Weather With You

The weather here has been ridiculous and I feel like I’m melting. /ehh

I went to work today, but annoyingly enough, the air conditioner was not working. They seem to have always had that problem on the top floor of the building.

It wasn’t that bad in the morning, but by noon, the heat was terrible. My boss said I could go home if I wanted, because it wasn’t really appropriate to work in the heat. I don’t know how she was coping though! It was getting warmer and warmer inside. Its highest was 36 degrees Celsius, and we could see the temperature rising on the thermometer. :(

I was starting to get a big headache but I didn’t want to leave in the middle of doing a storyboard, and I did not want to inconvenience my dad.

I went to the shops during my break and bought the purple bangles I had spotted the other day. I got a black set with it as well, because it was buy 1 get 1 free. Don’t you love sales? :)


My boss told me about lemonade in the fridge. /bounce I filled my bottle with a bit of it, but I also had chilled water from the water dispenser.

I am not a big fan of soft drink or carbonated drinks. They make me feel sick easily. But I had had about three bottles of water within two hours, and was constantly going to the bathroom. /hmph I was getting sick of drinking water and I wanted something sweet. I avoided spending money on bubble tea again.

It started to thunder and there was lightning in the sky in the afternoon. My friend decided to go home in fears that it would rain (with my boss making that suggestion). I started to freak out too, but it didn’t rain at all.

I left a little bit early to catch an earlier bus. It was still hot outside, but there was a slight breeze.

I got annoyed when I got to the station where the bus stopped, and I had to wait for my dad for a very long time because he fell asleep. I can’t blame him – he works night shift. But I was annoyed because I didn’t have a great day due to the weather.

I love my new job. It isn’t hard to say that. I’m getting paid for doing something I love. It’s a lot like designing a web page, more like an interactive one for children, and I get to use colours, and I use a basic program to do so. If anything, running my website is probably harder. :P

But, it’s been keeping me busy. So I’m up on my feet. I may have finished university for the year, but this work still takes up a lot of my time, as does ballet, which I recently rejoined.

Hard work pays off though. I blogged earlier about Looped Colloquy, a journal I created with a group for university. I got the result back for that, and I got a Distinction. Which is hard to describe, but it’s the second highest grade. :)

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Hahaha! I’m still laughing over the ‘I’m melting’ coincidence. I literally think I’m melting though xD Hahaha. 😰 I feel so sticky! Damn weather!

Oh my god, you poor thing! I can’t believe the air conditioner failed on like…the hottest day EVER! It was so hot, I went to the library to study, where there was aircon and I was STILL like…dying. @_@ How did you survive?! D:

Your boss sounds nice though :) Telling you you could go home and all. Sounds a WHOLE lot nicer than your other boss. :P

Lemonade! I wish I had lemonade today! I had Mountain Dew instead [which is just as yummy as lemonade] though :P I normally don’t like fizzy drinks either. But IT WAS SO HOT! 😰

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Pretty bangles…^^… :) I like black ^^ Haha. I LOVE sales! Especially buy one get one free sales. ESPECIALLY BOOK SALES! WE MUST GO SHOPPING! /love Hehehehehee!

Yeah we got thunder and lightning too here in Blacktown, but it didn’t actually rain, and it was still like…a bazillion degrees celcius… 🤬


Lucky it didn’t actually rain for you :)

Awww poor you! Having to stand for so long :( That’s sucky…

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I’m glad you love your new job =D I hope I find an awesome job too! Haha, I’ll have NO PATIENCE for a crappy job. Man, I’m so fussy.


:love: That’s so cool =)


I’ve been saying that a lot lately since it started getting hot. This weather is so gross. 😰

I don’t know but I started getting a headache. I should have gone home, but when it looked like it was going to rain I decided to stay. It might become cooler.

It didn’t get cooler. But at least it was cooler on the bus, finally. :O

LOL, my “other boss”. It gets hot in there but it’s not bad because there are fans, and it’s a high ceiling so, hot air rises. 8D

Oh yes, I haven’t been shopping in a while. @_@ Like proper shopping. I don’t actually have anything in mind to buy, but I like window shopping anyway. :D

It sprinkled a bit here. It was raining in Eastwood though, shortly after I got on the bus. O_O

Well I wouldn’t have patience for a crappy job either, but some people are motivated by money even if they hate their job. D:

Thank you! ♥ :D

I had been refreshing your site time and time again. Then I got bored and closed it.

Your boss is quite kind, you know. Maybe on the side of women she would think that you wouldn’t like getting sunburn/heatstroke :P

Don’t you have air-conditioner in your “office”? I’m sorry but I don’t really know much about your new job (like your office, what are you doing) because I had to study these few days, and hadn’t had time to visit your site. /bash

The bangles looked awfully nice! It’s making me want to fly to Australia and steal it from you /hehe

My favorite colors are purple and light blue so I would prefer the purple bangles to the black.

