just don’t know it.

Relating to the people who don’t like his new music, they are probably looking for his old style and that’s why they liked him. Its probably hard to see your idol move on into something new.
I would have a hard time seeing Beyonce sing county music. D:

Aw that’s cool! I dance as well, and I play the piano, guitar and drums.

You might have heard a Beatles song – they’re all too familiar sometimes. But it’s true; old music doesn’t ever get forgotten. :)

I guess I liked my idol no matter what, so I like his new stuff. I know people would have been used to the old emotional rock sound they had. They should still give him a chance though!

Ahahha you’re right. It would be a little strange after you’re so used to seeing them sing one genre or type of music.

People will always have mixed opinions when a popular artist starts doing something solo :) But it’s great you like it ^.^

Thankfully, I’ve never had a favourite band of mine split up… just had one change lead singer once and yeah… a lot of the fans had divided opinions on that too.

I’m sorry, I hope you feel better about it. It is the circle of life I guess, no matter how much we don’t like it :(

I added a plugin so now there is a form. I tested it, and it works so now you can enter! :)

I love these smilies by the way. They are cute. These are probably my favorite smilies of all time, just because their facial expressions seem so realistic :D

Eek, I can’t say I’ve felt the same way toward a band. It’s happened with people, but with musical artists, not so much.
I’ve grown up listening to basically every kind of music, but the stuff that sticks to me the most are feel-good songs like old Hilary Duff and my… -cough- Beyond Pink “Barbie” CD.
However! I have felt something similar for Neopets! XD All based on the real money people give them. It totally blows.

I’d think that people would go into a denial state if one of their favourite bands broke up, and they heard what the former members were working on. Like, they’ve grown to love the old stuff, and then this new stuff comes and they go “Their old stuff was better; this is crap.” regardless of what it sounds like compared to other genres of music.

I’ve never really liked all the bands that other people have said “live on.” I do know a lot of people that like them, though, so I guess they do live on. :)

My brother has watched me coding websites, and he totally freaks out because he has no idea what any of it means. XD Coding is more linguistic than the tech stuff he does, which is all hand’s-on and such. What he does deals with hardware, and what I do deals with… Er, words and images. :P

Ugh! Now whenever I see bubblegum I’m going to think of shoes. XD You’re right, though! That IS what they end up being!

You’re lucky to get along with your brother. Do you get along with other family members as well?

Ohhh, that’s the difference between jealousy and envy. :D

That’s true. I just don’t know what I’m better at than others yet :P

HAHAHHAAHA, yeah I’m just a tad bit jealous of one of my friends whose a guy and just gets all the girls to go JOEEEEEEEE JOEEEEEEEEEEE. It’s sad for all the other boys and the other people in the room. It’s like HELLOOOO, we’re here tooooo!

Flinging poo. HAHAHAHA

I think the shirts were around 20 dollars? I can’t remember. But they were AMAZING :D

My stress comes from school. There’s drama, homework, drama, homework. You know all that stuff. It’s just tiring and it can bring you down. But there are people who can always lift my spirits.

Really, you haven’t heard of Thanksgiving? That’s funny. I haven’t seen many blogs on it… so perhaps I’m the only one who celebrates it in the blog realm I circle in. Because most people are from out of the states…. so it’s understandable. :D

I think I’m not even going to go to Tolo. So yeah, that way I don’t have to spend money on … pictures, food, tickets. I think Addy and I are just going to go shopping ^^

That’s true, but I hate feeling so behind on comments. :/


Is Armour For Sleep an Australian band? I’ve never heard of them except from you. I’m going to go listen to some of their music though. Because you’ve been talking about them a lot lately and they seem interesting.

I’m truly sorry to hear that they broke up. But at least Ben’s music is still interesting. I agree, if you love a band, accept the new things that they do. Because change … change is sometimes good.

And that’s really cool that Ben @replied you. ^^

Yeah. I don’t think it’s water though because my description for my ultrasound paper said “pelvic mass”. I dunno, my dr is an idiot.

I was actually really upset once because of the same reason. Have you ever watched the movie Selena? I cry everytime I watch it. I grew up loving that movie and wanting to go watch Selena perform. When I got old enough, I found out that it was a true documentary of how she got killed and I was devasted because I would have LOOOVED to meet her.

Your blog’s under maintenance but I will try and remember to come back! Good luck fixing the problem. :D

I read your blog though. It’s a shame about the contest and the money, but you know, it happens! :(

I really hope the results come out alright on Monday about your poor tummy! :)

I’ve never watched Selena. And I don’t think I’ve heard of it either! That must have sucked to find out though! :(

I think that’s the shortest comment I’ve ever left you in a long time :P

Ice cream is so lovely… I would want some. But it’s so cold over here! Hey! Let’s switch hemispheres for a day. XD

Aww, that sucks.

Ahh yes. That would be lovely.. mansion. With a Porsche. OH! And an Apple computer. With that cute white keyboard.

You’re right, she could really try harder.

KFC ROCKS! I really hate I missed the sale.
Damn… I don’t think we have it. But I googled them and they look really really good.
Lol, it is.

It makes you really proud. :D

I hate that. Like you kind of realize it, but think it’s a joke. Then it sets in and hits you like a bomb.

