Stars In Your Eyes

I was disappointed to hear from looking at their website, that Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands, broke up. I haven’t been a fan of them for very long – maybe only three years, but the fact that I might never see them in concert, and never meet the lead singer, Ben Jorgensen – one of my idols who are still alive – upsets me a little.

It’s just one less band out of the few that I love, that I will ever be able to see. And as I missed out on Anberlin in August, this is just another disappointment.

But I still love their music, and I’ll still be their fan and wear my AFS shirt and belt and sleep with my AFS pillowcase.

It isn’t the End of the World. ♥️

Some time ago, James showed me a website – I didn’t think of buying. But yesterday, I decided to take a look and bust some money from my PayPal. Buying online isn’t something I usually do!

I spent about three hours looking for shirts. I found three that I could get my brother for his birthday (25th November) or for Christmas. I told him about it.

I also wanted to get me and Lilian matching shirts.

But I was shocked to discover when I was about to checkout, that the shipping cost even more than the shirts. Sure, ten shirts for $50 (they have this offer all the time) is cheap, but when I have to pay $54 for the shipping alone – that is ridiculous.

It must be the fact that I live in Australia, which is why shipping is so expensive. Total cost of shirts coming to $120 or so was completely unexpected. If I ordered less shirts, they didn’t even have shipping available at all! 😢

We were all very disappointed. I tried to find a place to order my brother a shirt with “That’s what she said” on it, but they were all much too expensive. :(

I guess I’ll be on the lookout for Australian online stores.

I vacuumed my room today. My carpet looks nicer. /clap

I changed my Twitter picture and my Gravatar to a more recent image. That’s still me in the photo, so if you see a comment from me with a different Gravatar, that should explain it.

My dad and I went to the grocery store to buy some ice cream and yoghurt. When we were going to pay, we tried out the “self-serve checkout”. I couldn’t get the barcode to scan properly. It was confusing.

Self serve checkouts are great though. You scan all your items and you can pay with your card, all meaning that you don’t get served by a person at all. DIY!

If you pay cash, you have to go up to a cashier to pay. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but the queue often becomes congested because people are unfamiliar with the service and get stuck. It’s like they only want to try it for the sake of doing so, assuming it will take less time. You just have to get used to it. :P

My mum and dad bought a steam iron. I just tried it. It’s pretty amazing – you just press a button and steam reaches the piece of clothing, and a lot of the creases are gone. /bounce Even if you don’t use steam and you just use dry iron and iron it as you would normally, it works so smoothly! :)

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Me too! I am thoroughly heartbroken about Armor For Sleep breaking up T_T /wah I know I say I’m thoroughly heartbroken about a LOT of things, but this breaking up thing is EPIC. This is like beyond worse than real-life Allie and Noah breaking up which was already heart-breaking enough… /wah It’s so saaaaad.

*Sniff* I’m also thoroughly heartbroken about not getting matching shirts anymore… /wah See? I told you I say I’m “thoroughly heartbroken” way too much. It’s not my fault everything breaks my heart though xD

But yeah, having to pay so much for the shipping is SUCH a rip off. Stupid site. They should at least have some sort of ‘terms and conditions’ thing clearly written. Then you wouldn’t have wasted all your time. /angry Stupid site!

I hope you find a birthday present for Brandon soon :) We should totally go shopping! Haha, I’ll help you look =O Then we can go get our matching t-shirts ANYWAYS :P

Ice-creaaaaam! Great for hot weather! Haha. I already ate some today, so I can’t eat anymore…:( Oh wellz, there is always tomorrow!

OMG! THOSE SELF-SERVE CHECKOUTS! Haha. The first time I used them, it took FOREVER! @_@ Because I was SO confused! Hahahahaha!

Ooooh…a steam iron! Yeah my Mum has an iron with a steam function. But I don’t know how to use it. I’ve seen my aunt using one though :) Haha, they DO work pretty well. YAAAAY! At least you have a new iron :P

But this is sad! I loved them all, and their music, and Ben Jorgensen. My heart has also broken. 😢

Hahaa we will go to Jay Jays. Now that James mentioned it, it is still pretty cheap to have $12 for a shirt (shirt + shipping). We’ll see – Jay Jays might have a sale soon.

They should have companies in Australia to do it too, but I guess that’s the thing with buying online. :(

They said in the information that the shipping cost would come up when I showed my order, but I did not expect it to be that much. /poo

Haha it’s so soon! I could get him a present in time but generally, it would just be expensive. /argh

I had some today too, with the chocolate topping that hardens in cold temperatures. 🤤

I was scanning the barcode wrong. LOL. I thought it was on the horizontal surface but it was on the vertical surface.

Haha yes; our old iron was crap and it even exploded a few times. 💥 Well, not exploded, but starting steaming up when it wasn’t supposed to. And it smelled like fire too. D:

‘Show us this ‘THE STARCH’.’ /bounce

Damn AFS. I was sort of holding out for a new album or something too. Humof. /bash
Stupid shurts. But $12 per shirt is..still below average, I must say. Even though it was double our expectations, eh :(

Those self serve things are pretty good. They’re fast, don’t short-change you nor ask stupid things like ‘How’s your day’. They’re a pretty neat idea :}

Haha, steam. I dunno, I’ve never used an iron in my life /um


Bah, shush, it was just this part of the manual. 💥

Awww. :( I’m upset because it means that they won’t be making music or touring, and it’s just another band, gone. It makes you wonder. The Juliana Theory aren’t the most popular band around, but they’re still going. And AFS weren’t really mainstream. In my opinion anyway… my friend says they’re popular in America.

It is, it is. I bought a custom shirt for $20 here, when the people in Business Studies were doing that company thing. The result looked like shit. It was small. They printed it nice, but I did not want my design in a stupid black painted box with a visible border! I just wanted the text on it… FFS.

LOL. But the system says “please swipe your card” and other instructions. In that generic train-station lady voice. /hehe

Ahaaa irons are good for your creased shirts. /snort XD

Same, I get what you mean about geography. If you already know what’s going on in the world it can be a pretty boring subject. I’m not that keen on studying clouds! Hahaa lol.

Ah that’s crazy lol. I have a friend from Australia and I was talking to him on msn and he was like it’s so cold here. 15 degrees! I was like woahh, over here that’s sorta average to warm. Hehe.

Omg $54 for shipping is so expensive! That must have been so annoying when you spent ages on the site.

Ooh I love self checkouts ..even though they aren’t really a novelty anymore I still love using them! Hahaaa lol.