Like Lillian said, she liked book sales. Me too! I especially like books from Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl but I don’t feel like reading those these few days. I read those “mature adults” books.

Distinction? The second highest grade? You are so smart! Congratulations, eh!

I hope you meant interesting as good, no pain whatsoever.

Well, pain or not, at least I’ll have awesome teeth. :D

Yeah, they kind of did. I was rather mad too about that. Like, I mean it would’ve been a lot better. At least I think it would’ve been. And they didn’t include Julia, which is a little irrelevant, but still. She was awesome!

Count your blessings, earwigs are not a site to see.

Haha, that kind of sounded funny. Like the Wicked Witch of the West. Or was it East? I don’t know, but that witch who melted. XD

36? Are you serious, that’s INSANE weather. We don’t even get that on the hottest day of the year here. Jeez

Yes, sales are AWESOME! The bangles are really cute too!

Yeah, I don’t like the drinks like that. It makes your teeth feel all funny.

What do you work as?

Your job sounds great, the heat, not so much!! Thats considerate of your boss though to let you go home. So many employers let that shit slide when it comes to good/healthy working conditions for their employees. Theyd rather just make money off of you and have you overworked.
I gave up pop/soft drinks when I was about 14. That shit is terrible for you, and i hate drinking it as well…

Uugh, I cannot stand the heat. I would probably have bailed as soon as your boss gave the okay. Was it humid too? The humidity is what makes me sick and it gets really humid here in the summer time.

So tell me again, what exactly do you do? I know you’ve told me before but this sounds different? I might be having a brainfart haha.

Yay for school being over with! You did it! :) woot. Now try to enjoy ballet, your break before classes again, and work.

yeah amazingly, today at school, his hair actually looks pretty awesome. and i must take credit for that HAHA. oh yeah i always always cut my own split ends… dead ends… gosh. i think i get a lot because i straighten my hair but i try not to as much and moisterize my hair a lot haha.

yeah i wanted volume !! i use mousse sometimes and i wonder why girls cant use wax? maybe a softer version of it ! i used to hear that hairspray is real bad for the hair … but i use it time to time when im in a rush. and its bad for the enviornment haha.

oh my, its getting hot there for you guys? winter is hitting here haha.

omg what a deal ! theyre so pretty :D

gosh, im always dying for carbonated drinks (ICE COLD). idunno why… i like to stay at home during thunder haha… not sure why.

im so glad you love your job :D its so important to love your job ! i wish to find a job like that :)

Haha but I didn’t get any part right xD. But I got on stage crew :D :D :D. They double as understudies :).

Hehe running isn’t as hard as it used to be for me lol.

I’m thinking about not doing a plog :/ I never take pictures and I don’t have time to update D:. But I don’t know what to do with the site, you have tons of domains, do you have any ideas that might be right for me? xD OR do I just set it aside :P.

Yeah actually I found out today I got a 79 :D lol :P. I guess it’s almost and 80 :P. It’s the same grade I got on my first math test :P.

Haha I get really shot one sentence ones :| I wrote an article about it once, but she didn’t listen, she comments me like hey how are you? /huh . I feel bad leaving her a comment like good, you? LOL.

No, they would have those weird ad dating sites if it was expired I think, they must’ve just bought them and forgot about them lol.

Anti-facebook FTW!! XD, you should make an anti-facebook fanlisting, we’d probably be the only ones in the group haha xD.

Oh haha it’s summer for you, it’s windy and yucky here, I couldn’t sleep last night from the rain, and thunder, I just hate the sound of rain and thunder, I’m a scardy cat, I just feels like the wall with break :(.

Oh yesyesyes I love sales!! :D I got the prettiest dress for 10 dollars when it should be 60 :D.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard for me to drink soda because my metabolism is weird that I can’t burp and I get lost of stomach pains :P. I get all bloated with soda :P.

Bye <3

haha yea, aww thats cool! But it is more special when not as many people do the same thing. Hehe, we’re special LOL

lol yea! Like none of us was able to reach it, we just had to jump XD

awww! I knew a girl like that, though, she was a tad annoying. We would be nice to her but she would easedrop on our personal ones -_-

Hah, yea, it’s good that they do that, then you are more aware on how much space you’re using (:

haha, it is so scary! Like last month there was a news article about a baby stroller that fell onto the tracks while a train was coming, and the baby in the stroller lived! It was a miracle !