When I was little.. I basically wanted Barney the whole time. So I grew up with a purple dinosaur. Umm.. and I listened to ABBA a bit and whenever my aunt came over. She put Shaggy into the CD player. XD

I think if they really liked AFS, they would at least try the new band. I mean, it’s not the exact same, but hey. Changes are interesting. 👏

Hehe, mine is probably the same, except it can take pictures. The only way I could text is with a keyboard, otherwise I have to struggle and take five minutes to type in ‘Hey, how are you?’ Mine too, its chipped too.

Good! For me, that sounds like a good, long vacation.

Oh, yeah, now that my grandmother can barely move, we have to have every holiday at her house, even though it’s small. We used to have them at my house or my aunt’s.

Aw, thanks! Really? I know. I actually just got my Christmas tree today. A little early. lol.

Oh, I think it came out somewhere in the 80s. I love that movie, the little boy is so adorable. If you watch the channel TBS, it’s going to be on all of the time.

Thanks! Hope you get a better phone too!! :)

Oh, yeah, sorry about that. The last comment was posted in a rush, and again, sorry. And I really appreciate that you are commenting about my blog.

I know, I really hate when bands break up. I’m trying to think of a band that had broken up recently. I listened to their one song, Car Underwater, and it’s probably my favorite song by AFS. I’m not a huge fan of them, but they are really good. I’m really sad that they broke up. Thank God I read your blogs, or else I wouldn’t know they had broken up. I would probably be worrying what happened to them. I hope Christmas cheers you up!! :)

I know the feeling. You’ll push something dreaful away, and just keep pushing it and then all of a sudden it bounces back so close that you can’t push it away or pull away from it and it’s just there – it hits you and won’t go away.

I hate that feeling. >.>

And AFS was a REALLY good band, there’s not really anything just like them… and I’m pretty sad about them too, though I haven’t loved them for very long, it was a first time I heard their songs OH MY GAWD YOU’RE AMAZING kind of deal.

God Loves A Challenge is surely different, at the least. I do like it, but I can see why others don’t, as well – as humans we like patterns and things that are familiar, most of us, anyway, do not really like change, and pretty much every human has an underlying (or very evident) fear of the unknown. And because this is a large change… well, it’s gonna be hard on many people, it’s just natural.

Still, I wish they’d stop ‘hating’ it so much, or, at least, voicing that they hate it so much and talking trash about the new project. It’s Ben’s life, Ben’s new project, it’s HIS CHOICE and we need to understand that, even if we aren’t fond of what he’s doing.

And I’d be more than heartbroken if Breaking Benjamin or Disturbed (my two FAVORITE bands lol) broke up ever. I love them, I need their music. Maybe not need exactly, but very close to that.

It saddens me how people are trampled by other people. It’s just… I don’t know how to exactly describe it but it’s almost sickening in a way. People CAN watch where they are going, they CAN help that person get up, they CAN shout and raise awareness that THERE IS A FRICKIN PERSON ON THE GROUND.

Excuse the slight outburst. =P

You’re right – I’ll add more padding on the boxes right now. I just realized that it DOES look kind of crowded. Haha. I wish I could get away from gray a bit more though – but I really think I’m being more and more fond of Exotic Evect.

Yeah… even kids in my grade can be really hard to work with when your teacher decides to try to open you up and put you with assigned partners. T_T not needed, Mr. In Charge. Really… I know it’s all for the best but still I do not fancy working with someone I don’t know, or, really, don’t even like.

Well, I hope that she becomes easier to deal with (maybe there isn’t a big change but hey, I can hope) as time goes on. Maybe you’ll grow on her and she’ll grow on you? Or something. =P

I’m such a sightseer. Haha, outgoing and the world I think of as an empty notebook that needs to be filled, kind of. And being an author is a really great way (in my mind) to be able to travel more – I can visit the place my current book takes place in! Hehe.

Thank you for your comment and the lovely remarks on the new layout. I’m glad you like it better than the old one. :]

Awww *hugs* I never realised how much a band breaking up can affect somebody but here’s proof.

I know you’ve been waiting for new music from them etc but I think that you should sort of cherish the music they’ve already bought out. It’s like when a singer dies, their music lives on. The same when a band breaks up.

Even though it’s not the same but at least Ben is in a new band.

I agree, I love Breaking Benjamin so much and it pains me that no one has ever heard of them lmfao but I love Benjamin Burnley so much. (L) I named my laptop Benjamin after him and my phone Chad after Breaking Benjamin’s drummer Chad Szeliga. I’m sad I know. Same with Muse, I love Matthew Bellamy, genius.

I think it’s stupid that people are saying they hate the stuff from his new band. Yes it’s different from AFS but it’s still him nonetheless.

K now to attempt your monster of a comment, baha.

I know what you mean, we both know our websites aren’t shit but seeing designs like Catherine’s sure makes us feel that way. That’s why I try to stay away from CSSBake, it’s makes me too jealous.

I know, I try to stay away from Dayna’s site just because it makes me so jealous but that never works lmao, I love it too much.

Hehe yeah maybe. Well, I get about £80 from the two days I’m working this week coming which I will get before Christmas so I’ll have to make that do, or ask my step dad for loan, heh.

Yeah it is a good thing but I’d rather work that week to get some more cash lmao.

Yeah I realise that now but people kept pestering me to put it up as a premade, I just got annoyed and done it. I should have changed the colours or something. Never mind. :) Glad you like it though. :3 I tried to use colours I wouldn’t normally use. xD

I was going to put your layout up with those but everybody knows your website and near enough everyone who commented mentioned it as original and that they love your layouts. :P

Oh I hate that, family/friend gatherings annoy me because I barely see anybody and they can’t believe how much I’ve changed blah blah blah. I’d rather hide in the corner with my iPod lmao.