Hi Georgina (: I have finally have the guts (and the time!) to comment here in your site 👏 XD

Anyway, I’ve never heard of Armor for Sleep @_@ But I’ll go check their music out. I’m sorry to hear that their breaking up. /bash Yeah, you’re right, it’s not the end of the world .. yet. :P Haha! sorry, i have just watched 2012 yesterday and I can’t seem to get that movie out of my mind yet. ✌️

I’ve never tried buying something online because my dad doesn’t allow me to. hmpff. /hmph

$54? Wait, how much is that in Hong Kong Dollars? /ehh

Lol, congratulations about you vacuuming your carpet! XD

Ooh, ice cream! /love But i don’t think anyone is selling that here in HK ‘cos it’s too cold. /hmph

Self serve checkouts? That sounds cool, I wish I could try it. XD I’ve always wanted to be a cashier and know how it feels like to scan a barcode. /eee Yeah, i know, I’m weird. ✌️

Hi Lecxis! Thanks for commenting! :)

I know you’re probably eager for my hosting site to open, but sorry, I’ve been so up to the brim with work – I don’t know if you know, but I have two jobs at the moment, so they’ve been keeping me busy. I hope you haven’t been hanging on the edge of your seat or anything for that!

Ah, they’re not really a popular band but I love them. One of their songs is called End of the World and it was actually on the Transformers soundtrack.

I have heard about 2012! Apparently it’s like The Day After Tomorrow? Not really my kind of movie but it does seem interesting. I don’t think the world will end though. It seems to me just like a bunch of late predictions! :P

My parents worry when I deal with money online. They think it isn’t safe. But some sites are trusted and you see reviews from other customers, and some sites encrypt your data so it is not viewed by other people.

It’s $54 USD, and in HKD, it’s $418, apparently. :O

Thank you!

It’s hot and nearly summer at the moment in Sydney!

Haha I used to think it was a good experience but it’s not the best job out there. :P

It’s no problem! /eee

Oh? But I’ve just checked it out just now and it’s open but I haven’t applied yet XD Woah, TWO (fricken) JOBS?! :O that’s a lot already! i think. :D I’ve always wanted to have a job for part-time only, but I’m too lazy to apply. 🤬

That’s cool! I’ll go listen to it now.

Yeah, the movie is something like that. lol, let’s just see what happens. XD

Yup, you’re right. My parents worry a lot when it comes to the internet, especially my Dad. I think Ebay is one of the most trusted online shops here in the Internet, though my Dad doesn’t trust the site at all. /bash

$418?! :O Just for the shipping? Wtf. I could buy myself a new capo (I’ve lost it in my Parents’ room /hmph ) with that money /hehe

lol, my Aussie teacher in elementary school always talked about how hot it is in Australia and that during in Christmas, someone will dress up as Santa and will go jet skiing in the beach with red shorts on. /hehe

Yeah, you just have to stand there all day. But some cashiers are lucky, they could sit down while working. XD

Haha yeah, I managed to work on it after I replied to your comment. I have just announced it on a new blog. :)

Both of my jobs are part-time actually; that’s why I have two.

Haha alright!

I wouldn’t trust eBay very much – it depends on who is selling. But some trusted companies are on there, I think? And there are reviews, so that you can read people’s comments on sellers, if they’re good or bad.

Yes, in your currency! Pretty damn crazy. :O

Capos aren’t that expensive here! It’s about half that price. But yes – expensive shipping. /hmph

Haha really? I haven’t yet seen someone dressed as Santa and jet skiing! But our Christmases are usually hot. :P

Possibly! My mum works at a beauty counter and has to stand pretty much all day. :(

Yay /mwah lol! That’s awesome! XD

Oh. What are your jobs, anyway?

Well, yeah. But I still think buying online is cool XD Sometimes there’s free shipping. :D


Woah! Really? It costs $120 here in Hong Kong. Sadly, I don’t have money to buy one. /hmph I think I should start saving money.

Yup! Well, that’s what my teacher told me.

Wow. That’s tiring @_@

One of my jobs is in an education centre, and the other one is in an office doing computer work/data entry for an educational product.

Sometimes, but not all the time.

It’s hard to save money sometimes, but good luck. :)

Yeah, it is. 💀


Hehe, yeah he is just that amazing. But everyone loves him xD

I would love to have a baby too. My cousins always tells me what a great mum I would be, because I really love babies and love to spend time with them cuddling and stuff.

Yeah maybe. But even if not, I think I’ll just forget about them and start seeing him as my cousins husand only..

Haha, yeah I really should do that.. but I guess it’s really just the fact that he is a boy and maybe doesn’t see the hotness of another boy xD

Yeah the picture is pretty cool :) I’ve been thinking about making it bigger and give it to my parents for christmas or something. But it doesn’t include my two youngest siblings, because they haven’t with us back then xD

I think I will dedicate my next blog to my lovely lil laptop xD

And imagine Vicky would say yes to one person then everyone would want to have a layout and if she says no, they might get mad.

Ew.. that’s what I do during the suuper hot summer days too. Or I jump into our pump up pool to get cooled down xD

I am still afraid of them sometimes too. Especially if the lightnings are like really close. I am afraid that they hit the house or something.. especially during the night.

Yeah mum went almost crazy though.. she had no idea what to cook, because she didn’t know what my friends would like and stuff.. everything turned out great, thank god xD

I was actually pretty surprised that I wasn’t tired. Because I got up at 6am because of school and didn’t really get that much sleep the days before.. but by 3-4am I was suuuuper tired xD

I didn’t drink much. I had three glasses of Vodka and orange juice and went inside. I spend the time on the laptop pretending to return comments. And I even got a few of them returned xD

It really suck that on of your favorite bands broke up. I don’t like that either, but like you said: You still have their music and the fan stuff :) Though it sucks that you probably won’t see them in concert..

Wow! 54 $ for shipping? That’s a freaking lot. I wouldn’t have ordered them! The offer is awesome though.. maybe you could ask someone to buy it for you and then sen it to you? Shouldn’t that be cheaper?

Your new Twitter avatar looks really cool :) I was wondering who that was because I didn’t see your username right away the first time xD

I would love to try such a self serve thingy! We I live we don’t have something like that.. maybe in the bigger cities.

Haha, I would do the same thing! I’d at least try to use it, but would fail xD

Aw! I saw you tweet about it, do you know what made them break up? i can see why it sucks; just like what you said, you have few bands of your liking. And you missed Anberlin! But you’re right it isn’t the end of the world, hope something make sit up.

EXACTLY! the shipping costs more then the items. Not just in Australia, try living in Dubai, IT MORE EXPENSIVE. We don’t have many online stores here, well, not the ones i like. aw cool you were going to buy you and Lilian matching shirts, that’s cute, hopefully you will find a good Australian online store!

Yeah i saw it! I love the picture! You look pretty!

Self-serve checkout? We don;t have those here, i wish we did! That’s really cool!


The weather here is mainly hot, all season. i would like some rain T.T.


It’s really weird, first time my sister dropped it, it didn’t break but when my mom did it broke!

I haven’t heard of that band before but it’s always a shame to see one go. :( The loss will be felt in the music world.

Well you can think of something like…. now that the band is broken, the lead singer isn’t as busy and you might meet him personally on the street? 8D

And here, I feel your pain! I live in the Philippines and I absolutely cannot buy ANYTHING online because of the shipping costs. It often even TRIPLES the price =/ *pats you*

I hope you find a nice and proper Aussie shop. They’re better than ours at least ._____.

