Deer In The Headlights

Last blog, I mentioned Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands, breaking up. But, I was looking out on Ben Jorgensen’s MySpace (Ben Jorgensen is the lead singer of AFS).

And he has a new project! :O So I went to check out his new group, God Loves A Challenge. They are on MySpace and I listened to their music. I have to admit, their music is very different from AFS. It’s not so emotional, but it’s more fun and electro-rock. I actually really enjoy it – it must come from my ELO roots, because the music also makes me want to dance. :D

(The title of this blog is one of their songs.)

I usually don’t like it when artists have other projects – they tend to be so far off from what I’m used to. But I’m happy about GLAC. I won’t be able to fly to America and see Ben of course, so I sent him a tweet on Twitter:

Hey Ben, I miss AFS, but God Loves a Challenge sounds great so far – listening on MySpace! :)

He replied! :O /bounce /love

thank you! It’s the circle of life !

Aw he’s amazing. He’s my idol. ♥️

But I’m glad that he’s still around, even though it might not be in Armor For Sleep. I would love to meet him one day. :P

Did you hear about that girl who killed and ate her cat because Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account? She owns the website It was less than a day ago that she killed her cat and ate it.

I think it is really cruel, and disgusting, and simply inhumane. The reason she did it was ridiculous. Just because one of her favourite celebrities deleted their Twitter account, she decided to kill her cat.

Now I don’t like Miley Cyrus (okay, I admit I found one of her songs catchy, but you can’t deny it!) mainly because she isn’t a very good role model and doesn’t have a very nice attitude, in my opinion. But that aside, I watched a video where someone asked her if she was aware of this girl threatening to kill her cat if she didn’t go back to Twitter.

Miley said that it was crazy and if people make their own decisions they should be allowed to – ie. she deleting her Twitter account. I believe she has the right to do that, and that this girl wouldn’t have convinced her to go back.

But I think it’s just sick what this girl did. I know people stalk, people follow celebrities, and imitate them, post videos saying to “leave them alone“… but killing your cat is just vile.

Never mind that it isn’t breaking the law or illegal, but it’s sick. It’s not like you dislike your pet or they’re severely ill and you want to put them down so they don’t feel pain – you’re killing and eating your cat because some 17-year-old won’t participate on a social networking site?

Correct me if I’m wrong, and I know I said that people can have their own decisions, but this decision to take the life of an animal is extreme, and one without reasonable justification.

ETA: is now open for subdomain and domain hosting. :)

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Even though I maintain that I am still thoroughly heartbroken over Armor For Sleep, I’m so glad that Ben Jorgensen [Yes, he is AWESOME /love Haha] has God Loves a Challenge now. Their music is definitely pretty good. And catchy. Haha…waaay different, but like…sometimes people wanna try something new *shrugs*.

I’m really glad there’s a girl in the band too…^^…Haha…They need more girl rock bands like Paramore! Even though God Loves a Challenge is more electro. :P

That is SO cool! He tweeted back at you =O Waaaaaaaaay (H)

That girl. Is so sick. It isn’t even funny. /angry It’s the most infuriating, outrageous thing I have EVER heard of. EVER!

Killing a poor, innocent animal for some stupid, failed cause. It’s just completely WRONG. There should at LEAST be some sort of law against that. I mean urghhhhh!

I hope she gets sick. It’s so disgusting. I mean think about it. Even if she HAD succeeded in getting Miley Cyrus back on Twitter. That would also be sick, because it’d technically be BLACKMAIL. Like, Wtf?

I’m not really a Miley fan either. [LOL, I guess we’re not tween enough to like here]. I admit Hannah Montana is funny, and her songs are a little catchy, but generally I don’t go crazy over Miley either.

But I agree! She has a right to decide she doesn’t want to go on twitter if she wants. Everyone has the right to decide what they want to do. It’s completely WRONG to try and force someone to do something.

As if her campaign was ever going to succeed anyways. I mean what if next time, the threat was ‘If you don’t marry me, I’ll eat my dog”. It’s so stupid.

That person is an inhumane little sadistic FREAK! /angry

I’m glad about it too! His voice even sounds great with this new style. It’s a bit unexpected but I like the music! And I don’t usually listen to electro. But the two of them sing great together! :)

Haha yep! /bounce (Again.)

Apparently it’s okay in her country and where she lives and it isn’t illegal. Despite that, I don’t think it is right to kill an animal for such a reason. What did the poor animal ever do to her? I would understand if you would rip up all your Miley posters, but this is ridiculous and in fact mental.

