Like Christmas

After watching Love Actually many, many times, it occurs to me how strange my Christmases are. They are usually spent with the family. Two years ago we went to Singapore and Indonesia, though, our Christmas was mostly in Singapore. Singapore is amazing at Christmas time.

I read Dayna’s post about Christmas – “How do you know Christmas is coming?” Dayna lives in Singapore, and Australia’s streets don’t look so amazing. Here’s a picture of my brother and I in Singapore two years ago. :)

Brandon and I in Singapore

Today I saw a house adorned with Christmas lights. It had lights in the shape of Santa Claus, lights in the shape of a sleigh, and just lights in general. In the suburbs and towns here, there are some that are well known for having lots of houses decorated with Christmas lights. It used to be the norm for my family to jump in the car and just go for a drive to see houses decorated with Christmas lights. We never did that at all. But close to Christmas, you can see houses with wonderfully decorated gardens.

The streets are boring though. Inside the shops you can spot little Christmas trees and streamers hanging from the ceiling. And they usually play a lot of Christmas music too.

My favourite Christmas song is probably All I Want For Christmas Is You. /love

I want this Christmas to be a good one. It’s going to be hard, because for years I haven’t really done anything with the family or really had a good time. Christmas is a good time to be with people, but I think I’ve been rather detached these past few Christmases.

I’ve been rather stressed lately. It’s just that since university finished for the year, I’ve just been swamped with my two jobs. I love my new job (a lot better than my older one), though. My older one (in the education centre) – it’s just starting to be so hectic.

I know I’m not always expected to do the whole workload, because it’s like a continuous cycle of work – marking homework, correcting it, recording it, getting it again the next time I go. And the girl who I work with is so slow. I swear, if she wasn’t there, it would not make much of a difference. I pretty much have to work at double speed and until I get a headache, just to catch up with all the work. She hasn’t been working there all that long.

But I dislike it. She goes off and does the work with less priority and the work that is easier, to avoid marking work she doesn’t want to mark, and work that is harder and takes longer to mark, is all just left for me.

On a brighter note, Ryan (who’s started a blog for this summer!) got our assignment in the mail today. /bounce We got a distinction. We actually failed one part, but who cares. We still did very well. :)

And he gave me an invite to Google Wave. :D Thanks Ryan! I’m still getting used to it. I’m not sending invites out yet; they’re limited. Now I regret telling people. /um

Anyway. That’s about it. It will take me a while to get to comments and such. Don’t haunt on me. ♥️

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Ahhh it’s the season. I want to watch Love Actually one of these days. :)

I’m not Christian, but I do like the Christmas season, especially the music! I’m one of those people who thinks holiday songs can be sang and heard any time of the year!

And Google Wave is neat! I’m getting used to it, too. It’s such a unique product XD

I LOVE THAT SONG! ♥ ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS…IS YOOUUUU =D I love Olivia Olsen’s version for Love Actually. It’s soooo good! Man, now I wanna watch Love Actually again. It’s such a good movie. :) The message it sends out is awesome too…^^.. ♥ ♥ “Love really is all around”. Or was it “…actually is all around” LOL.

The sound track is awesome too…^^…

Oh! Christmas in Singapore! I find it so ironic that Singapore doesn’t really celebrate Christmas whereas Australia does…Yet they have FAR superior decorations :P Haha. Orchard Road right? I remember the decorations…they had plastic candy decorations. And they were SOOO pretty! Especially at night time, with the lights and all @_@ I miss Singapore! LET’S GO BACK SOMETIME!

I can’t wait for Christmas either! :( It can’t come soon enough! I’m usually all MEH! about Christmas too, but this year is special to me, because it’s been THAT good!


Hahaha! Some houses are really pretty with their lights! :) But even so, I can’t help but think ‘Omg, their electricity bills are going to be…EPIC…D: ‘

Urgh! I hate people like that. Lazy people with a crappy work ethic! My mum and my aunt are always complaining about people like that at their work places…It’s so unfair on you :(

OMG! Congratulations on the Distinction!!! :) /bounce That’s so cool! Who cares if you failed one part! You still got Distinction! THAT’S EPIC! I’m so happy for you!

I have no idea what Google wave is! LOL :P As usual xD


Haha I think it’s good too – probably the best I’ve heard. Oh, and My Chemical Romance has a great version as well. :P

I think it’s “love actually is all around”. I remember the words came on the screen at the beginning. :)

Haha really? I never knew that. I just thought the decorations were way cool. It was such a nice place! But it was so busy at night. I think it’s alive at night.

This year has been great – we should celebrate it with Christmas! /bounce

I actually can’t wait for New Year either. :X

Oh good point; I never thought about their electricity bills. Well, not my problem. :P

My mum complains about the people and not actually their work. Such as, the people not being nice or something like that. XD

It’s epic indeed! Now I was just thinking of going to the site with the survey and putting a “we got a distinction!” right on it. Anyway, I’ll probably keeping the site… Nicole said it was for memory’s sake or something. Hahaha.

It’s a brand new thing. If you’ve heard of Google docs; it sort of works similarly. You can collaborate real-time with conversation (so you can see people typing and if they edit something) and pictures and other media… it’s still in the beta stage but they’re working on it. It’s probably tapped as the next big thing.

Happy belated 11.11 because I just realised you posted your blog at 11.11 :P Haha!

OH YEAH! MCR’S VERSION! =O Nah! Hahahaha! Olivia Olsen is better! Maybe cos I’m bored of MCR :P Man we used to really like them. Now I can only listen to their songs ONCE before I get bored. It’s like ‘I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING…blahblahblah…*repeats* NOOOOOO NOT AGAIN!”

♥ actually is all around. Ngaaaaaaaaw! /eee

Yeah, Fran LIVES in Singapore [when she’s not in Australia] and she says the decorations are only nice on Orchard Road! HAHAHA. But yeah, it’s probably different every year, but the year I went, it was a candy theme…^^…YES! The night life! /bounce I love it when it’s alive at night! It’s the same in Malaysia! It’s so epically cool! Omg, I really want to go back now! Fran said she’d take me on night safari! YOU CAN COME TOO! =D

ME NEITHER! NEW YEAR! It’s going to be awesome! I bet next year will be better than this year! :) *dances* CAN’T WAIT FOR FIREWORKS EITHER! Hahaha!