Hehe I noticed it was old but your hair looked awesome. <3

I know!! I'm going to try and get some pictures of the crazy decorations some people put up, it's funny. We have a few lights outside but that's about it.

Oh that's good. Fanlistings are probably more relaxed compared to returning comments and reviewing. I guess you feel you HAVE to get them done as the fanlisting you can take your time. :3

Oh Google Wave sounds pretty cool, not something I'd be able to get into though. =/ I'm a boring fart really.

Ah, we can feel each others pain with the work thing. It weren't so bad in the summer because in the mornings, it was warm. But now it's still going to be dark when I leave and all cold and stuff. :(

Ew hills, we have none of those here haha. The airport is a big place though. o_O I like watching the planes take off and land though lmao. I find it well amusing.

Aww I'm sure with practise and a bit more confidence you'd be good at driving. I hope your mum does take you, it'll save you so much time getting to work if you get it permanent that is.

LOL yeah, being a robot would be cool. I love feeling emotion, the happy emotion but feeling upset and depressed sucks.

Haha, I wish I could do that at work but because of what we do, we used a special program on the computers so there's no internet access or anything, boo. There is one computer in the staff area which I sometimes use in the mornings but I wouldn't want them to see what I was doing. :P

I never even link people on the queue unless they link me. I think it's pointless lol. If they wanted a review that bad, they should have read the rules and linked me. It makes me laugh even more when in the form they put "Where am I linked? In the footer" when they obviously haven't linked me. :3

I have no social life LOL. Well, I see Rob but most of my friends offline are guys so we just play soccer whenever we see each other. I never go out drinking or anything because alcohol doesn't agree with me.

Haha I swear you barely get any sleep. You go to bed at like 12am-1am on work nights. :O I go to bed at like 9pm lmfao.

I know, I mean you didn't invent typography but this is YOUR style of it. People need to be more original man.

Haha yeah, I doubt anybody will but we'll see.

Yeah, I did used to think W3 schools was confusing but the majority of my tutorials were requested by visitors so. I have a huge tutorial request list but I cba to do any lol.

LOL "He rocks and rolls" you're cool. :3

Ugh, that sucks. :( I have a card, but I'm trying to save my money, it's hard not to order a pizza lmfao. :P I have PayPal too but it annoys me.

Sexy letters? I have no idea what you're talking about LOL. It's like 12:36am and I'm too lazy to think. :P

Yeah, my mum is the same but then my mum doesn't work because she's classed as disabled after her stroke and the million other things wrong with her lmfao. So she enjoys it more than your mum I guess.

Oh we have a dishwasher, thank god. I used HATE washing up, blah. I like hoovering though.

Guys always use that excuse, well most. Rob doesn't do fuck all either lmao. He doesn't even clean his own room, his mum does haha. Aww, James is a good guy though.

Oh she won't, she's a n00b and loves the Disney stuff. I swear she acts as if she's still 10 years old sometimes.

Yeah I know, but that's his excuse. He was doing drugs for years before the head injury so he's just dependent on it but uses that excuse whenever told he should quit.

AWWW! He has a girlfriend? That's so cute, your brother is cute though haha. I had it when you need to pee so bad, I pee so much man.

Oh wow, that's pretty bad. I'm quite lucky that my bus isn't popular and I leave way earlier than uni and school students. A few uni people get on my second bus the 285 because it goes straight to a university.

Awww, I bet you feel well lonely in the end though lmfao. At least you get a seat when you get on. ^_^

Woah, you'd have to change trains 3 times? :| I think it would be like that for me, well sort of. I'd have to catch a bus to train station, then a train, then another bus so it's pointless.

LOL that's still good though. Iframes sucked, I only used it on Freewebs which I never opened then when I got my first sub-domain I used PHP Includes. I remember why too, it was because the Iframe made my extended background go all stupid and stuff.

Ooo, is a good name, I liked that. I'd have to think of something with one word. I'd probably get one if I get a permanent job out of this.

Yes, PHPMyAdmin is quite handy. I never really knew how to use it, but when I moved to I was playing about with it and it's pretty cool.

Lmfao oh yeah true. I'm on 900 now, so it's all good. I remember I had like over 1,000 on 10 posts and I haven't got that yet and I only 21 posts heh. Never mind, I appreciate the comments I do get. :)

Haha oh yeah, I'm too lazy to comment on reviews and I don't want to spam you. It's silly. :3

Oh I guess we done funny things with our names when we were younger heh. I think my first email address was something like devil_vicky_666 lmfao. I made that in 2004. ^_^

I like Jeorgina too. :3

LOL really? That's funny. I should add a thing where peoples comment must be over a certain amount of words, heh. I get a lot of one liners from someone. They leave a big comment, then when I reply, they just reply with one line and ignore most of my comment?

Yeah, I say "k" sometimes on MSN, when I can't be bothered to talk to that person. Or I just say "lol" to like everything heh.

Lmfao, I used to curse my screen too. When I used that navigation you gave me ages ago, I couldn't get it centered, I got it right in my old screen res but when I got my new laptop it looked all fucked up. The web world would be a better place if everyone used Firefox and had the same screen res, heh. I remember when I was on Piczo, I thought everyone used Internet Explorer. o_O

Haha yeah I noticed you can do the archives page manually but I like the plugin, it looks better.

Yeah, I really do love WordPress. I don't think I want to convert now, I love the plugins so much. I rely on them a lot for my sidebar etc.