Congrats on the good grade (:

Aww what cute bangles! Hahah sales make me happy XD

I wish it was hot over here in England. :( Over the whole summer, we probably had about three weeks of sunshine, and I’m talking from about May until about September. It’s so annoying because we haven’t had much of a summer but I can’t really expect hot weather in the winter. :P

It was nice of your boss to offer for you to go home. :)

Those bangles are so cute! I love bracelets at the moment, but I made some of my own today. :D
I love buy one get one free sales…Or any sales at all really! I love the ones straight after Christmas, everythings so cheap! :’)

It’s cool that you like job. It must be great to be paid for something you enjoy doing. I’ve never had any job experience though, so I wouldn’t really know whether to say that or not. XD

Yeah I do think we were lucky actually. I just wish I could have seen the two, maybe three people I actually went to the concert for. I didn’t even want to see the main act everyone else went for. :(

Ugh, every time I come online I always forget about replying to that email. |: I will reply to it tomorrow, well, later on today…It’s 00:28am and I must get some sleep. D:

Aw I love those bangles! :O And I lose sales too :P I’ve ever been to a midnight sale in one of the big malls in Jakarta and I was totally satisfied that night 8D I went home carrying a total of… 8 shopping bags if I’m not mistaken, and they’re all mine :P LOL I have a shopping madness 8D

Whoa I don’t like carbonated drinks too :( Like coca cola. I hardly drink it because my tongue and throat can’t stand it /oh My tongue and throat hurt if I consume that drink. I don’t really understand when my friends have a birthday party and they drink like, 12 glasses of coca cola and other kinds of carbonated drinks 0.o

Hey I love your job! :D Designing a web for children is so cool! I love using bright colours, that’s why :P Children websites are so attractive XD

You can play the piano, guitar, and drums? :O Way cool! I really want to be able to play musical instruments, but I failed in learning XD

Yeah, when I left elementary, too, I lost contact with my best friends :( Nadya and Amanda aren’t my elementary best friends anyway. I met them in junior high school. I used to be a big big enemy with Amanda, lol, because of misunderstandings. Now we’re so close to each other though :)

lol yeah I don’t like Justin as well /hmph he sings like a girl XD even my online friend in a forum said that when she first listened to Justin on TV, she thought there was a girl named Justin, lol :P His songs are pretty great though, but the tune is kinda girly O_O

I love David Archuleta anyway :) He’s talented and after he became famous he still thinks that education is important, which makes me really impressed.

Anyway, do you go to Indonesia often? Or say, once a year? Hey we can meet up someday :P With Nnie too, if she’s available XD I always want to meet my online friends but to date I haven’t met any of them :(

Distinction :D:D:D Awesome. Hehe.
Yesterday’s weather (Friday) was terrible. It was so hot. On that day I had practical for PE, but thankgoodness, we didn’t have to play sport in the hot weather. It’s so hot these days and it’s not even Summer yet! I ate around 3 ice-blocks yesterday. Hehe.
I like the bangles :D I love sales as well. I never buy anything expensive.
Oh and about the weather, I was in a classroom and we were watching ‘Princess Diaries’ and then suddenly I look out the window and the sky is dark and then it started to rain and there was lightning, except it only went for a few minutes or so. Strange weather. It’s always hot during the day and then it starts raining during night.

Congrats on the second highest grade on the project. I’m really shocked your boss told you if you wanted too you can go home because of the heat. My very first boss was not like that. I mean I got sick one day and he’s like well; what am I supposed to do? So naturally I gave a sarcastic answer back and said “Well; if you want me to come in and cough all over the food and stuff, I will.” Needless to say he found someone to come in that day ROFL. I mean how does he find someone else like me to come in when people call off sick? I hate jerks like that. But I’m glad you’re doing something that you love to do and have a nice boss at that. It always makes up for the retarded boss’. But yeah.

Oh wow. Must be pretty difficult for you to work in the no-air-conditioned-because-the-air-cond-is-busted workarea. I know I wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Here the temperature can get so dizzylingly hot that you wish you’re at the poles.

The bangles are lovely! And I love sales too. The ‘buy 1 free 1’ tactic is soo tempting. I used to wear bangles when I was a kid and I used to wear 3-4 of them on each wrist. Hahaha!

I don’t drink carbonated drinks at all. I usually go for the iced lemon tea or iced lemons. Soft drinks burn the back of my throat. Bleegh! I never tried bubble tea before. My brother said it’s nice but I am not willing to try it out just yet.

Yes, hard work does pay off. It’s something that I hardly see on myself, though. hahaha.

Oh yes, I love blogging and meeting all these new people. I love my online friends so much, haha. Maybe I’m just lame.

Wow, I wish it was still warm here! It’s getting so cold. It’s been like 30’s (F) at night here and it’s so cold. I wish summer would just come back, but we’re going into winter already.

The bangles are ADORABLE! I been loving purple lately, so I really like those ones :)

Oh wow, your new job seems so fun :) I’m happy for you because not too many people can find a good job that they are happy with, especially if it has to do with kids and colors :P

Thanks a lot! :) For some reason the lower part of the smileys are smudged. The same thing happened with my previous layout’s smileys also. And the PNG formats don’t show up..