Hahaha! Technically it’s everyone’s problem because more electricity usage = more pollution! LOL. Oh wellz, it’s CHRISTMAS. Who cares! What a terrible attitude I have :P Oh wellz! [once again! :P ]

Oh yeah! My mother complains about people like that too! Like how they act. This person always wants things her own way. And won’t move…TWO METRES to answer the phone. You have to walk up to her DESK and ASK her to take the call, and even THEN half the time she’s like ‘Oh, i’m *insert stupid excuse here*” People these days!

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s so funny! You SHOJLD put it on the site. It’ll be HILARIOUS!

Oooooh! I’ve heard about google documents :P Oh god! They see you typing in real time? That would suck for me! 😳 What if I wanted to take something back, but they’ve already seen it! EEEEP! Hahaha

Haha thanks! It’ll be another 11:11 soon! ;)

Psst, don’t say that to my friend Jorja; she loves MCR! Well, they have highlights in their songs. I love their angry music when I feel like shit. :P

Ahaaaa, Famous Last Words! /bounce

They are nice on Orchard, though. And there was a “House of Condom” – did you see that by any chance? Hahaha.

Oh, night safari! Fucking awesome! I think my aunt told me about that before we went. Don’t think we had the time though. :P

I actually want to literally go and get off my ass and see the fireworks. Doubt I’ll be allowed though. My mum might worry I’ll get trampled or something. /hmph

I guess so, but they’re still using a lot more electricity than someone without lights… :P

Haha wow. O_O That’s a bit extreme.

Probably! I might put our report there if Nicole and Ryan don’t mind. :D

Exactly! I chatted with my friend on there once. It’s a bit slow, but they’re still working on it. But I could see when she was going to say something and made a mistake.

But the good thing is that you can reply to individual messages, so if your friend says “Did you hear about the storm?” then says “I finished my dinner!” after that, it indents, so you can see them separately. It indents a bit like these comments. :P

YAY CHRISTMAS! XD Oh so you do celebrate Christmas, right? That’s cool! Most Indonesians don’t celebrate Christmas anyway. Ooh I hope I can see more Christmas stuffs in Indonesia :( Like how the streets are decorated with red and green decorations and Christmas songs fill up the air :) Ah that would be so cool! It would be a little weird though because in most movies Christmas is celebrated with the presence of snow and snow doesn’t fall in Indonesia :P

Oh my favorite Christmas song is Pat-A-Pan by David Archuleta :D He made a Christmas album this year and I love everything there XD It’s not because I like him so much, but the songs are so calming. Listening Christmas songs always give me pleasure.

Aw I hope my PayPal account is verified so I can buy more things and earn more money :( I earned around $150 last year but since my account wasn’t verified the $50 couldn’t be used :( Too bad. I can buy much things using $50!

Lol, Christmas isn’t a real big thing with us. /bash Well, I think it’s pretty boring anyway. But heh. /argh I just hate how supermarkets dress it all up 🙄

Garroooogh, time to sleeg D:


Hahaha I don’t think we celebrate it very much either. But it’s special. ♥

Last year we didn’t put up a tree. :O

LOL. They’re trying to get into the season. Are they playing Christmas music in Woolies yet?

Man, at Kumon, they play the same music all the time. 🤬 It’s the same classical music CD – she’s apparently had it for seven years… PKM.


Oh if you go to our country, you’ll not see anything Christmassy!!

Although, there are lights, and you will see lots of old men with a red hat, and his friends, a black guys with lots of coloured clothing.

That’s Sinterklaas, he is a very generous men who’s very old and gives gifts on December 5th!

So basically, he is like Santa, but a little bit different. No reindeers, but a horse. No elves, but Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters). So funny :P

After December 5th our country gets all Christmassy with trees and lights and yellow and reds! I’d wish there were such decorations as the tree in your blog though! I’d love to see such big things, but our country isn’t that big so the decoration isn’t big too :(

So, unfortunaly I have to wait till 5/10 December before the Christmas decoration pops up!

Good luck with your jobs, don’t feel stressed! Well it’s easy for me to say that (I never can feel stressed)…

I have Google Wave too! Although I don’t understand much of it and I don’t know anyone who has Wave too xD

Aww that’s shame! I think you still get into the spirit, though! It sounds really nice. Are you from Germany or somewhere around there? :)

I think it’s really nice though – we don’t really have anything like that here, but in the shops, some people dress up as Santa and give out lollies and candy.

In Australia the Christmas decorations go up super early, even in October or so!

Thank you! I can feel stressed when I have a lot of work, haha.

I guess Google Wave will be big very soon. If you find someone to add, just start a wave with them when they’re online – basically you can see what they type exactly how they type it. XD


Wow. I thank you in behalf of Singapore for praising it. Love Actually? I never heard of it before :O

In some countries, I heard that they celebrate Christmas with turkey and that’s so cool! /cool I’ve never celebrated Christmas like that before. /bash

Why not ask your friends to go caroling down the street with you? Or is that forbidden in your country? Well… whatever! 😴

Once, my cousin let me hear a song called, “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”. It’s title was something like this. I laughed at the song all the while when I was listening to it and it was really very hilarious /bounce ♥ /love You should search Google for it.

For Christmas, it has been rather boring. /oh Just that my mom’s friends’ families get together with my family, and going to Downtown East to celebrate. And that’s all. I like spraying “cream” all over people, even my brothers. XD

I don’t really get stressed out actually. :) That’s because I’m always toying with my things, and not doing my homework unless really forced /bounce . Luckily I’m not in morning session this year, only next year. /hehe

You work in the education centre? How great. I aim to be a doctor, a teacher or a blogger. I don’t know which :( And it’s getting me a headache in kid-world. /pow

You should tell the girl her mistakes :) If not, you will keep on getting as slow as her! The best a girl can do is to do her best, but from this view, I don’t think that girl did her best. /oh

I know, I know, “The best a girl can do is to do her best” is a bit complicated, but well, i was thinking about an advertisement that said, ” The best a man can get.” so I followed it, according to my own “so-called stupidness”. /hehe

/argh What’s Google Wave? I don’t understand it at all. Totally, I should say @_@

Ooh. Don’t get stressed out returning comments either. Here’s a chance. You don’t have to return my comment immediately the moment you read it. Just take your time to write it, and tomorrow then you post it. How’s that? /huh /huh /huh

Anyway, I need some advice. I just recieved an email from some freak and it said :

We happily announce to you the draw of the Toyota Lottery Online Sweepstakes International program held today in the month of November 2009, of which you emerged a winner.You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of 750,000 Pounds,To file your claims, please contact our agent:

Mr Bryan Steve,

Ms.Debby Jose,
Online coordinator.