Opera is OK, but meh. I like Safari but Firefox FTW!!!

I can't believe your comment was that long lmfao. I showed my sister and she was like WOAH haha.

This comment was 1679 words long. o_O OMG I actually beat you for a change lmfao!

Hey Georgina ♥

Just letting you know that I’m taking a break till Christmas ^^ I had been so busy that I didn’t even blog or add anything for more than a month > . < *sigh* I really miss the good old days where I'm not busy /faw

I’m trying to think of a band or a singer who disbanded or quit that I liked in my life . . . I can think of some, but I don’t think their break-up impacted me like the way you’re feeling! I did like those “teenyboppers” band when I was in middle school and high school, but I grew out of them by the time I was a senior in high school . . .

There are bands and singers I got into that I wished I were alive for, though! Like . . . The Beach Boys or something like that. :) Dunno if that counts or not. XD

Aww! I wasn’t really into those teenyboppers bands. But this is probably not the first time a favourite band of mine has broken up.

I dearly loved Oasis, in a more sweet loving way, and when they broke up I didn’t feel too changed. But I felt like I had a deep connection with Armor For Sleep, so I was so upset when they split. :(

Ah, I love the Beach Boys! :P

I think it would be awkward for people to be able to see my typing mistakes. :/ Otherwise, that sounds pretty neat. It seems like Google will eventually cover everything on the market, eh?

Meh… I’m not into music enough to relate.

Oh I know how you feel about a band you really love breaking up and you only feel it a little bit later. I was like that with Savage Garden. After they broke up, I was like now what? Than an ex friend of mine got me into country than she went into pop. I was into country for several years, and after that I went into pop and found BSB, and loved them for like ever, and then Nsync came a long and I loved every song of theirs. But was heartbroken when they broke up and the bsb broke up but got back together. An online friend of mine said why can’t nsync do it too? I mean yeah why can’t they do it? Anywho, it’s getting cold over here so I’ll be going. :). I hope you have some resolution of moving on to ben’s new group.

But I can’t imagine what I would say. I’m sorry for you that you’re disappointed with the breakup of the band. I can’t think of anything to say about the other bands because I haven’t heard of most of them (just The Beatles, ABBA, and The Rolling Stones; I’ve only listened to the first one). I can’t comment on sticking with the bands because I don’t have any. I thought it seemed more appropriate to just say “I can’t relate” instead of saying “I don’t know what that is and I don’t fully understand your emotions about all of it”.

Isn’t that when you comment on blogs, when you relate? Either you feel the same way or you feel differently? But if you don’t have any opinion on the matter, what is there to say? Nothing of my own life was on my mind at that moment to talk about with you like I do sometimes.

Aww! Yeah, I’ve got that feeling too at times. But I told myself to suck it up. It usually works, but not all the time.

): It really sucks when bands broke up.

When I was a kid, my parents would usually play songs that are from the ABBA. They said that I usually dance to the beat when I heard their songs playing when I was little.

“When we like a band’s music, some of us tend to fall in love with the band as well.” That’s true! I fell in love with the band Boys Like Girls when I first heard their song, ‘Thunder’.

AFS’s fans should be thankful that Ben still continued singing.

Haha it’s hard, it’s hard. I just feel such a great attachment to AFS.

Apparently if your parents play music to you when you’re little, you’ll grow to love it. My parents played ABBA a lot as well. :)

I just delve in and read all about the band when I hear their songs and I fall in love. /love

They should, and they should support him, but some of them are leaving him such rude messages about his new project just because the sound is different. :( They should be more accepting.

Thank goodness. I was worried that you were mad at me. :( Hooray for communicating!

Nah, there’s not really much going on in my life right now. I’m browsing around my site instead of doing homework like I need to, since I think I have a test on Monday (we can have a page of notes, but I need to read the chapters first… *_*) and I have to do my programming homework, which will take HOURS. Bleh.

I was just blank earlier, which is weird. I’m always thinking something, usually multiple things.

Thanks a lot. :) I fixed it.

English and American accents do sound great, but some people make fun of others just because their accent is not so great, or they are speaking in Bangla.

Today I saw that that person has copied the CSS from my current layout as well. Like my affiliates button and even my bullets. /angry

Wow, your WHOLE BLOG? That must have been terrible. Did you tell them, though? I cannot ask them WHY they stole my stuff, as the site is new and they don’t have a blog or any other commenting system.

I don’t listen to Armour For Sleep much, but I know how bad I would feel if one of my favourite bands broke up. I’ve grown up with bands like Westlife, and I love them a lot. My parents aren’t into western music but I got this love for those bands from my sisters.

People should give GLAC a chance, maybe they will like it after all.

Thank yous. ^^ And I think I’ve got the colours worked out. Even before you mentioned the old old old bluey layout I had I was like “BLUE AND RED”. XD

I hope it all works out. (yn)

I haven’t got any set deadlines, but I estimate that it’ll be a week or two before I open, if I work at my own pace ^^

Hehe thanks. :D I really want to make good premades /bounce

Or at least decent ones, anyways. XD

I drew some wings yesterday. :D They took me agesssss but I think I’m getting better at wings. :)

Seconded. I mean if people didn’t use other people’s coding to start them off, how else would they learn??? But it’s not suddenly their stuff.