My sister wants a car, but today she actually borrowed money from me because she was going out with her friends, so a car is out of question. XD I think it’s better that to live with family till you’re absolutely sure of the money and stuff.

I’m going to try out bubble tea some day They sound tasty. 🤤

That must have been really hard for you to work with the weather so hot and no air conditioner. The bangles are really cute. I love sales as well. ;)
That’s great you like your job so much. And it’s awesome that you get to do something you love and earn money with it.

Congrats on the distinction! :)

Hahah, you could always dilute the lemonade :)

But yesterday sure was hotness 😰 We stepped out of the air conditioned exam room and bam! The heat was intense /bash

Your job seems pretty /bounce. Damn internet


Haha I was going to dilute it but I wasn’t sure if it would taste nice. I drank so much water that day. D:

Ugh, it was like that when I walked out of Macquarie Centre. I was enjoying the coolness inside, and I went out and it was epic. 😰

:love: ♥

Yikes. I guess even though it’s the so-called “brrr-months” the weather is acting crazy as heck. Thanks a lot global warming :x (Then again, it’s our fault for causing it.)

Since it’s almost December, it’s also the time for sales! Yay :D They’ve been popping up everywhere and it seems like you luckily found a particularly good one. For yourself that is ;)

Congratulations on your job and distinction! Looks like life is treating you pretty well lately :) Aside from all the heat that is :P Otherwise, great job! You deserve it!

The weather here is very hot too! Especially because I got to school and we at outside and stuff but I don’t mind that though I really hate sitting in class 24/7 so that’s like fresh air for me! XD

Ahh I remember when the electricity in our school was down, we were melting too, NOTHING WORKED! It was plain hot, all of us were sweating, and recently we’ve been getting a lot of that. i couldn’t even move, and I don’t imagine how you could work in the weather like that, I was half dead!

YAY! I saw you plog about those bangles yesterday! I’m glad you finally got them.

Wow your job is really nice i wish i had a job like that. YAY you did a good job in your assignment and so did I in my exam!

Oh yeah, Mangga Dua! :D There are so many cheap stuffs there. I think it is one of my favorite shopping centre in Jakarta :D

LOL I need 1 hour to drink a small cup of carbonated drink xD That’s why I always avoid drinking it. It wastes my time :P

Yeah, my brother taught me guitar :) I know some simple chords, but I can’t play guitar tabs 0.o

Yup! After knowing David’s effort and all his education history, I study harder and my marks increased xD LOL this may sound silly, but that’s the fact :P He encouraged me to study even though he doesn’t know that :P

Uh talking about Justin and David reminds me of one thing. Most people in my class likes Justin and few likes David. Then those Justin fans rant about David’s negative side everyday /bash I don’t really care actually, but then they made me annoyed. While I was singing David’s song, those Justin fans said, “Stop singing Janice, no one listens to David.” I was like, WTF?! LOL maybe that’s why I don’t really like Justin 0.o It’s not his fault though, but those fans make me hate him 0.o

LOL yeah that must be cool! Haha I’m not much older than 12 anyway, I’m turning 14 in two weeks :P Nnie is 13, so she isn’t much older than 12 too. Haha. But I’m sure it won’t be that awkward :P

If Distinction is the second highest grade, what is the highest then? Is it Merit?

Bad weather does affect one’s mood. I’ve read somewhere that there’s some correlation between high temperature/hot weather and crime rate. Apparently the increased heat can affect one’s temper.

It was indeed a bad shopping experience. Everywhere else in the world people go around banging about customers’ rights but here it is more like “if you don’t like the stuff we sell here, you can go to the next shop” or “oops, you bought a faulty item, but sorry, goods sold are not returnable nor exchangeable”, so it’s pretty useless to go back to them and complain. This kind of thing really makes you sometimes hesitant to shop for stuff here. *sigh*

I like the Opera 10 enough, but I miss the simplicity of Opera 9.

I see you are using WordPress Mobile plugin (I know this because I’m using my phone to access your site ;) ). It’s good for users who use their phones to browse the net because, when combined with the Opera Mini browser, it really reduces the page load time as well as it compresses the page size. :)

Haha thanks, but I don’t know when will I be using the materials. Hopefully after the exams, otherwise they’ll be collecting dust instead.

The weather here has been shitty too. All rain and wind and clouds everywhere, all dark and grey and meh.

36 degrees Celsius?! Fuck that’s hot. I don’t think it’s ever been that warm in England lol. This summer it got to about 33 degrees…

Surprising that three or so degrees makes such a big difference. D:
And eurgh, so totally sucky about the air con! Don’t they have an electric fan you could use lol?