Yes, and I’m sure Miley, at seventeen, is mature enough to not fall into this sort of “trap”. It might have been real, but it was not Miley’s fault. This girl was just insane.

And considering she is famous as well, she damn well has every right. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean people can take advantage of her and the decisions she makes, just to gain attention for themselves! (Though, the girl remains completely unnamed… O_O )

But yes – wow, what’s going to happen next? I would not kill an innocent animal if Ben Jorgensen deleted his Twitter. /argh

Well, it is great that he has a new project and didn’t decide not to sing anymore.

I’m not really a fan of him, but I love the fact that he replys to his fans messages, he replied to you twice right? thsi time and the other time. So he’s really cool, because of him appreciating his fans. I wish P!nk would reply me /wah or Natasha Bedingfield.

The girl killed a cat because of Miley Cyrus. Okay, if she only killed her cat ti would have been better but she ATE the poor thing. It’s not his faught. Let her kill herself it would be better -not kidding-. Yes, you should take your own decision, you, and not take a decision for the cat himself to die. She won’t like it when someday she gets killed and then gets eaten by a cat. HA! That would be so good. Yes, I’m cruel.

I don’t like miley cyrus either, yes I found party in the USA a nice song but still. like what you said she isn’t a good role model. I am on her side in this issue though, people make their own decisions,you can’t force them on something. I For example, i won’t go kill a cat and eat it for Jensen Ackles.


EXACTLY! People can do what they want. I want to blow dry me hair SO BACK OFF.

I am thinking of moving schools, and I don’t think my parents would mind. my best friend Rasha advised me to do so too.

I know not slouching is so cool but very hurtful LOL. I think all people slouch at times, because we do get tired and we NEED to slouch LOL.

HAHAHA cats. Wow. Eating a cat. Thanks to Miley Cyrus. She’s only seventeen? Jeez
But at least Fuzzy died with dignity.
And by died, I mean he was put down, dissected and fried.
And by dignity, I mean green onions.

Damn. If I meet her, I think I’ll eat her too. I’ll put her down, dissect her and fry her with green onions.
And by put her down, dissect her and fry her with green onions, I mean delete her Twitter account.

Slouching is bad for your back, neck and constricts blood flow. Also, you look like a zombie.


Yeah, but that means she’s a year younger than us. O_O I used to think she was younger.

He was so not fried! 🤬 But I think it’s just inappropriate. To do that to your own pet, an innocent pet who did nothing, just because of Miley Cyrus. :(

I’m not slouching. :)

Twilight definitely lost a lil bit of his awesomeness because of all the hype, but I still wanted to know how they managed to put the book into the movie this time.

Hehe, his muscles help making him a lot hotter! I think if we’d ask Gillian about what is the hottest thing about Taylor Lautner she’d probably say the muscles.. xD

Thank you :) I hope to get some extra sleep too.. if anything I’ll just take some 3 hours “naps” again, like I did a couple of times during the last couple of days.

I don’t really feel like writing a review… but I might do it after I saw the movie in German.. because then I can concentrate on other things more than just what they are saying.

Yeah that’s probably the problem, but I gotta say that I get used to it more and more each day.

I don’t really believe in it either.. I mean they have all the technique so they would’ve found out about stuff like that already and would’ve probably started to find a solution and stuff


I think it’s great that he is still around and does music and that you enjoy it so far :) Now you have AFS and GLAC – awesome, right?

Hehe, aww! That’s sooo awesome that he actually replied to a tweet a fan send him – those are the people that care about their fans a lot. I bet you was suuuuper happy :)

This person is just really, really crazy and sick! I could never ever do something like that to my pet – no matter how much I might love that celebrity.

When I heard about this first I thought it was nothing but a bad joke, but seems like it’s not a joke.

And I think Miley is right when she says that people should be allowed to make their own decisions. Nobody should be forced to do anything (i.e. getting the Twitter account back) because of something.

Though I am really sorry for that cat. It’s not her fault that her owner is soo freakig crazy.

Woop! Ben Jorgessen replied! I bet that made your day. It seems like it’s a regular occurence, though :P Maybe you should tweet himand tell him to tour in Australia :D As you say, I’m sure they’d like it over there.

I can’t believe that girl ate her cat. That’s ridiculous. All because someone quit twitter? Thats more than obsessive, not to mention cruel.