I freaked out but I tried freaking them out by sending her agent a message back. Anyway who cares. How the heck did she/he/freaks get my email? I kept it quite secret, only for contacting me and that’s that. :( :( :( :( :(

Yeah, things are so expensive now, its like I can’t buy anything anymore.

Books give you more details. Just so much better! Me too.

Thanks, I just put in a code from a site. I want WordPress so badly though.

Hehe, cute Christmas picture in your blog! Singapore sounds like a fun trip for Christmas, except its far away from me. lol.

Yeah, I really want Christmas the same…like how it was 10 years ago. I miss those times.

Thank you :D

I think I like Hubert better because I forgot to shade his brother..

Maybe if she lives in a different country they would have done that, but I’m pretty sure here, they won’t put an animal down unless it is suffering. She really does need help. It’s actually sad to think about it..

It probably didn’t go through..I need to work on that because other people have said the same thing. D:

I love Love Actually!! That film is so cool. My Christmas’s are quite boring actually, we do the same thing every year. Although it’s all about spending time with your family, it gets boring doing the same thing.

I’d love to go Singapore for Christmas, it looks awesome there! Your hair looks cool in that picture by the way. :3

Some of the houses around where I live go crazy with lights. They have huge Santa’s and reindeer’s on their roofs and stuff. It’s amusing but must cost a lot on the electricity haha. We only put a few lights and decorations up.

My favourite Christmas song is “Let It Snow”. :D

I can’t imagine how stressful things are for you, you do take on a lot with all your domains and stuff. You need to take a break and have some “Georgina” time to just relax. None of us want you to get upset and stressed out again.

Wow congrats on the distinction, that’s awesome. :D

A few people have been taking about Google Wave lately, I don’t know what it is haha.

Ugh, I know public transport is shit. By car, my work is 20 minutes away, but by bus it’s over an hour because it takes the long route around Heathrow Airport and then the 2nd bus takes a route around a train station. Blah.

My jobs a bit like that too, they may offer me a permanent job is there’s any places up for grabs. I don’t know if I’d want to take it but it’ll be good because then I’d be able to get my drivers license and my parents said they’d put some towards my first car.

That’s not fair on you. :( Your mum should realise uni and work is a lot and then having to do chores when you get some time off is really not fair.

I wish I was a robot sometimes…

Thank you. :D I’m glad you’ve noticed. I guess before, I used to let the comments build up to like 40, blog every like 2 weeks and go on Maintenance Mode to return them lmfao. I have a little routine but I hope I can cope when I’m at work.

I might have to take a look at your article actually haha. I have read it before, but just to brush up. ;3

I saw your queue and noticed a lot of people are on hold. I’m sure you’ll get them done in no time.

That’s why I closed my reviews, I know I would slack with my comments. I will only be able to come online for about 2-3 hours a day, if that. Some days I’ll be seeing Rob so won’t be on at all. I have to go to sleep at like 9pm because I get tired SOOO easily. Stupid B12 deficiency.

Um, I guess so. I have a bit more motivation now though. Don’t ask me why. :3

I think I might know who you’re talking about (with copying your layout style), I won’t say who but I have a pretty good idea. Yeah, I’m changing my layout, 1. because a lot of people are using the premade of it and 2. to see if anyone copies me LOL.

I think your tutorials are great. Not everyone is advanced and knows everything so it’s good you have some “basic” ones. Even though we may find it easy, not many people do. My tutorials are aimed at beginners.

That’s is true. A lot of people get over inspired.

I saw your last blog about the lead singer from AFS. I might have to have a listen. :3

Yeah, that shipping was stupid. Too bad they aren’t based in Australia. :(

LOL, yeah it was like “3 years ago” but some people here still say it haha.

Lmfao, that’s all good. :3 I like my V one I made with the blue. I don’t know why haha.

My mum LOVES ironing. :| She finds it very therapeutic for some reason, weirdo. I don’t mind it, I do the odd bits like when my mum was in hospital (a year ago this week :O) I had to do it all cause my step dad was at work and my sisters a lazy fart.

LOL! My sister said “shut up” she’s rude like that. :P But her music sucks, sucks so much.

I don’t think his brain was affected, he fractured his skull and had to have a metal plate in his head but the reason he’s got worse is because of the drugs. He blames his head injury on why he takes drugs.

I know. His head doesn’t affect him anymore, like he gets tinnitus but that’s nothing really.

Haha good.

I need to pee so bad, but I want to get this comment done LOL.

WOW!! It takes you that long in rush hour?! I guess it would for me too if I left in the rush hour. I left like 15 minutes before the rush hour traffic so I get to the station for my next bus just in time. :3

I know it’s stupid. Though, the buses seem to just ignore me all the time heh.

Yeah, I know but when it was 33 here we were all like dying seriously LOL.

Exactly. :) It was my first time using PHP includes and all that as well, I was so proud. :’)

Yeah .nus are pretty. I don’t what it is but I just love them lol. Though I noticed most people I know with a .nu use their own name and I wouldn’t want to do that. =/

It is annoying to type, stupid PHPMyAdmin. I just copied and pasted that from your comment haha.

Yeah, Wendy’s tutorial is very helpful. I still need to write a tutorial on that, I keep telling everyone else to do it so I can just tell my visitors to go to that one lol.

Haha yeah, I will. xD

Yes, you are on my top commenters. I so badly want to be on yours one day LOL.

Ugh, I hate towns like that though. Even though I live in a town like that, it’s still ugh.

Haha Georjay is a cool way of spelling your name. I used to write mine like “Vick’ay” lol. I like your name spelt either way to be honest. :P

Haha I know it’s so stupid. I’ve seen comments that are one word like “OK” it’s like what’s the point? Text messages like that annoy me too. :P

I’ve never really had huge headers for some reason. I think it’s because I had a rather small screen resolution (1024×768) so I wanted it to look good in mine, heh.

That sounds like a pain in the arse though. :P Glad you got it done all “safely” though. Stupid table prefix. XD

100 POSTS ALREADY?! LOL. I saw you’ve got like 6,000 comments as well lmfao. I have like 800 comments or something. I need to post more. :P I want you to add an archives page so I can be nosy, heh.

Yeah I was thinking of using a redirect. Though, every time I think “I’m going to convert to Habari” I don’t want too, I think I love WP too much at the moment.

I don’t really like Opera, I only use it to check my website heh.

Wow, that is paranoia. :P Reminds me, I need to do a backup today.