Hey there Jeorgina :] .

I never heard of AFS, to be honest D: . I’m into that asian pop music, lol. x) but american R&B too. t’s sad to hear AFS is breaking up, even though I don’t know them. :(

I don’t usually shop online either. As a matter of fact, don’t recall shopping online ONCE ever in my life, lol. I need a job and I wish I had my own money.

Yum, ice cream :] . I dislike the self-serve checkout! Ugh. It never works and I feel like a dumbass everytime I use it. ._. So I go in the “10 items or less” lane. 8D


Sucks that AFS broke up.
Their song “Hold the Door” was always total awesomeness.
And a lot of their other songs too! /bounce

Like End of the World.
I played that at full volume once and totally pissed off my sister, hehe.

Eehhhhhh, sucks that bands break up all the time. I was expecting another album or something.

Ben Jorg liked you heh. He replied to you on Twitter loads (Y)

And your shirt was a cool shirt. /eee


Now that was cute. I would have named all the sheep lol. /faw

If I met Ben Jorg in person, arrrrhh, well I’d do several things:

a) Make him fly to Sydney (yes, MAKE)
b) And I’d go with him
c) And I’d tell you on MSN/ Twitter
d) And then you
e) Would meet
f) Ben Jorg
g) and ME. XD

Although the prospect of Ben Jorg is probably more exciting to be honest. /oh

I wish Anberlin came here!

Sucks about those silly shirts. Shipping can be a pain in the butt, I can normally get free shipping. Or it’s quite cheap for the UK. I can understand why it would be a bit more expensive then here, but more than the actual shirt is total BS!

Aha you and Lilian in matching shirts! That would be awesome. 😏

Aha I haven’t vacuumed my room in… a while.

I noticed your new Twitter image! Very nice :D

OMG we have self serve check outs here too! They suck really – or I suck at using them – but they are useful.

I always struggle with the barcode part too. XD

And haha. My mum has a steam iron! My dog, FTSE (pronounced foot-see heh) is scared of the steam. XD

Whee, we traded weathers earlier! ;D
You’ll have to wrap up warm in bed heh.

Ehe! I have always thought about going to Australia. I really want to go.
Except I’d need to go at this time of year to get any good out of it, haha.
I want you to come to the UK too! :D I’ll help you pack XD

Holy fuck 40 degrees?! Man that’s insane. O_O

Maybe England isn’t so bad. XD

Totally dude. Everyone would be jealous of your electric fan on the bus! Even if you couldn’t turn it on…

Just bring the box and assemble it in the office haha.
Yeah, loads of stores here have nice clothes but they’re all quite expensive, so when a sale comes on the prices are more reasonable.

I once got this really nice shirt from a store – River Island – for £10. That’s about $18 AUD.
It was worth £10 too. XD

Lol, but shipping from Sydney to London (just assume I live in London haha, I do live real close) would be shitting expensive. D:

Yeah, must be a problem in Australia with all the shipping shiz.

Water is cool. :D

I hope it rains over there real soon then! Just for yoooou ;D
I might have turned nocturnal too. I got to sleep at 2am last night ’cause I have this really bad cough.

And the night before, 11pm… so I kept on waking up every few hours to have this massive coughing fit whilst thinking “fuck fuck fuck fucccckkkk I’m going to wake up Liberty fucckkkk I’m doomed T_T”.

And man I had like 12 dreams that night XD I hadn’t had a dream before that for about 6 months. O_O

Yeah, Teza must go like everyday haha.
Oh on her blog it says 4-6 hours everyday! Holy fuck that’s dedication (sorry about the overuse of the F word).

I will call upon you should anyone need bashing! 💥

We can be a team (Y)

Yer dude.
I need to talk to Teza and Kyana about that actually, the whole base coding thing. Eh, this could be awkward…

Oh well, it is my coding (well edited coding). So.

I LOVE CAKE. And making cake. And changing recipes. But you’re right, I don’t say “I INVENTED THE VICTORIA SPONGE, AHA!”

When the recipe is like… a really old one XD

I hope we get a nice driver soon too! Well the ones we normally have are okay in themselves, but they’re just so LATE.

Your iPod is very good! *nods*

Eh. Roll call heh, that’s way more awesome than “registration”.
This morning?

Was I asleep then? XD

How long did the server go down for? /type

I can’t wait to actually get the dog haha.


Take care! xx

Effff, that comment made no sense. /bounce

But that’s what’s so epic! /faw


‘Cuz being random is cool 😏

Heheheeeeeeeeeeee. (Y)

Brilliant idea for the comment notification, yeah. Thank you :D

Also, I mentioned this in my reply to your comment but I’d just like to say it here just in case ^^

I’m curious about this Armor For Sleep band. Mind suggesting any titles for me to look around for? ;)

I know, it is really sad when a band breaks up, but then they usually sing solo.

I think one of the worst stores is online stores. I just went shopping online to buy a camera, and they were way more expensive than shopping at a regular store.

And I love your layout!! It’s so cool with the cool font for the footer!

that is pretty ridiculous. why don’t you just get someone from the US to buy it, transfer money to their account and ship it to you for less? i think that’ll work better than over 50 for shipping!!! i was like HELLLLLLL NOOO!

i was on the site and i found a couple of shirts i’d like to get my bf for christmas. so yay! thanks for the link, lovebug!

i remember when they first started the “self-serve” check out lines…about 2-3 years ago? not sure..but i tried it and i was one of the few that stood there for 10 minutes for ONE friggin item bc i had no idea what i was doing. i thought it was self explanatory, ya know? i mean if you look at how the cashiers do it, they just scan and done. nope, that wasn’t the case. from that day, i never tried it again. i only use it if my bf is with me.

i’m gonna need help with the coding! THANKS SO MUCH for offering to help with everything! i’ll be bugging you if i can’t figure something out myself. =P i’m still getting use to understanding this whole coding thing.

Yep, you sure have. I hate it when I see stuff that’s really nice but then you look at the price and it’s just crazy!

Aww, oh well. Comes with practice! Hahaa lol.

the worst thing about the music industry is hearing about groups/bands breaking up. when destiny’s child broke up, my heart was broken forreals !!
wow what an awesome site !! i don’t usually buy online because i don’t have a credit card but i can tell that when i do, im gunna max out all my cards ahah. dammit, i hate shipping. GRRRR.
i kinda love self check outs because i’ve always wanted to be a cashier (secretly) as a part time job haha.

awww sad to hear the band broke up ): That is what I hate about bands, because eventually they break up and it makes you feel so sad ): XD

Self check out! I love doing those, even though I take forever sometimes. I hate when it doesnt scan and you look like an idiot trying to scan something while like 5 people are behind you -__-

Whoaaa shipping price is way more expensive then here in the US! Usually store here, if we spend more then $50 or $100 its free shipping, but usually the shipping price is like an additional $7? Around there.

i know what you mean about the favourite bands breaking up thing. i’m one of those freaks who like to go around sourcing new bands and new music to listen to and sometimes i stumble across an awesome (and maybe relatively unknown) band playing just the EXACT type of music i love, and then i’ll be disappointed to discover they broke up soon after i discovered them, or even worse, a month before i heard of (and loved) them.

i’m sorry about armor for sleep. i know you’re a big fan cos i always see you gushing about them. well at least ben’s always replying you on twitter /love you’re not like the rest of the fans who remain unknown. btw, i think he’s kinda cute :X

LOL, he’s not just cute! 🙄 🤤

I’ve known them for a while though, so yeah. :P Ah well. It is disappointing but I won’t stop loving them. /love

In response to your blog… fuck heels. XD I have a few, but they are lucky, extremely comfortable ones. They’re amazing. I have one pair that are very high and another pair that aren’t that high.