Ooooh pretty bangles! :3

And hehe, I do love sales ^^ Especially when things are really really really cheap. :)

I want those bangles now lol. No point asking where you got them from though, heh. I’m on the other side of the freaking world. :(

I don’t like lemonade, but I would so have died for it if there was no water there.

I always end up drinking too much water too… fail. ‘Cause at my school the teachers get horribly sarky if you ask to go to the toilet in the middle of the lesson.

You could have done with some rain I presume? XD

Thank God for a breeze. :D I hate it when it’s really warm and then the breeze just makes things too cold. D:

I would hate working a night shift…

Ahaha! I’m glad you like your new job though and I understand if you have a bit of trouble keeping up with things like it. It is immensely popular lol. @_@

How often do you go to ballet each week? :)

And congratulations on the distinction! :D (Y) *hugs*

Ehhhhhh, the stealing shit’s all sorted out now… I hope. (yn)

Losers who don’t credit can eat shit.
And people who think a layout is theirs after they’ve edited it twice and just take of your link…

My bus is always always ALWAYS late. The only time it’s ever punctual is when we have a different driver – and out of the six we have on rotation, one gets there on time.
And we never ever seem to have that guy.

My phone is really old too, everyone at my school or just around me seems to have some kind of touch phone…

An iPod is a blessing for long bus journeys; we both know! /bounce

Sucky when a bus is late to the stop where you get off… at school we have to sign in practically everyday because we miss registration.
My bus starts off through villages that are really close to each other; it’s like this really: T, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, T, V, T.

Lol. If that made any sense. “V” is village,
“T” is a town. :P

Who knows, maybe Terryble Terry was metal?

Lol yeah, Kya’s server is just so good. :D I never worry about server shiz…
Indeed I am with you in spirit! :)

Oh yes you have to come to London! I live like, really close to London. So it would be easy to meet up ;D

Very true! But a milkshake is pretty much frozen milk/ water, whatever lmao.

They’re still cute, hehe! ^^

Aw thanks.
Likewise! ♥

HAHA. Yeah I was joking… “affy” is the lamest, most un-hip thing one could ever think of.

Glad work is good! :)

Hehe of course I’ll post pictures of the puppy. :D
It’s a he, yer. ^^ My dad wanted to call it Manwell lol.

Your guinea pig had an awesome as hell name! ;D

Haha, that’s so cool of you. I see your comments at Vicky’s site and it’s like “whoa” XD

Take care! xx

Sorry for the late reply.. fail.

Jensen Ackles is some sexy man. ^_^

I don’t really watch Supernatural, Vikki does and she’s always sending me links to pictures so then I just started watching clips and everything. :P He is FINE.

I like Jared too, but he doesn’t fit into the worshipped top 5. ;D

If you watch New Moon, you’ll understand why he is gorgeous. He’s shirtless a lot, which is enjoyable. :)

I’d to google a lot of those people, they aren’t really my type aha, Kurt Cobain is aiiiite though. :)

I love drawing <3 that's why it'll be so great!

I had chips a few days ago.. AHHH GREASE. Oh well :P they were worth it. :)

Your weather is so the opposite of my weather. Mines cold, windy, thunder and lightening and hailstoning. WOO. Hehe, I'm seriously not used to temperatures over like 20 degrees, so I would die – literally – over there.

I L O V E sales! Especially Christmas ones. ^_^ Your bangles are soooo cute /takes.

Heh, so you did have thunder and lightening.. creepy right? I am so scared by thunder, it's so weird =/

I'm glad you are enjoying your job, and it's good that there is lemonade in the fridge. ;) I'd like some right now.. Mmmm. :)

Oh, mine are just internal. I have the external ones in two years, and I start doing the coursework for them next year. One more now! Just geography to go. Shouldn’t be too hard. (I hope!) Lol.

Ugh I hate it when my brother does games all the time. I always think haven’t you got anything better to do. But then again I guess that’s what he thinks about me and my website.

Aww daymm it sounds way to hot for my liking where you are. Then again, in England 37 is our highest recorded temperature or something like that!

Ooh the bracelet set is really nice!

It’s great that you really like your job. It’s awful to have to do something that you don’t even want to do. Well done on getting a distinction!

Hey Georgina, it’s Olivia from UrbanSkies. I’ve just opened a new website, so I’m back! /type I’m sorry I was such a bad affiliate before :(

I’m wierd, I don’t really notice when it’s really hot. But if it’s even slightly chilly.. I feel like I’m going to freeze! I always have to wrap up warmly, wherever I go. But at least you have a nice boss, some people would never consider letting their employee’s off because of the weather!

Yikes. 36 degrees? I hate hot and humid weather. It just slows everything down. I can’t even function in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. That super sucks! Just keep yourself hydrated :) The weather can get pretty crazy huh?

Not much exams in university? Wow. That’s wonderful!