Yeah I guess so. And with reviews you have to point out spelling and grammar errors, eh.

Woah, that was a huge comment. :P Mine was 1282 words long. :D

Well, I hope you have a good Christmas! It’s weird because you said it’s nearly summer, right? I think it would be weird to have Christmas in the summer since I have it in the winter. XD WOW! The streets look amazing! :D If you ever have been to New York it’s pretty amazing during Christmas too. ;)

LOL. I do that a lot. I make a lot of typos. :P

Hahaha no one likes the background, well some do. I like it hahaha. It’s different though. Thank you!

Thanks! Well here’s the deal, we don’t know the date we met online, so we made one up. XD We cheated haha.

Oh right. I saw on the calendar that’s it’s only an USA holiday haha. Well, Canada celebrates it, but in September. :P Same here! Aw and thank you!

LMAO. She does get on Twitter randomly, but for only like 2 minutes at a time. I will say “Hi.” and she won’t reply to anyone. XD

It’s just not rational in any way! She did not just order Miley do get back on Twitter, she ordered her to tweet more than she already did. Ridiculous. -.- Yeah. Everyone is hating on the girl, not Miley haha. Good thing!

LOL. I was talking to my mom about it and my mom was like “Yep. That’s a huge mental issue.” because it is! It’s just insane. I hear she has a dog now. Gah. I pray for the poor thing. Her site is pretty much bull. She says: “I am sad over the tragic death of my cat.” YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF, MORON!

Aw! That’s amazing!

Hahah yeah. All the new houses are sooo much nicer haha. My house was built in the 70’s so yeah… XD

*smiles* Hehe.

Same. My mom says we seriously might get some good snow this winter! :D

I remember living in a town which I live in now, but I used to live somewhere else that was all decked out and was called Christmas Lane. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, probably not but still it was pretty much where everyone would deck out all their houses with stuffed animals, floatables, and anything else you can possibly think of. Even a christmas tree! They’ll be policeman guiding you through the streets that are cut off and what not. It’s so cool to see and everything since my family’s not in that mess anymore. It got a bit boring after awhile; but still I wonder if they’re gonna have it this year. I should ask my friend Diana about it. Anyway, about the thing I think it would be there because it’s just a myth and not fiction. I agree with you though that it’s just a big old hoax. But whoever did it sure wanted to become famous for doing it. Even if they did not do it in real life. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving even if you don’t celebrate it. Man what does Australia celebrate anyway?

I love All I want for Christmas is You 👏 At our school we do assemblies and because ours is near Christmas we are doing a dance to that song (well some people are…I can’t dance xD) Although to be honest the dance they are doing isn’t fantastic O_O Ooh, I sound really mean now!

I’d hate having to work with a slow colleague. I mean, I hate slow people in generally, it seriously annoys me. Slow walkers, slow workers…grrr xD She should think about actually doing some hard work – I mean thats what a jobs there for, isn’t it?

I like Christmas, too. I’m excited 😝

Ugh, I hate people like that, who make your job harder than it actually needs to be. The way I’ve always dealt with such things is simply slacking off as well, LMAO — While this probably isn’t the smartest of ideas, it’s definitely one of the easiest. XD

In all seriousness, though, is there any way you can quit on of your jobs, and just keep the other …? It would make things a lot easier for you!

Ugh, I wish I could get a job, though. I handed out a bunch of resumes last week and I’ve heard nothing back from any of them. It’s quite annoying! /snort

But eh, whatever. I’m sure I’ll find a job eventually if I try harder. :)

Hey, I’m sorry for the late reply. :( <3

/huggle back. ^_^

(8) GREASE LIGHTNIN', GO GREASE LIGHTNIN'. That's actually some movie! WOOOOOT.

I had hail today, and it was like =O HOLY SHEET. IT'S SNOWING.

NAW. Just hailstones. Grrr. /Evils

My teacher will be always be such DOUCHES. -.- I've got to blog about it now, aha.

Well after I've returned all my comments =[

I studied today.. it was such a drag, I was so bored and couldn't wait for it to end. GARR.

Me and my Daddy are all good again. :) It's my Mother who is the problem now. :(

Ngawww, you should read Harry Potter, you'll be glad you did. ;)


I can't WAIT for Christmas! SOO EXCITED.

I love that song too. ^_^ (8)All I want for Christmas is youuuu..

I also love Santa Baby, tehe.

My Christmas’s haven’t been as good since I found out about Santa.. yeah. It makes me sad. :(

Aha, y’no what you do to that girl whos slow? You smack her. Just smack her, that’ll sort her. :)

Aww, thanks Georgina <3 You sure know how to find the right words and I really like how you don't stick to what I said at the end of the blog :)

I guess the heart of a website is and always will be the owner behind it. If the owner isn't a nice and super friendly person (like me ;)) than the site is missing something. I am really glad that I am not like her, even if her site is oh so great. As long as you guys love my site the way it is – I am happy :)

And I guess if you have both – a website people look up to and you're a great site owner – you kinda "made it".

I really loved that one too! Even though I only made the header and Bre coded it for me. That would be a style of layout I'd love to have again or the one with the girl in the header image.. with the blue-ish background.. IDK, do you remember that one?

Hehe, yeah. Maybe we should just all take a break (like for a week or so) and not even think about our websites (if that is even possible xD) and just relax and maybe we realize what we miss and what we want and come back with a "BANG" xD

That's actually what I started to do just today. I took the premade of Vicky's current layout (because it's that awesome) – or her previous layout by now – and edited it a lil bit.. but I kinda messed it up so I am gonna do that some time during this weekend and maybe come up with something good again :) We'll see I guess :)

I hope so too! But if there really are people like that out there, maybe they read that blog and realized that they go too far with their Twitter addiction xD

That's what I've been thinking about too, because I really can't imagine that someone loves a celebrity that much that they would kill their pets for them.. seriously, for no celebrity in the world – not even Mr. Man of my dreams and that means a lot xD

And that girl definitely needs some help.. I mean, if you can think of something like that.. I don’t even wanna know what she could do.. It’s creepy and scary!


Woah! Singapore must be awesome around Christmas because that picture up there looks really great <3 Around here the Christmas decoration is just plain boring.. nothing special.

We have houses around here (somewhere in Germany) that like really decorate a lot and they even make it to the news every year xD But it’s really awesome and kids love to visit those houses.

Hmm.. “All I want for christmas is you” is definitely a great song, but I kinda like “Last Christmas” – even if it’s one of the most annoying songs about christmas ever – it just belongs to christmas like santa claus.