But otherwise, it’s pretty damn hard to find a good set of heels at all. And catching public transport wearing them is something I am yet to experience… not looking forward to it but hopefully I won’t be in that situation. :P

Don’t get me started on those people with shitty music on public transport either. It is so annoying when you want to listen to your own music, it’s deafening you, but you can still hear shit from the person sitting next to you. /angry

Kobi is cute!

Arw, that must really suck when you like a band that much. :(

You’ve never been to a concert? That sucks. I’ve only been to two, but it’s really fun – you should really buy some tickets! Really? O_O I don’t remember you telling me this before xD

$54? Woah, what a rip off! I really like ordering online, but I hate paying for the shipping :/ It can get really expensive sometimes. You should see if ship to Australia, they have free postage there. ;)

Yeah, it gets really cold here, and we hardly ever get snow. But we did have masses of it this year, but in April! Our weather is wacko at the moment. I really want to live somewhere hot; I hate the cold. /angry And it’s not as though the heatings bad, they just don’t turn it on to save money. Pfft, the government should have some kind of fund for it.

That’s really sad, my Grandad died this June. We’re still pretty shaken up by it.

I know what you mean. If it’s good enough for you, it should be good enough for everyone. :D My Dad gets really annoyed if I don’t get a high grade. I don’t know what your High School grades are in Australia, but we have grades F, E, D, C, B, A and A*. The A* is the highest you can get, and pretty much impossible to achieve, apparently. But being my smart-ass self, I’m targeted A*’s all across the board. 😰 It’s quite scary, because I’m going to have to work really hard.

oh btw, just some random information-

when Busted the band broke up, they had to have a press conference, and it was broadcasted on the news on UK television. D: thats like, madness. i didnt realise they were THAT huge.

Ooh really? I had no idea. I only heard a couple of their songs. I didn’t know they were that huge either. O_O

That’s bleeding expensive! The outrageous shipping cost is really one of the things that stops a lot of people from buying online. Sure it’s convenient but the fact that you have to pay more than twice the amount you intended to spend is irritating.

We haven’t got self-serve checkouts here yet but from what I read from you it sounds like a great system. :D but as you said, you gotta be used to it before you can use it smoothly. We have a similar situation here in my university where people try to use the self-serve book checkout machines but end up screwing the machine instead because they don’t know how to operate it. Not to mention the queue that builds up. Hahaha.

Steam iron! We have that at home. But the one we have is the standing steam iron that we usually see being used by shop assistants. I rarely use it though.

Wow, you’re in Sydney! That’s cool. I wanted to go to Brisbane actually. My friend moved there and she keeps on asking me to visit her. And yeah, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Australia. Hopefully I’ll get to visit it someday ;)

I don’t have wireless connection at home either. All we have is the broadband modem and it can only be used by one computer/laptop at a time. The only alternative to that is dialup, which is even more sucky.

Ooh, I didn’t know that you can use Paypal for donation without it having to be directly connected to the bank account. That’s cool. I’m definitely going to check it out soon. Thanks for the info Georgina :)

I actually worked at a kindergarden for 3 weeks once and it was awesome. Kids are just awesome <3

Yeah me too. I don't have a problem when it comes to say that a girl looks good. It's "normal". Guys are probably different when it comes to things like that.

It's really about time. But my parents don't like things like that xD

Yep. And then it's difficult to say no sometimes and stuff..

Oh wow.. that is really sad. That's why I am always suuper happy when the lightnings are over..

I think it's a lot easier to make something to eat for kids. Most of them love pies and chips and it's easier then to cook for adults, because they all like different things and stuff.

Hehe, that's how you should look at things. Always see the positive things. And there is always some hope left :) Who knows, maybe they come back really soon!

Oh that sucks.. but maybe you could ask some of the people you know in the US, maybe they'd do it.

I’ve never heard of Armor For Sleep, but it always sucks when bands break up. :/ Who knows, maybe you WILL be able to meet Ben one day! 👏

Holy fudge! /bash $120 just for a few shirts?! Yeah, right. No thanks! Good luck searching for an online Australian store! LOL. One of my friends has been obsessed with “That’s what she said” jokes lately. It’s so random and inappropriate. I hope you find a birthday present for Brandon soon! :D

I almost always use the self checkout at Pathmart, a grocery store. They have four of them, so it’s usually a lot faster than waiting in line for someone else to do it. There’s a slot to insert bills and a separate one for coins, like with a soda machine, so we don’t have to go to the cashier.

We hardly ever iron our clothes. When my grandmother lived with us, she used to iron pretty much everything. xD We only iron things now for special occasions.

I have no idea how you have done it, and do it now. xD I Seriously, can not keep up with blogging and commenting! Arg, it’s so stressing!

Yeah, I usually blogged twice a day, but one time I blogged three times. It was like, morning, afternoon, evening. xD And I had like 20 comments on each blog too! I don’t have a clue of how I did it. I wish I did. :(

Haha, congrats on your anniversary thingy again. :P Yay for dating (woow, that was lame…) xD

Late reply btw! I suck. :(

Awee, I hate when bands break up. :( It makes me so sad. And it’s even worse when like the lead singer leaves then the band just continues and gets a new singer that sucks. Mayday Parade. :P The old singer was so much better. T_T But what can you do really? Haha, that reminds me of that Lindsay Lohan movie “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!! THEY BROKE UP!!” Don’t ask. :P

$54 For shipping that’s /poo 👏 lol. How are you? Oh and self serving till are great 🙄 We all love them there cool.(H) I’m glad we made up, and glad your carpet looks ncie now :) Michael /heart

Like I said in the comment I left on the review, thank you so much for doing it. I really appreciate it. :)

Haha I gave him your advice and he was appreciative. He doesn’t think you’re butting in, don’t worry. He’s just happy someone gave him criticism aha. I think most of his songs are just his messing around haha.

Ahh man. It’s just so hard to get back into it now. I guess I kind of like the new characters, they’re growing on me. I still like the old ones better though, hehe. XD

Aww, it’s so sad that some people have to live like that. I feel bad for some but others not so much. You know?