Oh my, we can switch weather now! I definitely miss wearing my tank tops and shorts outside, ha. I do love hoodie weather, but only for so long. Then it gets way too cold!

Yeah, it was worrying to me too, but I’m so done with him. I’m weening myself off of this medicine and I’m going to a different doctor. It’s actually a psychologist so they specialize in the anxiety type deal. So hopefully she/he will do some searching and help me out. I’m so tired of this.

Thank you! I’m hoping I just have a little one growing inside me SAFELY too. We don’t really have the money right now, or the space, but I’d much rather be pregnant than anything else it could be. Then again, it could be nothing, but I think it’s definitely SOMETHING.

Yep, kitties for Christmas :)

im always craving for ice cold drinks. not sure why ! i hate that restaurant (especially asian ones…) they charge you extra for making it cold !! grr… so i always end up drinking something warm .. its arlight but of course i like my drinks cold haha.
never seen a glue gun ?! i love them haha.
yeah my teacher tried to cheer me up by saying its ‘only one test’. but.. ONLY ONE TEST? AHHHHHH.
bahahahah i had a hard time learning how to make them also … but finally got it -.-

hah yea, she doesnt bother us anymore. Since we started middle school, the 7 elementary schools combine into a middle school, so there are lots of people now (: She has new friends :P

Whoa! Miracles like that are so great! It really makes you appreciate life (: This lady at my church was saying how she had cancer, and her hair was soo long and she loved it, and she was gonna have to get chemo and lose all her hair, but then it just magically disappeared! And she didnt have to get treatment! ;)

Yeah there’s no show without stage crew :D

lol, I use to dislike running but I don’t know what I actually like it now :3.

Oh I just remembered! I was going to make a joint blog with my offline buddy :D. I don’t know how to make double wordpress though, that would be a great tutorial to make :D.

Eh, 79 is ok :( I try to be straight “a” but it doesn’t always happen like that.

Yeah! But I don’t want to be mean to her, maybe you know, her… but I don’t want to put her site on here in case she comments your site lol, I’ll tell it to you next time we’re both on msn :).

Haha true, you can’t call it a fanlisting then xD.

Have a good day :).

Oh it’s fall here so I am experiencing some cold weather. I am not a huge fan of hot or cold weather. That’s why I like spring. (: It’s the perfect temperature!

Thanks! *hugs* I’m trying to but it’s hard sometimes. Oh and it was fine!

Oh yeah. I still have about five weeks to get my grades up. I think my math grade is a B now. :)

Yeah. I have decided to run a hosting domain with Erin and Meaghan. So it’s going to be nice to have 2 other owners so I don’t have to be stressed. I am probably going to make Cloud Kisses exclusive where only very talented people or you know, close friends can get hosted only. :D

It’s not very good. -.- I mean I personally don’t like it.

Thank you!

Yeah I am really sorry. :)

LOL. I always think my house is boring because it is! There is nothing to do! I think everyone says that about their houses. xD

I really don’t get why there would be a finger in their food. I mean how would they not notice? o.o

It hurts but it does get me to shut up. XD

Hey :)

Sorry for the really late reply.. I was just sooo lazy lately xD

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes! My test went good.. or at least I hope so.. but if not I still have the 13 points from the first test, so things won’t end too bad…

I got quite a lot of nice comments on my birthday :) I felt sooo loved! :D

Hehe, thanks. Glad it’s not just me who loves the theme :)

You really did a great job on the wallpaper! Even one of my sisters friend said it looked good! And he kinda thought that Mr. Man of my dreams is “cute”.. that dude needs some lessons on how to describe Alexander Skarsgard immediatly!

Hehe, I bet it looks cute! I have this one picture of myself back from Russia and I look so cute xD It’s also the only picture we have from back then..

Yeah only nine days left :) I bet I can do it.. even if I just post 5-10 sentencees or something like I did yesterday xD

Yep. And now I can say that 50% of the laptop that I got today are mine xD I gave my parents the money I got for my birthday nd I got the laptop xD

I think they actully forgot that plan again xD But I don’t mind it.. I think I’d prefer to pay for it all by myself and stuff… Idk xD

Yeah she might ask other people too.. I don’t know too much about that.. but yeah, I hope she doesn’t annoy other people too..

Wow… but seriously, isn’t that a little bit too much you could ask for? I mean, if a website offers premades in different style, why not take them and edit it to your liking… I don’t even think that I could ask somebody to make me a layout.

Aww, that’s really sweet and cute! Those people are just sooo lovely!


I really, really hate weather like that.. then no matter how much you move around you feel like you’ve been running for hours. just eww.

And you decided to stay there all the time? Wow. I am not sure if I could’ve done that too! I hate it with a passion when it’ like reall hot and we have school.. you feel like you’re dieing!

Hehe, I love sales! You can get some really cool stuff for a good price :)!