My Mums boyfriend is Australian, and has to move back to Australia because he can’t find a job here. She’s going over in March to visit him. I can’t come with her because it costs a gazillion dollars to get over there! O_O

Ah, thanks xD. I’m off school again today, but I have no idea what to put on my site :/ pfft. I tried coding the layout, but it really didn’t go how I wanted it to. I think I’ll put it up as a layout base instead. I find it hard to believe you had crappy layouts! xD

Yeah, Jedward are huge over here. They can’t sing, they can’t dance and they can’t style their hair. But for some reason, the public loves them! xD It would’ve been hilarious if they’d won though. Oh, I didn’t know Australia have an X factor! Does Simon judge over there, too?

Electro-rock? :D You’re making me like this band/singer/music a whole lot more. Yay for sharing the music love xD

Holy crap that’s pretty freaking sick. 🤮 I really, really pity the cat and seeing this just made me lose faith in humanity. What about the girl’s parents? Did they do anything? I can’t believe they’d even let her think about doing it. Ugh.

I also completely agree with your last statement. People should be allowed to do what they choose as long as it doesn’t affect the safety of another living being. =_=

That’s awesome that he tweeted you back! I wish Steven Tyler had a twitter, but then I’d be there tweeting at him haha.

And his project sounds cool, I might check it out after I get off work.

Yeah Miley Save Fuzzy is stupid. And that person that ate their cat should get sick like you said. Among other things. I really hope it was just a hoax and they didn’t do this…but people are so stupid anymore…. /bash

And who cares if Miley left twitter? I mean she can have a life, too. Agreed with your statement

Some people are crazy (the cat eating thing), and blackmailing seems to be the way to go nowadays.. kids should learn that it is WRONG. blackmail. And to eat your cat :P

Ohh, I know the feeling of getting a reply from your idol! I once got a reply from this japanese singer who I absolutely adore. And because his english is not the best – it was extra special <3

Hi Georgie, I was reading your blog and wanted to pop in a comment before I return yours (I was gonna do that later… the roof in my house is falling down due to screaming/ shouting/ arguments. Eurgh. 💥

Oh yaaaay, I’m glad Ben in still around!



I heard about that kid, but I didn’t think she’d honestly kill and EAT THE FUCKING CAT.

That’s insane.
It’s not just disgusting, it’s basically… sick. Who would think of that just because some kid deleted her Twitter? WTF. I doubt Miley is going to come back to Twitter anyway.

Poor cat.

I honestly thing that girl might actually have some dumb head problem. Who would kill their cat for that?

Gee. There are better things in life; there is enough death in the world; we do not need anymore assholes killing creatures – INNOCENT creatures – because some fucking girl chose to kill a live animal,

and because of a TWITTER ACCOUNT.
I could go on forever.


Oh BS. Have to go now. /poo

ILY! xx ♥

Thanks :) It’s sorta stressful, but I’m just hoping for the best. Plus I’m thinking (and hoping) since it’s nothing painful that it’s nothing serious either!

I can’t believe the shipping for those shirts, JUST the shipping, was that much. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

Oh yes, that guy is very inspirational. I think it’s true that you can die from heartbreak and that mans heart had to be broken after laying in bed day after day being talked to and not being able to respond. I think it’s amazing that after 23 years in a coma, he’s still so happy. I can only imagine the relief he felt when they realized he was consious!

Oh yay, you got a tweet on Twitter from him! I’ll never forget when Tila tweeted me (and followed me for a minute lol). It’s quite sad though, things like that make a persons day like no other and a lot of the celebs won’t take the time when they do have it. I mean, why wouldn’t you take 2 seconds to reply to a few people. Some people, like you & I, get so excited over it. And it takes them barely any time! At least he’s working on something new though!

I have a hard time believing that that nasty girl actually killed and ate her cat. I really don’t have the heart to go look at the pictures, but I really don’t think she did. IF she did, she needs to be reporting to the ASPCA and serve jail time for her actions, just like anyone else. I almost want to do it myself, but I really don’t want to look at the pictures.

I like it when bands that split up have a side project. When I was younger, two of my favourite bands broke up and luckily they had new projects. :)

I don’t usually listen to that sort of music, but I checked out God Loves A Challenge and they’re really cool, I’ve never really listened to Armour for Sleep though!

Eugh, that girl is vile. I heard about the threat about 3 weeks ago and I never thought she’d go through with it, but she has.

It’s disgusting. I don’t care if it’s legal in her country, it’s wrong.

My 14 votes did go to waste. :( It’s a good job I only paid for 3 of them and got free weekend calls.