LOL. XD I’ll be ranty in an article about it. That’s gonna be my “one article” part of the to-do list /hehe

Stress sucks, it stresses you out AND everyone else too. /argh

Aw, but at least Ben has a new project and you still have AFS’s songs! /bounce

The Beatles are pretty cool, but AFS were very unique. (Y)

Oasis? I like one Oasis song XD “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”. :P
I think MCR are working on a new album but I’m not sure. Either way, their latest song was Desolation Row. That’s quite recent.

Ugh, rap. I hate rap XD I used to like pop too, or convince myself I did, but then I changed ;D

I started off with MCR and then Linkin Park and then I started my search for bands I liked! :)
I have loads of random songs by artists I don’t necessarily love though. Like two or three by the same person.

He did add something amazing to the world with Nirv! /bounce

Listening to “Deer in the Headlights”. :)
It is quite “mainstreamish” but it is unique compared to a lot of the shite lingering around there.

AND BEN /love

Your image can change over time. I used to be this massive tomboy; now I like to say I’ve found more feminine items of clothes without going to skirts or dresses. /eee

And maybe if they like GLAC, they will hear of AFS and thennn they might find they like both, like you!

I’m gonna give GLAC a chance. ^^ Their stuff isn’t my favourite but it’s good!

LOL, that’s an awesome tweet. I second it like hell ^^
Some people need brains. /hmph

I love the little booklets too. :D With lyrics and photos and stuff in them :)

Yeah… it’s like if you really care about your visitors, moaning won’t help you. Just go out there and make yourself known. XD

“Golden” now. ^^
Ben’s voice is cool. It works with both AFS’s style and GLAC’s style!

OMG WHAT A DREAM. I would need that computer program so badly :P

I hope my dad can convince my mum, I want a laptop so baddddddd. And it’s not like I do shit on it like my brother does, or I won’t use it.

“Parking Lot”. :)

There’s an ice cream place called that haha?
Well the dog is still No-Name. He’s fucking adorable though!

Yarr, my sister is okay. ^^ And my brother is just eh. XD


God I know. I heard she had a dog and I was like “FFS, what’s gonna happen now”? /hmph


(BTW I’m gonna sign into MSN now, otherwise I would’ve been distracted ;D)

Haha very true :) That does make them leave you alone lol

Haha she is lucky lol. I bet she can get into the movies here for only $5 bucks :) If you are older than 12 you will have to pay $9, but it’s all worth because you can see as much movies as you want 👏

Oh they want everything fix up first before lots of people come one it. It’s a good idea. :)

Yes it is like The Day After Tomorrow, it was like the whole world was covered in water. At the end they had to build an arc of some sort to get them out. Even the president died. He said he didn’t want to leave his country, he died with pride (he mostly wanted to be with his wife). Okay I’m giving away too much lol.

I guess I would not understand because I’m not a fan of most animals. I’ve disliked cats since day one and dogs always bark when they see me. :(

Yeah you’re right, we should just focus on now and what ever the future brings, let it come……in 2014 or year 4000. XD

Black Friday is the best!!! So many clothes and shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D haha my mom was all “I’m not paying for all that”, it made me sad lol.

I had a dream that I applied at a store and I got accepted but I FORGOT what store it was! sucks!

Yeah, life without music would be dull indeed. I’m glad the world is full with music and songs, they make life…more lively. Haha.

I sent you a wave informing you that I have received your invite. I don’t know if you got the notification though. Once again, thanks for the invite ;)

Awwh.. I noticed yesterday on your profile that you were listening to Armor for Sleep. I don’t mean to sound like a stalker though P:

I could imagine how you feel. If Linkin Park split up, I would probably have a stroke. Quite literally, I would die, a very brutal death.

I know there’s not much that I can say.. I just hope you’re going to feel better soon. Things will look up again. Their music will still live on =)

Haha that’s always a good thing! :)

Yeah, me too. My heart will always belong to them. <3

They are nice hehe. Especially around Christmas time. Everything is pretty and holiday-decorated. I love it! :)

Haha I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'll definitely try listening.

Blehh, that's so sad. :( Poor kitty…

Aww I'm sorry about Armor for Sleep. :( I know the feeling though, sort of. It'll be okay though. Hopefully soon you'll find another band you like just as much and fall in love all over again!

Maybe a miracle will happen and they will get back together. All we can do is hope I guess!

They shouldn’t hate on him really, because at least he’s trying something new and different, and not being like a one trick pony.

They were really big in the UK, thousands of girls following them everywhere, haha, myself and my sister were pretty much obsessed.

Yeah, Charlie Simpson. :) He left Busted first to make Fightstar his main priority.

I’ve heard of Nirvana. I think Dave Grohl’s had a lot more success with Foo Fighters though, even though Nirvana weren’t around for long. Still, it’s a shame. :(

Yeah, it may take a while for my friends to get on there though. I (luckily!) have very few friends on Twitter and Tumblr yet, so I’ll have to wait for them to discover those, yet. x_x

I don’t like non-blog related comments at all, they really pee me off. :| I still reply to them though, but I usually just say “thanks, I like yours too.”

I usually only get around 10 comments per blog so it doesn’t take me too long to return them. :’) But 7 hours?! I would have gotten bored and resorted to Facebook or something haha.

