The Way Out Is Broken

Alright, alright, I’m officially heartbroken. You know the feeling when something finally, at long last, sinks in? And usually, depending on the situation, there comes tears.

I really miss Armor For Sleep. Since I discovered the news about their breakup (albeit a few weeks late), I’ve just been feeling like I’m sinking into a deeper hole.

Most of us grow up with music, loving certain bands, regardless of how we heard of them. Armor For Sleep might not have been a band like The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, ABBA, or other bands that I love. I grew up with that music as well, but knowing that these bands were gone, and no longer lived. In that way, I knew that there was all their music to discover.

All those bands were gone by the time I knew about them. And I still claim that I miss Kurt Cobain, even though he passed when I was four years old. Come on, it’s not like I can’t like music at that age, especially with my parents playing it all the time. Did you like music at a young age? Or were you ever into those old bands? I’m still into those old bands – they’re golden; they’ll never get old. 🙂

With Armor For Sleep, it’s like I had been going for them all along, waiting for something new, then comes the news about their breakup. Now, it’s only starting to sink in.

I haven’t listened to their music a lot since I found out, and instead I was listening to God Loves A Challenge (GLAC), the new project by Ben. Completely whoring out the music. It’s so different to AFS, yet I love it. But I go back to the music by AFS and feel my heart sort of sink, that there won’t be anything like that anymore. I went back and looked at old videos, and it made me a little sad. 😞

All central to this is Ben Jorgensen (the lead singer), who I still idolise. He’s still amazing. And I still dream of meeting him one day. Don’t we all dream of meeting our idols? 😍

When we like a band’s music, some of us tend to fall in love with the band as well. We might learn about the members and know who plays what instrument. And that’s why I know so much about Ben.

What I don’t like is that a lot of fans seem to hate his new project. I can understand. It’s different. It sounds like popular music, like electric, like dance, hell, like shit – just not as emotional, unique and awesome-sounding as AFS.

Regardless of what people say, I love it.

It’s sad to hear what people say about it, that it’s utter shit, it sucks, it’s a rip off, and so on. I respect their opinions, but I just think they could give it all a chance.

You might love a band, but when they move onto something different, you would try your best to accept it, wouldn’t you?

Their music will live on, but we all know it won’t be the same. Bands may break up, but their music lives on. Fans may keep holding on, may simply let go. Music and the way such elements revolve is simply that – as Ben Jorgensen put it – the circle of life. ♥️

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