I was so heartbroken. :'( I’m over it now because they’ve gotten millions of TV offers. :D

Yeah I do the same! Hence why I told everyone to search for Pixie Lott on Youtube. :’)

Is there an Australian eBay? There’s a UK one, and then theres a worldwide one, but I don’t know if theres one for just Australia. I get everything off eBay it’s so amazing. :D

Yeah I like wearing lots of different coloured bracelets, or just having different colour ones because they go with everything. :]

That’s great, Georgina! I don’t know of Ben Jorgensen, but you’re really lucky that he has a new project which is still different but is one you like. Normally members of bands that break up produce music on their own that sucks.

I haven’t heard of this! That’s just insane. Why would you make an animal suffer – no, DIE – just because some teen celebrity who’s not even a good role model OR talented doesn’t want to use Twitter? That’s just really, really sad. I read the blog that girl posted on her website, and apparently the only way to bring her cat back is when Miley decides to reuse Twitter. I mean, is a cat’s life that worthless? Really? Do animals now depend on Disney stars and social networking sites to survive? I hope not, but it sure looks like it is.

Haha I love him; he’s amazing, my idol, and I wish I could meet him in person.

It’s been circling around so now you’ve finally heard about it. It’s definitely a very sick thing to do. Miley has her own choice about it and I’m glad this blackmailing didn’t rope her in, but unfortunately, this girl was just so inhumane. It’s not worth killing an innocent animal over. It’s disgusting!

She seriously ate her cat?
For some reason, I don’t believe it, but for some other reason, I can believe it. People today seem to have drifted more toward “I will go completely insane if I don’t get what I want.”
I can’t say I’ve ever listened to Armor For Sleep, and the only place I’ve heard of them is through your blogs and whatnot. Unlike Miley, Ben sounds like a kickass music artist. I do have some of Miley’s songs on my iPod, just because, but she is a pretty bad role model.

Just think of it this way, if Miley Cyrus never got famous, Fuzzy would still be alive. THAT WHORE.

But in all seriousness, I had no idea AFS was breaking up. What a shame. I’m sad I never got to see them play but it’s cool Ben is continuing. Although like you, I’m not a huge fan of side projects unless they’re friggin amazing. For example, that one side project of Anberlin. I really don’t like it. It’s kind of lame but that’s my opinion. I’m sure others really like it but I’m just not a all.

but seriously that girl that ate her cat..just sick & twisted. god damn it miley cyrus. look what you did. actually, her fans are just crazy. i’m pretty sure twilight fans are ten times worse though.

Today someone mentioned this on Twitter, and my first thought was “Oh, right, it’s past Fuzzy’s deadline”. I never really took it seriously. I’ve always thought it was all a hoax. But that was until I saw the pictures and that she even wrote about the whole process. She’s either a good liar and story-teller, or she really did eat her cat.

After skimming through the paragraphs in the “Fuzzy’s Demise” page, I did sort of believe she may have killed her cat… but eat it just for Miley? It’s just too much. If she did eat the cat, she will get what she deserves soon enough. But she obviously has mental problems. Even if it’s legal or normal where she lives, it’s still wrong cause she kept saying how much she loved her cat, and it’s even more sick that she went through with it just because Miley didn’t go back to Twitter. It’s not like she disappeared completely… Whatever it is that she really did – eat it, kill it, or made it all up – she’s clearly got serious mental issues.

Amour for Sleep? God Loves A Challenge? I’ve never heard of these bands… or at least Amour for Sleep since it seems that God Loves A Challenge is newer 🤬
Hmmm… I’m going to have to go and check them out on iTunes or something. I’m always looking for new music and bands! /love

OMFG. Someone killed and ATE their cat? O_o
I totally agree with you there. I love my pets (not cats, only two dogs). Not in a million years would I kill any animals let alone ingest it. Maybe if I was on a deserted island and starving. Maybe. But that doesn’t matter.
That’s just gross, despicable… not enough words in any language to describe it!
Besides, celebrity or not, people have their own rights. Miley doesn’t want to be forced to have an account, I can’t blame her in some cases. She’s probably so totally harassed and annoyed. I know I would be.
That girl, she’s totally nuts. I know she says it’s legal, but is it? Really? She never showed her sources of how her actions are legal or not. Agh, that makes me so MAD!
And she LIED to her vet. I bet her vet would have refused to do so had he known the REAL reason that she wanted her cat euthanized. At least it was a little more humane, I guess. Still it’s horrible. I’m speechless.

Yeah. I don’t listen to many bands that everyone knows of. You can listen to GLAC on their MySpace page. I think you can find a download by looking it up on Google. :)

It is most certainly gross and despicable. I can’t believe someone would do that, especially for such a reason. I think it’s just terrible. Never mind that it’s alright in her country to do so; I still think it was wrong. Just because Miley Cyrus wouldn’t go back to Twitter.