I don’t like it when there is thunder and lightnings out there either.. I remember, one day when I was younger I was still at school and it started to thunder and stuff and I almost freaked out.. It’s just really scary xD

Congrats on that grade :) All you guys hard work paid out!

I’m such a big Pixie Lott fan. :’) It sounds silly but I can’t wait until AFTER Christmas to buy a few of her t shirts, they’re so cute.

Yeah I hope it goes away soon too, it still hurts. D: Not as bad as it was yesterday but it still hurts to move my head. :|

I seem to have a lot of friends to buy for this year, a lot more than I did last year strangely. I’ve got a lot of it out the way now though. :)

I like to think they’re thoughtful, but I don’t want to take them into school to see my friends just like “Oh…a chocolate box…thanks…” but I have tried to put a lot of thought into each present, and I’ve taken into consideration what they’ve been interested in this year. :)

I changed my theme according to lyrics and I’ve got some nice tree like brushes from and I think they’re quite Winter-ish, so come December I may change the theme to a winter-y one. :D And thanks for the offer, yours are really nice, I may use one! :’D

Thats true about people in different seasons but I just love winter so much. ♥

It’s annoying in England because it’ll be really rainy and there’ll be heat too, it’d be nice just to have a few days of moderate sunshine but we don’t really get that.

I’m excited to get my bead set for Christmas because I’ve really got into bracelets now, I just need some chunky bangles to go with them. :)

Yeah our after Christmas sale last year was havoc but everything was so cheap. I got loads of nice clothes.

I’ll actually reply to that email now haha. :)

The weather here has been unusually cold and I love it. I don’t like sweating because of the heat, but this is a tropical country and what am I expecting? Winter? That sounds silly. XD

I used to sleep with my grandmother but I’m staying at my room until her air conditioner is fixed. It’s warm in her room, instead of cold. :S

I’m not a big fan of bangles, but I really like th black one. I love sales too. :P Though I get annoyed sometimes because they make me wanna spend money. I don’t mind when I’m with my mom because she buys them for me, but she always accompanies it with a rant before buying. Hahaha.

Your boss sounds nice. I’ll be working this summer and i hope I can cope well. :S I don’t know which is harder though, working or managing the site. I haven’t done any updates in my site lately. *sheepish smile* 8D

Aww, it’s good to hear your hard work did pay off! Why don’t you pat yourself in the head and treat yourself a bubble tea? :P

Thank you for clicking for me! *hugs*

Ohhhh those bangles are adorable! I wish I could find some as pretty as that in America but they’re really hard to find these days!

And yeah it is a great movie! But it’s so old you might have trouble finding it :S

Yeah they spent days trying to locate the luggage but it pretty much vanished! And there weren’t many valuables. It was a short vacation so she lost only a few outfits.

Yeah, I don’t want people to think that I’m going against my friend. But last night I went to see New Moon with 7 friends and the guy I like and I sat next to him and he put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder, so I’m very confused right now lol!

Ohhh I’ve heard that the Time Traveler’s Wife was a really good movie! I want to see it!

Lol yeah, I only eat cupcakes every now and then because if I eat them too much I get really sick. Same goes for cake and everything else like that.

Yeah, the guy I like hunts so that’s why I was asking. I’m okay with it if it’s your JOB or if you’re going to eat it, but if you’re just gonna shoot an animal for fun, that’s when I go against it.

Oh the weather has been horrible lately! It’s supposed to be 41 degrees today but I think that’s in the city and I hope your not there today!

Wow you worked in 36 degrees heat? I hope you took it easy, I was sick for 3 days and even though it was 36 degrees I was wearing long pants because I didn’t think it was hot. I must’ve been pretty sick.

Oooh nice bangles. :) I remember the thunder it took a while for the rain to come but it only lasted 30 mins. The weather can be so crazy!

Congrats on the Distinction! That’s quite a high achievement. I think it goes (from lowest to highest) Participation, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction then some medal thingo if you get 100% or come first.

Thankfully I wasn’t! And thank you for your concern. :)

You must have had a fever or something – I hope you’re feeling better now though. :)

Thank you!

I didn’t get any rain at work, and when I got home it thundered and I saw a few flashes of lightning, but we only got sprinkles of rain.

Thank you very much! Haha we don’t get “participation”. We just call it a “pass”. Any less than 50% and you fail, though. :P

I remember in the UNSW competitions they had the medal thing. This guy I knew got 100% for maths. :O

Yeah, the weather was bad. But today was even hotter!
I know! It’s so annoying. Hmph, the weather is crazy.
Oh and about sales, are there any good shops around Sydney? Cause, when I go to the city, they all look the same to me xD

Hello Georgina :)

I made a little gift for you in my site. You can find where is it in my blog post, Boredom Eats Me.