Glad you like your new job :)! Urgh.. that girl sounds soo annoying and I hate people like that.. they don’t really help you at all and give you even more work to do.. and it’s not like you have like 3-4 arms so you could do it just like that..

Oh yay, congrats! You really deserve it :) And don’t worry too much about failing one part – you can’t be perfect on everything ;) The overall grade was good and that what counts the most!

What’s this Google Wave thingy about? I’ve heard about it a couple of times by now..

Ohhhh I love All I Want For Christmas Is You! It’s probably the only happy Christmas song on the radio lol. The others are sung by people with depressing voices XD

And I’ll definitely check out to websites! I’ve been to California almost twice a year but I’ve neve stumbled upon that shop….hm…I’ll have to see it!

Haha yeah. We were cleaning out our attic a few nights ago and we found an old tape player that people used instead of iPods. Man, they were primitive lol.

Haha yeah it was a good time. But I think I was the one who leaned because I was getting really tired at that time because the movie ended at around 2 AM lol!

Lol I just like scouring random things. And who knows? Maybe those 3D glasses will come in handy one day lol!! :) And that’s so cool that your dad made a pair! The only thing I can make from scratch is…..nothing lol.

Yeah, most of the time I like going to the movies for the previews because they always show the best movies coming out!

Yeah, in my opinion, Twilight was a really bad movie. Everything was just so…..edgy and pathetic. New Moon was seen through a better perspective in my opinion. It probably has something to do with the fact that 2 different actors directed them, though.

Haha Taylor Lautner is still in my age range lol. He’s 3 years older, but hey, my aunt and uncle are 10 years apart so it’s not so bad lol!

And yeah, if you want pictures, you can check out my art site! That’s where I publish photography, writings, and my art!


Wow. Glad that you like Christmas in Singapore. I haven’t got the time to admire this year’s decorations yet. :(

Your brother in that picture makes me lol. Your hair looks so neat though ! You should stop being so pretty because it makes me jealousss (:

What’s Google Wave ? How are you already done for the year ? When do you have university throughout the year ?

I think Christmas becomes less exciting when it stops being about you, you know ? I mean I was always brought up that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, which I loved, but Christmas is always so exciting to kids because they’re the center of attention Christmas morning with the presents awaiting their destruction.

Does it snow in Australia in December ? Christmas without snow is just.. unimaginable for me.

What on Earth is Google Wave? o_O

I love Christmas decorations. :D

I know this is a very… bland comment, to say the least, but I don’t feel particularly witty at the moment. XD

I resized the smileys, but still they don’t show up properly. /bash

My mom thinks I will go mad without the computer, so if I haven’t sat on it for just one day, she herself will tell me to go and sit. :D But otherwise she is always mad. :P

Yeah, maybe. It is still freaking me out. O_O

We don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’ve seen some pictures of Singapore during Christmas and they look awesome.

When there’s a special occasion or something in my country, my family also goes out to see the different decorations and stuff. I hope you have a good time this Christmas. :)

It must be pretty irritating to work with someone so slow. And you have to do the harder works. Challenge her to a fight! /argh LOL. JK. I just really wanted to use that smiley. :D

Yay for the Google Wave! :)

All I Want For Christmas Is You. <- I Luv et soooo much!

I hate the fact that working can be such a routine sometimes. Even my life can be such a routine, too, with school and all. I go to school, attend my classes, go home, play badminton, then go back home. Etc. Etc. Etc. Kinda stressful sometimes. Sheesh.

I haven’t tried spending Christmas in another country before. Must be a memorable experience. Usually I just spend Christmas at my relatives’ place like what we do every year :)

Every Christmas, my family doesn’t do anything ‘great’.
Usually, other families have relatives come over, but most of our relatives are in China. ==”
I hope this Christmas is going to be fun. You know, just our family having a great time.
Argh, all they do is hang christmas decoration in malls in Australia ==”
I don’t even have a christmas tree at home! I asked my mum where did it go, and she said that we used to have one but then they chucked it away O.O” lol.
Distinction again! SO smart :P
There are competitions on houses with the most beautiful decorations. I really admire the people who actually bother to decorate their house with lights and stuff. My friend told me that she lives nearby a street where the WHOLE street has houses decorated and everyone is in the spirit of Christmas :D
There’s self serve checkouts which you can pay cash in Woolworths, I think.

Yes, Clompish’s current layout drives me nuts. I’ve been so grayscale lately, and I hate how boring and uninviting things can look. I’m trying out a new vector style though, so we’ll see how that works out. =P

It always seems that people are so much harder on themselves. I’m never fully satisfied with Clompish – whether it’s the content or the layout or something, there’s always more I can do for it.

And I think you should be quite satisfied with Heartdrops, Georgina. It’s not very old (I mean, it’s not brand new either), but it’s still very big and has a lot of useful content. In truth, when I’m having designers block, I come here to be inspired. =P

Love Actually is really good, though I’ve only seen it once or twice.

Christmas here in the USA, more specifically Wisconsin, is pretty neat. We pretty much always have a white christmas – WI has very defined seasons, trust me.

On my street everyone puts up fancy lights and decorations, there is even a group of a few houses who have a war to see who can be the most “Chirstmassy” as they say. That’s always really interesting and fun to watch.

I always spend Christmas here in WI – I don’t go many places but one day I’ll be an author and travel the world. Or try to. Haha.

Singapore looks really interesting. Sadly I don’t know much about it – but in truth that picture and your comment on it kinda prompts me to do a bit of research. :]

Ah, my favorite Christmas song is definetly Silent Night, and while I’m more of a heavy metal/hard rock fan, I love that song because on Christmas eve at my church while we all sing that song they turn of the lights and we all hold candles and there’s nothing else really like it I’ve experienced. It’s so serene and peaceful and we all hate when the song is over because it brings the whole church together.

Ugh, she sounds really slow. Maybe she can’t help it, but then again, it sounds like she could do at least a LITTLE bit better if she actually put all of her effort into it.

Being only 12 myself, and in 7th grade – I can’t help you with the whole dealing with younger children thing. =P but I know that it must be really difficult to work witth that particular girl. ;[

Distinction. Very nice. :] I should look at Ryan’s blog.

And oh, I was confused for a moment. Whoops. I live in Wisconsin in the USA, so our summer and your summer are reversed. Haha.

Thank you for your comment on my blog, as well,

Christmas in Singapore sounds amazing. My dad goes there on business trips, and last year he said it was beautiful. I wish I had pictures :P

I can’t wait until Christmas. People in my neighborhood have already put up lights and stuff; my neighbors already cut down their Christmas Tree. /eee

What is Google Wave? Is it like email?

I’m stalking you on Twitter as well. :D

I think everyone’s Christmas is a little strange, especially compared to movies, lol. Our neighborhood always goes all out with the Christmas decorations. We’re always last, because we wait until my mom’s birthday to put them up.

I am hoping to get a short time job when my finals are finally over. Google Wave seems to be getting a lot of buzz. But, I barely twitter or anything like that so I doubt I’d use it :)

My city isn’t really decorated alot either, but some houses are. Not mine. We just have a Christmas tree.

It really does suck when one person does all the hard work and the other person does the easier work. I would be like, “listen here, you need to do some of this harder work and hand over some of that easier work. I’m sick of always doing to harder work….” You should say something like that to your co worker..

I hope that this Christmas will be great for you!
I know my family likes to go out and look at the lights. I grumble about it but secretly enjoy it as we are riding. :D

I have little patience for people who don’t like to at least pull some of the weight. Especially if they don’t have some complication that won’t allow them too.

Congrats on you assignment!

Don’t worry I won’t haunt you about comments. :D Hey I can’t my new site isn’t up yet.
I finally got a gravatar account(actually I finally learned what it was while I am installing fanupdate) so I wanted to try it here first. :D

I’m getting a database error on your site – hope you can fix it! :)

Thank you! I don’t mind looking at the lights; they can be beautiful. It seems a bit odd to do so and I don’t always enjoy it but there are some beautifully decorated houses out there.

I know – this girl is new, compared to the rest of us, but she could do so much faster!

Thank you! Ahh, so that’s why you’re working on your site.

Hahah well done! No worries, and thank you very much for commenting and visiting. I recently changed my Gravatar to a new picture of me. :P

Hey :) sorry it took me so long to return your comment, I’m on vacation so im trying to return as many comments as i can >.<

Ya the music meeting was ok, apparently I wont be having to go to the practices until January :).

Yeah I hadn't checked the caption comp in awhile xD.

Aw I hope you spend christmas with alot of you family this year :). Most of my family isn't too far,so i guess im lucky.

You can tell it's christmas where I live because on the radio they play christmas songs, and every house had decorations.These two house a few blocks away have like a decorating competition, it's amazing :D.

Idon't really have a favorite christmas song, I like mostly all of them :D.

I hope this christmas is really good too because I'm going to try not to buy cheap stuff from the dollar store, maybe I'll make everything :P.

Aww I am stressed too, with school and everything, I have like 3 tests a week :(.

What's google wave? :O.

byee <3

I know. Cookies just SCREAM milk. And vice versa.

Yeah, my parents did that too. But one time, well actually whenever my Nanny was with me and my mom at the store. I used to ask my mom for one thing and my Nanny for another thing. So I would get two toys instead of one.
I wasn’t a dumb kid, lol

That must’ve of been some doll house. XD

I know that’s what worse. Couches are just so heavy and you got to push them out of the way. Then back. And then you realize you missed a spot and got to push it again. I swear, you lose 10 pounds shampoooing the carpet.

Wow, really? I didn’t think they’d do that. I mean honestly? All that? Well… they do have money to burn. I think I would fence my house too, actually. And maybe get an indoor pool too!

Yeah I suppose so. It’s weird actually when I think about it. Because now that I understand everything, I think it’s a little embarrassing.

I love seeing Christmas lights everywhere. It’s like your own personal light when the streetlights go out. It’s so pretty too. Like there’s this one house on my road has purple, blue, red, green, yellow lights that they put everywhere. It’s really cool.

That’s really stupid. Like I hate people who do that. You have to work with them and all they do is goof off or dump the work on you. It really won’t get them far in life.

I have yet to watch “Love Actually” as yet – does that make me an alien?? Though I have seen so many of clips of the movie that I practically already have :P

I do not think South Africa is too big on decorating homes and such for Christmas. For one, it’s hot here and we have no snow :( and two, ha ha ha everyone looks forward to the New Year’s parties than anything else.
But we do have the overload of decorations in the malls and irritating “ho ho ho” adverts – ugh!
I do like all the Cadbury choccies imported from the UK and US though :D – it’s the only time we get to have those Cadbury Buttons :O

Got to go – chat later

Have a superb w/end

x x x

Love, Actually is one of my favourite films ever. I always watch it around Christmas every year when it’s on TV but I got the DVD in September, so I haven’t stopped watching it since. :’)

Our Christmas decorations aren’t really on the exterior of our house. We haven’t got them up yet but they’ll probably just be the tree, a few streamers hanging for the ceiling and a few candles.

I hope this Christmas is good for you, too. :) I hope you don’t feel unattached and not so stressed. :]

You should make a complaint if that girl is working so slow! Especially if you’re the one doing all the hard work! I’d get so annoyed ¬_¬ haha.

Well done on getting a distinction!

I want to try Google Wave but I don’t know anyone who uses it. From what I’ve seen it’s just like MSN but more advanced. Heh, who knows, maybe in the future I may try it. :)

I’ve been slow on replying to comments lately, too! It feels like I need to get into the swing of actually having a site although I’ve had one for almost two years! :P

I have a few friends who listen to Armor For Sleep. They’re not as big in the UK though.

I think some people think I was silly for crying but I got to the point where I liked them as much as I like McFly…Oops. :’)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD
haha it’s been like forever!!!!!!!!! haha what have you been up too?? (even though your blog tells me i’ll ask either way (H) )

I’m not going to reply your last comment on my site because i want us to start a new convo lol

” Love Actually ” never heard of it lol. What is about? My Christmas is always spent at home…..every year, it really sucks!

How tall are you? you look kinda short or maybe its because it’s a picture lol

OMG that’s my favorite song too!!!!!!!! My second favorite is Winter wonderland!!!!!!! haha i love it :D

Congrats on doing good on the project (Y)

What’s google wave?

I love looking at houses which are decorated in Christmas lights, listening to Christmas songs, buying gifts and all the other things that are part of the Christmas season. My family usually decorates the outside of our house as well. We put up colorful lights and a big blow up Santa and snowman that sit in the front of our yard. (I’m not sure if you have these in Australia but there popular in New York)

I’m sorry that your job is beging to become stressful.