It’s definitely horrible. Just reading about it made me really angry too. She didn’t have very good reasons for it. I don’t think the vet should have euthanised her if she wasn’t already diseased or in pain or something.

How do you know it ISN’T illegal in her country? What real proof did she show other than her word? What country does she live in besides? She lied to her vet though… It’s just gross 🤮

Well I guess I don’t know for sure. She didn’t give out any sort of information. But that was my main point – I said that never mind it isn’t illegal, it’s still wrong.

I have never heard of any of those bands :D But it’s awesome he replied to you! :)

Anyway, that Miley thing IS cruel it’s so sad, disgusting, and pitiful! I mean do you really think Miley is going to come back?? I hope she doesn’t have any other animals….

Wow. I heard about that crazy girl. How sick and cruel. It’s Who does that? She really needs to go get help and FAST. Poor Fuzzy. Why kill your cat when Miley doesn’t come to Twitter?

Give me a break… Look, I really do like Miley. It’s one of my guilty pleasures haha but I would never eat my dogs or guinea pigs if she deleted her Twitter. It’s her choice. A real fan would respect her privacy.

I am sorry about your band that you like breaking up. I have never hear their music, but I am sure it’s excellent! Wow! That’s so great that he replied to you. What a good guy!

We have had sooo much rain this entire year! D: Hopefully though this winter we will get snow because of the rain! :D Autumn can get a little cold for me. XD

I’m sure I can. I have just got to keep a positive attitude and as long as I work hard, that’s all that matters. :)

I know! I have a bunch of crappy affiliates. I only have one that’s actually good about updating and has enough skill to make her own layouts. :) It’s nice to have a good hostee. :D You do that! ;)

LOL. See? Everyone’s houses are boring to them because they live in it daily. :P My house is not very big either so you know, it’s boring!

I know. Ugh. Thinking about it makes me shiver. XD

Really? /oh

I have a MySpace account but its goners now because I forgot my user name and password. /bash

I don’t have much interest in Armor For Sleep but I’m really being happy for you since you like it so much XD

Yeah I visited last few days and found it open. Good luck on maintaining the site, Georgina /eee

You sent him a tweet and he replied /huh It kind of means he puts you in his eyes, if you know what I mean. I’m going crazy now 🤬

Oh my goodness the kid killed her cat and ate it /huh She’s not even human then. She’s inhuman.

She’s sick! Even though cats irritate me somethings, I find that they are cute and lovable though I prefer puppies more. Moreover, animals have their own life. If people just go around killing them and eating them, that’s like, so bad to the animals, and just because the cat was used as a threat to threaten Miley Cyrus to come back to Twitter? I should /bash the girl immediately. /pow

😢 I like Miley Cyrus a little bit but I don’t know why others hate her. Now that you told me I know already and that’s cool. I prefer her songs more than her (actually) 😏

My favourite (and only song i like) song of hers is Party In The USA and sometimes I go crazy and do the actions while singing and reading the lyrics. XD

Yes, it is sick to kill your cat and eat it. THAT’S TOTALLY INHUMAN. THE GIRL SHOULD BE MENTALLY SICK ON THE HEAD -.-

Lastly, what is ETA? :O

Hey Georgina!

It’s been a while! I’ve been so busy with life etc I haven’t visit your blog much, although I do see the occasional twitter message :)

How’s thing’s going? I see you’ve started you’re uni life. How’s that been treating you. Hope all is well

I hope so. :)

I also thought that, but I’m too lazy to resize all the smileys right now. XD

It is probably strict in other schools here but in my school, all the students, especially the boys, are totally crackpots, so the teachers end up becoming soft. They are not too strict except some of them.

Haha, you should. xD My mom starts shouting whenever I sit on the computer or start reading books. XD

That’s great. Even if Armour For Sleep did break up, you still can listen to God Loves a Challenge.
Wow, he replied. That’s awesome.

OMG, a girl actually ate her car because Miley Cyrus quit Twitter? That’s the silliest thing EVER.

Of course Miley has the right to do whatever she wants. I went to that girl’s website and that girl is just sick. Wouldn’t it be better if she killed herself? I mean, if YOU’RE sad that Miley deleted her account, you should kill YOURSELF. Why kill the cat?

I think I would die if No Doubt broke up. They are my favorite band in the world. I would be heartbroken.

Now about that physco and her kitty.