My Fuck Yeah Danny Jones has around 250 followers, but someone before me owned it. McFly are pretty big on Tumblr though, because all the McFly fans on Tumblr came from Twitter, which McFly use regularly. :)

Yeah, I like hot pink but I can’t use it majorly ’cause it hurts my eyes. D:

I did watch X Factor last night, but I had a huge argument with a girl on Facebook over who I wanted to go tomorrow. Then she started to call me pathetic, and I was like “What?! I’m pathetic?! You’re the one having a go at me for my opinion!” Argh, so annoying. |:

Yeah, I’m hoping to be able to see them or meet them soon. They’re supposed to be going back over to Ireland soon though. :'(

Aw, I think everyone misses bands/stand-ups/other people they love if they have thrown in the towel. I was upset when the band Shotgun Rules split up – dosen’t mean I’ve stopped listening to them though :)

I actually don’t really care about the fact if my site is popuar or not. It would be cool for sure, but that’s not the #1 reason why I have a website. And most of the time those “popular” people kinda suck. They thing they are something better and stuff.. urgh!

Yep.. I think I’ll get behind that mission on my christmas break if there isn’t too much going on.. I so do think that it will be really difficult and stuff..

I tweet a lot most of the time. I only tweet less if I blog, return comments, watch a movie online or am distracted by tumblr or perezhilton xD

Its definitely suuuper expensive to do that.. especially if you have a lot of lights and stuff..

I would love to have multiple arms too! Like, I could do homework, clean the kitchen and chat at the same time xD AWESOME!

I got an invite to Google Wave today and it seems to be cool, but I annoyed by the fact that it makes the computer kinda slow…

You like the leaning about school? Wow.. that is probably one of the things I don’t really like.. but that might be because I am too lazy to study xD

in the beginning of year 11 we weren’t allowed to do that either.. they wanted us to get to know each other and stuff.. but now they dont really care xD

Yeah I really like that a lot too ♥

You are soo lucky! Most of our teachers aren’t like that. They just help you if they really have to and stuff..

We had a teacher like that in year 12. Whenever he had to explain something he was like “Do it this way, do it that way” and all that really quick and you didn’t understand a single word in the end..

Yeah they might like the fact that we help each other during normal lessons, but we did help each other during test xD

Aww, I m really sorry that you have to experience all this right now. I haven’t ever felt like that because of a band that broke up, but every fan is different. I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

It’s definteily difficult if you can’t find somethng new from a band to look forward too, it sucks.

But you still have Ben who is in a new band now and even if it’s really different from what AFS used to make. It’s still him :)

I can’t understand why some people go so crazy and say that the music is shit – maybe they have to get used to it a little bit? It’s new and something they probably wouldn’t listen too, but still.

I really like your last paragraph of this blog. It’s soo true

I listened to music at a young age, only it was mostly country cause that’s what my grandmother listened to. I was constantly singing and dancing, my mom was going to put me into dance class. I never listened to the older music though. I like music from the 80’s, cause that’s when I was born and what I heard. But other than that, I like the new stuff.

I can totally relate with falling in love with a band. I love Mariana’s Trench. Not only the band, but I love Josh Ramsay, the lead singer. I know it’s silly to say you love a celebrity, but he actually came to my school. Plus he’s gorgeous, and sings. He’s amazing, and I’m totally obsessed.

I would cry forever if they broke up and I never got to hear their music again =( It’s not even that their music is great (which it is), it’s that they sing a song that I can relate to. One that I can sing along with and just be happy.

Like I said, I’m obsessed, but I’ll shut up now haha.

Thanks for doing To Write Love On Her Arms, I ended up not getting around to it cause I had to work =( Not cool. I suppose I could still do it if I wanted to, but it kind of seems pointless now. Maybe I will, we’ll see.

Never heard of Oasis. I guess I live in a hole. :P
I don’t listen to the radio or anything on my own free will, but I’ll do the same as you if someone tells me to listen to a song.
My school plays the radio during lunch periods (we have our own station) and it gets pretty irritating because EVERYTHING sounds the same.
I’m pretty picky when it comes to music though. If somebody says “Oh you’ll like this, it’s metal” I’ll take a look, and about 80% of the time I won’t like it. I have a wide taste in music, but I’m picky. If that makes sense. :P

My boyfriend’s hand’s-on as well. He’s into ripping apart computers and doing the hardware stuff. It’s pretty funny, seeing as most guys are like that and most girls are into the artsy side of technology.
I was gonna say software, but that isn’t really the right term. XD Software are the programs and all that used on computers, aye?

I’m guilty of being a person who spits their gum out on the street. /um
I try to do it where nobody walks, though… XD I know how much of a pain it is to get off, and when other stuff starts to collect on it… -shivers in disgust-
Gah, lucky. I can’t really relate with anyone in my family. We all have different interests, different hobbies, different morals, even. I’m a bit of a black sheep in my family since I’m so shy and I keep everything to myself.
But, my parents are crap parents, so I guess it’s partially their fault?

Yay! I will read it later :D

Yes, I have looked at and looked through all of your domains. I only have one. I actually have you to thank though. If I wouldn’t have gotten that review from you I probably wouldn’t have known anything about WP and more creative, original content. I wouldn’t have had the drive either :) I’ve come a long way I think. You inspired me with that review haha. 👏

G-E-O-R-G-I-N-A! FFS, I missed you! I guess if I started apologizing it wouldn’t even be worth it because it wouldn’t express how bad I actually feel for being such a shit as fuck affiliate. I needed a break though, and I think I’m feeling much better now so I can focus on the site a bit more. It’s still not open yet though, it won’t be until I finish returning comments. Sigh.

PSH New Moon was the BOMB. No, it wasn’t even the bomb: It was the sex. Really. It really was. I loved it so much. I went to see it on my birthday and I saw it for a second time today LOL. I’m obsessed with it I swear, or maybe it’s just because Taylor Lautner looks so freeken sexy in it.