Ahh Indonesia. You’re so lucky you travel in live in such an interesting place. I live in the states and it’s just so bland and boring here. No culture or anything. Do you enjoy living in Australia?

Sorry, I wasn’t done with my comment yet hahah.

I’m sorry about your band breaking up. That’s so sad. :/ I hate it when bands I love and was hoping on seeing at some point stop performing. It’s so sad. :/

Eek! That’s expensive shipping! I hate shipping. I always get excited when I’m buying something online because what I want it really, really cheap. I’m quickly disappointed when I see how much the shipping price is haha. I hope you find a shirt/gift for your brother soon!

Yay for nice clean carpets. :) I have gross hard-wood floors in my entire apartment. They’re cold and gross haha. But, we’re moving soon so I wont have to deal with them much longer. Yay. XD

Love your new Gravatar photo, very cute. :)

Aha, I love using the Self-Service Check Out. I think it’s a really good idea and very convenient. The lines get held up here too because nobody knows how to use them bwahha.

Aw, I’m sorry that your favorite band is ending. I hate when something (like a TV show) or a singer decides not to carry on their career anymore, it sucks because it’s like “UGH finally I found something I liked to watch/listen to and now I can’t except for reruns!” It sucks!

That really stinks! I would of been super annoyed. It shouldn’t matter where you live, it’s not right that shipping should be any where close to that amount, especially over the amount of the product your buying! I would of been really disappointed. It sucks to get excited over things and then find out that you can’t get/do it.

I saw your new Twitter picture, I think it looks really pretty!

Wow, you’ve never used a self-serve checkout thingy before? I’m guessing they aren’t common where you live? Because here (USA) they have them in almost every store, I love them, their much quicker to use and the lines for them are usually less longer.

Hope you have a great day!

Ya, oh but how do you have 2 blogs like right next to eachother?

Aww :( I’m sorry to hear one of your favorite bands split up :(.

Ugh yes online shipping is a pain!! My brother used to have a paypal and he would buy fire alarms online xD lol. He has weird obsessions :P. He liked fire alarms, trains, light bulbs, fans. But me, I would move from one this to the next. And I’m not calling myself a geek for liking web designing, i’m proud of it :D.

Pretty new twitter picture :D.

This is kinda random, but I just remembered, did the caption competition end yet? :O it feels like it’s been up awhile if it hasn’t lol.

Lol well dang, I don’t have any boots or anything!

True – about the psychologist part and the she part. I’m nervous to go, but I gotta get things figured out. I’m so tired of dealing with this.

I’m crossing my fingers too! :)

Oh wow. So many bands are breaking up and it’s so sad. A lot of them are so good, but things happen I guess :

So wait, the SHIPPING was 54$.. like.. not with your total and everything? OH wow, I can’t believe that. I don’t care if you live in Australia or not, that’s ridiculous!

I love love LOVE self check outs, haha. My mom/grandma/boyfriend always laugh at me because I run to them to do it myself. I don’t know why, but it’s just fun. And ours you just put your money in the machine and it gives you the chance and receipt! Haha.

First of all, I’m sorry I’m not returning this on your site, but your site takes ages to load for me, and when it finally does, I get a 500 internal server error. D:

Aw that sucks; boots are just awesome!

I’m sure it will all go alright! *hugs* I am sure that he or she will be very helpful. I can’t imagine how stressing it must be for you :(

Yeah it must happen sometimes. But I found out that the lead singer has another project going on!

That’s right. Just for the shipping. It was ridiculous and I was quite upset as well as disappointed.

Haha that is cool! I kept doing it wrong when I went with my dad. I kept scanning on the horizontal surface instead of the vertical surface. I have to admit it is fun though!

Our machine has no coin slot. We only have a card slot so if you want to pay cash you have to see a representative.

): do you think they will ever get back together? I know this one band in the US that use to be like soooo popular, then they broke up, and like 6 years later they got back together ! That’d be a miracle (:

hahah aww!

aww, pooey. -_- why can’t the world be cheaper LOL

hahah ! Don’t worry, not a lot of people hear of it. XD But my parents like trying new recipes so yea, it’s really good though (:

haha kay! I saw the movie actually a few years ago, I saw it before seeing the first because I just went with my friends. I didnt understand much, but then my friends explained it to me and now I understand it much better now that I saw the first one. I thought the 2nd one was pretty good (:

Haha yea really? That’d be awesome ! I’ll definitely think about it (: thanks :P

hahah thanks!

hehe yogurt = ♥

D: The band Amour For Sleep broke up?

That’s saddening for you. I don’t listen to AFS’s songs, but as you do, it must really be saddening.

I’m rushing for time so my comment is going to be short. I’ll let my cousin use later because he came from Malaysia.

$54 just plainly for the shipping alone? If it’s because you live in Australia, that’s okay. But if they are “conning” you,, that its bad.

A steam iron? Never heard of it. My mom has an iron, but I don’t think it’s a steam iron. I’ll ask her later.


AFS broke up? >_< I'm sorry. You could still meet Ben Jorgenson and be like HIIIIIIIIIII :D

Wow, what lame… shipping costing more than the shirts? BS I say. BS. Might as well fling some /poo at them XD What kind of shirts were they by the way?

Speaking of shirts… I once saw in a KevJumba vid, these cool shirts.. that light up when songs are played. And I'm like that's so TIGHT. Gosh, I want one. But I don't buy online so :P Fail.

I so need to vacuum my carpet :P Haven't done so in awhile..and my parents hate that. :P

12:34 I've never looked at it like that. Yesterday Kuya pointed out that the time was 1:23. Hahaha, I was like.. Georgina does that too but 12:34. XD

I'm really glad you're out of your depression. You always seem like a happy person (: And you always know what to say to make my days seem less sucky. So it's just good that you're all over it :D Yay (:

Ooo, savings and bank accounts :D I.. have some but my dad keeps track of them. I have no access to them whatsoever. :/

Stupid emoticon. Well no, I love that emoticon :D

Ooo TWLOHA. Yeah, I saw that.. and I just forgot :P Fail. xP

Well my parents are okay if my name is published on behalf of my school. But if its like Myspace… Facebook… my website (secret) xD they'll be like WHATTTT?

Ohhh ducks. I eat duck occassionally. But I still prefer chicken. Duck has this weird… after taste xP

I was watching some thing.. the other day where someone said Australia has Thanksgiivng too.. but I think it was a spoof for something :/ I can't remember :/

True, actions speak louder than words.

Well, everyone suggests I should go with some.. icky people. AWKWARD. I'd much rather go alone but apparently I can't be independent. I'm thinking of not going all together but then Addy will be alone and no. Maybe we'll just go shopping that night :D

Muchas gracias para tus congratulations commento. xD That was bad grammar. Anyways, yeah I'm really excited but it's going to be tough… practice every day :P

I’m sorry to hear that one of your favorite bands has broken up. It always sucks when someone’s favorite band breaks up. But who knows maybe they’ll do a reunion tour? I dunno I’m just hoping and wishing for your sake. I don’t know to much about them, as I don’t listen to them. But anywho, about the shirts. 160.00??? That’s insane!! If they were 5.00 a shirt I would buy them, but still 60.00 to ship it to Australia? I think that’s a bit insane. Anywho, do you guys celebrate christmas? You told me that you don’t celebrate I’m just wondering.

LOL I love how “iron” is a tag for this blog.

Ah boo I’m so sorry AFS broke up. Do you know why ? It’s always a shame when bands break up. Those poor fans );

Anberlin’s vocals take some getting used to, lol. At first I was like, “Oh, okay, I can work with this. Strange, but it’ll do.” Then I saw the lead singer’s picture and I was like, “Forreeeal ??? THIS GUY ?!” lol. Their music is good though (;

Are you kidding me ?! $54 for shipping ?! MAN. Where is this website based out of ? Wow, that is REALLY steep. Sorry dear ); I hope you find a good, affordable Australian-based online clothing store.

Is it hot in Australia year-round ?

I live in Australia, one of the things that suck is that they don’t have like H&M, and lots of good things that are everywhere else.

I don’t really mind Australia’s shops, but sometimes other shops that are common in other places around the world aren’t here. But the same goes vice versa. It’s rare that other countries have stores like Diva and Equip.

The first part of your post reminds me of “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”, where Lolo was totally devastated knowing the all-time favorite band has broken up. I’m not a fan of AFS but I do feel sad. :( I’m immune to the feeling of being disappointed when one of your favorite bands break up. It’s rare to find a band that sticks together ’till the end. It’s not the end of the world. You can still meet Ben Jorgensen, but not with the band. :P

LOL at I couldn’t believe myself when I visited the site seeing how a shirt could only be as low as 2.95 only. :O I haven’t tried buying shirts online because I’m afraid the clothes wouldn’t fit me. XD

Haha. Yeah, I noticed the change in your gravatar. :P

Wahaha. I would love to try that self-serve checkout thing. Everytime there’s a huge line, the cashiers are always frowning. They look like they have indigestion. XD

My mom didn’t buy steam iron, though I would love to use it. That would lessen the force I have to exert. XD

LOL! I don’t think you’re a stalker. Haha. I laughed at that. And I followed you back, I think you already know that. Teeheehee.

Well, if I have an extra domain name, I will use it on my Tumblr. I only have an account on Namecheap, though.

Aw so sorry about AFS :( I haven’t heard their songs though, but some of my friends are a huge fan of them!

Oh I love to buy things online anyway :D I can get something which is not sold in Indonesia and I feel so proud because I always use my own money in Paypal :D I haven’t bought outfits online though, I’m afraid the quality isn’t good or it doesn’t fit me XD

Aw yeah shipping is such a pain :( It’s kinda expensive. It can cost $50++, which doesn’t really make sense for me 0.o The shipping can be much more expensive than the stuff itself!

LOL I hate queuing too! xD It’s so boring to stand in one line straight without doing anything else 0.o I have ever had to wait for a long long time to pay some groceries and when it was my turn to pay, the machine broke down O_O Ah it was a really bad experience, LOL.

Yeah love can be a pain sometimes, but when we have found someone who can really understand us it will be awesome! :D I’m waiting for that time to happen, lol. Oh well maybe I’m too young to talk about “true love” XD I’m kinda obsessed with those love stories in the fairytale 😰

Aw thanks for cheering me up! :D You seem like a sister to me XD I feel relaxed now. I think I’m ready to face all these problems. Haha even if I’m not ready for it, I must force myself to be ready XD

LOL yeah XD Ooh I hope I can befriend David Archuleta one day, LOL. Then I will show how much I admire him. Haha. Oh well we have a pretty huge age gap :P

4 computers? Wow that’s cool. Wish we have something like that. Actually, I think we do have it here in my country but it is the expensive plan and my family couldn’t afford it. We just went for the standard one.

Ooh dialup, yeah it was crazy. I remember the days when dialup was the IN thing. The irritating dialing up tone, the slow connection, slow data transfer. Haha. Thank goodness for better technology.

I’ve heard of Gold Coast. They had it advertised here and let’s just say it had some tempting effect on me ;)

I tried deleting and re-uploading them a thousand times but still they don’t work. O_O

Haha, I always say I’ll fail. My friends get mad at me for that. But then I see that I HAVEN’T failed. I’m not very good at biology either.

We’re not allowed to talk, but still everyone does even though sometimes they get in trouble. Some of us are always trying to stop the others cheating, to no success.

That’s good you don’t need glasses. Now that I’ve got them, I feel like I’m seeing the world for the first time. XD

The doctor said it’s a bit of both, because my mother and sisters need glasses and I spend a lot of time on the computer or reading books.

Aww, it’s okay. You’ll still be able to listen to Armour For Sleep’s music. And you’ll still have your other favourite bands. :)

Wow. 120$ is a lot. Funny, because the name says 6 dollars and the shirt cost 54 dollars. :D I never shop online, because there aren’t much online stores in here and the shipping would cost a lot from other countries.

Only a few supermarkets here have self-service checkouts. But I think they’re pretty useful.

Yeah, I guess it must be difficult for bands to travel over to Australia, especially since so many of them live so far away. I think it would suck for them anyway, cause they have to travel away from home for so long anyway.

No problem. It has a huge variety of things, like books, DVDs, Electronics etc.

I’d love to swap countries with you! xD Actually, my Mum is travelling to Australia in March 2010. I’m really jealous!

My Mum is trying to save money and be eco-friendly at the moment, so she’s refusing to turn the heating on. It’s mid-winter over here! I end up going to bed with a microwavable toy to warm it up. It’s really cold.

Thanks. Percentages are horrible! We get percentages sometimes, after we do a mock exam or something. It’s really bad how some scores sound! I prefer grades, because a B sounds okay, you’ve gone above the average pass. But actually it’s only about 65%, which doesn’t sound as great.

Awww I’m sorry Armor For Sleep broke up. :( I think I’d be the same if Breaking Benjamin broke up! I hate it when bands break up, but at least you have their music to console in. :)

Wow, that website is amusing. I think I might get something from there, heh. I love buying online because it means I don’t have to go out in the cold and get pushed and shoved about.

OK, maybe I won’t get anything from there. $54 for shipping?! That’s fucking ridiculous!

“That’s what she said” all the boys round here say that. ^_^ Good luck finding another store!

I like your new gravatar. :D I don’t like using pictures of myself for those things lol.

We have loads of those self service things in Sainsburys, I love doing it, it’s so much fun haha. I’m so easily amused…

We have a steam iron. :D My mum doesn’t let me iron though…

Hehe I know I rock. I’m glad I got some revenge too. He’s been out for ages though, but oh wells, it’ll benefit us. xD

I can never usually hear my mum when she calls me when I have my music on. I never have it REALLY loud when everyone’s home because that’s inconsiderate. But I hate it when my sister plays her music, all she plays is Disney crap and HSM, ugh.