She should be locked up in a nut ward for doing somthing so… crazy like that. She has to be a HUGE nut job to do something like kill her sweet little kitty and eat it just because her “idol” deleted her twitter account.

I don’t like Miley either and I do agree, she isn’t a good role model. She acting like a little to much of Britney Spears before she went nuts…

Are your blog titles from song titles? If so, I really am not familiar with them. XD

Your idol replied? I remember you blogged about him replying to you the last time. It’s so sweet you guys are having conversation even if it’s only in Twitter. I would’ve jumped up and down if I were you. ♥ I couldn’t get my mouth to close the first time I saw my favorite actress in person. I looked so stupid back then. /bounce

Why did AFS break up? It’s a good news somehow that he has a new project.

Urgh, she’s more like obsessed to me than a fan. @_@ What she did was completely inhumane. Poor cat! She sounds crazy, but Miley shouldn’t have said that. She should have some respect for her fans. If it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be as famous no matter how good her songs are. I like her songs, but I don’t like her. The fan has her reasons, but they were beyond comprehension and irrational. 🤬

Both of them are wrong in this case. /bash

Aww, has such a cute layout! Love it. :) Good luck to your hosting site!

I haven’t heard those bands before, but that’s awesome how the band member replied :)

About the cat thing, that is so stupid! that poor cat. The cat had nothing to do with Miley, that person is so dumb. Taking her cats life :( just because Miley quit twitter, shame on that person!

He’s replied quite a few times – I feel so special! :)

I know. It was just terrible. The girl had such a pathetic reason to kill her cat. Just because Miley Cyrus wouldn’t come back to Twitter. It’s so sick and wrong. :(

Oh, I think I’ve read a few tweets about the cat issue today. I went to check out the website today and oh my, I’m utterly shock. I cannot believe she claim to love her cat but killed it because of her idol. Who in the right mind will do that. She even set up a website for it? Seriously, I doubt her idol even read that. All that “sacrifice” as she called it for nothing. Kids these days are getting weirder and weirder.

I feel bad for the poor kitty. Hopefully, in her next life, she will get a better partner. :(

That’s true. I always go on the Myspace pages of bands I already know I like and browse through their friends to find other bands I might like. It’s quite helpful as far as music is concerned. :D

Haha, at least the characters have some sort of part in the new episodes. XD

I’m sure anything is better than the U.S haha. It’s alright but it’s not really interesting or anything. I’d love to go to Australia.

That’s good! :)

I think you’re right ahah.

That’s odd, everyone here seems to love the products. They’ve been around for years haha.

Haha I do feel bad. But, hey, I need to make some money so I do it. Lol. XD

Haha yes I do, thanks for the advice! It looks a lot better there. I was trying to change it up a little before but this obviously looks better haha.

Yay! That’s so great about Ben’s new project. You must be really happy haha. I’ll have to give them a listen at some point. :)

I did not hear about that girl with her cat but that is awful. I love cats. :( I cannot believe someone would take the life a poor animal because a celebrity deleted their twitter account. That’s not normal and it’s sad that there are probably other people like her. :/ Poor kitty…

Oh, that’s nice that Ben Jorgensen has a new project and that he’s continuing with his music career. I’ve listened to ‘End of the World’ and I must say that the song is really wonderful. I might have to search for their other songs. :3

I searched for ‘God loves a challange’ in Youtube, but I can’t find a single song that’s uploaded. /hmph Could we still view their Myspace even if we don’t have an account?

That’s really cool that he replied to you. Most of the singers these days don’t. So you’re really lucky. I remember the time when my friend and I talked to a teen actor in Youtube. She was so giggly and always telling me to visit his channel (it annoys me sometimes) and check if he replied to her comment/message. Thankfully, after a few months, my friend stopped bugging me and stopped viewing his channel. The actor was Boo Boo Stewart. /ho

Yeah, I’ve heard of that. It was really mean of her to kill her cat and eat it. /angry I don’t really like cats, but its so wrong to kill an animal just because your favorite actress didn’t went back to Twitter or any other websites out there. And she calls herself a FAN?! /hmph Bullcrap!

Hehe, same here, I think Miley’s songs are catchy. I’m not really a fan of her but I gotta admit, her music is one of a kind :D

Yay about the hosting site (: I might apply in the weekend. XD

You should! Their music is amazing. :)

Yes, you sure can. Just view their MySpace, scroll down and you’ll see a playlist. They’re very new, that’s why. I got their songs from – I think that was the site. Someone had put it up for free download.