Yeah that’s actually so true. It is pretty childish. Definitely not responsible at alllll.

Haha yeah, but it’s so weird, the people who get drunk the most often at my school are the most popular ones. It’s just like .. wtf. I don’t understand how people can be-friend people who get wasted pretty much every day and smoke weed and FAIL school. It’s like the opposite of what it should be. Drugs and alcohol improve your rep, when it should downgrade it.

Omg I can’t believe one of your friends just totally left her religion. :O That must have been really sad to see. Hopefully she hasn’t gotten herself into too much trouble as she was rebelling.

EWEW. Yeah snails are the nastiest things eva. They make me want to puke. Especially how they move around. Bleh. OMG LMFAO, I laughed so hard at your fact that they take 12 hours to have sex. How.. sad.

Omg yah, I always get scared that someone who isn’t supposed to see my vlogs will watch it haha. Although, remember that bitchy girl I was bitching about on one of my vlogs? (I drew pictures of her LMAO) .. well, I kinda wished she had seen that. Sigh. She totally deserved someone to just tell her off.

I will try giving my itouch a violent shake and hopefully the note keyboard WILL GO HORIZONTAL. Roar.

Aweh don’t be heartbroken. :( I’ll lend you two of my popping heart eyeballs> /love to make up for the broken heart. -Lmao, fail.

That sucks so much that one of your favorite bands broke up. :( Music means a lot to me too, and I’d be so freeken upset if one of my favorites stopped making music. I LOVE the old bands you mentioned. I think their actually the only old bands that I listen to. Not so much of ABBA though. But the Beatles HELL YAH. I love hey jude.. that song always gets to me. :3

I can’t remember what kind of music I was into when I was younger. I was probably some loser little toddler who listened to Barney songs and nursery rhymes. Coolest kid eva.

I hope you get to meet Ben Jorgensen someday. I hope I meet Taylor Lautner.. LOL.

There’s always going to be people who talk shit about something that is actually really good. I guess we just have to live with it. But it’s very frustrating when people talk shit without even giving it a chance. That’s just stupid and ignorant.

Sigh. I love how you ended the blog. It just made me go off on this random but beautiful thought process .. lmao.


Awww I’m so sorry to hear about your heartbreak. I haven’t heard of Armor For Sleep but I just checked them out on iTunes and they were really good. I kinda felt like that with AFI. AFI was a great band and all their CDs since 1994 were really good but their new CD is absolute garbage and that’s when I knew that they would never be the same again :(

And yeah, I like upbeat songs for Christmas but the ones I hear are sung by people with droning low voices lol.

Haha yeah I’ve been using my old old old iPod lately! It was the very first iPod ever created and I’m like “Haha I feel so old!”

Lol I watched the unrated version of Prom Night at night with my friends at was really scary lol! My dad popped a balloon right before this girl was going to get killed and all of us screamed and jumped about 10 feet in the air at that moment lol!

Ohhh yeah I always see advertisements for Medium and I always tell myself that I should watch an epsiode once but I never get around to it lol :)

Yeah, last year when I was in 8th grade all the popular girls thought it would be cool to date 7th grade guys and I’m like “Wow, you pedophiles” lol. They just annoy me, lol.

Haha thanks! It’s a fairly new website (even though the first blog title says September lol). And I haven’t updated my Flickr in a while so I should get around to doing that!

Ooo, that would be awesome if you could help sponsor the contest. :D I’m actually having second thoughts about holding it though, because I thought about it and I realized that part of the reason I wanted to hold it was just to get more visitors, which is stupid and shallow. I want to enjoy it! Since it seems like a chore to get everything all set up, I might not. We’ll see; I still have a couple days to decide.

Yes, fanlistings rock as a procrastination technique. :D I only have two left to make though! I’m running low… D: At least after I run out I can work on that fanlisting collective domain. I hope to get approved for more soon. :)

Haha, your Safari fanlisting looks awesome! I told you this already. :P

The name that keeps sticking in my head is, but I don’t actually like it that much. I need a really good domain collective name!

“I don’t know what kind of a name you’d like so my suggestions are just balls. XD” – That made me laugh for some reason. :P

Oh psh, I bet they’re better than a B+. If a high distinction is that hard to get, a distinction is probably more like at least an A-!

Eh, I don’t find much joy in making my own taco. :P They don’t taste quite as good, and I don’t like to have to work for my food. xD I hate cooking!

Yeah I’m not that into LOLcats myself, but if I wander over to the website I can get stuck there for a really long time, annoying people with links to the cutest ones. :P

Oh you got a black set of bangles too? I only remember the purple ones. Those are my two favorite colors~. I want to see a picture. :O

Haha I doubt it was the loud music that killed my laptop’s battery. My laptop is two years old, so it’s getting old for a laptop. :P Jimmy says that laptop batteries tend to go bad after a 1.5-2 years.

Aww, is your phone really that crappy?

Lol, I wish you could ship me your socks! xP My feet would probably stretch them out sooooo much though.

LOL yes it would be funny if we traded clothes for the different seasons. :P We so wouldn’t fit in each other’s stuff though!

BAHHH I want to visit Australia. :(

Woo, I love my boots that aren’t high-heeled. :D Then I don’t have to worry about slipping on ice!