I know, we’ve been nothing but nice to him. My mum looked after him when he was stabbed in the head, we gave him a computer which he smashed up and let him use our internet. My sister and I used to stand outside talking to him for hours… My step dad found it weird that he always knocked for us to talk to us when he’s 33 lmao.

That plugin was stupid. I really did crap myself because as I posted it, the comments page went blank so I did think it was mine. I hate it when plugins go all stupid.

Wow 40 minutes over due? That’s stupid. Rush hour is a pain in the butt. I’m going back to work on the 3rd Dec, same place as before so I gotta leave at 6:30am haha. My mum said she’ll pick me up every day though, so I’ll be home at 4:20pm instead of 5:30pm XD

Yeah that’s true. Some people stick their arms out to stop the bus and then run off? Retards.

Yay for getting your bangles. :D

Oh I remember when we had our big heatwave. It reached 33°C (which is really hot for us because it usually only reaches about 28°C) and the air con stopped working too. Gosh, I was dying in that office. :(

Aw thanks! He’s never usually ill for long, lucky.

Nooo, don’t poke or prod me. D;

Oh it was so shit but I felt so proud that I installed it lmao.

Haha, I think if I had to use Haloscan now, I would try to make it look all pretty. I guess I didn’t really care then.

Lol yeah sometimes FanUpdate does look like WP but I can always tell from the permalinks. ;D

I wouldn’t get anyway, I wouldn’t want Rob to find it LOL. I couldn’t ask you to do that though. I guess with me going back to work I could probably afford to get one. ;D

Oh that sucks. Yeah I thinking maybe you could use PHPMyAdmin or whatever it’s called and done a bit of exporting and importing of certain tables but I’m not sure it would work. :P

I was doing it wrong because I was still using the style.css from my main directory and the footer.php so it was all fucked up lmao.

My blogs are shit LOL. But at least now I’m going back to work I’ll have something offline to talk about other than my neighbour. :P

Haha yeah fluid is a cool word. XD Yeah your blogs do flow and are easy to read and comment on. :)

Yeah I guess so. It’s kind of weird though, since I mentioned it I’ve read loads of blogs saying ‘I’M TRYING HABARI’ lol. I thought it was amusing.

I guess so, but my area is shit. Litter everywhere, burned out houses here and there, gangs all over the place, blah.

I think we got points for showing the working out even if the answer was wrong. We used to get a point for spelling our names correctly. I never got that point because I always put Vicky instead of Victoria lmao.

Awwww, yeah I see your comment as special too. I mean, our comments are huge but we don’t talk about… shit? If you get me. I’ve been bad with comments, I have no motivation at all at the moment.

Woah, that’s a long time to return comments. I closed my reviews whilst the queue was empty because no way can I keep up with comments AND reviews when I start work.

That makes sense. I think I got my right one done, but I fidget SO much when I sleep so it wouldn’t matter which ear I had done.

Ditto was evil, but he was still cute before he transformed into anything. :3

Hahaha that’s so cool.

Yeah same here. When I was on I was using something stupid like h6 for my boxes and they told me off LOL, and told me to use a div class called box. That was like a year ago now. o_O But yeah whenever I see it, I think it’s either mine or yours and just want to slap them.

Yeah it imports, it’s amusing. Took me ages to do it because you have to type the table prefix and I think mine was wp_ but it was something totally weird haaha. But that’s fair enough. I’ve never EVER reached more than 20 posts in a CMS before, I don’t think so I wouldn’t want to get rid of mine.

LOL that would work! Or I’d do what done. I don’t know how she done it but whenever you tried to sneak in, it took you back to the MMM.

Paragraphs FTW! I finally fixed my comments. I never noticed but in Opera, you couldn’t click the commenters name. I’m using that new wp_list thing with the comments-template.php I stole it from the default template haha. It was so confusing at first….

Haha that’s so weird.

Yeah, I should make backups more regularly. I need to install that plugin.

Your comment was 1,077 words. =D It’s weird, my reviews are usually over 1,000 words but take me just over an hour but 1,000+ word comments take me like 20 minutes. o_O

Ooo, my comment was a big longer, it was 1,137 words long, enjoy. :P

Wow. Time really flies in university.


Eh lol I should return the comments from the previous blog and do my chemistry homework, but I feel like doing your comment. THAT WILL MOTIVATE ME. :D

Are you any good at atom diagrams? ‘Cuz I suck.


Aha I’m a dooze eh? Sounds fun.

Man if you left the whole world would notice lol. You’d get 9257382584594 emails in your inbox begging you to re-open. And MORE THAN HALF would be from meeee.
If you closed?! ARRRRGH.

Aha yeah, I changed the smileys back. /bounce

I love making “sider” layouts! Except I might make a header and add a curve in it so that there is still a lot of image in the sidebar… you’ll get it if I manage to pull it off XD

Lol not everyone can keep up with the 800 x 600 resolution! I think I make layouts that are a little too wide for it too.

Don’t worry about it. :D I couldn’t take you off lol. XD

That would be insane dude.
And heh, you’ll just have to wait! ^^

OMG that’s cool haha. I want to come back on the 5th now XD

I love randomly browsing sites! Especially my friend’s sites. :)

If I use grey, I’ll be so pissed off. XD I love working with grey but I really need to experiment with other things – step out of the box ;D

Aha thanks. :D

Well yeah it was an all-over-the-place comment /bounce

Lol. I should watch the videos… HOPEFULLY I might just just just MIGHT get my own lappytop soon (Christmas! /oh *glompshs*) which means that my flash player will actually work. /faw
Oh the joy.

Well, Hold the Door is my first XD But End of the World is second. /eee




Aha yeah. Special visit! XD

Still sucky about the prices of things nowadays :(

Matching shirts are cool 8D

Haha there’s a big history behind the name “FTSE” hah.

I should eh! :D

Yer dude. WARM clothes. It’s not so bad yet ‘cuz it’s November but in December/ January, it can be -7 degrees in the mornings. :O

I had the same hilarious scene XD

Sometimes I remember dreams and sometimes I don’t; it’s well weird XD
Told Teza ^^ She accidently removed it eh. /hmph

I’m making sponge cake at cooking club on Wednesday LOL XD

Today I had Terry! O_O Holy fuck the bus drove up and everyone was like “holy shit this is gonna be bad”.
Same Terry routine, eh. I hope he’s not permanent. (yn)

Well what time were you online when the server went down? I probably was asleep though lol XD


Take care! xx

First off, sorry for this extremely late comment reply AGAIN :( i fail. i’m trying to get back on track LOL ! I’ve read all your blogs though (Y)

well it could be a good thing or it could be bad thing cause a lot of people cannot handle the truth and just lose it and say “noo it’s amazing blah blah blah blah” :P

thaank you! cake? it makes me think of an apple slice :D

ahah i know, i rushed that layout cause the other one had ‘problems’ and that layout was small its so hard to come up with ideas these days without stealing an idea :(

but it tells the truth! i had to take that off cause it caused problems with the comment form soo now they can’t rate it xDD

no problem! thanks for commenting on the article though! i’ll read it after (:

its fine, i know how it is, well kinda. That reminds me i still have some reviews to do :( ack.