Haha yes, he’s replied more than once. Some just don’t seem to have the time. Aw well. I haven’t heard of Boo Boo Stewart! XD

I think it’s definitely very wrong. It’s just crazy. I heard that she made it up, but it still shows that she’s just seeking attention and is just crazy.

I personally don’t think it’s one of a kind, but it’s catchy alright. :)

No worries; apply when you want! :)

Cool band (Y) I like the whole electric-techno feel about it :D


Why would anyone kill, AND EAT, their cat just because some girl – Miley – deleted her Twitter account. Some people really need to get lives. That’s just sick and beyond unnecessary! People these days and their *sick* obsessions.

That is just sick. I looked at the website and it says she took her cat to the vet to have it killied. Can you just go to the vet and ask them to kill your animal? Hmm. Well, I’m thinking that this girl had some serious mental issues. First off she was obsessed with Miley and her Twitter account and second she killed her cat and ate it. Wow, That makes me want to throw up. 🤮

heyyyy thanks I am so much better now :) yeah I really don’t want to be the one to tell him if it does but I won’t watch him be made a fool of not only do i care about him he’s a really good friend as well
clingy people do suck I just want to shake them it’s like you had a life before them so why are you suddenly changing :| :@
aww that sucks that they broke up but at least he has a new project and he replied to you!! :) :)
yes i saw that I thought it was disgusting and cruel why would you eat your cat just because Miley freakin Cyrus deleted her twitter, it’s not like she knew her anyway just because she posted things for everyone to see
i think she’s very disturbed tbh

Haha, don’t be too sure about that ;) You never know what people might do..

Oh wow.. that poor woman! I would’ve told him something.. but seriousy? Check his farm on FarmVille?! Isn’t there *something* that is more important at that moment?!

Haha, you must be really addicted if you seriously stop in the middle of it just to twet that you are having “fun”… or probably not that much fun if you really find the time to tweet..

You made her a wallpaper too? Was it one of Taylor Lautner?

Hehe, yeah true. But it still kinda scary that something is going on and that they are still trying to figure out what it is and stuff..

You are special :) I would probably go crazy and be all happy and hyper if a celebrity would actually @reply to my tweet or something..

That girl really deserves some kind of punishment for what she did.. its sick and soo disgusting. Yeah I am pretty happy about that too. Because if she has decided to go that way and delete her Twitter, she shouldn’t get it back because some crazy girl tries to blackmail her..

Armor for Sleep broke up?!?! Oh, no! That’s a tragedy. /wah I’ll definitely have to check out God Loves a Challenge. I’ll prepare myself for the difference in emotions and what not. Though I do always love a good band I can dance to. 👏

Wow. Yeah. I heard about that cat eating girl. That’s just… ridiculous. So ridiculous and somewhat terrifying. Do know if there will be consequences? Like is she be prosecuted? Gah. Hate Miley Cyrus but that’s just crazy. I think I’d be somewhat frightened if I had fans like that.

omg a celebrity / idol replied to you on twitter? HOW EXCITING. once a youtube makeup guru replied to me and i was so excited ahahahah.
WTFFFFF. that girl is … crazy ? omg i am so disgusted right now. disturbed. AHHHHHHH.
JEEZZ, miley has made the decision to delete her account, GET OVER IT. its not like she decided to die or something.
how selfish of that girl to trade an animal’s life for her craziness. wow. honestly, ill never get over this.

Yeah, I noticed the second picture was a little bigger. I think it was just the angle I was at. So weird.

Oh wow. I guess I didn’t check to see where she lived. That’s bs though, I don’t care where you live and Miley should have quit being a selfish brat and at least addressed the situation so that everything was stopped.

That is so sick.

So, so, so sick.

And I understand (I read just about everything on the website link you posted) that she did everything in a way that did not break the law and was legal under all circumstances, but still.

It seems like empty words to me, “my little bundle of joy”, “I sincerly love Fuzzy”, all of that.

If she really loved her cat, she wouldn’t kill it and, even more, EAT it because Miley Cyrus stopped tweeting!

And then blaming the death of her cat on Miley, as well, it’s just a guilt trip type thing to get her back on Twitter. I personally do not like Miley, but I almost feel bad for her that one of her fans is this obsessed and that she’d kill her cat and pretty much blame it on said celebrity.

And as another thought, isn’t the injection they give to put animals to sleep poison, pretty much? I mean, I’m not sure it was entirely safe to eat the cat.

Not to mention morally right.