LOL, good job. ;) That sucks that now you have to wait half a year to wear the boots again, but if I were you I’d want winter to come again as slowly as possible. Everyone was talking on Twitter today about how they want it to snow, and I was just like NO. MICHIGAN WINTERS SUCK.

BAH some stupid Facebook email interrupted me. I dislike Facebook.

YES YES come here for half a year. :O

LOL I thought I was done with the replying part of the comment, but then I scrolled down. :P

Aw, that sucks. =/ We can use our minutes to call anyone, and then if we call people on the same provider as us, it’s completely free and doesn’t even use our minutes! Plus calls after 9pm and calls on weekends are free and don’t use minutes.

Oh, I see. I think we’re going to a family friend’s Chanukah party this year, actually. I’ve never really been to a holiday party before. :O

Heh, thanks. Two weeks until midterms. D:

Yeah I hate sitting there bored. It seems like that’s all I ever do on Sunday mornings at work. It’s almost not worth it!

You’re welcome. :)

Haha, why not? Jimmy didn’t know what Google Wave was, but when I joked about not wanting to waste an invite on him if he didn’t even know what it was, he actually got kind of sad/mad at me, so I invited him anyway. He hasn’t used it yet. :P

Thank you!

Yes yes you should hold off on buying domains, missy! Even after the new year starts.

Thanks again. xD

Your mom is totally right; waiting SUCKS. Lots. At least it’s over and I got what I wanted. :D

Oh yes I was definitely pissed. If the DVDs weren’t as cheap as they were, I definitely would have left. As it is, Jimmy was there before picking me up and he left when he found out that he would need to wait over an hour. Sucks that he had to go back for me. :P

Haha, I fell asleep again too. :P Thanks. :)

I agree that it’s much easier to be okay with a band’s break-up if it happened before you were born or before you were a fan of them. Then, like you said, you know that there is a finite amount to what you can discover by them.

Oh yes I definitely liked music when I was little! My mom used to play the oldies station a lot, so I liked a lot of music from the 60’s and 70’s. I also had these tapes with kid songs on them that I liked to listen to. OH and my favorite song for the longest time when I was little was “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas, followed closely by “Colors of the Wind”, also from Pocahotas. I don’t remember watching that movie much at all when I was little, but two years ago I realized that I actually knew all the words from when I used to love those two songs!

Now you’ve got me worried, since I’ve been waiting sooo long for Evanescence to come out with something new. =/ I heard they were working on something though.

Haha, you’ve been listening to GLAC all the time lately! You’re listening to AFS right now though, I checked. xD

Even though I was never really a fan of AFS, I get that it will be sad for you and others that there won’t be anything like that coming from Ben Jorgensen anymore.

YES I want to meet my idolssss. D:

It is sad to hear that so many people dislike his new project. =/ Different music for different people though, I guess. It’s not fair of them to dis it so much, though! If they don’t like it, they don’t need to listen to it. They don’t need to be mean about it!

Yes, music is immortal. ♥

Yeah they were a really good band. They had 2 songs that were really good on their album from 2006 called Miss Murder and Love Like Winter. But their new album is almost POP when they were really hard rock, which really upsets me. And yeah, I just bought some Armor For Sleep songs. I’m just starting to like them but even I feel depressed now lol!

Yeah, I think Green Day was okay, and P!ATD’s style changed but it was still good, but a really drastic change came from Boys Like Girls. They only had one album out before their newest one and it was great. And here comes their newest album and BAM! They already lost their great sound.

Yeah. I once heard White Christmas by this guy who had THE lowest, THE most depressing voice ever known. It could have better use in a funeral parlor lol!

Haha I know! I jump 2 feet in the air when someone comes up behind me! When we were watching the movie I was literally curled up into a fetal position lol.

Yeah, they just came out with a new Nano Video and I’m like “You just made a new iPod Nano less than a year ago!” Lol.

From what I see in the advertisements, it does look pretty interesting. I think I’m just going to look it up on Youtube one day :)

Yeah the girls who did it at our school barely knew the guys and all of a sudden they were “dating”. If you’ve been friends with them then that’s understandable, but if you’re doing it because everyone else is that’s just stupid.

Oh, wow 17 sites! I can barely manage 2 lol! How do you do it lol??

Yeah, I definitely like the greens more than the blues. Gravity was the song Nora and I performed at this year’s first Coffeehouse :D

Do you get to see your cousins often in Indonesia? Have you been there? If I ever… turn amazingly rich, I would love to go to Indonesia as well as a lot of the countries in Asia. But … only if I’m rich.

Hahaha, my cousins are good at math and such but they all decided to get into designing. Not all of them play an instrument. The one whose a director plays guitar though, I wish I could play like him but I can’t. And the other cousins are all good at Photoshop, except the one whose a cop. He’s just good at Guitar Hero and likes Twilight. :D Describing my cousins makes me want to laugh. :D

Filipino gatherings are all about Potlucks.

I didn’t get to see too many good deals on Black Friday, :P I wish I saw more.

HAHAHAHAHA, girls go crazy over Joe. It’s just how it works. He’s one of those really charismatic people and those who don’t get as much attention, have come up to me all RAWR.

I think everyone likes to get things cheap :D Because that means more money to spend on other thngs :D

Well apparently, Canada doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Bonnie from is from there I believe and she says she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Black Friday :P

All the good bands come from NJ. :D

Yeah, it’s like when Britney Spears went loco. But she kind of deserved that. I don’t think Ben deserved hate messages. He’s producing awesome music so everyone should just shut up :D

Ben seems nice (: