Stars In Your Eyes

I was disappointed to hear from looking at their website, that Armor For Sleep, one of my favourite bands, broke up. I haven’t been a fan of them for very long – maybe only three years, but the fact that I might never see them in concert, and never meet the lead singer, Ben Jorgensen – one of my idols who are still alive – upsets me a little.

It’s just one less band out of the few that I love, that I will ever be able to see. And as I missed out on Anberlin in August, this is just another disappointment.

But I still love their music, and I’ll still be their fan and wear my AFS shirt and belt and sleep with my AFS pillowcase.

It isn’t the End of the World. β™₯️

Some time ago, James showed me a website – I didn’t think of buying. But yesterday, I decided to take a look and bust some money from my PayPal. Buying online isn’t something I usually do!

I spent about three hours looking for shirts. I found three that I could get my brother for his birthday (25th November) or for Christmas. I told him about it.

I also wanted to get me and Lilian matching shirts.

But I was shocked to discover when I was about to checkout, that the shipping cost even more than the shirts. Sure, ten shirts for $50 (they have this offer all the time) is cheap, but when I have to pay $54 for the shipping alone – that is ridiculous.

It must be the fact that I live in Australia, which is why shipping is so expensive. Total cost of shirts coming to $120 or so was completely unexpected. If I ordered less shirts, they didn’t even have shipping available at all! 😒

We were all very disappointed. I tried to find a place to order my brother a shirt with “That’s what she said” on it, but they were all much too expensive. 😞

I guess I’ll be on the lookout for Australian online stores.

I vacuumed my room today. My carpet looks nicer. πŸ‘

I changed my Twitter picture and my Gravatar to a more recent image. That’s still me in the photo, so if you see a comment from me with a different Gravatar, that should explain it.

My dad and I went to the grocery store to buy some ice cream and yoghurt. When we were going to pay, we tried out the “self-serve checkout”. I couldn’t get the barcode to scan properly. It was confusing.

Self serve checkouts are great though. You scan all your items and you can pay with your card, all meaning that you don’t get served by a person at all. DIY!

If you pay cash, you have to go up to a cashier to pay. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but the queue often becomes congested because people are unfamiliar with the service and get stuck. It’s like they only want to try it for the sake of doing so, assuming it will take less time. You just have to get used to it. πŸ˜›

My mum and dad bought a steam iron. I just tried it. It’s pretty amazing – you just press a button and steam reaches the piece of clothing, and a lot of the creases are gone. 😁 Even if you don’t use steam and you just use dry iron and iron it as you would normally, it works so smoothly! πŸ™‚

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