I would love to know how Google wave is, I’ve heard it’s really cool. ♥

You posted this at 11:11. :P
I’m going to assume your wish was for a kickass Christmas. XD
I’ve heard of Love Actually, but I’ve never seen it. I haven’t seen a lot of movies, honestly…
I love all Christmas songs that aren’t like hymns. The ones that are all solemn annoy me. Christmas is a joyous occasion! Sing loud and proud to music that makes you warm inside!

I really do hope you have a splendid Christmas; one that makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside. :) It’s one of those holidays that has gotten so commercialized, and it’s always about the presents. People tend to forget about the family aspect of it, and the whole thing where you’re supposed to spend time with them and the people you care about.

I also hope that your work goes better! Lazy people are the pits! Have you tried talking to your boss about it? I mean, like you said, it wouldn’t make much a difference if your co-worker wasn’t there, but your boss could possibly get her to get her ass working?
I don’t know. I’m just a naive little teenager who knows nothing about the employment part of life. XD I just wanna help. :)
Either way, good luck with everything. You still amaze me with your time management skills, and doing it under so much stress.

Oh cool! I’m a Catholic too :D Well I’m not 100% Catholic because my parents are Buddhists. My brother and I are Catholic though; we chose the religion ourselves XD We haven’t been baptized though. I think I will be baptized around April. I’m so excited anyway XD

Oh cool! My dad went to Australia last month and he said that he would take me there one day, LOL :P I want to go there XD

Haha yeah it’s like a very fast love :P But my friend has ever tried to talk to a stranger whom she fell in love with, haha. She was so brave. And the stranger gave her his phone number and asked her to call him. Haha that’s funny XD

Thank you! :D Yeah I miss all my hostees and some of them asked me to reopen my hosting site XD

I love Christmas :) But, it hasn’t been the same to me these last few years. Figures, I guess, growing up and all? lol.

I got a Google Wave too, it’s…interesting. I’m still trying to figure that one ha. It’s getting complicated to even navigate that thing lol, I just need time I guess. Who knows.

YOU’RE IN SUMMER? -.- yeah, I’m not liking you right now lol. I can only wish I was in Summer right now, *sighh* like 7 more months until school gets out.

Don’t you hate that? When you are doing something, for awhile, and a teacher – or anyone in general – kicks you out just because they don’t like you. Pshh, that makes me mad ha.

WRGHERNFGVKENMRG 16 domains?! Wow, that’s a lot! I only have like seven or eight – all of which are going to be launch January 1, 2010 (can’t wait for that, whoo hoo) How do you manage to update all those sites? On a side note, I like your concepts :D My favorite is lol, photoblogs are amazing! I like photos ha.

Online drama and offline drama = sucks; end of story lol. However, true, I did the same…copying images without credit. GAH, not to mention, I used celebrity pictures haha.

I love that song! ♥

It’s my favorite. I get what you mean about how do you know when it is Christmas.

Usually our streets are lit up. I love going through our park (they decorate it beautifully) and looking at it all. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. (That sounded so cheesey.) lol

I love it too! It’s really very meaningful. :)

Oh that’s wonderful! All the parks here are boring and I don’t think anyone would bother to dress it up. All the malls and shopping centres are usually decorated though.

There’s a song about Christmas being “the most wonderful time of the year”. XD

Oh no it wasn’t rude, it was just some advice. So no harm feelings done. Thanks for the advice though I needed a change of scenery. Oh I know some people can be so cold hearted and fugly. But seriously though that girl or man or whoever it is has some serious mental issues for even thinking about posting something like that up. Miley does not have to tweet every six hundred hours or so, and if she chooses to leave the twit world than so be it it’s her mistake. Just because you’re a fan of them doesn’t mean you have to go through drastic measure to get someone to come back. I personally think that if Miley Cyrus did see this, she probably thought it was disturbing as does most others. I wasn’t trying to be racist when I said she’s probably vietnamese but ya know right? Hmm yeah Christmas Lane is pretty popular. If you live in it or around it it takes at least 10-15 minutes to get home at night, because of the crowds and such. But yeah. I understand where you’re coming from about having noone to talk too.

Nah, I won’t postpone the contest/event. I really need to get going on making the pages for it though! I started at school the other day, but then my friend came to visit from university so I didn’t get much done.

Lol yes, I agree, making fanlistings is definitely an excellent procrastination technique. :P Unfortunately it’s one I’ve been turning to all to often. =/

Yeah I will definitely be getting a domain for my collective very soon. I just need to think of one! With all these domains (lol, only three going on four, but you know :P) I really want a domain collective now! Like I told you before (on Google Wave WOOO), I want to be able to say “____ is a part of ____”!

Woot, good job! A Distinction is really good, right? I don’t think I read that blog in which you talk about that assignment, but I don’t feel like going back and reading it right now. :P I’ll just be happy for you that you got a good grade. :)

My mom sometimes buys those taco kits too and makes them at home. They taste good, and they probably are a bit cheaper than buying food from Taco Bell. I still absolutely adore Taco Bell, though.

OH HEY we were just ranting about poor grammar on MSN yet again! :P

LOL. Yeah I sometimes slip into that “odd lingo” too. It’s kind of fun, and reminds me of LOLCats. :P Have you seen those?

Oh, my mom definitely complained about the bus driver. She called the school district’s transportation department and told them exactly what happened. They were pretty shocked.

Yay! Have you worn them yet?

Ugh, my laptop’s battery is starting to permanently die too. =/ It used to last for an hour and a half, but yesterday morning it only lasted for 15 minutes. Granted, I had the volume turned all the way up and was blasting music while in the shower, but it used to always last longer than that. *sigh* I hope my laptop battery and your phone battery both magically fix themselves! =/

Haha. I wish I had fuzzy socks to sleep in! I usually sleep in the pair of socks I wore during the day, but if I don’t wear socks one day, my feet are cold when I sleep. :(

Thank you!

Oh yeah it costs money to check my voicemail too. It’s fine though because my family has something like 1500 minutes between us to use before we have to pay for extra ones, so listening to voicemail tends to be covered.

Hm, why is it weird to spend Christmas with your family? That seems pretty normal to me. =/ I’ve never seen that movie though, so I guess I wouldn’t know what exactly you mean.

Wow, Singapore looks AMAZING at Christmastime.

Most Christian houses around here put up Christmas decorations all over their house. We also like to drive around in the car as a family and look at the lights in different neighborhoods. :) We haven’t done that in a few years though! Maybe we’ll do it again this year. :)

Our streets aren’t the most interesting around Christmas either. Some shops decorate their storefronts with lights and/or window arrangements, but it’s nothing special.