mhmm, and it usually feels like your repeating the same conversation with people because they read your blog and then it drags on

yeeah, they had some pretty interesting words.

i guess but I suck at all other sports, well mostly, except basketball and I cannot dance at all ! i wish i could dance though, your welcome!

ahah, i should start eating more eggs (: yuuum!

lmao really? if it was like huge holes i understand but if it’s like small ones ?

i knoow, ahah sorry i asked you a really sketchy question! but i figured it out (: :@ thats soo annoying.. i’d just block them on MSN and say that i never go on ahah

yeah and sometimes it just takes a couple of days to fade away

ooh i’m starting to do that now, it’s less confusing and makes the comments look smaller :D

awwh, sucks that that band is breaking up! i’ve never really heard any of their songs

shipping prices are often expensive :( it sucks!! i rarely shop online too! you never really know what you’re ordering though! lmao that’s what she said :D

self-serve checkouts piss me off! they make it soo much more confusing, i think. I had to scan the same thing like 10 times, it beeped but didn’t show up I guess i just don’t have the patience!

lmao it’s fun though, scanning things! i definitely do it for the sake of doing it!

oh I have a steam iron!! it works really well!

Haha, I know xD I am just not the “smile for pictures” kinda girl xD

My problem is that some of the keys are easier to press as the others.. or at least it seems to be like that xD But the more I use it the better xD And because I am mostly the only one that uses Alex because my sister isn’t at home – it hopefully won’t take too long to get used to it :)

Yeah I am just great like that :) Though dad first said that he won’t pay more thn 400-500 € for it. Lucky me that he changed his mind xD

I love white chocolate – especially because I can’t eat too much of it at a time. So I’ll have one bar for a longer time xD But dark chocolate is pretty awesome too <3

Hehe, yes I will mum xD

Haha, yeah I am petty sure about that xD

Yep. And I think to some point it's also our fault that things like that happen. With everything we did to the environment.. it's actually no surprise.. 2012 here we come xD

Oh yeah right. But I still think that it's easier to cook for kids. I mean, even if your guests will try the food just to be respectful – you want it to be good and them to be happy.

i think the shipping pretty much balanced the price of a shirt :P darn marketing people ! my dad think its unsafe to purchase online also , thats why i always ask my mom to help me buy things :P

idunno why but i just love scanning things haha but i would probably die after 2 hours of standing there :P no wonder cashiers are sometimes real grumpy heh.

haha. :)

Yeah, maybe.

Yeah. I was shopping at Walmart for a camera, and then I went to Amazon online, and it was maybe…$100 more for the same camera.

Really? The books are definately better than the movies, but New Moon the movie is so good! 10 times better than Twilight, (and twilight is like the book) in my opinion.

Haha, yeah. Thanks!! :) I just opened the account up, and the site, so I’m pretty new to everything. lol. :)

It really sucks though, because the book was so good!

I know and it’s not gonna be so hard as the popcorn! I mean, how can you see a movie without popcorn, it’s like having a cookies without milk! Good, but not fully satisfying..

Aww, that sounds fun, it sounds really cute too. Kid’s face’s light up when you tell them they got something right. Priceless.

Lol, probably. But he will go someplace else because I swear one more body builder and my coat is going over the chair in front of me! /argh

Yeah that’s what they did to me. If they did the other side, then I’d have to fat lips to eat with.

I know, it’s pretty insane.
Being spoiled is fun, something I took well advantage of when I was a kid.

Aww, that sucks. Like your favourite band broke up is never a good thing to hear. You could still the meet the lead singer! Like, just travel to where he lives, knock on his door. But quickly explain you are not armed and ask for an autograph. XD

Haha, yeah. My stepmom shampooed our downstairs rug, which isn’t really a rug. It’s a sack stained with from us and our pets. But with the shampoo it looked better.

That sucks, I know S&H is just in the pits these days. I mean, seriously, my mom paid more for S&H once then for her product.

Self serve checkouts rock! Like I mean it goes so well and you don’t get glared at by cashiers. And here a monotone “Have a good day”

But the bar code thing is a little annoying, like this one time at the library it took me 15 minutes to figure out the damn thing. Kept saying “Please Try Again”

Hi, Georgina! I thought I commented to this blog already, but apparently I didn’t. Odd.

I’m so, so sorry Armour For Sleep is breaking up! That sucks so much, I know how you must be feeling. When my little scare with Aerosmith happened I was ready to dig a well and cry.

I hope it’s easier for you ♥ ♥

How’s the ballet going? Hope it’s still good!

That site sounds cool, but sucks about the money thing. I wish I could buy stuff online. There’s a lot of things I want, I would SO buy the Degrassi:TNG series so I can make HQ caps for my fan sites. I’d probably go broke, so it’s a good idea that I don’t have one haha.

Hahaha, yeah I remember doing the same: telling people on MSN that I might be going offline anytime because the dialup connection was sooo unreliable. It sometimes get disconnected at the most inappropriate moment, like when you are downloading stuff from the net. 😢

Do you get snow in Sydney, by the way? I mean I know winter in Australia is between June to August. For me, I’ve never seen snow in person. I’d love to but it’d be the end of the world before any snow could be seen in the tropics. LOL.

ARGHH! I so agree with you! Shipping is so expensive :[
A lot of the websites I visit are mostly American ones and they do have cheap stuff but then the shipping rate is so expensive and I get annoyed. If I’m ever in America, I’m going on all those websites and get cheap shipping :)

I love self-serve checkouts! If there is one then I always go to it. Though, I go to one where I can pay cash at. It’s pretty cool :)

Yeah, on Monday, practically no-one wore their jumpers :P Luckily I did, because it was pretty cold, and the weather is cooling down.

Really? I usually get elderly peole talk to me. They are nice but it gets boring after a while.

I love self check outs! they are amazing, haha I alway want to use them but I always seem to break them! I think I’m too impatient haha, and you have to put each scanned item *IN THE BAG* as the machine would say, which I always forget to do and then it thinks I’m stealing, lol. Yeah, I would like to work with computers but I see what other people mean about keeping it as a hobby, I bet working on a computer all day might take the fun out of it? Maybe not, I hope not anyway! wow that sounds fascinating, Iv’e never been to an opera, I don’t know if I would enjoy it but it does look sort of magical. This will sound dumb, but I wasn’t sure if the opera house was actually just for opera, like before your last comment I wasn’t sure what was inside it! I thought maybe there could be lots of different things, haha. shows how much I know about the world! the weather is hot, awww don’t make me jealous! it’s freeee-zing here, literally. I’m sure it will snow soon :o Yeah, it is a shame loosing friendships :( but the memories and things you save are nice..that what you wrote was really lovely about smiling because it happened, it made me look at it positively instead of negatively, I should be more positive! it was really lovely, thank you :)