But it was her descision. And this’ll sound kind of mean, I’m sorry, really, but I’d almost be glad if eating the cat hurt her (not fatally, of course, even I wouldn’t go that far in my hopes!) because of the injection that was inside of the animal’s veins.

I am so disgusted; I am never going to forget this or get over it. Eat your cat, your pet, your friend?

I’m glad in a way you brought this to my attention, Georgina, just because… well, now I know about how cruel and dispicable some people can be. The world is even a worse place than I thought.

But there are those of us who are still morally secure and would never dream of doing something like that – but then again, I suppose this girl maybe thought she WAS doing the right thing in this situation. I can’t be sure, entirely, no one can, and even though I think it’s horrible… well, maybe she wasn’t in the right state of mind.

And I am not excusing her behavior in any way.

Armor For Sleep was amazing. :[ but I’ll check out God Loves a Challenge, it sounds pretty good and as I always say, if my foot isn’t able to resist tapping or dancing a bit, then it’s a good vibe. Thanks for telling me about them =P

Celebrities never reply to me on Twitter, really. It doesn’t bother me though because I’m just me and no big deal and besides, they have plenty else going on that they have to do. I don’t think many people realize just how hectic it must be to be a celebrity – and you make one mistake, it’s in the newspapers… and bam, people pretty much hate you.

Anyway, Deer in the Headlights? Sounds really interesting. =P I’ll go and check it out.

-& Haley

Thank you! The footer is my favourite part, just because of the car. Picture fonts are the best, I must admit. If I didn’t have some of the fonts I did, I wouldn’t have half of the graphics I have.
Although, I’ve been wanting to change the layout to another one I made the same night. There isn’t enough variety in the one I have up now, and it’s kind of weird on my eyes after seeing it so much.
Today we had to write some paragraphs to practice for a province-wide test, and it was about famous people and their influence on young people. The media mainly just twists a lot of stuff around, so you can’t really get to know a celeb, like you could a friend, through a website or magazine. It’d be pretty hard, but it would depend on who’s writing what.

What would make it dynamic: changing on each page, or being changed with WordPress things?
(I have indeed separated everything into folders. :P)
I’d probably end up using my absolute path; it would make it easier to upload, as well as take up less space on my site. I don’t really think I’d change how I’ve organised my pages in the near future, so it wouldn’t be a hassle. If I had to, I’d revamp.

That’s so cool that he tweeted you back. 😏

That is sick. The girl shouldn’t have used an animal’s life to try to get Miley back on Twitter. It is wrong and gross. She should be punished or something in a way, because she tried to blackmail a celebrity with a harmless and innocent animal’s life. Her actions were stupid and selfish.

By the way, thanks so much for the help with setting up the domain and all; really appreaciate it. :D

Dropping by while doing my last minute revision for my exam later :)

Good luck with that new project of yours :)

okay, that girl who killed and ate her cat is simply stupid and disgusting.
Stupid, because it was just over a small thing like Miley Cyrus. Come on, Miley is just one of the so many celebrities out there. One moment she’s here, the next time you’d probably forgotten all about her.
And disgusting, because as you said, it was an act of cruelty to animals and there’s absolutely nothing humane about it. What a psychotic girl.

I love cats and seeing them get killed for crazy reasons make me sick. 🤮

I can’t believe there are people who do such a heinous thing over an idol. I mean, well, I can understand people do crazy things over Michael Jackson or Oprah or some other real celebrities, but Miley Cyrus? Tsk tsk..

Actually… as far as I’m aware, killing an animal and eating it is illegal… doesn’t that come under torture, etc? People can get fined for that shit/can even be sentenced to jail esp in terms of neglect if its like a farmer, etc etc greater consequences, more animals… I hope that sick sick SICK girl gets punished for killing and eating her cat. That is VILE :(

OMG I never heard that! I’m usually up with the news at 1:00 on channel five but killing your cat just because some celebrity deleted their twitter? I mean what the heck? Did she think that by killing her cat would let Miley care and come back? I mean how freaking stupid!!! I agree with what you said. Killing an animal to the extreme is well; extreme! I can’t stand people who are like that. Those types of people need to be locked up and put away for good. I hope this girl gets what she deserves. She just did an unlawful thing.

Maybe I will do that. :P

I know. The teachers ARE strict but not as much as they should be.

Me too. :P I cannot live without the computer. At least that’s what my mom thinks. So she has to get mad at me every time I sit.

That’s awesome. :D

I know. What was that girl thinking? I still don’t get how someone can kill and eat a cat for some celebrity’s Twitter account. It really is sick. And she says that she loved her cat. Which makes it sicker.