Woo, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is also probably my favorite Christmas song! It is so pretty and sweet. :)

I hope you have a nice Christmas. :) My Chanukah is not going to be very nice at all, because I will be home alone for half of it, and it spans midterm exam week at my school. I hate how break follows Christian holidays. D:

It’s good to hear that you like your new job. :) It sucks that your older job has been so crappy though. =/ Marking work sounds pretty fun though; I think it’d be better than my job, which is tutoring kids in Hebrew during their Hebrew class or walking around the room making sure they’re all doing their work. I do like my job, but it could be better. Sundays are the worst, because there is even less for me to do then.

Congratulations on getting another distinction! I assume that project with Ryan wasn’t the same as the one you told me about in your last comment.

WOOT yay for invites to Google Wave~. We talked about this before, but I’m not really sending invites out yet either. I only sent one to Jimmy.

Oops, I thought the project was yours. Sorry, my bad.

Aah, Christmas. I don’t celebrate it because it isn’t part of my religion but I’d love to see the celebration though. Too bad the celebration for Christmas here isn’t as lively as in other places. My boyfriend said that it was something not to be missed. Ah perhaps one day I shall have the opportunity to see how it is really like.

Wow, it must be hard to have a colleague who is slow. I don’t mean mentally (on offense to that person) but I bet you understand what I meant. I’ve got a friend like that years ago. She did everything so slowly and when I think back, I don’t know how I managed to put up with it for so long. Lol.

It’s good you love your work. There’s no point doing things that you don’t love because you won’t be able to put your heart into it.

Google wave, hmm, I gotta check it out soon. Don’t want to be the last one to know what’s in the market *winks*

Congratulations on the distinction. You deserve it!

I haven’t seen Love, Actually, even though I have a DVD. I still have a looong list of movies to watch that I keep forgetting about it. :O

I love it when it’s Christmas time. People, rich and poor, all have decorations for Christmas and they never fail to put the dancing lights off at night, so it looks really bright. And I hear Christmas songs everywhere. I can already feel the essence of Christmas. Well, it’s less than a month and Christmas will be here. Time for gifts and food!

One thing I like about Christmas here is the Dawn Masses. People wake up at dawn to attend Mass and pray. Dawn means darkness and difficulties, and after the Mass it’s already morning, and you can feel the light and enlightenment. Most of us here are Roman Catholics, so we believe in God. If you aren’t a Catholic, I hope you aren’t offended. :)

How did that girl get accepted? :O It seemed like she’s depending on you. If you were to be absent for one day, she’d probably go crazy. ;_;

What is Google Wave?

Thank you! I was trying to see if I could make a new style for the spotlight, but it looks messy now. :S

At least my Web App teacher said that he liked our UI, which felt good because I invested time on it. LOL. Thanks again! :)

I visited the girl’s site and now she has a dog. It’s a matter of time before she kills it. WTF.

Aw thanks :D My brother is so nervous about the baptism, but I’m kinda confused in choosing the right baptism name :P Haha my mom allows me to choose it myself.

Yeah I hope I could go to Aussie! My brother will go there next year, as he goes to a university in Melbourne. Is it far from Sydney? I’m not good at Geography, so idk where it is located, lol :P My parents told me to go to the same university too when I grow up. They want my future plans to be so organized XD

Haha yeah my friends are too brave sometimes :P They seem so free in expressing themselves, but sometimes they seem like they didn’t know what shyness is XD A friend of mine has ever answered a phone call inside a cinema, when the scene of the movie is so quiet. Then everyone in the cinema said “ssshh” to him, lol. My other friends pretended not to know him because they’re embarrassed too, as his friend XD

Sorry it took me a while to reply to your comment, FanUpdate hid it from me O_O

Wow. I’d love it if Lloyd Daniels replied to me on Facebook, but he doesn’t go on their much.

That cat thing really is disgusting. I can’t believe anyone could eat their pet; especially over something so ridiculous. It’s just inhumane.

I honestly would love to move to Australia! It would never work out though, I’ve just started my GCSE’s over here and my parents have split up, so we’d have to travel across the world to see him. I’d love the heat though! My Mum is going to love it.

Ahaa, I’d love to see where the infamous Heartdrops started off. Yeah, I’m probobally going to put it up as a premade, and I’ve made some others to go with it.

Trust me, you don’t need YouTube. Jedward can’t sing. :D

Thanks for the ideas, I’ll have a look around! I’d love to do a plog, but I don’t have a decent camera that I can use to quickly upload them. Thanks for the offers! If I do get around to hosting the competition, I’ll be sure to ask you :D

Woah. This is going to be a long comment. xD

I’ve never seen Love Actually. I really need to see it xD. I think everybodys Christmases are different, nobody is abnormal!

There’s these two houses around the corner from mine, and it seems that every year they have a Christmas lights competition. We always know Christmas is coming when those lights go up!

I really hate it when people don’t do their share of the work. People seem to think that when they’re put in a group with me, no matter how small or easy the work, because I’m clever I’ll do it all for them. It’s not the case. Truthfully, I’m no cleverer than any of them, I just work harder. That’s all. But that doesn’t mean I have to do their work for them. I don’t minding helping them to understand, though.

The other day we had a revision project in Geography – we’ve been learning about Coastal Management, saving beaches and stopping cliffs retreating and stuff. We had to make a five minute presentation in 50 minutes about it. I started writing down some things I wanted to say, when I noticed the girl who was next to me was copying me. Copying her was the girl opposite her, and the girl who was next to her was copying her. It all traced back to me, and the group pretty much alternated in saying things I wrote down. That really bugged me.

Congratulations on getting another Distinction!

I agree. Contests are fun sometimes but I don’t join them often. Maybe once or twice in a couple of months, that’s about it.

My boyfriend does that sometimes too. When he holds up a couple of the work that I feel should be done A.S.A.P, I feel disappointed. I know he’d get them done in the end but the work would be usually rushed and the end results aren’t as good as they should be. It’s perfectly alright for him because no matter how ‘last minute’ the work is, he always get a good grade for it anyway (for an example, he got an A for a piece of essay he wrote a night before the due date.) But not for me. :(

I took a peek at Google wave and it seems to be a pretty handy tool. :)
*cough* It would be really nice if you could invite me *cough* 😳

:love: All I want for Christmas is you, has been my favorite ever since I know what it means by finding someone dear. Lonely Christmas makes things worse. Well, Christmas is still a great thing to celebrate!