Anyway, have you come to Singapore before? The Christmas lights are lighted up in Orchard Road. You look like a Chinese, lol.

These few days, in Singapore, it isn’t really hot. It was raining heavily a few days earlier. I hope your weather improves more tomorrow!

yeah ahahah , the ice fills up like half the cup … so youre actually getting less than ordered !

who the heck likes to take tests ?!?!?! :| honestly, me too ! i rather do projects because you have enough time to research the right answer and perfect it. gahh, if only school worked that way and exams aren’t worth 15% of your mark… life would be great.

Congrats on getting a great grade for your assignment.

I hate hot weather, especially really hot weather where everything is all sticky and muggy. /argh I don’t think I could love with out an air conditioner. It would be miserable at the least.

Now it’s my turn to correct you in your comment, Georgina. XD

Git = Gift
Poltely = Politely

Haha. Just joking. Anyway well, I am used to writing sentences with a spacing after a punctuation. Sometimes if I spell wrongly I always use a word checker :D

I have a new hostee now. She coded her own layout (from blogger!), and I converted it to a PHP layout for her. I even installed FanUpdate for her! Goodness.

Anyway, I think I will be making a PHP layout soon. I will put it into a folder called home because I’m really scared I will ruin my WordPress files.

I still treasure WordPress alot and Habari is still fine just that I don’t know how to upload themes. That is one very big problem, to me.

If you know, care to share your experiences? I will be very happy to read it.


woooaahhh.. it’s soo annoying when the weather is hot then the aircon just won’t cooperate with you. hahaha.. :D by the way.. yes..i do love sales too.. and those bangles are soo cute.. especially the blue one.. ♥

take care
xoxo, MIMING <3

I can’t help it. I just keep commenting here :D

You are using your iPod to go online? That’s cool. My brother had an MP4 once but I think it was spoiled. Wait, is it spoilt or spoiled? Over here they say spoiled is the right word lol

I like helping people, so I don’t mind that I help them. After all, as their host, I have to help right? (I know I know, not help too much.) There is one hostee, which is my favorite. I know there should not be any favoritism but she is really independent. Her name is Kerry, and she installed FanUpdate and sorted out her pages herself. She’s fabulous.

Well okay, it’s your turn to correct me. But luckily I only have one mistake 👏

I think I saw Jenny from using Textpattern. I mean, she says she’s back from the “dead” and I saw her footer and it said, “Powered by Textpattern.”. I think Textpattern is somehow like FanUpdate, i guess.

Chryp? I never heard of it before. I should try it out on one of my characters’ site one day. By the way, can you make a tutorial on pixels? I just tried using Vivid-Avenue’s pixel tutorial to pixel a Christmas tree. It worked. But the problem is, without bases I cannot make a pixel. And that’s that.


I re-uploaded the smileys more than twice but still they don’t look good. They don’t look good in either Firefox or IE. Are they okay in Opera?
The PNGs do not show up at all. But the default smileys are in PNG format so I don’t know what the problem is..

Haha okay. ;)

It’s almost winter here but sometimes it rains in the morning. XD

You ARE lucky. And you get to use colours, which is cute. /eee Your welcome. :)

Yay! Thank you :D

Meh, I don’t know if we have that kind of thing here. We used to have to go home from school if the temperature was below something like -6 degrees (which happens a fair bit in the winter :/) but they got rid of that. And they don’t turn the heating on until mid-october; we end up wearing t shirts underneath our shirts. It sucks /hmph

To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of the Jonas Brothers either. I used to like them alot, though, so I thought it would be worthwhile going. And anyway, I really like the lyrics to some of their songs. It was a great experience, so I’m glad I went.

I know what you mean. Some people don’t realise that you can inherit things like this – it’s not always your fault. I’m quite familiar with diabetes myself, both my aunt and cousin have type 1 diabetes so I’ve seen all of the injections, and what can happen if they don’t have them.

By the way, congrats on getting a distinction! I think they have a similiar thing at college in the UK, except it’s the highest mark. Well done! :D /bounce

Oof silly me. Of course the grade that is higher than distinction would be High distinction. I kinda forgotten about that. Hahaha yeah, merit sounds like hell lower. LOL.

I have never shopped online before, that’s because I don’t have Paypal >_< and that kinda suck because everytime I see nice stuff on the online shops, I could only look at them and bite my finger. :-(

I'm sure Australia is a great place to be. I've been itching to go there for the part the years now. I was supposed to be enrolled into one of the universities there but I didn't get the government scholarship. :'(
What part of Australia are you in, by the way?

Yay! You've upgraded to Opera 10!

Haha, you're welcome. I'm gonna check out the tutorial once I get my hands on my laptop ;)

Oh I see… Wow. Glad that your hard work has paid off. I hope my hard work will also paid off during my upcoming exams. /um